A Familiar Spirit

The Aged Home

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A Familiar Spirit

The Aged Home

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled A Familiar Spirit - The Aged Home written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Aged Home E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Chapter One

Edward was sitting in the car silent. He was aged seventy one. His son was taking him to an old aged home. Edward felt unwanted at his age. Donald his son was rather self centered. Edward thought, what is life about when my own son has no time for me? Donald said to his father, "Dad, I know you're not enjoying the idea of a home, I just have no time to come and visit you. Since Mum has passed, you have needed visits very often. I really think that this home is the answer." Edward said, "You have been pushing me to do this. I said that I can manage, I just needed some help with the garden. Only once did you mow the grass. I prefer to be in my own home, but you have gone on and on about selling it. I would not even get the money for the sale, because you said it would pay for my latter years in this home." Donald said, I know it will be different for you, but you will have company all the time in the home. No garden to do, no cleaning to do. It's for the best, Dad." Edward was now again silent. He felt that his age was against him standing for what he really wanted. He felt unwanted.

They arrived at the home. It was a big place. Donald parked the car near the entrance, took the suitcases out of the boot and opened the car door for his father to come out. Edward got out very slowly, he was looking at the front of the home. His heart was heavy. Donald seemed to want his father to get a move on. Donald was not a patient man. They entered in the door. There was a lady at the desk, she said, "Hello, are you Edward Jones?" Edward said, "Yes I am, I am supposed to be here at two thirty." The lady at the desk said, "Yes, you're early, but your son can stay for a while." Donald said, no I cannot, I have other things to do, and have to leave after you have signed my father in." The lady at the desk looked at Donald raising her eyebrows, because Donald had a stern, stern face. When she signed Edward into the residential home, she asked if his son would take him there with the head staff member? Donald said, "As I said, I have to go, things to do."

Donald left his father with the staff member, and went out of the building. The lady that was taking him to his room said, "Edward you have tears in your eyes, is there something wrong?" Edward said, "No I am just uncertain of being out of my own home." She said, "I am sure you will settle down Edward." She took him to a room, and said, "Here is your room, it has everything you need in it. Lets put your bags in it and then go and meet the other people that live here." He said nothing. They went to a large lounge type room. He saw aged people in the chairs. Some were looking as though they had no life, he thought. Some were reading. Some were doing their craft work. None spoke. He was introduced and they looked up at him.

Edward felt he was in a place against his wishes. He did not like the look of the other aged people, they looked as if they had no life in them. As Edward sat in his room, he thought, so now this room is my home, my house is not my home anymore. He was asked to join the other residents, he refused. He went to the dining room for his evening meal. One lady said, "Hello, you're new here, my name is Joyce, will you join us for a game of cards later?" Edward politely said no. He went back into his room. Sitting in the chair he got sad. He thought of his wife and how little his son seemed to care for him. After an hour of thinking time, he went out of the room to look at the place a little more.

A man was sitting by himself in a corner in the reading room. Edward went in and looked at some books. The man said, "What are you interested in reading?" Edward said, "Nothing much, I have just come in here to live. Seems to me to be like a place where nobody has any life left." The man said, "I am Norman, I look at metaphysical books." "What are they?" Edward asked. "Oh," The man said, "It's about many things, like, life never ends, and we all get reincarnated." Edward was taken aback, he had never heard of this sort of thing. The man said, "I follow things that are about spiritual things." Edward said, "Is that Christian?" The man said, "Not really, science in a way." Edward lost interest and said he will go now.

When back in his room, he got undressed for bed. He thought, what was that man talking about? Seems a bit crazy to me. He got into bed, and began to fall asleep. Not long after he awoke. When he turned over he thought he saw a figure in the room. As he looked at it, it looked like a lady. The lady was in black. He spoke to her, and no answer. He got up to ask what she was doing in his room. She disappeared. Edward was now quite upset, a vision he thought. Wonder who it was? Come to that I have never seen a vision before. He was nervous of it coming again.

The next morning he went to one of the staff members. He said, "I had a strange thing happen in my room last night. It was a vision." The staff member looked at him and said, "Oh really? That room has had that before." Edward said, "Who is it?" The answer was, "Oh, Jim, who reads a lot, he is an odd man. He thinks there are spirits in that room, as he had it before you came. He used to talk to them." "Them?" Edward said, "I am not sure I like all that sort of thing. Why did he leave the room?" the staff member said, "He wanted a room near the west wing, so when that person passed who had a west wing room, he got into it, and you got his room." Edward said, "If I get any of that in there again, I want to be moved out of it."

Edward had no more visions for several nights. Then one night he woke up and saw the lady again. That's it he thought, I am not going to stay here. He called his son and said, "Donald I will have to get out of here." Donald said, "Why?" His father told him of the vision." Donald said, "Oh come on Dad, that is rubbish!" Edward said, "My home is not sold yet, and I want to come to my own home you must stop all sales if any have come in the short time I have been in here." Donald said, "Dad, the house was sold only yesterday. A couple came to see it, and took it straight away." Edward said, "How can it be sold so quickly?" Donald said, "The day you went in the home, I had it up for sale." His father was now upset. Edward said, "It takes time to settle that, so stop it now." Donald said, "Sorry Dad, but it is going through, I think you should stay in the home. Leave the details with me. Look ask for another room." Edward said, "There is no other room, someone has to pass away for a vacant room."

After the phone call Edward was afraid to be in the room. He had never thought of spirits. He felt his son thought he was now going off beam. Edward decided to talk to the man who he met a week ago in the reading room.

Edward found him sitting with a pack of cards. In the reading room. He said, "Norman, did you have any visions in the room I am in now?" Norman laughed, and said, "Sure I did. I saw quite a few of them, they are spirits, they come after they have died, just to let us know there is contact with relatives. You see when someone dies, they can come back to show there is a realm." Edward said, "Realm? What are you talking about? It sounds not quite right to me. How can a dead person come back?" Norman said, "They come back in spirit, mind you I have seen some that are, one minute looking like normal, then it turns ugly." Edward said, "Sorry but are you taking anything, like medication?" Norman said, "I take pills for blood pressure, that's all." Now Edward was out of his league. He could not make sense of it at all.

Sunday came and there was a chapel in the courtyard. Donald had not visited there at all. So he went to the chapel. He met the Vicar, and said, "Please do not think I am crazy, but do dead people come back in visions? I mean, oh! I have seen visions in my room! I am wondering if I am just hallucinating? But another man said he saw them too! He is odd, he talks about a realm, and that there are spirits." The Vicar said, "Oh dear, I think your talking about Norman. I have tried to help him, but he refused to allow me to come to the room he was in." Edward told the Vicar his name, and said, "Is this all rubbish?" The Vicar said, "No not really. I would like to make an appointment to see you. We can discuss what is going on, do not dismiss this, I can do something, once you realize what is going on." Edward shook his head and said, "I have my son taking over my finances, he has no care for me really, it's enough to deal with that, let alone this what I have told you. Surely there are no spirits around." The Vicar said, "Edward I can see your disturbed, how about I come Tuesday evening to your room? You see, what Norman is doing is why there are the spirits in your room. Let me tell you, they are not what Norman says they are." Edward said, "I have only seen one woman twice. What do you mean they are not what Norman says they are?" The Vicar looked concerned, and said, "When I explain what it really is, and then you agree for me to clear it, you will understand. Tell me Edward, did you study any of the Bible?" Edward said, "No I just went to church occasionally. A Bible reading was done, but I never really took it in. I have one but I rarely looked at it." The Vicar said, "Right, then we can change that." Edward said, "Oh do not start preaching to me, about full attendance. I believe, but I do not go much into it."

They agreed on the Tuesday evening, and the Vicar will explain it all.
At 71 Edward felt out of any home comforts. He had not settled at all! He was very unhappy. His sleep was fitful. He slumped into his chair after the chapel meeting, exhausted. He knew his latter life was in this home. He had not made any friends because he had trouble adjusting to the place. So now he felt his life was to begin in the aged home.

Chapter Two

Edward sat by the window on Tuesday evening. He was waiting for the Vicar. He was apprehensive about his calling in to see him, due to not wishing to be preached to.

A knock came upon the door, and Edward said, "It is open, come in." "Ah! Well hello there Edward, "Said the Vicar. Edward said, "Can we get rid of the Vicar bit, what is your name? I did not look or ask you." The Vicar said, "Yes, I am Amish, as you can hear I am Irish." Edward said, "I thought all Irish were Catholics." "Oh no, my chapel is under no denomination at all!" Said Amish. Edward said, "Do you want a cup of tea?" The Vicar smiled and said, "Yes that would be nice."

They sat together talking about the home. Edward said he was not able to settle there. The Vicar said, "Well let me help you, you say you have seen two visions in this room, is that correct?" Edward said, "Well since Sunday I have seen others, two of them. Two men! You will think I am crazy, but I have seen them." the Vicar smiled again and said, "Yes I believe you, you see, Norman, who had this room before you, was into contacting spirits. Naturally he wished to really believe this, he refused to believe it's dangerous. His grandfather was a medium for channeling into the spirits. So because of that he thinks it's perfectly normal to have this wisdom." Edward was lost, he said, "It sounds like a lack of sense to me." The Vicar said, "I agree with you, but Norman had his mother come here to see him, um --- Who is dead! He also had his late sister come here. His grandfather came here, so along with that his lost son came here. That is the two men you saw, his mother wore black since her grandson died, and so when her father died not long after, the black was never taken off!" Edward said, "Good grief! That is what I saw. I do not contact dead spirits Amish, so why did I get it?" Amish said, "In Leviticus, and Deuteronomy in the Bible, it has great warnings about diviners, witches, necRomancers, people who contact the familiar spirits, are to be away from the righteous people. It is a abomination to "The Lord" That he will get them to flee from before anyone who is a child of "God." He will not let his children suffer the onslaught of the evil."

Edward said, "I am a reader of many books, but the Bible I have not been able to understand. So alright, why did I get these visions, as I have never seen any before?"

Amish said, "Well, Norman had used this room for his occult life. That he has chosen. So when he left the room, the familiar spirits did not know straight away where he went." Edward said, "Oh come on, if they knew him they could have followed him." "Not necessarily so." Amish continued, "You see they have limited knowledge, they would have to wait until Norman opened up another so called opening, so that they were contacted. Norman in his lack of sense in this field, just thought they would come with him. He has not seen them since in the new room. He has told me that, I did say to him that is better, but Norman said I knew nothing. Did not know why he told me. So in time Norman will open up the door into the new room for them. Look! What I can do here tonight is, send them away from this room. I can ask for the authority over them to be given for their departure." Edward looked even more lost now. He had no idea what Amish was really talking about. He said, "Amish, tell me what are familiar spirits?" Amish bent his head and sighed, saying, "Well yes, you know of the devil?" Edward said, "Yes he is a devil, but anything else I do not really know about him."

Amish said, "The devil, satan, Lucifer, is all the one thing. The adversary, against the glory being given to "God." He wants the glory to himself. In part of the Bible, which I will give you, he states with five I's that he is above "God." He will have the throne. What he has done is destroy mankind, up to this date now." Edward said, "Destroy, how can he do that?"

Amish took hold of Edward's hand, and said, "Since Adam and Eve, he has tempted mankind to go where "God" does not want them to go. Satan wants them to know the knowledge, that "God" had away from Adam and Eve. Once tempted, Adam and Eve began the destruction of mankind. Look, I know this is a great deal for you to take in right now, just listen to me. He has a third of the angels descend into his war. He gives mankind a false wisdom, that gives them the idea that contact with their dead is possible. It is not. It is definitely not. It is his demons. As they have won over previous generations, they have some knowledge of that past. They use it to gain power of the gullible. The previous generations had their idols, who were caught into the web of destruction. So from that it goes into following generations, until someone breaks it. Naturally only one way." Edward said, "What way is that?" Amish said, "Through "Jesus Christ." You see until Norman gets the feeling of destruction clear, he will not enter the place that is for "God's" children. Satan wants to destroy, but give a thinking that all people should worship him. So he uses the full waves that are unseen, to mankind." Edward said, "Goodness, this is far more them I ever thought was possible. I certainly do not want to see those visions anymore." Amish said, "Sometimes it takes more then one time to be rid of it. Look, I have given you far more to think about then you thought. So please be very much attentive, as I bring us into prayer."

The Vicar Amish began to pray. He asked for all demons to leave the room, and never return. He then asked for Edward to be free of the fog around him, that they brought to him via visions. He gave it to "Jesus Christ" To send them where "The Lord" thought they should go. After this there was a noise in the room. Edward said, "What is that crunching noise?" Amish said, "Sometimes there is no noise, sometimes there is, it is the fear the demons feel knowing that "Jesus" is the son of the most highest "God." None of these demons are Norman's dead relatives. They take on the appearance, to fool mankind. Let us now end this, and if you get anymore trouble I will do it again."

Amish said, "Thank you for being so good to bring this to me. For your sake too it is to be rid. I can only say, that you can pray for Norman, but regard him not. You will find he has no company with other residents. He is a loner." Edward said, "I ask you to come to visit me again about the scriptures you mentioned. Seems to me that I must prepare to learn the Bible." Amish said, "How about next Tuesday night then?" Edward agreed to that. He now knew there was more into life then he ever thought about. He just felt that he needed Amish to explain it all. Amish was about to leave at the door, then stopped saying, "Edward, have you got another half hour time tonight?" Edward said, "Yes, I cannot as yet go near the others. Amish sat down again, and he said, "Edward the youths of today are being attacked by technology, by music, by movies, and self centered motivations of self ego power. The little oh! --- This hurts to say, even little children are being attacked." Edward said, "How can that all be so?" Amish said, "The time is getting shorter by the day, satan knows he will be in the abyss, so he is gaining power by as much unseen forces as is possible. He has no care for any welfare of mankind. Actually Edward, Amish sighed, actually he gains only power in this world, as the prince of the air. So as time is getting shorter, he is using far more energies to claim his right to the throne, a throne that will never be his. It is up to those who know to speak." Edward said, "Speak, how can they if they do not know?" Amish said, "Well now you know more then you did a week ago. Take it from me, "The Holy Spirit" Works through those that are willing to speak. Oh the easy way is the simple way. The youths of today have no simplicity, they see life as me! Me! Me! And what is in it for me? Even they ask questions, with misdirected answers to them.

Edward said, "I know from my son, that I am not worth his time. Since his mother died, he has been with no support to me. There seems no thought to parents who age now. There is no respect for parents. It is forgotten that they did the best they could for their children. They leave and forget the fact that parents are people too! Yes me! Me! Me! How right you are Amish. Tell you what though, you have not preached to me at all, so by that I will see you before Tuesday, I will come to the chapel meeting Sunday." Amish said, "I will look forward to seeing you there. It is true, the kids of today forget they will get old too! By their actions of today, they will have even less support when they are old, there will be no places caring for the aged at all. Possible there will be no pensions either. Its closing in big time. "God's" Children are few, many will come but few get in. So I just wanted you to know about the youths of today, and let you know that they to are getting the adversary. I will take my leave now, and how about I put in your mail box on the wall, the scriptures I have mentioned, so that you can browse through them.? Do you have a Bible?" Edward said, "I do have one." The evening ended there.

Chapter Three

Wednesday came and Edward had to go for his breakfast in the meal room. In his room he had a small electrical area. He had a kettle, and a toaster, he had a small pantry. Some of the residents could not have those in their rooms, because they were not able to do for themselves.
Edward sat down at the table with his number on it. And began to eat his breakfast. In thought he realized that he had a good nights sleep. No visions. He looked around, and saw some of the residents being fed. His reaction to this was, he would never get like that. As he ate, he looked to see if Norman was in there. No sign of him.

Edward then spent the time in the meal room thinking of his home sold. What would they do to it? It would never be home again. He gave thought to the sale, and the money from the sale. How could all that money be spent on his old age in this home? He thought. What Edward regretted was giving his son the power of attorney, when he lost his wife. He was so grieved that he was not managing his affairs, so he gave it to Donald. Donald suggested that his father gave him rights to his money. Edward did so, not realizing that once done under the act given, he cannot reverse it. Edward never thought his father would push him into a home. Donald gave excuses for not being able to have time, due to his work load. Edward thought what work load? There are only so many hours in a work day. Edward had not seen that his grief was taken advantage of by Donald. He finished his breakfast, and a lady came and asked him if he would like to go to an art class? He was not interested at all.

As Edward left the area for meals, he saw Norman in the book room. He was at a table, doing cards. So Edward tried to be unseen, and looked if he could what Norman was doing? He saw that the cards were not playing cards. They had pictures on them. Edward could not see the pictures as to see what they were. A staff member came in with a tray of food for Norman, placed it by his side. Edward thought, Norman is odd, he is strange. I will not go in to speak to him. I must remember what Amish said. No contact is better.

Walking back to his room, he thought none of the others are back in their room, maybe I should at least see what they get up to? As he walked along he heard music and the door was open, so he looked in. He laughed! There was a lady giving the older people chair exercises. So many of them looked frail. How could they expect them to exercise? He thought. He left that to go outside. Along the side of the home was a attached building, that also was open. As Edward had not read the activities in the home, he never knew what went on. Through the door he looked in, and found the floor wet. He ventured further in, and saw a pool, a shallow pool. People in there doing more exercises. He thought how boring!

He went over the ground, and saw an opening. Ha! He thought now is my time to run away from here. How wrong he was. There were aged people in chairs drawing in the sun outside. So he went to look at the drawings. Oh! He thought, now these do not look like frail people. He saw many art forms being drawn. None spoke at all. So he left and went back inside. Seemed to him there is no way out. Then again where would he go? His home is sold, his money taken over by his son. He felt out of his own independence. Sadly he went back to his room. A knock on the door came. "Edward I am wondering if you would play chess with me this morning?" Said a lady. Edward had not taken notice of any lady, so did not know who she was. He opened the door and saw a lady quite stable looking. She said that she wished to get him involved into something. He said, "I do play chess, but it's been some time now. Come in."

They played chess, and Edward noticed that she seemed younger than the others. He said, "You said your name was Heather, so Heather, you seem young to be out in here." Heather said, "I was gambling and got into high debt, leaving all my home to the bank. So when it had gone there, I was given a medical to see if I could be housed in here? They found I had no real ailments, but a mental disability to run life. So here I am. I am sixty eight." Edward said, "That's tough on you, did you think that you would be rich one day by the pokers?" Heather said, "It's an addiction in the end. I played and played until I had no resources left at all. So now will you be against me too?" Edward said, "No, I do think it harmful to be taken by gambling. There are no lucky gamblers at all. I think the machines are legalized thieves."

Edward had a call from his son. As he listened Donald, said he was going over seas. That he had business dealings to see to. Edward felt for the first time very suspicious in his sons sudden departure. He tried to ask what was it that would take him out of the country? Donald said, "Dad, I have a job that takes me out of the country just now. It is to do with business dealings, as I said." Edward said, "When will you be back Donald? As the house is sold now so quickly, who is going to take care of the money from it?" Donald said, "Dad it is taken care of, nothing for you to concern about." Edward still had doubts. He could not say anything as Donald was power of attorney. He hung up thinking that Donald will carry on over seas with the finances.

Donald had taken care of his father alright! He had other ideas of the house money. He knew he would have to see that his father needed enough to pay his board in the aged home. He made calculations to cover that time. He knew his father had a pension, and the house money could not be touched. Having it in Donald's name. Edward did not know this. So he made enough to cover around fifteen years, he doubted his father would live that long. Donald had given false reasons why his father would never be able to have the house money, apart from paying his board. As it was in power of attorney, there was no dispute to the agreement.

Edward had no way to get out of the home now. It did cross his mind that his brother may take him in. But then he is older then me, Edward thought. No, something was wrong here. He called his brother to tell him what Donald had said. His brother said little, he did not quite understand what he was meaning. His brother had dementia coming slowly, so he often got stuck in time frames. Edward had no way he thought to find out.

Sunday came, and he went to the chapel. The Vicar said, "Edward, good to see you, how are things?" Edward said, "The visions have not returned. I have some problem understanding what my son is doing by going over seas?" "Over seas, Edward, why?" Said Amish. Edward said quickly what he was told. The Vicar frowned and said, "Seems a bit of a rush." Edward nodded. The service was enjoyable, and Edward felt more at ease.

Tuesday evening came. There came the knock of the Vicar. "Come in Amish, doors again open." Amish sat down and said, "Tonight we can go through the passages of familiar spirits. So that I can explain anything that was not clear to you, by reading on your own." There was much opened up to Edward, that he started to take an interest in finding out all he could. He said, "Amish, is there a way I can find out what is going on with the sale money of the house?" Amish said, "As you had had your son power of attorney very little can be done, you signed did you not?" Edward said, "Yes I did. I just feel something is wrong." Amish said, "Why not wait and see, when did Donald say he would be back?" Edward said, "Well he did not say it." Amish said, "Oh! Evasive in that, not say any time?" Edward said, "No."

The Vicar then returned to the reason he came. He had gone through the places and given explanations on things unclear. Edward understood now far more. Edward said, 'I would never have thought that people who did crimes were possessed by evil spirits. This means they are not to blame then Amish?" Amish said, "They have choice, all know good and bad. Some take time to understand. Some never try to understand. That is at their own peril. The name "Jesus Christ" Is not unknown today, the reason he gave his life for sin. All to save "God's" children. So the power of the time of darkness, is covering the world. There is in Revelation, the beast taking the people to worship him, and no Christian can buy or sell without the mark." Edward said, "What mark?" Amish showed him in the thirteenth Chapter of Revelation, the number. There is a mark upon the head and wrist of those that are satan's. The best we can do is to believe, and not lose faith." Edward shuddered at this. Then he said, "So people who do not know are in threat?" Amish said, "Yes dead right."

Edward started to move out of his chair. He said, "I saw Norman this morning in the book room. I did not speak to him, but tried to look at the cards he was looking at. Some sort of pictures. I could not make head or tail of them. I could not see enough." Amish said, "Oh yes, Norman is doing the tarot cards." "The what?" Edward said. Amish said, "The tarot cards are a divination of contact into the dark forces. People do them without knowing the dangers. They are satanic need I say more?" Edward said, "How can cards say things?" Amish said, "Alright, I give you a short list of things. Tarot are one of them, automatic writing is another. There are games that do the same thing. It's all like I told you last week, about the youths getting attacked by viewing movies that are dark in all ways, and evil harm is on them. Music, technology. As you never knew of these things, they will all sound strange to you. Which I might add is good. You never did it." Edward said, "Ah Amish this is going too fast for me. But thinking about two thousand years ago, they would never have had this sort of thing then surely?"

The Vicar sat silent for a while, and then said, "Edward they used the same ways but in different methods back then. Some that had demons were unclean, naked, harmful, and ugly. One man that is in --- The book of Luke, the doctor --- had many in him, "Jesus Christ" Came upon this man, and demanded to know the name, they did not answer until "Jesus" Asked again what is your name? They begged him not to be sent to the abyss, so they were sent to pigs. Pigs went to the water and drowned. After this the man was calm, changed, and ready to be clean. I would think the idols of these that followed the familiar spirits, had graved idols worshiped them. The blasphemy was great then too! You see adultery is also in another way, "God's" First law was, you shall have no other God before me. So as they did what today is called occult, they were giving adultery, because they chose another before "God," So I would think they had as many methods as today. One difference, today it is higher in intelligence." Edward said, "I cannot see how they could see them if not seen?" Amish said, "Electric, it is not seen, but you know it's there. It can do good, or it can kill. Unseen but known as you see. Today as I said before the time is short, so it's higher and everywhere. Any sense would tell anyone never to go to a person who consults the familiar spirits. It defiles those who listen and then follow."

Silence was in the room for a while. Then Edward said, "I knew a woman that went to these for finding out about her life. She never got one reading, as they call it today, that came true. Quite opposite. Enough was said to her to believe it, but it went another way. It drove her mad." Amish said, "So did she continue?" Edward said, "My wife said that she will end the friendship with her, because she was talking idiotic ways. I never really liked her, she dressed oddly. Looked like a witch." Amish said, "I think we have covered a great deal tonight. I am glad that you did not talk to Norman, but if he does talk to you, just be polite, and enter not into any talk of occult please. Make an excuse to leave by something you have to do." They ended the evening. And Edward stayed in his room.

Instead of sleeping Edward felt something was amiss with his son's dealings of the sale. He never showed papers. He felt he could do nothing, and had he worked all his life to end up this way, with nothing? Edward's thinking was a rush of thoughts, had his son dealt him a card of a fool? Why would he do that? Where did his value go as his father? Edward looked at the Bible, and thought, I can pray I suppose about it. Amish has given me a full look at just how false even our own can be, not that Amish said that. Edward then fell asleep from exhausting his mind with unhappy thoughts. Now he has to either choose to make a life here, or fight against it, until he made himself sick. His last thought was, I better make the best of it. He had no idea what his son did. That will come to him in time.

Chapter Four

Edward woke up early, he got up and had his shower, dressed and sat down to think. He thought about his wife who had passed. He had lost her and his life changed so much. He thought how they were as one. This got him to look at soul ties. He then realized that a soul tie can be with anyone in life, both positive and negative. He then thought about his son. What soul tie was that about? He began to look at the Bible, and found places that spoke about soul ties. He reflected back to his father. A man without feelings. A man that had his own way, and never gave in to another. He realized that through that, he had given Donald the reigns to be just how he wished to be. Edward had given to his son so much, that he did not see that meant Donald would take advantage. Edward did not chastise Donald, he tried to guide him, but failed to give him hard discipline. Edward thought, well here I am, now thinking of my father, who I never got to know. Yes I can see that a soul tie was created that was negative for me. How I tried to please him, until I was resentful. As he never said I was good at anything. As he looked back into the pages of time, he realized that Donald had so much freedom, that he took for granted, that what he says goes. Good heavens Edward thought, just like my father in many ways. He remembered how his father was in control of all finances. His mother was timid.

Edward got sad at the memories, and thought to get out of the room. He called Donald, there was no answer. Edward went to the book room and found it empty. So he thought to find a book on history of the sea voyages. He found one that really interested him. Deep in reading he forgot his breakfast. He did not see Norman come into the book room. No sound came at all. Then suddenly a voice came quite angry. Norman said, "You Mr. Whatever, oh yes Edward, you will not stop my family visions at all." Edward was taken by surprise, and said, "Norman please do not involve me with that rubbish!" Norman said, "They came to my room now, and told me that they came to my old room, the one you're in." Edward said, "I do not believe in all that stuff Norman, please be quiet about it." Norman sat there looking at Edward saying nothing. Edward began to read again. Then he heard a movement of Norman. He looked at where he was sitting, and saw him speaking to nothing Edward could see. Edward did not know what Norman was doing. So he got up and left the book room.

"Edward! Edward!" Said a staff member, "We did not see you at breakfast, and you did not answer your door when we knocked, so felt you were out somewhere in the grounds." Edward said, "Oh dear I forgot about breakfast. I am sorry." The staff member said, "That's alright, we can give you cereal as the hot breakfast is cold now." Edward agreed to the cereal. As he was eating it, he felt uncomfortable, although he was alone in the meal room, he felt he was being watched. He saw nobody there at all. After he ate the cereal, he left the meal room to go into the garden with the book he chose to read. He had to have it stamped that he had it, so they can keep trace of all books.

The garden seemed peaceful, so he sat down near the waterfall created in the centre of the garden. He began to read his book when Norman appeared. Edward was not happy about that. What is this man doing he thought? As Norman passed where Edward was sitting, Edward took notice of how he looked. A very strange man for his age, Edward thought. I wonder why he wears a cape? Now what is he doing? Waving his arms around as if there are things in the air. How peculiar. Then Edward heard some sort of music, odd music. He just caught the few words Norman said to someone, but who? Edward could see nobody at all. He heard Norman say, "That old room used to be our home, you still have the right to be there, and you found me in another room, so now you have two homes." Edward got up and felt like he was being followed. He saw nobody there, but he felt like there was.

In his room he thought to have a rest, he pulled the curtains, because the night before he had hardly any sleep. Due to thinking of his son, and what is going on with the house sale money? He rested on the top of the bed. There it was! Again visions. He got up and said, "Go away from me!" He thought what Amish said about no company with Norman, but how could he avoid him altogether? He left the room and asked how he can talk to the Vicar. Fortunately Amish was in the chapel.

The Vicar was willing to see Edward. Amish said, "What is the reason you wish to see me?" Edward said, "You said I may need more prayer if the visions came again." Amish said, "Oh no, what happened?" Edward told him all about Norman, and how his actions were very strange. Amish said, "He has put it back there." Edward said, "How is that possible?" Amish said, "Norman was in that room five years. He had this going on for all that time. He does not want what he thinks is his family to be upset. Tell me was he wearing a cape when he did the waving of arms?" Edward said, "Yes he was, and some odd music he had playing from a portable carrier." Amish said, "Right Edward, we will go to your room, and get to the bottom of this."

When in the room, the Vicar said, "Would you object if I asked you what your thoughts were this morning before you saw Norman?" Edward said, "Oh memories of past family, and the sad times back then. I thought about soul ties with my father that were negative to me as a child. How my son is very much like my father. Just sad things." Amish said, "You know Edward, that was why you had forgotten your breakfast. You saw Norman, who wanted his family to be in the two rooms. The familiar spirits, that are not his family. This gave a partial opening to have them come again." Edward said, "How can Norman do that?" Amish said, "He has the familiar spirits with him, that is who he was talking to, unseen by you, but seen by him. So what came was a vision when you rested, to attack you. I will end this with your permission in asking the main manager of the home, to give you another room. Change it with another resident. Prayer is needed right now, so let us do that."

After the prayer, there was calmness. Edward asked, "If another comes in here, will they get the visions?" Amish said, "No, because the room will be exorcised of all familiar spirits by a service of another Vicar I know that will come to do this with me. It will be done before the other resident lives in there." Edward said, "How can that be if they are here, they will need their room?" Amish said, "Some go to their families on an odd weekend, and then come back. What I will do is find out who is going away for the weekend, see if the change can be accepted, by the resident. I then will make sure your new room is safe, then do the exorcising in the empty room you're leaving, before the resident comes back. I do know a lady that is going to her family, and she is an easy lady to ask. Wait, I will call the main entrance office."

Amish called the main office, he was pleased to see that they would ask the lady today. Not long after, a call came to Edwards room. The lady was quite happy at a change of room. As it was Friday, she was leaving this afternoon for her family weekend. Amish said, "Ah! You see." Edward said, "What do you mean I see?" Amish said, "The Holy Spirit" Had this come at the right time Edward. You are being protected." Edward said, "But what about Norman, how will I get away from him if he does his weird things again?" The Vicar then rested his hand on Edwards arm and said, "Pray for him, he will not be wanting to send his family to a room he never was in. I do wish that Norman would repent of all this. He, I feel, will not bother you anymore. He will know you're not in the room. He has never done this to another in here. You had his room, and that was why."

Edward began to pack up his cloths, Amish stayed to help him. Edward was feeling better, the new room was on the other side of the building. Amish said, "When you go to the other room shortly, I will call Vicar Benetton. He is very learned in these Matters. He will come, and the clearing will be done." Edward said, "Norman must have these familiar spirits with him all the time." Amish said, "Yes, he is allowing it. He needs prayers for his own sake, to be free from this." Edward said, "How come the staff do not see Norman as a danger to others?" Amish said, "Norman is no danger to others, in their view, they do not understand what they cannot see. To them things are put down to dementia."

Edward moved into his new room, very pleased to be out of the room he was in. This room had a good view of the garden, the room he was in had a wall close to the window, not much to see. He unpacked, feeling this time "Jesus Christ" gave his authority to free Edward. Edward was grateful. He spent much of the early evening thanking "The Lord." Edward also knew that he had to learn far more than he knew about spiritual health.

Edward called his son again a day later. No answer. The following day Edward called again, no answer. So he called his old neighbor. William told Edward that there are new people in his once home. He said he did not see Donald. William said, "There must be someone you can call?" Edward thought about it. Donald had a very good friend in William's son. So he asked for his number. William gave it to Edward.

Edward called the number, and Jason answered. Edward said, "Do you know where Donald is Jason?" Jason said, "Um yes --- Um he left the country three days ago." Edward said, "Do you have a contact number?" Jason said, "No he would not give me any details. He just said he was leaving, and did not know when he will be back, he may stay there. Edward thanked Jason, and hung up.

He had no idea that his son left for good. Edward was getting very suspicious. He decided to let it go for now, and settle in his new room. He spent the evening in full prayers. He was going to get to know "The Holy Spirit" In a way he never had before. He prayed that he could get some news about what is going on with his son." He kept getting to call the bank. So he had to wait until Monday to do that.

He spent the weekend resting. He had no more visions. He knew he would not see any more visions. Now he had to find out what he was not told, by his son.

Chapter Five

Edward had a peaceful weekend. He rather liked the new room. He had extra space as it was slightly bigger. Monday morning came. Edward looked at his watch, and thought, breakfast time soon. He had to pass the book room to get to the meal room. Yes, he saw Norman, and Norman looked round at him, with a face like he never knew who he was. That's odd, Edward thought, for the better. As Edward walked on, Norman came behind him. Edward did not want to talk to him. So politely Edward said, "Good morning Norman." Norman looked at Edward with a curious look. Then Norman said, "Who are you?" Edward thought he must have lost his memory. Edward was pleased, because if he forgot who Edward was, he would not bother to make conversation. Edward was pleased in many ways about that. He wondered how it was Norman forgot who he was, being he was in the room Norman had? Edward thought I will ask Amish about that one. Perhaps the exorcism cleared all memory of him too!

As Edward sat down for breakfast, another man came towards him. He said, "I have seen you here for the past three weeks. You did not look like you wished to be intruded upon. I am Lawrence." Edward said, "Hello Lawrence, I had to try to adjust to this place, it is nothing like my home." Lawrence said, "May I take the empty seat at your table, as I'd quite like to chat." Edward agreed. They ate in silence for a while. Then Lawrence said, "I used to be a lawyer, you know sorting out disputes." Edward said, "Well perhaps you can give me some advice on a personal Matter I have at the moment." Lawrence said, "Sure, what is it?" Edward explained about Donald, and his leave to another country. Edward said, "I am supposed to have my board paid for by the sale of my house." Lawrence said, "You can call the bank, and the real estate company. Did your son tell you how much the house sold for?" Edward said, "His talk was guarded. He said he would tell me, but I never got to know. I gave him power of attorney when my wife died. I had so much grief that I was unable to carry on with things properly. Donald suggested I put him in charge, and I agreed." Lawrence said, "Ouch, that could be a big task to look into. You see once you signed him in, he had the right to all your Matters. As he has left the country, it sounds to me that he took the sale money. He may have done a deal with the bank, so that you're cared for, at a limited rate." Lawrence was in thought, and then said, "Edward, do you realize that your son may have done you wrong? Sorry it would hurt. But it's clear he was not being honest with you, were you close?" Edward said, "Close eh? I gave him his own way, which I see now has made him selfish. If I call the bank, they will tell me what's in my account." Lawrence said, "Yes, but it may be a bit of a shock, be prepared, I have a suspicion that he could have bent the rules."

They ended breakfast, and Edward called the bank. The bank clerk said, "In your account Mr. Clarke, you have your pension coming in every month, and a surplus of twenty thousand dollars. That is in an account that ties with the aged home. Each month the payment for the home is taken care of by us. Mr. Clarke junior made that arrangement. Anything else I can help you with?" Edward said shaking, "Yes, did a large amount of money come into the account from the sale of my house?" The clerk said, "I have only what I told you. On screen no money was put in apart from twenty thousand dollars, a week ago." Edward said, "Thank you, goodbye."

Now he was really upset. He called the real estate company, the agent said, "No house was sold here by the address you gave." Edward said, "There must be, my son told me your company was dealing with the money from the house." The agent said, "Sorry but we have no file on the house." Edward ended the call, and sat down. Did Donald sell it privately, without telling me? He thought. He then rang his old neighbor, and said, "Could you go to the house and ask the new people who took the sale?" The neighbor said, "I will give you their phone number, they gave it to me, because we had a get together, and got on very well. So there is friendship there for me." Edward took the number. He called it straight away. Edward said, "Hello, I am Mr. Clarke senior, my son Donald Clarke sold my home to you. I Hope you don't mind, who dealt with the sale please?" The lady said, "It was a private sale, we saw the house in a real estate office on their board." Edward said, "Which real estate office was that?" The lady said, "Worthington's, on Jay Street. What your son did was ask us if we minded if he took the sale privately, and out of the real estate company's hands. We did not mind, because we paid cash for the house. So we put it directly into your son's account. He had rights apparently?" Edward said, "Thank you," And hung up.

Edward went to his room to think, his mind was full of questions. He looked at the view from the window, and thought, why is life one way, and then turns another unexpectedly? He was so upset, with finding his own son a real con artist. Just as he lay down to rest, a knock came upon the door. "Edward it's Amish and Lawrence." Edward got up, and said, "Yes it's alright, I will open the door." Both men that came in saw Edward's face so pale, he was trembling and looked quite ill. Lawrence said, "Edward I thought to talk to the Vicar, as you had said he has some idea of it all." Edward just nodded. Amish said, "What did you learn from the phone calls Edward?" Edward told him all he had got to know. Amish was really concerned now. He saw the affect it had upon Edward. He was very unsettled. Lawrence said, "The problem here is that you gave Donald the power of attorney, that will make it hard to get anything given to you. Which is your right Edward. Donald had the trump card."

Amish said, "What do you think Donald will do now Edward?" Edward said, "His mother and myself worked all our lives for that property, he would have gotten it in the will. But to do it this way, is to me stealing from his own parents! He had everything I could give him, I ah! --- I think I gave him all he needed so much, he never had any sense of what it took for us to provide for him. I remember my father being so hard, that I wanted my son to have a real Dad. Or so I thought. Seems I had the wrong idea." Amish said, "Edward do not be angry with yourself, all too often, parents take the faults done by their children on themselves. Donald is a man, and knew what he was doing. Tell me --- what was he like with money?" Edward said, "He spent, waited, then asked again for money, and spent."

Amish said, "Ah! Yes, well, --- he may well spend all this money too! He may well go into a high life, until he has used it all. Then Edward, he will contact you, I think." Edward said, "What for? He would not get anything out of me now, he has got it all. I mean how could he? How could he even face me?" Lawrence said, "You do not know what country he has gone to?" Edward said, "He was evasive on any length of talk." Lawrence said, "Edward, I think you should see the doctor who is here. You are in shock! Look we will go and get the doctor to call in here today, I will keep an eye on you. We must get you better." Edward said, "Alright, thank you, yes, ask the doctor to come, I suppose he will give me pills to sleep or something?" Amish said, "He will do more then that, he will take your blood pressure, and make sure you're going to be alright. I wish I could do something for you, ugh! This is really hard for you."

Edward said, "Yes it is, I cannot think what possessed Donald to take me like that?" Amish said. " Well he may have the dark force around him, pray for him if you can, if not, then do it another time." Edward looked angry now, and said trying to contain his anger, "Pray for him? Like hell I will." Amish said gently, "I understand you, give it time."

The doctor came about an hour later. Edward's blood pressure was up, but not too concerning. He scripted some tranquilizers for Edward, for one week. Then made an appointment for Edward to speak to a counselor. Edward needed to be heard. He told Edward that talking often releases the tension, and gave Edward a better way to look at things.

Edward got the script, and for a week he had some rest. But in his mind it was like he was giving to a son, that he never knew! He had anger inside, and talking to the counselor just made him more angry. He was told that this is normal, and does take another way, after time. He would in the end have to take it as it is. He was reminded that anger does not solve anything, it gives release understood to such situations. His right to his feelings have to be so, and then it alters.

Edward went into the gardens, he sat down to look at the lake, and watched the ducks in there. He looked around and saw Norman behind some bushes. He only caught a glimpse of him. Something made him go and look. Norman was doing some sort of ritual. Norman did not see Edward, because he was busy with what he was doing. Edward thought, this man is really strange. The next thing Edward saw, was Norman's clothes on fire! As Norman ran out of the bushes, shouting now, he jumped into the lake. In the bushes a fire was burning. It looked like it was spreading to the trees. So Edward had to run to the home to tell them. The fire brigade came. Put out the fire, damage was done in the area.

The fireman came and said, "I have found this, whatever it is." The other firemen said, "What?" The fireman that found this, said, "Come over here, there is a funny type of altar here. Look! It's slightly burned, but look at it. It's looking like some satanic altar." The other firemen came, and another said, "I am a Christian, this is satanic, the cross is upside down. Hang on --- look over here! There are paintings. Serpents, monsters, how did that man hide all this out here?"

The firemen went to tell that the fire was out. The Christian fireman said, "Is there a Vicar here?" "Why yes," Said the lady behind the desk. The fireman said, "Please get him here now." Amish came running, as he had seen the smoke from the fire, and was very concerned at the home being safe. Amish could not interfere at that time. The Christian fireman said, "I am Luke, I am a Christian, I have seen some satanic worship idols in the bushes. A little burnt, but enough to see what they are." Amish said, "Good God! Where are they?" Luke took him out to the smoldering just left. Over in the further part, was an altar, it was built on old bricks. Amish looked and he just lost his nerve. He said, "This is Norman's workings. Those paintings are demonic. Where did he hide this I wonder?" Luke walked over to the hedge of the aged home. He looked over it and said, "It's a cemetery here. He got the bricks from here. I think it's worth it to see what is over there now." Amish agreed. They went around to the correct gate. It was a small cemetery. They went near where Luke looked from the home.

Over in the corner was a hole in the ground. Near the hedge that separated the home and the cemetery, were small man made steps. By the side of the steps was a hole, and a board large enough to cover the hole. In the hole were tarot cards, dead mice, many objects of occult. Amish said, "Thank you for noticing this in the home's bushes. I must do something about this. There is a book on satanic worship in there too! This man Norman, has got himself burnt, but would not admit he lit the fire." Luke said, "Well he is dangerous Amish, very dangerous. I think it would be wise to let him move out of the home. Live in a place that takes people like him in. He is not fit in the mind for a home like this." Amish agreed, and said, "I have to have this all burnt, and to make a service of clearance. The home must not be getting this bad energy." Luke said, "Yes, I am glad I noticed it."

Amish left the firemen, as they had another call to go to. He then asked where Norman was? The lady behind the desk said, "He was taken to the hospital, he has burns. He was wet from jumping in the lake, but the burns happened before the jump." Amish said, "What hospital, there are two here?" The lady looked at her file and said, the southern hospital."

Amish took off in his car. When he arrived at the hospital, there were police there. Luke had to call them because the law requires to tell if a person lit a fire. He did not tell Amish he would be doing that. It was part of his job. At Norman's room the police were questioning Norman. As Amish came in, they said, "No visitors right now." Amish said, "I am a Vicar, and as you are here, I also have to tell you something after you have finished with Norman."

The police came outside Norman's room, and asked Amish what he wanted them to know? Amish told them of the satanic objects in a hole in the ground. He gave them full details of what he knew. The officer said, "Many people are odd, but I think this man needs to be in a home with people who are mentally ill." Amish could not say that this was more than mental illness. He just said, "Because he lit the fire, is that enough to get him out of the aged home?" The officer said, "Yes, I will make it known to the authorities, so that when he leaves the hospital, he will go to another home for his kind of mental state. Has he any family?" Amish said, "Yes but all passed away."

Norman was making trouble in the hospital, he was cursing all the staff there saying, "I would be made well by my own deeds, go away! I will not leave the home I am in." Norman had his wounds seen to, and was transported to another home. He had a room that had a camera installed, to watch him. This home dealt with people who were dangerous to the public.

Norman tried to get his family to come to see him in the room, the warden's saw him, via the camera, and said, "This man is talking to something we cannot see. Call the doctor, to give him a jab to make him sleep." When the warden went into the room, to silence Norman, he was stunned at the evil Norman was sending out. The warden was scared too! He turned out of the room, and waited till the doctor came to inject Norman. The doctor said, "This man is needing a place in solitary. I think he needs a psychiatric term in Chadstone mental hospital, in the city. He has to be assessed, and kept in full control. I found him difficult, he was cursing at me."

The next day Norman was put into the mental hospital, which could be for the rest of his life. Edward heard of this, and said to Amish, "That is good, he is gone, he was really strange." Amish said, "He plays with fire, and fire was what got him out of this home. I could not get him to see that he was going to be remaining dead, until he looked to the light." Edward said, "Amish, now I see what you were meaning by all that vision attacks on me. That is a sure sign of demonic influence. Amish said, "Some are attacked other ways, some are slightly, and some like Norman are possessed." Edward said, "Strange as this may sound, all this has taken my mind off my son's deceit. I can see that I cannot change what Donald has done, but I can change my own mind." Amish said, "Stay with the light and truth, never exchange one for the other. There is only one truth."

Chapter Six

Edward started to get involve in some of the things the home had for entertainment. He realized that those that were so frail, were not missing anything, they were mostly in dementia. He found art was quite good. He did not know he had that in his mind to do. As he began to draw. He saw his artful mind exposing. He went to paint, and found his paintings were of peace. He then tried a portrait, and to his surprise it looked like Donald. Ah! He thought, this is in me, that is why it is coming out. The lady he had for a chess game once, came over to him. She said, "You paint well, who is that?" Edward said, "It's looking like my son, but I never thought to paint him. I just did a face, and this is what it came to." The lady said, "Um --- Yes often what is inside us comes out in painting, it also comes out in writing." Edward said, "Heather, I remember you telling me about your addiction to gambling, could you control it?" Heather said, "Edward if I could control it, I would not be here in this home." Edward said, "Yes, I can see that. I was thinking, do they let us out into the town without them being there?" Heather said, "Yes Edward, they do, you just have to tell them how long you would be, and roughly where you will be, in case of health problems happening."

Edward looked a bit shy, and said, "I wondered if you may like to join me, we could go for a bus ride to town, and look around it. Then I would buy you a nice meal." Heather looked surprised! She thought, there was no doubt about it, Edward was quite a distinguished man in looks. She thought him private, but very alert to all things. Heather said, "Yes Edward, I would like that very much. If you want to buy the meal, then I will pay for our fares." Edward said, "You make me smile Heather, I certainly do not judge you for your past addiction to gambling, what is done is done. I myself have had a shock to something in my life, something I did not do, but was done to me. I will not say about it just yet. So let us enjoy the day out, how about tomorrow?" Heather said, "OK, we tell them now, and in the morning we can get out of here for a bit. What about having a movie as well, and after that the meal? I will pay for the movie, and the fare as I said before." Edward just laughed, and then he said, "Ah! I am in that, thank you."

The next morning Edward got up feeling lighter than he had in weeks past. He went outside for a short walk. Over in the chapel area he saw Heather talking to Amish. Edward thought, I would never think Heather would be into chapel, I have not seen her in there yet. Heather caught sight of Edward and shouted "Edward, come here." Edward went over to the chapel, and Heather said, "I am going to join the chapel meetings, you see this Vicar, has been giving me some strength in life. I was in a poor way when I came here. I wondered if you might come too?" Edward smiled and looked at Amish saying, "Well Amish here already has me in the meetings." Heather said to the Vicar, "Since when was a Vicar on Christian name terms with their parishioners?" Amish said, "Oh the fortunate few I do." Amish never spoke about what he does with people, because it betrays trust. Neither Edward, or Heather, knew they were both seeing him for certain things to be met.

Edward met Heather in the lounge, and they walked to the bus stop. Heather said, "It's a lovely day today, sunny and warm." Edward said, "Yes it is, a day for us to enjoy ourselves." they got on the bus, the driver was a big man, with a cheerful smile. They got a seat by the back, and talked about history. Edward said, "Pardon my asking, but have you any children?" Heather said, "Yes I do, they are a long way off though." Edward said, "Mm! I know what you mean. My son is in another country." As he said that he knew the next question Heather would be asking, he sort of wished he had not said anything. Heather said, "Where?" Edward said, "Well --- I would rather not talk about that right now." Heather said, "OK, if you do I am here."

Edward was feeling very comfortable with Heather. They looked in antique shops, there were three of them in town. They enjoyed the collections very much. Heather said, "They are very expensive to buy now." Edward said, "Yes, that is why we are looking." Heather liked that punt! Then Edward said when they had a coffee, "Did you ever see that Norman in the home?" Heather said, "Is that the man that wore a cape at times, and was a loner?" Edward said, "Yes, that was him, he has left now." Heather said, "Yes I know, I heard he was burnt." Edward said, "He was very sick in the mind, did you ever speak to him?" Heather said, "No, he was never with any of the other residents at all."

They went over to the cinema. "Oh look Edward, there is on today a documentary of the sea," Said Heather. Edward said, "There is another film after it, about the history of the early ships of the sea. Want to see them both Heather?" "Oh! Yes please, I love the sea's history. My grandfather was a seaman." Edward said, "Really? What was he?" Heather said, "A chief engineer." They exchanged conversation, and had so much fun together.

The meal was in a restaurant that was able to meet all menu needs. The early evening was coming now. Their table was in a corner for two. A candle upon it made it calming. Edward said, "Good grief, we have to be back in two hours, it's like being kids again!" Heather said, "Edward tell me, you are a Christian right?" Edward said, "Um --- yes why?" Heather said, "I used to be one, very into it I was. But then I backslid into my old sin." Edward said, "What was your old sin?" Heather said, "When I got angry, as a teenager, I used to steal, my err --- parents had a thing about me not wearing makeup. They would not give me my adult life. So I used to steal. I stopped it for a good while. Then one day I had prayed for something, something very dear to my heart. It was not answered. So I went out and began to steal again, it was like a reaction of my anger, you see, I never really had a good life. What ever I wanted was taken from me, so in the end I thought, I am stolen from, so I will steal back. But Edward --- Err --- I never enjoyed doing it, because I knew it was wrong. I was so mixed up, that I just had to do something. Two wrongs do not make a right. You see, "Jesus" Would have known I stole, and that made me feel worse. So I did it a few times more, until I got to understand, that, I am not to blame for all other's doings in life. If they wanted to steal from me, as in emotions, and estrangement, those are their sins, not mine, I stole to try to gain back what they had taken, yes! But that did not work. Instead I had a guilty mind, that made me far more angry."

Edward said, "Heather thank you for the honor of you trusting me to tell me that. I bet you paid that stealing back in your own mind, by suffering the guilt, and making your anger even stronger. I too know about anger. I never stole though. I beat myself up, yes! For another's doings to me. Heather said, "Edward, I had to pray for forgiveness from "Our Lord." I found it was leaving me without much energy, only anger was there. I worked hard for something, in fact nine years, so as it was about to come, I expected it, and then it did not come. So I went out and stole, in anger. As I got more angry I got to steal more in one go. I felt ashamed of myself. I mean to go out and do something I had stopped dong, just meant I was a backslider. So I wondered if "Jesus" Would forgive me? I even doubted Christianity."

Edward sat back and looked at Heather, he said, "You know that "Jesus" Does forgive, it's only not done if you continue and go away from him. Nobody can love two gods. "Our Lord" Also knows the struggle many Christians have, because they are Christians, they get offended by many others. If your heart is clear that you want to follow him, then just make life simple. He said to forgive seventy times seven, which means all the time." Heather said, "Yes Edward, but when you get it all your life long, and never win one thing, --- Edward butted in and said, "How do you know he has not given you what you asked for, it may be that it's to come at another time, instead of when you wanted it." Heather said, "I never thought of that. I then decided to get my life into some good riches, so I gambled, and that stole my whole goods of life away. So there you are, that's my history today!"

Edward looked again at Heather, and said, "Well in the near future I will tell you about my sorrows, that I actually did not do. It was done to me, my anger made me feel unforgiving to the person that stole from me. Leaving me without my whole life's work, just gone! So in another way I too have been left without, as you are." Heather said, "Goodness Edward, it sounds as if we are on the same path." Edward said, "Yes, it certainly does. I got to think that "The Lord" has purpose for this, beyond my understanding as yet." Edward took Heather's hand in his, and said, "I think what you want will come, but in "Jesus Christ's" timing, not quite your timing. He has not said, no, the same as me, he is sorting out the plans he has for me, so, I too, have to wait." Heather said, "Yes, waiting is hard at times. Let us order our desserts because we have one hour left to eat, and then get the bus back."

On the bus Edward said, "You did not pull my hand away from yours in the restaurant, Hope you did not mind that gesture. Let us come again into town next week, I can then tell you about myself." Heather said, "No I did not mind it was comforting Edward. Yes, we can go next week, I look forward to it." They walked back to the home, and Edward took Heather's arm into his. When Edward was in his room, he kept thinking of Heather, she was slight in build, and had brown hair. He knew at her age it would be dyed. He thought that fine, her grooming was very clean, and tidy.

Heather was thinking of Edward in her room. She thought that at her age she would never meet another man again. She was happy that she felt comfortable talking to him. To be honest and speak her sins, she felt relieved. Sins she thought! Yes they seem to be a hassle in life. Still she thought, Edward will be at the chapel and so will she be.

She brushed her hair, and got ready for bed. Her day out was very good for her. She silently said to Edward in her thoughts, goodnight Edward, sleep tight, see you in the morning. Edward was doing the same. He also thought, I wonder if we will get more serious? He then thought, oh! Maybe I am rushing things, better take it one day at a time. Then he slept peacefully.

Chapter Seven

Heather woke up early in the morning. She had her shower, and sat before the mirror. She looked at her face, and thought, my --- I have gotten older in my face. She brushed her hair, and thought how she felt years younger today. Never felt like that for twenty years. She knew her gambling had taken it's toll, where her wishing to believe she would be rich by it. She thought that they were legalized robbers, for the gullible players. Her wins caused her to lose everything in the end. She thought, I bet there are many people who have lost by that negative thinking. How she felt now, was far different to that time. She learned that the true riches were in everything that is not to do with money. Love, the only emotion worth having. The emotion that heals, gives free of heart, is the truth.

As she dressed she thought of Edward. What a nice man he is, so very understanding. How he did not judge her for her sins. How he listened to her. She knew that people today do not listen. All conversations today were about who can get in the most words. As one is talking the other is thinking of what they are going to say. Yes, she thought, they do not listen that way. Her thinking was going to emotion towards Edward. Oh! She thought, I better hold off, he may not think the same way, and just think it's friendship.

Edward was dressing in his room, he had thoughts of Heather since he woke up. A woman that has given her life's work to gambling. Where he had given his life's work, without knowing it to be so, at the time, to his deceitful son. He thought, there really is no difference, she wanted to be rich, by a sense of lost values. I wanted to have my home dealt with in trust. She wanted to win in trust. Both her loss, and his loss were by thieves. Gambling machines are thieves, there is no lucky gambler. He had his own son a thief, which in his mind was worse, due to the fact he was grieving for his dead wife. Donald knew that. Could he have had no feeling for his mother either? How dumb of me, surrendering all responsibility to him, as power of attorney. I think Heather and myself have had the same outcome.

Edward went to the garden, he saw the bushes that were burnt, some were only partially burnt. When he got near to the area, he saw Amish there. "Good morning Edward," Amish said. Edward said, "Good morning Amish, what are you doing here?" Amish said, "I am looking to see if anything is left here, you see, it has to be clear of all that force that Norman had here." Edward said, "What will happen to Norman if he continues to stay with the dark force?" Amish shuddered, and said, "He will have his judgment, and go to the lake of fire." Oh! Amish that is dreadful, can he be saved form that?" Edward asked. Amish said, "He will have to come to "The Lord," Confess, and stop it all. I have tried with him, but he left with a hard heart, and told me that I am the crazy one." Edward changed the subject, and said, "I had a lovely day out with Heather, Amish." Amish said, "Look after her Edward, she needs to trust life again, come to think of it, so do you." Edward said, "I take it she has had spiritual counseling with you? I am not prying, I just think she needed to get her life back into order." Amish said, "Yes that is correct, the fact she is taking an interest in you, shows her starting to gain order in her life." Edward said, "Really? --- Well err --- I am very interested in her too!" Amish said, "One day at a time Edward, I will be pleased to see you both on Sunday. Well it looks like all the occult things have been taken away, they were burnt. I cannot see anything else, so that is good, it's gone." Edward said, "I may go and have breakfast now."

A new resident was being signed in. The man was taking Norman's room. Edward knew that the Vicar had cleared the room, no doubt with his other Vicar friend. As he ate breakfast he thought, one would never reason how dangerous occult people are. They would never know that a person of that path, is projecting demons on others. I can see that now, because I certainly never saw visions before, so as Norman had that room, he left those demons in there, as well as along with him. Edward carried on thinking, well, if a person has the wrong type of visitors, it must come into their home somehow? Pays to be very careful to be aware of whom one has in their home. Edward decided to quit thinking about it anymore. A passing thought came into his mind, did Donald ever get into that without my knowing? I Hope not.

Heather had her breakfast in her room, she had done that ever since she moved to the home. It was given there so that she could in time, trust other people. She thought to have her meals in the meal room soon. She knew Edward would be doing that.

Edward left the meal room to go to the art room. When he got there Heather was in there. He smiled to himself. Heather said, "What a lovely day we had yesterday. I thought today I would try to paint a ship, like the one in the sea history film yesterday." Edward said, "Yes that would be nice, I thought about painting a woman today! Heather looked at Edward surprised, and said, "A woman? Who would that be?" Edward said, when I have done it you can know." So they parted to do their paintings. What Heather did not know was, Edward had a good seat for looking at her while she was painting. He was going to paint her.

The art time ended, and paintings were done. Heather said, "Well Edward where is yours?" He laughed and said, "Look at this," As he took it out of the case he put it in. Heather gasped! And said, "Edward that is me! How clever you are, how did you do it so well?" Edward said, "I had a seat where I could see your full face while you were painting. You did not notice, because you were so engrossed in you own painting." Heather gave Edward a quick kiss on his cheek. Edward said, "I better paint you some more if I get a kiss for each one." Heather smiled and said, "You could be lucky."

After lunch Edward noticed the new man in the lounge room. He went up to him and said, "I am Edward, what is your name?" The man said, "I am Walter. I do not like it here much. Look at the frailty in these people. They have no life in them." Edward said, "I had the same opinion when I came in a good six weeks ago. There are things that go on, and some are entertainments here." Walter said, "Do they hold any classes here?" Edward said, "Yes they do, art, craft work, and classes for spiritual knowledge." Water said, "I would be interested in that." Edward said, "The spiritual class?" Walter said, "Yes, I want Bible studies." Edward said, "Ah! Well the Vicar would be doing that class." Walter said, "Do you go to that?" Edward said "No, thought about it, but have not been yet." They parted company.

That afternoon Edward was watching television in his room and Heather knocked on his door. Edward opened the door, and said, "Come on in Heather." Heather said, "Do you feel like going for a walk in the park this afternoon?" "Yes I do, I'll just get my jacket." Edward said. They went into the park, and were looking at the other people there. Heather said, "Look over there Edward, there are some children on the park swing." Edward looked and then said, "Takes me back to my son as a child." Heather said, "Yes I suppose it would." Edward then opened up about his son, telling Heather everything. Heather said, "Thank you for telling me, seems we two have both had misfortune in life, by different ways, oh Edward! How hard for you to have that, at our age we need peace, rather than to be taken from." Edward said, "Yes Heather we can at least have each other's company. I really like you Heather." Heather said, "Edward I really like you too!"

They left the park, and Edward went to his room. Heather went into the garden. Edward took out his photographs. He saw his wife, felt sad, then saw Donald as a child. He then put them away, as it was hurting him. He thought I think I would like Heather to see me every day.

Many months went by, as Heather and Edward had their days out. Edward said to Heather, "We are getting serious now Heather, I wonder if you would consider marriage?" Heather said, "Edward, yes I would, but where would we live?" Edward said, "We can rent a place. Think about it."

Edward had a call waiting for him in the admission room. He said, "Why here?" the lady at the desk said, "It's from over seas, a Donald." Edward nearly fell with shock. He took the call. "Dad," Donald said, "Dad, I have not got any money left. I cannot stay in this country without money." Edward said, "Money, are you mad? What about my home sale and the high thousands you took?" Donald went quiet, and then he said, "Dad, I am in Sweden. I came here to better myself, I got into trouble."

Edward said, "Why tell me? I trusted you, you said business dealings were the reason you had to leave here. You did not tell me what country you were going to. I find out that you left me a mere few thousand to live my life on, and in a home. How could you have spent all the money from my home? Then call me because you are in trouble?" Donald said, "Dad I got in with some men here, they told me about a business that I could work in, I know I lied to you, but it was a big con." Edward said, "Con, what do you mean?" Donald said, "Dad, they took all the money for a deal that I was to manage, but once it went through, they left the country and I have no money at all now. I had four thousand left, to live until now."

Edward said, "Did you go to the police?" Donald said, "Yes, but it's out of their hands, because they left, and cannot be found. It's likely they used false names too." Edward asked, "Do you have to leave the country now?" Donald said, "Yes Dad, no money, no help here. Can you send me the fare?" Edward was about to blow his top, when he thought, it's my son, forgive, ugh! Hard to do, but must try to." Edward said, "I still have the money you put into my account, how will I live if I give you some of that?" Donald said, "I would have to work to repay you." Edward said, "Work, are you mad? You took my trust away, I pay your fare back here, and then once on your feet you will oh --- Sort it out for yourself, I am hanging up now." Edward hung up, and was angry again.

He knew he would have to help his son, but Edward was not ready to just now. How could he have the nerve to call me? How could he spend my life's work in a Matter of months? Then come to me? Have the nerve to ask me to pay his fare back. I have no legal rights to even get him to repay me.

Edward spent the rest of the day alone, he needed time to think. He prayed, and then in prayer asked for help to forgive his son. Edward now had another dilemma to work out. He thought to talk to Heather about it the next day.

Chapter Eight

Heather went past a room and stopped. She heard music, music of the young style of today. She looked at the number on the door, and thought, Walter is in that room, the new man. He is senior in age for that sort of music. She put her ear to the door, and heard the words along with a band that was full of guitars, and other instruments. She heard, "Fear not for I am with you." Then praising for "The Lord." It was in today's technological world of music. She remain listening because she was intrigued. Then there was a song about the spirit being with those who believe, and how those that believe want to give as much as they can to "The Lord." Every song could be mistaken for the usual type the younger generation have. Never praising. She did not see Edward come along, who also stopped in surprise. He whispered, "Good morning dear lady, this is Walter's room, that music is hardly what one would think a man in his late seventies would entertain." Heather said quietly, "Edward it's praising music, listen." Edward listened and said, "My goodness, that is very energetic music. It's actually quite bright, not the sullen hymns that used to be sung in control of the old way."

Edward said, "We better move, Walter might get upset if he knew we were outside with our ears to the door." Heather smiled. They walked off, and Edward said, "I have not seen you in the meal room Heather, I Hope you eat!" Heather said, "Edward I was in such a state at being put in this home, I asked to be given my meals in my room. Having the Vicar giving me support, helped a great deal, meeting you made another bonus. After our day out, I thought I better do more mixing then I had done, so now I will be in the meal room for meals." Edward said, "I wonder if they would let us have our meals on the same table? I will ask, if you agree." Heather said, "Yes why not?"

Walter came along, and greeted Edward and Heather. He said, "I thought I may have missed my breakfast, because I was engrossed in my music." Heather said, "I must confess, I stopped at your door in surprise at the music, because it's done for the younger people." Water said, "What younger people? We are younger people too!" Edward said, "Oh come on Walter, how can we be younger people?" Walter said, "Are we not the children of "God?" Where no age is spoken of, why should the youths get all the fun?" Edward said, "You do have a point, as children the young and aged are the same." Walter said, "Correct, I feel that to understand the youths, no aged person should become egotistic, and think they are higher than the youths. All the paths go to the aged and the young. It's just a Matter of time difference.

You see, I was thinking that a group of Christians can get a meeting here in the home, where the young can come as well." Heather said, "The young do not come here." Walter said, "It can be put to the committee, and if agreed, a notice can be put in the town, so that the young can come to the meetings each week." Heather said, "That would be great! It may even get the frail to come as well, who need the energy of the young to give them focus." Walter said, "Yes that is my point, and also, if they have any animals, that are small, a day each month can be for that." Edward said, "Animals, are you serious?" Walter said, "Yes I am, animals help the aged people, they stroke them and feel the contact. Humans are so dumb at times, they do not contact well. They seem to keep distance, animals give off a healing, because they are very unconditional. It's a Matter of them being involved just for a half hour, naturally it would mean small dogs on leads that are friendly, cats in a cat carrier, and perhaps rabbits." Heather burst out laughing, and said, "I bet the committee would agree, if it was done in an orderly fashion." Edward said, "There is a meeting tomorrow, and the Vicar is going to be there, all residents are welcomed, to sit in. I have never been to one, but I think I will on this count. How about you Heather?" Heather said, "I would not miss it for quids. It will be quite humorous to see the faces of the committee."

Edward could see Amish giving a look at this gesture. Walter had said that the weekly meeting would be on light spiritual conversations, and how each see this. The three laughed, and Edward was liking Walter very much. Walter was stricken with arthritis, and had pain twenty four seven. His mind was like steel, his lack of ability to walk correctly, as he limped badly, and was slow in walking, never stopped him. He told Edward he uses his mind to make up for the body. So the body gets strength from the steel mind. Positive in other words. Not forgetting the rule, "God's" rule. Walter would not allow another to do for him, he would prefer to struggle, and keep his independence, then fail and give up.

The committee meeting was about to start. Amish came in looking rather tired. There was a box with notes in it from residents, for anything they felt was needed. They came to Walter's note. The committee leader gasped! He said, "Wha --- Wha --- um what do you mean animals? Would you please stand up Walter?" Amish burst out laughing, and said, "Yes who is this Walter? Sounds like a fine gentleman with great ideas, we need some fresh energies for the aged." Walter stood up, leaning on his sticks. And the leader said, "Oh as long as I know who you are, you may sit down. Now please tell us what it is that made you put this gesture in?" Walter explained the whole thing, and said, "It is to give, much is taken, but what about giving?" The leader said, "Walter, what do you mean not giving? We try to give all we can to the people in the home." Walter said, "People need more then restricted rules, they need some freedom. Animals will help them to learn to communicate with others far better. I know from myself, that being aged now, I am not able to get around, so communication is not easy. It is very important to all. I feel that the home would be a happier place, with some intervention of other things not tried." Walter then suggested his idea about the youths, and how to get them to come to a weekly meeting, that would be on spiritual light conversations.

The Vicar then said, "This sounds great to me, I never thought of that, it would give the young and old the one path, and the young will energize the aged, and the aged would give wisdom to the youths. It will balance well. I am all for it. I would give my time to be at these meetings each week, and the monthly animal fun time. You know I think this will enable the staff in here to have a time out time." Walter talked about his collection of music, and how it's of today's type in playing, but for the good. Edward said, "Yes I have heard it, just outside his door, it is bright, it made me feel as if I would dance." Heather said, "Yes, me too!" Amish said, "Well that does it, if it gives the desire to dance, it is for the good, even those who cannot dance can give a wobble in their chairs." the whole room roared with laughter. The leader said, "I have never seen such a wonderful gesture as this before, it is proving to be a good one, and I agree. I will have Heather do the sheet, as she is artistic, and then I will place it in the town. We will have to make a starting date, what about in two weeks time? That will give enough time to get the youth interested, and enough time to get the people in the home to think about it." The Vicar said, "I am free to give time on a Tuesday afternoon, how does that sound?" Edward looked at Heather, and Heather looked at Edward, that was their day out, on Tuesdays. Edward said, "We will have to have our day out on Wednesdays instead." Heather said, "Yes that will be alright Edward."

The meeting ended, and Amish came to Edward and said, "What a great meeting this was, I was so tired, due to the Norman things going on, and clearing it all, that I came half heartedly today. Now I am really alive in this new venture." Edward said, "This may well be what was needed. Er --- Amish? I am having trouble forgiving my son." Edward told Amish how his son called him, and wanted him to pay his fare back. He said he was not impressed with his son, and hung up on him. Amish said, "Remember the prodigal son?" Edward said, "Yes, why?" Amish said, "Read it again, your answer is in the scriptures." Edward excused himself, and went to read this scripture. After reading it he knew what he could do here, he knew Donald would call again, because he was in poverty. Edward decided to pay his fare, and take his son back, but on terms of him not having any control over his last part of money in his account. He decided to alter his bank account with terms given to the bank, and signed by himself. Edward began to relax now. He thought this lesson that Donald had to learn, may just be the one to bring him into correct thinking, and stop expecting another to deal him, a get out of it attitude. Heather did not disturb Edward as she knew Edward needed his own space right now. Things were moving on.

The Vicar was in good humor for the rest of the day. He got happy about the new ideas presented today to the committee. He took Walter's invite for the evening, to listen to the music he had. Walter let Amish in his room, and the music was put on, Amish was tapping his fingers to the upbeat of hymn singing, with words different to the usual hum drum. Not that Amish disliked the old way, just it gave a new light to the music. Amish said, "Walter, this is very good, it's full of life, I can see what Edward meant about wanting to dance. I have often thought how much Christianity is run by old ways, and felt new ways would not be amiss. Times change, and people stay stuck in a rut, usually of the past thinking. Much of this can, and does, put the younger people off, they need humor, there is no good in seriousness all the time. I am sure "Jesus" Had a sense of humor too! Yes we need to bring that in." Walter said, "I agree, I have been to many church meetings, they are very plastic, every Sunday the same way, nothing much alters. So it becomes boring. I find that humor is needed, and given the right to be in all "The Lord's" Work. The salvation army have music, and they do liven up a great deal. Tears are plenty in everyone's life, laughter is the antidote to sadness. There would be a high list of people coming to the chapel once it livens up." They agreed, and the evening ended.

Chapter Nine

The day came for Edward and Heather to go out for their weekly treat. Edward got an early call from Sweden. He went to take it and heard Donald in tears, saying, "Dad, please help me, I have no money, cannot buy food, there is no support here for me at all. Dad --- I have done you wrong, I am sure paying for that now." Edward felt compassion for his son, he said, "Donald, I will send the fare to you today. You should receive it in a Matter of days, is there any place that will give you food?" Donald said, "There is a place for the down and outs, tramps that are street wise. I have not gone there because I was too proud." Edward said, "Donald this is no time for pride, if you go there they will assist you with a bed, and food for the few days that you have to wait for the fare to come. Give them my number, so that I can confirm your state of affairs, as I am your father, that will aid you a great deal. How long is it since you ate?" Donald said, "Um --- Well er --- You see I was getting bin food. Sometimes I got it and sometimes nothing."

Edward had tears in his eyes, and he said, "Get to the place for the street wise, and understand this Donald, it is never wise to twist trust. Never! Where have you slept?" Donald said, "I had paid for the motel and had paid food. But after they had taken me, I had hardly any money left. When the time came to pay again, they allowed me to have a week, until I got um --- Oh darn it --- I lied to them, telling them that I had a deal coming, and as it was from overseas. Um --- It may take a week or so er --- Oh ! What a fool I have been. They allowed it as I had paid in full before. Dad it was you and Mum that worked for that home, and I got greedy, I had high ideas of getting rich. I did not support you in grief of Mum going. I had some guys that gave me a path that I could really get wealthy from, but I had to have money to start with. It was the last thing I thought of, that they were con merchants. Obviously working together in different countries. Um --- You see --- It was black market, I just thought I would place the money in and once I was rich, I --- Did not realize that black market dealings are over the world. Cons are very clever, they know how to cheat, and they do it in a business way, I would not have been the first."

Edward said, "You are my son, tell me was there anything that could stick?" Donald said, "Meaning what?" Edward said, "Did you have any paper work?" Donald said, "Yes, but it's worthless, but thinking about it, there was one guy in with them that spoke to me about a place in Germany, he put the address on a piece of paper, saying that contacts are there." Edward said, "So the police cannot do anything?" Donald said, "Not here in Sweden, it was not enough as far as they thought to go on. So I still have it." Edward said, "Do not loose that, bring it back here, it may be possible for a trace, which may mean another avenue to go into. There must be a way to get this looked into, any other paper work?" Donald said, "Well, there is a phone number on a card I found that belonged to the head of the dealings. It is not in this country, I checked it." Edward said, "You mean the police did not look into that either?" Donald said, "They did not, it was out of their hands, there is no trace of them in Sweden at all. All names were false, nothing to go on at all."

Edward asked, "Donald what were the dealings they had for you to get rich?" Donald said, "Properties, and marketing goods." "What goods?" Edward said. Donald went quiet, and then said, "It was drugs Dad." Edward said, "Alright, we will leave it at that for now, when you come back, go to my brother's home, I will call him, then I will make a day to get there myself. I am going to talk to Lawrence about this, he was in law, he is now in here. Leave it with me." They ended the conversation, and Edward knew he had to cancel the day out now with Heather.

Edward spoke to Heather about it all, and she said, "Edward you must do what you must do. I will go out to town by myself, and we can catch up, I do not mind." Edward had greater feelings for Heather then ever now. She was so understanding.

Heather caught the bus, and the driver said, "Where is your companion?" Heather said, "He has had to do things, and at the last minute, so I am going to town to have a ladies day out. When she got off the bus, she wandered to the shops. She passed the town hall, and saw the notice of the upcoming meetings for the young and old. She smiled, she knew this was going to come off. Heather did not stay all day in town, she bought some wool, and thought to make Edward a cardigan for the winter. She enjoyed knitting, and thought how it's been years since she did it.

As she was about to wait for the bus to come back, a lady came up to her. She said, "Oh I can see you're very determined in nature." Heather looked round and thought, who is this? Then the lady said, "Memories from past generations, can have a huge effect on the body for many people." Heather said, "Explain it please?" The lady said, "Do you know anyone with constant pain?" Heather thought of Walter, and said, "Yes I do, a man has severe arthritis, he is a Christian, and has had constant troubles in his body throughout life."

"The lady said, "There are unseen memory banks in many people, none of them realize that their past generations had a curse, that came upon the family. So the following generations got the curse within their lives." Heather said, "My family must have had it too!" The lady said, "How?" Heather explained," Well my parents were unsupportive, I rebelled, and I got into a mind state of wanting to show them a thing or two. Much of my life had constant failings. I worked hard to achieve things, and when it looked like I was getting somewhere, it did not pan out. So towards the age just past sixty, I began to gamble, it became all I thought of, I knew I would win the big one, one day. I sure did win the big one, the --- Oh --- The big one was, I gambled my whole life's material away. I ended up with nothing, no big win. Only a big loss. That caused me to be put into an aged home. In there I met a lovely man, who also lost his material wealth, but in another way. He did not gamble, --- well maybe he did, emotionally, so today I am trying to work out what caused all this misfortune."

The lady said, "That curse can be removed, I will give you a book, read it, and take it from there." they got on the bus, and sat in separate seats. So Heather browsed through the book. To her surprise it had everything she needed to understand in it. She got up from her seat, and went near the lady, she said, "The book is really what I needed." The lady said, "That is why I did not sit with you, I thought you might like to look at it. As you may have seen, there is a way of the darkness, which is curses, to be lifted from the family. Many people pray for things to be achieved, and it fails, the reason is, they do not ask in the correct way, the true riches are within a person, it is the inside that is important. People ask for the outside things, to enrich their inside needs, that is why it is not answered. It's a bit like two wheels, the large one outside of the small one in the centre. To fulfill that all, means to rid the curses of darkness, there is a prayer in the book for that.

Heather sat down beside the lady, and said, "Seems to me, there is much preaching about things, but not enough about the curses, I know they are quite widely spoken of in the Bible, but it's put in a way that folk do not quite understand. Could be the old age way of talking, or the lack of scripture being given the full wave of reaching all mankind." The lady had to get off the bus now, and she said, "I bid you "The Lord's" Blessing, I know you will be all right."

Heather had a bit longer to stay on the bus, and she thought, that was by no means an accident, it was sent from "The Holy Spirit." She then wondered how Edward was doing.

Edward got the fare sent off. He went to the post office to get it sent priority.
Having done that he looked for Lawrence. He saw him reading a paper. "Lawrence, may I engage you in some law talk?" Lawrence said, "Sure what is it about?" Edward gave all the details he knew. Lawrence sat listening. He then said, "Edward there are at times the smallest of things overlooked by these gangsters. These man are dangerous. Show me what Donald has been able to keep, I still have some contacts. Black market eh?" Lawrence smiled, and said, "That would be great to undo criminals that big. Mind you, I have to say, no money is likely to be coming back, just know that." Edward said, "Yes I do know that. But if it can be brought to justice, that in itself is a reward." They arranged to speak to the Vicar about it.

They caught up with the Vicar, as he was taking calls from the people interested in the notice in the town hall. One person suggested that the meetings be held in the town hall, instead of the home. He said that young people that do not attend chapel, would be more comfortable in their own environment. Amish said the meetings were going to be held in the aged home. That calls have already been coming in, for the numbers that are interested. Amish then hung up.

Edward asked Amish if he had time to talk. Amish said, "I have a free hour right now." Edward told Amish all about the dealings Donald had been in. That he had forgiven him, and sent the fare. Amish said, "You know these days there are so many people trying to get rich! It saddens me, they just will not become family of "God." their time is so full of doing things to get this rich life, they forget the real rules of life. By Donald himself, he has reaped his sown seed. The outcome? Poverty." Amish then took a look at Edward, and said, "I am glad you forgave him, there is not one person without a sinful action in their lives. If no forgiveness was given, the whole situation would become far greater into sin."

Lawrence said, "I have some contacts left, that I will tell about this. I do realize it's going to be a big job to find out the black market dealings, I have one man I know that has a way of finding out things, as small as an acorn of knowledge. But he does have the ability to work on things, like the small bits Donald has got." Edward said, "I think Donald may need to get himself back first, and then get better, we do have to give him time." Lawrence said, "I would not be going into this if I knew it was a waste of time. I agree Donald does need to heal, and after that we will get to the bottom of this."

Edward went to find Heather. He wanted to see how her day was. Now Edward had a complete new life opening. He thought, money! It really is the main reason people get into trouble. Those that have it treat those that do not, without respect. Those that do not have it, go to things like stealing. The whole thing is out of balance. He thought how nice it would be if every individual was given the same amount, there would be an abundance left over. No stealing needed to do, no crimes, all at a balance. He was now ready to wait and see how this will come to light?

Chapter Ten

It was Friday afternoon. Edward had ten days to wait for Donald to arrive. He called at the airport to say, he would get a train to Edward's brother. Edward said, "I will be coming there myself with a friend called Lawrence. I have told him about your involvement with the black market. I think we should look at anything you have, did you find anything else?" Donald said, "When I put things into my case at the streetwise place, I saw a packet of matches, the type you get in hotels. I was going to throw them away when a tramp asked if he could have them. Then he said they were from Italy by the packet address. I found them in my suit pocket. Naturally I did not look at where they were made." Donald do you smoke?" Edward asked. Donald said, "It was for a cigar at the dealings and passing the high money to them. I never thought anymore about it. I told the tramp he could not have them as I was wondering why they were from Italy, in Sweden." Edward said, "You do know that money can change hands in Sweden easily? It is known for that. Very likely that they do these dealings in such places." Donald said, "Dad all I thought was I had the number I found on a piece of paper, and then the card with an address in Germany, now this, so I kept it." Edward was pleased about that. Anything that could unlock this is an advantage. He said, "Donald have a weeks rest at least, and get your bearings. I will be there the following week." Donald said, "Thank you Dad." They ended the call.

The day for the first meeting had come. As Amish was setting up, some young people came in. That pleased Amish very much. A good sign. The hour came for it to start, and he saw many of the aged people come in as well. The ones in wheelchairs too! Walter came in hobbling as he does, his sticks in both hands. He got to the front where a table was set for the light conversation on spiritual lesson. As they were going to start, Walter stopped Amish and said, "We will first put the music on," When the young people heard it, they looked at each other in amazement. The aged people were sitting still, then one by one there was movement. Some danced their hands. Some tapped the floor. One lady got up and stood swaying to the music. This was a great beginning.

Some of the ones that were frail, just nodded their heads to the music. A miracle was happening. None of these had any life in them like this. At the finish a young man got up and said, "Sorry to speak before the Vicar, but hey! Cool! Keep it up and I will be back. I never knew church stuff could be fun. To me it's always been dismal, rather boring." There was applause. The Vicar got up and welcomed all to the meeting. He said, "We have had a good start to today. Yes, I agree, I myself have realized that to get the young ones interested, means get with it as today! What we are going to talk about today is family. Not home family, but "God's" Family. When I have said what I am going to say. I wish for anyone who wishes to speak to get up and speak, we need a conversation all around the meeting."

Amish began and said, "As you know I am the Vicar, I am no different to any of you. I have my knowledge of "Jesus Christ." Many that do not know him, think he does not know them. He does, he has orchestrated this meeting so that his calling to his children will be heard, by young and aged. The true family is all mankind. All races, all creeds, and all places in the four corners of the world. No Matter what you have done, he forgives, he gives freedom, he releases all barriers, he saves. Nothing can save but he alone. Today there is much anger in the people, so many are lost, so many try to gain riches, that end up without any values.

He teaches us about the spirit, not the flesh. He understands the flesh is weak, he knows the flesh will have desires. He knows that satan is doing all he can to get people to worship him. He wants to be higher than "The Heavenly Father." He will never win. So I was going to set the first meeting on how each of you feel about life. I have realized that in some churches, there are those that bang the heads of people to do as they say. Some have dull sermons, and then people stay away. Some will try to control. That is sad, as freedom is not about control, it's about love. "Jesus" Is love.

Look, when people get the hum drum of the sayings like --- the wages of sin is death, without any chance to see that death is not what "Jesus" Died for. When they get the ones that teach, getting overbearing, they either give in to that, and learn little, or just go away. It does not work. When souls are in trouble, they need understanding. Many get the opinions without understanding, they do not get the chance for release. Today the world is full of people, and most are lonely. No unity, no growing, not one set of encouragement.

One way I can put it, a baby is found left uncared for. What does one do when finding that baby? They feed it, they wash it, they cuddle it, it becomes not an it, but a person who needs love. Not one thought is about judging. That baby is given a chance. How come then we as adults, including you young people, do not love and care for each other? Something is missing. The family is not complete. Would the person that found the baby, go out and get their self centered things, leaving the little baby to wait, and could die? No, no, no. That baby was saved. So it has to be cared for, taught the right things, given the laws of life, so that it grows. How can a baby grow without love?

So what is said here is that "Jesus Christ" Is love, by having him as your parent, you cannot go wrong. Once your saved, and perhaps had a blood family that has let you down, you are adopted. The true church of "Christ" Is the body of "Christ." Well another way of putting it, if the sun never came to open the light of day, it would be dark, right? Imagine doing things as you do in light, in the dark. It would be very frustrating. Health would suffer far more. Depression would set into people worldwide. Yet there is depression in the light too. That depression is clinical, but is it? Most often people have rooted dysfunctions, perhaps from their childhood, perhaps some suffering of another sort. It festers inside, and then comes full blown lack of normal functioning. Here is one of satan's cheating. Because titles are given to illnesses like that, rather then finding the root. Pills are today given without any thought to working with the patient. They often take these drugs for years. Some will hear voices, some will be bi-polar, some will be in another world. Nothing normal about that is there? So the darkness can be in a person without them knowing it. It is the lack of love.

Love often is given names, movies, crimes of passion, look at it, how can a crime be with true pure love? Who would hurt the one they love. I feel that nobody can love, unless they are love themselves. So today the lesson is to find your true needs, be unashamed in being open about how you feel. Open the dark door, to let in the light. Here ends my part. We will have some more music, and then we will hear form any of you."

The meeting went so well. The young people spoke up. One said, "Well what about the universe? What about the thoughts of transcending?" Walter took that. He said, "You do know that the fine line between the occult, and the truth, is the battle ground of spiritual warfare? There is so much going on today, that people go for what they think is the easy road. They read a book by it's cover, instead of peeling away the layers of deception. The deceit in our world is a war. People will not understand that when one passes away, that is the law of "The Heavenly Father" They cannot come back at all. So people will go to those that are mediums, or card readers. It gives a false illusion that they are in contact with their dead family. Now this is a subject I think would be better elaborated on in future meetings. We need to go from a to z.

A young man said, "I am Tim, I think this is groovy, it is really interesting. I thought it would be dull. I did hear that animals would come in a meeting once a month. Would there be many? I have a mouse." The whole room laughed. Amish said, "I appreciate your given mouse, but we will have only a couple of trained cats, and a couple of dogs." Tim said, "What use is only four?" Amish said "We can hardly have a zoo in here. It is to let the aged people that have not contacted for years, one of "God's" Creatures to touch. That touching is healing. It will open them up. Another young lady said, "I have a ferret that is very cuddly." Amish looked at her and then smiled, he said, "I again appreciate your given ferret, we will only have what I said." She said, "OK, I think I can see why you're doing this, it is a good way to give them some unconditional love, like animals have if they are loved."

The meeting was ending, and there was a spread for all. They enjoyed the meeting. One man said, "I have a band, I thought, would you allow us to play for one meeting, instead of the CDs?" Amish said, "What words will you sing?" The man said, "I am Alan by name, and I have the ability to write words of praise, I just thought it may give the oldies a better time." Amish said, "I think that would be great, how about next week?" Alan said, "Cool, but I think you better hear us first." Amish thought a while and then said, "I can do that this Saturday, do I come to you?" Alan said, "I have a shed in my parents house, that we play in for practice, we do play for a public house, but after hearing all this today, I thought the music could be of better service in another way." Now Amish was really impressed, he did not know how strong his lesson got them all. He said, "Next meeting, I will ask more of you to speak on what you found in this weeks meeting." Alan said, "I live just a few roads away from here, this is my address, two o clock do you?" Amish said, "Yes."

Heather and Edward were very happy about how the meeting went. It took Edwards mind off Donald for a while. Walter was walking with one stick, the other was under his arm, they did not say anything, but he was not hobbling so much. Edward said, "It would be a miracle for Walter to get his arthritis even half better." Heather said, "I wonder if the talk about love, as is the pure love, got into him?" Edward said, "It got into me." Heather said, "Yes me too!"

Now the time was getting close for Edward and Lawrence to go to see Donald. Both were wishing for results.

Chapter Eleven

It was the time to be talking to Donald. Both Edward and Lawrence took the train to Haversham. It was quicker than the bus. The country scenes were beautiful. Edward said, "It does not Matter which scene is there, it's always so peaceful." Lawrence said, "Peaceful, yes, I have been sitting here thinking of how to get this into action. Donald may have been used to actually undo this kind of sin." Edward looked at Lawrence and said, "I never thought of that one! It can be workings in mysterious ways." Both men smiled.

Donald was waiting at the station, he had taken Edward's brother's car to pick them up. Edward and Lawrence got off the train, and Donald gave his father a big hug. Edward was surprised, as Donald had never shown any emotion by action. Donald said, "Your brother has gone out today with a friend, he said I could take his car to pick you up." Edward was quite pleased to be getting the chance to do this without an audience.

Coming in the house, Donald went to make tea. Lawrence said, "This cottage is right bang in the middle of space. Is your brother a loner?" Edward said, "He went a bit strange after he had lost his wife twenty years ago. He bought this cottage to be out in the middle of nowhere." Lawrence said, "I would not call it nowhere, it's so scenic, I would think it was a way to aid his grief at the time." Edward said, he has one friend that he spends time with. Anyone else he does not spend time with, including me. I have to call him, it's rare he calls me."

Donald came in the lounge with the tea. He had some sandwiches made, and a few small cakes. Edward thought how he looked domesticated, a man never domesticated. He poured the tea, and they sat and ate the provisions given. After that Donald took the tray out, and came back to start the talk.

Lawrence began, "Tell me Donald, how did you get involved with this gangster group?" Donald looked at his Dad, and swallowed nervously. "I had met them in the city, in the casino, I was betting, and they said they had a table that was a sure chance to win big! I had the private sale before Dad knew about it, and having money in my hands, they saw that. I did not know that it was a place these go to, to find people with money. The table paid me, but when I played again I lost it, and one of the group won it." Lawrence said, "Sounds like it was rigged." Donald said, "Rigged! How can a casino have that? It would be against the rules." Lawrence said, "Rules in places like that are not kept. There is much criminal action, they targeted you. What happened after the betting?" Donald said, "I was invited to a hotel. There were four in the group, and they gave me alcohol drinks. Talk was going to what money I have, I did not realize it was a plan. They began telling me what money they have, by inheritance. I believed it. Then I told them of my um --- Dad's money, how I was power of attorney. They looked interested, so they said I had that money for myself, which would multiply, if I go along with their plans. They made it sound a success plan. One man was Italian, two were from Germany, and one was from Sweden itself. The Italian man gave me a cigar, and this" --- he handed Lawrence the matches, with the Italian hotel on it. It had Italian writing on it, and address. Lawrence took it and looked at it. He turned back the sticks of matches, and under them was small writing, it looked like a code. Donald said, "I never thought of looking under the matches. What is that? It looks like a code." Lawrence said, "There is a lettering, and numbers after it. I can only barely see it. " Donald handed the card and the piece of paper. The address was Germany, and the card had a phone number on it. The code for the country it belonged to, was in front of the number. He asked to call the operator, and find out what country the code was for? He was told Italy. "Mmn!" Said Lawrence, "We have some start here.

Lawrence asked for information about the dealings given to Donald, and what they were about. Donald said, "It was properties, and drugs, and things stolen to sell in countries that gave higher payments. No tax was involved at all. They got me to fund the biggest deal they said they had. I fell for it, as they told me I would make millions. I intended to repay you Dad, from the sales. I just did not tell you about it. I could not. So once I passed all the money, they never contacted me again. There was no trace of them being in Sweden. I thought they used false names, and false passports. How they do that is beyond me."

Lawrence said, "This is quite good, if you had nothing at all, nothing could be investigated. This is going to be traced, and to where the owner of the number, and the address in Germany is. Some do get caught, and if this is undone, it may well be exposing a very large criminal activity."

Donald drove them back to the station, and felt better, he saw his father was not angry. Disappointed, yes, but holding his care for his son.

On the train, Lawrence said, "I am going to call an agency, there is a younger man in law there, I met him before I retired. I know he was climbing the ladder of success. If he has got to the top, he is the man to see." Edward listened, and said, "I am so grateful to you, you did not have to do this." Lawrence said, "Yes I did, it is no hassle to me. Do not pay me for the investigation." Edward said, "Why?" Lawrence said, "I have money I will never use, due to my age. For me this is giving me something to do. I do not like to be in an aged home. My health has placed me there. You see, if this comes off, no money can be a reward, justice can be a reward. "The Lord's."

Edward was just humbled by this, Lawrence knew that Edward loved his son, and the fact that his son did not get killed, meant everything. Lawrence had told Edward that, if the deal went to look like them getting caught, they would have murdered Donald, to rid evidence. Edward thought how cold such people are.

Heather came into the book room, she saw Edward there. He looked preoccupied. She said, "Edward, how are you?" Edward said, "Deep in thought, sorry I did not mean to ignore you. Come to that I could do with company. I know it's not Tuesday, but how about we tell the staff, we want to go to town this afternoon?" Heather was pleased, and said, "Yes let's, we can go to the small theatre, today they have the phantom of the Oprah on." We can have a meal in our favorite restaurant after, I am going to pay for the theatre Edward." Edward said, "Thank you I accept that."

Heather looked at Edward and said, "Did you know the Vicar is going to listen to a band Saturday afternoon?" Edward said, "I heard something about it, but did not register it really, too much on my mind at the time." Heather said, "Yes, if the band is good, it will play in our meeting each week." "Oh! That will liven everyone up Heather." Heather laughed and said, "What about the mouse offering? And the ferret? Hardly what the Vicar had in mind eh? I have laughed about that often, when I think of it." Edward roared, and said, "It is humorous, we all need a good laugh." Heather said, "Laughter, the best medicine, eh?"

Lawrence appeared in the book room and said, "Edward, I have made a few calls. The man I told you about in the law agency, is very interested in this with Donald. He wants us to go and see him next Monday. How is that with you? He wants Donald there too! He said that the few things Donald had, could well be enough, he was not one hundred percent certain, but he did say there was some to contact with, get some bearings on this." Edward said, "Yes we will go, I will call Donald now and tell him. He will have to come here by train. Where is the agency?" Lawrence said, "In the city, in the high rise flats." Edward said, "Heather and I are going to the town, so tomorrow we can talk more.

The bus ride was again grand. Edward held Heather's hand all the way. Heather snuggled up to Edward. Edward was feeling his grief was leaving now, over his wife. He had not forgotten her, but his life had to still go on. Heather said, "I did something last Tuesday, I bought wool, I want to make you a cardigan." Edward said, "Oh Heather, how nice a thought. What color is it?" Heather said, "I chose a beige, it will be in aran." Edward said, "Aran? What is that?" Heather said, "It's a pattern, rather like fishermen wear. I thought beige would go with everything."

Chapter Twelve

Amish was going to hear the band today. He thought that it would liven up the meetings, if they are all right in their words. He was glad the animals suggestions went well. While driving to the young man's home, he had a giggle! A mouse! Imagine the ladies with a mouse to stroke? Then a ferret, well at least they were participating. His humorous mind went further, what if they brought a camel? No, he thought, that's me going too far. Ah! But things were quite serious for some time, the meeting certainly was very positive.

Amish found the property easily. He went to knock on the front door, when the band started to play. His hand did not quite make the door. The depth of a saxophone made the beginning of the praise singing grand. He heard the harmony between the men in the band. He heard the words ...

"Forever ye are mine, forever I am thine"

The light is with you my precious treasure,
Pouring my love to thee, is my pleasure.
My work is thine to give this day,
Tell them all, this is the only way.

Forever ye are mine, forever I am thine.

Heavenly music bestowed to thee,
You know by my spirit, it is me.
The angels sing along with love,
Sweetness and purity from above.

Forever ye are mine, forever I am thine.

I came to earth by my father's word,
Listen, listen, he can be heard.
Take the truth and let it be so,
Only by me can you grow.

Forever ye are mine, forever I am thine.

Come my children, come to me,
Know that with me, you are free.
Thy heart is my heart, thy soul will achieve,
It is so simple, have faith, believe.

Forever ye are mine, forever I am thine.

Amish was really taken by this, he did not see an older man come up to him. "Ah," Said the man, "I am Alan's father, I would never have thought my son would do music for a Vicar." Amish said, "I know he is doing it for "The Lord," Not for me. By that, Alan's band is giving his word. By giving his word he gives it to all those that hear him. So it does the full circle you see." Alan's father said, "Come I will take you to the shed." Amish went inside, the shed was large, a couple of old cars, many boxes of stored items, and the band took the rest.

Amish said, "I heard the last one you played, who wrote the words?" Alan said, "We put it together by all of us, a combined script." Amish said, "Who wrote the music?" Alan said, "That was Matthew, he is the adventurous one, he writes all the band's music, if it's a new one." Amish said, "I would like to listen to another or two if you have them."

They played two more that were written. Amish noticed there were seven in the band. The piano was electric, the drums, the saxophone, the three guitar players, the flute. He was extremely pleased at this. There were five of them that sang.

They had a blues method of sound. Very soul music. Amish said, "Right, you have the job, I am afraid it will not be a paying job." Alan said, "We do not want to be paid, we will enjoy seeing the oldies with our updated music." Amish was about to leave, when Alan's father said, "Please come in for tea, my wife wants to meet you." Amish agreed, he was needing a cup of tea.

Inside the house it was spotless. There were many embroidered pictures. He sat down, and Alan's mother said, "So pleased to meet you, I must say that I am very happy with Alan, and his band, playing for Christianity, it has been my prayer for years. He used to go to Sunday school as a young child, he then gave it up. You know, the kids go their own way. He got involved with some rouges, and left all our teachings. I thought he became anti to any life of "Christ" At one time. The music they played was sounding like heavy metal. I was very worried, as nothing we said would he listen to."

Amish said, "Yes, the youths seem to go for that sort of music, sadly. Never lose faith though, many times "Our Lord Jesus Christ" calls. They enjoyed other conversation, and it came time to leave. Amish thanked them for the tea, and cake, then went to his car. Alan came running to the car saying, "Glad you accepted us, we will see you at the next meeting. When is the animal time?" Amish said, "Around two weeks after the next meeting. There will be two small dogs, two cats, I thought against the rabbit. It may not sit still for long." Then Amish went back to his home.

The day came for Edward, Lawrence, and Donald to go to the city. They went into a very large building. Took a lift to level ten. On arrival Mr. Thomas came out of his office. He said Lawrence it has been some years since I saw you, although we have kept in touch by phone. Come into my office." They all went in. Donald looked around it, he thought how posh it looked, leather seating, and a big book shelf.

Mr. Thomas said, "Would you let me see the small amount you have Donald?" Donald said, "Lawrence has them, he will give them to you. Mr. Thomas looked at them, and then said, "Interesting, I am going to look at the code on this, under the matches. I will write them down in my note book, because I need to see them clearer. Very faintly written. It seems a code of some business. Once I have cracked that, I will then find out who it is in Germany, by this phone number on the card." Mr. Thomas then traced the code. He said, "This is in Italy. An unknown business. That is fine, because it's enough to go on, it will take a bit of time to undo this, and see what business it is." Donald said, "Well we know it's black market, is it likely it could be smothered so that it's only part of a code?" Mr. Thomas said, "Yes, that is possible, but the number on the card for Germany may well be the other part of the code. If this proves black market, then it will be difficult to break through, all I can say is, I have contacts that are in law, I am going to break this."

Edward sat there grateful, he felt this man was going to do all he can to get this exposed. Mr. Thomas said, "That will be all for today, and I will contact you, and then make an appointment for another time." Lawrence said, "I spoke to you about the payments for your work, I am going to pay for this, especially that I know your expertise in law. Edward, and Donald, say nothing, I have so much money I will never use at my age." Edward said, "Lawrence that is not fair to you." Lawrence said, "Fair? Of course it is fair, I am offering. This is doing me good, to be a little active in law."

They left the office, and they went to a restaurant to have dinner. Donald said to Edward, "Dad, I got a job last week, it is a high paid job, I will be able to put in your account slowly, some finance that was yours anyway." Edward said, "Donald, do not do that, my account is different now, and I have taken charge of my affairs." Donald looked hurt, he felt his father had lost trust, not surprisingly. He sat there thinking, I will save it then, and one day when Dad will take it, he can put it into his account himself.

The meeting day came. There seemed to be more this time, as Amish had to get another five seats. The band was prepared, the aged people were coming in, and looked surprised at the band. Walter was still walking on one stick, this pleased Edward. Amish had the meeting around last weeks lesson. He gave all to speak, and what they learned.

As all sat down, Amish introduced the band. They began to play, the singing was in harmony, and everyone was looking happy with them. Sort of like entertainment, with a good cause. One song that they were going to sing, Amish had the words printed out. All had a copy. Amish said, "I thought when we learn the music, we can sing the chorus of any that is learned." This will give further communications between them all.

Edward had an urgent call waiting for him, at the front entrance desk. The clerk called him at his room, and asked if he would like to come to the desk. Edward asked if a name was given, the clerk said, "Yes, a Mr. Thomas." Edward hurried to take the call. Mr. Thomas said, "Good day Edward, I have some good news for you." Edward said, "Oh good, what is it?" Mr. Thomas said, "The code that was under the matches correspond with two things. The first was the country which is Italy, as I had told you. The rest of the code is an air flight to Germany. Even better Edward, the other number which is in Germany, also goes to Sweden by the small things Donald found. It ties it all together. I have contacted the airport in Italy, and they gave me the names, I can tell you that took some time. I had to use some tactics to get that, naturally law wise. I have the date of the flight, the time, and the destination, there is a stop over in Germany, then a flight to Sweden. Now obviously there are more then two men, I could not get the Germany details, but the fact that I will have them followed by two passengers, going to the same places, in plain clothes, means that we have a lead. The plain clothes men are detectives. They will go the full distance, and then book in where they book into. They will act as normal men, and then, in Sweden, they will befriend them." Edward said, "They may be onto it, and wonder why these men are going to the same places?" Mr. Thomas said, "No Edward, these two detectives are top rank. They do this kind of work, they know exactly what to do, and how to remain without being thought about. I can tell you the police have wanted these gangsters for a long time. They had so many false names, that what they tried did not stick. They knew about the black market, but never had enough leads. It is going to be very interesting to see how they arrest them. I am sure they will. You see, Donald has not been the only one taken from, in large amounts of money. The pattern is the same one, many times over. We have the big boys in this Edward, and I am using non law talk here, by big boys. Leave it with me, and as soon as I have the news, I will contact you. Donald may be called by the detectives, so be aware, things are on the move. I will keep Donald and yourself informed. Goodbye."

Edward had to sit down, it was far more then he expected. What a good thing that Donald had those bits of information. Without that, it would be a dead loss, Edward thought. He then got up, he had to find Lawrence.

Lawrence was in the chapel talking to the Vicar. Edward asked another man if he knew where Lawrence was. Being told the chapel, he went there as quick as he could. Amish saw Edward and waved to him to come in. Edward said, "You two better sit down." "Why?" Said Amish. Edward told them what the lawyer said on the phone. Lawrence said, "I knew it! I just knew it! Great, now we can relax and leave it to them to get those mongrels arrested." Amish said, "Ah yes, but they could have a job on, these type of gangsters can, and have done, managed to slip them." Lawrence said, "Look I know Mr. Thomas, he gets to the root of things." Amish said, "There is one more detective, so to speak, here." Both Edward and Lawrence looked at Amish questioning his words. Amish smiled and said, "You know who it is too, "The Lord Jesus Christ."

Now Edward had to find Heather, she was privy to all this, and he needed her company. When he found her and explained it all she said, "A rolling stone gathers moss."

The start of prayers answered, was just beginning. Edward had a joy in his heart. He knew by this all, that Donald was going to change his very self centered ways of old. The meeting for the light spiritual health was coming together, and Edward felt more settled. He now had to wait to see how this all comes out.

Chapter Thirteen

Heather was going to take a day out with a few able bodied ladies in the home. This had to be done, as they needed to buy personal things.

They got to the bus, and the bus driver said to Heather, "No companion today?" Heather said, "I will be later in the week, he has some business to do that is taking up his time. These ladies wanted a day out, and shop." The bus driver smiled and took the fares.

Along the way the bus stopped to pick up a woman. Heather noticed this woman looked very tired. She had trouble walking, and had a look of pain in her eyes. The women got in the seat in front of Heather. Heather carried on talking to the other three ladies. Then she noticed the woman was crying. Heather got up and went to her saying, "What is wrong? May I help you in any way?" The woman shook her head, saying nothing, and looked away. Heather sat down beside her saying, "Please speak to me, what is wrong?" The woman said I --- er --- I --- Oh dear, I do not even know you, I am tired of being wonder woman." Heather said in surprise, "Wonder woman, what do you mean?" The woman said, "As you can see, I am not very mobile, I do everything for myself because, I --- I am very determined never to be beaten. Other people have seen me, and not one person ever cares enough to help. My neighbor is a nice woman, just she is very hard to be near, she never stops talking, and her talking is shouting. She gossips, and I dislike that." Heather said, "Oh dear, that would be hard to take." The woman said, "She wanted me to do her electrical wiring for her, you know? The DVD and CD video recorder, and television. She shouts so loud when she talks, and never stops to listen. I did the wiring for her, as she could see, I could not bend down without difficulty, I have severe arthritis, and so I am partly disabled, she knows I have pain all the time, but no, she carried on shouting, with no knowledge of wires at all. I blocked off from listening to her, but my nerves were getting tangled up."

Heather sat there looking at the lady. She then said, "Why does she ask you to do all her things?" The woman said, "She knows I am able in mind for this sort of thing, but I am --- Well --- (she sniffs) --- I am crippled to quite a degree. I can drive without troubles, but my car is being serviced. So I am here on this darn bus. Last Saturday she came to my window, she never knocks, just comes with her complaints, saying that her wiring needed me to see to it again! I said that I could not come that evening, but will do it the next day. I became angry.

I go in the Sunday, as she would not leave me to do my balcony covering on my own. I have fourteen steps to my front door, I had very intense pain, and was unable to walk well. She kept on and on, so I went in leaving my job. There she had undone the wires, and put them into appliances that do not take them. Then she wondered why her DVD was not working. I told her I could not get down on the ground. But there was no other way, her things are low. She shouts her talking and I got a bit fed up and told her to be quiet, I had to work out what she had done. I had no choice but to get down on the floor, and I replaced her wiring, telling her to listen, and that it's dangerous to place wires where they do not go. I could not get up, so she got a chair for me to lift myself up on. She saw that was difficult too! I left then, hardly able to walk. I go and do something with difficulty, and does she come out and help me? No!

Looks out her blinds, you know so that I could not see her looking. I did. Help me? Not at all. All it meant was her going down the steps to get my ball of string. Nothing. I have had people pushing me out the way, because they have no patience to wait in a supermarket. I have had nobody at all doing one thing for me, but I can tell you, it makes me even stronger in mind, I say I will not be beaten, but I am worn out by the lack of thinking, of others. I have been taught that if one hits you on the cheek, you turn the other cheek, I have been hit on the cheeks for many years, all I have helped, have kicked my kindness, in my shins. So all this forgiving has just got on top of me. To be hurt all the time is unfair. It is enough to cope with the constant pain, but to be aggravated emotionally and mentally, increases the pain. So today I have given up all this forgiving. Enough is enough."

Heather sat there thinking. My, she is hurt. "Have you any family?" Heather asked. The women said, "Family? What family? My only next of kin, my daughter, disowned me, leaving me with nobody. Three times in the hospital, and never took the calls of the nurses, said it's nothing she wants to know about. Do you know, I did for that girl all the time she was at home, I then did look after her baby, doing her housework and ironing. Giving up my own time. The result? She has not given me one bit of concern. So I have no family at all." Heather looked at her and said, "I am so sorry to hear that, this daughter of yours is very selfish, has she forgotten that you gave her all you could, in her childhood years? But today there is no honor for parents, they are cast aside. Look I am with the three ladies behind me, would you like to join us? We are having a girls day out, and we will help you." The woman said, "I am Veronica by name, and that kind thought I will accept, thank you."

They arrived into town. Mabel, Teresa, and Ann. They helped Veronica off the bus, taking her arm, and making sure she did not fall. Veronica said, "Strangers help me, family will not!" They decided to get her a wheelchair, available at the mall. They just leave a deposit for it. The woman was grateful. So off they went having some fun looking at the shops. They did their shopping and Heather said, "We will go and have some lunch now. Veronica said, "I cannot afford that, I am on limited money." Heather said, "No Matter, we will buy it for you, and do not feel you owe us at all."

Heather ordered four lunches, getting salads, and fish, and rolls. For desert she got forest cake. Then finished with coffee's. They took the wheelchair back, and Veronica used her stick. On the bus back, Veronica gave her address to Heather, and her phone number. Heather said she would contact her. Veronica said, "I am only forty eight, but feel like my body is eighty eight. Ann said, "We all are glad to have met you. Naturally us three, not Heather, are somewhat disabled, not to your degree, but enough to be needing a home. Think about it, there must be some places that take in younger people." Veronica nodded, but said nothing. Heather said, "You must stop doing for your neighbor, if she is too blind, or just thinking of her needs, why should you jeopardize your own health? I mean she did not help you in a manner of body. You said she gives you bits, that is no help. You said she leaves you with bits of paper she does not want to put in the rubbish, and then you have to in yours! Oh come on. I cannot understand how she has lived there for seventeen years, and never put her bin out once, just takes it to a public bin, seems to me she is a little odd. No Veronica, if I hear you have helped her again, I will not be very happy about it. Come to that, why on earth does she look at other neighbors, and gossip about them not putting washing out? There is a scripture that says, gossip people are trouble, it's written tale bearers. I will call to see how you are, in a couple of days. Think about your home, and whether you would want to leave there."

The ladies went back into the aged home. Edward waited for Heather, and said, "My I have missed you! I spoke to Lawrence today, on how they un-coded the codes and how the main code was under the matches. Lawrence said that the matches must have been given to Donald by mistake, as he had no lighter to light his cigar. Donald said they were all drinking the success of the false business Donald had bought, so one of them gave him the matches. They have those sort of complementary soft packet matches in all rooms. He said the man who gave them, must have looked for them some time later. Donald was only in his hotel room for one week, he had to leave, as he had no money at all. So with fortune, he was not found."

Heather said, "Was meant to be I think."

They enjoyed the rest of the day together, talking about lighter things, and Heather told Edward about Veronica.

The meetings had gone well with the band. The band had a weekly booking now. The animal time was to be at the next meeting. All were in the room for the meeting. Walter came in, with a cat! In a cage. His one stick was all he had to walk with. Things looked better for Walter. He smiled and said, "This cat is sloppy, he is gentle, and he comes from one of the younger people, they asked me to bring him in." There were two dogs. Tiny dogs wagging tails, and looking like wanting to lick everyone. There was one more cat in her cage, she looked very gentle too!

Amish said, "Today we will have no spiritual lesson, we will enjoy the animals, and talk about animals. One young man said, "Well I brought my mouse! It is in a cage, and I know you said not to, but why not some difference? The mouse does tricks on his play things." Amish eyed the young man with seriousness and said, "I know I said no mouse, I Hope there is no ferret either." No ferret appeared, but a bird in a cage came. This bird whistled. It was a parrot, but of the small variety.

Amish gave up and thought, let it be so then.

The band started to play, and the crowd sang heartily. When the chorus came, the parrot sang the actual words of it! Amish had not asked who owned the parrot. It belonged to one of the band's men. The people stopped singing to listen to the bird do the chorus. It said some words and whistled some of it. The singing came back to the other verses, but the chorus was sang by the parrot, with the words in between. This had the room in humor. The End of the singing came.

The touching of the cats, and the dogs, gave the frail and aged a smile. They just looked like they had touched something that was loving. The frail that did not talk much, were making gestures, of wanting to talk. The parrot was having a ball, he enjoyed the people. The whole meeting was in a relaxed way. The cats purred at the constant touching. Amish began to think that this given mouse, was something the aged looked at. The mouse did the wheel in his cage, then ran up and down, climbed a ladder, ate in between. Looked at the people through his cage. It seemed to Amish, that the animals had as much fun as the people in the room. Yes he thought, this is going to give the very frail something to look forward to. Ah! Amish thought again, how very mysterious some of "The holy father's" Leading does. Animals indeed! Who would have thought the one meeting with them in it, gave the whole room, young and aged, a connection?

One of the younger people came to Amish and said, "Good day, I am Paul, I was thinking about this --- these aged and frail people must have a repetitious daily routine, would it be allowed for some of us younger guys to take them in their wheelchairs, out into the garden, I do not mean them sitting in one place, but us guys wheeling them around the garden?" Amish thought, huh! Is he serious? It would have to be passed by the authorities first. Then Amish thought, well they get outside for a sitting in the area of the lookout. I know they stay in one place. Amish said, "I will ask them, you see, only those that do not need constant attention would perhaps be allowed. Come to think of it, their families do not visit them, I do know that much." Paul said, "Ask them, as they will want to meet us personally, you know, be certain they are safe with us. I have a medical study, of which I am going to be a doctor eventually. I noticed that the very frail do need some extra in life." Amish said, "Wait here, I will call them now, as you guys are here now, they may have the time to see you." Amish called the office, and he got permission that he could bring the young men in now.

After some talking, and some certain assurance they will be careful, it was agreed upon, for half a hour on a Sunday afternoon. "Vicar," said the governor, "I have seen so many improvements in all the aged. The frail have had less need to keep ringing their bells for things that do waste time for the staff members. They have much work to do. I have noticed some health improvements as well. It seems that since the meetings began, there was a raising of spirits, in many of them. So I do think that the mixing with the young, will aid them gracefully. I am satisfied with the young men here. Funny though, no young ladies have offered. I must say that since the intervention of mixing with the young, it's been a great thing to see the change in many of them. It also gives the staff time to do their work. I would like to thank you for all the work put in, not only you Vicar, but the youths as well. Well done."

Amish now was standing there with a humble pride, he laughed to himself at the parrot coming in, no doubt the parrot was listening to the band, to be able to give his performance. The given mouse, ugh! I never would have thought it would give anything, it did. Seems to me that no fruit tree would be of use without it's leaves, and fruit. Meaning the young people. The parrot was chained to his perch, during the performance. He did not complain at all. What a good day it has been today Amish thought.

Meanwhile Edward thought about the black market dealings, with full Hope justice would be done. He knew the detectives were top rank. Edward thought, here I am living in Yugoslavia for all these years, never knowing this sort of crime went on. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds.

Meanwhile Mr. Thomas had connections with Interpol. He could not tell Donald or Edward about what they had said to him. There were dealings going on in Indonesia. Much band produce had been leaving the country in big ways. Nothing was transported by air. It had to be by land, or sea. Interpol had their claws into it for some time. The way it was dealt with was clever. Interpol became been deeply involved in this with Mr. Thomas. The false names, and the false passports, were used. They had a lead a year ago, when a trade ended up in the wrong hands. It failed due to not enough to go on. Donald having found the small leads on what he found, now has opened the gates. Mr. Thomas had his full attention on this, he worked for the police before, always with success. He was a little more than a good lawyer.

Edward went to see Amish, and said, "Can we have a prayer meeting tonight? I will get Heather, and Lawrence, I want us to pray for this to be caught. I feel that prayer may help." Amish dropped his head, and said, "Oh Edward --- I have failed in thinking of that, shame on me, what with all the hectic arrangements of meetings, and other things the Vicar has to do, I never gave that a thought. I am sorry about that. Sure we will pray tonight, come to the chapel at eight o'clock. I have a free time then." Edward said, "Oh Amish, do not be so hard on yourself, you have had much to deal with, it's fine."

The prayer meeting had the four of them in the chapel. All felt the prayers heard. Now that was done, it was time to leave it to the law, and to the greatest law of all, "The Holy Spirit."

Chapter Fourteen

Edward knew that things were moving with the law. Heather kept her promise and rang Veronica. Veronica was sounding better to her. Heather said, "Have you given any thought to your living arrangement?" Veronica said, "Yes I have, this house is far to big for me, as I live in it alone. I thought about my arthritis, which can be healed, by faith, or it can get worse. What I did was call places for finding a smaller home. I thought that if I went into a home, it could stop my independence. So the sale board is going up soon. I thought about going to china." Heather surprised said, "China! Why china?" Veronica said, "I have a friend there, she said that it's time I lived the life I could, and did what I wanted to do while I can." Heather said, "Do you really want this, or are you doing it because your friend said so?" Veronica said, "Well there are places in china that have great interest for me. I feel as if I must make a new start, and leave the old." Heather said, "Go for it then, you do sound happier. Anymore trouble from you neighbor?" Veronica said, "No, I have kept my distance. After meeting you lovely ladies, I got new Hope in life. I realized that I have --- Yes I have done for others, and nothing is done for me. I did not expect anything in return, but when I was in pain all the time, not one person even called. I thought about how I did for others, by my heart, I may at the very least be respected, I was kicked in the shins as I said."

Heather said, "Today's generation is so full of themselves, they have a me, me, me, me first attitude, and if there is nothing for me, I will not bother to be near. One day they too will age. I have noticed that in our meetings we have now, these young people attended, I think to see what it was about. As it all knitted in well, they have come every week. Some have offered their time, free of charge, to aid some of the frail." Veronica said, "That is wonderful, in china there are many practitioners that have methods to help certain diseases, so I am going to seek out what I can there." Heather said, "Have you asked "God" About it? Veronica said, "Prayers have not been answered for me." Heather said, "Have you thought that you may be asking the wrong way?" Veronica said, "How?" Heather said, sometimes things come upon us, that are there for a reason. The greatest healer is "Jesus Christ."

Veronica said, "So I am to believe, I have just got tired of life." Heather said, "Would you be interested in coming to our chapel this Sunday?" Veronica stopped talking and then said, "Suppose it cannot hurt, OK I will, what time does it start?" Heather said, "Nine o'clock in the morning." So that was agreed upon.

Heather thought Veronica may even alter her idea of china, if she realizes she does not have to go far to get the real help. Maybe she became so hurt, she could have blocked the truth from her, without knowing it. We will see, Heather thought.

Donald rang the home to speak to his father. He said, "Dad I was just wondering how you are?" Edward said, "Very much better, I know that Mr. Thomas has this all in hand." They chatted for a while, and then Edward was called to go to the office. Mr. Thomas always called the office, not Edward's room.

Mr. Thomas said, "Edward there is progress, cannot tell you the details, as it's confidential right now. Just called to tell you to keep your chin up." Edward said, "Thank you for that. They talked a while, and then ended the call.

Mr. Thomas told Edward about the two leaving Italy, that time had come. The false passports in any airline company are checked, if there is doubt about the authenticity of it. They got on the flight, so far so good. Now it was time to see how they get their other gangsters to build their team and where? It was noticed by the plain clothed detectives, that calls were made in the airport before their flight took off. These calls were taped. The airline had Interpol tell them the names that were false on the two men. They had to be let through for the flight, as to get the whole thing . The airport had to allow them the flight. Stopping them at this stage, would mean catching only two, instead of the whole thing. These men would never open up the dealings and contacts.

The change of flight came, and they boarded another jet. The plain clothed detectives were behind them on the flight. Landing in Germany at night, they followed the two men, and checked themselves in the same over night hotel. Nothing happened at night. But they did get record of the calls made from the men's room. Again they were taped. All is going quite well. They would put it all together. When they went to the airport in Germany for the flight to Sweden, one of the detectives noticed an attendant giving a nod to the two men. As their false passports were shown, the attendant did not check them, he gave a nod and told them to board. The detectives walked further away to speak. One said, "I think this airport had an attendant in with them." The other said, "Yes, obviously, we know the airports are told that Interpol is working to gain all the information that they do, phone call wise. We better board."

Coming to Sweden, the airport there also had permission to tap into any calls the two men made. Outside the airport, there were taxi's. The two men stood there, but a long black vehicle came that was not a taxi, and picked them up. The detectives had to work fast, getting into a taxi, telling the driver to follow the vehicle. The vehicle with the two men and others stopped at a location not a hotel. Now the detectives were thrown off some. The taxi could not hover around the house, it would be seen. Just as the detectives thought to leave, and do something to watch them, five men came out of the house. They got in the vehicle, and drove to a hotel, in the center of Sweden. The detectives saw them go inside, and told the driver of the taxi to drive around the block. They had to book in without being seen.

While going around the block, one detective called Interpol and gave the hotel's name. Interpol would now get the hotel tapped. Three days went by with only phone calls made. The men were calling prospective dealings. Very large money was spoken about. There were four business men wanting to deal on stolen goods. The five men working for black market, again were going to give false business. The beauty of the tapping of the phones, was that Germany had the stock. So they did get some stock bought. The stock came by land.

In the lounge of the hotel, the detectives saw the five men, one detective went and asked for a light for his cigarette. None of the two men ever noticed the plain clothed men, they used mustaches in Germany, to alter their looks. They got a conversation going. One detective had a book on him, a false book. He allowed it to fall, and then picked it up, leaving it open. One of the five said, "Hey! You have black market deals in it." The detective said, "Oh, it's not to be seen." The five thought the detective was one of the men they would be dealing with tonight. He just came early. Now the conversation was altered.

The five spoke about waiting for three other men, that they would be doing high deals with. So the detective realized that he would make five, and not four. The other detective saw four men in the entrance of the lounge. He got up and left the lounge, he had to get one of the men out of the way. This was to make the number correct.

He managed to get one of them go to another room, there was high tension with all four. He told the man that the dealings had to be with the three first, and then him. The man said, "Alright, but we are to go to a casino." The detective said, "Yes, but they want to deal and then call you." Now the detective had to leave the man, and go and call the law, he had to be maintained in the hotel. So another detective also in plain cloths acted as a decoy. This kept the man in the hotel, and talking of the dealings to the third detective, who was looking like a dealer.

The detective rushed back to the lounge, and the five said they were going to a casino, would they like to join? The plans were going well. Nothing was detected by the five men. The one detective was going to the casino, staying in the distance. He had to get another plain clothed detective to go and befriend them along with the detective already joined with them.

All six going in the long black vehicle to the casino were joking, and laughing. One of the five said, "Be a good night tonight, big wins eh?" One of the others said, "Yes, the goods in Germany are coming here to an old unused warehouse, the men buying it all come from England. Tonight we will stitch up the deals, and all will be happy.

In the casino there was a room that the five were to be in, so the plain clothed man thought to be one of the four, was in the room with them. The manager of the casino, was a crook. He had large dealings in there as well. It was coming together. The other three men came. One said, "Where is Dan? He was supposed to be here too! The plain clothed detective said, "Oh he will arrive, but I want to deal with you as well." As Dan had not arrived, time was going past. So they began to deal. The manager of the casino came in. He wanted his share as well.
It began. The dealings went into millions, and the full details of goods exposed to where it all is around the world.

Meanwhile the back up had come, the largest amount of policemen were surrounding the casino. The room was tapped and so all things said were recorded. They did not get busted until the last piece of information was dealt. Now so many millions were passed, and dealings done. They were going to leave the casino, but decided to order in drinks, as a celebration. When the drinks came, the door burst open, in came the detectives. The back up had to be there too. The whole five were arrested, and then handcuffed. The manager was also arrested, and handcuffed. Now they looked really afraid. One of the men had committed murder, and he knew it would come to light.

The whole casino stopped it's betting, as the amount of law around the players were everywhere. The five men and the manager, were put into a paddy wagon.

In the police station they were jailed. All the records of places around the world, and names given of other men, in black market dealings exposed. It was the biggest arrest made. They had to stay in jail until the court hearing. The court was gong to be heard one week away.

Exposed, made clear who had done murder. During the week's wait, the full tapes heard, the full places of goods named. The many false dealings, where men passed big money for nothing to be given for it. The drug dealings, the stolen goods. It was all done.

The court had many in it. The full tapes heard, all false names and passports seen, not one stone unturned. The hearing took two hours. The man who did murder was convicted to prison for fifty years, he had the long jail sentence because he had dealt robbery as well. Other men apart from the five, were also in court, who had been arrested in other countries. The court held no chance for easy jail sentence for any of them. They all had fifty years to do. None of them would be alive at the end of their time in jail. Parole was not to be given them at all. The judge was stern, and very strict in law.

The detectives said that they got the biggest gangsters of them all. They also knew that there were other dealings in the world going on. This had stopped much harm to people. None of these men deserved to be on the roads again. It was justice!

After time Donald was given a credit, he had not realized the small things he found would open such a can of worms. Donald felt bad about losing his father's hard worked money, he had a compensation coming from the government of law, he did not know the amount as yet.

Then Donald got a call from Mr. Thomas, saying that the compensation was half a million dollars. Donald did not expect this much if any. Donald called his father. He said, "Dad! I can give you all our money back now, this will enable you and Heather to gain a house, you are not ready for a aged home really. I was selfish and will make it right." Edward was taken by surprise. Edward said, "Donald my son, I will accept half of the money, not all of it, I think you will start your life now, and we are closer to each other, than ever."

Chapter Fifteen

Heather was going to the book room, she found Edward in there. Lawrence was with him. They were talking about the success of the black market arrests, and the cease of dealings in that area. Lawrence said there were more than that group, that still needed to be gotten rid of.

Heather sat down to hear all the good news. She was so happy at that all. It got her to realize that in betting places, it's all a con to gain higher money, at the loss of poorer people. Heather said, "What is fair these days? Seems that there is nothing going with justice, until the right law bearer is there to expose it all." Walter came in the room, he was walking far straighter, than ever. He was so pleased with the meetings, and how it all went so well.

Amish was tottering around the Vicarage grounds. His sermon upon his mind. He was going into justice received from heaven. He knew about the dealings being a justice received, a big one. The meetings were staying for good.

Sunday came, and Veronica was there at eight forty. Heather had her sit with herself and Edward. Neither Edward or Heather told anyone that they were going to leave the aged home, and their marriage was in two week's time. Amish began the service pleased to see all the young people there as well.

He gave a sermon on justice in all things. Then he said he had an announcement to make. He said, "First of all, Walter has had some degree of healing of arthritis. He is able to move better, we need to thank "The Lord" For that, Amen. Then there is a full attendance of anyone who wishes to come for --- Shall I say it? --- Edward and Heather are to be married in two week's time. They will leave the aged home on the same day, they will go to their new home. A small cottage in the next town. We will be seeing them here for services." The whole chapel applauded. Veronica was impressed with the service, and she said to Heather, "You know, it's made me think about staying around here after all. China could be great, but also a greater challenge that may not fit in with my life. So although the sale board is up, I will get a place smaller in the town. That way I will be away from the past." Heather was so pleased. Edward felt it better as well. The aged home would be missing both Heather and Edward. Donald was in the chapel too! He had met a lovely young lady, that he felt would become his wife one day.

The aged, and frail, were enjoying the youths taking them around the garden, and chatting with them. They seemed to be far more alive now. Amish was settled far more. He had quite a load to work on for some time.

The wedding day. Heather got her light pink dress on. Edward had a suit on with a pink shirt. The chapel was full. Some were standing. Amish gave the wedding service. And they were married. The chapel sang out in glee. Walter even did a jiggle of joy. Veronica came, she had a small cottage also to live in, once the new owners of her home signed the papers.
The reception was grand.

Then came time for Edward, and Heather to leave the aged home. Donald had their packed belongings in his now owned car. He was waiting for them to come out of the reception, so that he could take them to the short stay away from all. Their new cottage was covered in flowers, the place had all new things in, and new carpet as well. It sank in the trees, and looked so peaceful. There was a small river beside it, with fresh water trout in it. Ducks swam in the river at times.

Heather threw her flowers and Donald's new lady caught them. Good sign. The frail sat in their wheelchairs cheering the married couple. Amish was smiling so wide, that he felt a pang of sadness, at Edward leaving the home. Then he thought, Edward was dumped in here, far from ready to be in a aged home. His justice came. His son is looking to "Jesus Christ." How this all went from dark to light, took a long time. Amish then thought, hey, here I am a Vicar, and never thought about getting me a wife. Maybe I ought to think on it a bit more. After all I am not above needing a cuddle too!

Some months went by, and Veronica was taking a good part in chapel flowers, and aiding anyone that came for help, along with Amish. Donald had married, but not in the chapel, he had it in another town. Amish looked at Veronica, and said, "I think you and I, would get on very well, do you think I could be a bit forward and ask you to marry me?" Veronica said, "I was hoping you would, we are the same age." Amish went to her, and kissed her passionately. He would get his brother in "Christ," A Pastor, that would marry them. Veronica could never thank Heather enough, for stopping her departure in distress, and desperation to china. The ending of this saga, was unanimously justified. The aged home carried on with the care of the aged. Heather and Edward were settled in their cottage. Both fished for trout. Had peaceful days. No financial difficulties at all. Donald was going to become a father. Ah! Edward thought, I am a grandfather soon, and my wife will be a grandmother. What a way to lead the final days of life. Thank you dear "Jesus."

The End

Martha Brooks

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