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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book titled Inspired by the Holy Spirit written by Author Leonna Abraham-Brandao. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Inspired by the Holy Spirit written by Author Leonna Abraham-Brandao. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Inspired by the Holy Spirit E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Inspired by the Holy Spirit
An Inspirational Book of Poetry

by Leonna Abraham-Brandao


A Heart Overflowing
Courage to Speak
If We Are to Heal
In the Beginning
Lingering Memories
Unfailing Love
When Are You Coming
By Association
Destroying a Godly Heart
Iím Over Here
Let He Who Has Not Sinned

Offenders in Power
To Walk in His Shoes
What God Has Given
Please Lord Donít Tarry
Lord You Taught Me
The Heart of a Mother
The First Will Be Last
Vengeance Shall Be Mine
My Existence
No Freedom No Existence
Poems By Prisoners

About the Author


I would like to dedicate this book to the lost souls of The Most Holy and Compassionate Father of all mankind. We are at a time in our lives where there is much chaos, confusion and darkness. Those fallen angels of God, the captives and those who sit in darkness, have lost all hope of ever seeing light at the end of their journey. It is my prayer that the year 2004 will bring peace, healing and comfort to our brothers and sisters worldwide.


ĎInspired by the Holy Spirití is a book of Poetry written by the Author during inspirational moments and at a time of personal afflictions. The Poems are written in an effort to bring awareness to the reader that people can relate to one another as similarities in trials and tribulations occur. The author is also hopeful that the meanings behind the poems can be comprehended and demonstrated by the reader in a positive and uplifting manner. The misfortunes of one, or many, should never be overlooked or ignored. We all, as children of God, should provide strength, support and understanding to anyone and everyone. Whether it be a family member or a friend, someone in authority, or a stranger, victim or offender. We must try to understand their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Their hidden pains as well as their external virility.

A heart is a very sensitive gift of Godís creative works. It is so precious as it holds so much of the Love and Mercy that Our Father desires for His children to demonstrate. The Spirit which God allows in the Souls of all of His creatures, should also be considered as valuable and precious. For once the spirit is killed, the devil will enter into the unfortunate situation causing more destruction if allowed. We can prevent this from occurring if we can only show our brothers and sisters some compassion and understanding during their times of need, regardless of the circumstances. Remember how Jesus casts out demons, saving the souls of man? If God could value his children, We should value each other. Enjoy the Book !!

A Heart Overflowing

A heart overflowing
with reasons to live
The wisdom to know
how to love and forgive
Mercy, Compassion
Understanding and will
To support dying spirits
in their efforts to feel
Assisting lost souls
when theyíre in a lurch
in getting some help
or finding a Church
My Father has walked
with me on this earth
Heís been by my side
ever since birth
A heart overflowing
with so much to give
To help others know
just how they should live
I give God the Glory
for all that Heís done
He is Our Father
Christ was His Son

Courage to Speak

Iím now a believer
I no longer fear
All unbelievers
who wish not to hear
The truth that will set
everyone free
Unfortunately, some
do not agree
I fight for mankind
All who are weak
And all the afflicted
at their highest peak
Those in Society
who follow the crowd
may please their peers
but, then God is not proud
The closer we get
to meeting our Maker
The more persecution
from satan , the Breaker
But all who endure
the worst of these days
When entering the Kingdom
will surely be praised
I now have the strength
and courage to speak
And even the will
to help all the weak

If We Are to Heal

If we are to heal in a World full of pain
then we must consider the sick and the lame
We must seek help for all the lost souls
and help the poor to reach all of their goals
We cannot be selfish, thinking only of greed
Let us clothe all, and bring food to feed
A World full of Hope and much needed healing
With Godís help, can happen, if we show some feeling
People will judge, gossip and look
then claim to be Christians, like those in Godís Book
They all join together to bring a Man down
Hiding their dirt , where it canít be found
For healing to happen, we must all change
Our lives and our thoughts, we must rearrange
Give up all riches, all silver and gold
then find a hurting, lost soul you can hold
Lend them an ear, hear of their pain
They have lost much, but now you have gained
Youíve made a new friend, and helped them as well
and they, with your blessings, will find someone to tell
The news will be carried to all others out there
And soon, all the world will have some Love to share

In the Beginning

In the beginning
God had a plan
When making the world
and creating all man
He blessed Abraham
with seeds that had grown
All over the world
making all lands their own
Those seeds were Godís children
Some good and some bad
Rebelling in spite
Of all that they had
Seeking Our Father
When only in need
Complaining, rebelling
whenever Heíd feed
Godís plan for us
Was to Know one another
To live as a child
To Love as a Brother
In the Beginning
God always knew
His Lost and Forgotten
Inherit Him too

Lingering Memories

Lingering memories will not go away
Although some were good, The bad washed them away 9;
I awaken at night In sweats and in fear 9;
Wishing my loved one Was safe, and were here
His life was destroyed By the mate that he chose
Though love is blind Deceit finally shows
Broken in two Perplexed and in pain 9;
Inappropriate thoughts made him insane
A sensitive heart so fragile and pure
Can effect oneís behavior As some canít endure
When someone's depressed We should realize
They may self-destroy Or cause others to die
Lingering Memories will not go away
The absence is felt Day after Day


As I gaze out the Window And reflect on my life
I think of all moral and temporal strife
I know Iím not perfect Who can cast the first stone
Though I did turned to God When I became lost and alone
The weather so warm so sunny and bright
Keeps my perception of God on earth right
He watches us closely each day, undercover
He works through the flowers the birds or some other
Upon meeting Our Maker Tribulations will cease
For He promised us light and Eternal Peace

Unfailing Love

Prison Poetry with an untold story
Not for my sake but for Godís Glory
He knows that His children donít always obey
Though forgiveness and mercy is what He will say
He waits for repentance until they realize
His message of Love is not to despise
As one of His children He wants you to know

That your understanding warms the heart of a foe
Donít take sides with others to kill a manís soul
Teach all forgiveness and tell of Godís goal
God is the Carpenter we are His tools
Even the sinners that we call the fools
We give God the Glory For all His Great Deeds
Love, Mercy, Forgiveness and hearing manís pleas
He is Our Father and He gives Direction
To Love even those in the Jails for correction

When Are You Coming

Father, when are you coming
You promised me soon
Jesus went up there
to find me a room
I try to have patience
but life is so dark
Thereís all this turmoil
and itís leaving itís mark
When giving a smile
People look at me strange
though they were once happy
Society changed
They think Iíve been drinking
When trying to be cheerful
And when I explain
they give me an earful
Now I am angry
depressed and confused
Warm hearts now cold
My friendship refused

By Association

Do you relate all inmates And listened to them daily
to crimes of vicious hate As they often wondered why

Or do you judge in anger Their questions would go on
all those you think equate And on, and on, and on
Letís try and do a survey Of why they were so hated
of all prisoners you despise And why they had been born

Weíll search into their Psyche There really is no answer
Before trying to summarize To why Men want to hate

We should start from the beginning Another Human Being
When God put us in this World To which they canít relate

Leaving Motherís womb Why should they kill the spirit
so securely, warmed and curled And destroy a Godly Heart
We watched some as they grew so innocent and shy When all that was expected

Was a Friendship they could start

Destroying a Godly Heart

I knew that personís background
Who always did so well
Until Elite men judged
with opinions right from hell
As it says in every Bible
They hate without a cause
Resulting in the Good
Breaking Man-made Laws
Society has changed
theyíve left Godís Chosen Path
To follow all these Men
who have caused our God's Great Wrath
Theyíve hurt the poor and lonely
and crying out lost souls
Society has failed
Though God, Our Father Knows

Iím Over Here

Iím over here, Donít ask them
Because they lied, Iím now condemned
They took some lies, and stretched them so
My wordís no good, So who will know
The truth I know, but who will listen
Out there or even, here in prison
Iím over here, Donít turn your back
Give me respect, Iíll give it back
You listen to, all the elite
And wonder why, they can defeat
Iím over here, you deaf and blind
You want the truth, Try being kind
Look at my past, There was no flaw
I did my best, I broke no law
I worked and studied, and helped all others
I prayed for you, Sisters and Brothers
My Testimony is that God
Knows the truth and He is Lord

Let He Who Has Not Sinned

Those put in prison for immoral acts
The red and the beige The white and the blacks
Soon learn their lessons Repenting of sin
wanting their freedom missing their kin
Now wanting to share their abuses and pains
felt at the time they were truly insane
Godís Grace is sufficient when lost souls are weak
And these are His children the poorest and meek
All sins have been covered with the blood of the lamb
For God knows His sheep and He understands
Why cast a stone Youíre a sinner, now kneel
You should be helping these fallen men heal

Offenders in Power

Put into prison to find his own way
first-time offender His life thrown away
He must join a group if he wants to survive
As prisoners donít mix and many have died
Now heís a Muslim Which many despise
Authorities now hate him They donít realize
Giving no choices Nor did they care
When they put him amongst The worst and the rare
Heís now called a subject A man with no name
Put into prison for the staff to play games

To Walk in His Shoes

It takes a real man to walk in His shoes
For He was unique and badly abused
He came with a message of peace and of love
Forgiveness and Mercy From Our Father above
Understanding each other and giving support
were His instructions as He would report
Though He healed the sick possessed and the lame
He was so hated by those most insane
They plotted and planned to put Him to death
Though He Loved and Forgave until His last breath
In three days He rose and continued His tasks
Hoping His teachings to us would all last
It takes a real man to walk in His shoes
Though no man on earth has followed His cues

What God Has Given

What God gives me no one else could
He shows me His Love and how to be good
His Grace is sufficient when I am most weak
He loves me His poor His lonely and meek
He sees how I struggle in this wretched world
He watches rebellion from the vengeance some hurl
He wants me to know He wonít let me down
In spite of the evil encompassed around
I must keep the Faith with patience and hope
I know God is coming So therefore I cope
What God has given to His children on earth
Is Eternal Salvation that He promised at Birth

Please Lord Donít Tarry

The raindrops are falling
on this gloomy day
Yesterday, sunshine
as the snow went away
I often wonder
what tomorrow will bring
As changes occur
with everything
No weathers consistent
Wars everywhere
People now cold
and smiles are so rare
Prisons are full
No relief in sight
Lost Souls that fell
still toss in the night
No more forgiveness Mercy or Love
No more respect
For Our Father above
You always promised
you would come for us soon
Once you went up
To prepare us a room
Please Lord donít tarry
For weíre falling apart
people now hateful
with cold, careless hearts

Lord You Taught Me

Lord you taught me to Love
all thatís around me
My Sisters and Brothers
and my enemies
One moment I was happy
The next very sad
Sometimes depressed
and other times mad
I liked my times of laughter
though not when I would cry
and then there was frustration
which often made me sigh
I always had good health
then sometimes Iíd be ill
Though loving all my family
was what you taught me still
I guess I finally learned
to love them as you taught
For I carry all their pains
without a second thought

The Heart of a Mother

Mary saw her son
Nailed upon a cross
Although she knew this perfect child
would someday be her loss
She felt a pain within her
A stabbing in her heart
For when a Mother bears a child
they never want to part
And if their child is hurting
They suffer right along
Whether their child is perfect
or whether they are wrong
In many circumstances
the child you bear may change
from good to bad or bad to good
it could be any range
So judging other mothers
their daughter or their son
Should not be up to you
For God said, ďIt is done.Ē

The Last Will Be First

You have what many want
All the worldly riches
The treasures of your heart
mentioned in the Scriptures
You even have the power
provided by your peers
most likely you will keep it
throughout your worldly years
Your fancy cars and boats
expensive clothes and jewels
And even cooks and cleaners
that many rich will use
Although youíre now the first
keeping lowly people down
Our Master will be coming soon
To give His last the Crown

Vengeance is Mine

ďVengeance is MineĒ

saith the Lord
For I made all man
I am their God
You have no right
to judge those that I love
All creations were made
by Me from above
The widows and fatherless
The poor and the meek
I made for a reason
Thatís why they are weak
And if they should fall
I expect understanding
None of your foolishness
nor your demanding
I taught you to love
and not to abuse
And if they need help
Youíre not to refuse
I am the Father
the Judge and the Jury
Youíre causing my wrath
with all of your fury

ďVengeance is MineĒ
And hereís My command
To love one another
and think of the Lamb
He bore all manís sins
with His Blood on the Cross
Even those who Society
Today wants to toss

My Existence

Was I ever once a member of a Country so United
Did I follow all the motions in a World thatís so divided
Was I ever just as normal as the middle-class around
Or was I just this low-life who is talked about in town
I think I went to college to learn a caring trade
People always liked me for all the love I gave
If I can think correctly I even had a home
But for many reasons I always felt alone
Did all this really happen Can my sorry life be real
Will I never share the love That everyone should feel
If only my existence could be felt behind these bars
Adjusting would be easy In spite of all my scars
I cannot feel the joy The happiness or love
In a prison run by evil Not from God Above

No Freedom No Existence

My freedom has been taken All my life Iíll be confined
No one seems to care No one has been kind
I often reminisce about my youthful days
and feeling so much pride when in school Iíd get all ĎAís
Remembering all my friends the jokes, the fun we had
And now I feel so lost confused and also sad
I donít know how it happened I knew I could not win
For when I started trusting Satan snuck right in
After all destruction All evil then departed
Only God and I know This was something Satan started

I will never see a church or the flowers or the birds
I can never be with family sharing precious caring words
Do I still exist on earth Am I present in your eyes
Can you ever bring me hope Will you ever hear my cries
ďNow there are diversities of gifts, but the same spiritĒ

(1 Corinthians: Chapter 12, Verse 4)

*** My Eyes Are Open ***

A Prisonerís Poem

Your splendor surrounds me, itís everywhere,
Wherever I look Your glory is there.
Itís always been there waiting for me,
My eyes are open, now I can see.

You reveal Your majesty in the stars up above,
You express Your love in the form of a dove.
You make known Your Wisdom by the mysteries at sea,
With all its vastness itís hard to conceive.

As the eagle takes flight with her wings wide open,
Catching the currents of wind from the words You have spoken.
The oceans, the mountains, the river, and the trees,
My eyes are open to the beauty of Thee.

Looking towards Heaven with my eyes open wide,
Beholding Your glory no words can describe.
No mind can fathom no heart can contain,
The abundance of power thatís held in Your name.

Eyes once blinded though I thought I could see,
Now my eyes are open, You have set me free
To enjoy all the goodness you created in life,
My eyes are open to the Lord Jesus Christ.

by Alan Walls


The author hopes that you have enjoyed this inspirational book, ĎInspired By The Holy Spirit.í There is much left to do in this World today, and the author anticipates that readers of the book will be inspired to demonstrate the Gifts that God has so fervently blessed them with.

As Jesus instructed His disciples, ďGo out into the world and spread the Good News.Ē ďLove Thy Brothers and Sisters.Ē And most inspiring, ďJudge not, and ye shall not be judged, condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned, Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.Ē

Always remember that a smile goes a long ways and it can make someoneís day. A handshake or pat on the back will definitely show someone that you are a friend. A visit or letter to a hospital, Nursing Home or Prison to support a stranger, will reap many blessings for the doer, and change many hearts and souls, for the doubters.

There are many prisonerís who have been blessed with the gifts of poetry and art.

They seek assistance in getting their Poetry and Art published in the communities in order to show Society that they, too, are children of God and that they can put the pains and frustrations of their hearts into their creative works. There are so many ways to help turn the hearts and minds of man around to reflect the Love and Compassion of so uniquely demonstrated by Our Creator.

God Bless All Of Godís Children.

Prisoner Advocacy Resource Listing

Bajito Onda Prison Ministry
Ms. Del Hendrixson, Founder @
POB 270246
Dallas, TX 75227-0246

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Del Hendrixson and I am the founder of ĎBajito Onda Prison MinistryĎ. I started this ministry fifteen years ago, and as a result of my own previous experience as a prisoner in the system. I feel the pain of prisoners because I was there. It was that kind of pain that led me to the Lord and to the establishment of my prison ministry. A ministry that educates and not incarcerates young people who are out there on the streets of violence. A place where many of us started out.

A ministry that sends love, peace and hope. We are losing too many of our brothers and sisters to the prisons and/or death. The prisons only cause more bitterness, anger and isolation, subsequent to the staffís vengeful and provocative treatment of prisoners. It took me many years to crawl out of that situation and into a life of peace, joy and wisdom. I am here to tell you that it is possible to remain free from prison...but it is not easy. I praise God for walking me through my darkest days and for preventing me from any further self-destruction. I felt God's love for me and I opened my heart and followed, as He directed me into becoming a faithful servant. I soon would know where He was leading me as I started my prison ministry.

Today, we visit the prisons and minister to the prisoners that Society has given up on. We give love, support and hope that when a prisoner is released, they will know that there are people out there who believe they can make it and who will continue to support them on their lonely journey to peace and happiness.

If you, the reader or a prisoner, would like to participate in this ministry, you can do so by contributing testimonies, poems, writings, etc. to the ministry or by sending them directly to someone that you know or donít know, who is making the same grave mistakes that many of us have in our past and present.

Please send artwork to us for use in our ďBajito Onda Lowrider MagazineĒ for Peace and Unity to educate kids and their communities. We don't want to lose them. Please send panos, sobres, viajes, and all other forms of art, with messages of real not glorified prison life, so they can know the true hardships of prison life. You may also send religious, spiritual, peace art, ethnic, barrio art, etc. memories of your own childhood drawings... something we can print onto T-shirts, panos, banners, and poster .We also have a print shop that teaches gang members and at-risk youth printing, commercial art, client relations, web design, publishing, digital photography, etc. and that is how we exist and continue helping those who need us.

Know you are loved and cherished in our hearts, and that we believe in you.

In peace and prayer - en paz y esperanza

A Soldier in the struggle - Soldada en la lucha

Del Hendrixson.

Reaching Beyond The Walls

Michael Burts c/o
Reaching Beyond The Walls
PO Box 6905
Rutland, VT 05702-6905
(802) 773-4029

Mail to:

Reaching Beyond the Walls is a non profit pen pal site for inmates. We put out a bi-monthly newsletter, birthday cards as well as adopt everyone out for the holidays so each member receives a holiday card.

In addition to our pen pal site, we have an extensive resource site for prison related issues which is slowly growing and with Godís help, it will continue to increase.

Pen-pal Connection

Richard, Beth and Jesse

Testimonies of True Christians on a Mission

My name is Beth and I am with the Pen-Pal Connectionís correspondence Prison Ministry. My husband and I work full time connecting Inmates with a caring Christian on the outside.

This one-on-one Christian support is a great way to help them grow in the Faith and to become established in Godís Word and works. God has placed us here and He has blessed and increased our work in the past four years.

It is very sad that most Christian do not understand or have the compassion to care enough for these fallen souls, in order that they can help just ONE person. Itís such a small expectation that God has placed upon His strong children. ĎTo visit the sick and in prison.í In this case, providing support, through correspondence.

I am always blessed to see other groups helping with this work of ministering to the incarcerated. God will someday bless them for supporting and strengthening His fallen children. Sometimes, a little love for thy sisters and brothers, goes a long way, in changing the hearts and minds of prisoners.

Corresponding is the appropriate way in which one can gain more understanding into the rise and fall of the meek and lowly, while at the same time, helping them. Many prisoners are reaching out, hoping for a second chance to show Society that they can be productive citizens in the community.

I pray that those of you who decide to take this step in the corresponding ministering of prisoners, will be greatly blessed as well.

This has been a rewarding experience for me, as I have met and gotten to know the hearts and pains of many prisoners who have, not only failed, but who have come, now, to Love the Lord, Jesus.

We started corresponding with Richard in 1989, blessed to be able to visit him in 1994. In 1999, Richard accepted Jesus as His Lord and Savior! God is good! Richard is now out of prison and doing very well.

Taken from a letter Richard wrote:

"I have some very good news for you and Jesse! I know it's been a long time you have been waiting to hear this. Beth and Jesse, I have accepted Jesus Christ in my life as my Savior! I feel very wonderful and blessed these days. And I just wanted to write and share this with you my friends! I know that you two are happy for me. It's been a long time coming and I know that. Also I know there is a lot ahead of me, that I must be careful because of the world I was once in. I truly believe that God will provide a way for me." Thank you, both.

Taken from Robert's letter following his release:

"I have indeed arrived at the Dodge House here in Wichita, Kansas. I am absolutely elated to have been released. I have been in fact receiving some assistance thus far from the Calvary Church of which you've emailed. They have been incredulously helpful to me in my initial days of release! They have taken me shopping for 'new clothes' which I appreciated immensely, and even gave me some spending money! The Word of Faith Church here in Wichita is also standing ready to assist me.... They are in a combined effort to assist in getting me established with residence and maybe some transportation and employment!...there are no words to express my profound gratitude to you both and others who have assisted me!"

Please contact us if you are interested in starting a Church Ministry with Christian Pen-Pals Connection.

Writing Snail-Mails For Outreach

Maybe some of us have forgotten how to write Ďordinary letters.í

Get remembering because there is a way that your letters can be used for Outreach. Christian Pen-Pals is a Ministry linking Christians, anywhere in the World, with prisoners who have requested a pen-friend. Most of them are converted prisoners who desperately need Encouragement, Guidance, and Fellowship by mail.

Unfortunately, due to the need for more Christian Pen-Pals, we are unable to fulfill all the needs, as there are not enough Christians available to fill the enormous requests. By Tony Whittaker (Web Evangelism)

Testimony #2

In July 2002, I began to hear the word ďprisonĒ over and over, in my head. My initial response was that I was not equipped with, either, the physical ability or the time to begin a Visiting Prison Ministry. So I waited. While I waited, I continued to hear the word Ďprisoní over and over, again. Finally, on September 1, 2002, I saw clearly, what I was to do, and that was to begin a Prison Correspondence Ministry.

Following numerous contacts on the Internet, I, now correspond with fourteen inmates all over the Country, writes Faye, a Prison Correspondence Volunteer with Christian Pen-Pals.

The Castle Of Hope For Lost Souls
114 W Adams, Apartment 912
Detroit, MI 48226
Founder, Lee Gaylord
mother site fights bigotry and other ills of society
fights the injustice system
fights drug and alcohol addiction
helps young people think before getting into trouble

Our project and goals:

I am Lee, the chairman of the board. My life has been good and bad over the years but as I look back even the worst has some good in it. If it were not for the bad I would not be who I am today. If you take a look at The Injustice System, the castle of hope and the crazy old white man from the hood you will find out who, what and why I am.

Carmen is my heart. Together we will help many of the lost souls find themselves as we did.

The Internet: The Internet portion of our project is already in operation the links are on our home page. The Injustice System site is always changing. I was going to put the last change date on but I change it almost every day so it would be meaningless.

Support Groups: Eventually we want support groups for drug addicts, alcoholics, ex-cons, young people in trouble, abused persons, the homeless, the mentally ill, other lost souls, friends, families and other loved ones. These groups will not be led by psychiatrists, psychologists or social workers but we will try to have volunteers in those professions to be available if needed. These groups will be made up of those who the groups are helping.

Religion: These groups will be non-denominational. Our main concern is the individual. The individuals must first find themselves and respect themselves before they can recover. We will be in contact with ministers of different faiths whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhists and others.

I am also planning a church like service for all. This would be non-denominational and instead of a cross on the altar there would be a wheel with the symbols for the various beliefs on the end of the spokes. This way all would have an equal place. We would have a library of reading material and the holy books of those religions.

The ďservicesĒ would be for all and would talk about love of yourself and others. It would be about a way of life instead of religion. However, as I said above, there would be contacts with ministers of the different faiths and they would be able to speak also. We would have guest speakers from all faiths.

Jobs: We would also help people from the groups find work.

Shelter: We would help find shelter for those who need it and homes for the homeless.

Prisons: Our prison systems are an embarrassment to the country. If you look at the Injustice System site you will see the treatment these people get. You have anything from medical neglect to murder committed by inmates with the guards watching or by the guards themselves.

There is a case where the prison officials said that the prisoner died of a heart attack. When the family finally got the body they found that he had a broken back, legs, arms and ribs.

Many prisons are like those in the dark ages. The sad thing is that the conditions are getting worse and not better. If you look at many of the prison movies you will think about how bad things were. Well my friends it is worse.

One guard said of the prison he was working at, ďThe only people that really belong here are the ones that go home at night.Ē

Capital Punishment: There is more on this subject on the Injustice System site.

Capital punishment is bad for many reasons. As far as I am concerned only God has the right to take a life. Even God lets things happen and when a person dies it is natural. God gave us souls and it is the murdererís soul, not God, that makes the decision to take a life. In the case of illness or other natural causes, it is not God who takes the life but it is the natural way of life. God gave us a free will so that we will not have to be bothered with by Him.

Capital punishment is more expensive than life in prison. There are many innocent men and women on death row. Over 100 were released because of DNA testing. Think about those that they will not allow to have DNA testing, those where the DNA evidence is missing and those where DNA is not a factor.

Prisons and the death penalty are big business and the system from the arresting officer to the judges is full of corruption. A poor person does not have a chance because his lawyer will more than likely be inept, drunk or in cahoots with the prosecution.

A person will be on death row for 10 to 20 years. In that time people change. The person that is executed in most cases is not the same person who did the crime.

Warehousing of prisoners: Prisoners are sent to prison and forgotten. Prisons are human warehouses. Most do not get the proper training and rehabilitation to return to society. Many come out worse than they were when they went in. Many learn not only from their mistakes but also the mistakes of others so that when they come out they are better criminals.

Most prisoners will eventually be released. It is the job of the system to rehabilitate the prisoners so they will not release a worse criminal into society. Maybe the prison system leaders should be made accountable for the actions of those released back into society. No it would not work. Can you imagine the warden being a convict too?

Bigotry: We also want to fight bigotry. We are all equals. We are different which makes life and living beautiful but we are also equal. No one is better than I am but I am not better than any one. It is time that the people of the world who think that they are the greatest realize that they are not so great after all. They are equal to us all.

What can we do?

Fight with words. A sentence is worth a thousand pictures. Search the Internet for groups that fight the system and join ones that you are comfortable with.

What do we want?

We want to help fight crime by cutting it off before it becomes a crime. We want to help the addicts and alcoholics change and fight their addictions before they turn to crime or commit more crimes. We want to help stop abuse that leads to crime. We want to help ex cons start a new life and keep them from returning to their old lives of crime. The core is that we want to help the lost souls find themselves and help them become contributing members of society.

We want to make this a better place to live. © Copyright 2002 Lee W. Gaylord

The Legal in USA Team

112 Lightbounds Road
Johnson Fold
Lancashire BL1 5UP
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carol warburton - lynn harrison - wendy collins


"Legal In USA" is a free monthly newsletter sent out to inmates in prisons all over The United States Of America. This monthly newsletter is written, edited and published by Carol Warburton, in addition to Lynn Harrison and Wendy Collins, Assistants, all, who reside in England.

This organization has been in operation for many years. Although, Carol took it over in 2002 after the original editor left. Since then the circulation has tripled and so have the volunteers who help mail out to inmates. Although it is a legal based newsletter, Carol, Lynn and Wendy are not attorneys, nor trained to give legal advice. They are, however, strongly against the Death Penalty and injustices.

All information is researched, in depth, prior to its inclusion into the newsletter.

This is a nonprofit organization and they do not get paid for any of the work they do. Two website services are also provided by this organization. Writelink is a site where the inmates can advertise for pen pals; this is a free service. Inmate Link, USA, is the other site where the inmates can get their poetry published free of charge. Carol, Lynn and Wendy work very hard to provide these services for the inmates, but as they say every minute is worthwhile as they are helping to fight for Justice, something that lacks in the USA sometimes.

Carol would also like to thank all the volunteers who are on her mailing list, as these volunteers help to get this newsletter to 1000s of inmates every month, and they do it all from their own pockets. Without these volunteers there would be no newsletter. Thank you!

About the Author

Born Leonna Anne Abraham-Brandao, on January 20,1947, to a Lebanese and an African American couple in a small town on Cape Cod, in Massachusetts. She was the oldest girl of nine siblings and she graduated from the Barnstable School system in June of 1965. She furthered her education years later, at the Fisher Jr. College, Cape Cod Community College and the University of Massachusetts.

A Former Social Worker of fourteen years with the State of Massachusetts, and whose studies included Community and Public Services, Ms. Abraham-Brandao utilized her services in the field of Social Work, revolving around families, children and adolescents. She, further, spent years of devotion to the understanding of the rise and fall of problematic individuals, and approaches to the resolutions of conflict.

As a single-parent of one child, she was able to assist her son with the completion of his four year college education. Following her own family tragedy, she was placed in a position, as many families, who suffered an overwhelming loss. She subsequently, decided to travel in order to broaden her views on cultures and behaviors. She attended a Mayan Indian School, "Centro Maya De Idiomas," in the mountains of Quetzeltenango, Guatemala, Central America, and studied the language and culture of the Mayan Indians.

Following her six month stay there, she traveled to El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama, meeting new friends and regaining personal recognition of herself. She ultimately, moved to Ghana, West Africa, where she founded the " New Vision Organization " which provided services to the medically ill individuals, in the regions of Ghana.

Leonna, ultimately, returned to the States in 1996, where she continued to work in the Health Care Profession, and as an advocate for prison Reform. In the year 2002, Leonna decided to put her writing and poetry skills to use in her Literary works on Prison and Global Issues.

She firmly believes that Prisoners can be saved through extensive rehabilitation, in a long-term Hospital and /or Institutionalized setting. Facilities that would include, Counselors, Doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Workers, Teachers, Pastors, Priest, Guards to monitor, etc. A less- costly, to taxpayers, and more appropriate resolution to the escalating problems of the Country.

It is also the Author's hope to bring awareness to the Reader, of the need for changes within the Churches. It has been a long overdue necessity that Churches throughout the World remain open to God's children on a daily basis in order that the lost flock may enter when they are at their lowest peak and in Spiritual pain.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit

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