Dreams of Destiny

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Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Dreams of Destiny

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Dreams of Destiny written by Author Sandie Cheryl Deyo. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Dreams of Destiny E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Destiny and Fate

Placed on earth, as ONE split soul
We all search to find our mate
Overcome the world, is the goal
Faith and Love, open the gate

The world, with her lures and ways
Keeps us from our destined path
Causes Destiny, many delays
Results in Fate ... Do the math

The moon once asked the Sun
Why in darkness do I stay
And Light, there is none
Answer this I pray

The Sun responded to the Moon
Tell me what you mean
You're at night and I the Noon
Cuz the world comes in between

Fate is the outcome of our choices
Though God has another plan
We end up following the wrong voices
That is the tendency of man

Will it be Destiny or Fate
Doom or fortune, next time
Is it to be Love or hate
Or yet another mountain to climb

The paths of life will twist and turn
If Fate is the path we choose
With past experience we can learn
To begin to win ... Not lose

Never surrender what you seek
Yet learn from past mistakes
Open your EYES, and take a peek
It's easy to discern the fakes

Then destined Souls will finally meet
Look in each other's EYES,
To reunite, as one heart beat
Again, in Heaven's skies.

There is Destiny and fate
The choice is up to you
Decide before it's too late
The words I speak are true

Avoid the world, if you can
There is nothing you have missed
Fate is only the choice of man
Destiny ... You cannot resist

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

The Eyes

Come and look, into my eyes
And tell me what you see
Look beyond my tears from cries
Can you feel it? Just let IT be

Look deep within my soul
The eyes, they tell so much
They hold a secret and a goal
One's precious dreams, and such

They reveal when you speak a lie.
They hold the spirit of youth
The windows of your soul may try
But, cannot hide the Truth

Hold the glance, don't look away
You know not what you'll find
Dare to test their fruits today
Know what's on their mind

Answer back with your eyes
Show them what you feel
You will find it very wise
Let them see, it's real.

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

Angels Unaware

In the voice, I hear my name
Like a shepherd to a sheep
I hear it say, we are the same
If Faith, you choose to keep

The eyes, they are like magic
The voice so strong, yet kind
Even when things are tragic
The words, will ease your mind

There is a job, that must be done
It's in the shepherd's hand
Many souls, to be won
Most cannot understand

Things are not what they seem
It's not an earthly man
It's like that place in a dream
Imagine if you can

Time will tell, and ALL will SEE
That what matters in the end
Is what your choices, come to be
And that he was a friend

Placed here to teach us love
Most refuse to see
It was the Spirit, IN the dove
And the TRUTH that sets you FREE.

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

The Angel

There was an Angel, placed on Earth.
Nobody would know why
The reason for that special birth
She was born to fly

Angels come in many forms
Even some with skin
To help you through your toughest storms
And for your soul to win

Seen as a woman, simple and true
The secret kept so well
Her wings, were hidden out of view
And nobody could tell

She came to show them what was true
She came to share the light
This angel told them what to do
She told them what was right

She could only see their beauty
Though sometimes hard to see
It was her chosen duty
To help them find the key

When her time IS done, so to speak
And it's time that she depart
She will kiss each "friend" upon their cheek
and embrace each broken heart

With tears streaming from her EYES
She will smile and walk away
Cuz in her heart, she does realize
They will meet again someday.

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

Protect and Stay

Old glory will still wave strong and true,
as long as we keep God in our homes and schools,
But if we keep saying ...
There will be no more prayer today ...
Why Should we still expect him to protect and stay?

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

For My Parents

Listen to the whispers, can you hear their cries
you will not have them forever ... don't think of goodbyes.
embrace the time you have, look into their eyes,
Do you feel and SEE the hearts?
Even when the miles keep you far apart?
Can you look past the feet that stumble?
Changes that they cannot control,
as their once strong world (bodies) seems to crumble.
Life at times can make the strongest lion grow so humble.
Their feet at times move so slow and drag.
As you wonder ...
If these are the parents that once taught you to play tag?
Can you forget about their hands that shake,
Just love them with all you have, even if your heart breaks
hold them close to you heart, hold them tight.
But be gentle, they are so fragile
they might break ...
they may not be able to do as much as they once could do.
But they have the spirit of a child, and the love of God, and they will past that down to YOU

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

We Still Stand Strong

The Flag still stands, standing for freedom and pride
honoring ALL who have fought for your freedom or died ...
Its a symbol so strong and so true ...
They can NEVER take that away from you ...
People in shock, across the land, no where to turn?
As the once tall buildings fell and burn ...
That's what the enemy hopes we believe, but its not true ...
God has never left or forsaken you,
he is still here, he has watched and cried too ...
Angels watching from heavens clouds, time has past but Tears still fall,
For ALL the pain, for all that was lost in buildings that once stood tall.
He gave us free will, ALL must choose, all have this choice ...
Even our enemies in hiding, or on other coasts ...
Yes, They will boost,
"WE have hurt America!!! But time will show them ALL,
WE have a strength, WE still stand strong ...
God will not let our sorrow go unnoticed, he will right a wrong ...
our country was built on faith, A country "in God we trust" ...
now its showing true, look at the Eyes...lost and afraid ...
who do they turn to now, on this terrible day?
pictures can speak a thousand words,
Words that now seem to say even in total darkness, in sadness and pain,
our country is still believing in a God, its all that will keep some sane ...
He will comfort, and will bring peace, just hold on to the truth,
when all else fails, when many turn away, one will forever stay ...
He is as a soft whisper, on a stormy day ...
he is a ray of light and hope, A true friend who will never turn away ...
He was crying with US, and holding hands, wrapping his arms around
The ones that lost a love, or giving strength to the heroes who gave their all that day.
4ever true is his love, no greater love has ever been found.

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

Scars and Wars

Scars that never heal, from WARS way down deep inside
they hold on to the heart, way past the day you die
many have felt them, like knifes they pierce the heart
never healing, only festering till the day your soul departs.
Boys [now old men] of war, children of rape, women beaten down.
Each heart bares a scar that made "a beautiful light"
turn a deadly brown.
There are different kinds of pain ...
They all show a different type of stain.
what truths cannot always reveal
what each WAR inside us can sometimes steal.
what each man has kept within his shattered heart
that stays forever, because the mind will not let it part.
the scars still remain,
slowly driving them insane
from a "WAR" like a deep secret tearing at your soul.
some scars are like a holocaust, that leave a deep dark hole.
a war long gone from time, still so real in the dreams.
coming at times in the dark of night waking you in screams.
you try to forget, but they return to visit again.
from another land, deep within,
they follow you where ever you may go.
the WARS you fight IN your mind from things you cannot forget.
boys taken into a war so young,
made to grow old before their time
each bullet was like a dart
that wounded his own heart.
children made to grow up to fast
from something that happened to them in their past,
at times by a parents own hand, killing a trust.
corroding a heart just like rust.
innocent lost that can never be found again.
who understands that kinda pain?
who pays the price of the scars,
from the wars in life that hold us like a POWs ...
scars that still hold some behind those prison bars.
only one can heal the pain, and break the chains.
only one can still the waters and bring healing rains.
He once was hurt and betrayed just like you.
He once bare the scars of a WAR too.

Sandie Cheryl Deyo
Copyright © 2003

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