God is Love and Love is Real

What is Love, God is Love

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God is Love and Love is Real

What is Love, God is Love

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled God is Love and Love is Real - What is Love, God is Love written by Author Eugen Pop. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this What is Love, God is Love E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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About the Author

Author Eugen Pop

Eugen is an Romanian who lives in Lyon, France. He is an human being who loves the Lord, and who loves to write, to study the Bible, philosophy. Eugen is an self-educated person. He loves to talk with people about God, about Jesus. He is also the author of the book entitled - God exists! God is real! - and of some articles published on the internet.

What is love?

Can man's words explain and define love's genuine substance and nature?

Which are its substance, quintessence and qoiddite?

Where love comes from?

Which are Love's roots and origin?

Can human being lives without love?

Is there possible to have love and to love without God?

There Are Different Kinds of Love


Agape is the love of Christ; the love which loves unconditionally its object of love; it is self-sacrificing, volitional! Agape is the love which aim the interest of another and his best. Agape Love loves till the supreme sacrifice.


Philia is the love of friendship, which loves to cultivates the relationships between people.


In Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love and lust; Eros is the sensuous love, physical love, ephemeral love, mortal love.


Storge is the family love, the love between the parent and an child.

Can the world, mankind exist and work without Love, without this profound, deep, mysterious feeling of Love?

Let's imagine a world without love.

The violence would be everywhere, omnipresent.

If love does not exists, and it is not into the men hearts, the procreation is not possible, the relationship between a man and a woman would be not possible.

The Bible says that God is Love

In 1 John 4: 7-10, John wrote about God's love.

7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God.
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.
This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

The Author and the Maker of love is God! Human love is by origin from heaven, from God, from our Creator!

God is the Creator and the Giver of love! We, as human beings, are unable to explain and define God's vast and infinite love, because it is an mystery.

What it is, its substance and composition are supernatural and immaterial.

With our reason and so limited capacities, faculties, nous, can and can't, are able and are not able to explain and define it - its properties, its atoms which are composing it, its constitution.

We are seeing and ascertain the movement, the effect, the reverberation of this phenomenon, love's reality.

When human being is in love with another person, and he loves her or him so much, this human being became like a slave.

This human being became exploited by this strong and powerful feeling of love; he desires to possess this person as his property, because he can no longer lives without his lover, his object of his passionate love!

This profound and strong feeling became to leads and to governs his life; his reason is the slave of this powerful feeling.

The feeling of love can be in some situations superhuman, uncontrollable influenced and possessed by the extra human forces, positives and negatives powers.

God is love

The Creator and the Author of love is God.

When God had created man, the human constitution, physical and spiritual being, He had set into him, into the human edifice, this feeling of love, this faculty and capacity to love his Creator, to love the creatures created by God, to love his partner of life, to love his children and everybody.

God has manifested and has showed His nature, His Divine substance and essence, His greatest love, His pure, absolute and infinite love to us, to mankind.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

In His Great love, God has decided to send Jesus, His beloved Son, to come into our human condition, to show to us what is love, what is real love, what means love in Divine terms, what truly love is, the nature and the character of God's love.

Jesus left the heavenly glory, the privilege, the high position that he had possessed, to come to teach to people, the veridical love, pure truth, true justice, mercy, generosity, and a deferent and noble life style.

Jesus had incarnate an human form; He took a human nature and had identified himself with the human condition; He had two natures, the Divine nature and the human nature; He made the miracles and taught to people about the love of God, and about the Kingdom of God.

Jesus has loved us till the supreme sacrifice, dying with love, for his object of love - the mankind.

Jesus had showed us the true love of God; He had showed us how we should love people, our neighbour, our enemies.

John 15:12 "This is my commandment: that you love one another as I have loved you."

Jesus gave this commandment to His disciples and to us, as Christians, to love one another.

It is too easier to love an person who loves us and when he is too kind to us, but is too hard and difficult to love a person who hates us.

Into the life where Jesus lives, into the life where the love of Jesus lives, agape love is present and dwells, it is very easier to love all people, even our enemies, because it is Jesus who is doing the work, the operation, the action, the deed, through the Holy Spirit.

The most beautiful and sublime form of life is the life where Jesus, with His greatest and vast love lives; in that life there is peace, comfort, rest, hope, power, because Jesus is the Leader and the Lord who governors and guides that life.

Svetlana Stalin

Svetlana Stalin, Stalin's Daughter, had said:

"There is a weapon more efficient than A-bomb against the Communism, it is - The Love of Jesus Christ."

She was rose in a strict communist ideology and discipline, but she was ascertain that only the love of Jesus, as a powerful and efficient weapon, is able to destroys the communist ideology, and to changes, to transforms and to revolutionizes the communist.

Jesus' love is a strong and powerful weapon, which is able to changes, to transforms and to revolutionizes lives, human beings.

Jesus, by His great, sublime and infinite love is able to change and to convert the evil into good, negative attitude into an positive attitude, the sinner into a good person into a godly person.

God's love is so great and so vast, we can't measure it, weigh it, by our so limited reason, capacities, faculties, skills, competences, conceptions, etc.

God's love is so biggest and so vast, it is infinite!

The whole world, the largest universe, the vast cosmos, are not able to include it, because it has Divine substance and essence.

Saint Paul's Definition About Love

1 Corinthians 13
1 If I speak in the languages of humans and angels but have no love, I have become a reverberating gong or a clashing cymbal.
2 If I have the gift of prophecy and can understand all secrets and every form of knowledge, and if I have absolute faith so as to move mountains but have no love, I am nothing.
3 Even if I give away everything that I have and sacrifice myself, but have no love, I gain nothing.
4 Love is always patient; love is always kind; love is never envious or arrogant with pride. Nor is she conceited,
5 and she is never rude; she never thinks just of herself or ever gets annoyed. She never is resentful;
6 is never glad with sin; she's always glad to side with truth, and pleased that truth shall win.
7 She bears up under everything, believes the best in all, there is no limit to her hope, and she will never fall.
8 Love never fails. Now if there are prophecies, they will be done away with. If there are languages, they will cease. If there is knowledge, it will be done away with.
9 For what we know is incomplete and what we prophesy is incomplete.
10 But when what is complete comes, then what is incomplete will be done away with.
11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I gave up my childish ways.
12 Now we see only an indistinct image in a mirror, but then we will be face to face. Now what I know is incomplete, but then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.
13 Right now three things remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Saint Paul was a great man of God; he had revelations and visions from God; he had many experiences with God; he has suffered much persecution for God; he was an erudite; he had a vast culture; he taught and preached the Gospel to many people.

In this wonderful chapter, Paul has described and defined the love's nature, substance and essence.

Even if somebody speaks many languages. Even if somebody is a great polyglot and is able to speaks the angels' language, and he has not Jesus' love, and has not Jesus with His great and vast love in his life, as Lord and Savoir, he is a loser, he gains nothing.

According to Paul, according to the word of God. Without Jesus he is lost forever.

Even if an person is an famous scholar, and possesses a great and vast knowledge, and has no love, the love of God, and Jesus is not living in his life, he is an unhappy man; he is a unsatisfied person and has not eternal life!

According to Paul, even if we have an great and strong faith, able to move mountains. Even if we give away everything that we have and sacrifice ourselves, but have no love, we are nothing.

An life without love, an human being who do not possesses love, the pure love, Agape love, Jesus' love, that life is a poor life, an non-life, an inert life, a physical - a somatic life, but a dead spiritual life!

There are persons who have not love, who are not sentimental. For them, love, the love feeling does not represents big deal.

Life where there is love, the life where Jesus with His great and vast love lives, there is patience, there is kindness, there is no envy, neither arrogant nor pride.

Into the life where there is love, where Jesus lives, there is inside comfort, there is peace, there is hope, there is strength to live, there is contentment, there is self-satisfaction, there is power, there is energy to overcome the problems, the circumstances, the difficulties, the hard moments, the tragedies, the crisis.

God Is Love!

Love is of Divine origin; love has roots in heaven; love is created by God; it is composed by the sublimes and nobles atoms and properties.

Human's reason, knowledge, competences, are not able to define and to explain the love's substance and quintessence, its constitution totally, because it is in large part an mystery!

Life without love is an false life, an pseudo live, an inert life. But life dwelled by love, dwelled by Agape love, by Jesus' love, it's a happy life, it's a wonderful and comfortable life!

When we love a person, an human being, we can't harm him or her, we can't hate him or her, because that person is an sweetest and loved; that person is our object of love, we focus our efforts, energies, much time, to be near by that human being, to possess her or him! In the presence of our lover we are feeling good, we have a greater and magnificent pleasure and satisfaction being into the aureole of our object of love.

A sweetheart or a lover is a source of pleasure, satisfaction and happiness.

Sigmund Fraud had said; Love, the most stronger satisfaction of life.

Life could be satisfied by love, by this powerful sentiment, just only if it is dwelled by the pure and sublime love of Jesus!

Without God, the source of love, life can not be satisfied.

Human being needs love, needs to be loved; human being needs to be feeds with tenderness, needs to hear words of love, needs to be caressed with hands of love, needs to be hugged with love's beauty and sublime richness that it contains!

Man needs to hear, I love you so much, You are my lover!

Man's heart needs love to works well!

We Should Love One Another

In John 3:11, John tells us that we must love one another:

"This is the message that you have heard from the beginning: We should love one another."

We, as Christians, as children of God, we must love we others, with God's marvellous love! For an real Christian, into who Jesus lives, into who the pure love of Jesus dwells, it's very easy to love his neighbour, even his enemy, because Jesus is doing that, Jesus as a supernatural Being, who is able to perform miracles, is working through him!

It's wonderful to have a life where the absolute and infinite love of Jesus lives and has its dwelling! It's an sublime form of life to have the power, the capacity, to live loving everybody, even the enemies! It's beautiful and marvellous to love and not to hate! It's good and great to be delivered and freed of hate, hostility, the revenge feeling, the evil possesses! All these are possible by the Grace of God, because Jesus who loves us and who helps us in every situation, in all circumstances.

Jesus had said in John 15:17;

"I am giving you these commandments so that you may love one another."

Jesus has given to the disciples, and to us also, as practicing Christians, these wonderful commandments, to love we other. If really Jesus lives within us; if Jesus is the Lord of our lives, if the great and vast love of Jesus lives in our lives, then we can and are able to accept, to feed our beings, to apply, to practise, to exert, to emanate and to spread out these sublimes commandments.

Jesus had said also; "No one shows greater love than when he lays down his life for his friends."

Jesus came in our world to show to us how we should love, what mean love, which is the essence and the quintessence of Agape love, of Divine Love. Jesus has given to us the magnificent example, how we must love; He had loved till to supreme sacrifice!

What a wonderful and sublime is God's love; it's Divine Love who perform miracles; it is the great love of Jesus that changes lives; it is the infinite love of Jesus that transforms revolutionize men, beings!

The love of God it's a strong and powerful weapon! The love of Jesus has supernatural substance, which overcome the evil, which overcome the lives possessed by the negatives forces, the lives without God!

Jesus, through His marvellous and infinite love, is doing beautiful things, is performing miracles! Nobody can opposite to the powerful love of Jesus! There were lots of people who were conquered and transformed by the love of Jesus!

Richard Wurmbrand

Richard Wurmbrand was an evangelical minister who spent fourteen years in Communist imprisonment and torture in his homeland of Romania. He is one of Romania's most widely known Jewish Believer leaders, authors, and educators. In 1945, when the Communists seized Romania and attempted to control the churches for their purposes, Richard Wurmbrand immediately began an effective "underground" ministry to his enslaved people and the invading Russian soldiers. He was eventually arrested in 1948, private of liberty and his family, in inexpressible sufferance, trusty, hungry, illnesses in 1948. Richard spent three years in solitary confinement, seeing no one but his Communist torturers.

After these years, after this supplicium, with God help, he got out and emigrated in USA, where he had foundered The voice of the Martyrs Ministry.

He wrote lots of books about his experience with God in prison. Many peoples has found God through him.

In one of his sermons he spoke about an story happened in a prison in Romania:

At one point in prison, I felt very sick. I had tuberculosis, diabetes; heart problems, jaundice, and I don't know how many other kinds of sicknesses. I was near death. There was in that prison a cell reserved only for the dying. I am the only one who has survived that cell. I was in that room for over three years and came out on my feet to tell the story. It is a story not only of suffering, but also of so much beauty. To my right side was a pastor by the name of Iscu. He had been so badly beaten and tortured that he lay dying. He was so quiet. He knew where he was going. Whenever he opened his mouth, he gave gems. In Hebrew the word TO TELL or TO SAY does not exist. The Hebrew word for SAY or TELL means SAPPHIRE, A GEM. TO SAY in Jewish means TO GIVE A GEM. If you open your mouth, give a gem. There may be times when you are sad or angry. Keep silent and wait for the moment when you can give a gem. Iseu gave gems when he spoke. He spoke about the beauties of heaven and the love of Jesus. His body was still an earth, at my right side, but mentally he was already in heaven. On my left side was the Communist who had tortured him to the brink of death. The government had arrested their own comrade and tortured him. Now he too was near death. During the night, he would awaken, "Please, pastor, say a prayer for me. I have committed such crimes. I cannot die." What I witnessed next was a scene from heaven (you need not be in heaven to see heaven). The agonizing pastor called two other prisoners to help him and, leaning an them, he very slowly passed my bed and sat down an the bedside of his torturer. Iscu caressed his torturer on his head. I will never forget the scene. This was the man who had so beaten Iscu that now he waited for death, and Iseu caressed him. He said, "I have forgiven you with all of my heart and I love you. If I who am only a sinner can love and forgive you, more so can Jesus who is the Son of God and who is love incarnate. Return to Him. He longs for you much more than you long for Him. He wishes to forgive you much more than you wish to be forgiven. You just repent." In that prison setting where there was no place for intimacy, I overheard this torturer confess all of his murders to the tortured one. Then they prayed together and embraced each other. Slowly, slowly, the pastor was helped to his deathbed. They both died the same night. It was Christmas Eve, but not a Christmas Eve at which you celebrate one who was born 2,000 years ago, far away in Bethlehem. Jesus had been born that very evening in the heart of a criminal. This is what Jesus can do for you. I hope that I do not speak in vain. When I have a gem, I speak. This is the gem I have for you today. Jesus loves you and waits to be born in your heart.

Richard Wurmbrand

The wonderful love of Jesus is performing wonders!

Only a born again being, only a real child of God, into whom, Jesus, with His sublime love lives, can and is able to love his own torturer and forgive him!

The great love of Jesus has supernatural power which performs beautiful work, as such wonderful scene.

In this beautiful little story the evil was overcome by the good, a man without God has been conquered and transformed by the love of Jesus, and he became an child of God.

We, as men, as humans beings so limited and unable, are unable to love and to forgive our neighbour or enemy, seeking his good. We need the powers more stringers as ours, we need the superpowers, we need the vast love of Jesus to love and to forgive ours neighbour, our enemy, our aggressor.

Brother Iscu was a real child of God, who had lived for God.

In his earthly life had lived Jesus. Jesus was his Lord and Leader, who made great things though him.

God is love! God is love, pure love, absolute love, infinite love! The source of the real love is Him! We need His love to live, to have an harmonious life, to work well, to be goods and positives persons, to love and not hate, to forgive and don't avenge! Man needs the marvellous love of Jesus, which may dwells his life, his existence.

There is love, there is peace, there is hope, there is power, there is comfort, there is no stress and anxieties, there is contentment, there is ataraxie into the life where Jesus with his infinite love lives!

How wonderful and sublime is to be dwelled by Jesus' pure love. How great thing is to respire the presence, the over presence of Jesus' absolute love. How magnificent and sublime is to have, to possess the great love of Jesus, it's an veritable wealth!

By the grace of God, we, as Christians, we, as children of God, can be possessed by His great and vast love and to emanate its beauty, its philocaly, its precious perfume, its sublimes atoms.

You can have earthly wealth, you can possess materials things, you can have or possess the whole world, but if you do not know Jesus, but if you have not Jesus as Savior, but if you have not His precious, sublime, great and Divine love, you are nothing you are nothing you have and possess nothing you have and possess nothing!

Material things and possessions, earthly wealth, are so ephemera, shall pass away, you also will pass away and being no more, soon!

Nothing Can Separate Us From Jesus' Wonderful Love

Romans 8:35 Who shall separate us from the Messiah's love? Can trouble, distress, persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger, or a violent death do this?

To an child of God, in who Jesus lives, into whom the love of Jesus leave, nothing can separate him from Jesus' powerful love. Jesus is controlling all things. Jesus keeps him in every circumstances and situations. The presence of Jesus in his life it's a guaranty and assurance that the troubles, distress can not harm and affect him, and separate him from the love of Jesus.

There are the real Christians in the Muslims country and others country who are persecuted and tortured because of there faith in Jesus Christ, but they are not conquered and overcome by their persecutors and torturers.

In Philippine

Attacker Shoots Two Pastors and Wife; One Pastor Killed

On April 15, Pastor Vic Vicera, his wife, Beth, and Pastor Noli Saturnino were shot at when an unknown assailant stormed Pastor Vic's home in Mindanao, Philippines, and started shooting. Pastor Vic was killed in the attack. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts, "Pastor Vic and his wife, Beth, and Pastor Noli were having a conversation early that evening. They were talking about their plans to minister in a Muslim tribal area, when suddenly the killer came in and started firing at them." VOM contacts added, "Pastor Vic got four gunshots, two at the upper part of the knees that went through his navel and two shots to the lower part of his knees, the bullets remained in his stomach. Beth, his wife, got two gunshots, one in her palm and one in her leg. Pastor Noli got one shot in his leg; the bullet went through his leg." Pastor Vic was killed, and Beth and Pastor Noli are being treated by doctors. Even though VOM contacts could not confirm the reason for the attack, they reported that Pastor Vic lived among Muslims who wanted him to join Islam, but he refused.

VOM Sources

In India

Pastors Beaten by Militants in Andra
On April 14, three pastors-who were distributing Christian tracts to children in the town of Devarkonda, Andra Pradesh-were beaten with sticks by approximately 50 Hindu militants. Pastor John Kumar's hand was broken and the other two pastors were severely injured in the attack.

VOM Sources

In China

Bookstore Owner Re-Arrested in China - China Aid Association

On March 19, Shi Weihan (37), a Christian bookstore owner, was re-arrested on charges of "illegally" printing and distributing Christian literature. Weihan was initially arrested on November 29, 2007, and was released in early January, due to "insufficient evidence." He is being held without access to his family. His wife is concerned for his health in prison as he is a diabetic.

VOM Sources

The wonderful love of Jesus is more stronger and powerful that the persecution and the torture, that the hated, hostility and violence.

For a Child of God, love is a powerful weapon which overcome the evil, the adversary, the persecutors and the tortures!

Jesus said in Matthew 5:44-45;

But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, so that you will become children of your Father in heaven, because he makes his sun rise on both evil and good people, and he lets rain fall on the righteous and the unrighteous.

If we love everybody, if we declare ours neighbours and enemies, persecutors, the object of our love, then we are free, we are delivered by the hated, hostile sentiment, and into our lives leave love

1 John 4:19 We love because God first loved us.

God loved us first and He sent His Son to come into our world, into our human condition, to show to us what is love, what mean love, which is its substance.

Jesus is the incarnation of God's marvellous and infinite love!

By the grace of God, we, as human beings, finite persons, can be leaved by this sublime love!

What a wonderful and sublime thing is to be leaved by the great love of God, and to have a relationship with Jesus.

God is love! God it's a good God; a God who loves His creature and take care of it; a God who loves without condition, according to His nature and Divinity; a God who loves everybody and calls them to Him; a God who is knowing everything, who is everywhere, because He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient; a God of love.

John 3:17 Because God sent the Son into the world, not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved through him.

God sent Jesus to come into our sinful world, into our degraded and degenerated condition and state. Jesus took an human form, an human nature; He had identified with our state and condition; He became man and lived as an man; He had made miracles and taught to the people about the Kingdom of God, how we must live to be pleased to God, and the was toward heaven; He loved the people; He loved us till the supreme sacrifice, showing to us what mean love, what is Love Divine, its substance and nature!

Jesus came into our world to loves us, to forgive us, to save us, to lead us toward heaven.

Saint Augustine said: "Love God and do whatever you want."

When we love, when we really love with a sincere heart, with any hypocrisy, we are compelled and forced and influenced to respect and to satisfy the desire of our lover, of the person which we love!

When we are so deeply fallen in love with an person, we are looking for to be pleased to that person. The force of the love that we have for that person is dominated our being and our reason. We desire to be in the presence of our loved person, to hear his voice, to admire his presence and beauty, to caress he or she.

When we really love God, the source of love, we are compelled to do His will. God is love! God loves us, and He wants to lives in us; He wants to flood ours beings with His Divine love. The presence of God's sublime love into our lives, changes, transforms and revolutionizes ours lives, ours characters, ours conduits, attitudes, actions, movements, ours thoughts, ours decisions.

In God's infinite love, there is power, there is an superpower, there is an force which transforms the opponents elements, which overcomes the adversary, the evil powers!

In the pure love, the words are doing wonders and miracles!

In an sincere love, the movements of the body, the vibrations of the somatic, are the language of that state, of that inside reality, of that sublime sentiment, of that sincere love, which is the engine and the factory of all these.

The presence, the super-presence of the love of God into a being, is compelling this being to love Him, to respect Him, to adore and to worship Him, to do His will.

That being is feed himself with this love, with this great and vast love!

God is love! God has given to us His love to love Him, to love everybody, to emanate and to spread out it, its substance, its beauty, its marvellous wealth.

When Jesus lives into ours lives, we are no more independents, we are no longer doing our will, but His will. Jesus in our lives, changes our decisions, transforms our desires, revolutionizes our ides, conceptions, thoughts!

It is wonderful and sublime to have God, with his absolute and infinite love into our lives!

It is great to be dwelled by the beautiful love of Jesus, and to be feed by it, and to love Him, and to do God's will!

By the Grace of God, by the scarify of Jesus, we can have this relationship with Him, we can do His will, we can be saved and have eternal life!

God is love! God loves us and wants our good; God is a God of love, who loves His creation, His creature, the mankind. The love of God is so sweetest and kind; the love of God is so wonderful and sublime. We need it to love the people, to love and not hate, to love everybody!

Eros And Its Nature

There are people who are dwelled by the love Eros. They are loving only the persons who love them. They love only the beings who love them and who give to them love, pleasures. Eros is the love erotic, the love sensual, the love which loves the pleasures and it is feeding itself with its own passion and substance. Its subjects are exploited by its desire and force; its subjects are the slaves of its passion. Does not exist desire and power to love the neighbour and the enemy where Eros leaves!

Life where Eros dwells loves only the beings and the objects which provide to he or her the pleasure, physical pleasure, sensual satisfactions!

In the Greek mythology, Eros was the god of love and lust. To Plato, Eros was conceived by Penia (Poverty) and Poros (Plenty).

Eros will pass away; Eros will disappears; Eros shell ceases being and to exists; its substance is ephemeral and temporal!

Eros loves conditionally, Agape loves unconditionally. Eros loves and waits to be loved and to receives, Agape loves even that it is not loved and receives. Eros will pass away, Agape will remain. Eros is ephemeral, Agape is eternal.

God is love! The love of God is eternal; the love of God has Divine substance; it shell continues to exists forever and ever more!

Isaiah 43:3-4 "For I am the LORD your God, The Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I have given Egypt as your ransom, Cush and Seba in your place. Since you are precious in My sight, Since you are honored and I love you, I will give other men in your place and other peoples in exchange for your life."

What wonderful words.

What wonderful it is to be loved by God and to be precious to Him.

What beautiful and sublime it is to have God as Father and to be loved by Him.

What extraordinary it is to know that our Creator, our Savior, loves us and is with us every step in life.

We can have this statute of the child of God, because of His infinite and great Grace, and because of Jesus our Savior.

God loves us and wants our good, our salvation.

Jesus came into our world to die for us, for our sins, to save us, to lead us to the Father, our Creator, our God!

Jesus loves the sinner and waits for him to come to Him, to deliver him of his sins, and to save him!

Only through Jesus Christ, who loves us, we can be saved and have eternal life!

God is a God of love who loves us and wants us to be with Him in Heaven forever and ever more!

God is love! The pure love comes from Him, He is the source of love.

An couple needs God, His love, to have love, to be happy, to works well, to have harmony, to have an real life.

We need God, we need Jesus, we need His precious, sublime and infinite love to can love we other, to can love our neighbour, to can love our enemies!

Hatred is destroying human being, his spiritual entity and physical entity, his works, his health. But pure love, the love which comes from God, brings peace, comfort, hope, joy, power, desire to live and to do good.

It's beautiful to live and to love everybody, and to show and manifest an sincere and an pure love to everyone.

To get the power, the capacity, the will, the desire, to love everybody, we need Jesus with His great love, in ours lives as Lord and Leader. We need Jesus and His absolute love to love and to be happy.

"To live without loving is not really to live." ....... Moliere

Living without love, living without possessing this noble profound sentiment of love, it's just living satisfying the body naturals needs, the physical pleasures.

To live and haven't no love, it's an empty life, an barren and vapid form of life!

The absence of love into the life of someone, is the presence of something, the presence of the sadness, the presence of an strange state which does not contains feelings, effectives sentiments.

To live and to have love, to live and to have Jesus with His infinite love, as Lord and best friend, it's the most sublime form of life, the real life, because Jesus said that He is the life!

Into the life where Jesus lives, into the life dwelled by Jesus' wonderful and vast love, there is an abundant life, an life inundated by the love Divine!

Psalm 103:17 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, And His righteousness to children's children ...

It's wonderful to be loved by God and to know that He loves us, and that He is with us for ever.

God's infinite love is with those who fear Him, with those who love Him, with those who are doing His will!

What a wonder it is to be an child of God, to possess His great love and to be feed by it.

What a beautiful and great comfort it is to have our Creator as Father, as Best friend, as Protector, as Helper, and His everlasting love into our hearts. To fear God is to do His will, is to love Him, to respect His commandments, His principles Whenever God's everlasting love is dominating our lives, our beings, it is easy to do His will, because He is helping us.

God is love!

God has created us to love Him, to be His object of love, to be His pleasure, to live loving we other, to love Him, to work with Him, to be feed with His Divine love!

Psalm 101:1 I will sing of lovingkindness and justice, To You, O LORD, I will sing praises.

David has sang of God's lovingkindness and justice. David has loved God so much and he sang praises to Him; God was in the centre of David's life.

It's wonderful to sing about God's marvelous love.

It is beautiful to sing about God's sublime love and to find out pleasure and satisfaction singing about God's great love, and to worship Him for what He is, for His infinite love!

Whenever a born again being, in whom Jesus lives, is singing praises to the Lord, his soul, his entire being is feeling good, his physic and spirit are satisfied and consoled, because God is answering to him, because God answers to him with peace, joy and with His abundant love!

The presence of Jesus' infinite love is sufficient to make him happy and strong, and to give to him the desire and the power to sing and to worship Him.

It is wonderful to sing to the Lord, to our Creator, about His Divine love, about His Grace, about His wonders and miracles that He has made to us.

When we really are singing praises to the Lord, the vast love of God is inundating our beings, our souls.

In the presence of Jesus, all the fears are gone, all the anxieties are disappear; in the presence of Jesus, the stress, the troubles and all the problems are disappear, because where Jesus with His sublime love is present, all these are disappear, all these are gone!

We Are Called God's Children

1 John 3:1 See what kind of love the Father has given us: We are called God's children-and that is what we are! For this reason the world does not recognize us, because it did not recognize him, either.

We, as Christians; we, as born again beings, are God's children; God calls us His children.

God loves us, He gave to us His Divine love, His great love!

In His great love, God decided to sand His Son Jesus, to come in our world, to come on earth, to die for us, to save us from hell, from the eternity without God.

Because of Jesus' sacrifice we are call the children of God; Because of God's wonderful Grace, we can be children of God, and have relationship with Jesus!

What is love? love? God is love!

God is love; God is the infinite love!

God loves us; God calls us His children, because He loves us and He wants our good, our salvation!

Our future is in God's Mighty Hands.

Jesus loves us and He is with us every step, every moment, every day till the end of our lives, till there, when our journey in this dimension of life is over!

God's Love is Eternal

God's love is eternal!

God's love is eternal, because it has Divine substance and nature.

We are going to pass away. Our world will pass away, our material reality soon will be no more, but God's love shell remains forever, because God is love, love infinite!

This love is coming from heaven; it is coming from the eternity; it is coming from our Creator; it is coming from the Author and the source of all things that exist!

The love of God can't be measured, quantified, weighed, because it's infinite, and so greatest, so vast; it is an mystery!

We are ephemeral, we are so limited beings, we are mortals people, God's love does not change, doesn't cease being and to exist, because its substance and nature is eternal and Divine!

God's sublime love never dies, never shell stops being, and to exists; its substance is immaterial and Divine!

It is to hard and difficult to us, as so limited humans beings, to define and to explain it, its substance, quintessence, because it is an mystery, because it is from God; its source is in heaven at our Creator, because the real love, the pure love, comes from God, because "God is love," infinite love, absolute love, eternal love!

God Loves Us With an Everlasting Love

Jeremiah 31:3 The LORD appeared to him from afar, saying, "I have loved you with an everlasting love; Therefore I have drawn you with lovingkindness."

God loves us!

It is great to be loved by God, to know that our Creator loves us and takes care of us, every step, every day, all the time.

God loves us with an everlasting love!

No body can stop God loving us.

We are in God's Mighty Hands, and He protects us of the enemy, of the evil.

God is our father, we are His children; He drawn us with lovingkindness.

God loves us without condition, according to His character and nature, according to the nature of His love.

It is in God's character and nature to love, to forgive, to show kindness, to manifest generosity, compassion, mercy, because God is love!

God is our Creator and Maker; He made us with an purpose - to be his children, his creation to be the creatures and beings which love him and make his will.

God loves his creation and his creatures!

God is as a real father who loves his child and wants his good; he works hardly to rises his child; he makes much efforts and sacrifices to form him, to educate him, because he loves his child and is taking care of him.

God is more than a father. God is more than an human being. A human being loves, but his love is limited.

God is love!

God's love is infinite. God loves us, his creatures, with his Divine love, unconditionally, because his love is so greatest, because his love is so biggest, so wonderful, so sublime, so marvelous, so beautiful; His love has no measure, has no borders. Nobody can stop God loving us, loving his creatures!

In his divine love, God has sent His Son to come in our world, in our sinful human condition, to suffer for us, to die for us, to save us!

To Really Love We need God's Love

To really love, we need God's love.

The real love comes from God, because God is love, pure love, infinite love!

Human love has its source in God. God gave to us this sentiment of love, this profound and sublime feeling, this power and capacity to love.

To really love we other, to really love our neighbor, we need God's love, we need the love of Jesus, Agape love.

Without God, man is not able to really love. Man without God loves only those who loves him, only the beings who transmit to him love and pleasure.

To work and to live better, a being needs to be loved, needs to be loved by an another being, needs to be loved and to be feeds by God, the source of the real love.

When a man is dwelled by God's great love, it is very simple to love another person - his neighbor, his enemies.

When an life is changed, when his life is transformed and revolutionized by Jesus, when metanoiea had happened, when he is a born again person, it is so easier to love all the people, it is so easier to talk about love, to talk of the love of God, to forgive everybody, to cultivate love and to emanate love.

We need the real love to really live. We need God's wonderful love to really live, to really love.

Jesus loves the people. Jesus loves us, He came in our world to die for us, because he loved us. Jesus has showed and has manifested to us the love of God.

Romans 5:8 "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

Love Always Does What is Good

Romans 13:10 Love never does anything that is harmful to its neighbor. Therefore, love is the fulfillment of the law.

Love, love pure, love Agape always does what is good and never does anything that is harmful to its neighbor.

Love loves to love the people, it loves being at their service, helping them, loving them, sacrificing itself for them, for their cause, for their good.

Love does good and never does evil;

Love gives and do not waits to receives;

Love comes from God;

Love has its source in heaven, in God;

Love is the most sublime feeling that exists;

Love is the source of the happiness for a family;

Love is necessary, indispensable for the human being life;

Love is the engine for an couple;

Love has the power to transform lives;

Love changes evil into good;

Love will never stops to exists, it is eternal;

In love the words makes wonders;

Love it's an phenomenon too hard to be explain and define;

Love is what it is and we need it;

Love is a power, an superpower;

God gave us love to love Him and to love we others;

Love makes man more good;

The presence of love in ours lives it's wonderful;

Words of love overcome the hatred;

Love is to live and to love with out condition.

In true love there is conformability.

It is good to love and not to hate.

In true love are dwelling the goods intentions.

Love is sublime and wonderful.

Love is good for the soul.

With out love there is no happiness.

We are passing away, but love will remain forever.

The existence of all things has an end, but love has no end.

The real love has Divine substance and origins.

It is good to live and to love everybody.

To really love mean to have Jesus in our lives.

Love pure always says positives things.

Love is wonderful and sublime.

Just Love God

Saint Augustine said; Just love God, and then do what you want.

When a being really loves an another being, that being is trying to make and to respect the desires, the will, the pleasures, the satisfactions of his lover, of his beloved one, of his objects of love.

When we really love with an sincere and pure love another person, we are concentrate and focusing our being, our time, our efforts, our energies, our means to be near by our loved one, to listen to her or him, to talk with her or him, to tell to her or him I love you, I need you, I miss you, What you do, Are you ok, What you want, Are you willing something etc. We are doing all these things because this person is too important and valuable, and because we love her or him, and we are willing to respect her or his desires, will.

In a genuine love, we are no longer a one, but two. We are two different and distinct persons, beings. We are in love we others, we are respecting mutually ours desires, ours wills, ours passions.

God is love!

When we really love God, when we love Him with an sincere and genuine and pure love, we are compelling with love to respect God's desire, will, principles, laws, rules.

When we love God, we make His will, and when we love God and make His will, God is pleased, and when God is pleased and satisfied of this reality, God takes care of us, of our needs, and He gives to us peace -the real peace, joy the real joy, happiness the real happiness.

We need love so that we can love God. We need the real love, the genuine love which comes from God to love the people, to love God.

It is great to love God, our Maker, our Creator, and to be loved by Him.

It is sublime to love and to be loved.

It is wonderful to love God and to be loved by Him.

It is beautiful to be dwelled by God's infinite love, to be feed by it, to be guided by it, to be governed by it, to be exploited by it.

It's wonderful to be fallen in love with Jesus and to have a real relationship with Him, with Him who is our Savior.

What a Great Grace it is to be loved by God. What a sublime love God gave us to love people and to love Him.

The person who loves God is happy. The being who loves Jesus and has an relationship of love with Him, has a wonderful life, has the real life, has a abundant life.

To be fallen in love with Jesus, to really love Jesus, it means to have Jesus as Lord and Master of ours lives, it means to have Jesus as personal Savior, it means to have the life changed, transformed, revolutionized by Him, by Jesus Christ, the only one able to change, to transform and to save lives.

A human being needs the love of God to be able to love people, to be able to love God.

God is good; He loves us; He wants our best, He wants us to be saved.

Naomi and Ruth

But Ruth said,

Ruth 1:16-17 "Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried. Thus may the LORD do to me, and worse, if anything but death parts you and me."

In the wonderful story of Ruth and Naomi, we find out how Ruth, after her husband died, decided to not leave her mother in law, because she loved her mother in law.

Ruth have loved her husband and her mother in law.

It's great when we love and are loved. It's too hard when death takes a loved being. When everything in love it's working well, it's ok, but when the tragedy comes, the suffering comes too, the weeping comes also, the sadness comes also.

Ruth's life was shaken, but she had continued to persevere and to love. Ruth's love has been an sincere and pure love. An sincere and pure love loves always. When the troubles comes, it continue to love; when the tragedy appears, it keeps loving; when illness strikes stronger, it fights; when the crisis destabilizes and destroys, it perseveres and keeps loving.

The true love loves without condition.

The real love loves all the time, because it is so stronger, it has the power to overcomes the evil, it has the power to overcomes the obstacles, the frontiers, the impossibilities, because it has its source in heaven, it comes from God.

God is love!

God was in the control of Ruth and Naomi's lives; He saw their faithfulness; He saw their moral lives, their sufferings, their attitudes, and He took care of them.

Ruth has loved Naomi and she didn't wanted to leave her, she wanted to go with Naomi in her country. Ruth has decided to leave her country, her family, her friends, her culture, to go into an foreign country, to go into an unknown world, because her love for Naomi was so stronger.

True love has the power, the capacity to love unconditional; it has the power the suffers, to endures, to forgives, to understands, to sacrifices itself for its object of love.

Ruth has loved her mother in law so strong; she had a special love for her mother in law - an love able to make wonders and miracles.

There is power in an true love.

There is comfort in a pure love.

God is love, true love!

When God created man, He gave to him this sublime and marvelous sentiment, this wonderful feeling, to love Him, to love his wife. With out this sentiment of love the mankind can't being and exists.

With out love the family, the family as institution, can not exists, the procreation, the posterity, can't being and exists.

Love is an vital, crucial and indispensable element in a real relationship of love.

An genuine relationship of love can't takes form and existence if there is no love, if the love feeling does not exists. Love is the cause of this beautiful and extraordinary relationship of love, of this marvelous adventure, of this love affair, of this earthly journey, into which two beings are falling in love, into which two entity become one, into which two worlds are meeting to start another beginning, to declare solemnly one another, I am yours and you are mine, we are in love we other.

Ruth has loved her Mother in law; she wanted to be with her; she longing to live with her near by her existence, in her country, in her culture.

To have God's love into our lives, to possess God's infinite love into our finites, limited lives, it's an awesome and fabulous form of life.

God is good; He loves us; He gave to us love from His Divine love as an heavenly gift.

God gave His Son Jesus to die for us, for our sins, to save us and to give to us eternal life.

God was with Naomi and Ruth. After their sufferings, after the tragedies that took places in their lives, God has blessed them, God was with them and helped them to come in Naomi's country ( Israel ), and to meet Boaz, and to marry with him, where Ruth began a new life!

Love Never Does Evil

Truly love does no evil.

The being in who Jesus lives, life who is dwelled by the sublime love of Jesus, the soul in who Agape love is, never does evil, never does immoral things.

In Jesus' love there is power, an super power. In Agape love there is desire and capacity to love and to make good and no evil.

We can change evil by good. We can transform and revolutionize lives, the world, by Jesus' Divine love.

In our world there is so much evil, violence and hatred.

There are persons so sad, so violent; in their lives live evil; their hearts and reason are governed by evil, by negatives forces, by malefic energy.

Only Jesus cans change these lives.

Only Jesus is able to transforms and to revolutionizes their lives, their inside reality, their stasis, their states and conditions. Only God's infinite love cans invades their whole beings, their entire existence, by taking their sadness, by sweeping their hatred, by converting their evil state into good states.

The love of Jesus is more stronger and powerful than the evil. The love of Jesus overcomes evil, overcomes its opponents, overcomes its adversaries.

Oooooooo, Heavenly Father, what wonderful is your love.

Oooooooo, Jesus, who came from eternity in our world, to die for us, to save us, give us your Divine love, to love you, to love the people, and to lead them to you.

Oooooooo, loving God, what sublime and marvelous is your Divine love.

Oooooo, Son of God, who loved us till the supreme sacrifice, give us your greatest and vast love, to love and not to hate, to overcomes evil.

Where True Love Lives There Is No Hatred

If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate ... Nikka - age 6.

If somebody wants to learn how to really love, he must to starts by loving his enemy, by loving those who he hates.

The truly love comes from God.

Man is not able to love the persons who he hate, his enemy.

The person who wants to really loves, he needs the love of God, to be able to love, to be able to forgive to, to be able to overcomes the hatred power, the hostility force.

We should learn to love better by accepting Jesus' greatest love in our lives.

To learn to love means to be ready for a lesson, to be ready for study, to be ready for experience, to be ready to allow Jesus to show us, to teach us, to mould us how we may love.

Jesus is able to learns us how we should love, what means to love, what is love, which is the nature, the substance, the quintessence, the power, the super power of His Divine love.

If we allow Him to works in our lives, to cultivate His infinite love into the ground of our souls, He will do that.

To be able to love and not to hate is awesome.

To be able to love everyone, even the enemies, is wonderful.

Only Jesus' Divine love can do that.

Only the power, the super power, the entelechie (energy which action) of Jesus' infinite, absolute and vast love can do that.

It's awesome to have Jesus with His greatest love in our lives.

Jesus loves us; He wants to live in our lives; He wants to give us His precious and sublime love; He wants to inundates our beings with His marvelous love.

Where the true love is, where the Agape love is, where God's love is, there is no place for hatred, there is no room for revenge, there is no space for hostility, there is no available ground to cultivate the evil, the negatives feelings.

In the presence of Jesus there is glorious power. In the presence of Jesus there is power, there is desire to love.

Hatred destroys, love builds!

Love does not kill!

In a war, in an military conflict, there are two parts, there are two antagonist fields, there are two belligerents army which are fighting, killing one others, because they are missing love, because in their lives there is no God's love, because in their hearts don't reign the real and genuine love.

Hatred destroys. Hatred perpetrates murder. Hatred creates and generates Hatred. Love, God's Divine love, does good, does beautiful things, does wonders, does miracles, does ineffable things.

Where there is love, there is no war, there is no conflict.

Where the genuine love lives, there is happiness.

Where the real love exists, there hatred does not exists.

Where the pure love dwells, there is peace, there is hope, there is power of life.

Where Agape love is, there hatred is doomed to fails.

Where the love of Jesus is, there hatred does not exists.

It is Wonderful to Love and to Be Loved

Song of Songs 7:10-11 "I am my beloved's, And his desire is for me. Come, my beloved, let us go out into the country, Let us spend the night in the villages."

It is wonderful to love and to be loved.

It is sublime when two beings are fallen in an deepest and profound love.

The sentiment of love, the love feeling, is too powerful.

Sigmund Freud said; Life's most greatest satisfaction is love.

Love pure is an veritable source of satisfactions, greatest pleasures and happiness.

God is love!

The genuine love, the real love, comes from the heaven, from God's Divine love.

It is marvelous when two beings are dwelled by God's absolute and infinite love, and they are one another fallen in love; there is happiness, there is truly love.

Human being is not able to really love?

Human being is not able to create and to build an genuine and durable relationship of love without God, the source of the real love.

The constitution of the relationship of love, needs, must to be founded and build on God's Divine love.

The structure of an sincere and non-ephemera relationship of love, needs to have as infrastructure God's sublime love.

What a beautiful and comfortable it is to love God and to be loved by Him, to love an being who loves you, and that being loves also God, and God loves that being.

An real happiness dwells into the reality of that relationship of love, a inexhaustible river of marvelous love, inexpressible joy are flowing in their lives.

It's awesome to love and to be loved, to love God and to be loved by Him, and to belong to Him.

When we are in the presence of our lover. When we spend time in the presence of our beloved one, in the presence of the being who loves us, it's too sublime and marvelous, it's an inexpressible condition, it's a fabulous state. Ours numineux, ours wills, ours desires are surrounding to this state, to this presence, or super presence. We desire to remain more time, an eternity, in the presence of our lover, to looking him or her, to speak with her or him. Our lover 's words of love are like gems and pearls which are feeding our beings.

To love Jesus and to be loved by Him, to have a real and genuine relationship with Him, it's a extraordinary and magnificent thing. To be in His presence, to be in His super presence, to be in the presence of the Son of God, who died for ours sins, it's awesome, sublime and marvelous. It's Divine to be in the presence of Jesus, looking Him, talking to Him, listening to Him, praising Him, worshiping Him, telling Him, I love you.

Love Changes Life and Brings Happiness

I have received a message from a person called John. He wrote to me about how he met an person, and how he had fell in love with her.

This is his wonderful story:

Hey there my friend. I am telling all of my Shoutlife friends my good news. About a year ago I met a wonderful woman. The most beautiful woman on planet EARTH! My number one friend on my Shout Life page. Tammy Lowry. Then when I first laid my eyes upon her it shook me to my very core as a man! I ran to my pastor to make sure I did not some how just sin. Hahaha! He was laughing and reassured me that falling head over heals in Love was OK and not a sin.

Well as the months progressed, my LOVE for her grew more and more. Finally, Unable to hold it in any longer I confessed all of my heart to Tammy. She also confessed her love for me. 3 weeks ago, I proposed to my best friend and she said "YES!!!"

OH I am so happy I am telling the whole world about her!!!

Praise God, Jesus gave me my bride!!! WOO HOO!!! :)

The power of the true love does wonders.

I don't know more details about John's life. I understood from his beautiful story that when he met her he has fallen in love with her and got happy.

It is extraordinary how the power of an genuine love changes and transforms lives, beings, situations, states.

There are people who have lives so sad, so stressful, so depressed, who wanted to suicide themselves, but when they met an person and got fallen in love, theirs lives, theirs situations has been totally and radically changed, transformed, revolutionized.

Love is an mystery. It's an mystery how the power of the true love works and does miracles.

Human being is unable, too limited, to understand, to penetrate, to explain and define, love's phenomenon, love's power, substance, nature and mystery.

We are seeing what love does, the effect, the fruit of its reality and manifestation and are wondered and fascinated.

Man's noeme (faculty of thinking), man's nous (intellect), man's reason are unable to discover, to disclose, love's mystery.

Love is an mystery because it is coming from out side of us, from out side of our dimension and existence; it is coming from heaven, from God, because God is love.

God is love!

To really love, we need God's infinite love.

O, loving God, give us your sublime love, to love you, to love people.

O, loving Father, give us the real love to live loving, to speak loving, to work loving, to go and to come loving, to spread it out to everybody, to emanate it in this world

O, Love Divine, what beautiful and wonderful you are, what marvellous and sublime you are.

The lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him

Psalm 103:17 But the lovingkindness of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, And His righteousness to children's children ...

God's lovingkindness is upon those who fear Him, upon those who are doing His will, upon those who keep His commandments, principles and rules.

If we fear God and do His will, His everlasting love is with us, within us.

God's everlasting love is so wonderful!

God has a great and abundant love for us.

If we do His will and fear God, His everlasting love is upon us, within us, into our souls and lives.

It is so good, so comfortable to have, to possess God's everlasting love in our hearts and lives.

There is power, superpower in God's everlasting love!

If in our lives truly live God's everlasting love, there is power and desire to do God's wonderful will, because He is helping us to do it.

The person who fear God respects His commandments, principles and rules.

It is great to be invaded by God's everlasting love.

God's everlasting love has no beginning and end, has no finality.

What kind of love it is? It is God's love, the truly love; it is love Divine; it is eternal love!

What a beautiful and good God we have. In His great and vast Grace, our loving Father gave us His everlasting love.

What a wonder, what a extraordinary it is. What sublime and marvellous God's everlasting love is.

A good Christian fear God and is doing His will because he loves God, because God's love lives within him!

O thanks to God for His everlasting love.

To fear God is to do His will.

To fear God is to love Him!

Hatred Stirs Up Strife, But Love Covers All Transgressions

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up strife, But love covers all transgressions.

Hatred destroys, love rebuilds.

Into the human history there was hatred.

Hatred was at the cause of many wars, many conflicts and tragedies.

Hatred destroys human being. When human being is dwelled by hatred, that life is not happy, that person is aggressive and violent. Man full of hatred commits negatives deeds.

In our society there is much hatred.

Hatred it's an phenomenon negative which destroys lives, beings.

Hatred can be overcomes by love!

Hatred is negative, love is positive.

Hatred does evil, love does good.

Man who hate needs Jesus to deliver him from it; he needs God's love to overcome it.

Hatred is destroying and affects the human being, physical entity and psychical entity, the body and the soul.

When man body and soul are possessed by hatred, hostile feeling, malice, both, body and soul are in an real danger, because they are feed and leaded, governed by negatives and evils powers, forces and energies. There is no peace, comfort, harmony and satisfaction into the life where hatred is, lives and reigns.

The soul, the reason, the mind dwelled and leaded by hatred, by this negative force, by malice, are doing and generating evils fruits, negatives deeds, violence, aggressive acts, offence.

Hitler was a man possessed by hatred, by racial hatred; he had hated his neighbours, his opponents, his adversaries. Hitler's life, reason has been governed by the power of hatred. We know his acts, deeds, the fruits of his hatred, the genocide.

Hatred does evils things, negatives deeds, malice, but love does goods things, positives deeds, nobles acts, sublimes works, marvellous fruits.

Hatred comes from the Devil.

Love comes from God, because God is love!

We can overcome hatred, malice, hostility, negatives deeds through love, through the love which comes from God.

Psalm 13:5 But I trust in your unfailing love.

David has trusted in God's unfailing love and God was with him, God had protected and delivered him of his enemies.

David was an king who has many experiences with God; he had troubles and tragedies in his life, but he didn't stops serving God, loving Him, persevering, to trust in God's unfailing love.

It's wonderful to walk with God, to trust in God's unfailing love.

God is good; he wants our best for us.

God's unfailing love is so biggest and so vast; it never fails, never stops being, because it has Divine substance and nature.

God's unfailing love is from eternity, from all the time.

If God truly lives in our lives, He gives us His unfailing love.

God's unfailing love within our lives is an source of peace, hope, comfort, ataraxie, power, energies.

Our God is a loving God, a God who loves us, a God who helps us and understands us, a God who gave us His unfailing love.

What a great God we have and serve.

We are sinners, we don't deserve God's infinite love, His unfailing love. God in His Divine and unfailing love has sent His Son to come in our world, in our sinful condition and situation, to die for us, to save us, to lead us to God our Creator.

Only through Jesus, only through His sacrifice, we have access to God and we can be saved.

Jesus loves us. Jesus loves the sinner and he wants his salvation.

Today Jesus is calling people to Him, to forgive them, to give them His unfailing and vast love and to save them.

Love is comfortable and adorable.

Love is eternal.

The power of love never can be overcomes.

Love comes from our Creator;

Love is good; people need it.

Love is wonderful.

It is great to possess love, the truly love, and to love the people.

True love comes from heaven, from our Creator, from our God, because He is love, infinite love.

When love lives into our souls we speak words of love, we are emanating love's nature and substance.

If we love life is more better and beautiful.

Whenever into our lives is and love lives, it mean that we are happy.

It is great and wonderful to be loved and to love.

It is marvelous to have an wife who loves you and you love her.

Love pure is powerful.

Love comes from heaven, from our Creator.

Truly love has its origin in heaven.

Without love does not exist happiness.

True love does only good, only positives things.

The infinite love of Jesus changes lives, transforms beings, revolutionizes men.

In pure love there is not fear.

God's infinite love is a truly spiritual food, we need it to really live.

If there is not love, there is not happiness.

Love, love, we need love.

Human being needs love, the power of love to lead him, to guide him, to be counseled.

Love has its origin in heaven, at our Creator.

Love comes from outside of us, from another sphere, an supernatural dimension, from God, because God is love, love infinite.

Love is an spring, an source of peace and happiness.

When we have love, when we possess the real love, the genuine love, the love of Jesus in our lives, we love we other, we desire to do good and not evil, we are compelling to love as Jesus loved.

I am hear, O God, I come and I want to do your Will, your wonderful Will.

Give me your sublime and infinite love to love you and to love people, to love and not to hate, to love and to suffer, to speak with love of you to people.

O, my dear Savior, I am hear, I am your, make me whatever you want.

I love you Jesus, my Lord and my Savior.

I need your great and vast love, O my God.

I have only you in this world. Please, my Maker and Creator, fill me with your Divine love.

Love is Patient

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient ... ... ...

Love Agape is patient.

The love of God, the true love, love genuine is filled with power for waiting.

The love of Jesus has the power, has the superpower, has the energies to wait.

If we have Jesus' love within us, if we possess the truly love in our lives, if we are dwelled by God's Divine love, we have whatever we need to wait, to suffer, to hope.

There is power, super power in Jesus' sublime and infinite love.

There are Christians who are persecuted, tortured and condemned to many years of prison, but they have the love of God in their lives who is strengthening and gives to them power to wait, to suffer, to wait for their deliverance.

We are not able by our own forces, powers, energies, capacities to suffer, to overcome the evil, the persecution, the torture, and to wait till the end our deliverance.

We need Jesus, we need Jesus' Great love to be victorious in life. We need the real love to be patients and to wait till the end, till the sun set of our lives.

To be patient, man needs the power of Jesus' love.

It is power in Jesus' marvelous love - power to wait, power to persevere, power to don't give up, power to carry on the cross, power to wait for God's answer.

It is power in Jesus' wonderful love for waiting His Will, His decision.

It is great to be dwelled by the real love, by the truly love, by the pure and sublime love of God.

Whenever we have love we have happiness.

Whenever love lives in our lives, there is patience, there is hope, there is power, there is joy, there is comfort, there is desire for doing good, there is spirit of sacrifice, there is positivity and not negativity, there is passion for the Lord, there is energy, super energy to love people, to love God.

True love has noble essence.

The real love has heavenly virtues.

The love of God is so great and majestic.

Man needs Jesus' infinite love to really live.

People need God's Divine love to truly be happy.

An family needs Heavenly Love to really working, and to have durability and untemporality.

Love of God makes us patients.

Whenever we really love. Whenever we are dwelled by Agape love, we can love, we are able to love and to wait for answer to our expectation and desires.

It is power in Agape love.

It is power, superpower, in Jesus' infinite love.

Life is beautiful and sublime whenever Jesus with His Divine love lives in our lives.

Love without the true love, without the Great and Vast love of God, is not love; it's an false love, an non-love, an pseudo love.

Eros is an love which destroys man's heart and body.

Eros is sensual love, an passing love, ephemeral love, temporal love, mortal love.

The truly love, genuine love, is Jesus' wonderful love.

Only Jesus with His Great love cans, is able to change man life, human being heart.

Only Jesus' marvelous love cans, is able to change radically, to transform, to revolutionize man's life, to make an real metanoia in human being life.

Do you want the true love?

Do you want the genuine love?

Do you want to be patient. Do you want to find out happiness and to be saved, come to Jesus, He is waiting for you with His Great Love.

God's Love is So Great

Psalm 57:10 For great is your love, reaching to the heavens ... ... ...

God's love is so great.

God's love is infinite.

God's great and vast love surpass our understanding, our capacities of reasoning.

We can and can't explain God's love.

We are able and are unable to explain, to define God's Divine love, its mystery.

God is love.

God's love is great.

If you want love, true love, turn to God.

God's majestic and vast love surpasses our reason, our capacities of thinking.

Our words are too poor to explain, to define God's sublime love.

The love of God is too biggest that the whole world can't encompassing it.

God's Divine love has no measure, border, limits.

God is love, the real love, infinite love, perfect love, authentic love, genuine love, absolute love.

This vast and great love comes from eternity, from heaven, from our Maker, Creator and God.

Jesus is calling us to Him to give us His beautiful and sublime love, to pour out His great love into our beings, to flood our souls with His Divine love.

What wonderful it is to be dwelled by the truly love of our Father from Heaven.

Would you like to be dwelled by this Great Divine Love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Would you like to be the object of Jesus' wonderful love.

Would you like to meet today the True Love, Eternal Love.

Come to Him! Come to Jesus! Come today to our Savior, who came into our world to show us what is love, what mean love, which is the nature, the substance, the essence, the quintessence of God's Divine love.

Show Us Your Unfailing Love, O LORD

Psalm 85:7 Show us your unfailing love, O LORD ... ... ...

God is love, true love, infinite love, unfailing love.

God has shown us His wonderful unfailing love by sanding His Son into our world, into our sinful human condition, to suffer for us, and to die for us to save us.

What a loving Heavenly Father we have.

God loved us and in His unfailing love He decided to show us His unfailing love, its nature, its substance.

Jesus came into our world to show us the real love, true love, infinite love, unfailing love.

The Son of God took an human form and had walked on earth, on our material world; He healed many, He taught to the people the sublime word of God; He had performed the marvelous miracles.

God has shown us through Jesus His unfailing love.

God is love.

The source of the pure and True Love is God.

Perfect Love comes from our Maker and Creator.

Genuine Love has its origin in Heaven.

There is no love, Authentic Love, without God.

Love, love, love, human being needs love, True Love, God's love to be satisfied, to be happy, to be able to really love.

Today God is still showing His beautiful and fabulous love to us, to the people, to mankind.

Jesus has called through out the centuries people to Him by His infinite love, to forgive them, to deliver them, to save them.

God is love! God loves us.

Jesus loves you and I; He wants our best, our happiness, our salvation.

Jesus wants you and I to be with Him in Heaven forever more.

No! no! no! doesn't exist love, true love, genuine love, pure love without God, the source of the true love, pure love.

In true love there is comfort, there is peace.

True love makes man good and positive.

True love loves unconditionally its object of love.

Agape love is sublime and marvelous.

True love is extraordinary and fantastic; it makes miracles and wonders.

We love God because He loved us before.

God loves us with unconditional love, with unfailing love.

God has manifested His Divine love to us, to mankind, by sending His beloved Son in our world, in our sinful human condition, to die for us, to save us.

God's Divine love is wonderful and marvelous!

God is love!

The source of the true and genuine love is God.

God is a loving God; His love is infinite and eternal.

David said; I Love you, O Lord, My Strength.

Psalm 18:1 For the director of music. Of David the servant of the LORD. He sang to the LORD the words of this song when the LORD delivered him from the hand of all his enemies and from the hand of Saul. He said: I love you, O LORD, my strength.

God is good.

God is with those who trust in Him and do His Will.

God was with David in his whole life, and He helped him, He protected him from his enemies.

David has loved the Lord and had putted his trust in Him.

Love is good, we need it!

True love contains great and vast powers, forces, energies.

To really love we need the true love, the love of Jesus.

To really love another person, another being, man needs God's wonderful and marvelous love.

We feel good when we know that somebody loves us.

Man is satisfied when he realizes that he is loved by another person.

Human being is happy when another being tells him "I love you."

My precious Lord, I love you with all my heart and being!

The love of Jesus is marvelous.

It is great to be loved by God and to love Him.

God loves us with His Divine love.

True love it's an sublime reality!

Love which comes from God is marvelous and comfortable!

God's love is sublime and infinite.

Man needs God's Divine love to love, to be able to truly love.

To really declare to somebody I love you, we need to have love, we need to possess love, we need to be dwelled by the truly love, by the genuine love, by the love of God.

To love is to have love!

To truly love is to have the power of the infinite love of Jesus.

Agape love does wonders and miracles!

To truly love God, man needs God's Divine love in his heart, in his life, in his being.

We need love, the true love, the real love, the genuine love, the absolute love, the sublime love of God, to love Him, to love people.

I love you means to say the truth, means to express the reality, the truth of the presence of the love in our lives, means to allow the love to says its own veracity.

Happy is the being who loves and is loved.

To truly love is great and beautiful.

If God's wonderful love lives in our lives, we can truly to love Him and people.

Truly love comes from God, the Creator of all things.

Genuine love has its root and origin in heaven.

To be loved we need first of all to love.

An real Christian loves even that he is not loved.

An child of God loves unconditionally people, his neighbor, even his enemies.

There is power, an superpower in Jesus' sublime love!

You need God's love to love, to be able to really love.

God is love!

God gave us His majestic love to love Him, to love and not to hate.

To love and does not hate, man needs the presence of Jesus in his life.

Where Jesus with His infinite love lives, there is love, truly love, there is power, capacity, energy to love, there is happiness.

Love Divine is wonderful!

The real love is God's marvelous love.

Eros is an love, but an sensual love, physical love; Eros soon will be no more; Eros is not eternal.

God's eternal and vast love is the true love, the real love, genuine love, infinite love, glorious love, majestic love.

Human being needs God's great love to truly love!

We need God's infinite love to really love!

God's Love is Great

Psalm 17:7 Show the wonder of your great love ... ... ...

God's love is Great!

God's Great love is a wonder!

God's Great love has an wonderful power, superpower.

God's Great love has the vast capacity to suffer, to tolerate, to forgive, to hope, to counsel, to perseverate.

God's love does wonders and miracles!

It's an wonder how God's Great love changes, transforms, revolutionizes lives.

God's Great love is the true love.

There is no love like the Great and sublime Love of Jesus!

Yes, God's Great Love does Great wonders and miracles.

Yes, God's Great Love is an wonder and an miracle!

God's Great love surpasses our capacity of reasoning and understanding.

God's Great love is so big, so vast; it's infinite.

God's Great love is majestic.

O, how amazing and superb is God's Great love.

No! No! No! There is no love like the Great and vast love of our Savior.

There is no systems or capacities able to measure, to quantify God's Great and phenomenal love.

God's Great love surpasses our thinking, our reason, our knowledge, our natural capacities and faculties.

Great is our Father's love to us, to those who believe in Him, to those who are His children.

Great, Great is God's Divine love!

God's Great love is an real wonder it's an mystery.

When we have God's Great love in our lives, we have peace authentic peace, we have power super power, an real entelechy, we have hope an genuine hope, tranquility an ataraxie.

If we truly possess God's Great love in our hearts, in our beings, so we possess an wonderful thing, an great riches, an infinite source of comfort, harmony and balance in life.

There is power, super power in God's Great love.

A man who has no love, the truly love, God's Great love, is an very poor man, an life without extraordinary and nobles sentiments, feelings.

Without God's Great love, human being can not really love.

An warlike man, an belligerent is possessed by the hatred, by hostility, by negative powers and forces.

Hitler didn't had love, genuine love, God's Great love, so he was dwelled by hatred, by the negatives energies; his life has being governed and leaded by the evil, by this negative sentiment, by the devil and he had perpetrated murders, negatives deeds, monstrous things, genocide.

God's Great love makes wonders and miracles!

God's Great love is wonderful and marvelous.

God's Great love has no measure and limit.

God loves us with His Great and infinite love, unconditionally.

Great, Great, Great is God's Divine love.

God gave us love from His Great love to love we others and to love Him. But if God truly lives in our lives, if Jesus is the Master of our lives, then God's Great and infinite love invades our beings, our souls.

No! No! No! there is no space, measure, system able to keep, to measure, to really explain, to truly define God's Great love.

God's Great love is an mystery!

Great, Great, Great is God's infinite and Great love.

O God our heavenly Father, give us love, the truly love, your Great and infinite love, to love, to be able to true love you and people.

The Great love of God gives us the power, the superpower to suffer, to endure, to perseverate, to hope.

Our human love is limited, God's Great love is unlimited.

It is good to have love, to be able to love, to express, to manifest love, the true love, God's Great love.

God is Love!

No, no, no, there is no love like God's Great and infinite love. No, no, no, there is no love like our Savior's Great and wonderful love.

Love? God is love! Without God there is no love.

Love, pure love, true love, genuine love, authentic love comes from our Creator, from our God, from our heavenly loving Father.

Great, Great, Great is God's Great and infinite love.

Do you want this love, God's Great love, the true love? come to Jesus our Savior and you will find out it.

Jesus said;

Love Each Other As I Have Loved You

John 15:12 My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Our beloved Savior gave us this wonderful command to love we others as He have loved us and He still loves us.

The Son of God came into our world, into our dimension of existence, into our earthly sphere, into our sinful condition and state, to loves us, to show to us what is love, what means to really love, to manifests and emanates to us, to mankind, the True Love, God's Divine love, Absolute Love.

Approximate two thousand years ago, Jesus Christ has leaved the Heavenly Glory, the superior position, and took an human form, and walked and lived as we are living, as human race has lived and lives.

Jesus said to love each other as He loved us. But we can't truly love each others without Him, without His great and magnificent love.

It is too hard, very difficult, to truly love in certain situations, in certain circumstances.

It is easier to say, to declare, I love you, or to say, I will try to love and not to hate by our own powers, abilities, capacities.

The reality is that into the field of the objective reality, we can't and are not able to truly love by our own powers, abilities, capacities.

Man as an limit, as limited being, who have and possesses an limited love, needs the True Love, the marvelous love of Jesus, God's great, vast and infinite love, to truly love God, the neighbor, people, the enemies.

There is power, superpower, into the majestic love of Jesus.

Our love is so limited, God's Divine love is infinite.

To love as Jesus loved us, and He is still loving us, is awesome and extraordinary.

There are no words, capacities, powers, systems, cultures, philosophies, languages, reasons, metaphors, proverbs, maxims, able to say, to explain, to describe, to define God's Divine and infinite Love, the wonderful and the sublime Love of Jesus.

Jesus loves us, He gave His life for us, to save us.

Jesus loves us and He wants our best, He wants us to be saved and to be with Him in Heaven forever.

Does not exists love without the Creator of all things, without the source of love, True Love, Divine Love.

Human being who have no love, who do not love, who is unable to love, is an poor man, an sad being, an unhappy individual, an life without life, bios without bios, an passing person, an ephemeral shade.

Love, True Love, does wonders, does miracles; it transforms, changes, revolutionizes lives, situations, states, attitudes, thinking.

Love, God's Divine Love, it's an mystery, an infinite mystery.

It's a wonder how love, this feeling, this mysterious sentiment is able to changes somebody life, man 's life.

I was watching an movie, an love story, at the TV.

In that love story, the character, an man, has lost his wife and he had started to becomes very sad, aggressive, depressing. That person was and rich man and he had an big house, and large propriety. One day an beautiful girl came to work for him into his home. He was so hard, so dour with her, while she was very kind with him. But in time he began to fallen in love with her and to changes his attitude with her. The girl began to fallen in love with him too. Finally, they were fallen in love we other.

His love for her changes his life.

When we truly love, we are no more free, we are the prisoners of our lover, of our object of love.

In love, in truly love, the desires, the pleasures, the satisfactions of our lover, of our object of love, become an integral part of our desires, pleasures, satisfactions.

Whatever our sweet hard is, do, desires, loves, thinks, is very important, crucial to us.

It's wonderful to love and to be loved.

Truly Love does not hates, does not harm, does not wounds, does not destroy, does not kill.

O, Jesus, give us your infinite love to love you, to love people, to love and not to hate.

O, my Jesus, I love you, I love you so much.

O, my Jesus, give me your Great and marvelous love, to love you, to love the people, to speak with love, to emanate your love in this world.

God's love is so Great.

Our society needs the love of Jesus. Our world needs the real Christians, the real children of God, dwelled by Agape love, who are possessing the extraordinary and supernatural love of Jesus, to love it, to talk about the love of Jesus.

Are you an child of God? Are you a real, a authentic Christian in this world? If you are not yet, you can become a child of God, dwelled by His Divine love.

It is awesome to be able to love people.

By ourselves, by our capacity to love, we can't truly love people. We need something more stronger, more powerful than us, than our limited love. We need Jesus, we need the Great love of Jesus to truly love Him and people.

Jesus loves us!

What a wonderful thing it is to be loved by Jesus, the Son of God, our Savior, who died for us.

Do you know Jesus? Do you know His Divine Love? Have you ever heard about Jesus and His infinite love?

Do you want His marvelous love? Come to Him and you will find out it.

O come, and test, and see what Marvelous is God's Divine Love.

O come, and look to the Magnificent Love of Jesus.

O Jesus, your Majestic and Infinite Love is the True Love.

O Jesus, your Divine and Eternal Love has no measure, has no limit, has no border, has no end, has no finality.

Love, love, True Love, what beautiful you are.

Have you ever imaged an world without love, an society without this wonderful and mysterious feeling, sentiment?

Have you ever imaged people, peoples, nations, beings without love?

I don't think that there is possible for us to be, to exist, without love.

I am sure that mankind can't exists without love, without this powerful feeling of love.

Love, Genuine Love, does only good, positives things, beautiful and nobles deeds, acts.

God is Love

When God had created us, He had created us with this sublime love feeling, with this marvelous power, capacity to love.

In True Love, we are compelled only to love, only to truly love.

In True Love, our words, deeds, acts, are making wonders and great miracles.

In True Love, our metaphors, our interpretations, our definitions, our philosophies are changing, are transforming, negatives sentiments, bad conditions, evil states, antagonistic elements.

True Love comes from above, from Heaven, from our Creator and Maker, from our God, because God is Love!

How many people are killing each others because they have no love, because they do not possess the treasure of the Infinite Love of Jesus.

How many families are destroyed because they lack love, the Unfailing Love of God.

How many countries, nations, are in war, in military conflicts, because they do not know what mean to really and truly love; they are not able to understand the real and the genuine sense of the word love, of the term love; they does not have the Vast and Infinite Love of God.

How many victims were in the human history, how may victims are in our contemporary society because of hatred, because of negatives and hostiles feelings, because of lacking love, True Love, because people had not and have not the Great Love of God.

Isaac Newton said about love; The tendency for objects to be attracted by one another.

Love, True Love, is an powerful attraction between two beings.

Love, True Love, hinders us to hate.

Love, True Love, is the engine for an real and truly relationship.

Love, Genuine Love, generates ineffable satisfactions.

Love, Divine Love, makes man happy.

Love, Pure Love, is good for the soul, for the life.

Love, Authentic Love, is an great satisfaction for life.

Love, Sublime Love, comes from Heaven.

Love, Wonderful Love, has no measure and limit.

Love, Marvelous Love, has supernatural power, energy.

Love, Majestic Love, has immortal substance and nature.

Love, Agape Love, really changes lives.

Love, God's Divine Love, never changes, never stops to be; it is eternal.

Without love, life is without sense, an non sense.

Without God's Divine love, man is unable to truly love.

Without God's infinite love, I am nothing, nothing, nothing!

Love has an power that overpasses our imagination and reason.

Love is more stronger than the evil.

Love has noble substance.

Love, Genuine Love, loves and does not hates.

Love, True Love, is comfortable and peaceful.

Love, love! If we have and possess love, God's infinite love, we have and possess great thing, great wealth.

Life with love is sweetest and beautiful.

An act done with love, True Love, has an wonderful reverberation and echo.

We are passing away, but God's Divine Love remain forever.

Life dwelled by love, God's Divine love, is an happy life.

God's Love is an real, an veritable food for our souls, for our lives.

Love without God does not exists, is an utopia.

God is love. God loves us with his infinite love.

Do you know that God is love and that He loves you so much and He wants your best; He want you to be saved, He wants you to be with Him forever in Heaven.

Love, Pure Love, is the foundation of an real family.

Love, the love of Jesus, does only good, only positives things and never does evil, negatives things.

An real Christian loves and never hate, never does evil, never does negatives things, never kills.

Jesus our Savior has said to love our enemies.

To love our enemies? But it's too hard! it is impossible.

That is true, it is too hard, it is impossible, to love by our own capacity of love, by our power. We need Jesus, we need His love to truly love, to really be able to love our enemies.

The love of Jesus does wonders and miracles!

God's love has power, has superpower, has the capacity to makes, to performs wonders, miracles.

O Divine Love, what wonderful and sublime you are.

Are you possessing God's Divine Love?

Is there your life dwelled, lead and governed by Jesus our beloved Savior? Are you full of the abundance of God's Infinite Love? If you are not yet, why not today. Today you can be saved. Today you have the occasion to receive, to accept Jesus as your personal Savior in your life. If you accept Jesus as your personal Savior in your life, you will be saved, you will receive His marvelous love in your life.

Man, True Love, is God's Divine Love!

Human being, you will never find out True Love, in this world. True Love comes from God, from our Creator.

Love, True Love, is an positive thing. Love, True Love, by its nature and substance is positive and it makes only good, only positives acts and deeds.

Violence destroys and kills. Love, God's Love, builds and saves.

Violent being has no peace, has no comfort, has no love, has no happiness.

Life dominated by hatred and violence generates only hatred, violence, evil, negatives deeds, hostility.

Life dominated by love, True Love, God's Divine Love, creates the beauty, the sublime, good attitudes, positive life, positives acts, positives deeds, the truly happiness, the ineffable.

Only Jesus with His infinite Love changes, transforms, revolutionizes the violent person, the hostile being, the negative life.

Love is so beautiful and sweetest.

God's Love is an mystery.

We are so poor in words, in abilities, in definitions to penetrate the mystery of God's Divine Love.

O, how beautiful and wonderful is the Love of Jesus.

God's love is unique.

There is no love like the majestic love of our Savior.

Buda had his own love, his limited and finite human love; His philosophy was to practice the abstinence, but He didn't taught much on love.

Human love is limited and finite, God's love is unlimited and infinite.

Eros love is mortal, Agape love is immortal.

God's love is an heavenly food.

God is love.

If we have God into our lives we have love, we have God's love into our lives, into our souls. If we have God's Divine love into our beings, we speak with love, we express love, we manifest love, we emanate love, we spread love to the people.

To truly love is awesome.

It is Power in God's Divine Love

I receive E-mails from The Voice Of The Martyrs about the Christians who are suffering and who are tortured in the Muslims countries, and others countries. One of them was about Pastor Hakim from Iraq.

Here it is:

Terrorists threatened to kill Pastor "Hakim." His relatives pleaded with him to go somewhere safe. But God called him to minister in Iraq. Pastor Hakim and his wife trusted God more than they feared for their safety.

One Sunday morning while Hakim was driving to work, three armed men confronted him with guns drawn. They ordered him to stop, but Hakim knew to stop the car meant he would die. Instead, he gunned the engine. The terrorists opened fire, and three shots hit Pastor Hakim. Later, at the hospital, his Muslim doctors said it was a miracle that none of the bullets hit a major organ or artery. After the shooting, Hakim continued his ministry in Iraq.

It was a miracle. The life of Pastor Hakim is in God's Hands. God is in the control of each life, each person who trust in Him.

Love, God's Divine Love is more stronger, more powerful than fear, than evil, than hatred, than violence, than murderers.

In Iraq Christians are threaten, bitten, tortured.

Pastor Hakim had preferred to stays with his people in Iraq, and to tell them about God, to preach the Gospel, to spread out the love of Jesus Christ.

There is power, superpower in God's Divine Love.

In the middle of the dangerous situations and persecution, Pastor Hakim, shares the Gospel, shares the love of Jesus to his people because he loves the Lord, because he loves his people, and he wants them to come to Jesus that they may be saved.

Love, God's love, gives us the power to endure, to suffer, to hope.

To have God's love and to suffer for God is awesome and noble.

Love is something that we are not able to really explain it; it is something that we need to be happy on the earth.

O how great love Jesus has manifested to us on the cross when He suffered for us and died for us.

Jesus loves you. Jesus loves you so much.

An African Christian song says;

Remember, Jesus loved you,
Remember, Jesus loved you,
Remember, Jesus loved you,
He loved you, He loved you,
On the cross ... ... ...

Jesus loved you and me on the cross, and He is still loving us today.

Today Jesus is still loving us with His vast love.

Jesus died for you and me because He loved us.

Jesus died for you and me, but today He is alive.

On the cross Jesus took away your sins and my sins, because He loved us.

O come to Him, O come to Him today and you will be saved, and you will find out His Divine Love.

Lord, give us your love, your Divine love, to love you, to love people.

O Heavenly Father let your infinite love invade our lives.

There are moments into our lives, as Christians, when we feel the Love of God so powerful, so intense, so great.

It is awesome and amazing to be a child of God, to have the children of God as friends, to love we other with Jesus' love, to be loved by God, to have assurance that we all will go to Heaven where we shell be with Jesus our beloved Saviour forever, praising Him, loving Him, worshiping Him, Yes, that is awesome and great. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus.

O Love, Divine Love, you are an rich and abundant source of peace, comfort, joy, hope, power.

O God, feed us with your Divine and Infinite Love.

Many lives are dwelled and governed by Eros (sensual love, physical love, ephemeral love, the love of the pleasers, the love which satisfies only the body, only the matter).

Agape, Jesus' Love, only it truly feeds man's life, man's soul, only it truly satisfies human being's hungry for love, only it truly satisfies man's soul.

Have you ever experienced Jesus' Amazing Love?

Have you ever tested God's Divine Love?

If you did not yet experienced and tested it, you can today test it, you cant today experienced it.

By coming to Jesus, and asking Him to comes into your life, and asking Him to forgives you for your sins, Jesus will forgives you and will accept you as you are, and He will give you His Marvellous Love.

Once you test and experience Jesus' Infinite love, you will desire it more and more, you will desire it more abundantly into your life, into your soul.

God's Love is unique.

You will never find out love in this world like the love of God. In this world you will find out only Eros, sensual love, physical love, false love, ephemeral love, pseudo love, but never, never the True Love, God's Divine Love.

Don't forget, True Love comes from above, from Heaven, from our Creator, from our Heavenly Loving Father, from our God, because God is Love.

God is Love!

Do you understand that God is Love?

Are you able to see and to contemplate this reality, this absolute true, this eternal reality?

God had proved that He is Love by sanding His Son to come into our world, to die for us, to save us.

God is Love.

God is calling us to Him, to His Divine love, with His arms of love.

Love is Patient

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient ... ... ...

In True Love, in God's Love, there is power, super power to be patient.

Love gives us the power to be patients, to be patients whenever we pray and we wait for the answer, to be patients in hoping, to be patients into the hard and the difficult circumstances of our lives, to be patients whenever we are aggressed and mocked, to be patients whenever we love and we are not loved, and to pray to God that He changes hearts, situations, attitudes; to be patients in doing God's will till the end of our lives.

There are Christians in prisons, beaten, tortured for their faith in God, for Jesus Christ, but they are not alones. God is with them to help them, giving them the power to suffer, the power to endure, the love to be patients and to love the torturers, and to overcome the evil, the enemy.

God's Love does wonders, miracles.

If God's Love truly lives in us, as Christians, into our lives, into our souls, we are patients whenever we are tempted by the devil to do evil, to do whatever is not God's will.

Are You Looking for Love

Are you looking for love, True Love?

Man, are you looking for love, Genuine Love?

Human being, are you looking for love, Pure Love?

Citizen from this planet, are you looking for love, Infinite Love?

Traveler on this ephemeral world, are you looking for love? Amazing Love?

Business man, are you looking for love, Authentic Love?

Poor man, are you looking for love, Sublime Love?

Rich man, are you looking for love, Absolute Love?

My dear friend, are you looking for love, Eternal Love?

Are you tired and fatigued by seeking it? You will never find out it, because you are looking for it in a wrong way and wrong direction.

Are you looking for love, True Love, in this sad and unhappy world?

Are you looking for love, Absolute Love, in the darkness of this immoral world?

Are you looking for love, Marvelous Love, in this aggressive and violent civilization?

Are you looking for love, Divine Love, in this society ravaged by wars, military conflicts?

Are you looking for love, Pure Love, in this perverted epoch?

Are you looking for love, Sublime Love, in this postmodernist society, into philosophy, concepts, thinking systems, literature?

Are you looking for love, True Love, in this world, into an good relationship, sex, pleasures, materials satisfactions, good food, alcohol, profession, carrier, hobby, possessions, obsessions, material comfort, good material situation, ambitions etc. You will fail if you are looking for True Love into all these.

God is Love!

Without God does not exist love, True Love!

Truly Love comes from above, from Heaven, from Eternity, from our Creator and Maker, from our Heavenly Loving Father, from our God!

The source of the True Love is Jesus our Savior, our Redeemer.

Here is love, True Love!

The True Love is Jesus' Divine Love!

Jesus loves you with His Divine and Infinite Love more than your beloved ones, friends, sisters, brothers, father, mother etc.

My Dear Reader,

Jesus loves you so much, He died for you, for your sins, for your guilty.

Approximately two thousand years ago, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, came into our world to suffer and to die for you and for me to save us.

Today you can be saved. Today you have the occasion to receive, to accept Jesus as your personal Savior in your life. If you accept Jesus as your personal Savior in your life, you will be saved, you will receive His marvellous and infinite love into your life, you will be with our Heavenly Loving Father in Heaven forever and ever more.

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