How to be Glad

The Town of Gladness

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How to be Glad

The Town of Gladness

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled How To Be Glad - The Town of Gladness written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Town of Gladness E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Chapter One

The town was very busy for a Saturday. As it is a small town, it is not often a fair comes to it. Jolly John was running around the field, he was a rather Tubby young soul, but a very happy one. He wanted to go on all the fair rides. The trouble was, he could not fit in all the rides. His rear end was just a few centimeters to wide.

His Mum, and Dad, were laughing at him, one hand had a fairy floss in it. The other a hot dog! Yes he enjoyed his food. No reason why he should not enjoy it.

Over by the tent, that hoops were to be thrown, for falling onto toys to win, was skinny Tim. Tim had no food in his hands. His idea of life, was to be active. Skinny Tim, ate food, but not flesh food, apart from meal times.

Near the swings that rolled round, and high, stood a man. His name was Mr. Keith stammer. Now he was a happy soul too! Along with his name came his stammer. He would take five minutes to say one sentence. Everyone liked him, and had patience. It just was funny, that his surname, went along with his lack of speech, in a normal way.

Deirdre was gong to get into the bumper cars. She asked Sophie to get in with her. Stan, and Dave, were planning to bump the girls, as much as they could. Over near the coconut stall, Mal, and harry, were going like thunder bolts, trying to get a coconut off the holder. Mal said, "Huh! I bet they are stuck down, so we will not get one."

The place that had the most of the youths, was the tent, that had a young lady on a seat, over a pool of water. Mostly men, and young men were trying to get her fall into the water. All they had to do was hit the pole at the top of her. So far, the laughter stopped them concentrating. So the fair ground man, let her fall in once, by using a pedal near the pool, that is not seen. This got them even more ready to pay for balls, to get her in. She got into the pool many times now. She took a break, and another game was to be played.

Over the pool, the fair ground man, pulled a pole across the pool. Made it secure, and it meant two men, were to battle. Each having a sack, of light weights in. They were to move along the pole, and back at each other, trying to get the other in the pool. After that, another goes on the pole, to get the last winner in the pool. If the last winner gets the next one in the pool, he gets to keep his place. After four wins, the winner gets a hamper of the towns best foods.

The tent that was the largest, had many foods cooking. Tables, and chairs for the towns people. By the big dipper, was happy John. He wanted to get in the seat, but the seat took two at a time, in each carriage. Happy John got in, and squeezed in-----Just! He squashed little amber, who had no time to get off it. The dipper went off! The more it went down, the more amber was squashed. As it came to the end of the ride. Happy John, went to get out. Yeah right! This was not to be. Amber could not move, and they was stuck. The dipper was stopped for quite a while.

The man that ran the dipper, went to help, only to find, that no space was free enough to move them out. Amber was getting red in the face. Happy John was laughing. The dipper man said, "No doubt I will have to unscrew the seat! He went to get his tools. As he tried to unscrew the seat, at the side, suddenly amber said, "Dear " Jesus " I want you to get me out." Happy John said, "Yeah, " Jesus " We cannot get out, so help us!"

The man could not move the screws easily. Happy John was not able to move enough for him to unscrew the side of the seat. So the man said, "Huh, well dear " Lord " What now?" now there was a audience, all in hysterics, the more that laughed, the harder it was to find a way to get them free.

The towns Pastor, was coming along, and he laughed too! Then he said." I think a prayer from the whole fair of people, could be raised. None of us can stay here all day, and the night too!" he prayed, with many of the towns people, also giving into his prayer.

Happy John began to cough, and it made him hit amber again, and again. All of a sudden, the seat lost its board, and it fell off. Amen!

Amber said, "I like you happy John, but right now, I am not willing to forgive you. Look at my best dress? It is torn." happy John said, "My Mum will fix it for you." Amber laughed, and said, "OK, now I forgive you."

Over in the corner of the fair, a tent was alone. On the board outside the tent was ---Fortune Teller--- this was not funny. Only a few went in the tent, and came out with misery on their faces. The towns Pastor, was very concerned about it. But he had no authority, to have it moved. The Pastor went to a couple that came out of the tent, as the woman was crying.

He said, "Please may I ask you what made you so sad?" The man said, "That teller in there, told us things that will happen to us. She also had a little information, about our lost son. So because of that, we believed her. She said, we have to give her money, to stay away from a person who will harm us, if we do not pay. She also said, the pearl ring my wife was wearing, had to come off! For pearls brings tears. If my wife took it off, and gives it to her, she can say more about our son. But money must pass over to her first.

"The Pastor said, "Please will you allow me to comfort you, as I know what is going on, and that you do not need to take notice of her. "They went to the tent that supplied drinks, and sat down.

The Pastor spoke about the darkness, and the lies it gives, and how things will seem true, just to convince them, that their son is in contact. He gave them enough to make them want to know, what it is about?"

They were going to the town church, in the evening, to get the truth. As they were told, no contact can be with the dead, that they were conned. The man said, "She took fifty pounds off us, and the gold pearl ring! I am going back there, and get her."

Pastor Joseph said, "Please do not go back there, I know you lost things, but I do not want you to go back there, because your soul will get offended again. Better to cut it off. When I fully tell you tonight, you will be far more at peace, then at the moment. I will be very happy to see you both a few times, if needs be. There is one comforter. The only comforter. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ so the lady said, "What no other spirits are true? There must be, I have heard of them being in houses of my friends."

Pastor Joseph said, "Dear ones, no spirits are your family, yes there are spirits, but they are not true ones. Seems to me, I was meant to be near you, when you came out of the tent. Your welcome to my time."

The lady said, "If what you say is true, and all we believed is untrue, then its dangerous?" Pastor said, "Yes." She then said, "OK, we will listen to you, and if what you say is OK, then I better tell my friends. We do not live in this town. But we noticed, everyone is laughing. We would like to know why?"

Pastor Joseph said, "Our town is blessed. We all have the happy love in our hearts. This can be yours too."

The big wheel was turning, and Lucy told Geraldine, to come on it with her? Gerry said, "You kidding me? Look at it, its high, wow!-----Oh well when it stops maybe." Lucy said, "You want to see heaven a bit closer?" Gerry said, "Hardy ha! Ha! Yeah right, while my tummy all over the place?" Lucy said, "No, your tummy will be in the high seat, with mine. You might see something."

The wheel stopped, and they got in a seat together, put the rail down, and the belts on. It turned, as it stops for other to get on. So after a while, there they were, sitting up the very top! The seat was swinging, and Gerry said, "Your gonna pay for this Lucy, I tell you that-----Whoops-----I can see nothing, you-----Oh boy, this is a spin." Lucy said, "Look over the town, you never saw the town you live in from this ariel view."  Gerry stopped moaning, and looked, she said, "Hey, we can see the bridge over the lake. I can even see the forest. It looks smaller from here." the wheel did its rounds, and they began to laugh. Gerry said, "Yep! You win, was a blast."

The day wore on, and the big prize was to be pulled out of the box. All tickets to come into the fair, had numbers on them. Happy John, was still eating, amber was still laughing with him. Then silence was asked for.

Pastor Joseph said, "We had the ticket price, for entrance to the fair, for funds. So we have a prize for the winner. He asked happy John, to pull a ticket out of the box. He said, "Awe come on Pastor, ask someone else, I want to eat my donuts." Pastor Joseph laughed, and said, "Well with sticky fingers, you can pull out a ticket anyway."

The ticket was pulled out, and the number was given. Pastor Joseph said the number, and nobody answered. So he said, "The nice big hamper of food is to go to the number I just said, who is that?" The couple who had been taken, by the witch in the tent, were the winners. The man said, "I hardly believe this, we have that ticket."

Pastor Joseph was so pleased. He said when they came to show the ticket," Ah, you see, ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ is claiming your loss. So gives you a sign, this way, to the truth." The couple had not laughed at all, in the whole time there. Now they were laughing, not a great deal, but enough to start with.

Pastor Joseph said, "Laughter is important, it is a collection of good things. We welcome you both to our town. Enjoy the big hamper of food. It looks like you will have food for a long time."

Chapter Two

The towns people were leaving the fair. The man that owned the fair, said to the Pastor, " I know there is going to be a circus coming this way. It is being held in Dagenham, in the large park there. Looking at how this day went, I thought-----Well I know the owner of it, and just felt this town could use it. I was talking to some of the people, and they wanted to raise funds. After witnessing the good done, I will give you this." Pastor Joseph said, "Thank you." He opened the small tin. Inside it was money. The Pastor said, "Oh! How much is in here?" He owner of the fair said, "I gave thirty percent of the takings today. So count it later. I am going to tell the owner of the circus, how great it was here. One thing I would like to ask you though. The dark brown tent in the corner of the field, was that a ministering tent for something to do with the church? Only it did not belong to my fair."

Pastor Joseph said, "Nothing to do with me at all. I thought it was part of the things that go on in a fair." The owner said, "Huh-----I had no time to go and find out, just thought it may be to do with the church, and left it there. Hearing the happy people in my fair today, I took it as what I just told you." Pastor Joseph was alarmed at this, because the witch actually committed a theft, right under his nose. He said to the owner of the fair," I do apologize for that, I had not given it thought. She had no right to be making money without permission. There has to be a permit. So I see it as theft."

They ended the talking, and the money given from the owner of the fair, helped a great deal, for funds. Pastor Joseph said the circus could come, when they are nearing the town. He said, "I will make sure that witch, will not trespass again. She must do this at any place."

The evening came, and Pastor Joseph, was waiting for the couple. He knew his truth would surprise them. They came right on time. When they sat down, they gave their names. Mr. And Mrs. Anderson. And Pastor Joseph said, "You know that in today's world, we live on chemicals." Mr. Anderson said, "My Christian name is Joe, and my wife is Daphene, yes I do know that, as nothing in the food lines today, are without chemicals. We are organic, so it must be a good reason why we get do many ailments."

Pastor Joseph said, "That is right. So think about when your hungry, you eat without thinking of what is in the food, such as chemicals. It may pass your mind, but it is not really looked at is it?" Joe said, "No, but I have thought about it, on, and off." Daphene said, "I look at the labels, but numbers are given for chemicals, so we are none the wiser. Actually, we may be poisoned, slowly. I remember when food tasted like food. Now we have food that seems to be emulating the real thing. Processed foods."

Pastor Joseph said, "Exactly, one has to get to know the chemicals, to avoid them. There is far more harm done today, for the making of money, and for greed, that for most people, they are too busy to look at this. This is all part, and parcel, of the darkness. There is so much darkness, that the light is not looked for." Joe said, "How do you mean?" Pastor Joseph said, "What in life do you really enjoy?" Daphene said, "Good question, we all seem to be looking for something, and never find it. So we sleep with the missing part too!"

Pastor Joseph said, "The missing part, is harder to find, and yet very simple to find. How we are led to believe, from a child, is a way we tend to go on believing. So if either of you had past family members, that were into believing fortune tellers, you will follow suit. So you will look for answers that way, and never really find them." Daphene said, "My aunt was in reading cards. My mother was reading tea leaves. I thought it natural." Joe said, "Yes, I remember my grand mother was talking to her dead husband. Then heard my mother say that she heard voices. I did to give it much thought. But I did think it was a bit odd, but not enough for me to stay away from. "

Pastor Joseph said, "Correct, the trouble with that is, the familiar spirits, are claiming their army, by mankind, to fill up with their lies. Now you have seen how many so called readers?" Daphene said, "Oh lots of times, but I always felt something was not sitting right. I would get so much out of it, but when I asked questions, I got a load of hog wash. But I still kept on thinking it is true." Joe said, "I did too, having lost our son, got me more into the readings, I wanted to know why he died? What God would do this? So for answers, I went along with my wife, for proof of his survival."

Pastor Joseph said, "My dear brother, you can understand enough, that all the seeking, has got you nowhere. It cost you money, tells you lies, deceives you into dark thoughts, and no real feeling of your son talking to you, are proved, are they?"

They both shook their heads, and agreed to that. Joe said, "After today, it really got me thinking. We were stolen from, and at the end of the day, we were given. That has really got to me." Daphene said, "Yes me to, and I now think its been a lie from the start."

The Pastor was pleased, he got the first step in. He said, "It began in old ages, from that time on, mankind was in battle." Joe said, "Battle?" Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, we are the centre of a warfare. We are the ones to break that warfare." Joe said, "What do you mean? War is war, people get killed in war." The Pastor continued," Yes they do. People get killed in spiritual warfare too! The way you have believed, is killing you, in a way your not alive. Both of you have got stuck, into the time of your sons death. You are still living that day, today. So life after that, was dead? Do you see what I mean?"

Daphene said, "I must have been that way long before marks death, when my mother died, I was stuck to believe it. So I tried to contact her. I also tried to contact my grand mother. You know Pastor, my son was going to a church, a church of ♱ Christ ♱ he had no time for what we believed, and we became distanced. He was so much for his Christianity, that we lost a bond, with him. So we thought he was being brain washed, so we did not listen to him at all. Just shut him up."

Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, that is how it goes. Your son Mark, was washed from the family ancestors, of other gods. He was correct in his Christian life. You both got stuck with the past traits of evil lies, given you. He cannot be contacted, and no person who dies, can be contacted. The familiar spirits, are demons. They are satan's hatred for man. Mankind can fight him, and he fights them. Lies, theft, and all things, are created, by satan."

Joe said, "Satan, is real then?" Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, the prince of the air. He wants the glory of ♱ God ♱ given to him. So he uses the demons to lie to people. He is in all the occult movements. Beware of them at all costs. The more one goes with him, the more they become like him, he then wins a child of ♱ God ♱ that child becomes his army. That child is dead. So it breeds the same, by dealing with peoples emotions. He then tells enough, through his demonic force, to get people to believe his evil lies, and so its chains. These chains cannot be cut off. Only one way is out."

Joe said, "Makes sense to me Daph, we have never been happy, since we started to go into the readings. It was like we were lost. Nothing was going right for us, so we kept on looking for a way out, but instead, got more confused, and angry, and hurt."

Pastor Joseph said, "You know who ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ is?" Joe said, "Not really, we heard of him, but never had any idea about him. Just thought it good historic story." Pastor Joseph said, "♱ Jesus ♱ is alive, he is real, there is no story, that's meant to be kept in files of history. As he was, is how he is today, and tomorrow. He is the only one that can free you. By going to him, you can be with ♱ the Heavenly Father. You will not be with the ♱ father♱ without his son ♱ Jesus ♱ so your eternal life is in jeopardy until now. This means, your both dead, while in life. It is highly important for you, to know the truth. There is no way that ♱ Jesus ♱ will harm you. He loves you, he knows your grief, and pain. He felt it on the cross. This was long before you were born, into this world of battle. The wealth of the world is pointless, it gains you nothing. Right here, today, you can confess this sin, as you are actually doing right now, there is no need to be in chains, no need to feel you have to make up to him, he takes you as you are, as long as your heart is true. All you need to ask is for ♱ Jesus ♱ to come into your heart."

Joe was fighting tears back, Daphene, was in tears, and she said, "So the door is open then?" Pastor Joseph said, "Too right! He is with you as soon as you let him in. He has been with you all your life, but the clouds of darkness, made him hard to see. Your eyes were blind, the eyes of ♱ Jesus ♱ is with everlasting sight. Sometimes he sends a messenger, that is saved, and knows the many paths of evil, to give the truth. Often a person who was in the darkness, full on, is the one he takes, when they are in truth, to use in his blessed kindness. You may find along the path, such a messenger. You may not. One way or another, he will orchestrate your path. The path is narrow, and steep, and can be lonely. But as long as your with him, he is by your side, so your not alone. This evening, you both have confessed. I am a Pastor who believes in laughter. My meetings are of humor. Along with the serious law of spiritual health. Now it may seem odd to you, but I feel that people need to laugh. Satan will hate that, he will flee while laughter is for the glory of ♱ God ♱ it is the law, that all life belongs to ♱ God ♱ satan knows that. You do not belong to satan. No mankind does. I now have to tell you the seriousness of occult movements. Hell is real. It is the place satan is heading. He knows this, but his lies, convinces him, to make the world dark. The fires of hell are burning all through the ages, and right now. It would have been the place you both would have gone, had you not taken ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ into your lives. The day of judgment then comes upon you, and you perish. It is called the second death. I do not mean to frighten you, I give you the laws. The true laws. For no man can come to ♱ the father ♱ but by ♱ Jesus ♱ meaning it is he, who gives you the truth."

Joe said with a husky voice of hurt," Yes, I understand, (Joe silenced a while) so Mark is safe, we do not have to contact him, because he is alive with ♱ Jesus ♱ I-----Just-----Feel fragile now-----It's like I am naked-----Something inside me is naked." Daphene said, "So if that witch came to ♱ Jesus ♱ would she be saved?" Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, all who come are saved."

Daphene said, "Joe, she told us a load of rubbish really. She said Mark was telling us to take notice of her. That Mark is standing beside us. That she saw him in his cloths he wore on earth. She did say that correctly, but if satan has a use for this, it cannot be the truth. She said he was coming in our bedroom every night! That we would have heard him. I told her I heard noises, and she said it was Mark. We had to listen to all she said, and do all she asked of us, for more contacting. Really, how can a dead person talk, or show things, they are dead in the body. So how can she say all that?"

Pastor Joseph said, "Correct, what is used, is nonsense of some things known. One dart, follows another, and as the dark clouds in, the mind is weakened, and it takes in this false lie. The lies build up, and the more it is through generations, the harder to break off. Satan uses the weak times of mankind, to claim them away from ♱ God ♱ death of a family member is tough, and at a time grief, mankind will believe anything to cope. Now can we pray?"

Joe said, "Mark is safe, and we are safe if we go with ♱ Jesus ♱ Daph, Mark said we were a bit odd to carry on readings, he warned us, and because we were parents, not the child, we got at him. So he went away from us, long before he died. We lost him, through satan's lies." " Daphene said, "Yes Joe, we had another way, that was keeping us in prison. Mark was free, and he saw where we were. We must have hurt him very much, because our son, had the parent that was true. It was us who were like spoilt brats."

Pastor Joseph said, "We have broken through. Your understanding is great. We will pray, and you will for sure, find a whole new life. You will accept marks death, and move on in life, on the right narrow path. You may find times of no ease, but know that satan is trying to pull you back, if you want to be in heaven, with Mark, you know where to be now. Never to go back to the old road. You have won over satan, for testing is hard. Victory is yours now. The warfare is spiritual, and ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ is the sovereign throne."

They prayed in truth. Two more people were ♱ Jesus Christ's ♱ children. Pastor Joseph said, "You may attend spiritual growth, with us, but be prepared for laughter too!"

Daphene said, "We were thinking of moving house, since marks death, are there any rentals in this town you know of?" Pastor Joseph said, "Oh glory be! Only today, Mr. Mansfield said he wanted to rent his house, as he is going over seas for two years. I could not find anyone who would rent it. Wait here, I will go and call him."

Pastor Joseph came back beaming, he said, "Mr. Mansfield said, that he is leaving in two weeks time. He would take you as renters, as your Christians. Can you move in the Saturday of that weekend, as he will be flying out on Friday?" Daphene said, "Oh yes, I am sure we can start to pack up now, and be ready for that day. But a removal is a bit hard on the pocket." Pastor Joseph said, "No problem, I know two men that will help you, and one of them has a large furniture van, for his job. I will fund the fuel money, so your set for your new life. Can we all laugh now?"

Joe was now in tears, and then he began to laugh, Daphene was laughing, Pastor Joseph laughed, they laughed so much, their sides ached. Pastor Joseph said, "Just look how your day started, you were losing, and by the end of the day, your victorious, and free, and given to. Joe said, "No way known, could we have got so much, in truth, its like a miracle." Pastor Joseph was so humble about this day. He ended the evening by one word. ♱ Amen ♱

Chapter Three

The two men were in the next town, getting the furniture onto the van. Joe was jumping around like a child, and Daphene was laughing. Greg, and Mick, were laughing too! Greg said, "Uh uh! The towns gladness has come into you two. Our town is a blessed town, nobody has time to be sad." Mick said, "Yep! That's right, naturally sad things do happen, but we all come together at these times, and support each other. We bring the sadness to ♱ the Lord ♱ then we go and use the laughter he gives us. It mends many a sad time,"

Joe was so happy, that Daphene thought she had her man back from his youth. They were kissing on a few times passing each other. Greg said, "So here we are moving you two, and your acting like your on honeymoon." Joe said, "We are! We are! "

They reached the house. Joe and Daphene had a look at it, before Mr. Mansfield left. The garden was beautiful. Roses were in bloom, and the fence and gate were white. The pathway was in paving, and the front door was white too. Mr. Mansfield made a deal with them. If they looked after his home, doing all the garden, and house cleaning, they could rent it for a lower rent. Mr. Mansfield knew that a responsibility of looking after his home, deserves a bonus. So he wanted very little rent.

Joe had to begin again, to rebuild his life. Daphene was the same. So this blessing was heaven sent. Joe told his wife, that in the time they are in the house, he will have made up enough to re house them. They looked at their furniture in the new house. The lounge was really posh looking. Suddenly Daphene said, "Hey Joe, I never thought of it, but if Mr. Mansfield is away for two years, where did he put his furniture?" Joe said, "Yes, I did think of that, but thought it none of our business. Pastor Joseph knew that Mr. Mansfield, was business man. He knew he had other properties. He also knew that Mr. Mansfield was a millionaire. None of this was shared, as its a private confidential bond, between the Pastor, and the millionaire.

While the two weeks passed, Pastor Joseph was telling Mr. Mansfield, about Joe having lost a great deal. He said nothing about their personal private life, but did say they needed a start. Mr. Mansfield, had many rentals. Sometimes he buys over seas, for investing. He gives funds to the church. He once told Pastor Joseph, that money is a pain. It involves too much of his life. He was getting to a age, where he wanted to sell. He had had enough of life in the fast lane. So between them, Pastor Joseph, and Mr. Mansfield, knew that if they looked after the house well. Joe will need to find another house. So spoke about giving Joe the house at a low mortgage, if he likes to remain in the house? This means no deposit, would be found, he will just pay as a rental, but buying the house over some years. So in a way, he was buying the house already. Pastor Joseph was laughing.

They put their things in so well. The kitchen had a dishwasher in it. The laundry was near the back door. The bedrooms were light, and bright. The bathroom was very posh, it had a shower, and bath, with a spa bath tub as well. The family room had a entertainment unit in it. The whole packet of goods left there. A large h.d. Television, DVD player, stereo player. A computer in the corner of the room. They were to use them.

Joe said, "Ha! Our small t.v. Is a laugh next to this lot. Our player is on its way out. The DVD we got was a cheap one, and now is playing up. But our furniture, old as it is, looks OK in here. " Daphene said, "Joe, I feel as if we have jumped from loss, to boss! Like we have got more then we think we have."

When Daphene went into the kitchen, to put in the crockery, she had a big surprise. A note inside the door said--this is for your use, be not afraid if you break any, I left it for you both--she yelled out," Joe, Joe, come here, look at this, here is our old crockery, and old pans, and there is this." Joe came in fast, and looked, he said, "Oh man, the china is bone china. The pots and pans are solid stainless steel, the cake making pans are of all sizes. Lets look in the draws. Oh look, a whole cutlery set, tea towels in the next draw. We have all this to use, as if it was our own. I went into the bathroom, to get our towels in the cupboard, there is real thick new towels in there, and a note saying they are for us! Well ours are real old. You know Daph, this is surely a blessing?"

Daphene said, "It is-----So-----Oh Joe, this house feels so right for us. It has peace in it. We were losing for years, and now we have-----Um this lot?-----I just feel so very humble Joe." Joe said, "Yes, I lost my job, we were on social security, the car went bung, and we do not have a car yet, so we will be able to save, bit, by bit, and get that sorted. To think we were going to the very places, that were causing our losses." Daphene said, "Joe, that fifty pounds we lost, came in a food hamper. The ring, oh well we could not eat that, we now have a home, for two years. We were so back paying our bills, and-----Oh Joe, I do not know what to say.

Joe said, the garage looks large, we never looked in that, when we came to see the house. So they went to the place the key was, and could get into the garage from inside the house. As they opened the door, Joe said, "Mr. Mansfield has left his car here, maybe he is going to-----Hang on, there is a note on the car window." Joe gasped! He said, "Oh Daph, he has got us this car, he said we can use it, and not worry about it at all. He has filled it with gas, and petrol, and its-----Ours. A car like this would be very expensive. He said our name is on the registration. Daph, is this man a saint?" Daphene said, "I am going to call Pastor Joseph, we must be sure of this, just in case we got it wrong." Joe agreed.

Pastor Joseph answered the call, he was laughing, Daphene said, "Did you know about this at all?" Pastor Joseph said, "I knew he was leaving you a few things yes. I knew about the car too, so blessings come in all ways. The glory goes to ♱our Lord ♱ remember that at all times. If he did not want you to have all this, it would not have manifested at all. How are you settling in?"

Joe took over the phone, and said, "I needed to thank you." Pastor Joseph said, "No, thank me not, put the thanks, where it belongs, to ♱ our Lord ♱ I am his servant, as you both are. Now are you two ready for a house warming tonight?" Joe said, "A house warming would be great. We do not have much furniture, so chairs?" Pastor Joseph laughed, and he said, "♱ the Lord ♱ will provide. I have a team of town people, who want to meet you, so chairs will be provided."

The evening began, and they sat down, thinking of the whole days events. The team arrived, all twenty of them. They heard laughter, before they opened the door. There before them stood Greg, and Mick, Mick said,' yeah well we saw how little you had, so we have some furniture for you. A garden setting, a larger dining table, because we want to come for dinner, at times ha! Your bed looked lope sided on one side, so we got you a queen size bed. We will put it up for you, and take the old one away, when we leave later. Nancy said she would make the bed up, as she has brought you new bedding. We have, oh yes, tom, have you got the rug?" Tom said, "Yes right here, rolled up against the wall." " The rest have gifts for your new home, so get that kettle on, and we can all have a cup of hot drinks. We brought the hall chairs too, so that we can all sit down. Mrs. Bolton, and Mrs. Jeffrey, have done the baking, so there is hot meals all round tonight, yay!

The whole house was alive, with giving, loving, laughter, and joy. Joe said, "Please you great people, we must thank you." the all said, "Thank ♱ he Lord ♱ not us. He made this happen, we were given many of the things, to help you out."

Pastor Joseph said, "♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ said, ♱ in my house, there are many mansions ♱ I too am taken by he way you have had such a blessing. It is not often, we can witness this kind of larger blessing, for us it is a gift too. You have a path planned for you both, it will reveal itself at the right time. He wants you both to settle down, as you both are new born, Joe said, "Yes I know that. So do I start laughing now?" The whole crowd began, one at a time, laughing, and it became a long time to laugh, because it triggers each one off. Nobody could stop for quite some time.

Greg said, "Come on lets eat." There was roasted meats, of all kinds. Many different vegetables, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, and Mrs. Bolton, had gravy in a thermos. It was well managed. They knew how to do this sort of catering. Deserts were, forest cake, mousse, cream, mixed fruit. After that, they all sat well fed. The dishes were washed up between them, and the night was ready for sleep soon.

Pastor Joseph said, "♱ dear Lord♱ we thank you for our new family members, Joe, and Daphene, your love has created a whole new life. May you send many others, who need you, may your truth break all barriers, and may you be praised forever. We all need you, and you want your children. We gave to Joe, and Daphene, because you asked us to, I heard ♱ the holy spirit ♱ so we have done what you asked us to. We know material is not the greatest need, spiritual is the greater need. You knew they had years of loss, so we all give you glory, for getting these two lovely people in our family. Your will be done. Amen."

Joe was so moved, and Daphene was emotional too, they gave hugs all around, and the night ended with laughter.

Joe said, "Daph, we have a new bed tonight. I can hardly take this in. The car is ready for us. Everything has gone so well. If any asked me, if I would believe this a month ago, I would have said that can never happen. There is no way I am gong backwards. We are to move on. They fell into bed, it was so comfortable, that they fell into peaceful slumber. The house was blessed.

Chapter Four

Then next morning, Daphene, woke up first. She went to the kitchen to have her cup of coffee. While she was in thought, she remembered the Pastor talking about chemicals. Her thoughts went along the line, of realizing that, the darkness, has interfered with food! Then she thought about medications, how many of them are synthetic? How the earth is polluted, along with mankind, living in it! It became so involving, so she took a cup of coffee to Joe.

Joe was awake, he was in bed with a smile on his face. He said, "Daph, do you remember when we used to get up? We would begin the day with mournful thoughts. We would complain about our life. Daphene said, "Yes, we would start our day with pain, and end our days with pain." Joe said, "We have in a short time, gone to bed with love, and awakened with love." Daphene said, "Joe, I want us to look more into what we buy. Because, this chemical talk, that the Pastor was mentioning, as he directed our way, to removing ourselves from darkness, gave me quite a lot of sense. I thought it was a good way to start, because we all know that chemicals, are false, in processing foods and keeping them longer. Plus it is why things are so dear to buy. Think about it Joe, we buy meat, and that is given chemicals." Joe said, "I think the animals are given chemicals, look at chickens!" Daphene said, "I am not going right now to look at chickens, besides we do not have any! Next door does, I heard the rooster at dawn! " Joe nearly spilled his coffee, on the new Doona cover! He laughed so much. He said, "Daph I meant look at the chickens in the food chain." they were laughing together now.

Joe moved his mug to the cabinet, and said, "Today chickens are given things, to make them plumper. I am beginning to see, the way things are for real. Think about it." Daphene said, not the chicken thing again!" Joe said, "No, but in dairy products, there is chemicals. In the fruit, and vegetables, they are sprayed with chemicals. Apples are waxed as well. Tomatoes are green, and gassed to get red. There is nothing in today's market, that is organic. When they advertise organic foods, how do we know it is the truth? The price for organic, is near double the usual ones are."

Daphene said, "Well the deli department, have processed cold meats. There would be chemicals in that too. So in a way supermarkets are a large pantry. Every item is contaminated with chemicals. I read the numbers, but get lost to understand them all. Children today, seem to get hyper, on certain foods. Back in time, we never had things that kids have today. Look at the fast food chains."

Joe got is moment to have her back, and he said, "Oh Daph, to get out of this nice bed, and go to look at food chains, does not really impress me right now!" Daphene threw her jeans at Joe, and ran out the bedroom. He got out the bed, and chased her. She took a turn, to go another way. Joe had just got hold of her jumper, and said, "Madam, you may not leave this house, bottomless! I am sure our marriage vows did say-- thou shalt obey thy husband, if he says, thou shalt wear jeans.--

The change in them both, in such a short time, was very inspiring. They had a complete new life, and, they were in a new family.

Meanwhile, over in the school, the infant teacher was about to start class. When she got in the classroom, no children were in there. This class had a large room, set off from the class room. Toilets were in this room as well. The door was shut to it.

In the seats for the children, sat the parents, who brought their little infants to class. Mrs. Bolt, looked at them with a ? Look. She did not notice her chair was replaced by a child's chair. She walked over to it, half smiling, and put her bag onto the chair, without looking at the chair, it fell, as she put it higher, expecting her own chair. She looked and then laughed, as on the seat of the chair, was --April fool-- the parents had put the children in the side room, told them to be quiet, and when they opened the door, they had to cheer, Mrs. Bolt. It was the first of April, and England had this day as a joke day!

The children all came out cheering, and naturally, they were laughing. Mrs. Bolt said, "I really thought, where are the children? But looking at you parents, got me some. " Hailey's parents were rubbing their rears, as it was quite hard to perch upon a infants chair. Greg said, "We wanted to play this morning, and although not superstitious, we thought to use the day for fun!" the parents were laughing, and Mrs. Bolt said, "Right, now every one who sat in their child's seat, must do one hundred lines saying-- we will have Mrs. Bolt for dinner-- so I expect a invite to each house, for the penance of this joke." just then, the head mistress came in, she said, "What on earth was that commotion? I could hear you in the next street, it was so loud." Mr. Thomas said, "We did a April fool joke, and we got Mrs. Bolt good! So she wants us to do one hundred lines." Mrs. Bolt quickly explained, and the head mistress said, "Mm-----Sounds like a plan, how about I come to dinner too, with Mrs. Bolt? Just for back up."

Greg said, "I think we will do one meal, in the hall, for all, and be done with it." Mrs. Bolt, and the head mistress agreed, and they left with big smiles.

Over in the small factory, the employees were packing the eggs into cartons. The eggs were natural, and no hen was put in a small box, for its life. The way hens that have to live that way, was to the town, cruelty. They knew four hens were in a tight box, for all their life. Some had gone over to the bigger towns. Along the way were egg farms. When they went in to look at the way it was run, they were sad. Their hens were free running. The eggs collected, and distributed, in a humane manner. This was no laughing Matter. So the town was against false gains.

Pastor Joseph was putting up on the board, the circus date. The seventh of April. The week went on in its usual manner. The towns shops were like old days. A separate shop, for separate foods. The bakers had the lovely smell of bread, and cakes done by hand. The butcher, had the meat from animals, never touched by chemicals. The grocery shop, was well known for its own butter. Natural jams. Many items, that were from a natural source. Cleaning items, were made. The chemist was the only place, some medications were synthetic. Soaps were natural.

There were two shops for cloths. One was for children's cloths. Another had adult cloths. The third shop was partly a shoe shop, and cobbler mending shoes. Women in the town, were still knitting for the family. Others sewed. One taylor was in the town. It was old fashioned, but friendly. The fish, and ship, shop was the only food, that was cooked for customers.

Over by the side of the town, was a motel. People would come for holidays. The food was home made.

Mrs. Darcy, and Mrs. Chambers, went to catch the bus. They were going into the larger shopping malls, for material. Along the way, they saw the lakes. The swans were swimming in them. Swallows were flying high. The orchards were in blossom. The pink, and white, blossoms were swaying gently in the spring breeze.

The bus driver stopped the bus, to let on a rather odd looking person. This woman was pinched in the face. Her hair was dyed black. Her nails were bright red, and so long, they curled. She wanted to give the bus conductor the fare. Her old torn purse was empty. The conductor said, "You will have to get off, we do not give free fares." the woman snarled, and said, "I have just placed a curse on you. You will be cursed for life now. Fire will get you, and danger is in every step you take." she was about to get of the bus, when Mrs. Chambers said, "Stop! I will pay your fare." Mrs. Darcy said, "Nancy, she is dangerous." Nancy said, "She still has a chance to be free. So I will give her a free fare." Mrs. Darcy, nodded, but said nothing. The woman climbed back on, and said, "Cross my palm with silver, and I will lift the curse off the conductor."

Mrs. Chambers said, "You have a free fare, the conductor has no curse placed on her, your words are false. Come and sit in the seat in front of us." the woman was hesitating, but sat in the seat in front of them. She said, "I am powerful, I can harm anyone I like. I am a witch! You have to give me money, and I can tell you the good fortune you will get." Mrs. Chambers said, "I have the greatest victory, and fortune is nothing to do with it. Tell me about yourself, we have twenty minutes left on the bus."

The witch was eyeing them cautiously. She had never been in front of a person, who was not scared of her. Mrs. Chambers noticed her teeth were lined with gold. Yet she had no money? Mrs. Chambers said, "You have a very cold heart. Your soul is in trouble. And your life is in shreds." the witch became angry. She was not used to anyone telling her anything. Nancy continued, " Where do you do, the things for your keep?" the witch was agitated. Mrs. Darcy began to see something around the witch. Nancy said, "If you value your life, tell me who your God is?"

The witch said, "God? I am God! I am all powerful!" the obvious sign was showing, her face took on a red Indians face, that was twisted, and nasty. Over her head was darkness, a shadow of darkness. Nancy said, "Why not find out the real ♱ God ♱ this will redeem you from the life of scarcity. No Matter how long you tell me, about your power, it can never get me." The witch smirked, and said, "I have put the curse on you now." Nancy said, "You have a curse upon you, and all the curses you put out, come back to bite you. You have no power, it only harms another, if they do not know the truth. ♱ Jesus ♱ is the-----Nancy had to stop, the witch became visibly, distorted. Her whole body began to shake. The bus driver stopped the bus, got out, and spoke to the conductor," We have to get her off the bus, she is mad!" The witch screamed," Jesus is not real, we are, we will not let you take her away, she is ours." Mrs. Darcy had for the first time, seen the demons in a person. She began to pray silently. Nancy noticed a ring on the witches hand. It was a skull, and had red eyes. The bus driver said, "Get off the bus, of I will call the law in, a phone is by the stop here." The witch got off. She was in fits, of shaking, and her words were mumbling nonsense. She had spit coming down from her mouth.

The journey to the larger shopping mall, had become less enjoyable. The two ladies, got off, and Mrs. Darcy said, "We need to go back home, we must see Pastor Joseph." So they took the bus, they came on, back to the town. The bus driver said, "I apologize for that, it has messed your day up. I do a round journey, as you know, you might want to carry on your day, after a bit of a run?" Mrs. Chambers said, "No, we have to go somewhere, so we will not return today. Next week, we will get our goods, see you then."

Pastor Joseph was sitting in the church, and decided to alter some seating, so that more can come in. Mrs. Chambers, said, "Oh Pastor, we had a experience, and we must tell you." Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, tell me." the two ladies told the whole affair they witnessed. Pastor Joseph was alarmed, as it sounded like they were under threat. He said, "Would you recognize her, if she came again?" Nancy said, Mrs. Darcy, Hannah that is, she was afraid. I was not, as soon as I said the name ♱ Jesus ♱ the witch began to shake." Pastor Joseph said, "I am going to look for something, in the circus, that may lead to who I feel is a threat, and steals peoples hearts to believe her. She takes money off them, for lies told. Leave it with me, and please, both of you are safe. We will pray now.

The seventh of April came. The circus tent was up. The caravans in line, with the people who do the circus acts. At three o clock, the show began. Pastor Joseph was not in the tent, he was looking for another tent, that should not be there. He saw none.

He went inside the large tent, and laughed at the clowns. The towns teenagers were in stitches of laughter. The high trapeze acts were going on. Just as he was about to watch them, he noticed a cloaked woman, near the back seating's. He asked for help, and ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ said, "Look ye to the outside, the moment of darkness is to be caught."

Pastor Joseph thought, she is not moving, I must wait till she moves. The first half was done, and a hour break was to be. The circus had to change the settings for the grand final shows.

Most of the towns people were laughing as usual. They were indulging into the tent for refreshments. Pastor Joseph saw the cloaked woman, leave. He asked if he could go out the side of the tent? Because he was the Pastor, it was given. He walked gently towards a small tent. People were waiting for their turns, for fortune telling. Pastor Joseph asked, Greg, and John, along with three other Christian men, to go along with him.

Nearing the small tent, the smell of incense was putrid. The men knew about the witch, that came invited to the past fair. They came from behind the tent. No people could see them, as the trees hid a good part of the back of the tent.

Suddenly Mrs. Chambers came, she whispered, "I followed you, because ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ asked me to let you know, that I was going in the tent. I will know if it is the woman on the bus, by a ring." Pastor Joseph nodded. Then he pulled her to one side, and whispered, "She may recognize you?" Mrs. Chambers said, "I doubt that. She will be possessed by the demons. It will be they who will recognize me. Ia am going in as if I want a fortune telling. The rest will come about."

The men went back behind the tent. Mrs. Chambers went to the line of people waiting to get a reading. One couple in front of her said, "Ugh! We may as well not bother, let this lady through before us." So now there were three in front of Nancy. As she got closer, she could hear the voice of the witch. Yes that sounds like her, Nancy thought.

The three people in front of her, went in together. When they came out, they looked very ill. Nancy went in. The witch said, "Ah yes, I can tell you that you will win money. In my crystal, there is a man standing there. He is saying he knows you. His name is harry!" Nancy fell back into the canvas seat, this name was her dead husbands name. She knew it was untruth, but gave the witch the money she asked for, for more messages from him. This made the witch show her hands, as they were covered by long sleeves. The ring was in the hand. The same ring. The same nails. Nancy said loudly," (as this was the cue for the Pastor, and the men with him, to get her) this is the woman."

The tent was lifted from behind the witch, she began to scream. The men got hold of her. Took her out the tent, and she tried to grab the many pounds she made, by lies! Pastor Joseph said, "Come with us. If you do not, I will have to call the police, because your doing theft." The witch became silent, and she was Marched to the car waiting for the Pastor. All went to plan.

They took her into the vestry. Pastor Joseph said, "In the name of ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ leave her." The witch began to shake, but her body was heavy. She was held down. So Pastor Joseph said again," I rebuke you in the name of ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ what is your name? The witch was now begging to be left alone, those in her, did not want to be charged. Greg began to pray out loud, the other men joined in praising ♱ the Lord ♱ The witch was losing her balance, she was falling down. The voices of the demons screamed, through the mouth of the witch. Nancy was looking to her, praying for her to be set free.

Pastor Joseph, had never had such a hard time, to get release of a soul. He knew that the woman, the real woman, was to be saved. He was led to this, by Joe, and Daphene. He had a very long time, of talking to the demons. He said, "You have no claim of her, she was taken by you, because you were in her family. What is your name?" Suddenly the witch turned looking at Pastor Joseph, and she said, "We asking to be free to move inside another? Our name is generations. We want to live. She belongs to us."

Pastor Joseph said, "Come here brothers, put your hand upon the lady, gently, I am now going to ask generations, to leave. I rebuke you all in the name of ♱ the Lord ♱ it is he, who will deal with you. The woman, was now having groans, they were loud, and seemed to follow one, after another. The demons were removing from her. She then fell into a face, that was nothing, like she looked before the release.

Pastor Joseph gave praise for this to be removed. The brothers were praising too. Nancy took the hand of the woman, and said, "Who are you? Come with me, you need water to drink." As she got up, her fingers looked thinner, and the ring fell off! The woman said, "That was a family heritage ring. I never want to see it again. "

Pastor Joseph came with Nancy, as he now had to bring her to the way, the truth, and the life. The woman said, my name was Gillian, but it was changed to-----Oh it does not Matter now, she no longer exists."

When they took her to the room for cleansing, she took off the black wig, her own hair was short, and auburn. She then pulled off the nails, they were stuck on. She washed her face, and the makeup came off. There was a warm face beneath all that hate, and anger, and theft. Her eyes were softer. Her whole face looked like another person altogether.

Pastor asked her if he could rid the things she took off, and get them, and the ring, put into the incinerator? Gillian said, "Allow me to do that, it will be my way of ending my old life."

Nancy said, "Where do you live?" Gillian said, "The tent I was using, that was my street life. I have no home." Nancy said, "Pastor Joseph, is there a refuge for-----No wait, I will take you back to my home." Pastor Joseph said, "Nancy, I know you mean well, but I think Gillian needs some care, and time to come to terms with" Pastor Joseph was stopped, ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ said, "My child is my family, allow her to be with her new family." Pastor Joseph said, "Wow! That came like a rule I must carry out. We are told to allow Gillian to be with family, us." Nancy said, "That is why I am offering my home."

Gillian said, "What do you mean, by this talking that I cannot hear, who tells you to bring me into family?" Pastor Joseph explained," My sister, you are now in our family. The truth, the family that is ♱ our heavenly fathers ♱ you will know ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ was wanting you to open the door. You have no signs of the past within you now. This will take work, do not think that the narrow path is just a few words, and that's it. You have work to do. As long as you abide in the truth, you will never be taken again."

Gillian began to cry, then she sobbed, and was clearing her inner pain. She said between the sobs, I was so angry at-----Life-----I got so angry-----That I stole, I knew that much, but when I did the tent work, I was no more me. I lost who I was, and memory of who I was, was gone. I became ugly, and enjoyed being ugly. A power was over me. I used to hold a pen, and it would write, telling me things, that seemed true. Then it told me lies. I was feeling like I was stuck with super glue. I was told how to cheat people, but it was given to me, that I had gifts, and to take money was a gift. Then I got real mean and I er-----Gillian sobs again-----I was sure I was as powerful as God, what was this God?"

Pastor Joseph said, "Oh my dear sister, satan uses demons for his lies. He claims people, for his army, that is lost from the beginning of time. The death that is within people, from the first age, means that the sin was given to all. You see me here right?" Gillian said, "Yes so?" Pastor Joseph said, "So, you would not think a Pastor can be got by satan's threats?" Gillian said, "No, how can he do that if your a holy man? " Nancy laughed, and said, "No man is given the right to be above any other. We are here to support each other. Pastor Joseph, he has a harder job in a way, because he has to reach the souls in need, as well as build his own soul away from threats of satan."

Gillian then realized, she was talking to a man. He may be a Pastor, but he was still a man. She said, "So your not holy?" Nancy said, "We all want to be holy, but that is to be worked for. Here in this town, we laugh! We make laughter our theme for healing, as support to each other. You have confessed tonight, and that has given you a new birth."

Gillian said, "Birth how? I am not a baby." Pastor Joseph said, "You are a baby in he eyes of ♱ the Lord ♱ the growth is now upon you, to learn the many things that are the truth. Have you the pen you once did automatic writing with?" Gillian said, its in the tent, with a pad full of messages. Do we put the whole things in the fire, tent and all?" Pastor Joseph said, "We sure do. The incinerator will do the job. Your confession is heard, and your new life begins. Actually Gillian, I have a couple who came to you for a reading. These two, were very given, in a short time. I was very surprised, ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ gave them exactly what he had in plan. None of us can say the portion, we are to receive. Nothing material, can give you the wealth, that is ♱ holy ♱ the plans are made, and along with it, is chastising. If your chastised, it means that ♱ Jesus ♱ loves you very much. For within, the heavenly laws, no sin can come in. So we get told off at times."

Gillian began to smile, and said, "Whoopee doo, a Pastor gets told off?" Nancy said, "Yes if needs be, I do, we all do. So the birth is to teach you the law. Its not that hard really, but its not easy at first. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ will talk to you, when you surrender, and give your life. You can use what you came from, for the good of others, who have not heard yet. You were meant to come to the truth."

Pastor Joseph went to get the tent, and all in it. Greg was still around, and helped. Gillian was called to do the job, as she asked to. There was nothing left of her old life. They walked back to the room, and Pastor Joseph said, "You do know you made me miss the circus? Now I will have to wait for the next time round, could be another year!"

Gillian said, "Oh, but its meant to be so, you said ♱ God ♱ tells off, so he may have made you miss it, to help me?" there was prayers said, and Gillian gave her life to ♱ Jesus ♱ she looked completely different.

Nancy had a home, that had much space. Since her husband died, she felt it very empty. She was not empty in spiritual health, but her love for her husbands company, was missed. " Gillian, Nancy said, we will go and buy you new cloths, the cloths you stand in now, are all you have, and they too, do need to be got rid of." Gillian said, "I have no money, so how do I pay?" Nancy said, "You have paid, you paid by becoming our family. So we must get you rested, and buy your needs. Then you may want to work in the egg factory. That will give you a wage. You may learn about the path, by studies. My home is your home, for as long as needs be."

Pastor Joseph was yawning, and he said, "Nancy may want to keep you in her home, talk about getting blessed. You have more now, then a few hours ago. The money you were trying to keep, I put that in the incinerator myself, as it was satan's dealings. We want no money that way at all. Now be prepared to learn to laugh, that is our way, our family live. Nothing is a problem, unless its made a problem. "

Pastor Joseph went to his bedroom, and thought, a day without much laughter today. Well we will make it up. He thought, that women was saved. How hard it was to crack that open. As he laid down ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ said, "Thy work is rejoiced in heaven, the lesson to thee, was to never give up, for I love all my children. They will love me. I will never forsake thee."

Chapter Five

Mrs. Chambers gave Gillian, her daughters bedroom. When Gillian looked in it, she was taken by the softness of it. The bed was made with pink sheets, and soft white laced edgings. The dressing table had a brush, and comb on it. In the corner of the room toys were displayed around a large white wicker chair. Gillian said, "Do I call you Mrs. Chambers?" Nancy smiled, and said, "Call me Nancy, just take a bath, and I will have a hot drink for you, then you can sleep." Gillian said, "What do I wear in bed?" Nancy said, "My daughter is married now, but I may have one of her nighties in a draw. Ah! Yes, you can wear this." the nightdress was white, with pink ribbons, on it. Gillian sat down on the bed and said, "I never had a chance as a kid, I was to follow the rules of family traits. Hard people Nancy, hard, and unfeeling." Nancy said, "Gillian, not too often, can a new saved person, get the chances that have been given in this town lately. Pastor Joseph really does have two of your customers saved too! And you will meet them later. They will not recognize you. The couple were given a large gift from above."

Gillian said, "So gifts are not just given then?" Nancy said, "The first and most important gift, was your death of the old life. The birth of your new life. This will be a time of rehabilitation in a way. Because, my dear Gillian, you were sick for years. So tenderness from your new family, will be supporting you. You may not want to live with me for long, then you may do. I am not to stand in your way. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ is planning his words, to be your words. So come on, the bath is ready, and then you can rest. Oh-----And by the way-----We do not live in misery, you will learn to laugh, be bright, and feel safe." Gillian said, "I am not used to this, everything is so clean here."

The next morning, Greg came over to Nancy's, with John. He said, "Ah Nancy, Hope you do not mind, but Johns son wants to meet Gillian." Nancy said, "That is perhaps a bit too soon? Just then a figure came along the garden path, dressed in a rabbits outfit! In the arm of this rabbit, was a basket. Nancy said, "Yes Easter Sunday is this coming Sunday, is your son John, in the outfit?"

John said, "Yep! We thought to give her encouragement, and bring some little presents for her.

Greg said, "Young Frank, wanted to meet her, so that he can get her to come to our Bible study tonight?" John said, "Easter is later this year, so we thought to give her a good laugh. We will not tell her who is in the outfit, we have small gifts, and in each gift, is a clue to who might be the person, in the outfit."

Nancy stood by her front door, just laughing, as the rabbit was doing a little dance. Gillian came to the door, and said, "Nancy, what is going on?" as she stood near to a pot plant outside the door, Frank began a comic dance, Gillian was laughing. She said, "Who are you really? I mean-----Well you must be a adult, because your tall." the rabbit gave no sounds. Greg had a tape recorder with him, and turned it on. The music was of the younger generation. So Gillian, had one clue. She got given a parcel, from the basket. John said, "You have to open it." Gillian opened it, and saw a Bible in it. A note was attached to it, saying--we can read together.--

Gillian thought, this is crazy, but who knows, who I will read with? The rabbit took a carrot, and began to eat it, offering Gillian some. Gillian said, "Awe come on, who are you? I have been living on my own, had no friends, and never had people around me, so I am not to sure about you!" the rabbit gave Gillian another gift. She opened it, to find a invitation, to the meeting that evening, at seven thirty. Then a letter f was given. Gillian said, "So your f are you?" The rabbit gave her another token, a bar of chocolate. The note on the bar had a letter k on it. By this time, John was laughing a great deal, because to see his son, doing a parade as a rabbit, was funny. The rabbit got carried away, and slipped over the plant. The head of the rabbit nearly came off! But he got it straight quickly. Some chocolate eggs were in the basket, and fell out, which made them break. So Gillian picked them up, finding another letter saying a. Nancy could see the joke, and thought it a great way to encourage her. Another note came forward, saying--Bible study-- tonight- put the three letters in your new Bible- and guess tonight, who the rabbit is- only two letters are missing- so have fun.--

Greg said, "OK, that is it, we will go now. Nancy said, "No, come on in, and have a cuppa with us?" The rabbit went away, running up the gravel road. John said, "The rabbit is going to his burrow now." Gillian smiled, but looked suspicious. Nancy led them into the kitchen. There in the oven were her home made scones. The coffee peculating, was throwing off a nice aroma. Greg said, "Ah, we get to have your baked scones. The cream from our dairies is double, and thick, and do we get your home made jam too?" Nancy said, "I have raspberry jam, and strawberry jam. But before that, I have some home made sausage rolls."

Greg said, "Its almost as if you were expecting us?" Nancy smiled saying," Ah, I wanted Gillian to know what a real home is. I think she has no domesticated knowledge?" Gillian said, "No, I do not. I used to eat what ever was around." John said, "Gillian, did you live with your parents, as a child?" Gillian coughed, and then said, "I had funny parents, they told me that their ancestors ate hedgehogs! Baked in mud." John said, "Sounds like they were gypsies?" Gillian told them that she heard stories a mile long, and how clever her ancestors were. When she asked to go to school, she was denied it. Her education was limited. She said, "I learned to read, from a old man, who lived in another caravan. The road was all I knew of home."

They were eating the joys of Nancy's baking, and John said, "Mm, nice Nancy, um-----Gillian, you have a name not exactly a gypsies name. I mean-----Yes, Gillian seems not quite a name for that way of life?"

Gillian said, "They called me rose. I ditched that, when I took off. Greg said, "Tell me Gillian, what made you take off?" Gillian said, "Living in caravans, moving around all the time. My mother was knocking on doors, selling lucky charms. She would work her way in, with me, telling people, that she reads tea leaves, cards, and can see the future in a crystal ball. Once she got their attention, I was to pretend, to want to go, to the toilet. I had to go and steal jewelry, any money laying around, then flush the toilet, so it sounded like I was using the toilet. One day, I got into a bedroom, and I had the belt around my tummy, under my long dress, where I put stolen things. As I was taking a mans wallet, that had so many pounds in, the door opened. A man came after me, I grabbed the wallet, shouted to my mother, to go, and we ran away. While running the wallet must have fell out. So I was bashed for being stupid. You see, they got me to steal, and if I did not get much, I would be given no food. Be put outside for the night, in the cold, and told I had to learn to steal properly."

Nancy said, "That was why you took off no doubt. Trouble was Gillian, changing your name, was not what it was about. Changing way of life, was what it was about." Gillian said, I had the best teachers for stealing though. So I took her crystal ball, and the lucky family ring of the skull, made myself look different, in case they found me. Stole food from shops, and took money for readings. I found that at fairs, and circus's I could be working, without them knowing. I did this for five years."

John said, "Now you have a whole new start, you will find two missing letters, from the name of the rabbit, tonight, at Bible study." Gillian said, "How come none of you, get at me, for the way I was?" Nancy said, "How can we? We were sinners too, and we can all still sin. It becomes a new way of life, to learn how to rise above temptations."

Greg, and John, left, and Gillian helped Nancy tidy up, wash the dishes, and get ready for shopping. They walked to the town shops. The shoe shop, had some nice shoes. Nancy bought Gillian two pairs of shoes. One pair of slippers. Then Gillian tried on several dresses. And cardigans. Nancy bought her four dresses, and three cardigans. The underwear was bought too. Two night gowns, and one dressing gown. One pair of slacks, as Nancy did not like jeans. Gillian did not protest. One skirt, and two blouses. The packages were too much to carry home!

Mr. Thorn was in the last shop they were in, and he laughed, he said, "You both have so much to carry, how about I bring them in my car to your home Nancy?" Nancy said, "Oh thank you, but we do have a hairdressers appointment too, I did not judge to well on how much it would be to carry!" Mr. Thorn said, "No problem, will about five be alright? Because I can keep them in the car until your home."

Gillian had her hair cut into style. Nancy said, "Gillian, you look so lady like. Look in the mirror you will see the new you." Gillian gave a huff! The hairdresser went to get some lacquer, and Gillian said, "I dare not look to much in the mirror, because if you look in a mirror a long time, faces come." Nancy had never heard of this. She said, "Wait till we are home, and tell me about this." Mr. Thorn came with the parcels, and left. They thanked him very much.

Just as Nancy was going to shut the door, Pastor Joseph came along the pavement. He was coming from a house near by. Nancy said to him," Have you a few moments?" Pastor Joseph said, "Who is this lovely lady you have with you, looks like Gillian." they went in, and Pastor asked what Nancy wanted to say? Nancy told Pastor Joseph, about Gillian saying faces came in the mirror, if she looked a long time. Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, I know about that. Gillian, you will not see the faces now. All you do is use a mirror for grooming. Give no thoughts to what was, but to what is now. If your scared, just pray." Gillian said, "I got to know about this, when I was talking to someone. Who told me, that if I looked in the mirror, and stayed looking, I would see my face change, and the other face is horrid. I did it, and had many faces, in the times I did it."

Pastor Joseph said, "You will not have that now, do not open the door, to try to prove this. Because that is darkness, tempting you, to prove yourself, as free from darkness. Once you give in, by experimenting, you may be attacked. My dear sister, you are through to the light, let no measure of tempting, from the old, come into your new life. This is what I meant by, it can be a while, before your labor of birth, transforms completely." Gillian said, "I am confused now." Pastor Joseph said, "No need to be. When you groom, just do that, look for nothing. Pray if your concerned, or put on some hymns, for the darkness, cannot stand in the light, of ♱ Jesus ♱ it will not be able to. What your going to learn, is the footsteps of truth. Gillian, its quite exciting to be hearing ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ may I just add again, the ones that have had the darkness, for many generations, are often used for the purpose of exposing satan, and his demons," Gillian said, "So the faces were demons?" Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, in intelligent thinking, how can your face be altered? What was going on was possession. Your saved now, the road ahead is bright."

Pastor Joseph was about to leave, when he stopped, and said, "You know Nancy, there are so many ways going on now, that any who can shed light upon it, will be doing so. You know about the warfare, in time Gillian will understand it to, ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ is with us, that is why you will have peace Gillian. You will use your life in another way, as your led to, by truth."

That evening, the Bible study was about to start. Gillian came in, and Frank was wondering if she worked out, who the rabbit was? He looked at her, and thought, wow! Look at her, she is beautiful. She had her new Bible with her. As she sat down. She did not notice a note on the seat, she sat on it. The study was giving her some knowledge of the life of ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ she was silent, as for her, all these people were new to her. When the study ended, she took her notes, to do through the week. Just as she got up, she saw the note. The two letters missing with the rabbits notes. Were on it. She looked around, and all the young people in study came towards her. They wanted to bring her into their part of the family. They introduced their names, and Frank was over by the wall. He had looked at her most of the study time. Her hair was in soft curls, with auburn shades, and gold shimmers. Her green, and white dress, was covering her slim body, very nicely. Her shoes were white. He looked at her eyes, they were a blue with green. She wore no make up, and just looked so much, how he would like to have a girlfriend.

Gillian was folded in with the younger team. She began to feel, she was somebody that Mattered. She then looked at the whole letters. Not being able to know who the rabbit was? She noticed Frank, by the wall. She thought how nice looking he was. He wore a suit, and had fair hair. He had his Bible under his arm. Their eyes met, and Gillian said, "I am looking for a Frank, by the letters I was given by the rabbit!"

The team of youths laughed, and Sophie said, "Rabbit! Are you for real?" Gillian said, "Yes I am, this morning a rabbit came to the home I live in now, and brought me presents, and left three letters. I was to find out the name, of the rabbit, by the letters." Now I have the other two letters, so he must be in here. Because I was supposed to study the Bible with the rabbit."

Charles, being a comic nature, said, "Here bunny! Where are you hiding?" Stan said, "Rabbit-----Ha! Hey rabbit-----Come out your burrow!" Frank was still standing by the wall. He had a grin on his face. Gillian said, "I make the name as Frank, and none of you said Frank was your name." She walked over to Frank, and said, "" Are you Frank?" Frank said, "Yes, I was the rabbit this morning."

The rest of the team just laughed so much, that Frank said, "Hey you lot, this lovely lady here, is new to our family. So this morning, my Dad, and Greg, with myself, made a gesture of fun. As it's Easter this weekend coming, I came as a rabbit, OK? It was a way to break the ice, and get her feeling one of us."

Gillian said, "Oh Frank, you were the rabbit, and you even ate a carrot." Now the team was in great laughter, as one of them said, "Come on show us how you hopped?" They were really in fun now. After a while, the team began to split up, to go home, and Frank said, "Gillian, I am twenty four years old. How old are you?" Gillian said, "I am twenty five. Why?"

Frank said no more. He offered to walk Gillian back to Nancy's house. On the way, Gillian asked how the Easter is held in the town? Frank said, "Whoops, well we have a rabbit that comes every year. None of us knows who it is. It leaves a small eggs for everyone. Yeah before you say it, it is a someone, who has done this, for twenty years. I have seen it many times. So have others." Gillian began to laugh, she said." Well I have heard of some things, but never this! What does it look like?" Frank said, "A rabbit!" Gillian said, "No I mean, is it fat, or thin, tall or short? Frank said, its a fat rabbit, but we have many fat people here, we once thought it was happy John, but he is not aged twenty yet. Some men are fat, not many. Some women are fat, quite a few, so it leaves a gap, as to who is doing this, for the love of the people in town. You see here, Easter is a very honored time. We know the reason why ♱ our Lord ♱ died, and the resurrection, is the glory of all life. The truth was given, by the only begotten son of ♱ God ♱ eternal life, is the reason he wants all his children. He loves us so much, that he gave us ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ for the father, and the son, are as one. The sacrifice given, must never be over looked." Gillian said, "You sound like you love ♱ Jesus ♱ you know more then I do." Frank said, "How would you like to come out with me, after Sunday's Easter service? I can help you to learn about him. We can then learn to know each other?"

They got to the gate of Nancy's house, and Gillian said, "Tell me Frank, how come nobody here in town, is judging, or nasty?" Frank said, "Um----- pardon me, but I heard about you, and how you looked, before you were saved. I cannot imagine you ever looking like I was told you did. It made me interested in you. My Dad was with the guys, who were breaking the chains off you, well-----I should say ♱ Jesus ♱ was breaking the chains off you. No man is without sin, so who is it, that decides they are above any other? For a child of ♱ God ♱ is not pious. Nothing as simple as loving ♱ Jesus ♱ is difficult. Once he is in your heart, he moves with swiftness, and you will think he moves slow. What he is doing, is letting you know the new footsteps. One step at a time. Even I have times, I fall back one step. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ picks you up, he comforts you. So as your new born, think of it as a baby-----It depends on its parent. It has to survive. So your real parent is ♱ Abba Father ♱ I can help you understand that. What ever has let you down, can now be blessed." Nancy looked out the window, and saw them talking, she came to the door, and said, "Frank, come inside, and talk with Gillian, I will not intrude, its just that is a bit cold now."

Frank was very pleased about that, he felt Nancy was being very kind. They both got a mug of chocolate, and went into the privacy of another room. Frank said, "How kind of her, it gives us a bit of time to talk. Was a bit cold out there." now Gillian, your the new baby, in a new life. So you do not know the steps yet. You have to be fed, to live. So the word of ♱ God ♱ comes to you. That is your food. As you eat of the good food, you will be able to grow. A day comes were your about to take your first walk. You may slip, but you are picked up. I have known of some people, who have had directions, in another way. For Gillian, nothing is impossible for ♱ God " It is he who is supernatural, not us. We are not. You then go forth, to gather."

Gillian said, "I think I have been very much loved, for him to save me. To think that satan, is wanting the world. He harms life. That much I have come to know. Does this mean my family, that were in what I was before I was saved, who are dead, have lost?" Frank looked at Gillian deeply, and said, "The lies he tells, is in today's time, a war of energies, its getting faster, and faster. Notice how people have no time theses days. Run in race, to do what can be done in a slower pace. The same amount of time in a hour, is the same, as it always was. Now a hour is to be filled with races. Got to get this, must have that, no time to listen to a sick person, its their problem. Must have more money, must have the best car. No time for oldies. No honor is left for the elderly. No time to visit the sick. No time to wait, must get in first. This is what satan is doing. He is short of time, so he wants to claim, the children, of ♱ God ♱ he is taking people to the fires."

Gillian said, "I think I know that, somehow I knew that. I was very miserable in my life, and the more I stole, the more I got stolen from. I was taught to steal." Frank said, "All of us had sins, that had to be cleansed from us. I was born to a Christian family, so for me, it was easier. But never think that Christian children do not get pulled into the dark, they do. So what sins you did, is not my business to judge. My sins are not for you to judge. My work given me, is to share with others, not go and judge them. Something I had to learn Gillian, was, to look at the man, or woman, as they can be, not what they are being. That is tough at times. People that help the understandings of satan's works, are the ones given that work. They cannot judge."

Gillian said, "Well I would never keep company with any occult people now. I have been there. The work I may be given to do, may be of another kind. I do not like busy bodies either, gossips to me are dangerous. I was a loner really. So these I have to see, that they can be clean?" Frank said, "Yes, but for you, it may be wiser to stay away from them. For the plans are given out. Not one occult minded person, is unaware of ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ they know about him. But the one they are given, is the anti Christ. The trouble is, power, a false power. I find it sad, to know of them, that have been given the truth, and still go on with satan's work. These will not move, and so their end is to perish. For no unholy thing can come into the kingdom of ♱ God ♱ that is why we love so much in this town, and laugh so much. Along with the serious side of the truth."

Gillian said, "Well to think of love, it makes everyone want it, to laugh makes one feel well. So ♱ our Lord ♱ is love, yes, how can another unkind love, be love?" Frank said, "Well done, I bet your going to be a good servant, and do what he bids you to do. I am so amazed, when someone like you were before, is now with ♱ Christ ♱ the change in you according to what I heard, is like your someone else! The real you."

Gillian bent her head, she felt like hugging Frank, but refrained. He made her his sister. She made him her brother. The night was drawing in, and it was quite late, so they agreed to spend time on Easter Sunday, after the service. They laughed as they spoke about the rabbit in the morning, how the team were joking, and how it got them to meet. Gillian had a good man in Frank. What was to be, will be. Jut before Frank left, Gillian said, "So times of serving ♱ the Lord ♱ are the times not for laughing?" Frank said, "Depends on the circumstances at the time. We are a glad town. Not a sad town. Goodnight Nancy, thanks for having me in your home." Nancy said goodnight back to Frank. Gillian closed the door, after Frank left. Nancy said, "I did not come and say goodnight to Frank, because it was your time with him. So I just answered his goodnight. I am glad you went to Bible study, Nancy yawned, and she continues, you look so lovely, a far cry to how I met you on the bus. ♱ Praise the Lord ♱ they went to bed, and another day was dawning for the town, in the morning.

Chapter Six

The morning began with the milkman, putting the milk on each door step. It was a old custom, the town liked to keep. The egg factory was opening. Gillian had got up early this morning. She was dressed by the time Nancy came to the kitchen. Gillian had made the coffee this morning. Nancy did not mind one bit, she enjoyed the fuss Gillian was making. While they were drinking the coffee, Gillian said, "Last evening, after Bible study, one of the team told me of a job going in the town. The shoe shop needed a shop assistant, for twenty hours a week. So I am going to try to get it. Nancy said, "I thought you might go to the egg factory, but a shop would be more advancing for you. It will teach you to be with people, and to know how to run a organized place. Yes I like that idea."

Gillian got to the shop, just after it opened. The man in there remembered her, with Nancy. He said, "More shoes for you?" Gillian said, "No, I want to apply for the job in here." Mr. Meadows said, "Mm-----Any experience?" Gillian said, "No, but I can try to do the job." Mr. Meadows said, "Try eh? I like your style, no experience, and you want the job. Mm-----Lets have a look at you? Mm-----Yes smart dresser-----Young-----We are a family here, handed down from my father owning this shop. I think I have seen you with the Pastor. That goes in your favor. Mm-----Maybe I can give you a try. When can you start?" Gillian said, "Right now." Mr. Meadows said, "Mm-----Right now eh?-----Ah what have I to lose? Yes you can start now, but mind you, I will be teaching you, and my word for the shop goes." Gillian said, "Yes sir." Mr. Meadows said, "Oh come on, my name is Malcolm to you. I may be the boss, but I am a happy man, and want you to feel happy too! So your wages will be given you every Friday. If you turn out good, I will give your full time, OK?" Gillian laughed, and said, "Be great Malcolm, be really great, what do I do first?" Malcolm said, "You first wipe down the service desk, where the till is. Then you place some shoes in the window, for customers to see. After that, I will ask you to get shoes out of the side room, to put in the shop. We sold a few pairs yesterday. We get people from out of town coming here. So we do get busy. I will show you how to size. How to place the shoe on the foot. When a customer comes in. I will show you how to use the till. Yes I think this will work out, mm-----You look pretty smart." Gillian had her second step now. She knew that her life was going to be different.

In the play school, tiny toddlers were playing in the play ground. They were giggling, and jumping, and having fun! The women of the town were doing their usual shopping for the day. Near the bus stop stood Mrs. Fredrick, and Mrs. Simmons, looking for the bus to come. Mrs. Simmons said, "How about we use our Christian names Mrs. Fredrick? I know your new in town, you bought the big house near the hill?" Mrs. Fredrick said, "I think that would be nice, we both go to the bigger town shops now, and then, my name is Jane, and yours?" Mrs. Simmons said, "Mine is Minnie." Jane said, "Does that stand for a longer Christian name?" Minnie said, "Yes, so what are you going to shop for in the mall?" Jane said, "I like to look for books, and arts, and you?" Minnie said, "Oh I you know, this, and that!"

Along the way, the blossoms were full, the hues of the trees gave the country town, its frame. The cottages, and the many gardens, looked so soft, and colorful. The lakes had their swans, and ducks, swimming, some were sitting upon the bank. Nearer to the big town mall, it became a concrete jungle. The scene looked like it had gone from light, bright, color, to dark grey bricks. The houses there were nothing like the towns cottages. They were flat looking, almost like offices, and no character.

Minnie said, "Jane, the way the town is, we could never change. Looking at this, it is showing that homes are no longer homes. They are prestige, and money, along with who has the best?" Jane said, "That is why we took the house near the hill, we had just about enough of the plastic world."

They arrived to the mall. There was a show going on in the centre of the mall. The two ladies went to look. There were children sitting down, and watching a big rabbit, with little rabbits picking up the eggs, the chickens laid. It was quite funny, because it was done in comedy. The little rabbits were to put all the eggs from the chickens, into a big basket, that the big rabbit was holding. The little chickens looked like stuffed ones, and they spun around, every time a egg was laid. Under the nests, were soft wool, so that the eggs would not break.

Minnie said, "Its good for children this, but I beg to differ, in another way." Jane said, "How's that Minnie?" Minnie said, "In my childhood, way back, we were taught about ♱ Jesus ♱ we were given the true meaning of Easter. Good Friday was given the highest honor, as it was the day, we got saved. Easter Saturday, my family gave family prayer. It was the day we, as children, were taught about the three days of truth. Easter Sunday was given for celebrations. That was the day for finding eggs."

Jane said, "It was the same in our family, mind you eggs were never explained to us, the reason for them? But as children, we did not care, chocolate was once, a real treat! I have thought Minnie, that Easter is nothing to do with the reason for it. It became commercial, and about money. Christmas is the same. Every year, I would see people more in a rush, then ever. Easter was about marketing, and taking days off work. Nobody seemed to look at Easter, for what it was meant for. I find Christmas now, very offensive. There is hours added for commercial sales, and no extra time given to the truth. Nothing is as it is meant to be."

Minnie said, "Sad as it sounds, many of these little ones, do not know of ♱ Jesus ♱ they are given shows, without one word, of the reason for Easter. So they will always believe, Easter, and Christmas, is for self gains. I get very sad, to see this. I know of a women that has friends, in this big town. She told me, that one child, has so many toys, it is a room filled. She said the child is unhappy, and cares little for the toys."

Jane said, "Yes, children need interaction with others, and the first place is, from their parents. Toys can not fill up the need for union. They may be educational in some ways, and fun too! The first lesson a child learns, is what the parent gives."

Minnie said, "Yes, but also what a parent takes. Think of that side Jane. Some parents take so much, by giving things, as toys, instead of themselves. Other children are got at by their parent, and get abused. How very important it is for today's people, to look at the days of old. For the truth was, for creation, to be ♱ holy ♱ nothing to do with chocolate eggs. Or grander presents at Christmas. Still in our town, we make the truth stand. We sing the truth, we praise the truth, we learn the truth, every day. We do get serious moments, but we have to laugh, something in a day of life, means to find something to laugh at!"

Jane said, "Come on, lets go and get our things. They took a walk through the mall. This time, Jane was looking at people's faces. None looked at all at peace. Many were in rushing walks. She said, "Minnie, I think it would be interesting for us to sit on this bench, and say how many we see, at peace?"

Minnie sat down, and looked, she said, "It is beginning to make me laugh. They look so much like rushing programmed robots, worn out, telling their children off, and putting gains, before necessary gains." Jane said, "What makes you laugh about them?" Minnie said, "Look at them, ninety nine percent, are spending, leaving their children at the show, and then go back for them. What time does it give, for family togetherness?"

Jane said, "We might be judging?" Minnie said, "I call it, observation." Minnie said,' we have turned that a few ways, it still leaves children, out in the dark, if they never get the truth! I mean-----Hmn-----Can you see any sign of the truth of Easter?" Jane said, "No, only on some cards, is a cross."

They went through the garden center. The peace of nature, could be felt in the outside garden. There in the middle of the large show of plants, sat a family, that were trying out the big garden setting. Minnie waved her hand to Jane and said, "Shush," Jane motioned back, and listened.

" The father of the family, was talking about why they needed a large garden setting. He said, "Easter, is why we need to keep our time for ♱ the Lord ♱ as well as other times. All times are important. Easter is the time to be very praising, for that was when ♱ Jesus ♱ did everything to save us." one of the four children said, "Is the date the exact time of the cross daddy?" He looked at her saying," Times are not as they were two thousand years ago. When ♱ Jesus ♱ was born, nobody knew the exact place he was born. Bethlehem is known, but the actual place is not. It is given a stable, this may have come from ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ nobody knew what he looked like. As graven images, were against the highest mercy of ♱ God ♱ it was forbidden. So his face was known, only to those that saw him. As time went along, men were given signs, signs of truth. So we are getting this large setting, for the church, for Easter. There is a out door celebration, after the service. The rest of the story is given, in the three days, I have told you four, is for ♱Jesus Christ ♱ what a small part to give in time, for eternity, for us." Jane looked at Minnie, they had their day made now.

They went away, as the family got up to make the sale with them. Minnie said, "See what I mean?" Jane said, "Yes, as I see too, a full mall of people buying things, for Easter, in the commercial way of thinking. One family, seen, talking the true reason for Easter. It speaks volumes."

Back in town, Joe, and Daphene, were getting used to their new home. Daphene said, "I will not like it, when we have to move out of here Joe, in two years time." Joe said, "I am going to save very much. So we may be able to get another house, bit like it."

The rest of the town, were busy, and finding things to laugh about. Mr. Booger said to his friends. We have had some changes in the last couple weeks. Two new people, no, I forgot, three new people. I thought I saw one of them in Mr. Meadows shop?" Mr. Davidson said, "Yes I saw her in there, she lives with Nancy. I have seen her in church, but not had the pleasure to meet her as yet." they talked on about other things in town. They had a meeting in the afternoons, these men were retired, so they had their afternoon talk, and laughter. Some men who lost their wives, were lonely. Pastor Joseph, did not have the time to visit all of them in a week. So they met in the cafe, and spent time together. This helped them fill in their days.

Mr. Meadows, found Gillian not that easy to teach. She had trouble understanding the way he put the boxes of shoes, into the pigeon holes. She misunderstood, that she was not to take the shoes, out of the box, to place in the pigeon holes. He came back to find thirty five boxes of on the floor! He had gone to the bank. People could not find room to come in, and go out, properly. He stood in the door way, and said, mm-----Yes-----Mm-----No experience-----Mm-----Well I can laugh, or cry about this. She did not see him come back, and was trying to place a shoe on a woman's foot, without the shoe horn as she leaned over to get the other shoe, Mr. Meadows said, "Mm-----No experience at all-----How can my customers walk over-----Mm-----Big mess-----Ah well-----Uh!-----What are my shoes doing in the pigeon holes, with the boxes on the floor?-----Mm-----I must talk to her, but not now. Mm-----What is she doing? The woman has the pair of shoes, but one is a five, and the other a six, no wonder she says one is loose! Mm-----Uh! Yes must talk to her." The woman left without the shoes, and Mr. Meadows put the closed sign on. He said, "Gillian, I am going to-----Gillian jumped in and said, "Sack me?" He looked at her, her hair was fluffed up, her face red with anxiety, her clothing twisted, and empty boxes, all over the floor. He looked to the holes, and found, she had put the shoes into the incorrect sized holes as well!

He stood back, then said, "Mm-----Then he began to laugh! He laughed so hard, that Gillian began to smile, he began to roar with laughter. Gillian saw people coming to the door, finding a closed sign on. They were looking in, and saw the floor full of boxes. Gillian said in giggles, people are outside looking." Mr. Meadows opened the shop door, laughing his head off he said, "Come, come, if you can get in, my poor new assistant, has her first day. I went to the bank, and told her to place more shoes, in the boxes, sizes are from the lowest, to the highest. Children's on the other side of the shop,-----Mm-----She-----He is laughing again, the people were laughing, and they saw what he was about to say. A glorified mess!

The lady that wanted the shoes, but one was too big for her foot, came back too, she was used to Mr. Meadows placing shoes on. She said, "Yes, the sizes are put into wrong pairs. The shop had a complete and utter mess in it. As the town, is a town of laughter, and of good will, two ladies offered to help the shop out. For a cup of tea. Mr. Meadows said to Gillian," Mm-----Yes-----Well-----No experience." Gillian expected the worst, and thought she was a goner.

He continues," Because you made me laugh so much, made my customers laugh, gave me a tummy ache in laughing so much, I have decided that full time is necessary here." Gillian gulped! Then she said, "Full time, your going to give me full time, your kidding me?"

Mr. Meadows said, "Mm-----Now I look at it this way-----Mm-----You tried so hard on your first time here-----Mm-----You also showed me that you were intending to do your best. The mess-----Mm-----Yes-----But when I tell you what I meant, you will know." Gillian said, "You did tell me what you said." Mr. Meadows said, "Yes I did-----Mm-----But I did not show you. I had to get to the bank. So although it would be enough to send you away, I felt it another way. Mm-----Yes-----You see-----He began to laugh again-----Mm-----I saw the way of a new start for you. You tried so hard, that you showed me, in all the mistakes you made, that you were going to be a good assistant for me."

The two ladies that helped clear up, had placed the shoes back into the boxes. They found several pairs misplaced in sizes, and put them correctly together. One of them said, "Yes Mr. Meadows, look at her." The lady was pulling Gillian's cloths straight. Touched her hair to make it sit flatter, and smiled at her. You have not met me as yet, I am the rabbits mother!" Gillian said, "Your-----Really?-----Uh-----Oh-----Frank will-----Oh-no-----Now he will laugh!"

The days work granted Gillian a place, for full time work. She ran to see Nancy. She said, "I made the best mistakes today." Nancy said, "Oh, then the egg factory will give you a job." Gillian said, "No Nancy, I got full time there from tomorrow!" Nancy said, "How on earth could you gain that stage, without any knowledge of the work? Ah, no doubt ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ had something to do with this."

As they ate dinner, Gillian told Nancy about the whole thing. Nancy was unable to eat through laughing! She told Nancy that her life has direction, but for one part! Nancy said, "What part Gillian?"

Gillian had not told Nancy, that one of the ladies, that helped clean up, was franks mother. She said, "The lady told me, that she was the rabbits mother!" Nancy just burst out laughing now, she could not even speak for a while. Then Nancy said, "Now Frank is going to know, he will laugh too, not a bad start to the new family your in." Gillian said, "This town does not get mad, it is not what I am used to. I have a feeling this rabbit thing is going to stick, as a joke forever!"

A knock came on the front door. Nancy went to open it. Gillian heard laughing, and got up to look. There at the door was-----A rabbit! Frank had come in the rabbits costume purposely. Gillian said, "You are a rabbit! But this time I know who you are." Frank said, "I want you to be my lady rabbit?" Gillian said, "If you think I am getting dressed up as a rabbit, you have another think coming, uh, really! Just because Easter is about to come, I am not going to go around the town with-----Hey wait a minute, lady rabbit?" Frank said, "Yes, we can be rabbits together, all we need, is time, to get to know each other. Go places, study our Bibles together. Ask ♱ the Lord ♱ to bless us and lead us to how he wants us to be?"

Nancy was in this too, she said, "Sounds like a future family is being born, where little bunny rabbits might bounce around!" Gillian said, "If had something to throw at you both, I would! Rabbits indeed!" Frank took off the head of the rabbit, and said, "You could do worse, you could have little goats!"

Gillian said, "No, I think the rabbit thing has made its trade Mark. We will be called the rabbit family-----Whoops, going in top gear here, look you-----Rabbit-----If-----I do become a lady rabbit-----If-----Hear me-----If-----Not that I am agreeing to it-----Oh really, alright, when do I wear the rabbit costume?

Franks face gave the brightest smile, he knew he was falling in love with her. He did not want to rush things, but his heart went to her, especially the way she came out of possession of the dark force upon her. This made her ♱ the lords ♱ servant, a servant that would be having directions, of mercy, to give to people, in her mission, that he will choose.

Frank sat down, and Nancy left them, as it was to her, quality time for them. Frank said, "Here in this town, we have the natural nature of creation. The meadows have the horses that run free. Cows run free. Sheep are free. Chickens run free. Nothing is in cages. We love each other. To get another three, into our family, is a bonus. A family will only break up if one member, wants to change another, this causes rifts, and the family will fall apart. The town will then be opening up the door for the dark force, and the blessing will be gone. The two can not live together. For the light will show the dark secret lies. The dark will cover the truth. Man chooses one or the other. This does not make a couple, it causes a war. Gillian, I have one thing I do in life. That is never to try to alter another. So many people will meet, marry, and one, or the other, wants to alter the one, they were attracted to, just how they were. This causes the marriage waves of a war of control. Control is not of the light to me. So the marriage breaks down, and can never be built up, if control is never stopped. Freedom to me, is, freedom. Two that are one, never fight. Never try to control, never try to alter the one they fell in love with. The love grows, and becomes a shield of strength. That strength can only go one way. Up to the pure love that is from ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ love is what we are here for. The home becomes the Grace of a real home.

I said once to someone, who was battling with the dark, and stubborn to move away from it, that satan hates love. Love kills him. For he is not love, and can not be in the energy of love. He is dead already, but as scripture says, it has to run the ages. To end the sin, and wrong. So for me, the rabbit I may get to be my lady rabbit, will be free in the family we build, in time. No rush, you have to be ready for it. No arguing will be, no control will live in my family. We will work with one truth, love."

Gillian was looking at Frank, as if she knew him for a long time. He was speaking the needs she had, were going to be filled. Her heart was becoming alive, love was coming into her heart. Her really bad tortures of life, were dead. She had depression, from the unseen attacks she had. Now she see's a color in life. Could it be, that no more harm can come, she thought? She had not one person in her life, that could help her. Now she has all this?

She said, "Frank, I think we can learn about each other. I have to learn about myself, for it is myself, I never knew." Frank said, "Exactly right, I knew that. That is why I am willing to wait, for as long as you need to, but I would not mind you, one day digging a burrow together!

She thought that, she could go the way Frank suggested, but giving it time. For all good things, bloom, at the right time. Frank left, and Nancy was already in her bed. So Frank did not wake her with a loud goodnight. Gillian went to bed, her heart was warm, and caring for Frank, she felt love, but to her love was new, so she had to understand it. Her new job was on her mind now, but she knew she would be taught by the best boss, she could have. Mr. Meadows, who says-----Mm-----Mm-----Mm. Gillian rolled over in bed, smiling herself to sleep. The town was blessed yet again.

Chapter Seven

In the far distance of the town, lived a lady. She was always on her own. One day Daphene was driving to the edge of the town. She saw this lady, who seemed in trouble. Stopping the car, she saw the lady crying. Daphene said, "Excuse me please, I was looking around this town, as my husband, and I, have not lived here long. You look upset, is there anything I can do?"

The woman looked at Daphene, and said, "I am not one of the family in this town. I keep myself, to myself, because I have been hurt by so many people, that I stay alone." Daphene said, "Do the town's people know you live here?" The women said, "They do, but I never would mix in. They are all churchy people, and I do not trust anyone."  Daphene said, "May I ask why you were crying?" The woman said, "Do not get all concerned about me, nobody cares, why should you?" Daphene said, "I care, I used to feel alone too! My husband, and I, were in one house, but in ways, living apart. We got a great chance to repair out love, and it was due to this town."

The woman eyed Daphene much closer now, and said, "I never ask anyone in, but I suppose I can you, do not ask me why? I just think I need to talk to someone." Daphene came into her house. It was so clean, it showed that the woman had respect for a clean home. Over by the window, she saw photo's of a child. Daphene said, "Is that your child?" The women said, "It was yes, she is nothing like my child now." Daphene said, "Awe, do you want to tell me about it?"

The women said, "I will make us some tea, and yes I will tell you, on one condition, and that is, you tell nobody, what I tell you. I will go as far allowing you to tell your husband, but no others." Daphene agreed. As Daphene sat down, she looked around, and thought how very clean the home was. The women said her name was Mavis. So they had a start to sharing. Daphene saw a photo of a child on the dresser.

Mavis said, "I have one friend, and that is ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ but I do not want to be in the towns church, I have been hurt so much, that I no longer have trust in people. So do not start about that." Daphene said, "The child in the photo?" Mavis said, "That is my daughter, who has become hostile to me, and left me. I have no reason to understand why?" Daphene said, "I had a son, and he died, so I have a loss as well." this broke the ice between them. They spoke to each other of their losses, and a friendship, was building.

Mavis said, "I am a Christian, with a difference, I do the work for ♱ my Lord ♱ as he directs me to. He wants me to be in the path, he has chosen for me. I have to wait for the time he has chosen. As I cannot walk just yet. Hobbling with less mobility, then ever now. I have to be operated on."

Mavis looked at Daphene, and thought about her existence in this world. She knew she was of a different life, then just human life. She also knew, that when she said to the odd person--you do not know who I am-- they understood not.

Mavis said, "Daphene, I have said, since I was a child, that I am not like other human beings. I have the flesh, but was not of the flesh. I was accused of day dreaming as a child. I could see things, others did not. I said a few times--I am in the earth, but not of the earth, I do not belong in earth-- I know that I am not to know the revealing of this, until I am before ♱ our Lord ♱ when I leave this earth. He has a reason for this." Daphene said, "I am a young Christian, and have been blessed in ways I cannot count on y fingers. The way that this all came about, is so amazing, that is till pinch myself to know its true."

Mavis said, "Well dear, as you go along the path, you will learn, that even the angels, do not know all things. That some things are given to ♱ the lords ♱ children, for his reasons. That some are given eyes, to see with, that no other eye can see. Ears to hear with, that no other ear can hear. Revealings, that not all get. In other words, he gives all his children gifts, for the ♱ glory ♱ some he gives more to, according to their works, as he sees all things. This does not mean that a person is given a higher place, no. It means he has a purpose for a few, he has work for. OK, I may as well come out with it, I had to travel the darkest roads, be in imprisoned, by darkness. Go through places, that many get near to, but not go right in to. All do get he darkness, in one way, or another. For the warfare is reaching its climax, where it will then fall, and fall lower, then mankind can actually see. This is because of the power of ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ he would never be over taken. Satan is darkness, so are the demons, and mankind, who go along the wide road. That army will burn."

Daphene said, "I am so glad you spoke of the darkness, I have all day today, so if you would like my company, I too, want to know as much as I can, you seem to have something, I need to know about more."

Mavis, said, "Yes, I would be glad of your company. It was meant to be. OK, so on the road of darkness, I can tell you that ♱ Jesus ♱ was in front of every step I took. He appeared to me, at nineteen. I never knew why at the time. I wanted to go with him, but my unborn child was to come."

Daphene said, "He appeared to you? Goodness, that is-----I do not know what to say? I suppose he has appeared to others, but never to me."

Mavis said, "He would have appeared to others. For his own reasons. Although, I have never come across one person, who had that. Which does not mean, its only happened to me. Never think I am more special, I am not. I am the same as you, a child of ♱ God ♱ the darkness, is far more involving, then just the word darkness. There are things still not seen. So he allowed me to walk in darkness, for my ripe age, of sixty six. Had I never gone through the places, I would never be able to do his work now. He knew, he saw, as he sees for all mankind. Nothing is hidden. Only satan cheats mankind, so that they do not see. Yes, its been tough, but Daphene, I came through the hardest harms given, and life threatening times, where others would have definitely died. Even the medical teams, could never understand, how I lived? There are parts of my body, just not in my body. The fact that I came through one very big threat, and lose none of my intelligence, for I do not have a full brain. I have brain dead part of brain."

Daphene said with eyes wide," How on earth can you do what you do, with a fairly large portion of right brain dead?" Mavis said, "I do not have to answer that, because you know why." Daphene said, "Yes I do, ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ the healer, gave you-----Wow! That is proof of his loving truth. Mavis, the other parts gone, are through so many operations?" Mavis said, "Yes, even to my right hand. My right eye, my right hip now, organs removed to. There is the love of ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ he has, as it reads in the Bible, shown others of old times, that had many tests. I have one more thing to get above."

Daphene said, "And that is?" Mavis said, "Satan lost claim of me, so he is trying to claim my mind, so that I lose trust in mankind. He is using the hip tortures to get me down. So I do get low at times, for constant tortures of pain, not easing even on Morphine. Makes me so very tired, and many have hip replacements. For me, this is the last attack he had left. So that is why nothing works, for me. Even the doctors are perplexed, for other patients get some relief. Morphine makes people drowsy. I am alert all the time. Not one drug is working, to ease the road at present. So I end up taking very little, for its of no use. I think that the reason my last three attacks came, was the two hips, one is replaced, so satan tried to stop me walking. For I was heading for the narrow path. Satan wanted me off it. So he hit my right eye, it has not gone blind. But has loss of some vision. My left eye, is twenty, twenty. So satan lost that. The right eye could have gone blind, but did not. So he hit my right hip, because I was walking on the path."

Daphene said, "How can he hit you, if your on the straight and narrow path?" Mavis said, "He hit me before I was fully in the path. He can never walk that path, so he puts thistles out side the path. So when one is in pain, be it mental, physical, emotional, spiritually, thoughts, the thistles can bite at that time. That is because pain can make one tiny slip. He is after that tiny slip, where if one is not aware of his tricks, he will tempt, do all things, to get that person off the path. He knows if one comes off the path, the return to it, is harder. Yes a Christian does get back on, but the climb is tougher. If too often off the path, then its of no return. For nothing was learned. No truth, and untruth, can live together."

Daphene said, "I would never have known this, I was meant to meet you. I may have learned it through study. Hearing its actual attack, is far more revealing to me. I for one, would not know, how you survived to live? Unless I knew ♱ Jesus ♱ as I do now. I was thinking, that could it be, that you were to live through all this-----Oh well-----It really answers itself-----If medicals do not know how you survived, and no prescribed drug is working for you, and your still standing your path. To me its incredible. So why did you get no trust left, when you know better?"

Mavis said, "Yes I do know better, but mankind, can be very cruel, by the tongue. I am protecting myself from the onslaughts. Because the people, apart from you today, have been sent by the darkness, to attack. Satan is angry, he knows the work I do from ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ is his death. If he loses one person, and that person goes out to expose him, he has lost more then one person. My reward for all the work that I do, is for one reason. Another soul is given back to ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ the more that I am given, and in the way it is given. Means to me, ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ is moving in lives, that I may never know about. I need no reward, as in material, for the greatest reward, is a parent getting back their children. ♱ Our Abba Father ♱ wants us home. I have no desire for materials, and no desire for great money. For I am provided for by the greatest giver. The jewels of heaven, out reach anything on earth."

Daphene said, "I see you in front of me, I see what is hurting you, and here you are saying all this to me. Look Mavis, I am new in town, why not come to my home, to start with? I will come and pick you up, and bring you back home. You can even stay a weekend if you wanted to. It seems to me, that I am the one to bring your trust back into your life. That part about mankind being cruel, is everywhere in the world. If they had suffering, they would be the first to want help. So I am learning not to judge, and your not judging, but the pain has dented a good strong trust, just a touch. That photo is your daughter, so pain is there too, as you know what it is to have your child taken."

Mavis said, "Not just one child, but four of them." Daphene said " Four? Oh, that's nasty. How did you live through that? I know a dumb question, for I know how you came through it, but that pain is-----Oh-----No-----I am going to ask you to come to my home tonight, and stay a couple of days, please. I would never have thought the darkness, can do that much. There must be more to this. So has anyone got to know who you are?"

Mavis said, "Only the ones that are to be told that. The ones who are in the same way. That is not as many, as you would think there would be. It does say in scripture, that many come, and few are chosen. So I wanted to bring in as many as is asked of me to do, in the ♱ holy ♱ work."

Daphene said, "What is your ♱ holy ♱ work? Mavis said, "By words from ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ I can never say what is to come. It just is told me. It has taken many frames, and different ways, in stories of truth. Some repeat, but come in another story. There is no messing about in the big deal here. In fact I often have been up till early hours, to deliver his words."

Daphene said, "Do you hear him, as in a voice?" Mavis said, "The voice of love is silent. Love is all empowering, and takes up the full measures to give. All I do is deliver them. Love can never fail. As you know, if you love someone, its a feeling, that takes up a good part of life, and makes you, and all, feel so happy. Connection is bonded in freedom, and truth. Not bondage, that is the chains to fail love coming in the heart, so the soul can be starved of love. So in these individuals, there is hate, anger, envy, jealousy. Many go to the new age, and thus, they are caught into that web. It thickens, and gets harder to come out of. I have had to be lonely for company, in this time, it was a solitude time, as I would be no use in ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ working with me, if I did not learn, and move on with life. For each lesson was a directness, and a sacred gift given to me. It belongs to ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ had I failed, he would have taken that gift away. It is falling in dead ground, and cannot reap bounty. It has to be in good soil, to grow into fullness. So " The Holy Spirit ♱ meant his truth to be bringing forth, his power of the only truth, that lives. The rest is dead. He may be using my body, for his truth, to shine through. For as he is in my heart, and soul, it will manifest, in my face. I once looked outside, for him. I saw him not. He was inside me all the time. During the darkness, he came in many ways, it was like a map, he knew the path he chose for me. So I had to look inside me, for that is where he lives. There were many times, he gave me a step, out of the darkness. It was like encouragement. He knew the long road, to get me there. I had to choose that path. He did not force me. Now this may sound odd to you, but some people that claim to be Christian, mean well, but take it upon themselves, to think, they are more, then another. They want others to think how they do. The truth is, ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ uses different ways to minister, and gives his truth. So it is a unity, amongst the family of ♱ Christ ♱ each have a part of is ♱ holy divinity ♱ to share. So that the whole is seen. Not one person, can do all the work. It is partitioned, that is how it is. Not go to the right, or the left. Take the portion given, and praise the Lord, for that divinity, he has trusted in each of us. I am not perfect. I will never be perfect, I can work to being that way, through ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ it is he who feeds me. But I have to allow that."

Daphene said, "Come on, go pack some things, or let me help you. Joe would love to meet you. Our home is your home. Yes, I can see now. Trust was taken by pain."

Mavis said, "I was at times of things hard, just needing his presence. He does say, not to listen to mankind, but listen to him. He leads us to the very mankind, that will make his work completed, by the ministry, he has given them. So the family is on the one path. Now yes Daphene, I will come, I have done much here in solitude, he sent you to me. So it means he is ready to send me amongst the people."

Daphene said, "The town of gladness, is a blessed town. That is where the family of ♱ Christ ♱ is family. It is tome for you to come out, and mix. I am sure you will find great unity. One thing is to be done though." Mavis said, "To be done?" Daphene said, "Yes, you learn to laugh there. Laughter will help your waiting time, reduce any stress, of your natural dislike for the wickedness, of darkness. Aiming at your last victory of beating the dark. I think after its done, your free altogether. I do thank you for your honesty, and truth. It would have been a hard life. I am just so happy, to have this opened up to me. Once your settled in our home, when your ready, I will tell you of the darkness that caught Joe, and myself. It may be very certain that your life was a means, to unlock the hidden wiles of satan. It is a big job, but look at the rewards, of souls looking within their own lives. All for the glory of ♱ God ♱ what a miracle it is. Now lets get you packed, and I am going to spoil you, with a good home roast. You are my friend now. Oh-----This is really amazing.

They went down into the town, and to Daphene's new home. Mavis said she felt at ease doing this, so it was meant to be. She knew that Daphene, was to bring her into the fold. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ told Mavis, "It is time."

They laughed on the way, and Mavis was ready for more people to come into her life. The opening of much happiness was to be.

Chapter Eight

Mavis was putting her things into a draw. Daphene called her, as Joe had just come home. " Mavis, come on, Joe is here." Joe called," Hello there, I have two women to be enjoying company with? Let me see you." Mavis came through the door, and Joe said, "Well hi, what a honor to have you in our home." Daphene said, "It is our privilege to have you, so this is your home, while your in it." Joe said, "Mavis, your not walking at all well, are you-----Mavis came in, and said, "I have a surgery to come. I Hope not too long to wait."

Joe said, "Allow me to help you?" Mavis said, "Thank you, but no, I must try, as long as I can do. I do know if its left much longer, I will be without walking." Daphene made dinner, while Joe was asking Mavis, about herself. Mavis found her energy was uplifting. She had not had time with people, for so long. Mavis said, "I had work to do, for ♱ the Lord ♱ there was a great deal to be done, as the paths I was treading on, came to the age time, for it to be rebuked." Joe said, "I am not sure what you mean?" Mavis said, "I had to be in the darkness, for a purpose far higher, then I had any idea about. I was not to know. For that darkness, was part of the plan, that I had been sent to earth to do." Joe looked puzzled. He knew about the darkness, but this lady had something else he was itching to know? Joe said gently," I do not quite follow you, sent to earth?" Mavis said, "We all were sent to earth, we all were known before we came here. Not one living life, of any part of life, as in animals, and the list goes on, is not known about. Just that I have a different purpose for being here."

Joe called Daphene, and said, "Daph, do you know what Mavis means?" Daphene said, "I have been given some understanding, I just feel, we will all learn a great deal, this time together." Joe said, "I began to wonder who you were, if that does not sound odd?" Mavis said, "No, it is not odd. I am unable to tell you, for the reasons, are kept within the plans, and will not be revealed, until ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ wants it known. So I am not able to know either."

Joe said, "The more it sounds impossible, the more I want to break it open. Daphene said, "Joe, we are to learn, so we are not able to step into, what we are not ready to learn, just yet. One day, at a time." Mavis said, "Well, there will be some learning right now, for we would not have met, had it not been in the plans." Joe thought how this was really very interesting to him. He said, "Mavis, who are you really?" Mavis said, "I am what you see." Daphene was smiling, as humor was coming. Joe said, "Awe-----I know I see you, what do you mean, you are what I see?"

Mavis looked at Joe, and then at Daphene, she said, "You Joe, may see me, how Daphene does not see me." Joe got up, and said, "Yep! OK, explain it." Mavis said, "OK, Daphene, have you a note pad?" Joe said, "She does, why?" Mavis said, "Both of you, write on a note, in short, what you see, in me. Say nothing to each other, and sit apart."

Joe smiled. He put his answer on a note. Daphene put her answer on her note." Mavis said, "Now Daphene, tell me how you see me?" Daphene said, "I see you as a very bright light." Joe said, "I see you as something very different." Mavis said, "As you see, a bright light, is one, and different is another. They actually meet who I am correctly." Joe said, "This is worse then playing monopoly, and getting stuck on chance, and go back three places, do not pass go, so no two hundred is given." Mavis said, so you feel stuck?" Joe said, "Some yes. Daph, what did you come up with on that?" Daphene said, "I am not stuck, I find it a opening, that I may learn from." Mavis said, "As you see, there is learning going on here."

Joe laughed, and said, "Yes, you get past go, and get two hundred, while I get to pay for a hotel on Mayfair. That you own!" Mavis enjoyed the humor. She found in the short time, the three were friends, as if they were friends a long time. Mavis said, "Joe you see calculating in life. It is the way you are." Daphene said, "He is always that way." Mavis said, "It may be a way that you will alter." Joe said, "Alter, like I will not sum up things?" Mavis said, "None can calculate the days ahead. None can say, this will be, or that will be, unless its from the truth. We all can plan. So if we sow our plans in uncertain waters, the plans will drown. If we plan in middle road, middle road takes us to no destination. Because it is the middle. Like the darkness, and the truth. If we stand in the middle, we own no side. We cannot meddle with two beliefs. If we do, then we are headed for trouble. There is no two headed faith. So to sum up, is not really a peaceful way to grow. Now Daphene sees a bright light. This means that she is willing to grow her plans in good soil. No Joe, it does not mean that your not good, it is a explanation, of truth. You both see truth in me, as who I am in your eyes. By planning in good soil, never to waste, means a bounty is grown from the small plans of full trust."

Joe said, "Yes I can see what your saying. How does this fit with you, as in how we saw you?" Mavis said, "When you see truth, you see something about yourself. My life had the plans from above. I was to walk the darkness, feel the sufferings, know the fragments of hidden dangers. A foot path that nobody would want. I had choice too, but I walked the unseen roads. Felt the unseen energies. I had eyes, but they were not able to see what was coming. Only what I passed. I was like a small spirit, hidden in a dark place, to see all, as I went past them. None could actually take me."

Daphene said, "Joe, Mavis has had all the operations that would end in death. She lived on. She was given from satan, pains of great measures, that could turn her to more darkness, and die, she lived on. She took satan's knowledge, to the way she was meant to understand it, and she lived on. As she collected the darkness, and the pages of unseen words. She was attacked, as satan wants no man to know his wiles, and how he does them. Satan was not allowed to take her soul. So he made her life a sacrifice of no family, or friends. She had nothing. She lived on. Others in darkness, were coming into her life, she gave, they took, and then she was rejected, her body suffered the maladies of sin. So the rest she will tell you, I am sure."

Mavis said, "Well done Daphene, put correctly. I feel you really listened to me. Joe, I had ten generations, of darkness in the dysfunctional family. Now much of that you will learn as you study. I was the tenth generation, so I had to look at the sins of the ten generations, I was born with. I was not to be taken. I was to walk along the darkness, and all it had done, to the nine generations, before me. In a way, I felt protected, but never knowing by whom? I knew ♱ Jesus ♱ but knowledge of him, was distorted, by some organized religions. Again, I was to see into that, as well. Now all have walked the darkness. Few come out of it. I want all to come out of it."

Joe said, "This is really great to me, because how can we know what is unseen? You had the option to go into the darkest tunnels, and be so attacked. I suppose satan is threatened, and this last suffering is his, not ♱ the lords ♱ I can see that much."

Mavis said, "I have had people talking to me, how I should, and should not be. I tend to feel hypocrisy, is inter weaved with the truth. So some people are talking that they are Christians, but lacing the truth with ego. These people need our prayers. We are better not to regard, their words. I got so alone in this coming out of darkness, that I had no idea, of how I could be, with people again? In fact I lost trust, not in ♱ Jesus ♱ but in mankind. So ♱ Jesus has manifested this meeting, between Daphene, and myself."

Joe said. " What has been said, can sound as though its twisting. I am thinking that the way to the path, is like getting through a maze of passages. One leads to another. Tell me Mavis, the trust you lost, does it mean you were given no understanding, at all?" Mavis said, "As I was about to come through, the darkness placed obstacles in my way. Caused me pain, emotional, resentments, from those still caught in the dark. It encountered the self ego, the powerful false lies. I once was laying in my bed, after giving my life to ♱ Jesus ♱ I saw a long thick worm type of monster. It had one eye. It went past me. It moved so slowly. I did not get me, but looked at me, while moving on. I thought it was something, I had to understand, according to the scriptures."

Daphene said, "Yes I think it must be a meaning. I am going to place our dinners on trays, so we can sit on the couch, so that Mavis is not straining."

Joe said, "Do you fancy a game of monopoly at all Mavis? To let us get relaxed, and give our evening some fun!" Daphene said, "Yes, as long as you Joe, do not cheat, like you used to, some time back." Joe said, "Cheating is not in my life anymore. I am enjoying this dinner, are you Mavis?" Mavis said, "I am, its so tasty, how do you make the chicken, and mango, with he sauce so mild, but enough to make it moist?" Daphene said, I use a packet sauce, so its got the correct amount in, so its tasty."

Mavis said, "Um-----Cooking is not my enjoyment. But I do have to do it. Joe said, "Can you get your shopping right now?" Daphene said, "How can she get her shopping right now? I mean the shops are shut." they laughed, as Mavis knew what Joe meant. She told him, that now, she has to get help to do it." Joe said, "Right-----How about we get it for you? No doubt Daph will-----Hey-----Better solution, I come and get you every weekend, for a long weekend. Until you able to be mobile again?" Mavis was getting emotional, she sniffed, and said, "I would love that, and to come to your church too!"

Daphene said, "Right, we are all set then. We need to be with people, and so do you Mavis. Along the way, you will make plenty of new family, as we know this town, is a blessed town."

Mavis said, "The town has been blessed for bringing in, many others, to start with, me!" Joe said, "Well we too are in this town, and the way things have gone for us, is just miraculous."

A knock on the door made them jump, as they were about change their minds, about monopoly. They decided to watch a video, about the scriptures. If seemed a good thing. Joe went to the door, and there stood a young woman. Joe said, "How can I help you?" The young woman said, "I am told my mother is here?" Joe looked at her, as Daphene came to the door. She recognized the woman, as the child in the photo, that Mavis had, on her cabinet. Daphene said, "Your Mavis's daughter?" The woman said, "Yes I am. We have not had contact for eight years. I was told by a man, near my mothers house, that she left the house, with you two. He described you both, and where you lived." So I tracked down, to find this house, he said a blue sedan was your car." Joe said, "I usually put it in the garage. But my wife came with a Mavis, we got talking, and I am glad its left out here. Its quite late now, do come in."

As the women walked into the lounge room, Mavis nearly dropped her mug. She said, "Hope!" Hope stood there, looking at her mother. She said, "I felt it was time to find you. Your a hard person to find. I had other addresses, and had to work through them. I then got a lead, and found your house. As you were not there, I was going to go away, and leave it. This man came and he told me where you might be."

Mavis was without words. She looked at Samantha, and said, "I have always loved you. I have not liked what you were doing in life, towards me. I am glad you found me." Samantha looked at her mother trying to get up, and take a few gentle steps, to her daughter. Samantha said, "You look different, what is wrong with your legs?" Daphene said, "Pardon me, but dear Mavis is in pain severely. She has to have surgery, and she needs all the support given to her right now." Samantha said, "Mum, I just could not understand you."

Daphene said, "Do you want to be alone?" Mavis said, "Do you Samantha?" Samantha said, "Does not Matter really, it may be helpful, to have these two listening. We may find they will see something, that we are missing?"

Mavis said, "So now we are finally, contacting. What have you been doing in the years we have been apart?" Samantha said, "I had to go and have counseling. I could not understand what it was, that made us part." Mavis said, "I know now, why. Samantha said, "You just look so different, it is like, your at some sort of way in life."

Joe asked Daphene to make some light supper. He felt Samantha may need some food, and it may make her relax. After that was done, Mavis said, "I had to undo something very important for, both you, and I. As you knew, I was never quite the same as others." Mavis then told Samantha about her previous family tree. As she went along it, as she did to, Joe, and Daphene. Samantha began to see something in it. She said, "So your a Christian now? I thought you were before, but some of your ways, were leaving me very confused. Samantha yawns.

Daphene said, "We have another free bedroom, would you like to stay with us, and have quality time with your Mum? Your both welcome to stay for as long as you need. With us here, you have far better chances of talking, and less chances of arguing." Samantha said, my car is outside the gate. I had packed it with my things, because I was going to make a new start. I just did not know, where to decide to live, just yet."

That was settled. So the rest of the night, was talking, and then understanding reasons.

The next morning, Samantha was putting her things in the third bedroom. Joe was happy to have her company. He said." So nice to have a larger family in the house." Samantha said, "I owe you." Daphene would not hear of it. She said about losing their son. Samantha had great compassion about that.

The day was spent, with all four, giving testimony of the truth. Samantha said, she would like to know more about Christianity. The road was set for far more unity in the town of gladness. Mavis felt closer to her daughter, then in years. Samantha said, "If your different, and you say your in earth, but not of it, how come?"

Mavis said, "Many the ways that are given for ♱ the lords ♱ children, can be, and often are, in ways, that are like he is. He also becomes like we are. To break the chains of wickedness, off. Once the truth is fully within, others do not know who we are. We then become hidden in ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ we may not look hidden, but we are. The opening of darkness, in its very hard ways to see, often is losing its power. For there is no power in the darkness. It becomes revealed, that we are given the things, that even the angels do not see. It seems hard to believe, but its true. Samantha, you were meant to find me, I was meant to be back with you. Joe, and Daphene, are our family too! So lets welcome them, as now your their daughter too, and I am happy to share you."

There was silence in the room, and ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ was present. The peace that descended, was of a very ♱ holy ♱ time.

Joe said, "Well, we will be living in different houses, but this home is for you both, any time you want fellowship, and family. Can we spoil our new daughter Mavis?" Mavis said, "Once I get this last chain off me, I better put it different. The chain to stop my walk, was placed long ago. Once I broke through to the light, the very door that is for all. I had to have the suffering, to end the families of the past. It is for ♱ Jesus ♱ that I have pain, he did not cause it, but he has it in his arms. For he will never let me go. He will never let you go either. We are only fools, if we forget, he felt every mankind's pain, on the cross. So in honor, of ♱ Calvary ♱ we loosen the imaginings, of satan. Who firmly believes his power will win. He has no power, how can anything be seen in the dark? That is why I had to go into that, and go through much. When I came out, I was very sick, and my body gave out all the poison that had accumulated, from the first generation."

Samantha said, "How did that come?" Mavis said, "I was in bed, and I woke up, with my body going into vomiting, like it was a sea of vomit. I had the bowels lose the collection of constipation. Over the years. Now please understand, I had far more to empty, then that part. I first had to lose, the tools of satan. These are what's given in the darkness. I then had to realize, that I was worthwhile. It has taken ten months of clearing. I was given, why I had to work to do, for speaking against the untruth. The pain will go, and the poison, is out of my body. I am told all things by ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ so yes, I have had times of offenses thrown at me. The reason for that is, when low in health, the higher the chance satan thinks he has me back. He knows nothing but deceit. We all know the truth. So that is why we are hidden in ♱ Christ. ♱

Joe said, "I have learned a great deal from this sharing Mavis. So now we have our family, how about we go out, and get some laughter into our bellies. They were talking of the laughter, to come. As it will do.

Chapter Nine

Over in the egg factory, there was a man, who never stopped laughing. He found life, only worth living, if he was laughing. Is name was Benny. He put eggs into cartons. Most of the day, he would be preoccupied with his humor. Many of the co workers, enjoyed the light hearted atmosphere, in the egg factory.

The shoe shop was opening. Mr. Meadows had Gillian, well trained. He was able to leave her in the shop now.

Over in Joe's house, much laughter was heard. Samantha was, getting very close to her mother now. Closer then ever before. The short stay, turned out a weeks stay, with Joe, and Daphene. A friendship was in full bloom.

Pastor Joseph was asking for any members to help out Mavis, he knew Samantha was with her. He just felt, the more that give kind moral support, the better for Mavis's emotional health will remain.

He has come up against, the very times, that people do more harm, then good. By words of nonsense. He once had a person telling another person, that they should do this, and that. The person was very hurt. There was no way any physical actions could be taken. Yet these were telling the person, to get up and go, they have too! Pastor Joseph, felt words like that, by a non medical person, would do better by being quiet. He was considering a sermon on that very subject. He felt a lack of support in today's society, was growing, by the day.

Pastor Joseph was very happy with the town having so many people working for ♱ the Lord ♱ he had to go other places, and this is where he found people without compassion. It made him feel sorry, to see this kind of attitude in life.

Gillian saw Frank much more. They spent time with the team, and Frank noticed Gillian was becoming very certain of her faith. She had times with other ladies. Her whole life had turned around. She knew her family would never recognize her now. In may ways, she did not want to think of them. She saw in Leviticus, and Deuteronomy, the warnings of all in the familiar spirits. This was enough for her to understand, by just having it in her life.

As time went on in studies, Gillian had many understandings of the life she once knew, being dead, and gone now.

Meanwhile Benny, and Gloria, had a party coming on this coming Saturday. It was to celebrate the towns portion of goodness. To give thanks to ♱ our Lord ♱ their houses to live in, for the supplies of food. Warmth in winter. Cloths to wear. None of them felt they were in need. For all shared. If one was without, another had enough to give them.

The train came into the town of gladness, and a young man came off it. He was in a poor state. He had holes in his shoes, cloths wearing thin. He was thin. He looked gaunt. Money he had none, his ticket, he begged for. So he had to get out in the own.

He looked around, and thought, I do not know this place, to find where to sleep? He was used to sleeping in any place, that was covered in bushes. His name was Harvey. He walked to the shops, and looked to see where he could steal food? To his surprise, none of the shops had the bins out the back of them. He used to get food that way, if he was fortunate. Harvey was thirsty, tired, and very hungry.

As he walked on, he came to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas' grocery shop. He noticed the bakery. He thought if he went in, and others were in there, he could steal a loaf, or roll? As he toyed with it, Mr. Thomas came out, to place a sales board. He had some special priced items. Harvey was looking at it. As Mr. Thomas was next to the bakery. Mr. Thomas was about to go in his store, when he looked at Harvey again. He said, "Ah, are you going to buy some of my special priced items?" Harvey was weak, and he was leaning onto the shops wall.

Just as Mr. Thomas was going into his store again, Harvey fainted. Mr. Thomas said." Oh my, we must get him round, I will get-----No, I will call Marjory-----Oh dear it may be-----Is he alive? Marjory came out, as she saw Harvey faint. She said, "Trevor, go and call a ambulance."

Just then Harvey began to stir, he was cold to touch. Marjory said, "We must get him in the back store room. Call a ambulance, just in case. Harvey said faintly," No ambu-----No need for a ambulance. I am cold, hungry, thirsty, and tired, and I have no home. Harvey was so weak that he needed Trevor, to aid him to walk.

In the back store room, was a large chair. Harvey was put into it. Marjory looked into his eyes, and said, "This young man has had nothing for so long." She had some first aid knowledge. She got the young sales assistant to take over the shop with Mr. Thomas. Marjory had some hot tea done, and a small tea cake. She felt he needed his blood sugar up. As Harvey was slowly eating the cake, and drinking the tea, Marjory said, "You said you have no home to my Trevor." Harvey said, "No." Marjory could not allow this young man to be in the streets. So she asked Trevor, if he could stay with them? Their cottage was not far from the shop. Trevor said, "I will take him home now, I think he needs a bath, and some tender loving care."

Josh came into the shop, and he heard this. He said, "Trouble Mr. T ? Trevor said, "We have a young man who needs our help." Josh said, "Hey, you can go with Mrs. T, and I will see to the shop with Brenda. I will bring the keys after closing time."

Trevor, and Marjory, took their car, with Harvey back home. Harvey was just so surprised, he was unable to speak! Marjory had a bath ready for him, and said, "I have no cloths that would fit you, but Trevor's are a bigger, it will have to do. Then you will have dinner with us, and we have a bedroom for you tonight."

Harvey had no bedroom for two years. He said nothing, and did what was there for him. In the bathroom, he found soft towels, and soap! He sank into the bath. His skin had no real good wash for so long. He thought, who are these people, who help another? He got out of the bath, dried himself, and put on night cloths. He could not believe this. For his evening, he was given time to talk about his state of life.

To Trevor, and Marjory, they felt he had been given a hard time. He had got into trouble with some other men. He had nowhere to go, as the men had used him up. Thrown him out of the house that was shared. So his days after that, was like a beggar, or stealing, to stay alive. Marjory said, "Trevor, we can put him up here for longer then one night. We can get Pastor Joseph, and he can advise us of what to do."

Trevor agreed to that. Harvey said, "How can I ever thank you, I have had no home comforts for so long, that I thought I would be homeless for life." Trevor said, "Would you be against meeting our Pastor?" Harvey eyes were on Trevor now, and said, "What for, brain washing?" Trevor said, "No, your spiritual life is not ready to be lifted just yet. You need to begin a goal in life, and to alter your thinking, because I know it, you do not feel worthwhile."

Harvey said, "No, I do not feel I am anything, I feel-----Feel-----Useless." Marjory assured Harvey, that he was as worthwhile as anyone else. The phone rang. Harvey heard Marjory say," Hi Nancy, what is going on love?" Nancy heard about Harvey, and said, "Oh we cannot allow this young man to be so alone. How long can you keep him?" Marjory said, "We have our daughter coming to stay a few months, she will arrive next Thursday." Nancy said, "I can help out, but I do feel Pastor should know about this."

Nancy had another to take care of. She loved this, as it was in her heart to help any of ♱ the lords ♱ children, saved, or not. She was a strong woman. The few days Harvey stayed with Trevor, and Marjory, got him quite well again. Nancy knew he had nothing, and that Marjory, had bought him s few new cloths. That was her first task, to make sure he has enough cloths. Nancy was the mother of the town, she was gifted for this.

Harvey arrived with Trevor, and Marjory, and he was so pleased to be given a chance. Trevor had a job lined up for him, once he was well enough. Nancy asked Gillian to come with Frank, to meet him that evening. As the dinner was about to be ready, Frank, and Gillian came in the front door. Nancy left it open for them. When Gillian saw Harvey, she said, "I think I have seen you somewhere before?" Harvey said, "I do not remember seeing you." Frank sat down next to Harvey. He said, "Welcome to our town, I am known as the rabbit!" Harvey was not sure what to say. So Frank said, "Oh its OK, I only come out at Easter." Now Harvey was even more confused. So Nancy took over the conversation. She told Harvey, how Frank met Gillian, and how it became a nick name for Frank. Harvey had not smiled for so long, he forgot life had a funny side to it at times. He was smiling, and Nancy saw how different he looked then. She thought, we must give this young man strength, and a strong support, of never being left out.

Pastor Joseph came to see Nancy. He was eager to meet this Harvey. Gillian had remembered where she saw him. In the dark days, in her tent. She could not remember the reading she gave him, but she knew it was of no use to him. She told Frank, and they said that Harvey will need some time to adjust to normal life. Frank said, "I will take him to the races next week. The one that's going to fund the church, by its takings." Gillian said, "Oh yes, the car racing. All the towns boys being formula one drivers eh?" Frank said, "Ah well, they have old cars, but they do it for fun. At least none of them get hurt by it. Come to think of it, I bet some have done their old cars up, be interesting to see what they have come up with." Gillian said, "How many will drive?" Frank said, "Seven of them. They all start, and then they go different ways, to come back to the starting point. Their roads are given to them." Gillian said, "How can seven young men find seven ways back to town?"

Frank said, "As I am the rabbit, I could find out in burrows!" Gillian gave Frank a light tap on his shoulder. Then Frank said, "We have a point to start, and then seven ways are to be met. They have to pick up items on each track given. Then make their way back to the starting point. The winner will get a full tank petrol, its really for fun, and funds."

Harvey said, "I will look forward to that." Frank said, "Do you drive?" Harvey said, "I did once, why?" Frank said, "Barry has just dropped out, his mother is unwell, we are looking for another driver, I could not do it, because I am running the race. So would you think of doing it?" Harvey said, "Yes, its not like its on a race track, I would like to have some practice. Have not driven for some time." Frank said, "Cool! I have a old car, that you can have a drive of." Gillian gave Frank a loving look, and Harvey felt he had made a true friend.

Frank said, "Harvey, its no problem if you say no to, but our Pastor is a man of great understanding. He would be of great support to you, we all love him, and he has been a steady, and un judgmental man. There is no job too hard for him. Our town is a blessed town, it is in our terms a holy town. For many people who live here, came off the road. Not all of them, but some." Gillian said, "Me for one. Joe and Daphene, I heard of Mavis getting her daughter back with her. Mavis did not come to our meetings. She will do, when she gets her health right."

Nancy said, "I have lived here for a long time, and I know of others, that have come, and then stayed. We have to get you to learn to laugh. If you do not mind me saying, ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ is your saviour, and your best healer, none of us in town, can live without him."

Harvey said, "I might as well learn about this guy, who is he?" Frank said, "He knows you, and you can know him." Harvey thought how can this guy know me, I have never met him? Then Gillian said, "He saved me, he is looking at you all the time. We have a comforter called ♱ the holy spirit ♱ once you ask ♱ Jesus ♱ to come in, you will be rid of the old dark life."

Harvey said, "So this is a spirit then?" Nancy said, "He is always alive, and not a spirit of how you are thinking. Once you want the truth, the door is open, your healing begins, your old scars heal over, never to be again, and all old things cannot get you again. You move onto the path of truth, if you stay on the path of truth, your given gifts, to help others. But first Harvey, you would have to heal. Once you have ♱ Jesus ♱ in your life, your old self is dead, your real life begins. Up to you Harvey. I know you were sent here to meet us all. The love ♱ the Heavenly Father ♱ has for his children, is never ending. He does send people to places, to be saved. I know of one women, who is given like Paul. Paul is in the Bible. He had scales moved off his eyes. He saw revealings of much. Mavis has that as well, only her ways are different, but one, and the same. People forget that, gifts are given, as the one, so there is no single gift. It is sent for his children, in portions of what they are growing into. Truth is given, when truth is seen. Miracles happen. Harvey, ♱ Jesus ♱ wants you, he is so near. I think we will let Pastor Joseph speak with you, if you allow it."

Harvey said, "I can hardly refuse, I have been given already, I would be rather dumb to not see that. If I go back to how I was, I learn nothing, go nowhere, and go back to the hell hole I was in. I have seen life, through a window here, I must get that window out of the way, so its is my life, that is living, and not me looking at others living life. Missing my own. A window is a frame, that frame is stopping me being the full life, if you know what I mean? Watching all I have seen here, means I am meant to be in life. Not through a frame. I figure I would like a whole new life. But take it easy, I do not know of a ♱ Holy Spirit ♱ so I must learn."

Nancy said, "Well Gillian, you live here, and you were like Harvey is now." Frank said, "I am going to get Gillian to be living somewhere else. In time with me." Gillian said, "You better explain rabbit, or else!" Frank said, "OK, tell you next month." Nancy had her home filled with ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ Harvey said, "Something is happening here, what is the peace I feel?"

Frank said, "It will all come to pass. You have many friends here, you will meet them all quite soon. Now you have to take it easy to, because your going to be born into truth. The town was now growing bigger, and much more greatness was to be. The open town, is with sacred passages, in the scriptures. Many things will bring the town a very special heart. The heart of love, where no man is scared of another. Where no harm is done. Where sin, and wrong, is sent away. Mankind has that, if they learn the true wealth. It certainly is better to have a account of wealth in spiritual health of truth, then millions in a bank account. For that wealth can gain nothing.

Harvey was to be given the good wealth. He will know that wealth of the world is never to last. It dies. Life with true wealth lives forever.

Chapter Ten

Harvey was asking Nancy, why the drivers were to pick up items, on their route back to the starting point of the race? Nancy said, "It is to prove they took the route given them, so fairness for each was. If any did not obey the rules, they would be cheating." Harvey was feeling like he had a new start, and his eagerness, to know about the town was showing.

Nancy had a bus ride to the larger town. In a shop she bought some paint, for her art work on canvas. The lady was eager to hear Nancy, about the dark side, and the light side. When Nancy said, about ♱ God ♱ and ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ the woman was looking fine on the word ♱ God ♱ but as soon as Nancy spoke the name ♱ Jesus ♱ the woman showed signs of non-belief. She sort of looked like she was stepping back, like the name was not welcomed. Nancy knew the lady had darkness somewhere in her life. By the look of almost a tremor.

Nancy could not go more into talk, as she felt ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ wanting her to leave the shop. As she was on her way back home, she thought, never have I seen that before. I could see into the woman's eyes, and I saw her soul. She remembered that she said to the woman, I can see that something has either been worked through, or your working through it. The woman confirmed that she has some very hurtful situation, that she had just worked through. Nancy thought, I have never seen into eyes to see the soul. The eyes spoke of the soul. Was this another gift ♱ the Lord ♱ was giving her?

Nancy remembered speaking to a Pastor, and that in some she spoke to, they were not aware of the impact of the darkness. Yes she was to speak, for all are to come home. To Nancy gifts were given to the measure of ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ wanting messages given, in all ages. Paul was given the revealings. His eyes lost the scales. He could see things, that others could read about, or be told, at the time of age back then.

On her way back, she remembered a woman that spoke of being a Christian. Now Nancy did not judge her for that. But what Nancy did see, was the woman was always talking money. The woman had a bag with her, and she said it was three hundred dollars. Or, this was so many hundreds, or a brother is a millionaire. Mother was a millionaire, money, money, money. Nancy had very need for money of that nature. She knew the real wealth was in her faith.

Sadly Nancy felt the woman had problems. She knew she gambled by the hundreds. Naturally Nancy knew no gambler was a winner. It becomes a addiction. More loss is in gambling, then gain. Plus it's political. Money goes to governments. All sin goes to sin. It cannot be free, if in sin. On one occasion, Nancy was with the woman, and she cringed at the hundreds going into a machine, that would send Nancy crazy to watch. How on earth she thought, can any sensible person believe a machine, that is fixed anyway. Flashing up all these odd things, plus the eye of satan, is in the casino's. How can a Christian, be taken by such? She prayed that she was not judging. But at one point said when two hundred was put in, and lost in less then a minute. That the casino was the den of iniquity. That every fifty could buy bread for the poor.

The woman that talked money non stop. There were many that did this in the world. How true it was for the camel to go through the eye of the needle, then the one with money, never giving, where its needed, if it is to spare. How the poor woman gave all she had. Ah lessons, Nancy thought.

Nancy got off the bus, and went back home to find Harvey mowing her lawn. He had weeded the garden. He gave the fence another coat of paint, as it was needing one. He found the paint in the shed, and just hoped that Nancy would not mind him doing it?

Gillian had left for her job early, so he had no chance to speak to her. Nancy stood there looking at him, and the new painted fence. The whole garden was looking so well done. Harvey was looking stronger.

Harvey looked up and said, "Hope you do not mind. But I was bored, and wanted to do something for you, in gratitude." Nancy said, "Mind? Not at all, yes your going to be one of the towns family, I can see that." Harvey looked down at Nancy's shoes, and he gave a big grin. He thought I better not say anything. Nancy said, "So why are you grinning?" Harvey said, "Look at your shoes." Nancy looked down, and there on her feet, was one black shoe, and one brown shoe. One had a frill on the top, the other plain. Nancy said, "Oh-----No can not be-----Yes it is-----Whoops-----I um-----Oh dear, I went to the shoes in a quick way, as I did not want to miss the bus. Oh heck! I was walking around for hours, and on times I saw people looking down at my legs I thought. I did not look down at them, I just thought they might like my new skirt. Goodness, they must have laughed!"

Harvey said, "Well you handbag is white, your skirt is brown, your top is red, and the shoes, they are-----He! Ha! Oh-----Sorry, but its looking real funny. Nancy said, "Yes it is. I will just laugh with you. It is not that serious." Harvey said, "Gillian is going to marry Frank?" Nancy said, "They will work that one out. Now what car are you going to drive in the race?" Harvey said, "I am going to find that out soon."

Nancy began to make dinner when Harvey said, "Can I cook tonight?" Nancy said, "Sure, did not know you could cook." Harvey had little idea of cooking, but his heart was to be thankful, so he decided to make a pie. Nancy went about her embroidery, and left him to it.

He found the mincemeat, onion, carrot, and flour. He put the flour into a bowl, and thought, OK what now? Oh yes, water to bind it. Out came the pie dish. In went glue type pastry, the raw mincemeat, and onion, and carrot, and over the top he put the rest of the glue pastry. He made a pattern on the pastry, with a fork, but found the pastry kept sticking to it. So he left that, and put it in the oven, on 240. Little did he know that it was too high. He peeled the potatoes, half the skin was left on them. He put on water, and boiled them. So he left that, and then made desert. Another pie, with a tin of fruit in it.

Nancy said, "It smells different." But said no more. Gillian came home, and she was very hungry. Nancy told her Harvey was doing dinner. The table was set. Now the way Harvey set the table, was one fork, one spoon, and some salt.

Harvey, proud of his work called them in. They sat down, to a baked pie, with a very dark top to it. Neither said anything. Nancy said, "You will need a knife to cut it Harvey, and the large serving spoon for serving it."

It came on the plates with no real knowledge of what it was he made! On the first bite, Nancy could not free her false teeth. So as she tried to get the pie off them, by pulling the pie out of her mouth again, her top teeth were in the pie. Gillian began to laugh. She had not tried the pie. So she put the fork into it, and found it coming up in a large piece. So she tried to bite into it. To her horror, she found it like glue. The carrot was hard, the onion was in large pieces, and the pastry she could not tell what it was? The meat was like cement.

Harvey took his fork for his bite. He was finding it tasting awful. He threw the fork down, and said, "Well that serves me right. I laughed at you going out in different shoes, and-----" Gillian said, "Shoes, how can you go out in different shoes?" Nancy told her how she made a mistake in her shoes, and one was black, and one was brown. Well-----The whole three laughed, and laughed, it was some time before they could stop.

Harvey said, "I can order a pizza, or go get fish and chips, but I have no money." Nancy said, "It is OK, Gillian will be happy with eggs on toast, and so we will all have them." Harvey still trying to please said, "Do you want me to make it?" Nancy, and Gillian said in one tone together, "No."

Then Nancy said, "What is that still in the oven?" Harvey said, "Oh its another pie, of fruit!" Nancy said, "We will not go there." As she was trying to wash off the pie, from her false top teeth, under the tap! Harvey said,' I do not blame you. Do you think I can learn to cook?" Nancy said, "The word cook is not permitted to say tonight, but yes later, I will show you."

Later in the evening. After a good long time trying to scrape the pie dishes from the pie, it became obvious, it was better to throw them out! Gillian said, "Harvey, do not feel bad, I will buy some new ones. As I have my earnings, I want you to have this." Harvey looked at her, as she handed him one note of money. He said, "I er-----I do not think-----I mean-----You want me to have that?" Gillian said, "I had to start somewhere." Then told him about her mistake in the first day in the shoe shop. He laughed. Then Gillian said, "As you can see, we help each other. That is what being family is about. We also help those not in our family. People will come, like yourself, sent by ♱ the Lord ♱ to become his child, it is the truth you are looking at."

Harvey said, "This Jesus guy, now how do I talk to him? I can not see him, or know what he looks like. I see you all here in this town, all so happy." Nancy said, "We are happy because we know he loves us. We also have to deal with the serious side to this as well. The serious side is when a new person comes, and the darkness has to be lifted. For some its very hard, for others, its still hard, but sooner understood. Depends on the amount of dark curses, that are living in the person."

Harvey said, "Curses, I do not know of that much, I know I was cursed upon, by other young men. They would curse me, and swear at me. I thought curses were just a Matter of arguing, and no agreeing to something?"

Nancy said, "Without being at all judgmental, look how you were, when you arrived in town. No home base for two years, starving, nothing in your life, but battle to stay alive. That is because of curse. It is going to be explained to you, by Frank. I think, as he is your age, it comes better from another brother in ♱ Christ ♱ so I am sure he will help you."

Harvey said, "How can he be my brother, he is not from my mother?" Nancy said, "In ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ lives all his children, us, we are his family, he protects us. He has sent you here, for this very reason, because he wants you to be his child. He wants you saved from all evil. Curse is evil Harvey."

They talked more, and then watched a video that Nancy had on ♱ Jesus ♱ Harvey was hardly blinking in this time of sharing. He looked very interested. Nancy said, "Now that is our good night message, how about you go to bed, and think about it. It is a time that you will need time, to work your way out of curse. Nothing to rush you. For once you give your life to ♱ Jesus ♱ when you understand it, you will have a whole new life."

Gillian said, "Yes Harvey, I can share with you, when your ready to hear, how much I had not one curse, but absolutely many, countless ones." Harvey said, "You know this Jesus guy, I do not find you a freak. But I have found some that walk the streets, saying we are all doomed. We are all going to die. They got so gloomy, and not one word of peace was mentioned, so I found them freaks."

Gillian said, "The darkness does work on the truth, to make it untruth, once he has got you, its a battle to get out. His name is satan." Harvey said, "Oh yeah, the devil. He is not real, it's a-----Or is it? I never believed there was a devil."

Gillian said, "So did I once, that is what he wants you to believe. While he tries to claim his glory, he is taking people to hell. But this is going to fast I feel, for I am still learning." Harvey said, "Hell is real?"

Nancy said, "Harvey, hell is a real place, it is eternal torture for the unsaved. Satan is never going to get glory. He is dead, but alive in darkness of all sin. He was dead from the time he fell from heaven. It is written in the Bible, where he says five times, I will be. He is states--he is above ♱ the Heavenly Father ♱ he says five times how he will be above ♱ God ♱ so there is the root of sin beginning. He lost from the first sin he put. Now that you will have to have patience with, because, healing is not a over night thing. You become born, and then grow. Still lets leave it there for now, or you might have too much to go through in your mind.

Gillian looked at Harvey, and said, "We can also go to v-bed, laughing about your real hard try to cook. We love you all the more for that." Harvey had not heard the words of love, he felt he had better go to bed, because he was becoming emotional.

In his bed, he had a few tears, he thought about Nancy, and her kindness. Frank and his friendly care. Gillian giving him some money, for any personal needs. He thought about working for wages, then he gave a long time of thought, to the video he had seen. He realized he can talk to ♱ Jesus ♱ by silence of the sounded word. Harvey was going to be active in many ways, yet to come.

Chapter Eleven

Harvey was looking through Nancy's cooking books. He looked for pastry. When he saw butter, or margarine, was to be rubbed into the flour, with a pinch of salt, he thought how water would make a flour glue, rather then a pastry as it is meant to be. Then he saw to add water to the rubbed in flour, some said milk will do for some pies. He then saw pastry is a great deal used in different cooking meals. He looked at the meat to prepare, and how to cut dice the vegetables. Ah he thought, you brown the meat, with diced onion, and diced carrot, adding tomato concentrated paste. Some gravy, to give taste. The oven was to be at one hundred and eighty degrees. That to brush the top of the pie with beaten egg, or milk. This gave it a good color.

Harvey did not hear Frank come to the door, as it was open, Frank came straight in. Hi Harvey-----Frank began to laugh-----From what I can see, your looking in-----Um-----Ha-----Cooking books. I heard about your pie!" Harvey looked at Frank and said, "Wait till Gillian gets back, bet ya she told you?" Frank said, "Surprising what a phone can do, she called me."

Harvey closed the book hard! Saying, "So you're a cool dude huh, no doubt you can cook?" Frank laughed, and said, "I would be lucky if I can boil water, nah! I am no good at cooking. I am better at doing car mechanics. Driving my Dad up the wall, and being a rabbit. I will never live that one down."

Harvey was ready to laugh, and then said, "I think its about time I came to know how life is meant to be?" Frank said, "Meant to be eh? Simple mate, the first simple step is to allow your heart to be set free. If you looked at how you were, and how your becoming now, which is the way you would prefer to live?"

Harvey said, "I am feeling wanted, fed, warm, and making friends. Before I was hungry, unfed, and cold, and unwanted. I never knew about this Jesus guy, of which I had better put in a more polite manner." Frank said, "It did not Matter which way you said his name, to begin with. You could not know, what you have never been taught. I can tell you ♱ Jesus ♱ knew that, when no power of truth is in you, all other power is tricking your soul, to believe you can make it on your own. Mate, you can never make it on your own. Not one bit of worldly wealth, will buy you peace. I am not saying its not allowed, that is, to have worldly wealth, it is what you put first in life. What gain is worth to you. How you break to understand gain."

Harvey said, "Gain is not that much, I do not have gain," Frank said, "You do have gain, you just do not see it yet." Harvey looked at Frank, then said, "So I have gain, yes sure, I am in another persons home, had cloths got for me, been given food, and I own nothing at all. So what gain is there in that?"

Frank said, "Look at what you just said?" Harvey was edging away a little, as Frank continued, "You do own something, it is your life, but it is a empty life, without a free soul. New life is waiting to show you just what you do own. Bit like driving a car, say your in first gear, and that is all you have, your climb up the hill would be very hard to achieve. Or another way, put weights on your legs, and go walking. In no time your going to be so tired of the strain, you give up the walk. You know the walk must be done, but you stop at places, that give you no real base. So you walk, stop, walk stop, in the end your taking up much of your life, trying to walk your destination, plus there is no map to show you the way. So we all can walk around going nowhere."

Harvey said, "I have done that a good part of my life. There are times I have looked at a map, and gone the other direction. I read it wrong." Frank said, "Precisely." Harvey said, "So I can understand that walking without weights, can get me along faster."

Frank said, "It is the same with you learning to value your life. If you have no value, your life can, as it was Harvey, for you, empty. You were led to come to this town. ♱ Jesus ♱ tried many times to ask you to open the door." Harvey said, "He did? Well I never heard him." Frank said, "OK, so did you ever at any time think about who the creator was?"

Harvey said, "You mean the universal stuff, like new age?" Frank said, "Woe, no, I meant who created you?" Harvey said, "My parents did." Frank said, "Did you ever wonder if there was more to it, then just that?" Harvey said, "Yep! But past it by, to complicating for me."

Frank said, "Come on Harvey, we are going to make it easier for you. When two make a child, it begins in a way a eye can not see the creation, about to begin. Over nine months, that baby is forming, the creation of that is the birth. That little new soul, is a gift from ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ so it is the same when you actually become born."

Harvey said, "So I am to be given a new chance at life-----I think I got that from the tape we saw. I got quite a bit, but putting it into place, was like a jigsaw, so that is where I am not sure about things."

Frank said, "We all can ramble on some. Getting back to gain. You gain in material wealth, but at the end of life, what do you take from it?" Harvey said, "Logic, you can not take it with you." Frank said, "Gain in another way, is forever. The true gain is with ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ he came to save every mankind, from the wiles of satan. You now Harvey, in this area, I do not know a great deal. I know that he is evil. My Dad is Christian, so I was born into Christianity. I have been in study, and know of the evil. I just have not experienced the full attack of it. It is people, and there would be many, who can shed light upon different paths of evil traps, especially today."

Harvey said, "Why today so much?" Frank said, "My Dad said, the evil is climbing to astronomical amounts in mankind. Think about it, the drug scenes, the red light places-----Frank smiled, and then said, I never knew what red light places were, so my Uncle told me. There is barbaric evils happening, that are not seen, by public eye. It is on the news, at times, that houses have had bodies found, under the foundations of the building. Many crimes unfold in times much later, to when they happened."

Harvey said, "I have seen young men do strange things, and always in the dark of night. I for some reason, would not go into the things they did." Frank said, "I know that ♱ Jesus ♱ knows his own, and all can be that. So now you may just understand, he loves you. ♱ Jesus ♱ is one with ♱ God the Father ♱ for ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ to give himself for his children, through ♱ Jesus ♱ it is blasphemous to go to other gods."

Harvey said, "So in my thinking, drug dealers are giving another God, for the very vulnerable depend on the substance, to give them strength, while it is killing them. Well Frank-----I am now-----Getting the meaning, of what your telling me." Frank said, "Sometimes, my Dad told me, a person is given strength, who has been caught into that all, the very truth, of truth. For truth to break up darkness."

Harvey said, "That seems a bit tough if a person has had a life of torments, and losing, all, as in family-----I er-----Wait, look, if a person has had loss all their life, how can they gain in the latter part for life?"

Frank said, "Greg, and my Dad, broke it down for me to learn from. Gillian is one prime example. She will, if she chooses to, tell you her old life. It is no picture of health at all. It would be surprising to you. If Gillian permits it, Nancy can tell you just how Gillian was, you would never believe it is the same person today. A beautiful lady, the very way ♱ God ♱ created her to be, once saved."

Harvey said, "So ♱ Jesus ♱ changes all things?" Frank said, "He is forever alive, before he came to earth, while on earth, and for eternity. Harvey, just now you said his name, in value of who he is. I heard you say his name in a different tone of voice, for the first time. You are opening the door, just by seeking the truth. I have known from others who have witnessed, that they went to all the churches, finding nothing. That is because ♱ Jesus ♱ lives closer then in a building, even one of worship, for he lives in our hearts. Christians, are the church, the body of ♱ Christ ♱ so the rest it up to you now mate. You can be baptized, and all your life will be abundantly given, as only truth can live."

Harvey gave thought to everything he was told. He knew his own actions were to be changed. Good Friday morning, Nancy was busy taking her flowers into the kitchen. She had a wooden cross that was going into the church. The flowers were white, and she was going to place them beneath the wooden cross. Pastor Joseph's sermon would be very strong on the reason for ♱Jesus ♱ giving his life for all sinners. Harvey came in and said, "The race is on tomorrow. Well I would call it a rally more then a race." Nancy said, "Yes, but the race to who gets in first, is why its looked on as a race. Its nothing serious, it a bit of fun. Today, all Christians, and those that are not, will be giving to Easter. We have a very strong time on good Friday, where any new comers, are asked to come to the front of the platform, to give their life to ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ it is a time of great devotion."

Harvey said, "Gillian, does she have to do that?" Nancy said, "No, she gave her life to ♱ Jesus ♱ since she has grown into his truth." Harvey said, "Then who else would do that, considering that this town is full of believers?"

Nancy stopped arranging her flowers, and said, "Harvey, people come by on travels, and so anyone who is a non Christian, that comes, may just well turn their life around." Harvey said,' how many people have you put up in your home, to help them Nancy?"

Nancy said, "Oh my goodness, it would be quite a lot. They come to my home, I nurture them. Some stay a few months, some stay a few weeks, all get a starting point to manage life, once having time with me. I do not do the work, I tell them about it, many times by actions. I know that ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ is doing the work, I can only deliver what is being said."

Harvey said, "You must feel very special doing this?" Nancy said, "Oh Harvey, no, you are as special as I am, all are equal, in the love of the truth. Now come on, we better go to the church, Gillian is ready, and Frank will be here soon."

Chapter Twelve

In the church grounds, many people were talking to each other. Pastor Joseph was welcoming all the folk. Once everyone was in the church, the service began.

Pastor Joseph stood before them all, and he opened the service with prayer. There was no hymn sung, as usual.

Pastor Joseph said, "We are here today, for the thanksgiving of ♱ our Lord Jesus Christ ♱ giving his life for us all. The passages of time, has never altered the reason, he came to save us all. His ministry of life was given for the world to recognize, that satan has ruled the earth. He does not own the earth. He ruled it. He gave mankind so many lies, that mankind lost any sense of truth. So lies became truth, in the wickedness of satan using the truth, and from the Bible, to alter the glory, to himself. This had gone on for many ages. The more that went along with satan's wiles, the more wickedness was breeding in mankind. Wealth became a very important greed, for those in power of the satanic idols. Long before ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ gave his only begotten son ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ the wickedness was taking away the people, of whom ♱ our father ♱ had created, unto like himself.

With the ages of time, people were the worst creation of evil works. ♱ Our father ♱ wanted his children, he could not have unholy children. For he is the only one who is sovereign upon the throne. As it is written, nothing unholy, can enter the kingdom. The war began, with satan doing all he can to win power over ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ it is mankind, that are in the middle of this war. Mankind has choice too. This war is nothing like the world wars. The world wars were created by the evil. So mankind, was killing mankind, creating the world to have its balance disrupted. Living inside the hearts of the war mongers, was satan. His demons were building fires in every place that was possible. The world had evil clouding the minds of mankind, to believing, power was in killing, to win power. The second world war speaks of its evil, where one race was to be created. Killing other races, was part of the satanic plan. The Jews were killed, where none had deserved such a sentence of death.

Now much is known about the world wars. The evil made its path into the core of the world. The spiritual warfare, is also about killing. When will mankind learn? Death, can not give life. So the wars of today, be it civil, or into major crimes, it is all war. Our young folk are led to be self masters, proclaiming power of the universe. Sadly, the universe has been taken into the new age thinking. Angels that are not angels, are given the names of the true angels. So mankind is fooled again. Self mastery is given, so that witches, and wizards, are moving amongst the people giving proof of life everlasting. Reincarnation, is given. So mankind that follow that, will just pass off any wrong doing, as they will have another life, to get it right.

Thought is the seed, for beginning a birth of breeding. Rather like sheep. One will follow another, and then the whole flock follows the leader. I say again, when will mankind learn? It is clear in the worlds conditions of complete disharmony. Parents are to be divorced, teachers can not give discipline, law is given a boomerang judgment. The innocent, get the pain of the law breakers, and the law breakers, get the light sentence of being mentally ill, so they get off it. Jails have entertainment.

Thought that breeds from the seed, of the first thought, begins a harvest of thoughts, in collections of evil deeds. Evil then to many, who do not know the truth, will believe its alright to harm another. In total energies of this, there is evil given to the very small children. I could give a very wide range of the evil, as its living in the hearts, of the majority of mankind, today. Not one commandment is honored. There are aged people to, who became atheists. Sadly, these have the death of life, while in earthly life. For only death can be evil. Evil is death.

Imagine a world of kindness. Where nothing is harmed. Oh how we, as Christians, long for such peace. The warfare is to be given much thought to. ♱ Our Heavenly Father ♱ will never be taken by satan. Satan will never sit upon a throne. If all who are not with the truth, look at life around them, they will see the wiles working very well. People become these magical peace givers. They believe they are healers. They go ahead looking at life in cards, for their future. They cast spells, and such things, of the same evil. Sadly, these people are evil. They chose to be that. The longer they are into it, the harder it is to see the truth.

How can any person really believe, that the dead come back to talk to their families? The weapons here are lies. They are given enough to convince, and sadly, like sheep, people follow. For death is death. In mental illnesses, it is again a weapon, to use against the truth. By the time some poor humans are listed as mentally ill, in the very severe degrees, they have drugs to keep them sober, to some degree. But this is false again. For these drugs will stop them learning. It is a way to place them in a jail, called a drug jail.

We as Christians, have a very safe, sealed, certainty of eternal life. We get attacked too! We have the truth, and the truth wins. It is very often Christians, that can, and do, get the darts. We have to fight, the good fight, and keep on that path.

When ♱ Jesus ♱ was given to earth, the greatest sacrifice, he gave. His pain could never be as our pains in life. He had the whole worlds pain. He was given a short life time. For it was enough for him to give the truth. Look at Judas, he was the traitor, what was his end for thirty pieces of silver? Yes, he committed suicide. He chose death. Simon Peter, denied knowing ♱ Jesus ♱ so he too, was given the evil darts. Simon Peter, repented his sin. We all repent when we sin, as Christians.

♱ Jesus ♱ walked his path to the mocking crowds. He was spat upon. He was whipped. He was denied his truth. He did not fight at any time. He knew is crucifixion was to be. It had to be that way. The stakes going into a ♱ holy son of man ♱ shot pains that we could never know. He had the whole of is body filled with the evil of pain, upon mankind. ♱ Jesus ♱ hung upon the cross, looking at the crowd, who had condemned him. Still, he did not sin. His heart broke for the unsaved children, who were dead, while in a living body, of death.

While in this time, two robbers were hung, along with him. One was without sight, and expected ♱ Jesus ♱ to save them, and himself. The other said, "Do you not fear God? This man has done nothing, yet he has the same punishment, as we have. ♱ Jesus ♱ remember me when you come as king." ♱ Jesus ♱ said, "You will be in paradise with me today."

Right there, in the strongest of pain, ♱ Jesus ♱ still gave his truth. One robber was saved. The warfare, is the ♱ holy father ♱ showing through ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ the comforter, that his only begotten son ♱ Jesus ♱ is the only way, truth, and life. The war of satan, is so evil, he is creating mankind, to believe in everlasting evil for life! It is no life. Satan is no life. He is dead. We are coming near to the age of the second coming.

♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ bids all mankind, to turn to ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ the anointed one. For no universal awareness, of the occult war, is a true universe. Sense in itself, speaks, how can power give reincarnations, over, and over, what kind of God is that? Another way is, take someone who lies. They have to remember every lie, so as not to be caught out. The mind would be so full of evil, that it will break into another world war. Evil, can only produce evil.

Let us give great thanks for ♱ Jesus ♱ who died for us. I once to, cried, yes me, a Pastor, I cried, when I realized that I had given ♱ Jesus ♱ pain, when I too once was in sin. We all have done that. Today all evil must be exposed, it has so many routes, and passages.

We will give time for anyone here, to think for a moment. When the music of amazing Grace is softly played. Any who wish to come to the front line, where the wooden cross is, and the white flowers of peace displayed. Just come forward, for ♱ Jesus ♱ is waiting for you. He loves you, he needs you for his ministry. Pastors are in ministry, we also need our fellowships, to work along with us. There is good news, a future brighter then ever known, is waiting for you all. ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ is a real, he sits on the right hand of ♱ God the Father. ♱

Amazing Grace

Many new people were in the church. Nancy saw them sitting in different seats. Not one moved forward. Time was slowly ticking by, and then, one, after another, came to the front line. Some were crying. Harvey got up, stood looking at them, and then moved to his place in line. As Pastor Joseph came to each one, as if they were each very important, he prayed with his hand upon their heads, one at a time. Greg, and John, and Nancy, were with him. One man fell to the floor. Harvey had no idea why. Samantha was in the line, and Mavis was so happy to see her do that. Harvey was the last one to come to. Pastor Joseph place his hand on Harvey's head, and Nancy, Greg, John, were around him, as they were with the others. Harvey began to shake, and was trembling a great deal. Pastor Joseph knew, that Harvey had held his body stiff, when he came to is head. The moment Harvey said, "I want to give my life to ♱ Jesus Christ ♱my life is to be in his hands." The trembling stopped, as he too fell to the floor.

Many were saved. They rejoiced in hymns, and glory to ♱ our heavenly father ♱ the whole church was filled with ♱ the Holy Spirit. ♱

Harvey was helped up, and Nancy said, "My dear brother in ♱ Christ ♱ you are now, one of the family. So are the others. Harvey did not realize he had fallen, as the fall was aided, by Greg, John, and Nancy.

After the meeting, there were refreshments. Pastor Joseph had a room, where he asked the newly saved to come into, after some refreshments.

Pastor Joseph said, "Welcome to the truth, your life is just given to you. A life that is going to be at one, with all children of ♱ God ♱ by coming to studies, you will learn the pathway. The armour, of salvation is already with you. Peace be with you."

Nancy was so happy. Gillian said, "I think Harvey will be very strong now. He will in time, find his living place of home. Samantha was standing near Harvey. Samantha said, "Hi, I and Samantha. I was partially Christian, but I had resentments, and had to come to terms, that it was a block in my life. I am so glad that I came for full redemption." Harvey said, "I am new in town, and where I was before I came here, was like a dark hole. Nancy took me in." Samantha said, "My Mum, and myself, were staying with Joe, and Daphene. It was by that, and by their kindness, my Mum, and I, were able to heal our broken relationship. It is so true, in today's world, the honor of a parent is lost, by most all people."

They talked for a long time. Samantha said, "Would you like to come to my Mum's house, for dinner some evening?" Harvey looked at Samantha, and said, "Pardon me, but your a very good looking young lady. I am just a simple man, and I own nothing."

Samantha said, "Yes you do own something, you now have ♱ Jesus ♱ so that is good enough for me. I am sure-----Mavis had managed to come near to them, and said, "Ah! Samantha, who is this?" Samantha said, "Its Harvey, we were talking of him coming for dinner one evening." Mavis said, "Why waste time? Come over today, I have enough room for the five thousand."

Harvey said, "Five thousand, what, do you own a mansion?" Mavis said, "It is said, that ♱ in my house there are many mansions ♱ so I have room for you, yes." Harvey went to Nancy, who had heard a part of the conversation, and said, "Hey Nancy, can you do without me today? I will be back say-----Samantha said, "He will be back tonight, around ten o clock."

Nancy gave Mavis a knowing look, and said, "Of course, young people do need to get to know each other. We are a town of gladness. So enjoy. See you later Harvey."

Samantha took Harvey to her car, and Mavis sat in the back seat. She was thinking how nice it would be, to have a Christian young man, with her daughter. Mavis said, "Samantha has two names, I have nicknamed her Hope! I did that when she was a young girl. So often I would Hope she might, do this, or that, and so she had Hope, as her nickname. So if you hear me call her Hope! You will know why."

Harvey thought, that sounds fair to me, because I Hope, that Hope will like me. Even if her real name is Samantha.

Chapter Thirteen

Samantha took Harvey into the garden. She wanted to find out how he came to town? Harvey felt a connection with Samantha. Mavis decided to order in a meal. She was tired, and thought Samantha would like to spend time talking to Harvey.

Mavis went to the garden, and said, "How about we get a Chinese meal for this evening?" Samantha said,' I love that food, do you Harvey?" Harvey said, "I have not had one of those for ages, yes it would be great!"

They had a great afternoon. Mavis said, "How do you feel being a Christian now Harvey?" Harvey said, "I think I would like to learn as much as I can. Then one day, do some work in that area." Samantha said, "I would like to work in that area too, but we both have to learn much more about it all."

Harvey said, "How come you never took it along with your Mum?" Mavis said, "Hope is with some knowledge, but we fell apart, because I had so much work to do. I had to learn as well. For me, my work was to open up things, that harm in lives. Most often from the past. It was the past, that nearly ended my life with Hope."

Samantha said, "Oh Mum, you were so difficult, but so was I, we now have the same path." Harvey said, "Do you ever want to et married Samantha?" Mavis took her slowness of walking just a little out the way, as she would love Hope to be with a good young man. Samantha said, "I would yes, and I want children too!" Mavis went inside, leaving them to talk. As Mavis looked out of the window, she saw a man coming to her door. As she opened the door, the man said, "I was in the church this morning. I have a son, who I saw in the church too. I-----Um-----I followed the car you were all in. I was sitting in my car for all this time, trying to pluck up courage to come to your house." Mavis said, "So what for?" the man said, "I have lost touch with my son, he is in your house." Mavis said, "You mean Harvey?" The man said, "Yes." Mavis said, "Well glory be, I am found by my daughter, through a similar way. Now you were in the church, why not talk to him there?" The man said, "I did not know he was going there. I drove through the town, saw the church full of people going in, and thought I had plenty of time to wait, before I go to a business meeting. I saw him and it shocked me. So I have had to have time to think. After the meeting, I followed, sorry, but I have not seen Harvey for years."

Mavis said, "You better come on in." The man said, "My name is Owen." Mavis thought, he looked a real gentleman. As she took him to the garden, Harvey looked over to them. Harvey was stiff with surprise, and anger. Samantha whispered," You look angry, who ever this man is, anger is not a good Christian way."

Harvey relaxed is body, and said, "Well Dad, how did you find me?" Owen said he was in church, passing time, and he saw him in there. Samantha said she would leave them to talk, and left the garden.

Mavis said, "Oh Samantha, how is this? You came to me, and found me at Joe, and Daphene's house, being told the color of her car. She left it outside, for enough time for you to find where I was. We got things worked out. Now, right here, Harvey is invited here, and his father came into church by chance. He had no intention to be at the church, but his business meeting, was later, then when, he arrived in town."

Samantha said, "I did not get much out of Harvey about his family. It just goes to prove that when ♱ the Lord ♱ wants something given Grace, he makes paths to that very course." Mavis said, "Well I had better stop calling you Hope, because your with me now, never to be parted again."

Samantha said, "Hope I think you meant as in Hope?" Mavis said, "Yes, I had hoped that you would understand me one day." Samantha said, "I do now, yes, and I find the love of ♱ the Lord ♱ the only way to be in life. I have a feeling that Harvey may well have the distance with his father, healed. What did you think of him Mum?"

Mavis gave Samantha a look that made Samantha think, she likes him, I can tell by her eyes. Then Mavis said, "Why are you looking at me with a look of question?" Samantha said, "Ah well-----Seems to me Mum-----Er-----Yep!-----You got that look of interest, like you would not mind finding out what he is like?" Mavis nodded, and left it at that.

Harvey came in with Owen, and said, "Of all the days to meet up with my Dad, ♱ g0od Friday♱ we have come to terms of giving each other another go." Samantha said, "Sounds like how we were Mum eh?" the rest of the day was spent with all four, having sharing of life." Mavis said, "Owen, how do you feel about Harvey giving his life to ♱ Jesus ♱ in the church today?" Owen said, "I think it would be a wise thing for me to think about doing the same. The fact I came through early for a business meeting, and then went into the church. Finding my son in there, watching him give his life to truth, it had me so moved, that I followed to this house. Then went to the meeting, and came back. I wanted to see my son again. I expected to be told to go away, but Mavis, you let me in." Samantha said, "Ah, my Mum is friendly, and as you can see, she is needing help, in her health."

Mavis gave Samantha a look, and knew what Samantha was edging to. Owen surprised them all, he said, "I am getting on in life, and living on my own, is not all it is cracked up to be. I wish to retire in the next few months. I have built enough security, for retirement. So I would like to share it with a nice lady."

Harvey said, "Dad, you have met a nice lady, Mavis-----Oh-----Sorry, I just like Samantha very much, and want to get to know her." Samantha said, "I would like to have more time with you too Harvey."

Mavis said, "Owen, I think we could get to know each other, but as you see, my health is poor, in mobility. I never thought I would meet anyone, due to that reason." Owen said, "Your operation will give you mobility, I am not against you for that, if anything, I think you can do with moral support. I can do things, like get things you need. We could give it a try?"

Samantha said, "Seems to me, that we four have had a gift given us today. So Mum, you can give your life a new start, and Owen, can do the same. Harvey, and I, get along well, in a short space of time. If this is from ♱ the Lord ♱ for us to meet on this very day, of his truth, for giving his life for us. We have received a great blessing." Mavis said, "I know for sure, that all this was meant to be."

Owen said, "I never go to church, so there is something in this for sure." the take away food arrived. They ate with joy, and laughed at things. Owen had jokes, and Harvey had a new feeling to his Dad. Samantha really liked Owen, and her feeling to Harvey was how much she liked him too!

Easter Saturday the race began. They all had their routes to drive from the starting point, and ending at the starting point. Harvey had a bright blue car. He had little idea of routes around the town. So Frank said, "Just follow the country road, stay near the paddocks where the sheep are. You come to a lake, and you go around that. Once the round of the lake is done, you turn towards the banks. You will find a dusty road, and you have to cross a-----Ah Harvey, I know this is not in the rules, but you have to know where your supposed to drive, I will draw you a sketchy map, with names on it, that way you have directions. But if you win the race, I will have to tell them I drew a map. Honesty. It will cause a laugh, and that is one of the rules in this town of gladness.

Harvey said, "I gathered that, because most of the people are happy. Frank said, "Yes, but as I may have told you, we do get times of serious work, to bring ♱ the Lord ♱ into view of their life. Its like a bridge to cross over.

Owen offered to take Mavis to her surgeon. Samantha said she would come too. Owen said that he will look forward to the coming Friday. The evening ended on a very bright note.

The race began, the car drivers were sounding their horns. They all left the starting point. Frank hoped that Harvey would win. Harvey followed the map, and found the part of the banks. He could not quite make out one word saying where to get past the banks. As he drove along, he saw a winding river. It was very shallow. He stopped the car, and tried to make out the word. It said--go to the river banks, drive through the-----The word was smudged, so Harvey thought, he must have meant I drive through the river. As Harvey drove slowly through the water, he looked at the other side, and thought, oh right, he did write the other side of the banks. What Harvey did not know, was that he was to go to the end of the river banks, and take the left turn along the river, where there was a small hut. There he was to pick up a bucket. He had the spade in one road, he then got the hammer in the next road. He knew the last pick up item was a green plant pot. He got almost to the other side, and noticed no way to get out of the river. The banks were higher. He knew he would have to turn in this shallow river now. As he was about to, one of the tires sunk into a large hole, which sank the car lop sided.

He turned off the engine, and knew he had lost the race. He could not move the car on his own. It would need to be towed out! He got out, placing his foot on a spot that was shallow, and began to walk. He missed his footing, and he fell into another large hole in the river bed. He was soaked.

Right he thought, Frank is going to get it when I see him. He had to find his footing, and go back to the side he began to drive over from. He walked along the gravel roads, and one other driver going right past him. Harvey thought, he could have picked me up. But the other driver Henry, was out to win the race. As he got near the starting point on return, they were all waiting for him.

Frank saw him, and said, "Good heavens, Harvey is soaked through, what did he do?" the others were laughing. Harvey said, "Frank, your map was not good, one word I could not make out. By the river banks. The river was shallow, little did I know it had deeper parts! The car is still there, I fell into another deep part, thinking I had a shallow part. The car is lop sided, and-----" Now the crowd were in hysterics.

Pastor Joseph said, "I have heard of baptisms in rivers, and lakes, in the old ages, but in to days age, its not usual for-----ha!-----Oh my this is funny, sorry Harvey, but-----I-----Er-----Ha! You have taken my job away from me. I do baptisms in church, yours was to be next week-----Here you are baptized!"

Harvey said, "Frank where was I supposed to go with the river banks?" Frank said, "I did put down, go to the end of river road, then turn left to find the hut." Harvey said, "I drove along river road, but the word missing must have been three words, I thought it was one word, it was smudged,(the end of) so I took it to go to river road, then turn left, so I went to cross the river!"

The winner, Henry said, "Hey you guys, I think if anyone won this race, it was Harvey, so he deserves to be the winner." Harvey said, "So what car do I put in a full tank of petrol? I have no car yet. Owen said, "Son, I had to come to this, and, yes you can have a car. I owe you that, for my mistakes in our relationship. It will be a gift of forgiveness, meaning you forgave me, so I show your my gratitude, not just by the car, but by the gift you gave me, in forgiveness. Had I been more understanding, two years or so ago, realizing your youth years, would not be the same as mine. Time moves on, and generations move on. So I did not give you, you. I tried to get you to be me. A father can also make a mistake, for no child needs to be a replica of a parent. I took your freedom away." Harvey was in a state of shock now, lost for words.

Mavis said, "Owen, you just made a confession, sometimes parents think its their way, or the high way. I did mistakes to, Samantha having Hope as her nick name, was when I went selfish, expecting her to be like me. I have learnt from this, that we as parents, can give our children the best ways we know how. But to over take them, is not giving them space. We all need our own individuality."

Owen said, "I have confessed in front of the town's people, you all heard me." Pastor Joseph said, "Do we have another new Christian, who is now being born into the truth?" Owen said, "Yes, Pastor, you do have. What do I do now?" Pastor Joseph said, "Nothing brother, not right now. Come to the church, and learn the truth. Seal your eternal life, along with your son Harvey. You may as well both be baptized together, as Samantha is going to be baptized on the same day. Three of you will be washed from sin." Mavis got hold of Owen's hand, and said, "Your one of the family now. The town's family as well."

Samantha was listening to all this, saying nothing. She had not told Harvey she was being baptized a week after Easter. Harvey had not told Samantha he was going to be baptized that day either. Now she knew what path her life would be taking.

The winner was Harvey. They got him to get washed, and changed, then come to the town hall. In the town hall, there was a time of prayer. After that, they had a good meal provided, as Pastor Joseph had arranged.

Samantha said to Harvey," I am so proud of you, so proud to hear your Dad confess, then hearing my mother confess, I am blessed to have met you."

Harvey said, "My Dad has met your Mum, which I have a feeling, will go to something deeper between them. We also will be making a deeper relationship, if you agree to it?"

Owen said, "Mavis, Samantha, you my son, and I, we are already a united. So there is no split any more. I sure want to know more about ♱ Jesus Christ." ♱

Mavis said, "The town of gladness, lives up to its name.

Chapter Fourteen

Easter Sunday was a joyful day. Pastor Joseph gave a heart warming service. To his joy, he saw other people in the church, who were not members. The truth of everlasting life, in his sermon, he delivered with such Grace. Owen was there, with Harvey. Samantha and Mavis, sat with them. Joe, and Daphene, were there with two other people that Pastor Joseph never met. Then he saw Mr. Mansfield, sitting with the two, near Joe, and Daphene. Gillian was sitting with Frank. Nancy was with John, and Greg.

The End of the service Pastor Joseph said, "Next Sunday we are having three new Christians getting baptized. Although I think Harvey kind of had a try at it yesterday!" Harvey smiled, and the rest of the church clapped, and laughed. Then Mr. Mansfield said, "Before we go our own ways, I would like you to meet my son, and daughter. They have come to this country for a month. May I come to the front Pastor?"

Joe, and Daphene knew they were their landlords children, but asked to say nothing. Pastor Joseph, said "Mr. Mansfield could take the front of the church, to speak."

Mr. Mansfield said, "I am here today, for several reasons. I went away for business reasons, but I had to come back earlier. My son Tony, and daughter Leslie, will be taking over my business. That is why they are here. I am a multi millionaire." The church was silent up to that point, and then all just gasped. Pastor knew, but confidence is a rule, never to break.

Mr. Mansfield said, "Money to me is a energy to use wisely. I have to retire, and this retirement means I go home. I have a list with me for what I want to give to this town. Joe, and Daphene, are to keep the house they were renting from me. From today, no more rent is asked for. The car is theirs too. Everything in the house, I left for them, belongs to them now. I no longer own the house. Here is the paper work Joe, and Daphene, to sign. Come forward, and sign this when I have finished my speech." Joe sat there in shock. Daphene much the same.

Mr. Mansfield continues saying, "Mavis, I heard you need a operation, and being on a list, means your suffering, can be longer, due to you being a public patient. I have a friend who is an orthopedic surgeon. I have made a date, I Hope suits you. In ten days time, you may have the operation, as I have paid for it." Owen said, "Who is this man? He must be very special, to do this." Mr. Mansfield said, "I am the same as any of you, money did not make me any different, apart from the fact, I could buy anything I wanted. But in truth, money had me working until I got to where I am today. That I will tell you all, when I have finished my list.

Nancy, I know that for years, you have housed so many in your home, without asking for anything back. For your goodness, I had a check for you, to do what ever you like to do." Nancy looked at Gillian, and Gillian looked back at Mr. Mansfield.

Mr. Mansfield said, "I know you have a young woman with you, who may be leaving you, due to a young man, Frank, that looks like getting married to her. Here is a check for the grandest wedding. Please all be quiet now, as I am tiring." Silence in the church, was so silent, the birds could be heard singing.

Mr. Mansfield said, "Mavis, is the man next to you any relation to you?" Mavis said, "We are working on that, we have not known each other long." Mr. Mansfield said, "There is enough in the check for your future too, along with this man, his name please?" Owen got up, and was shaking. He said, "My name is Owen, and I have just asked ♱ the Lord ♱ to be in my heart."

Mr. Mansfield said, "That's good enough for me. You will be set up, and secure. Have you any children?" Owen said, "My son Harvey, we have just made headway to us both being Christians, he is next to me."

Mr. Mansfield said, "Harvey, I have money for you too, I Hope you will allow me to give you a start in life?" Harvey nodded, he was lost for words. Mr. Mansfield said, "Mavis your daughter Samantha, she too has money coming from me, for her future life. Please all be quiet, I need to get this done. I have money for the other members in the church, its not as much as the ones I have given larger amounts to. This is a town of gladness, so the fruit of my labor, is to be given right in town.

Pastor Joseph, there is many renovations needed for the church, the money you have needed for that is sealed. I want you to give this building a whole new creation. There is money for the welfare part of ministry, it is quite a lot of money, but I wanted to know, that funds do not fall.

The money that I have had, is not the way of happiness. I gave my tithing, and I got more, and more back. To keep it working, meant I had to be working, when my son, and daughter, missed out on my company. They will have enough to keep up some of the business. Plus enough for their own lives."

Mr. Mansfield looked very pale, and he said, "The best account to have, is the eternal wealth. I have had so much of money, it got me down. Love, compassion, understanding, sharing, happiness, truth, these are the things life is about. I saw people without, and I had too much. I learnt that there was no fruit of the vine, in one man having all, and many men having nothing. I got born into a family of money. That was a burden for me. The name of the family, was never to be disgraced. I was programmed into money, makes money, and love from my parents was presents, and never their time.

I spent my whole life, around figures. My end result is, I have a terminal illness. I have according to my specialist, up to six weeks to live. My time is short. So for the past three months, I have had to give my wealth away. I being a Christian, had some views on life, twisted. Yes, my son, and daughter, will have enough to carry on some of the business. Some is given to charities, outside this country. The camel and the eye of the needle, I understood, very late in life. May I ask for your prayers in my last weeks of life."

Mr. Mansfield's son said, "Father, we love you, we are Christians, and forgiveness, is all part of the big deal here. We did not understand you, for most of our lives, today we see, our own father, for the first time."

The whole congregation sat in tears, looking at a man with so much money, his last request of life, was to be forgiven, and to make others know, money is not the correct wealth, if it costs a family the loss of a real family. Mr. Mansfield, gave his wealth away. For the truth of what he just managed to save. As a Christian, he paid attention partly. He wanted eternal life, and to be fully saved.

Pastor Joseph said, "We are blessed today, and Mr. Mansfield, is saved. From what he said, he was not happy, with money being his leader. ♱ Jesus ♱ heard all this. We will pray for Mr. Mansfield now, and let us all, who have gained some security, financially, it does not mean, we go and do the same. We can give our help to others, with portions of his money given to us, to include the poor people.

Let us pray, and let us rejoice the blessing of the truth.

Mr. Mansfield wanted to see the baptisms. Then he was going to a rest hospice, to give his last days on earth, in full soul, to ♱ the Lord ♱ we must keep our smiles up, for times like this, can make us all sad. We can work on the joy, that Mr. Mansfield will pass in peace. After the prayer, please take the bulletin, and show up on the very special day of new children of ♱ our Heavenly Father. ♱

The town was heading for great growth. Many things will come to pass, in the truth.

Chapter Fifteen

The week passed very quickly, as so many were very busy with the past Easter week Sunday came, and the church service was to begin. Pastor Joseph was talking about each new Christian, giving a short testimony. As it came to them finishing that, the side curtain opened. The pool of water was for all to see.

Owen went in first, he came up from the water, feeling like his heart was as light as a feather. He felt as if something old, had left, and someone new had been born. Harvey was next, and as he came up he said, "I am free now, I am free."

Samantha went in, looking nervous, she had a phobia, about water, that is deeper than a bath. When she was put down under the water, she felt no fear, she felt a sudden change, when she went in. As she came up, her feelings were of love.

Mr. Mansfield was sitting in the front row, and given a stool for is feet. He wanted to be there for the baptisms, as he had placed another kind of wealth to the very ones baptized.

Mavis was so happy. She saw Owen, and Harvey, and Samantha, all coming into the family, of the whole town. She also felt, that Owen, was going to be much more then just a friend. The arrangements for her operation were in one weeks time. She was going to be operated on, and healing after that.

The town went on its usual way. Gillian working in the shoe shop, was able to handle things, very well. Harvey, and Samantha were engaged. Owen, and Mavis, were talking of marriage. Frank and Gillian, were also talking of marriage. Nancy was renovating her house. Her heart was in her old house.

Gillian came home for work, and said to Nancy, " This letter is in the mail box for you." Nancy took it with a thank you. When she read it, she sat down in a heap. Looking as if she was in disbelief. Nancy said, "Oh Gillian, my brother from Canada, is coming with my first boyfriend, to see me." Gillian said, "First boyfriend! How did they meet up?" Nancy said, "My brother Bill, said they met in a working forest in Canada. They lopped tree's there, got talking. A couple of years later, Dennis talked of a Nancy, he once loved, very much. Bill did not ask questions, until he heard the words, that Nancy was with her mother, when he met her. Bill said, "My mothers name was Audrey, the place your talking about, my sister lives in now. Have you ever looked at my surname?"

Dennis said, "No, although your locker would have it on it. Why?" Bill said, "Nancy chambers mean anything to you Dennis?" Dennis looked coy, but said, "Um-----Yes!-----But she would be aged now, like me. I never married, I loved her all my life. But you know-----Er-----Things do get in the way-----We-----Heck-----So your her brother then?"

Bill said, "I am free to move for a holiday any time you are. Do you want to meet up with her?" Dennis said, "I would love to, she may not want to see me though, its been forty years."

Bill said, we have time to be off work when the snows come to stop the lopping of tree's, so we can travel together. I wrote to Nancy. Told her about you. She will write back."

Nancy was asking her letter for the second reading of it. She said to Gillian," I am going to write back now." Gillian said, "So your going to agree to this then?" Nancy said, "When you love someone, the love never dies, if its a true love. We had things happen, and went our own ways."

Frank was waiting for Gillian, thinking she was a little late. So he came to the house. He was told about Nancy having a boyfriend coming. Frank said, "Well we are getting married soon, I know that Samantha and Harvey are getting married too. Mavis, and Owen are going that way too. So why not another. We could have one big wedding day, if we all had it on the same day, together."

Nancy said, "Dennis is in Canada, so it will be at the time I can let them come. I do have to finish the renovations. I think next month, may, is a good time for them to come over here."

Frank said, "Gillian, and I, can wait till then. Owen took Mavis to hospital today, and pleased to think she will be healing after it. I think she will be free from all her attacks. I know from my Dad, that she got sick, before she was able to give her life to ♱ Jesus ♱ so our town will be in gladness, in may ways."

Gillian gave Frank a big hug. Then both Frank, and Gillian, gave Nancy, a big hug together. Greg was thinking about his life, and thought he might just get his work retirement in a couple of years.

John felt happy for the marriage his son was getting. He was included in arranging it. A hall was going to be booked or the reception. John could not get a date just yet.

Frank took Gillian to see a show. They had a good time out, and after the show, the walked along the country road. Gillian said, "What was that Frank?" Frank said, "I do not know, but its something moving behind us."

Frank looked back, and saw a sheep walking a little way back. He went to look at the sheep. Frank said, "Gillian, this is one of farmer Jones sheep. It has the branding iron Mark of his sheep. It must have got out."

As Frank thought about getting it back to the farm, he saw other sheep coming along. He said, "Oh no, this means there is a fence broken, for them to get our of. We better get some others to help us get the sheep back."

Frank took a walk to the house near by, where fin lived. He had a house near the farm. Knocking on the door, fin opened it. Fin said, "Ah, so why so late to knock huh?"

Frank said, "The farmers sheep are out, and we have to save them, or they will wander too far away."

Fin said, "Right, I will go and tell the farmer, and you try to keep them together. He will have a sheep dog-----Shh-----Listen-----"

Some men were talking in the dark, they could not be seen, fin heard one say," We have got money outta this ya know." The other man said, "We will be rich over night." A third man said, "Huh-----Yer got some job to do still, can you see anyone around?"

One said, "Nope, who would be walking this time of night? We got it made. We will have to get them all to turn that corner, near that house." another man said, "Ah, they all asleep in that house, its dark. We do not have to go right past the house."

Fin said quietly, " I will cycle to the farmer, I have to tell him his sheep are being stolen. From there we ring up the police station. We have to keep the men near the sheep, good job the sheep were not all together, it kept the men back. So the police will come, they will work out how to get the men."

Frank said, "Our lovely walk home, has got us with sheep! " Gillian said, "Shh Frank, they may hear us."

Fin got to farmer Jones. He was about to retire for the night. Mr. Jones answered the door, with a look of, who on earth would come this time of night?

Fin said, "You must call the police station now, your sheep are being stolen. They are on conkers road."

Mr. Jones said, "All my sheep stolen?" Fin said, "Yes, must be, plenty of them out. They are not all in line, so the men have to stay back to get them all. I think one of the men may be at the front of them, so that he can make them go into a big covered truck. It is not right near my house, but close." I saw the truck when I came to you. Nobody heard me cycle to you, which is a blessing."

Farmer Jones said, "Your house is not in conker road, but in willow avenue. Yes close." The police were called, and the night police, were telling farmer Jones, what to do. They asked him to remain in his farm. Not to send the sheep dog either. They would be getting them by back up police, from Marysville. They told farmer Jones, that the only way out, is further along the road, and out of conker road, into Ailsbury Grange.

Farmer Jones said to fin," We know that we have to stay here. You say that Frank, and Gillian are near the sheep?" Fin said, "Yes, but Frank will be expecting something to happen, so he is aware of the possible. Ailsbury Grange, has a meadow, that leads to a road of getting away. The truck, is by the large double gate of the grange, driving over the meadow gives cover if the spinney forest, the gate the other side, is double too. Easier to get away with a large truck."

The men were trying to get the last sheep, to move on, and get near the truck. Frank, and Gillian, hid near the bushes. Suddenly, police men, were in front of the sheep, and behind the sheep. Two men in the front, were arrested, and put into the paddy wagon. One shouted to the others, so that they could get away. To no avail.

The three men at the back of the remaining sheep, were arrested too. There were ten policemen, as they do expect runners from criminals. One of the men fought like crazy. He had fire in his eyes, and sent evil thoughts to the policemen. These thoughts were not going to send evil to the policemen. They were all Christians. They knew how to handle such cases.

Frank came out the bushes, and Gillian followed, feeling a bit cold. Frank had called on his mobile, to Greg, John, Harvey, Owen, to come and help the sheep. Farmer Jones had a better idea. The sheep knew the sheep dog, called racer.

Racer came to the sheep, with joys of his job. They all went into the covered truck, back into their own home field. Bright torches were everywhere, they could be, to give light.

Farmer Jones said, "The light will always show what is in the darkness, the sheep are safe, they would have been slaughtered, for those men, who did not work for the animals, to gain, from my hard work. I prayed all the time. So we all know who helped us this night. Frank, I need to thank you, for had you not been walking your pretty new wife to be, I would have lost all my sheep."

One more blessing has come upon the very truthful town of people.

The night was done with. The next week, Bill sent mail to Nancy. He has two months off, and Dennis is the same. Would may the fourth be fine for them to come?

The house was nearly finished. Gillian would be with Frank. Nancy would have the home to herself. She thought about her husband, who is not her husband now. Then placed it into the past.

Chapter Sixteen

Harvey was organizing his marriage to Samantha. Owen had won Mavis to be his wife. Mavis was well on her way to being healed. The operation done with, and her body in repair. They were arranging their wedding too! Nancy was getting things ready for Frank, and Gillian's wedding day. She said, "Gillian, your going to be wedded on this coming Saturday. The one after that is Harvey, and Samantha, and then Owen, and Mavis. The hall will have confetti to sweep up for ages."

Gillian said, "Well, you may well get your marriage too." Nancy said, "Awe come on, we may not like each other now, but I did say that love does not die. Let us not forget who did this for all of us. ♱ The Lord ♱ has sent his shining light to us all."

Saturday came, Gillian was dressing n her gown. Nancy fussing around her. Flowers came, and the bouquet of white roses, and pink carnations, looked so well with her white gown. She slipped on her silver shoes, that she got given her, by her boss.

Frank was in his blue suit, his shirt was white, with a blue bow tie. John was getting the cars ready, and was going to drive Frank to the church. Greg had taken the place as the best man. The town was involved, and the many people were gathering in the church. Pastor Joseph, was smiling in great joy. To know that people who were not with ♱ the Lord ♱ are now united in a marriage of the greatest law of life. The truth.

Frank got out, and John took the car to the back of the church. Frank went in, and Greg was there waiting. He was very happy to be Gillian's father figure. Then be best man as well. This is not quite usual, but in Gillian's case, it was perfect.

The music began as Gillian took Greg's arm, to walk down the aisle. Frank turned to look at her, he was so filled with joy. He could not stop looking at her. Gillian was smiling with joy too! The service began. Every seat in the church, was filled with the towns people. The vows were said, and the rings were placed on each hand. Then the lifting of the veil, and Frank said, "Gillian, your now a Mrs. And my wife." They kissed for a while. The people clapped, and gave them so much applause. Nancy thought, to think this beautiful women was once the ugly looking-----Ah no, she pushed the thought away. Her mind was so happy at how ♱ Jesus ♱ had moved into Gillian's life.

The reception was full of great dancing. Presents were so high on the table, that Frank, and Gillian, had to thank each one, by name. After the reception, rank, and Gillian, went to their own car. They were going to a place of peace for their honeymoon. Clover ranges.

The following Saturday, Harvey, and Samantha, were having their wedding day. Harvey dressed in light cloths, he was rather casual. Samantha dressed in a short white dress, and had red roses. Unlike Frank, and Gillian, they had bridesmaids. Two of the town's children. Little Grace, and Hope. They laughed at the name of Hope, for the reasons that Samantha was called Hope, once. These children were from Richard, and Jane.

The cars were ready for them all. Samantha had Owen for her father figure. She chose Henry for the best man. Being that through Henry, Harvey won the car race. A baptism, before the real baptism. Still a joke in the town, but in honor, not jest. The bridesmaids were in pink. Harvey was in his place in church, and Pastor Joseph smiled, he knew Harvey would be very casual. Harvey's cloths made him smile. A blazer, and beige trousers, and a red shirt. No bow tie, just a beige tie.

The organ sounded its arrival of Samantha, Owen was in is pride of feeling like he had a daughter. A daughter in law, yes, but to him, she was his daughter. Henry said to Harvey," Well mate, here you are in your casual cloths, and here comes your bride, in the same idea." Harvey looked at Samantha, and then saw Mavis beaming with joy. Samantha walked down the aisle, in her white dress, and laced with red embroidery, around the sleeves. The bridesmaids, were looking so pretty.

Pastor Joseph began the wedding service. He gave Harvey his turn to tell Samantha why he wanted her as his wife. He said, "Samantha, you are more then a wife to me, you are my friend, my mentor, at times. You are my one, and only forever." Samantha said, "Harvey, you are my one and only too! I love you for you." The vows given, and the rings placed on. Pastor Joseph said, "I now pronounce you man, and wife, you may kiss your bride."

The reception was different. They wanted to dance, and give thanks to all who gave them so many presents. There was food in the style of self service. Harvey wanted no real fuss.

After the reception, Harvey, and Samantha, went on honeymoon, to the strawberry hills. A quiet town, and where they would be mainly alone.

Now it came to the Saturday wedding of Owen, and Mavis. They had the last one, due to Mavis having to heal more. She wanted to walk well. They did not have plans for a big wedding. Mavis wore a gown in lilac. Her flowers were simple. A plain sort of bouquet, white, and pink roses. They asked John to be best man. Mavis did not feel she needed a father figure to walk her to Owen. Pastor Joseph gave that part understanding. They were not young people.

The vows were given, and rings placed on each of them. They had no reception, as they wanted to leave the church, to go to their honey moon by the sea. Their presents were given to them before the wedding.

Meanwhile Nancy was near to may. She was feeling nervous. As the forth came, she made her home very welcoming to Bill, and Dennis.

A taxi arrived, and two men came to the door. The taxi driver brought their luggage to the door. Nancy opened the door, and Dennis said, "My goodness, you still look fresh, and lovely." Bill said, "Well sis, we are here." Nancy took them into the house, and said, "Dennis, you still look good to me too! Bill smiled, as he could see a old flame, was blooming.

They had a home roast meal, with all the trimmings. In the evening, they put their cloths into each bedroom Nancy had given them. The rest of the evening was filled with conversation, about the old days, today days, and then Dennis surprised Nancy. Dennis said, "I have never told Bill, but I am a Christian, and go to the church in Canada near my home." Bill said, "Wow! No, I never knew that, because I am a Christian too! And go to the church near my home. We never talked about it."

Nancy said, "I am so pleased about that, because I am a Christian too! That is important to me." Bill left Dennis, and Nancy, plenty of time to talk. He went about town, doing things he wished to do. The time was passing quickly. Bill said, "We have to go back soon Dennis."

Dennis said, "Bill, you can go back, I am going to call work, and tell them I will not be back, I am staying. You see, Nancy, and I, have got on so well, I never married, but she did, and that is over with for her. So we are thinking of getting married, we have lost so much time."

Bill scratched his head, and then said, "Its about what I expected. Your both into doing things for the church. I have seen you both with the same interests. I will miss you Dennis, but I have to go back. Hey-----How about you, and Nancy, come over to Canada for a holiday?"

Dennis said, "We were talking about that. We want to get married, but without the fusses. Then we thought our honeymoon, could be in Canada. That way you see us next time, as husband, and wife."

Bill went back to Canada. Dennis was making new friends. Everyone liked him. Pastor Joseph, was very pleased to have Dennis. Dennis was a humorous man, and nothing was ever too much trouble for him.

Pastor Joseph was thinking about a half way house. His idea was to have the people who are coming to town, know that a place was there for them. He also wanted more people to be saved. Pastor Joseph, had given his life to the working in ministry.

He spoke to Dennis about it, who was eagerly interested. Pastor Joseph said, "Dennis, this house in this paper, look at it." Dennis said, "It looks like it was a motel of some sort." Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, I have the money that was given for the ministry, that will buy it. That way I have used to the money for ♱ holy ♱ currency.

Dennis said, "There is a real estate here, want to go and see them?" Pastor Joseph said, "Be a good way to spend the morning, why not?"

While they were driving, Dennis said, "Pastor Joseph, Nancy, and I, want to get married. We want a quick wedding. Not the fusses, as we want to just have us there, with two other friends. Is it alright with you?"

Pastor Joseph said, "Arrange it in the times that I have free, and yes, it will be fine. What date are you thinking of?" Dennis said, "What about next week? Wednesday August the 14th." Pastor Joseph said, "I can do that. Here is the real estate's office, lets go in and see how we stand for the house?" They got a agent, who was willing to take them to see it.

The house had extensions to it. It had been a bed, and breakfast, country motel. As they went looking with the agent, Pastor Joseph said, "Dennis, this does not need any work done on it. It has everything I was thinking about." Dennis said, "I think it would be a good deal, you could call it-----The halfway house-----It seems a good name."

Pastor Joseph, said he was going to buy it, do they take cash for the deal? The real estate, looked over his shoulder, and said, "Cash, it is a great deal of money. What will you do with it?" Pastor Joseph said, "More will come back, in time. It will be a halfway house, and for rewards far greater, then money."

The agent said, "The place still has the furniture in it, can you use twelve beds, and turn it to your advantage?" Pastor Joseph said, "The advantage is for the people who will stay here. They will hear about the good news, and then have the choice to have a new life, or stay in their own way."

The agent said, "You are interesting me, I see your a Pastor, and I have -----Er-----I have thought about-----Well-----The reason why we are here?" Pastor Joseph invited him back to his church. He said, "Come to our services, and it is there that you can decide. Life is more then just living it here. We all have jobs to do. You come in the family of the town, then others that you meet, may well do the same. ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ has the truth."

The agent took them back to the office, and Joseph, went to the bank, to get the money he needed, to buy the place. Dennis said, "When we come back, we have jobs in there I take it?" Pastor Joseph said, "Yes, if you wished it, you and Nancy, could live in the front of the place. How do you feel about that?"

Dennis was taken aback, and said, "Nancy, has just got her house all done. I suppose we could rent it out, I will talk to her. Now make sure of our wedding date, and we will be away for two weeks.

Time was passing, and the halfway house was cleaned through. Dennis got a surprise, when he talked about them living in the halfway house. Nancy said, "This house is all renovated, if we get people to rent it, they would have to have good references. Yes-----Er-----Yes, I think it will give me a change too. We could be busy in the halfway house."

The day came for Dennis, and Nancy, to move into their new home. Nancy was the best person, for giving people a chance in life. Dennis was very understanding, his ability to do so many jobs, was a ♱ God ♱ send.

Nancy had new curtains put into the front part of the house. The rest remained the same. It was well looked after, and nothing was needed for cost, in new things. There were so many things left there, from the previous owners.

Pastor Joseph came over, and said, "Dennis, you want to get married soon, I was thinking of Owen, and Mavis, being here, while your away on honeymoon. I have a couple coming here tomorrow. They are not a young couple, but wish to find a rental in this town. They were very active in their previous church, as counselors. They wanted to live here, because they felt like a change. They would be great for helping in the halfway house. I was wondering-----Erm, I Hope not stepping out of line, but I thought they could earn their wage, by working in the halfway house. I-----Um-----I probably jumped the gun, but I thought, well-----What if I paid for their rent in your house Nancy? Their references are top. You could rest knowing they will look after your home."

Nancy looked at Dennis, and then said, "We would be living in the halfway house, for around five years. I am aging, and Dennis is near my age, so at that time, we would want to live in my house. Well then it will be our house." Dennis said, "Nancy, I will be paying my way, I feel that you have put everything into the house, and-----Nancy butted in, and said, "Dennis, we have kept our intimate side of life, for our wedding day. I can tell by that, us both in the same house, unmarried, and not once have you crossed the line. It is our house, once we are married. So lets not talk about payments. I know you will help living expenses, as you have been doing. A house is a house, it is not a home, unless its with love. Since you, and I, were getting closer, love has bloomed in the home."

Dennis said, "What can I say? I like the idea of working for the needy, and with my new wife to be. So Pastor Joseph, we want to get married now. We thought about going on our honeymoon, a bit of time later. Give the halfway house the start, so that Owen, and Mavis, for two weeks, will have it running well."

Pastor Joseph said,' so how soon do you want to wed?" Dennis smiled, and said, "We thought Friday. Its Monday today, and we are going to be busy, getting the place on its first feet. You will be getting calls, for boarding in the halfway house, and we can get the feel of it, as well." Pastor Joseph said, "Friday-----I think as you want Friday, I can fit it in, at two o clock, p.m. You said you wanted no fuss, but I can tell you, the town's people have given great gifts for you both, already. They understand you want no reception. So will you mind a hour after the wedding, to be with the town's people, in the hall?"

Dennis said, no, we can do that. Nancy said, "Yes, I think we will. How nice of them to be giving gifts already, we had no idea of that."

Friday came, and Nancy had her best dress on. Dennis wore a suit. They wished for no people in the wedding service. Only the ones that have to be there. So Greg, was going to be giving the rings. John was going to drive Nancy to church, and Greg was taking Dennis.

Pastor Joseph came beaming with pleasure, a wedding for aged people, is not usual. The service was a short one, and rings were placed. They were husband, and wife, now.

The hour in the hall, went to two hours. The many gifts given, and the gifts of money given, was so gratefully received by Dennis, and Nancy. They had plans for making the halfway house a place of pleasure, as well as a place for spiritual health.

They left to go to their new home for five years. In the silence of time, they gave each other the unity of marriage.

Nancy said to Dennis," Do you have any feelings against those who do not marry, and have a unity?" Dennis said, "No, it is not up to me to judge. We will encounter that sort of thing, doing the halfway house. It is inevitable."

The house was empty for two days, then Pastor Joseph was getting calls, from the homeless. Seven young people were needing a home. They had to earn their way, but not straight away. Pastor Joseph had jobs needing to be done, and made that his payment for their food, and bed.

Chapter Seventeen

As they came, they all looked so sad. Nancy had to get them smiling. Dennis was doing the same too. One of the young men, was so lazy, that he would not get up early in the morning. Dennis thought to let him stay in bed, as he will realize, he is missing out, on good things they were planning to do, each day. He missed on breakfast, and had it refused, if he wanted it at lunch time. It was obvious, this young man had no manners. The team boarders, were getting involved in the town.

Nancy had brought ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ into the halfway house by prayers. Grace said, at meals. Dennis made hi support, by talking man, to man. Nancy, talked to the young women. Two of them were doing the domestic work. One was doing the cooking, with a young man along side. Two were keeping the outside vegetable garden, and flower garden, into order. The lazy young man, was not involved. He began to feel a outsider. One day he got up! He came to breakfast, and then said, "OK, so I am a bum, I know that, so who is this Jesus guy? How come four of the people living here, are talking about being saved, saved from what. I mean, this is a fairy tale, I can think of better things to do, then follow someone, who was alive two thousand years ago. How can I follow a dead person?"

Dennis sat down beside him, and said, "♱ Jesus ♱ is alive, he is with you, but you do not know that. You think-----The young man butted in, and said, "Oh yeah, sure he is with me, I suppose he was with me, when my parents divorced, and left me to cope alone. I suppose he gave me meals, and a home. No, he did not! I got the cold winter nights, sleeping in the outside. No place to was properly. No, this is rubbish! It has to be. How can someone I cannot see, be with me?"

Dennis said, "Brian, Josy has taken him into her life, she too was homeless. Gloria has learnt about him. He is just outside your heart. You see Brian, so many look for ♱ Jesus ♱ outside of them selves. He can never be found. Anyone can go to all the churches too, and not find him, the reason is, they hear nothing when the preacher is talking. They look outside for ♱ Jesus ♱ as long as you look outside of yourself, you will never find him.

Brian stopped smirking, and said, "So outside my heart eh, well how is that, even I can not see my heart."

Nancy came over next to Dennis, and said, "How does your heart feel, how can you make a life with so much bitterness?" Brian said, "My heart is broken, I see no future. I see my life coming to a short time, what is there to live for?"

The other six were listening, but none spoke. Dennis said, "All of us are sinners, all of us have done harm, we have all stolen, and done deeds, that have given us more trouble, then peace. ♱ Jesus ♱ has been knocking in your heart, all your life. He see's into all hearts, there is nothing one can do, and not have it known about, by ♱ our Lord. ♱ Satan is the ruler of the earth, he rules lives with lies. He invades babies, toddlers, teenagers, young men, and women, and the aged as well. He has no care of what he is doing, because he believes his own lies. He cons people. He has taken so many families to his grave, where he has no care at all for them. He told them lies, in the occult movement. Evil has been a service of satan, wanting to be glorified. He believes he will be higher then ♱ our Heavenly Father ♱ this will never come about. For the truth is the only way to be. Think about it Brian, what good id wealth of all you need in pleasures of the flesh, when your dead, as you are now."

Brian stood up, and said, "I am not dead, look at me, I am breathing, and-----Well life has been bad for me. I suppose its like being dead. I once thought I could see into people, but it got me into trouble. Then I went to places that hold occult movements, and saw many things. I actually felt more upset by it, then helped. I tried to believe their ways, but you know, many of them-----No-----All of them, were nasty, they would accuse, and be lofty in their shallow faith. Somehow, they seemed to be-----Ugh!-----They were not normal, they spoke in deeds of being wizards, and witches. But I could not see this, because I thought wizards, and witches, were of the fairy tales given as a child. The illustrations given, were of art work. So I thought they looked like the illustrations. That is why I never saw them, but they were in front of me all the time."

Dennis said, "They were behind you as well. Now do you see what I am getting at?" Brian said, "Yeah sort of, so what does this Jesus guy do then?" Dennis said, "♱ Jesus ♱ comes into your heart, as soon as you allow him to. For all life belongs to ♱ God ♱ he gives you his company, by ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ the only truth that is truth. ♱ The Holy Spirit ♱ talks to you, it is possible only one way. That is to ask ♱ Jesus ♱ into your heart. You then find your life is going to change. You also will get attacks from satan, he despises the truth, he hates love, and he only knows hate. Satan is dead, now that will have you asking how he can do the things he does?"

Brian said, "Yeah, if dead, how can he-----Oh-----Yeah-----He is dead to the truth I take it?" Dennis said, "Satan will be in the abyss, hell in other words, there are many components, describing hell, but it all the one place, it is real Brian."

Brian sat down again, and said, "So this guy satan is at war with the truth?" Nancy said, "Brian, you are here for a reason, you were meant to come here, because ♱ Jesus ♱ wanted you in comfort, and have some love around you. You have a beautiful life ahead, by one small mercy to yourself. Giving ♱ Jesus ♱ your heart. True what Dennis said, about Christians do get many attacks, and we all can go into sin. Once we grow into truth, the sin will be less, and less. I am human too Brian, I too can get caught into things. Dennis can too. We have our armour on. You can have the same armour. ♱ Jesus ♱ loves you, he knew you before you were born, his beckoning is there all the time. You can study about him. You will get his silent ♱ Holy Spirit ♱ when you commune with him, and fellowship with him, and those who are his own. I have had many people come to my other house, who have taken him into their lives, this is not new for me. I have seen the biggest of evils in people, coming out. The familiar spirits are the ones of the occult. The occult is satan worship. There is one book for the truth. There are millions of tools, and books, for the occult. Put into many guises. Even I have been cheated. Dennis too, but satan cannot win you, if you put your heart open to ♱ Jesus ♱ think about a lake of fire, for eternity. Then think about a heaven of love, and greater rewards then you could ever know about, being your eternal life. It has often come across to me, that so many want to be powerful, then that power becomes greed, and that is when evil breeds into those around you. Because it is in you. So you attract what your living, even in your mental mind. The place satan works. The mind. He will tell you to be homeless, because by being without, your far more vulnerable when your suffering. So along comes drugs, or some other substance, to cheat you. You still find not home base. You find emptiness. Some people lose a person, who has died. That is a time that satan, will convince the hurt people, that they can contact the dead. So his demons, familiar spirits, will give enough information, to tell things, that nobody could know. After that, all messages are building to kill you for eternity."

Brian was in tears, and said, "I am so sorry I was a bum, I think I got into that way, by bitterness to my parents. Bitterness to life. So I went the hard way about life. And it got harder." at that moment Brian gave his life to ♱ Jesus Christ ♱ it was the time, for the built up films over his eyes to be washed away. Brian was quite happy about staying in the board, until he had healed. Doing his part of the domestic work. He heard Nancy say that Dennis and herself, were going to Canada. They would be away for two weeks, it was their honey moon time. Brian thought that this Owen, and Mavis, would be good to meet.

The couple Pastor Joseph had for Nancy's house, were moving into it. Both Dennis, and Nancy, were very pleased with them. They were going to come to the halfway house, to give studies, and listen to the new Christians, and the unbelievers. For unbelievers, would be coming to the halfway house. Most of them were unbelievers.

Things had settled well, and the halfway house was the turning point for so many. To aged men, that were tramps, came. They too were given the truth, and had a change in their life. Three beds were still empty.

Dennis had packed for Nancy, and himself, and was waiting for her. She took a while, so he went to find her. There in the office, was Pastor Joseph, with three more homeless people. The twelve beds were full now.

The halfway house would be giving to many, that came by the way ♱ the Holy Spirit ♱ sent them. Nancy was ready now, and Dennis called their taxi. The flight was at nine p.m.

Dennis was looking at the internal shops there in the airport. He said, "Nancy, not one bit of ♱ Jesus ♱ can be found in literature shops. Its all about buying. None of it mentally stimulating." Nancy said, "Dennis, we have him with us, so we have his stimulation beating in our hearts. He is in our souls, and in every step we take. He goes before us, and plans every move we make."

In Canada, Dennis saw Bill waving like a crazy man, bills wife too. Nancy smiled, and waited to be introduced to Annabel. Annabel was a short lady, with a plump figure, and a warm nature. Nancy knew the two weeks were going to be great fun.

They went to many places. Canada was a beautiful place. They wished they had longer time there. They saw the bears. They went to the Canadian church, and enjoyed the sermons, of both occasions. They made friends with people, that were friends of Bill, and Annabel's. They stayed up till late hours, talking. Some evenings were with Christian members of the church. They ate different kinds of foods. The snow season was not far away. Bill showed many photo's of the snow times.

Nancy spoke about the halfway house, and was given some tips, to advantages of its growth.

The morning came for the flight back home. Bill was sorry they were leaving. So while they waited for the taxi to come, Bill said, "Annabel, and I, have been talking. The town of gladness, Annabel thinks would be a great place to retire to. She does not like the snow times here. I have served my work, and feel its time to retire. Now our two sons, wanted to leave Canada for some time. So you will find us in the town, next month!"

Dennis grabbed Bill's hand, and said, "Oh Bill, you can come and help us in the halfway house, and Annabel can be of help to Nancy. I will find you a house there. Come to think of it, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, were going to put up a sale board for their house. Mrs. Thomas wanted to move to where her daughter is. Hang on, can I use the phone Bill?"

Bill agreed, he was all excited, at the prospect of living in the town. Both Bill and Annabel, did not tell Dennis, or Nancy, about their future plans, so short in time to come. They wanted it to be a surprise.

Dennis was heard talking to Pastor Joseph, and he sounded very happy. They heard Dennis say," OK, I know they will like the bungalow, and if you put a holding price onto it, for the month, it cannot be sold. My friend will come to finance it, just after his arrival. He may stay with us for a bit, we have enough room, well just, until they get furniture. Thanks Pastor, I know you will hold the place. I will see you soon."

On arriving back in the airport, they found Greg at the airport. With Greg was John. The talking back to town, was so full of great things seen in Canada. Greg said, "Dennis, Bill will be getting the bungalow, Pastor Joseph, has secured it for them. The people that owned it, are leaving in two weeks time." Dennis said, "Bill will not be here in that time. He has the finance for it. So how will he deliver it to them?"

John laughed out loud, and said, "Well Dennis, the multi millionaire, gave money to Pastor, for things he felt good for the town. So Pastor is going to finance it, and when Bill comes with his wife, and two sons, all Bill has to do, is pay Pastor Joseph back." they began to sing together, in harmony of being blessed.

The month had gone by. Brian was a different man, he was nothing like he was. He wanted to remain in the town, and knew he would have to make his own way in life. He was ready to work in the egg factory. Once earning enough, he then would get a place to live in. Dennis told Brian, that they needed him for a few months anyway. He would be good for others that come, of his age group. Brian was happy about that.

When Bill and Annabel, arrived with their two sons. The halfway house was busy. The couple that were counseling, in the halfway house said that Nancy's house was a big one, and the time being short for staying somewhere, they may as well have Bill, and family, with them in Nancy's house. Nancy said, "Dennis's house too you know."

All was set to go. They had gone shopping for furniture. Annabel loved the bungalow, and the boys were very happy with it. The weather more to their liking. Then in the cold times of Canada. Pastor Joseph, was paid back in full, and Bill donated some extra cash for funds. He felt that Pastor Joseph had done a great deal for them. This was their way of thanking him.

Furniture was put in the bungalow, and the boys were acting like boys. They were young adults. There was work for them in town. The halfway house had some new people in there. So Nancy was busy finding out about them from Mavis.

They celebrated a evening in the towns hall. Pastor Joseph said, "This is showing how ♱ our Lord ♱ can, and does, make open pathways. We have a very blessed town. This is why its the town of gladness."

Nancy said, "For us that were here for years, we have seen the town grow. We have all had laughter in our lives. We see sad times, but they all end with laughter. May we pray now, and give thanks for this wonderful town. It is the town of gladness."

The End

Martha Brooks

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