Break Your Chains

Breaking Chains

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Break Your Chains

Breaking Chains

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Break Your Chains - Breaking Chains written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Breaking Chains E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Alone in her home, a mature lady as looking over her life. She felt very tied up, and yet, not one person lived with her. She felt as if her life was one of sacrifices. Then she thought, probably all people question life?

Although she felt tied up, she also felt a sense of change about to come. She was not able to have a change until, she herself, was ready to take a stand in her life. She went through to the hallway, and saw a shadow come over her front door window. Who could this be, she thought? The door bell was ringing. She opened the door, and saw a stranger standing there. She just looked at this man. He said, "I am looking for a miss strait, or a women that was called that forty years ago." the man looked like her old boy friend. She could not make head nor tail of this. Afraid to continue the sentence he gave, she went to shut her door. As she was about to, he put his foot into the small gap left open. He said, "Please give me some time, I have traveled from Denmark, to Australia, wishing to find my mother. I understand your reasons to shut the door, but please give me-----Bang! Door was shut into his face.

Miss strait indeed, she thought. Not one soul knows me, or will know me. She went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of very sweet tea. She felt a pang of the past hitting her heart strings. As she sat down, to sip her tea, she thought, that young man, must be forty something, by the look of him. He looked like Sven, but it cannot be. Sven would be seventy now. Her mind racing through passages of time now. She put her cup down, and went to the dresser. A very old album was at the back of a old box.

She knew that she had a child, but the child was supposed to have died. So gently turning the old photo's, she came upon Sven. Her heart was racing, her feelings were vibrating in the past time. There in Denmark she saw herself, as a young woman. Beside her was Sven. She took the photo out of the album. Then placed it near her heart.

Her mind went back to youthful days. Her love for Sven was forever. Her thoughts went to her their baby boy. How Sven was taken away by war. The baby boy was born in a old house, that was half bombed. She could not tell Sven, that they had a son. Was he alive, or was he dead? It was war time, and thoughts to their baby boy, came crashing in in her emotions.

She thought how her name was miss strait. Sven, yes Sven. She took the photo album to her bedroom, and left it in a draw, in a cabinet. Her secret life, was never to come out. As she pondered her visitor, who she shut the door on, she felt as if Sven had come back from the past.

Chapter One

As the mature woman collected her thoughts, she took time to reflect further into her past. She was living her past, all her life. Sven, oh Sven, she thought is it possible that your alive, and looking younger then your seventy years?

The phone rang, and she went to answer it. She heard, "Am I speaking to miss strait?" She froze on the spot for a while, and then said, "No, I am Hannah Barkley." The male voice continued saying, "I apologies for calling your home. Your number is listed in the telephone book. I am trying to contact a miss strait, for very important news for her. I Hope you do not mind, but were you a miss strait at one time?" Hannah was twisting on her feet, feeling compelled to say, yes I was a miss strait. Instead she said, "No, you have the wrong number."

She left the phone, and went into her lounge room. There she saw the Bible. Very often she would look for reasons, for her life being so unhappy. As she turned the pages, she noticed a old book she had not looked in for a long time. She read, this is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear people, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No-one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. (1 John 4:10-12, NIV)

She placed the book down. Her thoughts were of mixed feelings. How can God speak of love, when all she ever had in life, was pain? Then she thought, no, God has never been seen, we trust in his word. I suppose I have read many times, that the righteous suffer. Her thoughts were now, that God loved all, without being loved. That we are bound to him, and not he to us, because before he was loved, he loved us and created us. She thought how can we do this love? It must have been a means which he established, by which we can love him freely. That is, we can be useful, not to him, which is impossible, but to our neighbor. To show the love that we have for him, we ought to serve and love every rational creature and extend our charity to good and bad, as much as to one who does us ill service and criticizes us as to one who serves us. For God's charity extends over just men and sinners.

Hannah sat back in her chair, thinking phew! Such a task can be impossible. Or is it? Do we all have to learn that mankind will upset us. Pain is given, but what we do with the pain, is what counts. Looking at herself, she realized that she had been resentful. Pain hurts, if its compounded with emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental pain, what is left?

She thought of Jesus Christ. It is he she talks to. He died for all mankind to live eternally. Oh! She thought, its sometimes too hard to see between the lines. Then she thought of her heart. Is it not there that Jesus is, when invited to cleanse the soul? He took the one given reward for mankind, so that they will see that the darkness, is not what he wanted from his children, us. She then thought of satan. Well why allow him to bring in darkness, and by such forces, that the many ways he does things, harm all mankind, in one way or another? Not one man, or woman, is free from this tempting force of darkening shadows. It starts with pain, when I am in pain, I do not think well. I make decisions that take me further into pain. I then see shadows coming into my life. Once they are in more come to me. Its clouds my mental thinking to a point that I do not know which way to turn. Hannah felt a need for time to really think about this all. She thought how she eventually saw fog coming, a fog that distorted her vision of life. The more she tried to run from it, the more she got the added pains.

It is so hard she thought. So very hard. But still, there is a truth. Did I dishonor God? Perhaps losing our son, and Sven never contacting her again, did she have hate towards the war? Was it hate that built her walls so that nobody ever got close to her? What mother would not grieve for her lost child? Then she thought of the Heavenly Father, he allowed himself to come as his only begotten son. That is why Jesus said, "My father and I are one. This is so far above our comprehension, that we forget that even Jesus at one time thought his father had forsaken him. The father, had not forsaken him, he allowed Jesus to feel the breaking of the maternal oneness, so that all is done. Hannah thought, I look on it as maternal because I can only see it that way, being human.

Oh dear Hannah thought, what am I doing with this man at my door? Then I shut the door in his face. A phone call and I deny who I am. This will never get me to understanding what life is really about. Pain has hurt me all my life and now I am forsaking a possible chance to know about Sven. My child grew till one year old. A bomb claimed the building he was in. He is dead he has to be. They told me he was dead, they found four tiny children and mine was one of them. No faces were recognizable due to the burning flames. Sven never came back so he must be dead too. I am just Romancing in my mind, that the young man of forty range could be Sven without aging. It could never be my child. He is dead.

Suddenly Hannah thought about what she just let trough her mind. What if my child was alive and never had any way of knowing who his mother was? I was known as miss strait. Could there have been a chance that my son was found amongst the flames and saved in time. I had no way of knowing because I was sent to another camp. Did they take him to another camp outside of where I was?

Hannah was now thinking about her lost chance, had her son tried to find his mother. Oh no, that would be hard. Papers get burnt in war. Nobody would have known who's son he was. There were many children without parents, all listed as orphans. She closed her life into the second world war. That is where she lived for her life.

Hannah went about her day thinking a great deal of Sven. The man that came looking just like Sven. The phone call of a person who deals with finding people. She had stopped the contact due to her resentful lived life so far. She knew if she told anyone, after the war, her child was illegitimate she would be classed as a war whore. From that time she lived within her pain.

Here Hannah was making some very determined choices. She thought, I will never know unless I allow the chains of my past to break free. Her resentful mind came back to her. She thought, no I am not one to be blessed at all it is done with.

She looked at how satan had stolen her child, and taken Sven too. How the war was created by satanic powers of greed and killings. Then she thought, Jesus was here on earth. I know about him but have I really allowed him into my heart? How can any human get so much pain and still be seeking Jesus? Her final thoughts were, Jesus is who I talk to, I know he hears me. I must have done something to stop the healing of my heart. So that is why Jesus can only be side walking with me. I think I will go and talk to a Pastor in the big city church.

Hannah thought so hard all day long. Her mind was making openings to realizing she allowed the darkness to take her life. If she allowed it much longer she would one day die and then be judged. Hell is not a place I want to go to. I am not as Christian as I think. For if I was, I would have allowed Jesus fully into my heart. I could have healed form this years ago. Instead I nursed the pain, it grew into a monster that took all me to this mature age. I am still needing to learn.

Hannah had no contacts with other people. Her talking to others was only on a medical level or a law level. She had never given herself to herself even. She realized by doing that she never gave her full life to Jesus. If, she thought, if I am so closed up on other people I am closed up on myself. By my actions today shutting a door in a man's face, and refusing a phone call to confirm her real name caused her at the least, thinking time. She had not looked at Sven again for years. He was in her heart but not in her life.

She read a little longer, and thought, I thought Jesus was in my heart. I think now that he can only come in if there is space for him. How can he have had space considering my walls were thick and locked? Hannah saw for the first time the darkness that had shrouded her from real life. She was able to see that her life could never change unless she changed.

When Hannah went to bed she prayed in desperate measures. She asked Jesus to come into her heart, and take her gently to his care. She had a feeling like being suffocated from life for way too long. Not one person ever treated her correctly. She judged that as if she was unworthy. She looked back to her parents. She had none that loved her. All her efforts to be recognized as a worthy little child had no roots to it. She was left to be self sufficient from a child. Hannah had closed in from then. This she realized while praying in between thoughts. Her childish ways of trying to please her own mother caused her to try to please all others. All she got in return for it, was insults.

It had not come to her until this day, that her lack of family care caused her to begin the shadows to cloud her childhood. Sin she thought, this is sin upon a innocent child. How can a child learn from a mother who was in total mental disability, to take responsibility of her illegitimate child? Blaming the child for being born. All children are known by our father, who does not want one lamb to be lost.

Hannah was in tears now, her life exposed her to looking right into it. This mature woman was still that child. So many rejections caused Hannah to reject herself. This was the lesson she received from her own mother. Hannah got up from bed, and sat there for a while. Then she went to make herself a hot drink and take the photo of Sven out again.

As she looked at Sven again her heart melted with love she still had for him. She said to the photo, "Sven, you never knew me right through because I was still trying to please everyone else to be accepted as worthy. My mother had me without marriage, so I thought having our son was normal without marriage. I know you never knew we had a son. You knew I was pregnant and you were going to marry me but war called you away. I never heard from you at all. You told me that Jesus was your amour. What good did that do when you got killed? Or I think you did."

Hannah realized her heart was to heal and let the past resolve itself into the past. Easier said then done she thought. What a fool I was to shut a door in a face that was exactly like Sven's. She put Sven's photo up against her bedside lamp. As she laid there she made a promise to peel back the many layers that satan has placed upon her. She also realized she allowed him to.

Her mother was how she was. Her childhood was how it was. Why try to live that time now when she could have made a clean break and walked a straight path? She knew that many could have had this kind of childhood. It was time for her to face her life for what she can bring into it. Sleep did not come for some time. Her prayers were to be worthy just how she is. The chains were tight around her. The locks were never to be opened.

This night Hannah felt a lightness of heart. She knew the battle was on. But what battle she had to learn about she did not know. Her final thoughts before sleep were to call the Pastor in the city square and get his help to this. She wanted Jesus to show her the way.

In Hannah's sleep she had a dream. The house she was in was dark, and dingy. She recognized a family member who was trying to bring in darkness of what she was to accept as her life. When Hannah saw the creepy figures of darkness she pushed it away. It came back to her, over and over. She said in her dream, "No this is wrong it is not right to believe in such things. I will not let you keep doing this, it is very wrong. You are making dark things right for your own reasons. I am leaving."

Hannah woke up and felt she had a good reason for that dream. It was like family were coercing her to stay where she is. To her it meant that she stay in the prison for that is all she is worth. Hannah was to learn that in her dream the family were not the actual family. It was a plot by the darkness to disguise themselves as family.

Hannah got up very early in the morning. Her first thing was to pray. Her next was to read the Bible. Her mind was still in battle of past chains. She thought that if a pain is given power then the pain will win. She will be lost forever. Jesus did not come to earth for no reason. This she had to learn far more about.

Hannah was suddenly feeling a presence of peace around her. A feeling she had never had before. In her thoughts she wondered if it was Jesus, or was it because she had prayed so hard for solutions to her chained life? Hannah had the Holy Spirit, who was comforting her in this time of giving her life to Jesus Christ. This was going to be a path of many turns. She felt that her new life would mean a fight to break free. For as long as she held resentments she was not free.

The Holy Spirit, came to support her and to her own surprise she heard, in a silent voice, from curse to blessing. True devotion is doing God's will precisely at the time, in the situation, and under the circumstances, in which he has placed thee. Perfect devotedness requires, not only that thee do the will of God, but that thee do it with love. God would have thee serve him with delight, it is thy heart that he asks of thee.

Hannah was feeling lifted from sticky footsteps. Who she thought, and where did that voice come from? She heard again from the Holy Spirit, thy steps will be taking thee from inner turmoil to inner peace. Learn ye the way, I will lead thee to those that will help thee. For the teacher appears.

Chapter Two

Hannah called the Pastor of the city church. She told him she needed to see him as soon as he had a window clear for a appointment. Pastor Josh said, "I will be free this afternoon at three o clock." Hannah had no idea what she was going to tell him really. She thought he may be able to lead the conversation.

The day was taking time to pass to see the Pastor. Hannah thought she may as well tell him she wants to know Jesus at a better understanding then she had. Right on one o clock, a knock came on her front door. Hannah went to answer it to find the young forty looking man was there again. She just saw Sven, and Sven was all she could think of.

Hannah said, "You take some putting off I can see that. Who are you?" the man said, "I am here to talk to you, did you know a miss strait?" Hannah said, "I am not prepared to go into that. I will ask you in for a coffee, but as for information of myself I am not willing to do that." when the man came into her lounge, he saw the photo of Sven laying near the Bible. He said, "I have a photo of a man who was my father that looks like that man in your photo. May I have a closer look?" Hannah was taken by surprise, and she gave this man the photo. She said, "You look like the man in the photo." The man said, "I understood his Christian name was Sven. If this is the same man, I am his son." Hannah slumped onto the sofa, and said, "Sven is his name yes, but his son died in nineteen forty."

The man said, "Seems odd that the photo is the same as this one." He took out the photo he had. Hannah looked at it, and then at the man, and said, "What is your name, and where were you born?" The man said, "My name is Jude, I was born in Denmark in nineteen forty. I was thought killed, but a woman managed to get me out of the flames of a bombed building. She smuggled me into Germany where I was taken care of. She was my mother for many years. One day she told me the truth and how I came to her. I understood her not to be my real mother. She then told me she knew of a miss strait, who was my mother. So I asked her why she took me, and not give me back to my mother? She told me her son was killed in the building, she could not get to him. She saw I was alive, and took me as her own. The four that died could not be seen, as to who they were. They were burnt too badly. Then she ran away, because she knew my real mother would see her son with her. So it was given her to smuggle me out, and away from my real mother."

Hannah looked at her clock, and said, "I am sorry, but I have to go out and meet a person at three p.m. I have no idea who miss strait is. I do not know how you came to me, or why you thought I would know of this woman." Jude said, "I am sorry, but all the leads came to this address, and a Hannah Barkley. For some years I have tried to find the money to find my mother. It is odd that you have a photo of the same man as I have." Hannah said, "Not really, there are twin looking people around the world."

Jude touched the Bible, and said, "Pleased to see your a Christian, are you sure you do not know a miss strait?" Hannah said, "I do have to go now." Jude offered Hannah a lift into the city. She took the offer, and said, "Look things may come for you to find your mother, just now I do not know how to help you. How long are you in this country?" Jude said, "I migrated here to make a new life for myself. Perhaps you will let me see you again in time?" Hannah said, "I will think about it, but do not expect me to know all you want me to know."

Jude drove off, Hannah's heart was pounding fast. She saw her son. She knew it had to be him, for no other child could have been born in Denmark, on the very day she had him. Hannah was annoyed with herself for not taking the chance given her. She thought, he will be back some day, by then I may be ready to reveal that I am his mother.

While waiting for Pastor Josh, Hannah thought about being miss straits sister. She was unwilling to be honest. How can she claim a child, that is adult, and never had her as a mother, but for the first year?

Pastor Josh came through the door, and said, "I am sorry for being a little late. Oh-----Oh dear-----Sorry-----But I sense your not alone." Hannah sat there looking bewildered. She was alone. What did he mean? Hannah said, "What on earth are you talking about I am not alone? I am alone!" Pastor Josh was a aged Pastor. He was well gifted for visions of the dark force. He sat there looking at Hannah, and then said, "I apologies, I have had a busy day. What was your reason for wanting me to see you?"

Hannah was on guard she saw Pastor Josh looking around her head. At her feet, and he got up, and went behind her, getting a book. Hannah thought he must be near retirement.

Pastor Josh said, "Well how would you like to begin?" Hannah said, "I was confused about my whole life, and I know Jesus Christ. What I fail to work out is, why do I get pain for the main part of life?" Pastor Josh said, "Pain my dear is with us all. Sin is pain, and pain is sin."

Hannah said, "I was working back into my near on seventy years of life. Asking why I had such a life, and why I was rejected for the same amount of years? When I helped another, they ended up insulting me. I am faced with a honesty now, one I cannot handle. Why do you keep on looking at me as if I had others with me huh?"

Pastor Josh said, "You say you know Jesus, I Grant that to you. What do you know of satan?" Hannah said, "What has satan got to do with it?" Pastor Josh looked at her slowly getting his words together and said, "My dear, you know Jesus, and Jesus, knows you. I feel from your own words, and your body language, that you have had a hard, and sad life. You have not had the growth of family, that I see. I see to, that you have had others you are not able to see, talking to you." Pastor Josh left it there for a response.

Hannah stared at him. She thought, how can he know that? I have not told him, let alone told him much at all. Besides all I did was watch my mother do this funny writing. She had words that had no space between them. If I asked her she would snap at me. Pastor Josh was in no hurry to close the appointment time. He waited patiently.

Hannah said, "When I was a child, my mother did writing, it was funny words, and nothing had space between the words. But it was not funny. She would get into a weird look. She looked as if she was in trance. But if I interrupted her, she would get up, and beat me. She used to get very pale in her face. I once saw faded people around her, none I knew at all. I did not know where they came from, or where they went. They appeared, and disappeared. When I was older I could see them, they looked in dull gray and went from one room to another, going nowhere. I only saw this at night, before I slept."

Pastor Josh was pleased, he had prayed for a opening to this. He said, "Would you like to understand this Hannah?" Hannah said, "Yes, because I felt it came from my mother to me. I never knew how, or why?"

Pastor Josh said, "As you have had pain all your life, explaining the reasons for pain invading you life is a must. Did you know any of your other family members?"

Hannah said, "My mothers friends were like her, weird." Suddenly Hannah was grabbed from the back of her neck! Pastor Josh could see the demons whirling around her. He remained calm. Hannah was exposing these demons. They were in battle. Pastor Josh was praying the whole time. He saw them when he came in to meet Hannah. The demons were creating a barrier between Hannah, and Pastor Josh. The barriers kept getting holes in it. So the demons whirled around to fix the holes. The holes kept breaking open. The hold on Hannah's neck, became tighter. Pastor Josh had seen this sort of thing before. He had many different ways shown to him during his Pastoral life.

When demons were coming out of Hannah's head, Pastor Josh knew they were being exposed to light. He waited because he knew when the time was that the demons would flee. He also knew the counter attacks too. Hannah's breath became shallow, and then suddenly she screamed! " We do not want to leave you Hannah. We have been part of your family. You must not let us go."

Pastor Josh saw the fear in the demons, he stood up and gave full authority to Jesus Christ. He put his hand on Hannah's head, and he heard them beg to stay. He knew they knew their own end. Hannah was breathing was normal, and her neck was set free. She opened her eyes to see Pastor Josh still praying over her.

Hannah said, "What are you doing to me? I do not know what it is your doing." Pastor Josh said, "My dear, you gave your life to Jesus Christ with a struggle. Your family had hold on you all your life. I know that it will mean you learn to understand what has been going on with you. Today, the beings in you, came out as soon I entered the room to meet you. That was why I said your were not alone. " Hannah said, "How can you see that if they were in me, and I could not see them? I think your talking rubbish."

Pastor Josh said, "Are you in a hurry to get home?" Hannah said, "No, in a way I rather be out later today because-----Oh it does not Matter." Pastor Josh said, "It does Matter. Come lets go into another room that is more comfortable." He saw one demon coming and fading. This one was going to be a intruder. It meant he needed to get Hannah to allow herself to be with Christians. Learn about the truth. Hannah had a battle to overcome. Pastor Josh explained to Hannah, that a demon he can see, can be many demons in one strong hold.

Pastor Josh called for some refreshments. Then he called his brothers of Christ, to come and encourage Hannah. He knew it was going to be a while before Hannah was free.

Hannah sat quietly listening to elder Micheal. Elder Thomas, gave very good meanings to pain. Elder Micheal said, "Pastor Josh is very learned about the darkness. He has helped many people. Allow this time to be a turning from curse, to blessing."

Hannah said, "How was it that I never knew I had them in me?" Pastor Josh said, "Pain was telling you things were not right." Elder Thomas said, "From what Pastor told us in brief, you watched your mother do writing?" Hannah said, "I do not want to go over that again, she was weird. I was born out of wedlock, and blamed for being born."

Elder Micheal said, "Hannah, you are a very wanted child of God. God sent Jesus Christ, his only begotten son, to save us all. Not just you Hannah, but us too! We all can sin every day. Sometimes not realizing it. Pastor Josh said, "Hannah, when you were looking back at your life questioning rejection, and pain, and heart breaks, you were looking at the turning point of your life, late as it is. Late is better than not at all."

Hannah said, "So what could be happening to me, if I did not roll back time, and kept on seeing these gray people before I go to sleep?"

Pastor Josh said, "Hannah, if anyone dies without knowing Jesus Christ, and follow his ministry, they are judged, and sent to hell. Hell is a real place. Its got to be said to you, so that you see the seriousness of evil. The battle is ongoing, once you allow Jesus, properly into your heart, then you are given the Holy Spirit the comforter."

Hannah said, "I had a comforter last night, I felt a peace, because I was looking at Jesus, for a relationship. I prayed for the first time. My prayers before last night, were about give me this, and give me that. I have read the Bible, but never understood it a great deal. It was like I was on a side walk. I could not get on the road. I was pushed off it, every time I wanted to know Jesus Christ, going from my sad life, I gave up on finding truth and happiness."

Pastor Josh said, "Well Hannah, I am very happy to aid your release from this hold upon you. It was not your family that held you, because you never knew your family. You mention your mother, and friends of hers. Your mother Hannah, was a witch, who had other witches with her. You became involved by being there. You learned how to write. Did you at any time understand what was said to you in the writing?" Hannah said, "I thought it fun at first. I did not know how a pencil could write on its own. I was trying to please my mother, so I tried what she did, to have her love me. I got to learn this at age ten. After time, I was getting messages that were horrid. So I stopped doing it. I felt as if I was being watched all the time. But I could not see who was watching me. I found that no Matter what I did, I was doomed to fail. I ended having a son, out of wedlock, but he died in the war, I think."

Elder Thomas looked at Hannah with sorrow that she had pain all her living life so far. He said,' Hannah, although you were alive in the flesh, you were not alive at all. You become born again into a new life. This life is of love, peace, balance, and harmony. It is Jesus that has knocked on your hearts door. He wanted you to hear him. If you ask him, he will come in." Pastor Josh said, "True, but if you ask him only half hearted, then you will get half hearted. You will not get the promise that he made, by giving his life for us all. Now that was pain like we could never comprehend the given pain of all mankind. Jesus loves you so much, he wants you to come to him. The evil that has had hold on you, had become far less. It will try to attack you. Once you know about how to protect your life from here on. You will learn to know how to grow into your new life. You will see things you never saw. It is called growth. It takes time. The release can be a bit of time. You have made the first step, by coming here. I have seen the beings leave you, prayer is a very good weapon against the enemy. Praising is another good weapon. Do that with fasting, and you have a whole package of material that satan despises. It will seem like a lot to think upon, but if you take steps like a child, you will be free. I think we have had three hours talking on this, I felt you needed more time, then one hour. Would you consider joining our church for lessons, or having a elder come to you, and hold a Bible study with you. We can arrange that."

Hannah said, "I am in the middle road at the moment. The past has returned to me, of which I will not share right now. I prefer a elder to come, with another Christian. Can that be arranged?"

Pastor Josh said, "Yes, elder Micheal will come to you, and elder Thomas. Would you like a female present in your first studies? Because we can provide that too. Our church being in the city, is very active, we have many church members."

Then Pastor Josh saw the invading demon. He asked for Hannah to be protected. He knew the demon was not able to go inside her body. But it was able to trouble her. Hannah had given her life to Jesus Christ before she left the Pastor to go back home. Elder Thomas saw the invader too. He offered Hannah a lift back to her home? Hannah agreed to that.

On the way back Hannah said, "These beings, they are satan's sort of soldiers?" Thomas said, "A good way of putting it, yes. When you see the way life is meant to be, the old life goes into a grave, never to be again. You are so uplifted, that as you battle, because Hannah even I do at times, you will find the easiest weapon is Jesus Christ, along with prayer, praising, and fasting.

I will give you this tape Hannah, it is a Christian tape. I want you to keep it, because when you feel a challenge coming, put it on, and satan's army has to leave you. He hates any praise to Jesus Christ."

Hannah took the tape, and thanked Thomas. As she went in her home, she felt lighter. She looked at Sven near her Bible, and she felt honesty was to be with Jude. Suddenly she thought, no, I am not ready for that all, he can think I am miss strait's sister. That will give me time, to put my life in correct order, and learn about living with Jesus, and for Jesus, I cannot do everything at once. So this way, Jude might keep contact. Oh Sven, our son is the image of you. I wish I could see you again Sven.

Her evening was in peace. She knew she had to work hard, for her reason to evade the truth, was still acting up. All untruth is of satan. She shuddered at the thought of that.

She took her tape to her bedroom, and put it on there. She knew her life was going through tunnels, one after another, like dark caverns, never seeing light. Now she can see light, she is listening to light. The invading demon could not attack her this night. It was plotting to show her how to avoid being responsible for her new life. She had a feeling that she may have to hold hard, and fast to Jesus Christ, her new life had begun. So many turns were coming for Hannah. Her overcoming, and the last invader, would battle.

Chapter Three

The morning greeted Hannah with sunshine. She went to get her morning news paper. Looked in her mail box, and took out a folded envelope. When she went back inside, she made toast and tea. Took the mail and opened it. As she read her mail, she saw a photo of herself when living in Denmark in the war. In a black and white photo she saw her young face.

She put down the photo, and began to eat her toast, it had got cold. So she drank her tea. Then she turned the photo to look at the back of it. To her greatest surprise she read--I kept this until I knew I could find you Sven.--

Her heart was beating rapidly. Was he alive after all? A ring fell onto the floor, when she picked it up, she saw it was a old wedding ring. Who's ring was it? She placed it on her low table, then picked it up again to look inside the ring. It had forever written in it.

She got showered and dressed quickly. Her hair was left wet, she had no time to do it. She went to her car, to get away for a while. The car did not start. Funny she thought, it ran the day before yesterday. She tried several times, but it ended with no engine noise at all.

"Right now I have to get my hair dry, and call a mechanic." Hannah said out loud. Her call was taken, as a emergency. Within twenty minutes a mobile mechanic van pulled into her drive way. Hannah went to greet the young man, and then stopped short. He looks a bit like Sven too, she thought.

Ah madam Barkley, I am Argus your mechanic. Hannah said, "Will you get my car started please?" He nodded, and looked into the bonnet. Hannah said, "Argus, tell me what country do you come from?" Argus took his time to answer. She was getting impatient. Argus said, "Ya, I am danish, I come with my father about four months ago. Ah ya, my sister too, she is here her name is Britta. We emigrated to Australia for a better chance in life. My mother divorced my father. She does not want any contacts from us anymore, so we come here. Argus began to laugh, and Hannah was wanting to know what was so funny?

Argus looked a bit shy now, but said, "My father is tracking down the family tree, as best as he can get it. He wants to find a Annette strait, because he is her son, and she is my aunt.

Hannah said, "Did your father ever have any contact with his father?" Argus said, "Ya he did try, but he could not get much information. He did find that his father was called Argus, like me." Argus smiled with pride, but it could not be fulfilled without the actual presence of his grand father.

Hannah gulped when she heard Sven's real name. Her nerves were playing up now, and she felt vulnerable. Argus looked at Hannah, and said, "Your car is alright, there is nothing wrong with it." Hannah said, "I am getting the feeling I am being set up here. It was not going at all. How can it be alright Argus?"

At that moment, Jude came walking along the nature strip, near the pavement. Hannah saw him and said, "Oh and I suppose now your here, you too are just passing by. Do you think I am stupid?" All she could see was Sven in Jude.

Jude said, "This is my son Argus, and he is a mechanic, as you see. I was passing by, and saw his van here, so I came along, is that so bad?" Argus did all his moves how his father told him to. He gave no sign of any foul play.

The night before, Hannah's car was in the carport. Her garage was full of boxes. She was preparing to move out of the district in a years time. Jude got Argus to take a action to stop her driving in the morning. Argus did this, and has knowledge how to enter a car. It was done while Hannah was listening to the tape Thomas gave her. As her day was full of emotions, she did not hear anyone at all. Her bedroom was at the back of the house.

Jude wanted any excuse to pass by Hannah. He did not know about the folded mail Hannah got this day. Hannah said, "I give up, you might as well come in and tell me what was going on with my car. Jude you may as well come too."

Argus was looking at a Sven's old photo, near the Bible, and he said, "You have got one like that father too. Is it the same man?" Jude said, "I believe it is, and I am still asking you Hannah, do you know a miss strait?" Hannah said, "Alright, alright! I am her sister. She is not alive. I do not want to drag up old wounds of hers, understand?" as she said the words, she felt a pang in her solar plexus, telling her she lied. While this was happening, she felt a tightening on the back of her neck. She thought she heard a voice saying, --Go on, lie some more, that way you will see Sven again soon, just lie all the time.--

Hannah said, "Tell me why my car stopped, and how it was alright, with nothing wrong? It does not make sense." Argus said, "Well it was such a small thing, that I fixed it, with no charge. That is what I mean about nothing is wrong with your car. I come, I fix, you not pay me."

Her neck loosened, and she felt a evil presence near her. She looked at Jude, it was not near him, or Argus, it was near her. She thought about giving some information, about herself, when the force of invasion said--lie this way you will see Sven sooner.--

Sven was her only love, and this love was being attacked. Hannah had not known this. She was just through in salvation. Her face went pale, and Jude noticed it. He went to get her some water, when he saw the envelope on her table in the kitchen. He took a look at the photo of a young women, and then saw what was written on the back of it. By the side of the photo was the old wedding ring, he picked it up, and looked at it, then looked inside it, and saw --forever-- engraved in it. He called Argus saying, "Argus, come here will you, to get the glass of water, I have to go to the toilet." Argus came, and he said in danish quietly," look quick at the message on the back of this photo, and inside the old ring."

Hannah was going to come and find this glass of water supposedly coming to her, but she waited. Argus did what his father told him, and smiled. He said, "Your water is coming now Hannah." Argus stopped listening to Hannah, because he knew his grand father was somewhere near. He had to be. Argus had looked at the stamp on the envelope, and noticed it as interstate. An Australian stamp. He looked at the date it was stamped, and he tried to make out the time on the stamped stamp, but Hannah calling him stopped him.

Hannah drank the water, and Jude returned apologizing for his exit to use the toilet. Hannah said, "Jude, is your name really Jude?" Jude said, "Yes Ma'am, the woman that took me out of the bombed building named me that."

Hannah was closer to the whole truth then she knew. They all were. But in such things, darkness makes cruel passages so tempting, and those passages were to be in battle. The invader had hold to invade. Hannah had to understand that she needed to be free from any temptation. Not to lie, not to steal, not to deceive.

Jude said, "Argus and I, were thinking about asking you to our home for dinner one night. As your miss straits sister, you may be able to shed some light on places we have so far failed to see?" Hannah was trying to think, she felt as if she had been invaded, and was going to blame Jude. But she knew it could not be him. The feeling came from behind her, not in front.

Thomas called Hannah and asked if both he, and Micheal, could come next week, beginning Hannah's new journey with Jesus Christ?" He said a mature lady called Chantelle would be coming to, as Hannah had wanted a female in the study.

Jude heard Hannah say," Elder Micheal, and you elder Thomas, are welcomed, with Chantelle. I look forwards to next Monday evening. Do I have to pay any money for this?" Thomas said, "None at all. Any funding you feel is your will to give, is up to you. Remember that all you give, in the light of Christ, is known about." Hannah said, "I would prefer to give a little something. So we will talk about that next Monday." Thomas said, "Do not forget, that prayer, praise, and fasting, are the best way to keep darkness out. You are just through the new gate, where your about to walk on the straight and narrow path. Stay in the lords light at all times. Even when you feel as if Jesus, is not there. Jesus, is there Hannah, when you feel the old cloths, meaning your old life, coming at you, it is the enemy. That is a very important lesson to learn about. Many people do not know the wiles of satan." Hannah said without thinking," I had one today, I am sure of it, I felt as if I was being fooled with. I will tell you more about it next Monday."

Thomas ended the call, and Hannah apologized to Jude for taking so long to get back to him. She looked at him, and all she felt was Sven, my Sven, how I love him. Argus had to leave, he had another job to do. Hannah thought how she saw Sven in him too. Was she Sven addicted or was it just her heart broken, losing Sven, and their baby?

Jude left Hannah, and gave her a quick peck on the cheek, she had not expected that. He had more information now. So the postal stamp was saying Adelaide. He was in Victoria. The message at the back of the photo, was from his father, it had a date on it as well. The ring made Jude quite surprised. It may not actually be to do with the photo. The woman in the photo, was so young, he did not see Hannah in the photo. He had to find out if his father was in Adelaide? Seemed a bit odd, that his father was so hard to find, and then he is on a fringe edge, but still unseen. Jude called his associate that was dealing with finding people. The associate said that this was great news, as it leads to finding out more.

Argus told Britta about Hannah, and Britta was interested enough to ask what Hannah was like? Argus said, "She is aged, but looks very youthful. She is miss straits sister. But you know Britta, I think this Hannah is holding information on our father. I have a feeling there is more to her, then meets the eye." Britta was so eager to see this Hannah one day soon.

Hannah was going to walk through the passages. The truth was coming closer, and fading away, it was a time of making new changes. Hannah had her mind set on not telling Jude, she is his mother. This meant Argus, and Britta, are her grand children. He does not have a wife now.

In Adelaide, Sven was renting a unit flat. He was aged seventy, and finding his way about in Australia. He had arrived in Australia two months ago. He too had a person who was looking for family for him. He knew he found a address in Victoria, and took pot luck to send the photo he kept next to his heart, along with a ring he bought in nineteen forty five. He was trying to find Annette, and had the ring ready to marry her. He was so broken hearted not ever finding her, that he took no wife in his life at all. He knew nothing about Jude.

Sven knew that once he sent the photo, and the ring, he may never get his wish fulfilled. The way Hannah was found, was to be. He had a address, and a woman with the name Hannah Barkley. It had ties with a Annette strait. He went through to Germany, and found no traces of Annette. He got enough from another source, to find miss strait went to Australia in nineteen forty seven. That she changed her name to Hannah Barkley, in nineteen fifty.

Sven felt in his heart, he was sending his much loved photo, to the right place. He knew the ring may not explain itself, but if he found her, he would tell her himself. A love so passionate had never died. Love never fails at any road of challenges. If it gets blocked, it will find a way of getting on the right road. It may take a lifetime, but it never ever fails. Sven knew that. He was a aged Christian man, who knew that Jesus never forsakes him. He was injured badly in war. He almost got hit with bombs, Sven had passed through all the doors of horror is war. What he saw, could have made him go mad. Instead, he placed his life to Jesus Christ. Every time he could have been killed, he was just able to miss it by seconds.

In Sven's prayer, he asked for the things he sent, to be at the right place. His heart was telling him, he was close to Annette. Everything came to miss Hannah Barkley, along with her address.

Hannah had to clear her path from the invading demonic darkness. She was listening to lies. She wanted to have Sven again, but her lack of trust, was causing a block in her life. The darkness told her to lie, to take no notice, Sven would come back another way.

For Annette, as that is who she really is, she had been told that Sven would come. He never did. She was told to wait, and he will be here with her. He never did. As she is Hannah now, what she did not learn as yet was, satan uses the mind and emotions to suit his evil.

Chapter Four

Hannah went to her market. She had a great deal going on in her mind. She decided to see if she could find some literature on satan. The Bible has it there, but Hannah was not understanding the Bible yet. She avoided looking at cloths, and found a book sale. A book Hannah saw caught her eye, was about satan. How none should ever perish. She had read a part of it, and she found places where satan's tools were mentioned. She read that he hates love, so he attacks love. He does not know love, to him love is an attack on him.

For Hannah, she did not know that satan can, and does interfere with love. By using his methods of deceit, he claims the poor people that have turned to foolish methods.

To believe in the oldest lie in the whole world. Satan himself. She bought it, and went home. Today, she wanted time on her own. She thought to take the phone off the hook, and answer no callers. She needed space for a while.

He uses the means of giving people energies to perform things. He tells witches to do healing. Hannah remembered one night, when a young girl. How her mothers friends got together, and put each other on a bench, and did strange movements over the body on the bench. It made Annette scared. She saw them making odd movements. She saw drawings of art they did. All the faces that were painted, were of very strange faces. They were everywhere in her home, as a child.

She remembered the way she heard her mother say, that white light, and gold light must be put around for protection. How what her mother said were meditations, were the whole room of witches, being possessed by demons. One time she burst out laughing, because she saw a woman doing strange twisting movements in the air, with a face as a tight lipped woman. Another shaking her hand on a body that was to be healed. Annette was told to leave the room. She got beaten for disturbing the healing night.

As Hannah read in the book of satan, she found every practice her mother did. They did a figure eight over a body, and said they were cooked. Meaning healed. Hannah never saw one person being actually healed. Every witch had health troubles.

One night Hannah saw a strange man come, and he was really odd. He gave out books of aliens. He said he has seen them. Later Hannah remembered as she read, about cards. Yes they did cards, that had pictures on them. Then charged money for doing them, for another person.

Hannah put the book down. She had received enough to show her, that the devil is real. That her mother was possessed. That as long as Hannah was as a child, in their company, the damage was done. Being born in that kind of family, damage was done.

She read about automatic writing. This was the only one she had ever done. Just to get her mother to love her. Instead, it opened a door for the darkness to carry on in the family. Annette as a child, was given nothing but harm.

As she read through the day, she felt the invader. The back of her neck was tight again. Her breathing altered. She continues to read. She found a tool called a Ouija board. As she read about it, the invader was twisting around her. The hold of darkness wanted her to take their plot. She refused to listen. As she read about the board, she froze. So that is what my mother was doing on Wednesday nights. I only remember seeing the alphabet on the table, and a glass upside down. I watched them once, without my mother knowing. When she saw me, she hit me in front of all the visitors.

Hannah had read enough, she felt the invader getting very strong in energy. Hannah went to get the tape elder Thomas had given her. She wondered why she gets it in the back, and not the front of her? She looked at the book she had bought, and thought to send it out of her home. She had read enough to advise her to keep away. Something about the material in the book, made her uneasy. She knew once she understood scriptures, she had the only book of truth.

Hannah was meant to buy the book this day. She was also meant to destroy this book today. She had to be given the darkness tools this way. For her intelligence of such things was limited. She found places in the book where people have given proof of losing love, and losing life. In their lives of being deceived.

Hannah read about those that realized, they were blaming family members for splitting up. How so many people do not realize the measures of threat there really is. In having this book for the day, she got enough to understand, that any evil cannot talk of love. Love, and evil, do not go together.

She thought how very sad it is, that people go along this way, including herself. The biggest problem for her now, was to stop telling lies to Jude. This is where Hannah was invaded. This was the only loop left for attack. Hannah took the book outside, threw it into a tin bucket, and burned it. Then she wanted to be sure nothing in her home was of satan. She saw no tools of his in her home, but did look through her books. She found two that spoke of magic. They were burned.

Hannah went to make dinner, then thought to leave it. She will fast for this evening, and tomorrow morning. She spent her evening with her prayers, praise, and fasting. She knew she was going to have trouble getting herself to Jude. This was her only past link that held her into chains. How can she speak when the whole thing is not complete. Sven has to be found, or at least some information.

The journey begins untwisting.

Chapter Five

Hannah took the offer to dinner from Jude. It was Friday night, and Argus came to get her. As they traveled through the city links, Argus said, "I have got to help my father find his mother Hannah, you are miss straits sister, surely she said something?" Hannah said, "She had an illness, and died. All I know is she had lost her son. Since then she was in Germany, until the war ended."

Argus said, "How come as your both sisters, you were not together? It seems that you two must have been split up, and you were sent to Australia, is that right?" Hannah never thought of that one. So she said, "I was taken away from Annette by mistake. So we had to find each other after the war."

Hannah thought, lies, lies, lies. The more lies she told, the more she got into tightness at the back of her neck. She had to try to get around this. They got to the place Jude lived with Argus, and Britte. Hannah said, "Hello Britte." Jude said, "Say it like this, so it sounds right. Brittay it is sounded that way."

Hannah saw her own face slightly in Britte. She reasoned that if her so called sister was the mother of Jude, then his daughter could get some genes that show in looks. Argus looked like Jude, and Jude was like Sven, no more to be said.

Jude had made a lovely meal. She took no leads in conversation. Britte said, "Tell me miss is it?" Hannah said, "Yes it is miss." She thought one truth said. Britte continued," Tell me about your time in the war please yes?" Hannah looked at her, and said, "It was a bad time. I was about your age, you would be eighteen?" Britte said, "Yes that's right."

Hannah said, "War creates so many devastation's. Families are blown up by bombs, in their own house. Military men come into any home they want to, to demand papers. Families get split up. The Jews were collected for death in the chambers. At one time I had to live in a bombed house, with dead people still in them. That is where I learned that war was evil."

Jude said, "Explain the house you lived in." Hannah said, "How can I say? It was half bombed. I had a-----Oh no, it is too hard to talk about." She knew she nearly said she had a baby in the half bombed house. Guard was up now with Hannah. Truth was evading her. She was invaded.

Jude looked at her intensely, he could see that Britte had some looks like Hannah's. He was looking at Britte, and Hannah, during the meal. That was when he noticed it. He kept his talk lighter, but his thoughts were deeper. He asked," Have you a photo of your sister Hannah?" Hannah said, "Yes I do, it is at home. I left it on my kitchen table, and did not think to bring it."

Jude had a small lead. So that was the woman in the photo, his own mother! The ring he wanted to ask questions about, but knew that if he had, he would be regarded as being pushy. Plus what was he doing looking at her things? So he left that one about the ring.

Jude got up and said, "Hannah, I have a gift given me from God. Hannah sat up straight, and said, "Really, what is it?" Jude said, "Here you see a piano, I can play it well." Hannah looked at Jude, remembering Sven playing the piano. She said, "Well give us a listen then."

As Jude sat to play, she could see Sven, over, and over again. What she did not expect was the very tune he was to play.

Du bist mit gold night zu bezahlen = you're worth your weight in gold.

Hannah went back in time, her cotton dress that Sven loved so much. He played this in a cafe, many times for her. The dress was faded, and blue and white, but so old from lack of clothing. She sank in her the armchair, and saw Sven, playing, not Jude. She saw herself dancing while Sven played this special song just for her. Suddenly she got up, and began the dance, Argus looked at her in surprise, and smiled. Britte smiled, but had a questioning look on her face. She flowed to, and fro, and became her old self for that music time.

Jude stopped playing, and said, "Is that piece anything special to you Hannah?" Hannah realized what she had done, and said, "Huh, I am very much older now, I used to love that song, in the war, and I used to dance to it, but today, my bones are not as they were."

Jude was about to ask Hannah more questions now." Hannah, tell me please, did your sister have the same color hair as you?" Hannah said, "Yes, she was very slim in build, not like I am today, plump. But not fat!"

"Have you any idea why Sven was called Sven, as his real name is Argus." said Jude, "Because I got that name through my associate of helping me to find my family tree. Argus is his Christian name, but he was known as Sven."

Hannah knew alright, and thought about it before answering. "Well my sister Annette told me, that she met Sven at seven o clock in the evening. A cold snowy night. He was out in the cold doing watch parade. So she went out and gave him a cup of hot watery chicken soup. He was so over whelmed by her kindness, that he came every night after that to see if he could see her again. One evening she went to him. She knew he was hoping to see her again. Because she too had been watching him. She asked his name, and he began to sneeze, so Argus sounded like a sneeze. Apparently they laughed about it, that my sister said, how about we give you a new name? Argus said what name then? My sister said, I met you at seven o clock, so if we take a e out of seven. We have Sven. So he agreed to that, as it would make him safe with a name not attached to the barracks. So since then Argus was Sven."

Jude said, "You know quite a bit then Hannah, are you much older then your sister?" Hannah said, "I am one year older, that is all." Jude said, "Obviously when you, and your sister, were together again, much conversation was passed between you. Seems to me, more about her, then you Hannah."

Hannah said, "I am far more private, then Annette. So how did you get information about your father Jude?" Jude said I told you, that we could not get any real leads, why do you ask again?"

Hannah said, "Just seems you must have some way of finding out where he is. You seem to be making sure you out. So I am just interested in your findings, that's all." Argus said, "Why are you so withdrawn about this Hannah, and yet still wanting to know? I do not mean to be rude, but you are family too here. Have you any papers that would help at all?"

Hannah said, there are some in the attic, in the roof. But by now they would be faded, as they are very old." Her neck was getting very hot. She felt as if she was about to break into a big sweat.

Suddenly she realized, that in the roof, as she called it a attic, were papers of her mother. She had them in there for so long. A box was put in there, never to be seen again. She thought. Her own birth certificate was there. A passport. Then she remembered another box with her mothers cards in it.

Hannah now was pretending to yawn, and say its time she left. Argus said he would take her home. Jude asked if Hannah would let Argus go into her loft? Her neck was restricted in talking now. She was not able to answer him. This caused concern. So Argus said, I think we must get into that loft father. The secret of this is to be found out, I am sure. Hannah was not able to agree, or disagree. She was looking really unwell.

Jude said, "Leave it Argus, I am taking Hannah to the hospital, she is breathing very shallow. Her heart may be in trouble. Quick get her into the car. The hospital is just around the corner."

They arrived in emergency, and Hannah was given a sedative, to calm her down. This made Matters worse. She just could not talk at all. Her voice box was swollen so no sound could come. When they put Hannah onto a hospital bed, Jude noticed marks on Hannah's neck. He said, "What is that on her neck, look here, in the back of her neck? The nurse looked, and said, "I will have to ask the doctor. If it is a virus of any kind, we will have to put her into quarantine." The doctor came, and had Hannah on air supply. He looked at her neck, and then he said, "Are you family at all?" To Jude. Jude said, "We are, yes, but only just finding each other why?" the doctor said, "The veins in the back of her neck, look like a tattoo. Look at it, tell me what you see?" Jude thought about it, and had a look. He said, "It looks like a web, and a fire. There is a eye in the middle of it. A red eye."

The doctor said, "Young man, I am a Christian, I have seen the darkness come upon many patients, in my time. Do you know of anything that is kept in silence, or secret, that would open up a can of worms? Because worms is about right in such things." Jude said, "Worms, what do you mean the worms that are in the indigestion?"

Jude said after thinking, "I think the patient needs assistance other then science fiction talk. I have no idea what you mean."

The doctor said, "I agree with you, but I do know what I am talking about here. What was the main conversation of the evening? The specialist is coming to see this lady quite soon." just then the specialist came with his other doctor, and began tests upon Hannah. He turned to the other doctor, and said, "This is odd. Her breathing is shallow, and there are no signs of arrest. The way she is, is saying airways are restricted. What is that tattoo on the back of the neck?" Hannah was on her side.

The Christian doctor said, "It is not a tattoo, it is the veins in her neck that are protruding out for that pattern." the specialist said,' we will keep her in tonight, and tomorrow, to run some other tests."

Jude was now very concerned. The Christian doctor said, "Please may I speak to you in private?" Jude said it was OK. When the doctor began to explain his reasons about the darkness. Jude thought about it for a short while.

Jude said, "I am wondering if there is a emotional reason for Hannah to become so ill, and then unable to speak." the doctor said, "There are some patients that are so emotionally disrupted, that they are closed to the outside world. They live in fear, or deep heart break." "What do you think may be the problem medically doctor?" Said Jude.

The doctor said, please tell me if something tonight made her get unwell, can you think what you were talking about, when she became unable to breath properly?"

Jude said, she was telling us about some very old papers in her loft. In fact I remember her going pale, once the talk was about letting my son go into her roof. Shortly after that, she jolted forward, as if something hit her in the back, but then she began to breath shallow, and yes, she was choking a little."

The doctor said, "You have every right to question my abilities. I can tell you, something in that loft is not good. Whatever it is, must be got rid of. Or taken, then opened up, and exposed. Do you have her keys?" Jude said yes I do, here is her handbag. I really do not have the right to go in that." the doctor said, "Let me tell you, that if you go there with your son, and take out anything that is in the loft, place it somewhere out of your home, and her home. You can wait, and see what she will agree to. My suggestion is looking like violating her privacy, when in fact you would be saving her."

Jude said, "I know about being a Christian, as I am one too, but I am afraid, I do not really know much about the evil side. I hear about it in some sermons, but it does not make sense to me all the time. I thought it was because I was not molested by such darkness." the doctor said, "We have more then one body. We have in the one body, the mental body, the emotional body, the spiritual body, the soul. If any of these are sick, then the attacks come. Look, I am finished here tonight in half a hour. As I know what I am talking about, I can come with you, and your son, to the ladies home."

Jude got Argus, and waited for doctor Dentin. He came with his medical bag, and said, "I have a suggestion, put your car here in the parking lot, I will drive to the ladies home in my car. I have a reason for that. Once there, medically I can say that you had to get inside her home. She will get better sooner, then later, if we do this now."

They came to Hannah's house, it was close to the hospital. As Jude put in the front door key, Argus said, "Father, did you hear that scream!" Jude said, "No son, I heard nothing." doctor Dentin said, "I know what that scream is Argus." Argus said, "Tell me?" The doctor made a sign of being quiet now. So Argus said no more.

Jude felt a cold feeling in Hannah's home. He never felt before. He stood very wary of the feeling. Argus was sweating, so it was not the same for him. Suddenly as soon as they got the ladder near to the manhole in the roof, Argus heard," Look they are coming, we followed them from hospital. Send the others to kill the woman." Argus said, "Who was talking just now?" The doctor said, "It is unseen, it is felt, and can be heard. Pay no attention to it, I am praying very much.

As they placed the ladder nearer to the ceiling, Jude saw the old wedding ring floating in the air! Then it began to go faster, and faster, as if trying to hit them. Jude went into the loft, with a torch. He lost balance and said, "Who are you in here? Stop pushing me out!"

Doctor said to Argus, "Pray with me, your father is protected, but he may have trouble getting the things. Just keep praying." Argus, not knowing about this sort of thing, said he will pray too.

Jude put his foot inside the roof, and saw a light bulb in the higher part. He looked for a switch, it was just by is side. He hoped the light would still work. So he switched on the light. As it came on, screams were heard in the roof. Doctor Dentin went into the roof, and asked for Argus to remain at the bottom of the ladder only. Jude said, "Who is talking such evil things in here doctor?" the doctor said, "Go nearer to the voices, for that is where the things are that are causing this lady to be so very unwell right now. She also would have had a very hard, and sad life. Jude said, "Ugh! I do not like this at all. I feel as if I am being watched by some monsters, that I am not able to see." The doctor said, "Jude, you would not want to see them. I can see them. They are in great fear." Jude said " Fear of what?" The doctor said, "Just allow me to go nearer the voices, I am very able to take this." Jude stepped back, and then the dust in the roof, created a mist, so that it was harder to see. Doctor Dentin gave the name of Jesus Christ, and that is when the mist stopped. There in the corner of the attic, were two boxes.

Jude took one from the doctor, and the doctor held the other one. He said, "Do not hand one to your son. Leave it here with me, you go down first, then I will hand it to you. Then the other one, and I will be down." Jude was feeling a bit better now. He felt as if hell fires were burning in the roof, but he was cold.

They got to the kitchen, and found the old wedding ring, where it was in the day they were there. The doctor said, "Let us sit for a while, and then go to another place to open up the boxes." Jude said, "I do not see why another place is to be."

The doctor took them to the sidewalk in the city, where it was brightly lit, but without people at that time of night.

As the box was opened, Argus heard, "We have to kill her now, come on leave these here, we will kill them later! Argus was in total shock. He was not sure he wanted to stay. But stay he did.

The doctor heard the same as Argus, but was not alarmed. He knew they were demons. The one invading demon, had others in the one. They were like evil veins in the one demon, that were acting as a network of dark forces.

They opened the box to find very old photos, and paper of significance to the family tree. The doctors mobile rang. He answered the call, and Jude heard him say, "We will be back to the hospital now, we can do what we are doing there." The doctor said, "The lady has regained her breathing to normal. She had what looked like a arrest, and was convulsing and screaming. Then she became difficult. I am told she is now sleeping."

They went in the hospital, and Jude went to follow the doctor, telling Argus to go home. He will get the doctor to get him home in his car.

Hannah has the signs of recovery. The veins in her neck had gone, no tattoo look was there. They then left Hannah and went into a room. The two boxes with them.

Jude was now on guard. He sat there knowing he had to go through this. He said, "Have I had a encounter with the devil?" The doctor said, "You have just had your first confirmation, that he is real, and is evil. You will be protected, as so will your family."

Jude saw a picture of a woman, it was horrid. She was thin, had a pinched face, and wore a dagger at her neck. For a necklace. He saw on the back of it--the evil witch--ugh! He was not easy in mind. Then he saw another photo of the same woman, and it had on the back--my mother I am her daughter Annette--

The papers were thin. So very carefully placed on the table. The doctor told Jude, that doing it away from Hannah's home, and his home, is safer. That he may have to conceal his knowledge of what he has found, until Hannah was ready to speak. The papers showed that Annette had no sister. Bang! Jude felt Hannah was his mother. She had to be. There was a birth certificate. Then he saw another birth certificate, his. It had the place he was born. The town in Denmark. The mother miss Annette strait. Then he found a death certificate, his. He was one year old, and burnt to death in bomb fires. His name was Argus Sven strait. He saw another paper giving details of Annette strait. He saw some old letters. He read them. Annette had longed for her mother to love her. So she wrote to her, before the war.

He saw papers of illegitimate children, who were dead at birth. The mother of Hannah, took powder to perform the deaths of unwanted children she had. Then he saw a old note book. In it were so many men's names, and monies they paid for sex to Hannah's mother. Hannah would be a child then. Wait not Hannah it is Annette. Jude was feeling very disturbed, but able to see why the secret was locked up. He opened the other box. In this were occult cards. Jewelry of severe skulls, and the mothers death certificate. She was murdered. Found by her daughter Annette. Who was sent away after this.

Doctor Dentin said, "You may as well call me by my Christian name, because we will be engaging in this for a while. I can then tell you, why Hannah wanted to be kept away from her past. It is not just what happened to her. It is the forces of evil that pounce on children. It is her greatest need to be treated with loving care. I am Paul, and I have seen this sort of thing before."

Jude said, "Jesus Christ said, to forgive each other, it is hard to forgive such acts as these. Now I know who is my real mother. Hannah is. We have to find Sven, my father. But I am afraid my finances are low now, and being so close to it all, its a shame I cannot continue until I have built finance again."

Paul said, "Fear not, I know that funds can be arranged for this. I will get to the Pastor in the city church. I will tell him about this, and he will offer funds to get this out in the open."

Jude said, "Paul, what do we do with this lot?" Paul said, "We have to keep papers that are legal. We can get them reprinted in new papers, as these are ready to break. But the items of satan, we will incinerate right now. That is going to break the links unseen. Nothing if this must be near Annette, as that is who she really is. She will have to face her responsibilities in legal Matters. Meaning to keep papers. But we will have all washed clean, through Jesus Christ. You see Jude. The Holy Spirit sent me this night for work, you for coming in the time the Hannah, who is Annette, was going to be killed by the forces. People just do not realize the seriousness of evil, as it is. It is one thing to talk about it, another to be involved in it. We need to educate our children, so that they can teach their children." They went and threw the items, and boxes into the fires. The legal papers were kept by Paul, as he wanted to get them washed clean, before Annette, or Jude, would be facing their own truths. Jude knew he would have to be patient.

Paul dropped Jude home, and said, "Fear not, because you have done a great thing tonight. By this, the Lord will find your father. I can count on it." Jude said, "Really? That would be great-----I-----Er wonder, do you think they might even love each other today?" Paul said, "Love is the one emotion that builds all broken hearts to re birthing of life. Love never fails, love does never criticize, it is patient, and it is the only emotion that heals. God is love, Jesus is love, the holy spirit is love, it is one in trinity, and trinity in one. Good night, and God bless you Jude."

Jude went inside, he had nothing in his hands from the boxes, papers were going to be reprinted. The Pastor will fund the finding of his father Sven. Argus said, "I had to wait up father, because tonight I realized how important my faith in Jesus is. You know as a young man, I tend to go with the flow, but after tonight, no way. If I do not follow Jesus, then I am not fully his." Jude said, "Ah son, do not be so hard on yourself, Jesus knows the warfare. He knows the flesh can be weak. As long as your spiritual faith is strong, your flesh will not fail you as much." Jude said, "Argus, my real name is Argus Sven, not Jude. So we have three Argus's in the family tree." Paul said he thinks Hannah will be home tomorrow. We have to call her Hannah, until she is ready for the truth of herself. That is where we make allowances. She has to heal. She has had a dreadful life, and very evil things happen to her. After tonight, my understanding needs Grace. I need to learn far more then just sit in a church on a Sunday. We are to be active in our love for Jesus Christ. I have gone on in life. Doing the same things, thinking I am a Christian, by going to church. But my activity level for Jesus was minimal. I had not learned the Bible as I could have. Tonight I, as your father, admit I have passed on to you, a dreary way of being a Christian. Lazy way. I really know now, that working with the people is far more important, then just sitting in a church each Sunday for a hour or two. What good does a Christian do, by being a number, and not a person to act on every chance to save another? Most often by action, then words. Words can come when another is ready to hear them."

"Argus I am very tired now. You must sleep, and work is not far away, you have to be out of here in three hours time."

Paul had gone home, but he called the Pastor. He told him everything, and said that the home of the lady must be clean, and anointed, with olive oil. He told the Pastor the ladies name. That this lady had symptoms of arrest. Pastor Josh said, "Ah Paul, we have had this many times brother. I will look in the book for the name. Oh wait, here it is. This lady came to see me a few weeks ago. Yes I remember seeing she was not alone. I saw she had a invader, which was as you said, very dangerous. It is wonderful the Grace of the holy spirit can give us the ways to stop this happening. The woman is alright Paul?" Paul said, "Yes Pastor, yes. But I can keep her in hospital long enough for her keys to be used for cleansing her home spiritually. She must have that done. We need a good strong man to go into her loft to anoint that too, as well as the boundaries of the property. She does not have to know about this yet." Pastor Josh said, "I have Mr. Haydon, he is in here tomorrow, so I will get him to come for that with me. Are you free in the later morning around eleven a.m.?" Paul said he was, and Jude would be there with the keys.

Hannah was feeling very well, she said to the lady in the next bed, "I do not know what I am doing in here, I am very well, in fact I have not felt so well in years, and years. I feel light, bright, and ready to live life." the lady in the next bed said, "I was praying for you, because you looked dead when you came in on the stretcher. They were fighting to keep your breathing going, until they put oxygen in you by machine. You looked so pale. You were fighting too, can you remember it?"

Hannah said, "No, I only remember being stabbed in the back of my neck, and heat rising like my skin was crawling, and moving. I felt as if I was sucked in a air tight place. I felt as if I was taken somewhere." the lady in the next bed said, "You were fighting to get away form evil forces. I know doctor Dentin, he is a great doctor, and he is so knowledgeable in the warfare of us here on earth. You were saved from it." Hannah said, "I am feeling so different today. It is like I am free!"

Hannah was to take more turns of Grace, to come to her truth, and the truth of living on earth. Things were not going to run smooth, for even a toddler falls a few times before walking without falls. The path was under her feet. As with any new thing in life, she had to grow.

Chapter Six

Hannah was staying in hospital for the day. She could come home in the later afternoon. Pastor Josh was ready to go to Hannah's house. He waited for Paul Dentin. Pastor had elders Thomas, and Micheal coming as well. The keys were given to them to get in.

On entering the house, Pastor Josh and the two elders sensed as Paul did, the curses over Hannah. The darkness had left shadows of energies that gave a evil feeling left in the house. They began by prayer, and gave authority to Jesus Christ, to take out all curses, and give blessings in exchange for such evil deeds.

Pastor Josh had picked up a small piece of paper. He had not looked at it. Just put it into his pocket. This paper had information of Hannah's father on it. As Pastor Josh prayed, he suddenly fell to the floor! Both elders, and doctor Paul Dentin, stopped prayers, and went to aid him. Paul said, "Oh no, he has the arrest in him right now, come we must pray for release. " Elders Thomas, and Micheal, were visibly shaken. Elder Micheal, being the older one, and very knowing of evil curses said, "I will call back up from the high city church!" Elder Thomas said, "What for, our city church is able to get us back up too?" Elder Micheal knew that the high city church had a seventy five year old red Indian man. He was in his tribal beliefs of curses being the truth. When he came to the church to find a resting place. He was seen in the church hiding under the curtains. These were for funerals. He had left America, because he was taken out of the tribe as a non believer of witch doctors. He had a son who was treated by this witch doctor, and the son died. So he had anger, and hate breeding in his lost soul now. They threw him out of the camp. He had stolen boarding as a ship stowaway for Australia. In the church he heard about Jesus Christ. This got him to be found, and given food, and boarding.

They had worked with red eagle for a good year. He then was free from the curses within his family, and past tribe. In the twenty two years red eagle was saved, and became a Christian, he had a very wide knowledge of the whole evil in his tribe. From red eagle, he became Simon. He would take no surname. Just Simon.

The call was directed straight through to Simon. He had the sight to see dark energies of evil. He was granted his cursed life to the dead, and use it for birth of truth, in his new born again life. The Holy Spirit comforted every time that Simon had work to do to release any child of God.

Pastor Josh was breathing shallow, and Paul had to call for a ambulance. The ambulance took a misguided address, so lost the actual place to go. Elder Micheal got Simon on his mobile, and he agreed to meet them in the house in five minutes. When Simon came into the house, he went straight to Pastor Josh, and looked into his eyes. He then went over the pockets of his cloths, and shirt pocket. He found the small paper crunched up in the pocket of his shirt. It was near Pastor joshes heart. Paul said, "I have called a ambulance, and the hospital is in the next block to this street of houses." Simon said, "The ambulance will not be needed. I have the reason for this arrest here." he showed Paul the small paper. As Paul looked at it, he saw the sign of satan. Elder Thomas looked at it, and said that the Pastor had picked up something, when he came in the house. He then said, "Micheal, I would never have thought Pastor Josh could be attacked, with him so knowing of this evil!"

Elder Micheal said, "Ah Thomas, we are all at times, getting darts." Simon said, "We have to unlock this energy. What has come is that something was taken out of this house. Something very long in the hands of the dark forces."

Doctor Paul Dentin said, "I speak as a doctor now, as well as a outsider of the hospital. There were two boxes found in the loft of the house. Jude, Hannah's son, and myself, found-----" Simon came in sharply, and said, "The woman is cursed from a long way back in time. She is breaking free from the curse. First we have to get Pastor Josh up, and ready. He will resume his reason for being here. This was a attack upon him, because he, like me, can rid this evil. Anyone with the Lord, in their heart, will learn how to keep the armor on full time, and how to protect the back. Sometimes the darkness is very seriously holding onto a generation. It can be so determined that, freedom is taking longer."

Simon was allowed to use his past way, to contact the spirits. ( Demons ) he knew the demons had left the house, but they left a energy that would poison this lady, if they do not clear it. He also knew that the energy was enough to break Hannah's will and give Christianity away. She would be bouncing like a ball. One day a Christian, another day uncertain.

Pastor Josh was very able to work now. Simon said, "Pastor Josh, leave me to deal with this part." Pastor Josh said, "Yes Simon, we have done this before."

Simon wanted the places that the arrows to get Hannah, were placed? The demons, being unintelligent, told Simon. Simon knew a invading demon was the leader. The others were in for the joy of the flesh. The leader wanted power.

He heard them say," We are in the attic again. We are waiting for Hannah, we will kill her this time. Then we will devour her flesh! The leader spoke and told them to be quiet. He said, "I am to be back inside Hannah, she is mine. That way you are all inside her too."

Simon then changed his method. He gave it over to the whole authority of Jesus Christ, and the room had a trembling about it. It was not seen, but was felt. Simon had detected the energy leads. These had to be cut and burned by the true word. It meant that Simon went and got a container, that he could burn fire into. He had to use to kill the energies. Simon came back with the very bucket Hannah used to burn the book of satan's tools. The elders were in place. Paul could see no sign of Pastor Josh being arrested again.

He then took the paper Pastor Josh had found, and he said, "We are here to send you to where Jesus Christ will send you. By burning this last piece of paper with your stamp of evil upon, we were fortunate to have found it. We now in the name of Jesus Christ, take you out of this home, and out of the boundaries of the home. We take you out of Hannah. In the name of Jesus Christ, no darkness will fall upon her, or her home."

Pastor Josh was to come in, he repeated the same as Simon did, and the prayers were strong. The olive oil ready in each hand, to anoint the home. The fire was burning the paper left to harm. A scream came of many voices, and the front door flew open. The sound of them leaving was a sound of fear. The home lost their energies.

The whole six of them were about to pray over the home, when Jude came in. He apologized for being late. Elder Micheal said, "Would you allow me to go into the attic, or loft as you call it. I have to pour the olive oil in there."

Jude said, "Oh yes, do that please. I will come up there with you, and show you the place the boxes were paid for so long."

The rest went through out the whole house, even into cabinets, and wardrobes, and any space that had another space inside it. The car was done, and on the inside too. Inside the bonnet, and the boot.

The tape that Thomas had given Hannah, was put on. Hymns were being sung. Praises given. The house was free of all evil contacts.

Pastor Josh thanked Simon for coming. Simon said to the Pastor, "To give freedom the chance to heal this lady, is the work of the truth. The two elders were leaving with Pastor Josh. And Paul was left with Jude.

Paul said, "I have to go to work now, and Hannah will be able to come home this afternoon. Will you come and pick her up Jude?" Jude said, "Hallelujah, we have the tight drum of evil removed. This means the rest of the family will be free of the darkness."

The time came for Paul to see Hannah. He said, "Hannah, your well, and your specialist could not find any of the arrest you had last night, today. He told me that he had never seen a person have scans done of near death. That today, the required scans showed you had no arrest at all. All the chambers of the heart are clear. It was like looking at two different people. Your heart is very good. Has no signs of trouble."

Jude took Hannah to his car, knowing it was his own mother. As he looked at her, she had a face of peace. Her color was healthy looking. Her tight eyes, were soft, and wide open. Her mouth was not pinched, but softly set. Even her body seemed less tense. She looked like she had been on holiday. For the one time she could have been killed by demons.

Jude said to Hannah, "I will be back soon, just want to say something to Paul." he went over to Paul, and said,' I have to act as if nothing is changed, but look at her, she is different altogether now."

When they arrived back at the house, Hannah said, "The trees are looking well Jude, something is different here." Jude knew, but acted as if not. When she got into the house, she saw the ring, and photo. She took the ring, and placed it in the draw. The photo she put into the envelope, there was no fear in her eyes at all. She acted as if they were there all the time.

She knew that Jude was her son, but how does she come out to tell him? She had to get Sven back, that she knew. The time had come for Sven to be able to go to the house. He was still in Adelaide, but he arranged travel the very next day. He took his aged body, and all his love for Annette on the trust that he was at the right place now, to find her? His trust was in the Lord.

Chapter Seven

Hannah was taking her evening shower after coming back from hospital. Her mind was on Jude. She knew one day she would have to tell him. She did not know he already knew. She wanted to find out how this photo, and ring managed to come to her address? She was sure Sven was closer then Denmark.

Her mind began to recall her memories of war time. The evenings in the snow. The cafe, the music he played. The evening they were very close. That was when Jude was expected. Her needing love so much. Made her very vulnerable at times. She could never understand the rejections.

She dried her body, and put on her gown. Went to the lounge room, and switched on the low lamp. She felt peace in her home. It was different. Gently she turned over how to tell Jude the truth? She prayed, and heard the Holy Spirit. " My child ye shalt not be disappointed. "

In the morning she was sleeping in longer. As she went to go to get dressed, she peered out of her window. She looked at her watch, and saw one p.m. Had she been asleep so long? A knock came onto her front door. She went to open it. There in front of her stood a old man. She looked at him saying," Yes, how can I help you?" he said, "I come from Adelaide, and want to see a Annette here?"

Hannah stood there thinking, how does this man know my name is Annette? He looked at her with his glasses off now. She looked back at him, and saw the eyes of Sven. Age took no measure to his eyes. The window of his soul. She said slowly," Sven is this really you?" He smiled saying," I have come from abroad to find you. I have had the people who deal with this, help me. It was not easy."

She took his hand, and said, "Come in, you will see that I have changed with age too." Sven came in, and she made him a cup of hot tea. He sat down, and took off his hat. There before her was her one, and only true love. His hair waved like when young. His blue eyes shot the glimmer of brightness, as in his youth. He said, "You will wonder why the wedding ring Annette?" Annette said, "Yes I did, and the photo, I felt somehow you got it to me. That you carried it for years?"

Sven said, "I bought the wedding ring, just after the war, I wanted to find you, but you were gone from Denmark. I wanted to marry you. I was wounded, and I was sent to another country. I tried to look for you everywhere. Then I come to think, I have lost you, that a nice man has taken you, and I was broken hearted all my life."

Annette said, "Sven, I was the same as you, broken hearted all my life. I did not marry, or have another man. I did not know how to find you. You were alive in my heart forever." Sven said, "You were in mine forever too, that is why that is engraved in the ring. We can talk over things, and maybe now, you may marry a old man!"

Annette said, "This is wonderful, you have found me, I was in very much trouble. You remember my mother?" Sven said, "Ugh! Yes, I could never see how a beautiful young lady could have such a ugly mean, and abusing mother?"

Annette said, "Well she has been lifted from my life, the evil she did, came upon me, because I was her child. I am a Christian now, and I still have to battle." Sven said, "No Annette, if you take my proposal, you are never alone, I am a Christian all my life. How you think I was helped Annette? It was by the Holy Spirit."

Annette came closer to Sven, and said, "You have a son, he is called Argus Sven, but he was stolen, and taken as another mothers child, who called him Jude. I have him coming here, and I lied to him, that I was Annette's sister. Now he really must know. It may be easier with you here now."

Sven said, you had a very hard life, as I did too. Call this Jude, and we talk open faced." Annette said, "We have a grand daughter, and a grand son. Argus, and Britte." Sven said in surprise, "Ah! This is very good news for me. Does Jude look a bit like me. Annette said, "He is exactly like you, in every way. Annette are we too old to marry?" Annette said, "There is a word never to say, and that is never." Sven got up, and sat beside her. He stroked her hair just like he did when they were young. She turned to him, and then he kissed her.

Annette was so overwhelmed by this turning in her life. Her house was different, her own inner self was different. Sven had finally come to her. She realized that how she was told he was coming, by lies to be said by her, was not at all going to happen.

Her whole life had to be cleansed, and given the truth, before anything was going to be given her. Annette said, "Where are you staying here in Victoria?" Sven said, "I had the idea to go to a motel. But I have not arranged that yet, I will call a taxi, and then go to a motel." Annette said, "Where is your luggage?" Sven smiled, and said, its being held in a holding bay in Tullermarine Airport. I have had to pay for that, but they said they would send it when I am at an address.

Annette looked at Sven, and said, "Unusual for that to be done, but I suppose you gave a good story, knowing you." Sven said, "I told them that if my destiny was not going to be alright, I would be flying back. But I have no flat in Adelaide now. The furniture was transported to Victoria, and its being held too. Costly business. "

Annette said, "Ah Sven, we have already broken the law by having a child out of wedlock, so how would you feel staying here? I mean we are going to marry, and to save time, and troubles, my house is your house."

Sven said, tomorrow we call Jude, and give him his father, me." Annette said, "This will give all the loose ends a means to put all right. We will unite our family forever."

Things were heading for completion. The saga of life has its first bright chance for Sven, and Annette. There was some other things to put right to come.

Chapter Eight

The night was spent with Sven, and Annette sleeping in her house, in different bedrooms. Annette wanted to have time to adjust to this miracle.

Jude, Argus, and Britte, was invited to who they still called Hannah, for dinner. It was a Saturday, so a day free. When they arrived there, Jude saw this old man in the house. He said, "Hannah, introduce me to your friend."

Hannah said, "I think we should have our dinner, and then have a good talk after it. There is some very big changes to be brought to you."

Argus was looking at Sven, he thought, there is something about this old man. He has eyes like my father, no, he looks like my father, but old. Britte was also quite sure something was about to be opened up to them. Jude thought that this old man was like him, but that is coincidence.

The meal was enjoyed, and the conversation was about every day things. Hannah brought in the coffee, and after dinner mints.

They sat there in silence for a while. Hannah said, "Jude, I have a confession to make to you. I am Annette strait, your real mother." Jude said, "Yes, I do know that." Annette said, "Goodness how on earth could you, I lied to you?"

Jude explained the way this all came about. Annette said, "So I have had curses from my mother?" Jude said, "As your my mother, I want to call you that. In the hospital, Paul Dentin, the doctor who assisted you, saw the curses. He did a very good orchestrated end to this for you, but not only for you, for me, for your grand children. Pastor Josh, and the two elders you know, also did a great deal to end this. But there was one man who was able to read the energies in your house, his name is Simon. He was a red Indian. He came to Jesus Christ, on-----I think he said twenty two years ago, or near that."

Hannah said, "I am not Hannah Barkley, it was a cop out to the truth, I thought you would be against me for failing to be your mother."

Sven said, "It is my turn now, I am your father Jude, I am Sven, but really Argus is my real name. We have been given the Grace to bring our family together, I Hope you will receive me as your father."

Jude got up and said, "My name is Argus too, that is right mother?" Annette said, "Yes Jude, but how do we call you today?" Jude said, "I am used to Jude, but willing to take Argus, but it will be somewhat confusing with three Argus's in the three generations."

Sven said, "Well I am known as Sven, you as Jude, and Argus as Argus. So why not leave it at that?" Annette said, "We are thinking of getting married Jude, and make this all legal." Britte said, "Wow! I am so pleased to find the end of this long, and hard path to find our real family. My Dad, your son, has been going through all manner of ways to find you-----I suppose I ought to call you granddad."

Sven said, "I am your granddad, and I was hard to find, for I too thought that I would be forgotten."

A knock came onto he front door, and Jude went to answer it. When he came back, Pastor Josh was with him. Pastor Josh said, "My, you do have a house full Hannah." Sven said, "I take it your the Pastor of the district?" Pastor Josh said, "Yes indeed, but this is a city. We are in Melbourne city. Pleased to meet you."

Annette got up, and said, "Pastor Josh, my real name is Annette strait, and this is Sven, my future husband. Jude is my son, and Argus, and Britte, are our grand children."

Pastor Josh smiled, he had a knowing look about him. His mature years had seen many an unfolding of the love of Jesus Christ. He said, "Ah yes, he knows his own. Jesus Christ knew all of you, he loved you all so much, that he gave his blood for all children to return to him."

Jude said, "I believe that, just as I thought it would never come----- That is to find my father. Here he is without any sign given to me, to know he was is led to me."

Pastor Josh said, "What is not possible for man, is possible for God. For within the holy trinity, the Holy Spirit comes to comfort. Also to bring at the right time, and not before, the reward you all earned so well. Plus my dear ones, God is supernatural, we are not."

Annette said, "Yes, it is sad to know that humans think they are supernatural, and get led, as I did, with the darkness. As long as it was dark, I could not see."

Pastor Josh said, "I will be glad to marry you both. Let me give you a example. I once new a lady, who was a beautiful kind lady. She had occult family background. This lady, and I do not mean you Annette. This lady was rejected to the core, she fought to keep her life in some sort of order. She received pain, upon pain. Her heart was broken so many times."

Jude said, "That is so sad Pastor, for I know that other humans can be so cruel to this sort of person, you know, when down, kick them down more."

Pastor Josh said, "Indeed, and at the times she was kicked, or insulted, the enemy came in attack, and brought her into depression. In the pain of depression, her body was in pain too. She-----Many times, nearly gave up on the one person she loved, ready to ignore this man she loved, for a time, not for good. She forgot in the time of it all, that the man too had the enemy at him. So he was making words he did not mean. The enemy made him feel uncertain about living with this lady. When deep inside he knew, she was the only lady that made him feel whole. I do not mean at any cost, that she made him feel whole above Jesus Christ. She made him feel whole as a man. His other encounters never got anywhere. He fought to keep a life, that he was very unhappy in. He had to make a choice. So for ten years this couple had tidal waves at times. The lady never stopped loving him. She stood by him. She had times when she felt this was never going to be together. That again was the enemy. Satan attacks love. He pounces on people at the times they are fragile. So it causes doubt, hurt, uncertainty. This is how satan breaks up people. Ah-----Yes-----Many times I have seen breakups, and they then lose any foundation, its gone. This lady gave all she had to him, she never asked for anything, she was only interested in his love for her. She had been married to an alcoholic. The man had been married to a hard, and controlling women, where he lost his identity.

He learned, so did the lady, that to keep loving, is the only way to win all things. You see, Jesus is love, so in Jesus we are loved. He forgives us, and knows our flesh is weak. So to love Jesus Christ, and keep the battle in the knowledge that it is a spiritual battle, we are never forsaken. So this lady did not forsake this man. He always regretted his words, knowing he may have hurt her. Which he did. So as satan hurts us, love will cause him a harder battle to win over love. The same was with the lady, and the man, who kept love. In the right time, they got their home together. They made a commitment in their hearts. Love never fails. So here we are this evening, finding that as the greatest foundation to any couples lives. Oh I remember her at times just about to split her life, love stopped her."

Sven said, "Yes, this family reunion, and understanding of the enemy doing the path of evil, lost. Satan lost. Now I came tonight because I had the Holy Spirit guide me to find yet another great salvation. Not just the family found, and bonded, but in Jesus Christ. The whole church is the body of Christ. So when would you like this marriage to be Sven?"

Sven said, "In a way I am already married to Annette. I had a ring, but its old now. It has forever in it."

Pastor Josh said, "The age of the ring has no bearing on today. Its a bit like a small wheel in a large wheel. The large wheel does not turn. The small wheel does turn. Like us, we are the small wheel, and Jesus Christ is the big wheel. The beginning, and the end of the age. Yet no circle has a beginning, or end. The Alpha, and the Omega. Enough said."

The evening ended on arrangements for the wedding was two weeks. They were going to buy a new ring, because the ring had been tarnished by the demonic force, in the cleansing of Annette's house. The demons used it to float in the air, and then become a weapon, as it tried to hit those who were claiming Jesus Christ's authority.

The day of the wedding came. Annette was so happy. Sven was feeling like he had a new youthful life again. Jude was the best man, and Britte the maid of honor. Argus just wanted to drive the car. Elder Thomas was giving the bride away."

Jude was in the church with Sven. Argus driving Annette, and Britte, to the church. Pastor Josh had invited the church to participate as guests. The elders were in total awe of this whole scene. Doctor Paul Dentin was taking his place, as he played the organ.

Annette, and Britte, were coming down the aisle. The music that Sven played in war time for Annette, was being played by Paul Dentin. Sven looked round, and saw above the two of them a great shining light. Jude said to Sven," Can you see the light?" Sven nodded. Pastor Josh saw it too. He knew it was the way the Holy Spirit rejoiced in this salvation.

Pastor Josh began the wedding service. He began by saying, "Brethren we are gathered here today, to witness a marriage given by a miracle. Who gives this bride?" elder Thomas said, "I do." Pastor Josh said, "We have a unusual father figure, its not the father this time, but our elder Thomas." They all clapped.

The service went very beautifully. As they became husband, and wife, the church had a angelic tune played. To the surprise of Sven, and Annette, there was a choir singing, blessed assurance.

At the end of the wedding service, and the choir stopping. Jude began to speak, it was a language known to God. Speaking in tongues. Jude had no idea this was gong to come upon him.

Pastor Josh said, "The angels know this language, it is a very high blessing for this wedding. It was given that nothing is lost with our Heavenly Father. His Grace bestowed upon this day has sealed the two married, as one."

Meanwhile Jude was quite surprised, as he had never spoken in tongues.

The wedding March played, and Sven took his life long love in his arms, and kissed her. They walked out of the church with the most natural bonding known.

The reception was held in the churches hall. Where they hold other functions. Above in the ceiling were balloons. They cascaded down to all. Pastor Josh said, "Each balloon is a representative of a blessing to each one who could catch one. I made sure there is enough for all to receive a blessing."

Then the time came to leave the hall. A car was waiting for the bride, and groom. As they all went out of the hall, the night sky had golden whispers of love. Everyone there saw the glittering gold shimmers around the moon, and stars.

The miracle was done. The time was to show that all are given the love of our Heavenly Father. Heaven rejoices in salvation. For here Sven at seventy, and Annette at late sixties, were in a holy marriage. The real marriage was to Jesus Christ, our Heavenly Father, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

The End

Martha Brooks

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