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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book titled Noah’s Coffee House written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Noah’s Coffee House written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Noah’s Coffee House E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Noah’s Coffee House

by Kevin Rottweiler


Noah’s Coffee House

Moses a Great Visitor
No Flood in Here
Holy Spirit in My Tea
Elephants Dance
Alligator the Janitor
Scary Tornado
Sweet Crème Pit Bull
They are Doing Work
Planting is Great
Onion Harvest

Christian Rock & Roll
Venus Fly Traps Outside
The Best Coffee
An Eagle Preached
Restroom Conversation
Noah’s Chapel
Moses on Vacation
Leaping Lizard
Animal Cemetery
The Aquarium

Noah’s Coffee House

The large elephant gripped his tea
A whale was on his knees
Bellies full of black bean
Green tea and menthol tea
Conversation with Moses
Quite explosive
Old Testament prophets
In a new age
Now a few mice
Poked at sugar bags
Noah fell into a slumber
Thank God
Days are all dry
Days not numbered
The rainbow is the key
Rainbow is the key
And a bear did the boogie-woogie
A chicken did the watoosie
Everyone began to dance
A lizard did a soft shoe prance
High on caffeine
The magic bean
Noah just smiled
Old Testament prophets
In a new age
Peeking out
Of real windows
A coffee house downtown
Nobody frowns
Hanging plants and tea bags
Men and animal
Getting along
And there were dogs
Chewing bones

Moses a Great Visitor

So Moses entered the coffee shop
Like a cowboy in the old west
Full of energy
Spiritual energy
Many crowded around him
Animals and people
Even the church mice were
Blown away with awesome energy
And Moses spoke with intellect
About the Red Sea
About the Promised Land
Feet in shallow sand
And the animals bowed their heads
In great worship
As a prophet of old
Deserved respect
And they knew God
Was in the coffee house
The Holy Spirit of
Today and
Got most respect
As there is only
One God
And Moses
Made it clear
His presence here
Was only to speak
And deliver
A good message of hope
For today
Nobody left empty
Making sure
Only that God was glorified

No Flood in Here

Noah was busy hanging plants
Watering around the shiny stones
So thrilled there was no flood in here
Only a miniature waterfall
At the coffee bar
Running slowly
And a moose stood up
Gave a quick sermon about life
He was so intelligent
Like he lived a million lifetimes
And a bird swooped down from
The coffee bar
Jumped upon the moose’s shoulder
Would not move
Like a granite boulder
And they knew
There was no flood here
A day of peace and understanding
Dry land
Dry land
Dry land
Coffee and donuts
Tea and crackers
Birds and elephants
Getting along
On dry land
On dry land
Thanks God
Never will the animals
Be drowned again

Holy Spirit in My Tea

Man, I got the Spirit
He is in my tea
The Holy Spirit
Is with me
With the leaves
With the trees
It is ecstasy
Worshipping a God
That we cannot see
But the Father sent Jesus
For us to see
God in the flesh
So we could test
What God looks like
And He is the best
But the Spirit takes control
Right in your soul
Helps you through the day
Molds us like a potter’s clay
God in Spirit form
It is hard to understand
But it is He
That is here with me
And He is
Right in my tea

Elephants Dance

Noah knew his friends
Daisy and Danielle
Good old lady elephants
From the Bible days
And there they go
Up the ramp they go
The coffee house stage
Wearing checkerboard aprons
Serving tea and coffee
But they went into frenzy
Of spiritual dance
For the crowd
A little dance
Wearing checkerboard aprons
Swinging wrinkled trunks
Swatting customers on their heads
To be funny as they danced
And they broke out into a Charleston
They did a Boogie-Woogie
And out of the corner
A Basset Hound
Made the trumpet sound
High on caffeine
The magic bean
Tea of serenity
Chocolate iced coffee
A day of dance
A customer glanced
The elephants danced

Alligator the Janitor

So Barney the alligator
Got all his supplies and
Cleaned the counter
At Noah’s Coffee House
Just a good worker
Keeps everything in tip-top shape
Even the toilets are clean
And with a “foot washing” attitude
The janitor is humble
And we too have to be humble
Do we think we are too good?
To take out the trash?
Like Jesus--
The alligator learned at
An early age
To be humble
To be meek
And to not complain
If you have to suffer in
Pain or suffering
That is usually temporary
Put it on the Lord
Jesus will take your pains
Alligator the janitor
Teaches us
Like Jesus

Scary Tornado

The Basset Hound
Made the trumpet sound
The sky turned an eerie green
Sirens were pounding their sounds
Ambulances and doctors on call
And Noah’s Coffee House
A storm so tall
The animals afraid and
Upon their knees in prayer
Wishing for a sunny day there
The basement packed in animals
Like sardines
And nobody thought it was funny
This was not the ark
While an elephant played
A golden harp
Even a baby lion played the flute
As a harmonica was toot
By a Malamute
But now the storm quieted down
And the animals
Got to lay down
Even the sheep were tired
Of being afraid
Nobody got washed away
And in Jesus’ Name
Nobody got washed away!

Sweet Crème Pit Bull

A little baby dog
Came from behind
The tea bags
A Pit Bull pup
Chewing on
Old shoe laces
A crème puff
A powder puff
Little dog with
Black spot over his eye
Innocent is he
Fears he will
Carry the label
Of a dog gone bad
So he hides
His little rump
Behind the tea bags
And his tail
Swings like a propeller
Says he
“hopes to fly away”
Some day
But he has friends
And Noah can care
For him
Sweet Crème

They are Doing Work

At the coffee house
The animals are working
Some iron shirts
Some pay bills
Some answer the phone
Everyone has a job
No animal will go hungry
Noah keeps them busy
Even the alligator
Sweeps the stairway
And cleans the restrooms
Nobody will be without
A job
Noah says
They are doing
“God’s work”
And each animal
Gets a chance to express
Himself or herself
And to carry out one’s
Whether it is ministry
A calling
Or a job for God
They are doing work

Planting is Great

On the sunny window ledge
Are Dixie cup gardens
That Noah helps with
And the customers love it
Even the animals
Contribute to the planting
Wonderful green plants
Herbs also
Peppermint & Aloe
Valerian Root
Venus Fly Traps
Tea leaves
This gives the coffee house
A wonderful aroma
Of the outdoors
Including some scented candles
That Moses dropped off
The planting is great

Onion Harvest

Outside the coffee house
Is an onion harvest
Yes onions
Because they grow
Well in the patio area
And the ducklings get to
Rub their beaks against
The foliage
Symbolic assurance
Of a nature well lived
But sometimes the onions stink
And they get the animals irritated
“Somebody put some deodorant on the onions”
One of the bears declared
“I cannot stand it”
A leopard screamed
But the onions grow well
And they give symbolic assurance
Of dry land and gardens
Wonderful gardens
That the Creator invented

Christian Rock & Roll

On Wednesday night
Is a great treat
For the customers
As Christian performers
Enter the coffee house
And jam with rock & roll guitars
Including harmonicas
A tambourine
Shakers and bongos
Often a Beagle
Or Hound dog
Will sing a few lines
Screeching and laughing
As the customers get filled
With a caffeine treat
A melody beat
A joyful noise to the Lord
Some follow the Psalms
Others make up their own
One dinosaur did a rap song about
Seeing a chiropractor
And the musicians get free coffee
The coffee blast
Just rock & roll
And the caffeine
Takes its toll

Venus Fly Traps Outside

Outside the coffee house
They maintain a wonderful garden
With some cactus
Aloe plants
Green herbs
And Venus Fly Traps
Funny how the traps
Digest meat
Such as flies that wander into
Their open mouths
And enzymes go to work
God’s biology
And they plants are hungry
Peeking over the ledge
Even one of the alligators
Was paranoid
About the traps
So the alligator got some earthworms
And filled up the traps
Soon the plants
Began digestion
Such awesome creation
Venus Fly Traps outside

The Best Coffee

Now a huge antelope
Asked for the coffee
But wasn’t going to elope
Most interested in catching
A coffee buzz
And going home
Hip hop
Hip hop
Not music but
An antelope limp
Limping on a coffee buzz
Watching the neon lights
And the elephants swinging
Wrinkled trunks
Limping to and fro
Coffee the best grinder
Dancing with elephants
And they sang in unison
Happy to be
On dry land
No ostrich with
Head in the sand

An Eagle Preached

Yes an American eagle
With a bald head
Preached the Gospel
From the coffee house pulpit
Holding up his beak in triumph
Even the polar bears rejoiced
Licking ice cubes from Dixie cups
And he talked about God
Running from a life so shod
Our Daily Bread
So many topics of interest
And how Noah’s Ark
Was God’s angry voice
To remove sin from the earth
And drown all the evil men
But God came back
With a rainbow triumph
And there was a covenant
Yes an American eagle
With a bald head
Preached the Gospel

Restroom Conversation

At the coffee house
Some of the animals
Go to the restroom and talk
They smoke cigars
Try to be one of the guys
And they know
They are breaking the rules
And bad talk
But they converse
And they hang around
Taking second glances in the mirror
Paws held up
In friendship
High fives
Slapping paws
Mostly the men
Talking about
Cars and women
Having a good time
Breaking the rules
But they know the Laws of God
And some of their talk is bad
So they ask for second chances in the morning
I John 1:9
Confess your sins
And you will be cleansed
From all unrighteousness

Noah’s Chapel

What a good year it was for Noah
They received the news
The workers would build the chapel
Now bears and wolves
Wearing leather belts
Holding tools in place
Came to build the chapel
The elephants carried the stained glass
A whale held onto the cross
Altars of wood and
Stairs of marble
Brought in for a Holy revival
At Noah’s Coffee House
Just a wonderful expectation
Drinking coffee and tea
For free
Noah supplied the donuts
Space for about fifty
Including a storefront window
And wooden pews
Enough room for
A bear to kneel and pray
Noah’s Chapel
Evidence of
A sunny day

Moses on Vacation

Moses on vacation
Drinking tea
With relaxation
Talking to the horses
Wondering how much
That saddle cost
And he drank pink lemonade
A glass dripping with condensation
Rapping in conversation
Even had time to trim his beard
And the alligators swam
On a dry floor
Yawning on the floor
The neon lights felt good
Bouncing off the mirrors
And coffee house style
Nobody cared about
A thing in the world
Time stood still
A quiet time for Moses
Reading the want ads
Looking at
A National Geographic magazine
They always stocked the coffee house
With Bibles and magazines
Moses put his foot up
And just took a nap
Lucky there were no locusts
No bugs in the air
This afternoon

Leaping Lizard

Leaping lizard
A creature
Without a gizzard
Eats mostly
Fruit and bugs
Walks around
Like a thug
Ready to strike
At any moment
Even hides
Behind the donuts
Similar to a chameleon
But his color is green
He changes none

Animal Cemetery

Out back is a sad sight
A cemetery for the animals
When they die
Noah cannot look at it
Too painful
To the sight
But they have
A place of rest
And they know
God’s love
For all His creatures
Marble stones
Line the plots
Flags of all nations
Heaven’s flag
Of Christ’s arms
Ready to hold
Anyone that needs help
And a young lamb
Reads the prayers
Holds onto
St. Francis of Assisi
An animal blessing
in the making

The Aquarium

Moses and Noah
Recognized the need
For an aquarium
At the coffee house
So they did it
And the workers responded
Kissing fish
Fighting fish
Angel fish
Salt water
Cold water
Any water
That could support life
And snails and crabs
Swam happily
At the aquarium
At the coffee house
Swampy waters
Breeding new life
And a baby fish
Was born in the water
Just a miracle
Of fish
Moses and Noah
And of course
God’s love

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