God's Instrument

The Instrument

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book titled God's Instrument - The Instrument written by Author Martha Brooks. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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God's Instrument

The Instrument

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled God's Instrument - The Instrument written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Instrument E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Chapter One

In today's way of life, people do not recognize a person who was given life upon this earth, for one reason only.

That reason is, the person will suffer to be able to give to others. Many people think that people who are of use, are the wealthy. Anyone with money, has many so called friends. Friends who would leave them is they became poor.

In the our technical world, we are governed by robots. Ah yes! But the robots are made from human brain, that is how the technical world became born. ---Is it?--- Is that how people think the world is? To have machines do work mankind is capable of doing.

The result of technology, started the separation of mankind communicating. They now communicate through machines. Be it computer, or mobile phones. The work force has taken employment from mankind. So unemployment is high. The governments think the meager small sum they give the poor, is a living.

Out in the big wide world, is an abundance of good. The good was stolen, so that the wealthy gain more, and more. The poor, gain less, and less.

There is a third world war going on right now. If the nuclear war came, as it is written by mans folly. That is the end of the world, as we know it today.

So where does a rich man gain in that? He gains his eternal life, with his own seeds he sowed on earth. Be it as he has done.

Back in the early days, it was seen that television took over families. Even in the pubs of alcohol drinking, they were looking at the television screen. The other person would be talking to them, but there was no connection.

The human body was created to be in action. To exercise, and have mental exercise too. The glory of one's self worth diminished with time.

There were people working their bodies for their earnings. Their earnings were a means to self appreciation of doing their bit.

A farmer would be happy getting his harvest. The cows gave milk, and were reared by hand. All farmers gave honor to their farm animals. As they gave their worth in labor too.

Shops would be a separate concern. Dairy for dairy. Bakers for bread. Butchers for meat. Trades for home sewing, knitting, and other kinds of added needs. All made by mankind.

Public relations were the top class way of serving their customers. Banks would aid people with loans, that had no interest of killing their living, in time. The interest was fair. Not murder.

Children used to meet on the street, and play. Today no children are seen meeting to play. They are on computers talking to friends. Or they are planning crimes of petty deeds.

The streets of today, are not safe. The roads were once a patient place to drive in. Today they are, who is the boss of the road? Every driver who does not obey rights.

No child is safe out on a street anymore. Young people have no respect for the aged. Laws are broken every second of time.

The world is in separate fragments. One type live one way, and another type, another way. Those that are hungry, are not fed. The cold are given more cold. How can any of us live under such a lie? What is it that stops people caring for each other?

Today one goes into a supermarket. To be treated as if the staff are giving them, and have to abide in their negativity. A customer is refused pleasant service. Clothes are made by size? Not so. An eighteen can fit a twelve size person, and a twelve size person can fit in an eighteen. Children are dressed in adult fashions, and taught how to be selfish.

Someone can be in real need, and very unable to walk, or see, or afford normal things in life. A person can fall, and all walk the other side of the road. Help them? Never. Most are atheists today. To them God is not real. A fairy story.

While someone is very much in torture of pain, the ones who say the most, and say nothing, are the selfish ones. They think that if they walk away, the person will go away. The next day, the needy person is still in the same place. They go far away in Hope the needy does not see them.

Someone loses a person to death. What do others do to help their grief? Give unworthy words of no use. They hurt the person more.

How can anyone reading this story, ignore the plain truth right in front of their eyes.

Stop! Think about it.

If you are wealthy, do you think you are above help? If so, then your wealth is nothing. For wealth is the heart, the soul, and the spirit. The greatest bank account to own, is to be happy with portions given.

To share if there is more for one then another.

Not one person is free to think they are so wealthy, that they can rise above others. For they too, can be given death while alive. In fact, many are dead, while alive.

No offense is meant, what is said is, wake up to yourselves. Even animals are given the chemical foods.

Humans are living on chemicals. Behavior is abnormal. Due to living in a chemical food chain.

The food chain speaks volumes. This number, and that number, so that the carrot eaten is no more a carrot. But a chemical carrot. All other foods are that way too.

The smell of home cooking has left the home. The fast foods are coming by delivery. Nothing to wash up, just throw the rubbish away. Thus the chemicals in the rubbish, are contaminating our world.

What is so hard to wash nappies? Of diapers in other countries. Where did the baby clothes knitted, and made, go to? What pride of being a parent can be, when all is a throw away society?

Is it too hard to wash the baby with a cloth, that is used again many times, and saves money? Plus far more normal for the babies skin. No, its wipes now, throw away wipes. Think about it, every wipe, or nappy/diaper depending again on country talk. How much do you think is going into the bin?

So when the bins are all collected, there is gases accumulating in the rubbish. Over time the tips are a danger zone. It has been proven, by housing estates built near the tips. Then years later, the houses are not worth one cent. Due to nobody will buy an home with gases near the estate.

This one chapter opens up the truth of the third world war. Its here, not just for now, but for many many years.

People are angry, unhappy, and depressed by chemicals, that cause normal behavior to be abnormal. The Brian has a chemical imbalance. Then called depression.

Drugs are given to ease this depression, but it cannot heal, due to the continuation of food chain chemicals. The brain is an organ, so would be given trouble through abnormal foods.

The supermarket is one big pantry. All lives of the food is treated. Prices have risen to above the pocket of the poorer people.

Now to the simple reason for this being written. God made us. He made the animals too. He gave grains for the harvesting. Fruit for the body, grown as fresh fruit. Meat, and all other foods, are made by our Heavenly Father, holy. He made no chemicals. For if he had, then from the first time in the age, chemicals would be already in them.

A lady called Josephine came to Vera. She said, "Please let me help you." Vera was surprised. As help was not there for Vera. Vera said, "Thank you so much."

Josephine put the two bags in Vera's boot of her car, and said, "You are in so much pain, I once worked in hospital for eighteen years, and I know that your in torture."

As Vera was about to leave, Josephine burst into tears. Vera was not able to stand long at all. It was raining, and very cold. She was waiting for a major operation. Josephine said, "I am so lonely, and my son committed suicide seven months ago. He was forty four years of age." Josephine's hands were shaking, as she tried to get out his photo. And a letter from a priest. She said, "I am seventy six years old now."

Vera had pain shooting all through her bottom half of her body. But her heart was with Josephine, and she took no time for her own pain, but listened to another pain.

Josephine said, "How do you stay and listen to me, with such pain? I should not be keeping you."

Vera said, "What would I be, if I ignored another in pain, and thought only for myself? I would not be doing the work the Lord wants me to do. Pain is what my life has been about. I am not known by anyone but one person. Only one person knows me. Others never know who I am. I have said this in many ways."

Josephine said, "In the war we lived under a bridge, for five years. Germans were killing us off slowly. I asked my mother to give me bread, and she could not give me, so I kept on, and on. Then she slapped me, to shut me up. We got a small quarter of bread a day. I am from Malta, but Jewish. The priest told me I would see my son again. But how can I see him in spirit?"

Vera said, "Please never go to a medium, or anyone who says they can contact your son. As that is satan's work. It is not true. I can think of one way that may help you." Josephine said, "Please, yes-----Yes-----I need something." Vera said, "This is only a method of dealing with it. But using a couple of visible things. Your love for your son, and his for you, is alive! Love never fails. His spirit belongs to God.

I am not with our father's intelligence, for he is supernatural. I am not. So I speak on earthly terms. Although what I say is merely a way of accepting what is not able to change.

Take some cotton wool in your hand. Look at it, and think of the love you have, that is alive. The cotton wool is cotton wool, but you can use it as a means of feeling the softness of your love for your son.

Keep it in a tissue, or container. So every time you need to talk in your grief, take the same cotton wool, and use it as a means of feeling the soft true love you have for him.

It is not him, but a way of filling up the emptiness, while your talking your grief out.

In another room, never the same one, get an hard pillow, and when anger comes, punch the pillow, for this will relieve your inner anger, and sorrow, each time your angry.

That is natural, for losing a son is devastating.

These two means are to help you actually feel something in your hands, while in sorrow."

Josephine said, "This sounds like a good way for me to use something to bring out my feelings, rather then me keep them in. In the war, I knew hunger, and destruction." Vera said, "You are strong to come from that war. You are strong enough to know Jesus Christ too. The strength you need today is given you by Jesus. Look not for your son's spirit, for that is with God. Nobody has seen God. They have seen him only one way, Jesus Christ, who is one with the father.

In weakness, Jesus is with you even more. Ask not where is he? For its in the inside he lives in you, not the outside. The same with God. God knew that your son would do what he did. You will feel angry at God?"

Josephine said, "Yes, I am angry that he let it happen." Vera said, "God did not let it happen, he is holy, and anything unholy, is not from God. It is from satan. Your son committed suicide in depression. His marriage was finished, and he could not cope. This is the time that satan and his demons, come into the hurting heart, and causes such to happen. Your son had choice.

It was his choice to leave life. He left you a letter asking you not to grieve, as he loves you. But you are the one left here, and are not able to understand love, that ends his life from you, on earth at this time.

You will have time to work upon this, as often it is a testing. Lose not your faith in God."

Josephine took hold of Vera, and said, "You are a gift from God, and a very different lady. One I would like to be with all the time. Because you my dear, have helped me more then anyone else has. I have Germans in the war. And then my son marries a German, who was a nasty women. How do I ever get that?"

Vera said, "Your son was an adult when he chose her. It was up to him, not you, to choose. Besides that, why blame Germans that were not in the war, for the war? That is judgmental, I understand that, but its not quite correct.

Many marriages are not marriages today.

A true marriage is where the two become one. Marriage is not about paper. Its about hearts, and souls."

Josephine said, "Yes-----I am so-----She cries, her eyes of loss showing, and then she continued, saying," I had to meet you today, your such a special lady." Vera said, "No, I am not, I am the same as you, I can commit a sin myself too. Sometimes through sheer frustration of today's pace. Nobody is a person anymore, we are all numbers.

I tell you Josephine we are in war now, not only by the earth and the prince of the air, but by chemicals that cause things like depression. This is how satan is using his powers over us.

We have to be aware of it all.

Sometimes we do not even know what he is doing. I speak on the food chain, so that people do realize the menace of money, and evil it creates. We are being poisoned slowly.

Some of us survive this, and live to the ripe age. Others do not. Your son was caught in the web of deceit. You still have your life to live, as long as God wants you here, so in that there is honor given you.

I know you feel God does not love you, by taking your son, but understand, God took nothing from you.

Satan did the darkness over your son's mind. Now you have to get the grief into order, and allow your anger to come out, and your tears to be shed. It is the way of healing your soul. You empty out the unwanted things, that caused you to not like God anymore.

I know that I have heard people say God is to blame, but its hardly ever heard, that satan is the war monger. The spiritual war is in full blast right now. The Holy Spirit, the comforter.

One day you will have to-----For your own sake, and others around you, accept, the unacceptable. This does not mean God is cruel, it means your faith is kept, while on the straight and narrow path.

Its not an easy path. For Jesus Christ had suffering like we could not manage. We are not equipped as the son of man is. Think about this Josephine, all mankind are God's children. He is our father, our parent, our teacher, and our eternal life.

He lost his children in the same way you lost your son. There were other ways that his children were taken, but he loves us all.

To God, his children suicide by going with satan. For once there, and never out, they are dead. They perish. Satan has no love in his being. He understands no love. So he tricks people into self mastery, and the likes of other gods.

All the other gods, are satan. Christian science is satanic, scientology is satanic. Spiritualists are walking with satan, and familiar spirits, who were once, gods angels.

More, and more people are given the road of no return. So allow yourself to be in God's hands. Ask for his help, and give you the right people you need."

Josephine said, "I still say, your something other then just an human, as you say, and mean, how you stood here for an hour, and half, in the wet, and cold, and in pain, is-----No-----Your someone which God gave to others, like me today, a gift from God, that is what you are. I am feeling so much better already, just by you giving me your time. What has impacted me mostly, is I know by working in hospital for eighteen years, what your going through.

Yet here you are not thinking of yourself, but helping me." Vera shook her head, as she never ever wanted credit, for all credit is to the glory of God, through Jesus Christ. Yes she was suffering the pain, and she was suffering the pain, and the wet, and cold.

But her main concern was, if she held onto a chemical of self indulgence, and let the woman go away without giving her time, she was not taking her pain as part of the cross she has to carry, and follow Jesus.

She was not a good Samaritan. No lesson was learned. Instead she did her best. Then prayed for the lady in privacy of her home. Let it go to Jesus to help Josephine. She may never see her again, but the one time, was all it took to give comfort.

When she went in her home, her hair was wet, she was getting a runny nose from cold, her pain increased, in standing so long. Her heart was sound in the way that Jesus had pain for all mankind, the children of his father. So how hard was it to give this lady her time? Not at all a waste of time. But a blessing, as she knows that all things are sent to us, for reasons. How we handle it, is what Jesus can see.

Her thoughts went back to chemicals. These are lies, as are all false things. Vera was dissecting the lies in this world today, yesterday, and tomorrow, until mankind learn to be family to each other.

Chapter Two

The morning still greeted Vera with cold, and wet weather. She wanted a bit of sunshine, and dry weather, so that she could get her things done, that meant dry weather needed.

As she took her day slowly, she thought about the lady who lost her son. The Pastor was coming to see her this morning. He had a small favor to ask her. He rang the bell, and Vera went to let him in. He had a man with him. He said to Vera, "This is Victor, his wife Tess, is very unwell." Vera said, "Oh Pastor Lee, you know I will do all I can." Pastor Lee said, "Yes, but I do know your not well." Vera said, "Once again Pastor, I say that I am better at helping when in pain. Not that many would understand that."

Victor looked at Vera with some concern, and said, "I am told that your way of delivering the Holy Spirits help, is somehow different." Vera smiled and said, "In many ways, the work is aiding me too! For while I am thinking of others, I learn more, and more. Now tell me what is your troubles?"

Victor said, "My wife has gone funny. She is distant to me, and has no interest in me at all. I am wondering if she has another man?"

Pastor Lee said, "I am used to Vera, and I will make us an hot drink, that's OK Vera?"

Vera said, "Sure it is, saves me making it."

Victor said, "Am I losing my wife?"

Vera said, "First of all we have to find the root of this change."

Victor said, "It all started when my Uncle came. He has a very posh home, a brand new car, and anything he wants. She asked why I had not provided for her that way?"

Vera said, "Uh huh! So we have a kind of your to blame for not having the same. Is your Uncle happy?"

Victor said, "Never, he is always getting new things, and then puts them in a place, never to be used."

Vera said, "Right, well here we have a man in your family, he has lost his reason for life. He gets things to fill his life up, and finds no satisfaction. His soul is hungry."

Victor said, "That is about right, his temper is short, and he wants serving all the time. Its just that she started to want time with him."

Vera said, "The root is her own dissatisfaction in life. She has a mental view that things are power, and power are things. I am sad to see that Victor. Has she dressed in different ways to see him?"

Victor said, "No, she is more dull then ever. She only gets happier when she is going to see him."

Victor thought for a while and then said, "You know, when she lost her job, she got so down. She was depressed. So she went to the doctor, and he gave her nothing to go on."

Vera said, "Ah, yes I see. Her job was her outlook in life. Having it close on her, has caused her grief. So by going to see your Uncle, she feels she is getting something lost, found. But then comes home, and finds she is lost again. Does she believe in Jesus Christ?"

Victor said, "She did, but stopped going to church, and having time with other Christians. She started saying that all this Christianity depresses her. You see-----Um-----My Uncle is-----Oh dear-----He is into-----No better I tell the truth-----He is a medium, and goes to a spiritualist group. He got me to meet them once. I can tell you it gave me the shivers. There they were, dressed in things like out of space. Talking about spirits. I was not impressed. But my wife was. She took it that her dead mother was talking to her, and my Uncle was doing this, he was doing-----Um-----I think its called readings."

Vera said, "There is the real root. How long since her mother passed?" Victor said, "Four months ago. My Uncle never used to visit us, but he came not long after that, as he was at the funeral. He was talking to other family members, telling them that Tess had her mother standing by her at the funeral."

Vera said, "Would Tess come and see me?" Victor said, "She will not see Pastor Lee, so I am not sure she will you."

Vera said, "I can tell you, somehow she will be sent to me, somehow a time will put her in my path." Pastor Lee said, "I heard that Victor, I know that its highly possible, for I have seen Vera getting her prayers answered. I have witnessed many times, how Vera has helped break the hardest of cases sent to me. I am a Pastor, but I have gifts in other ways. Vera is an instrument. "

Victor said, "Instrument, so what do you play?" Vera said, "I am the instrument for the Holy Spirit, who talks with me in many times of needs for others."

Victor said, "Huh, well if that is so, Pastor told me how much your in pain, how come then your not healed, by doing good for others?" Vera said, "I will be healed, but in the time that is right, not my time, but the lords time.

My pain is rotten yes, torture and all the time. I also know that in my pain, I am given understanding to others in pain. For even Jesus did not please himself, he had pain far greater, then we have. He still did as his father told him. He once thought he was forsaken, but it was just a time for our Heavenly Father to complete his work. He is Abba Father, our parent, and our only true life.

Jesus did not forsake his father, or us. He took the highest pain of all, to save us, for we are children of God. God sent him for the saving of all mankind. So how can I complain? I sure do at times, but there is a reason for all things."

Victor said, "You have any children?" Vera said, "I had children, four of them, but they were taken from me, and I had to let them go."

Victor said, "So how can you justify that?" Vera said, "I do not know now why, but I will know in the here after.

I am at the age now, to understand more, but in my early years, I never understood. So I know pain of loss, depression, anxiety, stress, poverty, loss of home, and out on the streets. Yes I know about pain.

In many reading so the Bible, it is said that pain is part of the straight and narrow road.

People will make up their own laws of how Jesus is. Some have him this way, or that way. Some religions are fighting against another religion. So war begins. In truth, Jesus is the one and only church.

He is never changed to suit any organized way to prove himself. The body if Christ is very important to understand. He walked amongst people.

He gave his whole life to his father. For his father, and Jesus are as one. You Victor have an attack of darkness in your home. It has come to attack your wife. She is grieving, and in that, was led to your Uncle, who is walking the path of destruction. Here is a time for you to hold onto your faith, with all your might. "

Victor said, "So how does this help my life at home?"

Vera said, "Examples of your faith are done in actions, in times like this, words are better left out, and actions are talking louder. When Tess is ready, she will ask you for your reason in faith.

Then its best to take baby steps, let her give you her new idea of life, be it as satanic as it is. For you will know that is the darkness talking through her. She has choices too.

Her soul will suffer hunger so much, that she will look at this one day. Until then, just pray for her.

How about you make a time away for you both? This will bring you a quality time. She needs you more then ever now. But who she needs the most, is Jesus Christ."

Pastor Lee said, "You see Victor, this is the first step. Climb the steps as they come. Its a test for you too Victor." Victor said to Vera, "May I come and see you again, and work in your knowledge of such things?" Vera said, "Your welcome to, but you already have the answers. All I can do is support you. That is my part in this with you."

Victor left with Pastor Lee, and said, "You never spoke much at all, being a Pastor, I would have thought your words would have been more?" Pastor Lee said, "I am in service for Jesus Christ, but I do not have all the gifts. So if another is gifted, who am I to over take that? It was to be given to Vera, who is gifted in such things. We are in an orchestra.

Is one instrument is not playing well, then the whole concert is spoiled. No sound is pure. For each are gifted in their own instrument.

There is a conductor in all concerts. Now if the conductor is not willing to give each person the rights to their gift, he is not in the concert at all. He is looking for self credit. The show is not going to be gifted. It will fail.

So as with me, a Pastor, but not the only lead to the lords work. Every child of God, is prepared for working for him. He will not use a poor instrument. The times he takes to give gifts, are only when the testings have proven to be his work. Nothing else will work.

So Vera is different, in many ways. Her life has had deepest sadness, and some real hard lessons. As she said, her pain is her teacher in a way."

Victor said, "Well that blows me away, because it makes sense. I suppose she too has had failings?"

Pastor Lee said, "I am not at liberty to give her privacy out, all I can say is yes, she has had failings, but these failings were also teaching her. She is not known to who she is.

You see Victor, in many cases, Jesus will work with the child he chose to do the work. It that child abides in Jesus Christ, she may fail at times, but will never fail in her gift. For failure can mean to learn more, or to try to understand the language not spoken. The Holy Spirit works in majestic ways, the highest mercy of all."

Victor now had a good way to look at his own lessons. Yes this Vera was going to be of support to him, but she will not do the work, Victor has to.

She will give him her gift of understanding, but again, has to leave it to Victor.

For she knew the Lord does help in all cases. The blind will not see what is in front of them.

It can be staring them in the face, but they do not see.

Vera was going to be very busy in this challenge. It meant she was to learn from it as well. Pastor Lee had many people he wanted to bring to Vera, but all in good time.

Vera was going to get her afternoon rest. The door bell rang, and she found a man there she did not know.

He said he was Charles, and in a state of troubles. He had heard of her by a friend, who went to the church in town.

She sat down with him, and they began to talk. He said he was very wealthy, yet he felt poor. That he gives people contacts to the dead! And that he has had proof of contacts to the dead.

But he felt an evil energy around him. Over the years, he had fallen in the darkness, but knew not where he was. As he gave people readings, he got sick, his heart was pacing, and his temper short.

His life was missing something.

Vera said, "Can you give me more details to this?"

Charles said, "Well-----I have a lady called Tess coming to me for constant readings to get her mother."

Vera said, "Good God, thank you, how quick my prayer is answered, and all in one day. "

Charles said, "She keeps coming, and looks so drab, and is very low in her image of life. She is braking up her marriage, and it looks like I am doing it, for her husband is Victor, who is a family member to me.

I went to the church, and found nobody there, but I got in the church. I suddenly got a man come near me, he said he was harry.

He wanted to know if he could help me? So I said I needed a person who can understand about spirits! Harry told me that a Vera is a very good source to go to. I asked your address, so here I am."

Vera said, "Victor came this morning here. He knows I will help support him. But you need a greater support then he does.

For in what your doing, your getting demons taking you over. In the end, you will suffer the path of hell. You are very likely possessed. This means you need Pastor Lee.

I suggest you go home and think about it. Then take the chance to be free of the work of satan.

Go and make an appointment with Pastor Lee, and you will have riches that are the truth. Your money, or wealth, will give you nothing in the end. As long as you carry on doing the work of satan. I tell it how it is Charles."

Charles said, "Well I have been wanting to come out of this rubbish, for many times I have made things up. I take a person, and say things that will con them. They actually answer that I am right all the time. But they do not know I am talking in ways, that make them tell me what to say to them. So that means they too are in the darkness?"

Vera said, "Yes, that is certain." Charles said, "I never enjoy life, I buy all the time, and then waste what I buy. I give nothing to others, and expect them to serve me. For I thought I was the only power there is, as money is by large amounts in my life. I have hated it at times."

Charles left, and took Vera as a straight and honest person. He wanted to be out of his inner jail.

He decided to call the Pastor in the morning. Vera had her one case coming to freedom of harm done by satan. She had peace in her heart, and soul.

They were going to meet in another week. So Vera had to find a way not to give confidence out on one another. A tricky situation. Her prayers were for guiding her to do this in the best way.

In the evening, Vera took her nights Bible reading, and came upon the healing of the man with a legion of demons. She knew from her own faith, nothing is impossible with God.

Her work was starting to become full of people who wanted to be free. She knew that she would meet all manner of things.

So she prayed for the right words, and support, that she could give.

Her pain was increasing in tortures, and her body was often very tired.

But her faith was to be her uplifting, for in these times, much is given to raise the Christian to where the Lord wants them.

Chapter Three

Vera got her pain this day so bad. Her tortures of it were so severe. She had a down feeling. She began to sob, because she knew she would have to let her cat go to another home. In her bed, she stroked her cat, but the cat had in the last month become very naughty. The baby girl, as is her name, became so talkative. Meowed constantly to be let in, or out, and constantly. Went racing through all windows, and breaking the beads that hold the blinds together.

Vera would try to walk to let her out, and then the cat would start to misbehave. In the end Vera's patience was very short fused. She knew that baby girl keeps walking in between her legs. This is a dangerous thing for Vera at the moment.

Vera was putting off the obvious answer. That is to let her cat go. Her heart was breaking, as she had not one person to help her. The neighbor did not want to feed the cat, or let her in, or out, while Vera was in hospital. A supermarket staff offered to feed baby girl, but this meant the cat was left in for a week. Vera tried a cat boarding place, but the fee is very high. Far too much for Vera to afford. As the rehabilitation couldn't have a cat around her. One fall, and Vera would be dislocating her false implant of the total hip. This means she gets operated on again.

Then the cat began to bite Vera. She was never satisfied with all the lovely things Vera gave to baby girl. The cat had taken to clawing the furniture. Disobedient to the max. Vera did wonder if baby girl complains, because Vera was so short tempered feeling left to cope alone. All she does, falls, or gets out of reach. The pain made Vera exhausted. Her thinking was very down.

Naturally Vera knew that others would not know she was feeling this way. She could not attend church, but gets asked if she is up to it, to come! This annoyed Vera, as she had told the Pastor, who understood, that she is not able to come until her rehabilitation is done with. But kind people had helped, but still do not realize that Vera is not up to long stays of one position, for the church meetings were long.

Her feelings were far more low, then thought about. Yet still she did the work of an instrument. Her hospital did not get the fax, they said over two months ago. So she had to get on to the surgeon, to fax again. Now the hospital have it. But times for operations, did not prove as the orthopedic said. That she would be done in two months. She is told there is a two year wait! She will not be mobile at all soon. Bone on bone, is very painful.

She called one Pastor, that was not her Pastor. After she talked to him for a good hour, he said, "How can I help you Vera?" Vera's heart sank. What was so hard to see, if a person is alone, and needs a little support, and some help? She felt anger after the call to the Pastor. But she visited the church, twice. Both times she was prayed for. But help in any way? None. She is not able to walk, the hobble she does is unstable, and very easy for her to fall. Help? None again.

Her front door is not on a level. She has fourteen steps to her front door. Grocery help would have been very helpful, but although she emailed this, she got no offer. Her car needed some air in the tires, and she said this. No offer came to do this. But she is constantly asked to go to church, when she is not able too.

She asked the other Pastor for some Christian computer contacts from his church. She got nothing from that. To her horror, she saw that she was given a leaflet, that is asking for money! Vera had reservations on this kind if thing.

This day was not a good day for her to do work. She knew this does happen now and then. In her heart, she got sick and tired of hearing the most ridiculous statement----look after yourself----she is not able to, because nothing is as normal.

She began to wonder about the time she got the cat. Was this cat at all in darkness? For how she is today, is just like that. Vera thought, why does she bite me, and draw blood, why has she begun to be so hard to be near?

Last week she went to a couple of women, one is a Christian, but actually speaks very unChristian to Vera, when she was working with her. She would tell Vera that she is nothing. Or they have nothing in common. Poor Vera was battling at the time. So her thought were to leave this person.

Last week she went because the woman asked her to get something. Vera had no idea what had gone wrong, but her feelings became fragile, and she felt a tightness in the company of this other woman. Vera lost her strength, asked someone for a cigarette. Vera had quit for three months. But her nerves were frayed. Ever since that meeting, Vera had a feeling that something of darkness had come to shadow her. She knew the cat came from this lady four years ago. Now she asked this same lady if she can find the cat an home. Is it possible for an animal to be taken by darkness? She felt it was possible. Plus if that is the reason for the cat to go so naughty, then she has to let her go. For Vera cannot have anything of the dark in her life. Especially when so unwell.

Vera had this day to try to sort out a few things, for in her working as the instrument, one cord not correct, will cause no fruit. Just the same it hurt Vera very much. It seemed to Vera, that if she does for another, they will take advantage of her, of is she just so in pain, her thinking gets off beam?

Her next thought was to continue her working with people. But none of these actually help her. Well it may have to be that way, for she does not know why?

Pastor Lee was very impressed with Vera's gift to help others. She decided to put this aside, and make her work her aim to build up what Jesus is saying. For she knew Jesus knew her plight.

She took her day slowly. She did not expect the next thing at all. The door bell rang, and she took her frame to the door. Charles was there. He said, "Vera, sorry to impose on you without arranging a time, and date. I have taken a good look at my life, and I am certain that I have been taken by something, that made me go into the work of witches, and wizards. I took the time to look in the Bible, and found scriptures of such things an abomination to the Lord."

Vera said, "Charles do come in, for I too today, have a very challenging day." they went in the warm room, and she gave him a cup of tea, and took herself one as well. Charles said, "Vera, you look so down, and very much in pain. I should not have just arrived." Vera said, "Actually, yes you should have arrived. I will tell you something, it will make you see how I knew, how to help you."

Charles sat back into the arm chair, feeling more comfortable. He said, "Please tell me." Vera said, "Well, in my childhood, I saw things done that were like what you were doing, as in spirits. My family was so dysfunctional, that there was some sort of hate given to me for being born. I have no idea who, is who? I had a childhood of pain. None of this made any sense to me, being a child. The more I reached out, the more I was rejected. I remember the woman, as my mother, if she was, having this woman come to her home. This woman did readings. I did not know what it was about. So I just stayed silent watching. The woman told me that I had gifts in seeing spirits. As I had seen them, from four years of age. I took it as normal. But she told me that my spiritual life was dormant, that I had great ways to do the same as she is doing. I was so sullen at the time, thinking what was she talking about?

So Charles, I had, as we all do, well I think the majority do, generational traps. I remember a cat in the garden, that was not the families cat. I took it some meat, and it bit me badly. Drew blood. I had no idea why the cat bit me. I was feeding it. Well from all that, I went to this type of thing, but was there, and very skeptical about it. I saw my grandmother, doing cards, etc, and she was talking about dead people. I once made a joke of it, as I thought it funny."

Charles said, "Ah, no wonder you understand my troubles." Vera said, "Yes, I also know the release from all that is a time consuming thing. In other words, you want out of it, but do not know how? I wanted out of it, but it took me much suffering, to break free. It took me a few months before I felt the freedom. I get attacked every so often. Last week I went to see a lady, who is a Christian, but has a tongue on her that is at times without respect. She always got at me. Since seeing her last week, I had a relapse. I took a cigarette, and was free from them for three months. I then found my surgery should have been done by now, only to find paper work was lost, and not found. So now I have to go through all the waiting again. I am smoking again. I will stop it, I know that, but I felt as if I got some sort of evil energy, because I left the women, and came home. I felt as if something was not right. The whole week was effected by this. I spoke in anger to someone I love. Even worse, my cat, who came from this Christian lady, has become a menace, and very naughty. Bites me, meows constantly. Never sits still, runs around like she has a rocket in her rear. She is tearing furniture, and making me feel ill at ease. So I have decided to let her go, but asked the woman who gave me her, to find her another home. This is hurting me, because I really love the cat. But I am not in a fit state to keep her. Someone said that I should be thinking of myself now, and let the cat go. Well I felt as if I am letting my child go. As I had to leave my own children. Reasons are only known by the Lord. This lady who said I must let the cat go, said that I was in danger wit her, she is causing me stress in a time I need rest."

Charles said, "Yes Vera, I do understand. It may be that the cat has a dark energy given to her, to upset you. I think the cat must go, in that case. You will come to terms with it. Sure you will cry, but in time I think you will realize it's for the best. She will adapt elsewhere, cats are dominant creatures, and so settle again in another home. It could be that the cat has found your not able to run around for her, as once you did. If she is playing up so badly, I think you know the answer. Let her live somewhere in a new home. Now that you have given me some idea of how you know about the false gods. I know I am in honor of your knowledge to help me become free of it."

Vera said, "There is only one answer to freedom, and yes Jesus does know that satan will cause shadows. You Charles, will have your freedom, but also know that the healing is not over night. In some rare cases, I have seen over night healing. But most of the healing is given in a slower pace. So that you take the false out of your home, and anything that is connected to it, as I have found by my cat."

Charles said, "Did you get the cat when you were still in with the spiritualists?" Vera said, "Yes, and I called her angel. Heavens Charles, we certainly learn from each other. I had not realized that she could be-----No its not possible is it?" Charles said, "If people are given the darkness, then animals can be too. Well, I would think so. She had not shown you this side of her, until the last month. So you were doing well, the your hit with your medical needs unmet.

Charles said, "Animals are used in spirit work. I have heard readers say that cats, dogs, rabbits, and all manner of animals, are in the hall." Vera said, "How come its showing now, and not before? There were times she was showing me that she bites me. I had another cat once, who never bit me, he was so loving. I have stayed up till two a.m. If she refuses to come in, because I worried about her being safe. I also Charles, unpacked about forty boxes. To find anything that is of the occult in them."

Charles said, "What, while you were coming to this crippling?" Vera said, "Yes, and I was told by the Holy Spirit, where a couple of other things were, that I had not known were still in the home. I did think about my cat, I admit that, but I felt she was not given in darkness. I realize that having an animal I love, would be hard to give away. This is another way satan cheats our emotions. Hey, I am supposed to be helping you Charles, and your listening to me."

Charles said, "Actually, we are helping each other. As I can see I have to clear my home, and clean it form such Matters of occult materials. You did this already, but never suspected the cat. Now your able to see it hard as it is to give away."

Vera said, "I had anointed my whole home, inside wardrobes, and cupboards as well, and boundaries of the home. My car as well, inside, and outside of it. I just wish my pain did not make me so angry."

Charles said, "Pain like you have, all day, and night, I would think anger is a way of release of inner strain from it. You will come out of this, and find all the rubbish is gone."

Vera said, "Yes Charles, I know that satan tried to cripple me, as I am pulling his kingdom down, and the avalanches of his falling kingdom, angers him. He can see his being is threatened by me. Not only me, but others too, that walk in the light. He wants no light upon his lies, for it will reveal his intelligence of devastation to mankind. The more that come along in this light, the less power satan has. He uses people to be against God, so that he gets the highest glory. This will never be, as God is the most high, and holy pure love."

Charles said, "I am so grateful for your talking to me about yourself, I am so comfortable now with you. Victor has called me, and I told him I came to see you the other day. He told Tess this, and now Tess is angry with me. What do I do about that?"

Vera said, "You need only pray, and allow the authority of Jesus Christ to work within your life. This is about you Charles. Tess has come to a jolt, as she relied on your readings of her mother. Now she is at a loss, because she feels that if your going to be a Christian, she no longer can use you. She will do one of two things. She will find another medium, or come back to Jesus Christ. You know Charles, sometimes, and I do not mean this nasty, a small number of Christians, can do more harm then good. They feel they have the highest in Jesus Christ, and then use it for self gratification. So they are in need of help too. By this I mean, some will push, and talk how one should be, so they judge. This often send people who are looking for the light, to turn away. In such a situation, some are against their own brothers, and sisters. They take the authority, and not let Jesus Christ be in his own church! Some just take it they have the rights. I have a time not long ago, when I went to another Pastor, then Pastor Lee, the reason was for privacy. Pastor Lee knows me, but does not know what I have never told him of cause. I was rather sad to find that my needs were left, and I was still unable to manage all things. So to me, I do work for the very reason of just giving. I am not known as to who I am."

Charles said, "I heard this before from someone. Why do you say your not known to who you are?" Vera said, "Ministry is not just a word. It is a way of life, the truth of life. I was born to this earth for reasons. The suffering of my life was to show how Jesus suffered. Not that I have suffered his pain for all mankind. But I got plenty of suffering, so that gave me in my mature years, the very reason I was not known. The highest of creation is from God. So if he chooses to use a person for his glory, that person is born to this world for that reason. What is forgotten is, that Jesus Christ is inside me, as he is in all mankind. Apart from the occult. Jesus will not live in an unclean heart. Unholy is unholy. How can holy life live in unholy life ? They do not connect at all. My way of coming to the fullness of Jesus Christ, is still being worked upon. For I am not perfect. I still have issues, like today, when I allowed myself to come down in thoughts? I have suffered pain in many degrees of pressures. So now at my age, I want to be out of pain. So I can also lose the path of justice. We live in an unjust world. I was to be given ministry of another kind. I am to walk, well one day, when I am operated on, and the evil is taken from my body, I am to walk amongst the people. Not minister in a building. For the very ones who need help, are often outside churches. Sure some are in the churches, most are not. I will never be a Pastor, but the ministry is given to me, by the holy spirit, who brings people to me, not me to them. Thus the ministry is a direct order of the Holy Spirit. So when I talk to people, the Holy Spirit is putting the words out of my mouth. I have heard people day in front of me this, quote-----You have something, something very special, love, and kindness, and how you know things to help another I often want to know where you get this special nature you have-----I just say its about understanding we are all family. But there is more to that, for no family is a family without Jesus Christ. Flaws are in the family. My church goes with me wherever I go, and wherever I go, the church goes, the body of Christ."

Charles said, "You have in this time given me the answers I was looking for, yet you never pushed me. You gave your own gift, by being with me this afternoon. I have everything I needed from your honesty of your own life." Vera said, "Giving your life to Jesus Christ is what he is asking of you. I was given birth twice, for the first one, was to walk the darkness, so that I turn it around for the glory of our Heavenly Father. Now you said your wealthy, do you feel wealthy."

Charles said, "No, I fell as if money is to play with. I have never needed for anything. But now I now I do need the wealth of eternal life. So my money is in some ways useless. Unless I put it to good use. I drive the best cars, as I have more then one car. My home is full of expensive adornment. My cloths are by top designers. Food is the best any man can eat. Now I am thinking of those who have no home, no car, lack of food, and-----Oh my-----How can I be so poor?"

Vera smiled, and said, "Well Charles, you have just given your truth out. By this, you may well organize another way with your millions. You may even think about opening a welfare place, where you are the manager, and can be using your money to the account of Jesus Christ. For when you give your material wealth to Jesus, and I do not mean you give your millions away, what I mean is, you give your millions work to do. Once its for Jesus, it becomes holy currency. Then it will build for the poor, an open door. In the door is waiting Jesus Christ. Then you find people from all over, coming to your welfare place, and knowing your a millionaire, shows them that you're using your money for benefit of all children of God."

Charles said, "Wow! Sounds like a plan. What will I do about Victor, and Tess?" Vera said, "That will come right. Tess will find her longing for her mother, is not to be by evil ways. Not one dead person can come back. So you see, I started my day feeling really down. Jesus has altered that, by bringing you here. So all that is needed now, is your confession, and work to remain with the truth."

Charles left Vera's home with a light heart. Vera felt her work came right in, when she was feeling shadows of the darkness. She thought how easy it is t be afraid, when fear is not good. Sin is all things that are not the truth.

Vera was now ready to take each day as it comes. Her operation would be when Jesus Christ has it to be. She asked for forgiveness in her loss of trust earlier in the day. Much was to be shown to Vera. The more she gave, the more she will receive. Her heart was happier now. Her pain still there.

Chapter Four

Vera had arranged for her cat to be taken to the r.s.p.c.a. Rangers were coming in the morning, to pick baby girl up. Her heart was torn, her thoughts of not seeing the big eyes, and the nigh times of her not being next to her, in bed, hurt Vera. This made Vera very uncertain about mankind.

Vera had thought about this situation many times. She felt that the cat had some demonic activity in her. How she thought could my cat be taken so? Then she remembered the time she got given the cat. It was from a woman that had very little respect for Vera. Said that Vera was nothing. That her thoughts to life were nothing in common to her. Vera thought her nature was very selfish. She talked money at every given opportunity. How her mother is a double millionaire, and handbags were $600.00 each. Had twelve new cars in one year. Money was the main subject. But the woman stated she was a Christian. Vera was not one. Vera had done voluntary work for this woman, where Vera, who needed an operation, was trying to show gratitude, for some food the woman had given Vera, in a real bad time.

Vera saw the woman play the casino machines, losing hundreds at a time. In just a few minutes, one hundred was swallowed up by the machine. Vera said one day, "That would have bought me bread for a year." Then another hundred went in, and Vera said, "That would have bought me toilet rolls for a year, this is the den of iniquity. I do not know how to play these, or have any time to watch silly screen arts, coming on them." Vera did not know about how to gamble. She never agreed with it, as she felt, there is no lucky gambler. If there was, none of these governmental legalized robbing machines, would last in action. Nobody would be addicted to losing their last penny, as many do.

Again Vera thought about her cat. Could this cat have got a demonic influence? As the cat would bite Vera, even as a kitten. Over time, the cat was more settled. Vera gave the cat every comfort it would need.

Vera got the cat spayed, costing her very much money to do. The last month the cat had become very naughty. Vera felt the cat may be influenced by demons. Vera had worked four months with this woman. The woman would get at Vera all the time, and be personal. Vera did the cooking, cleaning, and preparing. Making funds for a food bank. Now this woman that spends money like water, had the food banks food as well. She did not need it. Not if she had millions.

One day, Vera had just had enough of her. She told her that she was tired of her talking to her, like she was nothing. Vera had the better currency in her heart. Love, peace, understanding, comfort, respect for others.

Now she realized that the woman may have had influence of the darkness, being so lazy, weighed over one hundred kilo's. Expecting others to be her donkey. All because she had money.

One day another woman came to the cooking area, telling this millionaire about her life. This women began to get in with her, and Vera was pushed out. The other woman was lifting all the things for the working time. Getting the food to be cooked. Cutting the preparation, sweeping up after the day. The woman with money did nothing, but turn the cooking. Sat there in one spot. Vera thought, this other woman is a donkey, the type the women with money liked. Because she would not have to do anything, but take money.

Then she heard the woman with money say this other woman was a blessing. Vera thought, blessing? No way, she is a very silly person to put her aged body at risk, while the other woman just sat there. She looked at the other woman, and thought how tired she looked.

Vera had quit working with the woman with money, due to her rudeness. The new woman was getting money, food, presents, and the works. Vera was to get food, but the new woman gave her none. The new woman ended up getting so many freezers, to house the food, and the double garage was filled with dry food items. Vera felt it, because she was treated disgustingly. So Vera always believed in forgiveness. So she went to see the woman with money.

It looked like Vera was getting treated with better respect. How wrong she was. She could see Vera in total pain, but Vera went along, just to help. Last week she went, as the woman had something to give Vera. Poor Vera was not able to do the trip. But against her bodies pain, she went. Something happened to Vera, that she could not see. Vera said she was leaving, as she was too sick to stay. Since then, Vera has had depressed moments. Felt as if she was invaded. The cat had gone worse, thus the reason for the cat to go. Apart from the medicals advise.

Now Vera thought that her baby girl was getting dark forces in her. She remembered she got her when she was with witches at the time. She did not go along with the witches, because they were idiotic. But being in their company, caused Vera attacks.

Vera had cleared her home of all occult things. Even got told of two that Vera forgot she had. Hidden underneath a large desk. The Holy Spirit told her where they were.

Little did Vera know that her cat was to go too. Vera was not going to have any host of a demonic force in her home. They could no longer get into Vera, so they used the cat. Who bit Vera, and became impossible to have around.

As Vera looked at her cat, she felt the pain of losing her. It had to be so, for anything that will darken Vera's very sick time, may just make her on coming operation complicating.

Vera realized the war was far more intense, then just human possession. Vera also had a car that two of the witches drove. The car was taken away for wreckers, in the end. Vera knew it has to go.

In one way Vera felt relieved that the cat was going. In another she felt she let the cat down. Last night the cat was making a very loud noise, to other cats, Vera thought. Her behavior was really getting ugly.

To man people, Vera thought that many may never know that an animal can be a target for the darkness. Demons would know that people loved their animals. But a Christian that is fighting satan full on, would be getting darts at any level. Satan wanted to stop Vera talking, walking, seeing, and having love around her. He was weaving his web in every area to make Vera give up. She nearly did, just a few days ago.

Now she had more ammunition to tell people that he uses animals. Ugh! Vera was able to see the dark force now, like a partition was lifted. The ugliness of the satanic war, was in front of her eyes. This scene is not seen by so many people. Because they see crimes, and self centered people. They do not see beyond the veil.

So many will walk away from it. But it has every weapon available, to gather up unsuspecting people. Like crystal energies. As in buying crystals. Not knowing these things are in their homes to destroy. The tools are by the millions.

The truth is in one book. The Bible. Jesus was thrown out of his own church, from long ago. By organized ways of blackmail, to the needy, or sick. When they are not able to defend themselves.

Looking into this realm now given to Vera, was a very honorable vision. She thought that most Christians would not think that. Vera knew to understand the two opposing sides of the war, meant more then just reading about it.

She watched what was before her, but not in her path. How it was viewed was, she saw the spirit realm of darkness. It was at her head level. Not her body, or feet. Her eyes were not visioning in human eyes. Her spirit, which was not of satan's hold, was looking into a world unseen. She saw it with her real self. The part nobody knew who she was. This was not just a part, it was her whole. The eyes she saw with, were eternal eyes. Such gifts are given, when the Lord has prepared his messenger.

There she saw into a world of what looked like flames. The only light in this world were red, orange, yellow, as in flames. The colors were knitted together. There was black areas, and smoke. There were different parts to this world.

The gates to this world were very wide. But for Vera, she was going to look into this world, but be surrounded by truth. Her protection was the truth. She could not see Jesus in this world. No holy thing was in this place. A being came to her like a dragon. Its eyes were flames. Its mouth was foaming with anger. It was pushing her out. But the dragon could not push her out. So it changed its look to a frog. Not like a small frog, of the earth, but an huge ugly frog.

It forced the wide open gates to shut Vera out. The gates would not shut. The frog could not get Vera. It became hateful, and turned into a large worm. It tried to case her into its pit. There were many pits in this world. Dark, and black. They were spiraling like a force to suck in the many people Vera saw going there.

Then Vera heard the screams of torture. It was horrific, and frightening. She witnessed the ones who shouted words of spiritual tongues. They were saying how they went along with occult movements to be raised to power. How could they be here?

The worm sucked in, and sucked in. The spirits of the ungodly were eaten, but stayed to be eaten again, and again. She heard them say they did healing for people, how can they be suffering, if they did good? How can they get out of this world, they screamed?

In different pits of evil, were different levels of idols, all being satan. Nothing in any pit, was stable. She saw the spiritual bodies of the once human people, being breathed upon in fires of such heat. Heat far greater then anything known about. The worm returned as a dragon, and forced Vera to leave. It did not succeed.

Vera had to go inside to look more into this world. She was to bring back from this, to the people, all she could see, hear, and feel. From outside this world, came an amour of security. For she was to enter the caverns hidden from the truth. The amour was from the light. It was around her like a second skin.

The dragon became hysterical, for it had no power over Vera. It said, "This is my world, as is the earth world. I am rising to be above the throne. I will sit higher then the throne. My throne is ready for me. You are not going to look in my books. If you come into my world, you will go back to earth, and tell them. You will destroy my world. Others are doing it too, but you are given to look in my world. I want you out."

Vera answered the dragon not. Then it changed again. She saw satan, the satan that he really is. He had many faces. But his real face was never to be seen. The largest figure she ever saw, was standing in front of her. He had one eye. It was in the centre of his forehead. The other two eyes, in the position of human eyes, were rolling with flames. He had a body that looked like it was volcano's. Meaning it was erupting in its own destruction. But he remained standing. One part of the energy of satan was showing earthquakes. To Vera's absolute horror, she saw people falling into satan's earthquakes. Others burning from the volcanoes. There were floods being created in this body of energy, and people were drowning. At the feet of satan, were the many souls mourning for their release. One that will never be. She drifted over to his back, and saw that the earth was in danger of this being of evil.

Over in other places, the souls were trying to climb out of the heat. They fell back in it. Suddenly satan said, "You have seen my world, you will be powerless telling others about it. I will make you dumb. I have higher power over you."

Vera answered him not. Then she was given the end of satan. His world destroyed him. She saw into a later time to come. He was burning. He broke into pieces. He saw the dead rise, to be given the second death, they were to perish. Satan had his own destruction upon his evil being. He had the pain of all mankind he took from the truth. This pain was forever. This world was false, and made of envy, and evil relations to mankind. Satan was to feel death forever. It would be repeated, and repeated. He had his power eat him. He received every soul he stole in lies, to suffocate him. He cried for justice. He was heard not. Beside him were the third of the angels that took his world. They turned into monsters of the most gruesome sight one could see. Nothing is seen like it here on earth. It is in this earth yes, but unseen.

Vera saw the world of satan. She was back at the wide open gates. The dragon was trying to burn her. She had to be stopped. The gates went into a frenzy of fire, and darted swords of fire, to burn her. The dragon said, "You were not to come in here, you have seen, heard, and felt the evil world. Love is not real. You are all lied to, for love does nothing. You have seen our master, who is able to be one with us, and us one with him. He is the real God. You have to die now!"

The gates began to shake, and the fires were engulfing the whole dragon. Before the dragon was taken by the fires, to close the world of satan's realm, it said, "Speak not of what you have known. You will be dumb."

Vera was feeling as if she had left her body. Unable to understand this so soon after the world of satan revealed to her in such details. Her human body was sweating, and she felt as if she was to bathe herself.

She thought, how on earth can she speak of this? People will think she is off the planet. She thought, she was off the planet, but how to talk about it? Then she remembered the words--you will be dumb--

Her thought was to call Pastor Lee. After her bath, and refreshing her body, she called him. She said, "Pastor Lee, would you be able to come to visit me as soon as possible?" Pastor Lee said, "That's strange, I had a dream last night, in it I was to come to see you. I certainly did not expect to have that come true. I thought it just a dream. I am able to come in an hour, is that OK?" Vera said it was.

Pastor came with his smiling face, and sat down to talk with Vera. Vera told him the whole visit she had, leaving nothing out at all. She said, "I was told I would be dumb, because I am not to speak of the world unseen by man. Now you will think I am mad!"

Pastor Lee sat there in awe, and was so surprised at the reason for his visit. He said, "Your cat is to leave you today right?" Vera sadly said, "Yes Pastor Lee, I will miss her." Pastor Lee said, "This has to be done Vera. You have to be free from anything, living or dead, that was near any occult moving way back in your life. I know you love her. She will get another home, and the darkness in her will leave her. You see, while with you, she is an host of the influence back in time. As long as she is with you, she will bite you, and cause you distress. As soon as she is out of this home, the demonic influence has to leave her. Because it is you they are after. So they used her. They knew you loved her, and counted on that to remain somehow in your life. They already know that she is going to leave you. It is a great thing you have had revealed. You will not be dumb. I am learning something here too. I have never had that honor. Do you realize that the Holy Spirit was allowing this to happen. You will be protected, and you will feel better about your cat going quite soon. Tell me Vera, did any of the witches see the cat?"

Vera said, "Yes, six of them did. One said she had a buddha mark on her head. Another brought a couple packets of food for her. Funny thing though, she never goes to anyone. She runs away from them. But one day a Christian came, and she went up to her and let the lady stroke her. Most unusual for her. But yes, they did come into this home. But it is anointed from them now."

Pastor Lee said, "Your honor of seeing the realm of darkness, is to give it to others. This is why satan was so angry at you. You saw things he never wanted known. You have already spoken, and it is going out to people. That is your work your doing for the Lord. Look Vera, I am sure that Jesus will help your grief, I am certain that something will come in place of that loss. For you will be giving the darkness a very big threat, by your work for Jesus. He knew this would happen. You are obeying his word within you. How do you feel about me giving a sermon of the realm of evil?"

Vera said, "To be honest, I am tired, and have to allow what was given to me, for the saving of mankind, God's children. Heaven's its way out there you know. If one is saved, then my suffering is worth it."

Pastor Lee said, "Well now, those are words of a true follower. I know your not that great in churches, but your walk, well when you able to walk again, is amongst mankind. Which ever way this gets broadcasted, it will destroy satan's evil ways. The more that do this, the less satan has. May I thank you for telling me all about it."

Vera said, "I am very tired now, but use it as you feel led to by the Holy Spirit." Vera let Pastor Lee out, and then retired for a recuperation of such a revealing to her.

Chapter Five

Pastor Lee was taking his notes on the journey Vera had told him about. He considered the cat she had leaving her. Yes he thought, if humans can be given the darkness, animals can too. He prepared his papers for his up coming sermon. This sermon would be lasting four weeks. He had to bring the unseen world to people. This had to be done in gentle ways, but in good ways of understanding.

Vera had called him saying," Pastor Lee, as my cat was leaving, right on the very times of it. I am getting all things done for my health to be fixed up. I am broken hearted about losing her."

Pastor Lee said, "Well Vera, obviously it was meant to be, you had to let her go. After all, look at the way nothing was moving for you. To be getting the medicals calling you as the cat was actually leaving, speaks volumes. I am sorry you had to suffer that loss. I know you said she had been in contact with witches back in time. The sad thing is, that because you came into the truth, you were being given, what one might call spells upon you. As you were protected, anything that might play host would be used. Its all very well for some to say this cannot be so. How can they tell that? Witches do place harm upon one that was once with them, even though not one of them. You were watching them, and found lies said between them. None of them at all sound in mind. They knew you had begun to destroy their cult. So in any war, they use their army. You actually emailed one of them, telling her that she was in danger of being a spiritualist. You had told her that satan is the God of such evil. I remember you telling me that. You gave her the truth, and she never answered you at all. But did place harmful curses to come to you, in any way that it can stop you destroying their cult. My dear Vera, you have destroyed their cult. So they are fighting a spiritual battle. Do you remember you telling me, that when they came across your path in shops, they avoided you? One touched you, another was rude to you, another was giving you curses while you were in the same shop, as she was. In the end, you had something happen that stopped you going to any shop they could be in. It had to come that way, for the Lord did not want you near them. In many cults, cats are part of their cult."

Vera said, "Oh, but my cat was not like that when I got her. She went funny after they came to my home. She would be looking at something, as if it was invisible, but seen by her. She followed it with her eyes. She even jumped off the bed one night, to go into the hallway, and look at what I could not see, but I felt it. I felt it so bad, that I ended calling a Pastor. Where I was given the reason for my unfortunate life. I felt evil energies that had to be got rid of. That day I went directly to Jesus Christ. The Pastor prayed for me, and the new life from death began. But the healing was not straight away. I had work to do. The cat was destroying things, but I ignored it, as part of her nature. I noticed that when I was doing work as in writings, she was slowly getting more destructive. So I thought to train her differently. Then the time came as I told you. Everything she did was to make me use energy to concern about her. Then the last month, she began howling. Loud howling. I am not able to mobile to get there fast. So when I did, nothing was there for her howling to. I saw nothing at all. I eventually became very tired. The pain for twenty four hours, and the drugs given, not taking the pain away. I was getting depressed, and I felt as if dark shadow were around. Do you think that she was in some way also down?"

Pastor Lee said, "I am not a person who knows much about cats. But wait Vera, you went to another church not long ago. The Pastor there looked at you, and then prayed for you. He knew the very place that you had been to where the witches are. He named it to you. You did not tell him at all, he knew. You also live right at the back of the masonic hall, where witches go to. You said the fence was taken down by another fence being put up. This new fence is nine feet high. So the masonic hall cannot be seen by you. That means that none of them can see your home either. Protection Vera, that is what that was. Now you experienced the curses, that over shadowed you. None of these curses will over take you. But have caused you distress. Looking at the way your file was missing, was not an usual way to be done. Faxes are sent. I am wondering if somehow, the technology of satan's constant tries to stop you talking, had got the file deleted somehow? Vera, nothing is sense to many of us, but when we are harmed, it is a warning to us all."

Vera said, "I am sure of it now, how can my medical come right, just as my cat is going? When before not one thing was at all moving. I had paid money for a private surgeon. He does not lose files."

Pastor Lee said, "This is another avenue to be looked at. In many science fiction movies, animals are given evil powers. Yes I know its fiction, but there is truth is all lies. I think your cat was set free today. There was no use for her to block you anymore. They could not use her. I am sure she will be in a good home, and she will be very happy. You see Vera, you love her right? So love never fails. She was set free today, and so were you. The witches spells are broken. You no longer will be harmed. I also know you told me that the second time you went to the other church, the same Pastor gave prayer again over you, again asking for the third time, that all curses, and all spells be taken from you. He named them in prayer. There is the Holy Spirit that was working along with that Pastor. I have thought Vera, that the work you do, was given to you to do, by using the experiences of the witches, that you had had, making others aware of the lies and offensive abomination to the Lord. It is unholy. Now you said you did books?"

Vera said, "Yes, and everyone was given me by the Holy Spirit, as I never knew how, or which way it would come, let alone the titles either. I gave another name for them, as the author. As I wanted no credit for this work. I am an instrument, not God. I did not want anyone to know it was me that wrote them."

Pastor Lee was now very interested, and said, "Ah yes, now I can see what happened. You brought out many things for delivering the ministry of our Heavenly Father. You have suffered in this time, and no doubt put many long hours into the work. With your pain, and drugs given, most people would be unable to do any concentration. Morphine, and strong codeine, which turns into Morphine, has side effects. Here you are showing that the Holy Spirit does over ride that. My word, you really are a vessel for this work. Now Vera, to brighter things. I am with your permission, going to give a month of Sunday's of your journey to the world of the realm of satan. I said brighter things, but do not have to say it was you who had the journey."

Vera said, "Good, for all I want from that, is others aware, because we are so close to the time of the second coming. My only reason for this to go out, is to please let others know, that in the short time satan has, he is using as much as he can. As he knows he is failing, he hates all mankind. Christians are threats to him, so they can get his darts too. He wants to destroy this earth. The earth is under threat of so much, as in earthquakes, volcano's, floods, sun cancers, chemicals, diseases, children with many discords of health. The whole world of people are angry. The values of truth are leaving peoples hearts. The roads have so many impatient drivers in them. There is no peace in earth. Pastor Lee, this morning I got from the Holy Spirit this.


Come back into my perfect will, and finish the task I have assigned to thee. Anything else is sin. What for another is legitimate is not so for thee. Come close to me, and I will minister to thee and will revive thy spirit. So shall ye go on, even though the climb be more steep then ever before.


So you can see the very work he asks of me. I use my pain or teaching me the world of pain. By that, I can understand all pain. Small or large, for the person, pain is pain. For release of pain, is faith, trust, how can I ever have any idea of the pain Jesus Christ had, if I do not use my pain for that understanding? His pain was far greater then mine. My pain gives me the gift of knowing some of his pain. But I sin at times with utter misunderstandings, as torture is very hard to live with. When there is no end of the pain, I get disheartened. But always, the Lord brings me back to where he wants me. He is not done with me at all just yet. He has this last book coming in full force of his ministry."

Pastor Lee wanted to ask Vera what her author name was? He wanted to read the books. But he felt the Holy Spirit had another way for that to be done. So he did not ask Vera, he felt Vera had been through enough for now. She needed to rest her mind, body, and soul.

Vera thought again about her cat, and knew she had to accept this. Move on in life, for her life was to go on. The Holy Spirit had other work for Vera, after her operation.

Pastor Lee had other people he wanted Vera to help. Nothing about Vera was with use for herself. So he thought to do his sermons, that currently have full light to show the darkness is lies.

There were so many roads to hell open to people. Is heart had saddened to think that some people will ignore the truth. Bend the truth for wealth. Wealth that will cause death.

Vera had a night alone without her cat. She found the Holy Spirit telling her, she had done the right thing. She was told that both her, and the cat, are free from the harm that was. The influences were broken, and her baby girl was accepting where she was. That she had been claimed by another family, who wanted her very much. The few days before baby girl was to go with the new claimers of adopting her, was that she had to have injections, and a micro chip put into her body. She had passed the vet checks, as she was very healthy. Vera now had a bit more peace of mind. Her love for animals were great.

Time to get on with her own health to be mended. Here was other work to be done. Presently, she was to rest herself. For the cat had taken so much energy from Vera. Vera would never go to bed, and leave her cat out in the night. She would stay up till the early hours of the morning, until the cat, as she did, actually knock on the back door, to come in.

Chapter Six

Vera had called the shelter to find out how she was doing? They told Vera that her behavior was due to the cat knowing Vera was sick. That her constant meowing was due to the same thing. The cat knew that she would be leaving Vera. Vera asked how she could know that? They told her that the cat was used to Vera in another way. Her present health was so painful that she was also behaving different. So the cat knew much more then Vera had known.

Now, she was not very pleased with how the Pastor had said it was to do with spells. She thought how that had made her feel in many ways worse.

Good God, she thought, the shelter gave me a far better understanding to this.

Vera realized her pain had caused her depression. Depression causes her brain to lack normal thinking. Then she thought about the high drugs, all related to Morphine, and Morphine itself. That drug can cause abnormal visions in mental activities. So did she go somewhere in a drug related way?

Yes of course she did.

The shelter said her baby girl was in quarantine for eight days. Gets wormed, and injected, and vet to pass her for sale. As she was a young cat, she would pass. They told her that baby girl was in great distress yesterday. The day she was surrendered.

Today the cat was a little better, and not so stressed. They would give her a great deal of comfort, and attention. They see many animals a day, but in cases like Vera's. They always feel for the person, and the cat, for bonding is strong between owner, and cat.

Vera was not a lady that cried, she never let emotions get overbearing to cry. Yesterday she sobbed. Today she broke down all day. All her feelings were normal. Grief is a process.

Now she was getting angry, at the way she was told witches had something to do with this. Her own defenses were down, so she just took it was that way.

She took an offer of a lift, and aids to get to a park. She needed to be in peaceful surroundings. When there, she thought Pastor Lee is over the other side of the stream that ran through the park. She asked the person to take her nearer to that part of the park. There she was left to do her art. The person who took her there was going for an hour to get her children.

Vera thought, what is Pastor Lee doing with Tess, and Victor, and Charles there? She had an hat on, and her face was not seen. To her horror, she heard Pastor Lee say," Ah look we have this Vera doing what she thinks is help. We have given her a story good enough to get her to come along with us. We know that we are doing another way altogether."

Charles said, "Well as I am really a general practitioner, I know what the drugs can do. By using people like Vera, we find out what happens in drugs. I really did play my part well, and Tess, as a nurse, you did well too."

Victor began to laugh, and said, "She swallowed the story of my bad marriage, I am not even married."

Pastor Lee said, "I am safe through my church, nobody would suspect me, being a Pastor."

Tess said, "Well Lee, you lost faith when you found out that wealth is not about Christianity. So you wanted to be in this with us. Mind you, we must be careful, Vera is under another doctor. "

Victor said, "Charles, did you notice anything in her mental state, as being given the alteration of her drugs, in the same packet she had there in the kitchen?"

Charles said, "Naturally, she has to go to the toilet, so that's when I alter the drugs. They are the same in appearance. We are learning how to drug people, and after time, they become putty in our hands.

We then give them the spill of sacrifices, and they give us their life saved money. We got a great deal of money out of the last lot.

So having her give help to those in this so called occult means, we get her to have more people. These people are also unwell. So Vera believes she is helping them. Besides if the other doctor found Vera with drug problems, what can he do? He gave her the Morphine. It could be that even the pharmacy made a mistake. They would never suspect us."

Vera was so angry now, but had to keep her mind, and anger still. Now she knew how awful Pastor Lee was. How could he induce her into such demonic actions? Her art was not touched, she sat there knowing that the other people this Lee wanted her to help, were going to be laced as well.

The person came back to get Vera. Vera put her finger to her lips, so that the person did not cause them to look their way. Vera wrote on her canvas, have you got a mobile that takes photo's? The person nodded yes. So Vera wrote take a photo of those people over there, the three men, and one woman. The person called Lucy, took two photo's. Then she wheeled Vera back to the car.

Vera, Lucy said, "What did you want with the photos?" Vera said, "Have you time to come back to my home, and listen to me for an hour?" Lucy said, "Well oddly my children had to go to another children's party for teatime. So I have a couple of hours Grace."

Back in Vera's home, Vera took her medication out. She had another repeat in her bedroom. One that had not been tampered with. Vera told Lucy what was going on. So Lucy was now very alarmed.

Lucy said, "I will copy the two photo's on my computer, from my mobile. Then I can print them."

Vera said, "They knew my cat was going, how can they take it as a way of making an animal a demon?"

Lucy said, "Well I am not real knowing about all that side of things, but I do know you are in danger. Lets look at the pills."

They opened the tampered packet, and found them looking like the ones in the packet without being tampered at all. One thing was different. A very small marking was on the tampered one.

Vera called her doctor. He said he would come round after his surgery time. Be about seven o clock. Lucy said, "I am going to call my husband to get the children for Minnie's home. So that they are safe. And I will stay here with you. Do you mind that?"

Vera said, "No, I need you as a witness. While they were waiting, Vera said, "You would never think a Pastor would be a crook, or anyone talking sermons, to gain for self.

Now I know why all the parishioners were so interested in the months sermons of the world unseen.

He has used that to get all of them to come to me, for help against the enemy. He used this to get me to help them, and in so doing, they will end up on their list for cheating them."

Lucy said, "Well yes, but not all of them would be on drugs, so how would he administer that?"

Vera said, "Simple really, he would get their minds bent, I would be giving them help, but really-----Oh my God-----The help I was giving was not help. I was drugged, and not noticing that I was seeing drug related scenes. You know what? I saw things that are in the Bible, but they were monsters. Having had the Morphine, I never knew that my drug was altered to something this big. Right! That's it. We are going to get this stopped, however long it takes."

Vera's doctor arrived right on time. She told him what was going on. He raised an eyebrow, and said, "Show me the two packets please." Vera did that, and he looked at the one with the small Mark on it. It was a dot in a number, so tiny that nobody would bother to look at it.

The doctor said, "I am sure this is Morphine, but such an high dose, that it would give

Hallucinations. It would also kill you Vera, in time. Before that happening, you would become so easy to be taken for. Your defenses would have crashed. I am going to have this put under investigation."

Lucy said, "The Pastor is one of them, and three others, I have photo's of them. I have to get hem processed." The doctor said, "Great! But Vera, have you anything here, showing these people came here?"

Vera thought for a minute, and then said, "I have nothing here at all. But somehow, I am sure it will pan out."

The doctor took the two packets, he wanted to get them finger printed. Pastor Lee, and Charles, along with Tess, and Victor, never used gloves. So their prints would be on them.

Vera said, "Wait a minute, Pastor Lee left a small note book here. I never looked in it, but I can get it. I was going to give it to him."

Now the doctor was very pleased. He asked for rubber gloves if Vera had any, and she did. So he opened the book.

In it were over an hundred peoples' names, and phone numbers. In the back of the book, was an address that was in another state. A name that was not English speaking or spelt.

The doctor left. Lucy said, "Oh Vera, I am so sorry you lost your baby girl, how rotten of that Lee man to tell you things, knowing you would believe them, due to the slow suicidal drug he was doing. Did he ask you about any financial details?"

Vera said, "Yes, he asked what bank I used. What investments I had?" Lucy said, "Did you tell him anything?"

Vera said, "Well I trusted him, and told him I have a large amount. Actually when I told him that, he took that note book out, and wrote something in it. Saying he was writing a date for others to come and see me."

Vera bent her head and sobbed, she said between sobs, " He knew I am waiting for a major operation. When I think of it, he was talking in ways that really made me feel as if I was under his control.

You see Lucy, deep inside I knew my cat had to go, it took me to a couple of years in fact, to come to do it. You see in two thousand and eight, I had five slipped discs in my lower back.

I could not get to the toilet. I got my kitten in two thousand and seven. So I never knew I would be heading for another hip replacement. If I did, I would not have had the cat.

After five days of not getting able to walk, I ended up getting my baby girl to come in and out of the bedroom window. Which I left open.

The I had to have an ambulance come.

I was taken to the doctors. He gave me so many pills, saying arthritis was severe. He looked like he wanted me to be in hospital.

So I told him I will not go, I have a cat I love, and I am alone, that cat is not going to suffer.

So I came back by ambulance, and was under medication. Later in the year I went to a chiropractor. She saw the file sent from the doctors, and could only work according. My cat was not going to be taken from me, no way!

The next year I had a cat scan, the results were severe osteoarthritis, back and legs. Mainly hip.

Now instead of doing anything, I was given painkillers for years. Yes, two thousand and eight to now. Three years about. I went into denial about my right hip being replaced. Mind you no doctor told me that is likely.

So my denial was living, and my hip was well gone.

I was crippling state way back then.

See Lucy, the last time my left hip done, I was with a woman, who was so filthy, her house was never cleaned.

Food was rank, most times. Not all the time.

She was a spiritualist. Her mind was gone. Her talking was abrupt, and bitter. Her jealousy of my life was increasing to her taking control over me.

She spoke about being married to a pastel picture of an Indian, two hundred years ago. I was not to talk about normal life, that was waffle, but I was to talk spirits. Only that, nothing else.

I was so miserable there, and so in pain, that I had no defenses, until after the operation.

What she did to me, she really believed was help. But Lucy, you said you do not know much about demonic darkness. I saw her taking as if demons were in her. I was under the greatest attack of being struck by them.

My first book spoke about this, and so my operation had complications in it. Due to her so called healing. She would pull my poor hip up onto this very high table, and do some occult thing Reike I think it's called.

Her tongue was like a sharp sword. She became possessive over me.

The surgeon said he had never seen such destruction in an hip before. So my operation and recovery room, was nine hours.

So you see, I was haunted by that experience. So I shut out my hip being replaced on the right side.

That time gave me for the first time in life, hate, I hated her. I left her, way before I should have been alone, only three days after coming out of hospital. My rehab was alone. That is not medically acceptable. But nobody was there for me.

Now can you see how I am so without defenses."

Lucy looked at Vera, and said, "No wonder you had a great bond with your cat, from two thousand and seven, after all this. She was your child. Awe Vera, this Pastor has to be caught out.

Look how he used that past time, for his own reasons.

He gave you the spill knowing your in great grief over your loved animal child. He was abusing you, putting drugs in your packet to fool you altogether. Then he would have taken your money, by then you would be near death, from the forced drugs. He would be unsuspected, being a Pastor, and when you died, they would have trouble finding out how this drug was in your body?

Vera said, "I went along with it, I thought I was doing work for the Lord, but now-----My goodness-----I must have been-----Going mental slowly."

Lucy said, "Vera, do not punish yourself. You know that the shelter will get baby girl another home. While in there she is vetted, and looked after. She will adapt. I tell you what Vera, I have heard of people loving their animals, you gave your own health to keep her. The shelter know of your health, so they would never let you get her back. They know too, that you tried for so long. Can I give you an hug?"

Vera said, "Yes Lucy, I need one. But today, funny enough, I refused to take the medication, I wanted to do my art, and-----Yes-----I was led there-----Just to find them out-----It is a dangerous thing when anyone uses the darkness, without much knowledge of it.

For if this Pastor did know, he would not touch what he is doing. He is no Pastor. So to think he used this world I thought I saw, which I did, then tell me my cat was under influence of witches."

Vera let out a scream of anger, Lucy let her go for it. Vera said, "How could he harm me, and my cat so, talking so much about satan, and me going along with it."

Lucy said, "Look Vera, my aunt is alone. She lives near here. If I talked to her, and asked her to come and live with you until your on your feet, would you mind that? She is a Christian lady, but none of this sort of thing she gives time for.

She brings glory to God. Not try to penetrate the darkness. She knows its there, and just keeps her faith. Its time you were released from all this. She never preaches, she just prays. I will be keeping contact with you, I bet that this doctor will be getting to the bottom of this. I also think he will have tests done on you, to make sure you alright.

Vera went to bed, stroking the place her cat used to be, on the bed. She even spoke to the cat as if she was there.

She accepted the shelters advise, but her pain of losing this cat, would take time. She laid there thinking of how she just could not give her away before now. So in her prayers she asked Jesus to give the cat a whole new feeling, take away the pain the cat felt. Replace her with the best new owner that Jesus would lead to baby girl.

Vera was with tears, but knew her tears were a way of healing, and bring out her pain.

She had to get on with life. Get out of the relapse she had, and continue the very path the Lord wanted her on.

She thanked the Lord for using her to find out the cheats in churches. She resigned to the fact that, Jesus Christ would never forsake her. That he had much work for her, in a very healthy way, after her surgery.

In her relapse, she took a cigarette, a crutch to help her cope. It did nothing but annoy Vera, that she had given it up. Did so well, and then-----The darkness shadowed her, but did not take her. She is the child of God. Through Jesus Christ.

To Vera, Jesus Christ was a simple man on earth. He knew all about this, in every age, past and present. He spoke of wealth to be, not earthly wealth. She always felt that where she is, Jesus is too.

Jesus lived the simple life, but gave far more then any mankind can do. Her church was inside her, and what was inside, was his love, his forgiveness. He knew the battle of warfare.

Vera felt her real parent was God, and Jesus, as one, with the holy spirit comforting, her.

Her mind was clearer now. If she wants to be in better health, its up to her to do her part.

The time was turning for Vera, and about time too.

The changes were coming. Her being led to these that are doing harm to aged people mostly, would be an interesting thing to see unfold.

She quietly said, "Baby girl, I will love you forever, and forgive me, I could not do otherwise. I tried so hard to keep you.

I have had to pay for this all in money. But I paid for it in emotions too. Please do not fret, Jesus has a plan for you, and his way is the only way. So I will say you be free, and live a good long life. I love you.

Chapter Seven

The new morning came with Vera feeling some relief. Her own inner grief was there, but the beginning of healing was also there.

Lucy rang her to check up on how she is? Lucy said, "My aunt Harriet had a long talk with me about being support to you. She was quite prepared t come, and live with you for as long as you needed support. She also said, that if you wanted a break from your home while she is there, then you both can go to her home. Take some time between the two homes. It may give you space that is needed."

Vera said, "Heavens, Harriet is so kind to do that. In a way it may give me the very space I need. Do you think she would have me in her home now? Because I have to be away from the Pastor, and the other three. I am sure they will keep coming. They will get others to come to me too. So it would be a great benefit for me to get away."

Lucy said, "Get the doctor to know Harriet's address, it is seven pasture green. Vera said, "That is only in the other side of town. Be a good way off. I am going to call her now, and then if you can, pack up things you will need, and I will take you there. Actually I think it may be better for you to be in her house most of the time, rather then her in yours. She will not mind. What I will do is give you the morning to think what we can pack, and then come at one o clock. I will put them in the suitcases. Do not answer the door bell, just call the doctor. Then once in my aunts home, other places that need to know where you are, you can call from there."

Vera sat looking at her cloths, thinking to take simple things. Her management of packing them, was very limited. So she wrote down the main things she wanted to take. The phone rang again, and Vera was a bit nervous to answer it, as Lucy said that she would be there at a certain time. The Holy Spirit led her to answer it anyway.

A voice Vera had never heard said, "Hello Vera, I am Harriet, I am very pleased to have you here. Would you like to stay for the whole time here? I thought that you could rest better, and the operation will have you away. Then you will recover here having me as support. I am a Christian lady, that really is so down to earth. I am not one that will go giving unwanted lessons."

Vera said, "Oh Harriet, you were sent to me for sure. I am a Christian lady too. But at the present stage, I have been um-----Well somewhat fooled. So I am having to heal spiritually. I am grateful for you saying you do not-----Well-----Kind of preach." Harriet said, "Your way of being healed is but another greater then me. It is not for me to interfere with that. But it is for me to be as family to you. I look forward to meeting you, and be very hungry, because I have a meal that will fill you, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Just by eating the lets say, holy food prepared for you."

Vera put the phone down and called her doctor. The receptionist took her new address, and said, "He is going to get in touch with you in a couple of days. I do not know what about, as he did not divulge that. But he said he had to see you." Vera said, "Thank you for that, let him know it is fine for him to visit my other home for a couple of months"

Lucy arrived right on time. She said, "Ha! So now we are going to get you right out of here. I saw that Pastor as I drove past the next street. So tell me where the cases are, and I will fill them quickly, then come back an other time, for anything you may feel you need."

Vera was a little tearful, but very sure that what had hit her, was going to dissolve into its own owner, rather then attack Vera's mental state.

Harriet was waiting by her front door. Vera saw the most beautiful garden flowers in Harriet's front garden. As Lucy ushered Vera into the house, Vera smelled the baking, and the warmth of the house was very enticing. A peace was very much felt. Harriet said, "Lucy asked me, to ask you, if you mind me knowing what has been insulting you?"

Vera said, "Well it would be coming out anyway. So yes you may know." Lucy said, "I arranged for Hugo to get the children from school. He had an earlier day to end his work shift. So I am going to celebrate the first step of you healing with you, and get to eat auntie Harriet's cooking, yum!"

Harriet took Vera slowly along her hallway, to a very cozy bedroom. A room dressed in soft pastel colors. The bed was a queen size. The dressing table had soft delicate doilies that were hand made. Vera looked to the other side of the room, and there was a walker, one that was able to seat Vera too.

Vera said, "Awe, you must have gone and bought this?" Harriet said, "Well no, not really. I had if for another person I once had wished to help." Vera put her faith into its right place, her heart.

After Lucy had put Vera's things into the bedroom, they sat down to after noon tea. Harriet had the evening meal well in order, so that she did not have to break the coming conversation.

As Vera told Harriet of the way she was, and how things from the darkness seemed to filter into her life, Harriet was upright, and listening very much. Harriet said, "Well Vera, the way you began this time, you already had the shadows trying to cover your eyes. You said you had written books?" Vera said, "Yes, they came to me from the Holy Spirit. For a good while nothing was going sour. At one time satan was so threatened, that he despises anyone that is delivering the gospel in other ways. Well not so much other ways, there is only one way. But the work I was willing to do, the Holy Spirit had prepared me for. I did not know that I was being prepared. I had to sit in the darkness, for the understanding of spiritual weapons. Yes, mix with the witches, be in their presence, watch what looked like a power, but to me, had holes in it. See what they called healing practiced in rather an odd way. Listen to the ones that did readings, and thinking how the readings were mere generalizations. As people, once one thing is correct, give out things, that lead the reader to read on. Where behind it all is the familiar spirits."

Harriet said, "Ugh! I have heard of this, but never encountered such. Although, I have had times in my life, where things went ugly." Lucy said, "Well to he honest, Hugo had a time of never getting a thing done. He had every knock back possible. I have had dreams, and sometimes felt as if something was there, but I could not see it. So I prayed, and stopped thinking about it."

Vera said, "It is active, and very subtle in ways. I had a past of such believers, in my family. The root was way back in the ages. I sort of lost my journey, and seemed to be beginning to write a journey that was not comfortable. But on I wrote it. I got to about five chapters, when an intervention came. The divine intervention. I know as people would read it, the sudden change would be somehow questioned? It was to be written so."

Harriet said, "Yes I heard you had to part with your cat. May I say this to you Vera? Sometimes in life, we have to part with certain things. Your love for her will always be, the Lord knows that. He will make sure she has a good home. It is not really correct to have her in an hip replacement to come. She would have tripped you, or caused you far more energy then you have got. Because of your high pain. Your own mind would have had pain in it, she would have felt that. The Lord knows the rehabilitation is a very careful time. One trip and your back in for another operation. You know what I think Vera?"

Vera said, "Please go on, I am really getting help from you over this right now. Harriet said, "OK, the rehab would mean you have to learn to walk again. It is a slow process. A cat does not know this, so she would be around you heaps, as she would have had the time your in hospital, on her own in the house, and nobody there, just one person coming to feed her, and leaving. The strange person would stress your cat very much. You not there would also stress her. So looking at it, her going, and being distressed by it, gave the same thing, with one difference. She is looked after in the shelter, gets vet to check her. Her new place is strange to her. But the one thing for certain is this. No way can you have a strict six week time after the operation, and the actual time of the operation, bringing it to seven, or eight weeks. All of this she would sense already. Your pain, and lack of being able to manage, for every hour of day, and night, would have made you different. She knew that."

Vera said, "Exactly what the shelter said. I know it was the right thing to do, but unfair, very unfair." Harriet said, "Who are we to know why the Holy Spirit had another reason for you, in your on coming journey to be his instrument? From what I see, you gave no attention to your own health for four years. Avoiding the very fact that you knew inside, she would have to leave you. It may be as well, that your grief was to be shared for the possibility of many others, to see how to understand such things. For many have lost their animals, and grieve. Your cat has a new chance, her glands will be going over the quarantine home, and have her territory as hers. Then when she is for sale, she will put her glands again. In her new home, she will adapt, and then the glands are new in her new home. She will be given an home the Lord wants her to have. Tell me Vera? Have you put animals in your books before?"

Vera said, "I may have mentioned them lightly. But never to this way. No I have not mentioned bonds with animals." Harriet said, "It can be looked upon as an holy thing here." Vera said, "Meaning what?" Harriet said, "You had changed to life, in pain, so pain was the sword in your side. Your cat knew this, but not now why, just felt it. You did the fair thing. Because you were at the end of your tether, any added stress was big for you. You may have snapped at her at times?"

Vera said, "Yes I did. But always apologized to her. She got so misbehaved. You see I was saying to others, here and there, help me. None did. So my whole life was without anyone kind enough to do a few small actions, not just give words. Words did not help me."

Harriet said, "Yes this has given you another theme, and message from the Holy Spirit. Give it out, and share this. So many souls in the world are going through the same thing. People do not know how to speak in knowing such hurt has come on you. Plus on top your crippling. People have forgotten that comfort is not words only. It is action, and putting things of comfort there for you. I do not preach, but I do say what I think. All the grief was to come out, and if your putting it in your book, then its meant to be so. Do not forget that Jesus Christ will not forsake you, or your cat. He loves you, so therefore will love all that you love. It may not feel holy, but in a way it is. At the least of it, your cat did not get run over. She is alive, and well. Just adapting to change. Will never forget you either. Will accept this all. Your here now, in my home, so your adapting to my home, it will not feel like your home, but is your protective shell at present."

Vera said, "Your making it easier for me already. Thank you for that. I had a word with another Pastor, about this loss, he listened very much. He prayed, and since that prayer, I have felt some calm, not ease of loss, but some calm."

Lucy said, "We have the other thing to concern about." Harriet said, "You certainly got spiked by-----" Vera said, "A Pastor, and yes, I really thought he was OK. But I had been on drugs from my doctor, and had side effects from them. Morphine, and things related to it. He knew I had experiences with the darkness he thought, as I did, I could help people. I never knew that another weapon is using the darkness for gain. How dumb of me, when satan has used the Bible, for his gains."

Lucy said, "No your not dumb, you were influenced by the drugs you had to have for your pain. No drug did take the pain away. But did effect your brain chemicals. To think a Pastor could be a criminal is beyond me."

Vera said, "He knew too much about how I was with witches, but I was not one of them. I did not know that spiritualists are witches. I heard, and saw crazy things. Ego was a big thing to them. They were friendly I thought at first. But after time, they were bitchy. One wanted the head of power. In a way I had never sat in a spiritualists meetings like this. So I was watching, and was skeptical about a lot of things. Being I was so lonely, I thought I had friends. I can tell you, that none of them are true, none of them can be a friend. I had a life of learning about the darkness. I was not sure of anything in it. But the whole thing was to turn around. I had the full on attacks. Things like people would not know, unless told. Many have had attacks, but some are just in the flesh and bones. I am going to say something now. I never really explain it, but nobody knows who I am."

Harriet said, "Your Vera, so I do know who you are." Vera said, "You know me by looking at the flesh and bones. But you do not know me yet. I say yet, because it is time in my life to share out, who I am. You see, I have lived in this earth, but have never been of it. Never! My flesh lives in this earth as seen. People have never been able to get near me. Some have questioned and never got an answer.

Lucy said, "Funny though, I met you and thought you were in trouble. So I have offered my car to take you places, when it was good timing. I used to think that you were not actually with people. You seemed to be in another world?"

Vera smiled," You have got that right. The world I belong in, is the world all belong in. I was never worldly, for this world, as it is. I am for the world, that this world, was meant to be in creation. So many people, as I did too, make life for certain things. But the certain things I was wanting, were not even material. I look at people working their butt off, and gaining money. They work so hard for the wealth, they stress their life, and if they die before they can enjoy their wealth, who gets it? Those that never worked for it. So how do those that never worked for it respect what they have got? Respect for any portion, is to be worked for. By that I mean, portions are to be for the very reason of service for the Lord. As the portion is shared, it will come back. So balance is there. How can balance be in a world of greed? Wealthy people give not a crumb to the poor. The poor give half their crumb if they find one, to another poor person. So who is the real wealthy people? The poor are."

Harriet said, "I have never thought of that. Mind you I have been busy in life giving to those in need. Not by money, but by kind. Please do go on, you have got my interest very much."

Vera said, "Thanks for that. The poor are the strongest people in this world. They have to survive all the elements. They have the hard beds, lack of food. Some remain in a positive way for life. Some sadly, get so negative, they go into the darkness, and cause their poverty by drug dealings. Casino gambling. Crimes that cause the pains in so many. The energy of this world is riddled with sin. So as all things, one thing leads to another. The strength I am talking about in the poor, is a strength that is given to them. If they are righteous. Now I am living in spirit. Not familiar spirit. My spirit belongs to God. So I live in that spirit. In his likeness. That is why I am not known, by people. Others too live in the same way as I do."

Lucy said, "Hang on here, if that is so, how come you were got at, and have been got at all your life?"

Vera said, "In the life of Jesus Christ, his short life, did he not get tempted by satan, was he not given deals by satan?" Lucy said, "Yes he did." Vera said, "Because he was the son of man, his authority was of his father. He had all the rejections, not only in his earthly life, but in life ever since. He asked for the darkness to be taken from him, but he said that if it was to be, then it was to be. He loved our Heavenly Father, who was in him as one. He gave his life for us all. So who can say its a tale, and not a truth? Jesus was not of this world, because he was sinless. The world was sin from Adam, and Eve, being tempted. They were spirit of the heavenly father. They traded it for one fruit. Mankind trades it for money and wealth today. The result was evil. Evil became an energy of false power to satan. The world lost its beauty of the heaven it was meant to be. So the spiritual war was in action. Why we are in the middle of it, is more to the heavenly fathers knowing, then to us. We are given the holy spirit for comfort. If we choose to live in the worldly manner, we lose our spirit that belongs to God. So as I have had all hits, of all kinds, it is not so unusual. How can it not be seen, that to be as Jesus suffered, we have it too. We walk with him, so we carry the cross. We live above that, even when as I have had, every flesh invasion, and many major operations. Never did I die. Sure it has tested me, and I have walked away from it in faith at times. Yet all the time, my real self was never to be harmed. For I do live in the spirit of truth. That spirit people do not see. So as the sins are increased, they do not recognize me, because they are not living in the same spirit of truth. So the now me not. I had to be given the darkness, for the glory, for in all sufferings, I know the reason for. But sure, I have got angry at it at times. Even Simon Peter did deny three times. So as I did, it did not mean I had lost. I had learned.

This has given me the way to work he truth into the darkness, that will fight me, and all Christians.

Now as we have talked, or I have talked and shared with you two. The time has come for the findings of people professing to be Christian, and are not, to be caught, and yes by me suffering. As will as other have done. So who I am you now know."

They sat down to the celebration of the holy meal. The coming for bringing down another weapon of evil, was going to bring Harriet, and Lucy, to boost their faith. Vera coped now for the temptations, and saw her reason for her cat to leave her. She was being prepared for the work that would give her a far more cherished way of service. They all benefited this sharing. For Harriet, and Lucy, learned their own spirit was the real life.

Harriet was given a lesson she never knew about. They all talked about the bringing down of the Pastor of evil means. They all knew that Vera was never going to be taken to darkness. But was given it to break cults of evil.

Vera retired for the night, feeling more at ease now, that her cat would be well, and given a good home. She began to heal.

Chapter Eight

Vera had a good nights sleep. Harriet was making breakfast. She felt that Vera needed to rest quite a bit. She thought how Vera had lost her cat, and then her only pair of glasses broke so in half so that she is not able to wear them. They still are broken.

Harriet knew the doctor was coming to see Vera tomorrow. Vera came through to the kitchen, and said, "Harriet, I was thinking about how life is about suffering, and when it comes, it comes in everything. I have had it for ten years. One thing after another. But this? I am just not able to understand it all. Too painful."

"Vera," Harriet said, "In our talking yesterday, I felt so for you, and I agree, talking is useless, action you needed, not all the words that gave you nothing. I thought about the Pastor you spoke of, and told how you are, and he did not offer any help as in anyone helping you. It also crossed my mind, how some Christians came, and then left you. Knowing how you are. Then you have this Pastor that has done drug abuse to you, and you never knew."

Vera said, "I think what I saw was drug inducing effects. To think he used it to gain the people, to get them, to come to me. That meant that he was going to continue changing my drugs, as I let him in my home, and he could get access at any time. Then he would get them to give him access to their home too, and do the same thing. I be he has taken many people for money. Some Amy have died too, and the real cause not known, but put to old age."

Harriet said, I just saw the doctors car pull up through the window. Wonder why he came without calling?"

The doctor came in, and he said, "Vera, the note book, how great that mongrel left it in your home. The police have it right now. They got the area that the drug dealing is going on. This Pastor had been doing this for ten years. The case is being investigated, to the core of the while thing."

Vera said, "Are they going to arrest him?" the doctor said, "Yes, but not yet. They are going to follow his movements, and places he goes. His does not know it, but his phone is tapped to them, so they get a tape running, on all his incoming calls, and outgoing calls. They are concerned deaths have happened through this, but put without a thorough death autopsies, because of age. Plus as the drugs they were on, were already written, there was no more done."

Harriet said, "Ugh! This is really bad. Vera, I think that all that has happened to you, is saying something here. The doctor said, "Your cat going, and the grief of it, did I hear you say your glasses were broken?"

Vera said, "Yes, and I do not drive either now." Harriet said, "Seems to me that something is trying to force you out of the way. Doctor your a Christian right?" He said he was. Harriet said, then you will know that events happen, events that are darkness. They will not be possessing Vera, but surely, if she is not able to walk, is not able to see, cannot get anyone to help her, lose her own animal that she loves, I would say this. She write books. They come to her from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is there speaking to her in silence. Every word she puts in her books, are his words, letting her write them in her own fashion. He gives her stories of all ages, and many ways of evil being done. I think she is being stopped, but will not be stopped. For the holy spirit is in authority of this. She will not be beaten. I just pray that she will gain from all this, for her life does deserve a change of life, so that her latter years, are in being placed in another service for the Lord. Vera, you said that you were losing faith in this lately?"

Vera said, "Yes, and I am feeling as if my sanity is being given an huge hit. So that I fail to stay in faith. I used to feel so alone, and so left, with people saying nothing of help at all."

The doctor said, "In spiritual sense I see that, yes, there is no way she could have kept her cat really, as the need for her own health is to be given. I know she is without selfish ways, but she is very exhausted. So these Christians that began to help you Vera?"

Vera said, "Yes, but that was a year ago. Plus my own mind is so depressed, that I may be looking at it without seeing the real causes. The drugs must have taken me so low, that nobody wants to be with me. Odd that, when its clear that help is needed, and not added pressures. But this Pastor had been bring me people for a good two years. Come to think of it, they were aged. Apart for Tess, Victor, Charles was middle aged. He is a medical man."

The doctor said, "He will be arrested too, bet on that. This Tess?" Vera said, "A nurse, and probably knows how to administer drugs against the rules. How do I get out of this anxious, and depressed feeling?"

The doctor said, "Your pain is doing that, it is not clinical depression, its inability to perform normal things in life. Being alone with it, and being used in your mental capacity for the demonic work going on. While in such pain, your very short of defending yourself. Then drugs that do harm the mental thinking. Even to your cat, as you just felt nothing is to be for you, all you loved is taken away. Naturally, the cat would have been a danger in rehab, I think that you did the right thing, because you would have distressed her by a stranger coming in, and your not there at all. How come your neighbor who knew your cat, could not be company to her for an hour in your home, and feed her? How unwell of her knowing you would be in pain of this. Yes, I think that you have been targeted. But never fear Vera, know that your cat will adjust and will be with good people. The Lord will see to that. He will send the very ones to her."

Vera said, "Harriet said that this was to be, so that anyone who knows this pain, if they lost an animal, will get something from this book I am doing right now. As animals do get targeted. But I just failed to see how?"

The doctor said, "That Pastor told you things, that caused you to feel-----Wait-----Did the cat ever growl?" Vera said, "Yes, once in my bedroom, at what I do not know. I saw nothing, but she did. She also at times looked like she was looking at something, that I never saw. She would not let me cuddle her. She had only come to walk between my legs, which could make me fall. Be at the line, when I could put washing out, or anywhere else. Always doing it. Then she would come at night time, and purr, put her face near mine, want to be stroked for a short time, then she went and bit me. She drew blood at times. Oh I have said all this before. So what are you getting at?"

The doctor said, "In a way, she actually was very territorial. Her life was an independent one, and she loved you. One thing I thought, was when you were with witches, who saw the cat. There could well have been hexes, vexes, and spells, ill talk about you. This is cursing you."

Vera said, "Oh please, this is what the Pastor said, "Doctor said, "I am not going the same way as he did. What I am saying is, the hall the meetings are in, of the witches, is at the back of your home. The very high fence went up, without you knowing about it, so you are not able to see the hall anymore. This is protection to you. But the cat could get over that fence. As she became very naughty, and was wanting to get out of your home, even after all day, and good part of evening out. Something was doing this. You were getting very short of patience, due to not able to walk properly. I really think that she may have been picking up the curses sent to you, by these witches. It would have effected her behavior. I think Vera, although its so painful now, you released her by giving her to another home. By that your not able to get the curses anymore. It may not make sense right now. So no, I am not going how the Pastor did. I am just recognizing how the darkness can bring in energies to you, to try to stop your books. Tell me, did at any time have you thinking of not finishing this book?"

Vera said, "Oh yes, I did a chapter four times, and then discarded it. But I am told to carry on with it."

The doctor said, "There is your answer. For if humans can be targeted, so do animals.

Harriet said, "So by getting the cat to go, the cat is saved from it? Vera is also saved from it, glory be, mysterious is the lords work."

Vera said, "I think it's time to move on with other things now. I just wish I knew she is alright?"

Doctor said, "Yes she is. As you never had her company anyway, apart form when she slept in your bed. She was distant in some ways. You had to end up getting her to sleep in a cupboard she liked, with all warmth and comfort. But she wailed to go out side all the time in the last six weeks with you. No doubt if she laid on your poor hip gone, or any jolt of movement, you would have got big pain from that. That is not to be done, for it would cause you more damage. Rest in peace about this Vera. It is for the best."

Harriet said, "Well, I will get Vera to do other things, so to take her mind off it. Heavens, I think others would be quit interested to know that darkness will give more, and more, to stop the light showing what is in the dark world on earth. The spiritual world of warfare."

Vera said, "I want no more talk about this, it has to end here, and now. As long as its in service, then it as a good reason to be brought out. So lets get on with this Pastor, and the offenses done."

The doctor said, "I will be keeping contact with you, as the law will want to speak with you. The note book had a number, and code in it. The law is capable of working that out. Its Matter of time. I will leave now, and keep you posted Vera. So very sorry that you had to endure such pain in emotions, and mental pain, in top of the physical pain."

Vera said to Harriet," I have had enough of this working out about the cat, I will love her anyway."

Harriet said, "Are you up to me taking you to a show tomorrow, as the doctor, along with the law, will work this out. I think you have been given much. Time to heal." Just now you gave your cat a better chance now. Yes, I believe that, for all things are possible with God." Vera knew that her case was a least moving on to her final pain going for good.

Her mind was made up, that she was being prepared for a good portion to come. The time had come for her to work on the rather unusual involving case. Where the Holy Spirit had every intention to give her peace for her later life. An happy life to come. God had not finished with her doing his messages, he had a purpose, to be revealed.

So that night she said in prayer," I love my animal child, and I see that she was also an instrument for exposing farther then her ability seemed to be right now. Yes, although she screamed at being taken, she was being freed form curse too. Let gods will be done.

Chapter Nine

Vera way waking up with thoughts of her cat. She knew time was short still. To her surprise, she had spoken to a Pastor, someone different, who prayed with her over the phone. Just as she was thinking, Harriet knocked on the bedroom door. " Vera, a call for you, can you come and take it?"

Vera went to the phone, and a lady was on it. The lady said, "I heard about your cat from our Pastor. I do not mean to upset you, but he said how very grieved you are. That you have had others interpretation of you cat. Well as Harriet comes to our church, I was able to get her number. I knew you were staying with her. Um-----Look-----I know its kind of-----Oh, I so feel for you. I thought that if you did not mind, I can ask our Pastor to ask in our church, to get your cat out of the r.s.p.c.a. In time, if we can-----Yes-----If we can find a good Christian who will take her in?"

Vera said, "If that happened, I would be so grateful. I would have the grieving part, but my heart would settle, especially in a Christian home. That would be a gift from the Lord. You did not have to pause while you were telling me this, I know you were feeling sad about it. I am so very grateful to you."

Vera put the phone down, and sighed, oh if this can be, I would feel better about it. Her thoughts were rolling along in Hope, and prayer.

Harriet said, "Everything OK Vera?" Vera said, "It may be. Your church is the baptist. And the other church is Methodist. The Pastor who is going to get his deserts, for the harm he has done, is in a non denominational church. I made the wrong choice there. It sounds as if my little baby girl, may be likely to get an home with a Christian. Its not definite, but a chance."

Harriet said, "Oh Vera! That would be so wonderful. I never approached you about my church, as I do not go every Sunday. Plus I do not start that kind of convincing. I think churches are a personal thing for anyone to make."

Vera said, "Mm---Seems to me, I was getting given all sorts of ways to understand what was going on with mt cat."

Harriet said, "Oh I think the doctor was only saying what he thought, most people do not know what to say. So has that made you feel better about the chance of her getting a Christian home?"

Vera said, "Most definitely. You know when this Pastor who abused my drugs, gets arrested, I feel glad about that. What he is doing is not from God. You know Harriet, for all to pass from curse to blessing, is a very great message. People are fighting, and do not know what they are fighting. Even I have had a fight, in the last month. A big one. Moving into what used to be enemy territory is a vulnerable move. There are no defenses in place, and now we can be an easy target. This is why the church must maintain a warfare mentality at all times. Even though the enemy's place has been raided, the church is still at war, and should prepare for a counterattack."

Harriet said, "Never thought about that one. But then I have never had to fight." Vera said, "Are you sure of that? As in life many unfair thins come, and suffering comes with it." Harriet said, "Oh! Well when I had my dog run over, I was not exactly Christian about it. When I had a still born child, I was not at all feeling like God was there. Come to think of it, I have not really gone into that. So you mean even the domestic part of life is in attack?"

Vera said, "Christians are the prime target for satan. He does not care about the non believers, as they cannot put him off his sinful evil. Christians are the ones who do break down places of attack. He cares not for them at all. His only way is to break down a Christian, and give them pain, and hurt, an loss. It is then he believes he can alter their faith. As at times of great pain, the human is not in full gear. Keeping in mind that Christians can never take a place for Christ, not until the millennium, satan will be chained, and Jesus will rule with a firm law. Satan's place will be infiltrated, he will stage a diversionary counterattack but orchestrating weird demonic manifestations all over town, the main place is in the church. To me this is the spiritual equivalent of a defeated army, that will not surrender by turning to guerrilla warfare, and suicidal missions. Look at September eleven. Suicidal attack came on the towers. The towers were to crash America. The men doing the jets into the towers, were killing themselves. Given lies for the eternal life. When in fact they died, never to be remembered, so they have the second death written. What good did it do for them, or the many people who died, and got maimed for it? Destruction of the towers was to gain satan his means to attack the large country. Had he won all of it, and people turn to him, be sure at other attacks would be in place."

Harriet said, "I never gave that thought, I go to church when I am wishing to, and not hearing the gospel it seems."

Vera said, "Oh look, we all can fail to understand what we are fighting? It comes in all manner of ways, sometimes in one great it. As it hits, over, and over again, piling up so much debris, the more the clutter, the less is seen. For the clutter stops the open road. Too much to climb over, so is not really cleared. We are not to fight the flesh, and blood. The war is spiritual, and all Jesus asked of us, is to believe in him. To destroy satan's perimeter should be a calling in all houses, by going all places to tell people. By the ones who are prepared for this work, by our Lord. Often the very ones the Lord wants to work for him have been in the darkness. They were to be in the darkness to be able to know the split division. The darkness taught them satan's work, like being wary of the fascination with the occult. Do not touch it, read about it, make the tools of this evil to be in the home. Keep away from all new age shops, and the occult people. It is a must, to be never in their company. I had to be in this company, for one reason, and that is to fight their cults. Not in fighting them inn the flesh, but in their spirit that they do not know is demonic. It is so unfortunate, as many of these have given their eternal life-----Death. So as I had to work through finding out why my life was full of loss, I was to learn how to use this, for the salvation of all mankind."

Harriet said, "Your teaching me here too. So on all things we must work spiritually. Fight to keep faith, as in the deepest of hurts Vera, Jesus is telling us, his suffering was for us. Our suffering is from satan, of whom we can never be taken to. Not with Jesus as our only true Lord."

Vera said, "I have seen the tools used. I have heard the people doing this evil. I have felt the evil it can put around us. We have to be very aware of this. The Holy Spirit comforts us, but if we turn away, we loose lessons given us. So we have to learn again. Each time we relapse, we get caught in the counterattack. We knowing Jesus, brings us out of it. The more we take his word, the less we are take from. The new age movement is an army. One tiny slip, we are taking open doors of untruth."

Harriet said, "Yes, but look how your talking now, you have regained your trust in the Lord, and faith in his ongoing love, and lessons."

Vera said, "I was counterattacked, I lost my way of stability. Well now I am ready to carry on with my work. Pain, or no pain, it has to be done. So Harriet, we have the destruction of demonic work coming. There will be another lost manifestation to the darkness. It will not win.

Chapter Ten

Vera had some good news. She was taken to the hospital, and found the orthopedic surgeon was extremely unhappy at her state. She had been left for so long, that he said she was walking on her arms, for nearly four years. She was to be given no painkillers, because none would work. Operation is all that will kill this pain. Her state had gone far too far. He never thought she should have been left to this way.

He said the operation would be before a month, he is going to push her forward like around two weeks, or even sooner. Her pre operative tests were to be done in one weeks time. So prayers that her heart is alright, blood is alright, plus all the other tests done.

She told the surgeon about her parting with her cat, due to her health being, past being able to take a cat around her feet. How it broke her heart, but had to be so. He said that a cat must not be near Vera, not now, and definitely not after the operation.

Had any fall come before the operation, she would have great damage done, making it complicating in the surgery. After the surgery, dislocation is very easy in the first six weeks. So no cat he said. He put it plainly to her, that its time for her to think of her. Vera knew that she had put her cat first, and then could not anymore.

Vera's nerves began to release her. She felt like she was being tied to a tightening rope, by the day. So tight that she did end up depressed. So there was good reason for her breakdown. Sheer negligence of her general practitioner who had given her painkillers for years, and no orthopedic surgeon. She would have been done in 2008. Pain did not get released by drugs. So all that was a waste of time, and money.

Vera thought about her cat, and resigned herself to having to love her always, but to let her go, and she is going to be adopted. Sad, she thought, very sad. To think this Pastor had abused her health. Now she was ready to get him in any way possible.

Harriet was very pleased for Vera getting this result today. She said, "Vera, get this done, and then let the law have your statement." Vera said, "No, they can have it now. We have to get that sort of man out of the streets. Just think of how many he had harmed. In a way I was blessed, because the Lord made an open road for me, so that I am going to be healed.

A knock on the door came. Harriet went to the door, and Pastor Lee burst through it, as he had heard Vera was staying there. He said, "Ah, my note book Vera, you have it in your home, give me the key, so that I can get it. I have very important people to see, and all appointments are to be met. I have not been able to find you for weeks."

Vera sat there looking at him, and said, "I have no note book in my home, as I never saw one, you must have left it elsewhere." Pastor Lee got agitated, then lost his temper, he flew at Vera with his demanding words.

He said, "Give me your key, and give it to me now. I know I left it in your kitchen." Vera said, "I have no book in there at all. She was telling the truth. He then got hold of Vera, and Harriet went quietly out the room. She got her mobile, and went into the garden, and called the law in.

The police car was on the next street, just ending another case. So they were told to go to Harriet's address. Pastor Lee was still pulling at Vera, and Harriet said, "Do not do that, Vera is going to be operated on, so leave her alone."

Pastor Lee said, "You stupid old woman, your worth nothing, none of you old cows are. I will sort you out too." He then went to Harriet, and gave her a punch in the face. Harriet fell down on the floor, and the law had come in right at that moment. Pastor Lee was caught in the act of violence. Plus grievous bodily harm to two women. As they saw Vera with her throat red from her being pulled at.

They handcuffed him, and two of the police took him to the car. One stayed behind, to take statement of the recent incident. They told him to look up the case involved with Vera's doctor. In no time at all, they knew of the case, but did not know that the man in their car was the Pastor. Being that he was followed by others in the team of the law.

The law had all they needed now. Pastor had given his own case no chance of freedom. The doctor had given his part in this. They had gone back to other places this Lee was in, and found his guise as, Pastor Matthew, Pastor George, Pastor Andrew, and Pastor John, and today as Pastor Lee.

When they left Vera cried, and said, "I was drugged into visions of hallucinations. I even believed them." Harriet said, "I Hope they find the d.n.a. Of those he has actually drugged, while so ill, that they died." Vera said, "No idea how they can do that?" Harriet said, "Yes they can if they have to. Unless any were cremated. But their files are still around. So it's a can of worms."

Leaving that all to the law Vera said, "No doubt this Tess, Victor, and Charles, are also with other names. They would have been along with this. They must have been. No wonder I had a breakdown. Well, now I am going up again. I will not fail this, for the best surgeon of all, is Jesus Christ. Just makes me wonder if all this was to be, so that I do use it for others to understand the effects of such evil means."

Harriet said, "Vera, they will not only have prison here, but in the here after too, if they do not repent. We have to forgive them, but right now, that's not possible for me Vera. How about you?" Vera said, "I can pray that I forgive, but I feel the harm to flesh is not what this is about. So harming the flesh is harming the creation of almighty God Himself. Yes, I find it hard to forgive right now too."

Harriet said, "Harming the flesh, is harming the soul, and harming the spirit. That belongs to God. A spiritual warfare is very much what its about. So I thought that its likely, that by harming the flesh is how the spirit can be involved. For when down like you were, to breaking point, the thin line of your own faith was at testing. Not just yours, but mine too. Oh how we learn eh?"

Vera said, "Well lets begin a new way of thinking. OK so my cat is gone, but she will be alright. She has another chance at life. She must have sensed my sickness. Satan is very cruel, he takes the things we love. He tries to break our bodies, by sick health. In that time, we are vulnerable to lacking strength. For I can tell you now Harriet, I almost gave up on faith.

I had a receptionist tell me, that she met some strange thinking people, new age types. She told me that they believe in crystals giving them healing, and powers. Others were given very strange ways of items, and they too used them. She said they got results at first, and then wham! They get sick. So another type of new age books, or tapes were being used. She said she thought they needed to get a life, what nonsense it all was."

Harriet said, "Thinking of it, how come they need so many tools, and so many other things, when the truth is but one word?"

Vera said, "Amen to that.

Harriet said, "You know, I thought at times, that the warfare can be so misleading to many souls. It really has to be explained correctly."

Vera said, "I have had enough of it for the time being. Not meaning I do not believe it, but I know by my own life, what it is capable of doing. Seems to me that Christians are a prime target, when not sure of how to-----Wait-----New age you said-----How can there be a new age? The ages are spoken of by Christ himself. Not a new age, just when the age is time, he comes again. How can we tell the younger generation to stop?

All this thinking in reincarnation-----In a way its a sign of fear. For if they are in truth, no thoughts of reincarnation is there. No need to be. This sign ♱ is the only truth there is. One day I was in a supermarket, and this woman I never new, came up and spoke to me.

She said there are spirits everywhere. I shrunk back, and thought how ridiculous but-----She is right in one way, being the darkness of such. How wrong she is about them helping her."

Harriet said, "Well we have had proof of that. Look how you were got at, especially as you had come out of the darkness, just about a year ago. So its fighting you.

Fighting you by means of sickness, and mind breaking thoughts. It also gave me a fight, because I never knew the force being so ugly. So I too am learning what I never knew. I never thought about my bad times in life being darkness. I thought it was coincidence, that things happen, and just a fact of life."

Vera said, "Cunning eh? But Harriet, Jesus was also tempted by satan. He used a snake shape to take way the truth. I have had so many times of speaking in tongues. I would pray to be forgiven for my treading the side walk of loosing my faith. Of being angry with people, and of being tempted by drugs, unknown to me, giving false visions.

I am now convinced, that our medical teams are always ready to print out drugs, without getting to the cause of the root of the problem. I have gone in for consultations, and before I have said five words, the computer is given a drug to print out.

I am not heard. So its a legalized way to abandon patients. So in all ways, the signs of the times are speaking loud, and clear. But in a silent way. Although there is loudness in youths of today. Well as I said before, how about you, and I, go away for an holiday, after the hip is done, and the time of rehab of strictness, is over with?"

Harriet said, "Ah now I am very interested, but its you who needs an holiday." Vera said, "Not on my own. I am going to pay for this holiday, and you can receive it, and say nothing, right?"

Harriet said, "Your wish is my command. So where do you want to take us?"

Vera said, "Over into the french islands. A peaceful beach, and softness of nature. A gentle way of us being with the Holy Spirit, and listening to his comfort. Look at your face, its all bruised now. Had you not had me here, it would not have come on you."

Harriet said, "Yes, and you will be out of pain, how refreshing that will be for you. For me a real Grace of God's love. Well lets look at the brochures on computer."

They went together, with Harriet pushing Vera along in her wheel chair. There were many lovely cabins there. But all were private. The scene of blue sky, and soft sand, with gentle sea waves, was giving them both healing. Vera said, "I was telling you I have had many times of speaking in tongues, I did not finish it.

I am praying, and right within my silent voice, I hear words said, a language I do not know. Then it comes out in my speaking voice, and the sound of it is nothing known to me.

As in what language? At times I felt some Hebrew was in it. Then I feel the Holy Spirit is-----Oh dear-----Put it this way, like angels are given words to give to me, or its how angels speak. How my suffering is known about. How I am suffering for a very good reason. A sort of understanding, that-----Um-----My pain is a teacher in some way. But this pain is not forever. Its for the time of teaching me-----Um----- A bit like-----My pain will turn to joy! It may sound a bit far fetched. But it sure does come that way.

How this last book is to be of great pain, and some depressing things in it. Reaching out to our animals, and how pain there is for many others, who have had to part with a pet. I was very surprised how the holy spirit had gone into a church of an evil man's works. The last thing anyone would expect, is a Pastor. The speaking in tongues has increased in the spaces of time. Each one is not long,

Its short, but very holy. Far more then I can ever put words to. These words that come, are from the mercy of our Heavenly Father. No interpreter is there, so I am not able to fully understand its meanings. But I get the meanings, after some time. It seems to me to be Jewish speaking. But I know nothing of Hebrew language, or if the two are as one?"

Harriet said, "I have never had that. You have seen Jesus Christ as well you told me."

Vera said, "Yes, I was nineteen. I have never got him again like that, once only. He says he needs messengers. To give his message, and not all in biblical terms of writing. Many will not read the Bible, as it can be hard to understand without study. So I am given this gift, one I have no idea of doing, by any study of writing. Every letter typed, is a letter from high above us. But also around us, with the Holy Spirit.

I was going to delete this last book, for many times I have done a chapter, and then discarded it. So what happens? I get it all again, and again. I go to bed, and pray, after reading good words of Jesus Christ, and so comes the tongues. Never in my life have I ever spoken in tongues, the first time really got to me, I was without knowing what it was?

As time has gone along, and the pain is so excruciating, it is coming more, and more. A bit like I am doing his work, and taking this pain. So that it is used for healing of the Holy Spirit, in others that read the books. It the turn around for the glory of our Heavenly Father. I sure feel very privileged. I would never have thought I would be chosen for a disciple, in modern times. In a way, right now, I am thinking of pain like this, is worth it."

Harriet said, "How can pain be worth it?"

Vera said, "Did not Jesus Christ himself have pain? Pain is made to go two ways. Either to take away the truth, or to give it. The pain is glory, but I am sure that in times of breaking down, I was far from thinking that. I just feel that this has come upon me from the darkness, but will not take me to the darkness. For how can I reach others in pain, without knowing what severe pain is? If am to walk with Christ, I am to know his walk, while on earth. He had pain. He had sadness, as he saw the multitudes going away from him."

Harriet said, "So are you able to describe Jesus Christ, as in today, where he is on the right hand of God?

Vera said, "Yes, to see him in my heart, means he is in my spirit. The magnitude of such beauty is beyond any earthly material thing. He is so beautiful, and the holiness is profoundly way bigger then the earth is. To be given a way of seeing him, but not in the same way Christians will see him in the second coming. For that is the full reward. I am given a garment of the high reward. So I see him, yes, and the brightness is so bright, that he smiles. I do see that. But its in my thought part of my head. A bit like the way he put the parts upon him, when he prayed to his father. He took them off, after prayer.

His sweat of blood, in knowing the pain he had to go through. Asking if the cup can go? But not his will, his fathers will. He tells me to touch his garment, that his arms are around me. That for all I have been through, he was there. For all I have given in the time of pain, he rejoices. For his knowing of my life being in pain, and my coming to be born in him, I was given life. So in a way, I am a crippled aged lady right now, but I am a new child. "

Harriet said, "You leave me speechless. I have never felt any of that. I have felt him with me, but not so, as you have."

Vera said, "He gave me healing today. As the surgeon spoke my operation is to be as soon as possible, I felt a release, far more then just my tight nerves. True we got the time of the Pastor coming, harming us, and the law claiming the man. But after it, I felt as if a very light-----Um-----It's sort of like an energy of such lightness, with light around it. Satan has lost his hold on me.

The whiteness is not just white. Its whiter then white. I am feeling right now, as if Jesus is touching me. He is touching my life. I feel no more breakdown, that has gone. Just like that! My grief is going too.

The love will remain for my little girl, but he has healed the great big hole I felt. He is going to give her to who he chooses, so I do not have to worry anymore. Just trust him.

His touch is known, when given. Its nothing like human touch. I feel as if a wide spread of pure love, and glory is all around me, and very widely. I have to tell it while its happening, so that I do not miss out what he is saying to me. This is his way of preparing me for the operation, as well as saying ♱ my child, you will not be disappointed. For I am with thee ♱ there is not one mankind that looks like Jesus, he lives inside us, not outside."

Harriet said, "I feel an holy peace now, but I do not get what you are getting."

Vera said, "It is not just for me, all can get this blessing. I may be getting it because he feels the work of pain is done now. Like he said on the cross, ♱ it is finished ♱ so why are we so closed in, to not open to that? It is because many are not ready to go through the pain of leaving the darkness. It does involve pain. For pain was with us in the darkness. We never knew that. We all plodded along with life, accepting many kinds of pain. All mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Broken homes, broken families. Relationships not bonding. An accident, or illness. We plodded on. We can only be free by having pain to release us, but a pain that is the breaking of chains. I never knew that either, until today. The darkness has hit every human being. They fight, anger, hate, and envy, do crimes, and all is about the darkness. Some even go right into different religions, where there is the darkness acting as the truth.

All are searching, and finding not. All are going in never ending circles, only to come back to where they started. The true church is the body of Christ. One way, and one way only. Imagine how quick all would be saved, if they stopped traveling the numerous paths of no destination, but death. For the longer in the darkness, the harder to get out.

Threats to satan, is what he does not want. Jesus has won over him anyway. But he will threaten any new Christian, as well as those born into Christian life. Christians are given blocks. I never saw the block given me. Not until today. It was a close call loosing my little girl, as that made me feel what does God care? For that I had to repent.

Satan was behind any loss any human gets. He will use the loss, to gain his false power, and make us feel shadows. In shadows, we can decide to alter our faith. When he breaks a persons heart, he then waits to pounce on them.

He will try to let the person forget the amour around them. Once they do that, satan will pull them back into the darkness. So the pain goes on, and on. I was not to loose faith. By giving my cat to another home, Jesus moved the Bocks out of my way. I have never had such sudden moves to my healing, as this one. Jesus new I loved him, on that he gave me his garment to hold onto.

Thus I am given his presence in the most glory I have ever felt. Now I see my pain as the very way to come right out of darkness. I am free. So to all I would say, if pain comes in testings, let it be so, for the longer its given to Jesus Christ, the sooner he moves to giving us total freedom. This does not mean I will not get tempted, I will do, but this time, I know how to shove it away.

Today my blessings came in a big basket of holy bread. Water of holy water. Harriet, you can get this too. We all can. I am no higher, or lower then any other child of God.

Harriet said, "All you have said, has moved me greatly. I mean to say that the presence is so beautiful, and far greater then this world."

Vera said, "The throne has our Heavenly Father, the earth a footstool. So from that, is the greater part of reward, but we have to earn it."

Harriet said, "So now you know that the Lord has another work for you to come?" Vera said, "Yes. He has prepared me, for unless I do things in an holy way, I will not enter his kingdom. I also learned, not to go along with mankind's thinking, and respond in human ways.

I am to live in his spirit."

Hey Harriet, it must be time for some dinner. How about we get a take away delivered, and have an easy evening? Lets talk about the holiday."

Vera was set for the new life unfolding for her. She had no idea how she was to be in service. As this was to be shown to her. With the pain still there, it had eased some.

The new path was being prepared, the Lord will walk before Vera, and stop her, where he wanted her to stop, and go on when he wanted her to go on.

She was looking forward to the new life's path. She knew it was going to be in his Grace.

Chapter Eleven

Harriet was very overwhelmed by the way Vera told her of Jesus giving her his garment. She really had her faith uplifted by this. Since Harriet never had such high physical pain, she could not understand how Vera ever made sense of it.

Harriet was up early this morning, and had her own time to think about it all. She thought about how the Pastor had got his just deserts. Vera came into the kitchen, hanging right over the wheeled trolley she used, to manage her arms to walk her body. Vera said, "Harriet, I was thinking about how people today have no concern for sick people. Its almost as if they want to avoid being seen. That way, they feel they are not obligated to help."

Harriet said, "What made you think on those terms Vera?" Vera said, "Looking at the way others actually harm a sick person. As in that Lee man. Knowing over time, how people will shove a person who is disabled out of the way, to get their food items, not wait, or even ask if they can help them get it? So I was thinking about the lack of spirituality in people. Where are the hearts of people today? Some do things, and carry on about it. When in fact often times, the silent givers are the real givers. Money is the issue. I have often thought about the ones talking about money all the time, and how much they have got. I look at it two ways. They either have not got what they brag about, or they brag to impress, and make a poor person feel that they have to look up to them. Which ever way its looked at, it has no bearing on the true silent helper. For the silent helper knows that the Lord can see his heart. He needs no credit. Look at how you have come forward to help me, through Lucy. Oh by the way, we have not seen her for a while."

Harriet said, "Oh that's Lucy, she does have her children to think about. Sometimes she will show up a great deal, or it can be a few weeks before she shows up."

Vera said, "Who is that group of women coming in the drive way?" Harriet said, "I have no idea, I will go and see." Vera heard laughing, and then four women came in with Harriet. Harriet said, "Vera, these ladies have had dealings with the man who cheated them. As your unable to do much right now, they asked the law if it would be OK to know where you live? Odd though, I would have thought that I would have had a call first allowing that."

Alice, one of the ladies said, "They thought you would not mind, considering you can do with all the help possible right now. So we got together, and decided to come and give you company. We have brought you some gifts."

Vera said, "Gosh! Why did you do that?" Gladys said, "We got you some items we felt you might need in hospital, as we were told you were crippled." Vera said, "I am with Harriet on this, the law would not just give you where I am living." jade said, "Well they did do, so look we have some drinks for you, a few long life cakes, and some biscuits. You can use them I am sure." Leslie said, "We thought how you were taken by this Lee, and we were too. So we got together to come and see you."

Harriet thought, no, something is not right here. She noticed that Alice was looking at the biscuits, like she was checking the seal of them. Harriet said, "Oh I think its so nice of you to come, and give Vera these items, yes, I suppose you mean well."

Vera looked at Harriet, and thought, she is up to something. The ladies did not stay long, but gave Vera an address, to contact them, so that they can visit Vera in hospital.

Harriet said when they left," Vera, do not touch the items. I am going to check with the law if they did give them where your living now?"

Harriet went and called the law, Vera heard Harriet say," Yes do come right now, we are home, and yes, you can look at the items. I will tell Vera.

The law came not much more then twenty minutes time. They looked at the items, and one said, "We will take all this, and have it looked at." Vera said, "Why do you need to do that?" The man said, "To check if its been laced. We did not give your details out at all. So there is something very wrong with this."

Vera looked at Harriet, and Harriet looked at the items with suspicion. She said, "It seems to me that another group of people are involved with this drug scene. If they come and tell us that they are laced, someone is out to kill you."

Vera was sitting with a small smile on her face, she said, "They may well be trying to do that, but it means that more are in this, and all will be caught. Pity you never took their photo."

Harriet said, "No, did not but-----What's that in the armchair?" Harriet went to look at it. There in the corner of the armchair, was a small tissue. Harriet thought that Alice must have used it, and forgotten to take it, or throw it away. So when she picked it up, she noticed something inside it.

Taking the tissue apart, there was a coin in it. Or was it a coin? It could be a trinket for a necklace? Looking it again, she saw a name on it, and the other side had a number engraved on it. Above the number were initials. Pl Harriet said, look at this, a pl and a number under it. The name on it is Singapore. Odd thing to be on a coin. But it has an hole in it, for a chain, no chain is here."

Vera said, "This may be the division of the place drug dealing is going on?" Harriet said, "I will have to call the law again." doing that, explaining the coin, the law sent a detective straight away. He had what they found in the food items. So he now had a keen interest in this coin.

Detective Jason said, "Good afternoon ladies, I will have to tell you that the food items were full of rat poison. In the drinking bottles, we found liquid poison, that would not be tasted. So Vera, sorry, but there is no way these women will be back to see you. So telling you they will contact you, is a lie. Let me look at the coin please."

After some time, detective Jason said, "Well done ladies, this is just what we needed. We have arrested four of the people. But there is far more to it then that. They will not comment on anything we ask them. So I will take this coin, as you have touched it Harriet, your prints will be on it. But we may be able to trace another print, or prints. Singapore has something to do with it."

When he left. Vera was so alarmed, and yet somehow calm about it. Harriet was not calm at all. She saw Alice coming down the drive way in a great hurry. Alice banged on the door saying loudly," I have left my tissue here, with an item very important to me, let me in."

Not one word was spoken by Harriet, or Vera. So in the end, Alice went away. Harriet said, "Yes, that coin is most definitely something to do with this pl initials."

Vera said, "Oh-----Why on earth we did not realize-----Could it be?-----Or is it-----Pl-----" Harriet said, "Pastor Lee, for pl, seems funny to have only two letters, and a number under them. Vera said, "They are contacts. Contacts not found as yet."

Harriet said, "The number was coded, it had a code on it before the number. Lets look at code numbers in countries."

They paged through the countries, and found Singapore, there it was, the code for the country.

Vera said, "Bet anything that it is where the drugs come from, or are passing through?" Harriet said, "Singapore is strict on drugs. So I am wondering if-----Yes, if it is a contact, but by passing the country?"

Vera said, "I should not say this, but its getting very intriguing. Supposing its all contacts, that lead to another country?" Harriet said, "Lets pray Vera, for the law to crack this case. Its gone from what seemed one size to another size, a big one."

They prayed, and then left it in the hands of the Lord. Many days went by, when detective Jason rang to come and see them. He said, "We are not at liberty to open the whole case up, but ladies, you gave us the coin that had led us to the full contacts. We now have it going into full investigation. From what we gained from it, we have leads to others in this whole case. There is another country involved. It is in Asia. But I came to thank you. Now please would you allow us, to put in a system for taking films of who might be around this house?"

Harriet said, "All very well, but Vera is nearing her operation, and I do not feel safe here, in my own home now." detective Jason said, "We can move you to a place, but by being here, there will be patrol, and an immediate-----" Harriet said, "No, we are not to stay here, you can put the light control on, so at night, it will look like we are home. Would we be safe in Vera's house?"

Detective Jason thought for a minute, and then made a call through to base. He was told that Vera would be safe in her home now, as they have the leads to these women, who would not know where Vera was living. They would only expect Harriet's house.

So Harriet, and Vera, were given an hand to move to Vera's house. It was done in a way that nobody would notice it.

Harriet said, "Its very cold in here Vera, where is your heating system? Vera said, "Just under the hallway shelf. It is central heating. But does kick in quickly."

Vera said, "I have not got a bedroom as sweet as the one you gave me." Harriet said, "It will not Matter. Home is where the heart is, and you are in my heart."

Harriet placed her things in the bedroom, while Vera was looking at where she once left her drugs. Vera called Harriet, and told her that the place felt like it needed prayer, prayers that have a good Pastor who would come there. Harriet agreed.

The next day, Vera called the Pastor from a church well away from the house. He said he can come right away. This surprised Harriet, and Vera. Pastor's are always busy.

The Pastor came, as he was asked to, by the back entrance. He greeted them with," Hello ladies, so pleased to meet you." when he was inside, given a cup of tea, he heard all about the way things were in Vera's house. He heard about the church that the Pastor who was arrested was. He said, "Oh yes I know, lowly avenue, that church has been taken over by another Pastor. I feel Vera, you feel, that some dark energy may have infiltrated your home?"

Vera said, "I thought it a precaution to have a Pastor praying with us here. The more the better."

Pastor said, "I am Phillip by name. I also agree to pray. Would you ladies let me call my elders into this?" Vera said, "That will take a long time, I want it done now." Pastor Phillip said, "No it will not, the drive is only fifteen minutes from here, they are in the hall now. So I will call them, and they will be here very shortly."

The four elders came, again by back entrance. They heard about the story, without Vera giving them confidential leads to the law.

The prayers began, and the seven of them were given the Holy Spirit. They were led to anoint the home with olive oil. One went outside to the boundaries, while another placed the oil at each door, outside, and inside. Nothing evil can come through the doors. Where Vera had her hallucination of the spirit realm, the very chair she sat in was taken out of the house. Vera did not mind it going. In her kitchen, where she had the drugs replaced by evil drugs, the whole area was cleared from that. All energies were removed.

After this time, the seven sat in thanks giving, for the evil to leave. Then they left Vera's house.

Harriet said, "Good heavens, it feels so different in here now. I felt as if loops of unseen were around, but it has gone.

Vera was coming near to her operation by the day. So Harriet made all meals. Did shopping, and this was good. Because by that, Harriet would not be recognized in that part of the village. Vera stayed inside.

They took evenings in the garden conservatory. They had so many laughs, and this did Vera much good. One day the law called Vera. They said they had investigated the whole drug dealings. That in Singapore, a group of men were passing through to Asia. In Asia, the drug dealings were found. The women that came to Harriet's home, were arrested. A court case was being heard on the twenty fifth of the following month. There were many people arrested. Some came from as far as Brazil. That his false Pastor, was suspected for several years, but never found.

Now the case was out of Vera's hands. Harriet was so pleased. For this meant that they would be had for murder, and abuse of drugs on the sick. No other people would be harmed by them.

Vera said, "I feel sure I was to be the one to open this up. For none should harm another. It's out of the way now. We can relax. So do you want to stay here still Harriet?" Harriet said, "Yes, it's a break form my home, and now I can go there, to check it, and come back here again.

Harriet said, "Jesus Christ did certainly want us to help break this up. We can never rely on mankind, but always on Jesus Christ. I read once that Jesus said, not to go in other mans thinking. That would mean women as well. Not to give to earthly things. But give to our Heavenly Father always. We are to live in the spirit, not in the flesh."

Talking of flesh Vera said, "I am having mine cut out! The very last part that the darkness had planted lies. Part of my brain is dead, but I lived intelligently. Gall bladder out, by the old way, large scar. Womb taken out. Had a sharp glass cut my right hand, when young. As you can see, the scar is big. Left ankle was cut into, and at the age of seventeen. It has been badly discolored, all my life. My child was taken from me at four months pregnancy. I lost another one by miscarriage. Hole in the head, from the accident. Got sterilized, so another scar. One hip replaced. Right eye getting sight problems. Now the right hip is being done soon. Many times I have had other ailments. I healed from them all. Seems to me that my body was given very much to go through. My mental breaking point has been in the recent time, of negligence in the medical team. Then my baby girl going. So I think I was to be stopped. So looking at it all, I remember a doctor in England saying to me, that by the age of thirty three, it took him all night to look at my long file. How I ever lived was beyond him. Well if he had it doubled now, as it is that age, that I am, it would take him two nights. Drugs were given me for thirty years, that should not have been given. So Harriet, what I am saying is, there has to be an higher mercy given to me from our Lord. I have had shingles, and once burnt my right hand with one hundred eighty degrees hot oil. When I had the shingles, the doctor was just not able to understand, how on earth I had no scars from it. How I never had the time shingles break open, and then leave signs of it. How I ever got over it, and was up on my feet, working again, as a good few weeks are involved with shingles. I was in bed for one day, the second day, I got up, but went back when the doctor came, in case he told me off. His wife, a doctor said she never has seen healing like this, and worked in three countries. One week, and shingles had gone. The burnt hand was given new dressings every day for six weeks. The same doctor said I would get a real nasty scar of burning. Six weeks later, nothing was seen on my burnt hand. No scar, or that I had ever been burnt. This doctor was looking at me with questions? He had no patient in his professional life, ever be healed like I was, and on many things, that do not heal. So Harriet, the Lord has a purpose for me. If satan did this to me, which is very likely. He has tried to stop me, from birth. He has tried to harm hands, organs, babies taken to death. Tried to take my brain. Tried to take my left leg, as in hip. Then tried to take my eye. Now my right hip, he has lost, he has lost. Glory be to our heavenly father. For in my last book, things are given to show the miracles done. This proves that the truth can never die."

Harriet sat there with eyes so wide, and said, "Vera, are you really from earth?" Vera said, "Good question, I am in the earth, but not of it, as I have said, many times. Nobody understands me, simply because they are in earthly things. It caused blindness, deafness, lack of understandings. The real sick people are the ones who never see the truth. They may not have all I have had, but in another way, they are living as they are dead. So the dead without eternal life, will never see. How can any person gain sight, without gaining their soul as clean? It is not the eyes that see, it is the soul that sees. A way of putting it is clutter. Clutter will cause things never to be seen. For it is underneath all the clutter. The more clutter, the less is seen. The higher the clutter is built, only the outside of the clutter is seen. The rest is under a coat of coverings. Such as boxes, or bags tied up. One on top of another. That is how many peoples souls are."

Harriet said, "I never ever went that deep. I never thought about it. Actually its a good way of describing a soul that is lost under the lies. The more lies, the more lies have to be, to cover the lies done. So not to be found out."

Vera said, "Exactly, as one day it is found out, for if a person dies, a cluttered house would have to be taken out, bit, by bit. So bit, by bit, the truth of unclean living is seen. What is the use of things being in an home, and never used? Harriet, I too have done this, but not cluttered. I get something, and then use it, and then put it away, and forget it. Or I buy something, forgetting I have on, and why? Because I have filled draws up, and lost sight of it. Such is the souls that are cluttered. I am not perfect, never have been. I actually use the pains in my life, for teaching me, as I said to you before. That is pain by my body feeling it so bad. But that pain is not actually seen. It is seen if the body shows disfigurement. Or face of pain is seen. What do people do? Look away. Do not want to be helpful. Will not give comfort in grief, as grief is again unseen, but felt. Words speak of grief, but still so many not in the truth, will not comfort a grieving person. All things that Jesus Christ had on the cross, are said in words, given in gospel, and honored by the followers. How can we even begin to understand his suffering? A suffering so greater then any one person can get."

Harriet said, "Oh come on Vera, you have had more then your share. Your surely not saying that you had deserved all that you had?"

Vera said, "I never deserved it no, but Jesus Christ did not deserve it either. He was sinless. I was sinful, as in past generations. So I was born with sin. We all are. Many come, but few are taken. As satan tried to get at Jesus Christ, forty days, and nights fasting. He was tempted, but never failed his father. For he was his parent, only in another way, they are one. The holy trinity is one. The three divisions are, for teaching. God is the high and only throne, Jesus Christ is God, but came in the flesh. The Holy Spirit came when Jesus ascended to his father. You see, by Jesus Christ dying, and rising again from death, the Holy Spirit is all three, in one, and one is, all three. Suffering is about sin. Jesus did the ultimate sacrifice, for the earth was to be without sin."

Harriet said, "You must have studied a great deal to know all this."

Vera said, "I did not study the Bible, I studied in the spirit. It was a direct teaching. I did read the Bible, but I got the better understandings, from life of pain. Look Harriet, it may be missed what I am saying. Jesus Christ did rise from the death of sin. So sin was to be stopped. A new life to all mankind. The mercy of our Heavenly Father is, he suffered to see his children die. They were lost to him, so he grieved his dead children. But will not have an unholy child in an holy place. As that would make him a liar. Satan is the lire."

Harriet said, "I have done things wrong too. I have, it seems to me, thought all I had to do, was go to church, read the Bible, and live on earth. I thought Christianity was doing that! I have never suffered pain like you. I am finding that people like you, are the followers of the body of Christ. Yet you are so humble, and never take Christianity for use of the flesh. Do you think that satan knows the ones who are not of the earth? So uses the body to crease up the soul, and take away the spirit? I really am learning that, living in the flesh is not life. Living in the spirit is life. How on earth do I get to do that? I do not want suffering like you have had. Given a choice, I would refuse it. I mean who in their right mind would take pain?"

Vera said, "I did not choose to have pain, I did not invite it, or so I thought. Now in mature years, I have seen the holes in my soul from birth. The holes could never seal together, and make the whole soul. My soul had the openings for the darkness to creep in. As I was abused from childhood, every abuse, gave me a bit more darkness."

Harriet said, "How can you say that? If adults abused you, you were an innocent child. No, sorry, but I do not go along with that."

Vera said, "The adults were in the darkness, the darkness gave the abuse to do to children. The chains are already in action, long before a child is born. Abuse is in many ways, and I had all of them done to me. This caused me to loose my own identity. So silence was to keep me in years of abuse. In that, in many ways, I never knew how to give my life to Jesus Christ. Because-----Well because its-----Given to make a child feel, that Jesus has let them down. That is what satan wants. So it has to go on, to keep that child, and then as it grows to adult, it is still in darkness. If no sign from Jesus Christ is seen, the person becomes aged, and dies. Satan has won another life, to hell. Nothing does he care for that life. In a way satan is a living death. So as he knows death, which is sin, he produces more, darkness. Again, as it builds, the less is ever seen. Pain then becomes a living cell of more pain. Again the darkness has overcome the soul, that wants to live. Jesus knew I was to be his messenger. I never did know, that it would come in such a way. Jesus knew I knew him, but was a very lost lamb. As soon as satan saw this in me, he gave me all manner of earthly sin in pain. He stole from me, by taking what belongs to our Heavenly Father, me. Every organ he took, and other body parts, were to convince me that Jesus is not real, for how would he let me be in pain, if he loved me? Satan is very intelligent, but also idiotic. As he plans evil on all souls, he does things that make a person believe in him. Like the new age, and other occult things. If a person is caught up in the occult, they feel powers, and then think they are powerful. When in truth, every occult sin, is stealing their soul, causing death to their spirit. As their soul dies, over the years of fleshly life, day by day, they head for no feelings of Jesus, who is knocking in their door, the heart. To let him in. They prefer the idols of the flesh, then the rewards of the spirit. So all these that practice this, are in pain. It may not be in the flesh, as often it can by pass them, if they are so in the dark, and satan knows he has got them. He causes no more pain. For the pain of darkness, is all he wants to cheat people. Yes they would get things go very wrong for them, it is at this time, Jesus is really knocking on their door. But as said before, the darker they are in the dark, the more they add to the dark, in their life of darkness. So it is a vicious circle. It never ends, it goes round, and round. Others have suffered like I have. I am not the only one. In that suffering, many go deeply into denial. So Jesus can only pray for them."

Harriet said, "Jesus would be praying for us? He does not have to, we have the choices."

Vera said, "OK. Then if one of your own children was in pain, and never looking like coming out, what would you, as the parent be doing?"

Harriet said, "I would be praying for the child." Vera said, "I could rest my case on that, but I say, a true parent will never give up on their sick child. So how is it that you are not able to see, that Jesus Christ is in constant prayer for you, for me, for all? How do you think I healed from all the many evils given to me from satan? How has it absolutely made doctors question my bodies ability, to heal in such a way, on un-healing things? Its simple, Jesus had his correct time for me to be his total servant. So he kept healing me. He showed the doctors, that he is the greatest surgeon of all. But they did not recognize that. They took a clinical thinking to it, and were coming with no answers. Every time satan gave me evil to the flesh, Jesus made sure of the holes in my soul to be cleansed from him. Sadly Harriet, people think they do good, by doing healing, as in the witches ways. None get healed. For the forces between them, are creating a bigger gap, between Jesus, and the truth. Some smoke is marijuana, if I have said that right. They get hallucinations of satan's world. So they do it until their brains die. Once that happens, they are gone for death. Honor to elderly people is gone. The youths think old people are dumb, and they are wise. Wisdom can only be gained by honoring the truth of all life.

Harriet said, "You really make me realize, that I am at stumbling blocks, as before I knew you, I was dealing the same cards in church. Doing the same patterns. I never grew with wisdom."

Vera said, "Harriet, I can sin still, I am not-----Oh-----So high up there, as long as I am on earth, sin will come at me in temptation. I give you an example. In this last lot of severity of pain, I had times where I was asking, where is God? I said at times, that from what I have seen of people, none helping me, how do they do that? I do good, and get pain for it. But even though I got pain, I still would do good. I judged, I became so distressed over my cat, that I never trusted the Lord to keep her well, and safe. This was the darkness, that wanted to use my cat for my lacking of faith. Because I love her. Now I rang a Pastor, telling him that as soon as the cat was going with the ranger, to the shelter. Not even out of the home fully. The hospital called me, right at that moment. I was to come in five days to get a surgeon, that the Lord had placed in my path. One that is rushing things through. I thought at the time, that Jesus had the needs for my animal child to go, and I was not to question it just now. For he has a reason for that. It was very unusual for them to do things in medical terms, over the phone, and urgently. I told the Pastor that I felt Jesus had authority over this, and showed me, that as my cat left, and not even out of the driveway, that he had ordered the medicals to act right then. The Pastor did not agree with that, which I felt was not quite right. That upset me, as I still felt this was to be happening, sad as it is. I am sure that Jesus has authority in my life, so did orchestrate blocks to be taken. He knew the pain added to me by loosing her. Would give me heartbreak. I had no energy to understand, that Jesus knew that my cat would be in danger of making me fall, and that I had so little energy left, and her behavior changed in the last few weeks. She had changed too. She was never settling, wanted to be in control, of constant meowing to come in, then go out, then run riot in all windows. I had far too much to cope with in my hip. Bit me, and disobeyed. So even a Pastor could miss the reason of her leaving me. How can a cripple aid a very high energy cat? This same Pastor did not even offer help, as in a person getting me groceries. I told him I was lame. He may have misunderstood that a lame person alone, needs help. So energy for the coming operation was decreasing. What fails in anyone to see, a lamed person is not able to walk? If alone needs just a tiny bit of help. Not a marathon. Just small help. Did not even take my phone number to ring to see how I am going? I got angry and failed to see his lack of my calling him, it was for help. He prayed, yes, but again actions speak louder then words. So I sinned in anger, but not nasty anger, disappointment, and frustration. It piled up more lack of my needs. Lucy came along, and another way was given, by you. So you had taken what the Lord wanted for me. So you have given. Yes my pain will be healed, I will be on my feet quicker then expected. There is new work to come. So yes, pain was to come, to have me understand, the bones come out, I have not got pain anymore. The bones will be given for donation to save another. They use them to save lives. They cut off the sick part of the bones, and polish it for donations. So from my pain, comes good, for another.

Let your heart know that the mysteries of above, are holy. I rest my case now. The battle is over for me, my new life is going to be given. Living in the spirit, is the only way."

Vera said she needed to sleep now, and get her act together. For the greatest healing of all is the end of the darkness in Vera's life. She is being given freedom. In the next move on her path, the real gifts are increasing for her. She has taken the pain, and making it her way of understanding another in pain, in the later time. Jesus has it planned. The time is right now.

Chapter Twelve

After the long talking of how Vera saw her life, in mature years, having given her life to Jesus Christ in her first book-----I want to know the truth-----She knew this book-----The instrument-----Was to be. For how can a life be given out to people who do not know Vera, and not have an impact of directness for purpose? Who wanted Vera to open her life? Jesus Christ did. Why did he choose her for this? To let others in all walks of life learn, that darkness, is to be brought to judgment. For the people that continue in the dark, will be judged. No Matter what age a person, none are whole with darkness in their life. Vera thought about parents taking away the children's movies of evil means. Nothing is from God, that is about fighting. The little ones need a good stand, especially by the age of seven.

If a grand parent is pushed out of life, by her own daughter, the daughter is allowing the darkness to steal the grand child's right, to her grand parent. So a split is in the family. Thus causing the previous generational traps, to pick up, and carry on stealing a family.

The difference being, the grand parent had taken Jesus in her heart. So she was free.

The daughter has the dredges of the past familiar spirits making her hostile. For sadly, all the previous family members are dead to Christ. So dead to eternal life. Satan lost the grand parent, to the truth. Who will he make sure he continues the stealing of the already dead family? Who ever he can cheat. As close as ones own children. This is the time, when the grand parent needs all Christians to pray for the daughter. In this case four daughters. For all of them were taken from their mother, Vera. How were they taken? By the darkness. Who took them? The other adults that had insulted Vera. She gave four grand daughters to her long ago husband's parents.

Who insulted Vera to such a state of unworthiness? The grand father, who was interfering in his son's marriage. The son was under is father's thumb. So he did what his father told him to do. The grand mother pleaded with her husband, to leave her son, and Vera alone.

The marriage failed, as Vera was unable to feel as if she was married to the father, and not the son. The children were young, and Vera had no finances. Back in the old times, refuges were not around. She rang a good Samaritan place, but no help was given. The house was to be left to Vera, so that she could bring up her girls. The judge in the divorce court stated that.

Instead, the lawyer supposedly stopping the grand father from taking the property away, had given the case up! The house was sold, and Vera got nothing at all out of it. Nothing was given to Vera, but a false paper saying, that the money was invested for the girls, at twenty one years of age. The lawyer Vera had, sent her this paper, for her to sign. So as Vera thought about it, her children would be getting the property money at an adult age.

The children, Vera felt, were suffering a situation of lack. Vera had custody of the girls. The darkness had caused Vera to have to give up her custody, in thinking her daughters would be safer for a while, with their father.

Once this happened, the grand father kept the girls away. So that Vera did not get her rights to have them for each weekend. He then black mailed their little hearts, and told them stories of untruth. He had abused his own grand children, by making their mother, Vera, into a bad person. The things said, were so bad, that they believed him.

How can any child know from six years, that their mother, who they did know, was now bad? It would twist their minds up. In the end, Vera emigrated to another country. She was stopped from her rights to her own children.

Damage was done, as Vera found out, after twenty eight years, not seeing her girls, by a phone call from one of her twins.

Vera had sent presents, and letters, and tried to phone them, while children. None were given to them. So the girls thought their mother was bad. One evening, Vera phoned, got the number by chance of her girls. The eldest daughter said, "You do not exist." Vera had the biggest hole in her solar plexus. Her eldest daughter was sixteen at the time. The twins fifteen.

Vera knew the life of her own children were taken. Lies given them. A lawyer paid to bluff Vera. As the investment for them, was not true. So her heart was in complete heart break. To think her own girls were stolen from, by their own grand father. He stole the rights of their own mother. Made all things impossible for Vera.

Times back, had no levers to help Vera. She had to leave the country. In her mind she thought that, if I am far away, they will not want to keep the three, and send them to me. Did it happen? No. Going to England to see them eight years ago, and put the records straight, made a cut forever. As they still believed the lies.

So Vera was homeless for eleven months. She gave their photo's to the one twin, she did see. Who is a Muslim. This twin was very dirty in her home, unlike Vera, who is very clean.

Her whole time, before all this, was to give her daughter in the country she was living in, with her second alcoholic husband. Everything she could. Never hurt the girl. This daughter had also turned from Vera. And will not be next of kin, in medical things, does not want to know. This daughter had issues, but she went hostile when Vera divorced, after thirty four years of a drunken man. She never drank herself, as she saw what it was doing to her husband.

Now Vera was left by all children. She got homeless by giving her heart no peace, through grief. She sold up all she had, and went to England. A waste of time. Eleven months it was, before Vera could manage to pay for a rented dog box.

From that she built her home again. Determined to rise again.

Vera put down this paper she had written on, about her children. It was as if she was reading another persons life, but she had put it on paper. Her own life of emptiness.

Vera thought, no wonder I missed my cat, its like all the same thing over again, but this time, an animal. My health at risk. She thought, had my bad childhood of unworthiness, created me to feel, that as I loved, I was to leave what I loved?

Did I think that as my mother, if she is my mother, for there were secrets in the family. Things Vera was never to know. Did I think that I was to never fight for my girls back? Custody was mine. Had the start of life created defeat, so that I never fought back?

Vera thought, if only parents, give children time, let them know life in a good way. Show nothing of the darkness to them. One time Vera remembered, her forth daughter had been told, never to watch evil things. Vera caught her daughter watching a video, with another thirteen year old girl, evil dead. Vera was disturbed by this, and her daughter of thirteen, thought her mother was just dumb. She wanted to watch it.

Vera said its about the devil, its dangerous. But her daughter had got in with other youths, and they were in this path. Then she saw a cross on her daughters ankle. She had tattooed her own ankle, shown how, by another girl. Around the top of this cross, was a ring shape. Vera was now very sad, how was it, she thought, that I told my daughter, to never trade life, for the bad things?

From that age of thirteen, this daughter had become a stranger. Life for her friends, was to do what they wanted. Vera had lessons for her daughter, no abuse, but direct understanding, that company her daughter kept, should be chosen. To be with good living teenagers. Not the ones who did wrong.

So Vera had got to a time of feeling that, she gave one everything, that was about love. She taught her loving ways. Then she went onto her own road, and Vera was actually given by this daughter, hostility, from thirteen. She left home at sixteen. Went right across the country of Australia. So that Vera was in the west, and her daughter was in the east.

Vera felt she had lost both ways. Three are stopped from her to see them, and harmed by lies. One is given everything, and the same thing? It took me years, Vera thought, to understand, why?

Now she knows why, the darkness had claimed her loved daughter, who turned really odd. Began to dress in very odd ways, and had no respect at all for her. Started to paint her face, like a band called kiss, or was it queen, Vera thought.

Where was the child that was so close to her to thirteen? That child left home, and never returned to her.

Vera put the paper away, as Harriet was coming into the room. Harriet said, "Vera, you face! You look shocked, and very pale." Vera said, "I had to go back to memories never talked about. I saw pages of the evil in them. Then she took the papers out, and said Harriet could read them.

Vera left her to do that. After Harriet had read just a few pages, her tears were flowing, and she said, "This is about your children Vera?" Vera said, "Yes."

Harriet said, "What with all the attacks on your body, it was in your emotional life too, I-----Er-----I do not know what to say. How can you be stolen from to such an high degree?"

Vera said, "We have covered that last evening. Jesus knows all about this. So I have learned how the Heavenly Father would be grieving for his children, by experience of that, with my own.

Then Harriet said, "Vera your glasses, they are new frames, how did you manage to get them? I was out most of the morning." Vera said, "I kept getting the feeling that I must call an optometrist, one close by here. So I did, and he said after hearing my way of life at the moment, he would come and bring three frames, and put my lenses into them, costing me one hundred dollars, ouch! As money is going fast lately. He actually came to the home, and when he saw me, he was concerned, to my well lop sided body, and legs not moving as they should. He saw me lifting my body by my arms, to move to the door. Then he took the broken frames to discard, and came back to give me the new frames and lenses in. He did not charge me for coming twice to the home. The whole thing took one hour to fix up, from my calling him, to when he brought them done. So I looked up to the sky saying thank you. I then thought, how scared I am of not making it through the operation, that I thought, if Jesus did send this to me, he also has sent healing, and tells me through this, that I will be alive after the operation."

Harriet said, "Vera, Jesus has something very special coming to you, he understands the love you have for one man right?"

Vera said, "How would you know about the man Harriet?" Harriet said, "You take out a photo, and you look at it with the highest love I have seen in your eyes." Vera said, "Where were you to see that?" Harriet said, "Standing behind you, but I never said anything, as it was not really for me to ask."

Vera said, "Well yes, I have known him ten years. We are planning to be together, in the near future. He is not able to do anything just yet, but will do. His job, and situations were to be taken care of first. So I love him without conditions. I know he will be with me quite soon now."

Harriet said, "Never a cross word Vera?" Vera said, "No, why waste time with misery? Quality time is a gift. He is a gift to me. He knows all what is going on, and is very much in pain himself. You see, when two become one, each will feel the other ones pain, and be there for them. He is not able to take the pain away, nothing is, but surgery will do.

Harriet laughed saying," So he is with you in spirit, that is how he feels your pain?" Vera said, "When love is as pure as can be made on earth, no Matter what stands in the way, or why things are not making sense to others, who really are busy bodies, that love will never fail."

Harriet said, "I have never felt that sort of love Vera." Vera said, "It has to be earned. All has to be worked for. All tidal waves have to ride the storms. If a storm is given another storm, then it will fail the water being calm. We also knew not to bring in old baggage, as that would bring in the thinking, will this work? It means that both are looking for signs of the past, in the present. So the future will not bring forth fruit. Rather like seeds sown. If on gravel, it will not produce at all, for the gravel is the past hurts of darkness. If the seeds are sown on partial earth soil, it will only bring in half the harvest. That harvest is hard working harvest, it has every way of not coming good. The other half dies. So truth, and lies, are not together. They are not able to be. But if out on good soil, the whole harvest comes. But it does not come just like that. It has to be watered, cared for, understanding its growth, the new seeds are not known as to what they will produce. For the seeds are spiritual seeds. So if bad soil is put on good soil, it will not prosper. The flesh, and the spirit, are also at war. The flesh will ask for contentment, but never be content. So living in the spirit, claiming the right way of living, which is not easy to do. Just means, repent the old cloths of the grave away. Good soil is spiritual soil. So the seeds prosper, but will not prosper until the Lord is ready for it to be harvested. That is about love. Wait, I have something here, that will tell it another way.

Love is...................
Love is caring,
Love is sharing,
Love is warm, it is not cold.
Love is good, it is not evil,
Love can't be bought or sold.
Love is unconditional.

Love is sharing smiles and tears,
Love is friendship, strengthened over many years
Love is being caring,
Love is loving to be loved, -and not being taken granted for.
Love is even tempered,
Love is tender all the way.
Love is honest, in all you do and say.

Harriet said, "This is written by another person? Vera said, "Yes, it caught my eye in a second hand shop. So I bought it." Harriet said, "Do you mind if I type it on the computer, and print it? As then I can have it laminated, and when I do go back home, I would love it in my lounge room."

Vera said, "It shows the many ways to see the seeds sown, and the reaping of the seeds." then Vera laughed, and said, "We all have sown seeds, and got weeds! I have done many times. But in this love, I have had to learn something. That is, love is free, so conditional love is false, and controlling. Our seeds are given to us in all manner of ways. We learn to plant, then we think we should be granted. When instead, we are to keep planting seeds sent to us. We can never get true love, by forcing the growth of it. Rather like a child, it has to grow. I had to learn, and still learning, that to be granted, is by Grace, by Grace, we are humbled. To be humbled we are exalted. Love is never received by our own means. We have to love Jesus Christ, and when we do, he will bring love, he will bring a person, who is also learning to love him. Once our love is completed to our Lord, he will show the part he says, "If you believe, you can move the mountain."

Harriet said, "Vera, something is happening with you right now. You sure have proved love for this man. I can see what your saying, to love Jesus, gives us all the way to truly be loving others. So he sends you that very person. I am thinking that the person must not be above Jesus, Jesus is first. Yes, it is very sensible. So if I met someone, at my aged age, I would be planting the seed?"

Vera said, "Certainly, but without the love, and care for Jesus, it will not grow without the constant attention to living in the spirit. The Holy Spirit says," Be still and know I am there."

Harriet said, "Um-----Well you see-----How can I put this?-----I have an interest in a man that goes to the church. He has often looked at me, and given me a smile. He once came up and put his arm on my shoulder. He joked saying that he would like to have a picnic one day with me. He owns horses, and gives his time to children. So I have never taken him up on the picnic, I never planted the seed he gave me."

Vera said, "That is why its not going anywhere. You like him, he likes you, so why waste time Harriet?" Harriet said, "Mm, he does know Lucy, and Lucy has often told me he asks her about me."

Vera said, "Please would you pass me the phone." Harriet took the cordless phone out of its cradle, and gave it to Vera.

Vera had called Lucy, and said, "Lucy, can you tell me the name of the man that is interested in Harriet?" Harriet gave Vera a light push on her shoulder.

Lucy said, "Man, I have been going to call you guys for weeks, but so much is going on with family here. Now, the mans name Harriet knows, as it's Mr. John elvers. He owns the stables, and is always asking me to get Harriet, my dear aunt, to give him a call. But he never asked my aunt that. "

Vera said, "It will not be going anywhere like that eh?" Lucy said with a laugh," Nope, he is around sixty four I would say, but is single now. He can play in the band at times, when someone is not able to make it. The band in the returned soldiers league. A good upright man."

Vera said, "How about we make a way of making them to meet again, but outside of church?" Lucy said, "Funny that, there is a get together in the soldiers league. People have been sent invitations. They are going to have a dancing night. You may have an invite in your mail box." Vera said, "Harriet, do you mind looking in the mail box?" Harriet got up and went straight out to it.

Vera's said quickly," I will hand you over to Harriet soon, wait." Harriet said, "There's an invite, I know as its not in an envelope." Vera said, "Talk to Lucy, while I look at it." Lucy was telling her aunt all about the children, when Vera said, "Harriet, a good night out for dancing is on this Saturday."

Harriet said, "Huh? So you want to go dancing, in your condition?" Vera said, "No, I can come, but I will be in the wheel chair. Be good to get out for me too." Harriet said to Lucy to hang on. Vera told her where it was, so Harriet told Lucy. Who told her that John would be there. They ended the call, and Harriet said, "Seeds huh? So OK, lets go. "

Saturday came, and Harriet was looking at what to wear, red, blue, white, yellow, or a new outfit?

They both decided on a pink and white for Harriet. She said, "Vera, this man you have, I have never met him, so can he come?" Vera said, "No, we like to be private, and mean no offense."

Harriet took Vera into the hall for the evening of dancing. As she went in, John spotted her, and she looked so lovely in her dress. He came over and said, "So this is our picnic night?"

Harriet said, "We may as well begin it, but I am not too free, until Vera here, is operated on." John said, "Any help needed, give me a call. I would be very pleased to help out." Vera could see the beginning of a new love being planted.

The whole night, Harriet was dancing with John. Vera was talking to many others, and enjoying the night out. On the close of the night, John came to say his gratitude to Vera, as Lucy had called him, to say that Harriet would be at the dance. It was a very good evening for all.

Vera said, when back home," Harriet, your eyes are sparkling, your looking like your about to make a few plans about your life."

Harriet said, "You are right, how I ever left this for a good year, I do not know." Vera said, "You were not ready, so a gentle push was on the list."

They retired for the night. Vera thought how her day was from past, to present. She thought how she was ridding people that were not good for her. Along with memories held too long inside her. She let them go, and felt she will put it in the hands of the Lord. How easy it is to be with ones that are not easy to be with. The importance of making sure of company in life, being good company. How she herself could have made poor choices. She knew it was her own choices, but learned one big thing.

If someone is rude, and hurtful, the problem was theirs. Things were on the move now. So Vera was waiting for the lords plan to be unfolded.

Chapter Thirteen

The time for Vera was moving closer to her release of pain. Two letters came, saying two different things. One for pre-admission for operation, for six hours, with all manner of orthopedic wishes. All to make sure that she is going to be alright for the major operation.

With prayers, and trust, she will be fine for it. Harriet was getting to see John a fair bit. They had become very much in love. Harriet was telling Vera that they will be together. But she will sell her house. Go and live with John, and take interest in the stables.

Vera had taken another look at her life. Talking about the darkness, was to stop. She had given many times, the ways not seen by mankind. Her new life was going to be about the glory of the Heavenly Father. No darkness will be spoken of again. She will stop crying about her cat, and allow that part of life, as a treasure. That in the near to four years she had baby girl, she was given a gift. The gift was for the time she had her. She felt that the cat would be adapting now. She was missing her so much, but that too, will only hold her health back.

It was time to give to herself, time to move away from all the old life. She saw how easy it was to remain in the past hurts. Things are no changing what has been done.

So Vera thought, I am a new person now, a person that is given the greatest gift of all, eternal life. She took a part in the suffering of Jesus Christ, and knew she was never known, to be his chosen messenger. Coming out of darkness, means pain, but how many knew that? She wondered.

So adjustment was for her as well. She needed to replace her old cloths for new ones. She had seen the visions of the forces of darkness. She now sees only the light of Jesus Christ. Nothing of the dark was remaining. It was like a book read, and then discarded. In her soul, she had to open the wounds of her life. The festering of built up captures. The maze, never to find the way out!

She knew she had to begin this new life. If it begins while she is still in high pain, it does not mean that the pain will last. For all things have seasons.

As she took her heart, and said aloud to Jesus Christ," Take this Jesus, and do what it is you wish from me. Lead me to your plans of the coming path you have given me. You have built that path, long before I was born. Walking in the dark, will make me stumble. Walking in the light will give good secure steps. There is no sign up, saying I have to look back. Looking back, will only give blocks in the open path. If I refuse to take the light, and clear path, I will commit sin against loving you. So here, this very moment, I leave the remains of the broken city, that may turn me back. You know Lord, that I need surgery, and know that another block has come, you are the only one who can move that block. Ninety days are given, after being told I would be operated on in less then a month. Lord, I am you possession, I am no more the chained soul. I am yours, and your child."

Harriet said, "Vera, Jon wants to come for dinner tonight, as he felt prayers were needed to give you the surgery quicker." Vera said, "Yes, that is fine, I appreciate it very much. Harriet, I am no longer the pain I was. I have pain, yes, but its going to pass, for the print of the past, is erased. I have no part of my body, belonging to the darkness now. I was afraid, and very hurt. That is gone, for this day onwards, is my new life, there will be provisions from the Lord. He knows exactly, when the time is right for freedom of this pain. The old pain does not exist anymore. For me, the darkness was weaving webs, and giving me the constant memories, of my past losses. How can I gain, if I think of losses?"

Harriet said, "Your looking different. Remember this, Vera, you had given your whole life for others to read about. That is your tithing. For money is not great for you. You gave your life, that is the greatest thing you can give to Jesus Christ. I have not known the things you have. I have not had the way Jesus appeared to you. He has been with you, through everything you suffered, as you said, be suffered it too. He also knew that the recent added emotional pains, on top of the body pain, would tempt your faith. You took faith, and the pain, you did not give up on Jesus Christ. You may have nearly, but you stayed in faith under the greatest of testings. Your reward is new bones will be there for you. I know they will be steel, but it is an healing, for walking again, is far more a gift, then any money. In my time with you, I have learned faith is tested under great, and hard lessons. So we have had to have this time together, for us both to learn. You have had both hips in great pain. Left for ten years, right for four years, and five months. Look at it Vera. That is fourteen years, and five months. You have learned faith is the only way to rise above it all."

Vera said, "I had to go through things, to learn. I now have to concentrate on the new hip coming, and for once, being able to walk. So my walk will not fail me, if I remain my king, Jesus Christ. I have no fear at all. Harriet, I do so thank you, for your support. So now lets pray, and I now end all past remains, and forgive all that harmed me. As I forgive, who I harmed too."

The evening was an holy evening. John gave his very mature knowledge of the amour. Vera had the amour never to be removed. She was going to brighten up, and shine. The operation would be given to the supporting publications, when it was done. For Vera felt, they would be very happy, to hear her over this all. Amen

The End

Martha Brooks

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