Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 12

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 12

No! Man brings trouble on himself, as surely as sparks fly up from a fire.
— Job 5:7

How many times do we try to handle problems ourselves instead of turning to heavenly aid?

Pertaining to the disappearance of Flo's brother, she felt surely the police could pick up two unconcerned brothers from her family. Flo was not one to sit back and not give an opinion. She informed that prescient where they resided. The three jerk brothers (other than Jack and Fergus) never acted concerned, he's missing. The party went on...Flo furtively laughed with the prizewinners.

Emmy kept her eye trained on the two daughters – unbelievable cousins, related, so snobbish, as their mothers' frozen faces. She imagined they didn't like her mother; they never called in all these years. Carry and Mary, Sue's girls both won prizes. Peggy snared and coveted the prizes. Emmy noted her face, and looked at Percy who saw it? Emmy kept watching them, as her girls opened their posh prizes with Aunt Flo's special touch selecting them? Honesta and Gladys pouted when they saw the pretty pins the two won. She had given the lying news about her newly engaged partner.

"Theirs still prizes," Flo hollered. We have three door prizes to give away before we dine? The first three winners can pick the numbers?" She stared at the outlandish faces of (the family) and odd behavior...Marcy, her face a crafty grin, held the bowl out for the first winner to pick a number. Flo's mind was neither "here nor there, as" she watched the group. What kind of women these people really were? Why not gets a nice gift for Emmy. They sure never gave nothing else. Say a storm blew her house over; she'd be sitting alone, sobbing her heart out – not hearing a kind word from an enzymatic relative.

Three people that didn't win at shower games – took the door prizes. The food was set up on the kitchen counter. Percy went first after Emmy; soon he had to leave? Mitchell also wanted to view these brothers, who killed his son. He peered here and there giving anyone his eagle eye.

The two ate and hurried off? Marcy stuck to Flo as they waited for the others to get in line? Beth hung around the kitchen ignoring the group. How peculiar, thought Marcy? Let go by the judge; she could socialize. A chance never occurred to defy her aunt – leaving with anybody?

To Beth or Kieran's mind, the other was a jinx. This shower was a bore and she wanted to just go home. She'd read if her mother could see to it as soon as she ate, so she got in line. Marcy stood behind her.

"All we have to do is watch her open her presents, and then you can go? If you could help save bows, it would be a help?" She acceded easily just to leave in a short while. "What is Thomas doing? You should take a plate for him?"

Beth smiled – happy to dart away until after they ate?

"You bet, Mom... I'll take care of that son of yours and help Emmy." Marcy fixed a plate and handed it to her – okay if she wanted to hibernate to her room. Nobody knew of Beth's imprisonment or this snide group would make nasty lowered remarks? She rushed over to her house to relax for a half hour.

The gift opening time presented itself to Emmy. Beth hurried to her side? Flo stood by to save the bows. Beth recorded the gifts in a notebook. The cash added up to five hundred. She thanked them for every thing. She promised; she would see them at the wedding. Certainly they had to think, she was getting married.

"Well, that's over. Did anyone 'ask about the wedding?' What an odd group? She gave them her fake smile encompassing, the lot. Soon they were saying their good byes. She folded up her chairs leaning them against the wall. Marcy's went next to hers.

One day finished and another – loaming around the corner...They must sleep across the street. Emmy set the gifts in a corner of her room. How strange, she'd gone to school never aware, Chet was ending it by him taking another female. She never missed him; he was just the means to an end, to get on her own. Thomas never made a move either.

She aided her aunt – thanking her profusely for what she did. She idled when to take the dog out. She had more years of schooling than Thomas. Maybe her aunt could help her take honors with the class? She was the only Mother, in the last years with all the tigers around not caged? When nobody was looking, she used the phone to call the rectory and cancel her wedding. She was known, as the engaged of the dead Police Chief and that did not warrant marrying. She kept a secret – seeing Eugene. He was finishing his senior year in jail. She promised him if he were sent to a nearby prison she'd somehow see him. He near wept – embracing her, with his trial looming near. They had prayer sessions and he went to Bible meetings.


The prosecuting attorney had it in the bag, pressing his case home about the problem Eugene always had been? The two hoodlums Eugene hired to beat Kieran testified. He was sentenced to ten years without parole? He sardonically peered at his relatives. His transfer from the jail was near downtown Chicago, Illinois instituted in the Metropolitan Correctional Center at the intersection of Clark and Van Buren Streets.


Halloween neared, and Thomas wanted to dress up and go around the vicinity, even if he was a junior in school. Emmy looked at him with patience and a hidden grin for the funny things, he performed? He was a hilarious laugh, and if some matters were different, she might marry him. Now he held the dog petting it.

"Okay – I'll get in costume... So they think were grown up kids?"

"Any one could arrive after six o'clock. Who's staying here? Can't Mom or Beth come over here for the Halloween goers?"

"You go over and work it out? I'll get in costume?" She'd never get ready.

"How do I look... in this Dog costume?"

"You look like a real one – hurry in case someone comes here?" She just about shoved him out the side door. "I'll make a dash over watching, before she peeked.

Say if anyone in costume, near, or coming down or going up the street. Where was her human dog, she wanted to pull his tail and hear him growl? She giggled silently, could it be nobody wanted to stay around? How long was it now when he left? She'd sit at the table, in case she answered the door. Trick or Treat started at six in the evening.. Thomas went to check for Beth to help them while they went out? He came inside... finally as a group of ten Halloween masked kids came to the door. She let him handle it; he wanted to play kid stuff.


Sergeant Percy peered at his notes on the two brothers they interrogated the day of the shower. They were his elder brothers, and felt it was an audacity bringing them in? Mitchell Senior stood over to the side guardedly eyeing them...

"We were 'at work together' – the day, he didn't show up, one said?"

The other said; "The 'mafia or crooks' try to get in your business?"

That was the way it was and so on... When it was over that day he said: they could go, he had turned to Mitchell Senior. "What do you consider?"

"They are what they say and that isn't much? What was that brother or woman doing that led a flight to a motel? The woman had a fling with crooked cops. What other reason not to investigate, hanging with others?"

"It looks like it is one or two in jail – now the question – how do we find out what went on? The others, we would have to offer a deal?"

"In disguise, I'll rattle their cages to see who dated her, and killed my son. As soon as possible, I'll go?"

Mitchell camouflaged – approached the case. He noticed two cads in one cell where others eyes followed? He recognized the two – one day when he saw Mitchell junior. They seemed to hang near like they wanted to follow, and hear what was said. What he could not understand was why so many officers would jeopardize their careers to protect two crooked cops. He'd give Flo a call and see what she thought? She knew more relative (like) a good link to Emmy?

Flo walked over to Marcy's place. Percy pulled into Marcy's and beeped? "You have to watch for Halloweeners alone, Flo? Where is that man of yours?" He pushed the car door shut and approached her?

"We sort of fell apart, I needed him." He wondered why he didn't sense it the day, my house was wrecked. We might still get together who knows."

"I do not thinks of love as esp. Take it from me; his life is busy like mine?"

"Why didn't he forget it?" She neared him – noticing how handsome he was, and stared into his eyes. He felt a bit unsettled and mused what he said.

"Maybe, you told him, and he felt worse?"

"I'll consider – what you said." He could not resist and pulled her close.

After he entered Marcy's house, appalled at what he did. "Kissing all the women;" Marcy humorously teased.

"How many Halloween kids did you get, he sat? They seemed to be tapering off these last few years?"

Beth came out to sit with them at the table. She got a cola from the refrigerator. And poured it over ice and give them one.

"How do you 'like school' back here?" He seemed different tonight; Beth sensed, more impersonal.

"Just like before, except I see kids whispering about me at times where before that incident, they didn't?" She glanced at him and took a sip of cola.

"It will pass like 'any other matter' you only had two days of school?"

"Yes. I do 'have to get over' kids looking at me; she turned her face. I'm rather a shy person?" She felt more diffident and self conscious being jailed. "I never hung with girls much that is the trouble, but I will survive?" She suddenly gave them a winning smile.

Percy and Marcy stood at the same time. She walked with him to the door and he kissed her. "Good night, have a good one?" Next thing, he was gone – realizing, he loved kissing Flo, and Marcy was like a sister to him. He never attended to woman much and still remained his status of being a virgin. Marcy watched from the window with tears in her eyes? She had an odd feeling she'd not see him again in the sense, they were.

Thanksgiving drew closer and Emmy's clothes were getting tighter. Beth had made two girlfriends. Kieran had returned to school a changed person from his incident, and avoided his former girl friend likes the plague.

Flo intended having the two families to her house for Thanksgiving. Marcy bakes a Christmas dinner at her house. A week prior to the event, she planned the menu with Marcy? Marcy and Flo spend time dining together for lunch.

"Eat up, it's a Special Macaroni and Cheese recipe, I made?"

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