I Want to Be Set Free

Set Free

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book for when you think I want to be set free, titled Set Free written by Author Suzanne Vanderbeck. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

I Want to Be Set Free

Set Free

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book for when you think I want to be set free, is titled Set Free written by Author Suzanne Vanderbeck. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Set Free E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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This book is dedicated to Jesus -- the one who sets us free. Through trials and hardships, I have come to know how deeply He loves us and how He longs for us to abide in His love. I have come to know, too, the power of the blood and the extent of His mercy -- never ending.

Holy Father in Heaven, may these words You've given me break through the barriers and fill the empty places in the hearts of those who read them. May Your light shine for all to see, removing all darkness with billows of love. May my new friends who have come to hear these words find peace and glory and life.

I pray these things in the name of Jesus, Sweet Lord, so that each one may be filled with You and never be the same again.

I love You, and thank You for all You've done for me. May You be glorified in every facet of my life and the lives of those who come to this Sanctuary, eager to know You, eager to seek You, and eager to be set free.


Set Free

A sudden glance, a tender touch;
a loving dance that means so much
behind the scenes of broken dreams
and lost tomorrows.

A future lost and now is found.
Two hearts have crossed to solid ground.
A way is paved through all you gave
through every sorrow.

Our Lord has come to mend each heart
and make it so you'll never part.
His angels see the mystery
that once was gone.

Give Him your hand and He will give
your hearts a reason for to live
and you'll receive and you'll believe
and you'll be strong.

For only through His loving grace
will you two come to find His face
and, when you do, He'll promise you
a distant sea.

He'll take you to another land
where everything is good and grand,
and through His grace you'll win the race
and be set free!

Alone Inside the Dark

I'll walk with You in the Garden,
for I'm changing from within.
The Holy Spirit has touched me
and now I walk with Him.
My heart's been lifted higher
than I ever thought it could be
because He's opened up my heart
and revealed His love for me.

I'm growing now in wisdom.
My every word and deed
are spurred by things I'm learning
through Your sweet love for me.
No longer do I search for
things that aren't there.
In me, there is no emptiness
because I know You care.

Your only Son died for me,
but even though He died,
He left for me the Comforter
to dry the tears I've cried.
He shows me now the teachings
of Matthew and of Mark.
Now I'm not longer wondering
alone inside the dark.


Eyes that long to see the light of day
gather in the flowers as though May.
Winter, long in coming, has arrived.
It is for my soul that my heart cries.
Cold makes my bones to ache.
Lord, show me the daybreak.

Cheeks, tear streaked etches in the midst,
seeking golden Sonshine, never kissed,
call upon the flaming Son to dine.
He reaches to me, bearing cups of wine.
I know my soul He longs to take.
Lord, show me the daybreak.

Hands reaching upward to the sky.
Angels sweetly carrying the cry.
Arms pull me gently into fold.
Joyful hearts blend by threads of gold.
Peace, the order of the day.
I've seen the daybreak.

Like a Mother's Love

I can see You in the darkness
because Your light is strong.
It calls to me from far away.
It calls to me in song.
It's gentle warmth invites me
to come and take a ride.
It takes me through the darkness
and to the other side.
As I go through the portal,
the song gets stronger still.
Your arms wait to enfold me
and take away the chill.
Like a child, I snuggle up
and find the solace of
Your nurturing and goodness,
just like a mother's love.

As a mother calls a child
to her protective side.
Your arms call to protect me
as a husband to His bride.

Anoint Me, O Lord

Anoint me, O Lord, in Your love.
Anoint me, O Lord, in the Spirit.
Pour on me oil from above.
Speak to me so I may hear it.
Tell me of things yet to come.
Show me how I should not fear it.
In You, I will find my home.
Through You, I know there's no limit.

Come to me, Lord, in my heart.
Come to me, Lord, in Your way.
Cleanse me so we'll never part.
Take from me all of my pain.
Show me now how I may start
to live Your Word day by day.
Your works are great works of art.
In You, I'll come to obey.

As sure as the sun's in the sky,
I know that You're coming back
to lift my soul way on high,
long as I stay on the track.
I will no longer seek why
You put Yourself on the rack.
It is for me You did die
because of strength that I lacked.

That's Why I Cry

Jesus, come and tell us why
You gave Your life for us and died?
Wasn't there another way
you could have saved us in Your day?
Oh, Jesus, how I often cry
to think that You'd lay down and die
to take from me my guilt and shame.
You took my cross. You bore my pain.
And, as You walked that last sweet mile,
You looked my way and still You smiled.
With that, I knew I'm worth of
Your sweet, unending, precious love.
I give you thanks. I give you praise.
I'm grateful for Your loving grace.
A curtain tore the day You died.
My shame You bore -- that's why I cry.

Go Round

A lurking in the darkness does surround
the angels singing on the Mount,
for Heaven's scent is boldly found
from blazing skies to solid ground.
What mighty hand will soon defy
the darkness now intensified
by Satan's hand that does belie
the light that transcends from the sky?

Dear Father, find us worthy of
Your gentle touch and endless love,
as we give rise to things above
that dare to meet the sandy cove
of war-plagued beach and flooding coast.
Allow us, Lord, to boldly boast
that You alone will turn to toast
the wicked and ungodly host
that came to claim this Hallowed land.
Dear God, we raise our helpless hands.
Teach us, O Lord, to take the stand.
The foe that seeks to mark and brand
will come to realize his worth
that goes beyond the depths of Earth.
For every evil, every curse
will vanish with the scent of myrrh.

We glorify the very thought
of hopes and dreams that once were lost
now won at such a heavy cost
will come to life for we were bought.

Oh, The Lord, Our God

Though the fire burns brightly 'cross the evening sky,
the Heavens far behind it come before my eyes.
In the distant, but clear moment, I am mesmerized
by the glory of the Lord, our God.

Oh, the Lord our God is a faithful God.
He is loyal in all things true.
He can still the darkened night with a love so bright
and cause good things to come to you.

As the clouds sweep away all the stars in sight,
I'm given to a moment made of sweet delight.
The Lord's brilliance just surrounds me in the pale moonlight
through the glory of the Lord, Our God.

Oh, the Lord, Our God, is a faithful God.
He is loyal in all things true.
He can still the darkened sky with a love so bright
and cause good things to come to you.

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