Poetry About God

Freedom of the Grasses

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book of Poetry About God titled Freedom of the Grasses written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Poetry About God

Freedom of the Grasses

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book of Poetry About God is titled Freedom of the Grasses written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Freedom of the Grasses E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Scripture from NKJV Bible

Autumn Days

Wind hushing oak trees
So many branches in flight
October and colorful leaves
The pumpkins start lining up
Several bees take one last peek
Honeycombs of summer
Lustful pollination
But the ground gets colder
A preparation for frost
Ant hills become winter tombs
Squirrels pack their cheeks
Like old-fashioned chipmunks
Now the ground gets colder
Nature is getting older
Autumn days
Seem to last forever
"For this is God,
Our God forever and ever;
He will be our guide even
To death"

(Psalm 48:14)

Just Trees

Trees, just trees
They get a hold of me
Even used one as a crutch
With my broken down back
They lifted me up spiritually
One like a friend
Green and covered in algae
Seemed to get my attention
Slimy but cool to the touch
Trees, just trees
And many species
So tall, going right to Heaven
Just like flags, waving
In the cool wind
Do they talk to God?
Oh, look at the powerful trees
Incredible trees
Just trees
So tall, going right to Heaven
And just like flags, waving
Trees, just trees
They get a hold of me
Even used one as a crutch
With my broken down back
"As the deer pants for
The water brooks, so pants
My soul for You,
O God"

(Psalm 42:1)

Echoes on a Worm

Nature is harsh
On the worm
Through mud puddles
Avoiding footprints
His underside is soft
Can be tickled
He accepts
Rain checks
Summer is the best
Water is the enemy
Living for raindrops
Through deep puddles
Avoiding darkness
Sunshine is best
On the worm
Brings out
The best in him
Avoiding footprints
"His foundation
Is in the
Holy mountains"

(Psalm 87:1)

Humid Trail

I walked a humid trail–
Frequented by numerous dog tails;
The barking makes one realize,
We all have a place on earth,
Including a place in Heaven, someday!
Bugs and dragonflies,
Perspiration in my eyes,
Bees and sparrows...
Surrounding eternal skies.
The heat is much too hot,
And all the insects seek a cool place.
Right now, they are upon my skin;
It is irritated and itchy,
But I am reminded of the
Love that is encountered here!
Bugs trying to get a sip of any moisture,
Especially on the dog trail.
"Man is like a breath;
His days are like a
Passing shadow"

(Psalm 144:4)

Neighbor's Elephant

In a neighbor's yard
Is a backyard elephant.
A retired circus beast,
With elephant skin on his knees.
Years of riding bicycles, jumping through flames,
Carrying clowns and circus dwarfs,
On his mighty back.
But he is so gentle and sweet,
Putting his wrinkled trunk over the fence.
He is only seeking peanuts,
What a nice boy he is!
A Bulldog, an oxen, a mule, to name a few;
He is so innocent though,
Just letting God promote his life.
He has big dreams (the elephant),
Just like us,
We have to surrender to God's will.
Sometimes the old elephant will start humming,
"America the Beautiful," and with a tear in his eye,
Remember his mother and father of years ago!
They came to find a better life for themselves,
At the circus.
The elephant falls down upon his knees, often.
He thanks God for the blessings he has received;
Have you thanked God today, for your many blessings?
Surely, you can name some!
"O Lord, how manifold are Your works!
In wisdom You have made them all.
The earth is full of Your possessions–"

(Psalm 104:24)


Soothing raindrops–
Like lemon drops
Candy for the soul
Cooling down and soothing
Take a day to rest
Let the water collect
Draining, downspout

(John 3:5)

Sardine Tin

A few sardines
Packed in the tin
With a key opener
A tasty treat
For fishermen
Or outdoor men

(John 21:5-6)


Dogs licking ice cream cones;
Need to get the car washed,
Getting ready for church.
This is Saturday!
Cleaning the house,
Cleaning the garage,
Maybe a visit to grandma.
Bills to pay, it is Saturday.
A church-related meeting Tuesday,
And almost Sunday.
Cats licking lollipops,
Need to clean the freezer.
Getting ready for church,
I can feel the sunshine already!

(John 8:12)

Nature's Pharmacy

Oh relaxing tablets and teas
Right from the herbal store
From plants: God's creation!
A pinch here and a pinch there,
A capsule or a tea bag,
Wonderful herbs.
Valerian root, dried orange peel
Hops powder, catnip powder, celery seed
Passion flower herb, skullcap, St. John's Wort
Peppermint and spearmint
Calming leaves
Plants, flowers and stems
Old-fashioned medicine
From the olden days
Better than your doctor?
Seek the Great Physician
"And by His stripes we are healed"

(Isa. 53:5)

Heal Us Lord

Lord, You have given us
Healing through angel wings
All the herbs cry out
As the aloe fields reduce inflammation
Cool our skin and our souls, O' Lord
Your cleansing water
Takes away sin
And your refreshing river
Eases our pain
O, heal us Lord, You are God.
Arthritis, cancer, diabetes
AIDS, leukemia, alcoholism
Back problems, pneumonia, asthma
Physical disability, anemia, flu
Cataracts, hearing problems
You know all our needs
Without our telling, You
O heal us Lord, You are God
Your soothing ointments
And nature's pharmacy
Cool our thirsty souls
"He sent His Word and healed them,
And delivered them from
Their destructions"

(Psalm 107:20)

Marble Eyes

Cats; calico cats
With marble eyes
Praying before
Sunny skies
Every whisper
From a cat's voice
Seeking fish
Or a meaty dish
Most are silent
With quiet paws
Most of the time
Chasing mice
Is what they do
Or catnip leaves
And valerian root
Some of them
Are Noah's helpers

(Genesis 6:18-22)

Winter Barn

Ice crystals rest upon animal hooves-
Pigs, cattle and a veterinarian cry,
An outdoor mix of snow and depression.
The Great Recession has reduced feeding times,
Even the dogs cry out for an extra biscuit.
Baby puppies, shiny eye buttons, and honey buns!
Salivating and trembling sheep know a ritual,
Grasses, wheat, barley and grain-
Fill hungry bellies of God's creatures.
But the winter barn is so delightful,
With Christmas decorations, sending love.
Cookies engulf a fragrance in the air now.
Mother is baking for everyone,
Her old checkerboard apron with holes–
Make her look a hundred years old.
So the winter barn is a sanctuary of love?
God's creatures get a scent of brownies,
Dogs lick moist plates of leftovers, pink tongues!
Nobody will complain in the winter barn,
As the Basset Hound made the trumpet sound;
Heavy dogs only smile at lazy barn cats.
So the old rake fell down as winter breezes–
Quickly stiffen anyone with arthritic joints,
Nobody can manage the storm willingly.
But the creatures are safe inside the barn,
Singing, singing, joyfully–
All creatures, line up for Christmas cookies!
"Let everything that has breath praise the Lord,
"Praise the Lord!"

(Psalm 150:6)

Lilac Quiet Time

The smell of nectar
Surrounding bushes
Of quiet lilacs
Sparrows and hummingbirds
Like metallic flakes
Of a sudden paint brush
Overwhelming and quenching
Nature's thirsty soul
As God listens for secrets
But finds none
Only the branches move
As a whirlwind of energy
Comes from a silent breeze
Not a sound
Hissing from raindrops
Leaving a moist kiss
On pink velvet petals
Lilac bushes
Lilac trees
As a whirlwind of energy
Collects downstream
It only pushes and shoves
A backyard grill nowhere
Oh, childhood memories
Of the lilacs
And cats

(Genesis 28:1)

Tadpole Cove

Down at tadpole cove
I go to roam
Little tails with big heads
Underneath the water foam
Mistaken for minnows
But life is life
Algae green
Algae green
But a silver sheen
Down at tadpole cove
This is my home
Very fragile
Tiny creatures
Tiny creatures
Mistaken for minnows
Mistaken for minnows
But life is life
Life is life
Sunny day
And sunny day
Incredible tiny features
Eyes so big
Such eternal potential
Down at the cove
Loving tadpoles
Loving tadpoles
"Even the sparrow has found a home,
And the swallow a nest for herself,
Where she may lay her young.
Even Your altars, O Lord of hosts,
My King and my God"

(Psalm 84:3)

Nature Trail

Branches lay sideways
Falling on the trail
Green, brown and shadows
Past, present and dog tails
Horses across the way
Shiny flies give notice
Clouds with sun today
Nature gets our hopes up
Autumn leaves of gold
Red, crunchy and quiet
A wooden staircase
Cut into the rock
Barking brings awareness
Life forms are everywhere
Lady bugs and dragonflies
A nature trail to share
God holding nature in Mighty Hands
No man could ever do this
Even though some may brag
Eternal sky goes upward
Oak, birch and willows
Whisper to anyone
Laying on a pillow
"Seek the Lord and His strength,
Seek His face evermore"

(Psalm 105:4)

Freedom of the Grasses

Tall blades of grass stand erect, at attention;
Oily bees pollinating everything in sight–
An ant yawns at a blue sky that lasts forever.
An eternal sky of youth, anything is possible.
Now some muscular dogs sip from algae lined wells,
Just yawning, pretending to be asleep.
And the grass, dancing merrily as an orchestra,
The conductor is God Himself–
No mistakes could happen on a day like this!
And again, the grass cries out, pointing upwards–
Sharp and precise, like blades of shiny green glass;
Geometrically perfect, individual stalks.
Oh, freedom of the grasses, anywhere or over there–
In a swamp, they tickle dragonflies;
Those that wander too far, to get a nap.
And a thousand cattle on a hill, enjoy the warmth;
Grass on their tender hooves, caressing tired feet.
Munching on sunshine, munching on sunshine.
Yes, take me home, to the freedom of the grasses!
You can lie right down in the field, and nobody will care;
Nobody will bother you here.
And even the apple trees boast of living fruit,
Sweetness for the taking;
Adam and Eve must have been here.
Because freedom of the grasses... nobody really escapes.
They pretend, and come here, from the city–
Please don't pretend,
Lie down in God's sunshine,
Let in tickle your soul!

(Isa. 58:11)

Bulldogs and Pick-up Trucks

Goin' down to the gravel pit
where pick-up trucks
and Bulldogs sit
going to take it easy
let the sunshine dry my shirt
down here, Bulldogs smile
it may take a while
but old Jethro never got married
a working man never had time
this is the simple life
fishing and hunting
stare at the sky
wonder what God is doing
watch the deer shake their tails
and Bulldogs riding in pick-up trucks
pink tongues smile from cabs
hungry chins seeking chicken
dogs with faces of old men
now the country store cries out
bursting with friendly delight
nobody can bother us here
going fishing

(John 21)

Mud Puddles and Sunshine

Don't walk in mud puddles
Stay away from the worms
Enjoy the harvest
Get into the sunshine
Look up
To the True Light
Stand upon a mountain
And get ready to celebrate
You are a millionaire in Heaven
There is gold in your pockets
Diamonds in your shoes
Walk on some golden streets
See the city of transparent glass
God is a roadmap for everyone
But stay away from puddles
Your second chance has begun
Enjoy the harvest
Get into the sunshine
Thank You

(Psalm 104:24-25)


Delicious apples,
Dropping to the ground,
Like God's supermarket,
Free for the taking.
Nobody will grow hungry here,
As the Bread of Life satisfies;
Souls become refreshed,
Apples of all colors fall.
Basking in the Sun of Righteousness,
With healing,
Keeping bruises away,
So far away.
Wonderful sweet apple juices,
Promoting nutrition and health.
Apples are,
The Branch of Righteousness.

(Jer. 33:15)

Grandma's Backyard

I saw grandma
Near the trees
With rake in hand
A true farmer
Always outdoors
Not wasting time
Even her apron
Revealed character
Her honesty
Standing in the mud
Not afraid of the rain
Canning peaches
Collecting fruit
Collecting vegetables
Staying in the backyard
Her territory
Her turf
"Children, obey your parents in all things,
For this is well pleasing
To the Lord"

(Col. 3:20)

Railroad Tracks

I know these railroad tracks
Will lead to sunshine
Under wonderful skies
And there is peppermint in the air
But God is ready for you
He wants to guide you
Just follow the railroad tracks
Often Believers stray
But try another day
Come back to Him
Everyone may sin
Follow the road He sets
For you
It is better than your own
He is the True Light

(John 1:9)
(I John 1:9-10)

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