Child Visions

White Bird in the Clouds

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Child Visions

White Bird in the Clouds

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Chapter One

The morning dew sat upon the flowers. The sun was coming through the clouds. Little Debbie was looking at the goats in the field. Her mother was getting mushrooms from the same field. The chickens were stirring, the cockerel was singing its normal morning calls. Gently Debbie looked at the bird nest. There were three babies in the nest. The nest was quite low, as the branch was bowed. The mother of the babies in the nest saw Debbie, and screeched, although Debbie was only four, she knew that the mother wanted her to go.

"Debbie," Called her mother, "Help me with the basket, as I climb over the gate, it will not open, I have to get Mr. Fathom to see to it." Debbie took the basket, and it was so full she dropped some mushrooms off the top of the basket. Her mother said, "That's alright, we will pick them up, been a good gathering this morning." Tracey and Sharon came out the bungalow, and ran towards Debbie. They wanted to help, although rather late in doing so. Tracey and Sharon were twins. Jacky was a little baby, and her grandmother looked after her when her mother was getting mushrooms.

Debbie's mother's name was Lilian. She got into the farm house kitchen, and began the farm style breakfast. The smell of bacon and eggs cooking, made the farm hands quite hungry. They all had breakfast together. The bungalow was adjacent to the farm house. Since Lilian separated from her husband, she no longer wanted to live in the farm house. The farm hands live further in the farm, near the river, where there were four small houses.

Lilian put the breakfast on a very long table, and chairs. Mr. Fathom came in sniffing with appreciation. He had to start at dawn, the cows had to be milked. Jim came came in with Tony and laddie. Laddie was a nickname for the young farmer. They ate hungrily, drank their coffee, and sat back full. Jim said, "Mrs! You do it every day, and every day it's great!" Lilian just smiled. She had a busy day today. Her mind was on taking the twins to the new school. Debbie had to stay at home, she was not old enough for school.

Jacky stirred from her sleep, and Lilian went to get her when, her mother said "I will get her, you get ready for the trip to Langdon Hills. I know you have to get to Laindon." Laindon was a small country town, on the hill there was a school. One of the farmhands said, "I am going to take the truck to Hornden on the hill, how about I drop you and the twins off first?" Lilian said, "Oh that would be great. I can get a bus back to the farm."

Lilian's grandmother was very much in faith of "Jesus Christ." She would often talk to Debbie about him. Debbie had a spirit of adventure, she would want to know all things in one second. The bungalow was quiet, and Debbie asked to go to play in the hay. Her grandmother said, "No, there can be snakes in there, you can go and play in the front garden." Debbie ran outside, she had in her hand a prayer book, it had pictures in it. She sat down on the grass, and looked at it. She thought, why can I not see Jesus?" Her mind was young, her spirit was strong. She looked at the flowers, and then sat down and thought to pray.

"Dear Jesus," I am a little girl, I know that you're somewhere, I want to see you." then she shrugged, not seeing him at all. She went to the fence, and saw the horse galloping around the field. Then she sat down on the small seat. She fell asleep. Her grandmother came outside to find her, and thought, she has not been up that long, wonder why she is asleep? Suddenly Debbie woke up. She looked up to the clouds and saw a figure, from the figure came a white bird. The bird was coming down through the clouds. "Grandmother! Look. Her grandmother looked to where she was pointing, and said, "Look at what?" Debbie said, "Look there is a man up there, in white, and he had a white bird in his hand, and then the bird started to fly down. Look, the man looks like the clouds, he is in the clouds grandmother, you must see him, he is --- He looks like light, but in white. Why can you not see him? Oh he is going away now look, he is melting into the clouds. The bird has stopped coming down, and is going with him. You must see it, I can." Debbie's grandmother stopped short. She said, "Debbie it sounds like you saw "Jesus," What a blessing that is. I could not see him, but I trust you did."

The rest of the day Debbie was preoccupied, she was trying to draw what she saw. Lilian came home, and her mother said, "Lilian, Debbie has had a vision of "Jesus." Lilian said, "Oh do stop all that mother, how could she?" Her mother said, "I know you lost faith, since you had a failed marriage, but Jesus did not fail you." Lilian walked away. Her thoughts were that Debbie was imagining it all. She knew that her mother often talked about "Jesus" And Debbie could have been acting it out, but see him? I doubt that.

The day was ending, and it was time for the girls to go to bed. Debbie had her prayer book, and asked if her mother would read a "Jesus" Story to her, from the books that they had been given by their grandmother. Lilian sighed, and said, "Alright, but Debbie, you could not have seen him." Debbie said, "I did mother, I did." Lilian then stopped and said, "Tell me about it." Debbie told her all about it, and the white bird. Lilian thought, the bird? That would be a symbol of "The Holy Spirit" Or was it "The Holy Spirit?" She knew Debbie would not have imagined that all, as she told her how he came from the clouds. Lilian wondered what that all meant? Maybe a reason yet to find out.

Debbie fell asleep, and the twins were talking quietly about their first day at school. Then they fell asleep. Jacky was still sleeping with her mother. Some how Lilian had this in her mind, she thought that her daughter was imagining this all, until she heard it for herself. Lilian thought that her faith quieted when her husband left her with all the children, never to be seen again. Jacky was laying in her cot, playing with her soft toys. She was ten months old.

The next day, Lilian did the same as the day before. Debbie was out in the garden, looking where she saw the white bird in the clouds. She could not see it again. Her grandmother got a phone call. And Debbie stayed out in the garden. A car pulled up, and a man came out of it. Debbie looked, and said, "Daddy!" Her father asked her to come to the car. She went out of the gate, and to the car. He father said, "Debbie, I have to take you somewhere, get in the car. And I will show you where." Debbie being four, getting close to five, just did that. The car drove off fast.

Debbie's grandmother came out hearing the car as she put the phone on the hook. Hearing the car made her curious. At that time of the morning, nobody was expected. She looked for Debbie, and could not find her. She panicked. There was no sign of her anywhere. She then called the police. They came to see her, and took down the time that Debbie was in the garden. Lilian came home after dropping off the twins, at school, and she had a shock to see police there. She thought something had happened to her mother? Her mother told her what she knew. All she could say was she heard a car drive off. Lilian said, "Did you hear it come down the drive?" Her mother said, "No, I was on the phone, as I was talking to the dairy in Laindon, I did not hear it until I got off the phone, I only heard it because it was revving fast to go away." Lilian said, "Did you see it, what color it was?" "No," Said her mother, I only heard it. None of the farmhands would have seen it, because they were in the fields."

Panic started in both women, and the policeman said, "Look we cannot know what to look for without some idea of the car?" Lilian just thought for a while. Her mind went onto her husband, he had one favorite child, and that was Debbie. She said, "I wonder if it was my husband? He left me four months ago, and has never been seen again. I do not even have an address." The policeman said, "Oh! Domestic obviously. Well unless you can give us some details, we just cannot know where to look. But we will endeavour to try. Give me a photo."

The day was stressful, and not one sign of Debbie at all. Lilian thought it had to be her husband, who else would take the child, and for what reason?

Chapter Two

Debbie was with her father, who said that he was to have her with him now. He drove her a very long way away from the farm. Debbie did not know the location of the new home. Her mother was in a state, and could not function at all. The farmhands had to make their own breakfasts. Her grandmother was doing most of the things at this time. Meanwhile Debbie was getting spoiled by her father. She asked, "Does mummy know where I am daddy?" He said, "It's all alright, she will be used to it before long." Unfortunately, neither parent had custody, it had not gone to the courts. Very little could be done. All the police needed to know, was the child safe? They had nothing to go on either.

Debbie was talking to her father about her seeing the white bird in the clouds. He took very little notice of it, and thought she was looking at children's stories, making them bigger than they are.

Lilian was trying to cope. Her mother was telling her, "Please pray, you know that it helps." Lilian lost her cool and said, "You get off my back mother, all this going on, and all you can say is pray? Really!" Her mother said, "It's obvious who took Debbie, the problem is there is no custody order." Lilian said, "Yes I know that, where David has gone, I cannot know at all. --- Ah --- I am on nerves edge. I cannot give the law any details, they will try to look, but David has got her, I know that."

Lilian said, "I know that Debbie would be safe, he would never harm her." Her mother said, "Listen my girl, he has harmed her already, by just taking her away from you, the child had no preparation to the change in her life, and being without you. This is no way to act at all." Lilian put her head down and cried. Her mother said, "I know what I said before about praying, did not go well, but we do have to forgive, by trying to forgive, and I know its hard, the tension will go down, and give you a chance to look at it in the big picture. You surely do not think I am not concerned, oh --- yes --- I am, I also know that stress will only harm your emotions more, you do have to wait."

Lilian dried her eyes, and said, "I felt that "The Lord" Had forgotten me. He knew what I was praying for. He did not allow it to come. You know mother, I know being saved means eternal life, but it's hard to be holy in troubled times. Reaction, anger, just makes the sin begin. The sin that was left in salvation." her mother said, "Please do not tell me you did what you used to do before you were saved." Lilian said, "Yes I did, I forgot to put the armor on, I was vulnerable, and just stopped thinking he helps us." Her mother said. "I think he understands that all. He may be getting you to be ridding inner belief, that you look to man, rather then to "Jesus Christ." We all can get sidetracked, we are not perfect. Remember he has forgiven you already, I am your mother, but your real parent is "The Lord."

Lilian said, I may not ever know where he has taken Debbie?" Sharon, and Tracey were asking where Debbie was. Jacky was too small to understand all this.

A call came from the police, they said that they can put Debbie's photo around the area, that only time, is the thing right now. They had no child abductors on file in the areas around other towns. If the child's father had taken her, as many domestics get with fired emotions, he has the same right as she does. They also said that it's not well to just take the child, and leave Lilian in devastation. It is not lawful. A domestic. How they do not get into domestics. The fact he just took her, is concerning them. Time is needed.

Many months went by, and not one sign of Debbie was found. Not one person saw her. David was going to leave with Debbie to Scotland. He had family there. Lilian did not think about Scotland, she did not tie the possibility of that move. The twins were upset, and got quite sure they could find her, perhaps she is in the forest? There were woods over the hill of the farm. Bluebells and primroses grew there, at certain times of year. Lilian would not allow the twins to go looking in the woods, there were two of them. A big old church was on the top of the hill. All along the road to the farm were big trees. Along the long drive to the farm were conker trees, and in the fields beside the drive to the farm, a big black horse lived. The opposite field had a bull in it, he was a big black and white bull. He had a ring in his nose.

In the farm, were pigs, cows, goats, and a thousand chickens, there were geese, and ganders. There were some ducks too, these were free running. The farm house was very big, it was white, and had green window panes. The bungalow was small, but enough for them. Walking to the shops would take an hour. Going through the corn fields, and the wheat fields. Over the two large hilly fields. Over the styles, and then reaching the roadway. A shop was along the bottom of the road. The only shop in Langdon Hills. Being 1952 things were in country style.

Lilian thought how David had left the farm, making a foreman of Dan, to govern the farmhands. He knew that Lilian and her mother could not run the farm without men at all. He had provided this all. The four farm hands that lived upon the farm, were for certain farm work. There were another four, that did other farm work. The finance managing David had in control. His whereabouts, never known. Calves would be born in season times. Christmas would be big orders for turkeys, and ducks, and chickens. All these were hand plucked, drawn and quartered. Eggs were by the many, they were for sale. Bees were in hives, the honey was for sale too. The twins would turn the honeycomb in its container, as the honey dripped out, into jars. What once was a full family deal, was now a splintered deal. The orchards were of apples and pears. The small area, had gooseberry bushes in, redcurrant bushes and black currant bushes. There were strawberries. In blackberry time, they all used to go along to fields, as each field had bushes of them along the sides. There was not one clean finger, after picking the blackberries. They were stained with the juice, so were the mouths of the twins.

All this thinking Lilian remembered, were of the good times. She knew that David had got so business minded, that he changed in character. The more he did business, the less hours he had for the family. They grew apart. Jacky was not planned. She came through a time when Lilian and David, were arguing, and then made up in a passionate moment, where no thought of contraceptive was done.

The twins were still asking about when Debbie was coming home? Lilian thought she must get her mind back onto the farm. Her memories gave her some heartaches. So she dismissed them. Time to get on with now.

Debbie was growing to five. She had her "Jesus" Book with her everywhere she went. Her father did not talk about spiritual things. He had organized his stay in Scotland for a year. They were going there soon. David did not give Lilian any comfort in any call, he did not call at all. No evidence was found, and nothing came to light.

The day came for the trip to Scotland. David was going to drive there. It was going to take a good week to get there. Having Debbie, he could not drive all the time. There were many stops. And boarding houses to sleep in over night. Most bed and breakfasts, only allowed a short time stay. So he had to get into those that had a further time limit.

Reaching Scotland, he called his Uncle, and aunt. They agreed to have him until he found a home he wanted there for a year. Before he got to the place, they stayed in the afternoon, in a transport board. In the garden of the board, Debbie sat in the swing, she was gently swinging. She looked up to the sky, and said, "Daddy look up there." Her father said, "Look at what?" Debbie said, "I told you about the man in the sky, look he is there in the clouds. Oh --- Daddy --- Look-there is the white bird coming down." David looked in all directions, he saw no man, he saw the bird, he gasped! And said, "All I can see is an outline of a um --- Well it's like a man with no body, it's like white clouds and an outline of a man, and the bird is coming down." He eyed Debbie with curiosity, she had told him about this happening at the farm. It was as she said, except that he could not make out the male figure. David said. "Huh! I cannot make it out. It may be a trick of the clouds." Debbie smiled and said, "No daddy I think it's "Jesus Christ." David snapped his fingers, and then looked again. He thought, it cannot be, but how come the bright gold around the outline in the clouds? The gold was faintly shimmering. The bird came closer, and looked like a dove. Then without any reason, it became just the sky and the clouds, the bird had gone too!

David now had to stop and think, did he have a beer too many? Was his daughter hallucinating? But she cannot be, I saw it as well. The bird was transparent but visible, and white. Strange to the full body of a dove. It was different. His mind went to his once faith in "Christ." He had lost the road, by business at all hours and the failing of the marriage. How he had changed, becoming a money gaining person. When he looked to the sky again, right where the --- Was it a vision? There was a complete circle of blue sky, with white clouds framing just that part in the sky. Odd, he thought.

His mind went to Lilian, and how she must be feeling. Then he shrugged it off. Debbie was in glee, she felt happy that her daddy had seen it. She asked him, "What did you think it was daddy?" David said, "I cannot tell, it was spiritual." Debbie said, "It was --- what was that word you just said?" He could not get Lilian out of his mind now. No Matter how he tried to dismiss it, he knew that his taking Debbie, would have hurt Lilian.

David got up and said, "We better go inside, the meal will be ready soon, and we have to have an early night, because we have to drive a fair way into Scotland.

The meal was roast beef, with roast potatoes, lashing of different vegetables, and a high Yorkshire pudding. There was haggis for those that wished it. The desert was a Scottish recipe of pudding, it had whiskey in it. Very thick double cream, again laced with brandy. David knew the Scotts liked their spirit alcohol. He said to Debbie, "I think you will have the jelly, and diced fruit." Debbie started to yawn, so David said, "Up we go, and you have a bath, and then bed." Debbie said, "Can you tell me a story?" David said, "Story? Well the three bears? --- The fox and hounds? The three piglets houses?" Debbie said, "No daddy, tell me how you met mummy?" David got uncomfortable. He new these questions arise in older children, but in a five year old?

David waited for Debbie to climb into bed, and then said, "I was at a country dance, ten years ago. I saw your mummy sitting in a corner, dressed in a bright red dress. She looked alone. So I went and asked her to dance. She said she would. We then got talking after the dance. I told her I had Scottish grandparents. She told me she had no parents. She was adopted by a couple. As we talked she told me about her great wishes to live on a farm. I told her I was intending to buy a farm." Debbie got excited and said, when did you marry daddy, what did she wear?"

David looked to the floor of the room, and thought how beautiful she looked on their wedding day. He said, "She looked like she was floating on clouds Debbie --- She --- had --- er --- Um --- A white dress on, with lace over it all. Her veil was very long, the flowers she carried were pink roses, with white roses. Dennis her father, by adoption, gave her away to me. Her perfume was --- Oh! --- Just gently put on, her hair was long, and in ringlets." Debbie said, "Yes daddy, like in the photos, you see daddy, I --- Miss mummy. I want to see her again. You never spoke about her." David ended the talk there, he did not want to go into the marriage again. He wanted to be free of it all. He had thought about divorce. His intentions were to carry on financing the farm, as he was about to extend farming business. He knew Lilian would need a home for the children, and her love for the farm, he did not want to take away from her. How he had designed it all, meant she can live there until the children were adults. His involvement with the other three, was not really his best intent.

Debbie said, "You did say she was floating on clouds, in her wedding dress, well we saw floating of clouds today daddy." David thought it was very much like that, but the outline of a man in the clouds did baffle him some. He said, "Debbie, I want you to live with me, until you're a grown lady. Would you mind that?" Debbie said, "I would still like to see mummy, even if I did live with you all the time." David wanted no contacts again with Lilian. He was not fussed about the twins, and Jacky. He knew it was favoritism, about Debbie, she was so like his grandmother, to look at. He would provide for them, but his mind was set on divorce.

David was going to get Debbie into school in Scotland, she was nearing the age to start. He knew it would be for a year, but he also knew, that if he can achieve the management of farming business, it was likely he would stay mainly in Scotland. How the finance as improving largely, he can run everything well. David stopped for a while and thought, I am thinking only of what I want, this way there is a great amount to make, I am thinking of money, getting richer, and richer. He had not once thought about returning to Lilian. He felt he was trapped with the children, and they argued all the time. His mind did think it was selfish, but he only lives once!

Chapter Three

Lilian noticed that Dan, the foreman, was spending quite a bit of his free time checking up on her. He had offered many times to take the twins to places. This gave Lilian the chance to catch up on her work. She liked Dan very much, he was always reliable on the farm. He also had a very tough body, and a soft nature. He had to have things run orderly. He took the twins to the cinema to see 'the ten commandments." The twins asked questions about it, all the way home. Lilian had no news of Debbie, and she felt news may never come. David had been to see a lawyer, to file for divorce. Stating he does not want his whereabouts known at all. He wanted no custody of the other three children, but did put in for Debbie. Lilian would be getting the papers soon.

Lilian's mother was wanting to leave the farm, she had found Lilian quite difficult to live with. She had arranged for a flat in Laindon, and it was approved for her to live in. Lilian said, "I do not think you're thinking of me at all! It's you that you think about, I do not count!" her mother said, "Lilian, you have not been at all easy to speak to, you snap all the time, you direct your anger to me, rather than look at it from where it belongs. I am getting older and have far less energy to put up with that. I do care, I did try, you do get help from me, and all you do is snap!" Lilian said, "Go then, best all around." Her mother then packed her things, and called a taxi, to take her to the flat. She had paid for the flat with her savings.

Lilian was now alone in the bungalow, with her papers in front of her, saying David is going to divorce her. Put in custody for Debbie. Now she knew it was him who took her. She knew anyway. Just as she was going to fold the papers up, Dan called in, he said, "Hey! Mind if I come in?" Lilian said she did not mind. Dan looked at her, and thought she looks drawn. Dan had feelings for Lilian, and tried not to show them. She said, "I received papers for divorce this morning, David wants custody of Debbie, with no way of me knowing his whereabouts. I do not think the family law, would allow me not to have access at times." Dan came close to Lilian, he said. "I would not mind betting he will arrange that, without him being involved. Lilian, David was fine to start with ten years ago. But as he climbed the ladder to success, he altered, he became intolerant to his employees, and wanted more work, for less pay, he did not get at me, because I was the foreman, all he did, was give me orders of work. I did not know him anymore." Lilian said, "You did not know him? I really did not know him, he --- He," She sniffed, "He left me as if I was not even with him. No marriage emotions for five years, he took Debbie being his only child. Jacky came as a --- Oh what am I doing here? I should not be telling you my private life."

Dan put his arm around Lilian, she did not seem to mind. She said, "Dan, I am needing support right now.&Nbsp; Dan said, "I am here Lilian, do you mind if I call you Lily? I did hear your mother call you that at times, and I quite like it." Lilian said, "That's fine Dan, I also prefer Lily, how about we make it a change, as my life is changed now?" Lily took Dan's hand and said, "Do you want to stay this evening? I will make you dinner." Dan was pleased, he agreed.

After the dinner, Lily told Dan about Debbie's so called vision in the clouds. She said she first thought that Debbie was imagining it all. How her mother was keeping on about being in faith. Then she said, "I am a Christian, but I have failed trust in the last year." Dan said, "Oh! I am pleased to hear you are a Christian, that was one thing I was dubious about, I am one very trusting soul in the Christian life. I just do not talk about it. Lily, please do not think I am interfering, Debbie may well have seen a vision, I know how much she talked about "Jesus" Because she would ask me if I knew him." Lily said, "What did you say?" Dan said, "I told her I do know him, but left it at that." Lily sat quiet for a while, then said, "Bit of a dark horse Dan?" Dan said, "Um --- Yes, and no, the farm guys would take the jest out of me, if I told them that. So I did not. Lily asked, "Tell me how do you see Debbie having this vision?" Dan said, "Some people experience the "Lord" By visions, it can be anything, some see, some do not. I have done, when I was fourteen." Lily said, "Dan really?" Dan said, "Yes, I was mixing with some teenagers that liked to do petty tricks on people, like knocking on doors, and running away. One teenager had a witch for a mother, she was odd, she used to dress in these funny clothes, and sometimes she would speak things like, she can read tea leaves, and I got interested. So one day I went to my friends house, to see her read tea leaves. The house windows were never to light, she had the drapes, well drapes, more like some colored bits of material. She had a room that she wanted us to go in, ugh! It was gloomy. She sat down to read tea leaves, mine! She then started to make funny sounds, and the room was cold, on a hot day. She had this big crystal ball on a table. She had cards too." Lily said, "What did she tell you?" Dan shuddered, he said, "Oh she went on about me being rich, that if I did not pass her a half crown, I would be cursed, that I was to see her for a reading every week, and pass her a half crown. That is, if I missed I would be very ill." Lily looked at Dan, and said, "Good God! Bet you were scared!" Dan said, "I went to my Pastor, because I dared not to tell my parents about it. They would never agree with me being in company of her son at all. The Pastor saw I was really disturbed, and he told me to listen to him. He told me about the dark side to life, in the simple way, that I was not to regard that kind of person, or have company with her, or her son. Pray for them, but stay away. It was not until I was seventeen, that I could understand the demonic force. The darkness. You see, I had things starting to go wrong after I had her reading at fourteen. My exams were lacking full points, I kept getting headaches. I lost control of my alert mind, and then got into trouble with my parents, about my day dreaming, instead of learning. The Pastor gave me a fuller picture of it when I got older. I went out into the church grounds, and looked towards the trees, now this may sound strange to you Lily, but I saw a bright light in the sky. It reached the trees. I looked up and saw what I thought was a angel, I cannot be sure, because the bright light was moving, it appeared to show figures of light. It had me mesmerized, catching my attention. It was like folding into more light. Then as I tried to see what it meant, it went away."

Lily now was far more serious, and said, "Sounds to me like after the Pastor spoke to you, and then prayed, the woman's deceit left you, and your light to life returned." Dan said, "Yes, because after that, I had all my plans blessed. All my hopes and wishes to be like a farmer, happened. So you see, Debbie's vision would have been for a reason." Lily said, "She was taken shortly after that by David." Dan said, "Can you see what it may mean?" Lily said, "Yes I think so, that Jesus is watching over her, he knew she was going to be taken, and the white bird, was --- Dan interrupted and said, "The Holy Spirit!" Lily said, "Yes." They changed the subject, and talked of the farm. Then Dan went home, and Lily felt less alone.

David in Scotland, was meeting his family. Debbie was spoiled. One evening Debbie heard her father say, he was not going back to his wife. Debbie came in the room exclaiming she wanted to see her mother again. David said, "You will Debbie, but not for this year. We have to go back because I have to buy another farm." Debbie said, "Oh daddy, will it be near mummy?" David said, "No Debbie, it will be somewhere else. But close enough for you to visit your mother." Debbie said, "Will you be seeing the twins, and Jacky?" Her father said, "No Debbie, best I stay away. David had met a lady in business, and she was just what he wanted in a woman, self independent, smart, and climbing the business ladder herself. He met her on a business arrangement. He had not had a great deal of time with her, but they kept in contact. She knew David was going to Scotland for a year, mainly to see his family, and talk about an inheritance his grandparents had left him.

The woman was someone who did not like children, thought they were a nuisance. He told her he would be having one of his children, and she told him, as long as he does not expect her to be any part of it, then she will see him when he comes back. Her corporate ladder was in high achievements. No time for kids at all. In many ways she was very like he was, deep inside. His only reservation, was that he would be having Debbie, and bringing her up with a business mind. Setting her up for life.

Sadly all these things were far from giving a child the real gifts, the ones that do not cost money. Debbie was a child of great care towards others, unlike her father. His interests in others were on a business level only.

The year was nearly over, and Debbie had withdrawn in the past few months. She was missing her mother, and her father just kept buying her gifts. His time was not hardly there. She felt the outer family could not be like her home. They would give her time, but it was all different. She could not talk about "Jesus" to them. None would even listen to her about "Jesus." Debbie was a child of "Jesus," a child with very special gifts. Gifts that all children have. Unfortunately, so many adults forget the spiritual life, leaving their children without growth, and wisdom.

One day Debbie got upset and said, "None of you ever listen to me, I can tell you that one always listens to me, "Jesus" Is always with me, none of you have time. How could you think gifts all the time can give me company? I want to live in a home with love!" David was so shocked, and all his family were surprised, none said anything for a while. Debbie's aunt said, "This child is too big for her boots, she is an adult while a child, she has everything any child would want, and then does not respect it." Debbie cried out, "I am a child, not a adult, none of you realize that. All you ever do is give gifts. I want the loving gift. It's more to me then all this!" She pointed to the high pile of gifts. Debbie had been to a school in Scotland, her reading abilities were higher than her age. She learned from reading. She read about families, that were close, even poor families, that had a loving home. Not gifts, but gifts of love, peace, care, and going places together. Picnics, walks in the country, and home being home. Her stories were at the age type of six, but her ability was for age ten. She would go to the library, and get books, not one time did it cost any money. She had to have her father's name in the library to gain the books. He would not buy her the books she wanted. He would buy her all manner of other things, but not realistic books of family life. This child was growing, growing with her values of how she wanted life.

David thought, that he cannot see family life how his daughter wanted. He had grown away from home life so far, that he did not see his lack of support to her was missing. He certainly did not support her wishes to speak of "Jesus." This was the part in Debbie's life that made her feel apart from her father. She thought about her grandmother on the farm. She would be sad to know that her grandmother was not at the farm now.

On the way home from school one afternoon, Debbie met a lady. She was walking the same way. They began to talk, and Debbie asked, "Why do grown ups never give children real needs?" The lady said, "Tell me child, what do you mean?" Debbie said, "Well --- you see, I am with my father, he has never got time. I have not seen my mother for a long time. If I want to talk about "Jesus" Nobody wants to." The lady said, "You can talk to me about "Jesus." Debbie said, "To me he is everything, to my daddy he is not worth the time. My daddy wants to do paper work all the time. He buys me gifts all the time, and talks hardly ever to me, unless he wishes to. My grandmother gave me "Jesus." She would tell me about him. She made me feel safe that I could know him. She also tried to see the white bird in the clouds with me." The lady said, "White bird in the clouds? Tell me about it." Debbie told her all about the clouds, and the man in the clouds, and the bird coming down. How she saw it again, and her daddy saw it, but did not say very much. The lady said, "Child, keep that, you saw what you saw, and it's for a reason, sometimes the reason is not clear, until later in life. I feel that you saw it, and that it was real, you see I know "Jesus" Too! He is my savior. I think your needing un gifted attention." The lady stroked Debbie's hair lovingly, and then said, "How long will you be going to the school here?" Debbie said, "Only two more months." The lady said, "Well how about I meet you, and then we can walk and talk? We can talk about "Jesus," Is that alright?" Debbie said, "Oh yes --- Please talk about "Jesus" To me." The lady said, "My name is Nancy, it is said that, unless a person becomes as a little child nobody can come in." Debbie said, "I am a child, so I can come in." Nancy said, "I will explain what I mean, adults forget to be a child for "Jesus" So they forget to teach the child they have, they cannot teach without being a child for "Jesus," It is simple. You are right, gifts are useless, if that's is how they see life, real gifts are free." Debbie said, "Yes." Then the lady said, "You are very much alert for your age, you sound older in mind, to your age." Debbie said, "I read." Nancy said, keep on reading, do you have a Bible?" Debbie said, "No, I had a children's Bible with my grandmother, but I left so quickly, I never even had time for my clothes." Nancy did not go into why she had to leave so quickly, she knew that Debbie's real need was growing in "Jesus." She said, "I will give you one, I can get one that you can keep, will your father mind?" Debbie said, "He will not care, I would be so happy to have it. Thank you." Nancy said she would meet Debbie near the shops, and walk back with her, as she did today. There was a bench seat that they could sit on, as they did today.

Debbie ran home, and said, "I have met a lady called Nancy, she will give me a Bible tomorrow." Her aunt said, "Huh! As long as you keep it to yourself girlie. Nancy is well known for her church work, I will let you stop and talk with her, but be home in time for dinner. Now wash your hands, and remember, do not go on about this. Children are to be seen not heard." Debbie was not happy at that remark. How can children be seen and not heard? She thought, then thought better not to question it. Dinner was in silence, apart from the noise of the cutlery. She felt sad. At least her day tomorrow after school, would be giving her what she wanted for so long.

Chapter Four

David was going to a meeting to get the heritage of the will, from his grandparents. The full estate was left to him. Debbie tried to talk to her daddy about Nancy. He gave her no time at all. He always favored Debbie, but he wanted one of his children to be a business person. He wanted to leave his hard work to family. He went to Loch Glen and waited for the lawyer to come. As the meeting went on, David was surprised at the amount of money that was involved, along with the properties. As it was signed over to him, he felt secure. He was going to make money, by going into more farms. He was driving back to his family, when he saw a bright light! He thought, how can this be? I am not in any darkness, and yet this bright light was above his car. He stopped the car, and got out. He was parked on a country road. Nothing else was there. He looked at the light, it was cascading over his car. He thought, it must be a u.f.o? No sign of anything, not even a glimpse, just a bright light. As he concentrated, he saw in the centre of the bright light, a bridge, which too was in light. Just then the bridge turned black, and split in two, one half remained in the bright light, as it turned to gold, from black, and the other still black, was spiraling down, and as it fell, it was breaking up into pieces, it was like being fractured. The fractured pieces disappeared into the clouds. He noticed the last piece falling, it hovered before it's final descent. From it was red shooting flames, that appeared to be in the shape of dollar signs. David took it as a message, that he was to be in money. How wrong was he going to be? The gold half remained in the bright light, and he saw a child on that half, a silhouette of a child. Then the bright light closed in on it, and the clouds were back, and the bright light was gone. He drove back, thinking, I don't know what that all meant, but it was the second vision of that kind that he had.

Debbie was ending her day at school, and was running to the seat, where Nancy was waiting. There was the children's Bible, all tied with a bright yellow ribbon around it. Nancy said, "Ah Debbie, here is your gift, and you will enjoy it. Now tell me about your family." Debbie sat down, telling Nancy all about her parents being apart. How not one person will give her time, and how she is now feeling alone. Nancy said, "Debbie, you are never alone, "Jesus" Is with you every step of the way. He allowed you and I to meet. He has purpose for that."

Debbie said, "Well you're giving me time, and I like you very much. See --- Daddy gives me time, in gifts, but not his own time. He tries to tell me about making money, and becoming a person of --- Um --- Hard for me to say, some money making person, I forget the word he used." Nancy said, "Oh he means business. You're a bit young to understand that. I think I will tell you this, "Jesus" Speaks often about the values of spirit. He does not give lessons of the material lusts, --- Debbie butted in saying, "Lusts, what is that?" Nancy continued, "Well it means the wealth of greed. Greed never satisfies, it has to multiply, and still no satisfaction. Must be more, and more. "Jesus" Says that the spiritual values are the most important." Debbie said, "Spir --- Spiritu --- Oh what was that word Nancy?" Nancy said, "It means how you think Debbie, you see "Jesus" Is the greatest, you want to learn more about him, and he knows that. Your values, if you take it from "Jesus" Are the truth. Money is needed here in this world, but many are not happy with their lot, so they get greedy. After all, how many things can be used in one go? But they must have more. Later Debbie, as you grow up, you will see that things are meaningless, Jesus is not meaningless. He provides to each what is to be, and each can accept it, or go against it, and greed sets in. It can be by all manner of ways."

Debbie opened her Bible, and saw Jesus giving many people, loaves, and fishes. She said, "Nancy, here is a story, and it's looking like people are being fed?" Nancy smiled and said, "Yes Debbie, five thousand were hungry, so Jesus blessed them with food, from two loaves, and five fish, he multiplied them, to feed all, and he said no waste must be, so to pick up the food not eaten, the blessing then continues. Faith Debbie." Debbie said, "I think I see what you mean. If I cannot eat all my food on the plate, it gets thrown out. I always thought, the birds could be given it, so no waste, because the birds are "God's" creatures. But it's wasted into a bin." Nancy said, "Yes, there are people starving in the world, and that waste is a great part of why they starve. You may not yet understand, but the government bodies, cause poverty. Fighting is always amongst mankind, wars and things like that. There is an abundance in this world for all, some never get it at all." they chatted for a while longer, and Nancy gave Debbie all the attention she needed, with the blessing of the truth. They were to meet in a few days time again.

David was home when Debbie came in, she showed him her Bible, he just said, "OK, well that's for you to read, I am busy." Debbie felt rejected, and went to her room.

Dan was spending time with Lily, and the children were getting close to him. There were picnics, walking, and one day a trip to Southend on the seaside. Southend had lights at night. During the day, they went along the sea front. There was a one mile, and a quarter pier. A train went along there. They took the train, as the twins could never walk so long. At the end of the pier, there was a kursal. Inside it was many places to look at. Fairy floss, after fish and chips, went down well with the twins. They went back up the pier, to get near the fair ground. It had all that a child would want to go on. The big wheel was the only thing that Lily, and Dan, would not allow them to go on. The evening drew in, and all the bright Southend lights were gleaming throughout Southend. Along the sea front as well. Along the main part, were tents, they sold hot dogs, hamburgers, hot roasted chestnuts, fish and chips, a fine fare of food in every tent. Some were from other countries.

Lily looked at the twins, and said, "Dan, look at their faces, all the stains of all the foods they have eaten, I doubt they will want to eat for the rest of the week!" Dan said, "Lily, I will be there for all three, if you will have me." Lily said, "Dan, I have to finalize the divorce, and have time to heal, I would not be against a little courtship, and later, when it's out of the way, I would be happy to have you in my life." Dan leapt up in the air! He said, "Ha! I get me a wife after all, and three kids as well, and not have to do anything but oh yikes! --- Er --- Wait some, and Lily --- Oops! --- I love you!" the twins started to laugh, and Sharon said, "Mummy, Uncle Dan is so much fun, he gives us time, go on mummy, marry him!" Lily looked surprised, she said, "Sharon, I cannot marry Dan right now, --- Tracey interrupted and said, "Why not? Daddy is gone, and we love Uncle Dan." Dan said, "I think your mummy is right, we have to wait. Then we will see."

Back at the farm, the men were doing the harvest. Dan was making sure of the business deals. The meat marketing was making big orders for cows, sheep, and pigs. The dairies were pleased with the milk, and creams, the produce was in top grade, butchers in Laindon wanted the chickens. A grocery store bought the many eggs. They bought the honey as well. A fruit shop bought the orchard fruits, and the berries. The farm was doing very well as it was nineteen fifty four.

Debbie was getting near the ends stay in Scotland, David was packing his clothes, when Debbie asked if she could see Nancy one more time. David got angry, and said, "What for? You have seen her for a couple of months, no Debbie, no." Debbie burst into tears, and she said, "Daddy, Nancy loves me, and I --- (sniff) --- I love her too!" David looked at Debbie and said, "Love? What has she done for you, apart from giving you a book?" Debbie looked at her father and said, "Nancy gave me time daddy." David said, "I give you all you need, time I am short of, and now go off to bed, we are leaving for London tomorrow."

When the morning came, David's car would not start. He got very annoyed. He had to waste an hour to see why it would not start. He then called Debbie, and rushed her into the car, he had to be in London at a given time. Debbie was silent for most of the journey. They stopped for food, and David got his briefcase, and looked at his papers of business. The money from the will was now in his account. Debbie just looked around the food bar.

They got into London, near the part only twenty-five miles from the farm. Debbie did not know this. There were people in the streets. David went into a bank, and left Debbie outside to wait. A gentleman came to Debbie and said, "I am sure you are Debbie Cornish. I am one of the farm hands' father. I saw you there, about err --- Oh could be over a year ago. Let me see. Now I heard the police were looking for you all that time back. What are you doing here?" Debbie said, "Police looking for me? Well I was in Scotland. My daddy took me there. I hated being there, nobody gave me time at all, I want my mummy again." The gentleman said, "I am going to the farm, I live in London, and just waiting to go and visit my son there for three weeks. He rents one of the cottages on the farm. His name is Dan." Debbie said with joy, "I knew Dan, he was always at the farm. Why are you waiting here though?" The gentleman said, "I had to get some banking done, and then go to the station, to catch a train to Laindon Hills. So a taxi is coming to take me to the station."

Debbie pleaded with him to take her back to the farm. The man said, "Well, I know your father just whipped you away from your mother, according to what Dan told me. The police need to know you're safe, and had no way of finding you. Your father had no right to just take you, without an agreement between both your parents. Where did your father go?" Debbie said, "He is in the bank, talking to a er --- manager I think he said, "The gentleman said, "I am not into this sort of thing, but I can see you're so unhappy, and need your mother. The taxi is coming, I will take you back, I will stop on the way, and call the Laindon police, and tell them I have found you. That way I will not get in trouble."

the taxi came, just as Debbie's father came out of the bank. He saw Debbie get into the taxi, and tried to stop it. The driver carried on to the train station. David tried to get his car to follow the taxi, but the traffic in busy London, was packed. David could not get into the lane the taxi was swiftly driving in. The gentleman asked the taxi driver to alter his route, so as to lose David. The taxi driver did that, veering off a side lane, and going through a tunnel. A far longer way to the station, but a good deterrence. It cost the gentleman a few more pounds to pay. They got to the place where he called the police. They told him to bring Debbie back to the farm.

The train was waiting, and they just got there in time. Debbie had no suitcase, so she had no baggage. The gentleman was now more relaxed. The journey took an hour and half. At Laindon Hills Station, the police were waiting to pick them up. They took the gentleman and Debbie to the farm, Lily had been called, and was waiting eagerly, along with Dan. Dan said, "How is that? My Dad giving me a surprise visit, bumps into Debbie, and brings her home to us!" Lily said, "The police said that David was breaking the law by just taking her over a year ago. Domestics are usually hard to crack. Because we are not divorced, we both had rights. But David broke the confidence of child protection, by taking her, without my knowledge!" Dan said, "You know, I bet you that this was given by the supreme activity. That my father would be right where Debbie is at the right time. Ha! All the money in the world could not do that."

Debbie ran to her mother, and hugged her and would not let go. The twins were dancing around them, and even little Jacky was laughing in her baby ways. Dan was standing there proud as punch, humbly of course. The gentleman was so happy that he said, "Oh, by the way, I am Albert, and I know that you and Dan, are --- Well lets say --- oh you know- --- Will one day be together, with a full family as well. I would not mind being a step grandfather, and being involved too! Would not even mind moving down here, London is way too fast for me these days." Dan said, "Dad, you could buy a place here, and be part of the oncoming family, eh Lily?" Lily, was so happy, that she even forgot to thank Albert. She said, "Huh! I told Dan I would be needing healing, after the way David just left us, then taking Debbie. I now think the healing is done. I do not trust David, and have no feelings for him. He is going to pay for the divorce, to get it done quickly. Albert said, "Let's not waste time then." Lily said, "The farmhouse is empty, Dan, you can move in there, and Albert as well." Dan said, "Hey! I have only a few things in the cottage, and Dad has his suitcase, how about I get my things, and we live there tonight onwards?" Lily said, "I will go and get the open fire going. Then I will bring in your dinners, welcome home."

When Albert was alone with Dan, he said, "Dan, I have saved all my life, and have a good amount put away, I would get a large amount by selling my house in London, and as it's in a exclusive part, the sale price would be a high one. Now this means I can buy David out of this farm. It may be hard to get him to agree, but divorce could mean he would want out anyway. You said he wants no part in the three children, and only wanted Debbie. Looking at it, his chances for any custody, would be slim, on account of him taking Debbie how he did. He sent no word of her safety, and left Lily in shatters. He damaged Debbie too! So what do you think son?" Dan said, "Dad, buying David out, will mean this farm belongs to you and Lily." Albert said, "No, I would be having my name on it, but when I go upstairs, to "Jesus" Then it's yours, so in a way it's yours when I buy him out."

The noise in the bungalow was full of laughter, chatter, and Lily was laughing, for the first time, then she remembered her mother. She called her mother. "Mother, Debbie is home!" With that, her mother flew to the bungalow by taxi. Now all were in the farmhouse, having a great time of reunions.

Lily went back to the bungalow with the children, for bedtime. Dan got hold of Lily, when the children were in the bungalow, and said, "I am sure, that our "Lord" Has a lot to do with all this, it has to be." Then they actually had their first loving kiss. Lily felt the love Dan had for her. Dan felt the love Lily was beginning to feel for him. Albert was in his high prime glee. He was going to have the sale in London done by another. Have his things sent down to Laindon, and then to Langdon, where the farm was. Albert was not going to miss such a joyful event. He was a widower. So his lonely days of his latter life, would be full.

David had lost one part now. He had so much money, so he thought to live the high life. He contacted the woman he met some time back. Their attempt of union, was merely business, and no ties, have fun. Love was far from this kind of couple. Money was.

David was given the option of selling the farm. He spoke to the woman, and she said he would be free then of all ties, and still get the money out of it. So that now was in the plans for the near future.

David was heading for a big downfall. He did not know that. He had no idea how he could ever fail, but failure was on the horizon.

David was planning to take on high business affairs. He thought the farm in Langdon, would free him of any contacts at all. He now could not use Debbie as his future beneficiary, when she grew up. He lost feelings for his children, and did not care anymore.

Debbie was getting her mummy to listen to her, and attention was now given where it was needed. To any child's benefit, and growth. Albert, and Dan, suggested a church service to go to, to thank the "Lord" For this all. Faith was beginning to rise in Lily. Her mother was pleased.

Chapter Five

David was finding the woman a bit too pushy. She was telling him what to do with his money. He decided to finish seeing her. He went to many meetings on business. As he was going to be bought out of the Langdon hills farm, he thought to alter his business in farming.

At first David was going to refuse to be bought out of Langdon Hills farm. Then he realized, that being out of it, would end any contact with his past. He ventured into another business area. He looked at the food chain, and decided to get into buying restaurants.

One day as he was looking at a large restaurant, he met a lady who was a manager of it. She was sad to think of it being sold. The owner was going abroad. David said, "I will employ you, so you can remain here, how does that sound?" Her name was Annie, and David quite liked her. She was stocky on build, but had a lovely nature. She also had a business mind.

David then went to look at other restaurants, for sale. He ended up buying five restaurants. He had hardly any time for relaxing. What he wanted was, the five to get people in for many different foods, foods from other countries. One being English, the other four were European.

Things were going well, and he was making very much money. He was adding money all the time. As time went by, David saw Annie quite often. What he never expected, was the English country to have a depression. This caused him to loose, people were not coming to eat out.

He was spending money to up keep the restaurants, over heads were high. After some time, he had to sell the restaurants. His asking price was not achieved. He was offered a far lower price. Eventually, the five restaurant's closed. Now he had money leaving him. Annie was so upset at how things went. Her working life in the food chain, was over with. David did not see Annie anymore.

David ended getting into debts. So he had to sell the five restaurants, at a very low price. The depression lasted for a long time. After selling them, he still found himself in debts. It was not enough through the sales, to cover his debts.

He sat in his home thinking, why did I spend so much money decorating all the restaurants? I bought expensive cars, and bought a high priced home. Now it looks like I am going to loose it all. How could I have had that estate of my grandparents, and loose every penny of it?

The time came when he had to sell his home. His debts were still high. He had not bargained on a depression, in the country. He realized that he played the high expectation, of making money. He felt to make money, one has to spend money. Having a food chain, was somewhat different to farming.

Lily found the depression made people want the farms fare of meat, and other things. Dan said, "Lily, if we lower the prices of the food that is for marketing, we will still be in. If we keep it higher, we will loose people, due to the depression." Lily said, "Oh Dan, you are always so thoughtful, without you I would never have been able to cope." Albert had his name on the farm, with Lily's. Dan was going to inherit that, once Albert was to pass. The children were doing well at school, and Jacky was now just walking. Dan looked on them as his own.

Weekends they had fun times. Sundays they went to church. For the farm, things were looking up. People came by the dozens for milk, and eggs. Much of it was still going to market. So it was possible to stay above.

The divorce became absolute. Now Dan was wanting to marry Lily. Albert being the one to give her away. The wedding took place in the grounds of the church. The twins and Debbie were the bride's maids. Lily's mother was so happy about all this. Jacky was giggling all through the wedding service. Most weddings are in the church, but the minister agreed to the grounds, as Dan, and Lily, wanted it outside. The town of Laindon, were watching it. There was no reception. Dan, and Lily, were going away for a few days, to Kent. Albert, and Lily's mother were getting on well. They did not have any emotional ties, but friendship was strong. Albert said one day, "I know you're going to live in the bungalow Maude, when the happy couple come back!" Maude said, "Well you're going to another home yourself Albert?" Albert said, "Yes, I have a small home in Hornden, you would be welcomed to come and see me, if you want to. "Maude said, "Well Albert, I suppose we can visit each other. I see no reason for you to stay away, the children look on you as a grandfather." Albert said, "Maude, did you ever want to settle down again with a man?" Maude said, "No Albert, I am happy on my own." Albert said, "Yes I know what you mean, I quite like my own company too!"

Kent looked so lovely, it had so many places of peace. The place they chose to stay was a little fisHerman's town. The smell of the morning dew, the hills, and dales. The country food. The evenings of watching the sun go down. Dan was so happy with becoming a husband now. Lily had her chance of all the family being secure. They were as one person, with one love. Lily said, "Dan, Debbie had that vision in the clouds, I did reject it, but now thinking about it, it was saying, love the children. It seems to me, that when troubles come, we all think we are alone with it, and nothing will help. I now see that, the right time is with "Our Lord," Our time, and his time, is a bit different." Dan said, "Well tomorrow we will be going back to the farm, my Dad is going to his new home, and your Mum is going in the bungalow. A built in baby-sitter, of her own choice." They smiled, and were content with life.

David on the other hand was getting further hurdles. He lost on his business, and lost on his money affairs. He sat alone in a rented room, called a bed sitter. He thought that his family have not cared. He called Scotland, and asked if he could come there. He was refused. They did not want to help him at all. They were upset at him loosing all the money. Said he had not managed it well at all. He was alone.

He thought about the bright light, how the bridge split in two, one half staying gold, with a frame of a child on it. The other going black, and falling in fragments, with a dollar sign on the last falling one. He now realized the meaning of it.

At the farm, there was great happiness. The depression was leaving, and the country was climbing its financial recovery. David would never be in business again, he got a bad name, due to high debts. He had to go for bankrupt. The only way to release the constant threats of money wanted. He had to get a job, and be paid a pittance in his view.

The church meeting was on Sunday. The sermon was about values. The minister said, "We have been in a decline of finance, due to the depression. This was a time that, well --- all could have looked upon their values. To some the values would be of material, to the wise, the values are of spiritual ones. Any house that has bitterness, will not stand. Any house that has love, will stand, and stay strong. I visited many of the people, in the depression time. Some I found, were bitter, they spent their time blaming. Others took the time to adjust, and did the best they could. I found some with constant trust in "Our Lord." those people made it through well. Every time they needed, they received. The stronger the faith and trust, the sooner the gains come. Some gave their children very little support, others gave support to their children.

Values are these in "Christ" ... Love, peace, faith, trust, compassion, never judging, looking to see if someone really needs help, rather than give them a hard time. So often in my ministry, I find the poorer are given no aid. Nobody will listen to them, nobody will help them, so what I saw some do was, --- Oh! They went back to sliding in the dark. Feeling that nothing will work. As John the baptist said, give, if you have two, give one, take nothing back that is taken from you, which "Jesus" Said. How long will it take for all mankind to see, we are all family? How long will it take before the ego is got out of mind? How long will it take for all to see, we are all to learn? Values are spiritual, and from that, the material needs are given, in the portion it's meant to. There is no creed, or color, that is judged, but by man.

I have seen the abundance come to those with constant trials, for some things, mean that --- well --- it means that, the more you believe, the more it comes about to gain. I know of one person who has had rejections, failings in goals, but her goals were her test. She lives now in Sheffield. She gave nine years to a goal, she at times felt it would never come, but --- and I mean this, she continued to keep her faith in it. She told me that at times, she gave it a rest, sort of withdrew. She would withdraw for a week, and then come back to it. I can understand why she would withdraw at times. Her energies were in this full time. So as it was a tough test, she needed to step back for a sort while. I was given her permission to use this in a sermon. It was about love. Her love was so strong, that she would not give in. She reaped the benefits at the right time.

We all can be learning, to me nobody, including myself, ever stops learning. Yes, to pick up your cross, and follow, really means that. To understand that some have a harder time, means that we all can help. By harder time, I do not mean the ones that use money for life, and life for money. What I mean is simple. See each other in the right light. Give time to each other. Pardon the sinner, if they backslide, they too are learning. I found the people who do backslide, are often at their end of trust. They get so many put offs. Having had a hard life, they often feel nobody cares. If we love "Our Lord" We will give to those that backslide, and see why they did that. Most often, it's emotional.

Let us end this service with joy! Give an arm to the next person sitting by you. Make contact. Now let us sing "What a friend we have in Jesus." there will be tea in the canteen for all who wish to come. Amen."

Dan, and Lily, went outside with the children, they walked around the grounds, looking where they got married. Debbie said, "Look mummy, and daddy, look up in the clouds, there is a white bird in the clouds. "They looked up and Dan said, "There is more then the bird, there is a man in light, and --- oh! Look at that, the man has entwined with the bird, and become one. The bird descended to the top of the trees. The minister came as he saw the same vision, and said, "My that is something, look at the bird, it is light, rather than body." Just at that moment, the bird stopped at the top of the trees, and it had a whirl of light coming towards the minister, and the family. It was unlike a human form of light, it was holy. Then the bird disappeared. The minister said, "That is "The Holy Spirit." That is confirmation of truth. Something was happening, that made this come about." Debbie said, "Well --- you see --- I saw this a long time ago, on the farm, before my real daddy took me away. I tried to get mummy to listen, but she was not wishing to, thought it was my imagination, so I kept quiet about it. I told my real daddy, and he ignored it. But one day going to Scotland, the white bird in the clouds, showed when we stopped for a while. My real daddy saw it too!" The minister said, "And what did your real daddy say my child?" Debbie said, "He looked, and was surprised, but he was only interested in his own life. So I do not think he really believed it. "The minister said, "We have been blessed today. I noticed that only you all as a family, saw it, and myself. It is the truth. I think we better go and have that cup of tea now."

Back on the farm, the whole family celebrated the gains of loving family union.

David had reached rock bottom. He had a job that was boring, he earned very little, and his heart was heavy. He saw in thoughts, that he gave away his own children, for wealth. Wealth did not succeed. He had a black Mark on his name, and he just did not know what to do with life now. In many ways, he created his own hell, in this world.

The message here is clear, take life as a gift. Use the gift in good measures. Love one another. See that children, can only learn, what they are given to learn. No child can learn without a good teacher. If a child gets rejection, it is due to the adult, who has never looked at their own frame of mind. Selfish adults, or parents, give no growth to the child. They must not devalue any child, the child is born free. The chains of bondage, comes from parents in bondage. So the child carries on the same fruit of poison. Born free is true, if the child gets into a prison, by ill teachings, the whole family suffers. Breaking free, is as "Jesus" said, only by him can the kingdom be entered.

The white bird in the clouds, was a great method, of seeing beyond the eyes. The spiritual eyes see everything.

The End

Martha Brooks

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