Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 10

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 10

His countenance was like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow.
— Matthew 28:3

The weather's a changing factor liken to our revolving lives.

The Four Seasons similar to a married couple blessed with two youngsters. In spring, they sprout more children. When they reach the mature age, the sun is used for a tan. Fall is like drifting leaves in love and in winter together they sleight ride in the snow.

The worried Emmy approached Flo "Today I need – to speak to you?" Flo noticed her troubled face. Could we talk now, she peeked in the extra room at Marcy's house. Flo offered her arm, as they walked home for breakfast. She confided the problem with the male pushy teacher.

Later – Flo strolled in Marcy's room. 'Sleeping Beauty,' "I'm going over to fix breakfast for all of us. I need your aid on a private matter?"

"W what? She stammered. Will you tell me, okay; she fit her legs over the bed? See you soon?" Moreover, which child does it involve? Blight hit them every moment; they're conscious.

Flo and Emmy were trying to coax – Master Thomas awake, they scooted out to the dining room, and left together. Flo opened the door, heated the stove, and hurried into her room for her robe, just than the phone rang... "Dear? I have the stove on. I'll talk to you there – around ten this morning?"

Hastily Marcy dressed. She made it across the street – suspecting the matter had some thing to do with school? She nearly fainted"Ah, what horror! I'd never imagine a day with that monstrous teacher. I'll call Percy to pick him up. They're a substitute teacher on duty – schooling other classes during the day. I see Thomas at the door. I'll use the parlor phone and call him?"

"Chief of Police, Percy Head at your service? Marcy what's the trouble?"

"Yesterday this teacher Allen Blackthorn pressed his sexual intentions on Emmy (and she escaped his arms) for teaching her two years instead of one semester. She's catching up on her missed years – from three to eight at night. One day with him was hell. She needs to endure her studies – another teacher filling in."

"We will 'picks up Mr. Allen Blackthorn.' I will inform them to have an older teacher fill in. That is as good, as I can do?"

Thomas was dining with Emmy when Marcy returned to the kitchen.

Marcy whispered the news to Flo, as she dished out a plate for her.

"I fancy if the cops would take those girls to school."

"I'm surprised – they're attending school. I never heard of it – once you were incarcerated. Is that some kind of temporary situation?" Flo wished it was – but they seemed set upon the bad path to live.

"Let's hope, they wise up. They were arrested (being minors) influencing trivial drinking or attending bars. They will be arraigned and sentenced or warned – other than spending time in the clink. We will not have much occasion to see Beth. I hate to pass Carl? I wish Beth be moved near the steps."

"I will sees if Percy 'will handle' that for me. He is supposed to call me in two hours?" She hoped he kept his word really; she just met him.

"Mom, you're dating the Chief of Police?"

"We did go out for a few drinks last night. He believes in hanging in there. I told him of the incidents a few days ago?" She assured Thomas.

"You ready, Thomas?" Emmy stood, and Marcy gave her the positive finger.

"Let's say our prayers ... They joined hands bowing their heads...

"It seems unlikely odd balls follow a pattern, so what you'll see is more offended women 'coming out of the woodwork' in the near future."

"Right on, Emmy is attractive, but so are other women? I can't believe he is innocent of molesting others. He's young and needs to be checked out."

"So you did blab to the law about the files."

"We are caught, he understands with the crooked office."

"Okay, sit down and eat. I hope the others made their beds at the house?"

Flo sat. "These families of ours seemed cursed with meeting awful ones? We aren't the only 'peas in the pod' a lot of junk dumped on us?"

"I'm not feeling sorry for myself, they're not innocent."

"Let's go get the girls, and then we can pray?" They went to the car, drove to the police station, and entered by the side door. The officer said to wait – and he'd get the girls?" In a few minutes, Janice and Grace sulking climbed the steps. They followed their parent out the door argumentative to get there attention. At the house, Flo and Marcy waited for them to switch clothes.

"Thomas didn't discover the incident himself, Marcy said. We might have to tell him what happened. He probably considered his molestation would escape the law, but she's getting married. What are youngsters to do in that position? They are surely 'out in the cold' keeping quiet or not believed?

"He faked a big line to seduce her and others." Flo said.

The phone peeled! Marcy ran to get it...? "Marcy? He's in the clink and he claims – like all of them – she came on to him. We are checking him out, he's not from Chicago?" Flo watched her – as she listened; she sure was a good pal... Somehow, the men made a lot of bad remarks to avoid an epitome.

"Thank you Percy, could you see Beth moved by the steps, I hate for her to run into Carl? When is Grace and Janice Stuart's arraignment?"

"They should just get 'a warning,' in jail. I'll move Beth?"

"We may 'stop today,' but if not, are we on to meet later?" She hated the jail. Eugene saw the move across from him, and hid or stuck a disguise on. He hoped; she left, so he could see Emmy supplying him with disguises.

Thomas found out the worst about that horrid teacher. He went home burning up that his mother or Flo did not mention the incident this morning. His mother was at Flo's, when he walked in.... They could tell he's irate and ready to yell.

"Why did neither of you tell me what happened. I could tell last night something was not right, as distracted she was?"

"Don't yell at us, two people in love are supposed to talk. She should have told, last evening? This matter is far from over? He claims she came on to him. It's what they all say. By then police are checking him out.

"Sit down and have a cola. Life is not a 'bed and roses' all the time?" Flo got a cola out of the refrigerator. She peered at his dejected face, as she opened the refrigerator – what a crappy time.

"I'm still shocked – queer Allen 'desired' my girl. He always acted weird around the boys and girls." She handed him the cola and sat down feeling sorrow.

Beth was happy moved near the steps, but (her wish) not spending time in jail? Parole was not in the wind "like a dud" she picked up the gun. In a few minutes, she saw her mom, Flo, and the Chief stand at the bars. "How are you Beth?" She wondered how to talk – him listening to every word.

"I like being moved closer. I 'fervently wish' – someone would believe me.

I had no part in his shooting?" The Chief studied her – moving around like a scared rabbit? He knew she acted like a fool, and should be let go. The law was the law. She's daring in pursuits lately, not caring about adult supervision.

"Believing you, is not the point, unless you are in court? 'The law goes by fact, and you must be exonerated by a judge for your finger prints being on the gun?" He knew the procedure – and aimed to get her released.

"I'd not here if that 'ratty Carl' had not dialed the cops on me?"

She sulked like a little kid – lately she's innocent, but living wrong.

"Your 'wounded friend' was taken to the hospital? You were with him when a bullet was shot, and handled the gun. So, we are back to why, you're arrested?" He iron eyed her, meaning business.

"It was 'a shock' to see 'his blood' on my hands, touching his back?

Afterward when I saw the gun, not thinking it was 'the murder weapon.' I picked it up, and 'dropped it fast' to run for help?"

"I can gets a meeting with the judge. You have to explain what ensued, and hire an attorney. Your mother can call a Defense Attorney, and good luck, and try to be wiser in the future?" He shook her hand, giving her a positive finger. He idled if all people with vocations – were as idiot as her.

"Oh Mom, would you, she sobbed, and I promise, I'll be careful from now on.

I think; I'll check on being a Sister of Saint Benedict."

"Why do you always say that – when you don't have a boyfriend? Entering the convent is not 'an escape' for unhappy boyfriend life? Wise up!"


Anon at the hospital, they went to see the patient.

"Hi dear, is life boring Kieran? Tonight we could get your school work."

"Hey that would be great Mom! You should let Thomas pick it up for me."

"It's time for lunch! Drive on chauffeur?" She never saw the real man, in Job, of course; he blinded her. "Chad is worried – what could occur if any more crooks occupy the police office." Flo pulled inside the garage.

Aunt Gen heard the news about her great niece and rang Marcy? Thomas picked up the phone, and identified the place. "Aunt Gen we were just thinking of you? It seems Beth has been jailed for a huge mishap. Tomorrow she explains to the judge – picking up the fired gun that injured Kieran. Carl is the culprit, and does not care a fig what? He set her up, and did the shooting?"

"I had a bad feeling when I left. Somehow she'd buckle down to her studies and behave? When something didn't agree, wham pow, you get it in the kisser."

"Her school books are there with you?" Marcy motioned to give her the phone? He bet Aunt Gen was jumping for joy, not watching the toddler acting Beth.

"Mom wants to talk to you Aunt Gen?" She took the phone – motioning to him to leave on his errand. He waved, as he went to the garage, every day its harder how to parallel park, and more males knew how than woman.

"Aunt Gen? Tomorrow she gets off. I want her here, to see how she behaves? With no notion – if she gives me trouble. I require her books and clothes. Could you bring the supplies here, or should I drive there tomorrow? Is the rich boy still in jail?"

"Yes, she sighed, he's arraigned and bound over for trial? With all the trouble you have there... I'll pack the car and bring her things back. I wish you luck."

"Have a safe trip? I hope she works out for us." Negative feelings were rampart... parting with certain rebelling relatives.

Marcy went to her room to see how it looked. Flo should be awake by now, so she walked across the street. " – Flo you awake." "What are you doing – trying to sleep on the davenport?"

"My bed felt bumpy... Maybe I require a new mattress. I lay there wide awake... so came out here with my extra cover. What sounds good for dinner? It looks like it will be something fast?"


Thomas listened to Kieran yak and gabs considering, he'd never get home to study his homework. He said a fast prayer when a hospital attendant came in, and escaped. Emmy found the new teacher was very adept; she needed education. The last teacher sure knew how to scare a woman.

Marcy urged Flo out to the kitchen to have a simple supper? They bowed there heads to pray. "I'm sure glad Flo; you mentioned praying awhile ago. It keeps us with the Lord and not gossiping.

"You bet, she smiled, and Thomas isn't it time for you to pick up Emmy?"

"She said; she was getting a ride home." Emmy met a new teen interested in her, and he took the initiative? He's a senior named Chet Ames tall and trims, six foot with coal black curly hair and a thin mustache. She had accidentally bumped into him the prior day, as she left the cafeteria. Today he rode her home.

Emmy came in the side door with her books. "Hi everyone, how are you tonight," she smiled brightly! She'd made a list of things; she had to check other than her bank account, absently she sat near Thomas.

"How was school today – the new teacher decent?" Flo inquired feeling tired.

Was it her, did Emmy's cheerful voice, run false, entering, or did she imagine it?

"I feel bushed. He is fine. I'm happy it worked out. Any news heard on Allen Blackthorn, prior to my situation?"

"I think I'm going over!" Thomas stood like his mother.

Emmy dressed for bed really exhausted, and glad for sleep and a new day.

The next day Emmy ate earlier – hurrying to school with all her studies. Every day, she dug into her studies to graduate earlier. Thomas found her scanning her homework in an early study hall.

"I feel I'm losing you with all this flighty business?" She always liked Thomas and did not want to hurt him; she could use his help some time?

"Thomas, we didn't 'ask to be pushed into marriage,' or because Aunt Flo never called the shower off? That is her idea for the baby. I really can't adjust. I'm not from the family?"

"You mean you don't want to marry now." He sat down; "well, we never had attendants?" She squeezed his hand reassuringly, as she worked on homework?

They split, and he looked back at her... He did learn some thing; he thought sweetly, my God, she still wore his ring.


Marcy visited Flo. They bowed their heads to pray before they imparted more teen news. "Did you notice anything different with Emmy, said Marcy? Some young student brought her home? I saw the car park, and watched him pull out?"

"Don't you really think; she is ready to marry? I'm still having the shower."

"That darn shower started the whole thing? Well, she will receive central items? How many are coming? I think she'd like to move out and living on what – like to know?"

"Flo how come we never went to a funeral Mass for Mitchell? Are the cops still holding the body?"

"We must find out... at least a month passed."

During the day, Emmy saw Chet leaving the cafeteria at noon hour. Thomas moved at a diverse time. They were poles apart in age and classes. She had asked Chet what he was going to study when he graduated.

Flo announced. "I'm 'having the caterers' from the lounge, the reception was supposed to be held at, bring the food? "That sounds great! What else do we need?"

"Let's go get the girls for school." She backed out of the garage. Marcy was leery, it seemed people said, and any male or female mate you remarry was like the first one wed. She ought to know with her teen marriage. She had yet to reveal to her two teens or Flo.

Percy caught Flo as the girls came up, "tell Marcy to call me?"

"She is waiting in the car... if you have a minute?" He decided he did.

"Come back 'at 10 a. m.' this morning to take Beth over to the judge." The other girls' looked on... Marcy shut her window "on cloud nine."

They arrived home for the girls to change. Flo opened the side door. "W what is it Flo? OH, NO!" Clutter and mess – the house trashed in the last few minutes. She was afraid to peer around to see what's destroyed. She dialed the police? In the mean time, she glanced in Emmy's bedroom. The dog was sleeping what a miracle. "Girls 'find your way' and hurry it up?" Marcy took over.


Chief of Police Percy arrived... Flo checked her coffee pot and turned it on ready to snip the wrecker, where it hurt. She waited for the coffee to perk. She had to hide her eyes seeing the ruined furniture, but then felt overjoyed; she's with a new man.

"Tell me about the past when your brother, and wife vanished? When you saw the police, and if you recall who was working? There is strong evidence the other sergeant was killed, not a three car pileup for public acuity.... Were your parents involved in any business dealing that could lead to the present?" Marcy served the coffee with cinnamon rolls baked the last two days....

" – Dad...was an accountant at a firm in the city, and Mom a housewife. My two uncles worked with him since my grandfather started the firm. Two of my aunts will be here, she started to sob – I need an afghan to cover the slits. I'm not buying a new couch?" She coughed and wiped her nos. Why her, who's the rat?

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