Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 22

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 22

You did not choose me; I chose you and appointed you to go and bear much fruit, the kind of fruit that endures.
— John 15:16

How many times in life do we try to protect our loved ones?

Heaven help Aunt Flo and her niece Emmy. Aunt Flo never performs an unnecessary deed, unless to save Emmy – over a vice like half brother. She was concerned what occurred the prior night. He made a creepy stab at abusing Emmy, and she shot him.

Emmy felt sorry for turning down Eugene, but more likely, she'd be a jailbird's wife all her life. She hoped; he stayed on the rightful path similar to what they worked on. She'd still visit him. He did meet an inmate Bible female, he liked.

"Thomas would keep the secret she learned to shoot a gun. No way would a pusher leave."

"I am surprised with being so far pregnant, he did not mind."

"He did have some trouble, and last night, I awoke? He was droning my name, and I detested it?"

"Did he possibly molests other half sisters? Do they even know him? He must put on a better act for Gilda if she even knew him or other siblings. Whenever did Mitchell start his reign of illegal kids? Was that Ness the first, and Emmy the second, and what after. What did he teach his son, or hound him, to get him under his thumb doing evil? We must call the girls of hers."

"I'm idling about Christmas?" Little John stood near smiling at them. Flo picked him up, kissing him. Marcy eyed Flo and little John. She mused how much Gilda loved him. She'd never see him grow, because she married that monster. Somehow, he must have distrusted her, after that forced mental hospital trip.


Due to arguments with the hunters at camp – the two males left their company earlier than planned. They arrived at the side door at nine in the morning. Chad used his key knowing Flo might be running the vacuum cleaner, and not hears them. Flo saw the two as he rounded the corner to the parlor.

Back home, the day had started out as normal with Flo cooking for the only couple other than her husband. She had just delivered him a breakfast plate.

"This is a special time for us alone, right Flo?" Thomas had gone to sleep.

"I'm at the stove right now; give me a minute... I'll move over with my coffee and breakfast, which will be a first for me?" She found she's six weeks pregnant and looking beautiful, he thought happily. Say he went hunting again it would be with more compatible men. She touched his hand, as she sat down.

"You'll never believe what happened here the night of the day you left. Ness tried to rape Emmy and she shot him?"

"Is that the end for good? I'm in trouble with my boat if anyone saw you?"

"Darling, I can't see how anyone is aware; he's here for more than insurance?"

"We had two girls enamored of him, and what about school?"

"They are away at Aunt Gens. Do you think any of them snuck to the Halloween party? They all seemed interested. We should know what is going on, I will approach Thomas. I hear some movement in there?"

He brushed his clothes off. "Will I see you two or you for lunch?"

She moved near him. "You better believe it, love?" He laughed with her. She saw him to the door – and watched him drive away. She was fortunate to have him in her life... They had spent holidays around each other growing up. Then she never felt attracted – like today with his cute dimples, thoughtfulness, and affection. She was surprised that he fell for her – not the high classy type like doctors usually marries. He was so down to earth. She became enamored of him and the concern when she had two in the hospital healing mentally or physically.

Flo's mind was full of worry – the damage. Say fined out if they said anything about Ness in school, said Flo to Emmy and Thomas. Then make them out like wallflowers that brag about anything to make others think different? I'd like their names if you find anything out, as soon as possible, okay like tonight." She walked over to Emmy with a plate of pork sausage and waffles, and poured them a juice.

Thomas looked on interested. "I might has more time to change their lies. I'll give you their names; those two are big pains, if you ask me?"

At school in Chicago, Thomas ambled over to three giggling girls, whom Joyce knew. "Joyce was sent to her neighbor's Aunt Gen's for a change of scene?"

"You mean because of that pesky insurance man or what?" Smart alecks, challenged him, brassily standing around. Thomas's ready for their sass.

"That wallflower does not have anyone; she brags on pretending men? Is there anyone else she wants?"

"Anyone in school," they laughed with him! "You might tell that other few girls the same thing." The one teen pointed to group of girls? He scribbled the first three in his book. He repeated the same message to the other group – and they giggled with him. Now I have to go check and see; if the seniors are around. He mused, before the bell rings for class. He found girls in his class that Beth blabbed to. He repeated the story to nine. It seemed it was the limit for her.

He than called Flo, to come pronto! He had recorded all the blabbermouths in his book? Flo was amazed seeing the fifteen girls' names, which heard the blabbermouths. What to do... if anything else was required (to stop the damage) those two fruitcakes caused being wallflowers.

"Thomas which ones are the most gossipy on the list? Make an "X" by each name?" Concentrating carefully, he marked the best tattlers. He waved, as he hurried back inside. The bell rang, and she hurried to her car to think?

Alone with out Marcy, Flo copied the list of the most gossipy. She let herself into the back door of Ness's office. In a folder of his dates, she wrote the names of all of them. She labeled on the front: "My Women Conquests and Enemies" and placed it half hidden in his desk. She than made a call to the police that she went for insurance, the place looked wrecked. She returned home. Furthermore she motioned to Marcy, who noticed she came home.

"First let's pray for today." The held hands and murmured a favorite prayer.

"Now we listen to the radio. I hope I'm not condemned to hell for ceasing the gossip of those two wallflower kin. Both interested in a neighbor that never worked out. Thomas gave me a list of students that Beth and Joyce blabbed to about their affair with Ness? I made a fast trip to the office....

"Okay." Marcy held her finger up for silence, as the announcer came on....

"This is the Associated Press: "A report just came in that Ness Maine, the new Insurance Man's Office (in the area) has been wrecked inside. The police cannot find, any sign of him at his home? The only clue seems to be a booklet of his half hidden in his desk. At this moment, those students named, are being arrested and weeded out. Their criminal records given a thorough check for police raps. This is Chet Adams: reporting for the Associated Press."

Flo and Marcy clicked coffee cups, "So far so good!" Please keep my son safe (she prayed) he was just helping.

"Let's go look around and see if they have the yellow tape up? Flo turned the car on. The weather had turned cold. Snow was on its way with dark ominous accumulating black clouds. "See the tape, 'Marcy raved,' and lets see about the house. Emmy's next to inherit unless there are more elder illegitimate kids."

"There is no tape here they have no idea, he's dead, but they have to suspect foul play?"

"We might as well returns home, and listens to the news about the girls? At noon, I'm to meet Chad." During the morning, they heard various girls confessed having relations with Ness. Five of them had been in trouble with the law. The police were in heaven with the lead. Many of the girls would be tried for his disappearance and presumed dead? The arraignment was the next day – Norma Day, Ann Smith, Darby Lint, and Sandy Mart and her identical twin Mandy Mart conspired to kill him because of jealousy when he dropped them for five juniors and gave them more expensive jewels. 'A crime of passion' the news reported.

"Let's get moving. Grab your coat, hat, boots, and mittens?"

Marcy slipped her boots on and Flo followed suit. "I hope Chad is ready to eat. I'm as 'hungry as a horse." She parked in her favorite spot.

They found him irate waiting for them. He leaned forward.

"Don't tell me you're guilty of the high school students being arraigned, tomorrow?" He said huffily, ignoring her arm? Marcy glanced at her with secretive eyes, as they entered the elevator?

"Thomas did tell their associates that our two were Wallflowers and just liked to brag. He thought he should do that." The elevator stopped and they got out.

"You two women are the most! I must thinks of me here anymore, if they find anything on my boat?" Flo and Marcy pressed their hands together feeling deserted. Flo could not believe... what she was hearing... She walked along side him feeling like a stranger. It was a strained lunch and Flo was anxious to escape. "What happened to him? Why is he so irate?"

"Nobody is related – and he is afraid he'll lose you? We have 'gotten too involved' in this matter?"

"We better get the rest of our Christmas shopping done?"

"He just does not like the idea of me involved in any matter to save the family? I had to save Emmy with two babies and Thomas? All he had to hear... were those girls in school, being arrested. Maybe, they'll get off tomorrow, or at the arraignment? Chad knew we were in a precarious situation – when he left."

"I'm shocked – the way he acted. Does he feel you'd set him up – to save yourself? You should try to call him and see what happens. You're pregnant and maybe that is why he's so mad? So am I in the motherhood state. We must not say anything to him or Peter."

"Maybe you're right, but look at Emmy – about due to give birth. I could not call the cops, and have her arrested for self protection – that the law did not view? Go though a trial to prove she had to protect herself, when I know she did? She stood a chance of being convicted – never liking him. Today after I got the list? That is rotten of me, the devil tempted me, and we know they didn't kill him."

"Let the cops figure it out – say any had affairs with him. Who is the defense or prosecuting attorney? Why don't we attend court tomorrow at eleven?" The teenagers were arraigned for trial.


Christmas approached, and together they picked out a blue spruce tree to decorate. She had glanced at Chad many times that evening. Flo still did not know what or if anything to expect. She had to save the imprisoned girls or hope they're saved?

Christmas Eve as Emmy entered the bathroom, she knew what happened as a cramp hit her. She had been off one day already with the Christmas Vacation. Flo saw her holding her stomach. "You are going soon?"

Not until five after midnight, did little Mary Noel make an impatient entrance into the world – on Christmas Day, weighing six pounds, six ounces, and twenty inches long, a little Emmy?

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