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Chapter One

The sea was looking calm, as the cold morning took its journey to the day. Love was so strong around the beach, it was felt by Mary. Early fishermen were dragging their nets in. The shops in the old fashioned sea town were opening. The smell of bread was in the air from the bakers. Mary took her walk along the isolated beach. She sat near a rock, and began to pray. She raised her arms into the air, and looked up, knowing the earth was the footstool of "The heavenly Father." How majestic he is, she thought. The throne is right up there. Rainbows were showing over the cliffs, and the splendor of the colors being so bright. She stopped to think about forgiveness. To her, it was one of the hardest things to get into clearness of understanding.

She thought about the many people who just do not give a thought to their behavior, and hurt others. Mary was a tender soul, and her heart was generous. Her forgiveness, was never really understood by her. To her, forgiving was not just words. She remembered saying to forgive a person, and them her, and how the person did not take it. She began to wonder if any place had better learning on this?

Over in the sidewalk of the beach stood a gentleman. He was always there in the mornings, but just looked at Mary. When she looked again, he was gone. She wondered, is he for real, or am I imagining it? He wore very white clothes, and as he walked, he seemed to float to her. She took a walk near a rocky built opening, it was like a wide cave. She had passed it many times.

Today she went into it. The rocks inside were highly colored, and light was in there. She looked to investigate where the light came in. There was no opening to the sky, or any way light could get in there, apart from the front of the rocky cave like place. Well, she thought, I may as well look right in here, and see what has prompted me to come in here today?

In her walking so far, she took a turn to an opening that led to another opening. Suddenly she felt she had lost her way out! As she tried to reverse the way she came, she just kept on going to other openings, and further into the centre of the earthy rocky area.

Her heart started to beat fast as she thought her way out was gone. By the side of this opening, was a smaller opening, and inside it was a large space. She noticed it had light too! There were figures she thought, but who were they? She was sure she saw moving figures, but could not see them fully. Oh she just put it to her anxiety of feeling lost inside this place.

She sat down on the pebbled ground, and began to pray for guidance out of there. Then a brilliant light came into the space. Nothing to see, just a light. She continued to pray. She felt a calm over her. Then she heard a voice.

"Dear child, I am with thee, fear not." She looked to see where it came from. Over in the corner was a fountain. How can there be a fountain in here, she thought. By the side of it was the gentleman in white clothes. He looked at Mary, and then disappeared! Oh! She now felt she was hallucinating. Upon the rocky walls of the space, came lighted beings. They seemed to Mary like angels. No wings were seen, just the light around them. Floating was how they looked to her. Love became so strong in there, that she bowed her head in reverence. The gentleman in white clothes appeared again. He said, "Mary, believe, just believe, fear not, I will guide thee out, it is I who brought thee here, take my love, for I love thee far more than ye know." Then she saw the face materialize better.

Mary fell upon her knees, and said, "Lord, Lord, it is you, I know it is you, what is it you want of me?" The Lord said, "O my child, be not overcharged with daily cares of living. Let not thy energies be consumed by tasks. Such as is needful, ye must do, but if ye put the ministry of the kingdom in first place, my strength shall be yours for the other tasks, and time shall be given thee for both. I have purposed and man hath despised. I have planned, and man hath set at naught. Man's ways are not my ways, many are indulgent when I have called to rigid discipline. Interfere with the convicting work of my "Holy Spirit" When man smooth over confession. I am not a severe "God" Unmindful of frailties of human nature, I am a "God" Of divine love and holiness, and I desire thy fellowship, I long for all to know the joy of mine."

"Man cannot forgive sin. Why then do mankind excuse either themselves, or their brother? Before me ye stand or fall. Confess your faults one to another, that ye may be perfected. Rebuke, warn, and exhort each other with all long suffering and patience. Love and forgive each other, but do not lighten conviction."

"My love and holiness are beyond thy comprehension. Here rests your cleansing and acceptance. Here is the only door of access between sinful man and "Holy God." Here indeed is all you need. The bright glittering of public life is attractive to the eye of the carnal man; but I closet ye away in the secret places of humility and discipline of soul, denying the things that pertain to the outward man in order to perfect the inner life and enrich thy knowledge of myself. Mary stand up, take my word, and build ye this sanctuary of forgiveness here. It will be a place of silence, where my voice is heard. Tell them all, the king is coming." Mary stood up, and her tears were streaming down her face, the face of "Jesus" Had revealed to her. "O my child, as ye came in here, I took your heart to come, and as ye leave here, I take your heart to leave here. When time is devoted to forgiveness, here my child will ye bring many to the sanctuary. The forgiving fountain lies within all. When beauty is seen in all mankind, as created from holiness, there will be abundance given in reward."

Mary said, "Lord, how can I give this to those outside? They will think I have gone mad?" "Mary, Mary, why do you doubt me? Faith is the seed to all growth, scatter it in the vineyards of mankind. Ye will receive "The Holy Spirit" To gain ye the strength, of which ye deny all enemies and rebuke all evil. Take this with you, and much work is ahead in my plans for thee. I shall be thy strength. I have chosen ye for this, forgiveness is kept in chains, I have the key. Build ye the sanctuary of forgiveness here Mary, I will guide ye here each time, and with ye, shall come the many that take my salvation. How can ye be lost in my spirit? Ye are found. Go now, and give my word, but be aware, it will take patience, and time. There will be rebuffs, and stern accusations, for these you stand strong, in my strength. I choose my servants, and the servants I choose, know about suffering, and how I take it to my following. Fear not Mary, and go now."

Mary said, "Lord, Lord, thank you, your face is revealed to me this day. You live and abide in all great light, whiter than white can be." Then all disappeared from view.

Mary walked back through the openings, and each one led her to the front of the now known to her, sanctuary. She ran towards the beach, and joyfully spread her arms. As she got near her home, she saw no gentleman as she used to, by the sidewalk of the beach.

Mary ran in, and said to her sister, "I have seen Jesus Christ!" May looked at Mary as if she was on drugs, saying, "Yeah sure you have, so where, and how?" Mary told her sister of the happening. And said, "No more than day dreaming Mary, get real." Mary had come upon her first denial in her own sister. May. Mary said, "May, I not only saw him, but I used to see a gentleman, as I told you, all dressed in white, he just did not look like he walked, but floated. Today I saw him again, and this time his face." May got up and said, "Mary here I am twenty five years old, and you twenty, giving me this? You were always into this stuff, but well-----Since Mum and Dad divorcing, leaving us here to get on with life, I do not give any care about all that sort of thing, ok?" Mary said, "May that is sad, true, how can you just forget there is a God?" May said to just console Mary, "Ok-----Ok-----Tell me about it all tonight, I have to go to work, and so do you."

Mary knew now what was meant by her getting aware of the chains of tight misery kept, instead of moving on in life.

Going to work, Mary took the country road, she loved the sweet nature of things. May was one who dressed for material impressions. Mary was very simple in dressing. As she drove to work, she wondered if her first to talk to, was may? May had a job in real estate. Mary worked in a child centre.

Now she had a good idea what could be in front of her. She got very determined to get this heard. Her service had only just begun.

Chapter Two

Mary had a morning of children wanting her to read to them. She said she had a story that was not in book there, but could tell them about it. She told them about "Jesus Christ." One of the children said, "Miss, who is he?" Mary said, "Are you not taught about him at home?" Little Mark said, "No, nothing is said about God at all." Mary sunk, she realized how many children knew nothing of this very important teaching. They all looked at her in wonder as she told them about his life. She then said, "Well children, it is he who wants you to learn about this." As the morning went on, other things were done, and the final part was to paint.

Mark went running to his mother waiting for him at the gate. He said, "Mum, "Jesus Christ" Was spoken about today, how come you never told me about him?" The mother got very annoyed, and said, "Who told you all this?" Mark said, "Miss Mary." The mother stalked off to the room Mary was in, and said, "My son comes here for teaching and care, not all this religion talk, please stop it." Mary looked surprised, and said, "Mrs. Davis, Mark has a right to know of the most important, for his spiritual health." Mrs. Davis said, "Then I will put him into another child care centre, what utter rubbish this is." Mary looked at her thinking, oh dear, I never would have thought a mother would be against such beauty in knowing "Jesus Christ."

Mary had her work cut out for her already. Mark was taken away from the centre, and the organization of the child centre, gave Mary a warning, that unless it is within the care and teachings, no talk of that nature is allowed. Mary just felt the damage done to these innocent children, being given no stretch of the Bible knowledge. Yes she thought, here we are in a godless world.

When Mary went back home, she took the potatoes to peel for later dinner. She heard may come back for lunch. May was in a state of business talk, at which Mary had little interest in. May said, "Good sales this morning, my earnings will have a bonus. "Hm," Mary softly said. May said, "Thought you would be more interested than that Mary, surly your not still thinking of what you told me this morning?" Mary said, "No, one of my children was taken away from the centre, all because I spoke about "Jesus Christ." May threw her arms in the air, and said, "Ok, imagine I am doing sales, and in each sale I gave that religion talk, how many sales would be lost for that, huh? A job is a job, and yours is the same." Mary said, "No, with children, be it they are looked after by the centre, or parents, the spiritual health is a big part of life. It's different to sales may." May got up, and took her leave back to the real estate saying, "You would do better being in another job, anyway I do not like children, I will not be having any at all." Mary knew this, but thought about the difference between them.

During the afternoon, Mary gave thoughts to her forgiveness measures. She thought about how it is that others can do, and say things, and then get off with it. Look at my parents, they divorced, and left us two here, at may being twenty, and myself at fifteen. Visits were so few, and ended hardly ever.

The afternoon sun made Mary more relaxed, there were two butterflies around the flowers. She thought about the sanctuary, and who is going to believe her. The revealing of the face of "Jesus Christ." Suddenly she heard a child's voice who said, "Hello miss Mary, it is Mark!" Oh! Yes Mark, how are you?" Mark told Mary that he wanted to come back to her. His grandmother said, "Oh, so you're miss Mary! My daughter told me about your talk on religion." Mary said, "How can she say that? I never mentioned religion, I spoke about the "Son of God." Marks grandmother stood back looking at her. She said, "Now that is different, well----- Er-----I believe in that, but I-----Afraid to say, my son-in-law is dead against that thinking, so rather than upset him, it's left out."

Mary stopped talking about this, as she needed her job, she said, "I cannot further this, I was under the impression that all parents put in health to their children's spiritual thinking." Mark went off with his grandmother, and Mary thought about her own parents. Back in early times, they were very strict about the Bible. The baptist church was their place to be each week. When they began to have marriage troubles, they grew apart. Both girls did not have to go to church anymore. Mary went back when they divorced, and then left them in the home by the sea. As may was older, she was in charge of Mary. So law wise, nothing was lacking for them. Nothing! Mary thought, indeed, there was, it left a bad taste to be given the lack of their concern. Oh well, she thought, we made it this far. Come to that, may could have gone for a higher paid job, and prestige to show them something. All well and good, but they do not interact with them. Mary went inside to prepare the dinner.

The next morning, Mary went for her walk along the beach, the morning was damp, and rain had fallen through the night. She looked to see if the gentleman in white clothes was around. Could not see him at all. Further on the beach, she saw a young man beach fishing, and he said hello to her. She stopped to return the morning greetings, and he said, "I have seen you here quite a few times, you would not have seen me." Mary said, "Where were you then?" He said, "My name is Mike, I was always in the rocky building of a kind of large cave. You never came in there, I used to watch you walk on by it." Mary said, "I went into it yesterday morning, and I never saw you in there." Mike said, "I was in there, but I followed you quietly so you did not hear me, see-----You were walking through openings, and it is possible for you to get lost in there." Mary said, "Yes, I thought I would be too, but-----Oh-----Something happened in there, and I got out safely."

Mike studied her face a moment, and then said, "Happened? I saw nothing at all. All I did was think that if you got lost, I would have to show you how to get out, as it gets very dark in there." Mary said, "Where I was there was light. You should have seen it surely." Mike shrugged, and said he did not.

Mary said, "Mike, what is your belief in "God" And all that?" Mike said, "I am a Christian, and I now know you will go running, only the guys at church have anything to do with me." Mary sat down on the sand, and she said, "Funny Mike, look at the sand, the millions of grains, not one can be missing, if more than one is missing, the sand has less for its building of the millions. Those millions may be together, but can be separated in their togetherness. The one grain of sand can have far more faith, than the millions, so who is the teacher?"

Mike gasped at that metaphor, saying, "That is something else, yes the millions of people follow like sheep, and the one that is-----Um-----Could be the very teacher of all mankind. I think one Christian is the grain of faith, that is to multiply. So to make the full millions as together, is like putting them together as one! Sheep follow, no directions no choices, they just follow. Even dogs push them along!" Mary said, "Yes dogs, think about that." Mike said, "Well although sheep are animals, they are often used as scripture, in ways. Sometimes I think people go by laws that are suffocating them. Oh-----Hang on-----A fish, yay!" Mike got his catch in. Mary laughed, and said, "One catch, that one catch can be more catches. So all are fed!" Mike returned, "Thus making the thousands, and millions, eh?"

Mary said softly, "Well Mike, in that cave, I was led to a place deep inside it. Have you gone in that far?" Mike said, "No, I went as far as I could help you if you got lost, but you went into a place, and I was just behind, but it had a barrier, and it was like an energy that blocked me off." Mary felt she would not further the conversation today, and talked about who he was going to have his catch with." Mike said, "I am going to give it to you, so that you will meet me here again-----Er-----Perhaps tomorrow?" Mary said, "Yes done, this fish is big, and it will do for my sister and myself tonight. Thank you." Mike waved Mary off, and Mary walked back to the sidewalk of the beach. No gentleman showed today in white clothes.

The day went off without any concerns, and Mark did not come. Mary went to her favorite shop, and bought her groceries. She was going to ask may to listen to her tonight. She did not last evening, as may was full of her work's achievements.

In the garden, she looked into the pond and saw the goldfish, she smiled to herself at Mike's fish being their dinner tonight. Going back inside, she filleted the fish, and had four large cuts off it. She prepared the small fresh loaf, and made salad to go with the fish. She diced up fresh fruit for desert, and thought some ice cream may be as topping.

A shout came over the fence, Mary thought, oh no, not that neighbor. He is so rough, and being a fisHerman, he would laugh at her one fish, so she hid it in the fridge. She went to the fence and said, "Hello ole man," That was how he wanted to be named. "So what do you want today?" asked Mary. Ole man laughed, and said, "I got some prawns this morning, and thought you two here might like some." There in his hands was a big bowl of fresh prawns. They were banana prawns, and very big. Mary said, "Thank you ole man, so how are you today?"

Ole man sat down, and said, "Yup! I am so lonely living alone, I got no friends, apart from the other fishermen, but it's more like fishing than friendship. The television is full of criminal scenes, that peace is hardly there, even though alone. There ain't no women that I have scored, and life gets on ya know girlie. Sometimes I wonder what life is all about."

Mary said, "You're at least thirty years older than I. So why did you never marry?" Ole man looked down to the floor, he had never mentioned ally, a lady of old times. Mary saw this, and waited, but said, "How about I make you that coffee you like so much ole man?" Yup! Why not?" he said. He looked out the window, and said, "Who is that over there by the bus stop?" Mary went to look, and said, "I do not know, a stranger I think. He looks in military uniform. Hey! He is getting his suitcase opened." Ole man looked and said, "Strange man, what is he doing?" Then the military looking man took out a book, sat on his case, and read it. He gave a look to the house where Mary and the ole man were sitting, and stood up. He put the book under his arm, and then ventured to the home. Mary said, "Ole man do not go at all right now, he is coming here."

Knocking on the door, Mary opened it. "Yes?" She said, "What can I do for you?" The man said, "It's what I can do for you, young lady." He began to preach to her. The ole man got up and went to the door, and shouted, "You miserable lot that think you can some to any house and start your preaching, go away!" The man stood there and said, "I am without a place to stay, and need some food. Sorry, I thought if I preached, I might be asked in, and given a cup of hot drink." Mary said, "What has happened to you to have nowhere to stay?" The man said, "I had only my old uniform to bid me some sort of welcome in a house. It's obvious I was wrong, sorry." He went to go, and the ole man said, "I dunno, why come to a fishing sea place?" The man said, "Why not?"

Mary thought of the loaves, and fishes, and said, "I have enough food tonight to feed you ole man, and this man here, how about you come in, and make acquaintance with ole man?" the man came in with a huge look of relief. Ole man noticed that his shoes were worn through. The book was a Bible. How hungry he looked too! He said, "I am known as ole man, I live next door in a house too big for me on my own, so once I get enough particulars on you, I might let you stay with me, until you're able to move on." The man opened his suitcase, there was nothing in it.

May came home to two more people in the home. She said, "Good heavens, who is this man?" Meaning the man in uniform. The man said, "I am Alfie, I have been invited to stay for dinner, and to get to know the ole man." the ole man said, "We have all these prawns, and Mary showed me a fish, and he giggled, yup a fish, that is cut into four, she told me she was given it." Mary told about her encounter with Mike. May was not really interested, but needed to eat. May said, "Ok, let's get it all cooked, and we will eat." Ole man and the man spoke outside, and ole man said, your name please?" The man said, "It is Alfie, like I told you." Ole man said, "Ah yup, that's right, I forgot. So far I like you, seems to me you have been going through hard times. I have a home that I can do with company in, but-----But, hear me, any nonsense, and you're out, got it? There is a condition though, I have to go fishing very early hours of the morning, before light. It is my living. You will have to earn your living too! See, got it?"

Alfie sat there looking at ole man, and said, "You have to show me how." ole man said, "Get sea sick at all?" Alfie said, "Not when I was in the navy twenty years ago." Ole man said, "What the heck happened to you with that kind of background?" Alfie said, "It's in the past, and I want to leave it there, it is private." Ole man said, "Yup, fine. Now tomorrow, I do not expect you to come out with me, you need to rest a day at least. But the next morning be up at three a.m. We leave at four a.m. We come back in around eight a.m. With two of us, we should get in a bigger catch, and that will be how you earn your keep in my home, right, got it?"

Alfie had not done fishing that way at all. He remembered his line of duty in the navy. He got away from thinking of that, too painful.

The meal was so enjoyed, and Alfie had a good fill. He got color in his face, and looked more relaxed. Mary said, "Alfie, you better know that ole man is a rough, he has no intentions of being different, his word is his way. But under all that, he is kind." May sat there rather indifferent, she had her job to think of. Mary had not got the chance to speak to may again about her time in the rocky cave. So she left it as a prayer to ask when the right time would be?

Ole man said, "Come on then you, oh yup, one thing Alfie, do not start that Bible talk on me right, got it?" Alfie said, "No, but one day you might ask me." Ole man said, "Doubt it." Mary interjected saying," Funny though, often I have found, those with nothing, are closer to truth than those with plenty." Ole man said, "Yup, yup, we have to go, thanks for the meal. By the way, the fish we ate was beach trout." Mary laughed, and may just smiled.

Alfie was in ole man's home, there was fishing equipment all over every part one could see. Ole man got to his wardrobe, an old one, and took out some clothes he had not worn for years. He said, "Alfie, there are night clothes there, and clothes for the boat, and some casuals. What size shoe do you take?" Alfie had tears in his eyes, and he said, "I am a size eleven." Ole man danced with glee, he had several pairs of that size. Alfie was shown to his bedroom, there were some old blankets upon a high Mattress, and two large pillows. The bed looked a double in size, and he said, "How come you sleep in a single, and give me this one?" Ole man said, "No questions please, got it?" Alfie said, "I guessed you're about fifty four, I am fifty." Ole man said, "I am fifty five, and very much alive Alfie."

Alfie said, "I see you have chess over there, I used to play that too!" now ole man was really pleased," Wanna have a game before we sleep?" Alfie said, "Sure, got to build my confidence up somehow."

The game lasted for quite a time, and no winning came, so they decided to return to it the next day.

Chapter Three

Ole man was gone when Alfie got up. He looked toward the sea, and in memory thought about his navy days. Looking at the military uniform he got from a second hand shop, he smiled. Now he can wear ole mans generous clothes. Alfie went outside, once dressed, and thought how the sea had such a calling once.

Alfie then sat down on a seat, and drank his coffee. His mind went back to a port he had stayed in where he met Grace. Grace was English speaking, and beautiful. They had four months together. He then became low in spirit, as the day they had for the last time, reminded him of life never being certain of time.

Alfie had taken Grace out many times, and they got on so well. He had told her that he wanted a commitment, and she agreed to that. His time in service with the navy was soon finished. When he returned to Spain, he tried to find her. She had left her house, and job. Not one person would give Alfie any details of where she went. None knew where she went.

Alfie stayed for two weeks, and then came back to Australia. His heart was broken, and he gave up on life. He sold out his goods, and wandered around Australia. As time went on, he became into poverty. So his heart was damaged to that degree.

Today, he felt as if a door was opening for him. He went inside, and began to tidy up, it was a mess, a real fisHerman's den. He smiled at the chess board, and thought, ole man is a clever player, how can he make a move to check him? Alfie went to the window, and dusted the panes, he saw Mary on the beach. He continued to take some rest, and waited for ole man to come home.

Mary had gone to the sanctuary, and inside it was Mike, he was meditating. She slowly walked past him, but he came to see her. He said, "Mary, how nice to see you this morning, what are you going to do in here?" Mary said, "I have to go inside, and I think it would be good if you came with me." Mary, and Mike, walked through the openings, and Mike said, "I cannot understand the light in here, and how it comes in." Mary said, "Trust me." They went through to the large space. Mike stood there in surprise as the fountain appeared. Mary said, "This is the fountain that calls for all to give sin away." Mike said, "It feels so holy in here. There is love in every part of this space."

The man in white clothes appeared. He said, "O my children, come hither, for it is here that my work is to be done." Mike then saw the revealing face of "Jesus Christ." He fell upon his knees. "Ye are mine, ye are to be my voice in the outside world, how can my message be given unless my children listen to me? Take with ye the message, as there will be a way that you both can open a place for people to come in and listen to ye. When they listen to ye, they listen to me."

Mike said, "Oh Lord, I never would have thought I would be with Mary, and get this wonderful Revelation. What is it you wish us to do?"

"The Lord" Spoke. His voice was in another way to human voices. It had a sound of full power of authority. "Within this world, my father wants love to all things. Ye are young, and have bearing on the young, as well as the aged people. My words will come forth to thee in a meeting that you will arrange. It is not in a church, it is in a place of management. Children go there. On two days of the week, no children go there, it will be vacant. Ye will find that a meeting will be allowed, and only by one member that can allow this. Go ye now and look to the vision I will send thee, that is the time of asking for the meeting to be arranged."

Mike, and Mary, prayed in honor of this, and thanked the time there. Mike said, "My goodness, never have I seen such a beautiful face, the face of love, true love, and peace. Mary said, "We have to wait now for the vision, we were not told how this would come." Mike said, "I am sure it will be at the right time too! So I think we could be spending some time together, what do you think?" Mary said, "We will have to, as we are both involved in this now." They ran back to the sidewalk, and took their leave of the beach for the day.

Ole man came back, and said, "Alfie, you up? Hey!-----Wha-wha-what have you done in here?" Alfie said, "Hope you do not mind, but I arranged all the tackles in order, put your clothes left on the floor, on the old couch. Took your old dog out for a walk, and cleaned your car." ole man stood there wordless, a thing he is never short of, words. He sat down, and said, "Nobody has cared for me this way in years," Alfie said, "The same for me, we can all be a bit rough around the edges ole man." Ole man said, "Um---- yup! Know what you mean, we are going to be like brothers I feel." Alfie said, "Now ole man, let me give you a late breakfast, it's the least I can do for your kindness to me."

They sat there laughing, and talking about old times. They were far more free to open up about their lives now. Alfie said, "Hope you do not mind this question, but do you believe in "God?" Ole man said, "Yup, but do not understand him at all. You know it's far too mysterious for me to know about." Alfie said, "Well ole man, we can both learn, life is about learning, and forgiving."

The day was going to be one of achievement. In a Matter of one day, they had become strong friends. Now the whole life of ole man, and Alfie, was going to take a change for the better. They could feel it. Ole man did not snort at Alfie for his question, it got him to think upon it.

Chapter Four

Mary was thinking about her idea of forgiving her parents. She thought she had, but realized she forgave with resentments. When she met Mike again, she told him about this, and he said, "Mary, if "The Holy Spirit" is gong to show us a vision, I doubt it would be until we both have forgiven properly, or how can we have a meeting with past baggage? I too have to forgive my aunt. I have had trouble with that, as she had interfered in my schooling some time ago. It caused me to change my idea of a future job, and that held me back." Mary said, "How about we go to the beach, and just stay outside the rocky place, and pray for both of us to forgive?"

They got near the rocky place, and went down on their knees, they prayed for forgiveness for themselves, as they had held onto past hurts, and it stopped them doing a correct forgiveness to those who harmed them. Mary said, "I never knew how much I was resentful to the breaking up of my parents. It's no wonder I could not grow from that." Mike said, "I know what you mean, here we are both getting on with life anyway, and staying in the past to a degree, but now that we have both been forgiven in ourselves, it is easy to forgive them. My how easy it really is." Mary said, "I think the mental and emotional is the part hard to overcome."

They walked back to the sidewalk, and Mike said, "Can I give you a hug Mary?" Mary became shy, and said, "Well a quick one." they hugged, and Mike looked across to see the tides in, and the sea had a glimmering effect to it. Mike said, "Mary, look over there to the right of the sea." Mary looked, and just watched the vision unfold. From a distance a boat appeared. It was hardly the type of boat used today. As it came forward, it looked ancient. They went to the sea side to be nearer. The boat came, and stopped just a few meters from the edge. Above the boat came a bright light, and the whole boat was showered in this light. Mike said, "Mary, it looks like a boat made two thousand years ago, according to a movie I saw about "Jesus" It is a replica." Mary softly said, "But nobody is on it. It does not have mechanical engines either." Silence fell. There was no sound of the waves moving, no gulls were over the sea either. Just silence. Mary felt as if they both were in another time, and space.

The bright light gave the sounds suddenly of angelic music. Mike, and Mary, had never heard this type of music before. Love was strongly felt. Not one part of this music was earthly. Instruments, if they were instruments, sounded different to today's sounds. A voice came within the music, that also sounded in harmony. "O my children, vision has bestowed upon thee. In this boat, while I was on earth, I said about how one prayed for forgiveness, with pride of what he did, as in fasting, and doing things. The other man I spoke of only said he was a sinner, and was repenting his sins. Thus the second man had "My father" More with him going to his home, than the other man. He who is exalted, becomes humble, and being humble becomes exalted. Thy prayer of forgiveness was heard. Rejoicing in my kingdom for any repenting sinner, for it is those that are true to confessions, that are redeemed. Yea, thou hast lingered upon the shore lines, launch out, yea, launch out upon the vast bosom of my love and mercy, yea, my mighty power and limitless resources. For I will carry thee, and I will sustain thee by my power in the ways that I have chosen and prepared for thee. Thou shalt not take even the first step in thine own strength. Yea, thou shalt walk upon the waves, and the storm shalt but drive thee more quickly to the desired port. Chart and compass shalt thou not need, for lo, my spirit shall direct thy goings, and are not the winds held in my fist? Be not fearful but believing. Take ye his, and ye will assign the passage opened for the meeting. Lo I am with you always."

Mike, and Mary saw the boat go back to the outer sea from whence it came. The bright light followed the boat, and then it all disappeared. Neither one could speak for a good time. Hey had "The Holy Spirit" inside them.

Mike said, "I could do with a cup of tea Mary." Mary said, "Come back to my place, may will be there, but that's alright." may looked at Mike with a questioning look. Mary said, "May sit down, you do not have to go to work for another hour. May being inquisitive, did so.

Mike said, "Hello may, good to meet you." Mary made the tea, and then sat down. She said, "May, I told you about my seeing the face of "Jesus." Mike has seen it too, and there is far more than just that." May was about to protest, when Mike told all that had happened, and how he saw it all too.

He explained about the sanctuary, and how it will be a place for those ready to give their life to "Jesus Christ." That the vision came, and now they have to speak to a woman who has authority to allow a meeting over a weekend, in the child centre. May said, "Mary you had some trouble about that last week, but I do know the woman in charge, is a sister of one of my co workers, in the real estate. I also know she is a Christian, and her sister is not. But how about I talk to her, and ask her what strings she can pull?" Mary nearly fell off her chair, what made may so helpful? Must be she believed what I was trying to say, now that Mike has confirmed it. May went off to work. Mike left for his daily chores. Mary took the road to her child centre.

Ole man was getting his day very full. He found Alfie so entertaining, who had a great sense of humor. Alfie said, "Mind if I say something ole man?" Ole man said, "Yup, go right ahead," Alfie said, "Why do you come over as a tough, so that you come as a rough diamond as well?" Ole man was not prepared for that. He said, "Right, I had to be tough, as I was in sadness of my wife who left me. So rather than show my feelings, I hid them inside." Alfie said, "Yes, I had done that too, but it surfaces, at any time, and then it has to be looked at, and resolved somehow. Your wife never came back naturally, as you are here alone." ole man said, "Yup! But here you are, and in a way far more company than she was." Alfie said, "You can tell that in one day or two eh?" Ole man said, "Yup, let us play chess instead. I wanna beat you!" Alfie smiled, and thought to allow him to beat him. But after a few moves, Alfie thought, if I let him win, I am not being truthful, so here goes. Alfie won. Ole man laughed, and said, "Let's see how you are with monopoly?"

Mary was asked to go to the managers office. The manager, who had a call from her sister in the town's real estate said, "I hear that you have something to offer the people in this town. I know it's religious. I thought about it, and on a Saturday the hall here is not used. I can ask the head office to give permission for this meeting, but I warn you, only one meeting, and no more."

Mary was so pleased, she said, "Thank you, I would like a month before I have this meeting. There will be invites to every house. Actually, before you judge the fact it is religious, why not come yourself? Because it is not any organized religion at all. It's about the truth." the woman looked at Mary, and said, "My sister will be coming, that I know, I suppose I can sit in, and if it's going too far, I can stop it." Mary knew that nothing, and nobody could stop it.

Mary put notices in the shops that had boards for such things. Whilst doing that, she spoke about the reason to come, and it is only a once off, and if it is missed, no more chances. This had the villagers very interested, it seemed like a mystery to some.

Alfie had looked at the notice, and thought to ask Mary about it. Mary just said, "Be there, is all I am going to say, and bring ole man, if you have to drag him there by the scruff Alfie!"

Mike was involved with Mary for the month. They were very close. So many people would stop either of them, to pump them at what this is about. The way the larger invites were put in the shops, left out as much as the ones that were delivered to the houses. There was enough to gain interest, and the natural human element of finding out. Mike called it a holy calling, that leaves people wanting to know what it is fully about. Mary thought at first it was a con, but when Mike said that telling them all, will not get them all in, telling them half, will get them, hopefully most of them interested to come.

Down by the fish and chip shop, children were laughing at the man who sometimes came as a clown. Nobody knew who he was, but he was funny. He loved children, and he came at Easter too, as a rabbit, leaving children eggs after the church service. Christmas, he did not do Santa Claus. As nobody knew who he was, only he knew that Christmas was taken out of the real reason it is celebrated. So for him, no red costume at all. Sometime he was followed after a show, but he had his plans to get away. His joy was giving.

Over the weeks, Mike and Mary had visits to the sanctuary. They looked at the space in there. Mike said, "I think the whole town could sit in here." Mary said, "We may be able to see that, if all goes according to plan. Mike, I think it is going to be a holy time, that none of us will forget.

Chapter Five

The weeks passed, and may was getting far more in listening to Mary. May said, "Mary, I was very much against this all, but when I thought about it, I was only ever thinking of making money. It did not even make me happy." Mary said, "May, I love you, and I know that the real riches are inside all if us, once we become the truth, and love the king." I was not fully forgiving our parents, but they are only human too! In a way, they took from us, but gave to us as well. We had to learn to be self sufficient, which made us learn to be mature in all dealings of survival. So if you look at it that way, we got a lesson of being adult, and learning to manage money for our lives, in a way that is enough, for really "Jesus Christ" Gives us our portion, and to be grateful for it. We do not starve."

May said, "Yes Mary, I think you're right. So how is Mike going with you, you both look like you're getting serious." Mary said, "One day at day time may."

Alfie was doing well in the fisheries, and going out with ole man catching a good catch. There was one very big catch, and both men shared the over haul with the neighbors. Ole man was starting to alter his dress, he began looking shaved and smart. He stopped being the big guy, and giving orders.

One day ole man was missing, and Alfie was looking to find him. He did not know where he went. Alfie went to the sea front, and saw the clown there. The clown was giving the children a good laugh. He had gloves on that were red, blue and yellow. One child said, "Mr. Clown, who are you?" and the clown did not answer. But took his glove off, to give the child a sweet. Alfie looked at the hand. What gave it away was, ole man had a finger that was half missing. Alfie then knew who the clown was. He did not say anything, because he felt that ole man had his right to be a cheer, and keep his privacy to who he was private. Alfie walked away and thought. Golly, ole man is a Christian, a rough one in his ways, although these days he was far more mellow. So this is how he gives to "Jesus Christ." Now Alfie had a new way of looking at ole man.

Ole man had children once, and he lost all contact with them. He was doing this to compensate his loss, to be near children. Alfie felt a compassion for ole man.

Alfie then took a walk to the hills, and the scenes were peaceful. The sea was calm down the bottom of the hills. He noticed a dog that was laying on the grass. He went near it gingerly, and the dog whimpered. It was so thin. Alfie looked at the dog for a collar, or sign of who it belonged to. Nothing was found. The dog was slightly wagging its tail.

Alfie said, "Hey little dog, you look like you have been abandoned." Alfie stroked the dog, and found marks on its back. They looked like someone had hit the dog. Alfie thought, that is why the dog was running away perhaps, and now too tired to go on any more. Alfie picked the dog up and carried it. It was a miniature terrier. The dog was a girl, and it laid looking at Alfie all the way to ole man's house. Alfie saw to the marks, and gave the dog some aid, to heal the wounds. Then he gave it water, and some food. The dog ate with great hunger.

Ole man came home, and saw the dog. He put the bag he had, which had the clowns costume in it, unseen. Alfie knew that it would be that. He said,
What is that doing here? Awe, it's sweet, where did you get it Alfie? Alfie told ole man about how he found it, and ole man said, "Yup, so it has been abused. Tell you what, we will keep it. We will call her flounder." Alfie laughed, and said, "Flounder ole man? By gees, what a name." Ole man said, "Well what I mean by that is, found her, so flounder fits eh?" The little dog was kept warm, and it became well, and very close to both men. Ole man took it to the vet, to make sure it was ok. And the vet gave flounder the injections for security. The vet said the marks were done by who had it, and it had been abused, and starved. The paws were partly cut, and the vet said that was because it ran away, and from the owner that harmed her. Ole man lost his hard nut way, and had a tear in his eye, and Alfie just sat down saying, "How can people do this?" The vet said no identity was at all in the dogs ear, and no micro chip, so they have every right to give this little girl a home. The vet said, "What will you call her?" Ole man said, "Flounder." The vet laughed, and said, "A real fisHerman's idea of a name eh?" Alfie explained the real meaning of the name, and the vet said it now made sense.

Alfie said to ole man, "You know, I did just think that somehow that dog was put in my path for us both." Ole man said, "Yup! Know what you mean. Now we both have a female to contend with," Flounder was a quiet dog, she never barked, unless a noise was at the door. Her brown and white color got brighter, and she got real healthy. She loved to sit with both men when they played chess, or monopoly.

One evening ole man put on some music, and flounder began to howl, not too loudly, but when ole man stopped the stereo, flounder stopped howling. When on, would howl again. Alfie said, "She may be singing." ole man said, "Awe come on, dogs do not sing." So they put on another c.d. And flounder did not howl. It turned out the one c.d. Got her to make this noise. So Alfie said, "What is that music about?" Ole man said, "You heard it, but do you know meatloaf?" Alfie said, "No, but I did think it was not my idea of music, the words were about hell." Ole man said, "Yup, but I never got it for the words, I got it some years back for-----Ugh! I just liked the instrumentals. Plus I was very angry at the time I bought it. So I put it on tonight to see what you think of it, as I did not play it for several years."

Alfie said, "Flounder gave you the answer." They laughed, and ole man took it out, and put it in the rubbish.

The meeting was this Saturday. The villagers were all prepared to come to this meeting. Mary had arranged it well, and the many seats were ordered, to give enough to as many as could be.

The meeting was about to begin. Mike, and Mary, and the Pastor, and the elders, were waiting for the place to fill. May was there, taking down names of those who attend.

The meeting was about to begin. Here will be a great surprise from this held meeting. Now the time had come to give the real truth abut forgiving.

Mike, and Mary, were so filled with love, that they too trust the order that is given by above. It became a holy place for the truth to be given.

Now the changing of many peoples' lives will end evil, and harm. A process of healing. Mike, and Mary, looked forward to the out come of this meeting. They are in for a miraculous intervention, of the coming sanctuary where will be revealed truth. The baptism of fire will show.

Chapter Six

When all the village people came into the meeting, there was hardly any space left. The Pastor Edwin began the meeting. He was in the church for twenty-five years. So he was well known. He said, "Welcome to you all, today the whole meaning of this meeting is about forgiveness, Grace of heart, and purity of soul. I know that none of you were given the full reasons for this meeting, because we wanted to leave an element of question, to bring as many as we could here. Mary had a vision that was more than a vision. She was led to a rocky place, that has an enclosure, and openings to the actual place "The dear Lord" Wanted her to be. Mike also had this happen some time later after Mary had it. I was not told about this for a while."

"When "Jesus Christ" Reveals his face, it is a blessing of the highest form. He had his reasons. Many say they are Christians, which can also mean they believe, but do not have the full capacity of Grace, and forgiveness. Many harbor the hurts, and then become ill. That is not what "Jesus" Meant about life. When one is insulted by another, the hurt grows out of proportion. Then they say they forgive, but the harm done within their body grows. This is because true forgiveness releases the hurt, harm, and ill health. How can "The Holy Spirit" work in a person that is taking all hurts to their own inside, stopping the love of the truth? It cannot work, until the pain is given to forgiveness."

The sanctuary that was given, is a place all are welcome to come to next Saturday. We will meet on the beach at ten a.m. Mike, and Mary, have given me the full encounter of holiness inside that place. The fountain was shown. That fountain is the forgiveness, and all coming just how they are. It is a great and holy time for any of you to be truly saved. "

We know that the enemy is working in ways at times, far beyond our comprehension. "Jesus" Beats that, and gives us release. Mary will now tell you what she saw, and heard, although she says the voice was in silence, and heard by her spirit, which belongs to "God," That is why it is silent."

Mary told the whole room about what she saw, and how she became so humble that she was sure nobody would believe her. Mike stood up and told them all that he too had the same thing come to him.

Pastor Edwin said, "Even I can fall short in my understandings of the full love. We are human, and have a double edged sword working. One side is to harm, the other side is to heal. If you all meet us there on the coming Saturday, you are all in for a great holy experience, and given the chance to see "Jesus."
How many of us ever greet another with a hug and loving touch? Words are cheap, actions are truth."

Mary stood up again and said, "There is refreshments after this meeting, and we have not kept it long, because the sanctuary is where the length will be longer. Please come, for I can tell you, the face of "Jesus" Is complete light, a face that makes us all bow down, the face is full of love, and that love, we as humans can fail in giving to each other. For the love of "The holy spirit" Is full love, and only love. There is always a better way to look at things, by avoiding those that are into the movement of today, by being self absorbed, and talking to familiar spirits. Those are as it is written, demons. They give enough to con people, and then destruction is upon them all. So please, if anyone knows of such idols and false gods, avoid them. The same goes with self achievements in making money, and concentrating only on riches, that are far from riches, I know, because I have no interest in self materials, other than what I need to survive. The sanctuary is where evil will be asked to get rid of."

The meeting closed, and many were talking to the elders, and the excitement was very much alive.

Saturday came, and all were there at ten a.m. Mike, and Mary, led the way into the rocky place. The big space was full of light. All wanted to know how light could get in there.

They all sat upon the sandy ground, and waited. Pastor Edwin began to pray, and whilst doing that, the fountain came into view. The figure of white appeared, and said nothing for a time. Not one person could sit any longer, they all bowed down, and it was like the highest majesty had fell upon them.

The voice spoke, it still was in silence, but as all were believers, they could hear the silent voice.

"My children, o my children, how I love thee, how I ached for thee all to come to me. How I prayed for thee all, and how I wanted to share the bread with you all. How the water of life, and the vineyards of truth were abundantly in fruit for ye all. Bring to me each of you, the pains you have felt, as I am the able to take thy burdens. Forgive first, then you will be free of burdens."

The light inside the space grew into whiter than white, and the whole figure of white was not seen, apart from the manifestation "Jesus" face. The face was so full of light, the colors to detail the face, were in colors not of this world. The voice said, "Come ye now, one by one, my right hand will be showing to you, for it is there that I sit with my father." As each got up to go to the fountain, the right hand placed upon their heads, as they confessed their sins, and "Jesus" washed them, and the fountain poured love all over each one, one by one. "Jesus" Face went inside their hearts. None felt anything but love.

The Grace of the truth, had gone into all, and all were changed. The "Lord" said, "Thy sins are forgiven, go in peace." the many came out of the space, and on the outside, not one face of any person was the same. There was light within each one, it showed.

This gave the whole village another way of living. It also gave them the trust in telling any person who is hurt, what can be done to get it out of them. Alfie and ole man, were changed. The whole village became a giving place, and not a taking place.

The truth of this story is to understand that our ways, are not "The Holy Spirit's" Ways. Only love heals, only love is heavenly sent. A few chosen ones were to minister in other places, and give the truth.

May was now a Christian of love, and her job became just a job, and not an idol. Mike, and Mary, were getting married, and both were so loving, that neither one felt as if they were two, but of one flesh.

There is no life, no eternity, and no joy in sin. Nothing can destroy a love that is truth as this is. So all, give it some thought as to how all forgiveness is to be done. That fountain is within you all. Many blessings.

The End

Martha brooks

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