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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book of Sad Teenage Poems titled Life Poems All From the Heart written by Author Jamie Keith Maga, Jr. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book of Sad Teenage Poems is titled Life Poems All From the Heart written by Author Jamie Keith Maga, Jr. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Life Poems All From the Heart E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Teenage Counseling

Life Poems All From the Heart

by Jamie Keith Maga, Jr.


The Love Of Our Lives
Color Of The World
The Old Ways & Now (Christina)
Uncle Paul
My Darkness
Who's There?
Shattered Dreams
Christina Part II
Irene Conn (Grandmother)
The Pain Inside
Unspeakable Words

I Miss You
Irene Anthony
Kay Lee
Roy Andrew Anthony
My True Love
My True Love Part II
I Want You Back
The Good Times
The Heart Ache
The Time Is Now
My Farewell


The Love Of Our Lives

We want to make things the best
Our love isnít a test
We are not like the rest
The first time we talked to you
We thought to good to be true
We want to be divine
And want you to be fine
And we will till the end of time
From day one I knew you were the one
What has love done
Made the greatest couples together
Feeling like itís forever
We waited so long to find you two
And we will always stay true
Christina I might have dated you for nine days
But, baby I always pray
For the day
I can hold you in my arms
And make sure you wont ever be in harm
Chrisi I've known you for hours
But talking to you gives me great powers
Your thoughts are so grateful
And your love is so beautiful
For us four together it wont go fast
So please make this last
Make it go all night
We want to hold you two so tight
Lasting eternity and until we die
We will never make you cry
If we hurt you let us know
Because we donít know
How to show
Talking to you Christina makes me feel uplifted in a different place
I donít have to see your face
To know how much I love and care for you
All I can say is I love you
And if we only talk on the phone
I want this to be known
It can be like this forever
Cause as long as we are together
I know this is to much to believe
But this love is meant to be
Chrisi the way I feel I canít put into words
And if itís meant to be
I just want you to see
That what I believe
Is whatís coming from me
My love for you is untouchable
And is all so reliable
You wish is my desire
Take these thoughts and put them in your heart
Cause we will not ever tear you apart

Color Of The World

I see so many things of color
Itís so meaningful with power
The looks of a flower
The looks of the sky
Makes me want to cry
The looks of the sun
Makes it seem everything is done
The looks of the moon
Makes it feel it will happen soon
The looks of faces
Feels like there is so many places
To be able to explore
Makes everything look beautiful in all ways galore.
To be able to set down on the ground
And see everything that is around
Knowing that this world is beautiful
Makes me feel so grateful
The color of love is red
But itís nothing to dread
The color of blood is blue
But it turns red when it hitís the air is that true
The color of the sun is yellow
And makes me feel so mellow
The color purple surrounds me
This is something to believe
This is what I see
The meaning is all so deep
That I made a huge leap
I found that one to be with
Our love is way beyond belief
To hold you hand
And make everything grand
Love donít cost anything to me
But what to you I canít see
Your love touches me where I never been before
I have nothing more
I have so much to say
But there is always another day
So look at the colors of the world
And let the love sore

The Old Ways & Now (Christina)

Feeling the air
Slowly running through my hair
I use to feel down and out
Until I found out what love is all about
I use to have pain and things eating my inside
My life was like a huge ride
People hurt me and use me
But no one ever did see
Or ever had anything to believe
That my pain was killing me
Until one day
Someone came to me and had something to say
The one and only to put a smile on my face
You set my heart into a different place
I felt like love was like a race
Trying to go further into things
Trying to be the king
But it isnít like that at all
Now I stand tall
Youíre my shield and my wall
You made me walk again
Your love is like jinn
You cured me for ever
We were made to be together
We might have ups and downs
But baby I promise Iíll always be around
I was living my life in a slow hell
What I did next no one can tell
What can I say oh well
Naw it ainít like that anymore
Your love caught me like a fish going to a lure
Your love is a major cure
Making me chill
Sending me thrills
Man I donít need no pills
Because your so addicted is out of rang
I use to hang
With the bad ass gang
My heart use to be pitch black
Every person I saw I wanted to attack
Because I never wanted to look back
You take my words right out of my mouth
Our love will never go south,
But it will fly high
And we will be touching the sky
Baby please donít cry
This I donít lie
I promise to hold you tight
Walking in the light
Being close to you always
Being there every day
But right now I pray,
Because I want to be the one to put that ring on that finger
Because this love always lingers
The angels will be our singers
We might fight now and then
But it wont ever happen again
I speak from deep inside my heart
And Iím saying my part
I love you for eternity
I speak on the half of the majority
I want to walk this earth
No one but you to give my children birth
This is how I feel on my half
I want to be in your path
Baby lets make this last
Let it go slow not fast
You own my heart
This is your part
Hold it dear
Because you took away my fear
And baby I promise no matter what Iíll always be here
The smile you send towards my way
Makes it feel like the greatest day
Itís something I always had in my prayers
But now the wish came true
And baby I always love you
When I canít talk to you
I makes me feel so untrue
That I canít be there
Making me have some fear
But I canít have that because I have you
Iím stuck to you like glue
And baby all of this is true
Mad, sad, or glad
Your something I never had
I thank you my love
For this is something I hug
For we will grow old
And you will never feel cold
Because Iím here to make you feel complete
Because baby this love is all so neat
So Hun come take a set
Because by me you will never feel incomplete

Uncle Paul

Youíre the best ever.
Did we fight never.
You took me in as one of your own,
And never once left me alone.
You showed me the greatest things,
And hey I love it when you sing.
Itís like music to my ears.
For me itís like looking into a mirror.
I want to be like you.
For you turn my skies away from blue.
I said it may of times I love you.
For my heart is always true.
Uncle Paul take care,
And Iím always here.
If you need me.
Just let me see.
This is the end of my poem.
For this love is always known.

My Darkness

The time has come for me.
The darkest time has falling upon.
Canít anyone just believe?
For my time is on.
What do you see?
That my life is long gone?,
Or that it is time to deceive.
I donít know but this is my darkness coming out.
For this time I will not be nice,
But I will be all about.
Playing life like dice.
Rolling them and making people pout.
This is the darkness.
For I am not evil.
For I have no happiness.
For I have betrayed the devil.
This is not great.
This is not peace,
But my life is a fate.
For my love is a tease.
Take care my friends.
Take care my family.
This is the end.
For this happened barely.
For the darkness just began.

Who's There?

I hear someone speaking.
They ask me what is it that Iím seeking?
I reply love is what I need,
But is it that I have to much greed?
The voice said no your hurt.
I said then why am I going bizerk?
He said you have been put down to many times,
But you always stayed kind.
I replied whose there,
And someone said Godís here.
My heart stopped in fear,
Because the Lord was near.
I saw the light,
But it was a fight.
Lord is this my right?
Is this my night?
For you own my heart.
I know you will never tear it apart.
For god you made the earth.
You gave man kind birth.
How can we repay you.
My skies were blue.
I had no clue what to do.
Until I let you entered in my lifestyle.
I use to be buck wild.
Hanging with the bad crowd,
But now I truly understand your love for me.
At first I couldnít believe,
But now I do believe what I see.
Thank you and I truly do need you.
For you always stay true.


The sun is high,
And is also bright.
For it sets in the sky,
And sets off the light.
Itís the most beautiful thing to watch in the day,
And is so lovely to let go.
When the sun sets at night I pray,
Because tomorrow who knows what it will show.
So I say the sunshine is great,
And itís so precious.
For god made it in his sake.
This is serious.
Watch it fall over a lake.
The time is now.
For the sun is high and glowing.
So I take a bow,
Because the Lord is showing.
The light of heaven is untouchable.
For my lord is reliable.
The sun left me.
Itís dark out now.
This is hard to believe,
But I shall take off like a cow.
Roaming the night,
And waiting for the new day.
Where the sunshine Shall once again shine bright.


We see lovely women and men.
The come and go now and then,
But their looks can destroy your mind.
They can make you blind.
This world is full of lust.
My head is about to bust.
Why not live in his way.
Just get on your knees and pray,
Because this is the day.
That my lord has made.
Some just want to get laid.
Here Iím working just to get paid.
Why cant you just believe.
What the lord made you see.
He is testing our will.
While our purpose we try to fulfill.
This is my life will.
To be righteous in every way.
For now I should go and pray.
Lust means:
L-Lovely looks can hurt
U-Underneath it can destroy the way you live.
S-Satan is the main reason for lust
T-Tiny tingling and the pain of lust hurts

Shattered Dreams

For my dreams were lost,
But why were they shattered?
Whatís the cost?
Itís like Iím being haltered.
My dreams mean many things.
Like when a females sings.
It touches me in a place I canít be touch.
Is this thought to much?
Itís like losing someone you truly love and shedding tears.
Iím living in fear,
Because no one is here.
To show me how much they care.
My shattered drams have disappeared into the sky,
But now all I do is cry.
Sometimes I wonder if they have to die,
But itís ok now I have my mom and dad.
Thatís something to be glad.
So I pray my dreams are in a better place,
Because it puts a smile on my face.
Good night everyone and take care,
Because no longer do I have fear.


You mean so much to me.
The first day I couldnít believe.
That you were the one for me that you can see.
You change me around in many ways,
But all I can say.
That our day is forever.
To break apart never.
The skies are shining bright,
And I have seen the light.
Iíll I dot is wait for that special night.
For our love is our right.
To be one baby.
This is no maybe.
Is this to much.
Does it feel like a bunch.
I want to take you out around the earth.
For god gave our love birth.
He made it be.
I hope you can see.
That without you I shall never be.

Christina Part II

I may have said this before
But you make me soar
Above the world touching the skies
But if I die before you do
Iíll go to heaven and wait for you
I donít want to see you cry
Because I want to break down and die
For when you cry and I feel it
I wish I was 6ft under in a pit
We share so much in together
Make this love last forever
From day one I was change around
No longer on the ground
I felt you always been around
You made me feel so different
Is this something that is meant
I know it is I want to know what you feel
I will do anything for you even give it up
But baby always stand tall
I will be there if you shall fall
No longer will you feel pain
And yes you have a gain
Me my love for you will always be inside
I know you always stand by my side
And our love is a huge ride
Always going up never down
We never will be able to touch the ground
For I will always be around
If you need me just call and talk
For together we will walk
Holdings hands under the light
Walking in the night
Running my hand through your hair
Taking you every where is this fair
The kiss on the cheek we are just friends
The kiss on the lips I love you
To touch your hips I canít not ever let you go
This mean so much to me
To look into your eyes just to let you see
That the love will be everlasting
Is this to much Iím asking
I sorry for showing how much I care
But I wont you to know Iím always here
I sorry if I show to much love you
But I have to stay true
Because baby I love you
And if we will be apart
You will always have my heart
But I know we will survive through the thick and thin
And I will always be your man
And this is my plan
To always make you happy and feel the love for you always
This is so much to say
But Iím so happy today
Wait Iím always happy with you with me
You love stung me like a bee
But it didnít hurt
Baby I promise
These things to you
Because it comes from deep down inside my inner soul
And that you will never be a fool
Because this is meant
And it will never be bent
This is long I know
But this is what I have to show
Love prosperity care truthful and I will always be honest baby
So thatís all I have to say and I love you

Irene Conn (Grandmother)

Your time might be near,
But donít show the fear,
Because Iím always here.
If you need me Iíll be there.
You taught me so much.
Love you can me a bunch,
But knowing your hurt and down.
Feels like Iím deep into the ground.
You are always around.
When I need you.
You are always true.
Your skies may be blue,
But gram without you.
I donít know what I should do.
You kept me strong,
But even when your gone.
Your love shall be with me.
This is what I see,
And also I shall believe.
Youíre the greatest and an angel in many ways.
This is what I say.
Today is the day.
Now I shall pray.


The first time I talk to you
It made my skies turn to a beautiful baby blue
And baby I know itís you
Is this to good to be true?
But I feel that my love is for you
even though I just met you today
But all I do is pray
Baby I think this is our day
That we be together
Maybe forever
To hurt you never
I will be dear to you always
And talking to you turns my skies un gray
I donít play
Games are for children
Itís like a play pen
Others fool around
While I feel like Iím far above the ground,
Because you do this to me
I wish you could believe
That this is what I see
Your style
Drives me wild
See I feel like we are one
But Iím far from done
My fear is gone
Because you are the one
You put a smile on my face
Lifting me to a different place
Itís like Iím in a race
Trying to win first place
In your heart
To tear it apart
A hell no
You know
I wont ever do that
Cuz I aint like dat
We might just have met and it was precious
And I promise I will be serious
I might seem mysterious
But baby Iím curious
I feel I have known you forever
And I pray you think about getting together
I love you
And I will always stay true
The End

The Pain Inside

The pain is driving deep into my heart.
It feelís like I am being torn apart.
Why do I feel like this?
Why do I feel pissed?
Will I be missed?
If I die.
Will people cry?
I am hurting badly inside.
I am losing my mind.
It feels like I am blind,
But I am always kind.
The pain is inside always,
But this is not my day.
I will not play,
Or shall I pray.
Forget the heart.
Iím to torn apart.
I wish it could get better,
Will I receive a letter?
I feel like I am butter.
I feel so loose.
Running around like a goose.
The head chopped off a dying,
Because I am always crying.
I use to be lying,
But what am I implying.
I have found the true pain,
And this is a major gain.
Christina you change me around.
You lifted me off the ground.
Making me feel a lot much greater then life.
I know you will never hurt me,
Because this is what I believe.
That what I see.
Youíll be there for me forever.
And be together.
Is something that will last.
Our love will never be in the past.
I know this will last.
So donít rush and make it go fast,
Because youíre the pain that makes me feel great.
We love for godís sake.
I love you baby and truly care,
And baby you took away my fear.
If you need me Iíll always be here.
Iím all ears.
Hugís and kisses to you,
And Iíll always stay true.

Unspeakable Words

I try to speak but it wont come out.
Whatís this all about?
I try to say what I feel,
But itís like walking on my heels.
Try to help me speak and think.
Or even send me a little wink.
I try to talk to you,
But I canít with out a clue.
What can I do?
I try to speak the unspeakable.
But itís like my words are disabled.
Whatís my label?
Is my words a fable?
Am I going to be able.
The unspeakable words are caught.
Itís like they are tied in a knot.
They try to explain so much,
But when they come out itís in a bunch.
I feel so out and lost,
But whatís the cost.
Is love a lost cause?
Or is it I canít let the words come freely?
The words are Healy.
I have to try.
So I canít cry,
But Iím ready to die.
Iím out and going into the sky.


I try to remember the things from the past,
But everything happened all so fast.
I wished it couldíve last,
I remember the good and bad,
But it can never make me glad.
I always was bad,
And always seemed mad,
But the memories are in my heart,
And some things tore me apart.
The greatest thing happen in a blink of an eye,
But it made me cry.
I use to lie and steal,
But what was the deal.
I was trying to be real,
But I was called a fake.
Whatís this make?
Bad and good things come and go,
But it goes like a flow,
And what do I have to show?
Nothing because I canít remember yesterday.
What do you have to say?
Is this a great day,
And should I pray,
Or how about lay,
Or play.
I got so much to live for,
But my love is like a lure.
Fishing for the pain and hurt,
And making me go berserk.
I act like a jerk.
Hurting so many people around me,
But why canít they see?
That you can believe.
This is a goodbye.
So donít cry,
Because I belong in the sky.


They love
They care
They are as peaceful as a dove
And always near
They show how the know
They tell what the hear
But what do men show?
And why is she not here?
The way to kiss
Is sweet, gentle, soft, and loving
But make it so it will be missed
Because we are living
For you we show our love
And care for our women
But make it a cove
For we are men
We donít know a lot
Because you donít show what you want
Or love is always caught
Because itís what we hunt
Show us how to be
So we can just be that one
So just believe what you see
Because I am done

I Miss You

You had to go
And Iím all alone
But what do I know
That your away
I miss you every day
But why do we play
I want to go further in this
I want to feel your kiss
Iíll ride for you
I would even die for you
But I hope I donít cry
I just let you go some where
But I wish you were here
Why did you have to go thereí
Iím starting to fear
Because your not near
I want to hold you close and donít let you go
I want you to knowí
When you leave
Itís to hard to believe
That how much I miss you
I hope you see that I am true
And my skies are true blue
Love ya and Iím always thinking about you


Thereís a lot to say, but Iíll try to make it short
First thing first is they care and love us,
And most of all they never try or mean to put us down.
I know I canít rhyme and no I donít waste time,
Because when it comes to moms.
Iím nothing but a low down bum.
There love sticks to you like gum in your hair.
It wonít wash off your body our come out of your hair.
Unless you cut her off so donít do that cause she loves you.
So take care of her because no one can take her spot,
And who knows she might not be around for long.
Tomorrow she might be gone.
Hold her close, and wrap her in your arms.
Kids donít let her ever be harmed.


Us kids thinks that our dadís are mean and donít care,
But what you donít know is that they are glad to too have us as a child.
We always disrespect them and show them that we donít care.
Did you know that when we need them the are always near.
So why donít you be glad that you have a dad,
Because I donít, but my step-father is one hell of a guy,
And he is always there for me in sticky situations.
Making my life a better plantation without no hesitation
Dad Means ... Devotion and Dedication

Irene Anthony

Irene what does it mean.
For most people it means a trustful and worthy woman of god.
She has love for all no matter if you dislike her she still loves you.
She has always been there for me with her loving and caring acts,
But sometimes I never show it back,
But everyone knows how much I love her.
Mom I need you hear, even though I never use to care,
Because I always had a fear.
I donít want to lose you, but thatís life.
So mom if I donít tell you in time I love you forever.
O yeah mom you know youíre the queen of my heart.
Her wonderful name stands for this
I-I really love my mother always and forever.
R-A Righteous woman sent from God.
E-She is my everything in this world and no one can ever replace her.
N-She never will hurt me in anyway because she is always by my side.
E-Enough! You should understand my love
For my great and wonderful mother.

Kay Lee

For I have not seen your face,
But knowing this sets me at a greater place.
You took the empty space,
And filled it in.
For the greatest of your life now begins.
Baby sis take my hand,
For we shall greet this world with peace,
And everything will be grand.
For shortly you shall be here,
And your big brother.
Will always be near.
If you need me please call.
If you want to go some where just ask.
Iíll take you every where especially to the mall.
For you have that little smile,
But donít drive my wild.
I might be a lot older,
But I still treat you the same way.
Iím your extra shoulder.
If you need me just come out and say.
Jamie I need you,
Because Kay Lee Iím here always for you.

Roy Andrew Anthony

Roy doesnít mean a little boy,
But to me it means a man of great joy.
When we down and out he used to buy me any toy.
Every time he would walk pass me,
And I see his face.
It would make my heart pound through my skin like a race,
And makes me wonder if I have first place in his heart.
Roy stands for a lot but his my point of view of his great name.
R- A royal father figure to me in every way possible.
O- Outstanding father that helps me through the bad times.
Y-You are my everything DAD I love you for life!!!
Even though youíre my step-father you treat me like your own.
By taken a bad kid under your powerful wings,
And saying Iím your own for ever as long as you live and beyond that.
I hope you understand my love for you,
Because I understand yours for me,
And we will grow like a strong oak tree for ever.

My True Love

Roses are red , and violets are blue.
Every time I see you Iím bounded by you.
Although your there your never here,
Because I fear whenever your not near.
When I look in your eyes.
I tremble from your sight.
In spite of your love I fall in love with you every time.
This time Iím going to be true to you.
So that mean roses are red, and violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet and baby so are you.
Our love together is like the color blue.
How long we will last I have no clue.
But all I can do is lay,
And get on my knees and pray.
Sometimes you hate me, but baby I still love you.
Did you know that.
Friends are the best,
And our love is a test.
So why canít we pass,
And be with the rest.
I want to love you forever,
But as they say our love is like heaven.
Baby please forgive me,
And always believe me.
Because without you I canít see.
But I guess it's meant to be.

My True Love Part II

You say you love me,
But why is it hard to believe.
Look in my eyes tell me what you see.
All through my life Iíve been put down,
But sometimes as low as the ground.
When you say my name.
Please donít give me all the blame.
Donít take my name and play it like a game.
You got my heart,
But please baby donít tear it apart.
When Iím away from you.
My skyís seam to turn blue.
When I feel your kiss.
Itís something I can never miss.
I want to take you around the earth,
And baby I want you to give my child birth.
Take my hand,
And everything will be grand.
When Iím around you.
Itís hard to send you clueís,
But, baby you know damn well Iíll always love you !!!

I Want You Back

The time we spent together.
Felt like I held you forever.
We stuck through the bad times,
But didnít you see my heart was always kind.
It always felt like you were playing with my mind.
You had me on my knees.
Begging the lord please.
To send you back to me.
Why cant you just see.
Without you I canít live.
My heart is what I give.
So baby Iím sorry,
And I want you back,
Because together we were one.
So this is all I can give.
My love is what you had,
And I give you back my heart.
Without you I feel torn apart.
I feel for you,
And I deeply always love you.

The Good Times

The first time I put my eyes on you.
I thought to myself its to good to be true.
You first talked to me.
I thought its something I canít believe.
Youíre a angel sent from god.
I love your bod.
I'm sorry for showing how much I care.
But I have a lot of fear.
I wish you were here.
I wish you were mine.
Because our love will be divine.
I'm on my knees begging god please.
Just to let you see.
That I will always be true.
Because with out you my world is blue
Please give me a try,
Because without you I wish I would die.
I just wanted to take you for a ride.
I ask for this one time.
Please be mine.
This is all I ask.
I love you girl. Take care and Iíll always be here.


A lot of us act like we are bad,
But parents its all a fad.
To make you mad when we act bad.
Even though we donít know what it does to make you cry.
We are always there to make you smile.
Sometimes it seams like were not listening to a word you say,
But take this from me, because we are listening,
Because your our role models and we really care.
Kids our should I say young adults give your parents the slack the deserve,
And parents give your children the credit, because the earn it.
So donít pick on us, because we love you guys, and thatís the truth.

The Heart Ache

The day you left me.
I couldnít believe.
That it happened to me.
I felt a lot of pain,
And this is what I gain
Nothing you had my heart.
What did you do? tear it apart.
My love for you was like art.
This is my part.
I cared for you.
I never made your skies blue.
I never was untrue,
But it was hard to give clues.
The times were great,
But when love is at state.
Itís nothing to play.
So all I do know is pray,
And wait for you to come back.
For my heart is pitch black
I donít wish to look back.
For the times brings heart ache.
Our love was something you canít break.
I loved you like a fat kid loves cake.
This was Godís sake.
Being together
Always and forever.
Shall we fight never,
But shall we love? Yes
Youíre a blessing God.
Without you baby Iím hurt.
My mind goes bizerk.
Its something I canít stop.
I want to reach the top.
I love you.
Always And Forever.

The Time Is Now

I'm fear
I'm always near
Why arenít you here
Your way over there
I rule the dog pound
Hurt one you wont ever be around
We will put you 6ft under in the ground
We are always your shadow
We will make you a widow
For our love is like a window
all so clear you see right past
make this love last
for it might go all so fast
and our love will be a blast
for the times are great
but we are something no one can break
we flow like a lake
and we love for god's sake
the time is now
never say how
please take a bow
for we are one
and we have won
my time is done
Farewell Hun
this is my last thoughts
I was always caught
I was tied in a knot
but all I got
is you
stay true
because I love you

My Farewell

This is my last hour.
All shall die even my power.
I was as sweet as a flower.
I should not do this,
But I had my last real kiss.
All I ask is if ill be missed,
But Iím leaving like a bliss.
All I wanted was a Miss.,
But you donít always get what you ask.
So put me out of my pain,
Because I have nothing to gain.
Every time you see the rain.
Please always remember my name,
And I donít give no one the blame,
But I always pray.
For that great day.
All I can do is lay.
To wait to say.
Will you marry me,
But no one will believe.
What they shall see.
Why should I have to wait?
Itís going to be to late,
Because my life is at fate.
My skies are really dark.
I donít want to be torn apart,
Because I have lost my heart.
I have to many heart aches,
But Iím only living for Godís sake.
I saw to many lovely faces.
I left my heart in to many places.
Itís like I am in a race.
Iím losing my pace.
Some one please save me.
Why cant anyone see?
Just let me go,
Because who knows?
My hearting is pounding slow
Farwell my family and friends.
This is the end.
This is not goodbye.
Itís my time to fly,
Because tomorrow I might die,
But all I do now I cry.
I shall survive.
With this pain that drives into my chest.
Itís nothing but a pest.
For love is what I invest.
For the darkness falls upon the day.
This is all I shall say.
So for me please pray.


Mam you mean a lot to me.
Even though I hardly show it.
Iíll try to tell it.
Because knowing you as my gram takes me out of a pit,
And this pit is ugly and scary too,
But every time I see you.
Itís like looking at my mother.
Now I see why your called my grandmother,
Because my mother looks a lot like you in every way.
Your mission is to protect and love me with your every thing.
Now you should understand how much I care and love you.
Our bond together is untouchable.
So gram I sorry for the past,
And that will be the last.
I ask for forgiveness.
So it can bring happiness.


Pap there use to be a huge gap between us,
But that gap just disappeared in thin air,
Because I truly understood who you are,
And what this love between us really meant.
even though I treated you like dirt you never did that to me,
But you mad me see how easy it is to believe.
You took me out, and taught me to be just like you.
Witch is a strong, and powerful king on his throne.
What ever you say or do this love for you will always stay true.
When you cry it makes me fell like a ball bouncing off a wall.
So stop this ball and wipe those tears away,
Because today is a different day.
I love you pap.


What is it!
Itís like waking up saying what should I do today.
Should I live my life like itís one more move to make.
No, itís mot a piece of cake.
Instead itís like a knife.
Itís so sharp it will stab you in the heart,
And it will tear you apart.
So take it from me.
Live your life like itís one more move to take.
Or youíll bake like a cake in the oven.
Then no one can help you but God,
And he really loves you so stay here,
Because he placed you on this earth for a purpose.
So go out and fulfill that purpose.


Every night I pray for light.
Wondering if I fight against death,
And if Iím to fight I wish I might.
Be that light to guide you through that death road,
Because if I do Iíll fight us through.
Iíll do my best I can do,
Because together.
Weíll be that light that burns all night,
And weíll be that fire that glows bright,
Because we donít get blown around like grass,
But weíre strong like glass,
And only God can break us apart.
So why donít you take a pass,
And let us go from this place.

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