God Has a Plan for Me

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God Has a Plan for Me

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled God Has a Plan for Me written by Author Linda L. Doane. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this God Has a Plan for Me E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

When I was young and very small I wanted to be big and very tall.

One day I thought to myself, I would be whatever I wanted to be, but God already had a plan for me, only he knows who and what I am going to be.

God knows if I will be short or tall, he knows what color I will be. He is the only one who knows and can see everything we are going to be.

It makes no difference to him for whatever we do and whoever we are, he loves us all. Long hair, short hair, black or white, short or tall I know he loves us one and all.

When I was little I was taught how to pray, those words and feelings I had will forever within me stay, and help me to never go astray.

My Dad and mother took us to church and that is where I learned this is the house of God. We sat in long benches they were called pewees.

We learned about God's powers and his Ten Commandments too.

Some children went to Sunday school. The Sunday school teachers taught us there too.

We learned about God and Jesus too. We learned that Jesus is the Son of God.

There were lots of things to do on Sunday, but we did not do them because God made this the holy day and a day of rest.

If ever you are feeling unhappy, unloved, down and blue, talk to Jesus and he will help you through.

Never forget to ask Jesus for help because he will always be there for you. Our God is awesome and he has done so much for me and you.

Never forget to pray and give thanks too. God will always hear you each time you pray day or night, God listens to me and he listens to you.

God created heaven and earth, man and woman, day and night, flowers, birds, streams, lakes, oceans and all of the animals in the world. God created me and he created you.

God made us all special in his own way. He has done so much for us let us never forget to give thanks when we pray.

I have lots of friends in school, and I have friends in our church too. This is something else I know God had planned for me.

Our church helps people who don't have a mom or dad. We collect presents for them at Christmas hoping they won't feel so sad.

We also have a food pantry for families who need food, and are having hard times. Some people don't have jobs and we help them out the best we can.

We have a clothing store too and the prices aren't high. Anyone can go there. All the churches in our town donate clothes and household items for people to buy.

One thing I have learned is that we are supposed to help each other, whatever the need, for we are all brothers and sisters. This was God's plan indeed.

Jesus helped so many people. He healed the sick, cured the blind, healed those who could not walk when he was done, they could stand and walk once again.

You see Jesus loves us all and he died for us all too. While he was here on earth he prayed just like you and I do.

No matter what we have done Jesus forgives me and he forgives you. He loves us, watches over us, and is always there through the power of prayer.

Jesus tells us to forgive people and that is something everyone needs to do. Even when they make fun of us at work or school.

Now we know God created heaven and earth. He also created the first man and his name was Adam. Then he created the first woman and her name was Eve.

They lived in a place called the Garden of Eden. They were told by God not to eat from the tree of knowledge, nor shall they touch it. They both disobeyed God and did what Satan told them to do.

Because Adam and Eve sinned, their lives were full of hard labor and pain. By not listening to the Lord they had everything to loose and nothing to gain.

Satan does all he can to make us do things, we know we should not do. Things like lie, steal, kill, everything God has asked us not do. Every sin is the work of Satan.

We must obey God and never give into the wicked ways of satin, for he is evil and loves to see the people of God go astray. That is what he does best, it is his sinful way.

Mary is the mother of Jesus. God told Mary she was going to have a son and she was to name him Jesus, the Son of God.

I was 10 years old when I got my first bible. I was so happy. This was my birthday gift from my mom and dad and our pastor too.

I would read several chapters at a time each night. It was hard for me to understand. I kept on reading. I learned to break the words down; it helped me to better understand.

This is a gift I will cherish all my life. A Bible is one of the greatest gifts from loved ones, who knows how much you love Jesus and want to learn all that you can.

There is so much we can learn from the bible. I have learned so many things and it has helped me to understand what peace and joy Jesus brings

When I look at the snow, the trees and the sky I feel blessed because I know God created this beauty for you and I.

When I pray at night I ask Jesus to watch over my family and guide those who have lost their way.

I know my prayers are being heard and answered but not always right away. Upon getting ready for bed I get on my knees to pray.

I remember my first prayer. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake I pray the Lord my soul you'll take.

The second prayer I learned at home was at the dinner table. God is good God is great let us thank him for this food amen.

When I hear of changes people have made in their lives, I know it is Jesus working within them, because he heard me pray.

I turn on the television and hear about people killing people for drugs and other bad things too. What ever their reason may be, don't they know God can see?

I hear about war and again people killing other people. I pray for all those who do not understand God's commandment (Thou shall not kill).

They will one day stand before our Lord and be judged. I know we all sin, some people are regretful and others are not. Some change for the better others will not.

Did you know Jesus was crucified on a cross for our sins? It was there he died, or so the Romans thought. On the third day he rose from the dead and now sits at the right hand of his father our Lord.

I am thankful for so many things, my family, my friends, my church, my school and our home. Also in knowing that Jesus is all around us and we are never alone.

We have ladies and men and they sing songs and they are called a choir. They sing lots of songs about Jesus and our Lord. It helps me to understand everything he has done and where he came from. Each time I hear them sing about Jesus I learn so much more.

I love the hymns they sing at Christmas. Have you ever looked at the first six letters in the word Christmas? They spell Christ, and that's what Christmas is truly about. It is the day we celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.

When I was young, and learned how and why Jesus died, I went to my room and there I cried. Why would someone give his life to have our sins forgiven? This is an eternal gratitude we should all feel.

We should live a better life for Jesus. We should live by Gods Ten Commandments too. Now that I am older I find it strange that with everything given for us, God asked only ten rules. These are the commandments he asks us to live by.

They are not always followed at home, certainly not in schools, or in our everyday life as he asked us to do.

Moses brought these Ten Commandments down from the mountain where God had given them to him on rock in the shape of an open book. They were displayed for us to live by.

God our father gave his only begotten son Jesus to save us and forgive us from sin. I believe we should abide by his commandments and always be faithful.

He has done so much for us; we should be faithful followers of Jesus to our journeys end just as he intended us to do.

Let us all make friends rather than enemies, and find the good in all people not the bad. Find it in our hearts to always forgive, just as our savior has done. This is something that will make our father glad.

Love your children and abuse them never in any way. Keep your family values strong. This is how we know we are loved and made to feel we belong.

Time is a gift we have all been given by our Lord. Your life has a great purpose. Live it out as you were meant too. Be a kind, loving faithful person.

Never loose your faith. There will be times you will have doubt in your life. Never forget he hears and sees all. He knows when we need a lift, after we have had a fall.

I am so thankful that our parents gave us no choice in going to church. What I learned as a child I live out as an adult today and forever more.

God is within us he is our core. When I am weak, confused or sad, I put my cares in the hands of our Lord.

I know he wants more love in the world. Not crime, not hate not abuse. We need to live in the manner God wants us to.

With God at my side every step of the way, as my faithful, loving teacher, and my dearest friend, I will be a faithful follower until my journeys end.

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