The Blessed Light

Blessed Light Within

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The Blessed Light

Blessed Light Within

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled The Blessed Light - Blessed Light Within written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Blessed Light Within E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Chapter One

"You must be kidding me," Said Ethel.

"Christmas time is a hectic time at the shops, let's go this evening as you know they are open until midnight throughout Christmas."

"Yes, alright we will go tonight, will seven be fine with you? I will pick you up then," Said Martha.

Ethel puttered about her home and thought that Martha was talking about the light within last night. I was lost on a lot of that conversation. Right at that moment a very large storm came and the skies went dark. The rain teemed down and lightening cracked in the sky. Well, thought Ethel, I may as well put the light on. What did Martha mean about the light within? I switch on the light from a small switch and the whole room lights ... Ugh! I don't know, maybe she is romancing.

As the storm came full on, the thunder clapped so loud that Ethel jumped and the electric went off. Great! Thought Ethel, now what? I cannot even see properly to write out the Christmas cards. While looking at some of the pictures on the cards, one came straight at her. The face of Jesus Christ was on it and there was light around his head.

This is odd for a Christmas card, usually it's a manger scene. Here Jesus is as an adult, thought Ethel. Then she noticed it was from an eVangelical church promoting not just the birth of the Lord, but the reason he was born. Ah, she thought, I forgot about that one coming in the mail, I must have put it in with the others.

A knock came on the door and Ethel thought to herself, who on earth could that be in this heavy storm. Standing at her door, was a young man looking very poorly.

Ethel said, "Yes what do you want?"

The man said, "I am cold and hungry and homeless."

Ethel said, "I cannot do anything for you."

The young man said, "No, I guess not it's my own fault as I took to drugs and now I am so weak and so tired and have nowhere to go. I thought perhaps kindness may be somewhere."

He did look neglected, Ethel thought.

"Look, I can give you some tea and some sandwiches then you have to go."

His eyes grew brighter with Hope. He entered dripping wet from the rain and gaunt looking. Ethel got a towel for him and sat him by the fire. She brought him tea and sandwiches which he ate like a starved animal. Her heart was melting towards him.

"What's your name?" Asked Ethel.

"Ah! You see I pretend to be harry potter."

Ethel asked, "What for? "

The young man responded, "Well, he has magic and can get things like riches."

Ethel shrugged and said, "I want to know your real name."

The young man could see she was serious and told her that his name was Peter and that he was taken out of his family as a runt so to speak. He had lived under a bridge for a year and that one day he was walking in rags along the street looking for a way to buy drugs. A man came from nowhere and looked at him sternly and said, "What you need is a good bath and some discipline."

Peter responded, "I have no Hope in life and nobody will help me."

The man retorted rather harshly, "Well talk to God then."

Peter thought, yeah buddy that's all very well, some people place the very thing that's needed by another in God's basket. Walk on by and leave the situation.

Ethel asked, "Why do you feel you need drugs Peter?"

"They make me feel good and stop me feeling emotional pain, "Said Peter.

"Come to that Peter, how can you afford to buy them as you're so hard up? Said Ethel."

Peter hung his head and quietly said, "I steal things like clothes from shops and sell them and buy drugs."

Then suddenly Peter noticed the picture of Jesus Christ on the pile of Christmas cards. Peter said,

"I stole food as well."

Ethel noticed the storm was ending and electric was back on.

She said, "I do not know you but it's obvious that you need welfare and help in your thinking."

She knew she had room in her big house so she said,

"I have to go out tonight, I suggest you go back to your bridge till the morning then come and see me."

Peter said, "There are a few of us young men out of homes and no place to go."

Ethel said, "How about you have a nice bath upstairs and I will wash your clothes as I can dry them in the dryer and at least you will feel more comfortable."

Peter agreed glad to be able to bathe properly.

Ethel took his cloths when he had on a robe and thought how awful life is for this young man. He is destitute. She dried them and waited for him to collect them. When he came downstairs she saw the real him. His eyes were sunken and very sad looking lost and lonely. She said to Peter, "Can I ask the police about you having a record?" Peter said, "I have no record as yet, you may ask." So she phoned the police and nothing was upon his name at all. I will have to talk to Martha about this tonight but I cannot leave him here alone without me here.

Ethel then made some packed food and a thermos of hot chocolate and gave Peter a blanket for the night. She thought that if he was genuine he will return the next morning. Watching Peter walk away she saw that he was really alone. As she went inside thinking I wonder why this young man has reached my heart? Oh well! She thought I have to get ready to go out now.

Martha came up the driveway and Ethel got in the car and said, "You would never believe what happened today. I was going to call you but as you know, storms and phones do not go together should lightening strike the line." Ethel repeated what had happened and said how she felt this man needs help. Martha beamed! "Well Ethel, God works in mysterious ways. His light reaches everywhere." "Oh please," Said Ethel, "What on earth is this light about you mentioned a few times to me?" Martha reminded her of the dangers in letting a stranger into a home, yet Ethel felt no danger with the young man, just sorrow at his state of life.

Shopping was hectic. More people than shops were in the mall. Martha had decided to let Ethel have space on this visitation that came and would answer her questions but not burden her with things unless she asked her to. Christmas shopping was in a bright well decorated mall. Martha noticed not one thing was there about the birth of "Jesus Christ." children were demanding what they wanted for Christmas. Parents short tempered and the whole mall had quite sullen looking customers in there. Martha noticed cards were the payment not cash. She was against credit cards unless for business. All too often people are given credit cards that cannot repay the amount. Interest is added and the debt goes on forever. Christmas seems like people throw caution to the wind. Ethel said, "I have got my things have you got all yours?" "Yes." said Martha.

The snow was thick and the homes looking cozy with their Christmas trees on show through their window. "Martha," Ethel said, "Do you think I did right by asking the young man back in the morning?" Martha thought and then said, "Ethel, do you think it's right that you offered that?" Ethel said, "It's like something was telling me to help him." Martha beamed again, then said, "You know about the good Samaritan don't you?" Ethel looked at Martha and thought, what has that to do with this? She then said to Martha, "Tell me again but not too long." Martha said, "On the times of "Jesus Christ's life," He spoke about a helper, two saw this man laying down looking destitute and dying. Both the two walked on by and left him there. But a third came by and gave him aid. The man also took him to an inn and said that whatever they paid above the coins he offered he would repay them when he came back into the inn after his leaving. Who, Ethel, do you think gave the poor man the blessings from "God?" "Well, Ethel said, the third man, but why did he help and not the others?" Martha said, "Well this whole world is family. Blood is not what counts alone, all creation is family, all people count as family. I agree that some people are best left alone if they are dangerous, it's just that all in all sometimes we are sent a test." Ethel said, "We are nearly to my home do you have time to talk about this for a while? I just know that something made me want to help Peter."

As they went in the driveway, there was a flower on the doorstep and a badly written note saying --Thank you for your help, I will be back in the morning. --- Ethel laughed and said, "I bet he pinched the flower, he had no money at all." Martha laughed too and said, "Yes, stealing is not good, yet he wanted to show you he appreciated your help." They went inside and talked right up till twelve thirty a.m. Martha said on leaving, blessed light within. "Oh Martha, you and this light. What light?" "God's light, "Martha said. "Once you understand that, you are never in the dark." As they walked to the car there was a bundle wrapped up in a blanket by the gate. Martha said, "Who is that? It has to be a person, it's too big?" There laying, was Peter shy and cold. Ethel said, "I said in the morning Peter." Peter looked up and said, "It is the morning, umm I got kicked out of the bridge because I had spoken to you and got food. The others were scared that I may have leaked where they get drugs. As you know I never said that. So I thought I would come and try to gain some sleep in the bush by your gate and then see you in daylight." Martha then offered to stay the night with Ethel and allow the young man one of Ethel's four bedroom house for the rest of the night.

Chapter Two

As the young man Peter settled in Ethel's small bedroom at the back of her home, Martha said, "The reason I offered to stay is to make sure you're alright and to speak to you about this if you do not mind." Ethel said, "I made him some cocoa and he just looked at me with tears, I am sure, behind his eyes." Ethel then went to get theirs to drink. Martha said, "What a great opportunity this is to show you something." Ethel looked inquiring to Martha.

Martha sat down and began to speak saying, "I was in a shop a week ago and speaking of how Christmas is not recognized of what it means. This lady told me that there is only a handful of people that believe in "Christ" Today, in fact she also looked vacant on her own speech. "I said to her, "Why is that, do you think?" The lady said, "Oh it's all about getting things, eating too much and drinking too much." I left the shop thinking how and why is this so blank today? Martha continued, "You were telling me last week how you have a big house and nobody in it. That you lost your son in an accident and through that your marriage suffered and you divorced. Your ex only wanted half the money in the bank and that you could keep the house." "That's right," Said Ethel. "Well," Said Martha, "You have been given a choice here today. It is up to you. You can trust "Jesus Christ" Or you can avoid the whole thing that is sent to you."

Ethel sighed and said, "Explain it to me please." Martha beamed again saying, "As I said, the whole world is family. People just do not think that, but it's true, all "God's" Creation was to his perfection, nothing is without values." Martha then went to the bath room.

Ethel had a few minutes to think on this. Her thoughts were, did I get this young man because I lost my own son? How was it I let him in as I do not ever do that to any stranger? Peter has hit a heart string inside me. I just cannot allow him to be homeless. There is more in this I think.

Martha came back and said, "Well it's very late but I will say this much, to have the blessed light within means to have "God" Within. No light can be without the Heavenly Father through his son "Jesus Christ." Peter is in the dark. He is looking for a light, a purpose and a reason for his life being so rough. You are able to help him mainly spiritually. To help him by giving him the emotion that he is important. He is lost. He needs the feeling of a home that wants him. It does not Matter how much you give in material, the most important thing you give him is spiritual understanding and I will say you may even love him one day."

Ethel said, "He was saying he tells everyone he is a harry potter that gets riches and has magic." Martha said, "Oh the twisted road that is darkness, that is all that is. It gives him a further portion of darkness to convince himself that he is powerful. His drug abuse upon himself was to stop him being responsible for his actions. So he went from dark grey to darker grey to black and then almost destruction." It's quite obvious that "The Lord" Put him into your life for a purpose."

Both Ethel and Martha then went to their bedrooms to sleep.

The next morning Martha was up first. She looked out into the covered area of the garden. Peter was in there so she went outside to see him. Before she spoke she noticed he was doing something. There upon the garden table was a pouch of something. She did not know that it was drugs. Peter was about to sniff some white powder up his nose. Martha said, "Good morning Peter!" Peter then shoved the whole thing into his pocket and looked embarrassed. "Peter what were you going to do with that powder?" Asked Martha. "Umm, well it's the last of the drugs that I have. I was going to take it to give me strength to get through the day." Said Peter. Martha took his arm and said, "Sit down Peter, you have a great chance given to you to heal your life. It is better for you to face this and become clean." Said Martha. Peter then said, "Will you tell the other lady about this?" "No Peter I will not because you have to learn honesty and if she is to be told it has to come from you," Said Martha. Peter gave her a half smile and nodded. He seemed to understand.

Ethel had a cat she called slipper. The cat was called that because she slipped into every place she could. Peter found the cat purring at him so he bent down and stroked it. That was contact Martha thought. Be it animal or human it was a start.

Ethel saw Peter stroking her cat and she smiled. "Well Peter we must all have breakfast." So Ethel made a full breakfast and they all enjoyed it. "Peter," Ethel said, "Are you able to tell me about your family that you once had?" "Ugh, them! I was not one of the boys that had a academic streak in my mind. My father had high expectations of all us four boys going to high grades. He got on my back so much I got to feel inadequate. So it affected my classes. I would rebel. Then one day I met a young man called John the gangster. He got me into thinking that working is for the suckers. He said that life should be free. And to him freedom was doing what we like and not what we are told. He gave me the first drug. I liked the feeling of no care at all. So it went on from that. I then got so badly mannered that my family told me to leave the home, I was a insult to them. So for the year I got from bad to worse looking for this freedom." Said Peter. "In many ways life became like science fiction. Nothing was real anymore," Said Peter.

Ethel sat there looking at him and then at Martha. Then she said, "Peter, if you were given a chance would you get yourself rehabilitated if I helped you?" Peter got uncomfortable and then said, "Yes I would as long as I am not pressured." Martha said, "Pressure is not helping, understanding is, and not being judgmental. For there is not one person upon the earth now and generations before that have not strayed in a sinful way. We all are accountable for ourselves to know that 'the truth shall set you free!'" Peter looked down and said, "I have no money. I cannot pay for my keep. What shall I do there?" Ethel said, "Look, we will get you settled in my home for a week then we will go to find out how to get you earning some. It does not have to be a great amount but enough to give your self esteem."

Peter took out the pouch, he placed it on the table and said, "I was going to take this to give me strength to talk to you, I did not need to as I talked without it. I was going to be dishonest and take it saying nothing. So by this I am saying I have to learn to be honest to you." Ethel then knew she was going to be able to give him a good start to his healing. So that made the decision concrete for now. Martha said, "Peter, I am a Christian, I do not push on another but I do know that if you involved in Christian young men it would be a relationship you can begin. You do not have to believe until you are ready. For already there is a miracle at work right now. Also you can become a Christian and be adopted having the "Holy father" Through "Jesus Christ" As your parent. Peter looked blank! Martha left it at that for now.

Chapter Three

Peter was doing Ethel's garden for her. He mowed the lawns and weeded and swept the b.b.q. Area. He then said to Ethel, "Are you one of these Christians?" Ethel looked surprised. "Oh, well I do believe yes, I am not as knowing about the "Bible" As Martha is. I actually lost a lot of faith losing my son in a road accident." Peter said, "Oh really? How old was he?" Ethel looked at him and said, "He was nineteen." Then she had tears in her eyes. Peter saw this and to his own surprise he put an arm on her shoulder and said, "We make a right pair. You lose your son, I lose my family. You need your son, I needed my family, and here we are on our own with all that. It may sound silly but I am nineteen and it seems so odd that we met. I was not going to knock on your door because the house looked posh. But there was a dog that was not looking too friendly in that storm around my feet, so I took the chance on your posh home." Ethel said, "Yes, there is an unfriendly dog around here. Nobody can catch him."

At three o'clock in the following afternoon Ethel was invited to a function run by Christians for funds to be raised. She asked Peter if he would like to come. Peter said, "Oh no, I cannot do that." "Alright," Said Ethel, "Martha will be there and she has seven young men your age helping the function." Peter said, "Really, my age?" "Yes," Said Ethel. Just as Martha was coming to pick up Ethel, Peter came forward and said, "I will give it a go, but no preaching, none!" "No preaching will be done," said Martha who beamed even higher than before. She knew this was "God's" Work and mysteriously placed right on Ethel's patch. She also knew Ethel had lost her faith and that this would give Ethel her faith back. Oh how Martha smiled.

Peter met the young men. They looked just like him only better dressed. His jeans were full of holes. They came to him with greetings of pleasure to meet him. One said, "I am Andrew, that is David, that is chuck, over there the other four are. We once never came to anything like this. But now would not be where we used to be." Peter said, "Where you used to be?" "Yes," Said Andrew, "Two years ago I was a thief. I stole and got pleasure out of it. Till I was caught and given a sentence." David heard and said, "Huh! A sentence, what about me? I was stealing cars and before I dumped them I would drive them dry, pick up another car and do the same." Chuck came over asking what they were laughing at. "Oh," Said Andrew, "We were just telling people who we were and what we're not today." Chuck said, "Well then my sins must be known to Peter too! See I was into get drunk, pick up any woman, use her, then dump her, and then do it all again!" Peter stood there amazed. He never expected young men like these to be normal. His idea of a Christian was a person who was pious. "So Peter said, "You are Christians now?" "Yes," They all said. "Yet we can still do wrong," said David. Peter said, "Wrong, after you're a Christian?" "Sure," They all shouted together. Peter just looked at them and he began to like them as they were just like him, only better off materially.

The Pastor came over and greeted Peter saying, "Pleased to meet you." Peter just nodded and looked away. His mind was on the young men he had just met. All of a sudden along comes a motorbike with a man on it with long hair, full beard, tattoos, earrings, chains and looking quite offending. To Peter's surprise the man go off his bike and came to the Pastor saying, "The gang are on their way, they will carry all the heavy stuff for you." The Pastor said, "Ah! Duke, thank you, glad you could make it." Peter thought ... Duke ... What kind of name is that for a grisly looking biker?" Duke waited and looked at Peter saying, "Man you're new here. What part of town you from?" Peter said, "I am not from here, this is only a visit." Duke said, "Huh yeah? Bet ya come again." Peter thought, what? He is kidding me.

Then duke said, "Fancy a spin on my Harley while waiting for the gang to come?" Duke then said, "Oh there is a helmet inside the Pastors office. He keeps one there for me. So I will use mine and you can use the spare." Peter said, "Are you kidding me?" "Nah," Said duke. "How ya going to know anyone without giving it a go?" So Peter got the helmet and put it on thinking I suppose duke is a Christian too! Ah come on cannot be not looking that way. Just before Peter got on the pillion seat he said, "Do not be mad at me but are you one of these Christians?"

Duke flexed his large muscles and Peter got nervous. Duke said, "Man oh man, I sure am one of those Christians as you put it." Then duke said, "What's the big deal here?" Peter said, "I just would never have took you for one, with all that you have, tattoos and chains for a belt and earrings." Duke said, "Well man, coming to "The Lord" Means coming as you are." It was a lot for Peter to mull over his mind in this one afternoon. They had the spin and Peter enjoyed the ride. Then the gang came. Here they were, young women and young men all in leathers and true bikers. Peter watched them as they lifted the heavy things out for sale for the function. The sales went on. As Peter got involved with the gang he felt more comfortable with the gang. One of the women was seventeen. She liked the look of Peter and asked him how long he was a Christian. Peter said, "I am not one." "My name is Vivi and I became one at fifteen, the best thing I ever did." Peter said, "Why?" She then said, "You know how it is, parents and their drill on life. Be as they were or not at all. I left home and got to the gang. The gang were converted to Christianity and I learned more about freedom there then at home." Peter said, "Yes but how can you all dress as if you're not Christians and still be a Christian?" "Being a Christian does not mean by dress Peter," Said Vivi, "It's what's on the inside that counts. Also many other young people have come and listened to us. Because of our dress and lifestyle it became rather like easier for them to come and listen. We better go and help the others now talk to you later yeah?"

Peter went over and the Pastor came again saying, "Glad that you came. Would you be interested in doing some light work for me four days a week? It's coming to the hall and giving out food parcels to the needy, helping with the grounds around. There is a small wage given to you for that work." Now Peter was alert to it. All he knew was he wanted to give Ethel money for his keep. He said, "Yes I would be." So the Pastor told him to come at the end of the function with Ethel and Martha. Meanwhile Ethel and Martha knew nothing of what had happened in the time they were busy talking to other families. Peter thought of Vivi knowing she would not be driving a bike as she was too young. All Peter could see were ordinary people who took Christianity into their lives. He was still a bit resistant. Although moved!

Ethel came over and said, "I knew you went for a ride on the bike, how was it for you?" Peter said, "Cool," Then Peter said, "All these people my age and not much older are into this Christianity whatever that is, I half expected the clean cut type that look down on others." Ethel laughed, "Good heavens no, Peter, all are welcomed to "Jesus Christ." "Yes well then, who is "Jesus Christ?" Ethel said, "You wanted no preaching, and none is done here, when you're ready to know you will know and then tell me. Martha is the lady who knows more then I do because I lost my faith in my son going. So I am healing as well. No pushing is done. The simple way is the simple way." Then Ethel said, "In many ways you are already being spoken to by "The Lord." Peter said, "Yep! Well I cannot hear him." Ethel said, "You will." Then Martha heard that Peter had taken the job the Pastor had given Peter, she came over and said, "Well young man you have been given the money you needed to earn to get your self esteem where it belongs. I am proud of you."

When the function ended there was a meal for all the volunteers. Peter was getting more settled and felt these people were cool. Peter said, "I am surprised at you all. Bikies and thieves and drinkers and all that stuff, and yet you're all out of it all and look so peaceful." This began peters search for inner peace. He knew it none of these people would get at him for drugs now.

On the way back home, he said to Ethel and Martha, "It seems I have a lot to learn about freedom, none of them bikies were rough they looked rough but were not." Martha said, "Peter, "Jesus Christ" Takes all his fold home no Matter how they dress. It's more about spiritual welfare and warfare the latter I would explain on the day you ask and not before."

Peter laughed for the first time and said, "Huh! The only spirit I knew was in a bottle." His path began to open.

Chapter Four

Peter stayed with Ethel for the first week. Ethel felt comfortable with him as he was showing appreciation. He got his first pay and wanted Ethel to take it all. He said, "You feed me so well and there are utilities and you do my washing." Ethel said, "Peter you give me a lot as well." Peter looked at her saying, "How can I give you? I have nothing to offer." Ethel smiled and said, "Peter you are a valuable person, you have in a short time filled a void I had in life. Something I learned was this, that trust does not come from the giver only." Peter said, "What do you mean?" Ethel said, "Trust you had to have in me as well. Trust is not just the person giving aid. Nothing is gained by the giver having pride and no heart. To give means not to expect it back. To give means doing the work "God" Has willed to be done. What does come back is the reward of seeing you take your life into a good way, you yourself will give in your own way."

Ethel looked at the pay he gave, which was all of it, and gave him half of it back. "With that Peter you can buy some cloths, over time you may want your own music. Further in time you may be able to save for a car. I would be so happy to see you take your own responsibility and learn to manage correct money managing." Ethel then sighed and said, "You may want one day to see more about the Pastors work and why the young people you would never have thought to be Christians, due to their lifestyle and dress. A good Pastor never judges a person. He hears all things and all sins as well." Peter said, "How can I have sinned if I was put down by my family?" "Yes" Said Ethel, "It's a very sad way, yet my dear Peter every individual contributes to the larger sin that's in the family." "I am confused now," Said Peter.

Peter got ready to go and see the Pastor for what drill was to be for the day. He then said, "Well I cannot call you Ethel, I have not given you a name as yet." Ethel laughed and said, "How about calling me Ma! I know I am not your mother, the nickname Ma would be nice for me, what do you think?" Peter said, "Yep sure! Cool for me too." Then Peter stopped and looked at the wall in front of him and said, "That Pastor has never got at me with religion. He never speaks about Christianity either." Ethel said, "No Peter he will not until you show an interest and the need for your freedom. Church is not the only means of being a Christian. All I can say is once you have "Jesus Christ" In your life, where ever you go your church goes with you. The body of "Christ" Lives inside you. There is an armour of "God" The helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the loins girt with truth, feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace, having the shield of faith and the sword of the spirit."

Peter said, "What is the word gospel meaning?" Ethel said, "It's rather like messenger, good heavens! Listen to me I had no faith left after my son passed away, it's all coming back to me now. Do you see what I mean about trust? I had to trust you and you had to trust me." Peter laughed and said, "This armour thing I do not think I can carry all that lot at once, I cannot see all those things you mentioned." Ethel smiled and said, "Peter the armour is unseen but it's there and very real." Peter then said, "Well what with all them guys I met, and I did like that girl Vivi she was cool. Then you taking me in, tell me did Martha ever get at you for losing your faith after your son died?" Ethel looked sad, and said, "No she never once preached to me, she never took control. Allowed me to have my grief, as grief is a natural thing to feel and to heal from. She knew I had lost faith, but never once said anything at all. Come to think of it she just supported me, kept the same friendship. But I would not mind betting she was praying for me!"

"Well" Said Peter, "Prayer I know nothing about. Is it like talking in thought?" "Peter you will be late as your to be at the hall in fifteen minutes, all I can say is when your ready the simple path will be open for you. All will be explained. Now come on I am going to drive you there instead of you walking." "Ma! Ma! Ma! Yeah I like that," Said Peter. Ethel smiled but was very proud in a humble way. Peter went off to meet the Pastor, and Ethel left to get some shopping.

Peter said to the Pastor, "What is it I am supposed to call you?" Pastor James looked at Peter and said, "You can call me James." "Well James how is it that you have bikers come and help you?" Pastor James smiled and said, "They are a strong hold in the community, they do much good work for "The Lord Jesus Christ." "Yeah but," Said Peter, "They ride motorbikes and look right rough. How can they do work for this "Lord" As you put it?" "Ah!" Said Pastor James, "They have the right dress to reach other people who are in need. They help those that are in crime, those that are in drugs, they also do ministry in their youthful ways. Because they look like they do other youths will listen to them. Sometimes the well meaning ministers put the youths off. People in trouble feel more at ease with them you call rough looking. Now will you be kind enough to bring in the Christmas decorations in the shed to the hall Peter?" "Sure," Said Peter. As he brought the decorations in he noticed a poster that was saying what was coming for Christmas celebrations. Nativity done by little children. Choir singing on Christmas Eve. Church on Christmas day. He went on with his work and thought very much about his new life.

Peter noticed that his addiction for the drug he used was not bothering him too badly. It was getting easier as the days went by. He noticed that his own self attitude to life was less angry. He did wonder about his old friends. Then he realized those very friends shoved him out of the bridge because they thought he may have leaked the drug contacts. So they were not friends. In his thoughts he gave some interest to this gospel thing. Then stopped himself.

As he worked to bring in all the Christmas needs, a man came in looking for help. Peter asked him if he would like to see the Pastor. The man said, "Yeah right, as if he will help me." Peter said, "He will if he knows what you need right now." "Listen man," Said the man, "What I need is to be who I am." Peter then was not sure what to say. So he said, "I was helped and not expected to change who I am," The man said in anger." "You idiot, I am running, the cops are after me." Peter said, "I did not know that. Now that you have said so, we can try to work out what is best for you." "Then find me somewhere I can hide." Said the man. "I am Peter and I cannot find you somewhere to hide it would be better for you to ask the Pastor what to do in this situation." Peter thought about Ethel's home, but a criminal would be unfair for her to take in. To peters amazement the man crouched down and sobbed. "I am getting the Pastor," Said Peter. He went to the office and the man stayed crouched down. "James there is a man that has the cops after him in the entrance of the hall way. I could not help him much." "Oh Peter, that's alright, I will come and talk to him."

As the Pastor came towards the man he looked up with eyes puffed up and could hardly talk. Peter heard James say that if the man gave himself up to the cops it is the first step to healing. He had to face his crime. Peter heard no more as the Pastor took him into his office. Not long after, the police came and picked up the man. Peter thought how could he have been helped then? After a while Pastor James came out, and said, "Peter that man has to go to prison, I thought that you and I could visit him while he is in there." Peter looked shocked and dumbfounded. "Peter, the man can only get well by facing his crime, paying the penalty. And be supported so that he alters his way of thinking." "James what can I do if I go to the prison?" Pastor James said, "You being there is a big start, I will be with you, and over the time we can both encourage him to come to the right path." Peter said, "Right, I will do that."

Peter now thought that his life was changing greatly. To be worthwhile to be in company of a Pastor to a criminal. His thoughts were running as he gave it reason that this "Lord" Business must have something in it for a Pastor to waste his time on a criminal. Then he stopped and realized the help he had been given. Peter thought he was never a criminal. But * bang* he suddenly realized that he was a criminal in doing drugs, the only difference was he was not caught.

Now life was taking on another strong learning curve for Peter. He came back to Ethel's and was quiet she noticed. "Peter are you alright?" said Ethel. "Well yep! I am, it's just this day has brought me more to think about." Ethel offered to listen to him. They sat down at dinner and he spoke about the day's events. "Peter my dear young man," Said Ethel, "Do you see what is happening here?" Just at that time Martha knocked on the door. As Martha came in Ethel told her about Peter having a day of events. The two ladies listened to Peter. Martha beamed. She then said, "Peter you are being given a road to travel here, it is to learn how to reach out to others without judging their crimes, this will make you very mature in learning Peter." At this Peter said he would retire to his room as he felt it could be a great chance to be of help. Now Peter was about to go onto another path of learning.

Chapter Five

Peter was resting in his room thinking about the days events very much. He decided to go downstairs to get a drink of water. On coming into the kitchen he heard Martha say, "I was in a second hand shop this morning and a lady I sometimes see there takes in children that are disadvantaged. She came and said hello, and then told me that a young teenage boy was staying with her. She found him very unfeeling. She said that there is a "God," And his remark was this." "There is no God, it is a myth and untrue." Martha sighed and said, "I felt great pain listening to that as it was insulting "The holy father." I drew in my breath in shock to hear that a child thinks nothing is at all worth believing." Ethel said, "It makes me believe that today's generation have no concept of the truth." Martha said, "It scared me quite a bit because it is as the "Bible" Says, a following of the darkness. I could have cried for this teenager that believes no "God" Exists. It shows the lack of intelligence. Then they believe in the occult things like sci-fi and existing measures very rampant today. None of these kids are happy."

Ethel said, "I know that life can give hard tests to overcome, it is easy to lose faith in grief, it is easier for the young to believe the non truths. Not one thing in darkness ever comes to good, it destroys and that is what it is about destruction." They heard Peter in the kitchen and he came into the lounge and said, "There has to be something higher then us in this world, I have searched for the answer for a long time without any answers coming to me. I am thinking that answers sometimes comes in ways very unexpected." Martha said, "Yes Peter it is often mysterious yet always the truth. I also today over heard two women talking about occult things which they follow, in fact I was not intending to hear them they were just close to me talking so I could not help but hear them. Peter do you know about occult things at all?" Peter said, "I do not know but some of the guys on drugs reckoned they had weird things happening to them like they saw things I never saw." Martha said, "That's good that you never got into that that far."

Peter said, "I think I was fortunate to have Ma come into my life, it has made me think deeper about spiritual health." Ethel clapped her hands in joy and said, "Peter it's time you had some fun and do what your age does. I have nothing against you meeting nice people and going out with them." Peter said, "And I will do that, it's just that now I have to adjust to a new way in life, it seems very important to find the truth." with that Peter left the room and went to bed. Martha and her beaming was back in scene. "I think this man is going to get the blessed light within. He has to do this in his own time Ethel." "Yes," Said Ethel I feel the same way." Martha was happy to think Peter is considering his spiritual life.

The next morning Peter went to the hall and on his way there he saw one of the guys he used to hang out with. They chatted for a while. Peter noticed he was not interested in going to the dive he used to go to and resisted the invite of the other young man.

"Oh come on," said Shane, "Just come for a visit after the hall work." Peter thought that it would not be alright for half an hour. So he said, "I thought the guys were slanging me because they thought I had leaked the drug contact." Shane said, "Nah! They realized you could not have done that. No cops came at all." So it was arranged he would call in for a little while.

At the hall Peter thought Ma would not be too happy about him visiting the old gang. His thoughts were racing because he did not want to upset Ma. Then he thought I am not going to do anything so it should be alright with Ma.

Pastor James came out of his office greeting Peter. "Ah! Peter I was going to ask you if you would come to the hall tomorrow? I know its your day off." Peter said, "Sure I will." Pastor James said, "We have a large stock of books to parcel up for children for Christmas. It is for the disadvantaged children. Their parents will get a Christmas hamper to help them over the seasonal time. Its sad to think so many are having a hard time. Being it's getting close to Christmas I hoped you would fill in another day for me?" Peter agreed.

Peter met Shane at the station road. Shane said, "The guys want to know how you are going and what you're doing these days. Peter said, "Oh! I will tell you when we get under the bridge." As he came nearer to the bridge he felt a cold and negative feeling wash over him. The other guys were waiting. "Hey dude never thought we would see you again." Peter said, "You never wanted me back here remember?" "Awe yep! We just thought you might have leaked."

They sat there talking and the gang asked Peter to say how his life was now? Peter said, "A lady took me in I call her Ma! She has given me a lot to think about and I am thinking of trying to understand views on this God." "What?" Said the leader of the gang are you kidding us?" Peter said, "No I am not." Peter had brought a can of coke with him and he was about to drink it when one of the guys said, "Hey dude come over here and see my last lot of theft I did, got some good stuff." So off Peter went thinking he really was not interested.

When Peter got back he took his coke and said, "There is more to life than living like this." The gang leader named Gruff as a nickname said, "Yeah like what? All this you told us so far is rubbish. Who wants to live like that?" Peter just drank his drink. Not long after he was drugged. They had spiked it. This caused Peter to be out of the world for that night and the following day.

Ethel called the Pastor to see if he knew where Peter was? Pastor James said, "No, as far as I know he was coming home to you." Ethel said, "There is no sign of him I am very concerned." Martha also was called and she too, was concerned. " Perhaps he has just gone out for the evening Ethel." Ethel thought, that's possible.

Meanwhile back at the bridge the guys took Peter's money out of his pocket. One of them said, "Lets do him a bit more. We can get rid of that God talk he was going on about." One young man used injections to drug himself and said, "This is gonna cost me, so I want the money." The others agreed, to them it was fun. Peter was drugged further.

The next day Peter was groggy and not able to think properly. He wondered if he dreamt he was at Ethel's and woke up where he once belonged. He was so disorientated that he could not get his mind straight.

Chapter Six

Peter stood at the entrance of the bridge and the others were laughing at him. He said, "What has happened to me?" Gruff said, "Yep! Dude so you think you're clean huh? So what God helped you to stop us giving you the deal?" Peter shook his head and said, "I am mixed up right now, why did you drug me?" Gruff said, "To show you that there is no such thing as clean, man."

As the hours went by, Peter began to get his senses back a little. He was offered another spin out and he said, "You did it without me knowing. I do not even know how long I have been here?" Then Peter said, "I think I will leave here now and get a train back to where I am sure I was living." They jested him and insulted him. So he walked away to the station. On arriving there he went to pay for his ticket and found not one cent in his pocket. He knew they stole his money now. He told the station master he had lost his fare. So the ticket was not given to him. Peter walked along the road twenty kilometers from Ethel's home. After several kilometers he was tired. He sat down on a bank by the side of the road. He was now able to think. He knew he would have to explain what happened best as he could. He then became nervous and thought he may stay away rather then explain. After all Ma had done for him he would be in her bad books and not wanted.

A car was slowing down near where he was sitting. The driver said, "Can I help you, you look ill?" Peter said, "I have to go a longer way." The driver said, "Look I have to be at my home for a visitor, you can come to my home until that is done, then I will take you to your destination."

Peter fell into the car exhausted. The man took him to his home and gave him a cup of coffee and a piece of cake. Peter was getting some strength now. A loud knock on the door came. "Ah, that is my visitor, said the man." Peter just sat there. Next thing he knew, in came Pastor James with a church member. Peter nearly jumped out of his skin. "James!" He said. "Peter!" Pastor James said. "What are you doing here so far from home? Did you know that Ethel has gone crazy with worry about you?" The man who owned the home said, "What? You know each other?" "Yes we do, Peter has been missing for two days and we were all very concerned to his whereabouts." The man said he picked him up on the side of the road as he looked ill. Pastor James said, "Praise the Lord. I will take him back to his home myself after we have arranged the funds. Is that fine with you Mr. Finny?" "Oh yes," Said Mr. Finny.

Mr. Finny was very well off, he gave funds to the church every Christmas for the disadvantaged people. Peter listened as they spoke about the fund raising. While there, Peter could get his bearings. He then said at the end of the agreement of funds, "James I was going to see some of the old gang and whilst there I was --- Oh! This is hard, they spiked my coke as they admitted it, and then injected me, then took all my money." Peter hung his head. Pastor James said, "Peter things do happen, and this is not against you, just remember that the old path you were on is not the path "Our dear Lord" Set before you. I know that Ethel will be fine about this when I have spoken to her." They left and traveled back.

Pastor James knocked on Ethel's door and as she opened it she saw Peter. "Peter, Peter what has become of you?" Pastor James said, "I will tell you Ethel, Peter is very tired and has been through an ordeal not quite his own doing. Well he may have instigated it by going where he did but he certainly did not instigate the insults he got." They went inside and Peter just slumped into a chair. As Ethel heard what happened her forgiveness was there to Peter. She said, "Peter, when a path has been trodden that has been in darkness, it's wise to remain off that path, or to be tempted to go there again. All too often the old hurts return. Somehow or other things have a way of temptations within the dark forces. When you are ready to understand the truth it will be explained to you."

Pastor Peter and his church member left Ethel's and Peter went to have a bath and was ready for bed. Pastor Peter said he could take the next day off, to regain himself. And that he may like to make up for it by doing an extra day as things were hectic now in the hall.

Ethel went to give Peter his night cap and said, "Peter, it's alright, we can learn from this okay?" "Yes," Said Peter, glad to be clean and back in Ma's place.

The next morning Peter said, "Ma! I would like to go to the hall today rather then take a day off." Ethel said, "I will call Pastor James and tell him, I think in a way he will be pleased. He has so much going on at this time of year he will need all helping hands."
Peter went to the hall and Pastor James said, "Peter today I was going to the prison to see that man that was here last week. Be a good idea if you came too." Peter said, "I sure will, thank you James."

The drive there was a long one. The prison looked grey and had large walls around it. Peter shuddered at the sight of it. Pastor James showed his card and they were allowed in. They waited in a cold looking room and then were escorted to a very tight security part of the prison. There in the corner was the man Peter saw crying in the hall. The man looked at them and said, "Thanks for coming to see me." Pastor James said, "Great to see you too, how are you managing in here?" Your name is Jeff, so can I call you that?" "Yes," Said Jeff, "That's fine."

Jeff had a lot of time to think as his prison sentence meant solitary for some time before he is with other inmates. He had a record of bad temper and likely to harm another. Pastor James said, "Can I pray for you at all Jeff?" Jeff looked at him as if the Pastor was mad! He said, "What will prayers do now?" Pastor James said, "You're in solitary, right? So it's a place your feeling alone. I know you're not alone. There is one great savior knocking at your door. By you speaking to this savior it will give you a purpose." Jeff said, "A savior that I cannot see? It's a bit weird. But go ahead and tell me." Pastor James said, "Jeff I have a "Bible" Here with me, an extra one, it will give you something to read, and I have a book on explaining passages I have ticked for you to read, this will give you time to look deep within yourself. I am not judging you for your crimes, I do not have that right. I am here as a part of "Jesus Christ's" Family. So that means you're in the family too. Many sins --- " "What sins? What are you talking of? I have committed crimes, that is legal for me to be punished!" Jeff said as he had butted in. Pastor James continued, "Sins are crimes to crimes are sin, all and one. There is not one person on this earth that is at all clean of sin, we all have sinned. Some of us do major as you have in crimes that harm another person. Some of us harm another person in other ways. Mentally emotionally, the list goes on. In many ways when sins are done it's often that the person who sins is in the greater need for understanding and had emotional pain. Much stems from childhood. It can be that something happens later in life and that can give a person the way to the dark thinking."

Jeff sat there scratching his head, and he said, "Yeah, well you're making sense I guess. Go on, I am listening." "Well," Pastor James said, "Did you know darkness meets darkness?" Jeff looked at the Pastor and said, "Just carry on talking." There is light Jeff, and there is dark. The two have to be. The two also means choices in ones mind. The darkness was originated in the first book of the "Bible" The light was given when "God" Wanted his people to be as he intended. You will know about "Jesus?" Jeff said, "Huh! Yeah, so what?" Pastor James said, "Jeff you can hear of "Jesus" And still not know him. He knows you. You can think that this so called "Jesus" Is just a name. He is in fact a direct link to your freedom. He was sent from heaven to put the truth into the world that was supposed to be a heaven on earth. He suffered from every human being upon the earth. You can know more about him. As I said he knows you. Once you have come to that realization many doors open many things pass away and new things begin. I think that is as far as I will go this time. We can come to see you in a fortnight just after Christmas. How do you feel about that?" Jeff said, "I think I would like you both to come but the young man has said nothing to me at all!" Peter smiled and said, "Hey you, I am learning too! We can help each other." Pastor James was so glad at that remark because it meant that Jeff was a part in anther's life too, Peter's. Then Pastor James said, "Never can one throw a stone at another before looking within one's self. We learn from each other. I have given some small money into the office for you, I know you like to smoke cigarettes. I am not condoning it, I am understanding it being a crutch for now. So it's only given to you when you are allowed outside for fresh air. They will not let you have them in here. Pretty strict in here I take it. Jeff can I now pray for you?" Jeff said, "What? You still want to pray for me is that why you gave the money for a packet of cigarettes, to get me over to your thinking?" Jeff was annoyed. He was also very angry inside. It was all a torment to him in the prison. Pastor James said, "Jeff I will not pray if you think I am coercing you through a gift. I will pray if you wish it to help you in your mind right now." Jeff said, "Nah! Not now. I have too much to think about what you have said. Maybe next time. Give me the books that I am to read and I will at least have that to kill time." Peter said, "Jeff I know that it's worth thinking about. I have had a rough time and cannot tell you about it while you're in your pain. When you want to listen I can tell you some." They left and Peter said, "My, that is a horrid place to be in, I was fortunate not to have been put into a place like that. I guess I would have been, in time, on drug abuse to myself. I may have got so desperate for the drugs that I may have become a real bad criminal, I see what you meant darkness meets darkness."

Pastor James said, "Peter with all things it takes time, not being a pious person myself I meet others where they are and not judge. The more a person is judged the further away they get from the light. One soft word does much to help another heal. But if one gets egotistic in this work then much damage can be done. One fit of anger takes enough energy to destroy a persons health, for one day. Then a soft kind word of care that heals as it's spoken, even if the result of that word is not showing in who it's given to at the time. Now Peter, how about some burgers for us both on me!" Peter smiled and thought, this guy is something else. Just at that thought Peter had, Pastor James said, "God" Forgives through "Jesus Christ," The only way there is for all. Forgiveness is a gift and it is a must. It is not easy sometimes for some who have a raw deal in life, they get mixed up and the rejection they have had can and does injure them badly. Forgiveness is to be done on all levels. I only say that nobody should keep company with the occult thinking people because it will snare them as well. It is wise to remain away from them altogether. Pray for them but then let it be. Come on lets go and eat Peter."

Chapter Seven

Peter enjoyed the burgers with Pastor James. They talked of the bikers that do a lot of great work in the community. Peter said, "Do they come to your church James?" Pastor James said, "No they attend in other areas. They go from place to place helping other churches with any function that is going. It is good to have them because they give to others in their way." Peter said, "If they came to your church would they dress as I saw them?" Pastor James laughed, "Sure they would be dressed as you saw them. Peter it's not about dress, it's about the heart." Then Pastor James took Peter back to Ethel's. Peter was very tired. The more he tried to sleep the more he could not. His was sad to think he was betrayed by the old gang. To also do that and it could have caused Ethel to say she never wanted him back again. Phew! Thought Peter, funny how I was picked up by that Mr. Finny and then James and a lady came to that man's home. What was the ladies name? Peter thought. Oh yes, it was Mrs. Stanly. Peter then fell asleep.

"Peter! Peter! Sorry to come in your room, Pastor James was on the phone, he wants to know if you would go to the hall?" "Why?" Said Peter who was just not quite awake. "It's Saturday and he never has me there on a Saturday." "I only know he asked if you would come in today?" Peter got up and had a wash. As he put on his cloths he thought something must be happening for me to be called in today.

He called Pastor James and said, "I can come, can you tell me why you want me in today?" Pastor James said, "I will when you get here, thank you for coming." As Peter got near to the hall he saw the bikers there. This sort of cheered him up. Being they were nearer to his age. Vivi came towards Peter and said, "Hey! We are having a place to go to, and it is talking about Christianity, we need some extra help because after that there is a jumble sale for funds, so we need extra hands, is that okay with you?" Peter said, "Uh! Yep I suppose it is." Pastor James came up and said, "Peter, I thought it was high time you were with your own age, especially after that meeting of your old gang. So just enjoy the day."

Peter had a ride on the harley again, they seemed to go a long way, stopping at a food bar for a coffee. Peter said, "Duke what is this talking about before the help of the jumble sale?" Duke said, "Well it's worth listening to, its about the king!" "King?" Peter said, "What king?" Duke said, "Jesus Christ." "Oh," Said Peter, "Well then I will have to listen to it I suppose." "Yep!" Said duke. They continued to the run to the place. The building was an old hall. Peter got off the bike and waited for duke. Vivi was looking at Peter and then said, "I am glad you came." Peter just nodded. They went inside the hall and duke asked Peter to help put the chairs all in rows. Not long after, all these children arrived with their parents.

When all were seated a Pastor came onto the stage part of the hall. He said, "We Hope you enjoy the nativity play these little children are going to do for the love of "Jesus Christ."

Music began and little children were singing "Once in royal David's city." The curtains drew back and there was a stable. As the children played the parts Peter had a surprise to see. "The angel of the Lord" descended from the ceiling, although not too high up. It made him smile. The whole play was done so well that it caught Peter to listen and take it in. He wanted to see how "The angel of the Lord" Came down with a child acting the part? Duke took him back stage, and there was a secure box that had a dress effect of what the child was wearing to cover the box holding the child in. It was very secure.

Peter then knew how "Jesus Christ" Was born. He was taken by the effects of the lights around the manger. Vivi said, "How did you like that play?" Peter said, "I was told it was a talk rather then a play." Vivi said, "They did talk. Children can really put the truth out well." Peter then said, "This truth, how can I learn about it? I must admit I am not to keen on something I cannot see and to believe." Vivi said, "Once I did not see at all, today I see it clearly, it's not quite with your eyes, more with your spiritual eyes." "Huh! Now you have lost me Vivi, eyes are eyes." Vivi said, "Once you ask to learn then you will see." Peter just thought, how do I learn?

They all got together getting the jumble sale ready for the later afternoon. Many tables to put up, and many items of all variations. Peter then heard duke say, "Peter how about you take that table and sell things to people?" "Peter said, "What prices do I ask?" Duke said, "Use you own mind, not too high as it is second hand, and not too low. So now Peter felt quite important. Vivi offered to come on the same table as he was on. Peter said, "Cool."

The afternoon was busy and Peter enjoyed it. At a quiet spot Peter said, "I really do not know about this "Jesus Christ," None of my past family were into that at all." Vivi said, "Do you want to learn about him? Because he does know you." Peter said, "How can he know me, I cannot see him." Vivi said, "Jesus can see you." Peter thought, how? Then Vivi said, "There is a Bible class in Pastor James' church are you willing to go to that." "Suppose" Said Peter. "Well he holds it on a Tuesday evening at seven thirty." "I will think about it." Said Peter.

Duke came along with some of the group and said, "Peter we are all going to have this evening out doing stuff, you would have to come because I have to drive you back home." Peter agreed to go. As the hall was finishing the raising of funds Peter helped tidy the whole place up.

Off they went to a place that was full of young people. Peter said, "This looks like a party." "Yep!" Said duke. "It's a Christian party." there was dancing and so much food that Peter had a good fill. Then a young lady came along to him and said, "I have not seen you here before." Peter explained that he was new and did not know there was a party involved. "Uh huh! So duke would have wanted you to meet us a lot here." She asked him to dance. He said, "I cannot dance, well I have not danced." "Oh come on I will show you." Vivi was talking to others and looked pleased to see Peter go and try to dance. Peter got the hang of it just!!!!!!! And he laughed. He was happy to be with his own age group.

After a few hours the party was ending and duke said, "Hey man! We better get you back home." Peter said, "I want to know about this "Jesus" Guy. Duke stopped dead in his tracks and said, "Great! It's simple to know him. Bible study will show you the wish "The heavenly father" Has for all his children, us!" Peter arrived home and said he will see duke again later. Duke said, "Betya will!"

Ethel was still up and Peter walked into the lounge area saying, "Ma! I think I will go to this Bible study next Tuesday." Ethel said, "Peter that is good news, and you will receive good news by doing that. Your life will alter." Peter not knowing what she meant just said, "Well goodnight, are we still going on this picnic with Martha tomorrow?" "Yes," Said Ethel. "She has her son and daughter in law coming as well. We are going by the sea." "What?" Said Peter, "It's cold in December, it might be too cold." Ethel smiled and said, "No Peter there is a covering there. We will not be cold. The scene there is magnificent and Martha thought you could see "God's" Creation in the scene."

Peter retired to his bedroom thinking how much has changed already in his life. He took a thought to the old gang and was sad that they drugged him and took his money, he took it that that kind of life is deceit and theft, and could only get worse for the doing of it. That must mean darkness leads to darkness. Christmas day was in a weeks time. He then decided to go to the church meeting to listen to Pastor James. In his thought he realized that he would never have thought about going to church, it's for the losers according to the old gang.

Chapter Eight

Peter was restless through the night so he got up early. He heard Ethel go to the bathroom and then made her coffee. They talked about the Christmas nativity that Peter had seen. "Ma! I have got only one way to go it seems." "Oh yes, what's that Peter?" Peter said, "Is there a future in learning about this Christianity?" Ethel said, "Well Peter there is eternity with it." "Eternity? What do you mean, we live, we die and that's that." Said Peter. "No Peter there are two ways for eternity, one is the pathway that is narrow and straight to the heavenly kingdom, which resides in you right now. Or there is the abyss. Oh! Nobody in their right mind would live their life to fill the flesh only and end up there." "What abyss is that?" "It's hell, Peter," Said Ethel. "Hell, is that for real?" Said Peter. "Yes Peter, it's for real." Ethel did not want to over tax Peter and said, "Without the blessed light within, as Martha puts it, none of us will go to the kingdom, it can only be given by going through "Jesus Christ." "Right," Said Peter. He went out into the garden to get some wood for the fire and thought, by gees! If this is all true then I should take it more seriously. I wonder what hell is.

Martha called to pick Peter and Ethel up with her family in the four wheel drive as well. Max gave Peter a welcomed handshake. Jane was in the vehicle and said, "Hi Peter, so nice to meet you at last."

They took off to the sea side where it was to be a great place. Peter just thought it's too cold to be sitting on the grass for a picnic, but said nothing. Max said, "Peter tell me something about you? I know you do a few days in the hall." Peter said, "I did not really do a lot before I came to Ma, it's a time I was not in any home for a year. I was taken on the drug scene." Max looked surprised. Martha had not given any details of Peter out. She felt it not her place to. To Martha any privacy belongs to the individual and not to be gossip. Max said, "Well now you're on the right path I guess."

They came to the sea and the view was amazing. There was a large b.b.q. Area under cover. Quite a few people were there. Peter helped with the food and said, "So we are having a picnic b.b.q.?" "Yes," Said Martha. "You will be very warm in here." As the day went on, Peter said, "I would like to walk on the jetty that you cannot see from here, I noticed it when we walked in here. There are some children there fishing in this cold weather, brrr!"

When Peter arrived at the jetty he heard a couple arguing, quite angered with each other. The mother of the two children said, "You can get on with it, we always disagree. "The father of the children said, "Oh get lost you!" The next thing Peter saw was the father swinging the large fishing tackle box and hitting one of his children. The child lost balance and slipped between the bars into the sea!" Peter rushed towards the scene. The father panicked as he could not swim. Peter just jumped into the sea and said, "God help me!" The swell was high and the child was losing air. Peter managed to get to the child, and all his force to swim back to the jetty was not easy at all! The child was drifting into failing to breathe. Peter shouted between each stroke of his power to get her back to the jetty, "Jesus Christ, if you're real, then help me." As he said that the swell eased just a little, and Peter could get her nearer to the jetty, but not onto it.

The father was in a state. The mother had walked off and did not know what was happening. She could swim. The father threw a rope into the water just enough for Peter to haul himself in as he held onto the child. All Peter could say now was, "Jesus Christ." At that, the calm came for a very short spell. He got the child up onto the jetty. The father had called on his mobile to his wife, who ignored the call and the rest of the calls he tried to make. Then he texted her, which she read. So she was fast coming back to the jetty. She called the sea patrol, which she said her husband should have done straight away, still angry with him.

Peter looked at the child and wanted her to regain her air. The father was holding his daughter crying. The patrol came just at that moment. They opened up her airways, and Peter saw her cough a lot. As they covered her to get her warm again the mother came rushing towards them. Peter fell to his knees to see the child stay alive. He then got up and said to the couple who argued, "Look at your child here, and your other child, who has also seen a devastating scene in his young life. I really think it could have been avoided if you both kept control on your problems. Sorry, but please try to mend whatever is wrong between you both. The child could have drowned all through an outburst of anger." then Peter just smiled a little and said, "I was here at least, and so glad that I could help save her." Then Peter paused, then said quietly, "I think this "Jesus Christ!" Who I do not know much about, who did this saving of your child."

Then the parents of the children asked Peter to give them his address as they could not do anything at the present stage. The mother keyed it into her mobile along with Ethel's phone number. They were very grateful to Peter.

Peter walked back to the covering where many other people were, soaking wet and extremely cold, shivering a lot. Max saw him first and said, "Hey! You did not go for a swim surely." Then others looked at Peter. None of them saw what had happened. Peter said, "No." Then he explained what had happened.

Martha said, as Ethel was fussing around Peter, "We better go. Peter has to be dry and made warm or he will be ill." Max tried to get Peter to talk a bit more of what happened but Peter was very quiet. Jane asked Peter also, but he answered briefly. He felt as if he was in shock.

They got back to Ethel's and Martha, max and Jane went into the kitchen to make a hot drink. Ethel called the home doctor to call in as soon as he could. Peter got out of his wet clothes, still shaken.

The doctor called in, and after his checking Peter he said, "The young man is fine. He has no physical effects, he does seem to have some mental emotional effects. I asked him to say what was causing him to be so withdrawn? He said that he would tell Ma! What I feel he needs right now is rest and sleep, I have given him medication to sleep as shock is there." He will need no further attention but do listen to him when he is ready to talk.

Chapter Nine

Peter woke up Monday morning. He felt better for the rest. Ethel had checked on him several times in the night. He had a bath and came downstairs. Ethel was in the kitchen. Peter said, "Hi Ma! Bit of drama yesterday huh?" Ethel said, "Nobody knew anything about it until you came back soaked. Tell me about it if you wish to Peter."

Peter sat down, and looked nervous, he said how it happened with the parents having a domestic argument, how the child got in the way of the father swinging the tackle box which was a large one. How he went into the sea as the father could not swim. Then he bowed his head. He said, "The swell was very high, the child I could hardly see at first, so I said, God help me. The swell stayed high, and in my desperation I shouted "Jesus Christ help me!" The swell eased, not a lot just enough to get me to hold the child more firmly. Getting back to the jetty was hard as I got near, the swell took me back, and the child was drifting without air. Then I shouted once more, just "Jesus Christ," And the short calm came at which I could grab the rope the father threw in. We got her back and the patrol was called to give her medical help and open her airways. But what got me most was that she could have died. As I called this "Jesus Christ" And the short calm came I felt as if a --- not sure how to put it, some sort of power smoothed the way to get back on the jetty. It was weird to me. Oh Ma! I dunno because I have never called for help like that before. I really felt a presence, I am confused and want to know what was going on there."

Ethel said, "Oh Peter, Peter! I told you that "Jesus" Knows you. He heard you. He saw all. He came to help you. Only one call to him is all it takes. He is there. That call can help you to see how he came to ease the swell for a short calm, not only to save the child's life but yours as well, in a different way." Then Ethel said, "Now you can see for yourself how much he wants you and loves you. It's up to you now, you can learn about him, and you can grow with him as your leader in all your future life." Peter said, "Um, mm, guess so, because that was not only weird but awesome?"

Ethel suggested that Peter take the day off as he usually goes to the hall on Mondays. Peter said, "Yes, but I want to go to the Bible class Tuesday evening." Ethel agreed and called Pastor James, and told him the whole story, including Peter's call to "The Lord." Pastor James was highly interested in this, and said, "I think that was a way for Peter to be given the path's gate to open."

Tuesday evening Peter went to the hall, where the Bible class was held. He found many ages there. He was welcomed and sat with young people he never knew. They were so friendly and so helpful. The lesson this evening was on the time "Jesus Christ" Was in the boat asleep when the sea gave up high waves enough to drown the men with "Jesus." Peter thought, this is odd that this lesson is on that, right at this moment, after his experience. He heard and read how "Jesus" Said, "Oh ye of little faith" When he calmed the sea. Peter was now getting a hunger for more knowledge on all this stuff as he calls it. After the lesson, Pastor James said, "Peter is new here, he has a testimony that if he agrees, he can tell you about, on the very lesson we shared this evening. Peter has had one very strong truth shown him." Peter sat there uncomfortable. Then he said, "Yes I do have a truth about a situation that recently happened to me involving a child." Peter spoke all about the experience he had, and how it really shook him. How he called for this "Jesus" who he said he knows very little about.

One young man said, "My name is David, hi Peter, you were given a gift that very time it seemed not a gift. What a Grace to have that happen to you. Look how you were prepared to save that child with a cost of your own life! Did you know that "Jesus" Saves all his children that call on him? One call is all it takes." "Yep! Ma said that too." The others gave their appreciation to hear this. Peter felt encouraged. David then called Peter outside the hall before he was going to his home. "Peter would you like to hang out with me, you can meet some of my friends. Get some time out to do some fun things." "Sure, be great," Said Peter

When he got back home, he found the house all alight! What on earth has Ma done? Thought Peter. He saw twinkling lights around the outside of the house. As he went inside he saw all the Christmas decorations up, so bright. A big Christmas tree. He was amazed! Ethel laughed and said, "I have not done this since my son passed away. So Martha, max and Jane took advantage while you were out, and were so busy for three hours. See Peter we wanted to get it all done for you to see." Peter said, "Ma that is so lovely, I um, yeah, well, have not had anything like this, gees what can I say?" Ethel said, "Nothing. You need say nothing. It is because the greatest birthday of the year is to be celebrated, and all the decorations are for this birthday. "Jesus Christ's." "Yeah," Said Peter. They had a cup of hot chocolate and retired to their bedrooms.

Peter had thought about how he could work in this field of thought? It crossed his mind that he could somehow be in service of a job that gained him a full wage. He looked at his Bible and took a look at the book of Luke. A doctor he understood. His appetite was whetting. He looked out into the night sky and thought there is a universe, what was it all about?

Wednesday morning he was about to leave to get something for Ethel for Christmas when a call came through. It was the parents of the child who is now getting better. They gave him great gratitude for his ability to help save their child. The father got on the phone after the mother spoke, and he said, "You, young man made me realize that domestics are a waste of time. It's better to see the root of the trouble and resolve it in a loving way. You doing what you did, showed me how important things really are. We will divorce because we do not get on and it harms the children. Something has come that has taken my wife away from me. We cannot say what that is, but we can accept the marriage is over. What we have decided to do is keep the children in a happier home with one parent instead of two that anger all the time. You see what you said to us did make sense. I wanted to get the marriage going again, but my wife does not. I Hope you do not mind me telling you all this. You would be welcomed to visit the children any time you feel like it. Thank you for all you did to save our child." Peter said, "Well I do not know much about marriage. Just my parents were at logger heads all the time too! Puts me off marriage. See my Dad wanted all of us kids to be regimental to his demands in us. I left because I wanted freedom. I am thinking that sometimes freedom can and does mean a new way of life. Peace is important for all children. I lived in that atmosphere of cracking walls, I was the only one that left home. I had to. So one way or another your kids would be more at peace without the cracking walls as I call it. I think you will be active in their lives?" "Yes," Said the father, "That is one thing that will continue." "Great," Said Peter, "Thank you for the call, and I will come and see them after Christmas, what is the number for me to call on?" Peter put the number in the phone book, and the call ended there.

Peter went to the hall. His jobs today were to be done. He knew the Christmas nativity in Pastor James' church was held three days before Christmas day. He had the stage to prepare, get the seat ready for father Christmas, as after the nativity play he was there to meet the children. Peter felt like he belonged. Then he thought, what am I saying to myself? I belong, um yep! Guess so. This was going to be a great Christmas for Peter. One with meaning.

Chapter Ten

Peter was just finishing the preparation for the nativity play to be held. As he went to see Pastor James in his office there was a man standing by the hall door. Peter said, "Yes, can I help you?" The man said, "I was in the Bible class but never spoke to you. I was impressed with your experience with saving the child. I kind of have been to the Bible class, but I became uninterested after a few weeks of it. David told me you would be at this hall today, so I kinda wanted to meet you." "Sure," Said Peter, how can I help you?" The man said, "I am Tony, and I got to think that you were definitely in the path "The Lord" Wanted you to be in that day. My mother asked, would you be interested in coming to dinner tomorrow night?" "Why?" Said Peter. "Well I told her about your miracle, and that it had me thinking that I had lost interest, after listening to you, I realized it was me who took a backslide, and not "The Lord." Peter said, "Oh! Well, yes I will come. I will tell Ma when I get home." Tony said, "I do not mix much with people since my Dad passed away. I miss him so much. So I sorta got angry with "The Lord" For taking him." Peter said, "Grief is inside you. It can come in such a way that you do not accept this with your Dad going. I also know that you can heal." Tony said, "Why, have you lost someone to know this?" Peter said, "I know of someone who lost their son and had denial as you feel you have at present. I lost my living family by them not taking me as I am. My father wanted me to be a success like him. I am not him, he demanded me to study into law that I had no interest in. So I left home. The rest I will not tell you, perhaps when I know you better."

They shook hands and Peter was about to go home when Martha drove into the parking lot of the hall. "Hey Peter!" Martha called. "I will take you back to Ethel's because I have some papers to collect here and can do that on the way back." Peter was glad in a way as he was tired from so much work he did.

On the way back he told Martha about Tony. She said, "I am not surprised because you are going onto a new path in life, be certain that God works in mysterious ways. "The Heavenly Father," Through, "Jesus Christ" will wish to use you, not in a way that is bad at all, it is to be of service to his work." Peter said, "What! Are you sure? Why me? I do not know anything about all this Christianity, I am just learning." Martha beamed. Then said, "Hmm the blessed light within." "The what?" Peter said. Martha then said, "When the blessed light within is active much alters, you are then led to where alterations in your life will begin and go on."

Peter sat in the car thinking now. Martha put on a c.d. Which surprised Peter. It was a music of his kind. He said, "Martha I would never have thought you would like music of the younger generation!" Martha said, "Peter, I am human like you. I too have ordinary things like everyone else, I do not entertain music of darkness, as there is a lot of that, but music and groups of good source, yes I do!" Peter grinned and said, "You know what? I used to think I could pretend to be harry potter because he could do things in magic." Martha frowned and said, "Peter did you know that certain entertainment is sin?" Peter said, "How can entertainment be sin?" Martha said, "Not all entertainment, just many are in movies, music, even children's animated shows." Peter said, "Well that I do not know about, seems I have much to understand."

Going into Ethel's driveway Peter noticed some young guys hanging around the area. He said, "I Hope they are not the old gang." Martha said, "Old gang?" "Yep! Guys that are up to no good, looking for places to steal from." Martha just nodded. Then noticed a small box a couple of houses away from Ethel's. She said, "I am going to look at that box, coming Peter?" "Yeah sure," Peter said. As Peter lifted it he heard a cry. He said, "Martha I think there is an animal in here." Martha looked inside, a tiny kitten was in the box, looking lost and forlorn. "My goodness," said Martha, this kitten has been dumped." So they took the box back to Ethel's. As the kitten came out of the box, it cried and looked scared. Ethel said, "Slipper will want to know who this is." Peter said, "We cannot leave it out there." Ethel said, "No we will keep it, then tomorrow take it to the animal shelter." Peter said, "We need to feed it and keep it warm." The kitten ate hungrily. Peter's heart was melting. He said, "I wonder if the parents of those two children would be interested in this kitten as a gift to the child I tried to save?" Ethel said, "Well you have their phone number, give them a call. Peter called them, the father answered. He said, "I am here now on my own. The children's mother has left the house, to get on with her life, the children are sad. I think it would be a great thing to help them cope with the changes." Peter said, "Pardon me, but surely their mother would have had a hard time leaving them knowing one of them nearly drowned." the father said." "Peter this was on the cards so to speak for a long year now. I could not stop her. I thank you for thinking of us, and yes we will take in the kitten. Can you bring it tomorrow?" Peter said, "I have to go to a dinner tomorrow night, but --- " Martha stepped in and said, "Peter, I will drive you there after the hall work then back here so that you can get ready to go to Tony's home." So Peter said to the father," I do not know your name." The father said, "I am Eric, I will be pleased to see you after your hall work Peter." All arranged.

Peter was about to go to bed when he said, "Ma! Can I take the kitten to bed with me tonight? In the talk on the phone Eric said he wished me to name the kitten. What is it a boy or girl?" Ethel said, "It's a boy Peter." Peter then took the tiny kitten up to bed, looked at it, and said, "Your a lucky little guy, I will call you Milo, how does that sound?" The kitten purred and slept.

Peter got ready for the hall work, and thought how he has a full day today. Ethel took the kitten into her arms and said, "Yes Milo sounds like a good name Peter." Peter left to cycle to the hall. He could not wait to go back home. The kitten was far better than when he was found. He got ready for Martha to pick him and Milo up.

Martha said, "My this little kitten was a treasure to find, it's sad that people just dumped the kitten. Do you think those guys were the ones who dumped it Peter ?" Peter said, "No those guys were hanging around, whoever dumped the kitten would have left it and not stayed near the place it was found."

They arrived in the town the children lived, and Eric was at the gate. He looked quite drawn, as now he had his children to care for on his own. The children came outside all excited, and Peter said, "This is Milo and he is your Christmas present." The children laughed and took off inside to see Milo come out of his little cage. Eric said, "Look at them, they are happier. Peter you have done a wonderful job in my family. Now they have something to help fill the gap." Then Eric said, "Well nothing can replace their mother, she will see them, but it will not be the same for them." Peter sat down and Martha said, "I am going to look at the shops and leave you to talk." Martha left, and Eric said, "Peter, it's good to see you again, and not in the same way as when you saved my child." Peter said, "I do not think I did all the saving, because as the swell got high, it was hard to keep hold, I sorta asked God to help." Peter then hung his head half expecting Eric to laugh at him. Eric did not, he said, "I also asked for God's help, I am not religious, but I am thinking that help came somehow." Peter said, "It did!"

They spent a couple of hours talking. Eric showed Peter his shed. He was doing another car out. So the time went quickly. Martha returned and had a cup of tea, saying, "The children look well Eric, and Milo will help them, it will give them something to care for, and help the loss to some degree of their mother not at home anymore." They said goodbye and left to go home.

Peter said, "My goodness I am sure some higher power has something to do with all this." Martha beamed. Peter then went into the house and told Ethel all about the visit. Ethel said, "Peter is Tony coming to pick you up?" "Yes," Said Peter, "He has a car, lucky guy."

Chapter Eleven

Tony came into the side of Ethel's, he did not park in the drive way. Peter came out and said, "Hey! How ya doing?" Tony said, "Glad to see you, my mother has dinner ready for us, so we can eat first when we get back." Peter said, "That's so nice of her to do that. I am hungry as I have really had a busy day." Peter then told Tony all about the kitten, the children and Eric their father. Tony said, "Man you're involved in a great deal!" Peter said, "Um yeah, not quite by my own doing." Tony looked round at Peter with a ?????? Expression. Peter just smiled.

Tony pulled into a rather small cottage style house. Tony said, "Well here we are." Tony's mother came to the front door looking frustrated. "What's up Mum?" Said Tony. His mother said, "Your Uncle has arrived while you were going to get Peter. As you know he is a strict and staunch Catholic. The evening conversation could be compromised or one sided, oh dear! I did not expect him."

Tony took Peter into the back yard and said, "You know Uncle George is a hard nut, he does not agree with eVangelical or any other church that is not Catholic." Peter then thought for a while and said, "Well he will not alter my mind at all! See Martha has been talking about the Roman Catholic long standing existence. She tells Ethel as I over heard her, that the Catholic belief is man made. It goes back to two thousand years ago when the Romans took over. Not only then but before it was known about." Tony now looked lost. "OK then Peter, before we go in to eat and Uncle George comes to meet you, tell me a bit." Peter said, "Sure, it was pilot that crucified thousands and thousands of Jews. He was in power, and no other king was to be given any recognition, it was a power game, but not a game, as people died for not doing as he felt they should. As we say today, it's his way or the highway. They also have graven images, which is against "God" Tony said, "Man I knew some but not all that. Mostly I got teaching of "Jesus Christ" As for what happened to others at the time I never really got to know." Tony's mother called them in.

The table was laid with festive foods, all very appetizing. Uncle George came into the room looking at Peter with a stern face. Peter thought, interesting. Peter was not put off by his stern face, Peter had hit the hard road while out of home and met sterner people then him. Apart from the fact they were drug dealers. The meal was starting, Uncle George said, "I am George. I meet you for the first time, Peter is your name I take it?" "Yes sir," Peter said. "Tell me Peter, what religion are you in?" Said George. Peter said, "I am not in a religion, I am only just learning about Christianity." George said, "Maybe as long as you know that there is only one true religion." Peter said as if he did not know, " What is that one then?" "Catholic, that is the true one the rest are not how I think it should be." Peter thought for a minute then said, "Well each to their own." George then put his fork down and said, "Each to their own, indeed! That does not answer anything." Peter said, "I believe that each person comes to the time for spiritual health in their own time." "Disagree Peter, too many religions confuse people." Said George. Then George scratched his head and said, "Peter I will get you a meeting with the priest, once you meet him you will be a Catholic." Peter was getting a bit annoyed, but held it in. Tony said, "Uncle George I am eVangelical and we have discussed this many times usually heated, nobody wins." George said, "You're too young, you have not got the wisdom as in years as I have." Peter thought, this man has a high ego.

Throughout the meal Tony's mother was looking nervous, she had had people leave her home for the same reason George is putting here now. Others felt attacked by him. Her thoughts were, will he ever learn? Peter then said, "George I do not want a meeting with the priest, I will make my own decisions as I move forward in time." "Ah well then," Said George, "Purgatory could be your ending." Peter said, "Can we change the subject please?" Tony got up from the table and he just lost it, he said to Uncle George, "I have had a few young men here my age, somehow you always seem to pop in at that time, I am telling you to leave this subject alone." Then Tony stormed out of the room. Peter sat there quite calm, and said to Tony's mother, "I will go and talk to him." Tony's mother said, "Yes alright, and George, this is a meeting for us to get to know Peter, Tony needs a friend that he can trust. Somehow you always go on and on about your Catholic rules. Other young men have left and never taken Tony into their company." Saints preserve us," Said George, "He got up threw his serviette, and walked out the front door. Tony came into the room with Peter and said, "Thank goodness he is gone." Peter said, "Look Tony I do not get put off by that sort of invasion. I am beginning to see why you lost interest in Bible class for a bit." "Yeah" Said Tony, "He cannot be spoken to about my faith. He over takes the whole issue and it caused trouble." Peter said, "Trouble is only caused by lack of understanding and patience to leave each to their own way."

Tony's mother looked at Peter and said, "I think you're going to be good for Tony, lets have our dessert, and some light talking eh?" Peter would you like a beer?" Said Tony's mother. Peter said, "Yes I will have one thank you." They enjoyed the rest of the evening, as Tony could not have a beer because he was driving, he said, "Peter I know you're busy over the Christmas period, can we hang out some time doing some fun stuff?" Peter said, "Sure."

On the way back to Ethel's Tony said, "You stood your ground so well, I need to adopt that because I think what we learn is far more truthful than what I am bombarded with. Uncle George has been the reason I lost some faith you know." Peter said, "Yep! I can see that we will meet again after Christmas at Bible class, and then we can get to know each other better. So do not worry, hey! Can you come to the hall on the twenty-second for the nativity play, I could do with some help in that because there is a lot for just one to do in preparation." Tony smiled and said, "Yeah why not, Mum would not mind." "Good done," Said Peter.

When he went into the house he thought it was not too late to talk to Ma about a few things. Ethel sat down and said, "Peter yes, what is it you're after knowing?" Peter said, "I heard Martha talking to you about two thousand years ago, where I learn the cruel way Jews were killed. How can I learn more quickly?" Ethel said, "Peter I have a movie done by Christians about the life of "Jesus Christ." I think when you watch that, as it's in three series, it tells all about the history that is as important today as then." Peter said, "Why is that important today?" Ethel said, "Jesus" Is the same today as yesterday and forever." Peter said, "I think to know the history explains what is going on now, do you agree Ma?" Ethel said, "Yes Peter. Because of the dark force that was alive then as is today, only far more destroying." Peter was thinking about the dark force now, he said, "The dark force, is that satan?" Ethel said, "Yes Peter, the cruel thing is that satan wants all people to believe he does not exist, that is a deceit and it takes the mind of people. It is a part of teaching to understand that. It's better to learn all things Peter." Peter said, "I know it's getting late and you will want to go to bed, will it concern you if I watch the life of "Jesus Christ" In the three movies you have." Ethel said, "Not at all Peter, it's obvious that it's the right time for you to look at that."

Peter settled down to watch the three series that contained the whole of "Jesus Christ's" Life. The first one of his birth. The way he was already very learned and knowing. How John the baptist was baptizing in water, saying that one was coming that would baptize in fire and John himself was not worthy enough to even undo his sandals. Which gave the first sight of the acted Jesus playing the part of the real "Jesus Christ." "Jesus" Got baptized and then the heavens opened to give the voice of the most high "God." "This is my only begotten son of whom I am well pleased." A dove came down like a spirit form before these words were spoken. Now Peter was so wide awake his interest became sharp, something inside him was quickening. He did not know what that was. He felt it.

He saw and heard the rules of pilot, and the many thousands he killed in such a cruel way to die. He heard the cries of those being staked to the crosses. He also learned that graven images were involved. The first commandment of "The holy father God" Was --- "Thou shall have no other God before me." It showed how idols were being worshiped. How power was in wealth of material gains. How life of the meek was not worth them living.

The scene of the selling in the house of "God" Showed how "Jesus" pushed all things down and said, "This is a house of prayer, it is written, you have made it a den of thieves." Peter stopped the video at that point and he thought, hey that is about right, all things that make trouble is money, who can get the most, how rich in money people, have no heart at all, and make the poor poorer. Wow! Peter thought. Wow! He switched in on to play again.

Peter saw that "Jesus Christ" Was now moving around with people. He healed some on his way. He raised a dead child of twelve. And charged them to say nothing about it. He took his followers on journeys. At one time there was no fish at all, and "Jesus" Said, "Go over to the other side and you will catch." Peter said, "Lord we have worked all night and caught nothing, but if you say so we will go." Then the fish came in abundance. All were happy.

There was a time they were at sea, and the sea gave the big swell, "Jesus" Was asleep, and the men were scared calling him. "Jesus" Got up and and calmed the sea, and they were all so amazed. "Jesus" Said, "Where is your faith?" They looked at him.

Peter thought of the time he was in the sea, the swell was not as high as the movie had, but high enough to cause drowning if it was to be. He thought how he called " He Lord's" Name and there was a very short calm. Enough to get back to the jetty just. He was now getting convinced that there is a definite higher creation than what he thought at one time.

The next part really got Peter. They were all in a boat, and going near another place, there was a man naked running through the area. "Jesus" put his arm out to stop the disciples from coming near the man. As "Jesus" Walked to the man, the man said, "Jesus son of the most high God, what do you want with me? Do not torture me." "Jesus" Said, "What is your name?" Jesus looked at he man in sternness, then the demons inside the man said, "Legion. Do not send us to the abyss, send us into the swine." "Jesus" Then in silence commanded the demons to leave the man, and they went into the pigs. The man had lived in tombs, never washed, was naked, and taken by the demons. The pigs got the demons and then ran away into the sea, where they perished. The man said, "I will follow you, can I come with you?" He was covered by a blanket, and his voice was humble. "Jesus" Said, "Go home and tell all what God has done for you."

Peter thought this must be what is the dark force then? How come nobody can see these things as called demons? Then Peter thought, well maybe it is seen but only by the wise, who know the reactions of what demons do destroying in a person. Now Peter was hooked. He thought. There's so much sense in this. Man where have I been, Peter thought? The drugs! The stealing, the whole way of living out of a proper house. He then played further on.

He saw how "Jesus" Told the disciples that Jerusalem was to be where they were to go. He said, "The son of man will be mocked and persecuted, spat at, he will be killed, there is one betrayer at this table." All the disciples were shocked, and said it cannot be so! All but one Judas, who looked at "Jesus" As he said, "What does it gain a man to have the whole world and lose his own soul?" Simon Peter said, "Lord I will go with you in prison I will die for you." "Jesus" Said, "Peter Peter you will not say you know me thrice before the cock will crow." Peter just looked at "Jesus."

The high people came and commanded why "Jesus" Had the right to say or do what he does. "Jesus" Said, "If I tell you you will not answer me, and if I ask you a question you will not answer me, so I will not tell you how I have this right." They talked so that "Jesus" Could not hear, although "Jesus" Can hear all things that they cannot say how it is. The Matter being they did not want to play into the hands of loss.

Pilot was called, and "Jesus" Was put under him. Pilot could not see why "Jesus" Was to be killed, so he sent him to Herod, who mocked him and then sent him back to pilot. Pilot was taken by the people who shouted that Barabbas was to be free, and away with this man. They shouted and shouted, so pilot agreed, pilot knew he was regarded as the king of the Jews. That was against pilot's self power as king. So he said he could be killed. Peter thought, that old lady was a poor lady before these came to get "Jesus." She gave her last money, and "Jesus" Said, "This poor widow put in more than any of the others, she gave all she had, and was poor, the others only gave what they had to spare." Then he was thrashed against a pillar.

They mocked and spat and Simon Peter had denied knowing "Jesus" Three times when the cock crowed. At which he cried in repentance. They went to crucify "The Lord." The way they threw prices for his garments. The scorn, the violence. That got Peter very much. Then he was on the cross, and forgives them that did that. Two thieves were on crosses, one was to bargain with "Jesus," The other said, "Do you not fear God? This man has done nothing yet he is to die like we are." Then the thief said, "Jesus when you come as king remember me." "Jesus" Said, "You will be in paradise with me today."

Then the hour of death came, and the whole sky darkened, the veil was split in two in the middle. "Jesus" Said, "Into thy hands I commit my spirit." And he died; all were astounded at the way the sky went dark.

Sadness was with all those who followed. Then the day came he was not in the tomb. There were two angels of light saying, "Why look for the dead in the living, do you not remember what he said, that he will arise." they all went back and Simon Peter ran to the tomb and saw no body there at all.

As they talked "Jesus" Came. He said, "Peace be with you, as you see a spirit does not have flesh and bones as I have, touch me, and you will see. The messiah had to die, it had to be so, all man can be saved through knowing me, the only way that there is."

Then "Jesus" Went outside and they followed him as he ascended into heaven, saying, "I will be with you, tell all mankind of what I have told you and shown you, I will be with you until the end of the age." they all fell to their knees and raised their arms as he went up into heaven.

Peter turned off the television and video recorder, he was now convinced that there is a new path and he is already on it. He found himself so humble after watching that. He felt like a child. Well now, he thought, I am going to study all this with a great need. Another avenue was opening for him.

Chapter Twelve

Peter slept that night with several times of waking. He wanted to tell Ma that he really had so much explained in the series of three movies. He wanted to inquire about this dark force because he felt the two have reasons for being there. It seemed to Peter that the dark force has a sly way of invading. Come to that, he thought, how do these demons get inside a person, or oppress them? He never met anyone he knew in the past that lived in tombs, then again that was two thousand years ago. Well do they invade by some form of previous generation that made idols? These unseen forces seemed to Peter that only once they are in a person, they destroy. So OK now lets think, yeah! Suppose that the druggies are oppressed. Or possessed.

Peter carried on thinking about this. He thought that man in prison must have been with some demonic force. But how do they get seen? How does a person stop them? What do they look like? Are they only heard when in a person? Why did "God" Allow this? He thought I will only find out one way, and that is to study the Bible, be with Christians because it seemed to him that is the only safe way.

Ethel came downstairs and Peter said, "Ma, I learned a lot last night watching that series, I also know I must look into far more than just watching the story. Today I am going to ask James what I can do to learn more, I am impatient now." "Good," Said Ethel, "You will have to get Christmas over before you can extend your study, I am very happy that you received the truth from that."

When two days passed, Peter was waiting for Tony to come to the hall. Tony arrived just after Peter had got there. Tony said, "I forgot to ask you if I could drive you to this hall." Peter said, "I cycled so that's OK." They arranged all the seats for the parents and family members of the children. The play began, and Tony and Peter sat down to watch it. Tony whispered, "Gee, these kids are so young, look how they do this, it's great." Peter nodded.

When the nativity play ended, the children were sitting on the floor, and from above the stage curtain, Santa came down in a sleigh. They all cheered. Santa was cheerful giving out small presents. As this was happening, a costumed reindeer came through the door, and said, "Santa you left me in another town, it's taken me ages to find you." Everyone laughed, as it was meant for comedy. The red nose told people it was Rudolf, then Rudolf sat down by Santa waiting for him to leave.

Tony said, "Well there is no Santa really, I think it's just a story." Peter said, "I think it stands for st. Nicolas, I am not too certain, but I heard that."

Santa Claus then took leave of his seat and went back up the way he came down. Applause and cheering made the hall loud with voices.

Tony then took up chairs. Peter took the stage props down. It was all cleared for the rest time over Christmas day and boxing day. Tony said, "I will be glad to see you again Peter after the holidays." Peter said, "Did that George come back at all?" "No," Said Tony. Peter said, "He would put people off church with his biased one eyed idea of what is right." "Yep!" Said Tony. The two young men left the hall, and went back to their homes.

Christmas Eve was a day off. Ethel relaxed, and Peter looked in the Bible, he did not bother Ethel about it just yet. A call came from Eric, wishing them a good Christmas, and would they like to come for the evening. Peter said, "Ma what do you want to do." "Ethel said, "Well he offered to pick us up, and bring us home, why not? We may as well."

The evening was nice because they saw the two children happy. Milo was played with. Eric was needing some support for Christmas day, as this Christmas was the first one without their mother. Ethel said, "You can come to dinner if you like Eric." Eric looked at her is disbelief, and said, "Thank you so much, it would help a great deal." Eric drove them back to their home and it was arranged he came at two o'clock Christmas day.

Christmas day Ethel and Peter went to the church. The sermon Peter listened to, and found the church meeting enjoyable, enough for him to think about going again in the new year. Ethel had a present for Peter, and as he opened it he got a surprise. It was driving lessons. What Ethel did not tell Peter was Eric was a driving instructor. Eric said he would reduce the price for Peter to learn how to drive. Eric also knew where an old car was going to be good for Peter. They both knew that Eric was getting the car for Peter, once he passed the test. It was a present of gratitude from Eric. Eric was financial enough to be able to do this. He wanted to.

Eric arrived and the children ran into Ethel's house. They found toys in Ethel's lounge room. Peter said, "Where did you get the toys Ma?" Ethel said, "I had them in the shed." The dinner was cooking, and the smell of it all was very good! Eric said, "Ethel, you have given me support for this day. My wife and I are divorcing. I am fourteen years older than her, and it became a block between us. I am forty four, she was twenty when we married. We were married for ten years. We had the children and she could not settle. She was not domesticated." Then Eric stopped before he carried on. "She met another man, her own age, and we fell apart." Ethel looked at Eric and said, "That was sad, I am forty myself, so I had my son very young. He died in a accident not long ago." Eric looked sad for Ethel.

"Well let's not get too miserable, and have a happy day," Said Ethel. Peter thought, what if Eric and Ma get on? Would it not be great if they did. Wonder if Ma would take on two kids though? They enjoyed the day and had many a joke between themselves. As Eric was putting the children in the car he said, "Ethel would you be interested in a evening out with me?" Ethel said, "Yes Eric, what did you have in mind?" Eric said, "If Peter looks after the children we can go to a theatre and then have a meal after it." Ethel agreed, and Peter said, "I would look after them, why not go Ma?" Eric said he will call Ethel after Christmas is over with.

Peter thought I Hope they do get on, Ma is on her own, come to that she has never told me what happened to her husband. So Peter said, "Ma what happened to your husband?" Ethel said, "Peter I only told you when my son was killed in the accident and that he went away. He could not handle the loss of him, or his grief. He wanted out. I will divorce him also. "OK," Said Peter.

A week had passed, and Peter was gong to talk to Pastor James. He made a time for this talk. Pastor James said, "Peter you want to talk to me, what about?" Peter said, "Well I want to become a Christian, and need to learn more about it. I had a strange thing happen when I saw the story of "Jesus Christ" I felt like a child and I am going on twenty now!" Pastor James laughed, he said, "Uh huh! A child eh? You know what that means Peter?" "If I did, I would not be talking to you James," Said Peter. Pastor James said, "What is your aim in life Peter?" Peter said, "Well of all things I thought, could I be of service to this "Jesus?" Pastor James said, "Well you can become an elder once you have studied. Maybe one day you may become a Pastor too, Peter." Peter said in joke, "Well I need a full time job." They talked about the scriptures and what it takes to become an elder first. Peter thought about it, and then said, "Would I be good enough James?" Pastor James said, "We are going to the prison next week, that is all part of the way of serving "Christ Jesus." "Yeah I suppose it is James," Said Peter. Pastor James then said, "Becoming a Pastor means a lot of study and fully giving yourself to "The Lord." It will take some time to do that. Peter said, "Tell me about these demonic forces James." Pastor James said, "Peter, every person can be oppressed by them, it is one thing to learn about, and a total other to be of the body of "Christ." These were from the angel Lucifer, who was bright as the sun, and became envious of "God." Lucifer wanted "God's" Place and all mankind to worship him. Lucifer will not gain that at all. He turned against "God" And became a dark force. He cheated Adam and Eve, and so from then, all mankind is under that generational trap. All emotions that are other than love, are from satan. Love heals all things. It does not hurt, it is the life force. Satan destroys mankind and does not care at all. He knows he will be in the abyss, hell.

The times of right now are darkened by satan, many are involved in spirits. There is a deceit that family spirits talk to people on earth after they die. Once a person gets into that, they open the door for demons. The only way to know of this is by how a person is living. It is an abomination to "The Lord." There are idols, witches, wizards like harry potter." "Peter said, "What? Harry potter? Gee whizz I used to pretend I was him." "Yes Peter, it's sad that people even innocently go into that sort of thing. There is a spiritualist movement that people go to. All very dangerous. There is also satanic worship that people go to. There are cards that are satan's tools. There are games that are satan's tools, one way to rid all that, is to get rid of anything that is occult, anything that is false which the occult is. There is no reincarnation, and people want to think there is." Peter said, "What happens to these people that have died when they are into occult?" Pastor James said, "Sadly they go to the abyss, and have no peace.

Peter shuddered at the thought. He then said, "What does the abyss do?" Pastor James said, "There is no peace as I said, there is torture and gnashing of teeth, nobody that dies can come back to earth to talk to people. What is happening is that familiar spirits, tell these mediums things about another's family, they know about some of the family background, so they say enough to convince them that their family is in contact. Then the people get demons destroying, and destroying more and more as time is going by. Till in the end they either commit suicide, or become criminals, or self destruct. What it does is break down all families that are any part of the occult. There is good news though Peter, that is to have "Jesus Christ" As your redeemer, the more you praise him the further satan will flee."

Peter said, "I will be going into knowing "Jesus." I am told he knows me, but I cannot see him. I know by the time of the child in the sea, that he helped me save her, but I felt he saved her, and was just an aid to help that."

Pastor James said, "Peter you are on his path now, otherwise you would not be here. He was the direct link to you getting to be with Ethel. He was the leader, and you followed without knowing it at the time. He also helped Ethel as she returned to her faith. He will do many things to give Ethel another chance in her life. He will also get you to meet those that are beneficial to you. You may have noticed things happening that you would not know why they happened. I think you doing the study of all this is for you. Do not be put off, remember that even I sinned, yet became a Pastor. I can still sin because of the world's unrest. Today there is far more darkness done by technology too! There are television shows illuminating psychic shows, more people are going into the occult by the day."

Peter thought this is really something far bigger then people would realize. Including him. There is a lot of unrest in people. In a world with abundance, there is not one part of it fair. Riches are dominant for rich people who are never satisfied. Poor people get it poorer by them. In other words greed!

Peter then said, "You know James, they cannot take it with them when they die, so it's not at all good. I think the poor and wise are better off then the rich and fools." "Yes Peter, that is it in a nut shell. I will arrange for you to get studies, and you can try to get a job that pays enough to give you a decent wage. Until then you still can be here in the hall, the pay is low, funds do have to be given out in other ways too!" "Yes James, I think a job would do me a lot of good. I can pay Ma more, and pay for any studies that take money."

They ended the meeting with satisfaction on both sides. Peter now had a foot hold on his future. He thought silently that the old gang would sure be surprised at him becoming a Pastor one day. He made his mind up and would go through the passages it takes to do that all. Peter thought, my goodness what a twist in my life that is.

Chapter Thirteen

Christmas festivities were great! Peter enjoyed the involvement of Ma, and the people that seem to have come into his life. It was now nearing the time to visit Jeff in prison. Pastor James said, "Peter we will go this Friday." "Sure." Said Peter.

Meanwhile Ethel was thinking of Eric quite a lot. Peter said I am going to see Jeff this Friday." "Yes, that will be good." Said Ethel. Ethel then remembered that Tony had called and asked if Peter would be free this evening? She told Peter and he said, "Yep! I am free, what did he have in mind?" Ethel said she did not know but would he call Tony. Peter said he would.

When he called Tony he asked what he had in mind for the evening? Tony said, "I just wanted to know what you thought about doing with your life Peter." "Ah, OK we can meet. Where do you want to do that?" Tony said, "Can I come to your house, I feel more comfortable there." Peter said he could. Tony arrived at seven thirty. Ethel said Martha was taking her to a meeting, so they could have the house to themselves.

Tony said, "Peter you did say that you had a life before living with Ma, can I know about it?" Peter looked at Tony and said, "Yeah, it's nothing good though." Tony said he would listen.

Peter told Tony about his family being demanding and giving him no space to be himself. He then had enough and left home. Met up with a gang on the streets, sort of street wise. Within a couple of days they gave him contacts with drugs. His first experience of drugs, gave him a feeling that he was in charge, and could do what he wanted. As time went on the drugs got stronger, and he began to steal. Tony said, "Peter, steal? What did you steal?" Peter said, "Food from supermarkets, the gang showed me how to do it without being caught. Then it was larger items that could be sold to pay for the drugs." Peter described the life as a cat and mouse game. He then got into pretending to be all other people than himself. In the end he was destroying himself, he needed help. Did not know how to get help. The gang was stealing from peoples' homes that they watched, for when they went out. That Peter could not do. So they called him a wimp!

"So there you are Tony, its a rough life out there. I came to Ma's home in a state, and somehow she took me in. Martha was also of great compassion to me." Tony said, "Boy! What a way to be, what did you learn from that?" Peter said, "Tony, I learned that it's a dead end life, no light in the tunnel, no way to get out, clothes worn to rags, no way to wash properly. It was hard. I was no more my own self, I was a type that was in a clan of crime. I only just got out in time." Tony said, "So now what will you do just work in the hall?" "No Tony, I am doing the hall as a start. James has been a strong support, he never judged me. I had a meeting with him as I saw Ma's series of "Jesus Christ" That gave me a new outlook, and somehow changed my direction. I am going to study, and become an elder in the church. That leads me to study to becoming a Pastor." "What! You a Pastor?" Said Tony. Peter said, "I would never have thought of it at all, but after that story it was like I was being guided, I cannot explain it yet, but it was like a spiritual energy was talking to me. Do not think I am mad, it was just like that." Tony looked down, and then said, "Peter, I think you are talking of the "Holy spirit" It is the only spirit of truth." Peter said, "What are you saying that there are other spirits?" Tony said, "Yes Peter there are. They are called familiar spirits, that know about past family, and give details to con people they have their family still able to contact them. It is dangerous. They are demons. They are out to destroy, have no care for the life of the living person, because if the living person goes there, and stays there, they are already dead. They perish and have no eternity of the truth. When they are judged, "The Heavenly Father" says they are cursed, and as "God" Is holy, he cannot have sin in his kingdom. In Revelation it says about the names of people in the book. Cursed people would not be in that book. They worship the occult, thinking they are above all others, in a way it is like a plague of disease of spiritual warfare. Occult people think on ego, self, and self only. There are movements like spiritualism, budda, and the likes."

Peter sat thinking how much he had to learn. He said, "Thank you Tony, I did not know all that much." Tony said, "Well the occult people think they have reincarnations over and over. They say they have guides, they actually are mentally insane. That is what satan wants, to push people into insanity. Once there, it's very unlikely for many to come out of it, and become the truth, which is "Jesus Christ." None of them have Christianity in their meetings. They say it's Christian, but think about it." Peter said, "Cannot be Christian, why would "God" Need guides for his work?" "Correct Peter, they are demons. Sadly it's just a war."

"So then it is a warfare as you say? Martha said about a warfare, but I would not be told about it until the right time. Seems now is the right time, Tony how did you find out about all this?" Asked Peter. Tony said, "I studied, I just lost my keenness with Uncle George going on and on about being a Catholic, it makes uncomfortable conversation. So I thought I may as well relax it a bit, I lost chances of making friends, because Uncle George seemed to always come when I brought a guy home. They never returned. I think I got angry. My anger was not meant to abort my faith. I should have just told Uncle George to stay out of my faith. Instead I gave up on lessons."

Peter said, "Have you seen the series of "Jesus Christ's" life Tony?" Tony said, "No, I have had lessons, but not seen the story." Peter said, "Want to watch it Tony?" Tony said, "Yeah why not?" The series went on, and the time was passing. Tony was impressed with it very much, he said, "Funny but when you see acting on this, it seems to be far more alive." Peter said, "Yes, it does, reading helps but seeing it done gives a broader view of it all." Tony said, "Now I can see why you thought about your future. It's got me thinking as well." Peter said, "Do you know what you're going to do in your future Tony?" Tony said, "I would not become a Pastor, I would not mind doing work in a kind of missionary way." Peter said, "What, like go to third world countries, to help the real poverty states?" Tony said, "It would give me my own way of serving "Jesus Christ." You know it does seem a good way of doing service for "Our Lord." Hey! Now I am thinking of a future. They laughed, and had a hot chocolate drink before Tony went back home.

Peter's first driving lesson was the next day. Eric had arranged a time before Peter went to the hall. Ethel had returned and was in a good mood. She said, "Eric is coming to give you a lesson tomorrow. I will be asking him to stay for lunch. You do not have to be in the hall till one-thirty. I am looking after the children while he gives you a lesson. So we have company for lunch." Peter noticed that Ma seemed to be bright when talking about Eric. Peter said, "Ma! Tony gave me a big lesson tonight, he explained the warfare and gave me many things that are sin. He told me about the occult movement. It scared me some. Demons, that are familiar spirits. Yuk! To think that this satan has a breed of demons capturing souls to hell. It seemed to me while he was talking, that satan has the world in his darkness. I realized that even druggies are oppressed. Jeff in prison is either oppressed or possessed. It opened up an avenue I did not know existed." Ethel sighed, and said, "Yes Peter, satan has short time left to do this, he knows he will be in the abyss, along with all that are in occult. There is no way that "Jesus Christ" Would need guides to do his ministry. Peter I think that you're being led by "The Holy Spirit," I really do." Peter said, "Yes, Tony said the same thing. I told him I want to study, and become an elder, and then a Pastor Ma." "Peter, that is wonderful, thank you for telling me, I will stand by you all the way. Can I tell Martha?" Said Ethel. Peter said, "Yes you can. It will take me time." Ethel said, "Yes, it may take you a few years to get to that." Peter said, "I have to get a bit older and mature, I know that." They then retired to their bedrooms. Ma looked somehow different Peter thought.

Chapter Fourteen

Peter had a driving lesson, he found it great! Eric was patient and his first lesson did not entail too much. Just the feel of the car. When they stopped, before they went in to lunch Eric said, "Peter, I really like Ethel, she is so kind and so pretty." Peter gasped! He said, "Pretty? I never thought of her like that. Eric I have a feeling you're getting feelings for Ma!" Eric said, "Well Peter my wife and I had no relationship in being close for years. I wanted the marriage to stay for the kids, but they may not have benefited with us together because we had rough patches most of the time. I see Ethel and she is a loving woman with her Christian ways. I have given some thought to Christianity." Peter laughed and said, "Yeah she is something else. What are you going to do with your life now?" Eric said, "I am coming to the church this Sunday, I have not told Ethel, and I know you only went Christmas day." Peter said, "I will be there on Sunday too Eric."

At lunch the children laughed very often, Eric noticed how comfortable they were. He was glad to see them happier. Ethel had put on a blue and white dress, she put her hair down. Peter had not seen it down in the daytime. She usually put it up into a bun. She seemed to glow, Peter thought. He quietly thought I think she is keen of Eric, and Eric is keen on her. After lunch Eric left with the children arranging another lesson for a few days time.

The day came for the visit to prison. Jeff was out of complete solitary confinement. Pastor James went to another wing with Peter to see him. Jeff greeted them heartily. Jeff said, "Well man I have done some reading and learned something." Pastor James asked him what he had learned. Jeff said, "I started to read the Bible, then left it for a while, I returned to read it, and got places that seemed to speak about my life in darkness through past people in the Bible. I never knew that darkness was in the world today. I also never knew that all sin is crime against "God." It made me think about altering my lifestyle. Just I do not know how to do that as yet." Pastor James was glad to hear all this and said, "Jeff you have done a great deal in reading the Bible. Do you think it bears onto life today as much as is really going on?" Jeff looked at the Pastor and then said, "I have been in crime for years, I thought it was beating the rules and gaining something that now I think is never gained. I sensed a falseness in my old lifestyle, and decided to keep to the rules of the law. It will not be easy as I am used to crime." Pastor James said, "Jeff you have begun to take another path in life by just what you have said to us today." Peter said, "Yes Jeff, going into crime makes things get bigger and harder to get out of, I am glad that you have gained some truth in reading what you have told us." Jeff then said, "I do not know anything about this "Jesus Christ," So I may have to find out how to when I get out of here. They are going to send me to a psychiatric prison so that I can talk about things that bother me, they felt I was heading for mental deterioration. Guess I was, I was hell bent on getting back at them for putting me in prison. I now realize that way of thinking will keep me in a mental prison in my mind, constantly running, once I was out."

A warden came in and said, "Jeff, I just have to speak to you a minute, would your visitors leave the cell for a minute, then they can come back." Jeff was told that the place for his mental health had a place, and he would be leaving in the morning. Pastor James came back and said, "Jeff you look relieved, is there anything you want to tell us?" Jeff said, "I am leaving here tomorrow for the mental place." Peter said, "Jeff it's not a mental place, it's a chance for you to remain in prison to do your time, and to get you into healthy mental mind." Jeff smiled, he never did that before, and he said, "From what I have heard it's easier in that place I am going to than in here. Apparently there is more ease than this sort of prison as long as behavior is there." They chatted for the rest of the time about other things. Then it was time to go. Jeff said, "Peter, you're a well matured man for your age, you speak sense and well --- I dunno --- You just seem sense." Peter said, "Well Jeff, I am going to study. It takes stages before I can become a Pastor. I have found a foothold in Christianity that has led me to altering my whole thinking frame from the old way. I too, was doing criminal things and I never got caught, so you see none of us are free from sinful pasts. None of us can judge another. I know there are times that people have to be got rid of." Jeff said, "What do you mean?" Peter said, "Well some people that are in darkness cannot be helped as long as they remain in the dark. They have a choice, and if they were helped and still did dark living, there is no more time for them to find the truth. It is up to them to realize their living in darkness will bring more darkness. They may think they are above it, but the con of the dark force will engulf them again and each time for the destruction."

Jeff sat there looking at both of them and said, "We have no more time today, would you guys visit me in the other place? I think the warden will give you the address. See I want to know what this darkness is, how it comes and who is behind it?" Pastor James said, "Jeff you're on, yes we will come, and Peter, great that you brought this out today. Now Jeff will have the scriptures I jotted down while you were talking, this will tell him quite a lot as he reads them."

When they drove back to home ground, Peter said, "I think Jeff has enough capacity to understand this. He just needs to undo the origin of his criminal behavior, like as what happened when he was a child. So much stems from there." Pastor James said, "Peter you have done great work in the hall, I have some news for you, would you like to take a full time job in a parishioner's firm? He is needing a new employee in the factory to drive the fork lift." Peter said, "Hey James how can I drive one of them? I am just taking lessons for car driving." Pastor James said, "The fork lift is somewhat different to car driving. It will give you a full wage, and that will enable you to be able to afford any study equipment. What do you say?" Peter said, "Oh James, yes I will, I figure that I will be shown how to do this job. When do I start?" Pastor James said, "He wants you to begin next month, the man who is doing it leaves the firm at that time." Peter then was told that he could meet this man on Sunday after church meeting.

Peter ran into the house and said, "Ma! Ma! Guess what?" Ethel said, "Tell me, Peter." Peter then told her about the job and when he is expected to start. Ethel was so pleased for him she said, "How will you get there? Oh something will work out for that I feel." Peter then told Ma about the prison visit and what came from that. Ethel told him that all this is "The lords work."

As the days went by Peter had his second driving lesson, Ethel looked after the children, and once again made lunch for all. After the lunch Eric and Ethel went outside into the garden, Peter played with the children. He thought he would look out of the window after a while and saw Eric having his arm around Ethel as they looked at plants.

Peter thought hmn! I think they are going to be an item sometime soon by that. Then he smiled, and thought, if that comes, the children would have a home with Ethel and Eric. Eric came in first as Ethel went to the mail box. He said, "Peter you are going for a job next month, tell you what I will do, I will give you four lessons a week from next week, and then you can sit your test. I know you will pass it. Um! See I have an old car I am doing up for you, I did not tell you, because it was a gift of gratitude that I can easily afford, I am not financially short at all. Money is no issue. You have given me my child's life, even though you say it was from above. Through you I met Ethel. My children love Milo who gave them something to fill up the loss of their mother's time, at a crucial time of her abrupt leaving them. You have been a person that has given me some thought for a future. So with gratitude plus I know you cannot afford to buy a car right now, I am giving you your first car!" Peter sat there shocked. The last thing he expected. He said, "Eric, I do not know what to say. Thank you is just words, but from my heart, thank you. Oh boy! A car for me! Oh! I am excited!" Eric smiled and said, "Think nothing of it, you deserve it."

Now Peter had his new path giving him another blessing. As Martha puts it Peter thought, "Blessed light within." He was unable to settle with excitement. He called Tony up. Tony was so happy about the news too, he said, "Peter then you can come to visit me by your own means. This is great!" They talked for a while then hung up.

Peter was now tired, he had to do something at the hall for an hour, and went off on the cycle. He told Pastor James about the news. Pastor James said, "Ha! Oh "God" Does work in mysterious ways, seems to me you're being guided into all the right places Peter, what good news you told me today."

At the end of the day Peter had such a full day that he was quite ready to sleep. As he got into bed he prayed thanking the blessing in his own way. Now he was more definite that the road ahead was going to be secure.

Chapter Fifteen

The next three weeks Peter was busy with hall work. There had to be distributions of things for the disadvantaged people. Peter thought how can life be so cruel that people struggle? As he gave it thought, it came to him that the materially rich have far more than is needed. The poor have to struggle and get a harder road altogether. They must be mentally and emotionally lacking in support. They have it tough. The rich contribute to this lacking. Peter remembered a rich family, their attitude to life was, self. Their outlook to others that had nothing, was void of compassion. In many ways they brag about their material wealth. Peter thought, they cannot be happy, happiness is within, it is not with the outside wealth of material. He smiled to himself thinking, they cannot take it with them. There is no pocket to take it to um --- ? Wow! If it's hell, or heaven, either way it does not go with them. He also noticed that these rich people were egotistic, false, and hard.

Peter carried on working in deep thought now. What if every individual was given the same amount? There would be an abundance over. Nobody would need to steal, nobody would be hungry, or homeless. No home or car would need to be locked up. No person could be above in ego minded ways. Selfishness would cease. All would have working lives in balance. Peter stopped for a minute and thought, peace, there would be peace.

Pastor James came out of the office and said, "Peter you're near to leaving the hall work, you start your new job next week." Peter said, "Sure I am looking forward to it. I have my driving test tomorrow at two o'clock, I was going to ask you if I could finish earlier. I have had four lessons a week with Eric, and he said I am ready to pass my test." Pastor James said, "Of course you can, I know you will pass as well." Peter said, "James, I never call you Pastor, is that OK with you? It's just that I see you as a friend as well as a Pastor. Eric has fixed up an old car for me, so that means I can drive to my new job." Pastor James said, "Peter I am fine at you calling me by my Christian name. My your coming on well, now you will own a car." Peter said, "Ma and Eric seem to be getting on well, he comes over very often, he asked me to tend the children this Saturday, because he wants to take Ma out to a theatre and a late meal in some posh restaurant. Yeah Ma likes the opera! Me? Nah! I think they are getting serious." Pastor James smiled and said, "Yes Peter, in life many doors shut and many open. The ones that are special in any Christian's life are often ruled by "Our Lord." Seems to me that much has come that way."

Peter left to go home. When he got there Eric was there. "Hi Peter," said Eric." Are you prepared for your driving test tomorrow? I brought the car here, it's in the garage. Martha came to get me so that I could drive it here, and she is taking me back home." Peter said, "Wow! You are confident in my passing the test." Ma had just come into the room and said, "Peter, how was your day? Eric is staying for dinner tonight. He had the children go to the ex wife, well, ex when the divorce is through. Martha is coming back as she will drive Eric back home." Peter laughed and said, "Yeah, well if I had passed my test today, I could have done that."

Over dinner Eric said, "Peter, Ethel and I are going to be a couple, we get on so well, the children love being with her, and that means a lot to me." Peter said, "Uh huh! I kind of guessed that was coming. Where will I be in that situation?" Ma said, "You will still be part of it Peter, no reason to go anywhere else." Eric spoke up, "Peter, you are part of this family, do not ever think anything else." Peter relaxed and smiled.

On the test day Peter was nervous. Eric came to get Peter, as he had to go into the correct office. Peter did the road rules, and nothing went wrong, he hoped! At the finish the man asked Peter and Eric into the office. Peter looked at Eric, and Eric smiled. Peter was given his full license. He passed at top marks! Eric said, "Well now young man you have your independence." Peter was in a great mood!

Martha was called from the road office to pick them up. Eric went back to Ethel's for the evening. Peter was in the garage looking at his blue car. He took it out for a run with Eric, before they settled down for the evening. Peter said to Eric, "You gave me the car, how can I thank you?" Eric said, "No need to, it's yours." Peter left Ethel and Eric to have their time, he was keen on going to the car all evening. Trying the c.d. Player. Looking at the engine.

The following week came. Peter was doing his last day at the hall. Pastor James said, "Peter will you still be able to see Jeff with me if I go on a Saturday?" Peter said, "Sure I will." Pastor James said, "Study has been prepared for you, so it will take three evenings a week, how do you feel about that?" Peter said, "James, Eric and Ma are getting things together, and I will have that time to do what my heart is telling me to do, study."

Peter went to his first day of work. He felt like a man now. He did the fork lift work without any fail. He met other men there. There were a few women there. The women did the assembly work. All seemed friendly to Peter. One man said, "I am Gary, I have been here for five years. I want to get another job later that will give me more advancement for a managerial position in real estate work." Peter said, "Well that will be different work than here." Gary said, "What will you do once you decide what future you head for?" Peter said, "Um! May not be your idea of work, I am going to study for a position in the church, then carry on to become a Pastor. Obviously that will entail more hours of study, so by then I may not be working here." Gary looked at him seriously and then said, "Christian then are you?" Right at that moment another man heard this, and started to laugh. He said out loud, "Hey guys we had better not swear, we have a man of the cloth here." Some laughed and jeered, some did not at all. Peter said, "Well you guys jeer all you like, my reason to become a Pastor, is that I work with the truth in life. Not one bit of insult to my future life as a Pastor, will you put me off with. I will not take notice of you." Some that jeered looked away as if Peter was a loony bin.

This was peters first test, to stay with his mind of the future.
Over the months Peter was fine, he spent time with the guys who jeered at him. They stopped doing it. The one thing Peter had in his bag was, he got tough living under a bridge. He was not easily deterred.

Time was passing and Peter had saved well. He enjoyed his studies. He was now getting to the age of twenty-three. He had three years on the job so far. Eric and Ethel were very close now. They talked of marriage. Peter was getting to a stage he wanted to get a flat of his own. He did not want Ma to think he was not appreciating all she had done for him. He wanted his independence. Pastor James encouraged Peter as he saw how well Peter was getting on in study.

Pastor James said after a Bible class, "Peter there is a vacancy in minor Pastoral work. You're not a Pastor yet, but it will give you a wage and a good way to advance your time to being a Pastor." "Really?" Said Peter, "I would love that work, I am doing the other job, but I could not do it forever. I am looking for a place to live on my own." Pastor James said, "Well Peter there is a domestic arrangement possible with this." Peter said, "Great when does it start?" "Next month Peter, it's in the hills about three towns away from here. The work will be around the youths of today. Some will need support, because there will be youths that have gone into the darkness, as you're nearer to their age, you may be able, with prayer Peter, to show them the light way, the truth." Peter said, "Am I ready for such a position? It seems a very mature position." Pastor James said, "You will work with Pastor Stormant, like a lay worker. It is a refuge for youths that have been in trouble. They have not been taken back by their families, so they go to this refuge. You will find that this will give you a good road, a narrow road to gain more study. Being a Pastor means other things beside preaching Peter." Peter thought this is really great, I would love that. Pastor James said, "There are women that work there too. They work in the wing for young ladies that have been in trouble. It is a big place, just the young men and young women are separated for obvious reasons. The law sends them to the refuge. Peter said, "You can tell them that I will do this next month, I have to give a fortnights notice at the job anyway. So a couple more weeks before I go there will give me time to study much more. James you're a legend, it seems to me "Jesus Christ" Is doing all this at the times that it is meant to be." Pastor James said, "The Holy Spirit" does act in all good causes."

Peter drove home and told Ma, "Ma! I have been given another job, and a place to live in, and a wage along with it." Ethel said, "Peter that's wonderful. You will have to give notice tomorrow. Remember Peter, this is your home at any time you want it to be, Eric and I have talked of marriage. We want to wait until all proceedings of divorce on both paths are cleared. There are settlements to be made. Eric has to part with the his home, so that he can keep his money for future life. He is very secure, and I have a big house for all, you included Peter." "Ma," Said Peter, "Why did it take you and Eric so long, like three years to get it all done with?" Ethel said, "Peter, at our age rushing is not done. Getting to know each other is a must. Any past clutter and emotions must be gone before starting another relationship. Any past brought into the new relationship is destined to fail, because with past hurts, it can be projected upon the new relationship. It can be done by mistake, all emotional harm must be healed. Then the relationship has a good ground to start." Peter said, "Yeah that makes sense to me, I never thought of it like that. I suppose if I met a young lady and was stuck in my past hurts, I have not grown at all."

Peter went into work the following morning, and gave in his notice for a fortnight. They were sorry to see him go. The very men that jeered him at first gave him support. One of them said, "Hey man when you're a Pastor I will come to your church and listen to you." Peter smiled. He knew that they had stopped jeering him because of his truth. Peter said, "Yep! Do, I will have to call in to tell you that time. It may be another four years." The reply of the man was, "Yep, no doubt I will still be here."

Peter was now very enthusiastic. He had a new path yet again. Peter had given his life to "Jesus Christ" The very one and only that once he never knew. He thought about it. Its funny he thought, "Jesus" Knew me, and I did not know him. How I know him now is far different than I thought it would be. It's like he is inside my heart. It's nothing like I thought it would be. It's even better.

The Saturday that Pastor James and Peter were going to visit Jeff came. The psychiatric prison was something else. When they arrived they were taken through doors that locked behind them automatically. In one area they stopped, as the warden had to speak to another stall member. There in a large room was a young man talking to nothing. Really talking to something invisible. He was actually having a conversation. Peter looked at Pastor James, and said nothing. Pastor James said, "Peter come here, I say this quietly, there is an example of darkness. That young man has demonic activity going on. He believes the person we cannot see is really there. Which it is. In a place like this, many patients do not wash. Many try to destroy themselves. Some are like in a trance state. Nothing emotionally secure is in their hearts. It's satanic workings. Mental deterioration, along with other mental disorders, are from the darkness. They believe in what is not true. The deceit is blinding them. They cannot heal without the truth. That is why there is a chapel in the prison." Peter shuddered at that and said, "Phew! It's really very harmful." The warden was still talking to the other member of staff, and Pastor James said, "Peter, the deception is in all pain and all harm. As you know "Jesus Christ" Died for all mankind. To stop the collection of idol worship. He gave us all the chance to be redeemed, so many believe that life never dies. Life is dead if they are not saved. Nothing can be of truth in demonic activity. It's out to destroy. Some people will not have that, for those that ignore that very strong sign, and carry on with darkness end up without life. There is a second death. You will see all that in your work. Be prepared for battle, it is the warfare. Ah! Here comes the warden we can go and see Jeff now."

Peter was quite alarmed at the sight of a man talking to something unseen. Hearing him talking to this unseen.

Jeff was glad to see them, he said, "Hey! Good to see you. I have got a lot out of reading the Bible. I am having counseling sessions. They are taking me back to my childhood. I was not loved at all. To think that is a big part of why I am unstable today, and filling it with crimes, that got bigger by the years. I have come to realize that I have been in a prison without being in prison. That prison was in my heart and mind. I saw only greed as my need. I never saw that love was missing." Pastor James said, "Jeff! So many words in so little time, you are coming out of your shell." Jeff said, "Yeah, well in here are some odd characters, I keep myself to myself. One inmate is OK though. He is in here for as long as I am. He told me that he was helped. He never got help until he listened, learned, and grew out of his past. He goes to the chapel. I am not ready for that yet. Do you know he even was able to get some material in taking up studies of art. His art is language." Peter said, "Jeff I am so glad that you're here rather than where you were. It looks like you're getting support here." "Yep!" Said Jeff.

They took a walk around the area where Jeff was allowed to go. There was an open area that had secure barriers. Talking about other things and laughing together. Jeff was on the mend. Pastor James said, "Jeff, Peter is starting his new work in Pastoral activities as a lay man. He is going to be in a refuge, helping many young people to get their life on the truth." "Yeah I bet he will do well." Jeff said. Peter just smiled. Jeff looked a bit nervous, then said, "This guy that is an inmate doing his art, I was wondering if I could get some material to try to do art too." Peter said, "Well Jeff if they gave it to one inmate they will you, as long as you're not going to use any art item for hurting another." Jeff said, "Yep! They do let him do his art, but he is watched. I guess that is to see that he does not take a pencil, or brush to poke someone." Peter said, "Exactly." Jeff laughed and said, "It would be dumb of me to increase my time in prison by harming someone. Mind you I have seen violence erupt in some prisoners a couple of times. It's an ugly sight."

Pastor James said, "We have to go now, but I will ask the warden if it is alright for me to bring you some art books. Peter will not be able to come to see you as he is starting his new path." Peter said, "James, I will come to see Jeff on a break time, remember I can drive now, and will have times off. I want to see him get out of this place, and be on the right path. I will be visiting Ma! My dearest Ma, who I will miss very much. It's not that much further to drive here for a hour in about a months time." Pastor James said, "Jeff this young man here, Peter, is showing dedication. I think and know he will do well. We will leave now." Peter said, "Um Jeff?" Jeff said, "Yeah?" Peter said, "I never told James that I bought a packet of smokes for you, and a lighter. Do I leave them with the warden?" Jeff sunk down, and said, "Man I could do with a smoke. Some in here can go outside for theirs." Peter said, "I am not encouraging you, what I am saying is, I cannot judge you, and if it's a crutch during this time, then so be it, you may decide to stop it once you're more secure about your life." Jeff got up and grabbed Peter by his arm and said, "Cool man cool." Giving him a manly gesture of appreciation.

Peter was back home and prepared for his new life path. He knew he would learn a lot. He toyed with the idea, if the old gang ever knew he was going to be a Pastor, would they come to his church one day? Then he smiled and thought guess not! Then he thought --- What if one of them are in the refuge? It is a possibility.

The blessed light within. He smiled as he was thinking. He thought, I wonder if others have the light within. Funny enough it seemed to Peter that people who had rough lives, were the very people chosen for the work of "The Heavenly Father" Through "Jesus Christ." What Peter came across was people who had done crimes including himself, uncaught though, seemed to be of service to do the light blessings given by "The Holy Spirit." Some he saw were in pain through health. Yet they were determined to never give in. Body in pain, and heart in love and light. Peter now gave himself a break of thinking and read. Yes he knew his life was altered. He also had a feeling something was going to happen later in time, that would surprise even him.

Chapter Sixteen

Peter was still thinking of those in pain, when it came to him that not one human suffered the pain that "Jesus Christ" Did on the cross. He was the only righteous man in history that never sinned. He suffered the pain of all mankind in all ages. Past and present and future. How the time came he thought "The Heavenly Father" Had forsaken him, the worst moment of all for him.

Peter gave some thought to the current thinking of the universe. How it's all been distorted. The talking of self so much by many. The lack of thinking that every human is family, blood is not the main connection, it is spiritual.

The next day Martha arrived looking quite upset. She told Ethel that she met a woman in a shop and they had a chat. The women told Martha that her sister is in full arthritis of the body. How her sister had three daughters. None of these daughters went to see her. None of them seemed to care. Then this woman's sister had a stroke, is fed by an intravenous tube. The sister could not even walk at all. She had got to not recognize her other sister. Martha said, "This lady told me that she cannot understand any daughter not being supportive to their mother. I was very upset by this, because I know of another woman that is unwell, and left by her family as is she was not in the world at all. The other woman I just spoke of has arthritis, and secondary problems. Her daughter would not even be what she is, her only next of kin legally. She refused to speak to a nurse on a major operation the mother had. I ask you Ethel, what is getting people so uncaring for their own?"

Peter heard all this and said, "It's obvious that these adult kids have lost the fact that they will be old one day too! Do they forget that their mother was once a strong loving support in their lives?" Ethel said, "Peter and Martha, these adult kids have no love in their hearts, nobody can get away from getting older. It is very much a breaking of law, as in honor your mother and your father. Mind you if the child had abuse when small, then I think some degree of them being let down would pass in the law. Today's youths have a concept of a feeling they are powerful and never get any harm, while they are doing harm themselves, to the senior folk."

Peter said, "Yes, I wish they would become as real people. There is so much put into the media about power, like the movie --- The Secret --- Where it's plain to see that it's false but convincing. I have taken a large interest in the dark forces. I have read about the world wars." Ma said, "Really Peter? I have not seen you with that type of literature." Peter said, "I joined the library and got books of wars. I need to understand that source of magnitude of why man kills man for power. I have them in my room, I did not tell you in case you may be against that sort of reading." Ethel looked at Martha and said, "Well in your future as a Pastor, I would think you would need all history's times, so that you can extend your knowledge." Peter said, "Well history and wars, and today there is a spiritual warfare. So to understand what is going on I felt all avenues were to be looked at."

Martha said to Ethel smiling, "I do believe that Peter has a intelligent brain, far more than even he will admit. By you going to the refuge Peter, it will give you a real chance to do "The Lord's" Work. You will be getting a good study that way in many things." Peter said, "Yeah! I thought that, besides, how can I speak only of the truth, without understanding the dark? I need that to show the truth."

Peter did the fortnight's work to cease his job. They held a pub night for him. So he was given a good send off. The next two weeks he did much for his own interests.
Pastor James was spending much time with him, and doing a lot of studies.

The day came that Peter was going to leave Ma's. He got his bags and said, "Oh Ma! Leaving you is not easy." Ma said, "Peter I know it's for the good, your home is here any time you want it, and for always." As Peter drove away, Ethel had tears in her eyes. She was trying to contain herself, and as she wiped her eyes, Eric drove into the driveway. Eric got out the car and held Ethel tightly. Eric said, "I know you're going to miss him a great deal, come to that so will I. Look! I came to speak to you about the settlements on my divorce proceedings, I will have the place up for sale. The ex has decided to have it sold. So once that is done, I will have to find another home until we are together."

Ethel got her mind back onto their plans and she gave Eric an option. She said, "Eric, I am quite prepared to have the children here, and you can have a bedroom here too! We are going to be married a little later. Do you know what I was thinking?" Eric said, "No Ethel what?" Ethel said, "Well Peter is going to be a Pastor as you know, how would you feel if he married us when he is a Pastor?" Eric laughed! He said, "Ethel that will not be for another two years." Ethel said, "Well Eric, we do not need to rush, and we can at least then be involved with Peter's coming to Pastoral ordination. If that's the right way of putting it." The children can be involved too!" Eric said, "OK, that's fine with me, but do you think he will approve of us living together before marriage?" Ethel said, "We may be living together, but our honor to vows would mean we do not share bedrooms!" Eric laughed and said, "My love that will be hard to do, my honor for you is to wait until you are ready."

Peter arrived at the refuge. He saw a big board outside it calling it bay side refuge. He thought, bay side, is that meaning we are near the sea? He looked again and thought I will ask them. He went into the office and said, "I am Peter, and you are expecting me." The lady at the desk said, "Yes we are. I will give you the keys to your lodge, and you can drive there and settle in. After that an evening meal is for you in the main hall."

Peter saw as he was driving slowly at five kilometers an hour, that there were many buildings. On one side of the drive, there were hedges and the female units. The other, the male units. This should be interesting he thought.

He placed his bags onto the table in a two roomed lodge for himself. It was quite plain, but had a warm feeling to it. Not long after the phone rang! Peter thought, who could be calling me here? Nobody knows my new number as yet. The officer of the male units spoke to Peter. "Peter I would like to meet you and talk to you about the roster for your working here." Peter agreed. He went to the office. He first came in, and saw a big man standing there. The man said, "I am Mr. Dickinson, I am the head of the refuge. I know you have not been here long, but I have an appointment this same afternoon. So I thought we could go through the work involved here." Peter sat down. Mr. Dickinson said, "Much of the work involves talking to these young men, some are as hard as can be, some are introverted, some are spaced out mentally, all are here for rehabilitation. That way they can leave here with a better frame of mind."

Peter said, "Are any of these young men on medication?" Mr. Dickinson said, "Yes Peter, some are on anti-depressants. This is to calm the hard ones, who have a mental illness." Peter said, "Is there any chapel held here?" Mr. Dickinson said, "Yes Peter, there is. Be lucky if two or three go though." Peter said, "Well I can try to get them interested slowly. Do they do recreational therapy?" Mr. Dickinson said, "Yes there is, they cannot go there until they have done the jobs assigned to each one. We give them jobs to do to get them focused on real life." Peter said, "Great!"

The talk was over, and Peter went to the main hall. There was a room with a t.v. In it. Many were sitting there. Next to that the main hall with tables for meals. As he walked by he heard, "Hey you man!" Peter stopped he thought he recognized the voice. As he looked he got a shock! It was Gruff! Peter said, "Gruff I never expected you here." Gruff said, "Oh well man I got stung. I was pulled over by the cops, with a packet. I did six months in jail, then got sent here." Peter said, "What do you think you will learn from here Gruff?" Gruff said, "I have to rehabilitate, and take a better look at how I was living on drugs. I also got to a point I was a lead getting the drugs. Big money man!" Peter knew it was him who took his money a few years back. He said nothing about it. Gruff said, "Did you get stung too?" Peter said, "No Gruff, I am going to work here." Gruff said, "Oh yeah as what?" Peter said, "Laugh all you like, I am heading to become a Pastor. This is part of my learning. As all kinds of people I will be ministering to once I am a Pastor." Gruff looked at Peter and said, "You were serious about this "Jesus" Stuff then Peter?"

Peter took a long hard look at Gruff and said, "Gruff, now that you're not on the drugs, what power do you feel you're getting?" Gruff said, "Awe! C'mon, none, I did think of going back to it after the time. Then I thought I better take notice of the rehabilitation, and get a proper life. Whatever that is." Peter said, "When I start working will you be interested in some spiritual health?"

"Yeah, yeah, this "Jesus" Stuff, eh man?" Peter said, "No, what I mean is that you take a look at life from another angle. You place your spiritual life in order as well. That part we can work through later." Gruff said, "Can listen. Doubt I will do this "Jesus" Stuff though. You know I believed in guides. That I have a red Indian as a main guide. Who tells me things of power. Who guides me to the drug scene. Peter sighed and said, "Yes Gruff, look where it got you today. I am not saying that these do not exist, they do, it's just that what you are told, and what they really are, is opposite to "Jesus Christ." This makes it a abomination. There is a force that gives a power that feels like it's doing good, when in fact it is destroying you, and many others too! How many of the old gang really got on?" Gruff said, "Um, well ,none did, one committed suicide, another overdosed. The old gang broke up. I began to lead with the drug dealers, and here I am!" "So Gruff, which one of these guides helped you as they said they would?" Asked Peter. Gruff said, "They lied, they said I would drive a big car, get a rich home, and have all things. It started like that, then bang! I am arrested." Peter said, "As you see so it is. I am going in for the evening meal now, and will see you later. I have to sit at the table of the other workers in here.

Peter was quite amazed at meeting Gruff in there. He knew none of the others. He saw some eat, some throw food, some misbehave, and some looking normal. As the meal went on, Peter listened to the other workers. He tried to remember all their names, and said, "Take me a few days to remember all your names." One of them said, "I heard you're studying to be a Pastor?" Peter said, "Yes I am." " Then another said, "That's OK, we had another one a year ago, then he left to do his Pastoral work."

The first day of peters work began. He had to prepare a Christian class. He thought that it would take quite a bit of encouragement to get them to attend it. Mr. Dickinson had told him that his main work was for spiritual health. The class was to meet at eleven o'clock. He looked at the room and thought, will many come?

Gruff was standing by the door looking into the classroom. He said, "Man I am here, I will upset all your efforts to get them to listen to your stuff." Peter said, "Yeah Gruff come on in, I will not care what you do to upset me, because you will not, what I am concerned about is you upsetting others whilst in here. Fairness means you do not!" Gruff shrugged. Then he said, "Bet ya do not get many in here." Peter said, "The class has to have attendance by fifteen. They have to come, or they will have to do domestic work instead. I do not see many guys wanting to so domestic work."

They all came into the room. As they sat down, Gruff took a place in the front. Peter began the lesson about healthy ways of living. Some yawned in boredom, some looked interested, and Gruff looked up to no good. Peter knew that look in his eyes.

Peter asked them all to write down the most important thing in their mind for a good life. Then he asked each one to read what they had written. Some said being wanted was a major thing. Some said getting out and having fun was in mind. One said, "I want to be worth something to someone." Gruff stood up and laughed, saying, "You need a fix man!" Peter patiently let Gruff speak. Then said, "Fixes will not do any good. Life is about taking responsibility in behavior, and respect." Gruff said, "Yeah man look where you were nearly five years ago, tell them, go on tell them." Peter said, "None of us are perfect, what I am truing to find out is, what is the base stability in all your minds? Once we have that fact, we can all work on putting this into practice." Gruff was annoyed, because Peter did not take the bait. Gruff then shouted " Tell them or I will." Peter said, "You tell them if you must, I will tell them what I did to get into a stable life." Now Gruff was angry! He felt that Peter was not going to be upset at his outbursts.

Peter continued. He said, "Let us talk about each of your inputs." Gruff was silent but staring at Peter. Peter thought Gruff is being his usual self, the controller. Peter heard each young man's idea of life. He noticed that all of them had the same theme in one way or another. Each one had something missing within themselves. All seemed resentful in their talk about their worth. Gruff started again. "You have not asked me what I wrote?" Peter said, "Your turn is coming." Gruff said, "This is a load of rubbish. Tell them where you were before, yeah tell them."

Peter sat down now. He was behind his desk. He said, "OK guys, all of us here have done wrong in life somewhere." One guy said, "You never have or you would not be here doing this sort of work." Peter smiled and said, "You reckon so huh? I knew Gruff, his real name is Eddie. He was given the nickname because he has a Gruff attitude to life." Gruff was about to interfere. Peter said, "Gruff be quiet. You're not the only one in here. Here you are part of the bigger picture. Meaning all of you are in the same boat. Guys, I once went into drugs!" The whole lot of them just looked surprised. Peter said, "Yes, I left home at eighteen because my father was a bombastic controlling person, he never allowed me to be me. So one day I took off. I met up with a gang. Gruff was the leader of the gang." Gruff said aloud, "Yeah man." Peter said, "We are going to take a ten minute break now, and after it, I will tell you about myself."

Peter had to get Gruff alone. He said to Gruff, "Look, you just remain quiet, your outbursts are wrecking the learning curve here." Gruff said, "And if I do not?" Peter said, "I will then ask for you to be removed from the class, you cannot take this into your own hands. This is a healing path for many, they all deserve a chance, if you do not want the chance, then stay away, and I mean that!" Gruff said, "Oh serious, are we not, eh?" Peter said, "Yes Gruff." Gruff agreed to be quiet. The class resumed.

Peter said, "OK guys I was telling you about myself. I lived under a bridge for a year, doing drugs, stealing, harassing people, begging for money. I had a chance given me." He then told them all about Ma. How he worked in a church hall. How he met up with bikers who were Christians. He told them all about how he altered his life. He told about Ma knowing her friend Martha. How their Christian talk got to him. How Ma had stuck by him.

After that Peter said, "Yes, the work of "Jesus Christ" Is the only way to be whole. In a way Gruff has given me the chance to bring this to you on the first day. I would have gone there around a months time." One guy said, "Did this "Jesus" Do anything for you?" Peter said, "He had already done everything for me, I owe him all." The guy said, "Yep! But how? You cannot see him." Peter said, "Jesus can see all things." The guy said, "So right, what did he do to help you?" Peter said, "He died for me, he rose again for the truth. He never sinned, he is the son of "God."

Peter thought for a moment, he never heard Gruff speak again. Then he said, "I never knew him but he knew me. I was lost in the big world, he was in my footsteps before me." "Yeah but how do you see him then?" Said the same guy. Peter was glad for the questions, it showed an interest. That interest could mean they find the truth as well. Peter said, "The Holy Spirit" Is how communication is in this age of time, since the crucifixion. Peter then said, "OK, well how many here have had thoughts of ghosts?" The same guy that was steering this with questions said, "Well I have been with spirits, I have seen them. I have had automatic writing where the spirits talk through writing."

Peter said, "Great, now we are getting somewhere. Can you say that they helped you at all?" The guy said, "If I was helped I would not be here," Peter said, "I think this would be a good subject for the next class time. I will talk to Mr. Dickinson about it to confirm it is OK to do. I know from my own studies that there is a dark force. That force must be recognized to understand. Without that being exposed, so much is missing in your lives. By getting to that, all of you, as I did, will see that the darkness did the pathways of all of your crimes, by giving you the con of power. It showed you a false power. Sense in itself shows you all here today, that none of you would be here, had nothing gone in front to destroy you."

The class ended, and all of them were talking. Peter heard some talk about how they saw visions after taking drugs. He heard one man say that he had a grandmother into spirits, she would tell fortunes. The room was alive with energy.

Peter got in touch with Mr. Dickinson. He asked him about the subject? Mr. Dickinson said, "My Peter, how very interesting. I would never have thought of showing that side to them." Peter said, "They are on that side, that is why they need to be more alert to it, so to come to the light." Mr. Dickinson said, "You know Peter, the last man that was doing this work before he became a Pastor, never ventured there. What he did was go on about "Jesus Christ" So much that it went the other way."

Peter said, "How can anyone reach people without going on both sides first? Peter said that he was doing all he could to learn how to be of good service for "The Lord." Today is not two thousand years ago, so people, many of them, do not know the darkness is in power. Mr. Dickinson said, "Satan?" Peter said, "Yes and his demons."

Mr. Dickinson said, "I have a feeling this will open many doors for the youths of today. So many of them have no morals at all. If they do not get what they want, it becomes violence, crime, and harming other people in the process. I really think it is going to involve more into your class than today. Yes go on with it."

Peter had his evening meal, when one asked him how his class went, Peter said that he will not go into that just yet. He has to get on with putting this into a way they all can understand.
After the meal, Peter retired. He called Ma. He told Ma about the class. Ma was so glad, she said, "Peter well done. I am proud of you." Peter then went to bed thinking. He thought how he will learn as well as the guys will. It was a two way road. Now he has a further boulder out of the way. He knew that in today's society, much talk was about all else but Christianity. He knew that "The Holy Spirit" Had this plan for him. He fell asleep.

Chapter Seventeen

Peter had another class in two days time. Today he was to be with others that were going to give the young men a day out. Peter asked Mr. Dickinson if they were going anywhere special. Mr. Dickinson said, "Peter there is a park where they go, not far from here. The young women's unit will be there as well." Peter thought it was a time for recreation for them all. When arriving there, Peter noticed a woman that was in charge of the unit on the females side. She was beautiful Peter thought. Her hair was very long. Her eyes were bright. She seemed to enjoy her job. He looked at her again and saw her looking at him! She came over and said, "I am Jenny, may I ask your name please?" Peter said, "I am Peter, I have not been in this work long." Jenny said, "We have a day out every month, the two units then can meet, all part of the rehab Peter." Peter said, "They are not allowed to mix in the other times?" Jenny said, "Well they have to learn another way of life, and they all have got no support from their families. The refuge is a stepping stone for them." Peter said, "How long have you been in the refuge?" Jenny said, "Two years now. I am a counselor. It means that any that have issues with any emotional blocks in their lives, they can tell me, and I give them other ways of looking at things. Mainly it is that they are listened to. That in itself gives them a focus on life." Peter said, "I am doing a class in spiritual health. I also have other jobs to do. I also do study, as I am going to be a Pastor." Jenny smiled and said, "Really Peter how interesting. Is it easy with the young men?" Peter said, "The first day was tough, and it also opened a door for me to get things into the open." "Open?" Said Jenny. "Yes, because I work on the spiritual side. Many of them have locked into things that are dark. For them to come out of that, means I will listen to them, without judging them. Once they have the dark side out in the open, they will question the light side." Peter said, "Well enough of work talk. Do you go out anywhere on times off?" Jenny said, "I go out sometimes." Peter said, "Would you be interested in coming with me on a Saturday to a prison?" "A prison? Wow, well I might be," Jenny said.

Peter sat down on the grass and said, "It's a psychiatric prison. James and I visit this man called Jeff. Jenny said, "Who is James?" Peter said, "He is a Pastor. He really was a support for me in my tough time. He may come too if he has a window open for a Saturday. Jeff is having a complete overhaul on his past life. So that he can see why he took to crime. He has to pay the sentence time. So he is doing his last time in that place." Jenny said, "What good would I be in a visit to him?" Peter said, "It will broaden his outlook, seeing a woman come to visit him. It will be good for him. I think it will be allowed, I will check first." Jenny said, "Sure I will come, it will be an experience for me too!" Peter wanted to get to know her. She was soft in nature. He had not felt any inclination to a woman before. Jenny said, "Peter, I have a brother who does church work. Maybe you can meet him one day." Peter was happy about that and agreed to meet him.

The outing was enjoyed. No troubles came. Gruff came over to him and said, "Ah! So now you're talking to women man?" Peter said, "Oh Gruff get off my back, it is not like when I was with you under the bridge. It has nothing to do with you. Are you having fun today?" Gruff said, "I have thought a great deal about your class. I was quite happy you spoke about your time as a druggie. After it I thought how secure you sounded. I want some of that man." Peter said, "Come to the classes when held, and stop being smart, then you will see that all have a chance to be rehabilitated for the better." Gruff nodded. Peter thought, if he comes through it will be a miracle .

Peter found himself thinking about Jenny often.

Peter thought about having a Bible class. He knew it would mean a Pastor would have to be the main teacher. He thought it may help extend the class he was doing, if any of the young men wanted to know about the truth. He decided to make a time to ask Mr. Dickinson.

Peter went for a walk before going to bed. He wanted to clear his head. Suddenly there was an outburst! A youth fell out of one of the units onto the driveway. And a large youth guy was shouting," You're a real idiot Mick! A loser." Peter ran over to the man hurt, and said, "What is going on here?" The man whimpered in pain, and said nothing. The large man had others around him that said nothing.

Mr. Dickinson was coming along the driveway in his car. He stopped the car, and said, "What on earth is going on here?" Peter said, "This young man is injured badly, he needs medical attention." "Peter do you know what is going on?" Said Mr. Dickinson. Peter said, "No, I was just coming along, having a walk before I go to bed, I needed to clear my head." Mr. Dickinson rang from his mobile to the medical part adjacent to the refuge. They asked him to bring the young man into the centre. Peter went along as well. After the doctor had looked at the young man he had an X-ray done. The young man had a broken jaw. He was kept in the clinic for the night after having surgery.

Mr. Dickinson said to Peter, "We have to go to the unit and get it out of them what went on?" Peter agreed to go. They knocked on the door, and nobody answered. Mr. Dickinson said, "Right in we go." There in the very darkly lit room were the four men around a table. Not one of them looked round. They seemed to be busy in what they were doing. There were letters upon the table, and a glass upside down. Mr. Dickinson said, "What are you doing?" They guys stopped and the large guy said, "Our time with you is not in this time, leave us alone." Peter took a look at the table, and once he realized what they were doing he froze. Peter said, "Is this what is called a Ouija game?" The larger man said, "It's a game nothing else. We had enough trouble with Mick so we got rid of him." Mr. Dickinson then realized it was a dangerous play thing to be doing. He knew about that sort of thing, and never expected it in his refuge.

"Peter, come here, I want to talk to you." Mr. Dickinson said, "That is not a game. Have you known about a Ouija board?" Peter said, "When Tony a friend of mine was talking about demons, he mentioned certain things that took control over a persons mind. I have never witnessed this before at all. Mr. Dickinson said, "Once anyone plays with that sort of thing, all hell breaks loose." Peter said that he froze when he saw it on the table, he sensed darkness strongly. He noticed the guys were like in a trance state. Mr. Dickinson said, "The larger man is a real menace, his name is John. He was put here after a jail sentence. He has harmed others before. Now I have to call the authorities about him because he has broken his parole conditions. Mick is harmed seriously and that has to be given in to them tomorrow first thing. I did not know that John had done the harm, I suspected it. So John will be questioned tomorrow. If he did it he will be back in jail."

They went back near the table and told them to stop the game. Mr. Dickinson said, "This has to go out of the unit, and be burnt." John began to shout, "This is our game not yours. You, as all others are idiots! Get out of here!" Peter said to Mr. Dickinson, "They will not stop doing it, look at the trance they are in. I am going to pray right now, and ask the authority of "Jesus Christ" To rebuke it all in his name." Mr. Dickinson did agree.

Peter began to pray out loud. John became irritated, the glass smashed against the floor off the table. The table shook! The young men got up in shock. John said, "Now look what you have done, now we will not know what to do next for our plans." Peter continued praying. Peter then stopped his prayers for it to be rebuked. Mr. Dickinson told them to collect it all and put it in a bag. The guys did not like that, but they knew that they had to obey Mr. Dickinson. Mr. Dickinson said, "John you have to talk to the authorities tomorrow early. Mick will be able to tell me who harmed him so badly." John said, "Awe, well yes, I did hit him, we wanted to contact our game, and he said it was dangerous, and began to say that we will be harmed by doing it. So I got real mad, as I have done this for years. You may not understand, I get spirits to talk to me. Mick stopped it for a while by refusing to be quiet about it, so I hit him, over a few times. I know he will be able to tell you, so I may as well admit it."

Peter said softly, "John, do you see that already you are in trouble by it? You have to go back to jail for that harm you did." John said, "We were getting messages, and my guide spelt out that I harm Mick to shut him up. So I did." Mr. Dickinson said, "John I am going to have to have you in tight hold until tomorrow, I can see that you will try to escape in the night." John ran towards Mr. Dickinson and began hitting him, Peter being much younger and strong, took a hold on John, and Mr. Dickinson was able to release himself. He called on his mobile to the authorities. The noise of the unit reached the main entrance, others were coming into the unit. John had no chances now.

John was taken away. He had given up his chance to heal by never understanding that darkness never works. Mr. Dickinson said to Peter, "Come on we have to burn this lot." Peter said, "You are a Christian Mr. Dickinson? I can see that by your disgust in what we found tonight." Mr. Dickinson just looked at Peter, saying nothing. The game burned, and the flames made a noise. It was not like a usual flame it made a horrid noise as it burnt.

Peter went back to the unit to see the three left there. One of them said, "Gees that was close, made me think a bit you know." Peter said, "Good, come to the class, and you will learn more for your good, than what you have been in." They seemed alright, although Peter was concerned at the trance look in their eyes.

This was peters first account of demonic action. It disturbed him to see that. He was unable to sleep real well. He was making a few notes for his next class. It had given him a direct link to bring out more exposure of the satanic movements. Peter did pray through the night for strength. He had never seen young men's faces look like they were vacant from their own bodies. He realized that he did not need to be disturbed. This was a way for him to employ more sound service. He also thought it had to happen so that his work had a form of direct knowledge, by what he saw.

Peter went the next morning to see Mick. Mr. Dickinson let Peter go and miss his other work for an hour, Peter asked Mick, "What got John to hit you Mick?" Mick could not talk too well, but managed to say that he was against their game. He felt he was being attacked by them doing it in his company, even though he was not playing the game. He tried to explain he knew it was dangerous. They had done it several times before, but this night Mick could not go out, as they started it late in the night. Peter thanked Mick for trying to speak, and said he will be back to see him. Peter then stopped and turned round, "Mick! I will ask Mr. Dickinson to remove you from the unit to another one, would that be helping you?" Mick looked at Peter and made a gesture with his hand, that it was great if he could be moved,

Peter asked Mr. Dickinson if he could have time out? He was given so much to think of. He felt he would not be giving his all. He asked for the whole morning off. It was granted.

Peter took his notes out and looked at them. He took the Bible and asked where he needed to look? He was given Leviticus and Deuteronomy. He found both of these spoke of spirits. Witches, wizards, and what he made out as tools that are used for speaking with the dead. The dead that can never came back. Peter knew that, and he was sad to think that people believe their relatives come back. They cannot, as there is judgment, and then where they go by their works.

Peter knew that the demons do the talking to these who go there in the darkness. They have some information to give living people, so that they are conned into the deceit of satan. Traps. He also had learnt of the many ways that the dark force uses.

He spent the time off thinking and learning. It came to Peter that when he was on drugs, he too was in involved with demons. The switch from a false sense of power thinking he was right up there, all knowing, and knowing nothing. Drugs he thought, oh what a horrid road to be on. It was all lies. What utter blasphemy to "The Heavenly Father" And "Jesus Christ." How can anyone believe that "God" Would need the tools of satan, to give his children that he created, harm? How can anyone go there? He admitted he did once. And never again.

Peter thought that people need to know that anything that is against the creation of purity cannot be of "God."

He then decided to go and call Ma, before he did his afternoon work time. On is way to the phone he thought, no person can be with two gods, you either are with one or the other. He shuddered at the darkness.

Ma answered the call, Peter told her about the experience he had. She said, "Peter do you know, you have grown up maturely very quickly. You sound like a well advanced man already. "The Holy Spirit" Is working with you, you are not alone in this. I am very proud of your way in study." Peter then said, "Ma, I have met a real nice girl, well young lady, her name is Jenny. I would like her to come with me to see Jeff in the other jail he is in. She said she would. So hmn --- wondering if you would mind having her for dinner that night? With me." Ma said, "Peter you do not have to ask, who you want in your life is up to you, and I will stand by you whichever way it goes. Yes bring her, when will you go to see Jeff?" Peter said, "In two weeks time Ma, so see you then Ma, love you Ma, tell Eric I will see him too. He is a real cool guy. I reckon he is great for you, if you do not mind me saying that?" "No Peter it's fine thank you. You're getting your finals in study next year Peter, just think, you will be a Pastor, and my foster son." Peter had never heard Ma say that before, son, he was over the moon about it. It cheered him up so much. He then said, "I wonder if one day my family may know I am a Pastor, and what they will think or do?" Ma said, "Peter they can only take you as you are, it may be in the plans from above."

Peter was now in his manhood time. He no longer was in teenage mode of thinking. He had plans that he kept to himself so far. He thought it will come as I grow in "Christ."

Chapter Eighteen

Peter made his way to the second class he was running. His notes under his arm. When he got there, there were twenty young men there waiting. He thought, bit more then last time. He began the class by saying, "Today we are going into the reasons why so many in this world are lost." Gruff said nothing, he just looked at Peter, and Peter noticed that his face was calm. Peter said, "I would like all of you to write in your journal what it is you would most like in life. As you remember, in the first class we did much the same." They all did that, and Peter asked them to read their notes about life. What it was they most wanted. Most of them had the same wish. That happiness was in life. When he came to the three men from the unit of the night before, he got another look at their idea of a good life. One of them said, "I got a big surprise at you doing the praying last night. So I decided that there must be more to life then illusions." Peter said, "OK why do you feel life is illusion?" The young man said, "Something happened last night, when the glass flew off the table and smashed on the floor. None of us were touching it." Peter thought for a moment and said, "Yes I was praying, and that stopped all the deceit of what you called a game. It was sent off. You were to be taking this as a warning." "What warnings?" Said the young man. Peter said, "Today I have taken that as a means to let all of you here understand that there is a dark force activating in the world." The men sat quiet waiting for Peter to continue. Peter said, "Last night quite late, one unit was dabbling in the tools of darkness. Another young man was hurt badly. The leader of it, got himself back into jail. So darkness has no bearing on a good life. It will destroy." Other young men started to speak at once, all saying what was it? Peter said, "The three guys in here can tell you if they choose to. There was a waiting period, and shuffles of the feet.

One of the three said, "We were doing the Ouija game, where spirits talk to us, and give us messages of what to do in life." I have had some weird experiences when it was done. Like swearing, odd names of spirits. It's like the glass moves on its own, none of us moved it." Peter thanked him for his honesty of that tool. Then Peter said, "I can see that something happened to you last night, by you three being here today. I did not expect to see any of you in my class." Another of the three said, "There is more then the Ouija game that is weird! I went to this woman who did tarot readings. She gave me all this absolute crap! Then charged me eighty dollars for the entertainment. She told me things about family. Some if it was right, but the woman was looking like in trance. Then she went back to the cards, and gave me a whole lot of --- Peter butted in and said, "Please do not swear there is no need for it, and if it does go on I have to make you leave the class." The man looked at Peter, and then continued, "Yep! Guess so, see I had a aunt in fortune telling, she told me all about it when I was small. She did what she called medium work. I sure did not understand it at the time."

Peter said, "Thank you for the input, what is your name please?" "I am Gorden, next to me is Sam, the other guy is --- The other guy butted in and said, "I can speak for myself, what is all this talk against spirits anyway?" Gorden did not continue, and Peter said, "I have not said anything against it as yet, what I will say is it's very dangerous!, Really it is." He did not try to get this man's name as he could see he was resentful.

Peter said, "How many of you have had experiences in darkness, as in the tools of it, given to be games, and they are not games?" Most of the arms raised to Peter's surprise. Sam said, "Well my Uncle died, and my mother went to a spiritualist meeting, and my Uncle came through, so since then she has been going there." Peter sighed, and said, "Yes, in many ways the force uses those who suffer emotions and loss. It goes right back to the time of Genesis, where Adam and Eve were "God the father's" Creation. An angel called Lucifer became jealous of the glory of "God" So he, Lucifer, was as bright as the sun, and very beautiful, he wanted "God's" Glory. He descended into the world with a third of the other angels, who are --- Um demons. That is a far greater wisdom to understand. As soon as it's looking like you all will wish to know, I will give you the lessons. What I will say for today is, these demons are real, and satan does exist, as the prince of the air. Satan has the world since he became abominable. As time gets short for him, the strength he uses to con all mankind, is stronger."

The guys were looking uncomfortable. Gorden said, "I never believed he was real." The others all agreed, they to did not believe in him being anything but a myth. Another young man said, "I got into the weed, smoking it and getting stoned. It was great, but I became dependent on it, and used alcohol with it for larger stoned feelings." Peter said, "Again that is one of his tools, because when you're stoned as you say, you're an easy target." One man said, "I know that the scenes I have been in have destroyed my family ever wanting me in their lives." Peter said, "Families also are short of the glory of "God." We all are. Because the family is a unit that should be strong, and instead of pushing one who is in darkness, they could work with them and help their own understanding, that each of you guys needed them. They too were in need of freedom. You see anyone who is not free, will judge, throw insults, and become an egotistic nature. They are right, you are wrong methods.

Peter then said, "Look, I will mention "Jesus Christ" Here right now" --- Peter was interrupted. "Awe, come off it man, if this Jesus is so great why does he allow this to happen? Why is there so much evil then? Yeah tell us Peter! Go on tell us." Peter sat down and said. "I told you I was into drugs myself once. I was on the same path as many are today still. I was looking for answers, as you all are if the truth be known. I found my path altered once I began to get to know "Jesus Christ." "The Holy Spirit" Is" --- Peter was again interrupted. "Oh yeah, a Holy Spirit is right, and the others are wrong eh? Look at all the metaphysical books, saying the fact of reincarnations. Churches are empty much of the time these days, nobody wants the political jargon they dish out, and then want a poor man's money in the collection." Peter laughed, and the class seemed to relax at that laugh.

Peter said, "Yes there are many churches that have doctrines that are in control of their parishioners, there is little about love. I understand what you are saying. There is one church guys, and that is "The body of Christ." No church can have success if they alter any part of the simple teaching that "The Lord" Taught when he was here two thousand years ago." Gorden said, "I am really taken by this Peter, but I want to know how you learned all this." Peter said, "By common sense, and the home of my Ma! Who is not my mother, and been a great support, without pushing me any way at all. I did work in a church hall, there I began my search for peace. I suppose that I can say what was said to me. That "Jesus" knew me, I did not know him! I cannot say how you will extend your search, or if any of you have searching, I feel you do deep inside though."

Sam said, "We were talking about these spirits right? So if they are demons what are demons?" Peter said, "Satan's league of destroyers. Satan prowls the world, to gain power, yet he knows he will be in the lake of fire!" Sam said, "So the league is the helpers for this satan then?" "Yes," Said Peter. Peter continued and said, "Do you see books on satan's work warning people?" The class looked around at each other, and they all said at once "No." So Peter said, "There are heaps of warnings all the time, in music, movies, even little children are targeted. The whole world is full of his tools. We as humans before we get to the truth, think it's normal to have media give out shows. There is the strong belief that dead people never died. What ever drug, or crime committed is to do with satan." One man said, "Well then we are not to blame for the crimes done?" "Peter said, "That is incorrect, we are! We have choices. Unfortunately the emotions get hurt, the hurt becomes resentment, that causes the family rifts, then anger comes in our being, after that we all go and do things as a way to pay us back for what we lost. Two wrongs do not make a right. Then hate comes, and that is the theme satan wants all mankind to be, hate."

"Peter then said, "Some will drive as a loony and speed, some will steal cars. Some in fact, become self-centered, and go to gyms, for this body that is correct in the eyes of glamour. Some ladies actually starve themselves, to be skeletons, for fashion." Peter thought for a moment, and said, "I was reading about children that were abused, that was so sad, because at their young age, they have no childhood, they are controlled, and all weak people do become bullies, so to get their fix, as powerful, they go and trespass on others lives, to gain their power, and all the time they are powerless. Greed becomes a full time job for many people, never have enough, never satisfied with their portion given them. "God" Provides the earth with it's needs. Man takes the needs so that not all get their portion, and rich get too much portion. Poor get very little. This is also why there is so much unrest in mankind. Hey guys although I am doing this class, I too can be tempted. I am man, temptation is always there."

Gruff had been quiet all through this class until now. He said, "I never thought about life like that, I have blamed my folks for my life being so off track. I agree if a child has been abused, it is a little different, the child has to become self sufficient. So that kid will get temptations and just do what they can. Gees man you have got me thinking, I am annoyed with you!" Peter said, "Why?" Gruff said, "Well what you have done in two classes, so far, is put it all back to ourselves, choices, and I thought the world was against me, when I am now thinking um --- Oh! Stuff this! --- OK I will say it, I was against myself!" Peter just applauded Gruff for that truth. He said, "Man oh man, now your getting it eh? See although the start may have been adults that never grew up, and placed harm on you, you took it as offense against "God," Right? Then against all mankind, right?" Gruff looked down, and Peter saw another Gruff emerging from his face, he looked softer.

Peter said, "We are coming to the last half hour now, so I will tell you that all spirits' work is demonic, all crimes the same, all darkness is moving at speed. People will not give the truth that "God" Gives life and takes life. Instead they will not accept that fact. So as there is a energy in occult, the one word to say it all, people are amazed at it, and the energy. Auras, white light talk, it's all a big lie. In all spiritualist work, there is always a red Indian that is a guide, I read about that." One guy said, "If you're becoming a Pastor, why read that stuff?" Peter said, "My work in service will mean I understand all men and women that need my help. I cannot just go on, and on, about "Jesus," I must first take "Jesus" Into my heart. Then I must look at the vexations of humankind. By understanding as much as I can about the dark force, I am able to listen to people who come to me for help. That way I can be as them, I am not above them, or below. Understanding is to me a key of getting to the crux of the Matter that is harming their lives. This way I can, when they are ready, speak about the truth, and "Jesus Christ" And why he was sent to take all sin out of the world, if mankind would only understand that. Think about it, "God the heavenly father" Created the world, and the creatures, and man and woman. He is the supreme sovereignty, the beginning and the end. Why would "God" need a man or woman to do his "Holy Spirit" Sense in itself. What "The Lord" Will allow is people to have "The Holy Spirit" Inside them. That is a different kind of doing. Those who have "The Holy Spirit" listen, take the measures that "God's" Will, will be given to the world. Some will do workings of "God" In ways that "The Holy Spirit" has led them too! "Jesus" Is the only way to freedom, and only by having him in your lives, will you go the straight and narrow road.

Peter looked at his watch, and then said, "Look, it's time now, but I will say this before you go, the lake of fire is a real place. Hell is one word that may sit better. Without "Jesus Christ" Not one person can go to the kingdom prepared without going through "Jesus," So I ask you if you wish to, write down in your journals, what you have felt you have learned. Take time to look into your spiritual health. Are you healthy, or are you mixed up?"

Gruff said, "This hell place, what happens after death for one to go there?" Peter said, "OK just an extra five minutes. The words said when judged, as that is what comes at death, to non believers, if they are in any occult --- Um how can I put it? Yes, games, or any demonic captures for them, "God" Says "Depart from me ye cursed" And they go to hell. When the coming of "Christ" Is the second time, those dead arise from hell, judged again for their works, they then get the second death, they perish. There is only one book that is the truth, and that is the Bible. Now take this and think upon it all, for your own sakes. Take no measures of what man says, apart from those that live the truth, just for your own learning. The class ended a little later than usual. Peter noticed groups of guys were talking amongst themselves. He was satisfied with the days work. He quietly gave a prayer of thanksgiving for the way he was able to speak on all the questions.

Chapter Nineteen

Peter was settled in the refuge. As his classes were moving with time, he saw many of the guys looking towards the truth.

The weekend he took Jenny to see Jeff, Jeff was really happy to see a woman. Jenny was very understanding. He said to her, "I have done a lot of reading of the Bible. I have decided to take that path when I am out of my sentence time. This Peter," And Jeff smiled, "He has given me Hope." Peter said, "No I gave you only a truth to look at, your own soul wanted the bread of life. My reward Jeff, is, well knowing you're different than when I first met you." Jeff said to Jenny, " I had harmed another man, and got five years for it. I am that sorry, that I just want to change my thinking, so that I have no more criminal thoughts in life." Jenny said, "Jeff, it's been a pleasure meeting you. Once you're out which is what?" Jeff said, "About a year. I do not know where I will go to live, because I will have nowhere to stay for a while. I will get a job, and then build up for a home." Jenny said, "Good way of thinking." Peter said, "As you know I am in a refuge, helping guys there. You could start by living in one, or even the one I am in. I can see when your out, if there is a bed for you. Understand that they have rules, and it will not be quite like full freedom due to the rules." Jeff said, "Yeah! That sounds like a good start, it would be better than here. I have had so much counseling, that I have seen where I was going wrong. So now I have only the year to go, and do not need further counseling. They will not send me back to the other prison, because they felt it would upset my new way of healing from all the past." Peter said that James was coming with him next time. Jeff said, "Awe, no lady then next time?" Jenny said, "I have to work, as the roster had a couple missing from work due to ill health. But I may get to see you again." Jeff looked happy with that.

On the drive back to Ma's, Peter was driving, and Jenny put her hand on his arm saying, "We get on well Peter, I like you a lot." Peter said, "Jenny I have not stopped thinking of you, do you think we can get a serious relationship?" Jenny said, "Ah well Peter, lets take it one day at a time." Peter felt she needed time to think. "Fine," He said.

Ma had a lovely dinner ready for them, Eric was there with the children. Peter said, "Eric are you in here now?" Eric said, "Most of the time, the settlement is nearly done." Ma said, "I am looking forward to the children being here, takes me back to when I had my son, all those years ago." Eric got Ma's hand, and she looked at him with so much love. Jenny saw that, and her instinct made her get Peter's hand, she squeezed his hand, and he put his arm around her. She enjoyed the feeling of home in Ma's home. It had a peace to it. Ethel said, "Peter you must be nearing the finals of your study, you have done five years." Peter said, "Yes, I still have to get more experience so that I have a full box." "A full box?" Ma said. Peter just smiled. His intention was to stay at the refuge, until he had captured Jenny's heart. He was in love with her.

Some months had passed. A class was to be held. Peter had gone through as much of the dark force as he could. He was now talking about why "Jesus Christ" Is the only way to be saved. He took the men into looking at Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Gruff was so sober now, he never gave anymore trouble. The other guys were taking interest in the truth.

Peter had asked Mr. Dickinson, if there could be a Pastor free in the area, for Bible studies, in leisure time?" Mr. Dickinson agreed to phone around. Then he said, "Peter you are able to do it." Peter said, "No, I have to be a Pastor, in my books, to have that position. As you know, on the days I am not working, I have attended a college, and gain my bachelors degree, which will not be long now. Then I do at the least four years more in one of the seminaries, which includes in that time, an internship for one year. Which is called Vicarage. You see I have to learn far more than what I have." Mr. Dickinson said, "When you gain you bachelors degree, I take it you will leave the refuge?" Peter said, "Yes." Mr. Dickinson said, "We will miss you. What you have done in looking at the angles of the unseen dark forces, has really been a good thing for many young men in here." Peter said, "I was led by "The holy spirit" To be a Pastor, that was "God's" Will. The very last thing I would have thought, for my life at the time." "Ah! I see, you cannot take a place without being complete in all studies?" Said Mr. Dickinson. Peter said, "My father would have a fit if he knew. He never gave me encouragement, just control, at which I rebelled. So that is why I have had to find my own path.

I was going to do elder work, until this refuge came up. So the classes were lay mans study, not Pastoral. I placed the study into two ways. One to help my own age understand the veil between the truth and the darkness. I had to understand as well. Two way learning curve. Mr. Dickinson said, "You're going to do well. As for me, I will miss you. The way you gave Christian learning was so well done. You made yourself the same as the other men were." Peter said, "I did not make myself that way, I was that way." "You're very humble Peter." Said Mr. Dickinson.

The time was passing. Peter had more time with Jenny. She understood his calling to be a Pastor, had to be the first. She was glad about that, because she wanted time herself.

One morning Peter was tidying the yard. He heard a call of his name. He looked to see where it came from. To his surprise, Tony was there! "Tony! What are you doing here?" Peter called back. Tony said that he was doing study for missionary work. That will mean he will be abroad. So he asked Ethel where the refuge was? So that he could come and say goodbye for a few years. Could be three or four years. Peter grabbed Tony and said, "Hey here you are going to do service, and here I am going to be a Pastor." Tony said, "Can you get off later?" Peter said, "Sure at four o'clock." They arranged to go and have a meal out of the refuge, so that they had quality time. All the time they had together, was full of talking. Tony was telling Peter about his studies. Peter was telling Tony about his layman's classes. He then said, "Tony, you told be in the beginning of us meeting, when we were in Bible study, about the dark force. You actually gave me a full interest in looking into it." "Oh that's OK," Said Tony. Peter said, "I found out so much that goes on, where teenagers, and early adult men, were meddling with what you and I know is sin." I realized that I too was meddling with it, in being into drugs. I found that all things, like drunkenness, addictions, false thinking of power, was all satan's tools. Its ugly really." Then they decided to cheer the evening by going to see a movie.

After the two men had the night out, they had to say goodbye. Tony was off to another country. He begins his work there. Peter watched Tony drive off. Some of the young men were walking in the driveway, and stopped to talk to Peter. One said, "Do you know how much good you did in your classes?" Peter said, "I did what "The Holy Spirit" Asked of me. I was learning as well. When one thinks they have stopped learning, they have stopped living. What gets to me is, some will never go to the truth. For those that have, I am rewarded giving the reward to above."

The next morning, Gruff came to see Peter. He said, "I have a job coming now. With the wages I can afford a pad. So I am leaving here. I have to say Peter, that you gave me the Hope and the way to have faith. Thank you." Peter said, "I did the work so it's understood, but "The holy spirit" Led you." Gruff said, "Drugs ugh! I could never go back to that! To think I was doing the pushing, meant I was killing people with the drugs, by being involved. All drug users cannot get straight. Hey how about that woman you are seeing?" Peter said, "Yes she is serious with me now, but knows I have to do my finals in study. So she is willing to wait until the four years is done." "Man that woman does love you to wait." Said Gruff. I am losing the name Gruff now Peter, it no longer sounds smart." They parted company, and Peter was in thanksgiving again. Another child of "God" Was saved. Gruff, the toughest nut to crack. Then he thought, Jeff another tough nut to crack.

Chapter Twenty

Peter won his bachelors degree. Now he was ready for the main part of his future. Jenny was happy, and understanding. Ma was just losing her control with excitement. Eric was extremely glad for Peter, he said, "Could not happen to a nicer man Ethel." Ethel said, "Eric to think he came in a way of rags, no way to wash, no money, just a mess. Now look at it." Eric said, "Yes, I am glad to be in company with you, not only in house, but in church too! I am quite prepared to remain in another bedroom, until Peter is a Pastor. You want him to marry us eh?" Ethel said, "It may sound a bit odd, but we are together now, and will be together for the four years. You still have your driving company to run. I now have the children to do for with gladness."

Eric said, "Imagine the day of our wedding, Peter in his church. Pastor James assisting. He told me that he was going to give us a big surprise, and a bigger surprise for Peter." "What is he going to do?" Said Ethel. Eric said, "No, I am not telling you. You can wait. You may say something not meaning to, and it will spoil it. Grumbling in laughter Ethel just gave the questions away.

Peter came to the day of leaving the refuge. He was going to another town. That was where they fitted him in. Mr. Dickinson gave a big party. The whole refuge was involved. Peter had presents from some of the guys. Things they had made in the wood work class. There was a present from Mr. Dickinson, it was an illustrated Bible. He said, "Peter, you have been so devoted to your faith, you gave me time --- " Mr. Dickinson slowed his talking to a whisper, " --- Time to rethink my own soul needs. I was getting so military in my work, that I forgot the guys were people, not numbers. You showed me by your own way, that being one of them was better than being a straight jacket in work. They used to avoid me, and now they talk to me. A man of my age was still learning." Peter said, "Ah well as I have said, there is no barrier when "The Holy Spirit" calls his children." Mr. Dickinson said, "Yes, that is how I felt, a child."

With all this encouragement, Peter never once felt above anyone. It made him more humble than ever. He knew that the change in his own life was a greater reward, whilst being still in the world. He also knew the reward given when the earth life is over with. Some of the guys came to speak to him. They said that they all thought they were on a right road. The right road they thought was right, was leading them into a maze, and not one way to work out, how to get out of it. One man said, "The maze is a difficult thing to get out of. I never knew that having "The Lord" In my life, would take me out of it straight away. I back slid a few times." Peter said, "Back sliding is nothing unusual. It can happen at any time, the old temptation. What's important is, look at how back sliding is coming, what the reason is, and where it has anything to do with the past road of the old you. I too have done back sliding. I am getting temptations as well. That is the one thing to remember, the closer you are to "The Lord" The more the adversary will tempt you. One way to stop that, is to "Praise the Lord." The adversary trembles. He knows that he is not the sovereignty. He flees at any praising." The evening was ending. Peter had so many cheers for his future. He felt a little sad to leave the refuge the next day.

Peter had three weeks at home. He was taking the time to relax. Jenny had time off, having time with Peter. They went to the beach, took walks in the forest, had picnics. Ethel looked at Peter and said, "Peter, you're a man now. You seem to have matured so much from when I first had you here." Peter said, "Well Ma, we all have to grow up." Peter had saved a good deal of his wages, so he was happy to spoil Jenny. Jenny said, "I am leaving the refuge next month, I am going to do work with children. The job came up last week. Thought I would tell you when I came to see you." Peter was happy about it, he said, "Well Jenny that will extend your experiences in life." Jenny said, "Yes I think so too!"

Gorden came to Peter and gave him a piece of paper. Gorden said, "Read it when you are on your own. It is something I wrote down. I thought you might like to have it." Peter said "Gorden! Thank you." When Peter went back to his room, he read it.



Prayer is the answer to every problem in life.
It puts us in tune with the divine wisdom which knows how to adjust everything perfectly.

So often we do not pray in certain situations, because, from our standpoint the outlook is hopeless. But nothing is impossible with God.

Nothing is so entangled that is cannot be remedied.
No human relation is too strained for God to bring about reconciliation and understanding.

No habit is so deeply rooted that it cannot be overcome.
No one is so weak that they cannot be strong.
No one is so ill that they cannot be healed.

No mind is so dull that it cannot be made brilliant.
Whatever we desire, if we trust God, he will supply it.
If anything is causing worry or anxiety, let us stop rehearsing the difficulty and trust God for healing, love and power.

Peter thought, "Phew!" Then thought, I never knew that Gorden had gone that far into understanding the love of truth. Peter then thought to frame it. He was going to put it in his office when he was a Pastor. It would remind him that all work of "God's" Will, just does work. Peter thought how well it worked out for him to be in the refuge, and have time off to do his studies. He gained a lot of experience by doing the two together.

He had time to be at Ma's for a while. This was going to be a good time. While there he had time to be with the children. They were asking him about "God." He told them a story. It went like this.

One day children there were two lambs. One of them left the field and got lost. The shepherd was worried. He went over hills and dales to find the lamb. No Matter where the shepherd went he could not find his lamb for two days. The shepherd went out day, and night, to find his lamb.

There on a ledge of a cliff was the lamb. The shepherd had been calling the lamb, and the lamb knew the voice. As the shepherd climbed the cliff to save his lamb, a large eagle came and frightened the lamb. The lamb fell off the ledge. The shepherd said, "My lamb will be mine, I will save it."

Just below was a smaller ledge, the lamb's feet were only just on it. The shepherd knew that if he did not get his lamb now, he would loose it. So he took his rope, and tied it to the ledge above him securely. He lowered himself, and put another rope around the lamb. The lamb stood still so the shepherd did not have difficulty in getting his lamb secure.

The shepherd then climbed the cliff, and the lamb was dangling off the ledge it was on. As the shepherd got to a safe place, he took the lamb upon his back. At the top of the cliff, he said, "My lambs are mine, none will be lost as long as I love them."

The shepherd went back to where the other lamb was safe. The two lambs played together just like neither one was ever lost.

Peter said, "You see children we are all "God's" Children. With "Jesus Christ" Who looks for his lambs, and knows his lambs, the lambs will always come home. Some lambs get into trouble, some get sick, some go near wolves. "Jesus Christ" Comes to save all the lambs. Home is in one place. So let's say Amen!"

The children loved the story, and wanted Peter to tell them another. Peter said, "Not today, because we are going to have a walk in the park."

While in the park Peter thought, I told them a story, I never knew I could do that, they will gain understanding with time, that being saved is a seal. He was quite happy at his efforts.

The time came for Peter to go for his longer studies. He now had to put all his might into getting to his Pastoral work. He arrived in a town and went to the place he was going to live in. He was met by other young men that were doing the same as he was. As the time went along, he was gaining every way.

He had called Jenny, and she told him that her new job was great. She seemed a little distant, he thought. He asked her if she would like to meet him that weekend? She said she was too busy. Peter felt she was cooling off. He did not know that she was married a year ago. It had failed, her husband at the time was a bully. She had many reservations about being in another relationship. Jenny so much did not want to hurt Peter, but she was not ready. She felt she had been looking like she was ready, but inside she was not. Peter was about to get his first test. He felt by her voice that was sounding colder, that she would be ending it. At first he felt hurt. Then he felt forgiveness for it. He gave even more time into his studies.

Jenny did contact Peter, and she said, "Peter I am sorry to have to say --- Um oh sorry, please do not be too hurt, I just cannot go on with our times. Would you give me a month? As I have to work out something." Peter said, "What do you need to work out?" Jenny told him, "Peter it's nothing to do with you, I just need some space. It really is not you, it is me." Peter said, "Jenny, I will do that, whatever it is, then I must allow you to work it out. I am not as hurt as you may think, I just feel more surprised. Do what you think you need to do." Peter then hung up, yes he was hurt, he knew he would have to get on with things. His hurt did not last long. It was a mixture of feelings. He did think it may be because of his family being estranged from him. It seemed to be so. There is the old feelings that must stay in the past. Test number one, Peter thought.

As he went through the time of much study, a great deal of sound advice in certain areas that Pastors can meet. He became very confident. His other activities were going ten pin bowling, playing golf, taking times in the country area. There was peace there. The time was passing now quickly. He would be a Pastor quite soon. Jenny did not call him again. So he let it go. His next path was about to open.

The End

Martha Brooks

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