Verses in Poetry

Heart of a Butterfly

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book of Verses in Poetry titled Heart of a Butterfly written by Author Catherine Mary Elliot. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Verses in Poetry

Heart of a Butterfly

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book of Verses in Poetry is titled Heart of a Butterfly written by Author Catherine Mary Elliot. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Heart of a Butterfly E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Forever More ...

I have a friend that loves me
Truly loves me more
More than I could imagine.
I know that you love me
You tell me every day
Yet I wanted more
More than you could give
But what more
Should I ask from you
Than your love for me
Each and every day.
Even if we do not talk
For hours at a time
Or spend days hanging out
Our friendship will always last
As long as there is love.
Even though I may ramble
Even though I beg for more
It doesn't mean I do not love you
It just means that I get scared
Scared that you don't love me
As this world has shown me
It cannot care.
Please forgive me of my errs
And not seeing what was there
I know that you love me,
You love me forever
You will never have to say it
Cuz in my heart I know its there
It is there forever ...
Forever more ...

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

God Loves ME!

As a butterfly now I can see
Many of the things God has intended for me.
He gave me a heart, and a soul to boot,
Within this heart, He gave me a will to choose.

God filled my heart with love
From His Heavenly seat above.
He told me to spread this love like butter
On everyone and each other.

I gave my love, and to my surprise,
It was not given back each and every time.
My little heart began to tear with each tug
And all I wanted was a little hug.

I lost my way and began to wander
Through a world unknown to others.
Others thought I lived in a fantasy world,
But it was just my world on hold.

I hovered in-between God and Man
Forgetting where from I came
Unbeknownst to me that I would be back where I started
And that God and I truly never parted.

I drifted away, aimlessly and helplessly
Loneliness was all I could feel
Until God took my hand one day I will not forget
And put me back on my feet.

I still stumble and wander and doubt
But God stays with me throughout
I believe that God gave His ONLY Son to forgive,
He is my only chance to live.

I will one day be strong of heart
And I will never be tempted to part
From my Father who breathed into this little one - LIFE
And gave her wings to fly.

I am on my journey to become strong
Within my soul that longs
For the Love and Comfort of her Father
And to live with Him forever.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

God Loves the Sheep He Tends

I have walked through this life,
Allowing the curses and doubt,
Cut through my heart like a knife,
Wondering what it was all about.

I thought it was surely me,
It had to be something I had done,
Then I opened my eyes, just to see,
What was REALLY going on.

I am now thoroughly sick and tired
Of all the cursing and the hidden lies
I allowed myself to get all wired
Over all the things that I despise.

After while, I started to believe,
That it all could really be true,
I was too afraid to look and see
I may find out that it was truth.

No one would ever listen
To all or anything I had to say
They all thought I was just livin'
In a fantasy world and I must behave.

They are so very right, you see
I do live in a fantasy world
I always have and always will be
And I surely will be here forever.

This fantasy world is not what you think
No, not at all, and never was.
It is a place most definitely linked
To a wonderful world above.

As a child, in my heart I received
Something more loving than a hug
I was given a little seed
And on my heart it will always tug.

So, you say yeah sure right
But forever more in my heart
I will hold on so very tight
And we will never ever part.

I live in a world unknown to most
A world that had more love
Than this world could ever host
A love that shines from above.

So, to all that say that they know
All about this lil girl
I will not say it more than once, oh no!
Then I will give you a lil twirl.

I do not live in your world
A world of cruelty and hate
For my world is forever
And yours will be too late.

I am a child of God
Always have and will be
So when you think of this and nod
You will have to think of these ...

I will not listen to the curses
Or any of the lies no more
I will not let you hurt
This little heart anymore.

So, take this as a promise
Or even a threat, you see
Cuz I will NEVER again compromise
What God has given to me.

What was God's precious gift?
If you look deep in your heart you will see
The gift that gives a lift
You have it, just the same as me.

It is the gift of Love
But you choose to see only human
Not the one from above
You cannot get this love from man.

Wake up all of you
And see all that you have missed
When you find the truth
You will surely have been Blessed.

It is shown in the Bible
This Love is free and there is no end
All the way back to Abel
How God loves the sheep He tends.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

God's Little Butterflies

When all the world was new,
God said, "I love you".
And He planted a seed,
He call it You and Me.

God watered you with much love,
From His Home far, far above.
God loved us so much,
That He gave His only Son.

Jesus died on the cross,
He suffered a great, big loss.
But Jesus loves us all
And to each of us He will call.

Keep your little hearts open
And you will know just when.
All will see, in twinkle of your eye,
God's Little Butterfly.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

The ONE That I Seek

There is ONE that I seek,
Although I cannot see with my own eyes
In my heart, I know HE is there with me
Even to just pass the time.

HE is more beautiful
This little heart could never imagine
HE gives me so much within
And I love HIM with so much passion.

It may be silent passion
That I hold dearly within my being
HE knows how I feel inside
HE knows me without and within.

This is not a MAN that I speak of
Nor is HE one of the humankind
HE is perfect in everyway
HE is perfect in body, soul, and mind.

The ONE that I seek, so sorry to say
HE is second to none, and no one is above
For I will not again stumble
HE desires me and all of my love.

HE is the ONE that I love
HE is my own little heart and soul.
HE is my Father, HE is God
And ONLY HE will make me whole.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

From a Little Butterfly to an Angel

I wanted to tell you from my heart,
All of the things you really mean to me.
I was not able to tell you looking into your eyes,
But, I hope that this will speak directly to your heart.

I know this does not rhyme, I may, I don't know,
But this little butterfly has a heart full of love,
She only wishes to share with you all that it is
And all there is that makes her shine.

There isn't even a real flow to this, sometimes maybe,
But I open my heart completely and wholly to you.
You are the one I hold dearest to my heart
Your friendship is more than I could ever ask.

You knew about me before I even took a step,
The step that has led me to write this poem to you today.
You pulled away and when you did, you took my heart with you,
But you always kept it safe from harm, knowing exactly where it should be.

Though sometimes it seems that I do not see the meaning of us,
Fear and doubt has had its rule over my heart and soul.
Even now you still try to help me and tell me that you believe,
You believe in a little butterfly who has just spread her wings.

We are friends and that is the only way to say it, think it, believe it
It is not I am your friend or you are my friend, friendship shares the heart
As I have said, friendship knows no age, no name, no place, it only knows the heart.

Whether you are 140 or 33, named Joe, John, Russell,
or even a name I can't pronounce, it is your heart
Your heart that had spread its wings for me to keep me warm
To keep me from the world that had cause me pain.

You did all this cuz you truly love me with your heart and soul,
But, you wouldn't accept my love until I turned back
Back to the Father that loves me, believes in me, desires me
You held yourself back all because I belonged to Him first.

I know this is long, but what is truly within my heart for you
Is immeasurable, and will never end, it is eternal.
I didn't think, and still don't, I am worthy to have a friend such as you,
Don't ever leave my heart, it truly would be devastation.

I don't care what the world thinks, you may share this
Share it with anyone you choose, if they come to me,
I will tell them truth, I will tell them that you are my friend
A friend they could never make me doubt in again.

I know that God is with me, always and forever
As is your friendship, that is true and eternal
I tried to think what I could do for you for all the good you did and do
And the only thing I could think of was to be a true friend.

I only hope this does not push you away, you are too special
Not only to me but the world needs you, each in its own way
If I could ask for anything, anything at all, this it would be,
To have the most beautiful heart and to be near you one more time.

But if I do not receive those things, then I will still know,
That you will always love me, love me for who I am,
And that I will always have my Father to love me and hold me
And that I will be in His arms forever.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

To the One I Love ...

You came into my life
At a most inopportune moment.
I wasn't sure what I should do or say.
But I knew you were here with me to stay.

You were not sure what life was all about
You opened your eyes for the very first time
And when you saw the big, whole world outside
It was so much bigger than when you were inside.

When you were growing inside and just a part of me
I remember how it felt when you moved
It was a touch of love like no other
It is a feeling I can never depart.

God gifted me with one most precious
I knew that you would grow and grow and grow
You would continue to grow until one day
You wanted to come out and play.

You did not know what that would bring
But you soon found out that you would know
All the people that would surround you with love
To help you see your Father above.

Even though you do not have a daddy
You do have a Father, so great, so strong,
This Father will give you more love than you will ever
Know from all of us on this earth put together.

A daddy may leave, or may never even begin to be
But your Father will never, ever part
He will hold you in his arms forever and ever and ever
There is never anything to fear because of his love.

I hope that with my love I can show you
All the things that your Father can be
He loves you in every possible way and does
Love you beyond even your final day.

In every step you take and no matter where you roam
Look to Him and He will guide you along
To the most beautiful place a heart can hold
Let God guide you home.

I wish love for you in all that you do,
I wish for all your dreams to come true
Even though I may not be able to be there in every way
I am always in your heart each and every day.

We have a lifetime of memories to share
I want you to know that I will always care.
Though it may seem that I do not
That will never be the case, OH NO! It is not!

In all that I do, I do everything for us,
We may take a trip or stay right at home.
I only wish to make us happy and healthy
I only wish to make us a happy home.

Though there are things that I cannot do
No amount of money could ever replace
The amount of love this heart mine
Holds for you each and every night and day.

I love you more than you can imagine
Though the world may tell you different
And the world may try to lead you astray
Everything I do is only with love for you.

Though I cannot give you a daddy,
Or even a brother or sister as you ask.
All I can give you is love and to tell you
That it is God, your Father for those things you should ask.

This is what I want to say to your little heart
I want you to know all that is in my heart
That your Father and mother are with you
And that their love for you will never part.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

God's Army

We will stand like a wall before all evil
And it will crush before the sight of God
No one before or after, but together
With hands clasped in love and in Honor of God
We will be a wall of God, and through his spirit
He will conquer all evil.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

God's Love

It was told to all that could hear
That the Spirit of God would soon be near
He would come from near, and come from far
To help you understand who you really are.

Many believe that He would come this way or that
But God told exactly how He would come, in fact
He would send His only SON to teach His love
That He had commanded from Heaven above.

When it was just exactly the right moment
God sent His angel Gabriel to bring to His servant
The message of good news and tidings
This message that would bring us His Light.

Gabriel went to Mary, whom God has chosen
Gabriel said to Mary, "From God in Heaven,
You will have a child and name Him 'Jesus',
And this child will bring to the world, LOVE".

Jesus was born on a star filled night
But God lit just one star so bright
This star was to show all who could see
That what God said had come to be.

The shepherds in the valley, and the kings afar
Look up into the heavens and saw the bright star
God told them to follow it to find
A gift of the most precious kind.

Jesus became a carpenter, just like his dad,
He put love into his work, all that he had
Then God called down to His only Son
God said, "It is time, your life has begun."

Jesus set out to teach all that He knew
So that His Love could reach both me and you.
Jesus found His 12 sheep to tend
And He called them the fishers of men.

Jesus taught them all that there was
About God, His Father, in Heaven above
So they could share it with all
And hope that none would ever fall.

Through many miracles He taught them
To Love with so much compassion
So all of the 12 were faithful to Him
They saw that His Light never dimmed.

The devil, the scoundrel, tried his best to deceive
But Jesus is steadfast to the Spirit He received
Jesus would not turn away, nor would He doubt
For Jesus truly KNOWS what Love is all about.

Then it came time to finish His deed
It was time for the 12 to go out and lead
Jesus had told them many a Truth
A Truth to carry on to me and to you.

Jesus left them when as they slept
He spoke to His Father while He wept
Jesus knew the time had come to be
To perform His most faithful deed.

Jesus knew He had been betrayed
And, sad but true, Judas was his name
They came and arrested God's ONLY Son
As God wept from the stars up above.

A human king did what he thought
For the people, though he knew he should not
He told them to crucify Jesus on the Cross
Oh how could they be so wrong!

Jesus carried the Cross He was to bear
He carried it so we should never fear
Jesus was the perfect sacrifice
He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

They put nails into His feet and His hands.
Then raised the Cross and steadied it in the land
There were two thieves, one on either side
They crucified Jesus like He committed a crime.

The rains began to fall on that very sad day
As Jesus looked up to His Father to pray
A thief watched and found the truth,
"Lord, forgive them, they know not what they do."

After three hours, Jesus cried out with Love
To His Father in Heaven above.
Then the earth began to shake and to split
And then they looked up at Jesus, He died, that was it.

They buried Jesus and closed it with a stone
Three days later, the guards had to go
An angel came and the stone rolled away
And Jesus woke up and left where He lay.

Jesus met the 12, the fishers of men
To tell them He was back again
He stayed in this world a very short time
It was just about time for Him to fly.

Jesus stayed long enough to leave us a gift
A comforter from God, to give us lift.
He gave us the one thing that will always stay lit
Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit.

Jesus said "laters" to all His friends
He said, "Next time, I will come down from Heaven.
To this world, I will return once again.
I will come back from my Home in Heaven.

And then Jesus, arose into the skies
And all His friends saying their goodbyes
He left them with a job to do
To teach God's Love to me and to you.

~~*~~ Heart ~~*~~

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