Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 14

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 14

Anyone who is not for me is really against me.
— Matthew 12:30

The beggars of the streets in yonder times or even today would feel they went to heaven with what is considered a problem today with the upper classes.

Emmy repentant with the rotten life, she inherited – years ago departing in the middle of the night – her parent's vanishing – prepared for her life ahead. Flo tentatively assured her, they must be deceased; they'd never let her alone so long.

Trudy (with a pretty grin) loved the atmosphere of neighbor, niece, and the slick slim body, and attractive face and joking? The niece even looked like Flo with the curl in the hair, great shaped bodies, and pert noses.

Emmy sat down in a pensive mood. She wanted to take four classes next year if they let her, she'd graduate with a child? If she could study four grades now, she could be done next fall. She'd get her Aunt Flo alone to work it out for her? Joyce was due home the following Monday. That was another reason, she wanted done with young immature Thomas. She needed an older father figure and daddy? It looked like Percy would be living here married to Aunt Flo. Finally things were going right. She had a new dress for the wedding with shoes and purse to match. She wondered if Thomas would sit at the table with her new boyfriend. Thomas peered at her loathing. If matters worked out, she would be graduating with him? After January, she'd don bigger clothes.

Ten days prior to Christmas arrived with heavy snow flurries and icy walks being salted. Flo dressed and Emmy stood before her mirror staring...

In a few minutes, Marcy and Beth came inside all matching in their color tone dresses. "Thomas is taking the car with Kieran and we'll go with you?"

Marcy offered to drive the beautiful bride. They all piled in the car. Kieran was acting as best man. The past night, Chad dreamt of Flo, and now she was marrying another. He gazed at her when she came in the door of the judge's chambers, and strolled toward her. He enfolded her in his arms. "Friends forever," he whispered, in her ear, and she nodded. He repeated "Those Words" the first time they parted, when he left for school.

Percy stared entranced at the distracted Flo standing next to him. Chad stared at her one last time, and in sniffles, walked out. In that instance, Flo saw his tears and forgot what was said? He stood outside the chamber, and bawled like a baby. She should have been his? Thomas saw him weeping, went to another section. He sobbed for his lost love.

Soon the ceremony was over, he kissed his bride, and they smiled at the crowd. As soon as they got their bearings, they left for the lounge. By that time Chad was okay to take Marcy's arm – she unaware of his tears. Chad unaware says he could get through the ceremony. Flo catered to Chad when he appeared down.

Percy danced with Marcy always considered a caring friend ... his family next and Emmy. He'd had invited Mitchell Senior, and while he was dancing with Emmy, he noticed, Mitchell snagged his wife. When the dance ended; he went to her, she abhorring Mitchell's touch. He handed her over to him and he whispered, "My wife is coming home tomorrow." Flo elated – confided in Emmy wanting to visit her soon? After the New Year, Flo was chipping on a baby shower.

Flo and Percy stayed until the reception ended. They were going to a section of Chicago; Flo had not been in. The others went home....

Chad made Marcy feel the best he could off duty. Marcy could tell he's distracted at Flo's wedding – who ever knew a doctor's mind.

Emmy and Landry split a bottle of wine. She helped get the glasses down from the cupboard. "To us," they clicked glasses.

Joyce's brought home – her eyes reorganizing, her mind, to the house as she walked around. Emmy was there to show her around, and make her feel at home. Flo and Percy would be home eight at night. They sat at the kitchen table eating left over dinner. "The wedding interesting to others, Aunt Flo wed a policeman."

"Who are you dating now, do I know him?" She was so enthralled to come home. Not once did she think of that Thomas not seeing him to her knowledge.

"Landry Burns. He's a senior going to school here from the city. He is still keeping his apartment when he attends the University."

"When are you due? You can hardly can tell it?" Joyce keenly looked her over.

Emmy liked her words; she seemed like the old Joyce, but who could tell?

She was holed up in a Mental hospital a few months recovering from the suicide attempt. What would, she do if a husband left her?

"I wear a girdle! Soon I will show, and I'm not going away to school?"

"The school is big; I'll be attending tomorrow, too."

"Do you want to wait for them to come home? I'm sort of tired."

"You go rests Joyce. I'm soon moving – and when I do – I won't be out."

Marcy saw lights on over at the house. Tomorrow Flo and she would get together. Tired, she turned her light out. Chad had been busy since the wedding.

Flo was elated to return home – a flighty honeymoon in the "heart of the city." Everything happened so fast it's like Mitchell was still kidding with her instead. She gave up her doctor for what, Percy acting uninterested?

She's up early making Percy eat a decent breakfast. He smiled her way!

"You both sit down, and mother will get you your food." Emmy realized Flo's the only Mother; she had for a long time, and protected her too.

"I'm so glad to be back in this house and with you two? I hope my friends in school is still there, and wanting to see me again. I have realized it is too foolish to let anyone get you down in life. A good idea – never gets too devoted to anyone and forget who's important?"

Marcy tapped on the door and entered. "I'm glad you're back! She embraced her. Flo handed her a hot coffee and they joined hands to pray for a half hour.

"Flo, I feel I'm alone with a ring from Chad. I'm sending it back to him. It is odd, he never married." She peered at Flo? Flo turned, so she could not see the love in her eyes for Chad.

"What happened anyway," she still kept her face averted, pouring coffee.

"Somehow Chad, and I just didn't work out. I had doubts after the first time alone. Well, he found a ring and now I never see him, seeing as you married. He's been single so long – whatever went through his head?"

"Percy will make a good dad for the baby coming in a few months? I do not thinks I can even have anymore; I birthed five children."

Marcy felt she spoke regrets. How could she marry Percy, in love with Chad? Did Flo experience a mix up due to a horrid family situation with Job?

Flo – could not tell her all the truth. "It is queer how Emmy got involved with a policeman – now one's living here (like for protection) is that how it happened? That is what is going on and he became infatuated with me. Here he is with us, and we said it all this morning. We had our families? Chad and I grew up together, but were not close neighbors?" "We have to leave to get the girls? Flo slid behind the wheel. We just have to abide with Christmas coming soon. How many gifts do you need to buy?"

"Let's get going, and see what?" They sat down in the car and Flo backed up. "Janice and Grace will not graduate next year with Emmy? They will be a sophomore and junior? All these years they lived together. And Emmy had the age on them all the time?"

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