Five Alive

The Wedding

Chapter 41

by L. H. Hall

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Five Alive
Chapter 41

The Wedding

The next morning we, Sarah, Deejay, and I, were up before dawn, and left early with instructions to make sure our families ate a good breakfast and brought all the cameras and binoculars. We wanted to get there before the others to prepare the scene.

We went directly to the Top of the World to pray. We asked God to meet with us and let our parents and families feel His special presence, as we always had. We had decided that since we did not need this special place any more, and might never return, to invite everyone up for the ceremony after the stories were told. We hoped they would all experience the blessings we always felt. We were still praying, or praising God, sitting on the Top of the World wrapped in the arms of God, looking out over the sea, when we heard them come up behind us. We did not go down. We did not want to leave the ecstasy of the Top of the World.

"Hi. Happy Birthday, Debbie." Sarah waved when they appeared over the rim. "That's the top of the mountain where you are. We're on the Top of the World. A dip in the lake will get some of the sweat off, if you like. Its always refreshing after the hard climb."

"We didn't bring our suits, I am afraid," Dad declined.

"Go on in anyway," I advised. "You'll be dry in ten minutes, fifteen at the most. Just don't forget to take stuff out of your pockets that might get wet or drag you to the bottom. This lake has no bottom."

In a few minutes they were all seated on the broad apron north of the crater. Debbie and Julie took turns presenting a verbal picture of the preparations they had made, while we thought they were in the ravine. Debbie told how the flowers had not wilted, and about the orchid wedding gown, the robe, and crowns Sarah had made. Julie complained that she had never allowed them to touch the wedding garments, or even come close to them, nor the carpet of flowers on the Top of the World that was to be our consummation bed.

Then, Jamie took up the story, of how we stood looking into each other's eyes and prayed; asking the Lord himself to officiate and bless our union. How we took turns praying the same prayer without a pause or break in the content or meaning; how we made our vows to each other before God, and our witnesses; and finally, how after putting the bamboo ring on her finger, I had kissed my beautiful bride.

When he finished, he looked at the girls, for their nods of approval. "I don't know whether I am supposed to tell this or not. We all saw it. I don't even know if Timmy and Sarah are aware of it. We have never mentioned it to them. You may think I am a liar, or crazy. They did not get married on that rock. [Sarah and I looked at each other and smiled. We knew what he was about to say.] Timmy hadn't prayed two sentences, before they were engulfed in a--a--transparent golden cloud. They seemed to rise at least three feet and hovered above the rock until Timmy took Sarah in his arms and kissed her. While they were kissing, they slowly settled back to the Top of the world. Dad, Mother, Mr. and Mrs. Jennings, they weren't married on the Top of the World. They were married in the heavens above the Top of the World."

Every eye was soggy, even little Joey's

"Now you've heard the story, Daddy, Momma, Mr. and Mrs. Davis." Sarah asked, "Do you approve? Are we married?"

"A knot truly tied in heaven." Mr. Jennings wiped his face with the wet handkerchief he had forgotten to take out of his pocket when he dipped in the pool.

"Truly," Dad agreed. "We surely can't match that."

"If it were told by anyone, but these Godly young people. I'd never believe it, but the Holy Spirit in my soul tells me every word we heard is true." Mother wept profusely. "I wish we could have seen it."

"Mrs. Jennings said nothing. She just wept, as is becoming of the mother of the bride."

"This has always been our special place." Sarah wiped the tears from her own eyes. "To our knowledge, no one but the three of us has ever been up here, but we don't need this place anymore. We have found that Jesus will meet us anywhere; although, the Top of the World will always be special to us, we may never come here again. We invite all of you to come up here, and form a prayer circle around us while our earthly fathers officiate in a wedding that the carnal world will accept."

"Is there room for all of us up there?" Mother seemed concerned.

"There's room." I encouraged them. "Stand close, and hang on to each other, and don't step backward. Turn around and look before you step."

Sarah stood up in the center, and I gave the others a hand as they came up the steps. They filed around each side of us. The "Ooh's" and "Ahh's" and "Hallelujahs," etc., told us they felt the power of God when they stepped onto the Top of the World. When Dad began the opening prayer the Holy Spirit descended on us in all His glory while we exchanged our vows again for the benefit of the worldly system. When they were finished, both grandfathers took turns praying prayers of dedication for their new granddaughter. After that, everyone put their hands on us and prayed for God's blessing on our lives individually, and as a family, even the ones that might come later.

No one seemed to want to leave the Top of the World. All, from the youngest to the oldest, felt a strong presence of the Author of love and peace. No one wanted to leave His presence; but finally, they began to descend to the top of the mountain. Sarah, the baby and I were left to enjoy our last few moments on the rock, that was so special to us.

"Listen, everybody," Sarah said loudly, The precious power of God that you have just felt so strongly, is why this big old ugly rock is so special to Timmy and me. The Lord has never failed to meet us here because we have always expected Him to. What you felt today is nothing compared to what Timmy and I have felt in our experiences on this rock because of our unity with each other. We love this place, but as I said earlier, we don't need it any more. God isn't in this place any more than He is at the cave or the ravine or the beach or Goat Field or the lakes. He is in your own hearts. God is here today, because Timmy and I, and each one of you brought Him up here. We came up early and prayed. We prepared the place, not because we are anything. We are, but inexperienced children, too young to be married and have a baby. We are nothing, but God in all His glory dwells in our hearts, and we try always to let Him lead us and guide us and have his will in our lives, but we don't have anything you don't have. He dwells in your hearts as much as he does ours. You can have this special experience in your own lives anywhere you are. All you have to do is yield, and relax in Him. Thank you for making the climb to experience what may be our last visit to the Top of the World."

Applause rang from below. "It sounds like we have a lady preacher on our hands." Dad applauded the loudest.

Sarah handed me the baby while she climbed down. "What's this?" I looked at Deejay's little breast, There was a pink spot over her heart, like someone had pressed hard enough to cause a bruise. Only it was bright pink."

"Sarah, looked. "I've never seen that before. I wonder what caused it."

"Could it be a fingerprint over her heart?" Dad asked.

"It's about the shape of one." Sarah looked at the spot again.

"It's God's fingerprint, Honey," her father answered. "I saw him put his finger there when he took her away from me, and held her for a minute."

"I had the same experience when I was praying for her," Dad looked at him in astonishment.

"She is identified for life as God's child." Sarah breathed as pride swelled in her heart for our daughter.

The End

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Leonard H. Hall, Sr.

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