Dawn of Peace

The Dawning of Peace

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book Dawn of Peace - The Dawning of Peace written by Author Martha Brooks. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Dawn of Peace

The Dawning of Peace

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Dawn of Peace - The Dawning of Peace written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Dawning of Peace E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Short Story

The hills were in many greens, and the rippling stream was alive with spring. The spirit of earth was changing. Over the earth, there were many disasters and earthquakes. Flooding, seasons without order. The sky had a darkness over it, it was time. Months had passed with no moon showing, the sun was far less bright, it had a dimmer look to it. The earth had an overcast shadow over the day.

People were in great fear, some could not understand what was going on. The exchange of goods were limited, shortage was with people who were Christians. The heathens, they had plenty exchanges. Upon the people of no faith a mark was given. It activated by laser beam. That was the currency of this time.

As the darkness descended to its final calling upon mankind, all leisure material was easy to get, the needs, as in food, and medicine for Christians, were not possible to get. It was the wealthy that got these things. They had the mark.

Temptation was strong upon Christians, buy the mark, rid the rubbish given by the word, and take the riches of my kingdom, I am the highest, I am the way. This was heard in all places. Without my laser currency, nothing will be for you that are with the light. My princes are in action of giving you the greatest kingdom, earth. The voice sounded throughout the whole world. It reached the four corners. At times, heat was so hot, that people were suffering from it. Yet the sun was not shining. It was dim.

The floods were creating losses in many peoples' lives. The tremors of the earth, took down buildings. Christians went to the wilderness, and they ate from the land as best they could. They knew it was near to time. The heathens did not know anything. They took the markings of satan's last hours.

The dawning came, the sky opened its shadows, and there upon the highest throne, sat the king. He said nothing, he watched the earth. People were running away in fear. Trumpets sounded, all meaning the message written for ages of time. The calling was not yet heard.

The fires upon the earth were beginning to light in burning orders. People ran from them, houses were burnt down. All wealth had no meanings. As the dawning proceeded, the throne began to descend towards the place of calling. Upon the right hand side, sat "Jesus Christ." Every one could see it all.

The voice of peace spoke. "I am the first, and the last, I bid you to believe while there is still short time. I gave my son to you all, he is the only way, he is the life. And I bid you again."

The earth then went dark, the throne was not seen. But in the universe's eye, it showed the planets beginning to roll. The gases were coming down to the earth's air. The earth went to complete darkness. The beast was showing. He had temptations still going to people to glory only to him. The falling away of the churches of satan, and there were many, all of them under deceived belief, of the wrong god. The evil showed all over the world. Some heathens saw the truth of the beast, he planned to cheat them, and now they were going to his abyss of torture forever. There was fear beyond belief amongst the once rich in gaining material, and false gods. The evil was going to be over.

As this was happening, the Christians were in safety. They were surrounded by angels. A voice spoke to them, "Come my beloved, it is almost time. There will be no death upon earth once it is cleared form evil. There will be no wrongs. There will be peace forever."

As the time closed in, a large energy came in a suction of the heathens. The books that had no names in, were for the heathens. The written names were for those of "Christ's" Sufferings, that had taken him as their "Lord." they were safe. The air was cut off. They died. The breath of the Christians were still breathing.

The whole world opened up with light, and the Christians were caught up in the clouds with "The Lord Jesus Christ." The majesty of the truth shone through the sky. The judgment began. The abyss was collecting the second death for the faithless. Their torment was to be. Satan was beaten, and his demons with him. They were burning. The throne came to sight, the voice said, "It is time. I will make all new from old. The earth will be reborn. It will belong to my children. My children who I loved so long." As the Christians ascended, they were giving glory to the highest majesty of "God the Father." All suffering had ceased upon earth. It was destroyed, and only loving the truth made the new earth become as "The father" Wished it to be.

People had wondered about this for the ages of time. Yet the truth was given them in the one written book. The true Bible. None of the Bibles that were changed, were the truth. Religion was man made, with satan's deceit. The faith and believing was all that was asked for. Many times politics and religion were based on a false power. Looking at the end for those unsaved, is it worth it to gain in this world, and suffer the fires of hell, for greed? Who can take the goods to their judgment passage of where they go? None.

"Jesus Christ" Suffered the greatest pain of all. If any of you look upon your pains, and mental pains, and emotional pains, it hurts, yes. But if you multiply that pain into every human being that lived upon earth, along with adding the false gods idols, the familiar spirits along with that, the evil that was engaging the whole world, that, my friends is what "Jesus Christ" Suffered. He bled for us, he hurt for us, the stakes in his wrists were put there for us. Along with his legs. On the cross, he felt the whole of his father's children's pain. He had a moment of loss, when he thought his father had forsaken him. Yes people, he suffered. Never take it lightly. Can any one of us really do that for each other? No, we would all run, and hide. That is our lack of perfection.

If pain exists in your lives, take it as the pain "Jesus Christ" Had. Every one of us is a portion of that. And so all he asks of us is believe. All he said was to look upon him only.

"Yea my children, give to me only, I love thee, I am with thee all, I know thy burdens, and I know thee well. Come my beloved children, put down the tools of evil, and allow me to give you the love forever. Thee are mine. Amen"

The End

Martha Brooks

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