Divine Blessings

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Divine Blessings

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Chapter One

The family were sitting out in the later evening in their back garden. Annie said, "The service tonight was so good." Georgie flicked her hair back, and said, "You bet, I could have that new Pastor as my boyfriend," Alex looked at her and said, "You're a bit off the Mark sister, he is doing the "Lord's" Work, not looking at you for a wife!" Georgie said, "Yep I know, but have you seen the devotion in his eyes, when he speaks of "Jesus Christ," How he just melts in his love for him?" Annie said, "You know, the others at high school will not talk about Christianity. They do not want to know." Along came tiny, he was called tiny as a nickname. He said, "I have taken the dog out for his walk." Alex said, "Where has Mum gone, she said she was bringing our supper? Oh there she is, great, looks like we have lemonade, and sandwiches." Their father came out as well. He said, "So a nice sermon tonight eh?" Georgie said, "It was, and did you notice the main part, how Pastor gave a full talk on how many people today, do not think about eternity, how we do? Like there is thinking to self gains today. Still I would like that new Pastor, as my er --- Oops! Bible study teacher." Annie looked at Georgie, and laughed. She know that Georgie had just caught herself, and altered what she was going to say.

Their father said, "Well he is new, but I had a few doubts about his ministry, after tonight, I cannot see any failings in keeping the people in church." Maggie their mother, said to her husband," Steven, they want me to do a luncheon there next Tuesday." Tiny said, "Where is Tubby he gave me the lead to walk the dog, and since I have been back, I cannot see him out here." Steven said, oh! He has gone to his room, no doubt he will practice his games on the computer." Maggie said she would take him some supper in his room."

They all sat there for an hour, and talked about how the church would be going now that the new Pastor was there. Annie said, he does have a name you know, it is Luke." Georgie said, "Yes I knew that, Luke Markham. He looks so young though." Their father noticed a gleam in Georgie's eyes, and as she was now nineteen, wondered if she was getting ready for exploring life, in that way. Annie said, "I am going to bed now, I have to do exams tomorrow." At sixteen, her exams meant her future path.

Suddenly they heard the car pull in next door. Maggie said, "Oh no, that is the posh woman again, Hope she does not look over the fence and see us here." Mrs. Brady called out," Well glad you're all out in the garden, I spoke to the Pastor, he just cannot do without me, he was listening to my singing in the church service, and I just had to show him I was top quality." Steven looked at Maggie, and Maggie looked back, and under her breath said, "You were so loud, that none of us needed to sing, as per usual." Mrs. Brady was not meant to hear that, so she thought Maggie said how well she sang. Then Mrs. Brady said, "I will come over, wait." They all looked at each other, and just slumped in their seats.

Mr. Brady came with her, looking like he wanted to go to bed. Mrs. Brady then started by saying," I told the Pastor that no service can do without me, any outing I will manage, and I am a very important person in the church. I am to be notified of all news." Annie said, "What did the Pastor say?" Mrs. Brady said, "He just nodded, and said very little, because he knew what I was telling him was how important I was." Annie just looked away, and thought, bet he was polite, and wishing you would shut up, like we all do."

Mrs. Brady did a good long time talking, and the young ones were yawning. Tiny had fallen asleep. And that was when Steven said, "Well nice to hear you're doing well, we have to retire now, so not being rude, we must say goodnight." Mrs. Brady said, "Yes of course, you will see me in far more, as I am sure the new Pastor will be calling me at all times." Then she left, Mr.. Brady looked sorrowfully, and said goodnight.

When they were alone again, they all laughed, they knew how very forceful she was. How she talks to everyone about her top quality china, her replica suite of the queen of England. How her family is wealthy, and only one sister is poor. Alex said, "You know I like the poor sister, and her husband, they are down to earth, and have no airs, and graces." All agreed.

Then Georgie said to Annie, I so like Pastor Luke, wonder if he would be interested in me?" Annie said, "Oh Georgie, do not go there, he would not be interested, anyhow, he is only here for six months." Georgie said, "Yes, but grumpy Willie is old, he never does good sermons anymore. He said at his last sermon, that the church had a crack in it. I never seen any cracks in the church." Annie said, "I think he was meaning cracks in understanding, looking a bit further than what is seen."

Georgie took tiny to bed, and Annie was looking in on her fourteen year old brother Tubby. She knocked and no answer. She then opened the door, no Tubby there. She ran to her parents, and said, "Tubby is not in his room now, the sandwiches you took him are still there, and he has drawers all opened, and some are empty!" Maggie froze, she knew that Tubby was getting to be a handful, and being disobedient, he had threatened to leave home the last time they told him he must obey. She called Steven and said, "Tubby is not in his room," He went upstairs, and saw the drawers partly empty, the case that Tubby used for holidays was gone. In the wardrobe, there was a note, it said --- I have had to leave tonight, do not look for me, I am safe, I am with friends, and gone to another town a long way from here. I want my own life, and no more of the family. Tubby. ---

Steven sat down on Tubby's bed, and just fell apart. He thought, how is it that I have a Christian family, and one has to be a black sheep? He went to Maggie, and showed her the note, she cried, and said, "Oh no, now what do we do?" The family apart from tiny, were all sad, and none could sleep. They now had a real challenge to face.

Chapter Two

Maggie and Steven got up very early. Neither of them could sleep much. Tubby leaving home just like that, hurt them both. Steven said, "Do you think we should call the law to find him Maggie?" Maggie said, "We can put him in as missing, but somehow I have the feeling he will stay away in hiding. I could not think who the friends were he said about in his note." Steven said, "I think I will call Pastor Luke, and ask him if he noticed any sign in Tubby, while at church last evening, he should be up and about around nine a.m."

The girls got up, and tiny was sitting in his chair by the table. Breakfast was hardly eaten, and tiny nibbled on toast. Soon after they went to school. Georgie went to university.

Steven rang Pastor Luke and told him of Tubby leaving home, asking him if he noticed anything in Tubby last evening. Pastor Luke said, "Oh dear, why would he leave a family so close to God? The only thing I did notice was, he had a notebook in his hand, and while I was giving the sermon, he was writing in it, and looking through pages. When the service was over, Mrs. Brady was talking to me for so long. Then Mr.. Brady came with the notebook. It was left on the seat. I have not looked in it, as it is not my right to. Tubby has his name on it, so I was going to call you. Giving Mrs. Brady was taking up my time, I did not last evening." Steven said, "Good, it may be a lead," Pastor Luke said, "I will be calling in to you around ten thirty, this morning."

Pastor Luke arrived, and they sat down to talk. The note book was handed to Maggie, who passed pages as quick as she could to see if any address was in it. No addresses. A few boys names were in it, and another place in England. They lived in Vange, and the place written was in Manchester. That is way up the country. The book gave no direct information. Maggie said, Pastor, what is going on here, how can Tubby do this, and for what reason?"

Pastor Luke said, "He has hit the deception road. In a way I am saying, in this time of spiritual warfare, many young, middle aged, and aged people are given the supernatural experiences, which may not be from "God." There is a counterfeit God out there who can give experiences as well. If you look at (2 Corinthians 4:4) it is good to remember; this counterfeit God will use the truth at the start of his false experiences, but somewhere in his in experience he will give himself away, telling lies. If nothing goes with the written scripture, be very cautious of it. He uses the young often, they are like bait to him, and any Christian family is a risk for the false god. I do think you should tell the law that he is missing, but be aware Tubby may well be so involved for a time, that he could be under cover."

Steven said, "My good "God," How and why did he get into that? It makes sense." There was a knock on the door, Maggie went to answer it, there stood Mrs. Brady, saying, "I saw the Pastor come here, so I thought he might like to see my photo albums of my very clever son." Maggie said it was not a good time right now, Mrs. Brady just pushed past Maggie, and made her force upon the Pastor. Pastor Luke just looked like he wanted to hide, one evening of her talking had him in caution of her determination of being the main one in the church folk.

Steven said, "Mrs. Brady, we are having a private meeting here now, I must ask you to leave!" She sat there and said, "Oh no, nothing can be private, I am the great ear for anything." Pastor John did something to his mobile, giving Steven a quick wink of the eye. He put it so that it would ring on its own accord, and so he answered a call. There was no call, but he had to stop Mrs. Brady coming in on such a private pain the family was feeling. He said, "Oh yes I am glad you called, I forgot about the appointment we had this morning, I will be on my way now."

Steven then realized it was just a way for Pastor Luke to be rid of Mrs. Brady. Maggie then thought, now he will be leaving, and we have to get rid of her!" So Maggie said, "I will be at the doctor's really soon, so we will catch up with you." Steven said, "I will drive you there Maggie." Mrs. Brady got upset, and just had to leave.

When they were both alone, Steven said, "We just have to find a way to stop her knowing about this, it will be all over the town, and she will be gossiping." They left the house, and saw Mrs. Brady in her front garden, behind a bush, watching them.

They had no doctor's appointment, but veered to the church. Pastor Luke said, "Goodness, how do you put up with her, what part of "No" Does she not understand? Maggie said, "No, is not in her vocabulary, we just let her carry on, but she can be so annoying. But this morning I really thought she took the topping off." Pastor Luke said, "We are not to judge, but I do think manners is one good commandment, all can use." Steven said, "The talk you gave about the deception road, can I hear a bit more of it?" Pastor Luke said, "It is going to be spoken about in many of my sermons. Many people of "Christ," Believe in demons, on a basis of the same thing. The confusion in the body of "Christ" Comes from teachers failing to define terms. When any teacher teaches, it's unwise to think the student knows what is being spoken about. The enemy disguises his temptations so it's not obvious, mostly he beguiles us, so that we think our actions are correct. This is why Tubby must be found, or come back, and the greatest care will he need. Better to help him, than to go at him for his wrong doings. He knows that already. That is over and done with, the next part is more important. To give more ease to your other children, it's better to have them learn this as well. So many times, parents will hold a grudge, and it puts the child further away, and when old enough, is gone for good." Steven said, "For such a young Pastor, you certainly have done your studies. Pastor Luke said, today, any Pastor that does see the signs, will want to teach people. It's no good having glasses to see distance, and then try to read with them, it does not work in eye failings of sight. This is the same thing, to see fully, we all must see both sides, to glory "God" At all times, and learn fully, how to be aware of deceptions, it's going to be worse in the times now, because the day is coming for judgment."

Maggie and Steven then went to the police, and gave them the name and note book, he was listed as a missing adolescent. Maggie cried in the car, Steven had tears in his eyes too. Maggie said, "He could be anywhere, Manchester may not be where he went to, how would he afford that? Oh Tubby, I thought you were doing your own thing last night, never thought you were packing without me knowing."

Steven said, "You know, thinking about it, satan is one being, he cannot go two places at once. That's why obviously he depends on his demons to do his wiles. He only thinks of two things. One, those that can hurt him, two, those that can help him, it's in Luke 22:31. I never quite understood it, until today. We go about our daily chores, and never really find the pointers, of the subtle deceptions, that must face all, in some way or another, three things he does, oppression-obsession-possession. It makes me aware, that such negativity is really real." Maggie said, "Yes, I agree, things like sanitation, diet, body, and soul, it's like the mind is the process of the actual doing of the sins. Thought before deed. I wonder how people in tribes well away from social life as we know it, get to know of "Jesus Christ" In their jungle?" Steven said, "Yes, but the word is going to reach the four corners of the world. So it will get to them. Maggie, I think we need to pray, and then do things that we enjoy, to help us keep strength for our other children, well --- Georgie is hardly a child anymore, and Annie is catching up to her. I think we will be better doing much and keeping busy. We must see our son Tubby come home."

Chapter Three

Tubby was the greatest thought within the family. They held deep prayers together twice a day. Georgie thought, as she had a further interest in the Pastor, that he would visit the home quite often to support the family.

Pastor Luke came on Tuesday morning, and Georgie took the day off her university attendance. Her father said, "We can manage this Georgie, but if you want to stay home today, that's alright," Her father had already got it in his head, that Georgie had interests in the young Pastor. He thought that if she had that interest, then just let her learn.

Pastor Luke sat down to a morning tea, and beautiful cakes made. He said, "How have you got in with finding Tubby?" Maggie said, "Nothing as yet." Pastor Luke asked if he could further the talk about the war of deception, and how it attacks the very young, and why." Steven said, "Please do, because in sermons before you came, we had hardly any depth of demonic actions."

Pastor Luke said, "The judgment day is shortly to come. In this time, there is much at disarray in the world. People are lost! And some Christians are somewhat lost. Satan has no body, but operates through many bodies, he is like the great magistrate. Being the ruling magistrate, he rules council of let's say, um --- princes. He presides over a ruling council of princes. These ruling princes are the rulers of the darkness of this world. A governing body of satan's world. A principality is a territory. Territories differ in size as well. There are two factors. Number 1: the threat to satan's kingdom or, Number 2: his potential asset. In heathen countries, satan has little or no threats. When a threat is identified within a principality, a plan is made immediately to neutralize that threat. It is a careful plan, based on the weakness in the character of the individual involved. It is passed down the chain of command to the actual spirits who will carry out the attack. Demons have little choice. They operate by orders with no liberty to carry out their own plans. It's only rarely that individual demons deviate from the assigned plans. When they do, circumstances had better justify them. What is not understood, is what I am going to put in wise terms, to my sermons. Demons come into ranks, or cast, strong at the top, and weaker at the bottom, they have separated --- uh --- we could say jobs, demons are experts, in their line, some exceptions are, but mainly they mimic the very attribute of their master."

Steven said, "Wow! Poor lost people do not know all this. Come to that, neither did I, not to that depth of understanding. I can see why your devotion is to save the people who know little, and give them the truth." Pastor Luke said, "I think that will cover for today, and that dark force is real, and is intelligent, and destroying. The intelligence, gives the false outlook, while in fact they are destroying mankind. Satan has no love. So you see why I said, do not get mad at Tubby, when he shows, he will need support, and love, and also told about this. Satan cannot win, but to win lost souls, to take them with him, is destruction."

Georgie said, "Pastor Luke, do you think I can have a few individual lessons about this?" Pastor Luke said, "I have organized a meeting each week for all who want further lessons on this, come to that, it's held Thursday evening." Georgie was disappointed, her motives did not work, so she said, "I will be there." Pastor Luke said, "So how have you been coping?" Maggie said, "We have to consider the rest of the family. Tiny is quiet, and looks sad, so we go out and do fun things together. We pray every day twice together, and leave it in the hands of the "Lord." We have to understand his order will be in action, although we cannot see it, or feel it." Pastor Luke said, "Well done, your strength as a family is a bond, it will not break. Well I must be off now, and thank you for the morning tea. I loved the forest cake." Georgie said, "I will see you out," Lo and behold, who was in their garden? Why yes, Mrs. Brady, as the Pastor walked down the path.

Mrs. Brady said, "Ah Pastor! How are you managing the church? I told you I am very important, and the best advisor, and know everything." Pastor Luke stopped, and against his grain, he said, "I have no need to discuss my management of the church thank you, if you have a personal Matter, or a family member has, then yes, come and see me about that. I do not give more attention to one, than the other. Now you have a good day, and bye for now."

Well! Mrs. Brady was shocked, she thought, how dare he not see her importance, or degrade her advice on running the church? After all she has all top quality china, the best carpets, the top furniture, and is of class! She went in to tell Mr. Brady. Mr. Brady just sat there understanding the Pastor, he said nothing, as she was always right, but in his mind he thought, good on you Pastor, someone has to get her in line. She gets overbearing to him, let alone others. He knew they had money, but to him it was not the values of life. One of her family is very poor, and she degrades them for it, yet they are happy. They drink out of mugs, and she thinks it's bad manners to be so poor. Mr. Brady was pleased with the Pastor stopping her forceful nature.

Meanwhile Maggie and Steven were talking about going away for a couple of days, leaving where they are with the law. They will take the children, and try to gain strength in this sorrowful time. They thought to go to a village in the country side. That was decided, and they would leave Friday, and come back Sunday morning.

They got there with ease. Georgie was thinking about doing her art work there. Annie was going to read also. Tiny would play, Alex was going to take his laptop. He had some studies he wanted to further with.

The scene was welcoming, the waterfall was the first attraction, it was a big one, cascading down the high cliff type hills into a river below. Towards the village centre, there were old fashioned shops. Then they came to the cabins, and the scene there was beautiful. The trees were high, and Steven said, "You know what? Take a tree, see how it withstands all weathers, and stays upright. It is held by roots, the roots are far smaller than the tree, so what I am saying is, it's important to have the right roots in life, to go for the wrong roots, nothing will stand too much pressure. Yes, this is how being a Christian is, the true roots keep the upright, the dark roots, make in time a fall."

Maggie said, "Heavens Steven, I never thought about a tree like that before. It sure makes a good way to look at things. Now what shall we do today?" Annie said, "I am going to walk around with Georgie and look at the shops. Alex said, "Yeah you can have that all by yourselves. I am going to go fishing." Tiny said, "I want to fish too!" Maggie said, Steven, how about you go fishing too? I will make us a lovely salad, with the fish you catch."

They put away their things, and all went off. Maggie stayed in the cabin, she wanted to be near the mobile, just in case. For her it was a rest to be away from home for a while. She rested in a deckchair, looking at the birds, and the natural scenic views. She noticed a small crowd of lads in a cabin just further away. Hope they do not make noise, she thought.

The pathway of small trees, made the cabins private. The flora and fauna, was so lovely there. The music of nature, calming her nerves a great deal. She looked over to the boys in the trees, and thought she saw Tubby! But he ran away. No she thought, it cannot be Tubby, I have him on my mind so much, that any large boy, reminds me of him. She did not know it was Tubby, and he was running away, because he saw their car. He left the cabin settings, and went with two other boys to catch a train.

At the station, the train was delayed, and Tubby had to wait with his two friends for two hours. The station was near the river side. Steven went to change his hook, and looked up at the station, he thought, that looks like Tubby! Right, I will try to get there without him seeing me come. If this is the answer to our prayers, it's worked, I Hope. He said to the others, do not move from here. They were sitting near the trees, so Tubby would not see them. Steven said nothing to them about seeing Tubby. He gently put his rod down, and took a detour to the other side of the station. He hoped the train would not come. Not knowing the delays of the train.

He went to the other end of the platform, and took a word with the station master. Who told him no train will arrive for an hour and half now. He asked if he could get to the other side another way? He was given to go under the bridge, it would be safe, as no trains were running there for that time.

He slowly walked on the platform where Tubby was half asleep. The two other boys were not asleep. He went up and said, "Tubby, it's your Dad, what are you doing here, come back with me now, and we will talk this out." Tubby got up, and took his case, and ran fast, he ran so fast, that Steven could not catch him. Then Steven lost sight of them.

Steven went to call the police in their town. They called the police in the village. Now there was a look out for them. They were not found that day.

Chapter Four

The police called in site where the cabins were. They asked the manager to tell them what cabin the boys had rented. The manager said, "Five boys were in there till this weekend." As they knew of three running away, they checked the other two. They got there to find the cabin empty. They had gone as well. Now this plot seems to have thickened. Steven still felt Hope. Maggie woke up the next morning with great faith as well. She said she was going to the shops. Steven said he will be driving the car around, he wanted to see if Tubby had remained in the village. Georgie, and Annie wanted to stay in the cabin. Alex was going to go with his father.

Maggie got to a shop, and noticed a lady on a mobile, she seemed to look pleased. Then she smiled at Maggie, and said, "Great, I have lost one part of work, I care for the aged. I had to have a break." Maggie said, "Oh that is nice for you." Suddenly the lady began to tell Maggie of her daughter. Maggie stopped to listen. The lady said, my daughter is into things I wish she would not be in. She cuts herself, and goes to haunted places, and very bad ones. She reads cards, and does things that seem to me to be unhealthy." Maggie said, "Oh after hearing you, do you know there is a dark force?" The lady said, "Yes I believe that all." Maggie said, "Did anyone in your family, or your husband's family, do occult things?" She said, "You mean past ancestors?" Maggie said, "Yes." The lady could not pick anyone. So Maggie said, "My dear, your daughter is getting the dark force attacking her, she will think it's good, but she is being deceived. In ways she is committing suicide, slowly." The lady looked so sad. She said, "Please keep talking." So Maggie explained the spiritual suicide, and the demonic force, that is engaging her daughter into going places where the demons are heavy at work.

Maggie spoke about the way satan did the world into darkness, and the battle of finding "Jesus Christ." The lady said she believed in "Jesus." But her husband is an atheist. He does not believe in God. Before too long the lady said that her family, now alive, all have the same ill health problems, and most of them are negative. She deepened her family life, and Maggie could see the problems. It did not Matter what Maggie said, the lady said her daughter would not speak to a Christian, as one Christian, had put fear into her daughter, so she carried on doing her occults mind set. Maggie said, "Some people take authority, and do the situation more harm than good. Thus it makes the person in need to be free, go deeper into what they are needing to get out of." The lady said, "My daughter would not even listen to you, it would not Matter what you said, she would remain, all her friends are of the same kind. She is only twenty-two, so you see, it is hard." Maggie said, "You can do something, you can say the name "Jesus," May I have her name please?" the lady told her the name. Maggie said, "Can I pray for her?" The lady said, "Oh yes please do," Then Maggie told her more bout the force, and how it's very much on attack in this age. She then said, "Do not say the "Lord's" Name out loud. Say it in your heart, and mind. There is only one prayer the "Lord Jesus" Said to pray, and that is --- The "Lord's" Prayer --- You may ask him to help your daughter, and remember, you need it too. I am sad for your situation, as I can hear that she will go far more into it, as you said, she cuts herself for attention. It's plain to see, she is lost. She gets her kicks from her friends, who do the same thing. Its a vicious circle. She will end up finding she is being hurt, and destroyed. The age of time is near, and that is why it's important to get yourself, and your daughter out of it. I know you do not do this, but having it in your home, it is giving all members, the force of darkness. The lady said, "I was meant to meet you today, and you were meant to meet me. So much you have said, has really made sense. Thank you." They parted company.

Maggie learned from this, that many young people are getting the attacks. They are into self, and not one thought to others. She wondered if Tubby had met these boys, and they told him Christianity is rubbish? Now she had a clearer picture as well.

Coming back to the cabin, Steven could not find Tubby. He saw no way of where he could have gone. Maggie told Steven of the lady, and he said, "Yes, I can see why Pastor Luke, is going into this, in a big way. They had their prayer time, and Maggie asked for the lady's daughter to be free from this kind of life, as it was death, and not life.

They had dinner, and sat outside for the evening. They were leaving the next day. Steven said, "How close we were to Tubby, I think we will get him back, it must be at a time that is --- What was that noise?" he went to look around. He saw someone behind the trees. Then he heard crying. As he got nearer, he saw it was Tubby. He was bruised, and swollen in the face. He got down to his son, and said, "Tubby, come back with me, we can work this out. I love you." Tubby cried more, and then said, "They bashed me up, thinking I knew you were coming up here. They would not take me further, and left me after they had bashed me. I had to wait, and then get a hitch to the town next to here. So I walked, I knew your car was here. I hoped you would still be here. Dad --- I um --- Oh the pain in my back is bad. How dumb of me to leave my own family. I thought I would be able to be a great band leader. All they wanted to do, was steal, get money from wrong ways. They took drugs too! I did not. So that was against me some --- Oh --- The pain Dad --- Do you think Mum will forgive me?" His father said, "You are already forgiven, the main thing is you're now safe, and with your own family, we will help you every step of the way, do not get down about what you did, it is done with, now is the time for healing, and getting you to understand a few things. Where is your case?" Tubby said they took his things, and left him.

Maggie was so happy to see Tubby, the girls were relieved, and Alex got hold of him and said, "You chump! If I did not love you, I would add a few bruises, but I love you, and I'm glad your back. We are going home tomorrow, and you can have my bed. I will sleep on the couch." Tubby had a bath, and then ate some dinner left form the earlier time. Steven said, "We must pray now, and thank the blessing. Odd really, we never have come this far for a trip away. It seemed to stick out in the guide book. Naturally because it was where we would get you. I have to call the police station, and tell them you're safe, and back with us. That way they can stop looking for you. There will be no charges, because we have no charges against you. But they may want to ask you, back home about these boys, and the whereabouts you may have heard they stay. They are the one's, when they are caught, who will be charged."

The next morning they took the ride home. Tubby had slept well, and looked a bit more comfortable. He needed some new clothes now. So that was to be bought for him. He found his family so loving, that he healed in emotions of fear they would punish him. He said, "I am going to see the Pastor, and tell him I need some guidance, and be more attentive to the rules of life." Maggie said, "Son. One thing at a time, no rush. Do it in ease." Tubby then talked to his sisters about how they were.

Both Maggie, and Steven, had a first Grant to prayers, their faith had seen them through. The family was now complete.

Pastor Luke did not expect Tubby to be at the evening service, he had no idea he was back. It was to be a surprise for him. His sermon was on the truth of the never failing love. How the dark force is getting to all ages, and how those that do not know about it enough, are taken in by it. It was a sermon just made for Tubby to understand, he was attacked. How all Christians are going to be the "Holy Spirit's" Vessels, how they can help as the disciples did, two thousand years ago. In ways he spoke of Christians, who still have issues, that are sin, and have had trouble getting it purged away. He said, "For "The Holy Spirit" To be able to work through you all, and through me, as I am human too, and can also be attacked, the "Holy Spirit" Will expose any situation a Christian has, to free them. This way the "Holy Spirit" Can then work in a clean body, soul, and mind, and spirit. If poison is in a person, it harms the passageway of the truth to be clear. Nothing is of value materially, it is about value of spiritual health. May you all be blessed, and can we all applaud Tubby, for his return?" The whole church applauded, apart form one. Mrs. Brady. She was upset, why did she not know that Tubby was missing? How come her goods in the home so posh, are of no value? She had got the wrong idea of what he was saying. He meant material is needed here on earth, but it is not the highest values. Mrs. Brady needed to be free of her collection of power, that doomed her. As nobody actually liked her much. They all liked Mr. Brady, but kept a distance. On the ending hymn, Mrs. Brady did not sing so loud, as she usually does, she did not sing at all. All she thought about was, this Pastor is a bit of a nerve, to come into their church, and take over, and not take her as the main voice of all. She was taken down a peg or two. She had lost her egotistic rush. Nothing the Pastor said, was to one person, she took it as it was to her, about material things.

She thought, that he would only be here for another few months, and then she can be back on top. The older Pastor just allowed her to carry on. He never once said she was out of turn. Mrs. Brady was in for a surprise on that one. Things were going to alter in the church. A whole new arrangement was going to be coming, and the changes with it. She may learn then.

Chapter Five

A new start was budding for Tubby. Georgie had stopped thinking Pastor Luke would see her more than one of his congregation. Annie was studying for the finals in one area of her studies. Alex had taken a job working on cars. Tiny was still at school and nearing the time to get to high school. Tubby was at high school, so tiny would not be there on his own.

Steven had returned to work, and Maggie was involved in many church functions. Pastor Luke had created a class for parents and their children. He felt much more understanding was needed in families. In his ministry, he encountered so many families that had less bonding than should be. During the first class, one parent stood up and said, "Pastor Luke, for a young man like yourself, I have found your sermons so wise. It is my belief that you were granted an extra gift for your service to the "Lord." In the short time you have been here, we all feel that we have gained far more understanding to things never explained. We wish to congratulate you on the support you have given us all."

Pastor Luke got a little embarrassed, and he said, "One thing to remember, all work done through "Jesus Christ" Is done by the "Father" too. It is there that all glory should be sent, rather than to me, but I do thank you all, because even I need support, as I am not perfect."

Pastor Luke continued," So many families have got pieces missing. Some feel like the bottom has dropped out of their life, some have ill health, and stay negative about it. Some have a child that is so resentful, and nothing can alter that child. Some children have abusive parents. Some parents are totally selfish, and leave no time to communicate with their children, and support their growth in life. So many today are governed by money status, they buy their children the mod cons, that is good for them in one way."

"The thing that is most important, is to give the gift of oneself, how can any mod con replace the wisdom of life that a child needs? The same for children, if they get off on, what is in it for me? They forget to give their parents themselves too! I as a Pastor, have to be aware that I too can forget the very person who needs my support, could be the one that gets on my nerves! Who I avoid. So you see, none of us are so wonderfully in tune with the laws. There are too, the ones that we just are unable to help. They have chosen the ego to build their path, this way, they end up being alone. So it becomes a missing link in the chain of life. We are here tonight, to heal those missing links. Some mothers do everything, and there is no other in the family, that will ease her load, and take responsibility for their part in home care. So as with fathers, they may do all the hours to work sent, but they are never at home much.

"When these missing links are there, many children, and parents, will fill the empty space with material things. Some will use that to cope, some do not feel understood, and in all, it's the lack of understanding, that our greatest parent is "The Holy Spirit." When we come to be children, we are prepared to learn. We take the steps to achieve the gains of health, clean ways, and fulfilling the voids. I have great faith that this class will gain a new look to life for all. How hard is it to give children some time? How hard is it for children to give parents respect? So let us end the class with prayer, and take from it individually, what has been sent from above. These are your own choices." Pastor Luke then prayed, and ended the class.

Mrs. Brady was not in the class, she had taken offense so much, that she considered another church. Here was a lady that had lost her path to glamour, self gratification, and became so difficult, she was avoided. She was the one that needed her path straightened.

Out in the night air, some were talking about the class. Over in the distance were three people, who had never attended the church. They seemed to be wanting to be left alone. Pastor Luke went over to them. He said, "Glad to have you join us here. " The man said, "Oh yeah! For a talk on how to live our lives? Get real." Pastor Luke took no offense, and said, "Would you like to come into the vestry, and tell me your greatest concerns?" The woman of the three, said, "I think that would be a good idea."

The two young men were not that much wanting to, but followed. In the vestry, the woman said, "I have two children and they belong to both these two men, neither one will support the bills. So I said they could do with some idea of understanding their part in making these kids."

It followed that one of the men, had no family at all that cared. The other had left his family, at fifteen. Pastor Luke said, "Right, what is here now, today, is the lack you had as children, which resulted in you lacking as a parent now. You feel you survived, so they can survive the same way. No consideration is given to the mother." One man got up and started to abuse the Pastor, he said, "You're a real idiot, will you give money for them? Oh no, she wanted them she can have them." Pastor Luke noticed something on the man's belt. It was a satanic image, in silver color. It had red eyes, and he realized the demonic. Then on his hand, he saw a ring, with a snake on it, that had red eyes. This now was going to be a challenge, he would try to convince the man to come and see him alone one day. The other man was less interested in fighting the Pastor. He said, "Some of what you said, made sense, I think I could learn something from you here, is it possible for me to see you alone?" the Pastor said, "Yes it is, and we will arrange a suitable day." The other man looked at his friend, and said, "By gees, you have been taken in, well --- If you're gong to get a single talk, then I will have one too! And I bet you, I will roll you over, you man of the cloth."

Pastor Luke spoke to the woman, "Have you enough to aid the children's needs today?" She said, "No, they have very little, on my income, it's so small, that I get all second hand things, that do not last. Food is too expensive, so I give them cheap foods." Pastor Luke said, "I will arrange tonight, to give you a voucher for food, and a voucher for clothes." The man with the attitude said, "Great, we can have some too!" Pastor Luke refused him. His intentions were not respective. He ended the talk, and told them to ring him in the morning, he would give them separate days to come and talk with him.

The church was now silent, and Pastor Luke went to pray, he felt he had a big job on now, far more was involved in ministry than just preaching.

Maggie and Steven, were sitting by their fire, and said, "That was such a good class, I think I would like to be active in this family link building. I did hear Pastor Luke say he would like some parents to help other parents, to understand his full meaning of family. He wanted those that had a complete family, that way they can be of service." Said Maggie. Steven said, "I too can do that, we can do it together."

Tubby said, "I am going to bed now, but do you think I could be of use in the children's department? You know, tell them how I got side tracked, and how I could have lost my family." Maggie and Steven were happy about that. Steven said, "We will ask Pastor Luke, and arrange it all." They all retired for the night after the family's prayers were said. Now a new turn was coming into the whole family.

Chapter Six

Pastor Luke had arranged the next class to be filled with separate groups. He chose his off runners to help the family link building. His first encounter with the hard man, was today. He was ready for him.

The young man came late. He entered the room with a look of defense. Pastor Luke said, "Glad you made it, please sit down." The man said, "Yep! So why are you not annoyed I came late?" Pastor Luke said, "Because I trust the "Lord." What can I call you?" The young man said, "Call me dean." Pastor Luke said, that name I like, so tell me about yourself." dean sat there in surprise, nobody asked him that before. Dean said, "I am not a church person, and I do not believe in anything at all. I have fun, I go to places of fun in the night. I usually sleep all day." Pastor Luke said, "So what do you have fun in?" Dean said, "We rage, and speak to things you would never know about. We see things, like er --- Spirits, and they tell us that life here on earth is just a game." Pastor Luke said, "OK, and do you feel good around these?" Dean looked tight in the face, and said, "Well --- It is just for fun, but things happen. After one time, a friend became weird, he had not smoked the grass, so we could not say he was stoned." Pastor Luke thought and decided to ask dean if the belt and ring was a symbol of some kind? Dean said, "Oh these? Yeah they show our --- No! I am not going to tell you." Pastor Luke was certain this young man had got himself into much trouble. He said, "Do you mind if I pray for you here right now?" Dean now bored said, "Whatever, don't know why I came really."

Pastor Luke began to pray, and his prayer was for dean's freedom. Dean just sat there looking at the Pastor. Suddenly dean began to vomit, and shake, and then become very hot. He could not speak. He just turned so pale. Then dean cried, and this was something Pastor Luke did not expect, results this quick were not usual.

Dean had a reaction when Pastor Luke asked "Jesus Christ" To move into dean's life, that he needed to be free. Pastor Luke had never seen a tough young man, go through a sudden reaction this way before. When dean was able to become calm, he said, "What a mess in here, who did that?" Pastor Luke said, "No problem dean, any mess can be cleaned up. The greatest part has been released, and I would like you to tell me how you feel?" Dean said, "I --- Feel --- I don't know, I feel --- What happened here? I feel as if I am --- Um --- There is a feeling as if someone is watching me, like er --- Some being --- Or something, that is loving. I do not feel the same as when I came in." Pastor Luke said, "You were telling me about your rages, and contact with spirits, would you like to carry on?" Dean said, "No, it feels as if it was a dream, and the dream is over." Pastor Luke was very happy at that answer. Dean said, "It's like a lifetime away, and is not anymore. So I am confused."

Pastor Luke explained, that the "Holy Spirit" Came to rescue dean, and to know more about this, he can if he chooses, come to learn about "Jesus Christ." Dean suddenly took off his belt, and threw it, and the ring came off as well. Dean said, "I have a child I have to support, and get my head together to do this."
They arranged for dean to come to lessons. He seemed really interested. The time ended for the talk.

Afterwards, Pastor Luke fell on his knees, and thanked the "Holy Spirit." this was confirmation of the work Pastor Luke had gone into. He had a great strength in him, and knew his devotion was paying off. Divine blessings.

As time went on, the young woman with the two children, got support from both men. The other young man, was easier to talk to. He said his name was Andrew. He knew his support for his child, would be one day. It turned out that his own childhood left him with no knowledge of supporting. He had never been supported. He had fathered the first child. Dean had fathered the second child. Andrew felt the young lady, Francis, had let him down, in going to another. Dean had envy against the first child.

After several talks, each one of them came to lessons. Dean had learned the dark force had taken his life into the hands of satan. He was free from it, and his whole manner was gentle. One Sunday evening, in the church, were sitting together, dean, Andrew, Francis, and two year old Goldie, and one year old Scott, a baby still.

Pastor Luke was so thrilled to see them there. They looked like they had forgiven the whole situation, and made the best of it. Neither man had personal relations with Francis. They did have visits, and time with their children. They paid for each child's care, and needs. Francis now was able to rent a small flat, and live in better conditions. Pastor Luke made time to go and see her every month.

Mrs. Brady was in her front garden, as she was looking to see if the Pastor would visit next door. No sign of him. Steven came out to prune some rose bushes. She made him jump! And said, "I suppose the Pastor is altering the whole way the church once was. How he can do without me, I do not know. Still he will be gone in two months time." Steven stopped pruning, and said, "Actually no, he is going to stay, he has extended time. The old Pastor is not coming back here."

Mrs. Brady looked sternly at Steven, and said, "How ridiculous, how can a young upstart take over from a well matured Pastor?" She sighed, and then said, "Besides, the older Pastor wanted my advice on all things. He came to my home for a well presented dinner, and my finest china. He also promised me a part in the choir, but he had to leave it until a space was vacant --- Hm --- Come to think of it, no space became vacant in two years. He also said my advice was --- Oh what did he say? I cannot remember quite --- But I knew he felt I was the prime person for all agreements that were held in the church."

Steven was losing it, he said, "Mrs. Brady, you have a single minded outlook, you are not the only one with gifts. Do you know what space means?" Mrs. Brady looked at Steven, she had never seen him like this before. He continued," Every soul has a gift or two, every soul is as important as you think you are on your own. Mrs. Brady, who cares if you have the best of everything, you have one thing missing, grrrr."

Mrs. Brady was on the attack, and said, "So what do I miss then?" Steven said, "Manners, integrity, space means to be settled with knowing that others have things to contribute to the growing church. It has managed to get more people in the last few months, than before Pastor Luke came. There have been divine blessings, had you just stopped to see further than yourself. The church is rich right now."

Mr. Brady came out, as he heard raised voices. He had heard what was said, as he stood behind a tree to listen. He said, "Gwen, I Hope you're getting the message. I too agree with Steven, he had the guts to tell you, if I had, I would have been dog's meat for ages. So I stayed quiet. So come inside, and let's talk now! I think some changes in your attitude would benefit everyone."

Mrs. Brady had lost her self acted power. She stood there and looked miserable. When they talked, Mr. Brady said she would get on faster, by being an aid where needed, rather than being the head leader that nobody wanted. That her singing so loud was aggravating, and showing off. That he loved her, and when she was not so high and mighty, she was a lovely woman. He also told her that Pastor Luke, was devoted to claiming all the children for the "Holy Spirit" And to argue with that, is a sin.

Mrs. Brady sunk her head, she had never heard her husband talk like this before. She felt she had to make apologies to a few people, and to the Pastor. She said, "I think the way we have done the house, must have gone to my head. I thought I was the most important one. It's true, I have gone over the line, and I did know it, I just would not face it. So I wanted the power over the whole church, as well as home. I think I must have made home, nothing like home. You must have felt uncomfortable, with my constant rules. I made you not important in your own home. True, I did show off. John, I am so sorry, can we start again? I will ask the Pastor to forgive me." Mr. Brady said, "He would have already, he holds no grudges. I do think you apologizing will enable him to find you something to be involved with. But do remember, those that have little, are as good as those that have a lot. Come now, lets stop this, and make our home a home."

Mrs. Brady had changed her egotistic nature to a softer woman, and one to be working with the others instead of pushing for it all to her. She became a lady to help others, and be at the level of sharing equally. She began getting visitors, and people were beginning to like her. Her talk to Pastor Luke, as she did apologize, caused her to see the error of her ways. Another of the divine blessings.

Chapter Seven

Pastor Luke had a service Sunday morning about commitment. When he came to the front, he noticed Steven's family was there, instead of the evening, as usual. The three were there, with the two children. Both men had resigned to supporting their child in a good manner.

Mrs. Brady had looked in all her closets, and boxes, of unused things. Things that were high spent items, for her once old ego. She gave them to charity. Mr. Brady was taking her out often, as he felt they were courting again.

Pastor Luke began with the first hymn. When it was sung, he noticed no loud singing for attention from Mrs. Brady. The choir had made the whole hymn very harmonic. The band played beautifully.

The sermon began with Pastor Luke saying, "How wonderful of so many coming, there is not enough seats even, I apologize for those who have to stand. They applauded him. Pastor Luke said, "What a lovely day it is today, we all often forget to be thankful for great weather. I wish to bring to you all the importance of loving each other like family. Our church is no church without you all. I am not the main person here, we all are. When I came here, it was for six months, and in that time, the growth of the church altered immensely. I was then, as you know, asked to stay on, without any time to know how long, it could be years. I so much wanted to bring the truth about the two sides of spirituality. We know by the Bible, there are the dark, and the light. Many sermons do not explain the intelligence of the deceit, which at the same time, is very cunning, and very destroying. When I did my studies, I knew that there was much talk about "Jesus Christ," Which is the most important. The darkness was given not enough words spoken of. There is no way to just say a devil, and leave it at that. The character of this had to be exposed, as full as I can give it.

"After several months, I saw the changes in peoples' need to understand it all. That is why I have gone there so often. Now, today, I have witnessed changes in people, and how they arranged their life, was turned around. I know from my own experiences, if those that came to me, be it in jail, or welfare needs, or just lost. Most of the very harmed ones, did a trapping of themselves. They would hide from people, and take no interest in any others at all. I have been given permission to say this, by a church member, who's name is confidential, she covered all her windows, withdrew from people, began to take things, out of frustrations, of her life being so lacking, in normal activities. She was trying to place the lost things, by lost methods. It did not work. She became depressed, and got to feel no doctor was giving her any time, just pills. All she felt was they scripted her medication, telling her to hurry as there were there patients, they had to see every ten minutes. She felt it was about money, and not the welfare of patients getting any support.

"One day, she found herself being caught into her own jail. That is the enemy of course! So she took down the closing of light in her home, and stopped all drugs for mind altering effects. They made her suffer more. She then turned to "Jesus Christ" And took his arm to help her. Now this is a wonderful testimony of how the winning love is given."

Suddenly the woman stood up, and said, "Yes! It is me, I do not see why I should hide the fact that as a Christian, I was failing the rules. All healing is done by the "Holy Spirit" And that is why today, I am so happy, and getting my normal body functions working properly. I learned that nobody is able to do this clearing on their own. So here I am, with full love to all that is good."

Pastor Luke said, "Thank you so much, that is a great way of clearing your silence of who you are, because now you're with "Jesus" Who has redeemed you, to free you from medications that were not doing you any good. So this is about love. Our church is full due to the truth, and not one person taking advantage of piousness. I am human as you all are, and not without failing myself. This is how I see commitment, and truth. We have a meal after this service, and it's a full roast, there is pork, beef, and lamb, and desserts too! Yummy eh? I managed to use the money from the big gifts given here, to fund this, it is my way of saying thank you. We will sing the last hymn, because I am looking forward to eating too! This afternoon we have a Bible class, and wish for all interested to come, it is at three o'clock sharp, till four."

Mrs. Brady was helping in the kitchen, and had no orders given by her. Georgie looked over the chairs, and saw a young man there, she had not noticed before. He looked round at her. He got up and said, "Hi there, I am sonny, what's your name? Georgie said her name, and they sat together. Steven saw this, and smiled, ah, he thought, a Christian young man, and it looks interesting enough to see, they like each other very much.

The meal was so enjoyed, the gathering was far larger than expected, there was by far enough food. The conversations were light, bright, and cheerful. Sonny told Georgie a bit more of himself, and she told him of herself.

Mrs. Brady was given a good cheer for her kitchen work, there was no sign of the Royal Dalton China. She placed mugs, and some ordinary cups and saucers. Mr. Brady looked so proud of her. She had altered her dress sense too! Instead of being over dressed to catch attention, she had on a simple dress. The other ladies who assisted the full meal organization, were cheered too!

Over on the Pastor's table, were some junior children, giggling with enjoyment. Tiny was talking about his thoughts of the future. Steven said, "Tiny, you have four years left at school still, by then, you may want to do something different." Tubby had his grade to begin higher studies. Annie had passed her exams, and took another course to gain more education.

If there was a day for higher divine blessings, this was it. The funds grew in time, and much more was going to the work of the "Lord." Never had there been such miracles, as in this new freedom church.

Chapter Eight

Sonny and Georgie became serious. They had been seeing each other for seven months. They were talking of engagement. Maggie, rushing her thoughts, thought ah! Then there will be marriage, and tiny grandchildren. Steven slowed her down, and said, "Maggie, they are going to be working together, so lets wait and see."

Mrs. Brady became a counselor in a light way. She would listen to people, and take off some of the pressure for Pastor Luke. His windows were fully booked all the time. Mr. Brady took a position of going to hospitals, and to peoples' homes, to keep the care forever in spirit. When they had time off, so many people came to their home, to see them, and so time was never a great deal to themselves. Both did not mind this, because before, nobody came at all.

The band had lost two players. Moving home was taking them to another area altogether. The two bands men were missed. Now to find two more. Tubby could play the drums. He told his father he had confidence in taking up that lost drummers place. Sonny said he can play the piano, and would do so if Pastor Luke agreed to him being in the band. Georgie was so proud of sonny. The first day the band played with Tubby, and sonny in it, it went so well.

A new family moved into town. They were Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Both were teachers. They had two children. One was eleven years old, called Grace, and one thirteen, called Thomas. They came to church, and were amazed at the difference this church had. Their first time there, they were welcomed as if they were family of the larger family, the church.

Many months passed, and Maggie was getting ready to have the engagement party. She asked if they could use the hall. Pastor Luke said, "Yes Maggie, it will be free on that date."

Georgie had her outfit ready and was very happy with the way it was all planned. So many came to it, that the presents were piled high. Sonny took his place, and then said, "This lady Georgie is going to be my wife, praise the "Lord." We want to have our wedding next year." everyone applauded. He gave Georgie the ring. It was a sapphire in white gold. She was so surprised to see such a beautiful ring. Then to sonny she said, "Sonny, I promise to be as one with you." The rest of the evening went off very well.

Annie was joyful about sonny and Georgie, being engaged. She said to Georgie, "Remember when you thought Pastor Luke was your man?" Georgie said, "Oh do shut up Annie, I was looking yes, but I would not swap sonny at all ever." Tiny was always a quiet child, and he said, "I never say much, but I think I love my family more than ever now." Maggie just melted. Steven was satisfied with his family. When Pastor Luke came, they were in half bloom. Now, they were in full bloom.

Mrs. Brady came over to the engagement table, and said, "I want to give you this as our present to you. I also do not want you to publicly say what it is, as in --- errr --- you will see, and then just be quiet about the figure. It was a envelope. Inside it was a check. Sonny, and Georgie, just almost fainted in surprise. Mr. and Mrs. Brady were extremely well off. A check for ten thousand dollars was inside. Georgie said, "Thank you so much," And tried not to let anyone hear her. Mrs. Brady said quietly, "It will give you help for a grand wedding."

When they were alone, they told Steven, and Maggie. Steven said, "Oh my, to think I blasted her some good time back, and she does this." Maggie said, "Steven, it was a good thing you did, look at the changes."

The divine blessings came in divine ways, divine intervention was given to many, to alter their paths to the free choice of the truth.

Pastor Luke was satisfied with the church, and the family of the church, "The body of Christ." He prayed saying, "Lord, this has been a great honor to work for you, may I thank you for all the divine blessings, and the healing in so many people. You are the way, the truth, and the life, Amen."

The End

Martha Brooks

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