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by Patricia Backora

Chapter 7 - Behold, I Come Quickly


by Patricia Backora

Part 7 - Behold, I Come Quickly

Wolves in Sheepís Clothing

Matthew 7:13-15; John 14:1-3; Acts 1:15-25; Romans 1:26-28; 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10; II Thessalonians 2: 3-4; I Timothy 4:1; I John 4:1-3

Many false prophets have gone throughout the land, deceiving and being deceived. A spirit of Antichrist is already at work, infiltrating secularized church systems, and entrenching itself ever more deeply in congregations where it has already gotten a foothold.

The Antichrist spirit denies the validity and the relevance of My Word, especially for todayís warped society. That satanic spirit seeks to undermine the integrity of the Words of My mouth, and to cast a shadow upon My Holiness. Satan interjected a question in the mind of Eve: "Did God REALLY forbid you to eat that fruit?" In like manner, the enemy is saying even to born-again Christians: "Does God REALLY forbid this or that practice? Arenít these more enlightened times? Does He REALLY expect you to depend totally upon Him alone? Perhaps," satan whispers, "God now expects you to develop powers latent within yourself so you can meet all your own needs by unleashing your own faith, independently of Him. Youíll never grow as a person if you donít." Eve fell for satanís lies hook, line, and sinker.

This same demonic influence has been unleashed by satan in these last days to acclimate religious people to gross error, so that when the Son of Perdition and his False Prophet rise to power, they will encounter no resistance from a populace already steeped in a false humanistic gospel. The devil knows that people chafe at My commandments, but that there is still the God-given urge within them to worship. After the Rapture, false churches will proliferate. They will consider My Word to be outmoded and follow their own humanistic credos. There is a way which seems to be good, but the end of that road is death!

The existence of a literal heaven and hell is being questioned by skeptics who desperately want to believe that there is no eternal judgment for sinners, and no heaven of holiness where only sanctified souls may dwell. If you are filled with My Spirit, you will want a heaven where there is no defilement of sin, and where all life and pleasure is centered around My Son, Who is soon to restore Creation to her former glory.

There is a false teaching circulating that hell is not a literal place, just a state of being. Likewise, it has been alleged that heaven is not real, either. To support these false doctrines, you must discredit My Word and call Me a liar. It would overwhelm you to hear the screams of lost souls who are even now suffering the torments of hell fire because they rejected My perfect Sacrifice for sin and tried to make their own way of redemption. Yes, My Word says plainly: Hell is a PLACE prepared for the devil and his angels, a PLACE where Judas Iscariot went after he betrayed Christ and killed himself, as Acts 1:16-25 teaches. It is foolish for well-meaning preachers to put a soft spin on hellís horror in toned-down dissertations!

Just before My Son was crucified, buried, resurrected from the dead and taken back up into heaven, He comforted His disciples with these words: Let not your heart be troubled; ye believe in God, believe also in Me. In MY Fatherís House are many mansions:If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a PLACE for you. And if I go and prepare a PLACE for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, ye may be also. Heaven is more than a mere condition of soul. It is a prepared place for a prepared people.

A Demonic Delusion

John 6:50-58; 15:1-10; I Corinthians 10:1-11; II Peter 2:20-22; Jude 4

Many will be so duped by the "once-saved-always-saved" lie that I will catch more than a few professing believers on a bed of adultery at the time of my appearing, or sitting in front of their computers downloading porn. Blinded by years of spiritual apathy and too hardened to seek after My holiness, these people will excuse themselves by saying: "God knows Iím only a weak human being who can claim no righteousness of my own. Jesus paid it all, and itís only because of His goodness I can make the Rapture, anyway.

These millions of sheep are being led astray by the demonic doctrine of unconditional eternal security. They think "So long as I mumble Ďsorry, Lordí before I drift off to sleep, they can still have their fun and still make the Rapture."

How foolish, how unspeakably vile a thought! If a backslider partakes of the sins of this world rather than feasting on the Life of the Lamb of God, he shall not be delivered from the Hour of Tribulation wrath to come.

Only those Israelites who fed themselves on the Paschal Lamb were delivered from the land of Egypt. Those few who didnít had to suffer eternal consequences.

Warn the Wicked

Ezekiel 3:17-21

Ministers who refuse to gloss over the issue of eternal judgment are branded as unloving, obnoxious fanatics. But if you saw your neighborís house on fire in the wee hours of the morning, would you not make as much noise as possible to rouse him from his slumber? Ordinarily it would be unloving and rude to awaken a neighbor from a sound sleep. But he is in danger of death, and you would be most negligent not to wake him. Indeed, his blood would be on your hands if he perished in the flames because of your indifference.

Apathetic saints need to regain a sense of urgency about the peril lost sinners are in. Apostate ministers who preach only "love" will bear a terrible responsibility before their flock and before Me once the Rapture has come, and deceived souls are left behind to face the period of Tribulation Wrath.

The Spirit of Antichrist

I John 2:22; II John 7

The spirit of Antichrist denies the virgin birth, and thus rejects My own Fatherhood of Christ the Redeemer. This is a denial of the divinity of My Son; and thus, a denial of the spotlessness of the Lamb of God, Who was offered up to make atonement for the sins of mankind. There are many false ministers who scoff at the divinity of Christ and the virgin birth, for their "god" is a distant deity powerless to save. He is a fanciful fabrication inspired by satan, the author of all "feel-good" religions. These demonic belief systems contradict My provision for sin in Christ Jesus. They demand no real repentance on the part of their devotees.

Heretical religious leaders are now saying that I have changed My mind about what is right or wrong. Satan doesnít storm the vestibule of their churches wearing a red suit and waving a pitchfork. He got his foot in the door of cold churches by degrees, by revamping his image to look "respectable". First, compromisers caved in to popular pressure and said that sex outside of marriage is okay, "so long as there is "real commitment". This gave many backsliders the boldness to do what they were doing anyway_ignoring the clear warnings of My Word against fornication. Next they gave the green light to homosexuality, in spite of the plain admonitions of Scriptures in both testaments against this filthy sin. Some clerics are even willing to unite same-sex partners in "marriage", but I do not unite them! Truly they have gone the full gamut, discarding all the godly prohibitions of My Word. Promiscuity has been given the green light by unprincipled ministers,who say that the only real sin one can commit is not to have a "gentle and understanding attitude" toward those who commit these evil sins. These deceivers are peddling a cost-free Christianity, but I said in My Word: Broad is the way which leads to destruction, and many go down that road. Those Who love My commandments are accused by pleasure-obsessed souls of being narrow-minded, but the road to life is narrow, and few there are who find it. I am inseparable from My Holiness. I am certainly not ashamed of it, though false church leaders reject it as being "politically incorrect". To knowingly reject My Holiness is to reject Me, and I will reject such a reprobate in the Presence of My Father!

My Unspeakable Grace

Daniel 8:25; 9: 24-27; Luke 14:16-24; Acts 28:25-29, Romans 11:25

For nearly two thousand years I have extended My Hand of Mercy toward rebellious sinners of all nations, entreating them to come into My Ark of Salvation and be spared from the wrath to come. Many have come to Me and become part of My eternal family, but only a very small percentage of mankind have been willing to enter into Life Eternal. If sinners had been offered salvation on their own terms, they would have been far less reluctant to receive it, and would have had to spend eternity as sinners. But imagine what heaven would be like if I broadened My Narrow Way of Salvation. It wouldnít be heaven at all if people were free to bring their old sins with them when they came. It would become an even more tragic place than this earth; for it would cease to be My holy Paradise. It would be rendered unfit for those pilgrims who had suffered for the sake of the Truth, and looked forward in faith to a restful place free of the taint of sin.

But the vast majority of mankind are unwilling to part with their sin. Thatís why they hate Me so much. Others are apathetic toward Me, and see Me only as a convenient safety valve to ease the hour of death. I have been extremely merciful and patient toward fallen man for a very long time. So many people take a rain check on My invitation to eternal life. They think My merciful grace will always be there for them whenever they get in the mood to accept it.

Under the Old Covenant, only those Gentiles who had sacrifices offered for them according to the Law of Moses could share in the same salvation I offered Israel. These few converts, like the believing Jews, looked forward in faith to the coming of the one perfect Sacrifice Whose blood would make a final atonement for sin. Before their rejection of Christ as their Messiah, My primary concern was the welfare of the Nation of Israel.

I could not get My own nation to accept My invitation to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, though I offered it first to them. Yet I was determined that My Banquet Hall would not be lacking for wedding guests. Throughout this Church Age I have concentrated on gathering individuals, both Jews and Gentiles, into the Kingdom of God, to be spiritually united to My dear Son. But this Age of Grace is fast closing.

My Prophet Daniel was heartbroken over the apostasy and subsequent exile of his nation to a foreign land. He yearned for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its Holy Temple. I gave him a revelation of 70 weeks of years (490 altogether), which I would devote to the outworking of the salvation of the Nation of Israel. This period spans the passage of time from when Artaxerxes the Persian ordered the rebuilding of the City of Jerusalem to the time the Messiah would come to restore the Kingdom of God to Israel. At the end of the 69th week the Messiah would be cut off (killed) for sins not His own. It was exactly 483 years from when Artaxerxes issued the decree to rebuild the Temple, to the day Christ died to make atonement for sin. After the true Lamb of God was sacrificed, Israelís prophetic time clock was stalled by the beginning of the Church Age. Once the Church is removed and the Antichrist brokers a false peace treaty between Israel and her adversaries, the clock will start ticking again, and the seven-year Tribulation will begin in earnest. This brief era is called Danielís Seventieth Week.

At that time, I shall deal directly with Israel again as a nation, that I might prepare her to receive her soon-coming King. Even then, salvation will be offered to Jew and Gentile alike. Those hold-outs who finally receive salvation during the Great Tribulation will do so at great risk to their lives. Many will lament that they are not in heaven with those who came to Christ during the Church Age, safely removed from the perils of earth.

A Burdensome Stone

Zechariah 12:2-3; 14:2

I even keep the saints in heaven informed of developments on earth which relate to Bible prophecy about the end times. I have just told some heavenly saints that the principal nations of the earth are vitally concerned about the prospect of achieving lasting peace in the Promised Land, and that the biggest bone of contention is the final status of the City of Jerusalem. I let them know that at this present moment Palestinians and Israelis are feuding over rights to the Temple Mount, and that this explosive issue will not be finally resolved until I come again.

I said in My Word that Jerusalem would become a burdensome stone to all nations who meddle in her affairs. The heated argument over who owns Jerusalem will be the fuse which ignites the bloodiest conflict in all history, the Battle of Armageddon.

Certain politicians would dearly love to see a firm peace treaty signed, and be able to take the credit for it, so as to ensure an honorable legacy for themselves in the history books. But they are unaware that the only Middle East "peace" which will come before My Return will be that false peace brokered by the diabolical genius of Antichrist. If only those vain politicians realized the terrible peril this world is in, the history books would be the least of their concerns!

Oh, the sorrow which could be avoided if people would only heed the explicit warnings of My Word!

A Dark Train Coming

Matthew 16:3; Luke 12:56; 21:25-28

All of the terrible upheaval in the Middle East, and satanic activity in other parts of the world are mere foreshocks of the terrible Tribulation Period which is even at the doors. The enemy is even now setting the mood for the Tribulation by spreading a spirit of fear in the earth, through various calamities taking place. You know a forest fire is getting closer when you feel the hot breath of it coming on the wind.

Just as you can feel the rumblings of an approaching train by standing on the tracks, discerning saints know that they have not long before a dense curtain of darkness falls upon this world, and the Age of Grace is over.

The Lord of Hosts

Exodus 15:3;Psalms 45:3-4; Rev. 19:11-16; 21:5

In that day, saith the Lord, I shall emerge upon the world scene in the fullness of My role as a Man of War. I came to destroy the works of the devil, not merely give My people the grace to bear up under them and take them cheerfully.

On the glorious day when we can truly say that "all things have been made new and there is a New Heaven and a New Earth", it will be the culmination of a lengthy, painstaking process I undertook to destroy all the effects of sin, but by then it shall be fully completed. And if I end up failing to destroy ALL the works of the devil, then it would be to My discredit just as much as if Iíd failed to wipe all your sins away!

That includes everything sinners have ever done to hurt the earth and, more importantly, the persecution they have waged against believers in Christ. I absolutely will not give the devil the satisfaction of knowing he has permanently damaged the hearts or bodies of any of My precious children who trust in Me.

Right now I am even strapping on My sword to go forth to do battle with rebellious nations who have turned the earth into one vast Sodom and have rejected My salvation. I am not a meek mouse hiding in a corner watching the devil do his dirty work. He is in for the very worst bruising ever, and the days of his kingdom are surely numbered.

Autumnís Chill

Winter, with all the hardships it brings to nature, does not normally hit suddenly. Autumn is the prelude to winter, a gentle harbinger of a far worse chill to come.

Weeks before the first snowfall, you notice a bracing nip in the air. Tree leaves begin to die, and fall to the ground. Wild birds and animals make last-minute preparations to ensure their survival over the long winter months.

Catastrophic news events portend far worse calamities to come. The spiritual atmosphere of the earth is growing ever more grim, and My people are the only ones who have anything to smile about. Sinners feverishly party the night away to forget about life. But beneath their jaded grins lurks an awareness that they truly are on the eve of destruction and this world is the only so-called "paradise" theyíll ever know.

Even wild birds and beasts depend on Me to sustain them through winter. Even "dumb" animals heed My warnings of impending danger and flee from it before it arrives. If only people would turn their lives and their worries over to Me, they could be hidden in the Day of Wrath which is almost here.

Godís Whirlwind of Judgment

Nehemiah 4:14; Psalms 58:9; Isaiah 40:24; Jere. 23:19-20; 25:30-33; 30:23; Hosea 8:7

Behold a whirlwind comes. A whirlwind is caused by two clashing opposing winds. For 2000 years a mild wind of grace and mercy has blown throughout the earth, pleading with the sons of men to repent and respond to My great Love. Rather than destroying the wicked as in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah I have patiently waited for men everywhere to repent. But most of those who have heard the Word of Reconciliation have hurled it back in My face in contempt.

A much harsher, colder wind is blowing once more, that of justice and judgment. As you stand on the border between the Tribulation Era and the Church Age, where the two contrary winds now meet, you can feel the conflict in your spirit. The two opposing winds are fighting each other for dominance. Mercy cries out against judgment, but judgment must also be done. Those sins left unrepented of and uncovered by the precious Blood of Christ must finally be dealt with through the judgment of the transgressor. My whirlwind of fury will fall upon the heads of those who have opposed the going forth of My Gospel of Reconciliation in the earth.

Things will be markedly different in the Tribulation Era. I will no longer demand that My chosen righteous ones turn the other cheek in meekness. They will be free to take up arms to fight for the safety of their loved ones whenever those bearing the Mark of the Beast attack them to destroy them. My saints will not pray for Me to bless their hardened enemies, those who will have have finally decided which side he or she is on. My saints will even have My permission to pray for the destruction of all those who bear the Mark of the Beast because those sinners will be beyond all possibility of redemption. When I come again I will destroy all those who have persecuted the righteous, slandered them and unjustly shed their blood.

The unprecedented "amen" in your spirit towards judgment upon a sinful world does not signify a sinful lack of divine love on your part. It results from a divine revelation of where I have placed you in history and what I am about to do at this time. The convergence of the two conflicting dispensations on My time line signifies no longer a predominance of peace and reconciliation, but a great Whirlwind of Judgment blowing in the earth rising up to destroy the hardened in heart.

Those who stand before Me to be judged for their sins will find that that same gentle wind of mercy and grace is now blowing contrary to them. It whispers no more My sweet, tender message of love to their hardened impenitent hearts, but proclaims loudly against them that they are worthy of eternal death for rejecting My offer of salvation through the Blood of Christ.

Let those who have eyes to see and ears to hear be sensitive to what I am doing in the earth today, and be fully aware of the times and the seasons, that it is perilously late for lost sinners and backsliders.

Terrorism: Supernaturally Orchestrated

Deuteronomy 32: 22-25; Romans 3:15-17; II Corinthians 10:4

Do not be deceived, My people. The devil laughs at manís War on Terrorism. Why? Because you cannot defeat a supernatural devil with guns and bombs! The root cause of this trouble is demonic, not human.

Throughout the Church Age, My people have travailed in prayer and fasting, doing spiritual warfare against the devil and all his evil works. The world has stood by, mocking My saints as lunatics because these wise ones could see where the devil was taking this world, and sinners felt no alarm themselves. Rather, the devil kept lost sinners sedated by the wretched pleasures of this evil world.

Whenever mankind has gone to war before, it has been against enemies much easier to pinpoint and fight. Take Nazi Germany as an example. The allies fought long and hard with airplanes and ground troops. They dumped tons of bombs on Germanyís cities. In time, the resistance of the German army was broken, and they were finally forced to surrender. An armistice was signed, then the war in Europe was declared over.

In a normal war, the soldiers get to go home after all opposing armies have been subdued. There is a sense of finality about the victory won, a feeling of closure where soldiers begin to try to put the whole sorry mess behind them and rebuild their lives in what they consider a time of peace. When the war is over, the soldiers get a respite, however brief, before another conflict erupts somewhere else and fighting resumes.

This current world conflict will never be resolved until My Son returns to defeat satanís forces at Armageddon!

This War on Terrorism is but the prelude to the devilís symphony of the Great Tribulation. But take heart, My people. Your redemption from the earth is much nearer than you think!

The Rapture and Its Aftermath

I Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 12:7-9; Chapter 13; 20:1-6

Distress shall come upon all nations when I snatch up My loved ones to be with Me. It will be "business as usual" one moment. Then in a split second, many millions will disappear. Countless spouses, children, parents, and co-workers will vanish before the very eyes of unbelievers, leaving them in a state of turmoil. Drivers will vanish from the seats of cars, causing tragic accidents on the highways. Airline pilots will disappear, and jumbo jets will plummet into the ocean. Christian surgeons will vanish in the middle of operations. Young infants and tiny children will vanish from the arms of unconverted parents. Rebellious teenagers will be left to fend for themselves after their godly parents have gone to meet Me in the air.

An epidemic of panic will ensue, as casualties mount and orphaned youngsters range the streets, looting and stealing in order to survive. There will be rioting, and total disregard for law and order as the restraining ministry of the Holy Spirit resident in My Church is snatched from this wicked planet.

On that chaotic day, an emergency session of the U.N. will be called. World economies will crash, along with the stock markets. People will wander aimlessly, lacking coherent direction in their lives. Ever unwilling to acknowledge the Truth of My Word, world government leaders will try to put a glib politicianís spin on the Rapture. They will attribute the phenomenon to an invasion from another galaxy. Martial law will be declared in many nations in an effort to curtail the looting of shops by the panicky populace. They will be obsessed with stockpiling the necessities of life; because in their eyes, the Rapture was a disaster which struck the earth, the culmination of some mysterious terrorist plot against law-abiding citizens. Survival will be foremost in their minds.

A power vacuum will be created when America will topples from its precarious position as the worldís sole superpower. Its economy, which was built on artificially inflated dollars, shall crumble because of the great anarchy created by the repercussions of the Rapture.Vulnerable and weakened, America shall be easy prey for business speculators from the Far East who will take advantage of her downfall. Europe will take a giant leap forward and unite politically under a single leader, who is even now waiting in the wings. This shall be done supposedly in the interest of restoring order and presenting a united front against both extraterrestrial and Far Eastern attack. Severely weakened economically and militarily, and desperate for an umbrella of protection from oriental imperialism, America shall willingly ally herself with the Son of Perdition, the Antichrist.

Communications systems will be jammed, particularly in America, where there had been the greatest concentration of teaching about the Rapture of the saints. Those who once scoffed and mocked because it failed to occur in decades past will wander around in shock. Great fear will strike the hearts of many nominal church members and unbelievers. Menís hearts shall melt with fear for the awful days which lie ahead for Planet Earth. Bibles left to collect dust on shelves will be thumbed through and searched for answers by those who had heard of the doctrine of the Rapture of the Church, but dismissed it as an idle fantasy. Many liberal pastors and Bible teachers will fall on their faces, crying out to Me for mercy; not only for their own rejection of the Truth of My eternal Word, but because theyíd led others astray with their watered-down dogma and downright lies. There will be many who would have believed on Me had My Truth not been tampered with, or explained away as irrelevant to an "enlightened age". But those deceived souls will be left behind, along with their false teachers.

Spiders Spinning an Alibi

II Tim. 3:13

"Itís just terrorism," a lot of "Christian" politicians will say once they regain their feet after the big shock. "If it had really been the Rapture, I wouldnít be standing here saying this now. After all, Iím a born-again believer too."

Once a deceiver, always a deceiver.

The Rapture Will Accelerate Societyís Decay

Proverbs 14:34; Isaiah 3:5

Christians are the salt which arrests the decay of any society. Consider America, the mightiest democracy the world has ever known. Once the Christians are gone, America will not only lose its goodness, it will lose its greatness.

I see the day when Americans fearful for their safety will give way to total paranoia. Security systems will do a booming trade when the entire earth is enshrouded in Tribulation darkness and crime increases because evil is no longer held in check. Guns will be in the vast majority of homes. Those who can afford it will even hire bodyguards by the hour to protect them when they must venture outside their heavily padlocked homes. Entire communities of moneyed elite will live behind gated walls. They will hole up in communal fortresses guarded by security cameras and patrolled by personal militia. Poorer people who cannot afford high-tech security dwellings will be viewed with suspicion by those afraid to lose what they have to robbers and muggers. What hell on earth it will be for those who do not put their trust in Me in that dreadful hour!

How are the Mighty Fallen

Judges 16:4-31

America, consider Samson. His eyes were fixed on his own muscular strength and the relative puniness of his foes. Even when a far weaker foe (Delilah) captivated him with her guile, his attitude was: "Iím not afraid of her Philistine friends. I have defeated them in the past. Iíll get up and win my usual easy victory without any problem."

Samson forgot I was the Source of his might and instead trusted in his own natural strength. His wily enemy triumphed over him and kept the victory till he finally learned his lesson the hard way.

America has made the same sad mistake, and unless its attitude changes, it will meet the same sad fate.

Antichrist: the Lord of Lies

II Thessalonians 2:8-12

Once My people are removed from this planet, millions of people throughout the world will know why they were left behind, because theyíd heard the truth so many times before. Some even will have heard it hundreds of times, but scoffed in unbelief. Such skeptics will be left behind because they refused to believe without seeing proof of My direct supernatural intervention in this evil world.

Multitudes will, because of the sudden Rapture, at last be convinced that divine judgment upon sinners is imminent. In their desperation, they will call upon the Lord Jesus Christ to redeem them from their sins.

Yet many other sinners will only harden in their determination to resist Me to the end. Both repentant and unrepentant sinners will feel Me pricking at their conscience, convincing them of the wickedness of their doings. But I cannot force anyone to choose life eternal. The unrepentant will even resort to self-deception to deaden their troubled consciences. And once the initial shock of the Rapture begins to wear off, those people wonít have to look far to find alternative answers to soothe their nagging sense of guilt.

Some religious folk, who either forsook Christ, the true Way of Salvation, or never accepted Him at all will be enraged at Me for daring to leave them behind. These will be people who hardened their own hearts against the Light of the True Gospel for fear it would make them look foolish in the eyes of their pretentious peers. Such sinners try to dictate to Me what My terms for accepting them into heaven must be, and hope their so-called good works can earn them a place in Paradise.

Unwilling to suffer for the sake of the Truth, these unrepentant reprobates will choose to believe the lies of Antichrist, and will actually swear allegiance to him out of spite, so they will lose their own souls.

The Antichrist will be catapulted to world domination because he will preach what the populace wants to hear. All men are basically good, he will claim, and all religions are equally valid, so long as the belief system in question emphasizes a demonic kind of "love" which embraces all kinds of "alternate life-styles". Antichristís religion will promote a false brotherhood and harmony among all men. The doctrines of sin and accountability to a Holy God will be denounced as negative obsessions which undermine the collective mental health of any civilized society.

To the delight of Antichristís disciples he and his equally wicked False Prophet will assert that the great error of the historical church was to lay undue emphasis upon the so-called sinfulness of man. He will inflame the passions of many by recounting the persecutions and inquisitions carried out in the Name of Christ to punish so-called heretics. He will remind his listeners that great church leaders even admitted the historical atrocities committed by organized religion and asked forgiveness, then extended the olive branch of friendship to their former foes.

The Antichrist will cleverly contend that the ones left behind are really the blessed ones, chosen to join hands with him in "building a more enlightened society". He will say that the "Disappeared" merely merged into another dimension. In their ignorance, he will assert, they could never have adjusted to his envisioned brave new world of peace and harmony and would have been a source of disharmony in it.

Antichrist will be enraged by reports of a great company of Israelite men spreading my Gospel to the four corners of the earth. These divinely protected men will comprise a task force of 144,000 specially selected evangelists who go far and wide to convert sinners to Christ_a task presently assigned to the Church, which will then be absent from the world.

Tribulation believers who reach out in love to win the lost will be brutally persecuted for preaching the truths of sin and eternal judgment. They will refuse the Mark of the Beast identification system, for they will know that accepting the Mark would constitute allegiance to the devilís Man of Sin and would cost them their souls. This Mark will be introduced in order to exert control over the earthís population, and to monitor their movements via communications satellite. By means of a microchip ID implanted beneath the skin, a code number readable by a scanner will link the individual to a huge data base from which a staggering amount of personal information about him or her can be accessed. The duped masses will be convinced that this is necessary in order to curb rampant crime and prevent further outbreaks of world terrorism.

The Tribulation saints will be despised and reviled as parasites preying on the hard-won "peace" of the Antichristís society. They will be hated by sinners who desperately want to believe Antichristís lie that their feelings of guilt for sin are unfounded, and human nature is basically good.

When the Two Witnesses appear to preach my impending judgment, hardened hearts will resent being shown their utter depravity in the light of My holiness. They will report true believers to the law as troublesome insurgents and potential terrorists. Unable to take their frustrations out on the God in heaven Who sits in judgment on them, they will vent their fury on His earthbound saints.

In that evil day, millions will seal their testimony with their own blood.

Antichrist Will Fight Dirty

The wicked Man of Sin will use every dirty trick in the book to prevent people from turning in faith to Me. One of his most deplorable weapons will have been provided by fake ministers of darkness who lived during the Church Age. He will cite examples of TV preachers who lived like kings on donations supposedly earmarked for famine relief and the spread of the Gospel. He will ask people why they should put any credence in a Christ whose chief devotees had sucked the life blood of the poor in His Name. He will even say good riddance to Gospel-peddling parasites who were taken out of the world, nevermore to plague humanity.

A few belatedly repentant charlatans will weakly protest that Jesus had nothing at all to do with their chicanery, and their continued presence on earth is proof of that. They will tearfully acknowledge that I hated their wickedness so much they were left behind while faithful Christians vanished. Nominal "Christian" politicians and preachers alike will weep from abject humiliation when their former evil works, glossed over before the Rapture of the Church, are openly exposed for all the world to see. Former fishers-for-funds will bewail their unwillingness to repent before I caught up My people to be with Me in heaven. Because of them, some sinners will only harden their hearts against Christ, even after the Rapture. Despite the fact these poor penitents will plead with people not to believe the Antichrist and to learn from their sad example.

These brave souls will try to make amends by proclaiming the true Gospel of Christ, but Antichrist will execute them for their efforts and try to silence many other believers through fear and intimidation. Antichrist will point to himself as the epitome of Christlike love and unselfish benevolence. He will cite his successful peace-making policies, all his impressive social welfare programs as proof positive of his own moral superiority to the raptured Church and its Christ. He will avow that never before had the world been in such a state of calm or people so prosperous as those who swear allegiance to him. Antichrist will remind his ungodly listeners of todayís twisted Prosperity gospel. He will use it as a springboard to lampoon the saints of God for being poverty-stricken in spite of their trust in the God of Israel.

Only the Tribulation Period will fully reveal the immense harm done by todayís heartless hypocrites.

A Big ME$$ Will Be Left Behind!

Ecclesiastes 9:18; I Timothy 6:9-10; II Peter 2:1-3

Just why are some people apathetic and irreverent toward the things of My Kingdom?

Because theyíve been burnt by religious racketeers.

Just as Esau sold his inheritance for a mess (meal) of pottage, many reprobates who once had a pure beginning with Me are exchanging their eternal reward for a big mess of money. Thereís big dollars to be made from religious shows which are promoted as the miracle ministry of Christ Jesus.

I abhor all the trickery which goes on in My Name, all the deception, all the hurts suffered by emotionally vulnerable people who desperately need supernatural help to fix unfixable problems. Clever devils that they are, charlatans hurt wounded souls further by stringing them along with flashy mail-outs which promise the miracle is "about to come", but they need to keep on sowing, for "those who sow in tears shall reap in joy".

Sowing always means money, of course. Bogus miracle ministries ask for your prayers, but thatís just a smokescreen. Getting you to sow some money seed is their only priority. They suggest that if I didnít reward you for the last donation, Iíll surely pour out My blessing on you if only youíll send in the next.

Surprisingly, a lot of religious racketeers had a very good beginning with Me. But such people failed to be sober and vigilant, on guard against the lure of false riches which drowns a soul in perdition. Usually they get drawn into this shady life of fishing for funds little by little, until they forget their first love for Christ altogether and come to believe theyíre really entitled to poor peopleís money. One of their favorite excuses is this misapplied Scripture: The wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just (Proverbs 13:22).

But those evildoers are without excuse. Because of the unholy picture they have painted of a Holy God, they will soon be stripped of their wealth and prestige. I can see them even now from My perspective in eternity, writhing in front of church altars, begging Me to forgive them and take them up to heaven, longing to be with saints who kept themselves from idolatry and remained connected to Christ through faith.

I also see the thousands who fell away from Jesus because of their evil example. Many are the lost sheep and backsliders who got so disillusioned and embittered by being duped that they turned their backs on Christ altogether and were left behind to suffer the Tribulation Period. Many will curse those corrupt crooks who hindered them from knowing Christ as Savior; those stumbling blocks who blinded them to the goodness of Christ; profane scoundrels who twisted My Word in order to cash in on the desperation and misplaced trust of these naive, hurting people.

What an awful mess those wicked racketeers will have made for themselves, selling their precious relationship with their Lord for a mess of money.

Because they so eagerly devoured lost lambs hungry to find deliverance in Christ Jesus, theyíll be left behind to reap the evil they have sown. They shall eat the fruit of their own doings, and it shall be bitterness to their ruined souls.

A Rapture, Not a Rupture

Romans 13:11; I Thessalonians 5:9, II Timothy 4:8; Titus 2:13; Hebrews 9:28

Millions of believers have been wrongly taught that I am only coming for an especially spiritual elite corps of Christians who outshine all others, and that the rest of My Body must be left behind to be purified by the judgments of the Tribulation. This has caused needless fear and torment to a people whom I have called into the rest of faith in the sufficiency of My completed work on Calvary.

Oh, My people, that teaching undercuts the magnitude of My grace toward My Chosen. The purpose of the Tribulation is to punish the world, not My beloved Bride. The Bridal company includes all my dear ones who have kept faith with me with a submissive, repentant heart. Though they might slip and fall because of human infirmity, those who pursue after the things which please Me Will always call upon Me to lift them back up so they can continue running the race to win the prize of the high calling.

My Truth is profound, but it is not the convoluted clutter contrived by cunning clergy who are only out to advance their own agenda. The real truth is so simple a child could grasp it. I promised in My Word that unto those who are looking for My appearing I would appear the second time without sin unto salvation.

My Appearing and My Second Coming are two separate events occurring at two different times in history. At the Rapture I shall appear FOR My loved ones to take them home with Me to heaven to celebrate the nuptials of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, when I shall be spiritually united with My then-perfected Body the Church. At the Second Coming I return WITH them to rule over this globe and restore My law and order to it, to the praise of My Holy Father.

When I appear to take My own from this evil world, our separation shall at last be ended, and you shall be with Me forever. I shall then be physically present with the entirety of My Body the Church, even as I have always been with them in Spirit to guide and sustain them through the dark vale of this evil world.

Does this idea seem way too lenient to be credible? A thousand times, no. Those who are looking for My appearing will love the things of My Word. They will seek a closer walk with Me, in happy anticipation of that holy hour when My Beloved, once exiled from Me on earth, shall at last experience complete spiritual union with the Beloved.

Darkness will Deepen

Revelation 7:9-17

In the beginning of the Church Age, few had ever heard about Jesus, and His redemptive love for mankind. The nations of the earth were vaguely aware of a Great Creator Who had brought all things into being, but they were in total darkness about the wonderful Sacrifice I had provided for their sins. Indeed, very few had any concept of how unutterably holy I am, and how great the need for redemption and reconciliation with Me.

But now the Gospel message has been proclaimed to the farthest ends of the earth. There are still pockets of ignorance in this world, and I am concerned for those souls living in remote areas out of reach of modern communications which could reach them with the glad message of salvation in Christ.

How true is the scripture: The full stomach loathes a honeycomb! Multitudes fed on lies and living only for selfish pleasures make sport of My Son and even belittle the unspeakable gift He has offered those unworthy wretches. Jesusí words: Ye must be born again have been lampooned over and over again by fools of the basest sort, and I am steaming with wrath over their irreverence toward My Son.

This perverse, jaded generation insists on signs and wonders to prove My existence. It is not enough that I provide daily for them to sustain their lives, and have left My Church in the earth for nearly 2000 years to restrain its darkness with My Love. Oh no, My goodness and forbearance are taken for granted by this ungrateful generation.

I am enraged by the way My precious Gift is being hurled back into the faces of My servants by wicked sinners. Over and over they say: "Religion in general I can tolerate, so long as its adherents keep their beliefs to themselves and donít try to convert me." Secular society will tolerate every vain philosophy and false religion invented by sinful man, but can still be openly hostile toward the true Gospel of Christ.

Those hard-boiled cynics will soon get their wish. True Christians will be whisked out of this world and wonít be around to speak to them of Christ ever again. Never again will Christ-rejectors overhear songs of praise softly hummed by zealous Christians in their workplaces. Free of the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit, earthís very atmosphere will become fouled by blasphemies uttered even by the most reserved individuals.

It is human nature not to notice or appreciate the light until it suddenly goes out. Even as the rebellious Land of Egypt was filled with dense darkness, spiritual darkness will permeate this entire globe. Some sinners who now revel in subtler darkness will then become so sick of the gross darkness of the Tribulation that they will cry unto Me for mercy at long last, and I will hear them and save their souls from death.

Just Being Here is a Sacrifice for Believers

Luke 21:36; Romans 13:11; Philippians1:21-24; 2:15-16; Hebrews 10:37

Millions of saints have spent their earthly lives in illness, disability, persecution and poverty, while still reaching lost souls for Christ even in their weakness. I did not leave them in this world because they found it so pleasurable to be here, absent from the One they love above all else. No, it was for the benefit of lost sinners that they had to endure the wearisome trials of living day to day on earth. I could just as easily have taken every single saint home to heaven after saving their souls, far from the moral decay and hardships of this present evil world. But I chose to share My dearest treasures, and delay the day of My own Sonís wedding for the sake of those yet unconverted. But Christ will not be without His purchased possession the Church much longer. Nor should His saints be denied their eternal inheritance as sons and daughters of God, reserved for the time they shall receive their just rewards and crowns for faithful service rendered in such a world as this. My Son has deferred the day of His own supreme happiness in order to win as many lost sinners as possible before the Rapture, and My people have had to endure a long period of waiting for Him to come in power and Glory. In this respect, the first have come last, and the last have come first. Just by having to endure life in this ungodly, hazardous world all believers have shared in My sufferings for the sake of sinners yet unconverted. But it is very nearly time for the consummation of the Blessed Hope of the Saints. It cannot be that only heaven will ever be a haven for righteousness!

My saints are often accused of having an escapist attitude, but My Word exhorts you to pray always, that you might be counted as worthy to escape all those terrible judgments which are coming on this sinful earth! The time of your salvation is much nearer than when you first believed. This verse was penned by an apostle who already possessed salvation from sin, to fellow believers who were likewise saved. Even in those days they were patiently awaiting their redemption from an unbelieving earth. This earth, blessed by Me in the beginning as being Ďvery goodí has fallen into gross iniquity akin to the days of Noah and Sodom and My people will shortly be delivered from having to be in it.

Even that will contribute toward the salvation of unbelievers, believe it or not! Ironically, it has now reached the point where I must remove My Church from this earth before multitudes will be jolted out of their comatose indifference toward Me. In order to spare a vast number of stubborn souls eternal death in hell, I must permit them to endure the lesser anguish of the Great Tribulation.

There are saints living today who will be responsible for the conversion of thousands because of the enduring testimony they left behind. They will, through My marvellous grace, win far more souls after their departure than they will have won during their physical presence in the earth! Their very absence will vindicate their words of warning, now dismissed as silly nonsense by those who persist in being skeptical toward the Word of God.

Unless I act quickly to redeem My own out of this world, untold millions of apathetic, irreverent souls will continue to mock My warnings and perish forever!

The Most Horrible Here$y of All

Proverbs 22:16; Matt. 12:31-32; Acts 8:18-24

Unspeakably terrible is the newest blasphemy being peddled today: "The more liberally you sow seed (money) into the Kingdom of God the more liberally God will pour out His Holy Spirit upon your life!"

A blasphemy spawned by the devil, himself, the father of lies! The old adage "You only get what you pay for" is being used to pry extra cash out of gullible saints who rush the stage to enrich a preacher who laughs all the way to the bank.

Well, money cannot buy the benefits of Calvary, or My dear Spirit! What crass presumption and blasphemy! The sins of these greedy sharks far exceed even the one committed by Simon Magus, the magician who dared to attempt to purchase the power to impart the Holy Ghost to people.

I warned in My Word that whoever gives money to the rich is doing Me no favor, and it would lead to his ruin. How much more grievous an offense is it for a preacher to stand on a stage and rephrase his true intention: selling salvation and daring to teach people that I dispense My Holy Spirit to seeking believers according to their ability to pay!, inferring that I turn off the tap of My anointing when you leave your spiritual utility bill unpaid!

How crass! How stupid! How devilish! My Spirit is not gasoline in a pump, that self-appointed vendors can dispense to those who can cough up the cash!

Multitudes, including this writer, have, at some point in their lives paid a terrible price for being quick to trust charlatans. Millions are bilked into giving money to rich religious quacks who go about hawking My favors. People are led to think their sacrificial donation obligates Me to dispense earthly blessings like a vending machine! But my grace is not to be toyed with!

I especially grieve for those who have fallen for this latest heresy, the worst ever! I see multitudes of heartbroken people who paid a high price for buying the lie of those trying to sell My precious Spirit! And those who suffer only earthly consequences are far more fortunate than the deceivers who peddled that damnable lie of hell!

Ministers who peddle My anointing are in terrible, terrible danger of damnation. Simon Peter told Simon Magus, "Pray if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you." Simon Peter said this in fear and trembling, for he wasnít even sure if it could be forgiven! And this magician didnít go nearly so far as these modern heretics are going, brazenly and boldly leading the gullible to the Pit of Destruction along with themselves!

I see more than one of these fellows weeping and languishing in front of church altars, begging Me to take them back, once the Rapture has caught up all whose hearts are set on eternal riches which endure.

How awful will be their doom!

Many will Be Orphaned

James 4:4

A certain 16-year-old girl, Tara, living in the city of Philadelphia, will linger for hours at a church altar, clinging to it as if she is terrified to leave it. She will have deliberately delayed her own conversion, so as to conform to her peer group and not suffer ridicule and rejection at school. This girl will have promised herself sheíd "take care of this religion business" in one more year, after her graduation. She will cling to the brass altar rail, twisting and writhing as she kneels on the carpet. Tears will wet her knuckles as she sobs and pleads with Me to take her to heaven.

"O Lord, please take me too," she will repeat hundreds of times. "Please give me another chance. O God, Iím so sorry. Iím so scared. I must be in a nightmare! Mom and Dad are gone, my little sister and baby brother are gone and Iím all alone. I donít want to die. Please, God."

Arms uplifted in hopes that I will also take her, she will remain kneeling, crying and praying till her throat is parched and she is exhausted. An older woman kneeling beside her, Rosalie by name, will befriend this young girl orphaned by the Rapture. She will take her in her arms, and promise to look after her and share her food with her, although she will convince Tara that she must remain behind to endure to the end of the Tribulation Period. With forlorn resignation in their hearts, the pair will finally rise from their knees with bowed heads and, arm-in-arm, leave the sanctuary to face the consequences of their previous rejection of My Son.

Those consequences will not be punishment for their previous sin, for all who repent will have been forgiven and justified by My grace. The consequences will come from satan and hardened sinners, not from My Hand, and will involve persecution and privations in that dark, gloomy world to come. All who are left behind to face the Tribulation will find mere existence in this world much more of a challenge than they do now, it's going to be so horrible. All the devil's pent-up meanness which was partly restrained throughout the Church Age will be unleashed by then and it will not be easy for believers who receive Christ after the Rapture of the Church. Tribulation believers will have to look unto Me for every single scrap of sustenance. But even in the wasted wilderness of the Tribulation world to come, converts to Christ will find tokens everywhere of My care and concern for them; whisperings of My love in their heart and reminders great and small that I love them. And My assurances that even if they must suffer martyrdom for My sake, as most certainly will, My love and faithfulness toward them stands steadfast forever.

The Tribulation Will Bring Bondage

Revelation 13:16-17

There will be a great revival of souls coming to Christ in that dark day. But there shall also be a revival of slavery, spiritual as well as physical. Civil liberties will be greatly suspended, as panicky officials try to stamp out the religious fervor kindled by the Rapture. Gradually the populace will become more accustomed to everpresent surveillance systems. They will resign themselves to and the loss of more of their liberties and freedom to move about. Fearful of terrorism and rampant crime, they will even tolerate totalitarian rule for the sake of guaranteed security. Individual freedoms will become a thing of the past, sacrificed "for the greater good of society". Peopleís minds will be channelled by satanic manipulators into a "collective consciousness" philosophy of life.

Times will get really hard. A few rich sinners will hoard all the wealth of this world. They will provide what little employment there is during that darkened era. Individuals of conscience will refuse to submit to a politico-economic system controlled by satan. The vast majority of Bible-believing saints will die for their allegiance to the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ. I will have to supernaturally provide food for My Chosen.

Cash will become obsolete, and abundance a dim memory. In America and other Western democracies, many figure-obsessed vain women who had starved down to skeletal thinness for the sake of fashion will die because their poor abused bodies will be unable to endure the coming world-wide famine. Those who once chose not to eat in time of abundance will, by then, be unable to eat. Well-fed people will feel the terrible toll taken on their own health by the scarcities of a darkened world at war with each other and with God.

The middle class will become poor, and the poor will become utterly destitute, even homeless.Some, people, the poorest of the poor, will become so impoverished they will literally sell themselves into slavery in order to eat and survive. At first, it wonít be called slavery at all, because satan is a master of subtlety. The practice will be peddled as a benign social experiment whereby an individual barters his talents or labor in exchange for food, shelter, and other necessities, on a long-term contractual basis. It will be justified on the grounds that "desperate problems call for desperate measures".The system will be known as "patronage". The new class of bonded laborers it spawns will seemingly be free to run off if they wish. No visible bars or fences will confine them.

But their freedom will be only an illusion. Any person who wants to benefit in any way from the new social welfare system will have to receive a coded ID chip implanted under his or her skin. Satan will have paved the way for this Mark of the Beast through sowing seeds of fear in a crime-ridden society. Many people, rich and poor, slave and free, will gladly exchange their liberty and privacy for the so-called security offered by this computer chip, so they can be electronically traced in any emergency. Surveillance satellites will be able to pinpoint the precise location of any fugitive slave marked in this way. Swift punishment will fall upon escapees who renege on their contracts with their overlords.

Horrible wars will produce even more slaves, taken captive from war-torn areas. They will either submit to evil and surrender their souls, or die.

Satan never grants favors to his captives without first tying a millstone of doom around their necks.

Repentance, Eroded Riches, and Revised Values

A heart-broken national leader of great eminence, whose identity I reserve for Myself, will appear on national television and tearfully repent of the bad example he set for his nation and the world. He will lament that he kowtowed to his spin-doctors and wove a web of deceit for such a long time. He will bewail the day he indebted himself to the wealthy movers and shakers who put him in power. He will then know there is a terrible price to pay for bending the knee to Baal, and selling godly principles for power. He will urge his viewers to observe a day of repentance and prayer, but in vain. Most people will laugh at him.

His troubles will begin in earnest when unbelieving comedians lampoon his belated efforts to make things right with Me and with his nation. Newspaper reporters will have a field day, gloating over the humiliation of this contrite man. Lurid caricatures of him will be emblazoned on newspaper editorial pages. He will never have known such distress in his entire life.

The wealthy, who have wallowed in luxuries of the flesh, will stand helplessly by as the value of their ill-gotten wealth plunges to zero. Unaccustomed to hardship, they and their families will grow hysterical. Many will commit suicide rather than endure the "disgrace" of joining the ranks of the struggling poor.

In that day there shall be unity and charity among believers. They will all band together for support as outcasts of society, and racial and class barriers among believers will vanish. They will be confronted with a common foe_the Antichrist of the European Union, who will be energized and indwelt by the Prince of Darkness. Those who fail his test of allegiance by refusing to have his microchip I.D. implanted in their hand or forehead will be branded as traitors and killed if caught.

There will be no lukewarm, fence-straddling believers then. No petty divisions over trivial things will mar their secret prayer meetings. They will petition Me for food to sustain them and for strength to endure the Tribulation, not for a brand new stereo system or TV.

Many will face imprisonment, torture, or even martyrdom for My sake. These saints shall reign with Me in My Kingdom. Their surviving brethren shall enter My Kingdom as mortals to repopulate a war-weary, ruined planet which I shall restore to its former pristine beauty.

Blessed is he who endures to the end, and is not ashamed to own Me as Lord in the midst of the heathen. Blessed is he who renounces the things of darkness, and forsakes all for My Kingdom. He shall be clothed in garments of white and rewarded with a victorís crown.

The Coming Earthquake

Isaiah 13: 11-13; Haggai 2:6; Joel 3:3; Revelation 16:18; and 18:5

My indignation is kindled against that stronghold of the spirit of Sodom, that exporter of sexual perversion and violence. You have peddled your filthy wares to all nations of the earth who have the means to purchase them. You care not that you are corrupting the minds and morals of vulnerable young people, and gratifying the perverted lusts of hardened sinners who mock My Way of Holiness. Your bloody, dirty money shall perish with you!

Through your influence, you have filled the land with bloodshed and violence. You have taught young men that guns give power, and life is cheap. You have taught women and girls to strip off their clothes to incite lust in men and boys. You have taught them to transform their precious bodies into temples of fornication. You have sunk to the darkest depths of perversion in filming make-believe murders and sex. You have greatly accelerated the moral decay of your land by teaching impressionable souls that self-gratification is the ultimate goal of a fulfilled life.

Woe, woe, woe to that stronghold of filthy fantasies, that city which traffics in all the vices of hell! Were it not for the presence of a few righteous souls in your midst, the ground beneath you would have been ripped asunder long before now. But soon I shall take My people up to Myself, where they shall be untroubled by the terrible judgments which are coming upon the earth. Once the Spirit of Christ resident in My Church has been removed, saith the Lord, I shall unchain all the restraints in the underlying rock strata, and a great churning shall begin to rip the very bowels of the earth, welling upward and intensifying in force until the very coastline is torn apart and the waves of the sea have swallowed up that stronghold of satan.

Those who now choose to laugh and disregard My warnings shall perish even as the men of Sodom perished, and be doomed to destruction like the wicked who scoffed at the preaching of Noah. If I did not spare to send judgment upon them, neither can I justly spare this wicked generation.

Woe Unto Sodomís Sister

Nahum 1:5-8; II Peter 2:4-6

Another wicked coastal city will lose its hedge of protection once all true believers in Christ are evacuated to heaven in the Rapture. Especially strong earthquake shocks will strike a certain licentious city, ironically named after a holy man who renounced all the pleasures of this world to serve Me.This city shall be torn in two by the earthquake. Half of it will slide into the sea, the other half will become a flooded disaster area unfit for human habitation. The severity of this judgment will be triggered in part by the reverberations of nuclear warfare waged by wicked nations at enmity with one another.

The West Coast of the U.S.A., where My mighty revival of the Spirit began, shall receive a double portion of My wrath during the final days of the Great Tribulation. Why? Because much more is required of those who receive greater enlightenment about the Lord Jesus Christ and yet brazenly reject Him in favor of wickedness!

Repent, every sinner who reads this warning and can see the handwriting on the wall. Those who reject the cautions of My Word against ungodliness and spurn My salvation will not be spared. For with a flood I will overturn the wicked.

How Long, O Lord?

I Cor. 5: 6-7; 10:17; Hebrews 10:39

In the secret councils of heaven I once asked My Father: "How long, O Father, Great Eternal Majesty, King of heaven and Lord of every created realm, how long before we deliver our people from having to sojourn in Egypt?

And He saith unto Me: "Not long, My precious Son, not long."

Now I ask Him: "How long, O Majesty of tender mercies, must My people dwell in Sodom?"

And He saith unto Me: "Until the very last grain of the True Loaf, My Church, is gathered into My garner and Mine elect have all been hidden in Christ Jesus, their True Ark."

Behold how few grains I see trickling into the palm of My Hand after so great a harvest. How very few persevere with Me, and how great a multitude falls in love with Sodom and turns back toward it.

Not long, My people, not long, for why should I allow the precious grain in My garner be spoiled by devouring rats and their droppings of sin? Shall I not, rather, remove you all to a place where you can remain pure in heart and no longer be tainted from having to breathe the corrupt smoke of a wicked Sodom which is appointed to everlasting burnings?

My Blessing Shall Be Lifted

Leviticus 26:17-19; Psalms 9:17; Proverbs 14:34; Ezekiel 16:48-50

The Queen of the Nations has prided herself on being My particular favorite; yet she shall be greatly humbled beneath My Hand in that day. I blessed her even to the extent of making her the breadbasket of the earth, an exporter of food to hungry nations. Over many generations I have sent out missionaries from this land to reach other corners of the globe with the Gospel of Salvation, the Bread of Life.

It grieves Me to hear reports from My angels that some who profess to be righteous are forsaking the Way of Holiness, dismissing it as being old-fashioned and irrelevant to this modern age. I have heard that sin is being laughed at, instead of being a source of sorrow. No longer are the rulers of this land expected to show restraint in their personal behavior, and they are not held accountable for the example they set for the rest of the nation.

I receive all too little gratitude for the choice blessings I have bestowed upon this fat, overfed land. I am either misrepresented by liberal theologians, or altogether dismissed as a figment of the imagination or an outdated myth. Many are apostasizing from faith in the unadulterated Word of God. Multitudes are turning to nature religions, rendering devotion to the creature rather than to the Creator.

When this nation was founded, desperately fearful and hungry people called upon the God of the Bible to deliver them from starvation, and to protect themselves from the dangers of life in the wilderness. I heard their cry. I even allowed their nation to prosper as no other nation before them had ever done.

Even as the people of Sodom were sated with their luxury foods and comfortable lives, so the sinners of this land have decided they donít need Me anymore. They want an indulgent god who makes no inconvenient demands on their lives, one Who doesnít care if they keep their sin. The Antichrist will gladly oblige them.

At that time, all My blessings on this land will be gone. What was Mine to give is also Mine to take away. In this present Age of Grace, I send My rains upon both the just and the unjust. But once My Church is gone, those who have rejected the knowledge of God will also forfeit Godís blessings. The heavens will become as brass, and the earth will cease to yield her abundance. Weather patterns will become ever more erratic. Grain reserves will be utterly depleted. Starvation will be endemic. Heavy hailstones will destroy the scanty crops, and cattle will die in the fields. Forest fires will consume drought-stricken areas. Hurricanes, tornadoes and floods will sweep away businesses and homes. Earthquakes, fires and mud slides will devastate coastal areas.

Let those who are at ease in Zion awaken from slumber and seek My face with all diligence. Ask Me for the power to walk in the victory of My Spirit and to resist the wiles of this evil world. It is like a harlot beckoning men to their eternal perdition; outwardly gaudy and exciting, but full of rottenness within.

Expect My Coming Soon

I Corinthians 1:7b; Philippians 3:20; Titus 2:13; Hebrews 9:28

I am coming for those who are looking for me to come; those who hold fast to My Truth and believe all My promises are yea and amen in Christ.

The world certainly isnít looking for Me. The world is actually afraid I will come to put an end to its immoral party. Each year which passes that I donít return, scoffers ridicule the doctrine of My Return ever more. But the day will indeed come when their laughter will turn to shock, then fright. Such sinners will know the same kind of fear known by Adam and Eve, who discovered they were naked in My Presence. A sinner or backslider is spiritually naked, and wants only to hide from Me, the only One Who can deliver them from the terrible wrath to come.

Who I WONíT Take
(Given to Me in a Dream)

I donít want to take up anyone who is unkind, ungentle, and unloving in the Rapture. Such a person would be unfit to dwell in My Holy Presence. Those of a snobbish spirit would ostracise those who are humble in spirit. Hypocrites would feel out of place in the heavenly sphere where I am taking My Bride the Church.

Those who refuse to learn the lessons of My Love in this life shall be left behind to learn them during the Tribulation, when the fires of adversity shall try the hearts of many to see if they are capable of true repentance. The fire will burn away the fruits of the flesh nature, which are fit only for destruction. No one can go on to perfection if he refuses to partake of My divine nature.

My Spirit weeps over the lack of love manifested through My Body on earth. And when He weeps I certainly hear Him, and will take appropriate action.

The greatest tragedy of all: The Fruits of My Spirit (manifestations of Christ in you) are abundantly available to My Church. But in some places My Holy Spirit is quenched and His graces are stifled by worldly saints who deliberately ignore His tender pleas to let Christ live His Life through them.

The Devilís Disciples

I Corinthians 16:22

On that dreadful day when the wicked dead shall be raised to receive the fearful reward of their deeds, some will be sentenced to a far worse hell than others, because their degree of guilt is much greater.

Many who carried out persecutions against believers did so out of ignorance, as in the case of the Apostle Paul. He honestly thought he was doing Me a favor by persecuting Christians. I was able to extend mercy to him when, by My grace, I gave him that miraculous revelation of Myself on the Damascus Road. I said from the Cross: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

But very many did know what they were doing! The very ones who put My saints to death in the most fiendish ways willingly gave themselves over to satanís control, even though they were totally convinced that what the Christians had was real. They knew that no one could have faced torture or violent death so joyfully apart from My divine grace. Bloodthirsty spectators in Roman arenas were used to seeing prisoners dragged screaming, crying, or fainting into bare-handed combat with ferocious beasts. Sometimes the spectators would grant a reprieve to wounded combatants who had fought bravely. But Christians were widely detested, and were far more likely to get a "thumbs down" signal.

No quarter was given these brave men, women and children by the cowardly beasts who thirsted for innocent blood. Many would go home from the bloodbath grumbling that the horrible sufferings visited upon the Christian martyrs had not robbed them of their last shred of dignity.

It actually embittered those vicious murderers to consider that that instead of grovelling for mercy, the brave Christians defended their faith to the end and comported themselves with regal dignity, preferring to die a gruesome death rather than recant their holy faith in Christ.

So many of those heathens marvelled at the composure with which My children faced certain death from ravenous beasts eager to tear them to shreds. Especially miraculous was the ability and willingness of My children to forgive their tormentors. More than a few heathens were moved to tears by this, while the most hardened of them continued mocking. Ofttimes hymns were sung, and the saints would look up into the sky, joyfully anticipating the moment I would welcome them home to My embrace. Never before had braver people been thrust into any arena.

Some spectators actually were so greatly impacted by those scenes of triumph that they never forgot what theyíd seen, and later became Christians themselves. It dawned upon many that the Christians saw something wonderful beyond this present wicked world, a King and a Kingdom worth dying for. Conversions (some in secret) would follow every one of these terrible martyrdoms in the arena.

But many more only hardened their hearts in wicked unbelief. Not because they could not see the Truth, but because they would not see it! Their loyalty to the gods of Rome (including their own evil emperor) prevented them from entering into life eternal.

The most wicked of the heathen would leave the arena snorting in contempt, not so much toward the dead Christians as toward the Living God who had welcomed these precious ones home. They would laugh like hyenas at a God they mocked as being unable or unwilling to defend the lives and honor of His own followers. They would go about their business, smug in the delusion that no retribution would ever be visited upon them for their blasphemy and cruelty.

The wicked would even begrudge the martyrs the release from suffering afforded them by death. It rankled them that no further suffering could be inflicted on the martyrís bodies. Stung by the victorious way they had met death, the crowd would insist on desecrating the remains of the righteous, so as to prevent Me from resurrecting them. Thus, they were fighting against Almighty God, not against people.

First the mutilated bodies of the saints would be thrown to scavenging dogs, then what was left over was burned. The remaining ashes would be scooped up and thrown into the River Tiber, which fell under a curse because it is polluted with the blood of the innocent. The mere passage of time could no more avail to cleanse its waters than Pilateís wash basin could cleanse his hands of the blood of Christ.

On the banks of that cursed river the Name of Christ was mocked. As they contemptuously dumped the ashes of their murdered victims into its waters the Romans would praise their heathen gods. They exulted over their destruction of the martyrsí remains, saying: "Now letís see if your feeble God can piece you back together and resurrect you!"

How dense the mind of a sinner is, and how those vile heathens underestimated Me! I certainly have the power to restore and raise the bodies of those who were so cruelly butchered by wicked men. How great will be the terror of those condemned souls when I reunite them with their own corrupt bodies just long enough for them to stand before Me and receive a just sentence for rejecting the mercy of the loving Christ Who would have redeemed them. How they will mourn and weep to see their victims, whom they had despised as the scum of the earth, raised to eternal glory and wellness, crowned as princes and princesses to rule with Me eternally.

Justice Shall At Last Be Done

Psalms 145:20; Isaiah 11:4b; 63: 1-6; Nahum 1:1-5; Matthew 18:7-10; Revelation 20: 11-15; 21: 8

What a travesty the "justice" of earthly courts is! I have seen relatives of cruelly murdered people weeping to see killers let off scot-free on some trivial technicality, or receiving a slap-on-the-wrist sentence. I am enraged by the smirks of guilty people who walk free, relishing the helpless anguish on the faces of people they have bereaved.

Those unrepentant sinners go back to living the way they did before their release. They do not pause to consider that there is a Day of Reckoning coming for the unrighteous, in which I shall judge them on the basis of their works. Their evil deeds shall testify against them that they are worthy of eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire.

Guilty people given reprieves by lenient judges ought to acknowledge that their second chance at life was unmerited, and surrender that life to Me. But instead of humbling themselves at the Foot of the Cross, many of them brazenly boast to their like-minded friends of how they beat the rap, and thereís nothing the angry friends and relatives of their victims can do about it.

What do I think of child molesters, especially unrepentant ones who are elated because they expect to get away with it? I am enraged. Those who harm little souls like this are exposing themselves to the severest sentence I can mete out--a place in the lowest hell. Better it would be if such a one had never been born than to have deliberately set out to rob a tiny child of his or her innocence! Such wicked monsters will be among those who race to the rocks seeking a refuge from the Brightness of My glorious Coming.

The son of God is about to return to Earth to judge all humanity in righteousness. When He returns as the Avenging Judge of wicked men and women, their laughter shall be silenced forever.

Oppressed Peoples Given Justice At Last

Joshua 9:15 and II Samuel 21:1-6; Acts 10:34-35; 17:26; Romans 1:31-32; II Tim. 3:3; Rev. 20:11-15

I am no respecter of races. I judge each individual on his own merits, even when specific types of wrongdoing seem to be more endemic among one ethnic group than another.

My heart broke to see the long line of Native Americans marched thousands of miles across America by agents of a treaty-breaking government. Indeed it was a death march. Invisible to those poor souls, I marched with them through the rain, the ice and the snow, through inhospitable woods and swampy marshes. They were driven on like beasts, their shoes reduced to tatters, their feet soaking wet and freezing in winter. When their poor babes died of hunger, thirst and exposure I gathered them in My arms and carried them home.

One of My dearest daughters gave up her own blanket to save the life of a little child. When she died of pneumonia she was given a heroineís welcome into heaven, attended by rejoicing angels. I succored tribal elders as they lay dying and calling upon their Maker for mercy. I reassured them that wicked men who cruelly treated them had nothing at all to do with Me and were sinning against Me also. Despite the pride their white oppressors took in being "the worldís best Christians" by virtue of their color. Despite their treachery they fancied themselves My chosen race and the crown of My creation.

King Saul was also a treaty breaker. He broke an ancient treaty made with the Gibeonites. Though this treaty guaranteed the Gibeonites peace with Israel and a right to live safely among them, Saul massacred some of them in cold blood, just because he was in an irascible mood and wanted to prove to his subjects he was one tough dude who believed "the only good Gibeonite is a dead Gibeonite". Severe retribution came upon him and his family.

Because sin repeats itself history repeats itself. Remember Custer.

Cruel oppressors accused every Native American of being a wild savage. But how much guiltier do you think I hold the uniformed savages who sneaked up on defenseless women and children while their men were away hunting, then murdered them in the name of "Christian" civilization? Those racist soldiers might be dead now, but now even death will shield them from My just judgment. They might be dead now, but now even death will shield those cowards from My just judgment. Bloodthirsty treaty violators shall rise in the Great White Throne Judgment of the damned to answer for what they did. It is then they shall see that I am no respector of races.

I cradled many a dying black slave in My arms and took them to that fair Land theyíd spent their lifetimes singing about while toiling in the fields. A Promised Land free of Pharaoh oppressors; a Paradise where theyíd forget their sorrows and at long last enter fully into the dignity belonging to a free child of the Most High God.

I even walked with some of their descendants on the Civil Rights marches of the 50ís and 60ís. Indeed it was I who gave them deep-down assurance that victory would come at long last; partially in this world and completely in the world to come. I am no respector of color and I suspect more than a few whites will be surprised to see that Christ is not so pale-skinned and blonde as they imagined Him to be when they stand before Him face to face.

I will revive the tribes of the Native Americans. I will resettle them on their ancient lands. I will greatly multiply their descendants and cause them to flourish in prosperity. When they dance for joy of heart, their voices shall be lifted up in praise to their Great Father and Savior Who redeemed them from the oppression of their chief adversary, satan.

The tortured continent of Africa shall be visited with grace and mighty deliverance from My hand. I will shrink the devouring sands of the Sahara desert until the entire continent is turned into one vast garden Paradise. Tropical vermin and mosquitoes will vanish, along with all the diseases they spread. No more unscrupulous capitalists looting Africa of gold and diamonds and depleting her fertile soil with harmful farming practices. Instead the wealth of that vast continent shall be used for the benefit of everybody there.

Rains will come in due season. I will make Africa a major breadbasket of the earth. Food will be so abundant that agricultural delicacies will be among its many exports. No inhabitant of Africa who remains true to the Lord Jesus Christ shall ever lack provision. Africaís ancient enemy the devil will be bound and unable to torment her peoples ever again.

Satanís Last Stand

Psalms 91:8; II Thessalonians 1:7-10; 2:3-12; Revelation 20:1-3 and 7-10

I speak a word of comfort to all My people who have grown weary and disheartened by the assaults of satan. Your adversary is destined to suffer infinitely more and infinitely longer than you have had to.

This foul being of darkness owes a debt so vast in magnitude that all the wealth in the universe could never begin to satisfy it. He was first to contaminate My perfect creation by introducing sin into it. He has filled the earth with lust, violence, perversion, sickness, disease, witchcraft, and blasphemies of every sort. He has enslaved and oppressed the multitudes. He has bound the weary down with heavy burdens, and robbed them of the joy of living. He has mocked the sufferings of my saints, and hoped that the scars of their life traumas would perpetuate in their hearts for all eternity, "like a gift that keeps on giving". He has shattered the bodies and souls of innocent little children. He has crushed the poor beneath the heel of the rich. He has blasphemed all three Persons of the Godhead and incited sinners to trample My Holy Name in the mud. He murdered My innocent, Holy Son on the Cross.

When My dear Son appears in glory with all His resurrected saints, the devil will even try to blast Him out of the sky by firing nuclear missiles at him. But satan will be unable to harm My glorified ones upon whom death has no more power.

When My Son returns to rule this renegade planet, the Antichrist, along with his cohort the False Prophet, will be cast into a vast lake burning with fire and sulphur. The archangel Michael will corner satan like a rat and bind him hand and foot with a chain of light. This act alone will cause agony to this infernal entity who shrinks from the Light and loves darkness. As he is hurled into the abyss to await his Final Judgment, a defiant satan will scream curses at My servant Michael.

For 1000 years satan will languish in the nether blackness of his foul prison. Unremorseful and steaming with rage, he will plot against Me, and devise strategy to regain his lost dominion and reestablish his grip on the souls of mortal men. He will yet hope to topple Me from My Throne by raising up an army as vast as the sand of the sea in number.

Throughout the 1000-year Reign of My Son, righteousness and peace will prevail. Mankind will inhabit a Paradise Earth, and be free of the fears which now dog his steps in this present age. Life on earth will be an enjoyable, fulfilling experience instead of a vale of tears. Wages will be just and prices will be fair. People will have ample leisure time to enjoy their families, their homes and their friends. No demons will be present to tempt My subjects to sin against Me or their neighbors. Occasional breaches of My Law will result from deliberate, premeditated choice, and swift punishment will follow. Violent crime will be a thing of the past. I will prevent ethnic groups from rekindling old hatreds and building weapons of mass destruction. People will walk the streets unafraid, even at night. Predatory animals will become docile. The forces of nature will then be harnessed for mankindís benefit, rather than his detriment.

Although mortals will retain vestiges of their Adamic sin nature until their final glorification, there will be a much more prevalent hunger to learn My ways than there is now. Today unbelievers set the trends in society and it is the righteous who are thought to be strange. In My Kingdom, it will be the sinner who will feel like the odd one out. If sin is committed during that time, no one will be able to blame the environment, for I will have restored the glory of Eden to earth. No one will ever be excessively or unjustly punished by My perfect Government. My people will receive love, not oppression, from My co-rulers. Heavy taxation and government waste will be a thing of the past. All of nature will rejoice in its liberation from the curse of sin.The earth will enjoy a long-awaited sabbath of rest from the presence of satan, the wicked one. As he cools his heels in his holding pen, satan will fume over the fact that I am reversing his ruination of Planet Earth.

At the conclusion of My Millennial Reign, the devil will be briefly released to test the loyalty of mortal humans who have never before had to endure his temptations to sin. He will go from one end of earth to the other, inciting My subjects to rebel and establish their own form of government. He did a similar thing ages ago, when as the exalted cherub Lucifer, he persuaded one-third of My angels to follow him in rebellion against Me. These angels were stripped of the Beauty of Holiness and became demons. Lucifer "the Light Bearer" became satan "the Adversary". Now the devil detests the True Light, although he often disguises himself as an agent of light to trick careless saints into doing evil.

When the Final Rebellion occurs, some of My mortal subjects will cast in their lot with satan and choose to rebel against My loving Reign. They will rise up against Christ the Blessed Redeemer, Who will, even then, bear the marks of crucifixion in His hands and feet. The unholiness and unthankfulness of these rebels will be made manifest to every created being. All the universe shall know that manís 6000-year rule was unjust and sinful, but My 1000-year Reign was loving and righteous, and that putting down that wicked rebellion was the only just thing I could have done. I am determined that sin and its consequences shall be eradicated once and for all. I cannot co-exist with sin, and I will not allow its contagion to spread to other parts of My universe.

The devil and his vast army will surround Jerusalem, My capital City, and the camp of the saints round about Me. But before satan can land his first blow, I will rain down fire upon all his followers and destroy them all. Even then satan will not have learned that I am not fazed by large numbers. The Presence of the Lord, not a huge army, is the secret of victory.

At that moment, satan will be forced to concede defeat. Utterly incapable of repentance, he will hope to at least mollify My just wrath against him, and mitigate the severity of his sentence.

The devil, who tormented others so viciously, will lose his bravado when he catches sight of his richly deserved reward. All other fires, even the heat of the sun, are as ice compared to the Lake of Fire. It is hot enough to instantly vaporize all matter and dissolve the very elements of nature. It is a place of excruciating torment originally prepared for Lucifer and his fallen angels. A place of perpetual remembrance of sin, a place of regret, and a place where all hope is forever extinguished in the leaping flames of eternal judgment.

Desperate not to spend eternity in the Ultimate Trash Incinerator, satan will grovel and writhe like the snake his is, pleading for an alternative sentence, even resorting to tears to try to soften Me up. He will even have the temerity to appeal to My merciful nature. When he finally realizes that I cannot be swayed from My perfect justice, he will plead with Me to immediately annihilate him out of existence, rather than subject him to never-ending agony.

But he will be reminded that he himself showed no mercy. He slandered the Spirit of My precious Son Who went about doing good. He martyred My saints in the most excruciating, degrading ways. He incited others to reject Me and to commit the most monstrous wickedness throughout the long centuries. He will be forced to admit that no mercy is due him, and none shall be extended to him. He will be consigned to the flames of eternal hell, where his friends the Antichrist and False Prophet were confined at the beginning of My 1000-year Reign.

If all earthís grains of sand were counted one by one, then eternity would just barely have begun. No end in sight, ever, to the torments of the enemy. No end to his well-deserved punishment.

The author of all meanness, murder and cruelty, the original oppressor, blasphemer, and brutal bully. He himself will be at the receiving end of bullying for all eternity, as those fallen angels and men he deceived will abuse and curse him for tricking them into sharing his fate in the Lake of Fire.

Do Not Delay

Matthew 24:36; Acts 26: 27-28; Colossians 1:24; II Peter 2:7; 3:3-10

Yes, My people, the day and the hour of Christís appearing to catch away His Bride is known only to Me, the Father. I cannot even divulge that precious secret to My own Son, or He would be obligated to share it with you, for all things he received of Me are revealed to His Body the Church. He calls you His friends, and it is His good pleasure to share the secrets of His heart with you. I have My own reasons for keeping this piece of information to Myself, but the day will come when you will know just why this secrecy was necessary. Now your understanding is limited; after your glorification it shall be perfected.

I will tell you this: If I fail to intervene quickly, mankind will annihilate himself out of very existence with sophisticated nuclear weaponry and other satanic agents of destruction. I cannot even wait for another generation to be born and grow to maturity if I am to prevent the extinction of humankind on earth!

Why should I allow My holy ones to dwell forever in the midst of this perverse, depraved, Christ-rejecting world, where they are daily vexed by the ungodliness of the wicked? My heart is burdened for Christian young people who daily endure teasing and blasphemous comments from their peers. But the day is at hand when the ungodly laughter of the wicked will turn to tears of dread and desperation.

Let not the sinner deceive himself that he can easily repent any time it is more convenient for him. The apostle Paul was brought before government officials who found his testimony of My great salvation fascinating, and even entertaining, for satan had deluded them into thinking there was no great urgency to become believers. Felix, Governor of Caesarea, knew that the charges against Paul were trumped-up by his many enemies, but detained him for two years, hoping to receive bribe money from his prisoner in return for releasing him. Moreover, he wanted to please those Jewish leaders who were hostile to the Faith. As Paul remained in detention, he sought the governorís conversion.

Paulís preaching on the nature of true righteousness and the awful reality of the coming judgment of sinners terrified Felix, but he was too cowardly to become a Christian. The governor realized he could be stripped of his position, reputation and wealth, and even end up in chains like Paul. He said, "You can go back to your cell now. At a more convenient time I will send for you and hear you again."

Porcius Festus succeeded Felix as Governor. His advisors persuaded him to keep Paul in prison as a "goodwill" gesture to the Jewish leaders, although he also was convinced of his innocence. King Agrippa came to visit Festus. This curious man desired to hear the preaching of Paul, to find out why it had stirred up such an uproar that it had landed him in prison. Festus, like Felix, was deeply moved by the sincerity and power of Paulís persuasions_but he never did repent. Both men would ask Paul why his God did not set him free supernaturally. They could not understand why Christians sometimes suffer for the sake of the Gospel. The reason for such trials is a divine mystery incomprehensible to unbelievers. Festus, like Felix, was afraid he would suffer disgrace if he were redeemed. He said, "Almost you persuade me to become a Christian." Hell is populated by lost souls who "almost" gave Me their lives.

Let not the pleasure-loving sinner delude himself that he can wait till he is too old and dissipated to indulge the lusts of the flesh, that he can toss Me the last few worn-out scraps of a life that he no longer wants. It doesnít work that way!

Deathbed repentances do occasionally occur, for I delight in showing mercy to those truly sorry for sin. The dying thief on the cross received salvation from My Son Who was suffering beside Him on His own Cross. At his death, this man was taken to be with Christ in Paradise.

But once My Spirit ceases to contend with a stubborn, rebellious sinner, he cannot come to repentance, and will perish in his sins. Hell is filled with the laments of sinners who postponed their day of salvation until it was no longer within their grasp. They discovered that their road to hell was paved with good intentions.

Yet many play games of delay with Me. The Light has been abundantly shown to them. But they shut their eyes and avert their faces from it, because believing on Me entails responsibility to repent of sin and surrender to My Lordship. The thrill of the world and its lusts lures sinners to their very destruction, to an eternity where they shall forever be cut off from the Savior they wanted no part of in this life.

How long will you wait, sinner? Even until the time of Tribulation, when gross darkness shall shall enshroud the earth and every foul demon in the universe shall be cast down to this planet? If you cannot repent now, while the Light still shines in your midst, how will you fare when it is removed, and conversion to Me is likely to result in martyrdom?

No More Mercy

Gen. 6:3a; Psalms 119:89; Isaiah 40:8; Hosea 1:6; 4:1-3; I Peter 4:17; Jude 7; Revelation, Chapters 15 and 16; 22:18-19

My Son taught My people a higher way of life than merely being fair with others. He taught them to return good for evil and to bless those who cursed them. For 2000 years My dear children have lived this way, and much good fruit has come of it. Sinners have come to the Foot of the Cross for cleansing who otherwise would never have repented. Why? Because they were so struck by the supernatural love they found in the lives of believers who patiently tolerated their wickedness and continued to pray for them.

Increasingly I see sinners taking a different attitude to the gentleness and forbearance of My people. Today if a Christian entreats the sinner with patience and gentleness, he often gets it thrown back in his face with contempt. Gentle believers are taunted as weak wimps and pushed around even more by satanís puppets. Things of the Kingdom of God are ridiculed. All three members of the Godhead have been lampooned by comedians who have no fear of God in them.

The straw that broke the camelís back is this: My Word has been tampered with! So-called theologians have rewritten parts of Scripture to suit themselves and to pander to an unbelieving generation which utterly rejects My standards of holiness. My virgin birth is edited out as unnecessary and impossible, even for God. Other passages deemed politically incorrect are erased or altered to mean something else.

Well, Iíve got news for such reprobates who dare desecrate My Eternal Word. It is settled forever in heaven and cannot be altered. I shall cut off My detractors off from the face of the earth for not only rejecting My inspired Holy Word, but hindering others from entering into Life Eternal. I will visit the earth with devastating judgments because they have dared to do this, and there shall be no further delay!

I will cut short the days of My forbearance with evil. If sinners donít want My gentleness, love and mercy they shall taste of My just wrath. If I deal sternly with Christians who begin to take My mercy for granted, then how much more severe shall I be toward sinners outside My family, who have even less of a right to mercy than My own children?

I shall shortly smite the earth with the rod of Judgment, over and over again, as I pour out seven bowls of My fierce wrath. What I said through the prophet Hosea I say to stiffnecked, unrepentant souls: "LO-RUHAMAH". No more mercy.

Building on the Edge of the Cliff

Matt. 7:24-27

A certain woman wanted a house with a seaside view. She went to a real estate agent who showed her a luxurious manor situated just a few yards from the edge of a crumbling cliff. Accompanying them was the former owner of the property.

"Iíve gotta be honest with you, maíam," said the realtor, "or I wouldnít be able to sleep soundly, my conscience would bother me so much. Conservatively speaking, I wouldnít give this house another five years before the ground beneath it crumbles and falls into the sea."

"Heís lying," said the owner. "Maíam, you know these guys are only in the property-selling business for the money. This man is a fraud. Heíd rather show you another guyís property where heíd get a bigger commission."

"But what if heís telling the truth?" wondered the woman. "Which of you should I believe?"

"Me, of course," the owner lied. "I bought this place from a millionaire who only sold it because he wanted a fancier place. He had this cliff inspected by geological experts with a long string of degrees. They told him the cliff was founded on solid marble and wouldnít wear away for several thousand years."

"So what credentials do you have?" the woman snapped, looking suspiciously at the realtor.

"The testimony of others who built along this cliff and lost their homes," he replied.

"Well, where are those people?" she demanded.

"They moved away, to higher ground; far from the perilous cliff, and far from the floodplain, where other homes have been destroyed by torrential rains. I wouldnít steer you wrong, maíam. Iím a Christian."

"I havenít time for your fear-mongering excuses for why I shouldnít snap up such a bargain," she said. "Some Christian you are. Youíre just out to protect your own commission, so Iíll take this one."

The owner of the property was thrilled, though he kept a poker face. But the realtor thought: "Lord, I did my best to warn her, but she wouldnít listen."

Within two years a violent tidal wave crumbled the cliff. The woman went down with her cheap house.

Many of My dear children have built their spiritual houses as close to the cliff as they dared, because satan sold them a cheap lie that they can "have it all" and still have Jesus. Time is limited before My patience with sinful mankind finally expires. Many immature saints are like that cliff satan slowly and imperceptibly erodes away till they finally crumble when he hits them with temptations far too strong for their eroded spiritual lives. They will not be able to stand firm in the evil days to come.

This world is an evil, perilous place, like a harlot seducing My servants to turn from the right and good Path of Life. Ofttimes saints must battle the devil without the support and prayers of other saints, in areas where the love of many has frozen to ice. I must return very soon, or My weaker lambs will fall away from the Faith and finally perish.

As the Waters Cover the Sea

Isaiah 2:1-4; Micah 4:1-3; Habakkuk 2:14

Let those who are disheartened by the prevailing atmosphere of this world take heart. There is coming such a profound sea change in society you will be amazed. Today, My Presence is veiled in invisibility, for I am seated at the Right Hand of the Father in heaven. My Spirit is quietly at work in the hearts of all those who will open the door of their lives to Me, but My eternal Power is downplayed by faithless people who refuse to believe without seeing. I too am grieved by the way the rich treasures of My Wisdom are trampled underfoot by the godless multitudes preoccupied only with the pleasures of this present evil world. I am angered by their cavalier "take-it-or-leave-it" attitude. So many of them think: Iíll go have my fun first. God can wait...if there IS one!

Receive encouragement from My Word, My dear ones. Once this earth has received a sound thrashing for its evil and I return to reign over it with My resurrected saints, those mortals who have survived the horrors of the Tribulation and remained faithful to Me will be admitted as citizens into My Kingdom. Thereís going to be a total about-face in attitude on this planet at that time. You who have been lightly esteemed because you held fast to the Truth of My Word in this evil dispensation of history will then be honored as fellow-heirs and co-rulers with Christ. People will literally beg to be taught by you of My ways, to hear the glad story of My great faithfulness to you, and how I succeeded in taking your broken life and molding it into the likeness of My dear Son. These godly mortal believers will also desire to attain to this same blessed perfection. They will have far fewer hindrances to their spiritual journey than believers of this present time do, for the tempter and all his evil cohorts will then be confined to the Bottomless Pit.

Remember these wonderful truths the next time the devil lies to you, saying youíre a worthless waste of space. Life might seem to be a grind now, but someday it will be totally glorious.

What Will YOU Leave Behind ?

Proverbs 10:7; Romans 8:6; I Corinthians 3:11-15; James 1:8; Revelation 21:4

The affections of the double-minded believer are divided. There are earthly things which he would be loath to leave behind when I call My Church home. There are those who are struggling to finance mortgages, and would hate to go before they had the satisfaction of paying off the very last installment and boasting of full ownership of their home or car. Others think they might even miss worldly amusements or the pleasures of the flesh. Some even love money because of the status it bestows, rather than being glad they have it so they can use it to further My Kingdom.

The spiritually-minded believer keeps the things of the world in perspective. Yes, you do need a home, a car, and money for various uses. Within the state of marriage, you should find pleasure. But everything in this world which now gives you enjoyment will pale into insignificance when you are called home to enter into the very Presence of the Eternal One Who has purchased you with His own Blood. You could not now comprehend the unspeakable glories of the world into which I am taking you, the ecstasies which will be yours throughout eternity, because I have found you faithful. Outgrown treasures will be left behind, because in heaven you have a more enduring substance.

My faithful ones will leave behind their testimony of a faith in God which persisted in times of blessing and trials of every magnitude. The memory of consecrated Christians will influence many to become believers during the terrible Tribulation Period. Earnestly desire to leave behind something of eternal value when I call you to join Me in the air.

So many of My children are experiencing trials of great severity or long duration. You are tempted to think that they will go on forever, you have borne them so long. Cast your burdens upon Me, for I care for you. I have promised that I would not allow you to be tested beyond your ability to endure. At the Rapture, you will shake off the remnants of the Old Adamic nature and all the problems it brought to your life. And if the trial must go on and on ad on, it will have to go on without you in it. You will leave your troubles behind.

The Rapture is a Release

From My perspective in eternity I see a young divorcee with two children, tossing fitfully on her bed, fretting that she must catch up on her rent within two short days. Her lot in life is a difficult one. Her philandering husband has deserted her. This former housewife, now thrust out into the world of work, finds herself between jobs and almost penniless.

She sees no way to get over this rough patch, for every effort to find a solution has been fruitless. She is desperately afraid her little family will be split up and her two daughters taken from her by her more prosperous ex-husband, who is an unbeliever. This evil man has already threatened to take court action against her to gain custody of them, because "he can give them advantages she canít".

She switches on the light and opens her Bible. Her tear-dimmed eyes fall on Psalms 56:3: What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. These words fill her heart with hope. I, not some unbeliever, would decide the fate of her two small daughters.

Her heart aglow with quiet confidence, she rises out of bed and goes to take a peek at her two children in bed. To her utter surprise, they are wide awake, looking expectantly at her, faces all aglow.

"Why arenít you two asleep?" asks their mother.

"Jesus woke us up," said one, "and told us we must be ready to go home."

"This isnít really our home, is it, Mama?" added her sister.

Their motherís face fell. Her old insecurities tried to reassert themselves. "You mean...not with me?"

"Oh, but it isnít your home either," the older girl smiled. "Jesus wants you to come home, too!"

"Perhaps He does," her mother smiled in turn. "Otherwise Jesus would have helped me pay the landlord again, just as He always has before. It must be that he wants us three to move on to a better place. Hey, isnít that wonderful now!"

At that moment the woman feels a refreshing sense of liberation from all the sorrows and burdens sheís had to shoulder ever since her unfaithful husband left her. She recaptures a childís ability to rejoice in a golden moment. She sings for very joy of heart. Her laughing children join in the chorus.

In the midst of all their praise, something wonderful happens. A glorious vision fills their senses. Earth fades away and they are swept upward in a caress of Glory Light.

Their song continues in heaven.

Just Five More Minutes

Ephesians 5:16; Colossians 4:5

From My perspective in eternity I see more than one saint feeling a twinge of regret. Saints who had spent their entire Christian lives preoccupied with self, wishing Iíd come as quickly as possible and take them away from this horrible mess of a world. But, alas, they now realize how much they neglected to warn others of My impending judgments.

In that brief moment, they feel shame and cry: "Lord, does it have to be now? Just five more minutes, please, so I can get on the phone and warn my loved ones You are taking Your children home. Theyíd better get ready too, or theyíll be left behind to suffer hell on earth. Please, turn back the clock so I can hurry and warn them."

Well, I wonít wait forever. Neither should you.

The Sinking Ship

A certain rich lady being lowered down into the sea in a half-full life boat looked up wistfully at the sinking ocean liner thinking, Why wouldnít they let me take my little treasures with me? Thereís plenty of room for them. But at least I didnít bring my husband or brother along on this trip, thank goodness. Oh, well, weíd better get underway quickly, lest this sinking mammoth of a vessel create an undertow, and drag all of us in this little boat down to the bottom with it.

Alas, a lot of born-again Christians share the same outlook, as they survey a lost and dying world on its way to cataclysmic judgment and hell.

Pray Them Through

Many believers, even those who are adept at leading many souls to Christ, will not be able to win all their loved ones before the catching away of the Church takes place. Salvation is offered to "whosoever will" come to the Water of Life and drink freely unto Life Eternal. The other personís free will cannot be overruled by even the most devout evangelist. But the Christian can continue to pray for Me to deal with the heart of their unsaved friends or relatives, and I will convict them of sin. Even then it is up to them to cease their resistance and respond to My Spiritís drawing of grace. Unfortunately, many will postpone their day of conversion until after the Rapture.

One common misconception among believers is that multitudes will immediately rush to accept Christ after the Rapture in the face of the irrefutable proof of millions of people disappearing, but that will not always be the case.

After My sonís resurrection, He was seen alive by some 500 witnesses, but the Jewish leaders did their worst to discredit this wondrous miracle. The Veil of the Temple, constructed of very heavy fabric, was ripped from top to bottom. I did this Myself, much like youíd rip apart a sheet of paper. Many Old Testament saints rose from the grave and appeared to the populace. Many signs and wonders were performed by the apostles But despite all those wonderful confirmations of Christís reality, lots of hardened skeptics remained. My true witnesses were persecuted, mocked, and martyred.

I see more than one home where the husband or wife has lost their spouse and child(ren) to the Rapture. He or she had been prayed over for years, and treated with loving consideration and wisdom, rather than being nagged to accept Jesus as Savior. But instead of being deeply moved by the Rapture, these people bitterly resent Me for leaving them behind. Accepting Jesus as Savior will take even greater humility then than it does now. It will involve acknowledgement that I was righteous and just to leave people behind, and they must repent for their earlier refusal to surrender to My Lordship.

Pray for all who will be left behind, whether you are acquainted with many people or few. Taking the Mark of the Beast will be the hardened sinnerís ultimate act of rebellion against the Love of Christ, and acceptance of that Mark will be the antithesis of receiving Christ as Saviour. It will involve pledging loyalty to the Man of Sin who will be hailed as the worldís "only hope" for restraining humanity from destroying itself in thermonuclear war. He will deceive many, and even be embraced by those who are so hardened in bitterness they will refuse to repent. Some will embrace the Antichrist as an act of spite, they are so angry at Me for not taking them up to heaven. This will include many reprobates who once knew Me, but returned to the sinful ways of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Pray that I will give people the grace to humble themselves before Me just after the Rapture, and they too will be able to enter into Life Eternal.

It will be much, much harder then than it is now.

The Hope of Heaven

Isaiah 64:4; John 14:1-3; I Corinthians 2:9; Titus 2:13; Hebrews 11:10,16

There is no earthly sorrow that heaven cannot heal. So many of you have endured traumatic experiences, lost loved ones, faced financial ruin, seen your marriages break up, lost what you thought were enduring friendships. That person you thought was as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar let you down, or maybe even deserted you when you were feeling your very lowest, and needed a friend the most.

Even the Rock of Gibraltar isnít so solid. It is eroding away, for since the Fall of man, all things incline to disorder and deterioration. The sinful nature of man is like that. Apart from My divine grace acting upon them to keep them faithful to the precepts of divine Love, people are not able to love as I do. How wonderful will be that glad time when I release My loved ones from that perverse Adamic nature within them, and Creation itself sings for the joy of her holy liberation from the Curse of Bondage!

Today you walk down the street, and you see glum faces worried about a myriad of problems; grimacing motorists reluctantly dragging themselves to jobs they hate; neglected, unloved teenagers defacing public property or doing drugs.

After a harrowing day at work, you turn on the TV News to forget your unpleasant experiences, only to be bombarded by news of warfare, rising gas prices, tax increases, and ever increasing crime. All over the world people look for reasons to hate and war against one another. Age-old conflicts between ethnic groups flare up. Ancient enmities are rekindled by satan. Wars are raging out of control.

You sigh, "How much longer, Lord? Nothing I seem to do makes a dimeís worth of difference in this miserable world. Whenever I witness of Christ to the lost, I only get laughed at. So whatís the use of it all?"

Oh, My precious one. Never despair of your usefulness in this world. You have been a light before many. While so many others discarded My righteous commandments and lived only for the gratification of their sinful lusts, you strove to keep your home together and live out My Word in your life. You didnít just speak your testimony; you joyfully lived it. I thank you for this, for you could easily have relaxed your standards of Christian living and gone along with those who wanted to fit in with their worldly friends.

Truly there is a reward for the righteous, and it is very nearly within your grasp. What a wondrous, Blessed Hope My people have! I have prepared for them a beautiful City of Light and Love wherein dwells only righteousness. People who have lost Christian loved ones to death will be reunited with them in My glorious Presence.

You will soon see Christ face-to-face. You will see the One Who suffered and died to redeem you from sin and death. And when you do, your joy will be indescribable. All earthís sorrows will fade away like mist in the morning sun.

Your eternity will be one of joyous activity, performed to My Glory. You will ever be learning more and more about how wonderful I am, discovering more about the beauty of My Love. No more bad news or unpaid bills to fret over. No more enemies to contend with ever again.

Privation Will Turn to Plenty

Isaiah 60:19-20, Revelation 21:4-7, 22-23; 22:1-5,17

Nearly all of My children have had times when they suffered some sort of personal privation. I have here in Heaven infants who were aborted. Now they are being swaddled in My Love, cared for by tender-hearted guardians. I, the Good Shepherd, am restoring these rejected souls, and filling them with the pristine joy of innocent childhood.

There are saints who suffered hunger and thirst during terrible persecutions. Now they drink freely of the River of Life. They eat the fruits of Paradise and partake of the Heavenly Manna. There are those who were blind, deaf or crippled during their earthly sojourns. Now they behold Me in all My Glory, far removed from the oppressing darkness of this present earth. They listen to the sweet singing of angel choirs. These saints dance for very joy of heart, basking forever in the perpetual Light of My Love.

There are those who suffered social deprivation. Their friends forsook them when they made a commitment to walk in My ways without compromise. Some of them were humble of appearance or poor, or too simple-hearted to be accepted by their pretentious peers. Pious saints have been ridiculed whenever anyone caught them singing a hymn outside of church, or praying over a restaurant meal. Some were ostracised for not going to wild parties or bars with their workmates. Millions even paid the ultimate price for their faith_martyrdom.

In Glory the righteous boldly sing the Psalms of their Lord, even publicly, on the Streets of Gold. No one is too inhibited to offer Me praises here. Those who once were rejected for being "too heavenly-minded" now enjoy the friendship of millions of other faithful saints and prophets who lived before them.

The saints of heaven enjoy what you might call luxuries on earth, though everything here reflects a holy refinement, rather than the sensual glitter of earthly wealth. The entire City sparkles with jewels and gold. This abundance of visible treasure is necessary, just as it was necessary for Mary to lavishly pour expensive perfume upon My head to demonstrate the abundance of her love toward Me. While on earth, satan had robbed so many of these dear saints of all their material goods. Persecutors mocked them for being poor, although their very privations were caused chiefly by persecution. The glories of heaven serve as a perpetual affirmation of their worth as sons and daughters of the Great King.

How sweet is the fellowship of the saints in heaven! I foresee the day when you will joyfully tell other glorified saints of My intervention in your life when you met with difficult problems too great for you to handle. You shall tell them of times I delivered you out of oppressing circumstances and met pressing needs. And they shall answer, "Truly God is good to the upright in heart, and none who trust in Him shall be forsaken."

If only My earthly saints were not encumbered by their fallen flesh nature, they too would more readily love one another in this world!

A Bright New Day

Micah 4:4; Zechariah 3:10

The day is coming when it will be much easier for mortal man to love his neighbor, for the entire atmosphere of this world will be saturated with the influence of the divine nature, which is perfect Love. This sweet pervasiveness of My Holy Spirit will bring a gentle tranquility to the expressions of mortal believers. At present, tension, apprehensiveness and stress sometimes mar the faces even of devout Christians. That is largely due to living in a world still under the domination of the devil. My people can grow weary of the struggle against sin, and they can be wary of people they donít know, even of each other at times. People are loath to trust others because of the reign of sin on earth.

The peace and security longed for for so long will fill the entire earth during My Reign, and the whole planet will be at rest from fear. Foreigners will no longer be treated with suspicion, but will be welcomed as guests in the countries they visit. Warm hospitality and genuine friendliness based on love will be the order of the day. Many will marvel that life wasnít so wonderful for their ancestors.

Blessed are Ye Poor

Deut. 15:11; 18:1-2; Psalms 11:14; Isaiah 10:33; 29:19; 41:17;65:22; 66:2; Zech. 8:20-23; Matt. 5:3; 26:11; James 2:5; I Peter 1:4

Despair and disgust fill the heart of poor people who work hard for very little, for they are fully aware that vain sinners in high places are living in luxury at their expense. These dear ones expend every ounce of their strength toiling at unglamorous, poorly paid jobs, necessary occupations held up to scorn by the rich and famous.

My poorest children canít afford doctor or dental care. They even wonder how funeral expenses will be met if they die. They can barely afford adequate supervision to protect their own children while theyíre at work, and can barely feed and clothe them adequately. Rent gobbles up what little they earn. They feel little better off than the unemployed. They cry out to Me to ease their suffering and humiliation and make their lives tolerable. Making ends meet is very difficult, and every single meal is consumed with true thanksgiving.

Take heart. dear ones. It wonít always be this way for those of humble means. The day will come when I raise the poor up from this present despicable state of affairs: where those who toil the hardest are treated as disposable cogs in a rich manís money-making machine. Throughout My Millennial Reign, the lowly in heart and the poor in spirit will be considered the most blessed of men, and especially close to My heart.

Why? Because less affluent people will be like the Levites in that they know that the Lord God Himself is their Inheritance. Their eyes will not be upon silver and gold or other perishable commodities, but upon their eternal treasure laid up in heaven which never fades away. I will bless whatever these humble people have and make it last. The gap between the rich and poor will be greatly narrowed, and the so-called poor will be so happy with My blessings they wonít detect much difference.

Now poverty is a trial of affliction. But in the blessed age to come, the faithful "poor" will feel rich indeed. I will fill every moment of their time on earth with the joy of My Presence. It is I Who will be the Glory not only within the poor in spirit, but upon them and all around them. I will empower these mortal saints to see every need supernaturally provided, and I will use them to testify of My greatness unto the utter ends of the earth.

There will be temporal blessings too. In that day even the least affluent mortal saints will have ample opportunity for quality education and personal enrichment in the things that really matter. Today My poorest children must forego trips to the Holy Land or religious conferences in far-off places. But throughout the Millennium I will send many "poor" people to the ends of the earth to minister My Word or receive a blessing. Travel will be fast and affordable to all who go in My Name. Peoplesí lives will be a long adventure of discovery about My wondrous Love.

People of every economic level must guard against pride and self-sufficiency. During the Millennium I will humble the haughty of heart, and those considered poor among men will be called blessed.

A Supersaturation of Sin

Isaiah 5:20; Matt. 7:13; II Tim. 3:13

Truly, saith the Lord, iniquity has reached its supersaturation point in this Christ-rejecting world. I have called My people to be the salt of the earth so that the spread of sin in society might be checked. While sin and vice have always existed throughout human history since the Fall of Adam in the Garden, every society where the God of Israel was honored had clearly defined moral standards and a clear idea of what constituted crimes against basic decency. Today the lines are blurred and people in high places call evil good and good evil.

Today My consecrated ones are vastly outnumbered by the evil forces shaping the societies they live in. Carnal professing Christians have thrown in the towel and given up with an "if you canít beat Ďem, join Ďem" attitude. Liberal "churches" are daring to question what My Word has to say about sexual morality, and now they are using the excuse that perhaps My revelation on such matters is still evolving and maturing to meet the needs of a world that has grown much more broad-minded. But I warned that false teachers would push such damnable heresies on people with itching ears eager to swallow lies in the Last Days. And I also warned: "Broad is the way to destruction, and many there are who pursue that path."

Destruction fell upon wicked Sodom when its iniquity reached its zenith. Double-minded Lot was unable to prevent the destruction of his city because (1) He had lost his savor and (2) there were not enough righteous people in Sodom to save it from its doom.

My people cry out to Me in dismay because all they ever see on TV is sex, sex, sex. And very soon all those sex worshippers will be crying out praises to Mr. 666. My people worry about their children being bombarded daily with filthy sights and sounds as they go out and associate with their peers at school. My wonderful people have been faithful to be salt in their society, but even salt of the highest quality canít stem the tide of evil in this world anymore. Itís like trying to preserve a ton of meat that is already in an advanced state of decay with a tiny teaspoon of salt.

Get ready to leave, saints. Youíll be leaving this rotten world very, very soon.

I Come in Glory

Rev. 19:7,9; 22:12

The enemy would deceive many concerning the certainty of and reality of My coming for My people in the Rapture of the Church, and he would try to convince you that it won't be any time soon, so it should be last on your list of priorities. In times past I stalled the progression of events leading up to that blessed time. I could have come at earlier points in the last century, but purposefully I delayed this event of My own wedding in order to give this last generation further opportunity to repent and come into My Kingdom before it is everlastingly too late. I stalled the clock for awhile but it's about to start ticking again for the last time.

I have called My people to sacrifice, when necessary, even their own personal welfare for the salvation of sinners but I cannot delay My own wedding forever. Myriads of saints who served me under the harshest conditions or were faithful even unto death to defend My sayings, these wonderful people are worthy to receive the glorious reward I have laid up in store for them in heaven. It would be unjust for Me to postpone our wedding indefinitely, to move the goalpost of the Blessed Hope of glorious consummation of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; for these my brethren have patiently waited so very long to be united to Me as My Bride, to rule and to reign with Me eternally.

The translation of the living saints to heaven and the resurrection of the righteous dead to join Me in the air will be the dividing line between the Church Age and the beginning of the Tribulation Era. It is then that satan will know his days are truly numbered, and he has only a short space in which to do the last of his dirty work before I come again. Those days will be absolutely horrible for anyone remaining on the earth. But My own beautiful Bride, My Chosen and Beloved, will be seated with Me beneath the marriage canopy of the heavens. These precious ones who foresaw the danger and hid themselves in Christ the Rock of their salvation will closet themselves in the Bridal Chamber of the Lamb until we all descend back to earth to begin the restoration of all things which the enemy has ruined on Planet Earth.

Be encouraged, My dearly beloved and faithful ones, greatly cherished of my soul and the apple of My eye. You have not much longer to await the coming of your glorious Bridegroom to receive you unto Himself.

Are You Ready to Go?

Hebrews 10:37

I the Father say to My dear children: As time passes I see fewer and fewer reasons to detain My Son from coming to redeem His people out of this cesspool of a world. I am sickened by its gross immorality, its arrogant unthankfulness toward Me, and its disregard of Me altogether. In its present condition, it is no fit place for My people to reside. What I could not bear Myself, I certainly donít expect My loved ones to bear. It would be unloving for Me to leave My redeemed treasures here much longer to be tempted, taunted and tainted by the world. I admonish My beloved saints: Get all your spiritual packing done, for your time of departure is much nearer than you think.

Combat Fatigue(s)

Romans 8:18

My precious embattled saints who pray long and hard resisting the world, the flesh and the devil, take heart. Your combat fatigues will soon be replaced with glorious robes of royalty, and your battle helmet will be replaced with a crown of gold. Your combat fatigue will be transformed to everlasting delight in the Glory of the Lord as you join your Heavenly Bridegroom in the air.

Lost in My Love

I Corinthians 2:9

I see so many of you enjoying yourselves in My Presence, whether alone in your prayer closet, or fellowshipping with your fellow saints. Where My Love is present, the fellowship of the saints is sweet indeed. At such times, you can truly sense that I am present among you, enjoying Myself too.

Sometimes it is hard to suppress nagging thoughts which try to intrude upon your worship: Tomorrow is Monday, back to the same-old-same-old routine; the cranky boss, that stack of work projects Iíll never get through, all the pressure, the bills, the worries about the major expenses of the future. I just go round and round in the same old rut. This is just a break from real life, and Iíve got to make the most of it.

The good news is that one day youíll come into My sweet Presence and never have to go back to the same old grind ever again. Youíll feel unfettered 100%, and it will thereafter be only joy, joy, joy in the warm sunshine of My Love, with no dark shadows lurking in the recesses of life ever again. Only the most glorious, all-encompassing Light imaginable as you and I delight in each otherís company eternally.

I Long For You

Revelation 19:7-9; 21:2,9; 22:17

I have even expressed My heartfelt desire to MY Father that My appearing for My beloved Bride the Church be soon. This earth has been made a blight in My universe by the depravity of mankind. How can the sweet Spirit resident in My people bear much longer to remain amid the spirit of Sodom which now saturates this stronghold of Lucifer? How much longer before I take the reins of government and remake this earth into a habitation fit for the righteous, to the praise of My Holy Father?

Let all My loved ones rejoice, for I have been granted the assurance that your redemption from the earth is imminent, and there will be no more need for further delay. I am now at work in the earth gathering the ripened fruits of the harvest into My garner. After that, the door of the Ark shall close, and judgment shall begin upon unrepentant mankind. The Wedding Feast is being prepared for My glorious Bride and for our guests, and the habitations of the Glory World are being readied to receive the Redeemed. Music is being practiced in preparation for those glad songs which shall resound throughout the heavenly places.

Truly when you behold Me face to face, your joy will be incomprehensibly greater than any you knew on this earth. Earthly sorrows will fade away like a vapor in the sun, to be forgotten forevermore.

I long to be united to you, O My espoused Bride, to behold the perfection of your beauty, and to dwell in the midst of you forevermore.


Remember that even in this hour of gross darkness, I will be a Light unto thee, my dear children. Satan would consume your hearts with self-reproach because you did not respond to the Gospel in time to participate in the Rapture of the Church. But you were saved on the same basis as the Church Age saints, strictly through faith in the shed Blood of My Son Jesus. He will shortly return to earth to restore the Paradise environment which was forfeited by Adam and Eve through transgression.

Most assuredly you have been made clean through the precious Blood of the Lamb. It would be every bit as wrong for you to point the finger of condemnation at yourself as it would have been for Church Age believers to wallow in guilt. You have been forgiven of all sin and accepted in my family of faith. You are not in the Bridal Company, but you do have a high place of honor as gleanings of My Harvest. You are precious treasures saved from the terrible wrath of judgment which is coming upon this evil world.

You are called to be bright and shining lights, that you might even reflect the glory of the Spirit of My Holy Son, who dwells in your hearts by faith. Because I have called you to separate yourselves from the demon-driven economy of this present world, you shall have to depend on Me for every necessity of life. But I will be faithful to you, even as I was faithful to sustain the Children of Israel in the desolate wilderness. You absolutely must depend on Me for every single thing. The saints of the Church Age could buy and sell along with their unconverted neighbors. But when the Mark of the Beast System is instituted, you will not be able to do this at all. In My eyes any participation in buying and selling under the auspices of the Antichrist would amount to betrayal of the One Who redeemed you unto Himself.

However desperate your situation, NEVER allow anyone to insert the Antichristís compulsory microchip ID into your body, or you will suffer loss of eternal life! Receiving the Mark of the Beast is an act of betrayal toward Me. It is a defilement which can NEVER be washed away! It is an irreversible death sentence to every soul who receives it!

Remember to be kind to all My people whom you may encounter, whether converted Gentiles or Jews. Do not quarrel among yourselves, but be knit together in love for My sake. If you have food or other necessities on hand, share with the needy among you. In your distress, pray for the grace to love your brother or sister as well as yourself and to be unselfish with what you have. Be wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. To those of you who ask me I will clearly show you who you are to accept as a fellow believer. I will also caution you against those who are only wolves in sheepís clothing, deceivers unworthy of your love and fellowship.

Know dear ones, that My unseen angels of provision will move in your midst. Even as I opened the eyes of Hagar the Egyptian woman to find a spring of water in the dry wilderness, so my angels will lead you to My provisions for your life necessities. My means of provision will take many different forms, but will NEVER involve compromise with satanís economic system, which is doomed to perdition. Ask Me even for healing and strength for your mortal bodies. I am the Lord Who heals My people.

Some of you will be sacrificed as lambs for My sake. But fear no trial which you might face. No hardship or suffering will ever come upon you apart from My grace to endure it. If you are chosen for martyrdom, you, like Simon Peter, will receive a joyous, glorious entrance into heaven. You will be welcomed and blessed by myriads of saints and angels. You shall receive an incorruptible crown of life eternal. You will be clothed in shining white garments of pure light, then join in the unutterably beautiful anthems of the redeemed. When you look upon the lovely face of your Redeemer, you will forget all the sorrows of earth, even as a woman forgets the pains of labor once she sees the face of her newborn child.

Others of you will be chosen to enter as mortal saints into My Kingdom to repopulate a restored earth with generations of happy, healthy children. They will be the offspring of My blessed children who kept faith with Me in a dark, faithless world.

He who perseveres to the end will be preserved in salvation. That one shall be rewarded with a place of honor in My everlasting Kingdom.

A Closing Exhortation to the Tribulation Saints

God be with you, my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ. I am now in heaven, beseeching the Father to grant you the strength to be faithful, and to fortify your hearts with courage. The Spirit of the Living God is well able to do this. He is able to keep you from falling, as you depend solely upon His strength, not your own.

While there is still freedom of information on the Internet, I highly recommend you log onto this excellent source of spiritual strength: And my own site as well: download as much edifying material as you possibly can to save on your own cd roms, hard drives, or disks. i fully expect freedom of the press and freedom of speech to be suspended in the aftermath of the rapture, and internet communication to come under much greater restriction than ever before.

Better yet, print as much truly spiritual food off the Net as you can, against that time when you will have to do without electricity and read by candle or lantern light. Most importantly, feed your souls on the precious Word of God, the Holy Bible.

Read the Psalms for comfort in time of tribulation. Pay particular attention to the New Testament, which emphasizes the teachings of our Redeemer, Christ Jesus. Matthew, Mark, and Luke tell us of the wonderful works Jesus did to show us the loving nature of God the Father. John, the fourth gospel, focuses much more on Who Jesus is, and the glory of His divine nature. Throughout his four New Testament books, Johnís central focus is the Love of God in Christ Jesus. We all need to lean on the love of God. I know I did.

Throughout my mortal lifetime, I had my ups and downs, times when I felt depressed, even times I felt like a total waste of space. In good times and bad, I depended heavily upon the Love of God to see me through each day. Even when I was weak and impatient toward myself and life in general, God was extremely patient with me. The day came when I was finally able to rise above past hurts and see myself as Jesus saw me worth enough to give His very life for. I was filled anew with such love and gratitude toward Him that my final days on earth were spent in joyful anticipation of His appearing.

I will see some of you sooner than others. But whether you enter Christís Millennial Reign as a mortal or a resurrected saint, your future life in His Kingdom will be bright and happy. We shall all be together again, and most importantly, we shall forever enjoy the Blessed Presence of the Glory in our midst.

God bless all you dear ones who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity and truth.

by Patricia Backora


Kingdom Age Ministry

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