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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book titled A Gift from Heaven, You written by Author Guadalupe. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled A Gift from Heaven, You written by Author Guadalupe. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this A Gift from Heaven, You E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Gift from Heaven

A Gift from Heaven, You

Bear cub

by Guadalupe

A Gift from Heaven, You! was inspired by my family. I am hispanic, my husband is American-White and my son African-American. Other than salvation my son David is my best gift ever. God sent David to us when he was six weeks old. I am so grateful and I would not change the joy of having him in my life for anything!

Sometimes people are afraid to adopt children from other races or countries other than their own, but believe me, when it is about love, being a mixed family like mine, is great!

In A Gift from Heaven, You! there is a special family, they are Little black bear, brown Mommy bear and white Daddy bear. In this book Mommy bear talks to Little bear about his birth Mommy. She tells him about the wonderful love of God for them and some of the reasons why she loves him so much, she also answers the questions that curious Little bear asks.

A Gift from Heaven, You!

In the city of bears lived black Little bear, brown Mommy bear and white Daddy bear, they were a unique family, and some bears in the city looked at them with love and others with curiosity. Being a mixed family did not stop them for loving each other.

One beautiful afternoon in the forest, Little bear and Mommy bear were sitting under a big shade tree beside the lake; they were watching the sun go down and throwing rocks into the lake, two of Little bear’s favorite things.

The sunset was so beautiful, some birds and planes were flying across the clear sky, even some ducks were swimming in the peaceful lake; the view in front of them was amazing, it looked so perfect like it was painted by a heavenly hand.

While they threw rocks into the lake, Mommy bear was telling Little bear how much she loved him, suddenly he stopped! And with a tender look in his eyes and soft voice he asked …

“Mommy why do you love me?”

Mommy bear answered with a big smile “I love you because you are my most precious and valuable gift from heaven, Little bear.”

“I am precious and valuable Mommy?”

“Yes, you are!, My little one.

“Mommy, am I as precious and valuable as a treasure chest?”

No, my little one, you are more precious and valuable than all the treasure chests in the whole world.”

“Wow! How come I am so precious and valuable to you Mommy?” Little bear asked with curiosity.

Rubbing one of his cheeks and looking at his eyes, Mommy bear answered, “Because you are a gift from heaven, a precious gift from God, because when I look at you I see His face, and when you twinkle at me with those beautiful bright eyes and say “Mommy I love you”, I feel like I’ve seen a piece of heaven.”

“Mommy, because I am a gift from heaven the mail-man angel brought me home wrapped in a big box, right?”

“You are so funny Little bear and I love your imagination! But God did not send you through the mail.”

Kind of disappointed Little bear said… “Can you tell me then, how I got home?”

Mommy bear gave Little bear a big kiss on his head, and looking at him with the most sweet and tender look on her face she said …

“God chose another Mommy who carried you, fed you and kept you warm in her tummy for nine months, then you were born in a hospital, and it was time for me and Daddy bear to receive our most precious and valuable gift from heaven, you!”

Little bear opened his big bright eyes and asked … ”Do I have two mommies?”

Bringing him closer to her heart, Mommy bear said … Yes, my little one you have two mommies, you are really blessed you know, not so many children have that blessing, and the best thing is that she loves you very much too.”

“How come God sent me to you Mommy?”

With tears in her eyes, Mommy bear answered …

“Because God knows everybody’s heart, and He knows mine very well. He heard my prayers! I prayed for you with all my heart and mind, I desired you more than anything!”

Smiling at her, Little bear said … “But Mommy, you did not know me, how come you prayed for me?”

“Yes I knew you my child, every time I prayed I closed my eyes really hard and I could see you exactly the way you are. In my heart and in my dreams I heard your laughter, I saw your big brown eyes and your beautiful dark skin; I always saw you just the way you are.”

“How did God choose you to be my Mommy?”

“Well, my little angel,” Mommy bear said, “When you were living in heaven, God opened a little window and showed you a lot of moms to be, He asked you to choose one of them for her to be your forever Mommy and … what do you think you did Little bear?”

With great excitement he asked … “What did I do? What did I do?”

“Hmmm …” Mommy bear said, “You chose me! But God knew it all along, because He knows everything about you and me. He created your little feet, your little hands and every part of your little body. He knows about our past, our present and our future, and He has planned our lives together since a long, long time ago.”

“Was my other Mommy ok with God’s plan?” Little bear whispered.

“Yes my little one, God talked to her and let her know how much I would love your kisses, your hugs and everything about you! He let her know that I would tell you about His love. She knew too, how much you would love to be my most precious and valuable gift from heaven!

She knows that God is love and that His ways are perfect even when we do not understand them, so because of her love for you, she was ok with God’s plan.”

“Should I love her too Mommy?”

“Yes Little bear, you have a big heart and you should have a special place for her in it. She is very special too, because God chose her as your birth Mommy,” Mommy bear said.

“Will I meet her some day Mommy?” Little bear asked.

“With God all things are possible Little bear, you need to pray and wait for the perfect time.”

While looking down, Little bear asked with a sad voice … Mommy, do you love me although I don’t look like you or Daddy?

Lovingly, Mommy bear rubbed his head and said … “Don’t be silly my little one, you know that to me love is not about looks. My love for you is a special feeling that comes from my heart and it made my face light up since the first second I had you in my arms.”

Mommy bear continued saying … “You are a handsome Little bear and I wouldn’t change anything about you my little angel!

Little bear kissed Mommy bear on her cheek and said … “Mommy, although I do not remember living in heaven and looking through the little window you told me about, I am sure I chose you as my forever Mommy, because you are the best Mommy any Little bear could ever wish for.”

Mommy bear wept and hugged Little bear with all her strength and said …

“God gave us each other for a reason, and He does not make mistakes. Through our family He is just showing an example of His love, It doesn’t matter where we come from or how we look. He wants us to love each other because He loves us all the same.”

Then she said … “My little one, I love you with all my heart and do not ever forget that you are my most precious and valuable gift from heaven!”

While drying Mommy bear’s tears and twinkling his eyes, Little bear said …

“Mommy, you are my special gift from heaven too, and I will always love to hear you say that I am your most precious and valuable gift from heaven!”

They hugged and laughed. “It is getting late, we better find Daddy bear,” Mommy bear said.

When Little bear saw Daddy bear fishing on the dock, he ran toward him as fast as he could and showered him with huge kisses and hugs, suddenly he stopped! And with a tender look in his eyes and soft voice he asked … Daddy why do you love me?”

The End

by Guadalupe

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