Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 16

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 16

Like a whirlwind sweeping across the desert, disaster will come from a terrifying land.
— Isaiah 21:1

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It was eight in the evening and around Emmy's normal hour... arriving home. She drudged to her room in a snit. She had dined with Landry's family... She hated the deceiving smirk on his brother, Stanley's face for his kin, Landry.

"Is that you Emmy" – her Aunt Flo came out of the bathroom.

"Yes, she frets. It's I." Flo had found out information on Percy's' condition – him being a predator of two woman, at a time, ever since he was duped by her family with his first marriage? His parents probably were not aware; he had a case for the psychiatrists. As she stood there, she decided Emmy was just too young to listen to the whole matter. "I just wanted to say good night!" Her own guilt assailed her, and stupidity falling for a well mannered officer.


Two months passed and the day of the baby shower arrived. Gilda arrived early with her contributions of: main dishes and desserts. "Where should I put these goodies?" Gilda felt she had a rough life. She so wanted to have grandchildren in her sorry-full life with a former cop. He could be tough acting and heartless at times. If only her first husband not died, she might still be a judge's wife.

"Where is Emmy? Flo – soon you'll be grandparent?" She smiled at her, and Flo mused, how much better, she appeared when she was happy.

Emmy met Gilda – as she came out of her room, and embraced her. "I'm so glad you came." She peered at her; she looked better, but worn out?

"I would not miss this. I wish Mitchell wouldn't either?"

"He is probably looking down on us – with a pleasant look on his face." Emmy put her arm around her, and went to the kitchen. What a terrible matter for her to bear – some care from the real father... Now his father must have met his older son up there with Jesus Christ...waiting for us to make it too...

Handsome Eugene (in his way) and Emmy got along more than fine. Sometimes he fancied himself, in love with her – doubting they're related. She'd never have him outside jail if she followed her dream to marry him.

Flo smiled to herself – while working to please the invitees. She'd eliminated more snobs in the family, because they lacked fun.

"Do we has a cold space to put these type of desserts?" Marcy held a Jell O dessert in her hands.

"We'll use the good old naturally cold out doors if we need room to keep cold dishes or desserts cold." Flo felt that was as good, as any place. The snowy weather was so cold... you could freeze your nose, hands, and toes.

Gilda heard her and agreed. "Outdoors on the barbecue this goes?" Emmy answered the pealing phone. Percy was on the line, asking about her shower. She motioned to Flo, "it's Percy," she silently mouthed. Flo took the phone.

"Is there – 'something' you want Percy?" She felt on edge...

"I thought 'I'd check in' and see how everyone is. I'm stationed in the north now, and find every station the same?"

"That is good, did 'you meet new people' there?" Flo saw Thomas walking toward her and mouthed: "You want to talk to Percy?" Thomas glanced at her like she was a Martian. "We are busy with the shower, talk to you later," she hung up.

Percy stared at the phone; she hung up on him. He was off duty for the day. He decided to travel there – park away up the street and watch the house?

A short while later, Marcy went outside for a cooler dessert. She noticed Percy's car parked up the street. She hastened inside. "Flo, what did Percy say about that blue Chevrolet that followed us? Percy is parked up the street?" She did not want to elaborate to anyone around?

She whispered... "He said the man was already in trouble, with a Rap Sheet. He had no proof, he drove his car or someone used it. They suspect the owner? Why is Percy here? We can ask the New Chief about the blue car situation," she said pertly?

"Don't get upset! I can talk to him to see if he 'sounds rational.' People are coming all the time. You will be needed to play the games." Flo nodded, but went to the phone. Darn. She needed to speak to a doctor, hers for example. She let it ring at the hospital?

"Chad, Flo groaned, Percy is parked up the street, prior to that he called us, two? Marcy said he's parked there a while. Is he rational, what's your suggestion?"

"I'll speak to him, okay!"

"That's fine dear. I don't know about him anymore? He sounded like matters are fine and dandy?"

"I better get going... is he still there?" She peered... up the street.

"Yes. He's there? I will see you, okay?" In five minutes, she watched from the dining room window – and Chad pulled along side of him. They spoke and another vehicle pulled behind Percy? The conversation went on for minutes... Then Percy got out of his vehicle – opened the back door to the other one. He sat down, and it drove off? Emmy inched close and looked out the window behind her.

"Did he leave yet?"

"I think so?" Flo put her arms around her – held her close for some minutes. Marcy moved near... staring out the window with Emmy while Flo ran outside to find out what happened? "Why was he here?"

"I spoke to him... I'm not sure what his problem is. I asked two men from the mental home to come here. I said, they wanted to speak with him?"

"What about his car? I'll pull mine down here – his goes over to the mental hospital. Some one has to bring me back. Can you drive mine over there; go tell Marcy where you are going?"

Flo came to the outside door, yelling inside. "Marcy? I'm going to follow Chad... I'm driving Percy's car to the mental home where two men took him.

"Okay. Come back soon. Should his car be left there or at the prescient? Someone must call his family. Kieran should be there now, so I will call him? Go ahead if the family wants to move it they can. She watched them leave and she dialed the number, months ago, she thought she could use for life. Some one answered, "Would Kieran Stuart be there?"

"Yes just a minute?"

"Kieran this is Marcy calling? Percy called here to gab like everything was fine. We were busy, and Flo hung up on him... He decided to come over and park up the street...

Kieran whispered, "What happened." Trudy gasped, covering her mouth? She or the family had no idea of any first marriage to a sickly girl that affected him. She stood by him. "Flo just followed in Chad's car taking it there for now. He is there right? I hope they straighten him out?"

"We will converse first, and she can tell the family? Since he is employed, they do have to call there to check on matters. Some one else has to fill in the police station on his condition?"

"Thanks Kieran, talk to you later? I have to get back to the party?"

Kieran turned to Trudy whispering more news to inform the family? She went into the kitchen. In a few minutes came out, and sat by him...

"It looks like we'll have to work it out. We make a check at the home where they're keeping him, and go from there?" They donned their heavy coats, and braced the nasty weather....

"Are they 'still holding matters' against him? He seems to be ill or has two personalities, it may be something simple?"

"Never would 'they understand' mental illness?" She seemed convinced.

"Are they 'from the modern age' or not? I admit I had 'a hard time' believing every thing that transpired. We cannot fathom what happened to him."

Trudy seriously peered at him. "That is why they do not understand, he married her mother not Libby. He was supposed to be a decent example to Emmy and the child? Everything seemed fine, but it all could have been a farce living two lives. He is a case for the mental doctors."

"He might thought of 'my mother' as a criminal?" She sat down, turned the radio on – tuning in music. He does require mental aid, but what your parents don't understand is people in all positions could need mental help?" In school, he took a lesson on... mental and physical health.

"Mom and Dad 'isn't intelligent enough' to understand that some thing went wrong with him. There was an era, when he didn't care about anyone's opinion."


Flo pretended for the company, but she felt unsettled – sorry for Percy, and mad at the family that blamed him for his perfidy? She watched Emmy open various baby gifts, and a hospital jacket for her confinement. She'd hire a nurse to take care of the babe in the morning, or do the whole deal herself. The phone rang, as she was pouring a cup of punch and she hastened to it... "Mom, he is being held here, and 'heavens knows' when he'll be released. The 'mental hospital' will call the station, or do you want to – it sounds like 'a stigma' on his personality if they call? We must drive his car where?"

She held her hand over her mouth, "I will do it, and do you have the number?" Marcy approached ... Flo handed her the punch for Mrs. Green.

"What's wrong? You look white?" She bent toward her....

"I 'volunteered' dialing the northern station where Percy works, around Chicago. I feel like crying – it's so sad."

"Pull yourself together. Give me the number, I'll call?"

Emmy knew something happened....She gave a fake smile to the gift givers.

She had received everything, she needed. Gradually the guests dribbled out – assuring Emmy they'd keep their eyes open for the baby news. This group was similar to the last, but still high and mighty relatives.

"That's the deceiving person he is – and they will probably try to get him over us or change his ideas of himself?" Flo wondered how illusory she was.

Joyce approached knowing the group was upset... "Anyone can go nuts or need help, I did. I really should have done something myself."

"Pour me more punch, how about the rest of you?"

"I'm going to start cleaning up. She gulped her drink down. "Come visit anytime?" Gilda nodded, and Flo opened the door and she rushed to the car with the cold winds.


Emmy was in her last month, musing she could go early or late? She had packed her bag soon after the shower. She only had a one or two day stay in the hospital. They were discussing Percy's aims. "I'm not a doctor. The danger was when he parked up the street, or was he protecting us – sees there's always two objects involved."

"He meant to 'bug us' the same as 'give us a hard time' because you hung up on him? Let's visit the hospital and peek in his room."


Emmy barely slept at night, and thought that she scarcely stood it anymore; she noticed the hint of labor beginning. In the morning, Flo saw her face as she sat down ready to give her food. "Can you eat?"

"Near to five minutes still," she winced, telling Aunt Flo.

Thomas readied for school his mother saying – Emmy was in labor. He could hardly concentrate with what she was going through? He could leave, finally, and raced home. He burst through the door across the street, "are you still okay?"

"Thomas? Women have babies all the time? Come sit down and relax?" He slowly edged toward the table, and sat down toward the back.

Flo had dialed Gilda. It would be heaven taking her baby liken to when Mitchell was young. Maybe with her young age – she'd error.

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