Christian Poems for Teenagers

Christian Teen Poetry

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Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Christian Poems for Teenagers

Christian Teen Poetry

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This Christian Poems for Teenagers book with Christian teen poetry sharing Christian teen poems is an eBook titled The Eyes of Poetry written by Author Kristina Marie Rudisill. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Christian Teen Poetry eBook free of charge for your enjoyment. Check out our other Christian poems for teens eBooks.

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Christian Poems for Teenagers
Christian Teen Poetry

Xena & Gabrielle

Xena with your long black hair
Your skills are far beyond compare
Gabrielle you have your staff
You can always make others laugh
Joxer's heart is filled with love
Why, he's as gentle as a dove
Callisto's heart is filled with rage
She feels as though she's in a cage
Alti promised Xena she'd be
Destroyer of Nations, but lied you can see
Little Bliss played a love game
One that Xena thought was lame
Cupid had to ground him for it
And then reverse who had been hit
Except for Drako who fell for Gabby
Because Xena said he needs to stay happy
Aphrodite, Goddess of love is cool
She can make all of the mortal men drool
The path of love is Eli's way
He can brighten the worst of days
Argo is a horse of skill
One that no one is able to kill
Tara, there's a girl who loves to dance
She was banished but got a second chance
Velasca, the evil Amazon
Fell into lava and now she is gone
Hercules is a man that is tough
But only when needed is he ever rough
Iolaus, Herc's chummy sidekick
Just can't resist a beautiful chick
Xena's son Solan was killed early in life
He missed puberty, dating, and even a wife
Hades is known as the lord of the dead
He has an invisible helmet and a very swelled head
Celesta, you know you shouldn't touch her
If you do, then you die, and for that there's no cure
Poseidon is the god of the sea
He once cursed a ship just to be mean
Apollo is the god of the sun
I don't think he has ever had fun
Pandora has a secret box
That if opened all of mankind is lost
Ares is the god of War
He says he loves Xena, but Xena's not sure
Strife is so stupid he just couldn't see
Callisto take a dagger and stab him with greed
Zeus, King of the gods is okay~
Though he tried to kill Xena on Eve's first birthday
Hera, there is one evil gal
She would punish all mortals if she only knew how
Julius Caesar, Xena's hatred is toward him
He betrayed her and crucified her all on a whim
Virgil is the son of Joxer and Meg
He wanted to travel but he would not beg
Senticles was the maker of toys
He made wonderful things for both girls and boys
Hydra, the three-headed serpent is gross
You cut off a head and another one grows
Lachrymose is the god of Despair
If you don't see his rock then he doesn't play fair
Bacchus really hates the lyre
Although he's into might and fire
Amarice fell head over heels in love with Armand
But being an Amazon expressing it was hard
Melosa is blind as a bat in her right eye
But that didn't matter she learned to get by
Dahak's a god that the other gods fear
He got Gabrielle pregnant to make Hope appear
Hope grew up to look like her mom
But coming from Dahak used her powers for harm
Ephiny, Xena and Gabrielle's friend
Had a centaur that she named Zenon
Diana, Xena's look a like
One thing she can't do is fight
And Perdicus, Gabrielle's one and only
Was killed by Callisto now Gabrielle's lonely
There are plenty more but they are hard to rhyme
But if they weren't I could name them all on a dime.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

"These "gods" are all Grecian Myth,
which of course means they're fake.
There is but only one God
and that is something no one can create."

1 to 10

One little girl plays on a hill
Two little boys call the girl Jill
Three hours are what they have to kill
Four sisters she has and a brother named Phil
Five hundred is what her mom pays in bills
Six is the number her mom takes in pills
Seven rooms in her house are teal
Eight is what time they eat their last meal
Nine items are stored in her grandmother's will
And ten is what time she had her next baby Lil.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

A Beautiful Place

I tried to be so very kind
I truly didn't think you'd mind.
You really thought I didn't care
Although I said I'd take you there.
A place where beauty is beyond compare
A place where breeze flows through your hair.
The grass there is green
The people they're lean.
The sky there is blue
They'll all notice you.
There your mind is always at peace
And you can go there without having to cease.
All you have to do is die
Sure your family will cry.
But before you die you should atone for your sins
Because you'll be judged to see what place you go in.
God will forgive even a murderous crime
As long as you paid by doing the time.
Just remember these words "God forgives all"
Unless of course suicide was your downfall.
People in heaven walk with grace
It truly is a beautiful place.
What right do I have to tell you the way?
For my line of work let me just say...
I am death by night and angel by day.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


Green is for new trees in bloom
Gray is the witch that rides on the broom
White is the dress Nina wore to her wedding
Brown is the cedar in Nina's rats bedding
Blue is for her baby boy Darrel
Pink is for her little girl Carroll
Red is the fire that took Nina's life
Black is what Tony wore for his wife
Yellow is the sun that rose the next morning
Orange is the sky that the kids think is boring
Gold is the halo that is now on her head
Silver is the coffin she is in for she's dead.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

Like A Dream

What would be world peace to me
Would be to find a special key
To open the hearts of men like Saddam
So he would forget about the war and the bombs
Another thing I'd like to see
Are lovebirds singing so serene
On a day the sky's so blue
I walk around without a clue
On the grass so very green
It sounds almost like a dream.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

Tina Cries Out

Tina cries out from her baby bed
Mother comes in and rubs her forehead
She puts her asleep with her soothing voice
Tina's always calmed by her mother named Joyce.

Tina cries out from her bed but just to be fair
It was from a having dream that turned to nightmare
She had it today, yesterday, and before
She dreams that in three different directions she's tore.

Tina cries out from the collage dorm
She wants to go home but she has filled out the form
She is afraid shell be sent to jail
And for killing a classmate she knows there's no bail.

Tina cries out from the sanitarium walls
Unfortunately no one answers her calls
She had pleaded insanity and that's what she got
I guess she didn't plan out the whole plot.

Tina cries out from the retirement home
There's a dog by her window and around its mouth is foam
It killed her you see
Now she's as dead as can be.

But still...Tina cries out from her coffin, she's still alive!?
Nobody thought that she would try to fool the dog by taking a dive
Was it worth it all to lie?
She's now underground and there she will die.

Tina cries out from the cemetery coast
She can't cross over so now she's a ghost
She wanders the graveyard perimeter at night
And holds on to memories of her family tight.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


I see the flicker in the night.
As fireflies take to flight.
I see a billion flickers of light.
Trillions of fireflies are within sight.
They are most divine and they don't bite.
You can catch them in jars but to them it's not right.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

The Little Girl with Long Black Hair

A little girl with long black hair
Walks around everywhere
Just to find she was never there.
The little girl with long black hair
Finds herself in great despair
As she looks in the mirror with a glistening glare.
The little girl with long black hair
Goes about her business without a care
While all the people around her stare.
The little girl with long black hair
Thinks and wonders but never dares
To go with her friends to the county fair.
The little girl with long black hair
Has two friends, ones name is Blair
Her other friend Maggie twenty-two mares.
The little girl with long black hair
Her and her family live in a lair
Which come to think of very rare.
The little girl with long black hair
Lives not far from Larry the hare
And Larry lives close to Carrie the bear.
The little girl with long black hair
Sits all alone in a big wooden chair
And looks at a picture that says Perfect Pair.
The little girl with long black hair
Would tell you her name but she's not really there.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

My Love

You may not know this very much
But I tremble at your touch.
I am so in love with you
And I know you love me too.
I never want to leave your side
I always want you as my guide.
I want every one to see
You are the one for me.
I love you with all my heart
I want us to never part.
You are my soul mate
I knew that without a date.
I know we won't live forever
I can live without you...never.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


All the hours of my night
I watch T.V. And sit in fright
Until I see the morning light
Then I want to fly a kite
Until I find that nothing's right
I tie a rope in knots so tight
And put a mace on the end to fight
Then I get my dog-named Bright
I get her cause I know she'll bite
I know she'll surely show her might
With sharp teeth and fur so white
But now what I'd seen is out of sight
Now I'll go back and wait for night
As I watch T.V. And sit in fright.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

My Special Place

Sitting in my special place
I watch the raging waters race
This is what is in front of my face
There is no such thing as painful mace
I stand up at the rivers base
I get my camera from its case
My white dress that is made of lace
Drags on ground as I walk with grace
To take a picture of the cheetah that I see pace
That is in my beautiful, wonderful place.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


God is good, God is nice.
God blessed me with extra spice.
I can draw and I can write.
I don't do drugs and I don't fight.
I am good at games but I can't cook.
I am writing part two to my book.
Publishers are hard to afford.
But advice is free, just ask the Lord.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


The Hulk, Spiderman, Electra, and more
Whoever said they find comics a bore?
Whether still in the package or slightly tore
I know you'll find something you truly adore
In the outer part or maybe the core
Of one of the many, many bookstores
From the time you enter through the main door
I am sure you will find what you're looking for
From comics and poems to bios and lore
A library does not care if you're poor
They say "Reading is learning; let your mind soar."
Some books are new and some books are wore
Some books are filled with violence and gore
Books have been here sense the days of yore.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

Death in the Night

In the night I hear a sound
As I rise from bed with fright
I stand in the dark and look around
Then someone turns on the light
I start to run but then I frown
Realizing something's not right
This isn't my house and I'm far from town
Do I know this place? Not quite.
Then I find to the bed I am bound
And after trying with all my might
A key to the handcuffs I finally found
Marks on my wrists say they'd been tight
There's a hole in the floor, as I look down
The light shines so bright
On ten or more corpses all in a mound
A shadowy figure comes into sight
As my heart begins to pound
I grab an axe from the wall to fight
But then I trip and hit the ground
Standing over me is a man in a mask so white
With eyes so big, black, and round
I know I am going to die this night
That's the end of the story now.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

The Lair Monster

Would you like to see my lair
If so you may bring a date
And follow me if you dare
Be careful not to become bait
Seeing the lair monster is very rare
Although it stays up very late
And let me say it doesn't play fair
Not to mention there's a mate
They make one big horrid pair
At least they are locked behind a gate
One I am sure they cannot tear
If they could they would not wait
They'd be out and up the stairs
And death would surely be our fate
Trust me this town would not care
One thing people around here hate
Is this castle run by the mayor
Let me tell you how they rate
The lair monster that's in the air
They rate it at about an eight
And that is just its hair.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


Your whole life was filled with woe
Sickness was your only foe.
Your being in the hospital struck me with fear
When I heard of your death I felt the warm tear.
Your death I knew was on its way
But one thing I just have to say.
When I heard I thought "it just can't be"
But now I see you're still with me.
Your body is gone
But your spirit lives on.
I can still see you
Can you see me too?
Always know that I still love you.
You were better then all the rest
You truly are the very best.

[This poem is dedicated to, inspired by, and in loving memory
of my grandmother Loretta F. Rudisill, A.K.A. Ma.]

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

My Son Joe

[Please note that this poem is just a poem
I made up. I have no son named Joe.]

Thank you so much for all of your time
I don't understand why I don't owe you a dime.
You have helped me out so much
Like when you bought me that new crutch.
You have filled my days with joy
You'll always be my little boy.
Don't be sad cause you're my oldest
Between you and your sisters you are the boldest.
I am so glad you got them what they asked for
You'll be the one that your sisters adore.
You got Carrie a puppy
And Tina a Guppy.
A horse for Lara
And two bunnies for Tara.
I can't believe you are now twenty-one
And I am the proud grandma of one.
Charlene is pregnant again you say
And I'll be the grandma of two come this May.
The time has come for us to part
You know it's tearing up my heart.
I hate to leave you in this way
I don't want to die, not on this day.
I will be gone before your birthday is through
You know the last thing I want is to hurt you.
But we'll meet again, perhaps in heaven
As long as I don't go through reincarnation.
Now it is time for me to go
Goodbye to you, my son Joe.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

The Sky

I sit by the door
And look up at the sky
I wish I saw more
Then the birds flying high
I find it a bore
That I cannot fly
As I sit by the door
And look up at the sky.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

The Spirit

I see the spirit of a girl
She has long hair and eyes of pearl
Her skin is blue
Her hair is white
I have no clue
Why she's here tonight
Although I knew
She was in fright
She wore an anklet and a necklace too
The necklace looked awful tight
She warned me of a guy named Lou
Then she was gone by mourning light.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

The Life of Tonya-Ann

Tonya-Ann at the age of one
Saw her daddy's brand new gun.
Tonya-Ann at the age of two
Got her very first boo-boo.
Tonya-Ann at the age of three
Found a cat in a very tall tree.
Tonya-Ann at the age of four
Found Head Start to be quite a bore.
Tonya-Ann at the age of five
Took home an empty, old beehive.
Tonya-Ann at the age of six
Got a CD called Mega Mix.
Tonya-Ann at the age of seven
Learned all about the powers of heaven.
Tonya-Ann at the age of eight
Got a new best friend named Kate.
Tonya-Ann at the age of nine
Had a bike wreck but now she's fine.
Tonya-Ann at the age of ten
Fed a goat, a pig, and a hen.
Tonya-Ann at the age of eleven
Met her mommy's best friend Kevin.
Tonya-Ann at the age of twelve
Got a bruise that really swelled.
Tonya-Ann at the age of thirteen
Got a puppy with a sense so keen.
Tonya-Ann at the age of fourteen
Had a teacher named Doreen.
Tonya-Ann at the age of fifteen
Had a fight with a teen that's mean.
Tonya-Ann at the age of sixteen
Started dating a boy eighteen.
Tonya-Ann at the age of seventeen
Joined her classes swimming team.
Tonya-Ann at the age of eighteen
Died in a car crash with her friend Maxine.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


Swords, Daggers, Arrows, and more
Are what were used in old time war
Today they use guns and missiles galore
Sometimes people don't know what for.

Lives are lost in war everyday
That is what people that fight have to pay
On the battlefield bullets come every way
You can see the smoke as the bullets spray.

One thing to watch for are people called spies
They can be on the ground, in the air, or the skies
They are quite dangerous I won't tell lies
And there is no place in war for ties.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill


I sit in the corner of an old house
I'm scared yet quiet as a mouse
Zombies are banging at the door
About a dozen maybe more
Three of my friends are already dead
I told them they had to be shot in the head
The only ones that are still alive
Are me, Brittany, Lynn, and Clive
All through the house we have set traps
Ones that go off at the slightest Rapp
Some of the zombies are hard to kill
And they won't leave 'til they've had their fill
We've just noticed Clive's been bit
And me without my first aid kit
It won't be long before he'll change
We don't know what to do it's strange
It wasn't but maybe two hours ago
We were driving down a dead end road
The three of us survived the night
But were terrorized 'til morning light
Finally the zombies went away
As the sun came up to start the day.

By Kristina Marie Rudisill

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