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by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 19


by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 19

Bad is never good until worse happens.
— Danish proverb

Two heavenly figures spoke about the comatose woman moving out of their realm for good….

“W-what,” Marcy murmured as loud as she could! She being — out of whack for six months and opened her eyes.

Flo watched astounded. “Marcy, ‘you’re finally’ awake,” she reached over and embraced her. She whispered, “Blessed be to the Lord!”

“So? I’m in a hospital; I did ‘feel so tired’ that day?” Different medical workers rushed in and checked her vitals….

“A virus was going around…. Nobody went into a coma like you five months ago. The months slowly passed … worried about you… and now it’s near August. The day, she gave birth, you went into a coma. She is now pregnant again? I like to think only three weeks went by because you moved your hands then?”

“I wish I knew ‘what hit me’ in the early spring… a bug, but what?”

Chad listened. “You ‘inhaled a type of weed’ that probably didn’t bother you much prior to that day. Maybe you had some sniffles from it, or some foreign substance invaded the territory. You probably won’t have any trouble again?”

“Life is a chance, I nearly missed?” She looked pessimistic. Somehow the kids had to be told.

“You could go home this evening if you can stand. I’d recommend in that time, you prepare your mind for life again?”

“I’m having dinner at my house tonight. You can fix breakfast for your kids in the morning?”

“How have my kids been? Did Peter forget me and go on with his life? He was so important to her for some time? How scary — waking finding the time elapsed.

“Peter came every day to talk to you, didn’t you hear him or I?” She stared at her; the time became ancient history. Why? Was there a good reason she woke up now in late summer? Chad truly amazed, she awoke, appearing healthy to boot.

“I was relayed events, but I overlook how I knew. It almost sounded like a supreme voice. You look at me so odd; someone up above could talk to you, given that you are not communicating on earth? So you still don’t believe me, if I think of what I heard, I will tell you?” She felt glorious to be awake, and finally able to go back to her family.

Flo had given up on the idea that Marcy awake? She would go to her death — maybe seeing her in the after life if lucky? That was one matter she never figured, she could be. Marcy felt hurt — the life she lived for those months was different than, back to earth. She did not mind the supreme beings or who ever talked to her in that time that kept her comforted.

“I’m glad to see you back with us, how about I call your house.”

Flo pressed her hand, and dialed the house number. She let it ring and Beth answered. “Beth this is Mom calling — I awoke!” She motioned Thomas near…

“Mom” — Thomas neared the phone; “I can’t believe it. I’m hearing your voice?” He’d relented and went back to Emmy hearing what Kieran checked into. He’s still was too young to be a father, barking like a puppy for her. Kieran already had one law marriage tacked to his belt! Thomas took the phone. “My mommy, how are you. I love you so much?”

“I’m coming home tonight. I’ll eat at Flo’s for dinner. Why don’t you call Peter after I ring my family?” Emmy and the others were delighted; she awoke.

“Aunt Flo, we need a Special meal with a cake, and the trimmings. Do you have an idea? You could stop at the market or bakery for a cake and have it addressed to her?” She liked the idea, and did they need anything else.

“Okay I will see what I can do. See you in a little while?”

Emmy the homemaker and her niece, Flo mused. Her brother raised her so long. Even then — both her brother and she loved her like their own — never checking what her blood was until her selfish son pulled a fast one. Word! Did he actually intend to gain Emmy for himself?

She kissed Marcy! “I‘ll be back later, give Peter a call. He will be tickled? He is so devoted to you!” She was so distracted; she forgot to embrace Chad and walked out the door intent on her purpose. She forgot to tell Marcy, they wed.

Marcy nodded secure in thinking, she had her family and Peter who was quite devoted to her. Add her best friend, Flo!

Emmy stared — thinking there was no one like Aunt Flo. “I suppose Thomas is devoted to you. Dead Job wove his evil in this house.” Emmy went to her room. Job did not “cheat on her” — when first pregnant, or did him; she was reminded again, it plagued her? Any school was not the place for outlandish doings, mused Flo, and she’d take care of that trash, still irate with Kieran.

The next day the bad lot at school was arrested.

Downstairs in jail, “So you can’t leave the women alone, like us?” Janice jeered thinking he’s a dope fooling around in school; he must be low average too?

“Janice? I’m not like you, bugging the wrong sex?”

“You are too; you just were not caught. Grace yelled at him! Kieran was ready to tape the girl’s mouths.

“QUIET!” The guards yelled, and the girls settled down.

Kieran stared at them. Maybe he would improve; this jail life was not for him.


Marcy with her health back and feeling chipper — decided to visit Flo when the kids left for school? Flo was pouring coffee. She loved this old stuff and missed five months of life. “I’m so irate at my son not aware what school is for. They’re all arrested and he’s in jail. Emmy wants to marry Thomas, a male true to her?”

“Wow! I’m supposed to make wedding plans?”

Before Kieran ever got out of jail to change his life; Emmy and Thomas were married in the rectory with only Joyce and Beth as reluctant attendants and their parent, Flo, Chad, Marcy with Peter, who loved the event. After the ceremony, they went to a Special luncheon — viewing a small wedding cake. They danced the day and early evening with each other. Emmy appeared elegant in an old lace veil of Flo’s grandmother. Her white voile dress held a jewel neckline, lace bodice and long sleeves and full skirt and the naughty blue garter. Pearl eardrops were the new gift. She didn’t know how she’d fool Eugene, or tells the truth. He knew the force of this house. Flo’s mind wandered she felt like sending Kieran to her one brother.” It still galled her — checking out Emmy’s life. Later that night, she dialed Fergus (her other brother) that she got along with growing up. Kieran could still attend business school and live with him.

“Fergus how is you doing!” Kieran drove her to “wits ends.”

“Flo how’s my favorite sister? I see he is a problem and needs a firm hand. He has business school to attend. Send him here; better still pack up his belongings. I’ll talk to them assuring them of, my guidance?”

“You’ll get it. Bye my dearest brother!” He hung up pondering the new venture of his. He needed a new diversion, even if it was his wayward nephew? He went to the extra room upstairs, and began righting matters.

After they prayed a half hour they relaxed. “Oh Marcy, I’m so thankful Fergus is taking him off my hands, he needs a decent man to handle him?” They sat at the dining table, today, pretending, they were queens and kings for a day. There’s nothing in the wide world to burst their bubble.

In a month, Flo and Marcy noticed their problem girls’ conditions, and it looked like their bubble did burst. — “You did what?” They both confronted their daughter, “probably wallflowers.”

“Beth and I aren’t popular and desire to raise kids alone.”

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