One Shining Day

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Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

One Shining Day

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled One Shining Day written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this One Shining Day E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Chapter One

Sitting under a tree, was an aged man. He sat there every day in the mornings. The park was in unique settings. He would watch the early birds come for their scraps of food. Over the edge of the park was a waterfall. He enjoyed the music of nature. He would see the children walking off to school. Ah! He thought, my youthful days. Seventy years ago, I would walk the same road as the children of today. The school was very old. Beside the school a church of age, was a few broken planks of wood. The old cemetery was not used today. He looked at the wild flowers, and wondered at the creation of so many different ways, that "God" had made so many colors, and shapes. I wonder, he thought, heaven must have far more beautiful colors. Oh! I would be sure that the spiritual things in heaven, are of magnificent creation.

He looked over the river, a small river, and saw a woman, who appeared to be crying. She then stood up and shouted, "Well, "Jesus," How is it that I am never able to win?" At this the aged man, named Alfred, went slowly towards the river's side. He stood behind the woman, and heard her crying in pain of her life. Alfred said quietly, "Lady, can I help you? You seem in need of a bit of company." She said sharply, "Oh yeah, and what can you do for me? I have given in life, and I get nothing respectful back." "Why would you give and expect respect back? Giving means giving, and any works that are good, are rewarded by "Jesus" In his ways," Said Alfred.

The lady then looked up at Alfred. He noticed she too was aged. Her face was tight, and the pain in her eyes, spoke of her pain. He could see that she was getting to a point of giving up. Alfred said, "Would you like to walk back to my home with me, and have a cup of tea? You will be safe, I would not harm you." She said, "What, an old sad man like you? There is no way you would have the strength to harm." Alfred said, "Bless you dear, you may call me names, as old, and sad, but I have a light, yes a light, that you could have too!" She looked at him again, and thought, this man is not at all insulted by me, when I want to insult, how come? She got up and said, "OK, let's go, I will be having a cigarette with the cup of tea you provide." Alfred laughed, and he said, "I judge you not. I take you as I find you."

Walking back to his home, the lady said, "I suppose I better give you my name. It is --- Oh what would you care anyway?" Alfred said, "My dear, tell me when you're ready." She now was getting impatient, she could not get a reaction out of Alfred, in annoyance. She began to sober down, and said, "I am very hurt Alfred, I am taking it out on you." Alfred said, "That is alright, all I see you doing, is releasing pent up feelings. Feelings that you have stored for --- Let's say, most of your life. Am I close to the truth here?" She said, "Oh! You are close yes, I am so tired of this --- What is life all about, why suffer at all times? Oh is this your home?" Alfred said, "Yes dear, it is." she said, "What a lovely garden you have." He opened the door, and she said, "It's so homey, oh! You have a Bible on the table, I suppose you read it?" Alfred said, "I do, I cannot get enough wisdom, by flicking through pages, so it can take a lifetime to understand its full meanings." She said, "You have a lot of books on "God," What do you get out of them?" Alfred put the kettle on, and said, "Well my dear, I learn every day." She said, "Learn, an old man like you, you should know everything at your age." Alfred said, "I can never know everything dear."

They sat down, and she lit her cigarette, Alfred did not smoke, he used to, and he said, "Ah! I can get the smell anyway, I used to smoke." The lady said, "Nothing gets you does it?" He just smiled. Then he said, "Well dear, I suppose I can call you dear as a nickname, until you tell me your name. Tell me why you are so upset?" She sat there looking at Alfred, and said, "I have had life with all the tests one can have. No Matter what I do, I get nowhere, I help people, and then they insult my generosity, and I find they have used me." Alfred said, "Yes, life can be like that, did you ever think, that all your good efforts are recognized by "The Holy Spirit?" She said, "How can I know that?" Alfred said, "Us mere mortals, can often forget that, what we do in good, is seen by above. To expect mankind to respect it, often can be misleading. Many times, people use people, this is a fact of life. Some are not doing their own management, and run out, so they want another to supply. When, if they look on their portion, and use it wisely, they will never run out. You see --- give, is said by "Jesus," To who needs, and I mean really needs. He did not say, give to those that are not satisfied with their own portions. In many ways, the giving to the unsatisfied, never gets them to manage their own affairs. So --- er --- in many ways, nobody helps them by giving them. They do not discipline their lives. They fall short, and use another, usually one who manages their portion, but has a soft heart, and gives. In a way, this is stealing off a good person, and the result? It's the person who took, that expects it all the time. So there is no respect at all. A respectful person, would not try to get money from another, or use them." The lady sat there in surprise, this had never occurred to her. She then said, "Well "Jesus" Gave to beggars, who had no food. He never gave to the house of prayer, when he found them trading. He got angry, the insult of the written word, was evil. Money changers for wealth, was the reason the synagogue had trading. I think I know what you are saying Alfred." She then said, "My name is Emily, I just got to my ends tether."

Alfred liked Emily, he suggested they spend the day together. Emily agreed. She said, "Alfred, I lost my faith today, no Matter who I meet, I never get a friend. For some unknown reason, they insult me, and say things, like er --- this woman I met, she asked me to her home two years ago. While I was there, she got out at least twenty photos of her brother's coffin. It was depressing me. I would have understood one, or two, but not a whole heap of them. She did all the talking, and that was that. About some months later, I saw her in a shop, I called her, to see how she was, she said --- Get lost ! --- I was so surprised, and I walked away. Now later, her daughter said, she always talks like that, and I said I did not appreciate it. I did not have to take that sort of talk." Alfred said, "Good heavens no, that was rude, especially, without a reason." So Emily said, "Well this is the sort of treatment I have had all my life. I listened to people, and then when I need, there is nothing. Because I get hurt, I stop seeing them, so they get nasty." Alfred said, "Emily, those people have something missing in life, in a way, they are poorer than you." Emily said, "Poorer?" Alfred said, "Yes Emily dear, they have no sense to see, that you were there for them, and you did not have to be there for them, you gave, so as they cannot give, they have the problem, not you."

Alfred said, "Where do you live Emily?" Emily said, "I live in the Dandenongs. I have a home there. It's a bit run down, and as I am now older, I find managing it, much harder. The garden is over run with weeds, and the house is run down to. I said you were old and sad, sorry, I am old and sad." Alfred said, "Oh come on Emily, age does have its draw backs. How about I make some lunch, and we have it, and then take a bus to the meadows?" Emily was happy to do that.

They caught the bus, there was a stop sign right outside Alfred's home. The bus took them to the meadows, a place called that, because it was complete beauty. Emily had never been there. They could hire a buggy, to drive around it. The use of the buggy, helped Alfred, he was a slow walker. He said, "I am nearly ninety years old, and no Matter how much age I get, I just have to keep being active. My walk to the park is every morning at dawn. That is the time I have my best memories." Emily said, "I am sixty seven, and I too find my body slower these days." Alfred said, "Well slow or not, here we are. Let's drink in the scenes. Now we can go around in the buggy, but after that, we can go by an old fashioned train, it's called --- The puffing billy --- well known for it's old train, and sights on travel. We can go the full destination, and I will shout dinner there, there is a real old quaint restaurant, well more like a home lounge really, to eat in." Emily said, "Oh Alfred you have given me all this day, provided lunch, and a day together, I will buy dinner, as a gratitude of your kindness to me."

As the train blew it's old horn, they saw kangaroos jumping in their own habitat. Further down some wallabies were eating in a field. Alfred said, "Have you ever been to western Australia Emily? There is an island called Rotts Nest. The Dutch went there, and mistook the small wallabies, for rats, so it got called Rotts Island, meaning rats island, it's Aussie talk. I went there for a holiday, some ten years ago. There are no cars allowed on the island, all have to cycle. Such a magnificent island. Actually, western Australia, is the biggest state in Australia. It's like another country, because it's climate is different to Victoria." Emily said, "Well Alfred, you are certainly interesting to listen to. No I have not ventured out of Victoria. The Dandenong ranges is lovely. The birds, and the tame parrots, come to get feed out of hand. Have you been there?" Alfred said, "No, I used to go interstate, like south Australia. Perhaps, if you um --- would like --- we can meet up again, and go to the ranges?" Emily said, "Why not? How about next weekend?" Alfred said, "It can only be a deal, if you --- yes you, allow me to help you understand about carrying the cross, that way you will see why you have tests." Emily said, "I do not doubt you for a minute, yes, I need to see why I allow myself to be hurt over --- Oh you know --- Other people."

They reached the trains destination, it was stopping there for two hours. The quaint old restaurant, was really quaint. It had low beams, soft decorations, a splendid menu. The dessert choices were in a glass casing. Home made forest cake, lemon cheesecake, so many different choices, and all with lashings of double cream. Both enjoyed the meal. Then they went to the public drinking area, to have a cold home made lemonade.

The train was ready to leave back to emerald, and Alfred, and Emily got on. Emily said, "My, Alfred, I have not had one cigarette since we have been out!" Alfred said, "You can if you want to, I would not have minded." Emily said, "I did not want to."

Along the way back, they crossed the very high bridge, the train slowed to go over that, it was so high, and had just the rails, with very low railings each side, to ride on. Emily said, "It's been a great day after all Alfred. Are you getting tired?" Alfred said, "No, so tell me Emily, what do you do in the week days?" Emily said, "I do welfare in a charity that helps the needy. It gives me an outlook, and pleasure to be occupied." Alfred said, "No husband then?" Emily sat there looking at Alfred, and then sighed, she said, "I was married to a drinker Alfred, he was always drinking, and spoiling Christmas, birthdays, Easter. Every weekend he drank, he was the only voice that had to be heard, he did often talk over others, so in the end, no people were coming anymore. He had insulted me in drink talk. He said I was odd, because at that time, I er --- did not smoke, or drink, and I do not drink alcohol at all. Never have. He got so taken by it, that he refused to gain any help, and would not give it up, or at least shorten the length of his drinking times. I got my driving license at fifty five, and it was then, that he got mad, he did not want me to drive, and said he regretted me getting my license." Alfred said, that is because you claimed your independence, and he lost control over you. You had stopped being his punching bag, good on you! Why did you start to smoke?" Emily said, "I found dome in my home, for another person, and I just gave up, and started, thinking that I failed at everything." Alfred said, "See? The failings were not your own, he failed his senses, because he traded his marriage, for drink. I think it was meant to be, that we were to meet, and become friends, but tell me how did you get to the park this morning, I saw no car." Emily said, "I took a bus, and then walked. I had reached rock bottom, as you know."

They got off the train, and Emily said she would get a taxi to her home. Alfred gave her a day to think about. Then Alfred said, "I will be waiting for you next Saturday. You can stay over night, I have two bedrooms. Then would you like to go to my old church with me, on the Sunday? After it, we can have time, and I will tell you something of my life. Feel free to say yes, or no." Emily said, "Alfred, you today, by your wisdom, saved my self destructive thinking. You showed me another way to look at things, how can I say no?" Alfred said, "Before you go, have a hot chocolate drink with me inside my home, I want to tell you something."

They sat down. Emily was impressed at Alfred's independence, his self sufficiency. He popped two marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate, and gave Emily a spoon. Alfred said, "Emily, reaching rock bottom, often means you're being attacked by the enemy. Sometimes the armor is forgotten to hold tight to. I know, we all get attacked. The enemy uses the very times, that the strength is lower, emotions are vexed, and feelings of no sign of winning. In "The holy spirit" There is no need to fear, fear is not of "God," So hard times, are the times satan will use his wiles to harm what you have built up. The fight, or flight times. It is your thinking, have you thought what you were thinking?" Emily said, "Well I thought the man I love, that I met after my divorce, some nine years back, does not want me, then I felt, what is the good of being good? Then I got to self destructiveness, and would not allow my man to get hold of me for a week!" Alfred said, "Emily, he would have been the very one you needed to have by your side right now. What on earth got you to think he does not want you? He must be very worried right now." Emily said, "Oh something happened to put me into shock, I am never able to handle shock. I have always tended to withdraw, when I am hurt. So I did not want him to see me, because I would have cried.

Alfred said, "Oh he will contact you soon, I am sure." Emily said, "I have had to leave a message, to tell him that he has done nothing wrong, that I am to go places, this week, and could not be at home. I know he heard the message, because the light was flashing, he never left me an answer, which is not usual. So I thought he must be annoyed with me. I had to see doctors, and so could not be home. He does not know that, how can I leave that on the message bank?" Alfred said, "He took the message that he did not do wrong, and just thought you had to do what you had to do." Emily said, "Yes, but he never called me yesterday, it's not usual." Alfred said, "He may have had to be on his job, and had no time to get to you. So you read into it, what is probably not in it at all. Being in shock, none of your actions would be as normal, shock would mix your brain chemicals up some." Emily said, "Well the doctor gave me sedative medication."

Alfred was smiling at her, and said, "Emily, the enemy would want you to think failure, and it's far from failure, just because he did not contact, does not mean he is going to leave you! Take courage, as I am sure it will be fine, would he mind you staying over night next weekend?" Emily said, "No, his job is all hours, and he would not mind at all. We have never had an argument in the whole nine years. He wants to be with me, once he has sorted out his past. I too think that all baggage must be gotten rid of, before committing to full time." Alfred said, "Yes I can see what has happened here, you were put into shock, your strength went low, the dark force then got you, a little opening was there, so as usual the destruction began. No wonder you were shouting this morning. Do not worry, it will all be alright, just give him the time to contact you, and tell him you had to see doctor's. Your defense went down, it happens to us all at times." Alfred went to the draw, showing Emily a large book. He said, "Emily, when I tell you my full life, you will see, that the enemy does strike, and only strikes at trouble times. That is when the defense is down. Come on Emily, he will call you, he will be very concerned. I would not mind betting he is very worried." Emily said, "Well I would not think, just because he could not get me for a week, he would just stop seeing me." Alfred said, "Of course not."

Emily called her taxi, and gave Alfred a quick hug, she said, "I am never this way as a rule, just I cannot say what the shock was." Alfred said, "You do not have to explain at all, you my dear, gave me a good day, we have a friendship budding, take on the armor, and hold tight. You cannot fail with "Jesus." Emily said, "Goodnight Alfred, you saved me from sinking."

The next morning, Emily felt lighter, and was so grateful meeting Alfred. She thought, he is nearly ninety, and has the vigor of much younger then that. It would be interesting to hear of his long life. There was to be an opening of his life to her. She tried to keep her faith, and wait for her man, to call her. She knew the shock was private, so would keep it that way. She wanted to handle it her own way. Then she remembered the words Alfred said, three words. One shining day.

Chapter Two

Alfred got up early as usual, and sat in his place bringing in the new day. He thought about Emily, and then prayed for her. He knew she would be fine. He thought, me at near ninety, having a ball with a sixty seven year old, and making a friend. I bet Herman will call her soon. She may just have got low. He thought about his low times, and from that he knew it's not more than a test. Sometimes tests are hard. Taking strength to maintain getting it to glory.

Just then a little child came to him, and said, "Mister, I have seen you here on my way to school, my mummy is just over there, by the seat. She said I could speak to you." Alfred was quite amused. And he said, "Well son, nice to meet you, and so nice of your mummy to allow you to talk to me, call her over." His mother came and said, "How are you? I often thought how you sit here every morning, and why?" Alfred said, "I come here to pray, and to watch "God's" creation, come to the new days living. I get healing while I am here too! You see, life is in the fast lane today, and people forget to watch the flowers growing, and so they forget others as well. They just plod on, going so fast, that they live by the clock, and by the gains of material I look at the children, they go to the school I went to. I try to keep the pace of life today, but it's far too fast for me." The little boy said, "You went to my school? That must have been a hundred years ago!" His mother said, "Simon, do not be rude," Alfred laughed, and said, "The child is saying his thoughts, he is right, I am nearly ninety." Simon said, "I like you mister, you did not tell me off, like mummy does all the time." Alfred said, "To me, as I have gotten older, I found all life's tensions debilitating my energies. I learned not to take on everyone else's problems. I pray for them, but the work is for them, and my support, if they need it." Simon looked perplexed, and his mother said, "What this gentleman is saying is, I would be better at being more relaxed, than getting stressed." Simon still did not understand, being only seven, he had not the mind to understand all that. His mother said, "Your name please?" Alfred said, "I am Alfred, and pleased to meet you."

The mother wanted to meet him again, in the park, and Alfred said he is easily found. They went on their way. Alfred got up, and went to the side of a bush, he noticed movement there. He pushed back some hedge, and saw a man laying there. He said, "Oh sorry, I saw movement, are you alright?" The man looked thin, cold, and hungry. The man would not talk. So Alfred said, "Can I help you at all?" The man then spoke, he said, "I am sleeping here every night, I knew you came every morning, but tried to not let you see me. You feed the birds, and what is not eaten, I --- I take up and eat." Alfred was horrified, he said, "No, that is not good, it cannot nourish you at all. Can I take you to my church? There is a Pastor there, that does help people like you. He knows how to aid in these things, if he can." The man said, "Really? I can get a hot meal?" Alfred had tears in the back of his eyes, he said, "Do not fear, I can see you have been uncared for, for a long time." The man got up and said, "Please take me there."

The church door was always open, and the Pastor was coming to the door. Alfred said, Pastor John, can you help this man?" The Pastor saw the man, thin, and cold, and said, "That is my service, yes. How long have you been this way sir?" The man thought, he called me sir! What is this? I am never cared about. The man said, "I have been homeless for so long, that I do not remember. I have had to get food out of bins, and this man who brought me here, feeds the birds, and so I take what is left." The Pastor was so sorry to hear this, and said, "Alfred, leave him with me, I will take him for a meal in the Vicarage, and then I will get some place to take him in, he looks unwell." The man was so grateful, he said, "Thank you, and thank you man of the park. I never thought I would ever be cared for." The Pastor said, "You will be now, and after that, be put on the road of self management. The place does give more then just care, it gives ways to be back into the life force." Alfred just stood there now in tears, he could not hold them in anymore. He said, "How can this be, in a world of plenty?" Pastor John said, "I know that the "Holy Spirit" Will alter that." the man said, "Yeah how?" Pastor John said, "If you come to know "Jesus" As he already knows you, you will find peace." The man said, "How do I get to know "Jesus" In my state?" Pastor John said, "Once you're in the place, which I will arrange, come to any church that suits you, and listen. If you come with a heart of openness, the "Holy Spirit" Will do the rest, as long as you go to learn." The man said, "How can I refuse, after this help now?" Pastor John took the man, and said, what is your name?" The man said, "I am Steven, and I'm just so grateful to you." Alfred took his leave, and on his way, he thanked "God" For the meeting of this poor man, now here was a genuine need. He will tell Emily about it.

The day went on, and Alfred was doing his tidy up in the garden. He took the hose to water the vegetables, and flowers. The garden had a story to it. Alfred had created his life in the garden. He had a tiny place, where he built the very town, he lived in now. He made houses, the school, the church, and the park. He had miniature trees in it, a pond, for the river, with gold fish in. Over the vegetable part, he had the most glamorous flowers, plants, and some fruit trees. Then he had an aviary, the birds in there were, finches, and canaries. They whistled so beautifully. He would put on his gramophone, as he was old fashioned, classical music, he then had them all so happy, and singing to it. Although he had a garden that sounded involving for his age, he had a man come to mow the lawn and take away any build up of garden refuge. His tidy up was possible, as it was in order. Much like Alfred himself. Sometimes, he had baby canaries, and finches born, some he kept, and some he sold.

He went in to have his daily sleep, after reading the paper. He thought about the man, and prayed again for him. He wondered how many could be living in that state? Rather than depress himself about that, he took his nap.

Emily was in the place she did welfare work, and Pastor John came. Emily said, "Pastor John, how nice to see you." Pastor John said, "Have you any clothes that will fit a lean man? This is his size." Emily looked at the note Pastor John gave, and said, "I sure do, we had a donation, only this morning." Pastor John said, "Great, he will be going to manner house, and be there for I think, some good year. He is in a bad way, his health is not good." Emily said, "Yes, I just think it's sad, that people get left out of their families. How can they allow one of their own to suffer?" Pastor John said, "True, but all have lessons to learn, this man will come out on top, he has shown me, in the very short time today, that he is willing to re-create his life. Come to the "Lord" as that's the only way to be re-born." Emily smiled.

The town had a bazaar on Friday. Emily was going to be selling for charity. She had so many things come in for it, it took her a full day to organize the goods. She thought of Alfred, and just then the phone went, it was her man. His name was Garth, he said, "Emily, why did you not take my calls, and leave me with just the answering machine? I got so frustrated, that I did not leave a message the last time. Being I was out of town, and driving all week, I just felt you might like some time on your own, but that's not you really, so what been up?" Emily said, "Garth, I prefer to keep it private, because I have to work it out on my own." Garth did not press her. She then told him about Alfred, and his ninety years almost. How they went to the places, and the train. She did not want him to know she lost it, and was shouting in the park. So she just said she met him. Garth said, "That's great, he must be an interesting man, at his age. Can I meet him, when I have time off. That will be in two weeks time?" So Emily said she was going to stay with Alfred the weekend, sleep over, and he was going to tell her all about his life. Garth said, "Good! It will get you out, and away from the concerns of the welfare work." Emily knew he would not mind, they had trust in each other, and never had negative thinking.

Emily left the welfare building, and went into the shopping mall. She wanted to buy Alfred a book, she thought he might like. On the shelf, she saw a book called, one shining day. She thought, that's funny, Alfred said that to me. As she looked at it's contents. It had testimonies of Christian people, how they came from one place in life to another. She hoped Alfred did not have this book. She bought it, and had it wrapped in a bright bag.

As she left the mall, she went to her friend's house. Her friend had her grandchildren there. It was bedlam, noises from the children were high. Her friend was pleased to see Emily, and said, "Ah! Now I can have an excuse to stop playing, and sit down, phew! They keep me going some." Emily looked at the children, Chelsea had on a bright yellow dress, Georgie had jeans on, she was never a child for frills. Harvey had his eyes on a computer. Matt had his car racing around, as it was operated by a remote. The floor was cluttered with toys, books, crayons, and half eaten paper plates of food. She thought how nice to see a family, so united. Her friend's name was molly, and molly was a down to earth type of lady. She had time for everyone. Molly had a home that was a home. All of a sudden molly said, "Emily, I have a bit of a problem." Emily looked very surprised, and said, "Molly, you never have problems." Molly said, "It is not that big, but I have to go out this weekend, and cannot find a babysitter, as you know, I have my grandchildren when my daughter is working in the hospital, she has night shifts this weekend." Emily said, "I was going to stay with a new friend molly." Molly said, "Ask the friend to come here with you for the weekend. There are five bedrooms, and one is free for another." Emily said, OK, I have his phone number." Molly said, "His? Who is this new friend?" Emily told her about Alfred, and molly was impressed. She knew Emily would not break her trust.

Emily called Alfred, he was glad to accept the invitation, as he loved children. Emily said, "Alfred, are you sure they will not be too much for you? They are very boisterous." Alfred said, "I am able to stand that. For me to be near children, would do me good. When they are in bed, we can talk. As I said, things in my life, may well help you." Emily said, "Alfred, I will pick you up Saturday morning, so you may have to miss the park." Alfred said, "I will go to the park for a shorter time, it is my prayer ground. I cannot miss it. What time will you come?" Emily said, "About nine o'clock." Alfred said, "That's fine, and thank your friend for trusting me in her home, she must be a lovely lady." Emily said, "She is, and has a heart as big as Australia."

Alfred sat down, how happy he felt to be involved with a family for a weekend. He missed his wife, who had passed fifteen years ago. His sons were in England, so his family was far away.

Saturday morning came. Emily took Alfred's bag to her car, and greeted him with a hug. He said, "I could do with the hug now and again Emily." She drove to her friend's house. Molly was ready to greet them. Alfred was made at home straight away. The children were buzzing around Alfred, and he was in his glee. They wanted to know all about him. Emily said, "Children, do not be nosey, as Alfred may not want all the attention of you at once!" Alfred said, "For the first time Emily, we disagree. I sure do want the attention. It is so good to have the young around me." Matt said, "Did you ever fight in the war?" Alfred said, "Yes I did, a time of great sorrows." Matt said, "Tell me about it." Alfred said, "War harmed many Australian soldiers. Some of it I will not talk about. I can say, war is not worth having. How about I tell you of the reasons I am against war?" Matt said, "OK, I am interested in war stories." Alfred told him of the waste, and of how nobody wins, and how all life is valuable. Alfred was not going to tell him of the many deaths, and devastations, he kept it as light as he could. He told Matt how they used the airplanes, for war. He then described the planes, so as to put off Matt, from asking the scenes, best not said to a child. Matt being thirteen, was questioning everything. So Alfred said, "How about I tell you of my travels, after the war?" Matt was interested, and the war talk was over, much to Alfred's relief.

They had so much going on, that lunch time came, and the only time the children were quiet. Alfred said, "Emily, I am enjoying this so much, I feel part of them." Emily said, "Alfred, you are part of them, by giving your time. I am so pleased I met you." Alfred said, "Yes, thank "God" For our meeting." Emily said, "Tomorrow, we take them to church." Alfred said, "Be a change to be in another church, I am so glad they are getting that provision of truth, in their early life. No teaching can beat the truth of "Jesus." Tell me do you think they will be quiet in church?" Emily laughed, and said, "I am not surprised you asked that, a noisy bunch of kids, eh? According to molly, they never talk in church."

Saturday evening, Alfred told Emily about his parents. He said how he was born into a family, of strictness. His schooling days, and his study for his job, later in life. Alfred said, "What I wanted to tell you, was more about how "Jesus" Worked all plans for me. How at times it looked like nothing would work. How I had to keep strong faith, and believe." Emily then handed him his present from her, the book. He laughed, and said, "I was after this book, but never got to get it. Thank you so much, what a kind thought." Emily said, "Tell me a bit more of your life." Alfred said, "I had many tests. Tests that seemed a bit hard at times. I have had my loss in faith too you know. So I knew where you were coming from, when we met. I had a time where I was at cross roads. I think it's better we talk another time, when we are alone. The reasons are, much of what I tell you, will be of use to you. I think it better, when you can take it in more." Emily agreed, she was getting tired, and had to understand, that the day's actions with the children, would have tired Alfred. They then went to their bedrooms. Alfred slept like a child that night. His room was so comfortable. The bed was feather, and so soft. Before he slept, he prayed, thanking the days events. The involvement with children. Alfred would be more involved with Emily, Garth, and molly's family, then he knew that night. The pages of time, do have good news.

Chapter Three

Alfred woke early in the morning. He thought about the day before, and all the noise he heard in family life. He felt a little uneasy, because he would not be at the park at dawn. He washed, and dressed, and went out into the family's garden. As he sat there in a swing seat, little birds came down to his feet. This made him feel better. He got up and took some bread from a loaf in the fridge. He had to feed these birds. Sitting back in the swing seat, he saw them in the low trees, and looking at him. He threw the bread, and one bird came so close, that it sat right on his sleeve. He noticed the bird was blue and white. Different he thought. After he fed the birds, this one bird, got to have a feed to. But when Alfred got up to leave, the bird followed him. Very tame Alfred thought. When he went in the back door, he did not close the door, and the bird came inside. Alfred was now wondering if the bird was a person's pet. So tame, and friendly.

Emily came into the kitchen, and saw the bird. She too was thinking how tame it was. Alfred said, "Do you think this bird belongs to anyone?" Emily said, "How would I know? I do not live here." Matt came in, and saw the bird, and said, "Hey this is charlie, he is my friend's bird." Matt called to a house two doors up the road and told his friend that his bird was in their kitchen. Both boys ran back, and terry was so happy, he said, "He somehow got out of his cage, and we could not find him. I thought he might have --- gotten killed." He ran back to his house, and the bird flew on his shoulder, not once trying to fly away. Alfred said, "This bird knows his home, and master. The bird was safe back into his cage. Alfred said to terry, "Do you think a larger cage would make him happier? This cage is a bit tight." Terry said, "My Dad is not here, and I cannot make a larger cage." Alfred said, "Tell you what, I will make him one, when I go home. Tomorrow I can do that, I have plenty of cage equipment, then I will ask Emily to bring it to you." Terry was dancing around like he was given the world. Alfred felt useful again.

Terry's mother came in the front door, and was so pleased to see charlie again. Terry told her that charlie will be getting a new cage. She was so happy, and thanked Alfred. She offered him money, and Alfred said, "No way, it will be my pleasure." She said, "Since I have had my life with just my son, I have not had a great deal of money, so it will be treasured." Now Alfred had made another new friend.

Alfred was thinking while he waited for Emily to make breakfast, at my age, I am making all these new contacts. This must be for a good reason, bet anything, it's "God's" Reason. No doubt he will tell me why I am to be of service now. He chuckled to himself. Emily brought the breakfast on a tray. Alfred had eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, fried bread, and a large cup of tea. He felt spoiled, he enjoyed every mouthful.

Terry came back, and asked Alfred if he would go to see his mother. Alfred got up, and went straight away. Terry's mother was looking sad, she told Alfred of how much he reminded her of her grandfather. She said he passed away in a bedroom, that she finds cold, and eerie. Alfred said, "Did he have any person in the room, before he died, that you were not to pleased in having in your home?" She said, "Yes, it was a clergy man, he kept on saying that purgatory was where sinners go, and my grandfather was not in agreement to that. The bedroom is near the back of this house. Every time I pass it, I get the feeling something is watching me. Grandfather died, and just after that, the room was occupied, but I could not see who was in there, sounds crazy eh?" Alfred said, "Was this man a real clergy man? Because only Catholics believe in purgatory. What is your name?" She said, "Kathy, you see grandfather died only last week, and charlie, our bird, was so silent for a couple of days, he looked like he was watching something, we saw noting. Then he started to screech! And I mean loud, he flew in the cage like a scared little soul, he began to chew at this door, it was mended by terry with a piece of wood. The cage is an old one. So I now think he was trying to run away from something. He really looked like he was seeing something."

Alfred in his wise years, stopped to think. Then he said, "Would you let me look in the room?" Kathy said, "Yes but I will not go in it." As the house was floor level, Alfred was seen by charlie, and as he got near the room, charlie began screeching, and flapping his wings. The bird's eyes were like popping out in size.

Alfred opened the door, and a very cold shiver went through him. Charlie was going ballistic. Alfred saw on the walls, some shadows, that appeared to look like reptiles. The whole room felt as if it was full of unseen entities, apart from the shadows. Walking over to the bedside cabinet, he saw a book on the ledge of the window sill. The title was --- wisdom of betrayal --- he opened it, and the pages turned by themselves. He tried to see the contents, and just caught this, --- satan's world --- then a signed name was in the end of the book.

He came back to Kathy, and said, "This clergy man, did you see any proof of his church?" Kathy said, "No, because a neighbor that I have never got on with, said this clergy man was very helpful, so I took it as her word. I admit, I did think her talking to me was a bit strange, because she has been the type to cause trouble." Alfred then knew that this neighbor had placed a curse upon Kathy. He said, "Often, and many do not understand this, an animal, or bird, will see occult activities. Did you see the clergy man go to her house at all?" Kathy said, "Yes, he went there after seeing grandfather, every time. Funny though, he took off his white collar around the neck, when he left this house." He told Kathy the signed name in the book, without telling her it was occult. She said, "That was the clergy man's name, why?" Alfred said, "Leave it with me."

Charlie had settled down, and Alfred went back to Emily, and said, "I have to call Pastor John." Emily said, "Why?" He told Emily all about the room, and the false clergy man. Emily was disgusted. Pastor John cancelled his morning's visits, and went to molly's home.

Kathy was waiting for Pastor John, and Alfred. She said, "What is the reason for the bedroom to be so scary after my grandfather died?" Pastor John told her that the clergy man was an imposter, and from the sounds of it, the neighbor knew her grandfather was dying, and chose that time to get someone to enter her home. He explained the curse set in the bedroom, and how the bird saw the entities when she went into the bedroom, leaving the door open. That was why charlie was trying to escape. Charlie found Alfred, and because Alfred is a Christian, charlie came to him. Pastor John said, "I am going in the bedroom, with Alfred, and give it cleansing, through prayer. I will destroy the book Alfred found as well. What has happened has not harmed your grandfather's spirit, that belongs to "God," The harm was directed to you." Kathy said, "My husband had an affair with this neighbor. He changed so much, that our marriage was in threat. He left me, and that was that." Alfred said, "Is he living with this neighbor?" Kathy said, "No, he left, and said he would never come back."

Pastor John said, "It is wise to really know who you let in your home, never just take anyone by face value."

They went to the bedroom, and charlie began his screeching again. They closed the door, and charlie stopped screeching. Pastor John opened his Bible, and the shadows on the wall became faces. The faces looked scared, and changed from one face to another. Then they trembled, and as "Jesus" Became authority, the whole room had a change in it. It looked lighter, and there were no shadows. Pastor John had asked "The Holy Spirit" To send them where chosen to. Pastor John never took authority of where demons get sent to, it was for the merciful authority to do. The rooms whole energy was bright, and all had been cleared.

Charlie did not screech when the door re-opened. He was sitting eating his food instead. Alfred thanked Pastor John, and Kathy was so relieved. She was going to have the bedroom redecorated. Alfred said, "I know some younger people that work for the church, who will aid in that job. The financial side need not be of concern, because I have a shed full of paint, and decorating things." Kathy stood there, and said, "Oh, how can I thank you?" Alfred said, "Thank "The Holy Spirit," now be at peace. Pastor John said, "I will arrange the room to be done next week, is that alright?" Kathy said it was.

In molly's house, the children were voicing their new day, as usual, loudly. Emily said that she would like to take the children out today, and Alfred said he thought that was a good idea.

They took a coach that was running to a sea side. The sea front had a wall along the edge of the sand, and cockle huts, to eat cockles. There were some boats in the sea, and over in the distance, a large, ship was sailing by. Someone came up and said, "Well you have a tribe here, a lovely day to be by the sea." Emily said, "Yes, they are so active, we thought that a day at the sea, may give us a rest!" Alfred said, "I like their active ways, it is a pleasure for me to be with them." The man who spoke said, "Rather you, then me. I am not keen on kids."

When the man carried on fishing, Alfred said quietly, "Sad, how can he miss the joy of children?" The fairy floss machine was going, with a lady giving pink, and white floss. The children all scrambled to get theirs. They were in delight, and began building sand castles. The afternoon went by quickly. On going back to the coach, the driver had his music on. It was hymn singing. He said, "Doubt the children on this coach will appreciate this." Emily said, "The kids I have with Alfred, would probably join in." The run back had the children singing, and then the whole coach of passengers, sang with great voice. It made the journey go quicker.

Sunday evening, molly had returned home. She found the children all very well looked after. Thanking Alfred, and Emily, as they were leaving to go to their own homes. Both had a real busy, and enjoyable weekend.

Alfred went to bed, as he had become tired. He put his bag of bird food ready for the next morning.

There Alfred was in the park, and doing his usual morning deeds. He thought about making the larger cage for terry, when he got back. On his walk to his shed, he again looked at his memory town he built. In the shed, he was about to look for cage building materials, when he noticed a very old part of the aviary he had removed. Ah! He thought, that will be a good size, for charlie. I can alter it some, and rebuild part of the wires. He had a small sheet of steel, that would make up the door. Charlie would never chew that! Having finished the cage, he took it to the house, and thought of how he would get it to terry.

A knock came on the door, and there stood Garth, and Emily. Garth wanted to meet Alfred, and they took a chance that he would be home. Garth loved the garden when Alfred showed him it. He said, "Look, I can take the cage to terry today, I have the day off." Alfred was pleased, as this meant he would not have to take time today. Emily took her day off as well. Over in molly's house, the children were at school. So it was peaceful.

They all went to Kathy's home, and terry being at school, would have a big surprise waiting when he came home. Charlie was put in the cage, and he started flying around it, he looked like he liked his new home. He had more play things in it, Alfred had placed a swing, two ladders, and several bells to ring. There was a bird bath in it as well. Kathy said that charlie did not get crazy anymore. She felt the bedroom free. The cage was big enough for charlie to spread his wings.

Back at molly's house, they had late afternoon tea. Molly said, "Alfred, you really are active for your age, it is a real thing to look at. I know some people, who are forty, and do less, and less. So they age in their mind." Alfred said, "Age my dear, to me, is a state of mind. Why should I give up, when I am still alive?" Garth said, "Yes, I have found myself at times, being negative of age. None of us can avoid it, you're a legend." The phone rang, it was Pastor John. He said that there were three young men, that had no employment, willing to take the materials from Alfred's shed, and do Kathy's whole bedroom out as new.

She was very happy, and did her usual little dance around the room. They all laughed. The young men went to Alfred's, and took the paints, and brushes, and some wallpaper as well. The next day, they went to Kathy's, and she looked at the paint colors, and the wallpaper. She said, "This is very nice, the blue, and white, I think. The wallpaper has swirls of navy in it, with light blue background. Is there any navy paint?" The young men pointed to a can that was smaller, and said, "This will not cover a wall Kathy." Kathy said, "I wanted the door to be that color." They said that it would be enough for that.

Kathy went into her kitchen, and took her oven gloves, she had hot muffins cooking in the oven, and some small pizzas. She put on the kettle, and made tea, and coffee, so that they could choose the hot drinks, they wished.

Going back, they had already put the ladders up, and ground sheets down, busy taking off the one wall, of old wallpaper. They were going to let it dry, and be wallpapered after the three walls of paint. Two were going to be white, and one going to be the paler blue. They all cheered at the food coming in, and sat down on the floor. Kathy said, "I have a card table, and fold up seats, wait, you better sit in comfort." Two of the men were eating pizza, and mouthfuls.

As they enjoyed the food, one man said, "Look over there, there is a small briefcase. It was under the bed. As he turned the bed up against the wall on it's side, it was wedged in the old slats, wonder what it is about?" Kathy was called, and told about the briefcase. She opened it, and saw a picture of the clergy man. The papers in there were her grandfather's old memories. She took the clergy man's picture out of the see through holder. As it came out, a card fell with it. To her horror, it was a satanic worship address. How on earth did my grandfather keep this? She thought. But she did not know, that the clergy man had given his photo, and had it in the holder, so her grandfather, would never have taken the photo out. How she thought, was it wedged in the slats? Grandfather could not move that far. All she could think of, was that the clergy man had the briefcase, and grandfather was showing him his past memories. The clergy man must have hidden it there. My grandfather, was given another two weeks, but he passed before that.

She left the room, and took another look at the card. When she looked at it closer, the neighbors address was under the satanic worship place. What is she doing with this? She thought. There is a connection here, there must be. She looked at the times of the worship of evil, and decided to ask a friend, to go and see what they do. Kathy had no idea that, this would expose her friend to evil energies. She thought, but Sara is a Christian, and strong in her walk. She would be protected.

Sara agreed to go, and said she will take four others with her, who were Christians. She said she will be safe, it would be a challenge for satanic work to be done, with the light in the five women.

The bedroom was getting finished, and it was looking really new, and peaceful. Kathy thanked the men, and said it was going to be treasured.

The night came for the five women to go to the satanic worship place. It was in a cave, by the sea. They saw many there. Sara got the other women, and said, "We must pray for our protection, and be aware, that the dark force will know we are there. They prayed, and gave it all to "The Holy Spirit" To work out.

The odd style of clothing people wore there, was strange. Only a few dressed normally, this was good, because the five would have stood out more, in normal clothes. The service began.

The whole cave was in flames of red. A throne was in a higher place in the cave, the cave was a big one. They chanted, and then a voice came. "I am the king of the world, all who worship me will have the world too. I am in control of all beings, and will be the most high." Sara shuddered, then a young girl came to a sacrifice alter. The flames were lit, and going very high. The voice said, "Sacrifice your hand, put it on the alter, and it will be cut off, you will feel no pain. By doing this, you will be on a throne as well, a queen."
The girl had her whole arm cut off, and wanted to give it all, to be a queen. She felt no pain, the fire cauterized the wound, and sealed it.

The voice said, "I want others to give me, come, you will be rich." Then in the very part of the throne, came two red blazing eyes, the eyes moved around the cave, and came to the five women. The five women were praying really hard now. The voice said, "You --- you do not belong here, get out, or I will burn you." the neighbor of Kathy's was a queen, and she came down to the women, and said, "Do as he says." Next, the five had strength, and remained. The voice became vexed, and said, "Go out! I have others here willing to give me their limbs, leave." Sara spoke, and said, "You destroy, you are false, you cannot harm us, there will be a great light in here soon." The voice then showed a figure, a blazing figure, it trembled, and said, "I must flee from here, you have disturbed my kingdom, and --- -" Sara shouted, "In the name of "Jesus Christ" May "The Lord" Rebuke you." The cave lost it's red energy and it became lighter, slowly going to white. At this, all the satanic people fell to the ground. None had any energy at all. They were paralyzed. The young girl with her lost arm, was the only one standing. She was maimed for life now. The five women were standing too. The girl said, "I thought I was going to be queen, and have my arm put back. But I see a vision of light around you ladies. The five went on praying. Sara went to the girl, and told her to come out of the cave with them. Sara said, "Jesus Christ" Is the real king. He is the very one who wants you to be saved. The others refused, so they are trapped. As long as they go into dark evil works, they will be in tortures, believing that torture is a way of getting the throne. Look at your gift to the satanic evil destroyer, it can never be put back, he wants to destroy, to gain the weaknesses of people, to give him all powers. He is defeated and always has been. His time is short. The weaker he makes people, the more chance he feels he has to take all to the lake of fire. He will make it that people who are the walk of "Jesus Christ" Will suffer, and the luxuries will be given. Food, and real needs to keep alive, will be taxed. The Mark is the only way to gain food, and needs. That is why all Christians are better to leave the fire government, and live in the very wilderness. Take needs from the land, and not from the Mark." The girl stood there in tears, and said, "Why did I not fall to the ground, as the others did, even the high queen?" Sara said, "You are a child of "God," No power can be above him. You are favored to become the saved child. Who is you mother here?" The girl said, "The high queen. And she is on the ground, unable to move." Then Sara took a closer look, and realized the girl was indeed the high queen's daughter. Time to leave she thought.

Just as they were led to with the light outside, the cave entrance began to landslide, the opening was getting covered in, large pieces of land came to fill the whole cave in. The girl said, "My mummy is in there, we have to get her out!" Sara said, "We cannot, she would not recognize "Jesus." She gave her ultimate sacrifice, along with the others. Because we came, with the truth, it got destroyed. Then the five women sat the girl down, and prayed over her, to calm her, she was becoming very scared. They took her off in the car, and went to Kathy's.

Kathy heard all about it, and just cried to see the girls arm taken off. She then looked at her face, she exclaimed, "She looks like my husband, how can this be? She lives only two doors up, and I never actually saw her." It was obvious, that this girl was hidden for that reason. Now Kathy knew why her husband went away. Kathy said, "This makes terry, and the girl, half brother, and sister. What is your name?" The girl said, "I am Susan. I am twelve years old." Kathy just sunk, this meant her husband was seeing the neighbor. That is why she was trying to curse me. Oh! I am just not sure what to make of it all. Where will the girl live now?" Sara said, "We will have her in a boarding school. She will be needing attention, with her arm gone, she will need special care."

The boarding school, was a place for orphans. And for children without families. It was a Christian founded school. Her chances to become clean, were on the way.

Kathy could not tell terry about this, not yet anyway. She tried to get to her housework, but had hurt in her heart. Now she too, had to think about her own spiritual welfare. Pastor John, was told all about this, and he knew that the clergy man was from the dark. He alerted the law about the cave. They had gone there to see if anyone was able to get out. The whole cave was covered. The air in there would have ceased. The cave was almost flat, and no possible way would be safe for digging down.

Chapter Four

A new day was dawning. Sara, a woman that has much strength in getting the dark force abandoned from as many as possible. Her four stand ladies have the same ability, they do it by prayers, in any darkness they come upon. Sara had a little more ability. The reason why that is, was due to her own life's past experiences. Sara had a family, going way back into as much as five generations, she found they were all into satanic idols. She became a Christian when she found that no Matter what she did in life, she had negative results. One day she went to a street to do her work. She was a prostitute. Her body she would go away from, to make her money for living. Whilst waiting for her regulars, a salvation army band was playing. This made her cross, because no men came. Then the man came to her, dressed in uniform. She did not think he wanted any service.

He spoke to her about "Jesus," She turned away. He said, "Let me show you the way home." Sara said she knew her way home and did not need a salvation officer to do that." He replied, "I mean the real home." Sara was now tired, no customers came. She said she could give the army officer a good time! His reply to that was, "I can show you a good time, without body contact, it will give you far more than you have now." Now she was getting weary, and said, "Whatever, where to we go?" He said, "We are going back to our church, I will tell you there."

They went into a vestry, he sat her down in a chair, and gave her a cup of coffee. She gulped it down, and said, "OK you have got me here, so what now?" He said, "I am the same as you are, just I am the "Lord's," And that is what I want you to know about." She squirmed saying, "Are you serious, what can he do for me?" The officer said, my name is Jim, how about you tell me yours?" She said, "Sara." "OK Sara, there is a whole new world about to come, if you listen." So she wanted to listen, halfheartedly. He carried on saying, "Jesus Christ" Did not die for no reason, he knows every human being, from beginning to end. He knows the pain and suffering in any human, he knows that all pain is sin." Sara spoke, "Yeah sure he does, what a crock of rubbish!" He continued, saying, "Sara, is your life happy?" She said, "No." The officer said, "Well Sara, we can change that. It takes time, but the door must be open first. I am willing to work with you for as long as it takes, I took it you had money by offering yourself, you can earn money by honest ways." Sara said, "Honest?" He said, "Yes."

The salvation army officer spoke to Sara for three hours, covering everything he felt she needed. How right he was. She said, "This "Jesus," Would he forgive me then? You see I have a family that is into occult, and really believe it's the truth, yet they get troubles, and the more troubles, the more they go into it. As a child I was shown the cards, and other items of this belief. My mother did readings, in a tent at fair grounds. My grandmother was a witch. Family life, was not! I had to look after myself. So I learned that occult things were the truth. As life went on, I got no job I could keep. So I went on the streets, and my family thought it great, because I was getting heaps of money, to actually give them. So then I left home. Home --- was not a home. I got a flat, and carried on giving myself. I hated it." The officer said, "I do not judge you Sara, you see, all of us have sinned, the magnitude is not what it's about, it is the pain, that is sin in itself. I too, came to "Jesus" And from then on, I got into faith, and honesty. Blessing came. I had to confess my sins, and mean it. Let me put it like this, people who want dead relatives to speak to them, are getting demonic spirits. It goes back to family generational traps. It goes on for many generations, and for some, not so long. If you take this opportunity, that was purposely put in your path this day, you can end this, "Jesus" Is the authority, who will deliver you from all evil."

Sara said, "I know so much about this occult stuff, that --- Well do you think --- Um, that I can use it to perform the endings of such fires?" The officer said, "Praise the "Lord" I can see you hearing me. Yes Sara, he may well use you, not burden you, but use your knowledge, as he knows it all as well, to go out there, and do his work, he could not take all the suffering in his lifetime, so he asked us to carry our cross, and follow him. If you confess, and I am here to listen, know that you're confessing to "Jesus Christ" The one and only "Holy Spirit." He has knocked on your heart tonight." Sara then bent her head, and she cried, and cried, and sobbed. She said, "I am a child of the devil's work, my whole family is doing the devil's work, I did not know that it was wrong, but --- Somehow --- She sobbed more, and then continued, "All the signs were there, at first, when I became an adult --- I sensed I had power, I got greedy, and did more, and felt I could never be caught. I er --- Felt the big woman. But inside, I felt shallow. I hate my family, and that is not right, but I hate what they do.
Who are you "Jesus," What can I do but ask you to take me in?"

The officer said, "Well done Sara, I have the "Holy Spirit" Saying this, --- My glory has made my provisions apparent to the child (Genesis 21:17). For it is written, "Except thou become as a little child, ye shall in no wise enter in (Luke 18:17). Behold, I say this unto thee: yield me your body as a living sacrifice, and be not conformed to the things of the world. Know this also, that there are sufferings yet to be accomplished in the body of the church that I was not able to suffer on the cross. Did not Paul write, "That ye fill up what is lacking of the sufferings of Christ (Colossians 1:24)?"

Ye will allow me to use thee, heed to me thine ear, your suffering is to be used. I want to make thee strong, I want thee to be a devastator. I have brought thee to this place. Make the most of it. Seek solitude, listen to the silence, it will teach you. Accept my life in the spirit as it is. O my child lay your heart in my hand, and let me heal it, yea, let me gather up thy tears, for they are precious to me (Psalm 56:8). Ye have not been suffering alone, but I myself have been near thee along the way, my heart has felt all ye have felt. I am with thee." Then the officer said, "That was what I heard from the "Holy spirit." Come and see me in the morning, I have a person I know, that wants a young lady to be looking after his library, this will give you a job, for four days a week, and I then can take you through the "Body of Christ" So that you learn, and become his child. You are being adopted, be sure he will see that you're safe."

Sara stopped sobbing, and became in time, a devout Christian, she learned that some Christians can suffer still, in their walk. The armor would protect her.

Sara today is very active in any dark forces, to be there, to challenge. To face the dark, as she once knew so well. This time she was the light, and the very means to be of service. The satanic worship cave was the worst she had ever been on trial with. Her outlook was that the stronger she got, the more she could do. She had mind visions of the blazing eyes that came across the cave from the throne, and hovered above her head. How the eyes trembled, the throne trembled, and the sudden falling of the satanic people. The blessing of the girl being saved, and how wicked it was, for any adult in that force, giving limbs, and other sacrifices. For no means of good. Just destruction. She pondered over, do people know that, subtle influences, can be as destroying? How the children get into thinking strength is watching heroes kill each other. How children's shows, some of them are just plain evil. Giving off, it is not evil. She knew that children in this day and age, do not obey parents, and parents give in for peace, and in doing that, they encourage the evil, without knowing it. So the breed of generations today, is far greater, than ever before. Oh how glad she came to "Jesus Christ." Oh how great he used her past, to alter the present for others.

Sara was well known in her church. She often said that her church goes with her, and where she goes, the church goes, being the body of Christ.

Kathy wanted to meet Sara. She heard all about it, and wanted to say thank you. This got Kathy to begin coming to church. Terry came as well, he wanted to play in the band, as he said, "About the only way I get into fame! Kathy's home was clear of all now.

Meanwhile Alfred began to see molly and the children often. He became the head of the house, for wisdom. Emily was getting interested in all Alfred's wise words. He had no ego with him, he was humble. Garth too was getting with the faith. He was a tough type man, he was not so tough when he became a Christian. He realized he was one of the great tapestry of "God's" Works and how all were a part of the big picture.

Kathy spoke to Pastor John about the girl, who she knew was her husband's child, with the neighbor. Pastor John said, "Kathy, the girl is not at fault here. The girl will be well looked after, and no, I do not think it wise of you suggesting you take her in. She has a limb missing, and her mind will be needing professional counseling. She must be away, because it's better for her, and for you. I know you said she has no parent now, but Kathy, her mind needs to be cleared of all the satanic brain washing she had, all her life. Her best outlook, is a new start. Kathy agreed, it did make sense. She said, "I think I offered to have her, to get back at my husband, for --- Oh yes, two wrongs do not make a right. My offer was a selfish one, after all, he does not care at all anyway. I just thought her being in a home, is a bit hard." Pastor John said. "Some things are blessings in disguise Kathy. Now you can get on with your life, and reap the benefits of the truth in all things.

Kathy felt more at ease. She wondered if Alfred would come to her one weekend. Molly told Emily, and Emily told Alfred. Alfred said, "I am far more busy, than ever before. How nice to be wanted at my age. So many aged people are left. They forget, they too will be old one day. I feel as if I have a bigger family, than I had when I was young." Emily said, "Alfred, you began with me, from me it went through to others, it's a bit like branches on a tree, you are the roots of that tree, and the main trunk, we who have come into your life now, are your branches, and carry fruit too! They laughed.

That night Alfred went to his bedroom, he kneeled down and prayed for the energies to sustain him, with so many around him now. He felt loved.

Chapter Five

Alfred was going to spend the weekend with Kathy. He was picked up by Garth, who had the time off, to take him. Garth said, "Greetings Alfred, how are you?" Alfred said, "Garth, I heard from Emily that you have a child?" Garth said, "Yes I do, my son is eighteen. He is in study for a medical practitioner. He has a long way to go still, in studies. I am so glad that you're getting out with people now, I heard you went to the park every morning, and that you spent your days alone much of the time." Alfred said, "I did, as my family is gone now, and my age, I thought to come back to nature, and --- Hey that was what was, what is now is important. I began to circulate when I met Emily." Garth said, "How did you meet her, and what was the reason?" Alfred would not confide in Emily's sad time when he met her. Her felt it up to her to say, not him.

They arrived at Kathy's, and terry was at the gate, eager to get Alfred in his home. Garth did not go in. Kathy had a breakfast ready for Alfred. My how he enjoyed the attention. Kathy said that she had a hard life, and that since she met Alfred, life began to take a turn for the better. Alfred said, "I just know that the "Holy Spirit" Does make things happen, and people to meet, for a reason. Kathy said, "Had it not been for you, and for Pastor John, I would not have understood what was in my home. Ugh! That was horrid." Alfred said, "What will you do with your life now?" Kathy said, "I am going to make a life for myself, and get moving forwards. I got stuck, through my husband's affair with that neighbor. Now she is obviously passed away, in the cave." Alfred said, "Do you think your husband was into that darkness, himself?" Kathy said, "I think he must have been, to go that far, and --- Have --- A child. I do not even know if he was one of them caught in the cave's destruction." Alfred said, "It is possible, as you were not there, you would not know." Alfred said, "I have my will done, but I do not wish my life's work going to charity. I would rather leave it to someone who needs." Kathy said, "Oh Alfred, you have time left still to enjoy life."

Kathy said, "I think it's better for us to have a good weekend, and not talk about that all." Kathy had a vehicle to take Alfred to the nature walk in the natural slopes of the country side. When they got there, they did not walk the slopes, but did have the the chair lift to carry them to the top. The scene was beautiful, and they had a picnic, with cold chicken, salad, fresh rolls, and cheesecake to follow.

Alfred was about to take a walk when he stumbled, and Kathy ran to his side. He was motionless, and she panicked. The shop at the top of the slopes called a doctor. The doctor said, "I am afraid, that Alfred has had a stroke. We have to air lift him to hospital." Kathy was so sad.

In the hospital, Kathy sat there in emotions wondering, will he die? Emily came, and molly came. The children were in another room, and everyone was waiting. Alfred had gained consciousness, he asked for Emily and molly to come in. When he saw them he said weakly, "I am so grateful to you ladies, you gave me a life of care  in the last few months. --- You see, I have had a good life, and had been, as a young man, a bit of a rebel. I became a Christian, and that was how I gained much. I have left you two ladies something of my life's work. I have left for the children too. The shining day is here today, --- I know I am going home." Garth, and Emily, arrived, and came in. Alfred smiled, and said, "I see over there --- a bright light --- there is a --- He stopped to gain his breath, there is one shining day. People do not realize --- that death is only of the body. The shining day is for those who love "Jesus Christ" --- oh! He is coming for me, I see him --- There are two angels with him too! Remember this all of you, I --- Love --- You." Alfred passed away.

Kathy cried, and molly sat there staring at him. Emily was not so upset, she had sense of age, and being that close to ninety, it was no surprise. Molly asked if her children could come in and see him before he was covered. The nurse said, "It's unusual, but under these circumstances, I think they can say goodbye." The children walked to the bed, and none of them spoke. They had never been so quiet. Then Matt said, "Alfred looks so young laying there, and he was a wise man, he gave me a lot of courage for life, he was my mentor." They left the room, and had the funeral to come to in four days time.

A letter was found in Alfred's mail box. Emily opened it, though she felt it  wasn't right to. As she read it, it was from Alfred's son. He was coming down to see him. The very funeral day!

The funeral was held in Pastor John's church, where Alfred had been for most of his life. The coffin was there with white flowers over it. As the funeral started, Emily thought, I have left a note on Alfred's door, to tell his son, his funeral was today, the church it's held in, and the time. I wonder if he will be here.

As the service began, there was a joyful hymn. Then Pastor John spoke about Alfred's life. When he got to the part that Alfred had no family, Alfred's son came into the church, and said, "Oh yes he did, I am his son." The whole church stopped in service, Pastor John was surprised. Alfred's son said, "I would like to pay my respects, may I speak?" Pastor John said, "Yes."

"My name is Sidney, I am nearly seventy years old. It has taken me so long to find him. It will be odd to hear this. I was born before my father married. I was adopted out. I got to know who my father was, by seeking family tree. My mother did not want me. So I had a life with other parents. Although I never knew him, I wanted to know if he knew I was his son? There was a paper, well hidden, that Alfred was my father. This I found a Matter of weeks ago. Getting his address, took longer. I come to find I was just too late." Pastor John said, "No Sidney, never too late. You look like Alfred, and this is a blessing, you have at the least, come to him, in his shining day. Please take a seat, and we will continue."

The service had so many children in it, and many of the adults, were there too. The service ended. Molly went up to Sidney, and said, "You can take over from where he left off." Sidney said, "What do you mean?" Molly said, "Come and meet his extended family." The children came and were pleased to meet Sidney. Sidney said, "I am in service of the "Lord" And very happy to be included. You can all tell me about him." Emily said, "I do not think he would mind if you stayed in his house." Sidney said, "I am not too well off, so it would be a good place to start to learn about him. The funny thing is, I found some papers, that had on one of them, one shining day. I have no idea what it meant. Emily said, "He used those words, it was like he knew a day was coming. Sidney got quite emotional.

In the house Sidney looked at albums of photos. He looked at the garden, and at the way his father kept home. He opened a drawer, and found a folded envelope in it. He opened it, and to his surprise, it had a letter inside it. It read.

I am Alfred, and I have a son, the son I had no chance to do the right thing for. I want that son, to find me one day. His mother took him away. I had no idea where my son went. When I pass away, I want my son to know this. I did not stay away from him, I prayed for a shining day, to appear, so that my son knows, I did think of him, all the time I was alive. I have left a will, some money is given to where I asked it to go. That will remain that way. My house is to be given to charity, unless, my lost son, comes to light. This will all be read in my will. If he proves to be my son, I give him, what I could not do. Having no idea of where he is. I want him to know, it was not my decision, to have him taken away from my life. May the "Holy Spirit" Find him on my one shining day. Alfred.

Sidney bent his head, and he had tears in his eyes. He thought, my father was a Christian, like I am. He wanted to carry on the things his father did, and let his memory live on. Molly was so pleased that he had the house. Emily felt it was meant to be. Kathy wanted Sidney to feel welcome in her home. Pastor John welcomed Sidney in his church.

Sidney had the will read, and the change to charity, came to his ownership. He would leave it to charity, when he passes. Emily told Sidney how Alfred sat in the dawn at the park. Sidney got up, and it was just light. He thought, my father must have been joking, up this early. He walked to the park, and sat down. Now he thought, what do I do now? A boy came up to him saying, "I thought you were dead! What are you doing here?" Sidney said, "I am not Alfred, I am his son, and I do not know quite what my father did here every morning?" The boy said, "Oh! He fed the early birds. Looked at the river, he did something else too," The boys mother joined in and said, "Alfred prayed, he helped people, he was a gentle soul." The boy said, "Oh I did not know he prayed, I saw him with his head down, and looking like he was talking to someone. But I never saw who he was talking to!" The boy's mother just smiled. Sidney said, "He was talking to God. Seems a good way to start the day after all."

In a large meeting, Sidney went to it. There he met Sara. They talked, and got quite friendly. She told him of her friend's mother, who was very lonely. Would he agree to go and see her? Sidney agreed. When he met her, she seemed far from lonely. He learned that this lady did welfare work for the deprived. She was lonely though. He learned that her lonely times were when she was alone in her home. They made friends. This gave Sidney, and the lady named Alice, times of going places together. There was no interest in living together. It was a good friendship. He had so many times with molly. He went to Kathy's, for the odd weekend. Emily and Garth, were his friends too.

Sidney's life was sure taking over his father's walk. He became happier, and had many times of sharing with other Christians.

He met Sara again, and she told him of her work in "Christ." He was so interested, as the dark force, he knew little about. He said. "Sara, I was alone, I never married. I had no children. Much of my being left as a child, resulted in my not getting involved. Now today, I am with children, and a family in "Christ," So what was lost, was gained. Sara said, "I know what you mean."

The memories of Alfred, lived on. Sidney took the words, one shining day, as a blessing. In his talks to others, he would say, when things look bleak, it's actually turning to light, at the very right time. He smiled, and thought, one shining day.

The End

Martha Brooks

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