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Living Water at the Oasis

Spiritual Midwives

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This Christian Midwives eBook is titled Spiritual Midwives written by Author Peggy Heath. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Christian Midwives / Spiritual Midwives eBook free of charge for your enjoyment. Spiritual Midwives are friends or shepherds if you will who assist other Christians during difficult spiritual tribulation of the soul.

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God's desire is to move in the earth. God is shifting. The earth has shifted, the seas, the plants and animals, birds and fish have shifted in this modern day and age. Pay close attention to nature. A new thing is being ushered in right before our eyes. What possibly worked yesterday, has been upgraded in this day. The world is growing closer to becoming godless in the hands of manmade wisdom. God is infusing His Spirit upon the earth. He is sending the breath of His Spirit and upsetting the atmosphere to announce His entry. He is affecting man greatly. One of the things He is doing is to use His faithful daughters. Those whom He has hidden away, shut away in prayer, silent, listening for His direction. Obedient to His every direction. When God calls us to fast, we fast, for days, or weeks, or months. Shaped, molded, formed into vessels useful to God for His service to make up this latter day army. Groups of women laboring in worship. Travailing and praising God in individual ways but unified and on one accord sensing the Spirit of God. Hours and hours of worship and praise, weeping and pouring out. Then in silence waiting for God to speak. To share His heart about world events or individual instructions. In this season, this is how God has chosen to release His Presence and birth His glory upon this earth. Travail in prayer until the time of delivery. Chosen daughters, elect daughters moving by His Spirit. Ushering the move of God upon this earth. It is a privilege to be chosen by God for this monumental task. America must be correctly positioned in this season before the move of God. The believers must be strategically positioned, the watchmen, the seers must be positioned and in place. Our spiritual foundation must be reset and solidified, if the nation desires to avoid self destruction.

Vessels of honor, useful to the Master for His Glory. It has been said that it is easier to see a sermon than to preach one. This is the season of demonstration. The earth is crying out in earnest expectation for the sons of God to be revealed. The lonely, the hurting, the lost, the poor, the misunderstood are waiting for us to rise up. God has deemed it to be so, now is the time to take possession of this spiritual power and glorify our Father who is in heaven

Precious - of great value, held in high esteem, beloved, dear.

This is how women are designed by God. As we look briefly throughout the Bible, we see how key the woman's role in the Bible has been. God literally used a woman to birth His anointing into the earth realm. When we see the prophetesses of the old and new testaments: Miriam -Moses' sister, Deborah, the judge, Isaiah's wife, Mary -the mother of Jesus, we see how God positioned us in history at the appointed time, and now even more so in these last days.

Women are designed to give birth, whether it is a baby in the natural or a spiritual plan of God. We find ourselves being used of God in spite of our tendency to busyness. God sees to it that we are placed under His intended covering. This keeps us on target to complete our intended assignments. We receive God's instruction (or are impregnated by God) in our spirit and we hold onto it (giving it a chance to develop and mature) until the time of birthing. We are designed to not release until an idea is birthed. We are a precious tool and for our faithfulness we shall see rewards. Some of our rewards may be delayed because of the magnitude of the assignment. God is sending us on massive assignments, very impactful but we are not always aware of the greatness of the assignment. This is done in order for us to stay focused and not become fearful, but to follow through and stay on target. We are being used to set God's plans in motion and in some cases, pray His will through upon this earth. God needs willing vessels to legally birth His plan upon this earth. Here am I use me, Lord. Release God's plan from the heavenly realm into the earthly realm. We minister to God through our prayers, worship and adoration. Our hearts are loyal to what we believe and we can carry pain. Our hearts have the ability to love very deeply and intimately. Men understand who you are married to because you can conquer the world, if you truly understood your helpmeet.

Monumental - of great importance, of lasting value
Monumental Tea Group

On December 6, 2003 a group of young women met in the home of Peggy Heath at 120 Watercrest Lane, Fayetteville, Georgia to fellowship and hear the words of a wise woman of God - Corliss Jasper. In attendance at the meeting was Corliss Jasper, Patricia Thames, Veronica, Danielle Perry, Japonica Chappell -Cabble, Karen Moore, Joelle Ebron and our children. This is the word spoken by God to us through Sister Corliss: Obedience will out run or far exceed our gifts and talents. Acts 2:1 every room has to be filled. Psalms 137:1-15 God wants to inhabit us. Matthew 5 step up higher, we have the responsibility of sons. John15: 1-10 habitation-a dwelling place. Give God to drink, He is our habitation. Worship the Lord. Seven rooms filled with God's glory/blessings. Waterfall - overflow with blessings. Warfare - set the captives free. We are blessed and highly favored of the Lord. Key - some people possess the key to cause a turnaround, breakthrough. Craig and Peggy - foundational- what God has for us is so phenomenal, He cannot show us. God will hearken unto us. Search for him with our whole heart. Jeremiah 29:11. Karen - work in children's ministry, anchor.

July 10, 2004
Corliss Jasper, Octavia Jasper, Lisa, Danielle Perry, Peggy Heath

Drove at 12:30 a.m. to Savannah, Georgia to arrive in time to catch a sunrise. The Lord told us to observe sunrise on the eastern coast of the United States of America. We travailed until we arrived, for we encountered a flat tire on our journey which delayed us, but we drove and arrived in Savannah at 6 a.m. We drove on to Tybee Island and as we stood in the Atlantic Ocean at 6:30 a.m. God transferred His anointing to us as we stood in His presence. We stood for 2 hours, we stood in deep waters, we walked along the beach. We received His transfer of anointing. We waited for the tire on the car to be changed. We walked across the parking lot, to the store and ate. We covered territory in Savannah as we walked a good distance to and from. Peggy: As God had me standing in deep water up past my knees: He spoke, it is time for you to launch out into the deep, it is time to launch out into the deep, do not be afraid to launch out into the deep. This consecration set in motion the tasks that God had in store for this specific group of praying daughters and for His work to be done in Savannah, Georgia

April 16, 2005
Danielle Perry, Japonica Cabble, Peggy Heath
Monumental Tea Group Prayer

God spoke: My sons shall set their houses in order. Reverse. Turn, turnaround swiftly. Set your houses in order. A resonating, ringing, a sound. Resounding, a final call. A raised hand. God is sending out a sound - a final call - God is calling His sons to maturity. No more shall suffer because of disobedience. Harken, the trumpets sound. It is the sound. A call, the call is to many, it is the mountain that makes the difference. Resounding - to be filled with sound. Intensifying of sound - vibration. Daughters get in your places so I the Lord can move through you in solitude, in meekness to do My bidding. My will in the earth.

May 7, 2005
Monumental Tea Prayer Group
Ms. Corliss, Patricia, Danielle, Japonica, Peggy

Weary - God is weary. I the Lord am weary of My people out of order. I have shifted. Declare victory. Warfare to break up the battles in the heavenlies. Strong battles are coming continuously. Serious warfare, but the armies are marching. The body of Christ is to get our steps ordered by the Lord. The enemy is evicted. Speak out the word to break up confusion around people's minds. Prophetic evangelism - word presented to destroy yolks. Heavy warfare- Resurrection - victory. Undefeated, we cannot be penetrated. Geographical, Apostolic principalities, strongholds - no turning back because we are the salt of the earth. We are anointed. We all walk in order - a thunderous army - a killing army to destroy the devils resting in territories. Asia. Do not hesitate, the first time, they are orders. Obey orders they are not questionable. The Father is working over time. Deliverance ministry - operate in integrity, honesty, loyal servants - put our motives in check. Protect your sanctification - purity, holiness, sacredness. Direct your words and the body of Christ will change. Your words carry power.

June 4, 2005
Monumental Tea Prayer Group
Ms. Corliss, Patricia, Japonica, Danielle, Peggy

Craig Heath served representatively for all men and fathers. Stable the ways of the men for the children to come back. Fathers must get back in position. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Go as a representation of the Holy Spirit. God's presence is wanting to manifest in those around us. Order, oneness. The Spirit of the Lord. Be prepared and be ready. Be on one accord and walk in it. Foundation. Obedience brings order and order moves the heart of God. Prophets of demonstration - Moses and Elijah. Miracles are a sign that the kingdom government is present. Observe a cardinal, the father gets the food and provides. The mother just brings forth.

August 6, 2005
Japonica, Kaelynn, James, Trish, Craig, Octavia, Peggy, Ms. Corlisss, Dani

We prayed at Kareem and Japonica Cabble's apartment. God says: A mighty victory. Preachers, pastors across the nation will transition on tomorrow. Suddenly, beyond the veil, reach into the Holy of holies, a quickening. Possess the land, take it, take the cities back, take the nations. It is mine, the children are mine, they belong to Me. Cannot look back, it is Mine. Destroy the yolk, because we asked on behalf of the schools, God will meet them at the door. Japonica- wail, cry, destroy the yolks in this house. Wail until it changes, wail for the sons, wail for the daughters. He's walking (the anointing is in His feet). He is covering, we will only witness that which is called by My Name, God is walking that His presence shall be known. Trust Me. Take heed to the children. He waits no more. It is time, we are not on the cutting edge any more. Judgment is coming if we disobey. This is the final call. A storm is coming. God is calling His children to safety. God will cover us. He is walking to make His Glory known. Craig- persevere with the men.

October 1, 2005
Japonica, Dani, Peggy

Peggy - lay down your sword, I the Lord am doing the cutting.

Rest in My peace, My joy. I am sending a wave of rest through My people. Rest, I am doing the cutting, I am doing the revealing. I am opening up and pulling back the veil for all the see. I am exposing. A pulling back, a lifting up to see what is underneath. A great revealing is going forth along with My cleansing. I am calling the seekers to do the deep work within their spirit. Shine forth as light in this dark world. Orange -a glimpse of My glory. I order, I direct. It will be a work of my Spirit. Supernatural rest. Go back, My heart - the key is still within My heart. Hebrews. Jesus, the ultimate sacrifice. Push past where we are. Stop staying here. Re. People are laboring instead of at rest. Let God do whatever His is going to do. Is22:23. Fast - so that the burden can be released. It's like nothing before. You have to find Me. What God really needs is for us to see past sacrifice. God is depending on the faith of the few, those who can stand and endure for just a little while longer. Boldness, courage, not our own but what the Holy Spirit gives. We have grown past reason and having to understand. Stand for an expected end. Nothing is small or insignificant. God is operating in the little things. Everything is being positioned and lined up and after that, the will of God. Continue to walk in His will. There are days we can't pray - just receive - be silent. He is replenishing and restoring. Have the courage to stand for the new, just bring ME before you. Obedience, endure. Closeness to God will come.

November, 2005

2006 God says that we will not pray as a group in this year of man.

The core group of intercessors are Japonica Cabble, Corliss Jasper, Peggy Heath, Danielle Mason-Perry, Patricia Thames. We have consistently met and prayed at God's direction and leading. Setting the atmosphere for worship of the King of Glory. Allowing God to impregnate us or to bring about a birthing in the Spirit realm. Whatever God needs done in the Spirit realm, these women have agreed to be available and avail ourselves to prayer and fasting. Go forth, Lord God and show yourself strong in the land. Move by your Spirit Lord God, release your Glory upon this earth.

January 11, 2007
Monumental Tea Prayer Group - A Strategic Prayer
Ms. Corliss, Peggy, Danielle, Japonica, Patricia

We prayed over the telephone. A divine order among the nations, leadership - holiness. Principalities of wickedness are at work in the heavenlies - the strongholds are pulled down. A vision of a headless dog- cut off wickedness. A forerunner spirit - our prayers are manifested in three to five years . They are yet to be manifested. Quiet time is the time of fulfillment. In three months - March - a season of outpouring. Transforming, restoring, resurrecting. A vision - women bent over with a pick, breaking up the hardened ground - this is what this prayer time has been effectively doing. Japonica - get alone with God and let Him show you His love and its depth for you. Run on My daughters, we are a true reflection. God says: I am pleased at your maturity, growth, obedience, faith fullness. A level of monumental strength - pillars. High counsel is sitting in on this call. Expanded boundaries - we pushed out the Light. The kingdom of darkness as been pushed back. Many connections are being made, the boundaries are still being expanded. Move the kingdom. A vision - we are bowed (the five of us) in a circle surrounded by witnesses - high counsel. We are in a place of worship. The Blood - pureness, holiness, birthing - children and the promise. Five fold ministry to go forth to a new level - a push. Blessings, promise, fruition - from glory to glory. God rejoices in our smiles.

March 8, 2007
New Beginnings - Monumental Tea Prayer Group:
Ms. Corliss, Patricia, Danielle, Japonica, Peggy

God spoke earlier before the prayer group met by telephone: This evening prayer will be labor intensive, for a great push is needed. The church is hanging on the verge of crossing over into destiny. A push is needed, pray swiftly, no delays-pray through the rough areas. Keep an atmosphere of worship.

As the winds blow they blow from the bottom and stir up what is at the bottom to come to the top. I AM the enabler. Fullness in every situation - I AM. I am your God and you are My people. I AM able. Run, swiftness-like the winds, I blow swiftly. Bending winds I reach all. I dispense, I disperse. Oneness in the Body. Peace. Purification. Release. It is set in motion, it is done. Go forward, bless the heads. Mindsets - the old are done, bring in the new. Victory - we shall have the spoils. Manifest what has been resurrected. High praise. Faith to believe in the manifestation. Faith and trust is the only way we will enter in.

March 24, 2007
Danielle, Peggy

Prayer, a combined anointing. Pray everyday in April. The Holy is being birthed, a push is needed. Sanctify by My Blood the place where I rest. Infiltration. My pathway is the beauty of Holiness. I see. Wear the beauty of holiness like vials around our necks.

April 4, 2007
Monumental Tea Prayer
Danielle, Japonica, Patricia, Peggy (10p.m -11:15p.m.)

A dragon is walking because there was a breach. True leadership that walks with God, order in leadership, cooperation in leadership. We give you our yes, Lord God in spite of the great cost. I still say yes, Lord God. A sweet spirit. Wisdom in our actions and our response is key in manifestation. Look for Me more in the worship and praise, giving and serving. Look for Me. Walk toward the Light. All peace in the midst of the storm. Ms. Corliss - strength, wisdom in personal affairs. We worshiped for one and half hours. Peggy was cut off of the conversation as she dialed in from Orlando, Florida, Ms. Corliss was unable to get to a working phone. We travailed much on this night. Praise the True and Living God!

April 20, 2007
Monumental Tea Prayer
Danielle, Japonica, Peggy (1:30 p.m. - 2:40 p.m.)

As we prayed, worshipped, and sang in our prayer languages, God spoke this to us:

Repentance for the nation of America, raise up a prayer revival over the entire nation. President Bush endue him with wisdom and surround him with wise Godly counsel. Laura Bush wisdom and a strength to her husband. Peggy - Declare. Your voice is the voice of the oracle. Declare it so, not as your voice, but the voice of God. Prepare for the trembling, a great shaking. Your voice is the trumpet sounding. Overlap, a lapse of time, a quickening, time is folding. I come, says God. Japonica - Your feet are iron, with every step shattering. Indelible, your feet. Walk in full authority, not in your strength, but in my strength. Walk, walk, walk. Just as deep as they are wide, a vastness. Walk, walk.

Blood of Jesus flowing in different terrains; the sky, the mountains, the land, out of our tongues. Peggy's mouth, Japonica's mouth, all of our mouths. The Blood - eternity. Don't underestimate my Blood - eternity. This day the anointing has covered all the children in Danielle's daycare under the sound of her voice. This is one of God's strategies.

It is time for God to showcase the sons and daughters that He had hidden, tucked away in prayer, studying His Word. It is time to go into the earth and to work the works of the Son that was sent to this earth as a sacrifice. I want everything back that was lost because someone was out of their position or left someone uncovered in prayer. This is the time to reclaim all that which was lost, but redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. I am reminded that Jesus sacrificed His life so that we as sacrifices can reflect the Glory of the Lord in our everyday lives. Christ promised that greater works shall we do in His Name. No translator or interpretation is needed for people to see someone whose leg had been cut off to see it grow back or to see the dead raised to life again. No translation is needed to see a strong wind blow and demolish cities, property, or to see a heavy non stopping rain wash away a mountainside, yet these are the types of miracles, signs and wonders that God is performing in this earth. God preordained midwives, spiritual midwives to birth His moves in the earth. We are reminded again about the Hebrew midwives serving in Pharoah's palace. They stopped the destruction of the bloodline of Jesus, by allowing the ancient descendant of King David to survive. Their actions were done in secret in obscure places, but the results have been far reaching and significant.

Far Reaching and Significant

Intercessors, it is our time to rise up and declare the promises of the Lord of Glory! It is our time to rise up under the anointing of God and tear down strongholds that hinder the people and purposes of God. Prayer is needed, Godly counsel is needed in government, lawlessness is running rampant in this critical hour, children must be covered in this hour. Kingdom order must be reestablished in all sectors of society. To usher in God's presence, vessels are needed to become impregnated and then to give birth. The results are far reaching and significant. We may not know the extent of our prayers in this hour, but being led by the Spirit of God, we impact eternity and reposition the plan of God back on His track. Because the people of God did not give the correct counsel, because our world leaders are not adequately covered in prayer, God's plan has gotten skewed and prayer is needed to get it back in place and moving forward. The Church has gotten disjointed and has fallen asleep. The Church should operate as a well oiled army operating in unison and regimented. No one is out of place, but operating as one powerfully tight knit unit ready to take on the forces of darkness. Instead, we have missed the powerful weapon of unity among churches. Again, the church is asleep. But God has a strategy in place to get the church back in position and the strategy is through prayer and fasting. This will push the church back into its place of authority in order for the Church to exercise our Divine authority to affect the world. This is our mandate as Christian Midwives and intercessors in this last hour. The church has tilted and is in danger of losing our reason for being in existence - to lead the war against the strategies of darkness. Leadership, counsel, wise decisions are characteristics for the people of God. Instead, the world sees greed, selfishness and corruption among our church officials. God has put a strategy in place to overcome the many mistakes made by His sons who have not spoken His counsel. I AM is calling intercessors to pray and impact the heavenlies to clear out all the distractions to leaders who can not hear clearly the Word of the Lord, God's counsel, God's strategies. Pray, pray, pray - impact the heavens. Stir up My warrior angels to go forth and defeat the darkness. Push the Kingdom of God out ward, push the Light out further, forcing darkness to yield. I am stirring up the lower levels, for a mighty push in the spirit realm is needed at this critical hour. Pray, pray, pray - to birth the strategies of the Lord into the earth realm. Declare the Word of the Lord to saturate this world and send up a pleasing aroma of prayer to a Holy God. Ask the Lord of Glory to speak to the hearts of men to repent and turn our faces back to God, who is our help in this time of trouble. The world is in need of examples to demonstrate the work of the Kingdom of God in this earth. The time has come for the glory to leave the heavenlies and come down upon this earth once again for God has ordained another move of His Spirit. This move is being ushered in by the prayers of those God has raised up for this time. Birthing, spiritual birthing of the things out of the heavenlies into the realm of the earth. Why, because in this season, God is calling for a mighty impact. He is wanting to show the world that He is sovereign. The whole earth, the heavenlies, the stars are under God's control.

God is raising up vessels to do His bidding. God needs a womb to birth His plans into the earth. Come quickly Lord Jesus and do Your bidding. The time is now, all the chaos in this world is leading to Divine intervention. As intercessors, we continue to implore men to repent, to act and to pray for solutions to the ills of our society.

May 5, 2007 (5:21 p.m - 6:57 p.m.)
Corliss Jasper, Japonica Cabble, Peggy Heath

Lord, send a refiner's fire through Your people turning them into Holy vessels. Return us to our positions as priests. A vision: a cloud in the shape of a woman resting in God. Utterances, speak, speak, speech. On a day to day basis. We are heading to a point, we are coming to something. Thank you, God for deliverance of a stiffneck and bringing wholeness to the body. Stay bowed down before the Lord in worship. Peggy - stay in your priestly garments of purple and gold. You are in the Holy of holies. You keep the House of God in a holy place. You keep the leaders in the Holy place. God is showing you His salvation. You have the serpent under your feet. If Craig and Peggy would walk away from the church, the pillars would fall. Japonica - the place of a seer is a lonely place, but be encouraged.

The larger the boat the slower it takes it to turn. Clean up the house of the Lord, leadership come back into alignment with the precepts of the Lord for judges.

July 7, 2007
God said pray at 7a.m., 12 noon, and 7p.m.

7 a.m. Ms. Japonica, Ms. Corliss, Ms. Trish, Ms. Dani, Peggy

A pressure point, a pushing is needed in the atmosphere. God will get us to the pressure point. The will of God shall reign, prevail - the armies are mobilized and ready to march. Romans 12:1- present our bodies as living sacrifices, wholly acceptable to God for this is our act of reasonable service. God's Divine Order is restored. Build momentum as the day grows longer. God is assembling the remnant.

Noon - Ms. Japonica, Ms. Corliss, Ms. Trish, Ms. Dani, Peggy

Higher, higher in praise to the Lord of lords and King of kings. Receive our offering Lord. The hedge is being built and no weapon formed against us shall prosper. God said: because the warfare is great, the enemy will use every tactic to derail My people. God has called His remnant and great is His strategy. Just be in position, My grace is sufficient for your weaknesses, just be in position.

7 p.m. Ms. Japonica, Ms. Trish, Peggy

The skies are clearing for it is a new day for the people of God. Trust Me I AM God! I AM is here, you must listen to Me. Hear Me, obey when you hear My Words. We were silent for about a half of an hour. It was like a man was standing in my midst as I was bowed down in worship. The Lord is in His Holy Temple, let all the earth stay silent before Him!

July 28, 2007
Noon - 2 p.m. Ms. Corliss, Japonica, Dani, Peggy

Our assignment was to pray around New Birth in the sanctuary. We were told that we could not and to move to the Multipurpose Room instead for only 30 minutes. We obeyed, persevered and pushed our way into prayer to usher in God's move. Strongholds of religion were pulled down, we declared victory over the region, we warred with our mouths and by clapping our hands. We took the territory back and turned it back over to the Spirit of God. We were sent to break up the strongholds in the atmosphere. Craig and Peggy - the path we will walk on will contain suffering and persecution, but I AM will sustain you. There will be opposition, but they do not understand. Peggy - you were kept silent because your declaration would have drawn opposition at the wrong time. It is not the right time to draw opposition. God will cover me, heal me, but I must wait patiently and silently until He releases me. (At service the next day, Bishop Long said he was fighting spirits of suicide during the evening, he called all those dealing with suicidal thoughts to come to the altar. The altar was full of people.)

August 25, 2007
Ms. Corliss, Ms. Japonica, Ms. Dani, Peggy 10:40 a.m.

Monastery of the Holy Spirit, Conyers, Georgia. We left our cars and walked the grounds of the monastery, we then entered the chapel and sat and allowed God's peace to infiltrate our spirits. We basked in His glorious peace, a peace that surpassed all understanding. We walked the grounds until we arrived at the lake, which was surrounded by ducks. We sat in His presence and before we left we worshipped Him as we stood among the ever green trees. God's Spirit flowed as we followed the wind of the Holy Spirit and there was such a freedom in our spirits. We took deep breaths and exhaled deep breaths, to allow the peace to be intertwined in us. As we worshipped Him, the Lord spoke and said that water was trying to descend down a mountain, but was held up by large rocks and could not flow, in the midst of our prayers, God released the flow of waters and they met up with the river. God said no hindrance. God said that our prayers would manifest in 3 to 5 years. August 26, 2007 at New Birth MB Church, Bishop and Elder Long ordained pastor Ken Law and Lady LaWanda Law to lead New Birth, Savannah, Georgia. Glory to God. The Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance, that the monumental tea group had walked territory to lay a foundation in Savannah, Ga. In July of 2004. After the ordination, a young man sitting behind me was ill and was bent over most of service. He got up and left and went to sit in the back of the church. I returned down the aisle and asked him if he would allow me to pray for him, as the Spirit of the Lord told me to pray for him and he said yes. I sat behind him and layed my hand on him and prayed in the Spirit until God's peace was on him. I took in deep breaths and exhaled deep breaths, as I did this, his body began to relax and I could feel God's peace upon him. I waited and rubbed his arms and God released me to return to my seat. The peace we encountered at the monastery was transferred to a young man in dire need of a touch by God. Blessed is the name of the Lord!

I praise the True and Living and Loving God. In this season, the people of God are ushering in the Glory of God. This is our mission every time we enter into God's sanctuary. Come quickly, Lord Jesus, come quickly and swiftly for the hour Is near when the earth is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed. Thank you, Lord for the great revealing of Your Spirit upon this earth in this critical hour. We press in to the Spirit of God by calling on the Name of the Lord Jesus the Christ. Saturate the atmosphere for worship, we agree that we will tarry until You present Yourself before us, Lord. Your people, who show forth Your Glory shall conform more like Jesus, every day. We press into Your Glory to refine whatever is lacking in our spirits. We present our bodies as living sacrifices, holy, pleasing, acceptable and available to the Sovereign Lord for His useful purposes. We stretch in prayer, in worship beyond the normal. Nothing is normal anymore. The activities of Church is not normal, take us higher as we press in at higher levels. We desire to go higher in our understanding of the Holy One of Israel for there are many who are in need of the touch of our God. We press in so that those on the edges will draw near at this critical time. Those who will come to know the Lord Jesus as their Savior shall be positioned and in place so that they can live in eternity Heaven and will know that their God has made provision for them to live and not die. We pray by the Spirit of God, listening for a mighty sound coming from the heavenly realm. We reach, we pray believing and with patience and confidence that our God is faithful and will fulfill all that He has planned in His heart. Glory to your Name Righteous God. We stretch beyond what our minds can understand and grasp your heavenly mandate for your peoples. This is the time and the season to press into the mind of God.

December 30, 2009

The Lord has whittled the Monumental Tea Prayer Group down to two intercessors: Sis. Corliss Jasper and Sis. Peggy Heath. All during the year of 2009: We prayed each Friday evening , with God directing us and speaking specific instructions to us. We have been sent on prayer assignment twice: at the top of Stone Mountain, GA and in Dahlonegha, GA. At Stone Mountain, which is made up of granite, the Lord had us loose finances and take authority over the strongholds in this region/territory. We prayed on the day of Atonement and the Spirit of God was heavy upon us. We felt a sense of accomplishment but at the same time, we needed to scale higher up the mountain. In the last month of the year of 2009, our assignment took us to Dahlonegha, GA, "yellow money". The Lord took us to pray on top of abandoned gold mines and to pray and lay our hands on the courthouse, built of gold bricks. The anointing of God in Dahlonegha, GA was heavy and awesome at the same time. God is a God of positioning and timing. We spent .77 at a candy store, we spent $20 at a gas station, where a gentleman wearing a nice blue blazer, a white shawl scarf and nice pants and loafers greeted me. He said, "The Lord is good" and I replied, "yes, God is awesome" and he leaned his head backward with a wonderful laugh and joy all over his face. His skin complexion was clear and a special joy and peace was on him that I cannot explain. Glory! The Lord dealt with me in a dream latter that day, to remember his face, his dress, and the fact that though he was standing directly behind me in line, he never came out of the gas station. It was an angel that I was speaking to and blessing him by telling him that everyplace he went that day he was going to be a blessing to everyone he met. Hallelujah! A double portion blessing was passed onto us. Two people went to pray at two specific places in Dahlonegha, GA and we left .77 and a $20 dollar bill. Simone called me as she walked across campus that same day and found $10 on the ground. Lord God, thank you for confirming your word in a most awesome way. The Lord has changed our position in our local church assembly, God is positioning His servants for a team effort to bring in the harvest. Yes, Lord reposition your teams to bring in the Kingdom on earth. The Lord is overshadowing his servants and positioning them to carry His Glory into all walks of life. The forerunners were sent out to prepare the way for the saints to come in after and walk into their territories. Glory to God in the Highest for what He is doing in the earth realm through his humble servants. God is doing a work under the radar of detection, thank you Lord for positioning us at the helm of 2009 into 2010. We are approaching a new decade and we are crossing over into our double portion blessings, anointings, miracles unheard of until now. This generation is about to see some things take place in the earth realm that have been released from the heavenlies for this day. The intercessors are preparing the way for the plans of God to be legally ushered in to this earth realm. We are positioning the church to do great exploits that creation has been anxiously anticipating and waiting to manifest. Glory to God and blessed is His Name!

As you can see the life of Christian Midwives are quite the blessing to those who are taken into their care and heart. The Spiritual Midwives task in life is a time consuming but rather rewarding way of life. Not to mention their Heavenly reward. Try out the Spiritual Midwife Life for yourself and see if you feel it is your Spiritual Calling.

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