Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 25

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 25

I trust in the Lord for safety. How foolish of you to say to me, "Fly away like a bird to the mountains."
— Psalms 11:1

It often was said by the religious: "It's a miracle to birth children at fifty." The Lord was plentiful to the women – carrying children (at their age) raising one family turned rotten, by their deceased husbands. They felt they could be given a second chance. They hoped that also took care of the first groups' redemption.

"We have to see the doctor... I like that deep blue top on you?"

"You could wear this color with your fair skin? We both have that light skin quality about us to switch clothes?"

Marcy looked baffled. "You were 'always smaller boned' then I?

"We do have to be amiable to her, she will reside here to attend the city University. She is very high average. She beamed at Marcy and they laughed in merriment. Flo felt very proud of her and meant to tell her more. She aided her more than any of her kids.

"We might as well gets our coats on to visit the stork doctor? I have an idea that we could join a Women's club or go to Bingo if you want or join a baking organization?"

"I think the baking sounds interesting. I'm not sure of Bingo and any clubs the women are more business like."

"I'm so tickled, we found these larger coats?" Flo posed with her stance moving her hips. Marcy chortled – hitting her own side tears of happiness showing.

"Whose turn is it to drive, said Marcy? It would be fun to get in a group switching recipes? We are here. I'll drive, when it is your turn – come over earlier with the car, in this weather?"

"Why? Have I been remiss in this aspect?" Flo looked vague... You have the winter blues, I can tell?" She opened the door remembering her keys, at the last minute to lock the kitchen door.

"To Doctor Spock we go, he still writes his baby care book, doesn't he?"

"He isn't alive anymore for us new mothers?"

Flo dressed, after her checkup, and the doctor came in? "All your tests turned out good. It seems you'll birth twins. He rattled off... That means going into labor earlier than a full term baby?"

"Twins, she gasped – and hesitated... How..." she recalled wondering if Chad's side birthed a twin?

"They usually skip a generation, or more, as they say. You'll find out, he said with a wry smile. Come back in a month. My secretary will set it up."

Marcy heard the news from the nurse taking her vitals. "Twins, she'll go before me now." Two babies to love like the two; she nearly lost, awed her, but one rallied back to life. She saw Flo's proud face when she left the exam room.

"It's only two, 'give or take weeks apart?"

"That is too long – 'given we wanted' to give birth at the same time?"

"Births are not 'a guaranteed matter' in life. You must know that fact?"

"We do wear maternity clothes, and have 'the same due time'?"

"You will have to abide," the nurse said stiffly. And rudely abrupt, she went out the door? Were did she come from – no personality. Marcy got through the exam, and would always say, she should be carrying twins? Flo and she laughed about it on the way home still dazed by the announcement...

"How can I take care of twins...? You have to be nuts to wish for the same thing?" She hit the side of her head disgusted; she got pregnant. At dinner, she bravely said, the news to the others, and watched surprise appear on their faces.

"Twins, Emmy looked puzzled? Whose side had twins? She deferred to Thomas? Aunt Flo did anyone ever say a thing about twins in your family?"

"I have to call my one brother, Jack? He liked working on the family tree?"

"How do you like this new dish made with beef? Today, quickly in and out Marcy and her found a recipe club after shopping, and handed over methods.

"What is mixed in with it," Thomas asked, wrinkling his nose?

"Thomas you are funny, sniffing like a rabbit," she gave him a Special smile. She needed him home, not out for activities. What did she get into?

"Cooking wine is added to cut up red potatoes, carrots, and peas?"

Flo found him ready to go out the door – that evening. She hurriedly said what she needed and why? He agreed; he would try his best – to change her mind.

Flo usually cleaned her bedroom in the evening, or visited Marcy – like she's doing tonight – without obligations outside the house? She wanted to hear the news on Joyce and Beth, so she donned her long winter coat and hat? She sat to pull her boots on with effort – trying to heist them over her stomach.

"Drat," she maddened, but finally got it. She hurried across the street.

"Just like you say Flo; let's give praise to the Lord first." She took her hand.

"What is the news?"

"It – seems Aunt Gen aided Beth find her 'better talent' to teach Art or Home Economics? How did yours like the new recipe?"

"Some? We'll endeavor a sumptuous recipe for Saint Patrick's Day."

"You can comes over for dinner in two days – bringing a green dessert. I wish these males were not so set in their ways about food. Did you notice the fact with your boy, at my house?"

"Yes, she moaned, both Carl and Thomas were fussy about food?" She used to feel like clubbing them on the head – sweating and slaving over the stove.

"They're 'going out of their way' at school (for the jailed women) to make up studies before the end of the school term?"

"How are Emmy and Thomas doing – with studies?" asked Marcy.

"I had a quick tit tat with him, as he rushed out for work or sports? I think she should take a summer cooking course; she is talented always going out of her way aiding me. I want him to plead with her? She has to take the easier course for now. By golly! She sat back satisfied.

Marcy brought out ice cold cola and poured for the two, thinking how they always ended up alone. Flo peered at her – taking on a reflective mood? Chad still lived in his apartment – not making a comeback move....

"Fine, I'll be over early, and I will bring the car? Her face was quickly replaced by a smile, in answer to her own. Flo dressed to leave.

"I beg you Lord, I have luck." "Emmy is you awake?" She rapped on the door.

"Yes. Aunt Flo comes in," Emmy lye on the bed with Mary on her stomach "Mary and I are visiting."

"I was thinking, it would be so much nicer all around if you would take the three month Chef course this summer, you are so talented?"

She watched her face fall... "The teacher has scholar ships, what can I say?"

"Scholarships never is enough money – at least fifteen thousand a term."


Emmy had to find another choice of work – "like trying" restaurant jobs. The two had to comply to aid the other with a course to earn money. Thomas never came home early at night. After she put the baby to bed, she retired awake on the covers.

Maybe Aunt Flo could find her a temporary weekend job to learn. Chef training would be in the better places serving expensive food. She was even feeling anxious to take the course. She did want to excel for the teachers, but they lived without her. The thought of being a Chef quickly settled into her brain after her confrontation with her aunt. Thomas had gone his own way for a few months. If only the adults had kept there mouths shut to vulnerable Thomas about her beauty, and men attracted to it.

Thomas came home and poured a glass of cold milk. He was all prepared to convince her to be a chef when she came out to the kitchen, hearing him. He was surprised and gave her a broad smile!

"Pour me a glass too, and why don't you try to taking any courses you require for the business, this summer?"

"What are you going 'to do' then?"

"Why, I'm considering summer school. I'll be a Chef. A Teacher or Professor doesn't even appeal to me? I have to let them know tomorrow about the change?" Thomas was amazed matters worked for him, and took her into his arms. He never regretted marrying her. They gulped their milk.

The next morning..., Thomas whispered to Flo, "I'm taking education for the business; she is going to be a Chef. She wondered if you knew any eating place, she could work on Friday night through Sunday. She'd go there at seven thirty or eight on Friday?" He waited for her answer...? Was it just last night a different matter evolved to help them both?

"We will check on it today, and tonight I should have news?" He embraced her and Emmy came out to the kitchen table peering interested.

Thomas sat next to her. "Aunt Flo is going to look into the restaurants on the weekend? You will find out, if it is something you like? You will not be a Chef to begin, and probably will work in the kitchen? The atmosphere is not the fanciest unless you work in a lounge?" Emmy felt like she was in a dream. She'd wake up soon – drudging a cinder pail to the fireplace to scrub floors like Cinderella?

"I'm happier thinking of that work... than a teacher or professor?" Flo chanced a glance at her... and her eyes did seem to shine.

"Thomas? Here is 'your plate' of breakfast?"

Marcy intended working together – finding her a waitress job this weekend?

"We are the only ones in these two houses other than the jailbirds that attend school from home?" Emmy said, standing – prepared full of gumption for the day.

Flo sat down and consumed her breakfast. She took a pencil down off the ledge. She wrote different restaurants down to stop in today, Thursday, morning.

Marcy finished her small breakfast, and prepared to brace the cold. She found bending over to put her boots on was a chore like trying to reach over a hill. This weather was "the pits" for pregnant women, she moaned until she walked in Flo's door. "I'm here, 'what's going on' today, Flo?"

"Where 'are eateries around here' for employment?" "Emmy needs a job on the weekend – beginning at seven thirty to eleven, on Friday. The other two days of the weekend certain hours?" She never worked in one growing up, but liking the idea of milkshakes and hamburgers.

"Isn't Erma (dropped from numerous clubs with the rumors) up on the town businesses? We need 'someone' with more knowledge. Try her – recall we just prayed, there is the phone... she might give us a lead?"

Flo stood, and dialed her number with thumbs up, peering at Marcy? She quickly asked Marcy: "What do you need to do, anything special like considering if we have extra time for groceries." She paused. "Erma? How are you today? We need help finding, our Emmy, a job in a restaurant or a food serving lounge for the weekends. Say Friday at seven thirty through Sunday night?"

"Let me think a minute, there is Vern Altar, a real nice fatherly type man at that one restaurant a block from school, let me give him a call?"

"Thanks Erma, you're a jewel. I'll await your return call?" Marcy winked at Flo with surety, something had to avail?"

"I'm glad... 'You can talk' to her. She does have connections, outside the clubs? Did I hear that place 'is a block' from school?"

"You sure did kiddo? Is the coffee perking?" The phone pealed as Flo went to pour the coffee.

"Flo, this is Erma, and Vern said; 'send her over tonight.' He can fill her in? So on Friday evening (when she goes to work) she'll know the ropes? He has them wear certain aprons and caps?"

Marcy could tell – good luck from the delighted appearance on Flo's face, lately so staid. "A million thanks Erma have a good day!" They clapped hands together. She then unscrewed the phone checking for bugs? Marcy stared...

"We transport her there tonight."

"I agree, Pal. What else do we need today, for meals? What are we laboring on for lunch and dinner? Give me a sheet of paper and pencil considering what we can use?" Marcy went to work with her list wishing soon, they'd have these kids that were becoming a pain carrying them.

"What time do you want to leave here?" Marcy looked up from her list?

At night, when Emmy was done...she was surprised seeing her aunt, and Marcy in the idling car, "the restaurant is near."

"Great! Emmy yelled; I'm going to meet a lounge boss?"

When Vern took one look at Emmy's beauty, he knew she would be a great asset to him. He offered her five dollars an hour, plus tips. She was astounded. She had to keep Good Council rather than make enemies being paid more, than the normal wage. "Most the girls only made two dollars. We keep our wages to ourselves, he told her. Come with me and I'll show you around, so tomorrow night you take your apron off this hook, the hat, and come back to tell me, you are here?

Got that? Then you will be given an order pad."

"Yes Sir!" she told him with a beaming smile and his heart warmed to her.

"She's 'ready to start' tomorrow?" Flo and Marcy listened; she'd have practice.

"Yes. Flo positively said, and she knows what to do?" He nodded, goodnight!

"Thank you! How sweet helping me earns money?" She embraced them before she took a backseat? She arrived back home, happier than she felt for a long time.

"Mary my love," she picked up the baby kissing her head, and took her to the kitchen to eat; her mind flitted to her dad, Eugene? The latest: he said a lawyer of a pal in prison, and was giving him a chance at early parole. This matter due to a wrong technicality pulled in court (by relative lying) to keep him confined. He had nearly passed a computer taken Architectural Drafting degree while passing his senior year course. In time, he'd add more years. As usual, Thomas was not home, and she ate alone. Where was he tonight, she thought – feeling irate? She might complain to Marcy?

Beth excitedly told her mother her aspiration when she graduated.

Her mother replied: "Your father saved for college. I believe it is: five thousand for one semester."

She dialed her mother after she received it. "Thanks Mom for the cash for the year? So, let Thomas know, he can take his course." She felt elated the money would help. Lately she was attending more church with Aunt Gen and volunteer functions for their moneymakers. "Talk to you later, Mom, good night!" Joyce stared at her, she better check the cash requisite for school from her mother.

"I am surprised, did he go to college?"

"He graduated prior to meeting me. They can split Carl's money."

"Come over and eat in an hour?" Marcy hung up elated for the kid's ethnicity.

"The weather looks like it is turning into spring, I hoped for? I'd like to see more bulb flowers pushing through the ground for more spring spirit?"

"Soon we can shun our coats, boots, and hats?" What a wonder to behold she thought, she loved driving without having to don a coat?

"How do you like this Beef Stroganoff with rye bread and cauliflower?" Flo sat and tasted hers – eying Marcy.

"It is simply delicious! What did the kids think, turn up their noses again?"

Emmy hurried her walk to work, speaking (on her cell purchased by her aunt) to Eugene about his good chance of parole. How excited, she was finally trying a job, he agreed. She hung up, as she swung the front door open, and does as she was told. She went to the kitchen to see the boss. Vern saw her coming, and smiled handing her a pad and pencil. He took her out and introduced her to Cal a waiter, five waitresses: Abby, Deanna, Esther, Fran, and Jean all working at the same time until eleven. Each had a section, and she was given hers to wait on when customers came to her space? The place was huge, she noted as went about her job.

The night wore on... and Emmy waited on many customers writing the order down, and giving it to the cook, and was left expensive tips? She was modestly friendly and all the other women were jealous except Jean, the only friendly one. She should have never expected more; she chided herself. Her mind reflected on Mitchell Junior anytime, she peered at Cherie, the dog; he found and returned to them. He sure would be proud seeing her hugging Cherie, and where was Margie.

Flo and Marcy left the house for the church hall meeting? The people knew they were pregnant. "Why is this assembly on Friday instead of Tuesday? Flo maneuvered into the snow filled church parking lot.

"We will aid the other walking to the door, said Marcy. If you can make it outside to my bumper. We'll carefully tread to the first door we see?"

"Whose brainy idea was it to have our meeting here of all places the oldest Gothic church in the area. Now we are supposed to tackle the steps?"

"I'll go first," offered Marcy, taking one step and then another before Flo would put one foot down period, ready to sue the church.

"If anyone offers to have a meeting here (away from our ordinary place) tell me, and I will have a Memorial Day party on my roof, she said with asperity and contempt?" Blast, was this some crooks idea to haunt them when he sees them down in the dungeon? Half way down some of the louder crowd opened the door, and the cold wind traveled down to hit them in the back, and made them shiver.

Emmy worked until eleven, and called the house for Thomas to get her. She waited outdoors for minutes. Two gruff men snuck up on her ready to grab her, Thomas clobbered them over the head, and hurried her to the car.

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