Holy Spirit Story

Between the Veils

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Holy Spirit Story

Between the Veils

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Holy Spirit Story - Between the Veils written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Between the Veils E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.


The trumpet sounded from the beginning of age. "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." A comet was seen by the chosen few. The child given by "The Heavenly Father" Was coming to earth. The comet was a sign. The veils were in place, between the ages.

Idols were worshiped by Herod, the invisible Mark was upon the earth. Man from the early ages, did not know the Mark was in the world........ The weapon........ All saw the thousands of crucifixions, that were punishment, for the poorer of the age. Fear had been a large......... Foot print in the earth's ground......... The war was unseen. It was felt. Power of man, was to be wealthy, at any cost. The cost was human lives being killed. Many were not guilty of death.

Royalty began from the temptation to, Adam, and Eve. Royalty amongst men, was not the word of "God" As early as the aged times back, the hearts of the wicked, were hard, nothing was given to the poor. The wicked men, in their false royalty, took the abundance, of the blessings of food, to the creation of money. The poor had to pay to eat. That is why beggars began in the old ages. The first veil covered the earth from the law broken, in the Garden of Eden. All births from then on, were marked.

The theft of mankind, was on the March. The more the wicked got, the more they wanted. The better the wicked had comforts. Less comforts were for the other people. The ones they made into poverty, of human needs, to survive. Thus the grief of "The Heavenly Father" Who created us all, saw His children walking away from Him. The wealthy saw the riches, and robed themselves in gold, and glitter, and all the treasures. What they did not understand, was, those riches were death, they were dead.

Crucifixion was the worst capital punishment for suffering. Death was slow, and eventually the air was cutting off. Some would be hanging for six days, and some crosses were given a small seat, so that the body would be taking even longer to die.

The false royalty, wore robes of gold, and glitter. They ate the best of foods, they took all abundance, to taxes. They stole. Graven images were made, gold was melted for the idols made to worship. The souls of this royalty were in darkness. The flesh, in another way, became their souls. No light was in the world. They thought their earthly gold, was their inheritance, and power.

The gold that is heavenly, is of a different inheritance. Nothing here on earth, can ever give, the treasures that are the truth. For the gems of that, made by "God" Measures the true wealth. The only wealth. As ages went on, many were engulfed in the material world, to satisfy the flesh. So the flesh became the soul of all mankind.

The soul is the place to be healed, and saved. It is not the flesh, but it has been used for the flesh. The veil of fear, had made changes to mankind's mental mind of actions. That is why the temptations, are so difficult to resist. The flesh "Our Heavenly Father" Created, was a free flesh. No sin was in creation.

From Genesis, to Revelations, the power of the truth, has been given. Without this truth, the world would have ended in existence, ages ago, many ages ago. That could have happened, if satan was the winning leader. The throne of evil. He lost from the first time he wanted to be above "God." He took his beauty away, and a third of other angels, that also lost their beauty. His inheritance was given to evil. His only added army, could be mankind.

Deception began, and mankind was in veils. The more he cheated, the more he won over to his army. He made.....War!.....He made mankind learn how to make weapons. He taught them how to make bombs. From guns, to the threat of today, nuclear war. From the old age, he taught how to make, sharp weapons, daggers, arrows, stoning to death. Conditions of leadership. Taxes on the freedom of "God's" Abundance. He got mankind, to burn people, at the stake. "Our Heavenly Father" Saw all this, his spirit grieved. He was a jealous "God." His children, were his creation, and they were in battle. His world, that was to be a heaven, was clouding over with darkness.

The sun could take strength, when too humid. The rains were flooding. He gave one very important man to show this. "Noah." his voice spoke in every second of time, to mankind. They were deaf!

The old age, and the age of today, speaks the same message. All that is not of love, and peace, is against the "Heavenly Father." any work that is worked away from the truth, is dangerous. It has been said, that in today's generation, they would be unlikely to live to old age!

They cannot get enough noise. Youths in cars blaring music. Till the car vibrates, are on our roads. How can they be alert to road rules? They would not hear another car's horn, should a tension come in the traffic, to stop an accident?

How can mankind survive the holocaust, of the coming battle if the the flesh, and the soul, are twisted together? Nothing can be seen, other than the flesh, and greed. The war has been taking place since the birth of time. As it collected the people, who gave to idols. Satan has taken people to build his army. Taken love out of their soul. Put in greed, lies, stealing, any way to make, adultery. To, "Our Heavenly Father" For all these things are sin.

The ♱holy♱ place, will not take unholy sins into the kingdom.

How many would trade their life, the true life, while dead, to remain dead, and perish. Too many will in this present time. For they do not know enough about the truth.

The holy place was given, the birth of the "Son of man" Came about. The spirit of love was alive, to save the children, of the earth, that belong to the "Heavenly Father." No distance was too much for "Jesus." no man was not known about by "Jesus." Nothing in truth, can be in the dark, so the dark is opened, by "The son of man." for here, in this very time, "The Holy Spirit" Is sounding his trumpet, hear it, it is saying, "Listen, I bid you to listen." So in this time of his holy presence with me, he has a very strong call for all. The ignored words in the Bible, or the confused about the Bible, can, and does come into understanding, for he loves thee all. In all of life, and life's experiences, there is a calling, it says "Come home my beloved."

Chapter One

Martha Brooks was looking at an introduction, sent from "The holy spirit." She thought how it appeared to have repeated, in some places, like it was important to see, and understand. She took her walker over to her computer, and thought, I am blowed if I know what is going to be sent this time. I know it's a strong message.

Her next thought was about, how "The Holy Spirit" Gives the same message, over and over again. Taking different earthly stories, as examples of what "Our Heavenly Father" Sees from his throne. There would not be one story, that would be untrue.

As Martha sat down, her severe pain stabbing her, as it does all the time. It feels hot, and like fire, inside Martha's right hip, and knee, and lower back. Her right arm has been given pain, from trying to stand her body, to live daily life. Martha knew she would never be beaten, she has to fight against this onslaught, as it is from satan.

Martha looked up, and prayed for the reason of this all. She was told, that in pain, the soul cleanses, and the sin from old ages, can only be brought out by pain. Martha sat back, and thought, big deal! Not impressed.

Then she understood, that "Jesus" Had greater pain, for all mankind, and her pain, is nothing like his pain was. He took on the whole of mankind, to free them, as his "Father" Asked of him. Martha thought, yes, well then I should not complain, but if this is what "My Lord Jesus" Felt, that on its own, is unbearable, oh how he suffered, oh how he loved us all.

Then she put her heart to listen to "The Holy Spirit" Who can be with one, and be one with all.

Before she listened, she thought about the ways of man not hearing. They are too busy. So many are in a rush-----The-----Must haves-----Is on the agenda. Got to have this, got to have that, and then got to have more. They are busy, because they chase the wind. They lose time, and time is lost in them too! Credit is everywhere, once in the credit, forever in debts. For the majority. Some may use it wisely, most do not.

Her mind went to a lady she met, six years ago. A lady she never knew. This lady was doing charity, and her heart is in giving to the needy. She spoke about Christianity, on that first meeting. Martha did not want to go there. For Martha, her Catholic background, of cruelty in the walls of the supposed good, was not good. One has to be in the walls, to see, and know the spite given to children. Her mind was closed to religion. Even though she knew the lady was not talking religion, she was talking "Jesus Christ." the lady had made an impression on Martha, as Martha thought how this lady gave her food. Martha returned to see the lady, because she wanted to show gratitude.

As she thought on, she realized, that she was meant to meet this lady. There was something to learn, not just for Martha, but for others too. She remembered the food, meat wow! I did not have that, she thought. Now she gave me all this lot! This lady is a granted gift to charity. Martha knows this now, better than six years ago. As Martha was finding her path, having cross roads, for years.

"The Holy Spirit" Was now standing by her, she could feel it, something that is never from earthly materials. She thought, I can feel him, he is seen, by my heart. He is waiting, because he wants me to say these things, again, and again. She felt as if her body, had become lighter, as if no weight was in her upper half of her body. Her thoughts returned to the words she said, in the year before.

-----I want to know the truth-----

There were six words she said, all in her mind, as to her. Life was about being harmed all the time, what was it all about? It's all a waste of time being born. What for, to suffer, who can say this is right?

Those six words, opened a door, that she did not know, was "Jesus." He was with her all her life, but she saw him once, in his coming to her, and her seeing him standing in front of her. She wanted to go with him, but he had other plans, he ascended back to heaven. She was nineteen. OK she thought, I wonder why he is using small parts from my first book? Now "The Holy Spirit" Is taking charge.

"O my beloved, be not anxious concerning tomorrow. Thou shalt encounter nothing of which I am not already cognizant. My mercy is concealed within every storm cloud. My Grace flows beneath every cross-current.

My wisdom has conceived a solution to every perplexity. I have deliberately set obstacles in thy path to test thy prowess. I shalt not make always favorable winds to blow upon thy barque, for then ye would be at ease and would soon grow soft and dull.

The storm is not a thing to fear but rather to welcome. Ye shall learn to head the wind with sheer delight as soon as ye have made the discovery that in the time of stress and strain, ye have the clearest Revelations of myself."

Martha sat back and looked at the words given her, that were to be sent to all mankind. She whispered in her mind, I wonder why he chose me? Her heart was floating, although still in her chest. How come it's me? It is obvious, how can one understand pain, if they never had it? They may have mental pain, like their minds are not clear, or with clean thinking.

All mankind has pain, but I am sure on different levels of understandings. How is it, he chose me? I know that today, I can look at a person, and see the pain in them, when they tell me, as now they do, whenever I am out in the public.

I feel the tears behind my eyes, for I feel their pain, this is really different. From my own pain, I am giving the truth, in gentle, and understanding ways. For I do not have the right, to force another to my thinking. I can give the truth, and my own way of coping, the light will shine within me, on this task. For the words are not my own. He has-----Oh! I am lost for words now. He just has come fully into my heart, and my soul is cleaning up the last bits of the dark forces print. Just the tiny crumbs left to get rid of. Yes I think when my hip replacement is done, satan has lost! He has lost! I remember the day I said those six words, of the truth, how the footprint in the sand was there, one footprint. Not my footprint.

I had not followed the footprints in the sand. As the many churches I went to, were not of his calling. All my searching was in vain. Nothing made a place for me.

Martha burst out laughing! Oh my "God," You were never in a church, you were everywhere. Omnipresent. Whoops, then you must have heard me swear. You must have seen me try everything to find you, and there you were all the time. Well ♱ dear Lord ♱ it's like this, as you know. A veil was put in front of your truth, so sight was not too clear. Adam, and Eve.

The second veil, came with the many idols, the more man became blind. The more they worshiped the idols, the more veils were against the truth. Greed came to make the temple a den of thieves, more veils. ♱ Jesus ♱ was taken out of his truth, the church, and placed in the hands of the darkness. His church was his body. They could never take him, for he was given by the sovereign of all authority. They thought they had done with him, as he died upon that cross. His followers were to be blessed with his return, in the three days. Alright, what else would you wish me to write?"

Just then next door had their stereo on, banging the walls, with booming. Youths shouting, and creating absolute disrespect, for other neighbors. It became louder, and louder.

Martha got up, and closed all the doors. She thought about the people today, looking at small packages, of technology, playing games, or music, all being in a world of their own, the companionship of people had passed the times. Their company was technology. All manner of things are given to the children, so even in the family, there is no communication. All too busy with i-pods, or computers, of such the like, of the market of today.

Just as she wanted to return to her writing, she prayed. "Dear Lord," if that noise cannot be put off, can you give me the silence, in which your voice is spoken? For I feel you're about to give me more work from you, to mankind." she sat there, she knew that she would be getting again.

"Miracles burst forth out of the moist, cold soil of human tragedy. Moist with tears, and cold with hopelessness. I never get a chance to do miracles for you when you are occupied with self-realization, I do not use you to make material for miracles, I make miracles, out of my own being. I allow you to watch me after ye thoroughly understand that it is I who am supernatural, not you. I am "The Holy Spirit."

Martha just looked at that all. She thought about how it is to be used. She asked what is to come next? "The Holy Spirit" Gave her signs to the Bible.

Galatians, Chapter Six.

She asked if the people should read that chapter? Her answer from "The Holy Spirit," Yes my child, ask them to read it, for in thy words of placing my children's hearts, into mine, is another form of my words. Ye know now, how to live in the spirit, not the flesh. Ye can place the words in the fleshes understanding, to bring in the spirit. That, my child is where I come in to the heart that is asking for the truth."

Martha said out loud," Oh please, how on earth am I going to do that? I mean, here I am not being mobile hardly, and hey! Come on, what is the story? Oh, I apologize. You give me stories of truth, as you see them, I am expecting that. Yet so far it's been somehow different, even a little, oh I do not know yet."

Martha's friend came in on her saying that, as Martha had told her friend, she may just come in while her husband is still working. Her friend knew where Martha's brother in law kept the key. He lives in the home. Martha, and her husband is staying there for the pre operative things to be done.

"Hi Martha! Had to come and see you, because I want to know what is going on with your hip." Martha said, "Oh Fran, total hip replacement. My husband took me to the surgeon, it's not good, but somehow I just feel this is a turning point in our lives. He has gone back to work, a late time out doing his job."

Fran sat down and said, "Your second one, man that's tough! So how are you going with your story at the moment?" Martha looked at Fran, and said, "Mind making a cup of tea? Because I will show you, it is nothing at the start quite the same to me. Also Fran-----Um last night-----Oh you will think I am silly." Fran said "Why?" Martha said, "Well I was so worn out from pain, and went to bed before my husband came home from his late shift. Taking off cloths is real hard, and I slumped on the chair in the end.

Suddenly I was talking some language, nothing in English, and it ended with the name "Jesus" In the old Jewish way of how they said his name. Yaysuah or something sounding like that. Bet you now think I should have seen a psychiatrist too today eh? My brother in law was still out too, so he would not have heard this. He was taking his lady friend to dinner, and did not come back until one a.m. In the morning."

Fran said, "Yep! Going to make the tea, I know what that was, but it's funny how you do not. Do you want tea, or herbal tea?" Martha said, "Oh the green tea for me please."

Fran came back into the lounge and said, here, get that down you. Have you any pills to take?" Martha said, "Pills? There is a heap of them, yuk! But it is to give me a good night's rest."

Fran looked at Martha, and knew her path was just born. She said, "Martha, you have heard of tongues?" Martha said, "Oh that, huh, well I heard a foster mother giving that, when I was fourteen, not one word is understood, I thought it weird.

Then a Pastor gave the meaning of them funny words, I just thought it kind of weird." But at that age, I was only knowing the Catholics, this was um-----Yes, the Elim Pentecostals, in the United Kingdom. All daft to me I can tell you, at the time." Fran said, "Oh Martha, you have the spirit now, you live in the spirit, not the flesh."

Martha said, "Yeah right! Then how come I feel this pain so bad huh?" Fran said, "Martha, you surprised me, here you are so blessed, and yes I know your pain must be real bad, not that I have had that pain, and you're given the greatest of paths to be on."

Martha hung her head a while, and said, "Yes I know that, but doing the "Holy Spirit's" Work, in full pain, stabbing pain, and pretty much over all the right side, one eye that is not fully visioned, although some how, I have a small gain of sight, not a lot, but very small. Plus I have given up the cigarettes, not that I ever knew why I took them up in 2001. I have never drank alcohol, due to an alcoholic ex, that I stayed with thirty four years, I must have been mad, to put up with that. A drunk man, or near drunk. Boasting of his drinking with another man, twenty two litres of wine in one night. To others, as if it was great. See I had to divorce that life. So after it, I saw smokes in the place, and picked them up, and smoked them, sure enough, I got hooked. Came off once, and got hit in the back of my car, in where the lights were red, and I stopped, but the car behind did not, what did I get out of that? Nothing, but a right off car. So after three months of not smoking, I went and did it again. I was right to stop at an intersection, he was in the wrong, and who came? Nobody. He got away."

Fran said, "Hang on here, you have wanted to stop, you tried twice, and you had placed that in your mind. Now you come off it, four days ago, tell me what day was it you spoke in tongues?" Martha said, "Awe about the second day I think." Fran said, "Right, was the language you heard yourself speaking at all possible, to interpret?" Martha said, "No, only the end name was, "Jesus," Like it was said in the old Jewish way, I cannot tell you anything about it, just I sat down, a rush of words began, a quick few lines of words, and then "Jesus" At the end of it. You know what? It felt as if I was not doing the talking, but I heard my own voice. Oh this is silly Fran, eh?"

Fran said, "Martha, "The Holy Spirit" Was with you. Nothing is impossible with-----Martha butted in," I know that, but the language was not my own. It confused me, but the name on the end of those words, were who I thought they came from. I am not sure. Oh! Are you sure it was of the light?" Fran said, "Did you feel any fear?" Martha said, "No, nothing, just peace in the time of those words coming with my voice. What do you think he was saying Fran?"

Fran smiled, it seems to me, that in the time you were alone, apart from your cat, your pain had hit you severely for so long now. In this time you're giving up unclean things to your body. Right at the time of desperation, you were given. That is what it is about." Martha said, "Well I would not mind knowing what the words meant." Martha said, "OK, so the cravings? How do you cope?"

Martha said, "I just tell myself I am never going to smoke again, and I am a non smoker now. So I try to give another thought to my mind, not the dark things of poison."

Fran said, "Right, although I do not know the words spoken through you, it was meant to be that way. See how you have committed your life? See how you gave your life to help others? You ask nothing for it, because you love, and trust "Jesus." he is sure giving you something here girl! He told you, in my thinking here, that he is with you, that he knows the pain is so excruciating, and in all this, he is giving you his love, for the reward of that, and your working in this time of sheer pain, shows your devotion, and he gives you the very things he plans for your aids for now. Look out girl, you're going to be so given. Tell me Martha, how come you're so, well-----You just do not see the amount you have put in here, nothing about this is getting to your head, you treat it as nothing you are doing. It's almost as if you are of service in this, and nothing more."

Martha said, "Yes that is right, I cannot give the wisdom from my own self, I can give my life, I can give the words said, plus the many times I have felt "The Holy Spirit." Now I feel it all the time. "The Holy Spirit" Is talking to me all the time now. But that the other night well-----It was strange to me. You see Fran, how can I ever take credit of "Our Heavenly Father" Who is doing this, how can I think I am special due to this? Never, because all life belongs to "God." I know he is helping me, not by material but by spirit. He uses me for the proof of his love. Yeah, me, who was never loved in my family. I will not smoke again ever. I will not be beaten by this pain. I will not move myself away from "Jesus Christ" Because, the way I got him, the first footprint I saw, in the sand, he was calling me. Once I said I wanted the truth, he orchestrated the narrow and straight path for me. I looked at my feet, well, one foot, I cannot bring the other one up at all."

Fran, and Martha, laughed, as Martha used humor a great deal, to cope with pain. They spoke about other things for a while, and then Fran said, "I think you know that this path is a turning for you in life, I also feel you're going to minister, not by any studies, but by being amongst the people, as you have had already, souls just telling you as strangers, their pain, and you give them time. You see the pain in souls, that dear Martha, is given to you. Because he wants you to work for the people, his children. I bet the healing for you is of spirit. All those generations, you say, ten of them, gave you harm. As they did along the generations that followed the one before. So due to that, and your hearing the call. All the souls of the past, were perished, you not so. As you have realized, the generations were not three, or four, but as you learned, ten. I think this is a great way that you are being used, for the love of all mankind. Yet here you are as sober about it, as if you're doing nothing."

Martha said, "I am creating the words sent, by books. I am given how to write them. I have had to grow from my second birth, so obviously I began as a newborn. Nobody can run, before they walk. Hey Fran, I cannot even darn well walk hardly, but I am walking, just feel I am nothing like I was. I was never a nasty woman, but I chose company that were of the dark, and did not know it, at the time. They took from me, and then as deception does, insulted the very person, who helped them. Help was not given to me, as people thought, I was in a prison, with the last hip replacement. It scared me, the person scared me. But I know I had to be there, so as to follow the very cunning ways, satan uses, to sink those to the abyss. It kind of hurts to know, that someone that passed, has gone to the abyss. I have just been given this from "The Holy Spirit" As we were talking."

Fran got herself off the couch, and sat nearer to Martha, she was ready to hear. Martha said softly, "I am sure now what is going on here. "The holy spirit" Said, that as the enemy has had my ten generations, I came out, and anger deposited, towards me. Because not only was I saved, but by this exposure, in many ways, others are saved, that I do not know of. They read the sent words. Satan has taken revenge on me, but he cannot touch me, he gave this to me way back in time. So that I suffer, when doing this for "Jesus" He is out to stop me, but it is he who is lost. So I am told, the pain is so, as satan placed far more, due to me coming to "Jesus." He wants me to be back in the lost world of darkness. Pain can make one out of balance. "The holy spirit" Said, that satan has to be removed from my body. He placed the crippling, and to rid the crippling, is harder work, but a bountiful work. All worth it, when "Jesus" Has rebuked him. So this pain was built up for all those generations, that is why the cleansing is painful, for the sins were put into me. The removal of satan, is going on, so the pain is being removed, while in pain. Sounds a bit double Dutch, but is what is said. As I am being healed, "Jesus" And the armor, is to me as a seal, no demon can move that healing, but can try to attack. That is where my part comes in, to not be defeated. Or allow his pain, to take me to depths. As it's being removed, it hurts like fury. When they take off the hip, in a way, that is when satan has lost all darts to me. He cannot harm a steel pole. So he is then out. Takes time I guess."

Fran said, "Yes, the healing of the soul is more worth while, than the body. As the soul is cleansed, the flesh too can be cleansed. Now tomorrow Martha, you have radiology. Tell you husband, I will come for you, and he can do his work. Martha thanked Fran. She left.

Martha was to open a new life, much will come to pass, in this testimony.

Chapter Two

Martha had a night under some medication, to help her rest. By some sedation, she managed to sleep, waking a few times. She noticed, that since she gave up smoking, she was thirsty quite a bit. Her thoughts to the veils, still going through her, "The Holy Spirit" Remaining with her. She felt like she was in a cup, and the "Holy Spirit" Was the cup. There was protection, all the way round her, no need for protection above her in the cup, as that is shining with the truth. The cup was not material, it was spirit.

She tried to get herself ready for the day. Radiology, her thoughts were, all my life I have had, to me, hundreds of ex-rays, constantly. The M.R.I. Was like being in a coffin, for an hour. The space around is not much, and the feeling of being inside that cavity is really enough to panic any person. As she thought of her daughter, her heart felt the loss, that her daughter had allowed to be created.

When she was out, she made herself be amongst people. Just the last thing she expected, was meeting a Christian lady. In the time of talking, this lady told her about the speaking of tongues. Martha said, "My friend Fran told me the same, and on top of that, the ten generations, had broken the ten commandments. I would never have worked that one out." The lady said, "You said you never really read, or studied the Bible. You, to me, know all about it. I can see you're in very great pain, yet here you are, determined to be in some way active. You do not even walk, it's more like one small step, and dragging the bad leg, and then seize up in pain. It's all over your face, and in your eyes, let alone your body."

Martha said, "It has to be so, for now, much as I want it to go. Because of the past ancestors, I am carrying their infirmities, since my birth. That is why I have to be strong in my faith. I never knew that it was possible, for past evil to claim the on going generations. Come to that, I never knew anything, as worthwhile. Life for me has been one long struggle, of battle. I could never understand, why I was hit at, wherever I went. Even by those I was generous to, and helped out. So many people had it in for me, so one day, I thought to defend myself. But that defense was the wrong one. Now I know, that those people were also walking in darkness. That is why the ego is in battle of self mastery. Being the self domain. Selfishness, and the other evils condemning the children of "Our father." That is why there is poverty, not only in needs of the body, but the soul is in greater needs. They can get twisted, as I have said before."

The lady said, "The soul is separate from the body." Martha said, "Yes, to begin with, but the sick soul is shown in the body, it is when evil has taken claim, that the body gets diseases. The more evil in the soul being cheated of truth, the more the body gets sick. The result for those unsaved, is not the death of the body, but the death of eternal life."

The lady said, "This has to come from "The Holy Spirit." There is no way you could ever work that out, without study of the Bible. Some are chosen to be gifted, and given the place of teacher, or other given gifts." Martha said, "I am just a child of "Our Heavenly Father." I am not a teacher, there is only one teacher, and to put myself on that pedestal, is in fact a sin. If I get gifts, they are his gifts, he does the giving, not me. Look, I know this much, he gifted children, and others. The gifts were his work, to save others. He can only work, and walk with us, if we are humble enough to know, it is he, who lifts the veils of deceit.

The lady said, "You are well gifted to me." Martha said, "I am no different to any other person. Again, the gifts are his, not mine. "Jesus" Wanted me, by my giving my life, open enough for others to read, where most would keep in the closet. "Jesus" Was able to present his love, as the veils were taken down, from my eyes. If I put a sheer veil in front of your sight, part of the sight is dim. Another veil, will make it more dim. So it is with evil. The more the choice to adorn the practice of theft, the more the theft is taken from the the person who has engaged in it."

Martha ended the time, and took her crippled body to a shop not far away. In there she met another Christian. This Christian, offered Martha a coffee. They talked, and the same message was given. This lady said the same, about gifts given, as in teachers. Martha just said the same, she was a child of "God." All gifts are his, not hers. That he takes the ones he wants in service, to minister his ways. Not human ways. Ways. All wisdom is from the "Father," That she was not with credit for her service to "Jesus Christ." The lady prayed for her too, and asked for the operation to be done as soon as it is possible, and to take her pain to a lesser degree. Martha, was with tears in her eyes. Because every day now, there is someone sent to her, and vice versa.

Martha was grateful for the lady's kindness, and short time she could spare. To Martha, the given time was more important, than the money spent on coffee.

Martha suddenly felt less pain, she stood with her walking aid, and was blown away. She knew the operation was going to be. That was part of the big deal. The ridding of the body part, that satan had diseased, had to go. In her favor, she would be fitted with the steel pole, two screws, and longer pole for the leg part. The hip was gone in full. She would be able to walk again after the rehabilitation, and be out of pain. There satan flees away. He lost.

A shop assistant said, "I just do not know how you're doing all this. If it was me, I would be on my back, and lay down. Let others help me. But I do know you believe, it's got to have something in it, because, I know my strength would not-----Hey you even told me you put a light bulb in, taking a risk in my view, on a ladder. That could have got you to fall. I do not understand your daughter, how can she leave you this way. Not just this time, but last time as well."

Martha said, "Well my husband was out, he did not know about the bulb going. I have always had enough faith that I would just get the job done, as long as I trusted "Jesus Christ" In a way, and it's beyond me too, it is like he is standing there, and I am too, but he is the one keeping me from falling."

Then Martha said, "Amy, it may be his will, to use me, and show what he is able to do, in helping a crippled person. It could be a sign that those I meet, see this, and I know from their faces, they wonder about it. As they see me bent to one side, and hardly walking. He is showing something, and so I trust him." Amy said, "So many things you have done, and said, has got me thinking. Never once do you try to alter a person, you speak of how you are helped, then I see it, and others would too. I could never allow my parents to suffer, I would be there for them." Martha said, "You are obeying the commandment of honor to your parents. That is good. Now listen Amy, I am no more than you are, and you too can get this help. It's up to your wealth of health."

Martha went to her car, and the young baker assistant said, "Hey you, wonder woman! Do not tell me you drive with that hip." Martha said, "Yes, but I never go far, and I never take painkillers, if I am driving, because I need to keep order. The hip never seems to stab me when I am driving, not once. Nothing happens, which I too have thought about, could be that I am sitting, and the hip is not in strain. But above helps me too."

The young lady said, "I was going to ask you if I could help you, and you just tell me. I find you out here in the car park, and going it on your own!" Martha said, "Good "God," So many in the past month, are coming to offer help, I am not used to that. My husband worries, but I tell him, I will be alright, I just know it. Plus I am not being smart, and taking risks in a dumb way, I am helped by a other higher mercy, who is showing his works through my body. "

The baker lady said, "Got to be something in that, I have seen you, the pain is so strong, you seize up, and cannot move, then you wait, and in your face, pain is written across it, and somehow, there is love, oh! Come on tell me what it is that you get by with. Did you know that in this centre, the people who work in it, say this-----Martha is so in pain, yet in all her manners, she is patient, kind, and gives us Hope in life, and in her pain. Makes us want to know what it is she is doing. We want some."

Martha laughed, and said, "I am doing one thing, it is to give to the poor. Wealth can come in many ways, my wealth is being a Christian. The times of today, are volatile, hard, and mean. I have known poverty. I saw the raw edges. I felt them. So to me, whatever wealth one has, it is to be given to the poor people, to be sure of being in what was said, two thousand years ago. So many will think it's money, yes it is that as well, but for me, I give my life. That is being used for the purpose of telling others, that nothing is limited, if "The Lord" Is living in your heart. It is he who gets me around, not myself."

Then the baker lady said, "What was said two thousand years ago? You cannot know that, you were not alive then." Martha said, "I was already known about back then, as all people are known to "Jesus" From the beginning of the age. He said to wealthy men, who would not give up their wealth, this time money, and their animals for food. To give to the poor, so to have eternal life. They counted their wealth, and not their everlasting life. "Jesus" Said, ♱it is easier for a camel to get through an eye of a needle, than for a wealthy man, to give his wealth, for eternal life.♱ You see, no material wealth is worth trading to keep, if the poorer, who also need to have food, and comforts, warmth, and care, who are made poverty, usually by greed of other men. See I have had poverty, I knew it, I tasted it, I feared the life of it." The baker lady said, "You do not look at all like a person who could have poverty. You look like a person who has had a good life, apart from your hip at present."

Martha said, "Poverty is not just material, it is spiritual too. I fell in the thicket of nettles, that stung me. I had no love shown to me in my childhood, I was very misplaced, and many homes, that I ended uncertain of what a home is. Of what a family is." Well now the baker lady was looking shocked, and saying she would never have thought that was in Martha's life. She thought Martha was poor as a child.

Martha again said, "It had to be so, because from that all, can you see what I am saying? That "Jesus Christ" Walked in front of me, through all the years, waiting for me to say-----I want to know the truth-----So oh!-----This is difficult to explain, he had planned to use my life, to show as many people who will read about it, or see it, that he can carry a cripple, he can make an unsighted eye become clearer. He can hold up a cripple on a ladder. Only by one thing, I am his child, and until I wanted to be his child, I was harmed. After giving my life, he took it as a gift, the very gift that is better than any money. He made it a way to show others, that they too, can be in the life of "The Holy Spirit." So my un wealth of life, became wealth, and in other words, that old dead wealth, was a treasure. It became a treasure for use of saving others. I have done nothing, but give him my life. He took it, and made it into his wealth. You see, he took it from satan, who got a large threat of failure. People really need to know the unseen ways, of harm done. None can come to "The father" Unless as a child."

The baker lady was just looking at Martha, and then said, "In this crippling pain, and in this real bad time, you can see, and say all that? I would be cursing it."

Martha sighed, and then said, "A curse will bring another curse, it adds up. Then the thick band of darkness, is soldered to the soul. The prison is sealed, unless, you want to know the truth. You see, no curse can be binding with light. No light can be given without the truth. I will leave it at that right now, and give you time to think for your own health. I have no right to be forceful. I just tell you how I became wealthy, in "The Holy Spirit." Once that is in you, you would never trade it, never. You would feel, and know, and see, in ways never thought of, because some things are not even shown to the true angels. There is no middle man, it is "Christ" Or the dooming end of the abyss, with satan." the baker lady said, "I am going to talk to you again, that is for sure." Martha said, "You will be talking to me, but "Jesus" Will be answering you."

Martha tried to get in her car, the leg was hard to pull in, and she thought wow, five days, and not one smoke have I had. I do not seem to want it anymore. As she drove along the short run home, she thought, this cross we carry, is a bit heavy at times, but it's true, I would never be able to cope, without "Our Lord." He is doing something with me. Not just for me, but for all others. Fancy him taking me into his fold. He spoke in that time, and I give the words he spoke. Now I can see, why he took my life, for use of saving his other children. Martha thought, there must be plenty others that gave their life too. What a simple thing it is, to give, and how hard it is to build false wealth. Live in a prison, so that others cannot steal it. It is a lonely, and unproductive way to live. I would rather be poor, and be rich in "The way, the truth, and the life."

Martha was tired, her use of energy, was taken by pain, but her spiritual energy was abundant! She knew she was not poor.

Just as she got home, her husband called to say he was on his way home. He did not want her to make dinner, and said he will be making sure she will be resting. He said, he felt she was tired.

Martha said, "Oh, well that is right, but never too tired for you Ronald. How is it you're able to come home early?" Ronald said, "I just knew, I could alter a shift, and told the depot that you have been through a lot lately. They did allow me to leave early. Is harry home yet? Because he has this new lady he is seeing." Martha said, "Oh he came back while I was out, left a note to say, that he is going out tonight."

Ronald said, "Good, but do you think you're up to a visitor?" Martha said, "Who?" Ronald continued, "You know that one of our men in work, is a Pastor? I told you about him. He wanted to come and see you. As harry is out, and he would throw a wobbly, because he is against any talk of "God," The Pastor is called to do four days in work, and three days in his church. He just gave a great deal of thought about you." Martha said, "Why me?" Ronald said, "I broke the rules a bit, and told him of this great way "The Holy Spirit" Is doing this book writing." Martha said, "Oh no Ronald, I do not want anyone to know who I am. It is enough for the way it is given for the use of saving."

Martha then had "The Holy Spirit" Talk to her, and she asked Ronald to hold the line. "My child, fear not, the ministry of my ways, are to be given, to those I put in thy path. Behold, the man of my fold coming to thee, is going to keep thee in my safety. He asked for a way that would gather his people in the church, to give them the very signs of the times. Yea, thy life has reached my path of truth, I bid thee to give to me, as he will be given. I will be with thee."

Martha knew it was a means for the word to be expanded. So she said, "Ronald, I have the answer to tonight, yes I agree to it." Ronald said, "Praise the Lord." I was taken to this, and knew it was to be for a reason. I am bringing home, some take away, so that we can eat, and have a bit of time before he comes, Taar is looking forward to it. You know he is from another country. Martha said, "Yes I think you did tell me once."

Taar was of olive skin. He looked so eager to talk to Martha. Martha had a lolly stick in her mouth when he arrived, and he laughed saying," What's that, a new trend?" Martha said, "It is my old way gone from smoking, and my new way, to now and then, have a lolly, to beat the odd cravings, but I have not had many." Taar said, "You actually stopped?" Martha said, "Yes, and for good." Taar was impressed, as Ronald did not smoke, and at times spoke to Taar, that he wanted Martha to be in top order, for her operation."

Taar did not mention Ronald telling him. Taar was confidential in some things. They talked shop for a while, and then Taar asked Martha to give him how she receives "The Holy Spirit." Martha was not sure how to take this, she thought he would know, as a Pastor. He looked at Martha, and as if he could see her thinking, he said, "Yes I have "The Holy Spirit" Talking to me too, but he guided me to you. He asked for you to agree to come to my church, and give a witness. There are in my church, some that are so repetitive, almost habitual, to a point of no growth. Some were born into Christian life, with an old fashioned way. Repeating their parents role. They think reading the Bible, going to church, and being a Christian, is all that is asked for. I need a spark of life in the church, or better put, a strike of lightening, so that they wake up. I have read your books." Martha said, "Well Ronald you must have told Taar." Taar said, "No Ronald did not, I worked it out. Ronald dropped a card, that he had the author's name on. Plus the names of the books. He left it in the truck I was taking over, from his shift times, to mine. On the other side of the card, there was written, my wife's books of love, Martha brooks. Ronald being surname brooks, gave it away to me. Why do you use another name for your books, than your own?"

Martha said, "I wanted no recognition, as the work is to give, without any needs for me to be listed as I am the author, for I am not the author." Taar said, "Martha, I know who is the author, for me it gave me great sense of knowing, that our faith can be lifted into higher growth. We can get stuck at times, with repeating the same services, and no extra boost to them." Martha said, "I would come to your church, but once they know who I am, I am then put into a bracket, I do not want to be in." Taar thought for a minute, and Ronald said, "Well I must have been meant to drop the card, I never knew where I had put it. I was looking for it in the lockers we have at work, in case I slipped it in there."

Taar said, "How about you come as a new visitor, and speak about the book you choose to speak about? Then you can say, the written words were giving you growth in the book "The Holy Spirit" Will guide you to use. This would not be a lie, because you have growth, most certainly. As your name is different to the books name, as author, nothing can really lead to you. You know I understand it, you would lose your privacy. You want "The Holy Spirit" To be taking the action of his reason for taking your life, to being born again. Then using it, for the words to get around, as far as it is meant to go. Once I realized who you were, as Ronald does not mention his private life at work, I felt that if you came, and gave the words, as you wrote them from "The Lord" You could encourage my congregation, another way, to read these books, just by saying what you got out of them."

Martha said, "You could do the same." Taar said, "Not at all like you would do. For I know that "The Holy Spirit" Will be in charge of that. He wants you to." Martha said, "Yes I know, I was told. So in a way you want to wake up your sleeping Christians?" They all laughed, and said, how easy it is to get into a way of practice, and never go farther along the path ways.

Martha said, "Taar, what did you get out of the books?" Taar said, "What I got, was a look at how "Our Heavenly Father" Is omnipresent, and knows all of what is going on in the world he created out of love, as perfection. He looks at his children in today's world, that are lost. He used the gift he gave you, that belongs to him, to give stories, in ways that are not all highly put as novels. He put it to you as truth. This truth has given the way to cover as much as it can. I was realizing, that even I, in sermons, can give a stagnant sermon. I saw a few yawning in my sermons. That told me, that I too, needed a boost. I prayed about it. Then the next day, at work in the truck, the card! What else can I say?"

Taar thought while Ronald was asking Martha, if she would be up to it? Martha said, "Yes, but I would wish to be sitting in the place I am to speak." Taar said, "I will honor that, yes. This will give me a new start, to get into the signs, as most often, I too, have never explained the force of darkness. How can it go forward to warn, without being understood?"

Martha said, "I know "The Holy Spirit" Will keep me in his care, for it will be him who is speaking. He will not let me lose my privacy. He knows I have a major operation to get through, and would safely guard my life. All the drugs for pain, are for most, keeping them drowsy, I am alert! Just at times I get tired, not drowsy. Morphine does not make me space out, or sleep." Taar said, "This is meant to be, I think you're in for a bigger job, after your hip is done."

Taar had a new sense of purpose, for his church. Ronald wanted Martha to rest now. Taar honored that, and gave prayers, thanking for Martha being able to carry the evening, after her long day.

Martha was going to be turning her life around. There was going to be lessons for her, to carry out a new life to live. Ronald was very happy with that. Things coming were going to be opened up, for all to see. She praised, and gave thanks for the way she was given. Much is to follow.

Chapter Three

Martha had a decent night's sleep. She heard harry come home at one thirty. Ronald left early, at dawn. He had to go to the other side of the city this day. Martha went to try to shower, her leg being a nuisance. After her shower, she pushed her aid to walk to the kitchen. There on the bench, Ronald had left her the things to make her breakfast, all in place, so that she would not have to bend.

After she had breakfast, she turned to go to the lounge. The phone rang. Martha thought, oh I did not really want to be talking to any one this early! Fran spoke, so Martha felt that was alright. Fran said, "I know it's still early, but would you mind if the girls came round with me to see you?" Martha said, "Girls, what girls?" Fran said, "Oh they are in the church I go to, and you do not go to. I told them about your disability. I also told them how it's clear you're disabled, and that you get around. When I told them that, one of the girls said her grandmother was needing a hip replacement, and before all that, she could not do for herself. So she knew what it was to see that. This got them to ask, what would be going on if a cripple was able to move very slowly, when crippled? So they wanted to meet you. To them it was out of the ordinary."

Martha said, "Oh I see, they want to know who is helping me to move around?" Fran said, "I know, but they kind of denied it to be possible. They wanted to see this." Martha told Fran that the afternoon at three, would be fine.

Martha got into her car, to pick up her medications from the chemist. She went into another mall, and wanted to buy some cake for the afternoon meeting. Her walker was put aside, and she held a trolley. She thought to get shopping, and get it delivered. This supermarket, had more items available, than her usual one did, being a small one.

In an aisle, she was alone, nobody was in it. Suddenly a woman came up to Martha, and shoved her trolley away from the items of the shelves. Martha said, "I was here first, please do not push me out of the way!" The woman said, "I have a shop to run, and you have all day, so move out the way!" Martha said, "I cannot walk hardly, so wait." The woman then shoved not only the trolley, but Martha as well, to get her washing up liquid. Martha stumbled, but kept her body up from falling. The woman said, "You should be in a circus, they would use a person like you to be with the clowns!"

Martha was so surprised, that she said, "I am not a circus entertainer, and never will be, I think the circus of actors, are everywhere, without being in an actual circus." The woman went further away, and said, "Spastic." Martha was hurt by that, she knew this lady never knew the truth, for no decent person, would push a cripple out of the way, or even think that they have the rights to shove her, when she was there first. Martha had her human annoyance now. So to alter her rising annoyance, she had to stop getting her shopping, and make her way out of the store. This took her an hour to do. One of the staff members asked Martha if she could get her walker for her. Martha was grateful.

No cake was bought. Martha left the mall, and drove back to her home. She knew that people have no care for others, in today's present fire, of the earths darkness. Her thoughts were to give her "Lord" This, as she could not work that one, alone.

Fran came, with four other ladies, the ones she called the girls. Martha waited, as Fran could let herself in. They came in, and Fran went to put the kettle on. The girls had brought some small cut sandwiches, and some tea cakes. Martha was glad about that. She told them of her morning with a rude lady. None of them could believe this. Fran said, "By heavens, bad as asking a blind man to cross a road, and put him in danger!" Martha said, "I think this could be used as a portion of what is going on with people, because in a way, the lady was not doing this, her belief in the darkness, was doing it."

One of the girls said, "I will introduce our names. That is Maude, in the blue. Over there is Betty, in the yellow. Thora is in green next to Betty. And I am, Michelle. Alana is coming soon, she got held up at the post office. So she will be here too. Just then a knock came, and Alana came in.

They were laughing and talking jokes, and giving each other fun, and the atmosphere was good. Fran said, "Well these ladies want to know, how it is you're able to get around?" Alana said, "One member in my family, was not able to. Do you think you're not as bad as he was?" Fran said, "Oh, I did not expect you to say that. Any full hip gone would be the same pain." Alana said, "I did not mean that you Martha, are less in pain, I meant how do you get around, and by what source?"

Martha said, "No offense taken, I know if you do not use it, you lose it. Which brings me to the real reason, for getting around. To others, my getting around, is not getting around hardly. But I am keeping my independence."

Maude said, "Well I saw you get up just now, and get to a book shelf, and take a book that you wanted to show us. After the surgeon, and radiology, your bones are breaking up. I wanted to meet you, because I know, that "Jesus" Is carrying you. I have never seen that, I have heard of it, but never actually witnessed it. You see, I know his face is showing in his chosen shepherd, and that is what you are, a shepherd, getting his lambs. The lost lambs."

Martha said, "I do only what I am asked to do. The real shepherd is "The Holy Spirit" So I am one of the lambs too." Fran said, "Martha, why is it that you so often, and keep saying, it is not you? You are doing so much here, it has to be some credit to you!" Martha said, "No credit to me please, giving, is part of the big deal, I expect nothing back. For in the promise of "The sovereign father," His throne is above this world, and the world his foot stool. We cannot fathom that magnitude of loving power. What he is going to give, in his kingdom, is from nothing that here on earth can be, as the world is today. Evil has to be destroyed, for the veils to be lifted."

Betty said, "Martha, the veils, is it how you see the world?" Martha said, "Yes, because the more a thing is covered up, the less anyone can see. So they build new. As in idols. It is in my way, how "God" Has been put behind the veils. So many were put against the truth. I will tell you an example. I was in the mall not so long ago. Sitting on my walker seat. An older man came into the shop, on a walker, that was not so supporting, as mine. As soon as he got chatting to me, he was insulting me for my accent. I gave him no leads. He then gave his talking, I found him negative. He was eighty two! So I thought that life to him was bitter. At one point he gave a direct rude way. So I did not answer him, and then he looked at me for a response to his rudeness. I told him, that if nothing good can be said, it's better to be quiet! "

Alana said, "Wow! How did he act towards that?" Martha said, he did not, he looked as if he lost his obvious miserable way of thinking, he had lost its power on me. He left the shop, and the woman in there said, "You took that well, why did you not hit him? He was rude." I said, "He would have been rude to anyone, it was not about me, it was about him. He has veils over his eyes, so that he can only see the grey film over life. He can be lifted from that way of thinking. For him, it meant to come to the truth. As he continued to talk the untruth, it reverses back onto him, the more he does it, the more he is lost. So his way of trying to get power, is to use what he has as a weapon, this was his tongue. So in that example, he gave his soul out, and I could see it. He was lost, and covered with film over his soul-----As veils. That is why he was so unbalanced, and has sickness. The enemy's reward."

So they all looked a each other, as this made sense, and Thora said, "OK, so he is sick, so are you! So how can you say all this?" Martha said, "Yes I am crippled, and yes, I know why you asked that. The difference between myself, and him is, I know why mine was put in my body. As I have the truth, "The Holy Spirit" Is beating in my heart. His love is in my veins. His armor is in front of me, his truth is covering my back. Its showing that, as those that came to help me, came from behind me, not in front, I never saw them coming. They are all Christians. Next question please?"

Fran said, "Now do you see what is going on here girls? Martha has to go through this, it is her test. She is carried by "Jesus." That is why she can get around, as slow as it is. "Jesus" Suffered her pain, and the whole of mankind. Because she gave her life, and not just in silence of prayer, she gave it to make others see, that in the worst of things, and all rejections given, she took what she had, and said ..." Martha took the sentence over by saying, "I want to know the truth."

The women sat there in emotion. None of these had come to any witness as this. Betty said, "I think the enemy should be more explained to us. Not the dooming words of sin is death, but to explain the meaning of sin, and who it is that lives in sin, and gives it to people, even ones unsuspecting it."

Michelle said, "Well, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were Greeks. In my Bible studies. I have wondered at times, if any studies were altered from the truth?"

Martha said, "Much untrue literature is printed. The only Bible that is truth, is the first one. I myself, have not studied the Bible, for me, it came directly from above."

Alana said, "What, you have not studied the Bible? But you know things, that are in the Bible." Martha said, "I just think that I was given another way, as "Jesus" speaks in silence, he directs me. He does this with many others too! I am not the only one."

Alana said, "I suppose as I have not met anyone with that, it is a first for me. I have seen some who talk about this, but some seem to think, that they are far more Christian, than others. It confuses me."

Martha said, "That is why "Jesus" Said, some were hypocrites. Not one person is higher than another. This is where the enemy comes in, and takes the church away from the truth of "Jesus." it is evil that can give an illusion, of Christ, there is the anti-Christ. That is the beast of all evil. Any wrong, and breaking of the laws, are anti-Christ. Any children abused, are given parents, or adults as parents, who have no knowledge of love. This is not new, it was in the dark ages too! Today the dark ages is given a universal awareness, called-----The new age-----To pretend that the darkness is light. All the white light talking, and aura's, and absolute deception, is giving the age of today, a false and very clever way, to deceive as many as possible. For the time of the judgment day, is close."

The whole meeting was with much to think about. The girls, as they call themselves, were mature women. Fran was pleased with the meeting. It gave them another way to look at everything. Fran said, "Martha does not preach, she lives the "Spirit." I know that her test at present, is the very one to expose all the forces. Her loss of mobility, is for taking her away from giving the truth. The enemy is using all he can, to stop her. He cannot win this, she will carry her cross, and March on."

They all laughed at that, as Martha said, "March on, eh Fran? Yeah right! I will March once the part satan took, as he took many parts of my body, from head to toe, is fixed. The last part he seduced to his lies, my full hip joints, both of them, were to stop me from moving. He has threats, not only by me, but by all Christians. What I have going on now, is the full things all Christians go through. As I am taking all this. All the other Christians, are taking it too!"

Betty said, "How can that be, when it's you who are suffering?" Martha said gently, "Looking at the reason "Jesus" Died-----Was not all his pain, ours?-----Yes! No Christian has been free from sin, so any pain a Christian gets, is to know a portion of the pain "Our merciful father" Allowed his only begotten son to give his life for. To save us all, his own children. For me, I have realized, that the more pain I receive, for the healing of my soul, the more is coming for the test to be won. Even at times I could scream. Deep within my soul, I know that it will pass. "Jesus" has said to me, "Behold, thy bounty is thy reward." at the time I thought, bounty? The only bounty I know of, is the coconut at a confectionery bar!"

They laughed, as her humor was in all things.

Martha said, "In nine months, "Our Lord" Has taught me that he is the tree, we are the branches. So how can satan win, over me? With "Jesus" carrying me, all day, and night. In a way the fight is on, we are in the middle of the fighting. That made us an army. So we no longer were the middle. "Our Lord" Fights not, he gave laws. He wanted his army of his love. Love is the only emotion that wins all battles. So as satan got his army, the destroyers of the world, wars, and harm came in killing. The people who believed not, were the killers for satan's power over the world."

"Demons got inside those people, who were "God's" Children. I am sure that "Our Heavenly Father" Grieved for his own children lost. He got jealous of the way his children were taken by darkness. So here we are, as other generations who were Christians, building "Our Lord's" Army. We cannot fight the way satan rules his demons to do. We can fight by truth. The more we love each other, the more satan has lost, as he loves not. The more we give of ourselves as family in "Christ," Being family to each other, and blood is not the only family, it is the whole human race. The more satan has less power of the air. Satan hates love. Hate will destroy. So girls, satan is destroying himself, from the time he took the Garden of Eden.

Michelle said, "This is what is needed to be given to the people. But they hear not. They see not. It's likely, that this way of talking about it, may break it down for the people who do not understand the Bible, the way of scriptures in old language."

Fran said, "When is Ronald coming home?" Martha said, "He will be late tonight. Harry has a new lady friend, and is out every night, till early hours of the morning."

Fran said, "Would you like to join us this evening? Can you tell Ronald through the depot, that you're going to a meeting this evening?" Martha said, "He is calling me this afternoon, at five, he has a break then, so I can tell him. What is the meeting about?" Fran said, "It's a sales meeting, you know where agents go to houses to sell wares." Martha said, "What wares?"

Fran said, it's clothes. Could be fun." Martha said, "I could do with a fun evening. Are you going to pick me up?" Just then the phone rang. Ronald had an earlier break. So Martha told him about the evening out. He said to her that it could be some fun, and to go.

As they went outside, Fran said, "Hang on, why not get your bag, and come back with us? We can have a meal together, and then go to the lady's house holding this sales evening."

Martha was ready, and as they went outside, the youths from next door, started to jeer them. They were shouting insults. Calling them Bible bashers, and that it is all a myth. That the hymns they hear Martha play, is dumb music, that only idiots would listen to that! They will play real music, and heavy metal.

Fran said, "Say nothing girls, leave it in "The lords hands." Martha looked at them with a stare. One shouted, "Hey cripple run, lets see you run?" Martha was praying, and in her stare, she gave the charge to "Jesus."

The young men were still shouting insults, when suddenly, not one sound was heard from them. They cowered down off the fence, and ran inside. One young man was still near the gate. He said quietly, "I did not shout insults to you, I am friends with them, and all four of them are hard and rude. I am sorry, as I have been here while they insulted you ladies." Fran said, "Young man, it might be better if you chose friends that are of a good Christian nature." the young man said, "Christian, where would I meet them sort of guys?" Fran said, "Come to our church in centre road. There are young men there who are your age." the young man said, "My name is Nathan, thank you, what time does it start there next Sunday?" Fran said, "Ten a.m. She went to her car with Martha. The girls shared another car. Fran said, "Oh no! Nathan said, "What is wrong?" Fran said, "My tires have been vandalized, my front tires are flat." Nathan said, "I think I know who did that. I think I better get out of here, and get new friends, as you say. Let me look at them." Fran said, "It's no good looking at them, I only have one spare tire. So I am stuck."

Nathan said, "I will put on your spare, and look at the size of your tires. I have a spare tire in my car, so I will put that on, if it's a correct size." Nathan looked angrily at the home the youths lived in, then began to give Fran the help needed. Martha had to go inside, while this was going on.

Just then one of the youths came out and said, "You got flat tires eh?" he laughed. Fran said, "I could send for the law, as it would only be you lot that did this. If it was one tire, I would have thought I may have caught a nail in the road, but two? Just shows it was you lot."

Nathan said, "I am out of you lot, this is nasty." The young man said, "Awe a mummy's boy eh?"

Nathan said, "No, I have not got such a vicious nature as you lot." Nathan then ignored the youth, and put on Fran's first tire. He looked at his spare, and it was the same size. So he put that on, and took one of the flat tires, to be mended, and replaced it as his spare.

Fran said her gratitude, and Nathan said, "I am the one who is grateful, had I not been here when this happened, I would not be thinking of coming to your church. I just feel, that I needed a path in life, because today, none of the young people are respectful." Fran said, "Oh yes, there are some, and what you mix with, you get."

Nathan then went to his car, and drove back to his home. His grandparents were Christians, but he knew nothing about how to become one. His parents were too busy for him. He got in with these guys, by wanting company. Nathan could not go out and rob houses, as they did. He could not speak to elder people with rudeness. He stood back when they did wrong.

Fran said to Martha, "Nathan is coming to our church this Sunday." Martha said, "That's great, he will learn that he can be free from such darkness.

The evening was fun. Betty tried on clothes, and took her false wig with her. She went and tried on a dress, put on her wig, and the false glasses. She came out, and all the ladies there stared at her, none could think at first, who she was. This became a joke for the evening. As every time she tried on a garment, they wondered what she will do next?

Martha had a good time. Fran said, "I think Martha, today has been an eventful day. Thank you for having us all in your home. I will call you tomorrow."

Chapter Four

The next day was warm, and the sun shone through the trees. Martha told Ronald about the evening of fun. Ronald had a morning off. His shift was going to be working through to one o'clock in the morning. His truck had to pick up an order for the city warehouse.

Ronald said, "Martha is Fran coming today?" Martha said, "She is calling me, I know that. Ronald said, "Why not go to the jumble the church is having this afternoon? If you take your walker, you can sit whenever you need to." Ronald looked at Martha again, saying, "I do not think it will be long before you're not able to walk. That worries me." Martha said, "Yes, I know that, I just can say that something is working for me, I am not sure as yet what?" Ronald smiled, and he said, he knew the strength given to "The Lord's" children. He said to her, "In the past nine months, there is a change in you. You were my one before the change. Now you seem to be more in control, than the last hip replacement, I know why."

Martha said, "Ugh! Do not remind me of that time. I was thinking about how we met. There you were for one whole year, trying to get me to take notice of you. Thinking now, I was so closed up, that I did not know how you took the walls down. I mean, nobody has ever been able to get to me, or know me. I was rather like a walnut in its shell. When you look at the nut inside the shell, it has all these bumps for its shape, and two sides to it too. A sort of a membrane between the two parts." Ronald said, "I have noticed that, yes, a walnut has all the looks of a brain. Martha said, "Well, as I closed in, at the early age of four, nobody knew who I was. Nobody in the family of dysfunction knew who I was either. I would be playing, but my playing was not playing. I knew about "Jesus Christ" So early in life, but the Jesus they went to worship, was not the "Jesus" I was talking with, any time of day. See, nobody introduced "Jesus" To me. Nobody talked of him to me. I knew him. I was very spiritual as a small four year old. They called it day dreaming. I, at four, thought, they do not see what I see, and I am not dreaming, I am listening to a "Spirit." being so small, I did not know that it was "The Holy Spirit." That part, my child mind did not know. I would be alone for hours and hours, but I had a friend. No, it was not a make believe, or a familiar spirit. Those spirits were with my grandmother. I saw them."

Ronald said, "Martha, you never ever told me about that part of your life, I know familiar spirits are demons. Good "God," What did they look like?" Martha said, "One looked at me for what seemed ages. An Indian woman, that was young. She was not on me, but was standing on my grandmother."

Ronald said, "Standing! How ?-----Um-----Now I am lost for words, I have seen things, but not like you have. I have seen another person come through a person." Martha said, "Wow ! How did you feel about that?" Ronald said, "Some people, as I have to mix with them in my job, have another being with them, and they come through sometimes. A complete different look to the person themself. At first I thought it was me, maybe I am tired. You know long roads, long hours of driving. So I thought about it, as only certain types had this other being with them. It was like I was looking through the person, like the person disappeared, and the being showed its face, in daylight." Martha said, "Tell me more," Ronald said, "We make a deal then, if I tell you what I have seen, and know it's not good. You tell me more about what you have seen. Right?"

Martha laughed, and said, "Well we may as well talk about it. I saw my grandmother doing strange things. None I could know about. But this night, this Indian stayed, and looked at me. I hid, like any child would do, and when I came out from under the blanket, she was still there. I now know that it's from the enemy. She did not speak, but she was not in white, or any ghostly white around her. She was in dark grey, black hair, actually, more black than dark grey. It was in the night, so the room was very dark, but I saw her. Naturally my grandmother kept on all day, for days, having me telling her about this Indian, a bit like she was looking for something the Indian said, but no speech was made. I stopped thinking about it. I did not like it, I was just nine years of age then.

Ronald said, "I thought some kind of other world was bringing these beings through people. My Christian life was in a rut. The sermons were getting boring for me, and I stopped going to church. I do not see them now. But they had a look of-----Oh-----Come to think of it, they were horrid. I had to turn my face away, and then the person came back. It sounds really dumb, but it was so, I did see these beings. The thing that got me, was, when I turned my face away, I asked for the being to be got rid of. So one day, I did not turn my face, and I asked "The Lord" To take charge of this being, so that I could see what was going on. The being's face went in reverse, and went backwards into the head of the person. The person looked as if he was going to have a fit! He could not stand without holding on to something to aid him. A few seconds later, he was able to carry on, as before. I then saw a Mark on the person, it was printed on his skin. He went to get his lunch in the cafe, and sat down. The Mark was of satan. That made me look at the others that the beings came through. And true to the point I am making, all these had a Mark printed on their skin. Some were fires, some were skulls, some had spider webs, some monsters, they were tattoos. Some had heavy chains printed on their skin. Some had no skin at all left, that I could see, clear of printings. Their human face was tight, angry, ready for trouble. The main thing I saw was, they all had the same look about them, a sneer type of look. If I said it was like reptiles, with a science fiction look about them, it is as close as I could describe them. Some even had a being that came as a large frog. Some had the name skull printed on their skin. I thought about the Mark of satan. Was this another way he marked his evil army? I have seen this as dumb as it sounds."

Martha said, "So how did you deal with it?" Ronald said, "I had a few days off, as one time I became really sick, after a man got in the truck cafe, and a being came through him. This being stared at me, and I shrunk back in my seat. The man began to shake, and the being stretched towards me. I had to pray right there and then. The owner of the truck cafe, thought the man was going to have a epileptic fit. When I said "Jesus" in my short prayer. The being's face, looked like it was trembling, as the face folded up, and sunk back into the man. I can tell you Martha, that really scared me. I went to the doctor, who said I needed some anti depressants. I thought depression is not the answer here. So I thought about how I left going on with my Bible, and stopped going to church. How I began to watch science fiction, without any protection. How I got to a plateau, sort of a stop to my faith. Nothing was going forward, and nothing was moving. It was a stand-still. So I went to church, and they all asked me where on earth have I been? I was missed. A new minister was appointed in the church, and I did notice the sermon on things was what we all needed to be aware of."

Martha said, "Well my darling, I saw them beings as early as four. One was by my bed. Nothing said, just looking at me, and did look like an ancestor of the family. Again the one I told you about on my grandmother. Then again one night, I was about twenty one. I woke up, and a black being was near my bed, bending right over me, as if it was looking at me. I called my husband at that time, and then shouted for him. He was doing his books for the job he had back then. He did not hear me. He was only in the next room, but heard nothing. So I put on the light, and nothing was there. Naturally, back then, I knew nothing of this demonic force. I had left the light on for six months at night, as this being scared me to a stiff and rigid fear. I then met a woman that said something about a glass. I knew nothing of this, and she put this glass on her table, and the alphabet around in a circle. A yes, and a no, on separate paper. Then she said I had to ask a question, so I did. And the glass began to move. I laughed, because I thought she was moving it. I thought it a crazy way to entertain an afternoon. So she asked me to ask a question, that nobody would know the answer to, or what I had asked, as I had to ask in my mind. I did that, and the answer was correctly said. Now I was thinking some sort of good thing could be in this. But inside, I felt it not good. As I knew nothing of the tools of satan, I did not know any of his tools. The woman said, she has heard ghosts in her attic, moving things around! Well that was not for me. Later in time, I met another young woman, who had the same thing going. Her very large dining table had about thirteen people around it. A Bible, and a cross on the table as well. She said it was there to stop any ghosts that are bad. When it began, it was saying things, and pleasing them all. I was very skeptical about it. Because I thought, if it is safe, why a Bible on the table, and a cross? Then the glass started to swear, words of the worst kind, it was speeding around the table, with them having their fingers on the top of the end of the glass. They were standing up, because the glass was moving like electric, and then went under the tables edge, and then back onto the table, the words were so bad, and so cursing. I did not have my finger on it, at that time, it scared me. I got up, and said it was not a good thing to play with. I had no knowledge of any of this. She had an Indian sort of boy-friend, and I will tell you what happened to him after this, it is really bad."

Ronald said, "That sounds so scary, I have never done that, or known about a glass." Martha said, "It's called a Ouija board, but these made their own, and no name to it was given. I found that out at twenty-three. Now the night this cursing was going on, with the glass. I went home, I was scared stiff. I did not sleep, and at around midnight, I heard all the glasses break in my cocktail cabinet, in the lounge. It was a loud smash, and sounding like glasses. I did not go and look, because I was too scared to go it in the dark, or put the light on, I thought some horrid ghost would get me. The next morning, I got my three girls out of bed. I then went in the lounge room. As for me the cocktail cabinet was a decoration, not a drinking bar. I have never been an alcohol drinker, I do not like it, or what I have seen it does to others, so I stayed off it, as I am until today. I opened the door of the cabinet, and not one glass was broken. There were plenty in there, but none were even cracked! I was not in the mind to have a mental illness. I never heard voices at all, not even up to today. But this got to me, I did hear them all break, and it was loud."

Ronald said, "This was never really talked about, in studies of the sixties, in church. All I got was -----The wages of sin is death-----How can a Christian get a full lesson on the tools of satan, if they are not told by the wiser? About all we got was, the devil is to be missed, to us all. We used to think, how can we miss what we cannot see?"

Martha said, "Well listen to this. I was pregnant with my fourth child. The woman that held the glass nights, her man was partly Indian, and he put a ring on string, to tell me what my baby would be, a boy which I so wanted, or a girl. The ring spun away, as I saw it, to tell me as he said, I was having a girl. The baby, was a girl too. Now after the birth, and ten days in the hospital, my husband and I went to show off our new baby. The woman was in tears. Her boy friend had died, he was crucified, by his own so called mates. I sat there feeling a great blackness in the home. It was covering the joy of our new baby. I wanted to leave, but the lady was in a state, and I could not imagine a man being crucified, and left to die, on a cross made. The police could not crack that case. No evidence was found. Ronald this is absolutely true. So whoever did the murder, and I would think more than one would be involved. I did not keep up the company, and left the tools alone. I now know that anyone that meddles with the tool adds the blindness to truth. That experience was enough. I know even today, so many do not realize what they are walking in."

Ronald said, "Martha! Look how we are so protected now. I went back to church. I spoke about the faces of horrid beings coming through and then going back into the head of the person. The new minister, took me by the hand, and said, "Brother, who are we to say how the enemy will show? I really believe you need some Christian counseling, and cleansing your soul from that experience." I did that, and it worked out that I had failed to find the path that was there for me, stopped my faith, and by watching science fiction. The minister said, "Many doors are open for the darkness, many souls do not know this. The smallest opening to it, and the continuation of the addiction that it brings with it, takes the truth away, and gives signs. These signs are there to convince souls that there is a wealth, being in a power state of mind. As you experienced, how much of it was like the science fiction? Yet another tool to fool people. No untruth, can be truth."

Ronald continued saying to Martha, "I came back to "Our Lord," I repented the sin of sliding back, and being taken by the medium of television, and the movies of darkness. Since then, I saw the same people because my job runs the same places at times. Not once did I see a being come through a face, and the face disappearing, until the being was rebuked some way by my own way of thinking."

Martha said, "Why was it you never told me of this? We have been together for a long time now." Ronald said, "I could ask you the same question!" Martha said, "Yes, got your drift. It's not what we would want to spend time talking about really." Ronald said, "It was to be now, that we shared our temptations given us, to pull us in the web of destruction. We have learned from each other, and by confirming the signs unseen by many, we saw, and I feel we saw, because "Our Lord" Wanted us to know familiar spirits are our enemies."

Martha said, "Well to continue on the last part of this, because I saw today, men with the very printings on their skin. I saw women too. But more young men, and some older men too. I took notice of things. I looked at the writing on t-shirts. Men wore them with skulls printed on them. Some had a lighter that had skulls on it. Some had monsters on their shirts. Then I saw the tattoos, I do know this is all forgiven, in truth, and giving our life to "Jesus." But the tattoos were just how you explained what you saw. You know Ronald some of those tattoos were really dark in colorings. I too saw faces of tightness, of those that wore all this. It looked to me, and please do not think I am being odd, but the ones with all this in their idea of dress, and body adornment, looked as if they were being strangled. Strangled from the ease of walking in light. They walked in the dark, and were strangled from any peace, for it is seen in their eyes."

Ronald said, "My darling, we have actually put our experiences out, and out to die. For as long as it is in our memory file, unspoken of, it is in the dark still. All has to come out. I had not realized, that by holding this inside, due to thinking it is mad to open about it. Many close it in, or make some sort of distorted material of it. I would think some Christians, have had an encounter with this, and it remains unspoken of. Like with us two, until today. It is lurking in the dark to pounce at a given moment of weakness. It has to be exposed by every saved Christian. For the enemy is with so many tools unseen. I wonder if some Christians do not allow this to be spoken of, for fear. I do not mean it is the main subject, I mean it is to clear all traces of memory, as once being exposed, in all the measures used, there is no strength left to catch them again."

Martha said, "I agree, although we must keep our armor on, as weakness can be in ill health. For in great pain, many could turn to tools to help them. The tools would not be from "Our Lord," So in such things, they can reach out, and take whatever is offered, to ease the pain. It may be alcohol, cigarettes, drugs beyond the doctors allowance, of pain reducing drugs. I have had temptations for a cigarette, but I have to be in truth. Once I return to it, I have undone the work given me, to clean the soul to full cleaning. So what would I have done Ronald, if I took a smoke in pain?"

Ronald not being a smoker, said, "I gave up twenty years ago. I sometimes think about it, but I would not have one, for that one, brings on hundreds, over time. Lack of oxygen, tars in lungs, poisons in blood, eventually, a stroke, or heart attack. Or the very sin that has not yet been taken out of the human race, cancer. Martha, I would never tell you to stop smoking, for it would have made you unwilling to. I showed by my not smoking, that it is better to stop. Had you continued, I still would have loved you, not to judge you at all. This had to be you knowing that "The Holy Spirit" Is asking you to listen. So you did, and that is why you stopped. You will succeed, for that is a freedom of blocked air to your lungs, brain, and blood."

Martha said, "Same with alcohol. It's fine if in order of not being drunk, or becoming dependent upon, to block coping with problems. Many insecure people use alcohol to block off. So their problems stay inside them, as you said, not spoken of, so it must build to destruction. Worse still is what they call the weed. They smoke it, and get illusions of things seen. These things they see, are real, but in a way that they become aware of power, and then some drink on top of it, I heard them call it stoned."

"Martha, that I feel, is the real depths of no return for so many. In their time of this, they are killing their brain cells. Surely once it has reduced in sense. No sense can be in them, that is why they go on doing it." Said Ronald.

Martha said, "The police arrest if they find them on people, so knowing they take the chances, and some get into jail, just look at the false power given them. Besides that, I was aware that when I looked into all this, just all of them have red Indians as what they call as guides. Now Ronald, if the spirits of dead people were coming back, which they never do, it would be all so. Not Indians."

Ronald said, "You have looked into it, guess that was because of your past generations. Yes, I agree, all the talk of things to be, which are adultery to "Our Heavenly Father."

Martha said, "Well we both know, the only freedom, is through "Jesus Christ." In a way, it's easier to live with "Christ" Than to be in the depths of darkness. That is a constant battle of a way to live. Watching if the police are after the drug merchants, and all the other things, would make life hard, and dark. Coming to "Jesus" Is the easiest thing to do. It takes no time for the heart to receive "Jesus." I just know that once life is given, born again, all the past sins are washed away." Ronald said, "How right that is. I think we are all meant to give our services in different ways. Rather like a piecing together, the lost fragments, to make the whole garment. It speaks the same in all different ways, meaning the one thing, truth."

Martha said, "What would you like for dinner?" Ronald said, "I could really go for pizza." Martha said, "Sounds like a plan."

No more was said on the subject of the darkness. Martha, was in pain, but her soul was full of life, her heart full of "The Holy Spirit." Cleansing was almost done. The hip was the last one to be cleared away. She brightened up, knowing once it's done, after a few weeks, she will be walking. A good fourteen years her walking was of no use, as she was limited for mobility.

The operation would stop the pain, straight away. She looked forward to that. Her strength was in the greatest healer of all ages. "Our heavenly father." the veils were being torn from ages, on every step made by the family of "Christ."

Martha got her phone call from Fran, and Fran had a proposition for Martha. Things were going to be all the light now. Fran felt Martha was a example of, signs to show "The Holy Spirit" Manifesting her needs to win the full victory.

"Jesus Christ" Had planned ahead for her. Martha has met many people that are as far away form "Our Lord" As if in another country. She remembered one lady, who said she would never be loving a daughter, that was so hostile, without a reason that was explaining it. Martha regretted telling her how much she does not know why her daughter, the only one in the country, was so dark on her.

Martha said in return to that frame of mind, noticing the aged woman, seemed to have a glee about being hard, "I love my daughter, I may not like what she has taken on in her life, and "Jesus" Said, forgive all, enemies as well?" The woman thought Martha was not doing right, she was saying, fight to fight. To face her daughter. Giving a fight about this.

Martha knew that no argument wins any good thing, it builds up more tension, and distance. Fighting, will make more fighting, as in wars. The fighting is made greater, by the need to win the world, and be in control of all mankind. War is not about "God." all wars have left the very earth that "Our Heavenly Father" Created, a destruction. It was no wonder to Martha, that the very things in the word of "God" Were coming to pass right now, in this very age.

Martha was going to spend some time with Fran, and they were going to do some art work. Martha was going to paint. Fran was going to sketch. When they got together, Martha told Fran about the sharing she had with Ronald. Fran said to Martha, "Heavens, I never knew you had experienced the eyes, to see the darkness, and the manifestations of the lies. So Ronald did too?" Martha said, "I think many have seen them, but nothing is spoken, as it's regarded as mental illness. Fran said quietly, "Yes well-----I have seen them too! It was a time my parents were fighting. I saw movements, but no actual figure of a spirit. It was like a fog was going around my parents, weaving between them. My mother put the frying pan on, and the pan was a new one. It exploded for no reason. All she had in it was the oil, and the heat under it to fry with. It got a big hole in the pan! I ran away. My father stood there in shock, and then he said that because they were fighting, it gave the enemy a chance to sneak in on them. I came back into the kitchen, and they were hugging. I told them what I saw, and my parents had to get our Pastor in on this. I was given the reasons for it happening. My father had lost his job. My mother was scared of no wages coming in. So they began to fight. Being I was a teenager, it really scared me. Our Pastor, gave the way to rebuke that sort of thing. My parents never ever fought again. They worked things out, by talking, and exchanging views, for a solution.

Martha said, "You know Fran, I have been asked by "The Holy Spirit" To open these doors, that are veils. At times I have thought it difficult. So I get the way to write it, as in enough understanding, to those that read it. I once asked, why I was going through this, as much as is sent to me? "The Holy Spirit" Reminded me by saying, that giving my life the way I have, is the best way to show others. The more that's given out about it, the more people will look within their own souls, for it is there, that is the place "Our Lord" Wants clean. Then I was told, that his ways, are not my ways. I get that over, and over again."

Fran sketched a while saying nothing, she was thinking. After a time of that, she said to Martha, "Maybe it's because the enemy is never really put into awareness of his works, the many works that goes on. I think it's more dangerous today, than any age has been. Not that I am saying any other age was not dangerous, but this age is close to the coming of judgment."

Fran got up, and then gave Martha a great big hug! Martha said, "Thank you, we are safe, we love "Jesus." He is in our hearts. We are also a target that the enemy wants to stop." They looked at each other, and then they began to sing "The king is coming." the others in the art room were looking at them. Martha knew that some would be asking about the hymn sung. Her heart was warmed to that.

Martha hobbled to the door, she wanted to go outside for a short while. Fran stayed behind.

Martha looked up, as she often does, and she felt "The Holy Spirit" That she spoke to. She said, "I know you're working through me, I just did not know what the language was that I was speaking, but I was not speaking. It was from you. I did not understand it, apart from the last word. "Jesus."

"The Holy Spirit" Spoke to her, ♱ this is a reservoir very nearly untapped. This is why I commended Solomon, because he asked the highest gift. In adding the other benefits, I gave him only those things which shall surely follow after this first. For the life truly directed by my mind shall enjoy in abundance many other blessings. Ye shall know who hath need of healing, and what physical need, yes, even what is the true cause of the illness, that healing may be complete in the whole man. Ye shall know who is speaking error, and ye shall not only discern the craftiness of the enemy, but know how to rebuke him in my name. ♱

Martha bowed her head, and said "Lord," This is work I have never done, it is you that does it. I am at your mercy."

The "Holy Spirit" Spoke again. ♱ Ye shall be unafraid before the face of every man, for the wisdom is power. Ye shall be unashamed to speak, for ye shall know that the words ye speak are not your own, but his who sent thee and made thee his messenger. Yes, you shall be able to testify as did Jesus; the words that I speak, I speak not myself, but they are the words given me by the father. Know that I will do it. Trust me to do it. Ye shall rejoice exceedingly beyond any joy ye have yet experienced. Who can ponder the smallest fraction of the intelligence of the creator? It is at thy disposal. A great repository upon which ye may freely draw. Draw, then, for truly, the well is deep.♱

Martha said, "I am blessed as your child. I am in total surprise, that you came to me, to be your messenger. Me of all people. Well perhaps not all people, but one of the many you have appointed. Lord; I know you have humor, so I have not only one bucket to fill, but all of mankind, I so wish to be saved, so they see your path, and follow you. I am surely at your mercy. Thank you. Amen."

Fran came out, as Martha had been some time, she was worried, and said, "Martha, are you alright?" Fran then felt "The Holy Spirit." She knew then why Martha was so long.

Martha now knew she had his messages to deliver, and for as long as he appointed her to do so. She knew it was that way before, but as it was going through some repeating, of other messages, she wondered about it. Now she knew the importance of "The Heavenly Father" Abiding with her through his son, "Jesus." he wants all his children home.

Chapter Five

Fran walked back into the art room, with Martha hobbling along, getting her heated sharp daggers of pain in spasms too often to Fran. The others were sitting there, and one of them said, "Pardon me, you both were singing about a king? I took it as a hymn, by the words you both sang. Tell us, are you sent to give people what they do not know, or are you a couple of them Bible bashers?" Fran got upset by that, and Martha saw the look of annoyance, so Martha took it over saying, "We are not Bible bashers, we are the children of "God" As you are too! Yes I understand what you meant by Bible bashing. It is sad that some will do that. We are Christians, that are with the truth of life!"

The room was quiet for a while, and then another said, "OK, so your Christians, children of "God." How come then, things happen in this world that are so mean, and so harming? Even families are at war. So go on, bet you cannot answer that one."

Fran said, "Yes we can." another stood up and said, "Yeah right! There is nothing you two can do to stop the way things are today. It is so dangerous to be in this world right now." Fran agreed to that partly. Martha said, "Think about it this way, when the bottom of your life has gone, where is the best way to go?" A man stood up and said, "My name is Andre, I am from the continent. I left my home land to get a better life, and what do I find here? The same thing. The only thing that is different, is that it is bigger here. So I can live in the country, avoiding the city terrors, drug abusers, uncaring people, that live by the bullet."

Martha said, "So you feel your life lost its bottom and you're unsafe?" Andre said, "Yes, for what did I spend my money, to find the same in another country?" He stopped for a while, and looking at Martha he continued, "Well, look at you, how can you be so at peace, with the way your crippled, huh?"

Martha said, "Please let us not be personal. I am at peace, because I know who put in crippling, and for why. Once I did not know, when the last hip was done, and complications were in the operation. The orthopedic surgeon said he had never seen such deterioration, as mine were, in my first hip replacement, the left one. The right now has to be replaced."

Andre said, "Well if you do not tell us, how will we know?" Martha said, "I will tell you, but do not be personal, in other words, be polite. My crippling was put in me because-----This will be difficult, but if you listen, you may get the word as truth. I once was in a family of occult beliefs, and that is what is in the world today. I thought four generations were in this. "The Holy Spirit" Told me ten generations were into the idols. It was in the world since Adam, and Eve. Over the ages, the wickedness increased. Tell me any of you, if something happened to one of your family, and you saw them about to die, what would you say?"

Charlotte said, "We would all say-----Oh my God!-----It is what anyone would say, so what's so big about that?" Martha said, "I rest my case, think about it, who can save a life if it is about to die through an accident, of decease?" Andre said, "True, I have heard that myself. But in the world today, nothing can save the destruction."

Martha said, "My friend here, Fran, is a great genuine friend to me, because she knows why I have this crippled way. The ignorant make fun of it. Forgetting that they, one day, can get it too! Seeds sown are reaped, no sin will be in a closet, it will be finding all unsaved, out. There is no escape. The only escape is, coming to "Jesus Christ" Who lives yesterday, today, and forever." One lady said, I am not giving to this, I think this is hog wash."

Martha said, "We have to leave the room soon, for the next people who will use it. Do any of you want to come to my home for the afternoon? I have Jaffa cakes, and scones, with double cream, and home made jam." Andre said, "Ah! Now your talking, I will come, give your address yes?" only two refused to come.

Fran said, "Martha, you are inviting people in your home, you do not know. Be careful."

Martha said, "I have nothing to fear, as it is what is wanted by "The Holy Spirit." Fran said, "I agree."

They came, and one by one, ate their scones, and had their tea, or coffee. Andre said, "We were saying about "God," I agree there has to be something like that. But what gets me is, that I came to this country, and find the same evil here, as in my own country. So that is why I am doubtful."

Martha said, "To all of you here this afternoon, thank you for coming. Now to answer anything you wish to know, I must tell you, I did not know anything as deeply as I do now. I gave all I had to "Jesus Christ." It meant I realized evil was around me." Charlotte said, "Evil?" Martha said, "Yes, I had been in a house full of demonic things. The house was never cleaned. So you can imagine the filth in it. Everything was about spiritualism. The house was dark, even in the daytime. The woman that owned it was abrupt to the point of rudeness. Trespassing on privacy. She envied me, for the gifts I had."

Tommy said, "What did she mean by gifts?" Martha said, "Oh gifts of spiritualism, all of which were not true. I saw nothing at all. But she wanted me to tell her daily, about what spirits were in her home. I was scared of her. I made the mistake of going to live with her for about two months. As I did not want to hurt her, I stayed, against my grain. She became controlling, and actually tried to break up anyone I knew, that she had never met, would you believe? If I spoke about anyone I knew, she took it over, and said they wanted their pound of flesh! I stayed quiet for the two months. She did healing, which is never healing, I can tell you. So I was getting attacked full on. I then one day lost my patience, as I knew who she was going to rubbish next. It was my partner, now my husband, who she never knew either. About three hellos and three goodbyes, is all the words passed to her. She knew I had told her, that if anyone disrespects him, I am finished with the person who does that. She did it, she said she asked spirit if he was using me, as she thought he was. I cannot think how she meant that. For none of that was her business. That was it for me. I spoke to a physio, the head one, who came to the house. I had tried four days, to get the nurses to get me out of the house, and back home. This man was in his early sixties, and I asked him to look at the state of the house. Now I had been told by this woman, while I was lame, if I did the house work, I would not have to pay board! So I did it, but it would have needed professional cleaning, so I was doing all I could, and my muscles were tearing inside my lame leg. She was never home hardly, and there I was spending hours and hours, trying to clean. Yes, I did pay board. So in a wheelchair, I was doing her own work, not mine. She told me that my home was immaculate, and I said, I just like clean, and very clean. Even my washing I could not put in her machine, so another woman took it, and brought it back to me, for some weeks. Food was rank, and often I had to take a tissue, and put the food in it, without her seeing me, and threw it down the toilet. Now please understand this, she was not herself. I will explain later. Once she abused my man, I had to get out of there. The physio, did look at the house, as it did smell too, and pulled a face of disgust, he had a surprise, when I told him, that I was cleaning it, before my operation. That it was worse before I tried to clean every room. He was appalled, he said that he wondered-----Was she all there? He rang me the same evening, and the orthopedic surgeon, said I could go home. I had to go and tell her that. I was so relieved. I left the next morning. Now what I want you to know is, this lady was possessed, she was taken over by the darkness. She no longer had any sense. She was aged too, but had thought she was not as old as she was. Her abruptness, was the demons, living in her. All she did, and said, were not herself, but them of the darkness. At the time, I did not know that. I thought she was just a rude person. At times her kindness would be there, but her tongue cut like a knife. So it was a war inside her that was going on. Rather like living with many personalities, in one body. I left to come home, and the nurses said how clean my home was. To me that is normal, to be clean. When I got my rehabilitation time, I did it alone. I was to be on supports, for months.
I was off supports in four weeks!"

Andre said, "Is this true? I have never heard of this kind of thing before." Martha said, "Yes Andre, it is the truth. I then became hateful towards her, and as that is not my nature, I just did not know what it was all about. One day I went to the hall where they hold spiritualism, and said to her -----Can we forgive each other?-----She said yes, but she was hostile, and very cutting still. So I gave it up."

Tommy said, "Why ask to forgive each other, when it was her that damaged you?"

Martha said, "She did not damage me, she was caught with the darkness, so blinding, that she saw nothing. It was the falseness that was harming me. But the harm to her, was far worse than what I got. I was being attacked. She was possessed. They knew, I knew, "Jesus" And "Jesus" knew I was his lost lamb. So that is why the battle was going on. It felt like I was in prison, hell, no way to get out. I had months on end trying to work out what it was about. Then one day I rang a Pastor, who called be back. The night before I said to the evil, I am going to get rid of you. After the good hour, and half talking to the Pastor, he prayed for me. From that day, I was getting the dark caverns, and the darkest ones, breaking up. Light was coming in."

Charlotte said, "This sounds like a horror movie! Man it's really nasty. What did you do after all that?"

I had healing coming, but not at once. I had to say the words that brings in "Jesus." ♱ I want to know the truth. ♱ From that day on, things became clear, and making sense. I was to be in that darkness, to be of service, and in his mercy. I asked for things to help me understand. He gave them to me, just like that. He led me to materials that spoke of his life. He got me hymns, and singing like I have never heard. Beautiful. He told me I was able to come, just as I am. "The Holy Spirit" Was close, it was not in my heart, until I meant it that I wanted the truth. So from this, it has been given to me, and all the words I say, write, or think, are his. Now that you all have heard this, you will see, I am the same as you are, nothing different, as you too can have "The Holy Spirit" Guiding your every step. Once he is there, you are nothing as you were. So here I will stop on it, as I think you will each want to share your experiences. For in it all, it is the same. Darkness, and light."

Fran said, "Martha! You never told me about this, I think you were given a road to open things up. Martha said, "It is "The Lord." He opened up the darkness. It is he who wants me to speak. He loves you all."

Andre sat there with a stunned look on his face. He had not expected this. Tommy was looking much the same. Charlotte had her eyes so wide, and a questioning look. The others were looking the way of wanting to know about this all.

Andre said, "Oh, well then, the evil I had in my country, is in every country?" Martha said, "Yes Andre, but you can change that sorrow in your heart. Charlotte began to cry. Fran was pleased, a breakthrough. Tommy said, "It appears to me, that only three of us here, have talked. The others are not talking. You do not even know their names." Martha said, "Names are not the issue here, they are learning, as you are. Some are shy, and some are not."

Andre said, "So if I want to know the truth, I can also have what you have?" Martha said, "I do not have it only, there are many others that do, I am not special, I am in service. For all mankind, is "Our Heavenly Father's" Creation."

Fran said, "Martha, tell them of the time coming."

Martha said, "As you know, by the news, the world is breaking up. There are floods, there is torment. There is no peace in the world. I had a glimpse of a disaster, that had not happened, and a few months later, it happened, on a larger scale than I was seeing. That is all I can say. I wrote about it, but in a different way, to what actually happened."

Tommy said, oh in japan?" Martha said, "Yes. I got it another way. It's like I was being shown how close the second coming is."

All in the room were silent. Then at once they all spoke and said, "We have to know how to be saved, we must know." Martha said, "♱ praise the Lord ♱ it is here today, that he is talking to you, you may hear me, but it is from his mercy, that he wants you home."

Helen said, "I have not said my name, but how can we go home? We are home when we get home, so what do you mean?"

Martha had "The Holy Spirit" Talking to her now, she was silent for a time, and then said, "Your flesh home is here on earth, your real home is with "Our Lord." It is there that you furnish your eternal life. Furnishing here, will not give you that. Coming to the truth, is the first step to you building your heavenly home." then Martha said, from "The Holy Spirit's" Own words.

♱ yes my child, my economy is wonderful! My kingdom truly is not the kingdom of the world. Even thy material gifts, when dedicated to me, are spiritual wealth. Ye have given to me that which I can multiply to thee, and to others, in spiritual blessing. ♱

The room was again silent. Andre said, "Something happened just now, did anyone else feel it?" All put up their hands. Andre said, "I want the truth, I have to learn the real truth." Martha said, "You have just welcomed "Jesus" In your heart. Keeping faith in that, and learning about him, will surely be your eternal life, you will not die."

Tommy said, "Oh come on we all die." Martha said, "Only in the flesh, not of the spirit of "Our Lord's" Creation, you!" Charlotte said, "I am so moved, and I just do not know how you survived that awful experience of the darkness, attacking you for so long." Martha said, "I knew nothing else at the time, just darkness. But a light was shining through, and only just. Rather like a needle in a haystack. I had to use my heart, and my eyes. For there it was, ready to save me, as it will you all."

Andre said, "I bet some would joke with you about the dark house you were in." Martha said, "No, but the others in the occult, can never get close to me now. They see something, and as long as they want to be in untruth, and darkness, they shall not see. The demons see "Jesus," So the ones in the occult, flee. They cannot stand near me. I have had that as a witness, as there was a few times, that one came where I was, and she cannot stay near me, but speaks foolishly. I tried to tell her that it is not Christian. But her heart is looking like being taken over. I tried with two of them, and nothing moved."

Shane said, "So where do these go at death?" Martha said, judgment, and the abyss. For no God, can be God, in two gods. The sons of the dark, and the sons of the light, battle. It is warfare that is spiritual. "Our Heavenly Father" Said, ♱ there shall be no other God before me ♱ the first commandment."

Shane said, "I think we all can do with going to studies about this. I know that I have had some weird things at times. How many of you have, in all honesty?"

Every hand went up, including Fran's, and Martha's. Martha said, "No man is without sin. Sin is cleansed, and washed away, by only one thing."

Tommy said, "Yeah, I think I am ready to be washed of things I have done."

Fran said, "Think about it, and try to come on Sunday to the church, as there is only one in town, you will know it. You can then be welcomed by our minister, and come into the fold, and learn the Bible, to understand things."

Martha said, "For me it was different, I had two Bibles given to me, and a third is on its way. One that is coming as a gift. So I will not wear out three of them!" They all laughed. Martha said, "I have the Bibles, yet I have a direct way from "The holy spirit." He is doing all these things with me, for others. Mainly "Our father" Wants his children, as any parent would do. He will use any person, that he knows will do as he asks. Sometimes I have felt as if things are repeated, in different stories, yet that is how it is given to me, probably because he wants it to sit home in the hearts of his children."

Suddenly the man that was the quietest one of all said, "Your name is Martha, right?" Martha said, "Yes, why?" The man said, "I am John, and I have been reading books online. Done by a Martha, is it you?"

Martha stopped short, and asked "The Holy Spirit" To give her an answer, for the last thing she wanted, was credit for books. Martha sat for a while, and as Fran knew, Fran gave a talk about the beauty of creation. The birds, the flowers, the whole of creation.

John was persistent he wanted to know if it was Martha herself. Martha listened to "The Holy Spirit." The words given were, ♱ o my child, you do not have to listen to mankind, for my words are free. No man can give thee the words, that I give thee. You put them down, as a human kind of wording. The truth in them are from me. The writings are to be read, that is enough explanation for those that read them. There is the very answers that will reach many who want to be in my truth. ♱

Martha then knew his answer, she did not have to tell him. So she said, "How many Marthas do you think are in the world?" John said, "Quite a few I reckon. It's just that I have read five of them, and will be reading the rest, it gave me a great deal of-----Oh-----How can I say?-----It was like peeling back the layers, to my own self. I lost who I was, and the rush of the pace today, just leaves me dizzy. So I wanted literature that was simpler to read. I clicked onto a site, and one came up, that I had no idea of, until I opened it. Listings of many gifted people are in there, and many books are in the free library. What made me ask you is this, as well. The first book was-----I want to know the truth-----You said that, so it sort of got me thinking."

Martha said, those words are said by many, so as long as you found what you needed, that is all that is part of the straight road that you were looking for." John said, "The first book was like a gate opening to me. Many have had childhood misplacements. Some more harder than others. I had a fairly good childhood. So reading that made me wonder about compassion that is not in this world today. I realized that any child, that came above all that, must be for a reason. I never knew that this sort of thing could happen. So it made me want to open the gate."

Martha said, "You opened your heart, that is the gate, as you say. It is the door that "Jesus" Spoke about, he was knocking on your door. So you were led from then?" John said, "I know a family, that is different. A woman that never had children took two boys, at an early age. Both from different parents, so they are not blood brothers. Both boys have disabilities, not able to understand life. Such as the way they are is, mental disabilities. Yet they know all about money. They know all about things material. One of them is now a teenager of nearly eighteen. He has become a criminal, and has a record now. He ended up being with groups of young youths that led him onto their path. He stayed out from the home he lives in, not thinking of the mother that gave her time to him for sixteen years. So here is a case of what I would call darkness. He has got to say there is no God, and it's rubbish. So reading what I have, I knew this young man had been abused as a baby, and far more than that! The book gave me an insight to what is done to children. I am sorry, but I so disagree with that kind of harm. Now looking at the one that is doing crimes, he gets away from it, because he is not quite normal. He has been in drugs, and far more. He would not know how to get drugs, so the others made a clown of him, and he stayed out from his home for days on end, day and night. Then he got bashed up, and was in hospital. The police are getting to a point that he will have to be put into another care, as this woman cannot control him. I think from that, I can see what you're saying Martha. It is strange to me, that I got the site, and then got what I was looking for. I had lost my understanding about adult life. I had a break up, and it left me cold. So I suppose you're not the author of the books."

Martha inwardly thanked "The Lord." John had said just what would get her to remain private. She said, "John, I am not the author." Fran did not make one gesture to that, as she too, knew the real author.

They all thanked Martha for her time. They all were coming to church the following Sunday. They left, and Fran sighed, saying, "Wow! Nearly eh? You really got that one wisely. Martha said, "Fran, as you know, "The Holy Spirit" Gave me the way to answer that. I did not lie, I just did not have to give that out. "

Fran said, "Ronald is working late tonight?" Martha said, "Yes, he is trying to save for his retirement. Fran, you're going to your sister's tonight, how has she been?" Fran said, "Oh just the same. She always sees life as a gem."

Martha was now alone, thinking of making dinner for Ronald. She was very tired, as with her pain, it made her energy go quite a bit. Ronald called by phone, and Martha said, "Hey darling, do you mind if I do not make dinner tonight? I am very tired, and I have to tell you of the day I have had. It really was a day of the heart." Ronald said, "I do not mind, how can I expect you to feel up to everything right now? Why not go to bed, and rest, and tell me tomorrow of today's events."

Martha said, "I love you darling, and I cannot wait to hug you."

Chapter Six

Fran was taking her holiday to France. Her husband wanted his month off work, abroad. He had a month due to him, with pay. Fran, and Martha, had a day together, to talk things over. Fran was leaving for France, the day after tomorrow. While they looked at the brochures of France. They saw the many scenes that Fran and Ken, her husband, would be enjoying.

Fran said to Martha, "I have a feeling that you are to have time on your own. To look at what is next for you." Martha said, "I have asked why the darkness has been repeated, in this story, as it was in another one, something must be a reason for this."

Fran said, "As I am the only one who knows you're doing books, apart from the publications, which I know, is the way it is to be delivered, if "The Holy Spirit" Has the reason, it may be unfolded in this book?" Martha said to Fran," I just feel, that it was mentioned in other books, but again in this one, and of some, repeated, only a little more said about the ones I spoke about, in my first book."

Fran said, "I think "The Holy Spirit" Knows you're stronger now, and so it is to be."

Martha said, "I know something else is coming, it feels like I am on steps." Fran said, "It must be so, if that is how it is coming." Martha said, "It may be coming while you're away. "

They spent the day, talking over many things. Martha said, "What are you going to wear?" Fran laughed saying," Cloths Martha!" Martha thought she should have expected that kind of answer, knowing her sense of humor.

Fran and Ken were at the airport. Their flight was about to leave for France. They enjoyed the flight, and the safe journey. At the french airport, they had to get a taxi, for the hotel they chose to stay at. The taxi driver took them through the roads that seemed to be very busy. The town they saw on the way, made them quite eager to explore this country. In the hotel, they were welcomed by a manager. Then shown to their room. Inside the room, on a table, was a bottle of red wine, and Belgium chocolates, in a posh box. With a green ribbon around it.

After unpacking, Fran went to the very posh bathroom. Ken thought to get their meal as room service. Fran came out of the bathroom, about to get dressed, when Ken said, "I just tried to get room service, but the man that answered spoke french, no English." Fran said, "That is unusual, there would have to be English spoken in these places."

They got ready, dress would be formal, and Fran was worried about her wet hair. So she quickly dried it, and put it into braids. The dining lounge was large. They sat on a table shown them for two. Next to them were another couple.

The couple at the next table were not looking very happy. So Ken said, "My name is Ken, and this is my wife, Fran." the man said, "I am Grant, and this is my-----Er-----Wife, Grace." then he coughed as if he was not sure about what he said.

A waiter was near them. Grant said, "This is ridiculous, a hotel that does not have room service, I rang the reception, and got french spoken, no English, how can we get an order in the room that way, huh?" Grace looked uncomfortable. Fran smiled at her. Ken said, "I tried for room service, as we were tired from the flight. The man spoke in french, so I could not get any sense out of it. We then thought to come into the dining lounge for our meal."

The waiter heard all this, but stood by for the time being. Grant was getting annoyed about it, and making his complaints very loud, so others could hear him. Fran thought that he was a short tempered man.

Ken said, "Well there may be a good reason, so we may as well enjoy the dining lounge." Grant said, "I do not think it's fair to-----" The waiter came towards them and said, "Pardon, our lady who is the receptionist, for service to rooms, was taken sick suddenly."

Grant said, "What bad management, you should have had a stand by, and made it correct for the guests here." Grace said, "Grant, please do not make a scene, you always do that, and it is not manners." Grant snapped back at her saying, "You-----The one who is never on time, can sit there, and take this? Still what is new with you?"

The waiter tried again to explain, but Grant was becoming very hostile about it, and got louder, and louder. The waiter said, "I am in charge of the meal area, and the chefs are all in, we cannot replace the lady that is sick, until eight thirty tonight."

Grant said, "You should repay us for the inconvenience, this is not good to me. The other people were looking at them in disgust now. Ken tried to reason with Grant. Ken knows that things can happen, but to throw a public wobbly, to Ken was not reasonable.

The waiter left the dining lounge, and got the manager. The manager said, "I would like to ask you to calm down, we had a unexpected lack of a staff member, we have to wait till eight thirty, for the replacement of staff." Grant said, "Oh right! So we wanted our meal at five thirty, and now it's six thirty, as we could not get through for room service, it is disgusting for management. I do not think this hotel is run well!"

The manager was now looking seriously at Grant, and he said, "I do understand the annoyance, but you are the only one making a scene about it." Grant said, "Well you should refund us, and we will go to another hotel," Grant did not expect the manager to actually take him serious, Grant was bluffing.

The manager said, "No more," And went to get the refund, and evict Grant from the hotel. Grace was in tears. She said, "Grant you really do this everywhere, you will not take reason that at times, things do go out of line. No need for this, and here we are, supposed to make our marriage work." Grant said, "What marriage? We never got on, you are too lazy to work at it. I do what any man would do, go and have time with his mates, and you do not like that."

The manager came in with the refund, and Grant was taken by surprise. He snorted at him, and went up the stairs. Fran said to Grace, who was trying to calm her, "Do you think that if my husband Ken, spoke to him, man to man, he may calm down, and we may be able to get you to stay here, if Grant apologizes?" Grace said, "If Grant does that, it will be a first. Since we married, he thought he could do as if he were single. Go away weekends with his mates, or go drinking with them. He is never at home."

The manager came back. He had the refund in his hand, and was about to give it to Grace. Then he saw her in tears. His heart went out to her, and he said, "I must forgive, I am a Christian, but I felt unChristian, having my hotel made a public scene for such ill mannered a man. You my dear, did not do it, but if your husband apologizes, then I will reconsider your stay here."

Ken was talking to Grant, as Grant did let him in the hotel room he was using. It was next door to theirs. Ken said to Grant," You are very angry, and I thought you might like to talk with me, as a man, to see why you're so angry. It was getting out of hand down there, and people were looking at you. I am sure, if you apologize to the manager, he may give you permission to stay." Grant said, "Apologize, you're kidding me? I am a man, not a child." Ken said, "I know you're a man, but sometimes it pays to be like a child, and just apologize." Grant was hot under the collar now, but he questioned the child talking of reason. Ken said, "You can get rid of the anger and stress. I can help you, and my wife, can help Grace, but you have to decide. Apologizing, will save you the trouble of finding another hotel. Also Grant, if all the hotels are full, you would not get one at all, think about that!" Grant sat down, and he said, "I have never told any man this, or any of my family, I am impotent. I have no desire for-----Oh you know what I mean."

Ken now was putting his arm on Grant's arm, and he said, "Were you like that on your wedding day?" Grant said, "No, I was OK then. But I prefer men's company. So I am not really interested, in that side of marriage." Ken said gently, and judged not, have you had any gay interests Grant, and if I am trespassing, forgive me, I want to help you."

Grant was silent for some time, and then he said softly, "I have not had a gay relationship, not once, but I am attracted to the thought of it." Ken said, "That is why you're impotent, your inner desires are in your mind, they live while you think upon them." Grant said, "I am trying to make it with my wife, but I am stressed, as I know I will not be able to commit that way. For her it is a loss, so I pick on her all the time, to cover my own insecurity. How do I ever get this out of my mind Ken?"

Ken said, "I do not preach to you, but I can say that a darkness fell upon you, causing your marriage to break down. Now for you to understand this, and come into the light, will mean, that you sit with me, for some part of your holiday. Once you're safe, we can then, both of us, make this go away, by giving it to the only truth, that lives. No needs to tell your wife. What is important here is, cleaning your inner self, the soul. I am a Christian, and so is my wife, do not be put off of that. We are all "Our father's" Children, and all sin can be dealt with. It will go away, and you will be healed."

Grant said, "Do you think if I tell my wife, I am impotent, without telling her why, as in my thinking, she will be understanding it?" Ken said, "Does she love you Grant?" Grant said, "Yes, very much so, but I push her away." Ken said to Grant," Tell her in your privacy. The first step is to apologize to the manager, and keep your board here. Then be on good terms with your wife, give her your time. Give her love. Try to mend the situation, by understanding you're a man, not a weak man at at that. You have shown that, by sharing with me, and I do not judge you. I am a poor Christian, if I judge you, and say things that would push you away. It creates more darkness for you that way. It also means I would not have learned. So it's with complete security here. As my dear brother, "Jesus" Heard all this. It is he who is knocking at your door. I am in service for him. That is why we had to meet."

Grant got up, and smiled at Ken, saying, "Thank you, nothing has made sense to me, until today. None of my mates are Christians, they are a rough lot. I used them for my own running away. But I came back to the beginning every time, it would not go away, I could not run from it. Now I see why. I must go down and apologize to the manager, and if any people are still in the dining lounge, I will apologize directly to all of them." Ken said, "Man, that is a good first step. Amen.

Oh," Ken said, "I forgot to say, I was a sinner too, sure I did things wrong, not the same as you, but just as sinful. So see, I too am a man, but a saved one now."

Fran was telling Grace about the same thing, but in a different way. She gave Grace the understanding, that a dark cloud can bring in many storms. Grace told Fran, that she was getting more distant to Grant, because he was unapproachable. Fran told her about the love of "Christ," The anointed one. How in a few times to spare, she can help Grace. She gave Grace enough to try to reason in calmness.

Grant went to the manager. He looked at him and held his hand out, saying, "I was out of order sir, I am very sorry, and I want to make up for it." The manager shook his hand, and said in joke, "Well there are a million dishes to be washed up in the kitchen, how does that grab you?" Grant said, "I will do them." The manager said, "No brother, I am joking, it takes a great deal of courage to apologize, most run away." Ken looked at the manager, and said, "Well you're a Christian, so you see Grant as your brother." The manager said, "We are all family. So it's all forgiven, and washed away. Now go and enjoy your time here, you may stay."

Grant went to the dining lounge, yes there were all the people still in there. He got to the small stage, where a pianist was playing, and whispered to the man, could he just say a few words over the microphone. Grant was given that, as the music he was playing he could stop.

Grant stood on the stage, and they all looked at him. Not one sound of cutlery was heard. They were all surprised! They half expected him to carry on, as before. Grant said, "Please all you guests in this room that heard me being so rude, I am very sorry, and Hope you all forgive me. I was out of control, and as I have upset your evening, may I please be given your permission to be enjoying this hotel with you all?"

The guests began to applaud him. And they clapped for a while. Some of the men got up, and shook Grant's hand, and the ladies were smiling at him. He was now one of them, to have a good holiday. This holiday was going to turn about, for Grant and Grace. Ken and Fran were going to learn from this too! For no limits are with "The Heavenly Father."

Martha was doing her work, and found her hip was not hurting her as much. It was not twenty four seven. It still stabbed her, and made her gasp in pain, but there were spaces now. She was going to ask "The holy spirit" How this could be so. Be sure there is a good thing happening here. She still knew she would be getting an operation, but something was going on. It will be revealed, as time moves on for her.

Chapter Seven

Martha received a post card from Ken and Fran. She was looking forward to it, as she knew it would be of substance.

Ronald was telling Martha about a change in work. A driver wanted to change his shift times, and Ronald's roster was more to what he wanted. Ronald thought it would be better, as the other shifts were closer to home. Meaning he is able to be home a little more.

Ronald thought for a while, then he said, "You know Martha, we were talking of those experiences, I felt it was better to open to them, to each other. Martha said, "I felt as if a great big block was moved out of the way."

Ronald said, "Yes, in a way it was put to death, and cannot return. I do not mean that we will not get darts, it's just we are more aware of them now. Funny though-----I thought whilst driving, that having that inside, was making it still in our souls, not largely, but there to attack at any moment of backsliding."

Martha said, "I would not have thought that could be an unseen weapon, not upon just you and I, but others too! Ugh! We have reduced the amount of attack now. The more that understand the threats to their souls, the less the attacks can win them. Amen."

Martha went out into the garden after Ronald left for work. Her thoughts were, how any unsaid thing, is like a grain of sand within the soul, ready for giving proof of the deceit. Ready to force when a soul is weekend. She thought, as Ronald did, that it was like a confession, to open up about it to each other. Martha knew that anything never shared out, to bring it out, was satan using his weapon of lies.

She knew that threats to satan, brings on other energies of untruths, for he knows he will not win, but believes in his own lies, theft, sickness, and all sin, to mankind.

Her thoughts went to "The Holy Spirit." She then fellowshipped with the Grace of the most high. Her prayer was given this way-----

The way you saved me the way you came-----
There is no way I am the same-----
My heart was broken my heavy soul---
You knew my spirit was trying to be whole-----
I wanted the truth the love that is real-----
You gave me you ♱ my spirit sealed-----
You cleared my path so I could walk-----
In your holiness to me you talked-----
I had no home that wanted me-----
Your home was the place to set me free-----
With shining light whiter than snow-----
You took my sins so I could grow-----
I am at thy mercy you gave to me-----
The very eyes so I could see-----
A day never passes without you in it-----
Taking me out of satan's pit-----
There is no face as beautiful as you-----
You let me see it because it is true-----
How you took me into your fold-----
The streets of white, the paths of gold-----
I praise you for you are the sovereign king-----
Giving me the gift for speaking-----
As I bow my head in your glory-----
Thank you for your words in each story-----

Martha then waited for "The Holy Spirit" To answer her.

Call my people to repentance; yea call them to prayer and fasting upon their knees. The enemy is rejoicing already for his anticipated victories, ye can disappoint him, and thwart his evil designs. Hold onto the throne of God; by believing prayer be anxious for nothing, but in all situations in prayers and fasting, bring every emergency to me; for I am the great physician; and many are the afflictions of the righteous. The Lord healeth them all. Ye shall be taught of the spirit ye shall know the mysteries by the spirit of God; the scriptures were given to holy men of old, even so by the spirit shall the treasures of the word be revealed unto thee; as this is a strategic hour. Move forward with courage and confidence, but always allow me to walk ahead and choose the right path for thee. I want thee to prosper, and be in health, if difficulties come, it is by my order, and for thy benefit; bring forth the message I bring to thee the greater living in the spirit, the greater thy benefit. Man would say that ye have trouble, I say ye have a test; behold as this is the hour, my child ye will know what to do in all situations, I will not forsake thee; bring forth my truth for I am with thee forever.

Martha felt as if she was showered with full light, not only outside her body, but in her veins, and all organs. Her feeling of "The Holy Spirit" Was in full, she was very moved. The paths were told her to come. She knew something was going to be revealed, and given from the most high "Holy Spirit." Many things were coming for Martha. All in the correct times that "Our Heavenly Father" brings. Her eyes were opened to the preparation of the unfolding truths to come. She said inside her soul, to other souls that were in need, wait, for I cannot bring, what "Our father" Has in his majesty for all to know. It is he who asks you all to wait. It will be coming. You will see it.

Chapter Eight

Martha was getting time to do her work for "The Lord." She was missing Fran very much. Today her lower back was in more pain, and felt like the energy of the pain was going down to the ground. As she determined to continue to try to walk, she heard the hip bones moving, and felt them as if they were being cracked by a chiropractor. She would never use a chiropractor.

Her feelings of managing were still strong. Her inner feelings were, she takes longer to do things, she drops things, and then gets quite frustrated. Then she told herself that it will be alright, it is how it's meant to be at the moment. Much to her wishing it was not.

The odd things Martha found, was people that do not have it, seemed to tell her how to manage. This really annoyed her, because it was enough to cope with such strong pain, and try to remain with some independence. She put her annoyance down to the pain. She had thought of cigarettes many times, but still remained off them. She was not going to give in. She found the action of smoking now was missed, rather than the addiction, as it was to start with. She knew that her body had to be cleaned of smoking. She then thought, all very well, but now I have to take pills for pain, sleeping, etc, she did not like this, but relief had to be in some way.

For some reason, she felt as if she was alone, it was like something was missing, that was unseen. Martha had to work that one out. Did "The holy spirit" Leave her for a while? Or was it the end of the darkness of generations that left her? It was to be revealed.

She said to herself out loud, "What is it Lord, that I must understand about feeling alone?"

"The Holy Spirit" said, "I will never leave thee, or forsake thee, thy sins of the past have left thee, ye do not know what to do, to fill that emptiness. Ye learned that one sin was left, with that sin, you turned it to me. In that one sin left you felt unworthy, thy heart gave that sin into understandings of my word. For within the flesh, desires are craved for. O my child replace that emptiness with my love, I love thee, love was missing in thy life of flesh. The grave clothes were taken off thy soul. Thy cleansing was painful, the roots of evil were pulled out from the ground that were pulling thee down. Ye know discernment. Ye know my strength is purity. As thee left the flesh, whilst in the flesh, emptiness is felt. The transition from flesh, while in the flesh. The spirit that is mine, in ye, feels strange. Thy birth is complete. Look within the number."

Martha said, "I am trying to, but what do you mean by number? I am lost on that." Gently the space around Martha became in light, she saw the brightness, with nothing else to see. "The Holy Spirit" Said, "Thy number is nine, seek ye to look when you called me into thy heart."

Martha looked back to when she began her way out of the old life, to the new life. It was nine months to the day! She thought, oh no, this is coincidental it must be. It takes nine months for a baby to be born! Then she took another frame of mind, perhaps the nine months were her born again time. She heard the words now said, "Be still and know I am there." Then the time to reveal came. "The Holy Spirit" Said, "Thee put one sin out to me, this sin put to me, became a Grace, for as thee knew about it, it was to be my way, to bring it through to material manifestations, for others, my children. All have sinned, all can be saved. Thy new life is beginning, for it is I who gave thee the studies thee have learned, by "My spirit."

Martha was now understanding, that her feeling alone, was the death of her past family. Wow! She thought, this intelligence is far greater, than my mind can take in. She got up, and knew that "The Holy Spirit" Had not finished yet, but waited, as she was taken by emotions, far greater emotions, than any word could speak. No words could explain the change, the feeling of emptiness, to give "The Holy Spirit" The full temple of her body, soul and spirit. The joy she felt was wanting to burst into rejoicing. But how to rejoice? This is far greater than me. Every time she looked at the acting of "Jesus Christ" Being crucified, her tears came, as if she felt it. She did feel it, because she knew the pain she had caused in sin, upon the "Son of man." how, she thought, could one man suffer all the pain, in the whole world of mankind? How many were his children as Judas the traitor? Pretty much all did. How he suffered every age, and ages to come. He has given me so much in his word, the only words of truth. Oh! There will never be a way to have this, other than by truth. I have wondered how he chose me, to give his undivided attention, in bringing me through the birth tunnel of re birth. As he has done for others, that wanted truth. It was not only me. Ah well, why do I question that? It is obvious. Untruth, cannot live in truth. They do not agree. One has to go. Either light, or dark. So many people say that the two have to exist, for balance. Balance of what, I would say back. There is no balance in the world. Light is meant to be for all time. Health can only survive in lightness. Any darkness is heavy. Nothing is seen clearly, so how can darkness be granted as a balance?

As she reminded herself of her time, in the past nine months, yes, there it was. The veils around Martha, were taken off the grave that was open for her to fall in. For in that grave, the second death was waiting to kill her. The revealing was more as well, the nine generations, were in that grave. Martha was the tenth generation. Martha had beaten the evil, but not by herself. The only part was for her to open the door to "Jesus Christ." Simple. Then she counted the many damaging body parts, including the many operations. She was even more surprised, nine were there. The tenth one is her right hip replacement. She then thought, this is not coincidence, it cannot be, because it all works out.

She then made her way back to listen to "The Holy Spirit" as this was so much revealed to her, that she was speechless.

Martha said to "The Holy Spirit," How can I thank you Lord? You forgave my transgressions, you came to me, you saw one leg going into the grave, in 2006. Left hip operation. You saw the demons attacking me. I remember after the complications in the operation, the woman that was possessed, was sitting by my hospital bed. I was still under influence of the anesthetic, I said to the woman, without knowing why,-----Things will change now-----Then I saw dark grey around her. I also knew she was going to die, but not when. She did die, 2009, alone, and not found till twelve hours later. Almost the very date I had my hip replacement three years before, July.

I believe you were in that theatre, keeping me alive. For you had seen the works done of evil upon me. You were ready to use that darkness, for your glory, to be giving all mankind the truth. This is the power of wisdom. Wisdom that we, as children can only learn from. "The Holy Spirit" said to Martha, "Ye know now why the emptiness. Ye will be filled with love. The enemy is lost with those he cannot take to his pit. As he tries to take thee back, as he will do, just ♱ praise me ♱ for that he detests, as he knows that is his destruction. Ye are in my care, for thy working in my words is rewarding to my children who have not learned of me. Keep ye in mind, thy life is new, it is going to be safe, as long as ye keep my words in thy heart. Lose them not, go there all the time, for it will give thee more than anything in the material world, of which my child you do not belong. Ye have said in times, I hear thee, that thee are in the world, but not of it. I will reveal more to thee, for thy heart is filled with much Revelation. Thy portion is enough for this day."

Martha was in fullness, and nothing she could think of, would ever explain this great wealth. Her thoughts were looking into all the ways that were traps. How no traps were there anymore, only the bait. That bait, she will not eat. It reminded her of the Garden of Eden. The apple was the bait. She was so happy to destroy satan's false victories.

Martha spoke to Ronald about her day. He was absolutely stunned by "The Holy Spirit" Giving his wife so much. He said, "Martha, this is a precious gift for you. I do feel you will get more revealings, as promised. Fran said you were in for something great! How do you feel about it darling?" Martha said, "Speechless." Ronald understood, and then laughed saying, "So I can watch the news in peace then? As your speechless!" Martha clipped Ronald on the arm, and said, "Oh you."

Ronald was about to take his jacket off, as the envelope fell to the floor. He said, "Oh yes, there is a letter for you from France, bet you cannot wait to read it from Fran."

Martha said, "Go watch your news, I am going to give you the silent treatment tonight!" They laughed, and hugged, and Ronald was unable to take in the news, because the things Martha had told him were so inspiring for the truth.

Chapter Nine

Martha opened Fran's letter. There were photos in there too! She took a look at them, seeing another couple with them. She hobbled to Ronald, who was looking above at the ceiling.

Martha said, "Thought you wanted to look at the news, and what do I find? You're looking at the ceiling." Ronald said, "I thought you were speechless tonight! To be honest, I cannot get out of my mind what you had gifted to you today." Martha said, "Well look at these photos, as they are having fun. I wonder who the other couple is though." Ronald said, "Probably you will find out, read the letter."

Martha read the letter, and was so pleased to see the writing was of witness, of "Our Lord" For the couple in the photos. Fran told them exactly how the meeting of them, became a real life encounter. Fran did not give what Ken knew of Grant, because Ken would not give Grant's confidence away. Fran told about the way they met, and that Grant was getting really angry, to the point of being thrown out of the hotel. How Ken went to speak to him, and how Grant apologized to all. How they want to know the truth as well.

Martha said, "Ronald, no distance can stop "Our Lord." Read this." Ronald read the letter, and said, "Well here we are, and you're getting, to me anyway, a great gift, and there they are, giving the truth, to save another two. So I know you miss Fran, but in a way, you are still together. Both working the mercies given to truth.

The youths next door were throwing stones at Martha's house. Ronald was about to go out there, when a window smashed. "This is it Martha, I am going to call the police." Said Ronald. Martha said, "Yes, perhaps they will continue to throw stones when they come. That will be their reward for being so."

The police were called, and they came to the house. Both Ronald, and Martha were glad to see them.

One officer said, "They are not throwing stones now. But I do see them on your side of the house to theirs." Ronald showed the window broken. Suddenly there was shouting from them. They were putting rubbish of theirs into Ronald's garden, where the stones were. Ronald said, "How come they do not know you're here, as your car would be seen?" The police officer said, "In cases like these, we often park further along the road, because it is better to actually see them doing it, or hearing them. As it's dark, we cannot get full visions of it, but we do hear it. They sound as if they are drunk. Martha said, "What will you do, as you're in here, when they are out there?" The officer said, "We are going to talk to them."

They were gone for half an hour. When the police came back, the officer said, "We are so pleased you called us, as these men, young as they are, we have been looking for, for months. Your broken window will be repaired, because of the damage done. We cannot give you details of the men. But you have given us a stop to them. I had to call back up, as four policemen are taking them to lock up. We cannot tell you what is in this, as it's law not to.

Martha never saw the men back, the rented property was for lease again. This Martha was so pleased about. She hoped new tenants would be nice people. Ronald said, "I bet the owners will be giving some great thought, to who is living as renters in their house now. I would not mind betting, the house is trashed inside."

Just an hour later, there was a knock on their door. Ronald went to open the door, and found a man there. The man said, "I own the house next door, I would like to talk to you." Ronald said, "Yes do come in." Martha was unable to walk well today. So Ronald went to make a pot of tea. Being Saturday, Ronald had his rostered day off.

Martha said, "Excuse me, I have severe arthritis, and it has claimed my left hip to be cut out, and now my right hip is waiting for another replacement." Ronald came back with a tray, and poured the tea. The man said, "I own the house next door, it will cost me about two thousand to get it cleaned up, and repaint the walls. It may even be more than that! My name is Carl. I am so upset, and thought you may shed some light upon this all." Martha told about the constant loud music, her friends tires made flat, the swearing, and the insults she got for being unable to walk properly, the drunkenness, and the damage done to them.

Carl said, "After the tea, Ronald, that you kindly made, come into the house, and see what I mean.

Ronald went into the front door, and got a shock, the smell in there stank. As he walked in, he felt a danger, so he went outside again, and Carl said, "Why are you going outside? I want to show you what was done in here." Ronald said, "I have to get protection." Carl smiled, as he knew what that meant. He said, "Ah the armor yes?" Ronald said, "Most definitely. Are you well informed of dangers?" Carl said, "I am, and I do also ask for protection. I did it before I left my own home."

Ronald prayed, as he knew he was going to see things not good. As the men walked through, the walls were painted black, the profiles of horror painted in red, on the black walls. The house had damage in every room. The books thrown around the floor, were on spells. Doors were broken off the hinges. The whole house had a bad feeling to it.

After it, Ronald said, "I would like to call our Pastor here today, will you mind?" Carl said, "Not at all. Is he well in knowledge of these things?" Ronald said, "Yes, what is needed, is your safety here. You will be coming back here many times, before it's rented out again. I will not come in again, but willing to help any other way, small as it sounds." Carl said, "Ah no, not small, you are being very wise. I will have to destroy all the items in there, so I understand." Ronald said, "The Pastor will come and put great power of prayer for you, as you clean up the mess. He may bring others too, for this prayer. You do need to be protected."

Carl said, "How can any living man, live in dark, and horror upon the walls? I am thinking of getting it done by professionals now, and then sell it." Ronald said, "That is a better plan. That way, you can stay away, and give the sale to a few agents." Carl was sure he would lose money on it, but he felt his protection was more valuable.

Ronald left, feeling sick of the sight he had just seen. He could not imagine any man doing such destruction. His only good about it was, they are going to pay another way. It would be hard to pray for the young men, but that Ronald did do, so that they never harm again.

Ronald said nothing to Martha, apart from the Pastor going next door, and Carl is a Christian.

Martha said, "I suppose it's well damaged, and you want Carl to take a wise way out of the situation." Ronald said, "Yes, he is going to sell it." Martha felt this a blessing, she did not have to know what was on the walls, and other places."

The sale sign was up in two months time. Carl had the house blessed, by his own Pastor this time.

A middle aged couple came to look at the house. They were so pleased with the peace they felt in it. Carl's Pastor knew the couple were looking for another house. So they bought the house, that very day. Carl was free of it.

Two weeks later, Martha was limping so badly to the mail box. June, the new neighbor, said, "Oh hello, I am your new neighbor. Can I help you in any way?" Martha said, "Good heavens, what a nice gesture." Just then Vince came along, saying, "Nice to meet you." Martha said her name, and that her husband's name was Ronald.

They talked for a while, and then Martha said, "How about you both come in my home for morning tea?" They were happy to do so. Over the conversation, June said, "If we tell you we are Christians, will that put you off?" Martha said, "Praise the Lord! No it will be a blessing, as we are Christians too! Then June took over making the morning tea. Martha was getting less able to walk, as expected. Vince said, "Ronald is out a lot for work?" Martha said, "Yes, he has to be, it is his last year of working. So he wants to make enough for security. Not for gain, but for living."

Vince said, "You're not going to be able to get shopping done now, so to save Ronald worrying, I am retired, and June can help too, so just tell me when you need anything. You can come too, if you want, because I have a wheelchair in the shed. I too have had a replacement, of my knee. Here get me that pen June, on the table and I will give you our phone number, so you can call us, for help. You will not have to try to walk then."

Martha was so surprised, that she said, "Things are being taken care of by "The Holy Spirit." You were sent to live next door." June and Martha had a great deal in common. Martha said, "My dearest friend is in France, and she will be so glad to meet you both. Her name is Fran, her husband's name is Ken, they are having a holiday there, then to Belgium for two weeks after France."

Martha was feeling her peace, and her pain she tolerated, she could not do anything else, but ask for strength. June asked Martha, if she could come in every day, to make sure she is alright. Martha said, "That is so kind of you. Thank you. I know it looks so bad, but you see, even if Ronald was here all the time, he can do nothing about this, but do the shopping. Some house work too."

June laughed, she said, "You know what men are for shopping, give them a list, and they leave it in the car, and come back with what they think is needed. Junk food!" Martha said, "Ronald is not too bad, but he forgets the items for a casserole, like a onion."

Vince said, "Ah well shopping, not my scene, but with a wheelchair, you get out in the day, when Ronald is working, then you can see what is going in the trolley, that is my job to push the trolley. That I do not mind." What time is Ronald back from work tonight?" Said Vince. Martha said, "Tonight, eleven p.m. Vince said, "June and I were thinking of going for a ride to mountain green. Interested in coming?" Martha said, "Oh I would love to. I can take my mobile, if Ronald calls to see how I am." Vince said, I will have the wheelchair in the car." June said the car was fitted to take a wheelchair, and I told Vince to take it off for a long time." Vince said, "Now I know why I left the fittings."

June made a large picnic hamper, and Vince took Martha to the car. Martha insisted on trying to use her walker to the car. Vince did not interfere with that. They talked along the way. And June gave Martha a look into her hobbies.

As they got near mountain green, the scene was so peaceful. The large lakes were glistening in the sun light. The mountain was weaving around the lakes. Martha's mobile rang, and she told Ronald, where they were. Ronald was very pleased, as he felt Martha needed to get out more. He asked her to thank Vince and June. The long winding road, was going up the mountain. Vince said, "No Martha, no wheelchair is for this run. This is how to see the full scenes here." there is a ranch, in the middle of the mountain. The ground is flat there, and the outer edges, are railed for safety. They have tables, and chairs for picnics. You will see much beauty there.

Turning through the slow run, the aerial view was breathtaking. There were many spots for stopping cars to look at the different scenes around the mountain. The first stop showed the swans in a lake. The trees were giving a softness to the mountain. Just further along, not far, they stopped again. There in the trees, ran small deer. When the deer stopped running, they would look at the people, and then run on. The parrots were flying near the people, as they were used to being fed. They had magnificent colors on them. Turning to the next stage to stop, the ranch.

Vince said, "Time to eat." He took the wheelchair, and took Martha's hand to help her into it. June took the hamper, and she placed the food on the table. Martha was surprised at the amount of food. She had roasted chicken, cut into pieces, with the bones left in. Then she took out ham, sliced for either, a roll. There were egg sandwiches, sausage rolls, plus a cold pasta dish. To top it off, she had pork sliced too! Martha said, "Are you feeding the five thousand here?" June said, "Ah well, often when we have come, there are some that did not bring food. They mistake the ranch for a food bar. So I give them too!" The desert was mud cake, and cheery slice, with apple pie. The double cream was in a tight fitting canister.

As they ate their food, two came along, asking if the food was bought from the ranch. June said, "See I knew this would come. Here come join us, we have plenty." Now the company was larger. The two were grateful, and spoke about their study in theology. Martha was more than surprised, as it's unlikely to meet that half way up a mountain!"

Martha was thinking now, no it's not unusual, if it is to be, it will come. The couple said, they will meet them on the next level to stop. So the hamper was packed up, but June gave the couple some of the food for later.

There on the next level, the ground was wide and flat on one side. As they got out, and Martha was in the wheelchair, the beauty was seen. The waterfall was pouring down the mountain to the lakes below. As it fell, the light caught in the sun and gave a rainbow not too far away.

Martha said, "I wonder how a waterfall can be in this very large mountain?" Vince said, "No limits to creation Martha."

The other side of the mountain was rocky, and the waterfall seemed to come from over the top of them. A silence came over them. The creation of "God's" World was overwhelming them. Martha said, "We are the only ones here right now, and I feel "The holy spirit" Is about to give us." June said, "Yes I feel it too!" Vince felt it as well. With silence, each had a blessing given them. No words were given to Vince or June, just his presence.

Martha said, "This was to show us how the world would be in beauty, everywhere, if mankind stopped harming their home, while living in it, the earth. June said, "Yes Martha, as in today's generation, there is no discipline, no respect for elders." Vince said, "I felt "The Holy Spirit" Giving us the blessing. Martha may I ask you a question?" Martha said, "Sure, what is it?" Vince said, "I felt that you were doing something very important, but I cannot put my finger on it, is it something I can share with you?"

Martha was now about to ask for a way to answer. "Vince, I have been given a direct way to understand things. You know we are all gifted, by the gifts "Our Lord" Wishes us to have. I had to rid the damage done by the enemy. So the last one that is through the enemy, is going to be taken away." Vince said, "Yes the hip. I just feel, you're doing something-----Something, that one day, you will be going places. It's like your meant to work with the people. You will meet the people who need. A pathway I feel is there for you. You will be going to help people."

Martha said to "The Holy Spirit," Lord I would like to remain unknown of. Fran is the only one who knows. What do I do now?" "The holy spirit" Said, "Thy path is safe, my words are through you, but not by you. The fountain is for all to drink of. Listen to my guidance, for ye shall not fall, ye shall not answer the question, or the seeking that mankind will do, to find out what thy life is growing in. Listen only to my words, and I shall give thee the answer, yea it is this way. We are committing your working, in my "Spirit." let them read them, say not who you are. For in the hour that is to come, ye will then be working another way."

Martha said to Vince, "I am growing in studies, and in "Spiritual" health. It may be that, that you are feeling. Naturally, you felt "The Holy Spirit." Many pray, and many do it different ways. You may have felt my spiritual strength." Vince said, "Must be, because I sure felt something with you." June said, "Oh Vince let it rest, Martha is coping with enough right now." Martha looked up to the sky, and silently said, thank you "My Heavenly Father."

The whole day was so comforting, Martha felt so pleased to have neighbors like Vince and June.

Martha knew another revealing was close. The prayers at the end of the wonderful mountain green were in thanks giving, by Vince, June, and Martha.

Chapter Ten

Martha was feeling tired. Ronald had gone on a longer day today, he was filling in a few runs, as another driver was not able to do it. Martha fell fast asleep in the room she did her reading in.

"The Holy Spirit" Came asking her to come with him. Her spirit went to the eye of revealing. Her flesh was not needed here. As they went together, there below her, was the whole world. "The holy spirit" Said, on my right hand is the only begotten son that I gave for the truth to be known. There in the revealing, is the destruction given by untruth. Come ye shalt see."

Martha saw the world as in the old times, the manifestations of the darkness killing "God's" Family. The sight of so many killings were horrifying. Martha was not frightened, she only could see the horror. "The Holy Spirit" Was surrounding her at this time. She was taken to the later years, the two world wars. She saw the first one, and the destruction done. The second one gave her more sight.

She saw the Jews standing to be named. The way they were killed. Millions of them. The soldiers that gave glory to the leaders of darkness. Soldiers were brainwashed into the addiction of killing. Little children that were innocent, as their parents were. They were committed to death for being a Jew. She saw the large graves dug out, for the many bodies to be thrown into them.

Then she saw the ending of it. The leader did not win. He lost. The pay for dealing with such was death. The leader committed suicide. There before it was over, stood the young men hardly out of school, taught to kill with guns. The many people were to rebuild the countries destroyed.

She saw the religions, one that is the biggest of all. The anti-Christ was in that. There stood the man, with robes of gold, and wealth, giving the people a false doctrine. Over the ages, there has been in the history of this large religion, children given cruelty. The same man gives the sign, that is dealings of wealth, with governments. They make this sign, by one hand. Three fingers down, and the thumb, and the little finger is up. The horns. The biggest bank in the world, is this religion, and political ties.

Then she saw the governments, the way they are. Not the way they appear. There is a complete destruction for mankind's comfort living, by the government. For they that run them, do not run for the people. They use the people. As in the very old days, the same. She saw the many who are leaders, using the sign.

She saw September eleventh. The men in the jets before hitting the towers, were paralyzed to the thought of seventeen virgins for their destroying the towers. The false presentation of power. It caused these men to believe in the false god. Their payment? Death.

In the middle east she saw the terrors of mankind. The power of darkness was making his own people, clones. It was not built as yet, but was in the practice of experiments. The rest she was not allowed to see.

She saw the streets with people selling their bodies as prostitutes. Then given the sites on computers, of the pornographic trade. She was not allowed to see the pictures. Just to know about them. She saw little children being sold. Used for darkness. Technology was a tool as well for satan.

She then saw the many families, that are split in their homes. Not united. There were children who never really knew their own parents, yet living in the same house. She saw the streets, where poor people live. Youths living in taking heavy drugs. They were lost. She saw the drug dealers, they had the best of all things material. The poor ones taken by the drugs, were suffering.

The roads of many vehicles, and drivers not obeying the road rules. Accidents that came through impatience. Then the violence in all media. The violence of man, thinking that they have the power to be above others.

She saw shops that charge the prices, of their own. Millionaires pay the same for an item, and the poor have to pay the same. She saw injustice through the world. Some things she saw, were not to be spoken of, until the given time. Her journey to the eye of revealing gave her the signs to look out for.

The Bibles she saw, were not of the truth, the only one that is truth, is the first one. "God" Did not make another type of Bible. The place she looked on at the end of this revealing was, the occult movements. There below her, were the wizards, witches, so many other named ones. In all it was the familiar spirits, that created the false way of believing the lies. The very tortures of mankind's home, the world, was put into occult from Adam and Eve, this was why the false power was doing so much harm.

She was to take this, and use it for telling mankind, who do already know, but carry on with it. The weaving of darkness was in power in a big way now, to take as many to the darkness, and the win no victory. The hour was near. "The Holy Spirit" Gave Martha these words.

" O my child, ye have seen this, for thy heart was given to me. Ye speak about love, and all man to love one another, as family. Thy life was given to glory, from it glory shall be. For the giving of that was all I asked of thee. The path of the righteous, is narrow, and straight. Christians are safe on that path. The righteous suffer the many things that I will heal. Whilst on that path, they can be tempted. The enemy cannot walk on that path, it is holy. The enemy will throw temptations to the flesh. Leave thee not the path; the enemy knows the path is his destruction. That is why he tempts Christians, more than ever now. If ye fall away to temptation, the path is still there. Ye can return to it. If ye fall to temptations for many times, the path will become more narrow for ye to walk on. Ye know how to stay upon it. For all my Christian children, my love is measured beyond all things. I love all my children. Tell them. Bring forth the word I give thee. Each child is the same love to my glory. Thee will now see the world as it's meant to be."

Martha's spirit went over the earth, nothing was in ruins. The flowers were of colors beyond the colors of the presentation now. The hills and dales, were of peace. Tender animals were grazing the meadows. Birds were in communion with all life. Nothing was in fear. The trees were many different hues. Her spirit felt as if it was so light, that no weight was in it. The dolphins were of peace, and the whales. Every life of the earth as it will be, after judgment, was re-created, for the heaven it was meant to be. The gold known on the earth now, is not the gold pathways as it will be. Whiter then snow, stood "Jesus Christ," The expansion of love swept through every life. Then she saw the saved ones, the small glimpse of them. For it was not her time to be with them. Every saved life, was in white. Over in the clouds, were the angels, the angels that have watched over. The love was beautiful. Martha's spirit, was given a portion of it. As all the saved ones have a portion.

Before returning, she was shown the beast. The many profiles of disguise he uses. His threats were Christians. He knew he would not win victory. He has believed his own lies so much, that he goes on, building his army, from mankind, that are caught in the darkness, for it is getting darker. She saw all what she was to use for her service to "Jesus Christ." Her look to "Jesus" Was pure. His face became her heart's face.

She returned to her body that was asleep. "The Holy Spirit" Had given Christians this revealing. As she woke up, she had no memory of the journey. "The Holy Spirit" had planned the memory to come a little later, then when she woke up.

June called Martha, and Martha was happy for a chat. June said, "I wish I had what you have." Martha replied, "What I have?" June said, "Yes, both Vince and I, have felt that you have something." Martha said, "I have love, only love." June thought, I love Vince and my kids, that are adults now. My friends, so how is it she says she loves?

Martha said, "Only the one way is, the way, to the purity of love that is heavenly." June said, "I go to church, I do the studies, I read the Bible." Martha said, "The inner church is the main one. The body of "Christ," For if I was to come to church, with half a loaf of bread, I would only get half the messages. The building is not the only way to be at church. The centre of the word church is ---u-r--- to me it is like saying, you are. If you see what I mean? You are the church.

June sat there quiet, and thought, I must do more than I am doing. I think I have become into a routine, so church is part of my routine.

Martha said, "Some are to work amongst the people. For me that has proven true. I have met strangers, they seem to want to talk to me. I never talk religion, or mention "Jesus." I know when I am to say the name. I saw an angry soul, and his wife wanted me to sit with them. In the two hours, I told the man my hip is in excruciating pain. He could see pain on my face but I also have a mind of peace. He saw my crippled leg. This man was so negative, I told him ways to cope with his pain. He has cancer in the brain. I gave positive support. Then he asked if I was religious. I said no, I believe in "Jesus Christ." To say too much, to a non believer, can put them off. I told him the only healer is "Jesus," So at the end of the talk, he said I could pray for him. Now I thought nothing would break through this hard minded man. He smiled, and looked different. June, I have had this happen as many times as I can go out. Strangers come. They want to talk to me. They talk of hurt, and so I then give moral support, and discern before I am given to speak of the truth. I never preach. I show, actions do speak louder than words. So I have a few extra slices of bread to bring, as they add up in my work, amongst the people. There is my service for "Jesus Christ."

Martha was beginning to remember her journey. June had to leave, as her daughter was coming to see her. Martha now had to work on this, in "The Holy Spirit," For it is to come as is said to come. Her heart was filled with love.

Chapter Eleven

Martha was deeply thinking. Ronald had come home, and she did not hear him. He went to look for her, as she was not in her usual place. He called her a few times, and she did not hear him either. As he walked through the house, he thought, I do Hope nothing went wrong for her, where is she?

As he came to the back door, he saw her sitting in the garden seat. He stopped short, as he saw a bright light above Martha's head. All he heard from "The Holy Spirit" Was "Be still ♱ walk ye no further." Ronald thought, it's going to be getting dark soon. I know it's summer time, but-----Ah well I cannot walk to her. I must abide by the words. He did not move from where he stopped. He even pulled a chair from the side wall of the entrance to the back door.

Martha appeared to be showered with this bright light. Ronald thought, how would I describe this bright light? Beats me! It's is not like a bulb light, it's nothing like the sun, or the moon. Not that the moon gives much light at night. It is like energy, a energy that is-----Um well perhaps it's-----No, it cannot be my imagination, I heard the words for me to stop. Hm? Well I will try again, I think it's an energy, but nothing like earth's energy. It is life, more than just energy. I can see it pulsing, that made me realize it is life! As he looked upon it, over Martha, it became brighter. He thought, if it was an earth energy, of such bright light, he would not be able to look at it. For it was too bright, a bit like looking at the sun, when it's clear, and hot. One cannot look for too long. It's nothing like the sun. It began to widen in size, and the whiteness was glowing. The gold in the white was like waves.

He then saw a crystal sea appearing, he thought, well-----I think it's a crystal sea. Even that is pulsing. The more he looked, the more he saw. "The Holy Spirit" Had brought to Martha, the journey she had in the day time. While Ronald was witnessing this, he saw the ages of time. The old ages, and the ones of today. For Ronald, he was given a vision, of visions, all that were the truth. His soul was given a greater awareness than he ever had. He felt as light as a feather in this blessing of revealing to him. The greater truth, he knew it was his time to be involved with Martha, into another way of life. He knew they would be changing their lifestyle.

As the visions were showing within the brightness, he saw the world as if it was shown from a satellite. Like he was on the outside of the earth. The moment came when he fell to his knees. The face of "Jesus Christ" came to fill the whole brightness, and take up the whole world, in his face.

Ronald was so taken by this. He asked in his mind, what is it you're saying to me, as you are allowing me to see this? "The Holy Spirit" Said, "Walk ye not, be still, for thy answer is coming."

Ronald waited, and time passed. Nothing came. He saw the world become the face of "Jesus." He had not worked out, that it was the answer. For mysterious is "The Lord." the world as it was, became the world as it will be. "Jesus Christ" who took the life for suffering, to save his fathers children. As he looked on, still on his knees, the creation of beauty, the holy beauty, for there is no other beauty than the holy one. He saw people, that were in robes of white. None he could recognize. Were they people? He was not sure. Could they be angels? Then the bright light began to swirl in the right hand ♱ turning! The brightness, gave a trumpet. The fifth trumpet was the Star of David, in the sky. This was not that trumpet, could it be the sixth? Or was it the trumpet sounding, as the king came to take his children? Ronald had been given a gift no man can ever buy. As he looked to Martha, he saw her whole body with light, it surrounded her full human being. Ronald got up, and sat back in the chair, still hearing "The holy spirit" Say, "Walk ye not ♱ thy bonding is in birth. The bondage's are cut off." as this was happening, the brightness extended in the swirl motion, on the right hand ♱ turning.

He then saw the darkness, the opening of the fires, a large key was there. To Ronald it looked like the left of the truth, the untruth. It had a sucking action to it. It was about all Ronald could think it may be. As he saw, he began to see evil being taken out! People rising, that were dead. He thought, how can this be, if they are dead? Then he remembered, oh-----Yes, the dead rise, to be given the second death, for being untrue. With the dead, were their idols. For no holy book has the name of idols in it. Every evil thing, and people that adorned the evil, as their earth life, were not going into the brightness. Ronald saw the fear in the fires burning. The many idols that people of today, do not see as wrong. He saw the full actions of sin. Drugs, no manners, no respect, self ego, self being the master. Reincarnation was burning before it went into the fires. For that was burnt twice forever. The new age burning before it went into the fires. Sin, after sin, was being taken out of the world. The greatest parts of the world, was in sin.

The brightness stopped swirling. The whole brightness had "Jesus Christ." His face was filling the brightness, in full. Ronald saw the righteous dead rise. To him it was like a two way street. One street for one rising, of the dead. The other, street, for the saved dead were rising. Here the whole children that are saved, became one with their "Abba Father." Ronald had been given the coming of the hour. He knew it ran in sequences, but it was so large a gift, it was hard to take it in, but in it did go.

The brightness remained, while "The Holy Spirit" Said, "My word, is my word, it is bigger than a word, it is life. Thee have seen my coming, ye have not seen me, I am not seen, until the age. The hour is very near. My begotten son is one with me. I am the beginning, and the end. The End is evil put to shame. If any go into shame, I am ashamed of them. Fear ye not, for thy soul is waking to my truth. The path thy soul will take, will enrich thee. Bring forth my children. Ye have seen what is to come. For who hear thee, I will hear them. I bid them to follow me, never look back. For only the ones who fully give to me, can I fully give to them. For whom so ever does not want to hear thee, with my word, and life of everlasting, will surely die. I bid no man to perish. Love never faileth."

The brightness ascended to the sky, and disappeared. Martha began to get up, and Ronald was still sitting in the chair. He was blessed of miraculous spiritual awakening. Martha took her walker to the back door, and said, "I did not hear you come in." Ronald said, "I did call you, but you did not hear me. I came here, and saw the brightness around you." Martha said, "Yes, did you get anything from it?" Ronald said, "I was blessed, and darling, we two have to go and do work for the service of "Our Heavenly Father." I just do not know as yet, what I will do, for a living, as in earning for our keep. Martha said, "I know "The Lord" Will provide. I am sure he will send you a way to provide for him, the bidding of his children. So have no concerns, he will make a path open."

Ronald told Martha what he saw. Martha did not tell him what she saw. It was not the time to. They looked at the time, and it was eight o'clock. Martha said, "Good heavens, I was out there at five o'clock, thinking about you coming home. So we were given three hours of spiritual gifts. Ronald said, "I can hardly think of eating, can you?" Martha said, "Darling, we were fed. That food is forever. We can eat later, or tomorrow.

The phone rang. Vince had his minister in his home. He asked if Ronald and Martha would come over for a while. Ronald said, "Sure, we will be over in a bit, as you know Martha can hardly walk well." Vince said, "No problem, I will come with the wheelchair, and give her one of my wheelies, for fun!" Ronald said, "Huh! No, just do it gently."

Vince came with the chair, Martha got in it, and Ronald went ahead, he knew Vince would bring her gently. As Ronald went into the house, he remembered the time he was in it, and swore he would never go in it again. The minister said, "So glad to meet you. June said, "Hi Ronald, there is something we wanted to ask you. But let us wait till Vince and Martha are here. Vince brought Martha in the wheelchair, and the minister looked alarmed. For he did not expect a partly crippled person.

After the introductions, and some light talking. The minister could see, these were the people he was led to. He said, "My name is Gabriel, as I am from another country. The same as Carl is. Ronald, how would you feel if I were to ask you to change jobs?" Ronald said, "What?" So Gabriel repeated his question. Gabriel said, "I have need for a couple to work in my church, to help me with the many people who come for help, in welfare. Most of them are not Christians, and many are the youths that will not work. I need a couple that are sent to me, that can be of great aid to the growing numbers of people in need."

Martha said, "Oh praise the Lord! He has done this." Gabriel said, I see you're disabled, is it for good?" Martha said, "No, I am waiting for my second hip replacement. My left is done, the right is to be done now. Before you ask, yes I am in pain all the time, and yes I do know why it is there. For the love of "Our Lord," With his strength, I am capable of sitting, and helping you." Ronald said, "In my present work, I am unable to be with Martha, as I feel I could be. Although nothing I do, will help the hip. It will be the same, if I was here or not. So in many ways, I need a job to replace the earnings, so we can have a living." Gabriel and Ronald walked into the hallway to discuss earnings, as Gabriel knew this is private. To Ronald's surprise, he would be earning the same amount! This was too good to be true.

Gabriel said, "Martha, this will not stop you having your own church, I do not expect that." Martha said, "Ha! My church is where ever I go. Nothing will come between the veils." Gabriel said, "Between the veils?" Martha said, "Yes. In time you will know what I am talking about."

Gabriel looked at Martha and felt that something was different about her, to others he has met. He did not venture there, as it is her own business. How wrong he was, for her business, was his as well. It was for everyone.

Ronald asked when would the new job start?" Gabriel said, "As soon as you can." Ronald said, "I can give in my notice tomorrow, but they might want me to work the two weeks in hand. That is how they do it." the many things that are involved with the welfare side, were spoken of. Martha could be the person to listen to the people that come, and give them spiritual aid. Gabriel had little success in that side. Most of whom he had before, gave very little in this. Or were too pushy, almost as if they had to be converted to get food! So they walked out, and never returned.

Ronald would be collecting the food donations from many places, write the donations in the books, and then store it. There was a large shed at the back of Gabriel's church. The room that it gets put into, would be where Martha would be. As they put an amount in that room, it has a walk in large side room, with shelves in, and a freezer. Martha would be taking calls, and giving the ones in real needs, the aids available. She was not to get the food for the needy from the side room, as another lady did that. Martha could not manage that, at present. Martha would give the correct amount, to who needed it, and not give more to one, than another.

Gabriel said, "I think a word of prayer is a good way here tonight." June had not said much, but she was noticing another look to both Ronald and Martha. Now she was itching to know if they had won something?" Gabriel said, "Before prayer, I had to ask Carl if he knew Christians, and he told me of Vince and June buying his house. He gave Gabriel a lead. Truth is "The Lord" Created the leads.

June could not hold her eagerness anymore. She said, "Oh come on Ronald and Martha, you have won something, was it the lotto?" Ronald was dismayed. Martha was calm, and she said, "Yes, we have won, it is called the victory." June said, "Oh we all have that." Martha said, "Yes, there is more to the victory than the word victory. We do not gamble."

Now June was without any certainty of what it is with Ronald and Martha. She was being tested, and had not worked it out yet. Martha looked at June and said, "We are not perfect, we are all learning. Sometimes our own lacks, show in another, for us to see it." June said, "That all sounds twisted." Martha smiled, saying, "I too have things to learn. I too will be tested. None of us are free to think we will not be tested. For the evil will try to take our attention. As long as we lean on "Jesus" We have his strength. The armor is on, the rest is faith, believe, and never move off the path. Not forgetting that love is the greatest put off, for evil. So as "Jesus" Is love, how can we lose? Never."

Gabriel was taken with this. He said, "Martha, you would be a great minister." Martha looked at him is surprise, and said, "I have never thought of going into that." Gabriel said, "Give it some thought. You're how old, about forty, forty five?" Martha said, "Close to both of them." Gabriel said, "Never too late you know." Gabriel then said a very warm closing prayer, thanking "The Holy Spirit" For the problem solved in his church."

Ronald took Martha back in the wheelchair, and Vince told him to keep it in their home, as he felt Martha may be needing it. He offered the fittings of his vehicle, for Ronald to fit on his vehicle. Blessings after blessings were there for them.

Martha said, "I am not hungry at all. Are you Ronald?" Ronald said, "Funny enough, no, I am not either, but a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows on top, sounds like a good night cap."

It was not till the next day, that Ronald and Martha realized, it was a time for fasting. They were not hungry, and had no desire for food. Ronald said, "When we fasted before, we did get hungry, but this is the first time we are not hungry in fasting." Martha said, "This time we are being filled. The filling of "The holy spirit" Is giving us a place to begin our service to "Jesus."

Ronald got a phone call from his boss. The boss had problems, and was having to cut down his drivers. His business was not getting enough for the market prices. Things had gone up, and the japan earthquake had taken a large amount of his investments. Ronald said, "I was going to give you my notice today, I was not to be in till one thirty, till midnight, the long run. Do I have to give you the two weeks notice?" his boss said, "The last person I would want to leave, is you. But I could only offer you a part time place now." Ronald said, "Thank you, but I would prefer to leave now. Is that going to be a problem?"

The boss said, "No, I have to give you the rest of your earnings, and holiday pay. Would you want me to send it? I could put it in a registered mail for safety." the boss said, "This is sudden, I would have liked to have kept you for part time, but I can understand, that the earnings would not be enough. I am going to get trouble with the other drivers, giving them less working hours. I am already thinking, I may have to end my business." Ronald gave him moral support, and felt for him.

Martha was so happy, because this would never have gone this way, had they not been led to the right path. Gabriel, was very happy, he needed them very much.

Ronald and Martha had the day alone together. They shared their given gifts. Martha did not tell Ronald all that was revealed to her. It was not the time to. Ronald spoke about what he saw in the bright light. Martha knew then, that Ronald was shown what was revealed, in another way, yet the same. Then Martha said, "Hey you! I was not to tell you of all revealed to me. I could not understand that, as you have told me now, that you have it revealed to you. I kept a great deal in, and said nothing, now I see why." Ronald said, "Well go on explain?" Martha said, "You were to see the revealing, another way. I did not think of that. I was shown it another way to you, yet we both saw the same things, in a way."

They were fasting for two days. The two days were for studies and prayers. For no others to come to their home in the two days. Vince and June did not call upon them in the two days. They went away for the two days, to their son.

Fran was getting near her end of her holiday. She wanted to see Martha so much, that she was saying to Ken, "We have had a great time away. We have been safe, and look how the couple got saved, and will carry on with the victory."

Ken said, "I like it here in Belgium, I must say the confectionery is difficult to resist." "Ken! You never leave chocolate alone at home either, really any excuse eh?" "Fran! How could you say that? I only eat one whole two hundred grams at a time!" Said Ken. Fran said, "That is a whole bar!" Ken said, "Hm, well I am a growing boy!"

Fran said, "I have a feeling, that when we see Ronald and Martha, something is going to be said to us, I cannot say what, I just feel it." Ken said, "How do you mean?" Fran said, "I just got the feeling there are some changes." Ken said, "Martha, she may be going into hospital soon. The change there would be, after her six week of rehabilitation, she will be walking! I just know she will be healed, and that is a greater gift, than-----Ha! I joke now, a box of chocolates!"

Fran took the pillows off the bed, and threw them at Ken. He ducked down, and fell on the floor. She laughed, and said, "Ha! Now bet you will not be able to get up, after all that chocolate you were eating."

Gabriel had the first day with Ronald and Martha. Ronald knew the drives to the places to get the donations, and Martha was well conversant in the office work. She knew her talking to the needy, would be guided. She had discernment very well.

Gabriel came in, to see how she was going. He said, "How long have you been a Christian?" Martha said, "Well, um-----I knew him as a little child, and I was different then. I had always felt, and I have never really spoken much about it, but nobody knew who I was. I still feel nobody knows me, apart from Ronald. Have you the time to listen?" Gabriel said, "Listen? I would not miss this for all the tea in china."

Martha said, "All my life, I have been insulted, harmed, bashed. As a tiny child, the works of the evil were against me. I did not know that, at the time, being a child. I only knew I was different. I at one time thought that all mankind hit me, it is normal." Gabriel said, "Goodness, no, it is the enemy." Martha said, "It did not Matter who I met, or who I was with, they would reject me. Then many, after my generosity, they would insult me. I have the whole of my life, getting hurt. I began to think, that being good did not work, and why was I trying to please people?" They were not people of my thinking at all. It became a life of battle, and too many people, will read about it, but do nothing about it. I was one that did nothing about it. I took it. Obviously, over time of being harmed, I would be getting what I have now. Which I know was from the enemy. I had "The Holy Spirit" When I was eleven. I did not know of an "Holy spirit." I was in the second Catholic boarding convent. I was doing the stations of the cross, alone in the church. Not one person was in the church, but me. I felt a feeling of "Jesus Christ." Not the Jesus they did, it may sound odd, but the "Jesus" I knew, was not in the middle of a gold ornament, or in a chAlice. Certainly not locked away, in a tabernacle. He was right beside me, then I felt him in me."

Gabriel was intrigued, and said, "Where did you feel him inside you?" Martha said, "He was where my heart is. But in those days, we did not know much about organs. I just felt him in my chest. He was there, as I felt in my spirit, that is with his "Holy Spirit," I was as a child, in a peace, and knew him. I was never much into mass. I felt it was a waste of time, having to go to mass at seven p.m. Every day, and the rosary doing them beads, and hailing the mother of "Christ" Far more than "Jesus" Himself. Every night of the week. Boring! I watched the bishop, once, and I had to kiss his ring. In confirmation. I thought it was not right, strange. I was more interested in the white dress I was wearing for the hour. I never once understood the sermons, they were confusing me. As for confessions, I felt, what man has the right, to get people to confess to him, and then he give penance to absolve those sins. There I was in this tight box, with a priest on the other side, and not able to see his face, as the window was dark. Yes, it was shaded in dark mesh. I was telling him, things, like I may have not done my math, or I may have thought about running away from the convent. He gave me ten hail Mary's. That was my penance. I had many times alone, for no other girls would play or talk to me much. They were into things that I was not into. I still felt nobody there knew who I was. I thought the Catholics were far from holy. Pardon me Gabriel, but that is the truth."

Gabriel smiled, and said, "I understand you very well, and I know who you are!" well that in itself was brain washing in the convent. We were slaves, for the cleaning and the hard cleaning. There was hardly any time to play. In my playtime, I would be talking to "Jesus." so Gabriel, it would take too long to tell you all of it. As I grew older, I still felt different to others. Then one day, I was going into familiar spirits, I never knew that. I had got people who believed in them as contacts of family."

Gabriel said, "I want to hear this Martha, please do tell me." Martha said, "Oh it began with my own family. I never knew that dysfunction was evil as a child. I would rather get on to the time I really felt evil around me. I had got in with spiritualists, not knowing the dangers. I sat there, thinking, they dress funny. None were what I call friendly. There was high ego's in them. They judged, and gave false fellowship. They were out for themselves. So as I do not want to go into too much of it, I had been given the road to hell. It's just that I was aware, that nothing they said, made sense. None looked in my eyes. All of them were somehow away from me. They were looking at me, but not eye contact.

" Gabriel said, "Yes I know what you mean. As people will say, how can you say, they did not look at you, but they were looking at you? That is that, the real person was looking at you, but the demons were afraid to look at you. The demons would have fought you. They wanted you out of there. They were trembling. So the people who had them, were hostile to you?" Martha said, "In a way yes. Also envious. Then attacked my private life. Of which they knew nothing about, for that. I then got the full blown attack, and became unable to speak up. I had hate for a person for the first time in my life. I never hated."

Gabriel said, "That was the enemy doing all it can to get you into, what I see, as the generations of untruth." Martha said, "Well without anymore of that. I felt an evil presence around me. Three and a half years had passed. I felt as if I was in a prison. I began to hide myself away from people. One night, I said to the evil, I will get rid of you. Then I got to a Pastor. So to answer you, my full Christian life began, nine months ago." Gabriel said, "You had a battle going on, the soul, the warfare. The ways out are not always easy. But you knew "Jesus." That is why you were given that experience, so that you will be of help, to others."

Martha said, "I know pain, so I know how to aid another in pain, for I have pain, but it is not my pain, confusing as it sounds, it is the pain that the enemy wants me to fail with. He will not Gabriel. I get stronger, every day. Now that should have answered you."

Gabriel said, "In my ministry, I get many with the darkness. The ones who run off, are actually afraid. You have had a lifetime battle, in all rejections. I know who you are." Martha said, "Yes I know you do." Gabriel said, "He knows his own, and his own know him. That is why those that are truly his, know who you are. The family of "Our Heavenly Father" Is as one. Each part to make up the body of "Christ," The church. So there is two callings here. You have heard the two callings. May I say, you must be very amazed at how you were taken from evil, and saved to never go back there. He has asked of you, to do his word, as he sends it to you. You came out of hell."

Martha said, "Yes, I saw it, and I heard the cries, but I was not in it, I just saw it."

Gabriel said, "I am so glad you have the knowledge. This will aid the church so much. To think that in nine moths, you know the Bible directly, in the very Matters that "The Holy Spirit" Wanted you to have. He gave it to you. You could never have known things you know, without his Grace. The Bible does need study, but I do feel that he has given you the only path he wants you on."

Martha said, "I never do without his presence, and silent words. It is he who gave me the very things he wants for others. So it is "Holy" even while exposing the numerous times I have, the darkness. He wants the exposure to hit hard, at people, and ask them to be humble. He wants his children."

Gabriel said, "Well I have a couple of youth coming this afternoon. There will be a mother that is single too, and I know that you're going to cope really well. Later in the afternoon, there will be a man that I have found very difficult to manage. So I think you may be able to."

Martha said, "I learned one thing really well. That no Matter what mankind does, to insult, it is not going to have a personal attack on me. I am given the way to talk. I learned that a problem for another, is often shifted to another, as in avoiding their own responsibility, to look within themselves. That is how the chain works of darkness. People give their troubles out as attacking, so the other person, if not guarded, is going to pass it on, and then it goes on, and on, so there is a bigger problem altogether, instead of the root being got rid of. Admitting sin, and confess, and receive "The Holy Spirit" The simple way is avoided, the harder way is like a ball of string that is knotted all the way, so no end can be found. Or the end may be found just in time."

Martha was on her directed path. She would be rejoicing for those that hear, and not be pushed to hear. She knew the ears that are open, will hear. The closed ones, may take more time, and patience. But not to be given up on. It is their choice to come, or leave. The rest of her journey, as well as Ronald's, will give much pleasure, along with some painful ones, that stay in the darkness. Look out for the interesting paths to come. Love wins.

Chapter Twelve

The couple came in for their welfare aids. Not much was said to Martha by them. The other lady named Alice, said, "Martha I will get the food for them." The couple looked very low in spirits. Depressed, Martha thought. She said, "May I ask you if things are alright in living arrangements? If you wish not to share that with me, then that is fine too. I am here to help, in more ways than the material needs."

The man coughed, and looked at her as if he was thinking, does she care? Nobody else has. He said, "Yeah right! Since when has anyone bothered to see how we are? Apart from giving food. Poor man's food. At that!" Martha said, "Thank you for responding, it is my privilege to be of service to you." Now the couple looked at each other, they were not sure what to say. They had food before from the church welfares, but never anyone that gave them respect. The woman asked, "How can you help with living arrangements?"

Martha said, "I can only help, if you tell me, with you knowing, that help in that way, is under supervision, of rules. I just thought there was more to the needs than you were saying, as you said very little, just your names, and food wanted."

The man fidgeted, then said, "We did tell a woman here four months ago. She sat where you are sitting, and told us, we were sinners, and had to convert. That we must come to "Jesus" Before we can be helped. That she would not give us, unless we came to church."

Martha said, "Ah, well you see, I am not her. I have no rights to tell you how to live your lives. That is your privacy. But in cases like welfare, we do have to know the root of the problems to help. I agree with you, in the way you felt, about being thrown into spiritual needs, and not your needs you came for. I certainly do not work that way. If along the way, you ask me about it, yes, I can help you even more than you would expect. How can you manage poverty, and be given spiritual as a replacement? The material needs food. The spiritual needs food. In my view, feeding you to health in your body, can prepare you for the food of the heart. So if you're ready, tell me about the way you live?"

The man just had his eyes on her in suspicion, he said, "Oh come on, let's go." His partner said, "Actually Jim, no. I quite like this woman, I think we can trust her." He coughed again, in embarrassment, and then said, "We do not live in a place of support. We live with other people, in the one house. The rent is very high, so having eight living in it, we share the rent. No privacy, and believe me, the others are rough, and often things are missing. So one of them must steal. Could be more than one. We have two kids. The other four are without kids. Many times our food is got into, and so here we are."

Martha said, "Thank you for telling me, I know there is priorities in council houses. From what you told me, you have more chance getting into one, because of the children. I felt there was more to your needs than you said, so I can call them, and if you come back next week, we will give you food again, in case it gets taken off you by the others. Children must be in a good home, for their early years are often the mold for their adult life. Now, all I can do, is tell them your names, get you an appointment, and then you both go and see them. A little advice here, take your children to the appointment. It will sway the situation for you, I am sure."

The man bent his head, and the last thing Martha expected was him in tears. He said, "I never ever thought we could be helped. I am sorry, I am cut at the moment, because you really care." Martha said, "There is one who cares for you that can heal everything. But in time we will talk about that, not now. You both need to get your lives right. Have your children in a home of your own, and safety. They may have to wait a while for a home, depends on the listings. Priorities are put forward much quicker. We have your names here, and I can witness the state you're both in. "

Martha was going to pray about this. She did not say that, because she felt people need to be helped in gentle manners, and in time. They needed to be listened to, not preached at. To Martha, putting people that are not saved, on the top step, without the bottom steps, teaches them nothing.

The others came, and they had different needs. Then, in came the man Gabriel had difficulty with. Martha looked up at him, and thought wow! This one is going to be a test, I can feel it.

The man said, "So a new dumb woman here now eh?" Martha said, "Well if you like to think that, then do so! The man was shocked at the answer. So he got stuck into her. He said, "As you can see, my name is Malcolm, buddies call me Mal. So I need food, I spent the dole money on grog, and smokes. Bet now I said that, you will not give me food."

Martha thought, he is trying to upset me, so she said, "Well Malcolm, I can arrange the food for you, but can we talk about you getting into a managing way of your dole money?" he looked at her with a smirk, and said, "So you're not going to tell me I am bad for drinking and smoking?"

Martha said, "May I call you Mal?" Malcolm said she could. Martha said, "I cannot teach you what you already know. I can tell you, that if you never learn management, in the end, no welfare will aid you, because you're not being fair. There are many who need help these days. So if you think about it, your dole money needs you to be sensible about how you spend it."

Mal looked at her and said, "You're very secure in your answers to me. I have insulted you in parts of our talk, and that annoys me. I used to get a kick out of getting the minister up tight!"

Martha said, "Gabriel is a good man, he tried to help you no doubt. Tell me why you like to upset people?"

Mal thought, what is this woman? Seems I cannot get her upset. Then Martha got up, and it was then, Mal saw she was sitting in a walker seat. He did not see it before, as the desk hid the wheels. Martha was trying to get a card out of the file case, and she really hobbled. Mal got up, and said, "Oh (----------)," A swear word, then said, "How can you work with that leg? It's not moving hardly." Martha said, "It is going to be replaced, so after that, I will be fine." Mal said, "I feel bad about getting at you now." Martha said, "Why? I am not upset by you at all. Because, the problem in your outward talking is telling me that you're needing love, and care. So when the day comes, and you're ready to alter that way of behaving, you will no doubt find you're going to want to manage life better for yourself. Mal this is about you, not me."

Martha handed him a card, and said, "You may use the phone in the front room, and make an appointment for getting into a managing program. Up to you Mal, you either want to have a life, or you want to spoil your life." Mal said, "OK, so you missed something out!" Martha said, "Oh!----- What?" Mal said, "You never gave me Bible talk at all. That's all I got before, but the minister did not do that. It was a woman here, before you. So I got onto the minister badly. Martha said, "Well you're adult, so in your way at the present stage, one thing at a time. Pushing a person is the only way to send them away. I am here, if ever you would like to look through the window, rather than look through a foggy window." Mal simmered down, and said, "You're interesting me, you do not give me the buzz of getting at you. I could be right rude, and you would not give me the joy of knowing I had upset you."

Martha said, "I am here to help in the right manner. She called Alice, who gave Mal the food. Mal said he is coming back next week, because he wants to know why he cannot upset her. Martha said, "Call the number on the card, it's better if you arrange a place for you. It will be covered by funds. Please do not abuse the offer of help" Mal said, "Yeah, got the drift."

Gabriel was asking Martha how she got on with Mal. When Martha told him, he said, "He never would have taken that from me. I tried once, but he over charged my even tempered nature. If he gets onto the program, yes it will be good, for once he learns to manage, that is one less to concern for." Martha said, "He may I pray want food for the soul when he is ready." Gabriel said, "You have made great progress in the first day. Not one person has come to my office to complain about being given a force into coming to church." Martha said, "Well in time, you may well see them there. One day at a time, eh Gabriel?"

Gabriel said, "I am really pleased, it is what we needed here, someone like you Martha." Martha said, "Gabriel, can I share something with you?" Gabriel said, "My time, is your time, so go ahead."

Martha said, "This morning, before Ronald and I got here, I wanted to go to the mall. I was in the chemist. Suddenly a lady I used to see in a place often, came up and spoke to me. She is now in the salvation army. She was alcoholic, and coming to "Jesus" She got off it. Now I did not expect the lady that came at the back of me, I never saw her." Gabriel said, "So what was it about her?" Martha said, "She was into the occult, I met her when I was caught up in that. She asked me to have a coffee with her, and I thought, right, now here is a situation that really needs "The Lord" To speak to her. So I said that I did not belong to that. She asked, "Why?" So I told her in a short time, as I had to come here, about my giving my life to "Jesus Christ" who really had done more for me in the past nine months.

She said she was at peace, but I could see something was still around her. Naturally I covered my soul from attack. In "Jesus" She told me that she believed in "God" But what undone that was, she was still doing some occult things. She wanted to keep her angel cards. I just told her that I cleared my home of all things in that absolute lie. I did not preach to her, just told her how I was blessed, by asking for the truth. Telling her about the generation traps. I mentioned Leviticus; and the verses it speaks of the things that are nothing to do with "God," Naming the very things she was in to as well. She was going to keep the angel cards, and I was not happy about that, for I did tell her, to get real peace, means closing all doors to the openings of the enemy. Nothing about the cards was truth. I heard her talk about her baby who died thirty years ago, who as a baby, went straight back to "Our Lord." She believed he comes to her, in dreams. That I know is not possible. I suddenly felt I had to leave her company, and I knew why. I had said enough in a short way. She heard me, but until she gets rid of all the things that are from darkness, there are failings going to happen to her. All that was asked of me, was to give the truth, simply. When I heard the need to have angel cards, she was not ready to freedom. So all I asked of her was to think about it, and decide for herself. I knew I had to leave, as I was told to. "The Holy Spirit" Told me I have planted the seed, it is up to her, to allow it to grow."

Gabriel said, "Well she came from the back. So it is the back darts are sent, your saving was the Christian lady, before darkness in the other lady. I think you handled that well. You do not feel attacked, I can see that. You did what was asked of you. That is enough, you obeyed the "Holy Spirit," The rest is up to her now."

Martha waited for Ronald to get home. They discussed their day all the way home. Martha said, "There is going to be great growth for us, and I, I can feel it."

True to form, things were happening with much Grace. This, she said to Ronald, was the base of their walk upon the new path. They were at peace, more precious times were to come.

Chapter Thirteen

June came over to see Martha, wanting to know how her first day was in the welfare work.

Martha said, "Ronald found it easy, as he knew where places were to collect the donations of food. Then he placed it in the large shed, at the back of the church. He brought it into the side room, where I work, the amount for the day. I found it great to be involved with people. People who do not know about the truth. Such a challenge to have them in front of me. Some are really out of control, some are withdrawn."

June said, "How do you handle the ones that are difficult?" Martha said, "Easy, I do not take it personally. Every time I got a remark that was not manners, I just gave a positive answer, enough to show that anything said, will not get me where they wanted me, which is upset."

June said, "I really do not know if I could do that. My tolerance is not as high as yours." Martha said, "I do not have to have tolerance, I know how to answer them. It's better to never give in to people who are needing to vent their anger. It is to me far more fruitful, to let them do, say, and be how they wish to be. June, what example would I be showing, if I took their anger to defend myself, when it's all about them, and not me?"

June stood looking at Martha, and then she said, "I know that "Jesus" did not give his words in anger at all." Martha said, "He showed his disapproval, finding people marketing in the temple. He was saying the temple was for prayer, and they turned it into a den of thieves. We can take his example, because he listened to his "Father," And not go away from that."

June said, "Fran is coming back this Saturday, I would like to meet her Martha." Martha said, "You certainly will do. Are you still going to the city today June?" June said, "I will be, because I wanted to get to the big show." Martha was getting her things together, because she had calls to make today in her new job. She was walking with such difficulty, that her body was over to one side now. The pain in her lower back was nasty, and she felt so much, that the bottom half of her body, was separated from the top half. She thought that others would think she was strange, if she said that. But that is how she felt.

Just as she was going to find Ronald, he came in with a big smile! He said, "Problem solved." Martha said, "Problem solved?" Ronald left the room, and came back with a motorized scooter. Martha looked at it, and said, "Ronald, that is for me?" Ronald said, "Who else? It is for disabled people. Ronald said, "Now you can try to beat me on the road, I will be on the road, and you on the pavement, see who gets to our new job first, huh?" Martha was so pleased, because she was feeling her hip bones moving, and it hurt so much.

Going into the office, Martha drove in, it was so easy now, not to be in the wheelchair, it was not too easy to move herself. Her first job was to call the housing department for the couple, and put their case forwards to them. The appointment was made for the following day. Martha called the couple, and asked them who their doctor was. Martha was told. A letter from the doctor would help the couple very much. She said she will call the couple back, as she would tell the doctor what it is about. The strength is always better from many sources. The couple had their hopes rising, from living in such a way. It had been hard on them. They knew the other four were not that honest.

As the day went on, Martha had many who were in need. She coped well, and found it a blessing to be doing this. To have a diversion helped her pain not to be the full focus of the day.

Some that came, were very miserable. Others were easy to talk to, and a few were just out for themselves. She managed to talk to the doctor about the couple. The doctor said, "I have seen the children quite a few times, they are not in a good environment. I would be glad to put some strength to this case."

Martha called the couple, and asked them to pick up the letter from their doctor, who had taken the time to do it. She gave them the appointment time. The man said, "I do not think we can get there very easy, it's near the city." Martha said, "In this case, I am going to ask the minister Gabriel, to allow my husband to take you there in our car, how does that sound?" The man was sounding very humble, and thanked Martha. Martha said, "Just know that things are going to work out for you." she knew the couple would be re-housed. Second hand furniture would be given them. She felt that once they were happier, it may just be their turning point.

Gabriel had a great deal of compassion, when it involved children, so he was very pleased to see Martha take on the case. Gabriel was very happy to have order in the welfare part of the church.

The day was ending, Martha was pleased to have things going well. Ronald came to get her and she laughed saying, "Catch me if you can," As she drove around in her new aid.

Time passed, and it was Saturday. Martha said, "I can see Fran and Ken soon." Ronald said, "So where do I come in it, as you did not say 'we' would see them." Martha laughed. Ronald was quietly very concerned for Martha being in such a way, he saw her put strength against the enemy. At a time she was in the total pain, he wanted her to have, so that she would fail. Martha was protected, the more she kept her faith, the more strength she was getting. The sharper the pain, the more her prayers. She praised "The Lord." That is the best defense against the enemy. Naturally, she did not know all this, nearing ten months ago. All she had in the teachings from "The Holy Spirit" Were in direct action for her.

Ken and Fran came on the Saturday evening. The hugs and rejoicing were heard by Vince and June. Fran wasted no time, and said, "OK Martha, do tell me, because I know you have things changed, I just know." Ken said, "Oh Fran, how can things change in one month?"

Ronald, and Martha just burst out laughing. Martha said, "You are right Fran, we have had everything change, only one thing is not changed yet, the hip, that is getting worse. I know it will be changed." Ken said, "It must be hard to have that." Martha said, "Oh look, others get it too, at least I know why I have got it. Others may not know. That is why I am in service for understanding pain." Ken said, "I be blowed if I understand pain. I get a headache, and cannot cope." Martha said, "Ken! You surprise me, surely you know why pain is in people." Fran said, "Ah he has had too much chocolate in Belgium, he may be withdrawing from it all."

Martha said, "Yes I bet he has, and look, he has added no weight." Ronald said, "On the serious side, Martha is right about understanding pain. Pain for anyone is hard, but often nobody tries to understand why it is there." Martha said, "Ronald was blessed with revealing of the plan made before him. I was blessed, the same revealing was given to me, before Ronald got them. I could not tell Ronald about mine, and it worked out, that he got the same as me, but in a different way. It's a bit like a job, where each does their bit, for the whole job to be done. One part not done, then the job fails."

Ken said, "How's work Ronald?" To Ken's surprise, he was given the way he got another job, and the same earnings were as his old job. Martha made up for that, by being in the office, and doing the welfare work. Fran stood up and said, "I knew it, because in prayers, I send them for you as well, I was given, changes were in order. Nothing else, but the words - changes were in order - so not knowing what changes were for you both, I had to find out today."

The evening was shared with much gladness. Ken and Fran left for their home, and Martha was ready for sleep now.

The following week began, and Martha had good news. The couple were put on the priority list. A house was being vacated the following week. The doctor's letter had made a good way for the children to be out of the place they were in. The safety for the children was the curve needed for the couple to have a council house. The rent was a little less than in the shared house, due to their circumstances. Ronald made arrangements to have the second hand furniture be given to the address, the day before they moved in. Gabriel had contacts for furniture that's not wanted.

The white goods were included for them. Not the best, but a start. Martha had asked to put the food in the house, the same day the furniture was going in. Gabriel agreed to that, so that the couple can adjust to their new surroundings. Martha knew deep within her, that this couple were to become interested, in the food for the soul. She saw in her own way, the man become moved. So time was to pass, for this to be birthing later.

Fran came to the welfare part of the church, as it was not her church, she was interested in looking into this one. Martha being there, and things going so different, to when she left for France.

Martha had a free hour, and said Fran could come then. Fran said, "Last Saturday, the talking of understanding pain, really got to me. It is something you know, better than I." they began to talk, when Gabriel came in. He apologized for the intrusion of Martha's hour off. Martha said, "It's fine Gabriel, Fran and I were going to talk about understanding pain." Gabriel said, "Oh really, I would not mind sitting in on that one, if you let me. I have papers here for you to sign, for the couple who got their home, just red tape really Martha."

Martha signed them, and gave them back to Gabriel. She said, "Pain, it is in many different ways. Mental, emotional, spiritually, and physically, many ways really. Some pain is unseen, kept in by the owner of the pain. Others, like mine, are obvious. The mind can play games with pain too! The battle of pain, is often not talked about. Because in many ways, it is covered by one word, the enemy."

Fran said, "I agree with that." Gabriel said, "I do to." Martha said, "Pain is like a weaving of collective pains. Understanding the pain any human has, is a means to understand the whole pain. I found in my life, some will play on their pain, rather than work against it harming them anymore. Some will use pain for attention. Some will enjoy pain, as strange as that sounds. In the whole big deal, it is about the damage done by the enemy. I have had said to me, that to think of the enemy, is wrong. I say, I do not think of him that way. I am a vessel for exposing as much as is possible. So my work understanding pain, is for the glory of "Our Heavenly Father."

"It's all very well, to stay on the safe side, but if not aware of the unseen things, that comes as speed, to collect the weaker in soul, it gives no meaning to why pain is there. Yes, it is said that pain is through sin. Now looking at it from another angle, how many would realize that their pain is telling them something?" Gabriel said, "Huh, and to think, I have never thought of pain this way. As a minister, I too can still learn."

Martha said, "Oh Gabriel, please do not think I am overpowering your knowledge." Gabriel said, "No Martha, I do not think that. You're not that sort of nature at all." Martha said, "OK, so pain is nasty, but if it's thought about, it is telling each, and all, something is to change. I know from old, that some will put a cover on pain, and it then festers inside them. Look at the man that was nearly dead, two thousand years ago. How two walked on, and left him. This meant the pain inside the two that left him to die, had pain. They could not do anything, because of self centered focus on themselves. A Samaritan, had a heart that beats with love, so he did all he could for the man. The man survived. This gave the truth about pain. Still in the ages, no man would look within, to see the sin causing the pain. I know now, that the man who saved the man that nearly died, was with the good seed, that grew into everlasting life. The two that did not, had seed that fell onto dry soil. No water to feed it. Their pain may have gone on for all their life, their wages for selfishness, we know is death. So that is pain, that is forever. If the man who was aided, kept his soul clean, that was the end of pain in that moment. He grew into the light. The Samaritan was a vessel to show, that we are family. Do not let a brother, or sister, suffer alone. For by doing that, the parts of the family, that are not fully into the light, will give more pain to the afflicted. The result of that, is added pain. The ones most afflicted, are the ones who do not help. They have a colder heart. So there are fractures in the family."

Gabriel said, "I sure never thought of it that way. I am now thinking that some sermons are upon the truth, but do not give the full picture."

Martha said, "I am sure your sermons are holy, as many are. All I am saying is, there is more to it, to me. I am speaking for my own thoughts on this. In life today, people will walk past a person who falls down. I know it, as I did fall down once, and nobody came to me at all. Getting up was hard. When I told a woman this, she laughed at me, as if it was a joke, and straight away said, that she must watch for her own self, others do not need to help. Surely, if a brother is fallen, who can help him up? If a sister is in pain, who can help the moral support? If there is an accident, who can aid the ones in need, other than the law, which is starchy? Why do people laugh when someone is hurt? Why do people go the opposite way if they see a need is to be met? The day has the same hours in it, as it had always been. They rush, so become blind to the real meaning of life. So what I am saying is, no man is without pain. It is how the pain is dealt with, that cleanses the soul, and reaches other souls. One good deed, deserves another. Think about it, if one brother or sister, goes to help another brother or sister, it keeps the family in wholeness."

Martha sighed for a moment, as her pain was forcing onto her, she knew why. She continues, "Pain not seen to, or understood, will create more pain, so the pain has growth. It can reach all mankind, if not under some balanced thinking. A yawn, will create others to yawn, so it is with pain too. Now the darkness caused pain in the first hour of time. It went out to have one brother be killed by the other, in Genesis. So pain had become like a disease. Now those that know the truth, can, if they wish to, work against pain. If one stops giving pain, and another follows the same, it will reach outward to end all wars. Life has been war from the start." Fran said, "Yes, it's been put in many ways, but this way I have not thought about."

Gabriel said, "Can you illustrate any more to this Martha?" Martha said, "It's as small as a nutshell really. It grew out of proportion, through pain being misunderstood, pain is evil. Only through pain, can the enemy be active, in bringing the ones down, especially Christians, for they are the ones that threaten his imagined glory, that is death anyway. Now to the ones that put the glory to "God" Through "Jesus Christ," can use their pain as a threat back to where it came from. Without being in sin doing so. Sure I have had moments that have tested me." Gabriel said, "So what you're doing is, having the pain, doing life as if it does not belong to you?"

Martha said, "Sort of, yes. If you think about it, and I Hope my thoughts on this are wise. Dear "Jesus Christ" Had the whole ages of pain. Not one man can say that "Jesus" Did not have the pain that man gave to untruth. We all put him on that cross. He gave us the love that he felt for us. Such sacrifice, is beyond our understanding. Now satan, being unwise, wanted glory. He fed upon the truth, to make untruth. He knows that his eternal life is going to be the very sufferings of pain he put into mankind. He also made the the highest mercy of "Our father" Be a myth. So I think, and feel, that my pain belongs to him, I am going to get rid of it. His torments in the abyss, will be tortures of all mankind's suffering he has caused. He will also suffer the greatest pain of all to "Jesus Christ." his eternal life is going to be a plague of pains and fires he cannot put out. Look at it that way if you wish. He did the greatest sin of all, to have "The son of man" Be killed. He killed his own "God." The very "God" That once saw him as beautiful. He trades that for what? He was death from the first sin he committed. His jealousy, envy, anger, hate, in one word theft. So what "Our dear Lord" Suffered, will be on his own head. He has that for his trespassing upon the most high throne. That throne, he can never reach. He has never stepped upon it. He cannot get near it. For he is unholy. He fights more today, than before, so pain is another of his weapons. I think my excruciating pain, will return to him, and any other pain he caused in the whole of mankind. So I am just looking at it another way."

Gabriel was quite taken by this way of looking at it. He said, "It makes sense, there would be him paying forever. In a way I see what you're saying. By sending the pains back to where it came from, releases the grip of it, in another way. You're doing it that way, so that the pain will end using you to be failing, no Matter how hard it hits you. "The holy spirit" Has asked you to put forward, his greatest love, his "Holy love" For the means of getting his children back."

Fran said, "I have never heard this much depth before Martha, from you." Martha said, "I will not give up, if my pain is for the glory to "Our father," Then it's worth the pain felt, and believe me, that is no easy task. I get quite joyful, to know the crucifixion is rebounding upon satan. As is all the pains.

Martha said, "Any man that takes the pain, and stays with "Jesus Christ," No Matter how hard it hits, he is protected by "The Holy Spirit."

Gabriel said, "I can see you're going a long way yet Martha. It will be interesting to see what is asked of you, as you do it. I know that your life will be doing well." Gabriel laughed, and then looked serious. He continues, "Imagine the pain of all mankind on one beast. The severity of killing "The only begotten son of God." the beast will convince some, let none of us betray the gift we were given. Let none of us be trading our savior, for the measures of his final days. We will be fed by "The Holy Spirit" In the last days."

Martha said, "Yes, I know I have this work to do, but there is no intention to give attention to the enemy. I am asked to serve. In all the times I have mentioned the darkness, and it's been many, it is for the truth. None of us can avoid the war, but we can stand firm, and understand pain. The quicker it is understood, the more glory comes for "Our father." I am looking forward to his next service he has for me right now. Praise "The Lord."

Chapter Fourteen

Fran arranged a day for Ronald and Martha to bring Vince and June to their house. It was a welcoming of two others in their fold of friendship. Martha was very happy with that.

Fran had her front room kept for visitors. But this time, she said to Ken, that she would like the garden for their meeting of new friends. Ken said, "We can have a b.b.q. Why not have it casual?" Fran said, "I think it's easier to be casual. I know we use the front room for church concerns, but hey! The toilet at the back of the house, is closer for Martha."

Ken went out to the front garden to hose the plants. He was so pleased to see the roses coming out in bloom. A blue rose he hoped for, that did not take. So he had a purple one budding to bloom. Over in the corner, Ken had the birds. He made a large Avery. The finches were in season now, so he knew there will be eggs waiting to hatch. The canaries were singing, and the quails were running around in the bottom of the very large Avery. By the side of the bushes, he had a pond. The gold fish were swimming amongst the floating plants on top of the water.

He smiled to himself, thinking about the day he asked Fran if they could get a goat! He wanted it to eat the grass, and less mowing. Fran gave him a direct answer, that the goat would go to the washing line, and rip the washing off it!

Meanwhile Fran was thinking to have her cereal with yogurt. She saw the small bag in the pantry, with an 's' on it, and sprinkled the sugar on top. She was about to eat it, as Ken came back in. Fran put a spoonful in her mouth, and Ken saw her face twist like a balloon that got wrinkled from going down slowly. She threw the spoon down, and said, "Ugh! What on earth was that on top of my late breakfast?" She looked at the bag, thinking it was from the air tight sugar canister. Fran said, "Ken, did you put the salt in the bag?" Ken said, yes, I was clearing the caravan out, and thought the salt, and the sugar, could come in to be used, and we put fresh in, when we go away for a weekend. Why?" Ken really! You know I put sugar in a bag, but never salt!" I have gone and put the salt over my breakfast! Ugh! You!" Fran said. Ken thought for a minute, and then said, "Ha! Whoops, I did a doosy there. I know you put salt in another air tight tin. I forgot."

Fran said, "I forgive you, but only just! The reason I use special bags for sugar, is to keep it from coming through the bag the shops sell it in. Often it can break, and spill. So that is why I put the bags in the air tight tin, with 'sugar' written on it Ken."

Ken was laughing, he could not stop laughing, he said between laughs, "I did put the salt in the bag, but I forgot about it, as I had used one of the sugar bags, for the salt. Meant to tell you, just forgot." Fran said, "Well as I have now lost my breakfast, what are you going to do about it?"

Ken said, "Mac Donald's?" Fran said, "Oh yes, we have time for that eh? You know we have our friends here this afternoon, and things have to be ready." Ken said, "Mac Donald's?" Fran threw the dish cloth at him, and he ducked to miss it, he then started to run around the kitchen saying, "Mac Donald's, mac Donald's." Until Fran said, "Jeepers, you know how to get your way. You go get it, instead of us both having it in the joint, then I can get the things ready here for the afternoon. But you owe me now Ken!"

Ken went off to mac Donald's, still smiling at the salt mistake. He knew as he owed Fran, he would be getting big hugs. Because that is how she wants mistakes paid for. This was a good mistake, he thought.

On the way back, Ken saw a small dog that looked hurt, along the pavement. He was on the other side of the road, so had to cross the space in the middle for getting onto the other lane back.

He stopped the car, and went to look at the dog. The dog looked like a puppy. The little creature was harmed. Ken looked at his body, and there he could see, the puppy had been hit. Was it a person who harmed the dog, or a car that hit the dog?

Ken got his mobile, to call Fran, as he had to take this animal to the vet. Fran said, can you pass home, so I can come too? I will call Martha, and delay the time for our meeting this afternoon. The veterinary clinic was not far away. The small puppy had been hit, and had some internal damages. Ken asked if any listings were for a lost puppy. The vet said no micro chip was on the puppy. Ken asked if the puppy would live. The vet said, "No, he has to be operated on to survive. Ken asked if the operation would keep him alive for sure. The vet said, "Yes, but it is very expensive to do." Fran looked at Ken, and they both said together, "Do it, we will pay." The vet said, "He has no sign of who he belongs to, so he will have to stay here after the operation, to be monitored, probably for ten days. Are you thinking of keeping him?" Fran said, "Yes, we have room for this tiny little creature who deserves to live."

When they left the veterinary clinic, they felt so sad to know the little dog was hit. Fran said, "Do you think that we made a decision too quickly on keeping him Ken?" Ken said, "No I do not think so, we can look after him, he will be our baby." Fran smiled saying, "Yes I guess so." Ken said, "Um-----The mac Donald's is cold now." Fran said, "Guess what?" Ken said, "OK, what?" Fran said, "I am glad I put the salt on my late breakfast, and you know-----" Fran was butted in to. Ken said, "Hm-----As he is a little boy, I think we will call him, mac Donald." Fran laughed, saying, "We could call him whopper, or big mac, or burger." They laughed together. When back to the house, they both prayed together for the tiny life.

Fran called Martha, and told her why they had to come later in the afternoon. Martha said that Ronald and herself would be praying for this little life too." Ronald went to Vince and June, telling them about the delay in time of the b.b.q.

The vet called Ken and Fran, saying, "The little puppy came through the operation, and to his findings, the little dog was beaten, not hit by a car. As Mr. Charleston, the vet, spoke, Ken felt so upset, to think a little puppy could be hit. Mr. Charleston said, "I found the puppy had a broken leg, and internal bleeding. He will be in here for about ten days, but he will need more check ups, after he leaves here." Ken said, "We will do that, how on earth, Mr. Charleston, can a small animal, or any animal, be hit by humans, it beats me." Mr. Charleston said, "Unfortunately, I see animals with that at times. Many of them do not survive. But this little one will do. His recovery will be for sure. Would you like to name him over the phone? As you cannot come and see him until tomorrow." Ken told Fran, and she asked if they could name him at a later time in the day, around five thirty. Mr. Charleston agreed to that, as he was working till very late anyway.

Fran got the garden settings ready, and Ken prepared the meat for the b.b.q. Fran made different side dishes, so that all had a choice.

When it was five o'clock, they all arrived. Ken poured cold drinks for them, and told them all about the tiny puppy. Martha said, "What breed is he?" Ken said a miniature terrier, he is brown and white. It was odd, because while I was driving back to Fran with the mac Donald's, I felt like I was spoken to, and as always silently. I heard, "Look ye wide." I thought "The Holy Spirit" Was going to show me something. I looked to the right, the other side of the road. I was driving on the left side. I saw this small dog laying along the pavement, near bushes. He could have been missed, as he was well into the bushes. I saw him. I had to take a turn to get over into that lane. My heart went out to him. So the rest you all know."

Ronald said, "How come you were at mac Donald's?" Fran laughed, and told them the story of the salty cereal. Now that did make them all laugh, and Vince said, "Thinking about it, Ken, you put salt in a sugar bag for storage, forgetting to tell Fran. I have a feeling that was all meant to happen."

Fran said, "What, have salt on my cereal?" Vince said, "No, "The holy spirit" Knew of the puppy, think about it, all that happened to you this morning, was meant to. Because had the puppy not been found in time, he would have died. You Ken, driving Fran mad about getting mac Donald's, got you onto the road right at the time it was to be."

Martha said, "No doubt about that. Just shows us, how the ways opened, for the love of all creatures." Fran said, we have to name him, as we will keep him. So we were playing around with names about mac Donald's. Have any of you any idea's for a name?" June said, "Well calling him burger, is hardly a dog's name. I do not like don for a name, and somehow Donald seems a name for a big dog."

Ken said, "Yes, come on, thinking caps on please." Martha said, "As it was a Grace sent to you, and sent to the puppy, he is alive. Do you think charity, or purity, would fit?" Ken said, "For a girl more likely, what do you think Fran?" Fran said, "What does it Matter what sex the puppy is? I quite like purity. Besides, he will be de sexed anyway, so yes, purity sounds good." Ken said, "What can I say? OK that's his name."

Fran called the vet, and gave the puppy his new name. Mr. Charleston said, "That name is different. I will put it on his cage, he is doing very well, he drank water, and his eyes are bright. Actually, he is recuperating far more than I expected."

Now the early evening was going to be more relaxing. They had answer to their prayers for the small dog, now called purity. Fran said, "Martha, it is tomorrow you see the orthopedic surgeon. I do Hope he gets you into surgery quickly." Martha said, "I do too, the left one was left for ten years, from the start of arthritis. By the time it was done, it had total damages. So I also Hope for surgery quickly." Vince said, "What date is it tomorrow?" June said, "Vince, you always forget the dates." Ken said, "Martha will be seen tomorrow, the date is the twenty-second of March."

The whole evening that followed, was great fun. They talked over many subjects. Martha was nervous, and although she knew "The Holy Spirit" was with her, she was still nervous. Ronald knew this, and felt it natural.

They gave prayer at the end of the good evening round Ken and Fran's home. When it came to Martha being given healing, there was a silence amongst them. They were sitting outside, as it was still warm. A sense of peace came over them. "The Holy Spirit" Came through to them all. It was a silent time. Not one word said.

When they began to speak, they all had the same message.

"Lo, I am the way. Walk in me. I am the truth. Believe me, (trust in me) I am the life. Live in me, and share my life with others. So to this end, I have provided for thee the ministries and gifts of my Holy Spirit. As ye receive these by faith, and as ye walk in these by faith so that I am allowed to manifest myself through thee in this way, ye will find that ye will grow in me, yea, grow in Grace, and in your knowledge of me, and ye will find the fruits of the spirit will begin to appear in thy life quite naturally, even as the apples appear on the apple tree, though the tree takes no thought and experiences no effort or anxiety. Commit to me thy sanctification. Bring thy thoughts into captivity and let thy mind be under the control of the mind of Christ. Do not curb the impulses of the spirit within thee, neither refuse to allow me the freedom to manifest myself through thee by means of the gifts. I ask thee not to do, but to be. For whatever is of the flesh is flesh; but when thou shalt allow my spirit to have free course, when thou dost cease to interfere with my moving within thee, then those things shall be accomplished within thee, and through thee shall be verily the life of God, for my spirit is the spirit of life, and my spirit is the motivating power of divine energy. I will strengthen thee and comfort thee and will lead thee by the hand."

None of them moved for a long time. They were filled with "The holy spirit." " June had, for the first time, felt "The Holy Spirit" Far more than ever before. In her silent thoughts, she now knew what true commitment meant. As they began to come to the point of talking, Martha said, "I felt very strongly, that we all had to have some help tonight. Mine was for the surgery to come, oh I do Hope he does it soon, and in st. Vincent's hospital. I had a doubt about my coming through it, I must stop that, for if he is in control, I must not be a doubting Thomas."

Fran said, "I was given the same, as I needed to pay more attention to prayers." Ronald said, "I had the same too, mine was to be aware that no man, can speak for "God," He speaks through us, no gift is man's gift, it is "God's." I tended to be a little over sure of my abilities, instead of understanding I was given the abilities, and be humble about it. "

Ken said, "I also had the same, I was to look before I leaped, and take more time to ask in prayer, for guidance in all situations."

Vince said, "We all had the same it seems. Mine was to be equal to all other souls. I separate myself in certain Matters, thinking I am better than others in some jobs. I was to learn to balance myself, to understand, gifts are in all of us. Not just me."

This gave them all a greater way to look at things. Every one of them, were very thoughtful for Martha. June said, "Martha, I never quite understood things you said, you never once gave it in a pious way, you were gentle about it, and spoke truth. Now I understand about being with the church twice. Being the church in the body of Christ, and being in the collective church building. It really did not make sense to me, but after this "Holy" Time, I am told by the true voice."

Martha said, "I knew you would, and I never once judged your spiritual heart. I felt it very important to know that we are far more than the flesh."

Ronald, and Martha, had to take the day off, for her appointment. Martha had no idea that the people she helped in the first few weeks, were sending to the minister Gabriel, flowers, and cards, and good wishes. This she would see, when she returned to her light work in the office. There were a few of them that wanted to learn the truth. Gabriel was very pleased at this. He wanted a growing church.

The days were coming for the best yet to come. Patience is virtue, with the pages of Grace. Many still do not see the Grace looking at them every day.

Chapter Fifteen

Ken, was up early in the morning. He kept thinking the small puppy called purity at the moment, was not quite a boys name. As his thoughts went on to other names. Charles? No, big dog's name. Tiny? No, tinker? No, Fran may be upset if I suggest we call him trusty. Yes I like that name, fits boy or girl.

Fran was coming into the kitchen, she said, "Hey Ken! I was thinking about the name purity, it's not quite a boys name is it?" Ken chuckled, he said, "I was thinking the same thing! How about trusty?" Fran said, "I like that name. I suppose we will have to change it today, or the little puppy will be called purity while in the clinic, and trusty here at home."

Ken said, "I will be glad when Martha gets her surgery done. She really is in pain. Her example of staying in the hands of "Our Lord" Working through this, and stopping smoking, it has created for those that see this, clear vision of what can be done." Fran said, "I think people who see anyone unable to walk, are shown that it is presented to them, to be what they say they are, Christians. Have you ever noticed, that some are left on their own, and others give advice, upon an infirmity they do not suffer? I mean Ken, how hard is it to see? Talking and doing nothing to help, to me is putting the patient at more risks. They do nothing to help, they may as well shut up."

Ken said, "What brought that on Fran?" Fran said, "Oh I saw a lady in the mall, she was in great difficulty. Went to see if I could help. She then told me, that not one person in her family cares, that nobody does anything to help. Strangers have come to aid a bit, but her family has cut off from her. She did not know why, as she had never harmed them. In fact, she was doing for them, never asking anything back. Then she is dumped, because she could no longer do for them!"

Ken said, "I think that is hard, how on earth can a family member leave their mother in dire straits? Was she as bad as Martha?" Fran said, "Very much so, the pain was there in her whole face. I did all I could, and then I had to come home. To be honest Ken, I thought I had let her down too, leaving her there on a walker, alone." Ken said, "So why have you never told me of this before?" Fran said, "Time passed, and my attentions went to Martha."

Ken thought for a while, and then said, "Yes, sometimes we are all too busy to be of true help to one another. No wonder "Jesus" Said, love one another. Did you see this lady again at any time?" Fran said, "Yes, and she was worse, yet still trying. I could have walked the full mall twelve times, to her twelve steps of trying to walk." Ken said, "Did you help her this time?" Fran said, "No, because I had to be at the hairdresser. Oh really Ken, I could have left that, and given her help. She was trying to push a shopping trolley around the area of the car park. I even saw people push her to one side, so that they could get out in their selfish manners of rushing. I was going to stop, but the appointment was soon. As I went to go to the hairdresser, she was seizing up in pain. Still she was left, and people looking at her as if she was a nuisance."

Ken said, "Oh Fran, your hair could be done another time, you could have called them on your mobile, they may have been able to fit you in a bit later." Fran said, "I learned something from that. Martha was heading that way, so I am doing all I can, if she needs me. She was going quite well, limping a great deal. So I did not know that it was going to be the same for Martha. I learned, that I really must use my eyes more to things given in front of me, than to go for the material instead. I also learned, that had that been me, and I was left alone, knowing I would be in total of crippling, without one person in my home, or any support, I would be feeling crippled up in more than my hip joints, to be replaced. It would effect my mental, and emotional health. That is why I am doing much more for Martha. It is a poor excuse, because Martha has Ronald. This lady had nobody."

Ken said, "Yes, but I too can learn from this, now you told me about it. I often go rushing myself, to get more done in less time. Along the way, I see nothing, but my own thoughts. So I could have missed a child of "God" In trouble." Fran said, "Thanks Ken, that is very supporting, that you know, we all do not give the very things, "Our Lord" Has sent us to do. We tend to be in routines, and give no extra times to another."

Ken said, "John the baptist, he spoke of giving, having no more than another, if we have two, give one to the poorer. Be happy with the portion given. I think those words were not said pertaining to materials only. Think about this Fran, we are rich in spiritual wealth. We can make our account become lower, if we do not share what we know. I do not mean pushing, and parading around in vanity about it. I mean, we can help another, by showing actions, more than words. For the word would be heard, well, after the actions show to the needy. It is actions that speak louder than words. We learn every day. After they have been helped, their soul is ready to hear the truth."

Fran said, "Now the puppy, shall we go now to see him?" Ken said, "Sure thing, I cannot wait. We may as well tell the vet the name we chose today. Trusty."

The vet spoke to them saying, "This little puppy is healing far faster than I expected. He is in this cage." well Ken and Fran looked at him, and he got up to the front of the cage, wagging his tail. It had not been lopped. Fran said, "Oh Ken, he looks like he knows us." Ken said, "This is my little son now." Fran laughed, and said, "Yep right!-----Now I will get no sense out of you." Ken said, "Too right! You will not. Let us tell Mr. Charleston his name now."

Mr. Charleston changed the name to 'trusty.' He smiled, as he said, "In a way, the life of this puppy was saved by a far more pure way. Purity was a good name, but hardly a dog's name huh?" Fran said, "When can we have him to his new home with us?" Mr. Charleston said, "I think about eight to nine days time. Do come in to see him so that he will begin to recognize you and build up a bond. I am very passionate about animals, so their welfare is very important to me too. I am glad you found him Ken."

They left the veterinary clinic, with a new charge in life. Fran got home to get trusty a nice bed she created out of a cradle. One of her many craft works began to have another use. The bear she had in the cradle, she would split open, and make hems in the opening, to put in the clock. She knew a clock ticking was a comfort for young cats and dogs in the night time. Ken was out in the shed making a kennel. Fran went out to see him. There was Ken, putting the last part on, the roof!"
Fran said, "I suppose you will paint it now?" Ken said, "Yep! I have paint that is not dangerous for children and animals. I have made this too." Fran looked at the board, it was painted with --trusty-- on the front of it. Large as life, he had made it hard to miss. Fran said, "OK, so now all the neighbors will know we have a new addition to our family."

Martha had her results. A total hip replacement. The bone, was on bone. So it is very much in need of getting rid of. Ronald was happy that she would be getting it done. Just a wait on the list now.

Ronald went in to see Gabriel, and said, "Who are all these flowers for?" Gabriel said, "Martha, because she has reached the hearts of the needy that come here for help. In such a short time, progress is making a fast recovery for most of them. Some of them found her very comforting, and at the best, none of them could insult her. I have had many insults told me, by the last person who worked here."

Ronald said, "Gabriel, Martha is happy to go on doing the light work in the office. She will need a diversion to her pain. After she saw the orthopedic surgeon, she told me Gabriel, that she felt the heavy feeling leave to some degree. That her inner self was dancing. Nothing was going to stop the healing now. She said to me, that she knew the battle of the dark force, was having to free her. Now I do not know much about this, but know it is there." Gabriel said, "Ronald, may we talk in my office?" Ronald agreed to.

Gabriel said, "Sit down please and listen to me. Martha had a battle going on, you know that much. It was far greater, than just passed off, as it often is. She wanted to break the darkness. She did this by the way she went about it. "The Holy Spirit" Led her to the very points of contacts, to get her to confess. As she did this, her soul was naked of the truth. She was forgiven, and the road ahead was not easy for her to spiritually walk upon. She had no idea of the darkness, being so evil. She did not know what sin meant. Her nature through her life was of a generous way. So every time she helped, she also got attacked. The people that took her good nature, were also in the darkness. The generational traps are cunning. They follow through, so that however much Martha tried, she was rejected. Now these people Martha helped, have to find their own way out of the darkness, which they will never do. For only one way is the way out."

Ronald said, "Yes, "Jesus Christ."

Gabriel said, "I know that a devoted person is shown the ways. The winding paths have to uncurl. It's not just saying that "Jesus" Is in a life from the darkness. It is committing life to "Jesus Christ." Not just words, but full confession. I spoke with Martha about this, as I too can learn other ways given, for salvation. She told me, that her path away from the dark, was not easy. She became a threat to satan, by her devotion of giving her own life out to others. That was her confession. She wanted to know the truth. So in the first few weeks, she was birthing to cleanse her soul. As she asked in a simple way, for the truth to be given to her, she was answered, and straight away, she got materials that spoke of "Jesus Christ." Did she share this with you at all?"

Ronald said, "No, she did not speak much about her life before we met. She was always kind, and gentle, but I felt she had a-----Oh how can I say this? She had a-----Dark horse in her life. She would tell me some things, but clam up on others. When we shared the experiences we both had, about things of the dark, we opened the door wider. We took that out of our lives, by admission of it. Exposing it, is the last thing satan wants. Things seemed better after that."

Gabriel said, "Yes, it would be. Martha had more steps to take to get out of it completely. She did this in her excruciating pain. She recognized the arthritis was from the darkness. Then she saw why she was attacked, in the time of her salvation. Satan uses all measures to keep his army. He angers at the exposures of his evil. For his time is short. As you know Ronald, when something is not honest, it is covered up. A con. Many people are called to the truth, some go part the way, some go half the way. They rebound back to the beginning by that. Just to start again. Martha did not take a half measure. In our talking together, a few weeks back, she showed me something. That is, if something keeps going wrong, it is on the wrong path. That our eyes must look to the clear way. Being in human thinking, we all can get caught in things that are the warfare. We are in the middle of it. So to save our souls, we must all be cleansed. Ronald, I am a minister right? That does not mean I am excluded from the enemy. I listen to all that come to me, and some give me a direction of service, and parts in the Bible that must be looked upon fully. Now through this time, Martha told me she got rid of all dark things, I can assure you, that "Jesus Christ" Was giving her strength. Rather a hard job, in her condition."

Ronald said, "I remember that she had things packed in boxes, for years. I could not help her, so she took things out of so many boxes, and got rid of them. I asked her what it was about. She said it was just her past she was getting rid of. Little did I know what she was clearing."

Gabriel said, "That's right, she took on the hardest ways to get it out of her life, and her family. In that way, she got her path to "Our Heavenly Father." I think some praising could be here Ronald, because she made it!" they gave prayer, praised "The Lord" And spoke a little more.

Gabriel said, "The operation will cut off the way satan wanted her to be a cripple. He tried on both sides, as she has one replacement already. I looked at the way the needy were dealt with by her. Do you know Ronald, she never preached, or gave talk of "Christ." She showed actions. It appeared they left with more than the food given. Some came back for salvation. Well Ronald, thank you for coming in for this talk." Ronald said, "I think we can thank each other."

Ronald stopped off on the way back home. He wanted to tell Ken and Fran that Martha was going to be fully healed. To Ronald, it did not Matter how the healing was, it was how it was meant to be.

Fran just felt so pleased that Martha would be out of pain in the given time for operation. Ken said, "Well we can thank our blessings, for you have Martha getting her hip done, soon I Hope, and we have a -----Yeah I know Fran, you can smile all you like. We have a little boy coming home, as you know about the puppy. Ronald said, "Huh Fran, I think you may be second place now." Ken laughed, and said, "Well-----Er-----Maybe one and a half place." Fran looked at Ken, and she said to Ronald, he has been like a kid you know. Go look at the kennel he has made in the shed."

The two men went to the shed. Ronald was quite impressed with Ken's kennel. He said, "Well mate! I am surprised you did not get the phone on for the puppy, but seriously, that little chap was saved too!"

Ronald went back home and found Martha sleeping. Martha was given time to rest. For her next place in this all was very energetic. The beauty given for everlasting life, is never dull.

Chapter Sixteen

Martha had her appointment for the blood tests. All checks were made, so that she will be safe.

The day of the surgery arrived. Gabriel asked if he could come with them for her admission. Ronald was glad of the support. They gave prayer in the privacy of a room. Then it came to her time of surgery. "The Holy Spirit" Was with her. Ronald did not want to leave the hospital. Gabriel said, "She is in the best of hands, for with her is the real surgeon. I saw around her so much light." Ronald said, "You would do, the lights in the hospital are bright." Gabriel laughed, and then said, "No Ronald, the light I saw was "The Holy Spirit." Ronald said, "I did not see it."

Gabriel said, "That is because you were so concerned, so I was given it, to tell you."

Some hours went by, and Martha was in recovery. She had her new hip done, and the pain had gone. She felt discomfort, and the usual post operative feelings. In her heart, she was giving thanks. She was not fully aware for a while.

The next day, she looked at the walls of the ward. Then over to the other three patients with her in the ward. A lady was there reading what looked like a Bible. Martha was still groggy. Martha asked a nurse, if she could get her Bible out of the locker. As she got it, the woman that was reading the Bible said, "We read the same truth." Martha said, still groggy, "Yes." as time went on, Martha became a little more alert. She said to the woman opposite her, "What church are you with?" The woman said, "Oh let's give names, I am sheila." Martha gave her name to her. The physio came in for her first steps. Martha noticed she was better this time than the left hip done almost five years ago. Her determination was in full throttle. She managed to get off the bed. He took her a few steps, and then returned her to the bed. The physio, could see that Martha was going to be an easy patient. Martha was working her strength through the only one that would be helping her at this time.

Sheila was having some visitors. Martha was hearing "The Holy Spirit." She listened to this.

"♱ my child, I told thee, that thee would not be disappointed. For all poisons were to be cleared. Thy heart could not take it in. For ye had much to empty. Ye rejoiced in my ways to show thee the way. Thy prayers were known about before ye said them. For in my hand I asked thee to come. Ye gave me all that thee had. My hand shall be upon thee, and my energy shall be at thy disposal, and thou shalt be a partaker of my joy, yea, my peace shall fortify thy thought life, and I shall give health and strength to thy bones. My love shall be thy constant portion. For I ask thee not to labor in drudgery. But the work of God is a labor of love, for God is love; and as ye live by the motivation of my spirit, ye shall be partaker continually of my life, and thou shalt experience the comforting warmth of my love and my divine presence.♱"

Martha was absolutely taken by such holiness. Her heart was being over the months, recreated to the holy heart. For "Jesus" Cannot live in an unholy heart. Her whole soul was new. Her body would be new. Her life was new. She could never trade this for all the wealth in the whole world, as in this wealth, was truth. The world's wealth takes people nowhere, in the end. It is short lived.

Martha said quietly, "You know "Lord Jesus" All about me. How was it I was worthwhile for such Grace to be given me? How I wish I could tell the world's people, to stop, and love each other. It is easier to love, than to hate. I am just overwhelmed by your forgiveness of sin. The love you bring, it is so pure, as I have said before. I now see, that being poorer, can, and does, have its merits. So who cares about the best car? Not me, who cares about the best house? Not me. To trade your love for materials, is so sad. I pray that all your children do wake up. For even at the time of your giving your life, you asked why they slept. Your sweat of the cup you had to drink, became blood, I so pray that anyone who is lost, miserable, sad, ill, taking drugs in the wrong way, those who are in tortures in the world, please all look! For my birth as a baby carried the ten generations of sin. That sin gave me a life of hell on the earth. I would be absolutely foolish, to not see the light you put upon me. To carry me through to this point. You asked nothing of me, it was for me to see your face. As I gave my life out to others to read, you made that path possible. It was very little in a way, to give my life, for you gave far more than that. It is so beautiful and holy, that I am just saved in the truth. In all honesty "Lord" I get all emotional at the way you brought me to the places that needed support of your "Holy Spirit." I saw the young people of today on my travels through this time. I hear the aged say they do not believe. I know too, that the self, that is self centered, and sorry for themselves, cannot move from that. The more they give the destruction, the more they reap destruction. I was always ready to bounce from any jail of the enemy, without knowing he was doing that, jailing me. Yet you, yes you, were there all the time. You allowed me to drink in the evil, so that it can be turned around for your glory. You allowed me to know of it, but did not allow me to be taken. It's very like "Job," For you knew, that I knew you. The harder I tried to get away, the more cobwebs were put around me, to stop my sight of you. The more body parts that were taken, the harder the road. Even I did not know that you saved me from all that was lost, in my body, for you had another plan for me. Now here in this world of so much destruction, to see the creation of "The most high God" The world be built. Has been made evil. Everything is made to be faster. Time is the same, but nobody has time anymore. No honor is in the younger people. "Lord" Even I do not like the world for how it is. If people read my prayer to you, it is plain, and simple, yet very involving. I owe you all my life. That I freely give. So now, all you ask of me, I will do for you. The best way I can. Yes, to use my life for testimony, as you have others, as I am not the only one. Gave me the richest values. No money can buy this. Once I thought, how can I give my whole life to you? For I was held down by the forces of destruction. They were heavy. You came, giving me your whole love. You cut the chains off me. The chains that people do not know are on them. Let them see "Lord," For even I can cry at the ones who will not look, listen, and be, yours. For they were yours to begin with. I offer myself, as your humble servant. Amen"

Martha did not know that sheila was near her curtain, as her visitors left. Sheila heard part of that prayer. It caught her in stillness. She was going to go back to her bed, but her body was not going anywhere. She was to be still.

Martha said, "Sheila, how are you?" Sheila looked at Martha, thinking, she has just given me a new way to think. Do I tell her? Sheila thought that she would just apologize for being near Martha's curtain. Martha said, "No need to apologize, if you heard my prayer, it was meant to be so."

Sheila said, "I am very moved by what I heard. Seems I could give more of myself than I thought I could." Martha said, "I did not know you were there, because "The Holy Spirit" claims me at times of words, silent words. We all can lean on the everlasting love. Because the wonder of it all, is the highest love, that we as mortals belong to. So tell me, are you in here for long?"

Sheila said, "About four days more I think. I had my knee done." Martha said, "You know the song about them bones, them bones, them dry bones, well sister, we had them. Now they are gone."

The rest of the stay in hospital was beneficial, because the whole four in the ward, were having fellowship. A Pastor came in to see sheila. Sheila spoke about Martha to him. This brought the other two, interested in knowing about the two sides, and being saved.

The later afternoon, Vince, June, Ken, Fran, and Gabriel, came to see Martha, with Ronald. Well they came to see Martha, but ended up in a circle around the four patients. One of the nurses came in with medications for two. She was surprised at the connection between the people. She felt a peace in the ward. For to her, no wards were quite at peace. She heard a song before she came in. It was, "All night, all day, angels watch over me my Lord." She looked a little uncertain. So she went to give the medications. Suddenly her eyes took a look at them again. She thought, how is this, it is a ward of major surgeries, and peace!

June noticed the nurse more than the others did. The nurse left the ward. She had never experienced this in her job at all. She was questioning the feeling in the ward. As a nurse, she thought when things get tough, you stay tough to cope. Now she felt softer. That to her was odd. She was a hard nut!

When all the visitors left, Martha was ready to rest. The nurse was talking outside the ward to other nurses. She said, "I am not sure what is going on in ward three, but it is so peaceful in there." The other nurses jested, and claimed no ward was peaceful. So she took them into the ward, thinking all would be asleep. Martha was still awake, but did not move. So they stood in the ward, one of the other nurses said, "It's odd, because I can feel it too! A male nurse said, "Ah, too many emotions in here, that is all it is."

They still were trying to find out how this peace could be. Then the hard one saw the two Bibles, of two patients. She said, "How many do you see in here with a Bible, apart form the priest, or Pastors giving last rights." the male said, "Oh well I do not see patients with Bibles. What has that got to do with anything?"

Martha turned slightly, and they went over to her, thinking she may need them. Martha said, "I heard you talking about the peace in here. It is easy to see why." The hard nurse said, "Yeah right! How?" Martha said, "The main stream of people look to you for helping them, it is appreciated."

The hard nurse said, "We help them, but they never are happy. So it makes our work a bit straining. In the end, we have enough of the complaining." Martha said, "As a Christian, I have another doctor, one you cannot see, not yet anyway." the male said, "Tut, tut, now we are going to be Bible bashed." Martha said, "No, I will not do that. It is a free choice."

"Choice of what?" Said the hard one, but Martha heard her voice becoming softer. Martha said, "In your very heavy work, you can get help. To let you see, who you are doing the work for." The male said, "For people to be aided." Martha said, "In the peace you feel in here, it is the peace of "The Holy Spirit." None of them spoke. They were silent. The male nurse said, "Wow! I am out of here," He went to leave, but stopped. He said, "Lady, I am not in your ward, so I do not know your name, what are you doing here?"

Martha said, "I am doing nothing at all. It is "The Holy Spirit." the male said, "Yep! I am off!" But he could not go. Martha was praying all this time, as well as talking to them. Martha said, "Do any of you think you see spirits after a patient has died?" They all said, "Yes!" Martha had her first step now. She said, "None of them are real. Nothing is truth in that." by this time, one of the nurses said, "Are you very tired?" Martha said she was not tired yet. So they asked if she would come in a wheelchair to the rest room.

They took her into the rest room, and gave her a hot drink. As they had done the night time medications, most of the night is observing patients, and if a emergency was admitted. The night was not busy. So they asked Martha about the spirit talk."

Martha said, "I once was in the same frame of mind. I once thought, how come I am talking to dead people?" The nurses looked at each other, and nodded. Over the whole time, the male was becoming more interested. Then one of the nurses said, "The peace in your ward Martha, is here too." Martha said, "Yes, naturally. Because I have had no drugs, none of you can say I am hallucinating." They said that was true. Martha said, "The Holy Spirit " Is everywhere, and not blind to the truth.

The hard nurse, spoke, but this time she had a nice tone to her voice. She said, "I figure I knew about this "Jesus" But the things we see, does put that out of light." Martha said, "I know that "Jesus Christ" Is never out of light. There is a darkness." They all clapped, as they knew that side. Martha continued saying, "You know how dark it can get, so in a way, that dark gets to you, so it's a battle, you become a little hostile, because somehow, you want to save some mental health."

They went to get Martha another drink. The male did not move. He sat there looking at Martha. When they came back, they were ready to listen to the way they could be helped." So each one gave Martha a name. Ruth, Joe, Wendy, and Pam. Martha spoke about her own life being saved. Gave a brief look in. She explained how the people who pass, are never able to come back. There is no spirit left on earth of them. They cannot be contacted. She told them of familiar spirits, and the deceit.

Joe said, "I wanted to get out of the ward, but I could not move. Now I am glad I was somehow, stuck to move. To be honest, I thought you were off the tree, at first. I think now, that you're making sense. We see so much harm done by other people, to people, so we have to harden our hearts." Martha said, "The last thing that "Jesus" Wants, is a hard heart. He cannot move into a hard heart, he can knock." Joe said, "We would be lucky to hear him in here!"

Martha said, "He comes in silence, but once in your heart, he is willing to work with you. It is simple, but also hard, if you have baggage. For it is the baggage he will help you to remove."

Wendy said, "What, just like that?" Martha said, "Not quite like that. The door must be opened, by you, then he comes in. It has to be complete surrender. Otherwise the work is harder. She explained the way is open, and the rest will follow, but only by giving the old dead life away, for the new birth to begin." she said her work was going on for nine months, and the more she did, in devotion, the more he gave her. How in the work, he turns things for the "Glory of God," That he wants no man to perish. Ruth said, "I was a hard nut, because we get hurt in our jobs, by people who are difficult. Martha said, "You just said 'was'!"

As they took in the way Martha was speaking, the peace was over them all. Martha said, "I cannot give you all the ways tonight, but if you go to a Pastor, or minister, of your choice, on free time, you will be on the right path. The old goes, and the new lives. You're welcome to speak to me, at any time you have free, while I am here."

Joe said, "I am going to buy a Bible, and I guess, to understand it, it means going to Bible studies. The other female nurses were going to do the same. They all admitted, the peace was the driving force. None had experienced that. Martha was very thankful to "The Holy Spirit," For she never expected to be in his service, in the hospital. She thought, he wants his children so much, before it's too late.

Pam said, "You never once gave us the push, or pull, you were different to what I have known from those that try to be pious. Martha said, "It's sad when people are pushed, for the way is gentle, not controlling. I have no right to trespass, you either want the truth, or not. Simple. Martha asked if a short prayer was in order." Joe said, "Certainly, from what we have gained, in the hour and a half, you gave us so much to think about." Martha said, "Actually, it has been you that gained, by wanting to know the truth. I am only doing what I am, let's say, rostered to do." Martha prayed, and they all gave in to the prayer.

Martha was on her path for her service, as now her hip is done, she can be far more able to do more. Many things will be given in the last chapter, the seventeenth.

Chapter Seventeen

Martha was nearing the end of her time in the hospital. She felt so glad that she was able to share with the four nurses. They made a change to their way of living. They realized the work they were doing was far more than just tending patients. They were people. No Matter what was stressing them, they knew they were working along side with "Jesus Christ." Martha knew, that once they took footsteps, they will know "Jesus" Is working with them on the inside.

This day started with a doctor coming in for his rounds. When he got to Martha, he quietly asked the nurses to leave them on their own. Doctor Mathews said, "You're doing very well. It's been quite inspiring to see a hip replacement given, and the patient so willing to use their mind, in determination. May I ask you a question?" Martha said, "Yes." Doctor Mathews said, "I have known Ruth, Joe, Wendy, and Pam, for years. Now, one of them was always very abrupt, and starchy in her manners to patients, that is Ruth. Joe had always been good with patients, but he too was rather off handed. Pam had always been looking moody. Wendy had no faith in life, I saw that by the way she worked, as if it was stock we were working on. Now I was going to ask you, how come-----Um-----How is it-----What is it-----What on earth did you do to change these nurses?"

Martha said, "I did absolutely nothing." Doctor Mathews said, "Well -----Um-----Oh I may as well come out with it. I feel a peace in here too! No major operations have peaceful patients. Your rehabilitation, is going faster than usual. I mean that you are-----Oh for goodness sake, you are like you're in your fourth week, by your records. Yet you're only on your fourth day! You must tell me-----Oh, I mean, would you, er-----I am getting frustrated, sorry, I have no idea how any patient can be so healed, in a Matter of a few days.

Martha looked at doctor Mathews, and said, "The nurses wanted to know the same thing you are wanting to know. Doctor Mathews said, "Well I would like to know if there is some confirmation on-----Are you in some type of mind altering cult, or something like that?" I mean these days, people get into scientology, etc.-----So I wondered-----I-----Er-----Hope I do not offend you."

Martha said, "You could never offend me, I do not allow myself to be involved with offense, that does not belong to me. You see doctor, I once had more offenses put upon me, by others who had never worked out their own lacks in life. I too had not worked out why offending was going in a chain of events. People who offend, are usually offensive. So there it is, one lead, goes to another lead, until the whole picture is offensive. Sounds like a riddle really, but is more than a riddle, it is fact."

Doctor Mathews said, "A riddle, yes, if said quick, would be like mutterings of no understanding. Just the same, there is something in that. Now I know I am not offending you, I must have something missing in my life, to even think I am offending."

Martha said, "I do not mean it quite as sharp as that. There are manners that question, and sounds like offending. There is offending that means offense. The two are for different reasons. Now to your questioning my source of healing ..." doctor Mathews said, "Yes, because with this kind of frame of mind, our jobs would be easier."

Martha said, "My healer is the only healer that is the real one. Those in medical teams, have been gifted, with gifts, to help keep the people in life. His plan to keep people alive, is his plan. I would never be in a cult, and I am free, unless you're willing to know the real master of healing, there is no more I can say."

Doctor Mathews was now very intrigued. He said, "Obviously I do not know this healer-----Oh hang on,-----There is a surgeon, that is a-----Er-----What is it?-----Mmm oh yes-----Christian. He was the surgeon that did your replacement. I have heard him talk about a man, but as I never took much notice, I fail to remember his name-----Jes-----Something. Still I do not believe in such nonsense. For if there were a God, nothing would harm us."

Martha said, "OK, that is up to you, I can assure you, that the God believed in, is not the true God." Doctor Mathews said, "You seem firm in this, nothing will take you off whatever it is. The peace in here is very moving, it is not in other wards. Ugh! I suppose if I do not find out, I will never know. So, um-----Create a picture for me."

"Doctor Mathews, are you finished with your rounds?" Said Martha. He said he was, and that he is going to have an afternoon off. Martha said, "Are you willing to take me to the rest room, and talk for an hour?" doctor Mathews said, "Yes, I can take some time with you, this is getting to me, because I have never seen a healing like this before, and I have never met a woman like you before, with such a positive outlook."

Martha said, "Nobody really knows who I am, the only ones that do, are the few, the few, that live in the full light, where all casting of darkness, is removed." Doctor Mathews said, "Darkness, what do you mean, night time?"

Martha said, the surgeon is a Christian? Even I did not know that, but he was meant to be. Because the workings of the truth, is often misplaced by lies. Have you ever had things that seem a bit weird to you?" doctor Mathews said, "Um-----I never really talk about that, but yes I have." Martha asked if he would share with her, what he has seen, heard, or felt."

Doctor Mathews said, "I had a patient that was into some sort of belief, -----Er-----Oh really,-----He was telling me he is in contact with his dead family. I thought it crazy. But one night when he was about to die, I went in to check on him. He had a dark shadow going over him. I stopped, and thought it was from the street lights, being his ward was on that side. I closed the blinds more, and looked back at him. There in the room, were many shadows. It began to take form. Oh I bet-----Ugh!-----Well if you think I am mad, then do that."

Martha said, "No, I do not think that, I think only of what you experienced. I have no personal mind to be at you for any reason, because you did see something, that I know is truth. I know because I saw things, mainly as a child, and early adult. So go ahead, and tell me."

Doctor Mathews said quietly, "The man awoke, and sat straight up and said, --I am going to hell, I can see it.== I stood there frozen, as the shadows made form of a large ugly-----Er-----It was-----Oh-----Like a reptile of an ugly nature. The reptile was swirling around the man, who was back down on the bed. You know Martha, it was like a large frog. Just far more ugly. The man rose from the bed, but he did not rise. Oh I doubt you will believe me. The man then shouted, --let me live, I am going to hell.== His last words. You see, when he rose, it was not his body. His body remained on the bed, dead. His whatever it was-----"

Martha said, "Yes, a spirit kind of body?" doctor Mathews said, "About right I guess, something like that. He went to the ugly swirling reptile, who had swallowed him. Then the reptile turned into a shadow, but this time it was fires. Now in a dark room, fires are unlikely to be seen. Not in the air. It scared me to such a degree, I ran out of the room. The other doctor on, came to me, telling me I look like I saw a ghost! I told him to see the man in the room, I could not take on the case. He came out again, and told me the man is dead. His body was to be removed. I asked him if he saw anything. He said he did not, only he felt some kind of nasty feeling in the room. He put it down to the man being deceased. He put the chart of the man onto the file case. I had to go and check on other patients, that were dying."

Martha said, "Before he went to the shadows you described, he was judged. "God" Would have said ♱ depart from me ♱ for this man was not known. Only the salvation, of wickedness can enter, by one way, as I have said so often, "Jesus Christ." that was horrid, did anything happen to you after that, I mean did you see anything?" doctor Mathews said, "After that, any case that was going to die, I found some of them-----Most of them-----Had shadows around them. I turned light on in full, and the shadows were against the walls. They decreased in size, to the light being on. I saw a few times, over those about to die, figures, but I could not detect what it was all about. Naturally, I asked to be removed from the cases, and had another part of the hospital to work in. I saw no more, as I worked in this orthopedic wing after that."

Martha said, "OK, now here is the good news. You had the attacks of the dark force, it is cunning, and lies to itself, as well as to us, it's demonic. You see, like the twenty four hours, we have light, as in day, and dark, as in night. The two forces, are in action. Much is unseen, yet all is seen."

"Riddles again, eh?" Said the doctor. Martha said, "No. Truth is about to come to you. Way back in time, there was an angel that had jealousy over "The highest Heavenly Father" Who is known as "God." The angel took a third of the angels that were also jealous. Now from this, came evil."

"Evil was never belonging to "God," For he is love. Love creates no evil. From that time on, the world became to darkness. Evil is darkness. You see doctor, the truth is, that when "God" Saw the creation of his first man, and woman, he grieved. The world was meant to be a heaven. It is the most beautiful creation, that went into a hell on the actual world."

Doctor Mathews said, "Martha, I never knew about anything, I only got as a child, that there is a God, but what God? I did not know. My parents were not into any believing. Please, do you mind if I keep you longer, for the hour is almost up?" Martha said, "You may have my time today, for as long as you want it. Now we covered the beginning of evil, and how it started. The evil one, became a reptile, who tempted the holy ones, in the Garden of Eden. They took the temptation, and that is why all mankind is marked for the darkness. Now as time went by, such things were so evil, that "Our heavenly father" Gave his only begotten son, the name you did not remember is, "Jesus Christ." The word "Christ" Means the anointed one. This son of man, came as a child does, in our lives. He was born. He then went through his childhood, giving the reasons for his father, being his father. When he grew up into a man. He took twelve disciples to follow him. One of those was a traitor." We all have been traitors.

Doctor Mathews said, "Wow! This is true?" Martha said, "The only truth. You see, he gave words from his father, he said at one time, that he is one with his father. Then the wealthy, the ones that make poverty for mankind, live in grandeur, they had the best of all things. Herod crucified thousands of people. The time came when these men were not happy about the healing "Jesus" Did. He also gave back life to a child of twelve, and a man named Lazarus. He gave sight back. He gave the lame to walk again. He was against marketing, in the temple. Causing it to be a den of thieves, by the greed of money. He then was to be got at. He knew this, and so his life was short. All he spoke about, was the truth. Most of mankind, was deaf, blind, and crippled in another way. Their walk was of crippling, for their walk was of satan. So their walking was to the abyss."

Doctor Mathews said, "The abyss what is that?" Martha said, "Another word for hell. "Jesus" Spoke of hell many times in the Bible. Then they took "Our Lord" To be killed. They spat at him, they mocked him, they gave him tortures. He made no resistance, or plea, to be left alone. He fought not. He knew he was to die. So to live forever. He gave his life for all mankind. His life was more than our own life. By that I mean, he gave our life, ♱ life ♱ in the darkness, is death. You will be a good ambassador of that, in your profession. So he knew he would rise from the dead. That is doctor, he was the only one who ever came back resurrected. He is the way, the truth, and the life. No way can any dead person, come to his father, but by him. So you see, in this room right now, it is the start for you, to learn about him. He is real. Satan is death.

Doctor Mathews said, "Well, from observing a sudden change in Ruth, Pam, Wendy, and Joe, I asked them what happened. Joe said that they took on another way of life, I asked, what? He told me, they became Christians. They now see their work, as the part they do for "God." As I noticed such a change, it got to me, to wonder, how? They told me to talk to you. They were learning, and felt like children. I mean Ruth, a child? She was as mean as they come. But very good at her work. Just very hard hearted. So for me to understand all this, does it mean I need a Bible?"

Martha said, "Yes, but the Bible will not make sense, unless you become at first, part of it. As you grow, and in full giving your life to "Jesus Christ" It is giving the old life to him. Then you are reborn. That is not just like that either. For at that time, there is far more attacking upon you by the darkness, and it will tempt you to remain in the old ways. As at the moment, dead are they, that do not know the truth. The truth would have come to you before. You just did not listen. I was dead for my whole life. Then I recognized the evil, and wanted it to turn to "Our heavenly father's" Glory. You can ask "Jesus" Into your life, but it's no good asking, if you're going to remain the same way. For once he lives in your heart, it has to be clean. You know as well as I do, that cleaning, means work. No filthy temple can be. So the work has to be done, no avoiding it. I smoked, and gave up right at the time the tortures of the hip could not be relieved, even by Morphine. No pain killers, helped at all. Pain was like knives that were red from heated unseen flames. I took it up some years ago, and then could not get off it. I have not smoked for the whole of my life, but no Matter, it was poison, it had to be cleared. I never drank alcohol, so I was saved from that addiction. Yes I do still get the odd craving for a cigarette, but if I give in, I am back to the start, and every time I try to rid it, will become harder."

Doctor Mathews said, "Wow! We are always concerned for smokers, in any type of surgery. For you to give up, at the worst time, well-----Huh!-----This is so very good for me. I am witnessing a positive case, that I have never witnessed before. Actually, the life you are talking about, is showing in you, so that I may learn." Martha said, "I do nothing really, what it is, as I have said, is the new creation he made of me, with the signs of past harm of darkness, therefore the double hip replacements. Satan wanted me to keep quiet, so he gave the pain, and the lame, and the measures of darts, attacks, to shut me up. For as a doctor, you know what it's about in the body of such pain. He wanted my body, whilst in his hands of destroying. The last thing left to go is, the drugs given by you guys. Hey! Satan has lost. His anger is greater, that is thought about. The closer he gets to his fires, the more he wants to destroy.

Doctor Mathews said, "I would learn more from where?" Martha said, "I know from my gifts given, that they are his gifts, bestowed on me, for his glory. If I insult that, I am back where I started. The narrow path is harder to find. You have started your new path already. For you it may mean you fellowship, and share the good news given you in a Bible study. There are churches that do that, and far more."

Doctor Mathews said, "How did "God" Teach you Martha?" Martha bowed her head in reverence, and said, "I was given my new life. I had attacks by the dozen, a few times I was in questions? But he had a plan for me. All I know, has come directly from "The Holy Spirit" So for me it's different in many ways. It's been by reading his sent words in silence, rather than reading the Bible, I do read it, but I am given it, day, after day, from his silent voice."

Doctor Mathews said, "What?-----You're telling me, you know all this, and more, by the-----Er-----By directions of this spirit you talked of just now?" Martha said, "I am not to ask questions about it, for the way he wanted me to work for him, was in silence, and to be on my own. No church was granted to me, he spoke to me, I write the words he gives me. So then it goes into books. I did not even know the site I got, to share "The Holy Spirit" With, it appeared while I was looking for something else about life."

Doctor Mathews was very moved by this. He said, "Sounds like "God" Was talking to you in a direct manner." Martha said, "I know "The Holy Spirit" Is asking me to open as much as he wants opened, for all to see. Sometimes I have just become overwhelmed, because he gave me a very special part to his words. I hardly feel I am that worthy. Because, "The Heavenly Father" Knows about my life. As I gave it for his glory, he gave me him. I would never trade this, for any money or wealth, what I have been given. For this is not bought. It is earned."

Doctor Mathews said, "You said books, so you write books then?" Martha said, I had no voice for sixty-five years, it came through in writing, in my life to then. Once I was forgiven and gave all I could, he told me the gifts he was giving me. Writing is not the only one. I have had some ways of passing healing onto others. For I know of a case, that I never thought could ever change. I prayed for this young man, while he is involved with police, and has a record. As the house he lives in, was full of negatives. I sat there, looking at the young man, never took my eyes off him, and I prayed. For even the criminals, are the children of "God." They can earn that place by leaving the crimes, and learn to live correctly. For some it takes another kind of path. I did all I could do, pray. He has changed I am told, he has taken a look at what he was doing, and then he changed. The rest is up to how he will learn. I was not to be involved. I only heard the call, to go and see the woman that is not his mother, but had him for fifteen years, from a child. I had to go, for I not only heard the call, but felt it. The reason? Yes the prayers I gave."

Doctor Mathews said, "Wow! With your hip like it was? Surely people are not blind, you must have had trouble in going where you are called to go. So you went every time "God" Told you to go places? Martha said, "Yes I did, I even went to help in voluntary work, doing cooking, but I found that really hard. So I was asked to go there, but take restings, and just be there." The Holy Spirit" Had a plan. So I go, and leave the plan to open in his Grace."

Doctor Mathews said, "That is so inspiring. Because as I am in orthopedics now. I know just by my medical knowledge, that no patient can actually walk, if they do, they have pain like crazy, it could harm the hip to fractures. Most would be laying down, or sitting all day long. What was your motto in this time?"

Martha said, "I told the pain, it belonged to the darkness, and I am the light, so go away, for I will not be beaten. I also knew that "The holy spirit" Was testing other people, who saw my pain so bad. There are more cold hearts in the world than you could find space to write the numbers. People are blind, because they cannot stop, for helping a lame person, in any way. Some even insulted me, or pushed their way in, to get me out the way. I was there first, but they had no time, so not even a minute could they give me. I got shoved at times, and had my trolley shoved too!"

"I can tell you Martha, this conversation, has changed my mind, about how I live. I am thinking that your stand, in this time of such pain, was aided. For in my view, none do much, when bones are needing surgery. Your motto was never to be beaten," Said doctor Mathews. Martha said, "I was also thinking, if I do not use it, I will lose it. So I Hope you're now understanding, the real healing is from "Our Lord" forever he gives us everlasting life."

Doctor Mathews said, "I want to give my life to "Jesus." I feel like I need to know the truth."

Martha smiled, and said, "You have just begun to live, you will see signs around you, and "The Holy Spirit" Is silent, but he will make you hear him. For in all this talking, I am no more than you are. I have gifts, they are to be used correctly, or they will leave me. You are in safety now, but be aware of the threats of satan. That is the best time for you to understand the darkness, for it will be revealed to you. Probably another way to how I got it."

Doctor Mathews took Martha back to the ward, feeling a different man, he had the thoughts already to tell his mates and co workers, in time. For he knew he must be cleared, and know much more before taking on that part, to share, he had witness of the four nurses. He heard Martha. He knew the nurses were young in this, but he saw a massive change in them. He now knew one big part. He can only give to people his professional surgery. The truth is, even he cannot say whether a patient would live, or die. He can only know this, if it is a certainty. He knew some patients that were close to death, and nothing would help. Then they recuperate, and live full lives. He knew now, that he is a fragment of the whole picture. All the pieces have to come together, to make that picture whole.

The hospital was given Martha, for her surgery. From that "The holy spirit" Made the presence of his word, he made the peace. He orchestrated the whole thing. For those that learned, from Martha hearing "The Holy Spirit" Telling her to speak, and when to speak. There was the chance for many to hear the new Christians, in the given time.

Joy was in heaven over the lost souls being found. Martha was healing so fast, her aids were not going to be with her, for the many weeks they are for others. She was going to be walking without aids.

Martha left the hospital, and Ronald was so pleased to have her home. When she got there, inside were many people, waiting to give her a welcome home, short party. June had done some cakes. Fran had the sandwiches made. Ken had the present to give Martha, a beautiful illustrated Bible. Vince had mowed the lawns for them so that Ronald could do the work. Gabriel had another surprise, he had the couple with their children there. Through Martha, they got a new start. Not only in housing, but in heart. Gabriel, was a different type of minister, he was at one with the people.

Gabriel also was just a humble soul. His warmth to others was from the love he had, from "The Holy Spirit," The greatest teacher of all!

Time moved on, and Martha was able to walk without one aid. She had this happen by the fifth week. She returned to the welfare work, walking quite fast. The people that were coming before Martha's operation, were so surprised to see her looking so different! She had lost some weight, because she could move.

Ronald was so moved, that he wanted to gain all people he could to the truth. Ronald was talking to the different places he went to, getting the food donations. To his surprise, many of the guys that put the donations on the pallets to be taken, wanted to ask him about the welfare joint.

Gabriel was told about this from Ronald. Gabriel said, "Brother, they all knew, but did not know. What I mean is, they knew it was some sort of church, so they never asked much about it. Since you have been getting the donations, they are asking!" We have been getting phone calls about our meetings, and times of them."

Martha made her job a great joy. She had more people needing help, than before. Prices had gone up to astronomical heights, that the very poor, were not getting enough nourishment. Martha knew that the second coming was not that far away. For the signs were clear. She knew it may not be in her lifetime, but it may be too! She had youths come, that had lost all connections with parents. She had parents who lost all connections of life itself. People that had got so angry, and just insulted the very help given. People who gave up. People who had a mind of pleasure in being given attention. Who more or less, enjoyed the attention, rather than cope with measures of correcting what they could.

One day, a policeman came into the welfare office. He was looking for a youth that he had tracked down, and the church, was the last place he had the track to. He sat down, and Martha smiled at him. She gave him a cup of coffee. He took his notes out, and then swiveled his gun on his belt. He said, "What a way to live eh? To have weapons, and to have crime the main stream. It is getting so bad, that we are unable to keep up with all the cases. We find so many horrid scenes, and I am a man, not just a policeman. Sometimes I wonder what I am doing in life?"

Martha took the file case out, to look for the address given, to give the man. She said, "I understand you, this is the address given." The policeman looked at the file, and said, "Nope, we have been to that address. This young man has committed a crime, we cannot divulge here at all." Martha said, "I can only give you what we have."

The policeman said, "I am thinking about my job far more than ever before. There must be more to life, than doing the same old, same old?" Martha said, "Do you have any back up in your life?"

The policeman said, "Back up, not sure what you mean." Martha said, "There is one law, the only law that is correct. Here on earth, laws are broken, daily. The law of "God" And the laws of man. Laws are getting out of hand, as the ones that harm people, are justified, and the harmed are given no compassion at all. It's gone the other way, to how it is meant to be. How can these that are in destroying their lives, and lives of others, be pardoned?"

The policeman said, "Oh, in court, we hear the sentences, and the way many get out if it, by having a mental disorder. That means they get put into less punishment. So the lesson is given a trade off, and they continue being given pardons, not warranted for them. So they never learn. I think sometimes a good hard knock, might make them see some light."

Martha said, "I do not tell anyone at all what to do. I do give them an insight, to my actual salvation. For from that, the rest comes. It does not come by me, it comes form a higher judge, than ever found on earth."

The policeman said, "Yes well the church would give church things, that does not actually help me." Martha said, "You can be helped, any job that is carried out, is given, mainly for the service of good. To me, in my life, I had to have good in me, before good could come out to others."

The policeman was now sitting upright, and looked at Martha, and said, "You mean to tell me, that I can enjoy my work better, if I am able to feel good inside me?" Martha said, you got it! Yes."

The police man said, "Yes, even at home I am still doing my work, it's like a plague, that never leaves me alone, no free time at all. Cases are going through my head, at all times. So in my wife's mind, I am not at home, and giving her time. Even my children feel I am not there, when I am there.

Martha said, "May I thank you for the sharing of your feelings? You did not come for that reason, I know, but in my way of loving all that come, you are as important as the poor people. You may feel poor in some ways." the policeman said, "Oh I may as well give you my Christian name, it is Christian, would you believe? So I am called Chris. How do you mean I may be poor in some ways?-----Oh wait, I think I know what you mean. Um-----Yes, I feel poor in the measures of living a life of more freedom. Weird things I see sometimes."

Martha said, "Have you time to tell me?" Chris looked at his watch, and said, "Strange as it seems, I have a four hour break. Then back on duty." Martha again as always gave her time to him. He began by telling Martha about the men in crimes, and women catching up to men these days. Then he said, "The strangest things happen, it's enough to make me wonder if I am losing my mind at times."

Martha said, "Yes, I know what you mean. I too have seen some strange things. So tell me if you wish to." Chris was feeling comfortable with Martha, and he said, "There was a case years back. A gang of men were being chased for some time. Every time we got close to them, they went off again. The night came that we were given a lead. The hut that they were in, was out of the main stream. What told us they were there, was a vehicle we were looking for. The number matched up. I went to the door, and the back ups were around the hut. When I saw the door ajar, the smell of smoke was rotten. It was drugs they smoked. A man was tied to chains, that hung from the beams of the hut. He was naked. I heard the men talking to him. They were saying he had to suffer. If he did not suffer, and survive it, he can not be in the gang. Now I was aware, not to give a sudden noise. Because they were with knives at the man. As I watched, the hung man in chains was getting small stabs, and if he made a noise, he would be given bigger stabs. So this man's face was how I never want to see another face like it. One man, the obvious leader, gave the man a pot of boiling water thrown at his body. The man in chains, yelped, and screamed. So I moved back from the door, and called back up."

Martha said, "Oh Chris, how dreadful, it's the worst I have heard of, in a way. What came of this?"

Chris said, "I went through the door, with two behind me in the force, and guns were set to shoot. The other four were in the back of the hut, ready to be in action. The men had the most ugly faces I have ever seen. Over in the corner, was a dead man. His body was mutilated. So we got them, as they were a body of five men. What strength came that night, I still do not know. You see people in their homes never know about some of the things we have to see, and deal with."

Martha said, "What happened to the man in chains?" Chris said, I would be in real trouble, if the chief knew I was speaking about an old case, or any case. The man was taken to a near by hospital. We called an ambulance. We had other policemen, coming from not too far away. Two had taken a runner, and fortunately we got them. They were all handcuffed. We called forensics, to take the body that was dead. The autopsy was to be made. Difficult things at times, to see what was in the body, that was in two pieces. So when that was almost done, the most creepy feeling came over me, and another co worker. My co worker, was hearing something. He said that a voice was telling him there were other bodies. I asked him how he could hear a voice. It was silent in the hut. Sadly, we had the ground dug up, the next day."

Martha said, "Chris, this is so kind of you to share. With me, all darkness is to be exposed, in full. Are you able to say the full story?" Chris said, "We found two dead children, one woman, and two other men dead. Yes dead. Rotting in the places we found them."

Martha said, "Hang on a minute, you said another policeman heard a voice, a silent one, that you did not hear?" Chris said, "Yes, but how, I do not know. Because the voice gave him the other bodies to be found. Not only that, there were animals found too! Actually, had he not heard this-----Um-----Whatever it was, we would not have investigated further. The men we got, were sadistic, and had no care in them. They were like dead men, alive. Now I suppose you will think I am a bit bent in the truth of this case."

Martha said, "No Chris, I do not. This is the worst I have heard, but I know what it is about. Tell me, was the other policeman a Christian?" Chris rubbed his forehead, and then said, "He was something, he would tell me there is a "God," And he seemed to be at more ease in the cases, than me. I was not interested in any God that allowed this kind of thing. But I do remember, he had a small Bible in his car."

Martha said, "He was one of "God's" Children. He heard "The holy spirit" You would not hear it, because you're still without believing." Chris said, "OK, so I can see you're not a nutcase. You talk sense, but who is this "Holy Spirit?" Martha said, "I can tell you, "The Holy Spirit" See's everything, at all times. "The Holy Spirit" Gives directions, and truth, so you see, your co worker, had the directions to pull apart a very big crime scene."

Chris said, "Well yes, I guess so, whatever it is. The case unfolded to a Avery Large investigation. I would bet that this case had many doors to go through. Yes Martha, had it not been for my co-worker hearing this, the largest part of the crime would never have been unlocked. Sadly this case made me numb. So numb that I was numb to my own family! From that time on, I was on my own, feeling as if I was being watched-----Um-----Like some monster was watching me. This was so real, I half expected it to kill me. So-----Er-----As a copper, that once was fine, I became a scared man, and not communicating with others, only if I had to."

Martha said, "Are you ready to hear the truth of this?" Chris said, "What truth huh? Dead people, and children, and animals, a big drug dealing going on, and that certain people were to be killed, if they leaked out any talk? Really the truth is right there! People are-----Mongrels-----The whole unseen enemy that causes this, is beyond my understanding. To me now, all humans are enemies to each other. So we have one enemy-----Mankind."

Martha said, "Chris, you at present, are an enemy to yourself." Chris got an annoyed look. Martha said, "Hang on! Hear me out please." Chris said, "Mmm-----Seems I have to, to get any sense out of this ugly way of life."

Martha said, "Your co worker manages in this work, because he has another crime breaker, if you like! Now I am certain, that on this case, you were taken with the darkness, the force of evil."

Chris said, "I have to agree with that, as I had changed, just numb to life after that." Martha said, "What you go with, is what you look like. The face of evil makes the sad people, who belong to "God," Belong to evil. The more evil they do, the worse evil is committed. A chain begins. OK, I'll put it another way, if you cut yourself, blood comes out, if the cut is deeper, it then makes the person become unconscious, the more blood lost, the more life force is lost. Then at the end of it, there is death. Now this can happen to your spiritual health. People have their body, soul, and spirit. The part that belongs to "Our creator," Is the spirit. All of our parts belong, but the soul can be contaminated."

Chris said, "So from that bad crime, that unfolded to far more than I could tell you, was evil?"

Martha said, "Yes Chris, we have an enemy called satan. Now you know good, from bad, right? The more bad that is around, the more chance to be in the creases of it. You do a job of good, unlocking the bad done. If you're not prepared, the demonic force will snare you. When you begin to become numb, satan has his hold on you. Once that has a hold, and you do not know the truth, you become part of the evil, the part that makes you feel life is numb. All mankind is as you put it, mongrels. So you carry on doing your job, but look at the cost of that."

Chris said, "Oh, like I am cut off from my family, and other things in life?" Martha said, "Yes, for satan has no love, and wants no man to be loving. Because my dear brother, he is destroyed by love. He got to you, as he does to all mankind. Not one is able to say, they are without sin. Your sense of life, becomes lifeless. You see no values in your job, life, and future. You see evil in all things. Satan has tried to cut you into his mould. He has not won Chris."

Chris said, "Oh sure, that is why I am what?" Martha said, "How long ago was this case?" Chris said, "Be about seven years ago. Before that, I was involved with my family, and doing good things. Now I am lost." Martha said, "Chris, you were sent here. You were sent by the greatest love that "God" Has for you."

Chris said, "So how do I get to this "God?" Martha said, "Only one way, and that is to have "Jesus Christ." Ask him to come into your life. Once you genuinely do that, changes start. It is not easy, as I tell all, who ask me of this. But it is the only way to freedom. You do not like how your life is do you?" Chris said, "No, something is missing."

Martha gave Chris the full story of truth, and Chris was becoming visibly different. His color in his face was altering, from pale to healthy looking. He took off his gun, and placed it on the floor. He said, "Martha, what do I do now?" Martha said, "Allow me to pray for you." Chris said, "Anything must be better than the war path I have been on. So yes go ahead."

Gabriel was just outside the office, he was on his way to the church, but "The Holy Spirit" Asked him to stay. Go in the office. Gabriel went in, and said, "Oh pardon me, sorry, a policeman, are you looking for something?" Chris said, "I was looking for a youth, that had a address linked to here. But instead, I was looking for-----Um" Gabriel said, "You were looking for "Jesus Christ." Why he is everywhere. He is right by your side now. He wants-----Oh Martha sorry, I am taking over now, that is not quite right." Martha said, "Oh yes it is, for he wanted two, or better three, to pray for Chris."

Chris began to have tears in his eyes, the first time he felt emotions. He said, "My job is better for me to leave I guess." Gabriel said, "Why? You are in service of what "Our Lord" Wanted you in. All he is asking is, that you take him in your heart, and then you have a start to learn about him. The armor is there for your protection. It's the simple way. "

Chris said, "Would you mind coming to my home, say about the weekend time? Because I want my wife, and children to know that I am back with them." Gabriel said, I have a busy weekend, but if Friday evening suits, yes, I will come and explain this."

Martha and Gabriel made the opening prayer, and suddenly Chris said, "Oh "Jesus," I do not know you, but I now feel you. Take my life, and turn it around for the good of all. I can only come as I am." Gabriel was so moved, that he too was rather emotional. He had never had a man of the law, come for salvation.

Gabriel said, "You will find your family this way, they will find you. When I come Friday evening, the whole destruction that hit your family, through your job, will be over. I just felt your job had caught you into the darkness."

Chris said, "It sure did, and I am not to speak about any case, so today I broke the law of talking."

Gabriel said, "The only law you would have broken, is not to speak. All you have said, is with "Jesus Christ." He is your confidant. We are his servants. All is confidential, and never talked about."

Martha had a role of being the servant of "Christ." She took it as a simple way to live. Chris had the benefit of learning that his job, became the work of "Jesus Christ." He felt no heavy chains of distance, ever again. His whole family, became Christians.

The church was growing into a very large number of people coming. Gabriel was overjoyed to see all the seats filled. The last of the people Martha expected to come through, were there too! Some did not take the opportunity of salvation.

Martha had work to do amongst the people. It was to be that way. To her greatest joy, was the strength put through her. She felt very hard working, but knew it was for a very good reason. In one of her prayers, she asked about the roads she was to be on. Her answer was:

♱ It shall be before thee, but I go first, ye follow me. ♱

So Martha never knew what was to come. "The Holy Spirit" Had work still ahead of her.

Martha prayed, "Lord, I am at thy feet, you tell me of work to come. I thought I had exhausted the avenues. You say that your word is never quiet, yet it is given quietly. You say that your words are to overcome, that you need over comers. An out pouring is here, the way you chose me, is far from what I ever expected "God" To be. The taste of the wine you gave me, knowing I do not drink, as in earthly wine, was the blood of your Son "Jesus Christ." The water was, and is, your heavenly water. The bread was, and is your Word. Forever. Amen."

The End

Martha Brooks

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