Canine Grins on the Dog Trail

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book titled Canine Grins on the Dog Trail written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Canine Grins on the Dog Trail

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Canine Grins on the Dog Trail written by Author Kevin Rottweiler. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Canine Grins on the Dog Trail E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.


This poetry collection is dedicated to Jo Jo the American Bulldog, a good friend.

Canine Grins

Humorous hams
With coats like lambs
Sweating from tongues and paws
Canine grins
On the dog trail
A life expectancy of
Continual ecstasy
Eating from dog bowls
Ice cream and meat
Brushing against trees
Fighting tics and fleas
Canine grins
On the dog trail
Labradors as big as horses
Seeking water
Never a lake big enough
To contain them
A dog party
With a life expectancy of
Continual ecstasy
Canine grins
On the dog trail

Comments: Our God is a God that loves nature and all the animals.


Poodles marking
With urine
Legs raised
The dog trail blazed
A benediction of
Dogs welcome
Lady bugs
Conceal inner thoughts
As dragon flies
Thunder in a new day
Poodles like old
Rich ladies
Wearing bonnets
Pink and powder blue
And nature has its way
Life becomes mature
As bees pollinate the fields
A continuum of green
Now a mosquito blinks
And his eternity lasts
But a second
As they wait on God
As they wait on
Mother Nature

Comments: No creation is insignificant to God; look at how small a lady bug is.

Many Dogs

On the trail
It never fails
Coming around
The corner
Dogs, so many dogs
Of all shape and form
About forty of them
A canine pack
Beagles encounter
A new scent
German Shepherds
Are alert and guarding
Others dig in happiness
Laying down in
The cool earth
Hot breath and desires
Golden Retrievers
On the trail
It never fails
Coming around
The corner
Of all shape and form

Comments: Look at how many dogs and species of animals there are.

Leashes on the Nail

Like a snowy day in Vermont
Outside the chimneys
Seem to preach a sermon
And there are dog leashes
Hanging on the nail
Frosty paws wander
Sled dogs of the north
Living in a middle class home
Our sanctuary of Huskies
And the frosty breath of warm dogs
A shiny blistery winter came quick
But we got warmed by the sun
Just as eternal youth plays
Outside like children
Your soul can be resurrected
Yes it can
And there are dog leashes
Hanging on the nail
Meaty / hungry / salivating
Dogs / dogs / dogs
... like a pat on their backs
And there is no break
From winter
Only Mother Nature's hand
Comes this close
But we are indoors now
And you can smell
Peanut butter cookies
And the tongues cry out
Pink and ready

Comments: God loves his children, taking part in outdoor activities.

Pit Bull Grandma

Pit Bull grandma
Was a tough old lady
With a rake and garden
And she loved her Pit Bull dogs
Oh yes, what a day it is
When grandma and the dogs play outside
Big goofy grins
The dogs shout out swear words
And grandma fights them
With a plastic toy rake
That children use
A sweet tug of war, with grandma
And she provides love
The dogs provide love
The days are filled
With retirement in
Her old bones
And old dog bones
Buried underneath
The potted plants
Several of the Pit Bulls
Buried outside
And the other dogs
Seem to sniff the earth
And kiss the spot
Where they are
And grandma tells
The dogs
That Heaven will be good

Comments: God is age caring & multi-generational, loves kids & senior citizens too!

The Dock

Peering over a wooden ledge
Reflections of new minnows
Down below in the cold water
Shiny bellies like tin foil
Strong-willed fish
Now Labrador heads pop up
From underneath the water
Running along the shore
Littered only by dead fish and colorful stones
An eternal sky of blue
Makes one peaceful
Blue jeans are the dress code here
Cold puddles on dog paws
A kaleidoscope of colors
As clouds even yawn
Dog heads pop out
From automobile windows
Taking just one more glance
Going home for a supper
Of meat

Comments: Amazing, the kaleidoscope of colors that God has given us.

Trail Was Humid

Mosquitoes and gnats
Landing on perspiring arms
Holding onto dog leashes
In the early part of the day
Such a privilege to help
Homeless and abandoned dogs
As horses frolic next door
Trees so tall
Skyscrapers of nature
Each one a life force
Soothing the soil
Nurturing the black earth
Preparing the way for a new birth
Even spiders ask universal questions
But you just fight the humidity here
And golden Labradors yawn
Trying to stay moist
Carrying a water bottle

Comments: Imagine the size of Heaven, and the skyscrapers that will be there.

Soaked in Rain

The rain poured down
As I watched water droplets
Run off this old parka
The temperature is in the seventies
No worry of chilling pneumonia
Just holding onto Buttercup
A sweet American Bulldog
A big dog with big feet
Dancing in puddles
Like a school girl
Wearing a transparent raincoat
With those yellow smiling faces
But the abandonment of a dog
Is why we are
Soaked in the rain
A life of abuse and pain
Have to find homes
For these dogs hopefully

Comments: The rain is like a sweet baptism; every day is new when we seek Christ.

Toy Dogs

The little ones
Scissors and snappers
No obedience
Running wild
Life a spoiled child
Wearing checkerboard outfits
And sitting on their rear ends
Lazy and lazier
Toy dogs
They come from rich homes
No obedience
To a dog shelter
As if they are being punished
Sent to a dog shelter
The little ones
Scissors and snappers
No obedience

Comments: Jesus loves the little children; we are His children also.

Blind Dog

I remember this good boy
A blind Springer Spaniel
All alone in his cage
With mopped wet floors
And he was in the dark
With the door closed
And I felt his warm heart
He heard my footsteps
He smelled my scent
A life all gone and bent
On blindness
But so much kindness
Rolling on his back
A wonderful love attack
Holding up his paws
A smile coming back
From his sweet candy jaws
Belly up and so submissive
And I loved him
I just loved him
For a very short time
With a tear in my eye

Comments: Jesus made a blind man see; He cares for you spiritually and physically.

Frosty Paws

Frosty paws
And hungry jaws
Dogs wagging tails
Huskies and Malamutes
Northern dogs
Some from the USA
Some from Canada
Where the snow falls hard
Labradors in waterfalls
Those that enjoy the outdoors
Frosty paws
And hungry jaws

Comments: In Christ we are in the Light; and there will be no cold, only His warmth & love.

Pig Skin Puppies

Little baby dogs
Pit Bull Terriers
Wearing pig skins
Leather jackets
Tough little dogs
Shiny eye buttons
American Bulldogs
Tough little dogs
Wearing pig skins
Tails propelling
Like airplane rudders
The ship
To set sail
A life of no avail
Little baby dogs
Tough little dogs

Comments: We can be tough like Jesus, when He cleared the temple of money scammers; and when he climbed many mountains to pray– what an awesome God.

Rainbow Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday
Better wear your boots
The dog trail
Is slippery
Only Mother Nature
Dumping buckets
Of wet water
Better wear your boots
The dog trail
Is slippery
Now the rainbow
Puts a smile of peppermint
On Mother Nature's jaws

Comments: God is never slippery when He answers prayers; He gets right down to business!

Dogs in Cages

Big meaty dogs
Dogs in cages
All lined up
Canine grins
Goofy grins
Each one gets
A biscuit
Maybe two
Made a friend
For life
A relationship forever

First Snow

Play bow
At the first snow
Tickling and massaging
A dog's belly
Smiling like jelly
The play bow
At the first snow

Falling Leaves

Falling leaves
And colorful trees
A day of autumn
In the Midwest
Cheerful dogs

Deer Scent

Dogs, so alert–
Among the deer
Birch trees are slender
With eyes of trust
The dogs abstain
From seeking
Fast moving animals
The sound of a fresh snow
Keeps the forest alive

Log Cabins

In the distance
The smoldering fireplace
Of a log cabin
And I see icicles
Hanging down
Downspouts cry out
For more frozen rain
All yielding to
Spring's touch
Very soon

Magic Poodles

The Poodles
So groomer oriented
Like magic she
Cuts curls
From grinning canines

September Rain

Nobody is hurried around here
It is raining outside again
Skies of dark clouds shiver
Wetness astounds the greasy meadow
Water again pounds
On dog backs
But waterproof coats
Laugh at Mother Nature
The sky easily yawns
Takes a break now
It is September rain
And the school bus
Splashes in a quick run
Vines and bushes
Flowers and the forest
Huddles around a Labrador
The dog so intelligent
Of Mother Nature
Lazy tail
Propelling tail
Swinging at raindrops
Like a baseball player
September rain
Is not cold

Comments: Remember school days? It is amazing how far God has brought us.

Dog Coats

As the snow comes down
Like in a Norman Rockwell painting
Dog coats capture my eyes
Dogs wearing winter outfits
Administering love everywhere
Like children they smile
And you have to button them up
With frosty paws
And canine grins
They seem to catch snowflakes
On their pink tongues
The peppermint winds
Remind us of Christmas again
The sounds of December
On a quiet nature trail
Makes a glistening noise
And you can hear the dogs bark
In the background noise
And they all parade
Wearing checkerboard dog coats
Wearing plaid dog coats
Made by hand
By a nice lady

Comments: We can put on the "Armor of God" to protect ourselves.

Hamburger Cookout

On the back porch
We had a hamburger cookout
Even the cockroaches got excited
Termites turned their little heads
Peeping from wood holes
Now the smell of the grill
Was fabulous
The German Shepherds salivated
A Cocker Spaniel danced
All the dogs celebrated
A party of mustard on whiskers
Onions on pink tongues
Don't tell the veterinarian
About the spices that are
Bad for dogs
They lined up
All the dogs in the neighborhood
Wearing bows and colorful clothing
No ticket to enter the party
High fives and paw shakes
Even the backyard dandelions
And the trees shake
Awaiting the meal of
Hamburgers and beefcakes
The sweet grill permeated
Its sweet charcoal taste
Into the air
And every dog
Was as hungry
As a bear

Comments: Imagine eating a breakfast of fish & bread on the beach with Christ.

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