Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 5

by Catherine C. Straub

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 5

I praise you because you are to be feared; all you do is strange and wonderful.
— Psalms 139:14

Offer your daily aches and pains for the good of some other soul.

The following sleepless, painful day, Flo managed with a throbbing headache to supported Marcy to the table at 10 a.m. First: she gave her a hot coffee, and let her sip that for a few minutes. Next: she set scrambled eggs, bacon, buttered rye toast, and orange juice, in front of her. "Eat up Marcy. You need the nourishment, hip, high, ho! We have Cherie back."

In a half hour, after constantly praying, Marcy showed improvement. They left for the courthouse. She tied Cherie's cord to her closet knob. Her mother always said with convictions that if you think you have it bad 'look on the other side of the fence'.

Marcy and Flo made the arraignment – slinking in toward the back of the courthouse. Eugene was brought in, and the attorneys entered, and than the judge. At the end with the witness statements, he was bound over for trial. Nobody but Mitchell knew Emmy stopped in the police station visiting with Eugene. He had become a friend to her. They embraced, and prayed together with the tough times, and his arraignment due. Mitchell understood the hard time Kieran gave her for years and didn't blame her; unaware it would end in an intimate visit with Eugene.

Now the mothers were whining. "I am so relieved – I never go see him – I can't stand to look at him?" Flo announced protecting her favorite, Kieran.

"I need a respite rather than worry about Beth?" Flo stared at Marcy, she was making her tired, or vice versus with the shock; she endured.


After school, Aunt Gen was home relaxing in the kitchen when Beth walked in the door, without saying a word. She went to the phone not greeting her aunt. She dialed a number. "Oh? I see, thanks, bye!" Aunt Gen stared, as she went upstairs. Hell could turn green, before she'd relent on what she secretly felt. How rude could a person get? She must be on drugs, or was it possible she was impolite. She dialed her niece. Marcy awoke early in the afternoon and was refreshed when the phone rang. "Aunt Gen? Oh. I see, and today that's her interest, why us?"

Mitchell was elated when Emmy explained about the education money Flo saved for high school education. She'd offered to keep the dog in her room. Somehow she'd use the back of the house for the dog's bathroom habits.

Now she dialed Beth's number: "Ms. Gen, this is Emmy and I'm getting married in the middle of October. I wanted to talk to Beth if she would be an attendant. Did you receive the invite?" She wished Eugene could come – wouldn't that causes a stir. The devil got in her for Aunt Flo's favorite.

"That is all she can talk about. I bet she will be delighted to be in your wedding, I'll go get her." She climbed the steps half way? Nothing had changed with her attitude or her obsession with this incarcerated rich boy. He'd been arraigned and bound over for trial. She found a drug on the floor of her great niece's room, and figured when he gave her a drug, she'd report that tidbit when she dialed the police.

"Beth the phone's for you. We can't keep them waiting!" The door opened, and she pushed by her, so fast, she nearly lost her balance. Say she'd not grabbed the railing; she might have... tumbled down the steps. Oh my, Aunt Gen mused, if she sensed it was the rich boy. She must be a drug dependent.

Emmy patiently waited for her to come... "Hello Emmy. I'm delighted to hear your voice! You want me to be in your wedding? I'm in heaven you thought of me? I'll make it for rehearsal, and of course, see you sooner?" She noticed she felt better with Emmy's call always a friend (from the time) when they were young.

Emmy hung up; well, she rung her and that's all she was burdening herself with. She could have Janice and Grace in her wedding and the other attendant for Mitchell, a law officer.

Marcy found Flo in the kitchen. She took her hand to pray.

"Beth heard from Emmy inviting her to be a bridesmaid, a few minutes ago. She wants Grace, Janice, and your boys. His mother is helping her pick out her wedding gown, accessories, and intends to pay for them. We are having a bridal shower in two weeks. They have nothing. Could you help fill out those invites tonight? Emmy is keeping Cherie in her room; she needs fattened up.

"So? That will get Beth home, but will she realize; we love her. She wants to see Emmy, many times before the wedding. We can take more trips there. Maybe she will start to be cordial. Is the dog safe, for sure that way?"

"We hope our animal is secure. She had her invites (so petite and delicate) she loved the whiteness, faint blue, and pink on the background. The women were penning the envelopes out and affixing stamps.

Flo glanced at her, as she sat down. "We addressed your shower invites last night, and it will be held here." Emmy smiled, last night, Cherie slept on her bed.

"How many are invited? You could set fold up chairs around to make more room in the parlor?" She volunteered, as Flo gave her a breakfast plate.

Joyce carefully eyed the two converses, and thought she still never meet the right one, and sometimes it took her hard? "Mom, I will help you with her shower?" She had to do something she's the Maid of Honor in the wedding.

"Always a bridesmaid never a bride, said Joyce" "Where's Mitchell been?"

"Aunt Flo, how nice of you aids us with the whole thing?" She was always the clearest gem ever glowed. "Time passed since the last time I was on the case with him? I will have to ask him why? What was up anyway?"

"I'm happy to be in the wedding. Grace changed the subject. She looked around the kitchen and beamed. When are we going to pick out our dresses?"

"I second it, said Janice. We should get out this weekend to look. Emmy sees about the color coordination at the nearest bridal store?"

"Than we wills; are you coming than Aunt Flo. Marcy wants a new dress?" Flo eyed them out the window on to their degrees.

Marcy was sitting and waiting at the table with two pens and loose leaf paper to write on. Flo thought for a minute.... "We could go with the usual baked beans, macaroni salad, hot dogs, hamburgers or sliced ham, salads, the cake and desserts. Marcy wrote on a piece of paper.

"I'll have to talk to Gilda. We need how much, she would openly admit her culinary talents, or how inventive she is." She stood to make the call and Marcy poured more coffee.

Beth found (with her mind on the wedding) she forgot about the affluent boy in jail, found pushing drugs to her and others. This weekend she'd find a wedding dress with the others including: her mother and Flo. Aunt Gen intended visiting. Beth was looking forward to the trip, but kept her mind on her studies. When Eugene called – disguising his voice for Emmy, she moved further in the other room with the long cord. He was turning his life around for her....

Emmy had no time to herself except the weekend – cramming two difficult classes. It looked like she would not graduate with her class unless she could somehow cram in a class at night. Her enjoyment and dream in the name of Mitchell was waiting anxious to talk to her. Shortly, she finished class for the day. Moreover, took her homework home for both classes. Following... she was done with it. She gave Mitchell a call catering to Cherie... anxious for company.

"How is my pumpkin doing? They are keeping you busy learning two classes?"

"This weekend we are going to pick out the women and men attendants dress?" Why did she sense something was wrong where he worked, or what else could it be. Was he in danger somehow? What would she ever do if something happened to her special man? "My? You sure are worried; the lounge takes care of what we need."

"Mitchell what is wrong? You seem like something is not right?"

"Office problems, it seems certain officers disobey my commands like I'm not the Chief of Police." "You are my love and dream, and you caught me off guard, a baby, is you kidding?" He was not sure... of this office; he worked in anymore. The actions of certain smart aleck officers...seemed illegal? When he informed them to check the case on Emmy's parents it went off, as no action. He still didn't know how many of the officers were following someone else's orders. He was glad; he gave Emmy a hint that something was wrong.

"After dinner, I'll see you; usually I eat some thing here?"

"I'll see you consume 'good nutrition,' you bugger."

"I love you too, be ready 'to paint the town red!' I'm thinking, now would be the time to study at night for your extra year, from the hour when school ends to after dinner, about four hours? You should have time when class ends to study before you commence with a new class? Do you feel with a baby you could get out during the day and night? I could call and set it up tomorrow, what do you think?"

"It sounds good, next year then I would have just the two classes. I'd graduate with my class." She was overjoyed; he was so helpful. Next year she'd be on her way to graduating with her class. "See you at six!"

Emmy ... pausing in thought as she hung the phone up turned to the kitchen to help Aunt Flo with dinner. "I will comes here, next year to help you. Mitchell is going to set up a class after school, which lets out about eight, so if you can keep my food warm, 'would be a treat'?"

"You must has 'the brains of Einstein,' working three classes. Your dad was always smart, and did the best of all of us in school." Emmy was happy hearing information about her father. "Do you have time to take Cherie out back?"

"Yes, of course. "I never knew 'He' excelled in school. He seemed too nice a person for some reason and it got him into trouble." She went to get the dog, thinking about how her mother and dad would never see her children. He had to be very naïve and the sort nobody would hurt him. Those types always are the ones taken in by schemers and filed in "The Cold Case Files?"

Emmy returned to the kitchen. "Why don't you cut up these green beans? How did the dog seem? It seems safer; she is kept in your room."

Emmy had just finished her dinner when Mitchell came to the door.

"Hi Flo, you have your work cut out for you?" She smiled as she put the dishes in the sink – running hot water.

"There is 'no peace for the wicked' and we are shown no mercy?" He laughed and came in door, and kissed her on the cheek. Emmy stood and turned to the door. She was so happy her aunt and Mitchell got along fine; she grabbed her light green cardigan that matched her shell, and auburn hair. She took Mitchell's arm.

"I'll not be gone long. Aunt Flo. Make those girls of yours do dishes. Don't wait on them hand and foot?"

Outdoors in the vehicle, Mitchell hastily brought out the box from his pocket, and presented her with two emeralds centered on the side, of a diamond ring.

I'll give you many babies, my man," her mind with Eugene?


Mitchell had a dire situation in his office untold to her Aunt Flo. Emmy strolled to school with Joyce and attended class with her, so she saw her more than anyone. One morning, Joyce heard Emmy throwing up. Emmy came out of the stall. Joyce nodded to her, and embarrassed, she gestured she was. She was always envious of Emmy in a mild manner way. She had the looks to attract men, and she only a bland brown haired thin wallflower? Emmy once thought John would come to her and give her attention, but once she found another, he ignored the vicinity, his family must feel too good for them, and the way Job was.

"Let's go to class – there's Thomas coming out the door, from across the street likening you."

"Why me, I know you are a lovely person. Do you think, he's old world, Joyce?" Emmy moved in front of her. "Aha, you do like him, when did you start feeling for him?" Emmy stared at her; he must be a dolt to not notice Joyce who had "a heart of gold." They sat down at their desks and Emmy's mind whirled, he must pay more attention to Joyce. She wished she could change Joyce's position to walk down the aisle with Thomas.


In due time, the women prepared try out dress day at the stores.

Beth and her aunt arrived at Marcy's. She welcomed them in and fixed coffee, but still noticed Beth, and how she avoided embracing her? "What time are the bridal fittings? I might get a new dress? We probably will need two cars?"

"Once we finish with our cup of coffee, we will go over." Aunt Gen was in no rush.... Goodness, she just arrived traveling with a silent partner....

"Do you mind if I now go over?" asked Beth? She stood and they could hardly refuse her even if she was not very friendly.

"Of course not dear," they both responded, chuckling, and Beth giggled too. It was good to be back that Kieran was a stranger's name. After the door shut, Marcy set a coffee in front of her aunt and sat down across from her.

"So? He was arraigned and kept in jail because he was involved with drugs. Do you think he will be convicted with a trial?"

"Yes. I need everything, crooked; he pulled to get him convicted."

"Where are the boys, today?"

"Carl went to a movie. Thomas is checking at the local library about his contractor job, he wants to perform in life. He does well with fixing up projects? Why doesn't he get some first on experience with a house building crew? Carl is a mystery, other than enjoying the female persuasion. He doesn't care about decent matters?" Marcy motioned to her aunt. "Let's go over and see what goes on."

They strolled across the street and in the side door. Emmy, Beth, and Joyce were sitting at the table discussing the wedding. "Hey girls, here is my Aunt Gen!" Emmy and Joyce bowed to her. "Where are Flo and the other girls and Gilda?"

"The only one missing from here is his mother? Maybe, someone should call her to come here, if she wants to go with us?" Emmy stood and dialed.

Aunt Gen sat down at the table while Marcy went to look for Flo and her girls.

She heard an argument coming from Grace and Janice's room.

"I thought your uncle warned: these men want one thing?"

"He's not our dad! He can escape – why can't we?" Marcy decided to make her presence known? What a problem with teens – men or women carrying on with their persuasion.

"Hey? Are we going for dresses? Flo, are you ready – and how about you girls?"

Flo was so irate, she felt like throwing a precious item from their room. The next time she would break something worthwhile? She followed Marcy to the kitchen as Emmy hung up from her call?

"Get those other two sisters out here. I updated Gilda where the first store location. Let's get going!"

"I'll go get my car," volunteered Aunt Gen, the three girls followed her.

Flo eyed them cross the may as well go with me, and the two other ones if they ever get here."

"Where is Kieran today?"

"As far as I recognize with his girlfriend, he has to think what he'll do; he graduates in the spring? He mentioned going in the service and spending his time with no draft?" She was still bothered, and it showed, her girls ruining their life?


Gilda and Flo found dresses in complimenting colors. Marcy and her Aunt Gen studied two styles and choose one for their favorite. The bridal attendants could not match a Maid of Honor dress that varied from the bridesmaids' gowns color tone. They opted to attend another store. Emmy picked her gown out prior to today; she let Joyce and Beth goes with them?

Thomas found the women drinking coffee. Aunt Gen stood to hug him.

"What are we doing for the dinner meal, or are we going to skip it?" They all laughed! "We could order out for all of us? We were wondering what was taking the teens so long. Two hours at least have gone by. I hope my wild girls didn't take them into a bar. It would be just like them and Beth, Joyce don't have a man and go for anyone? They are only kids?" Thomas took a seat.

"I think Joyce is a nice girl, but I have too much education. I can't be bothered with any serious attachment. The elderly ladies sagely peered at him so proud of him, and what he said. At least they talked to one wise kid.

The four girls found a store that handled a slight different shade in a Maid of Honor dress. They paid with the money from their mothers. Janice wondered; "would you take a drink in a bar that serves hamburgers and hot-dogs?" Beth deferred to Joyce feeling skeptical hesitating...

"Why do you want to go in there with those types of guys?" Joyce whined, wanting to get home?

"Go with us for awhile, 'or else' find your own way home?" She pulled into a bar parking lot. They forced the younger ones, out of the car and to follow.

I'll show her, thought Joyce. She used the phone inside to try her mothers and then Marcy's phones? "Marcy? We were forced to go to a bar with Janice and Grace. I'm calling you, the bar is... She explained the place and the directions? She hung up feeling "madder than a hatter," the gall of those relatives. She went back to sit with her wild sisters. Half way to them, Joyce turned around and went to wait by the door? Marcy and Flo strolled into the bar. "Motion to Beth to come here with the packages, Joyce?" In a few minutes, they went out to the car; two policemen entered and arrested them. Distressed Flo drove away disgusted...

"Who is going to bring them home?" Beth asked.

"They're coming home – so don't fret – Joyce did not want to go there." Beth had time to think about Janice and Grave – driving back to her mothers. They took her sister inside with out her consent. They were minors? They probably were in for it behaving naughty?

"Did you really want that Beth, you didn't suggest it?"

"Okay. I didn't want to, but go along that is how I am. They had the car what could we do?" Flo and Marcy couldn't believe what they're hearing, but kept quiet.

"Did everyone forget you were out for wedding dresses, and there is nothing wrong going to a place catering to your age. You know what I mean?" Flo mentioned, not worried about Joyce, but Beth was a poles apart story?

Later they'd finished with pizza, and the phone rang loudly and Beth answered.

"This is she, Hank? What do you want? I'll be ready in ten minutes?"

She peered out in the kitchen, and noticed they were drinking alcohol. She slipped out in the allotted time. Joyce watched her go, and went to the kitchen and whispered what happened to Marcy, "what!"

"Hank is his name, Joyce said. The bar probably knows his last name, but you better call in reference to him – not – her, the way – she is?"

Carl instructed: "I'll make the call, what happened to her. Carl found out this Hank's last name, "Lorry," he announced when he hung up. "Where is Kieran? Will go spy on them. He could be a rapist for all we know?"

He dialed, "Kieran old buddy, how about going to spy on my younger sister that left with this Hank guy. She didn't ask Mom, she turned into a rebel."

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