Faithful Spirit One World of Faith

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book titled Faithful Spirit One World of Faith written by Author Randall Milbert Burrows. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Living Water at the Oasis

Faithful Spirit One World of Faith

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Faithful Spirit One World of Faith written by Author Randall Milbert Burrows. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Faithful Spirit One World of Faith. E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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The Story book has many references of movies, TV shows, and books like Twilight Zone, Star Trek, Star Wars, City of Angels, and more works of man. To all the people who wrote these works and I like to say thank you for inspire me to write this story book with them. Picture if you would which the world is fill with animals not humans and People who were being called into service by God to dare the world to change for the better. This is that what if and this is also a story about to have Faith in anything. Both Christians and non Christians can be inspire to dream the impossible, dream, and hope that "All" Faiths can live in this world safely. So enjoy this journey into your Faith because everyone does have Faith. So you are in the Faith Zone, enjoy life, and have eternal life.


This book is dedicated to three groups of people which they inspire me just simply to "BE." First group of people which I called them the Earth group. These people on Earth who which they help me to change and be transform into the man which you see today. I like to say to them Thank you "ALL" for helping me on this Faith journey, from the beginning to this point, and beyond too. I like to mention some of you like Mrs. Rita Greishaw my third grade teacher, Coach Dave Cooper my former Cross-Country coach, Pastor Chuck who helping me to enjoy music more, Pastor Terry Shaughnessy my former Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Union City PA, and more Earthly people. I also like to dedicated to my Family who always supporting me throughout my life. I like say thank you to Randy, Patty, Tanaya Burrows, and to our cats. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL!

The next group is which I called the Heavenly group. These people in Heaven who inspire me Spiritually like God himself, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, and other Angels of Heaven. This is a special shout out to God and Jesus. Without them which includes the Holy Spirit there were be no Peace, Love, Hope, Faith, Everlasting eternal life, and more. I like to say to "ALL" of them THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL!

The last group but not lest is my Church family of First United Methodist Church of Union City. "ALL" of you had inspiring me to coming a better christen and a friend to all. No matter where I am going to be in the future and my heart will forever going to be at 1st church of U.C. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU ALL! Note: These names which I use within this book are the names of my friends that who give me some inspiration.

Prayer of Faith and let us pray!

Faith is a friend when we needed one!
Faith is a fighter which he will always fighting for "ALL" of us!
Faith is a Lover which he Love us forever!
Faith is a comedian who makes us laugh when we were sad!
Faith is a comforter who comfort us when we were alone or afraid!
Faith is a lighthouse which it guides us home again!
Faith "IS" a flame of God within us which burns eternal!
Faith "IS" a ticket to Heaven which it has been punch for us by Jesus!
Faith "IS" the Spirit of our everlasting, ever loving, and eternal living God!
Faith "IS" the fuel to flume our SOULS by the Holy Spirit!

We love and worship you in all of our days and we will do this in your HOLY name!

Enjoy life and have eternal life!


Chapter One: Prophecy of Faithful Spirit

RMB: Welcome to the journey that we are about to witness. This journey is about an angel of Peace and Love and his name is Randy Salvation. Throughout of this story which Randy will be transform into a hero to all mankind and as well he will be transform into the angel of Faithful Spirit.

This is his story of Faithful Spirit! Let us be transport back to the time of Jesus being born in Bethlehem that long ago. Shortly after the babe Jesus was born, and he was surrounded by soft cloths, and lying in a manger. They were all in the stable and as "ALL" of you know this story. There were no more room for them in the inn.

(Note: Speaker change)

Demana: Outside of the stable and high in the heavens lies the North Star. The star shining down upon the place; the stable. Inside of this everlasting beam of light. Which contains beautiful sounds of the Heavenly Angel Choir. The song they sing you can hear Randy high above the voices.

They sang "Mary Did You Know" but Mary really didn't know that her little baby boy would soon be a savior to all generations of all mankind. Shortly after the song ends Randy came to see our Heavenly father in his throne room. Let us listen!

Randy: My master did you want to see me?

God: Yes! Randy! I do! I was thinking of all the times which you have served Faithfully for me as the angel of Peace and Love. I am going to give you a gift for your Spirit fill work and your Faithful dedication to me.

Randy: My Lord! You shouldn't have?

God: Yes! I should! This I will give to you in two parts.

1) First you will no longer be known as my angel of Peace and Love. Don't worry about this because you will now be known as the angel of Faithful Spirit.

2) This part that you will be figuring out for yourself. For this point you will take a trip to Earth for two missions. Your missions will be one of Peace and other will be for Love. As you know I send my son Jesus to Earth in order to safe them for your sins and as for you will safe them from themselves. I know it will be hard for you to see your brother Jesus dying but don't fear because it has to be done.

In order for them to be safe they has to be wash in the blood of lamb of God and the lamb of Spirit. That's lamb of Spirit will be you. This time will be in the future. However in the meantime I wanted you to keep an eye upon him because soon that you will be called on to do some of these miracles in the future. Please follow me to the Power Chamber Room because you will be endow with powers of the Holy Spirit. It will help you on your journey.

(After they had finish their business with the room then he said to Randy.)

God: Randy now are you ready for your finial missions as my angel of Peace and Love.

Randy: Here I am Lord! Use me!

God: Ok! Then go forth my son and God speed.

Demana: Then he was born into a faithful family which they were outside of Herod's infuses. Then they grown up together.

(Note: Speaker Change)

Randy: When I became an adult then I have done what I were being called on to do but I have done this within the shadows to witness Jesus performing every miracles in his lifetime. Now it is the time for Jesus to come to Jerusalem while he were riding majestically on a donkey. This time were latter to be known as Palms Sunday. I have arrive to the city before Jesus to see everything folded. While they were waving their palms, putting their clocks down on the ground, and then shouting Hosanna in the highest! Praise ye the Lord!

From that point on I really know deep down in my heart and soul that Jesus time of great sacrifice were near. Now it is the morning of the Passover and this were known as Maunday Thursday. While we were preparing the table up in the upper room. Then he were speaking to me please listen.

Randy: Master! I sense that you wanted to speak with me?

Jesus: Yes Randy that I do! I know who and what you are and I also know why you are here. We were send by our Heavenly father to save his people. For me for saving them from their sins, as for you for saving them from themselves, and this will be done by giving Faith, Hope and Peace. For tomorrow I know that whatever happens to me is going to be hard on you but don't fear! This has to be done like this! In order for them to be safe they have to be wash in the blood of the Lamb of God and the Lamb of Spirit. Don't fear we will be speaking with each other again but in the meantime I want you still watch things unfolding in the shadows and remember. So go forth and remember me!

Light: Then he went out of the room then he went to the Garden of Gethsemane (Mount of Olives) to wait for this part of Jesus' story to be written. "ALL" of you should know what comes next. Now it is the time of Jesus Christ's great sacrifice is finally here and today is the day that we will be called Good Friday. Why is Today is good because he dies on the cross for our sins. (Without him dying on the cross which we can't be forgiving, we can't be born again, we can't have this story, we can't be raise again, and most of all that we "ALL" can't go to Heaven. With him on the cross that we "ALL" "can" have all of the above.) While this story were being written then once again God's Heavenly Choir with Randy sang "Would You There".

Then with his final breath that gave his Spirit to his father and die on the cross. Just the moment when Jesus die on the tree which thee Earth were shaking, the vial were ripping, and for many people were raising up from the dead. Then within all of the chaos the Earth went into a quiet darkness for three days until today and today is the day when we celebrate Jesus' resurrection. This day were Easter Sunday and Jesus had brakes the chains of death on this day.

Randy: When Mary Magdalene and about two others went to the tomb and they find out the tomb were empty. Then they entered the tomb and find an angel which said that "don't cry because he is not here. He has been risen from the dead." Then Mary's companions had ran away in fright and then Mary went to a man which she had thought that he were the Grander.

Mary: Where have they taking my Lord?

Jesus: Mary don't cry because I am here and I am Jesus.

Mary: My Lord! My Lord!

Randy: The she hug him then he told her to tell his disciples that I have risen. I have witnessing all this in the shadows and then she ran away to tell them what that she have seen today. When one moment he was there and then he were right beside me.

Randy: Hi brother! Did death hold you down?

Jesus: Hi Randy! No death did not hold me down! Now is your turn.

Randy: We see!

Jesus: Take care my brother and I will see in Heaven.

Randy: During the time when I had seen about 500 people which they had seen him alive. Then I sang with the Heavenly choir the song of "Redeemer." Then we "ALL" seen him being rising up to the heaven and then he promised that he shall return. Then he was gone and then I sit and wait for my time when my missions of Peace and Love begins.

Chapter Two: The Journey Begins

RMB: It's time for the great woe and this day is day when the world needs a Faith hero. This day were prophesied about two thousand years ago. The world today has been divided into three element nations. One of land, one of water, and one of air.

(Note: All details of places, people, and other events will be reveled to us thought out the story.)

Little did they know that the four of God's special Faithful soldiers of Faith will be forever linked to each other. These are some ways that they will be linked:

1) Pastor Charles Love (Dove) a Pastor and a professor of dreams. He started this journey by helping out the team on their journeys. He is the Pastor at Randy's Church name Pray 1st United Methodist Church of Faith City. Little do he don't know that he will be forever be linked to him.

2) Ruth Galilee (A Eagle and Falcon mix) She were the Chief of Air and Protection Officer for Flight City (Airtoplis) and 3rd member of the God's Faith team. Little do she don't know that she will be known as one of the architects of this brave new world. She will be joining them when they arrived at Airtoplis in Chapter Four.

3) Tammy Hope (Lioness) a Faithful Evangelism full Disciple of Christ and the 2nd member of the team. Little do she didn't know that Randy and her were destine for falling Love with one another.

4) Last but not least is Randy Salvation (A Croc and Gator mix.) A Faithful Angel like Disciple of Christ and 1st member of God's special army of Faith. Little does he don't know that soon he will be call to make his great sacrifice latter this year.

Finally the world really doesn't know that Randy are not just the oldest living member of Faith City and he are also the oldest living member of the world.

Light: One night when they slept in their beds they all did receive a Dream message of Faith.

Then the next morning when they both woke up then they wanted to have a better understanding God's message so they went a Dreamogist, (a person who study and interpreting dreams.)

Then Tammy travel to Faith City and see Pastor Love in his office. While they are in his office then she told him about her dream. Then they heard a knocking on the door then he open it and find out it were Randy Salvation. Then he is speaking to Pastor Love and listen.

Randy: Hello Dr. Love! The reason that I am here to discussed with you about a message within a dream. Is this the good time for you?

Love: For you yes and please come in.

Randy: Then I went into his office and seen her sitting there then I said something. If this is a bad time for you then I will be back latter.

Love: You! Not at all because it also concern you as well. Before we can start I liked to tell all of you a story and it's about Joseph. By the way does anyone knows this story?

They: Yes that we do!

Love: Joesph has a power of interpreting dreams in the name of God, then he been sold by his brothers, he went to jail, and then he were put in charge of all the lands of Egypt. Like him I too have receive this wonderful gift from God and when I was 8 years old. All that I did and will do I have done this has lead to this moment in time.

Now this message is for both of you will be on a Faith tour around the world for promote helping hand and help them to change this world for the better. You "ALL" will spread the seeds of Faith and Peace to all of his people, and as well you all will give my proposal of Peace to all of his children. When you visiting to each nations you will be join by a third member of your team and it will be done when your team visits her Country. The location of each stop will be reviled in do course. Do you have any questions for me about any of what you heard today.

They: No that we do not have questions.

Love: That's great and let us pray!

Dear Heavenly father God! Thank you for your warriors of Faith which you will sent them to the world and please keep them in your wave of travel protection as they travel around the world. This is your plan for your world and as they will do this in your holy name of God. Amen!

Chapter Three: The Locket of Faithful Spirit

Love: Shorty after when we were done with our prayer then I told her to wait for Randy at the Christians diner name "Spirit Heart" down the street. Then I have told her to order anything what she wants and it on me too. While she went to "Spirit Heart" I wanted to speak to him about our past. Do you Remember the first time when we meant Randy?

Randy: Yes I do and it was here at this church about 30 years ago!

Love: That's right Randy! When we shake hands sudden I felt a weird feeling went all over me but I didn't realize at the time I didn't know that was powers of God which enter me thought you. I was about 8 years old and I never told you thank you for all the things that you have done for me.

Randy: You welcome Pal!

Love: After we went home from church then I receive a small package with a note inside which says that Charles you may not know me but I know you my boy. Here is a half of a locket for you to hold for a friend of mine and you will give it to him when the time is right. Then I went to bed and God speak to me within a dream. When I woke up and I was in a meadow with a park bench. Then I sat down, then a man sat down by me and then said to.

God: Don't fear Charles t you don't know me but I know you because I love you my son.

Love: I am sorry but you are not my father and his name is Bill.

God: That's right that your father's name is Bill however do you know that everyone have two fathers one on Earth and one in Heaven?

Love: No I did not!

God: Yes Charles that you do have two fathers. Bill is your Earthly father and I am your Heavenly father. I have many forms and names however I chose this form to speak to you and you can called me God. Do you know that you are very special to me?

Love: Me! How come?

God: Yes that you are! You do remind me of an another young man that I know long ago. His name Joseph and I give him the same power which I gave it to you. Because of that power of interpreting dreams in my name, he were sold as a slaves, were wrongly accused and then put into jail. Then he put in charge of all of the lands of Egypt and all of this because the gift of dreams. He is Faithful person of mine. Do you understand Charley?

Love: I don't know!

God: Don't worry soon you will. These are some ways which I wanted you to do when you are older.

1. I wanted you to become a Pastor to helping my people to keep on the path of what I wanted them to be on and also helping them with their Spiritual needs as well.

2) wanted you to helping other with their dreams in my name.

3)When the time were right I wanted you to give him your piece of the locket.

However in the meantime I wanted you to do these things today.

1. I wanted you to stick with Randy like glue to learn everything about me, "Being a

2. Contentious Christian", and knowing everything about Joseph. For being a great God's kid.

3) For helping out others in many ways.

4) For being a good friend to my people.

5) For telling others about me and more.

1. Just live your life with my everlasting Love and to live on the pulse of Faithful Spirit life through me. Now Charley do you now understand and believe?

Love: Yes I guess so!

God: That's alright! Just before that you leave here today that I want you doing a favors for me.

Love: What is it?

God: First is for keeping a secret from everyone which included Randy until the time is right. The secret is that Randy is an angel which sent by me for saving people from themselves. 2) I wanted you to telling him these three things when you give him the locket of Faithful Spirit.

1. This will helping you with your journey.

2. This will unlocking your true self

3. Just activate the locket that all you will need is to have Faith and believe as well.

Love: Ok that I will and bye God.

God: Bye! I love you Charley and also tell your mom and dad what that we talking about.

Love: Then I told my parents about what happens just now and now it is history.

Randy: I do remember that! Then I told you everything that I know. In order for you to do what you have to do. Then I asked you to be a parter of my business of "Giving Heart" and then here we are!

Love: That's right pal! There's one more order of business that we need to do. Do you still have your half of that locket of Faithful Spirit.

Randy: Yes that I do!

(While that he were holding both halves of the locket of Faithful Spirit.)

Love: By the power of our Heavenly Father and the trinity the father, the son, and the spirit I command this locket to be whole. Then I told him everything which God had told me.

Randy: Well thank you my Friend of Faith!

Love: Let us pray! Dear sweet father God! Thank you for this angel like person in all which he did for me and for others as well. Please continue to keep him on the path which you have for him and also help him to guide us to your promise land. Dear o Lord let them your people be to inspire to believe in him and all of his Team of Faithful Spirit and as they doing this in your holy name. Amen!

Randy: Amen! Then I hug him and left his office to meet up with Tammy at the "Spirit Heart". Then we order lunch and after we finish with our lunch I about to pay for it but two ladies of the diner had stopped me of paying and said.

The Owners of the diner: Do not pay because this has been taking care of by Pastor Love.

They: Thank you all for this.

The owners of the dinner: You are welcome friends of Faithful Spirit.

Randy: As we left the diner then the locket of Faithful Spirit begins to grow and telling us to go first. The location of our first stop is the Air nation of Airtoplis.

Chapter Four: Airtoplis: Miracles in the Air

Tammy: With the location of the first stop of our tour in hand we are headed to Airtoplis. Airtoplis is vast and it is high in the sky. The only way there is to go through Flight City via an airship. This is by the way is a huge port which contains both the Transit and Protection Authority however it does includes Fire and Police. The head director of this authority name Ruth Galilee and she will be the third member of God's Faith team. She's one of 13 members of the Faithful Spirit Squad. We will find out in starting in Chapter seven (The Prophecy of the Faithful Spirit Squad.) When we arrived at the port of Flight City she happens to be waiting for us. Then she speaking to us and this is what she had said. Please enjoy of the this part of the story.

Ruth: You must be Randy Salvation and Tammy Hope my name is Ruth Galilee. I am your escort for your stay here in Airtoplis. I am also the head director of Airtoplis' Transit and Protection Authority here. Let us get start and please come with me.

Tammy: On our long trip to the palaces of the nation and we were talking about everything about Faith. When we had arrive at the palace pad then we were in awe of two things! We were in awe because of the vastness of the palace and as well people were waiting for us. This time were in the form of Queen Lady Michele honor guards and they also were Lady Michele children. Their names are Chantel, Sarah, Andrew, and Drake.

Ruth: Then Chantel (The oldest child and the head guard went up to us.)

Chantel: We were sent by my mom for escorting your team to see everyone. Oh! By the way I am Chantel and you two must be Randy and Tammy. Hi Aunt Ruth !

Ruth: Hi Kids!

The rest of the kids: Hi Aunt Ruth!

Chantel: Let us go shall we?

Ruth: Then we are on our way to the Great Hall. This trip was long and we all were talking to each other.

Randy: Sarah!

Sarah: Yes Randy!

Randy: I have been here before and I am a very good friend of your family. Back then there were a law of hires and is this still in the books today?

Sarah: Yes it is still the law.

Randy: I see and thanks Sarah.

Sarah: You welcome Randy.

Tammy: Excuse me Miss Sarah what is the law?

Sarah: This law is when the King or Queen has many children and they either retied or God for bid then they will lead the nations. In our case that means if mom retied or if happens to her which we will take over of the responsibility of leading the country.

Tammy: Ruth why did she called you Aunt Ruth?

Ruth: Oh! That's because their mom and I were like sisters, very good friends, and I told them to called me Aunt Ruth. I have always help them and I always has treated them my nieces. The rest is history!

Tammy: I do see this thank you.

Randy: On our way to the Great Hall we had come across a lonely child in front of a restaurant and he appeared to be in a wheelchair. Then when he had seen us then he wave at us.

Tammy: Chantel who is he?

Chantel: Oh! His name is Devon Eternal Life and he is nine years old like me. He was born in wheelchair and this is the reason which we had seen him in a wheelchair. He is a Faithful Christian and he always shows us everyday.

Randy: I see! (Then I decided to speak to him.) Oh! Guys! Hum! How about all of them go right ahead to the Great Hall without me. Why because I feel that I need to speak with him before I speaking to this nation. Do not fear because I do know the way to the Great Hall and so if I am late just tell her I will be right there. Also tell her that this is what I have to do before we go before the nation of Airtoplis.

While they went on to the Great Hall then I walk over to Devon and then I introduced myself. Hello Devon I am Randy Salvation and don't fear me I am a friend of Chantel and God as well.

Devon (a Eaglet): Really minster!

Randy: Yes and called me Randy! What is you are reading?

Devon: It's the Bible!

Randy: Really Devon the Bible!

Devon: Yes Randy it is the Bible. Can I ask you a question?

Randy: Sure Devon that you can ask me anything at anytime.

Devon: Do you know God?

Randy: Yes Devon I do know that I do know God very well because he and I are very great friends.

Devon: Really Randy!

Randy: Yes that I do Devon! The reason that I came over to see you because God wanted me do so.

Devon: Why me!

Randy: God wanted me to speaking to you and please tell me everything about you. Then he told me his story then his mom name Mary came back to her son Devon.

Mary: What is the meaning of this?

Devon: Don't be afraid about this man because he is a friend of, Chantel, God, and a friend of mine as well.

Mary: Is that right?

Randy: Yes Mrs. Life and can I called you Mary?

Mary: Yes you may and God is my friend too.

Randy: Thank you Mary! My Team and I are here on a Faith tour across the world. Our first stop begins here at Airtoplis. I feel that your family should come with us to the Great Hall. Why because it can change your family lives forever. How about it Mary?

Devon: Can we go mom?

Mary: Yes we can go!

Randy: In the words of many people "Let us roll!"

Devon: Then we all went to the Great Hill and we talking everything about Faith. Then sometime latter that day we caught up with the Faith team then.

Randy: Hay Tammy! Are you waiting long?

Tammy: No because we toke a side tour of the palace and we got here sometime ago ourselves.

Randy: Good let us hold hands and let us pray. Dear our blessed Father of Faithful people and as we thanking you for this day to speak with the people of Airtoplis. Bless all of your children around this planet. Bless these children of yours like Devon, Chantel, Sarah, Andrew, and Drake for allowing them to be inspired with the Graceful, life changing, and Faithful power & will. Also to give them to means for living what God has giving to them and let us do this in your name. Amen!

Everyone: Amen!

Devon: Then we went in the Great Hill then when he all seen everyone in this huge Great Hill but I felt I will be forever change. For everyone but Ruth, Tammy, and Randy took our seats. Then they went to see the Queen! Then they bow down to give her the respect which she deserve then he speaks to us.

Randy: My dear Lady Michele thank you for having us here for speaking to "ALL" of you today my sweet friend Lady Michele Grace.

Lady Michele: You welcome my good friend Randy.

Randy: There is a note which will be reveled to us latter in time and now I am going to give it to the queen. Can I addressed the nation of Airtoplis?

Lady Michele: Go right ahead and Ladies and Gentlemen let us welcome to God's Special Army of the Faith. So listen to them with our open mind!

Tammy: Thank you Lady Michele. Ladies and Gentleman I like to first say thank to "ALL" of you for letting us to speak with you. Now here to speak to you Randy.

Randy: First I like to say thank to Tammy for introduce me to all who hear us. Then Ladies and Gentleman here is an opportunely for helping to change the world. Faith is where we are here and also this moment of time.

There is two different kinds of Faith in the world because there's Christians and Non Christians. You really don't have to be a Christians to believe and have Faith in Peace. My Friends Tammy and Ruth is now passing out our proposal of Peace which were based on a Star Trek. If you came with your family please share one and if don't please take one. Can any of you say what pg. Five said?

Devon: We are not asking you for giving up who and what you are however we are asking you to change how that we think and act toward others.

Randy: That's right Devon that we are! The TV show of Star Trek tells us that where're a future where "all" of us are working together for better mankind. Hens the name of our proposal name of Star Trek future.

Which I means that all of us that we all can archive our dreams. Any of you have heard or ever gone to my hometown of Faith City in Landlia. This town is a prime example I am saying that this town were founded by five pioneers These people were different because they have different Faiths. Which they came together hundred years ago and they put all of theirs Faith into making this town work and Faith City were born. Now this town is the fuel the fire which we should be living, If they can do it and how about us? Have we change that who we are? No that we have not lost of what we are but we did change that how we are thinking and act toward others.

The reason that I said anything about this town because they build a town from differences but have grown in the same heart of Faith of Faith City. Back than they build town but now we "ALL" can build a whole new world of peace. Back than throughout Jesus' life which he performing Faith miracles and now we can perform them though God's everlasting power. This way that God told us to do in order for helping all of us to be inspire in Faith before we spoke to you which earlier I gave a note to your Queen Lady Michele which it contains things that we needs to perform three Faith base miracles. Can we have some time for us to getting ready?

Lady Michele: Yes we can come back within one hour.

Tammy: During this time I were scare and then he spoke to me.

Randy: Don't fear Tammy because God wanted you to help me performing them. God also have Faith in you and as do I. Here what you will do when you put this cup into the water and do this twice. While that you do this and this is what you will say. By the authority of the three the father, the son, and the spirit I command thee to change.

Tammy: I see and Thank you pal Randy.

Randy: You welcome and just have Faith!

Tammy: Then when the time were up and everyone are now back to their seats. Although I am still afraid but I do have Faith.

Randy: Ladies and Gentleman which before you is one jar which is filled with water and before she does this I have say something first. This is for Non Christians all can believe in and this which he perform at a wedding. Now is the time for my friend Tammy will begin.

Tammy: Thank you Randy! By the authority of the three the father, the son, and of the spirit which I command thee to change. Then Randy toke the cup from me and then he gave it to Lady Michele. Then she toke a drink and then she spoke to her nation.

Lady Michele: My people this is grape juice and then I gave it back to him.

Randy: That's right Lady Michele!

Lady Michele: Then he toke the bread and the cup then he bless them on the behalf of the people of the nation. Then the team pass out the bread and the cup to everyone and then some time later now is the time for Randy will do his one.

Randy: Now before I do this I like to said something. Do any of you know the four keys for a safe green world and there are Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith. Today I will talk about Love and Love and Faith will go hand in hand because if you have Faith but first you have Love in your heart. I know that the world is on a green movement however this is a short term. If you wanted a longterm solution so add Peace to the mix because if you have a green world but it were be destroyed by war and it will be unacceptable to everyone.

Now please can I have a chair and then I asked the Lives to come up front. Then I asked both of them these question.

Do you believe in our Ever loving and ever forgiving father?

Do you believe in our savior Lord of all Jesus Christ?

Do you believe in our Holy Spirit the spirit of life?

Do you believe, trust, and have Faith in me?

The Lives: We do!

Randy: That's great! Airtoplisan why did I asked them these question is necessary for what will come next. This one are for Christians can believe in because it deals with Faith. Then I will asked all of you to helping me with this. Tammy, Ruth, Mary,and Lady Michele to help me by all lying hands upon him and let us pray.

Dear father God bless this child for his outstanding service to you. Please continue to keep him on the path which you have him on. By the power and authority of Holy Trinity I command this child to stand up for Jesus and walking for you, with you, and to walk in your name.

I command for this child to stand up and walk because which his Faith will make him whole again and heal. So go my son and walk in the path of Faith which he is on. So walk in the name of God and all the people say amen!

Everyone: Amen!

Randy: Then they return to their seats and asked them to take mine. Then!

Devon: He said to me "Do you still believe in me? Yes I do without a doubt.

Randy: Great! Then stand up for your land.

Devon; Then I stand up and then he took the chair away.

Randy: Just look upon your mother Mary and your queen.

Devon: Then I did face my mother and Lady Michele.

Randy: First I am proud of you and then now slowly walk to your mother. Don't fear because I am going to walked with you and take my hand.

Devon: Then I took my first step and then my next step. Then I am now walking for the very first time.

Randy: Then I addressed the people to expressed my feelings. People now your eyes has seen that he is walking for very first time. This is real and this is really happening because of Faith. If they can create a City of Faith, If he can walked for the first time, and "ALL" of us can create a safe peaceful green world. "ALL" of it is possible! Now Devon would you please stop because just before you cross the finish line which I need to speak to them. People he is an example of what I am talking about these keys of living a better fulfilling life. I walked with him as an example of how God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit will always walk with you even an nominal day as well.

Now Devon go across that finish line by yourself but remember that God and the trinity will always be with you.

Devon: Then I ran to mom and Lady Michele and then I gave them a huge bear hug.

They: We are very proud of you Devon!

Devon: Thank you mom and my lady.

Tammy: Then he ran up to me, he hug me, and also he thank me. You are welcome Devon.

Devon: Then I ran up to Randy and gave him a huge hug.

Tammy: while when they hugged and then I said something to myself. Wow! Now I seen everything that happens today and I were thinking that he will lead us to our promise land of a new world. Then I know that deep down in my heart which that Randy is an angel of Faithful Spirit.

Ruth: While when they are still hugging and I said to myself that is wow. Wow! I too know that we will make this happen by Faith and I am also beginning to think that he is an angel. I also think that Tammy felt that too. I am thinking that they will fell in Love with each other.

Devon: Can we pray Randy?

Randy: Yes we can and let us pray.

Devon: Thank you father for this life changing day and for my angel of Faithful Spirit which before me. His name is Randy Salvation and please have him continue on the his Faith path which God gave him. I knew that we will archive this dream in your holy name. Amen!

Randy: Amen men! Amen! Then I went to the location of Lady Michele's throne and then I sat down on the chair.

Lady Michele: Are you alright Randy?

Randy: Yes I am fine but sometimes like this it took a lot out of me but I will be fine soon. Wow! He really knows my secret, good for him and other who know my secret as well. However people knows or not but I have a job to do. I am doing this by the glory of God.

Lady Michele: Thank you Randy and Tammy for giving us a lot of inspiration information for us to think about. We will let you know when we are ready for our decision soon Go now and continue with your message of Faith and Peace to the rest of the world.

Ruth: Then they started to leave and then I now felt that this is the time for me to join the team then. Guys please stop and my lady all of the years which I help you because which God had lead me to you. Now he is leading me to an another path and this path is with them to spreading the seeds of Faith and Peace to the world. I know this will bring you some hardship but it has to be done. I hope that you will understand this my Queen Lady Michele.

Lady Michele: When she said that which she have said and it left me speechless for a while. Sweet friend Ruth we have been friends for many years. I always thinking that we are as sister and you are my children's God mother. Although that it will be hard for me but I have to let you go. Thank you Ruth for renewing my Faith because I am a Christian like you and sometimes I still pray. Now it's hard for me because I have to fed a nation with a limited resources but go with my blessing.

Ruth: Thank you my lady!

Lady Michele (an Eagle) You welcome Ruth.

Randy: Then I walked back to her and put me hand upon her shoulder. Our dear God knows your heart of pain and sorrow and he have answer your prayers. As long that there are Love, Hope, life, light, Peace, etc, and Faith in the hearts of men in the Heavens and Earth that no man, woman, and child in your nation and other nations around the world will "NOT" go hungry and thirsty. This is for both physical and living bread and food.

Lady Michele: Then I put my hand upon his and said to him. Thank you Randy!

Randy: No! Thank you Lady Michele.

Lady Michele: Then my chief resource officer ran into the room and said.

Chief: My Lady! My Lady! I have to tell you something.

Lady Michele: Let me guess all of the storage tanks were filled full for food and water.

Chief (Crow): Yes! How did you know?

Lady Michele: Let just say that an angel told me. (While that I were saying this I were looking at him.) Then a light enter the room and then the winds were blowing around. This event only lasted a moment and then it die down. When we had found out that Randy and the others disappear.

Randy: Then we all arrive at her aircraft and then once again. Then the Locket of Faithful Spirit once again begins to glow. Then the location of our next stop of the Faith tour which has been relived to us. It is the watery beautiful dome city nation of Watertoplia.

Chapter Five: Watertoplia: Dive into Darkness then the Light

Beth: The next destination are set and then they went to Watertoplia. Like Airtoplis they had to go to a port city of Flight City and Now they have to go to the port town of Dive into Faith Burg. Unlike Flight City which were high in the sky and this nation of Watertoplia in the deep depths of the darkness of the ocean. While they were in Dive into Faith Burg they purchase two air breathers and supplies so that they all can survive within the depths of the ocean.

Randy: Only I can breath without breathers because I am an amphibian (Which can survive on land and in the water.) Now we are set for diving to the nation of Watertoplia and then we jump into the water. Then we dive deep, deep, and down into the darkness but now this starting our hearts to hard and cold. Our trip to Watertoplia is a remember for the times which our hearts are feeling sometime. These times are when our souls were on trial and when it seem hopeless then the light beam into the depths of the darkest part of our spiritual hearts.

This light not just guiding us to Watertoplia and it's also warming our hearts. This lights is a symbol of how God's endless grace works and free us from the bond chains of worries. Then we arrive at the dome of Watertoplis and we swim in awe about the dome looks majestic and beautiful because the light which coming from the locket of Faithful Spirit hits the side of the dome. Then when we enter the city and then we were in awe again because it were also majestic and beautiful inside.

(Two Angelfish) Gary everlasting Soul: Welcome to our home of Watertoplia folks. Our names are Mary Living Soul and Gary Everlasting Soul.

Mary Soul: We are the directors of the U.F.A (United Federation of Animals) but for this case we are our escort around our home of Watertoplia. Let us start shall we?

The Souls: Then we gave them a tour around Watertoplia and we also were talking about our home.

Randy: You guys! I don't know how would you think about this but I feel that I need to do something before we speak with your people. Which I needed to speak with your Spiritual council and can we do this please?

The Souls: Sure! Let us go! Then we went to see Pastor Dianne O'Joy (a majestic wise Whale), Head Pastor of the Watertoplia Spiritual council.

Mary Soul: Sure Randy I can do that for you.

Randy: That is great Mrs. Soul.

Gary Soul: While when we went to see Pastor O'Joy and then both of them were speaking to each other.

Pastor O'Joy: Yes we can and we the council are on your side.

Randy: Good! Then we pray and then we talked some more. Just about 20 minutes latter then we headed over to the Capital building which house Prime Minster Blow hole's Office (a Blowfish) and then we seen the others standing there. Then the Souls were telling us the history of Watertoplia. Then we starting to talking about our great opportunity for the visions of one special person to come true. That person which gave us the idea of a world which fill with people were working and living together in Peace. The reason that we are here to speaking with all of you in Watertoplia is that our proposal were based on that one vision.

Yes I know that the world is on a green crusades however which I fear that it is only a short term solution but there's a long term solution is for everyone of us to add Peace to the mix. If we are doing this by living and working together in Peace which will add extra life to our world I think. These keys which I have been talking in Airtoplis is for living a Peaceful safe fulfilling life. There are Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith and when we were in Airtoplis I had talking about the first key of Love. Now here I will talking about the second of these keys. Hope is when we wishing for a Peaceful and green world. Hope, Peace, and Faith dose go with each other because they are together in any Faiths of the world. I have Hope that we all can live together in Peace and I think that we all will working together in our lifetime.

Then we once again perform three Faith based miracles to grow for our seeds of Faith in the Hearts of Watertoplia after it were planted and water by the grace of God and the trinity. Then when they were finish with their Faith sermon then the good chaos of God's starting and stop again. Then they find out that we were gone again but we were on our way back to the surface. When we had arrive back to Dive into Faith Burg and for the third and final time the locket of Faithful Spirit begins to shine and glow. Then the last stop of our tour were reviled to us and it is Tammy and my home country of Landlia. This land is an jungle of Faith and the home of Faith City.

Chapter Six: Landlia: Desolate Jungle of Faith

RMB: Faith is a phase based lifetime commitment believe of a higher power which it will guide us to better humankind. These three chapters are based on three areas of our own Faith. Now this chapter is about phase changing Faith zone.

First is when we first were born and for others when we first start out our Faith are like a desert ( A place which has nothing can live in but sand and cactus.) The next phase are when the seeds of Faith have enter us then our Faith will be transform into the second kind of desert ( a place which different kinds of plants can live and this also includes cactus and animals.) When we enter the third stage of Faith that which Landlia stands for. The third stage of Faith is the desolated jungle (a desert jungle which has a tangle web.) This stage is a symbol of the weights of our hearts and the world. Landlia is at this stage because of it diversity of blending Faiths and cultures and also this nation were based on the USA.

This nation is like a sea of complexity but there are Hope that our spiritual Faith would be clam and this stage of Faith is the fourth and finial stage. That one is Heavenly cloud like paradise (this means that a place which be pure of thoughts, Faith, this is what we are staving for, and that what Heaven is. A island of simple and pure of hearts is Randy and Pastor Love's hometown of Faith City and this town is a symbol of this stage of Faith.

President Sandy Friend (a Giraffe): With the knowledge of Faith were in hand they arrive at the capital city of Faith Friend Burg. They arrive there about several days earlier because I wanted a private luncheon with our heads of state and the Faith team. We laugh, we cry, and dine together for a while then a I wanted to speak alone with my friend Randy in my office listen and enjoy.

Randy: Hi madam President and I heard that you wanted us to talk.

President Sandy: That's right I really do for two reasons. Reason one is that on the day of my swearing in to office then a strange man which came to me while that I was in my office. Then he gave me two package of Faith and he told me this.

The angel of God: God had sent an angel down form Heaven to save us from ourselves. This one which will be lead by God to you and 12 more of God's Faithful Spiritual people. While that he will be with you and the others all of you will be learning and growing from each other. When the time is right for the second prophecy that will be relived to all of us. Then when the time comes then you and the rest of the Faithful Spirit squad will come to the aid of a hero in his own time of need and then we will help him to spread the seeds of Faith to all of my people. Do you understand all of this? Yes I do! Then he went away and then one week latter you shows up then we shake hands but since that time I knew that you are that angel who he were talking about.

Randy: I see and the second reason for seeing me here.

President Sandy: The second package contains a list of the highest award of honor and bravely the Golden Nest.

Randy: I see and let me guess which is Tim Light and myself.

President Sandy: That is correct Randy! This award which is giving to anyone that shows honor and bravely in war and Peacetime. Randy please tell me about your friend Tim Light. Then he did tell me everything about Tim. Then I get Pastor Linda Peace (a Dear) into the room. Now Pastor Peace tell Randy about your story.

Pastor Peace: Before Pastor O'Joy and I ever met we had a meeting with your friend Peace Love. Then a strange man enter the room then he said to all of us. "Pastor Love you already known this but your friends dose not know about God has sent a hero to the world and the Faithful Spirit squad which includes the Pastor three."

Then Pastor Love tells them the rest of the story and then the angel had left them to do their business. Then the next day we met you at Pray 1st United Methodist Church of Faith City and as you know the rest of the history.

Randy: I see!

Pastor Peace: Let us pray! Dear father God bless the day when we all can come together in faith so that we all can talking with each other about God's plain with is though you and your team for our future of the world. Amen and the people will say.

All: Amen!

Randy: Then they all went back to their lunch party and finishing their fellowship. Then it is now couple of days latter and the team are now speaking in front of Landlia Congress. Ladies and Gentleman throughout the tour we have been talking about the opportunity for us to change. I challenge the world to talk to each other for Peace and I been talking about the four keys for Peaceful green fulfilling life. There are Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith and at Airtoplis I have talking about Love. Then at Watertoplia I have been talking about Hope and now I am talking about the Peace key. Peace is very important to our green drive for the future because that Peace can last but war can destroy everything. Peace can and will help heal the world if we "ALL" can help to healing the world by have Peace across the land of the world.

Then several hours latter after their discussions and Miracles performing events and then they were done. Then the congress thanking them for coming and speaking to them. Then for the final time God's good chaos returns and then exit the room. Then everyone find out that God's Faith team had disappear but they returned to Randy's house in Faith City to wait for the answer of the world.

Chapter Seven: Prophecy of Faithful Spirit Squad

RMB: Within the first chapter of this story book we did know about the first prophecy of Faithful Spirit. We don't know which hiding in the first prophecy were the second prophecy of Faithful Spirit Squad. In the world of Faith and the hero need a team which he can depend on. This team of Faith were Faithfully name the Faithful Spirit Squad.

This Squad of Faithfully and Spirit full disciples of Jesus Christ which consisted of thirteen of God's children which they will help him with his final two steps of what it takes for him to be transform into the angel of Faithful Spirit.

Lady Michele: When the Faith tour were over then the ten members of the team met in a secret meeting. Three of them did not come because it is not time for Beth, Tammy, and Ruth which they are with Randy at home.

The Souls: Thank you all for coming we all know that three of us are not here because it is not time yet. Now this is the time which we are called into serves to help Randy in his Missions here in Earth.

Lady Michele: The thirteen members are the Souls, Devon Life, Pastor three, Beth Destiny, Coraline Vi Demana, Timothy Light, President Sandy, Tammy Hope, Ruth Galilee, and me Lady Michele Grace.

Gary Soul: Now each of us will tell our stories that how we met with a strange person which he told us that Randy were one of God's angels. Then we starting to tell our stories about how that we first met Randy and now this is the time for us one by one telling our stories.

Lady Michele: Then one by one were telling their stories and now it is time for me for telling them my story. The first time we met were when I was Devon's age. My father were king then he came to Airtoplis for help my father out and some time latter my Father was dying. Then they told me that Randy were an angel. Then he die and few days latter I took the reigns of leadership. Then Randy came back to helping me out. That's History!

Mary Soul: Thank you Lady Michele and others for telling your stories about Randy. Now the world leaders are here but one are not however Pastor O'Joy were speaking on the behave of Prime Minster Blow hole. Now is the time for us to set a date for the World Summit.

Tim Light: I got the right date and place for the summit and this will be Good Friday at Faith City Stadium. The reason I say Good Friday is for Randy needs to cross the finish line which he will be transfigure as the Angel of Faithful Spirit. As the Faithful Spirit Squad our duties is to help him within two ways. First is to help him in his time of pain and sorrow which he has help with our time of need.

Second is for us to stand behind him so that he have to do in what he has do to.

Mary Soul: Thank you Tim! Now if we like this Good Friday date for our world summit say ya ya yada if not say no.

All: Ya Ya Yada!

Gary Soul: Motion carries! Thank you to all Pastor O'Joy can you pass the information to your people?

Pastor O'Joy: Yes I will! Let us pray! Dear Everlasting Lord thank you for this group of Faithful and Spirit full. People who have Randy 's back. As we are waiting please keep us on track of your path which you had set for us to live. Let us do this in your holy name. Amen!

All: Amen!

Gary Soul: Good we will let them know what we have decided on. We will go and wait for that time then we left and went home. Then we call Randy and the others at his home in Faith City.

(Phone rings)

Randy: This is Randy Salvation and what can I help you?

Mary Soul: Randy this is Mary Soul over at the UFA.

Randy: Yes Mary and thank you for calling us today.

The Soul: The reason I am calling the team is for we (the world leaders and us) like to inform the Faith team is that the world summit will be on Good Friday. It is ok for you guys?

Randy: Yes it will be fine!

Soul: Good! So be prepare for one month from today and see you there. Bye! May God bless you and your Faith squad.

The Faith squad: Bye! We will be prepare.

Chapter Eight: Call into Arms: Faith Bridge

RMB: In the book of Revelation tells a story about a storm which is brewing. A storm between Dark and the Light. This storm is not against man but it is against the wicket ways and ideas. These like war, hated, terror, temptation, Seeds of Dis faith, and most of all the wicket fruits of unholy spirit of evil. This chapter tells two things about how that we does have a purpose for living.

1) This is about the five purpose of the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren (You were made for a mission.) The four keys to fulfilling God's mission in the world and there are the principle of compassion, Faith, action, and persistence.

2) This is also that Faithful Day when Tim and Randy met for the very first time. This chapter is about a second storm as well but this storm is God's healing Heavenly rain. This storm starts right now because it's God's Love for "ALL" of us. It can heal, clams us and it can be yours if only you believe.

Randy: The world does knows the meaning of war because the world dose have its fair share of it. The last time when the world were thrust into lost of life on both side was in about 80 years ago and when Tim is 21 years old. This war last for ten years and I was a medic and a spiritual leadership.

The "Compassion" part of this story were when I and a group of compassionate Christians had join together to form "the Faith Bridge" It's a group of passionate Christians which like me risking our lives for saving God's people in physical and spiritual ways. I per sonly have save about 150 people in physical and spiritual ways. As a group even more than that but this were within the first five years of the war. Both Tim and I had not been shot until that Faithful day.

Tim Light: The second part is about "Faith" and when I was injured on a hill deep in emery territory. Then I remember what my dad had said to me before I left for war.

Tim's dad: Now son I know that you are not a Christian like your family however when you are truly in terrible please pray and that I know that you will be alright.

Tim: Then I said it couldn't hurt! Then God answered my prayer and he send Randy to me

Randy: Faith is how which God were able me to connected and connect Tim. This is what I said to him, Tim God answer your prayers and he send me to rescue you. Only you have to do is pray and stay out of sight. I will be there soon and remember to pray.

Then the three step is "Action" and it when I started to go after him but a new private had stop me and he said this to me.

Private Cross: Sorry about this Captain but you can't go in there because this path lies with mines.

Randy: Don't worry because God is on our side and he will watch out over me. I have to go because there are someone that need help in there.

Private Cross: I am truly sorry but I can't let you pass.

Mark: Private let him pass! I know that you are new to this outfit but I will tell you about What we do. We do the impossible in order to save others and so Randy do you know how bad is it?

Randy: I don't know how bad is it until I get there.

Mark: I see Randy! So go and I will take care of this. May God protect you both!

Randy: Thank you Mark! While when he were telling Private Cross everything about us and I started my trek to Tim. Then when I cross the line I started to pray and enter a prayer type trance. While when I were in this state I remain in connect with God. Then the Holy Spirit were guiding around mines in order for to got to Tim. This state has result me to go beyond humans ability. Sometimes I had to slow down for some reason and those times I were shot two times. Thought out this journey I pray contentiously. Lord! Please keep my body working until Tim are safe.

Then when I had getting there to Tim's position and then I grab his hands. Then from the moment of when I get shot and the resulting force causing the world's first recorded Spirit transfusion. Which means that some of my Spirit went to Tim.

Then I had put him carefully on my shoulder and while putting pressure on the wound. Then when we starting back back where we came from then I were shot two more times.

Tim: Then we continue head back to our control area then I were in awe about we were going really fast. Then I ask him how are you doing this?

Randy: I tell you this Faith is all that is because it brings us together, beyond human strength, and keep us safe and well.

Tim: Then he continue to pray to God and were amaze in the fact which Randy only pray for me. He keep praying this Dear Lord Please keep my body working until Tim are safe. When we arrive at the line he were shot for the six and final time. When we cross the line then Randy's medics friends were been waiting for us. Then we all got into a jeep and headed to a nearby mash.

Randy: See Tim! I told you that you will be safe in the hands of God. Now the doctors here will take care of you. Now they toke Tim to the ER then I collapsed.

Light: Then I open my eyes I found myself in a different plain of life. Then a dark figure came up to me and said.

The Evil Guy (A Snake): Hi Tim you are died and come with me.

(Then a voice said Get away from him!)

Evil Guy: Excused me!

Randy: I told you to get away from him!

Light: Randy! Why are you here?

Randy: Once again Faith is why I am here in your head.

Evil Guy: Don't listen to him because he is lying.

Randy: No! I am Not! You are! Tim! I know that this may look crazy however this is real. You are very much alive and see.

Tim: I don't understand all of this?

Randy: I know! I am here to inform you that this is not your time because God still have a job for you. This is the matter of saving your life and oh there are someone wants to speak with you.

Light: Who will that be? Then Both of them seen to vanish in thin air then God appears by a bright light upon me on earth.

God: I do! I am who I am ! Randy is right because you still have a future with me. So trust in your family's Faith and Randy which he is one of my angels. Which he were sent by me to save my people like you. He will be saving the world by Faith! Please my son Tim choose to live! I have go and just have Faith!

Light: Then the light had vanish and they both return to me.

Randy: Did you speak with him?

Light: Yes randy I did!

Randy: Good! Tim you have a chose either to follow the Lord of Dis Faith and die or to come with me and live! This is your decision but remember that you are never alone. This because that I will forever be with you because of our Spirit transfusion. Remember when a were shot while we grab hands and then we both felt something!

Tim: Yes I do!

Randy: That is it! When you make up your mind just listen to your soul.

Tim: I were saying to myself that I was caught into a battle between good and evil. On the one hand there's a guy which I met only once and he were fighting for me. On the other hand there's a guy that I don't know however my heart tells me to not listen to him. Then I close my eyes, take a breath, and then I open my eyes. Then I say to this very dark guy which I don't like to follow him to whatever it may go. Minster I don't know you however I do know Randy. He is one of the purest kind heart and so I chose to go with Randy!

Evil Guy: Oh well! You win some and you lose some. Randy isn't over!

Light: Take a hike dude! Then he left us and then Randy said to me.

Randy: That's great! When you return and open your eyes which I will be the first person you see! So take my hand and close your eyes.

Light: When I did open my eyes and he were there as promise

Mark: How are you feeling Lt. Light?

Light: Well! Lets just say I am alive.

Mark: That's right Lt and we almost lost you. What Randy said we must have Faith.

Light: How about you Randy and I thought you were shot a total of six times?

Randy: Well Tim! I did! However I am a fast healer by Faith. Now how about your future?

Mark: How about for he to transfer to our Faithful Outfit for the rest of the war? Randy: Yes that could work and I hope that when you go home and your family can see you change.

Tim: Let us do it!

Randy: That's great Tim! Then the next day we went to Tim's Comp. To see his CO and we have him transfer to the Faith Bridge. Then for the next five years of this terrible action we were on his Faith journey to better his life. Then war ends and we went to Tim's family and then I watch their reaction to him was awe full moment.

Tim: I have to go now but if any time that you wanted me and just give me a prayer phone call. Anytime you do and I will always be there.

The Lights: Thank you our Faithful Christian friend so much and may God lead you to wherever it may takes you.

Randy: You welcome and goodbye.

The Lights: Bye Randy! God bless you Randy then he left their house and that's history. This section were about the last part of Persistence.

Chapter Nine: Call into Arms: Circle of Faith

RMB: In this story I am talking about many ways to explain Faith and now in this chapter I will talking about one of many ways to view Faith. When you were born which you automatically into God's everlasting, ever changing, ever growing, and special Ring of Faith. This is known as Circle of Faith, care, and or Love. Some of us chose to not to care but for others we choose to care by Loving and helping people. Faith are like a blade of grass which can grow alone or with others. Our lives are like a spiritual garden for that we all need spiritual miracle grow and this is the Holy trinity, by prayer, and also by caring. Sometimes we can show our Faith by ether small like a rose and big as much as tree. God wanted all of us to care for others who is in need and we can do this by ether praying and or "Action of caring." Organization of local, statewide, national, and international level were doing their part of Prayer and caring. This chapter is all about this type of caring of Faith.

Tim: Today is the day which Randy my spiritual brother will take a one closer step to become in what has been destine for being the angel of Faithful Spirit. In order for him to do this I have to return to my Lord in Heaven. I mean which I have to cross the river of life to see my father God. Today happen to be Palm Sunday and so when the time for me to go to God which before I do I wanted to see Randy for the very last time. So then I made for the very last prayer phone call and once again he answer it. While the Faith team were relaxing because they had finish their preparation for Good Friend and staying at Randy's home in Faith City. Then Randy did answer my prayer phone call and then.

Randy: When I did receive his call and then I drop everything to see him. Guys! I have to go and see a sick friend and feel free to do anything that you all wanted to do.

Tammy: We do understand and go to your friend.

Randy: Are you sure?

Ruth: Yes! We are sure and we will pray for both of you.

Randy: Thanks! Then I left my house and went to a hanger where my plane were being stored. That plane were giving to me by the Souls of the UFA for helping them out. I preparing for this day and then I flew to his house and shorty before I arrive an angel from God appeared to him and he were speaking to him.

Angel of God: Tim I am honored to inform you the you will go to Heaven when you cross the river of life. Tell Randy this! Don't fear about me and I will be well taking care of. Just worry about what that you have to do and just have Faith as well.

Tim: I will! Then he went away and then Randy have arrive to my house. When I open the door and I gave him a huge hug. Then we went back to my bed.

Randy: How are you Tim?

Tim: Well! Randy! I am free!

Randy: What do you mean?

Tim: I mean that soon I will be go to see my God in heaven. Before I do this which I wanted to see you one more time and I also wanted to tell you something.

Randy: What is it my friend?

Tim: Before you arrive here one of God's angels came to see me and said. " Don't fear about me I will be well taking care of and just worry about what you have to do." This day is the perfect day for this is that it is my time! Go and have fun with Faith on Good Friday. Don't fear about not seeing me that we will see each other again.

Randy: I know which you know but I have to ask?

Tim: Randy it is alright for asking me.

Randy: Do you have Faith in our God, in our lord Jesus Christ, in our Holy Spirit, and within me?

Tim: Randy! Without a shadow of a doubt the answer of all questions is yes! Now let us get to business which I left all but one of my earthly belongings to your business name The Given Heart and for that one which I give to you.

Randy: Your rifle which you have when we met in 80 years ago.

Tim: That's right Randy I gave this to you because I wanted you to use it in your talks about Faith on Good Friday. I also wanted you to be passionate on Friday as you have done your sermon when Pastor Love let you speak in church.

Randy: I see Tim and I have something to give to us as well.

Tim: What is it Randy?

Randy: Then I put my medal and then I gave Tim his. On the behalf of President Sandy and your government of Landlia it gave me great honor to give you this is the Golden Nest which were giving to us for honor and bravely within war and Peacetime.

Tim: I do understand and thank you.

Randy: You welcome Tim and that's all that I have to do right now.

Tim: Now is the time for me to return to Heaven.

Randy: I understand and say hi to God for me.

Tim: I will! Just like Jesus did on Good Friday and then I too commit my Spirit to our God.

Randy: I really dread about this day coming and then he were gone to see God in Heaven. Then I had packed him and went to the highest honor cemetery name the Brave Souls. Then I preparing him for burial and then I heard a noise behind me. Then I look behind me and find out that all of my best friends were there. Then this causing me to be confused. Why all of you are here and how did you all get here? I have not telling anyone where I am going.

Angel of God: They are here because of God.

Randy: Do I know you and you look familiar to me some how?

Angel of God: You should because I am your Heavenly brother. And I am here to give you two messages. The first is them because God sent them to supported you. So listen to them because they believe in you just as you believe in them.

The second is that one of your mission will come to a end within few days. They will always stand by you and also they will help you to archive your goal of becoming which you are destine to become God's Angel of Faithful Spirit For now my brother I have to go but we will talk again soon.

Randy: Then he left us and I am still confuse.

President Sandy: Randy I know that you are confuse but we are here to rally behind you during this time of need.

Beth Fulfilling Destiny (A Butterfly): That's right Randy and you literally have safe my life not once but twice. The first time were when I was about nine years old. My home back then were in an apartment building in Faith City and it was on fire. I were living just high enough for I can't be rescue by the firefighters. While I were scare out of my mind and you wasn't because that you had ask a firefighter for his jacket and his air breather. Then you enter the building and then you have reach me.

Then you put the breather on me and he also wrap me up with the jacket. Then we headed back down to safety and while we were went down the stairs which you have comforting me with prayers, hope, and Faith. Then we were safety outside and then you taken the stuff off me then you said to me. "See Beth you are safe by Faith," and while I hug my family then you had vanish.

Then the next time when I were dying from breast cancer in my twenty. Then in my death bed I had receive a package of a CD player, a headset, and a CD which has music of Hope and Faith. One of the songs which I played for a week then this song had literally safe my life. This is also has your voice saying Hopeful things. After a week had pass then I find out that the cancer had reduce enough for removal by surgery. Now I have been cancer-free for many years and I owned to you. Then when Pastor Love called me that I were finishing up with a music video of that same song which safe my life.

Then I hold up everything for you and here I am. Thank you Randy for saving my life.

Randy: You welcome Beth I think and I am still not understanding all of this. I wanted to be alone for a little while to pray.

Pastor Love: Sure Randy! Take all the time that you need and we are not going anywhere.

Randy: Then I started to pray and enter a prayer trace.

President Sandy: Shorty after Randy enter his prayer trace and then a terrible evil man came to us. Then he were speaking to us and I feel that this men is the Devil!

Evil Guy: How the mightier have felling! 80 years ago he were flighting for this bug of a men which you called Tim Light. Just say that I like the Christmas Carol because of Scrooge and I say humbug to all of the humankind. He were brought down by a bug and good ridings to friends. Why needs friends, they are a nothing, you should quit, and count your losses. You are weak because your love for everyone and stop this silly notion of Love, Peace, and Faith.

Devon: Get away from him your wicked minster!

Evil Guy: Excuse me and what did you say little boy?

Devon: You heard me! Get away from him! You are wrong about Friends they are not nothing but they are our strength. Do you hear me Mr Salvation ? All of us are strong because that we "all" are friends. Right President Sandy!

President Sandy: That's right Devon! While the battle between the Faithful Spirit Squad and the Devil and there' re a second battle within his head but the forces of evil doesn't know about Tim.

Tim: My dear friend Randy! Our Circle of Faith has come full circle.

Randy: Circle of what and is that you Tim?

Tim: Yes Randy I am here! This Circle of Faith has many names like, Circle of Friends, Rings of Love, Hope, and or caring. I have something to show you and please tell me what you see?

Randy: I see my friends are fighting for me.

Tim: That's right Randy! Why because they fighting for you just as you were fighting for us. You stand behind us in our time of need and we will do the same for you. We all have faith in you and just as you have Faith in us. This is the Circle of Faith and you have touch us everything about Faith. God lead you to us so that we can help you archive in what you are destine to archive. In order for you to become God's Angel of Faithful Spirit which you need is to give others Hope and Faith and be given Hope and Faith in return. Devon is right that our real power of strength is from each other because You draws power from God, we draws our power from you , and now you will draw your power from us. Now listen to beth when she sing Battle Hymn Republic.

(She sings two versus of Battle Hymn Republic.)

Tim: You hear that his love transfigure you and me and this is not just a song this is our battle cry for Faith.

Randy: I see!

Tim: Do you know the reason of our Spirit transfusion in 80 years ago.

Randy: I am beginning to see where you are going and I will say that God wish this to happen.

Tim: That's right Randy! We are Spirit brothers now and forever because God wanted us to be. Eleven of us were sent by God for what they come to do and Two of us will help you in special way. That way is Tammy will help you in Love matters and for me that I will help you in spiritual matter. In 80 years ago I find myself in the same boat what you are now in and now you have a chose to ether give up your missions of Faith or to cross that finish line and becoming the angel of Faithful Spirit.

Randy: Then I grab his hand and then we transfuse our spirits once again. When it were over and I find myself change forever.

Tim: Now you are ready to face whatever comes in coming days. When you talking to the world on Good Friday and I want you to speak with the fire passion which you have done in church. Just promise me that Randy!

Randy: I promise Tim!

Tim: Great Randy! Don't fear that we will be with each other again. Take Care my spirit brother Randy.

Randy: Then he were gone again but now I know that we will be together forever.

President Sandy: During the Fight for Randy I look at him and I can see that his Spirit Aurora had change from a normal good person to one like Christ. From this point on I know that he will change the world for better and then I laugh.

Evil Guy: What are you laughing at?

Randy: (Laughing) Satan! Satan! Satan! You don't get it do you? In the words of them you don't have a clue man! I finally realize just now and for that I apologist to my friends.

Devon: About time Mr. Salvation?

Randy: You get that right Devon! Thank you Devon for believing in me.

Devon: Anytime pal!

Randy: You are wrong about them in fact they are our power of strength. We can all draw strength and power from each other and that is called Circle of Faith. His death will fill the fire of my heart and soul and nothing will stop me from achieving my goals.

Evil Guy: What will it take to stop you from this silly notion of Peace and this isn't over God's good doer.

Randy: For you is concern that it is over and go away that we have some work to do. Then he left us in anger and then I address the Faithful Spirit Squad. First of all I like to apologist to all of you for the way that I was acting.

Faithful Spirit Squad: We forgive you pal!

Randy: Thank you guys! Second is that I like to thank you all for believing in me.

Faithful Spirit Squad: You welcome Randy!

Randy: Now we have a lot of work to do and now the time for us as the Army of Faith to fight for the world. When the time comes for me to return to God and I really believe that the world will be in great hands of God's army of Faith you the Faithful Spirit Squad. God had declare this year is the year of Faith and also time for us to help the world to be better. Are you ready to fight for the world with Faith?

Faithful Spirit Squad: we are ready!

Randy: Great! Now before we begin is anyone like to say something.

Demana: Yes I do!

Randy: Go on miss Demana.

Demana: Randy it is Coraline Vi! Now I was homeless and I was living in a subway terminal in another town. Then a strange guy that we all know went up to me and gave my a package which contains a note. This note says that to go Faith City and find Randy Salvation and or Pastor Love to make your dreams will come true. Then I use the money which he gave me too and went to Faith City.

Then I went to the homeless house that which the note say to go first. Then I ask the ladies which runs the home to tell me where I can find these man. Then they help me to get Sunday best for church and then I saw you speaking the sermon in church.

Then you stop speaking and saw me then you went to Pastor Love about me. Then you finish your sermon and you continue to inspiring me on that day. When church were over then he went to me and he told me which I were a candidate for a new program which you two had started. Then the next day I got a job at the UFA as the chief of security and as you know that's history.

Randy: I see and you welcome to all. Well! Now Pastor Three to give us the opening prayer.

Pastor Three: Dear father God thank you for letting us to know Tim Light, given us the opportunity for us to say goodbye to Tim, and we will see you again in Heaven. Amen!

Others: Amen!

Pastor O'Joy: Now Randy will give his finial goodbyes to Tim.

Randy: Tim were born into a Christian family however he haven't know God yet. Then after we met and now we became Soul brothers. Then he know God and then he were born again. Then he living life in what God wanted him to live. In the end he fought for God thought out his life and his award is for him to go to Heaven. Now he is with God and we had a spiritual bond where no one can brake. I am going to miss him but I know that we will see each other again. (Cry)

Pastor Love: Thank you Randy for those kind words. I know that Tim wanted us to not to morn him but to celebrate his life.

Randy: Today we commit Tim's body into the dust in which we came from and we also commit Tim's everlasting Spirit to God Glory. Now we commit him to the ground while Beth sings Battle Hymn Republic and before she dose I wanted to say something. Throughout the war I never used a gun but now I am going to use one which he had gave me this gun when we first met. While she sing the song I did the twenty one gun suture, and then we put Tim's body into the ground. Then after we buried him then Pastor Peace performing the closing prayer.

Pastor Peace: Dear o Lord thank you for this army of Faithful Spirit Squad that you had lead up to this point. Then please lead us to our future and thank you for Tim which he were a shining beckon for rest of us. As we follow your plain for the next day please keep us safe and to inspire us in your name. Amen!

Faithful Spirit Squad: Amen!

Randy: That's concludes our service and thank you all for coming.

Devon: Speaking on the behalf of the Faithful Spirit Squad and anytime Friend.

Randy: As we left here today that we has long road ahead of us but with Faith that we can archive anything. Then we went home but Pastor Love and I stay for while to speak.

Pastor Love: Oh Randy! On Maunday Thursday there's all day celebration for Both Maunday Thursday and Good Friday. Can you do one of the sermons in the Good Friday service?

Randy: Yes I will! Thank you Dr. for all that you do.

Dr. Love: You welcome Randy!

Randy: Then he have left me and then he went home. Tim I know that you listening and I love you. I miss you but I can do this because of you. So thank you Tim so much I know now that you will always be with me forever! Then I fly back home and wait with my friends to the day of beginning of our lives.

Chapter Ten: Clam Before the Storm

Pastor O'Joy: The Day we all celebrate the Passover and the Last Supper is now upon us. Today is Maunday Thursday and just like this day which long ago God sent his son with his endless Faith to make an ultimate sacrifice in order for saving the world from our sins. Then the next day which he did safe the world from our sins and now it's Randy's turn. Tomorrow which he will be forever known as Lamb of the Spirit. Today were also the forces of the wicked one runs a muck and we are here at the UFA headquarters in Faith City. Now it's time for the all day celebration of both Maunday Thursday and Good Friday. We just finish the Maunday Thursday service, now it's time for lunch then hour had pass, and then it's one o'clock.

Devon: Boy! I love being a Christian because for those moments like these where we be alive now it's time for the Good Friday service. We listen to Pastor three starting us off, then several people have done their sermons and I can't wait to hear his inspiring sermon.

Randy: I already prepare this sermon but I feel that God were pulling me into a different direction. I will start a new one with some elements of this one please bear with me. Thought out the tour we been talking about these 4 keys for having a fulfilling Peaceful green life but I fail to mention which that these keys are also keys for being like Jesus Christ. God wanted "ALL" of us to be more like him but you don't have to be Christian to do. Just adopt these qualities of Christ and we will be more like Jesus Christ. These keys are Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith and each stop we have been speaking about them. First I going to give four of God's Faithful and Spirit full people awards by showing these qualities of Christ to the world. They will only be recognize by one of these keys at a time. First by Love, then Hope, then Peace, and now Faith. Can Pastor Love, Beth Destiny, and Devon Life please come here to aspect your awards from God.

God gave these Faithful and Spirit full people award for being Christ-like and for showing all of these quartiles to the world. First let us talk about Love and this person shows Love to everyone everyday. He showing Love ether by helping them with their spiritual needs, helping then with their dreams, helping people through The "Given Heart" our business in Faith City. His name what said it all Love. Pastor Love would you aspect this award which given by God for being a shining beacon of Love to the world, and to continue to give the seeds of Love to all of God's Children?

Pastor Love: Here I am Lord please use me!

Randy: Next is Hope! This person shows us hope from diversity and she gave us Hope while faces death not once but twice. First time was when she was little because she were safe from fire and then she face death while she was dying from cancer. Then she heard a song of Hope and Faith then she were healed. Now she brought this song of Hope and Faith to the world now she became a shining beacon of Hope to the world. Beth Destiny would you aspect this award which given by God, being a shining beacon of Hope to the world, and to continue to give the seeds of Hope to all of God's children?

Beth: Here I am Lord please use me.

Randy: The next key is Peace but this person were no longer with us because he crossing over the river of life. His name is Tim Light and he was a warrior of Faith and Peace. He shows us Peace of an another kind a Peace of the Spirit. Which he show us Peace in both war and Peacetime and he were a great Faithful Spirit person. I will aspect his award on his behalf and I promise to continue to give the seeds of Peace to his children. I know that his response will be here I am Lord Please use me.

Last but not lest is Faith and this child of Faith shows us Faith in diversity because he were born not to walk but now by the power of his Faith he can walk. His name is Devon Life and my Spirit friend. Now Devon Life would you aspect this award which given by God, being a shining beacon of Faith to the world, and to continue to give the seeds of Faith to his children?

Devon: Here I am Lord a child of your Faith please use me.

Randy: Let me ask you a question and that's what's Faith, Hope, Peace, and Love has something in common? It's because which in order to have Faith first you have Love in our hearts. Everyone around Earth has Faith and I mean everyone because it's different kinds of Faith. For an example If you believe in something or someone that's Faith my Friends! Faith is where you believe in something or someone and both Christians and Non Christians can have Faith even in Peace! World Peace! This is impotent for the world to see, Think and act in the coming days. We all have love within our hearts, Peace in our souls, we have Hope within our strength, and Faith within our minds. I am talking about all of this and more however I am also talking about this, (while point to his hands.) This!

His hands are like ours because it is simple, flush and bones but the differences between his hands and ours that's his hands are divine. Simple yet divine and flush and bones yet holy. He bore our pain when he were nailed on the cross that long ago and even now. In the Bible it says that you need be born again in the Spirit. When they nail him to the cross in fact which they nail our old selves to that cross as well. The mark on Jesus' hands which bares the mark of our cares, burdens, worries, and sins in which he bore on the tree on Good Friday long ago. When he dies on Good Friday which in fact our sins, burdens, worries, old selves, and cares of our hearts dies with him.

When he lives again on Easter we too can live, being raise up from the aches, and be reborn anew. Folks! I am talking about and it's proves that Good Friday is so very important to not just for Christians but for "ALL" of God's People. I hope that you all should go come here tomorrow for we will talking about our futures. We also will be talking which the world will be reborn as well. Thank you for listen my dear friends.

Beth: Then I am honor to sing this song which safe my life. When I finish song then we end this Good Friday service and also concludes the all day celebration. Then we all went home until we will met at the first ever world summit tomorrow.

Randy: Then we went home and find out which for the forces of the devilishness left us many devilish E-mails. The address for the E-mails were address to the leader of the Faith team which is me.

However both of them were really afraid but I tried to sure them it will be alright. In the inside I share their fright but was afraid not for me however I was afraid for them. Before I went to bed then I pray for both Tammy and Ruth to not be scared.

Dear o Lord please help me for helping them to not fear for tomorrow. For the very first I am scared but not for me it's for my friends. So please help me Lord for doing my job tomorrow. In your name o Lord give me the strength to help them be safe tomorrow Amen!

Then I went to bed and some time latter I were waking up by a huge Spirit fog type cloud which fill my room so nothing can come in and listen to us.

Randy: What's going on here?

Holy Spirit: Don't fear Randy because we all are here to help you.

Randy: What! Who!

Jesus: It's me brother Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are here to help.

God: That's right Randy and we have receive your prayer and we are here to help you son.

Randy: Thank you father!

God: You welcome Randy! Tell your friends whatever happens Friday they will be protected by the hands of God which power by the Holy Spirit. So everyone will be protected and just do your job.

Randy: I will!

Jesus: Great! Randy! I know your pain because I share it long ago but this is your own words just have Faith!

Randy: I see and our talk have clam me down. Thank you guys.

Holy Spirit: On the behalf of the trinity you welcome Randy.

Randy: Then the fog lifted and I were alone again. Then I heard them screaming and I ran into their room. Are you alright ladies?

Tammy: I'm sorry for waking you up but we are still scared.

Randy: Listen ladies I know for a fact that both of you are going to be safe.

Ruth: How do you know?

Randy: This is God's own words because the Holy Trinity came to me about minute ago and they insure me that two of you will be safe. For that they gave me Peace of mind and I hope which this will bring both of you Peace of mind as well?

Tammy: Little bit Randy!

Ruth: Me too little bit Randy!

Randy: Ladies look! I tell you this !

1) Faith is a friend who will comfort us when we were alone and afraid.

2) Faith is a fighter who will fight every time for us and for any reason too.

3) Faith is a comedian who will cheer us up every time when we are sad.

4) Faith can be a lawyer who will be an advocate for us in the court of life and this is for every time.

5) Faith is also can be anything which we can imagine. Now how both of you are feeling?

They: Now we have this Peace of mind which we need.

Randy: That's great ladies. Now we need some sleep because we have huge day tomorrow. Then we went to bed and that same night we fall in a nice sleep.

Chapter Eleven: Cross of Faith: The Storm of Faith

RMB: Today the world have a hero and that hero is Randy Salvation. Today is the day when the world calls him to make the ultimate sacrifice behalf of the world. Good Friday is the day that we celebrate Jesus' death and Good Friday is very important to "EVERYONE" because without his death we have nothing and with his death that we do have everything. Today is the day when the Faithful Spirit Squad will start their ultimate journey of Faith. They were also will be the guiding light for the world.

The Soul: First we like to say thank you all for coming to this historic event when we will talking about our future together. Now Pastor Love will opening prayer.

Pastor Love: Let us Pray! Dear Lord of Faith and Love thank you for giving us this day to not just talking about our future is to celebration of Jesus ' death on this day. We also are thanking you for this world summit which will hopefully make a brand new world. Please o God for giving us the inspiration to change our world in order for us to better mankind. Now it brings me great joy to introduced to you a great guy, a great friend, and overall great person name Randy Salvation. (They hug each other and everyone gave him a standing o.)

Randy: Thank you all for your cheers and throughout our Faith tour we talking about an opportunity for changing the world for better mankind. I feel that the world were headed in the wrong direction to a world fill with destruction but if we chose this principle of Peace. Then we can better ourselves and have safe world for our kids. God gave us a life which fill with challenges and he also gave us the tools and power for overcome them. I view violence in many ways like diseases and global warming.

First the diseases part because it is a diseases which robs us of our innocence. It kills a lot of our people across our world, also it spreads like a cancers tumor and like the wildfires at our parks in Landlia. Now it is the global warming turn! The reason which I compare violence with global warming because it's just like each other. They destroy the planet in many ways but we can stop these terrible insights of our world by Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith. God's treatment for these diseases of evil is for us to come together as a united world of Peace, Love, and Faith.

The reason that we decided for the world summit are going be held on Good Friday because of what this day, this day is a symbol of the death and rebirth of our Lord Jesus, and our world. When we decided to do this which we will start on Easter and because it will marking of our new world that raises up from the ashes like the mythical phoenix. Now I am sorry to talking about the dark side of Faith. Like all living beings of the animals kingdom which that we all have a darker side and Faith also has a darker side.

It shows sometimes when we do terrible unchristian acts in the name of one's Faith. Secs and Cults is one of many example of the dark side of Faith and this is roughly base Star Wars because Star Wars explains how Light and Dark side of the force. This force is their version of Faith and it tells about the choses which we choose to follow. Some wars are linked to this dark times of Faith and others also cause death of innocence lives on both side. Sometimes people chose to follow our darker path, others follow our lighter side, and this is our chose. Now this is one of my favorite part because the magic of God. Tammy please light the candle of Faith over there.

Tammy: Sure Randy!

(Then she light the candle.)

Randy: This is real candle from one of my friends right here in Faith City near this stadium which we are in now. She made them in her candle store and she gave me it just before we all met here at the stadium. This candle were been bless by the Holy Trinity and this is now a symbol of God's everlasting promise to us in many ways.

1) This a symbol of the promise to always stand with us and protect us from harm.

2) This also a symbol of God's everlasting fame for both Christians and non Christians a like and as long that there are either Love, Hope, Joy, light, life, and or Faith within the hearts of man. This candle will forever shined bright and never goes out.

The world are waiting for me to fighting for everyone within our world and it goes for both Christians and non Christians alike. I love you so much and I am willing to become a living sacrifice for you just like Jesus. Nothing will never make me stop fighting for you too. Thank you God!

Lady Michele: Then the stadium doors flew open ,then a person which waving a gun enter the stadium then he point the gun at Randy, and then he said to Randy.

Bill: I told you to stop this Peace nonsense and you are going to pay for your insolence.

Voice in the crowd: No! If you want him you have to get through us.

Bill: May so be it!

Randy: Then I seen a group of people went up in front of me and became a human shield in order for saving me. No! Please let me pass! Then I went in front of these brave people and then I address to them.

People I am honor about you all were risking your lives on my behalf but in the name of my God I have to do this alone OK.

Group: All right!

Randy: Then they walk away from me and then I spoke to him. Look! Bill! I tell you this good will always triumphant over evil.

Bill: Oh! Yeah! If that so how in history evil surround the light in many times.

Randy: That's true but every time which the darkness never filly eclipse the light. I do this to safe them that even in cost of my own life to do so.

Bill: By the authority of my master of darkness I found you guilty and sentences you to death. Is anything to say before sentences to be carry out.

Randy: Yes I do! People I do this in the name of my Lord Jesus Christ and for you as well. Everyone please don't look away because good will come from it I promise. Next I will say this to you Bill in the words of Star Wars if you shuck me down and I will become more powerful in you lest imagine. Do your worst minion of evil!

Bill: You ask for it dude!

Randy: Then he shot me and then I put my hand over the wound. Then I spoke to them one more time. People remember just have Faith.

Tammy: Then he fell to the ground and die then the man who had shot him while we were walk over to the candle that were laughing.

Bill: See! He is all talk and no action. Stop this nonsense or suffer his fate. So I will sniff out his precises candle of his master.

Ruth: Then he tried to do it but fail to do so.

Bill: What! That's impossible!

Demana: Then I and few others have grab him.

Bill: Why! How! How is that candle is still burning and it get to be a trick candle.

Devon: Then a voice were laughing and I were thinking to myself that where is that voice were coming from.

Pastor Love: Then we all witnessing a weird sight because a bright light had shine down over his lifeless body and then a tornado- type wind enter the stadium. Then this chaos only lasted a moment and then I was over. When this event had down then we have now seen a figure which he dress in nothing but white. Then we though that he really look like Randy.

Randy: Please don't fear me because I am a friend. The events which you seen here were and now all have seen my true form because I am an angel of God. I were sent by God to safe each one of you because of God's everlasting Faith and Love within each of us and I am now the lamb of the Spirit. Please forgive him because a demon which it process him.

I was known as the angel of Peace and Love when I started my journey on Earth over Two thousand ago. All of things which I had done over the years have prepare and lead me to this point of time. Now because of you "ALL" have help me to become angel of Faithful Spirit. Thank you "ALL" for all that you have done for me. Throughout the tour we been talking about there are storms brewing over the horizon. The book of Revelation tells about the first storm. That storm between good and evil.

However we do all need to be prepare for this storm which can be destructive as well. We all can prepare for this storm in many ways. For Christians we all know what that we have to do. For rest of us simply be prepare by working with everyone for our common Faithful goal. The second storm which is already here because it is storm of powerful, gentle, healing, and spiritual rain. This storm can be healing, caring, comforting, cheering, and other helping friendly things and this were given to us by God.

So embrace this storm of God and have Faith. You will be alright and I am not going anywhere because I still have work to do. I hope that now all know my secret and I also hope that you will not treating me anything different as you treating me before today. So this candle is not trick candle however like I said that how long is there either Love, Peace, light, life, and or Faith within the hearts of man in Heaven and Earth which this candle will never burn out because which been bless by the Holy Trinity. Which this means that nothing can sniff out this candle even how hard evil tries. I will be back I promise.

Pastor O'Joy: Then this chaos returns and once again goes away within a moment and then we once again see his lifeless body until the breath of God shows up and enter him. Then we saw him waking up, getting up from the ground, and wiping himself off.

Randy: Then I walked up to the group of Faithful people which held Bill earlier, I address this Faithful group to let him go, and they did. Then I said to Bill which who had shot me earlier and I said I forgive you. Then I put my hand upon his head and said. By the authority of the Holy Trinity the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit I command thee demon which are inside of him to get out of him. Then return to the realm of darkness which it came

President Sandy and Pastor Peace: Then we seen Bill scream in pain and then fell to the ground. Then we now see a small black figure came out of him and went back to which it came. Then he got up and hug him.

Bill: Thank you Randy for saving me, I know which you can talk with God, and please ask him to forgive me?

Randy: I tell you this when I spoke to you and in fact I was speaking on the behalf of God. In fact God forgive you when I forgive you. I did not safe you alone and I had help from you.

Bill: Me!

Randy: Yes! You because I sense your Faith and soul and it is stronger than you thought. In fact you have done all of the work and I was the bridge which that you need to defeat evil yourself. Now go from here, hold your head high, and tell everyone in what you have seen today.

Souls: Then he did went home and then Randy walk up to the place where the candle were at and then he looked up and said.

Randy: Lord of Darkness! I know that I can listen and listen to me! So I was there long ago when you tested Jesus three times within the wilderness. Now my master are testing you now and this test is really simple because it is just simply try to sniff out this candle. I will give you three times to do so and if you either you do it and fail again and not and will be branding as a crowder.

Beth: Then a huge a black malicious darkness cloud- like being went up to the candle and tried to sniff out but he fail not once three times. Then he return home in shame.

Devon: Then all of us in the Faithful Spirit Squad though which we have final spread the seeds of Faith to all of God's people. Now is up to us as united people of the world. Then he walked up to the podium and then he address the world again.

Randy: Ladies and Gentleman the time of your discussion were near but before you do I like to say something. Throughout this tour which we gave them example of my hometown of Faith City which is a piece of the future that we are hoping to be. Everyone doesn't know that one of the pioneers who founded this Faithful town and that person were me. I was the Christian rep. which help create this town hundred years and back than we have Faith. Then hundred years latter you now have sown the fruit of our Faith planting and so if you can create a town and we can create a safe Peaceful green world for all. So can all the members of the Faithful Spirit Squad please stand up and people these Faithful and Spirit full people were choosing by God to helping and lead us to our Peaceful green promise future. So anytime that you have questions just see them and they will guild you to achieve our dreams.

So now we can vote to do this or not but when you do just vote with your hearts not your heads. Now I will go to the chapel and so you can vote on this. If you have questions just ask my friends and they will help you to find answers. Now I went to the chapel while they are starting to discussing their futures. When I got there a recharging my Faith batteries by prayer. Then I open my eyes and find out that God were waiting for me.

God: So son how are you feeling?

Randy: I am fine but boy I am drain!

God: I bet son! You were running on Faith fumes.

Randy: Yes father! Do you like my work up to this point?

God: Oh! Yeah! Yes I do Love your handy work here and I couldn't done anything better.

Randy: It's good to know Father thank you.

God: You welcome son! I really like the test of Satin and why did you do that.

Randy: I really don't know but I feel that the tables should be turn.

God: I sense that you are worried about Tammy's Love for you.

Randy: Yes I do Father God!

God: Go to her! Talk to her!

Randy: I will and thanks!

God: You welcome Randy! When you return home I shall throw the greatest hero welcome bash which Heaven ever seen.

Randy: Father! You shouldn't have !

God: Yes I should because you should deserve it.

Randy: Thank you for everything.

God: You welcome but I should be thanking you for your Endless Faithful services. Bye son and see you soon.

Randy: Bye Father! Then he left me and I connect Tammy to come here. Then she arrive at the chapel and then I told her to sit down by me, close my eyes, then she arrive the place where I was at and she did.

Tammy: When I open my eyes and find myself in a beautiful meadow then I heard Randy voice in the background.

Randy: Tammy over here!

Tammy: Then I walked up to him and find a picnic type setting. Randy what is the place?

Randy: Tammy don't this place! This is Heaven!

Tammy: Heaven! I thought it will be a City of Golds?

Randy: It is the City of Gold but the gold makes each person see what they wanted to see. This is mine point of view and this is one the reason which I brought you here for seeing where my other half lives. Every time I came here to recharge my Faith batteries after a Faithful day like today.

Tammy: I see Randy!

Randy: The other reason for bringing you here to talking about our future. I was wondering if you find out my secret then you won't Love me anymore?

Tammy: Randy! I don't care of that but I do care about you. I fell in Love with you because you are caring, Loving, helping, Faithful, and Spiritual man that help out many people anytime. I didn't fell in Love with what type you are but I did felling Love with you by your personally.

Randy: I see Tammy! This is what I wanted to hear and thank you my Love. When this is over then I will fell in Love with you all over again.

Tammy: I see and you welcome my Love.

Randy: Oh! Oh!

Tammy: What's wrong Randy?

Randy: Nothing really however we must go back because they are done and Ruth is getting us now. Now Tammy please talk my hand, close your eyes, think back, and then they did.

Tammy: He was fine when we went back but I was light headed.

Randy: Are you alright Tammy?

Tammy: Yes I am fine but it takes a lot out of me and I will take some time to get used to it as well.

Randy: Good! Just stay here for a while ok.

Tammy: Ok! Randy I will do so. Then Ruth arrive at the chapel and she said this.

Ruth: Guys! There you are.

Randy: Let me guess Ruth they have reached their destitution.

Ruth: Yes but how do you know?

Randy: It's long story Ruth.

Ruth: I see and are you alright Tammy?

Tammy: I will be fine!

Randy: Ruth please stay with Tammy for a while.

Ruth: Alright Randy!

Randy: Then I went back to the stadium floor and while I went up to the podium then both Tammy and Ruth return to stand beside me. Before I asked for you vote I like to say one more thing on Palm Sunday the world had lost a true fighter, Christian, friend, and overall great guy name Tim Never ending Light. He had live his life in services for God and he gave me his gun which he had in 80 years ago. He told me that use it today and the first step of Peace which we already been taken. That's simply we been talking with each other. The next step is for us to put our arms of men down, lower our arms of violence, raising our arms of God, Spirit, and ones of Peace. These arms of God are more powerful than this. So change our way of thinking and act toward others which leads us to Peace. Now this is the time for your decision.

Pastor Love: On the behalf of the whole world our answer is yes!

Randy: That's great! Now on Easter we will start on our journey together. Will the Faithful Spirit Squad stand behind me?

(Which they did!)

Randy: First the people which are behind me and I will promise that if you all need help of anything which we will be there to help. Just call us when you do and we will also promise that I will continue to fighting for you until the day when God say to me. Randy now is the time for you to return home. When the day comes then they will continue to fighting with you. So thank you everyone and good luck for the future.

Souls: Thank you Randy and the Faithful Spirit Squad for leading us to begin our journey of brave new Peaceful world. So the Pastor Three will close us up with a prayer.

Pastor Three: Let us Pray! Dear Lord please give us the Faith to continue this long road for world Peace and also will give us the power to working with each other just like the people of Faith City. As we do this which we will start on Easter Sunday that we will follow the pioneers of Faith City and do this in your Holy name. Amen!

The world: Amen!

Randy: This is the reason which we held our world summit today! So go and celebrate rest of this Holy week.

(They did!)

Chapter Twelve: Faith Never Ends: Covenant of Faith

RMB: Before we continue with our story which I have to clear up some points in two major ways. First that Randy Salvation showing us that Jesus is the real Lamb of Spirit. Jesus says that we need to be reborn in the Spirit and he had done this by risen up from the grave. So now we "ALL" can be reborn in the Spirit. Next Randy shows us how the Holy Spirit can be a our comforter and our friend because Jesus Christ says that (I paraphrase this phrase) when I am gone which I will send you a comforter to help you with life. That friend is the Holy Spirit and within this story Randy is Holy Spirit 's #2 man. Randy were also the Spirit of the Holy Spirit and he is also the physical representation of both Jesus and the Holy Spirit. In this case I wanted to tell you this before we go on with this story.

Rev. Hope of the Spirit (House Cat): Greetings people to this day of all days! This day of our new life and new beginning because this is Easter Sunday. This day is special day for me because this morning were my very first sermon as a Pastor. I am the associate Pastor of Pray 1st United Methodist Church here in Faith City. I am Randy Salvation's protégé and Pastor Love was my sponsor from school. I am honor to be the newest member of God's Faithful Spirit Squad. Within our history God made a covenant with some of his children. On Good Friday God did one with all of his children and it were done by going through Randy. When this covenant of Peace were writing he was speaking on the behalf of both the world and God. Randy once again have indeed surprise the world with the greatest birthday bash which the Earth ever seen. Randy managed to get the greatest Christians singers to come together to create a Great Earth Choir for one night only. Now it is time for this bash to start and the choir sings a set of songs of the fruit of the Spirit. During the first half of the bash I officiate over the world wide communion then I speak to the world. Ladies and Gentlemen if any of you don't know me I 'm Rev. Spirit. I am the associate Pastor of Pray 1st United Methodist Church of Faith City. Now it gave me great honor to introducing my friend, my mentor, and my hero Randy Salvation.

Randy: Thank you Rev. Hope for your kind words. Indeed! Faith never ends even through this covenant of Faith. This covenant is a promise to trying to strive for Peace, Love, and Faith. This is the day of new beginning not just us but also the world can be reborn. I become the Limb of Spirit for in order for the world can be reborn in the Spirit but for your own rebirth that's your chose. This is the birthday of this world of Peaceful green. So be happy and make a joyful noise to the lord. Now Beth it is time for the second half of the birthday bash.

Pastor Hope: The second half of this bash was beautiful just as the first. Then everyone left to go home and then the great work which the bash benefit this cause of Peace and Faith begins.

RMB: I am sad to say which ends our journey into Faith and Randy's life Journey. I hope that you are inspire to have Faith and just to believe. So long and may God bless you all. Oh! You all were wondering what happen next. Then they will tell you all in their own words of Faith. The world after chapter 11 have been change since 20 years ago today. Today is Easter the day of new birth. The world have been reborn and the crimes of man were reduced over 90%. There were some package of resistance but the hands of protection are still upon us then so they were not a problem.

Bill: My new life begins on Monday after Easter when I answer for my crimes but I have gotten community services at Randy's place of business the Given Heart because he had arrange with the judge. Then I live me life in what God wanted me to live.

RMB: I am honor for letting you know that the Faithful Spirit Squad were the leading force of the Faithful and Peaceful movement and they are growing strength in members because it's up from 13 to 13000 members around the world. The leadership of this Faithful army of Faithful and Spiritual people of God were the original 12.

Coraline Vi Demana: I still working at UFA hq in Faith City. However I am not working as the head of security but now I am working as the Director of Faith Land Security (their version of the secret service.) Now I lead with the same passion which Randy had lead us long ago.

Beth Everlasting Destiny: Well! I still sing for me lord and others. I am still cancer-free and I am still living strong and faithful.

Pastor Four: We are still teaching, preaching, and leading the good news of our ever loving, ever forgiving, ever Faithful, and everlasting God. We also help created a global Bible study and this year there are two books of Faith. The Purpose Driving Life by Rick Warren and Becoming a Contagious Christians by Bill Hybeis, Mark Mittelberg, and Lee Strobel. I still in business with the Salvations but with their kids turn for helping others.

President Sandy and Lady Michele: Prime Minster Blowhole are still leading his country of Watertoplia with his adviser Pastor O'Joy. Within two years ago both Lady Michele and I retired but we are still in the cause of Faith. For me Sandy Everlasting Friend I became Landlia new adviser to my new leader President Sacrifice. As for me Lady Michele I told my kids over these 20 years period to lead Airtoplis and also be a better Christians as well. Then the Law of Airtoplis makes all of my children kings and queens and I also make a lot of good changes before I retired.

The Souls: We still leads the UFA and everyone of the original 12 to leads this Faithful army. We went with Pastor Four to create the Global Bible study.

Devon: Well! I grew up into this 29 years old Christian person helps out by going into business with the kids of the people that change my life in the years before. Randy, Tammy, Ruth, and I had receive the Poodle Peace prize for our work wonderful work for our world. For them were their work for the architects of this brave new world and for myself my work of help people around the world.

Tim Light (in Heaven): Well! Heaven are gearing up for a greatest hero welcome home bash which the Heaven ever seen. When both Randy and Tammy arrive here which Randy, Tammy, and I will once again will becoming a team of Faithful Spirit.

Ruth Galilee: Well! I move back home to Airtoplis and I was working with Lady Michele to changing the face of our government. Like the Salvations I too felling in Love and getting married with Paul Testament (an Anteater) the UFA ambassador to Airtoplis. Then we have two beautiful kids and we have raised them to be better Christian and person as well. We train them to be the head of Transit and Protection Authority of Airtoplis my old jobs because I were promoted as Airtoplis new director of the Bird land Transit and Protection Authority (their version of USA Homeland Security,) and our new Christian adviser to the Kings and Queens of Airtoplis Lady Michele's kids. I also help with this Global Bible study.

(Last but not lest.) The Salvations: Our Love were destine in long ago and we continue to felling in Love with each other, got married, and have four beautiful twins. We had two sets of a boy and a girl and their names are Randy Jr., Tammy, Ruth, and Devon. During this time period we raised them to become helpful, caring, loving, and Faithful Christians. We also raised them to taking control of our family run business the "Given Heart" and this year they did. The youngest set of twins Devon and Ruth took control over the business division of Given Heart with their senor business partner Doctor Love. The oldest set of twins Randy Jr and Tammy took control over the charitable division of "Given Heart".

We ask Dr. Love to keeping his eyes and helping them with everything. The reason that they took over from us this year because we did receive that call from God to return home. Like Tim we travel across the river of life to Heaven by natural causes and when we arrive at the Pearly Gates Tim were waiting for us. Then we hugging each other and then he open the gates to find out that the Heavens in all its glory throwing us the greatest welcome home bash which the Heavens even seen. Then the Heavenly angel choir sings several sets of music songs which included "What Wondrous Love Is This" and Tim were the MC of the bash. When the party were over and then Tim, Tammy, and I started our new jobs as God's team of Faithful Spirit. Then we watch our kids, and the kids of the world, when the time when they need help, and we will give them Hope as well.

RMB: Now you have heard everything about their journey of Faith within this story and now is the end of this story. However our story and our chapter of the book of Acts has "NOT" been writing yet. Now I hope that you been inspire to believe and have Faith. This story of Faith is a blueprint for Peace and we all need to chose to follow on this long road to world Peace. Throughout of my high school days I live by a quote which roughly base on the movie of the Lion King and my quote are called "Ranmana Winmana" and these world had change over the years but the meaning has not.

Winners always wins!
Losers always loses!
Believers always wins!
Non believers always loses!
To achieve is to believe and have Faith!

In what I have said within this quote winners always wins, losers always loses, believers always wins, and non believers always loses which in fact I were "NOT" been talking about Christian Faith.

However I am talking about when you have either a goal or dreams to achieve, then you believe, have Faith, then you go for it, and then you achieve your goals or dreams. This is what I been talking about if you believe in everything, everyone, when you have Faith in everything, everyone, then you will achieve your dreams. If not you going for it, believe, and or having Faith then you will "LOSE." If you do going for it, believe, and or having Faith then you will "WIN." This means that it doesn't matter long it will take but it will happen if you "BELIEVE and have FAITH." Faith never ends so you will never ends because your whole self (your Soul and Spirit) which will never ends. Because in what Jesus did for us on Good Friday and Easter. The lesson of story is for "ALL" of us to know that if we "ALL" to believe, having Faith and Faith were highly healthy for our Spirits, souls, and lives. So I am sorry for if I offended you, so long, and may God bless you in all of your days. Good Bye! Enjoy life and have an eternal life!

Faith Chapter: The Undiscovered Country

Faith the everlasting, ever changing, and eternal frontier. These are the voyages of us, our ongoing mission to live in Peace, Love, to achieving our dreams, to helping other through Faith, spreading the seeds of Peace, Love, Faith to who needs it, and hears it as well. To boldly go where either Christians and Non Christians haven't gone yet.

The reason why I have adapt this phase from Star Trek and also used things from other movies, TV shows, and books because what they stand for. Together they tells this story of Peace, Love, Faith, Faith City within this story tells about a future where "ALL" of us can live, working together in Peace and Harmony. There are many specials out there on TV which tells us about the technology of Star Trek and not this vision of Peace within Star Trek but this book does telling us about Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek's vision of the future. This book has a blueprint for Peace and we "ALL" need to be working together to help make Gene's vision of the future a reality.

In the movie of Star Trek 6 The Undiscovered Country which calls the future the undiscovered country and know what Star Trek is right because it is not been writing yet but the path to the future has been writing by God. God created us to chose our fate in many ways. Each path which we take effects our future. Each path has challenges but if we don't let them consume us and if we "ALL" give our complete selves upon our Lord so it won't be a factor.

The reason why I write this story because the world needs this story of Peace, Love, and Faith.

The world are in a war in many fronts today like drugs, crimes, terror, all kinds of death by natural or man-made, and other causes. I feel that this is the way to go because over the years many people have been talking about it but never doing about it. Now this can doing something about it but this plan require "ALL" of us to working together. You don't have to be a christen to have Faith, to believe in something, to have Peace, and others things. We "ALL" need something or someone to believe, have Faith in, and we can achieve everything if we believe and have Faith.

Next I talking about the dark side of Faith like Star Wars and because I believe which that every kinds of Faiths of the world has two sides to it. Everyone within the animal kingdom does have two sides and it is the Light and Dark side. We are free to choose any path like Adakin Skywalker from Star Wars chose to follow the dark side of the force. In the beginning he has good intention for trying to safe his wife's live but he lost his wife, he didn't see his children being born, and even lost himself by becoming Darth Vader. Then he have done terrible things but in the end Luke Skywalker's Faith within his dad that safe and build a new republic from the ashed of the old republic. He safe his son from the emperor by destroy him and he did sacrifice himself as well.

This example of Faith does explain that bad people who did bad things in the past and then sudden find them within a relationship with God. Now they been reborn in the Spirit by the power of the Holy Spirit. These are some examples of the Light side of the Faith (the Force.) Now I am talking about the other side of the (Force) the Dark side and there are people who still remain in the dark like the Secs and Cults. They uses the words of Faith of God to explain their acts of the wicked like deaths and other horrible acts. All of the world Faiths have these kinds of people, this is my opinions, and you all can agree with me or not. This side were linked to fighting and deaths in history which dating back since the crusades. I believe that we are still fighting a war which that they had fought long ago.

So now we "ALL" must put our arms of man like which say in chapter 11 of this story and talking with each other so God's healing rain can start raining on us. Then this storm of Faith can finally lead us to world Peace. I Hope that I haven't offended anyone and I also Hope that you would be inspire to believe, having Faith, and helping as to create a Peaceful green world. I know that we are on this beatification of our world but the world can be destroy by Acts of Violence and global warming. I believe that we need to add a supplement of Peace into our beatification movement to permanently beatified our planet. We all putrefy, beatify our minds, bodies, souls, and why not do this for our planet as well.

Anyone have ever heard and or seen either the Summer, Winter, Special, and or Parallel Olympics. The reason which I mention the Olympics because of what this means for our world. For a short moment of time the world came together in Peace for this example of Love, Hope, Peace, and Faith. However this events of Peace and Faith will come around about every two to four years but we "ALL" can have it within each of our days because this idea of a better Peaceful green world is within our sights. This plan for world Peace is there for "ALL" of us and so we need to working together to achieve our dreams of Peace and Faith.

In closing that I liked to said which everything is possible and achievable. When you believe, have Faith that everything is possible within the everlasting, ever changing, and eternal Faith Zone. So long, live in Peace, Love and Faith! In the words of both Star Trek and Star Wars "Live long and prosper" and " May the Force be with you!" Thank you all for listen and Good bye!



References Within This Book


City of Angels
Star Wars

TV Shows

Star Trek
Twilight Zone


The Purpose Driven Life
Becoming a Contagious Christian

Candle of Faith Prayer - Let us pray!

Faith is like a Earthly candle which we burn for warmth of light.
Faith is like a Heavenly candle which we are looking for.
Faith is a fame which we fuel it by many ways.

Like prayer, worship God, helping others, Praise Jesus, to live with the Spirit of the Holy Spirit, and many more ways.

Dear o father I am speaking on behalf of "ALL" of your children on this planet Earth to continue to guide us home to you o Lord.

Please o Lord strengthening our Spiritual candle of our souls to continue our Faithful Spiritual path which leads us to you o God.

We will continue to praise you and have Faith in you as we do this in your Holy name!


Author Bio

Hi my name is Randall Milbert Burrows and I am the author of Faithful Spirit One World One World of "Faith". I wrote this book because God wanted me to. Because in the world today is troubled by pain and death. This book is a blueprint for Peace where we "ALL" can have Faith in. Everyone does have Faith even non Christians has Faith. In the book I'm talking about small as a rose and big as a tree this same goes to Faith as well. I believe that each person has personal Faith like having Faith in a president which we have elected in any election. I also believe which we "ALL" can use our Faith to do anything together even "World Peace." I do believe that "ALL" of us Both Christians and Non Christians can working together in Peace like in Star Trek but if we "ALL" do this Together! We "ALL" can do this if we all believe in Peace and have "FAITH" in Peace! I haven't seen a book which has all of these references to help to tell a story of "FAITH" and Peace yet until now. Thank you "ALL" for writing these works which I use within this book. This book is for all types of "FAITH" on earth. Thank you "ALL" for reading this book. I "DARE ALL OF YOU TO BE INSPIRING TO HAVE WORLD PEACE."

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