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Christianity Oasis Ministry has provided this E-book titled Armour of the Lord - The Lord's Armour written by Author Martha Brooks. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Armour of the Lord - The Lord's Armour written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this The Lord's Armour E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

The Lord's Armour

by Martha Brooks


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Chapter One

A young lady was rather sad. Her little animal was going to be put down. She heard that her animal may just make it, but as her animal is sick now, it is questionable? Something was telling Jodie, that all will be well. Her first reaction was full blown tears, and devastation. She had to shelter her animal due to health problems.

Jodi had called them several times, and never told her cat was going to be put down. Today she was told that. But also told a couple of other things, that do not seem to make sense. Unless the shelter staff member was trying not to tell Jodie the truth. Then had to.

Jodie had been given the cat as a kitten. Never once was her cat at all naughty. Very energetic, and alert. Unfortunately, Jodie had visited a masonic hall. In there they did clairvoyance. She sat there looking at the women. There were not many men. She was skeptical, but went along. After a few times, Jodie stopped going there.

Later, she went back, when her health had hit her again. In her bad time, she was looking for answers to reason why she was always getting illnesses? This time meant a major operation. So she hoped for a so called medium, to tell her when she would be operated on. None came up with any truth.

There was a healing done in the service, so Jodie went and sat down for it. Never in her wildest dreams, did she know that her whole body was being opened for the darkness to enter into it.

She felt them not really friendly. Just the committee, all six of them were together. None welcomed at the door, a new person. Others said they were not friendly.

Jodie heard readings, as they called it. To Jodie, it was not making sense. Silly talk about animal spirits, and past family spirits. What Jodie found was, that none of them were actually wanting Jodie to do anything. They were jealous of her gifts. Jodie went along to the activities, of a healing night. Never once did she see a healing some to anyone.

She sat looking at them, and thought, how is that women doing twisting movements, in the air? It looked really strange. Another was shaking her hand on the person on the healing table. Another was looking so serious, and very long faced. Another was aged, and very abrupt, and quite rude.

A picture of Jesus was on the shelf of the women allowing healing to be done in her home. She said it was from a man who had the face of Jesus coming through his hand, and it was photographed. Jodie thought, how can that be? She held many reservations on it all.

One night Jodie was in pain, and cried. None comforted her. Another was waving her arms like an angel's wings, telling each one to eat strawberries, and bananas. Jodie was very much wanting to stay at a distance from this odd lady.

One women, was in great needs to be the higher, then all others. Ego was talked about. One evening Jodie said, "I have seen Jesus Christ, he came to me, and showed me his Holy Spirit, of which at the time, I did not know how he came."

The room went so silent, it was deafening. Jodie saw their eyes looking at her, in a very hard way. Daggers were seen in some of the eyes. Others disregarded Jodie seeing Jesus. Jodie told them that, the real Jesus would never come through mankind's hand. Let alone be photographed. She then said, "If a psychiatrist was in this room, he would medicate everyone with anti-depressants." some just nodded. But all were wary of Jodie. The feeling in the place was as if it was another place altogether. A man came, and he was always smiling like a Cheshire cat. An odd character. He wrote books on aliens. Took parts from the Bible, as in Moses, and the burning bush. He said he saw that for himself. He was guided to go somewhere by that.

Jodie had a real feeling, that all these were not right in the head. Over time Jodie was getting insulted. Going from that time, she had an experience where she saw demonic possession in an aged lady. Her home was filthy, and she was very abrupt in all manner of talking. She had believed in this so much, that her whole mind was well off beam. She had a gray around her. Darkness as well.

Jodie had no way of getting away from her, until one day she cried, "I want to go home, I want to go home." the very next two days that past, Jodie was able to come home.

When Jodie got this kitten, at four months old, she got happy to have company.

Over time, four of these women came to Jodie's home. Little did Jodie know that this could well cause her cat to have been caught in this darkness. One day she met a strange women, who looked like a witch. She spoke clouds are people. The women was very very weird. Jodie had a strong feeling, that this women was so far into the dark, that her light had gone out. This women also saw her cat.

Jodie never knew at the time, that who is coming to Antone's home, is to be carefully thought about. As anything occult, brings occult.

The cat had become like she was looking at something Jodie never saw. At one time the cat growled, and nobody was there. Jodie saw nothing at all, but the cat must have either seen, or felt something to growl.

Later in time, Jodie had her health go again. As time went by, she denied herself a doctor to see why she was so much in pain. So for four years, Jodie got painkillers.

As she got more disabled, the cat was behaving very differently. She became very controlling, and wanted Jodie to let her in, and out, and in, and out. The cat kept up her desires of misbehaving.

Jodie looked at her cat one day, and thought, I am feeling that she is going so hard to keep up with. Jodie was less able to do things. The worse Jodie got, the more the cat played up. She began to wonder if there was one more thing to go? As she had to rid all occult items, and books, and music. Stopped going to the masonic hall. Jodie in the end, had little mobility, and pain so hard, that her cat was giving her more stress, and the cat bit her several times.

The day came for the cat to go. Jodie was broken hearted. As even though the cat was changed in nature, she still loved her.

According to the shelter, the cat was ok. But this day came, where the cat had got sick, and is likely to be put down. She could not believe her ears. Her panic about it got hold of her. She felt she let the cat down. But her own health was in no fit state to do much, but fed her. The cat became distant. Doing all the things Jodie had taught her not to do.

Jodie thought, prayers, so what are they doing for me now? After time, Jodie thought, if the Lord wants her to be gone, as in life on earth, then he has a reason for it. Could it be that another person may adopt her, and get troubles with her?

Jodie called a Christian and cried to her about it all. After the call, Jodie began to feel a little calmer. She had to stop and think that it is possible her cat was to leave. But ot be put down, she prayed that her cat would come good, and get another home. But at the same time, she thought, it is the Lords will, who decides. She prayed for the cat to be free of whatever had come upon her.

Jodie thought that others may just not understand this, but if a human can be taken by the dark, or given darts of it, then an animal can too. So was it the final attack on Jodie, as she loved the cat? The darkness had seen Jodie go to Jesus Christ, in the fullest of ways. So had the-----Well she thought, she had spoken to a pastor, who knew the masonic hall, and Jodie never mentioned it. He said they are witches. Jodie never knew that. The pastor had sent many times prayers for Jodie, to cut off all cult damages done to Jodie. Jodie never knew that witches can, and do, place great harm on any person who told them off. Jodie did do that. So the pastor did say that they would send things, through occult means, and would want Jodie to be harmed. But it is known by Christians, that these people have disobeyed God's law.

Jodie had also disobeyed God's law, by being in their company. Jodie never felt one of them, but company wise, had opened doors that was harming her. Finally Jodie thought, I have to leave it in the Lords hands, for he knows what is best for me. I know he has a new path for me. The path is already foot printed, by Jesus Christ. Jesus knew I knew him. Not just from my final breaking of chains, but when I was a child. He had been there for Jodie, even in the time of evil company.

Jodie thought, if anyone knows of the evil and all its threats to mankind, Jesus does. He may have let me go through it, to take it to glory, rather than to hell. For had I not experienced this, how could I help others?

She was holding onto Jesus so tightly now. As she remembered a witch saying, that another witches cat, was a healing cat, because it purrs. This made Jodie feel they were not all there. All cats purr. Surely if all creation is from our heavenly Father, then how can cats be like dogs? How can a foot be a hand? How can people be so deceived, to believe animals are psychic? How wicked satan is. Where does he think he will win? How an a dead animal be a spirit, that is stronger, then when in the body?

Jodie thought hard, and fast. Oh no she thought, this is far more evil than I ever knew. The strange thing Jodie did feel, was that she may not survive her coming operation? She felt death was somewhere, but not sure where. So it seems that her cat was to leave earth.

She held her heart to Jesus Christ, saying to him, "Please release my little cat from the dark. Free her Lord, for she too is a creation. If you see fit to take her, then please let her be at peace. Allow what is in animal creation, to be yours. Please do not allow satan to take her. For she too is innocent."

Jodie saw that her new life was to be. Satan's force had lost Jodie, so he may have taken the cat, to harm Jodie. Which it nearly did do. Jodie was about to loose her faith, and was getting to feel, all she loves is taken.

Nearly lost again, but did not get lost. Yes she will be sad for a good while, but her soul was cleared. Her biggest pain of the cat was did she pine for me so much, and got sick, had I done wrong to her? The shelter said Jodie had done no wrong to the cat. But Jodie could not understand how she was in top condition, and quarantined , as all animals have to be for eight days. This means she was not with other animals. How did she get cat flu?

Jodie talked to the Lord, and said, "I did feel she may be put down, but I never knew why. I was told by someone, that I should not ring up to see how she is going. But Jesus, I love her. How can I love, and not care, even in the hardest of times. Knowing she had to part from me? I know if she is to be taken Lord, she will not suffer, and not grieve. I knew Lord, somehow, death was to do with this, and thought it may be me, were you telling me that it is her that is going? It must be. For she was so well, and then suddenly sick. Lord if you have to, take her home please, and care for her. Let her last days be peaceful, free her. I know she would have missed me. I am really missing her. You may even still permit her adoption." Jodie sobbed her loss. This was so final.

Jodie was seeing a path in her thought mind. It had a figure on it. There standing on this path, was Jesus Christ. He was beckoning her, to follow him. He gave her his arm, and told her to be still, he has it all in hand. He told her that her other things to clear, were going to be cleared. Believe, take no turn to the left, or the right. Walk straight on the path, for healing was there upon the path.

He showed her his comfort, and then placed upon her, his full armour. She was surprised to know that Jesus also felt her sadness, he has all knowing of this. He showed her life! That her body part to be operated on, would be healed. She will live. Then she saw the man she loved so much, also on the path. This man knows Jesus Christ, and has everything coming to him, with Jodie.

Jodie was going to be doing many things. The Lord had given her something, in this loss. For loss is sometimes the only way to gain.

Over in the paddocks the horse was galloping around. Jodie was near a tree. As she looked up to the sky, a dove was coming down to her. It did not go right near her, but sat upon the branch, looking at her.

Jodie thought, there must be many people who have lost a pet. If there is anything she can do in comforting those that can see this hard time, she is having, then as the Lord has used her already for his messages. He will use her for comforting others.

Pets were to be for people. They are to be loved, and cared for. Funny Jodie thought, my cat was never with me during her last month with me. They only had company at night. But when Jodie's limb was unable to take her cats weight, or if she jumped on Jodie's limb, it hurt Jodie so bad. So she got her cat to sleep elsewhere. Only the last night was the cat to be in Jodie's bed.

Right Jodie thought, it is time to move forwards, and let things be, as they are to be. A rainbow was over the paddocks. The sky very blue. Clouds had past. She knew any backsliding was not going to claim her faith. For no path would be shown her, with Jesus on it, if he had lost her, by er loosing her faith, as almost did do.

The path was a long path, as she saw it in her thought part, which was in the front of her head. Very much like Jesus had put on his head, when praying to his Father. He took it off after praying. Jodie was given the privilege of this thought vision. It was nothing like a vision as is seen, but it was seen, just very differently.

Her time during the day, was in much allowance of her tears. For she had to empty it out, and also have her grief, which is normal.

The dove went away, but came back again. Jodie had realized that she had not cared for her appetite. It was lost for weeks. She ate some food, but none very nourishing. Time to get that right. Get some vegetables, and fruit into her. Start to take interest in positive things. Her independence being strong, had lost its energy. So she had to make it strong again. Put her mind onto as much as possible, that would take her mind off the final harm done.

A lady was taking her daily walk, and stopped to speak to Jodie. She said, "Can I be of help to you? You look like you could do with some." Jodie said, "I was praying, and you may not be into that." the lady said, "I am a Christian, and I certainly do pray. Are you sad about something? For it looks that way."

Jodie said, "Yes, I am, but I really do not want to go on about it, it has to be let go of." the lady said, "I understand that, how about you let me take you to my house, my name is Mary, an yours?"

Jodie said, "It's Jodie, and would like to come, but I am as you can see, needing to use a wheel chair."

Mary said, "No problem, you must live near these paddocks." Jodie said, "Yes, just over the river."
Mary said, "Oh, that cottage is yours, I have often looked at it on my daily walks. How do you wheel to here?" Jodie said, "There is the river sure, but as you may notice, a bridge is over it. I am just the other side of that." Mary said, "I have gone near the bridge, but never over it."

Mary took Jodie to her cottage, and said, "I will come by car, to pick you up. We can have dinner together, as I am alone as well. I do have to tell you, the Holy Spirit told me to come this way, at this time. I never knew why, now I do. It seems to me, that we are to fellowship together. I have so many Christian things to show you. I feel as if something I have in that way, is to be given to you. So later, we will find out, because it will be shown to us. I also felt in this time of our presence together, that you're going to be going another pathway. The same one as myself. For you see, I lost my dearest friend, a dog. Since that came, I have been sad too."

Jodie said, "I lost my cat, and she will pass away soon, but I will not call the shelter anymore, for I do not want to know what day it is. I would even have her home again, so that I am with her."

Mary said, "Oh Jodie, that would do you more hurt, so best you leave it in the Lords hands. Come, we will have some cheerful things to talk about. I can do with you right now, and you can do with me."

Jodie said, "Jesus Christ has shown me another path. A new one. It is a long path, which tells me, I am to be here on earth for quite some time. That he planned the good news for me to do. So yes Mary, doing other things, thinking other things, will help heal my loss."

Mary said, "If you have had the Holy Spirit working through you, he intends far greater work for you to do for him. He has prepared you, right when you thought all was gone. It is the other way round, all is coming. Right as you thought you were losing, because you kept faith, yes I know, when my dog went, I lost some faith too. But I was never lost." Jodie nodded.

Then Mary said, "We have armour, it is to protect us, if you're given the armour in the sight of Jesus Christ, as the Holy Spirit is telling me, about you. You have been given a high service to do. You have asked for the highest gift, as did Paul. So you will see, and discern all things. No veil will blind that. I am looking forward to knowing what you will see, because you will be. I see, but in another way. For the Lord gives, what he knows you're ready for. He has given you, as you feel taken from. Gosh! I know all are given gifts of a different way. You must have worked very hard to receive this very this. For it is written, an empty vessel gives no bounty. You're a full vessel, so it's exciting for me to make friend with. Scales are removed for you. The armour is strong around you. The adventures of greatest mercy, you are getting. Ah, how pleased I am to have met you."

Jodie said, "Likewise, for you too will have things I would want to learn about. I know one thing right here, in this sad day of hearing my animal will be put down, that as soon as she left me, other things happened, that were blocked. All in the correct times. So yes, I know I am to be a vessel of difference now. It excites me too, for I will see without and veils, or scales, in front of my eyes. I will not be over powered of satan's dark world. That is done with now. He despises the light, so if he tries to tempt me, the light will cause him to flee. This time for good."

Jodie was on her way now. The time is coming for revealing more. Nothing dark is coming to alter that. For nothing can take the highest of all. Our heavenly Father.

Chapter Two

Jodie had a very eventful evening with Mary. Mary had told Jodie how she had to rise above her loss. That she had to make a decision of keeping him, of letting him go. His name was laddie. Mary had some health problems too! Her back was ageing, and causing her to have less ability to keep laddie. She told Jodie, that she walks every day, to keep her good parts in action. Even though it was very slow walking, Mary did it. Then Mary let Jodie see her grief, and shed some tears.

Jodie shed tears with her, and they held arms together, in comforting. Jodie kept thinking that something was not quite right, in what she was told about her cat. So this morning she called the shelter.

There was no euthanasia written on the cats file, as yet. Jodie told the other women had told her, it looks like her animal will be put down. That it gave Jodie panic, and such sadness. Then Jodie said, "How could she make that decision, if it's not on her file? If it's going to be that way, it would be there?"

The other member of the shelter said, "Cats do come out of flu, your cat has it slightly, not full on. She is medicated, and once well again, her behavior will be assessed. We are not able to say just yet, if it's to be euthanasia, or adoption. Cats do get better. So I will ask the other side of the shelter, to call you Tuesday. Just take more notice of your own health. Awe-----I can hear the breaking up over this, look-----She may well come out ok."

Jodie thought, how, and why is this going so on the fence? Was the Lord going to heal her, and get her to a good home, or was it to be her end, or was it to be that Jodie was going to find, the shelter holding her until she was rehabilitated, and coming back home? As finance was what stopped Jodie boarding her animal.

This all seemed so unusual to proceed.

Jodie had prayer, and knew her own way to cope, had to be in a positive way. Perhaps she better expect the end of her cat's life, so that when the outcome comes, she is resigned to that. If it goes she is going to be adopted, then amen! A bonus.

Jodie took her body to the door. Placed herself in the wheel chair, then went by the river's bridge. It sat very near her front garden.

Butterflies were hovering over the flowers of late spring. The soft green grass, had the little daisy's in different places. The green foliage coming across parts of the bridge's sides, had many different greens in. Tree's were around the river.

Jodie thought, prayers are needed here. She has to live. Trust the Lord, yes I must trust the Lord. All very well Jodie thought, I am told that someone was going to be with me. It did not come as yet. So I had to do what I had to do. I was getting very exhausted from constant pain.

Then I am told this same person will be with me, after the operation, which is a great need. For I am not to bend, or reach. I have to stay straight, and all things at waist level. Hardly a time to be alone. Jodie thought again, no something is going on about my cat, as much as was said to me, I feel it's not right. How did I get calm, after getting to panic stations, at her being put to death? How could this lady tell me the whole scene, when-----Oh I don't know.

Just then Mary was walking very slowly near the bridge. Mary had not spotted Jodie. She stopped to touch the hedges, and touch the nature of things, high enough for her to touch.

Jodie suddenly saw the dove again, it came towards her, and sat on a branch. This time the dove had light around it. Jodie was quite surprised at the light. It had a brightness, and energy of pulsing. Jodie said to the dove, "Hi little dove, I saw you yesterday. You came, but were sitting about the same distance as today. I know you're the same dove, because you have a pattern on your white feathers. But you did not have this light yesterday. The pattern on you is of a wave, in a sort of blue, and white way. Come to think of it, the wave has another pattern inside it."

The dove flew nearer to her, and then Jodie could see a brilliant white heart shape, this was also pulsing. The wave she thought was a wave, looked on closer sight, like blue sky, and clouds of white. The dove flew away.

Mary had gone, so Jodie thought, why the dove came to her? Wheeling herself back into the front door, the phone rang. "Is that miss Jodie lang?" said a women's voice. Jodie said, "Yes it is, why have you called me?" the women said, "Your cat was in our church bulletin, needing a new home. You know me, I am jenny."

Jodie said, "Oh yes, we met, and I came to your church a couple of times." jenny said, "I heard you breaking up about your cat, and asked if it could be put in the bulletin? The pastor agreed to it. Jodie said, "I did call you telling you about you about her?" jenny said, "Yes, but you were so distressed, and on morphine, that you may have forgotten you rang me? I have your mobile number, but as I was not sure of it, I asked your full name? Well you said she was in a shelter, and you were very sad about it. That you still could hear her screaming, when she was taken. Well a lady from the church wants her. Is able to see to her, and had to part with her cat, some years ago, for the same thing you're going in hospital for. So you did not let her down. It was a choice so had to make, that you left it to the very end, and near to danger for you. So call the shelter, and arrange it. As only you can claim her if she is not in adoption."

Jodie just said out loud, "Thank you Jesus. Heavens, this is a blessing. I thought she may be put down, but it did not sit with me. Something about that statement said to me, was not right. So yes, she can have her. I have to go to the hospital tomorrow, but if back before five p.m. I am able to talk to the supervisor, and then get her out. I know now the prayer I was sending, in sobs of loosing her, were heard." jenny said, "No money you will pay for her coming out, we will see to that. You need to know that she will be living, and with a Christian lady. Really, how often does that sort of thing happen?"

Jodie said, "I have never heard of it, but here it is, just for her, and me. I can now rest. Actually, had I known this would come, I would not ever have let her go to the shelter. But choice was not there at the time."

Jenny said, "As twisted as this seems to have been, the Lord does not fail you here." Jodie said, "I had trouble keeping my faith. I was far to broken about it. That I thought she was going to be left to euthanasia. The last two weeks, have worn me down. I got depressed too. But now I can concentrate of my own health."

Mary was walking again near the bridge, as Jodie had gone there to say her thanks for the saving of her beautiful cat. Mary did not notice Jodie, as she was leaning against the tree, looking up into the sky. Jodie looked up in the sky. There from high above, came the same dove. This time the bright light was wider, that it took Mary's attention.

Jodie watched it as it descended to sit near her again. Mary then saw Jodie. Mary was about to speak out loud to Jodie, when Jodie put her finger up, to shoos her. But beckoned Mary to come near to her.

There on the branch, the dove sat. Mary took time to get to Jodie, and sat on her outside seat. Jodie was watching this dove. Mary was just stunned at the brilliance around it. The heart in the centre pulsing, as the brightness around the dove. Jodie whispered, "This is a holy bird. Look at the dove, and just stay quiet, as I have to listen to the holy spirit." Mary nodded, and remained quiet. Jodie was hearing these words in silence.

"My child, thy heart is of love, trials have been sent to thee, I have allowed that. For my vessel must have bounties. Ye were to purge out much. For in all these trials, suffering that ye did, I knew about. I have suffered more than thee. I suffered thy pain, and hard sufferings. I shed tears with thee. I saw thy broken body, heart, soul, and fractured spirit. My hand was upon thee from thy earthly birth. For thy real birth, the birth to me, was to come later in thy earth life. Ye have come to me. Ye have seen the lies. Thy soul was clearing, and cleaning. It is I who is in power of love. For that love is from my Father, who is with me, as is to my Holy Spirit. It is one. Purging is often not understood, for the language is not earthly, that ye have spoken, and asked where did it come from? Ye gave your own, by giving so much, and staying in my light, I had to prepare thee for work that is only given, when thee have learned from such harsh lessons. Thee asked a child of mine, who does not believe in me, or my Father, to forgive you, when you shouted at her. This child was far more in need, to be asking you to be forgiving her. Rather than the other way round. Her lack of understanding, for thee suffering greatly, was dark. For she asked thee to do what thy body is not capable of doing. Hard suffering made you shout at her. I stood there in the presence of thy heart. For thee went shortly after to ask her to forgive you. Thy pain is making thee sad. Her heart is closed to me. Ye have often told her of me, she is not going to be free, until she too learns. In thy broken body, she wanted thee to use it for her needs. It is thee who needed, for her lesson was, to see thee, my child, lame. Instead, she claimed thee even lame, to mend her large furnishings. My presence was so close to thee, for my joy came to see thee, and hear thee, say to her, "Forgive me, I am in such pain, I did not mean to shout." there was a lesson for her greatly. But I saw her use pride, to take your asking to be forgiven, rather than understanding, she had trespassed on your sickness. It is time for thee to be away from such. Fear nothing, as I am walking with thee, holding thy broken body. My arms are around thee. The Lord's armour is thy precious protection. Ye have never questioned me. Ye questioned the enemy. Thy battle was great, for thy purging out the whole darkness. For thy hard work, and suffering, thee tithed to me, not with money, but with thy life. Thy every work I have given thee, ye did. Salvation came to thee, for salvation is the first step. More steps to my full armour is to learn. Ye see me on a path, it is the path I have prepared for thee. For thy crippling will be healed. Thy broken body was healed every time the enemy came to tempt thee. Now my child rejoice, for I am not words, I am spirit. My words were given to the men of old. Thus it is in this age too. Look forward to the crippling going. It matters not how it is healed. Ye are going to find gems of my powerful supernatural love. Destruction came to thee on every age ye lived. For the enemy knows he is lost. He looses a child of mine, he weakens in his false power. Thus he will bring to thee much hurt. Ye now know how to be out of sin. Thy heart is love, for thy love never failed thy faith. The enemy is angry at my children, for they will be a stronger army. Take ye the path now, for this part is for thee to rid the sin within your limbs. Ye have carried a battle that is only ever won by loving me. Thee have not given to satan, thee have been fighting satan. The earth world he has taken as his. He plans many evils to come. People, who are all my children, are being given a world of silence. For no fellowship is in the multitudes. Fellowship is in the few. Ye asked why thy work was to be how I asked thee to do it? How else my child, will my other children listen, in a world of silence, other than to read it? Ye will be giving the silence praise. For communication is dead in the earth. My commandments are broken. My children are running as fast as satan is. For satan knows he has short time. So he is forcing speed. Blinding many eyes. Closing many hearts. I have never forsaken thee, I would never forsake my children, lost and found. I need over comers. Ye have earned the rewards of the path. It is thy path of spiritual health. To come onto this path, all must not only come to me, but purge out. For the narrow path is the stairway. Ye have shown the love for big, and small. Ye suffered the small to leave thee. Ye remained with love. Therefore I give to thee a new life while on earth. But ye are not of the earth. As ye see the way, I will show you things the angels have not yet seen. For it's is written so. Ye will know the language, speak it, feel it, love it. Ye are going to find peace like never known on earth. It comes from me. Ye will never die. Ye are caught up by my Father, who will never let thee go. When ye walk again, ye will come upon gems of knowledge. These gems are to be given out, as ye are willing to do so, and have battled for me. My children are in deep sorrows. All are hurting. Many hide the hurt. But the hurt is in their hearts. When it becomes fast, today's age is condemning the earth, that my Father created. Condemning God directly. The power of satan is death. Speed will bring death. Satan then believes he has won. His throne is fires of hell. Thy path is not going to be anything like thee have walked upon. For on this path, thee are very safe. Ye will speak my words in thy way of understanding them, for the language is to be learned. My language is not earthly."

Jodie looked at the dove, and felt it was showing her where to be, for this to be heard. She knew the silence of the Holy Spirit is a pure silence, that is heard. Mary said, "Oh Jodie, I was quiet because I heard the Holy Spirit telling me what he is planning for me." Mary got up, and walked to Jodie, not realizing she had no slow walk, but a normal walk. Jodie said, "Mary! Mary! You are walking normal." Mary walked again and then fell on her knee's. She cried, "My savior Jesus Christ thank you. I have no stiffness left at all."

Jodie asked Mary to come into her cottage. She said to Mary, "I am to go on a new path. I have been blessed, to do work for the children of God, through Jesus Christ. Speed is taking up the time, in speed, much is not seen, because they are going too fast. Silence of the world is through technology. Which is fast too, stops all from speaking to each other, they talk to each other by mobiles, or computers. There is no actual physical company hardly."

Mary said, "How can the world be silent, listen to the youths blowing out music so loud, the vibrations of cars are shaking."

Jodie said, "Loud music is also silence, for how can they hear another? There is much coming for me Mary, and I feel you are to be rejoicing too."

They spent the day together, talking over the dove. As the dove left, when the Holy Spirit had spoken to Mary. Then the Holy Spirit was speaking to Jodie. Jodie's path was a different one to be on. She had things to give to others. So it will be done. Jodie had a spiritual healing to bring out to all others. So they too will walk on the path of love.

Chapter Three

Mary decided to go to Jodie's cottage this morning. Her walking was so improved, that her thoughts to laddie, her dog, was now reaching acceptance. Crossing this time over the bridge. Mary saw a dove. Hm she thought, is not like the dove yesterday. Seems different.

As she walked nearer to it, the dove remained on the edge of the bridges side walls. Mary said, "Hi little dove, you're very tame." the dove sat looking at Mary, with bright eyes. As Mary got closer, a voice behind her said, "Fear not Mary, for thee have favor with the Lord. Ye will open an animal shelter, for the Lord see's thee fit for his smaller creations."

Mary turned in some fear, and it left her, as she saw the angel of light. For she had not ever expected this. She looked at the male form, but could not see him clearly, as the light around him was so bright. Light that is not earthly. There upon his shoulder sat the dove. She blinked, and thought, there is another dove on his other shoulder. Oh it's the dove Jodie had yesterday, I know that, because I saw it. It has the same pulsing heart of white, the blue sky, and clouds, on its breast. The rest of the dove, was pure white.

Mary said, "How can this be? That I do an animal shelter, I have no money to build one."

The angel said, "What is not possible for man, is possible for God. Thy heart is of love. There will be another child who will be working with thee. Look ye yonder, for the birth of this will be. Fear not, as the Holy Spirit will guide thee. Thy path is opening, wait for the birth of creation."

Mary stood there, like she was cemented to the ground by her feet. The whole brilliance had removed from the bridge. No doves were seen. Her body felt as light as a feather, while her feet were grounded so.

Mary pondered on her miracle of being visited from our heavenly Father, for in his holy place, are his heavenly servants. Mary thought, why me? I mean animals are my greatest love, but how come me? She looked at Jodie's cottage, wondering if Jodie was back from the hospital? She knew Jodie had many specialists to see this morning.

Jodie had to make another appointment, for the time was too close for the red cross to transport Jodie back home. Money for a taxi, from the city of Melbourne, was against her financial abilities. The drive there is an hour, and a half. A taxi would be getting a high fare on the meter.

She had to have scans done, see again an orthopedic specialist. Have blood tests done. Many other things too. At least this would be the last time for preliminaries. The operation date, she hoped would be told her soon after that.

Mary thought I may just go and check. As she looked at the window, she saw a plain window. Lace curtains, and drapes. Suddenly the window was unclear to see. The brilliance of the light, was over Jodie's cottage. She knew that Jodie was home, as the brightness was the holy brightness. Mary knew this from her holy visitor.

Mary stood near the gate of Jodie's cottage. She was stopped from going through it. While the angel was with Jodie, Mary was given a holy peace. What stopped her opening the gate, was the holy music. The music was from absolutely holy instruments. Never had she heard such beauty. It sounded like the music was a language, as if each note, was a word. Each word, was a sentence. Each sentence, was a paragraph. It presented Mary with messages. She was stilled by it, for the messages were for a later time to share.

As Mary collected herself, she saw Jodie's window. The brightness had ascended. Mary thought, ah, so Jodie is the other child?

Jodie had seen Mary through her window, and beckoned her to come forth. Jodie said, "Mary, Mary, I have had a heavenly blessing, I am to open in yonder time-----" Mary butted in saying, "An animal shelter?

Jodie sitting in her wheelchair, looked at Mary, saying, "You are the other child I am to work in service, to our Lord."

Mary got down to Jodie and said, "It is in yonder time, as you are not yet walking. So it must be after your rehabilitation. That is six months long in all." Jodie said, "I told the angel, that I am not able to open a shelter, so how can it be?"

Mary said, "You would have been told it is in God's holiness of a creation birth. I was told the same, on the bridge, did you see two dove's?" Jodie said, "The two doves were on each of the angels shoulders. Mine was there, and another one." Mary said, "That was mine, it appeared before the angel." Jodie said, "Mine appeared before the angel, but out on the tree in front of my window."

Mary said, "They better get you operated on soon. You will have the strict six weeks." Jodie said, "I will be looked upon by the only true surgeon there is. The orthopedics are surgeons, but Jesus Christ is the real surgeon. Oh Mary! Jodie bent her head, in a tearful thought, she carried on to say, "I am so grateful that my baby girl is going to be taken into a loving home. She past her flu, that she caught in the shelter, and is now eating, and energetic, and looking brighter. How she suffered too. Just I-----Feel-----Yes, still very sad about loosing her. The way I would warm the tips of her ears, hold her paw till we both were asleep. How she had her own independence. But kept an eye on me. To think she went odd when I was getting past abilities. Still I did for her. Oh well, I figure this was part of the Lords plan. He is giving her to one of his children, so I am not to worry about baby girl being with the wrong sort of person."

Mary said, "Jodie, healing in your grief is a part of knowledge, you are learning from it, to use it for others to see, why the Lord will cause a plan to allow an animal to leave its owner. How he has placed a new owner." maybe her getting sick, may have made her be quiet, as she was so distressed, for days. So to level her new life. The work of the Lord is sometimes very mysterious."

Mary was quiet for a while, and Jodie said, "How on earth are we going to have an animal shelter? You have just enough to get by with, and I have my portion, just to get by with."

Mary said, "I was told that the birth of creation is to be waited for." Jodie said, "Yes, I was told the same. Here we are, older women, getting a birth without being pregnant!"

Both women laughed, and the giggled for quite some time.

Jodie said, "Seriously, you lost laddie, I lost baby girl. So we are going to get many animals together. Well-----Depending on-----Um-----Yes-----Depending on-----Ha! What size the shelter is!" Mary said, "Oh Jodie, how great it was for us to meet, we got three times."

Jodie said, "What do you mean, three times? You did not explain that." Mary said, "You were given words from the Holy Spirit, I was there with you, as was the dove. Today I have an actual-----Well I took it as an angel, I saw no wings, just bright light, so bright the angel looked like in fog, in the centre of the brightness. But it was not fog, the bright light was so intense, and beyond any imagination of the earths people. The angel looked male, and had no actual definition of details, as in how he looked, as we would look to another human. He was not human. The bridge had a dove come, very tame, and when I went close to it, that is when the brightness descended all around me as well."

Jodie said, "I had it inside the home, but oddly, the angel, again male shaped, came through-----Well not through the door, but in the doorway, as if the door was opened for him, but the door was shut! It just looked like he was-----Oh really Mary, it's very difficult to actually speak words about. Heavenly-----It's not ever seen another way, other than by the heavenly Father allowing it. I mean Mary-----In my-----Oh-----How can it be, that thou my God should die for me? I feel the pain of Jesus Christ, within my own broken body. How he had the whole pain, I have had but a very miniature pain to his."

Mary said, "Hang on Mary, you have only the tolerance of a human body. Jesus was given the human body, from his Father. God wanted a strong sign given to mankind. God knew that Jesus would rise again. It is difficult to understand how Jesus, and God, are one. So God himself came to the earth, through Jesus Christ. This pain was given, for the saving of us. When you think about it, what can any man, women, child, gain by the flesh? Jodie said, "I had a very strong sign given to me, a calmness came over me, that I have never felt before. It was pulsing, but not seen just felt. It was at the time I thought a great loss was going to happen. The next day, my baby girl was taken by a Christian lady, twenty five hours before, she was lined up for being put down. Slim chance of her adoption. I had every reason for asking why I was to loose her to death? How mean it is. This calmness was with me for along time. It was wide, and surrounding me. Going into my heart and soul. I had no real idea at the time why? It looked like my little one was going to die. When she was saved, I paid for her full adoption, and one year registration. Micro chip. The lady who had helped this told me that I have some change back. As the lady who took her, was concerned about my finances state. Which is not that good."

Mary said, "What did you do about the change offered you?"

Jodie said, "I had paid the Lord, not the women. But as he gave my cat her life, it was money that turned into holy currency. So if I took any back, I would disregard the blessing. So I have given only a portion in gratitude. The Lord gave me full, how can I take it? For I would not have a full container. I can only be filled with a full container, not a partial one. What would $43.30 give me? If she had died, none of that would gain her life. Her life became a holy grace. So the lady who has her, is given a great gift in baby girl. I saw two photo's sent to me, of the lady, and baby girl. Oh! My heart churned to see her, but I knew that this lady was meant for her. You see Mary, the widow who gave her only two coins, gave more than the people with material riches. They gave what was to spare. So their gift was empty. Mine was full. I told the women that is there was money to come back, put it in the churches donation, for it belongs to the Lord. Once given, not to take back. The Lord will see to me in his way, as it is his will not mine. Then I stopped a young man who had taken my health to get me to loose my license, this meant I had to send in eye report. Body reports. Them three months later, sit a test again! I passed it, and kept my full license. I asked the man why he did it? As he had blocked my access, fro six months, so I asked the real estate to do something about it. He did not like that, as he was told to remove the large work van, that was blocking two parking lots. He said he did not want to have this conversation. Walked away. I thought, how hurtful he is, and where did he have the right to harm me? Later I realized, he was guilty. So he lives with that guilt. I was going to put the feeling of no talking, into forgiveness. Where we would be acknowledge each other as neighbors with respect. He has left this in his own path. For now he will be taken by it, according to the Lords will. He did the wrong, and I did the paying for it. But I had the sense to let it be dealt with, by mere kindness if both parties being at peace over it. After that, I got angry, as he has not matured, and will reap what he has sowed. I tried to stop him reaping his forth coming payment."

Mary said, "He will be paying for that, especially in the way you were going to fully forgive. He is guilty. That is why he could not talk. Do not worry Jodie, he will get his deserts by another way. Never knowing how he is not going to succeed. For he will not. Look at it this way Jodie, you were the one who paid money, stress, and was given more pain to your condition. I think the Lord told you to talk to him, but he is unable to, for he has the dark mind. If he had a lightness, he would have said, that he is apologetic. That to be friendly, is to move on. He is the one who is stuck."

Jodie said, "Oh it's just been a long hard path for me. What has come to hit me, has come in all directions. How on earth someone can attack an older person, who they do not know, and get off with it."

Nary said, "Oh Jodie, he has not got off it, I would bet that he is getting blocks in all he tried to do. Until he works it out, he will continue to be blocked. I have a feeling he is going to move away. Like get out of the neighbor hood. That will free the dark energy he placed in the area of your home. Look to the Lord, for he will deal with it. You have done a blessed way, to try to make it better, he has not. He will be worried, as he will wonder if anything will get him now. It will Jodie! It will. Up to you Jodie, but a little advise here, talk to him no more. Do not look at him. Have not contacts at all. For the darkness is trying to break the armour. You know that the Lord's armour is never broken, so what do you have to worry about?

Jodie said, "True, just I need someone, who is coming to me shortly. I get to feel that nothing will work out." Mary said, "That is what the enemy wants you to think. Jesus is in your heart, so the enemy is not able to harm you. It is a time of healing, use it wisely. Right now you are very sensitive, and any misleading energies, are pushing your faith. You're naturally afraid of the operation, because you feel you will not make it. Your glasses were fixed, that came a way the Lord wanted it too, and you did not have to leave your home. Your baby girl is homed, and going to be loved, so that again is showing you, that the Lord has something planned for you. You will survive the operation, and then you will find the person you need, on earth, coming to you. This person loves you, and has seen the change in you, through pain. He understands it. So ok, you had a relapse in something, and feel that it's a threat. No, for the path we have both been given, says the path we are going to be working on. Every day your pain is worse, and your ability is less, and getting smaller, but it will not be for much longer. Once you know the date of the operation, all energies will be given you, from the Lord. He understands your relapse. He knows you're trying in every way. Who do you have to please? Not any man. He will reap his own, let it rest there. You are giving from a lack of your own possessions, the Lord will be rejoicing at your effort of putting a person, who harmed you for nothing, into a good way. Again the widow who had nothing gave, so did you. It has made me think Jodie, that I too can give more. Nothing is gained in the flesh, but you live in the spirit, that is why you wanted to get this young man to learn."

Jodie said, "I went to the back of my home, and asked the Lord to deal with this." Mary said, "He will, as he rejoices over you, he can do anything to cause this young man to repent. It is out of your hands Jodie. You did well."

Chapter Four

Jodie had given thought to what Mary said, about how the Lord does deal with protecting his children. She had felt like her needs for resting, and being given help, was difficult. Later in the day, Mary had walked to her cottage. Mary said, "Jodie, you would never believe this, there is a vacant warehouse. It has grounds to it, and is being leased! I went to the bank to see how I could get a loan. They said they would give one on the house I own. So if we get it, we can repay it once we get the animal shelter in action."

Jodie said, "Are you serious? I mean, I am not out of the disability just yet." Mary said, "That does not mean I am not able to get things started. I thought by getting a loan, we can build this warehouse into a shelter. Pens for dogs, and cats. Get the outside ready for walks for the dogs. Get an office done, and make it ready for when you're rehabilitated."

Jodie said, "Well that's a good start. I may be able to get a loan too?" Mary said, "If you want to, we can expand it later. There would be a great deal of things to prepare this shelter. We will need to advertise it when done. We will need volunteers to come to help the shelter. Yes, I think this is the way to go."

Jodie was quiet for a while, and then said, "I saw in the paper, that animals are not getting enough shelters. Where is this warehouse?" Mary said, "It's over in Richmond. We would have to drive there. Would you be up to it today?"

Jodie said, "I will have to try. It may help me to get out some." Mary said, "Ok. Get your wheel chair now, and the boot is empty, so it will fit. Good job my car is not a high one. So, yes, I think it will do you good. I will walk back now, and come about one o clock. I did arrange a viewing today, but was not sure if you were up to it. So thought to go on my own."

Jodie was on her own for a while, her thoughts got at times really down. So much of quality of life was missing. The Holy Spirit came to her, and said, "Ye will not be disappointed, for I have planned thee to work for me, for there are animals in heaven. Thy animal is settling down, fear not that she is unhappy. Thee will be together in heaven. The time is not yet, for I have great plans for thee. Ye feel as if all is lost, I say unto thee, all is gained. For as much ye do not see it yet, the signs are showing. In yonder time thy heart will be happy. I chose thee for the way you have given, all ye do to show me thy heart is seen. Go ye to the site shown thee this day."

Jodie thought, I have the strength given me, yet I am so tired. Mary came on time. They went along the freeway. Jodie was looking at the outside world, for she had not seen much for so long.

The Holy Spirit said, "As ye grow into maturity, my spirit will manifest thy needs. Ye will see the fruits of thy labor, and be given my blessing. Ye ask not for much, ye give much. This returns thee great gains, far beyond thy imagination. Thy heart is still sore from loosing. But the loss was to gain all things I have in store for thee. Look ye not to men for my grace, my grace lives within thee. There it is alive with thee. Nothing will take thee from me. Ye tried to do a forgiving to one that harmed thee, fear not for thy burden is mine, I will see to it. For sin is upon the sinner. Not upon thee. Yea, the fruit will not come by sinners. It comes by blessings thee have given to me. Go ye forth and bring in the harvest."

Jodie thought, I must have done right by asking why a man did harm me, and for why? I can see now that he has the guilt of his own heart. That is why he could not stand before me. For the Lords face was showing in me. He was not able to take that, for truth is truth. He lies with lies, so it rebounds back upon him. I had to get him to understand his own folly, but I get rejected. The Lord was not rejected, so his grace was shown in my endeavor to make peace. The man did not wait to see why I asked him for reasons of harming me? How could I have forgotten for a short while, that the Lord was looking at him through me?

As they got to the warehouse, Jodie thought how big it was. Mary said, "We can do good things here, I feel it." Jodie said, "So do I, I must now work against any hill that I got. I am in the hands of my own parent."

They went around it, with Mary pushing Jodie. There were many useful things left in the warehouse. Mary said, "The bank will give me the loan. So in the time you're waiting to be done, and the rehab, all this will be built. So you will come to it all done."

Jodie said, "Imagine the cats we will get?" Mary said, "Yes, time is young for you just now. For me the dogs coming. I will be with the dogs, and you will be with the cats."

They took the drive back along the road that showed the sea. Through St. Kilda, this was so harmonizing.

In the village many were out doing their daily chores. Mr. And Mrs. Vernon were talking to Mary. Mary was telling them about the preparation of the shelter in Richmond. Along came dimples, he was a Chubby young teenager. He said, "Hi, how are you all today?" Mr. Vernon said, "We are doing great. Mary here is telling us about t animal shelter that she is going to make. Yes, get it made from a warehouse in Richmond." Chubby said, "Wow! If you do this, I would like being a volunteer, I love animals. You know I often feel they can teach us humans a few things."

Mary said, "I will keep you in mind. We will be getting it ready, and my co-worker, is needing a few weeks before we can actually start taking animals in. Have you any animals Chubby? Chubby laughed saying, "I have blue tongued lizard. A cat, a rabbit, a tortoise, fish in the pond. My dearest big cat matey."

Mary said, "Seems like you have a varied interest in animals. The fish, tortoise, and lizard, we will not be having. We will be taking in dogs, and cats."

Mrs. Vernon said, "Oh look, there is Nicole coming over here." Nicole came smiling at Chubby, she quite liked him. She said, "A meeting here?" Mary said, "Oh we were passing by, and talking about the animal shelter Jodie, and I, are gong to begin in Richmond."

Nicole said, "Richmond? My, that's a posh place at the city. You will get all sorts of dogs, and cats from there. I do not have a job, it's so hard to find employment, so if you need me, I will be able to come to help out, as a volunteer."

Chubby smiled at her and said, "Yep I have offered to." Nicole smiled back at him, and he gave her a wink. Chubby thought, mm, I like this young lady, been watching her when I can. Seen her in the library, and in the shops. I think she lives near the river side. Mary said, "Well here is my phone number, and give me a call in two months time. If you know of any others that are respectable to animals, tell them about it."

They all went their own way, and Mary felt the presence of the birthing. It would have to be in completion after Jodie's rehabilitation.

Meanwhile the oven was on with Mary's roast. She was just going to take it out, when a knock came on the door. Mary saw a man there, who she did not know. He said, "I have heard through Chubby, that you're going to open a shelter for animals. I am Mr. Davis, or Keith if you're comfortable with that."

Mary stood at her door, as he took out a card of proof of his reason for coming to see her. He was a vet. He said, "Mr. And Mrs. Vernon told me about your plans. So I was wondering if you would want a shelter vet? I have a clinic in the city. But I was going to resign from it. Due to I want another path in life.

Mary looked at him, and the said, "Come in, I have just made a roast for my dinner, but if you would like to share it, you're welcome." Keith said, "Oddly, by now I have eaten, but leaving the clinic, after closing hours, I wanted to meet you. The Vernon's rang me. They thought you would need a vet in the shelter. Actually, I am Mrs. Vernon's brother."

Mary said, "Oh, well that's more comfortable, sure, come and join me. Do you like roasted lamb chops, with roasted wedges, and minted vegetables? I make a gravy from the juices, and for desert, I have strawberry cheesecake."

Keith said, "Sounds like you made a meal for two?" Mary said, "Well I was going to take Jodie some tomorrow, as she is very lame, and has trouble to get things. Is not able to shop, and is in need."

Keith said, "I am not able to take her meal." Mary said, "I do make plenty, so she will not miss out. Keith said, "How about I take hers to her now, and come back?"

Mary rang Jodie, and said, "Jodie, I have a vet here, I can talk to you about it tomorrow, but have you had dinner?" Jodie said, "No, I am tired, but not willing to prepare an easy meal this evening." Mary said, "The vet's name is Keith, and he is going to drive across to your cottage, in about ten minutes. I have my roast, you know the lamb chops one? So I will put some on a plate, and it will stay hot, as I am going to put the heated beads under it, while Keith brings it to you. You must eat Jodie, I know you're in great pain, but it's not good to slack on nourishment."

Jodie said, "Thank you Mary. You must tell me about this Keith vet tomorrow, sounds interesting."

Keith went over the two roads, across to river road, and found Jodie's cottage. Jodie was sitting near the door, and Keith said, "Pleased to have met you. I will come in?" Jodie said, "Yes do, so you're a vet?" Keith said, "Yes, and I am having to hurry back, as Mary has dinner for me too!"

Jodie thought, he seems keen. Jodie did not know that Keith was rather pleased to meet her. Although she was in a wheel chair, he knew, being a vet, that things do get healed. As he drove back to Mary's, he thought, this lady is a different kind of lady. She is independent, while in a lame way. Something about her is deeply spiritual. I like that. Although I am not a church goer, I do have a spiritual sense of direction. For every mans home, is a personal thing. Such as the spiritual, is personal. When he got back to Mary's driveway, he thought, yes, being with God, is a personal thing. He stood by his car, and lit up a cigarette, still thinking about Jodie. He sensed Jodie had gifts. He thought about a time he did go to a church, and was treated with words, not action. At the time he needed some help, as in physical help. But he got words. So help was not given. He thought about the couple times he went, and how each sermon was about money. To Keith it was given through a mental, and emotional gibberish. Enough to make people think that money had to be given.

Mary came outside, and saw him smoking, she said, "Ah Keith, I have dinner warmed in the oven for when you're ready to come in. You look deep in thought."

Keith said, "Yes, tell me, if a person is on a low pension, and has high rent, are they supposed to give ten percent of their left money? After all, there is utilities to have, and medical things, clothes, and food. These are on low money."

Mary said, "I kind of agree with you. If you think about a person on low money, they give the ten percent, they loose out on food things, and other things. Then again, the Lord supplies, as what is given, does return."

Keith said, "I have had women with animals that love them dearly. But vet's bills are too high for them. So when I find they have given to a church, and gone without themselves, it leaves me cold. Many an animal have I saved, and charged nothing. Depending of the situation."

Mary said, "So you are tithing another way. We better go and eat now."

Sitting at the dining table, Keith said, "Tithing, mm-----I think people can tithe by charity of heart. If all gave, as you did tonight, with two meals for others, you have tithed in charity. I see the needs for a church funds, as long as they are used for the people. Sorry Mary, but I have little faith in all the different churches. One church is what it is about, not all the many ones, that actually fight against each other."

Mary said, "What did you feel about Jodie?" Keith smiled, and Mary noticed a look of keenness. She thought, if he likes Jodie, that would be great for her. Keith said, "She is so in pain, I saw it in her face, and her body is tired from the pain. Tel me, did anyone help her before you met her?"

Mary was cautious now, as she knew help started, but condition was placed. Poor Jodie was expected to be up to things, where it was obvious, she was not. She said, "Keith, Jodie is a lovely lady, she is comfortable to be with, and very wise in her thoughts. I have seen photos of her, before she was taken by her hips both going on her. She had family, but they have, as today's way of life is, just not stood by her. Or even seen that she is alright. They do not want to know."

Keith said, "Oh, that's real trauma on top of her health, I wonder where people's minds are?"

Mary said, "She has had people say to her, when once she cried with pain, and no mobility hardly, ==you know where I live== now Keith, where on earth is that kind of help? I mean, she goes to them, and they can walk. She is incapacitated, and send an e-mail saying they hope she is feeling better. Or send jokes. It's too much for them to actually help her."

Keith said, "God, that's enough to strain her faith. You really mean she is given things, but not given physical help?" Mary said, "Yep, that's right. But things are not given, because she is given an ultimatum, that she goes along with their way. I just think people can be helpful, but also more unhelpful when not considering her feelings. '

Keith said, "I have had a time with a church, and I found it was about money. To me the love of the Lord is about wisdom, and freedom. I was not impressed when I heard a whole sermon about money. It missed the real reason people were there. Well to another subject, after I say this, I would like to get to know Jodie, so that is out in the open."

Mary laughed, and said, "I am sure that if it's meant to be, it will be."

Keith said, "I am ending the clinic this weekend. I want to rent a place in this town. I have a pad, but it's easy for me to pack up, and leave. I do have a good financial account, but listening to Mrs. Vernon, her name is Charlotte, and as I said, my sister. I was really interested in the warehouse, turning into a shelter for animals. So this is going to be run by volunteers?" Mary said, "Yes, we will be wanting donations to keep up the shelter, so as the animals come in, we want them all to be adopted. Not just put down. So there will be a cost for them to be adopted."

Keith said, "Mary, this meal was great, you're a good cook. I am very glad to have met you this evening. Now to the shelter, how would you feel if I financed the veterinary section? You see it has to be done properly, and as I am a vet, I can donate that section. There would be charges for some veterinary things. So if we sit together, when Jodie is back on her feet, we can arrange the adoptions with the vets bills in, so that there is one cost. Naturally, there is extras like micro chips, and registrations."

Mary said, "This really has taken off quickly. It's all like it's folding together by the right people. Look Keith, I have a small flat at the back of my house. It's got furniture in it. It's doing nothing, would need airing out. So if you want to, you can have that. Jodie would be close enough for you to see her, as I feel you're more than interested in her."

Keith said, "Yes, I am very interested in her. She has different eyes, have you noticed that?" Mary said, "I did, but never took to much notice, but her eyes are blue on the outside, brown , and then the dark part of the eye. Come to think of it, yes very different."

Keith said, "As to the flat, yes I would like it, but will pay rent."

Mary said, "No rent, just pay the utilities and have it as your home until you decide on another." Mary thought, like with Jodie perhaps? Keith said, "Does it have a fridge, and washing machine?" Mary said, "Yes, but they are not upgraded ones, they do work. You see, with you financing the shelter for the veterinary section, I think we have a plan. So rent is not needed. That is my tithing to this."

Keith left, and Mary thought, he is going to come this Saturday. I think I will get Jodie here, and we all have a celebration for the coming blessing of animals.

Chapter Five

Jodie was waiting for Mary to come and get her. Saturday was here, and Keith was moving into the flat in the morning. Keith had a boxes of his things in the large four wheel drive he had. Mary had a double garage, so that was going well. Keith said, "Did you have a husband once Mary?" Mary said, "Yes, we parted, as he wanted to move to another country. I was not very happy with him for years. So we made a joint agreement, that we both get a good deal. We never divorced."

Keith said, "He may want to come back some day. What country did he move too?" Mary said Canada. He had a job that took him over seas, but this deal he got, was going to raise his earnings a great deal. So he opted for it. I have to be honest, we never really got on."

Keith said, "Oh Mary, you're not the only one. I had a wife, who was lovely. Our interests were so opposite to each other. She had a problem with being a workaholic. Plus another problem. She was drinking alcohol when home, and so got drunk. So as I do not drink it, we never really had time together. I loved animals, she did not. I loved art, music, and play the piano. She would complain, as she wanted her own way most of the time-----Huh-----All of the time. We did divorce. She got the house, and I went into rentals because I wanted to earn for retirement, then be free to move around for a while, and then buy a house."

Mary said, "Any children?" Keith said, "No, at least there is no ties like that. How about you?"

Mary said, "I do not want to talk about that." Mary closed up.

The afternoon was busy for Keith, as he was arranging the flat to his liking. He saw the t.v. And smiled, as it was not an HD one. He had one that was HD. He looked in the bathroom. He thought, it's very small, but if I cover the bath, use the shower, I can sit on the bath like a bench. I can put things onto it. I wonder if Mary has any wood somewhere, that would fit the top of the bath? The rest he would sort out.

Keith went to the small fenced off yard type garden, at the back of the flat. Yes this would suit him well. Then Mary came to see if he was getting straight? She said, "Keith, is everything fitting well?" Keith said, "It is, and I wondered if you had a bath sized spare wood?" Mary said, "I only have a small single wardrobe in the shed, that is not going to be used. I was thinking of donating it."

Keith said, "Said, "I could use it, the door may fit, and then I can cut off what's over." Mary said, "Go for it, but my tools are not that great." Keith said, "I will sharpen a saw if you have one?"

Mary said, "Ok, I know that john left a couple of tools, and an old saw. So why cover the bath?"

Keith said, "My veterinary equipment can go inside the bath, and the wardrobe door will cover the bath, as I like to sit down, and dress after the shower. I may buy a new shower head for it, the old one is a little old. Having clothes in the other cupboards, and my linen, plus the pantry will be having food, I was stuck for space. The bath was the solution." Mary said, "Ok I understand that. Will the veterinary things stay dry in there?"

Keith said, "Yes, they are enclosed."

Jodie was getting herself slowly dressed. She was thinking about Keith. Then thought, I wonder why I am thinking about him so much? There was something in his eyes. Yes he was looking at me with very soft eyes. Oh, I don't know, perhaps it's my condition. He may just have felt sorry for me. I just do not like pity, understanding is more important, because that would be of more help. With understanding, it lets a person who is wise, know that one small hand of help, gives a larger amount of help. Jodie left that thought, and went on thinking about this wretched time. How in it all, she saw people never helping. Most caused her more grief. Some said she should be walking every day! Or tell her to visit them!

Over it all, Jodie understood what Jesus meant, when he said not to take notice of others. Listen to no man. Listen only to him.

The time came for Jodie to go to Mary's house. To her surprise, Keith came earlier than expected. He said, "Hey Jodie, how are you today?" Jodie said, "All the better for getting out a while Keith." as they went along to Mary's house, Keith said, "Jodie I felt something about you, something different." Jodie said, "Yes, probably spiritual?" Keith said, "Yes, somehow you seem to be somewhere else then-----Oh-----Sounds dumb, but as if you're here in this world, but not of the world?" Jodie smiled, then she said, "True, how much do you know of the universe?" Keith said, "Lets go in, I will get your wheel chair, and we can continue this."

Mary hugged Jodie, and said, "I have your favorite meal Jodie. Fish and chips." Jodie laughed, and said, "Uh-----Seems you ordered it in." Mary said, "Yes, because we here, have been busy all day, and thought as you love that meal, that is what we will have. But I did make a strawberry tart, and double cream."

They sat eating the meal, and Keith wanted to get back to Jodie's thoughts of the universe. He said, "Ok Jodie, so about the universe, what do you mean about it?" Jodie said, "So many people do not know that a holocaust is coming. You see, the sun is going to melt the earth. Wait I will explain it better. There are black holes that are not seen. Stars and other planets are obviously in the universe. Over the ages of time, men have wanted to conquer the planets. They are interfering with God's law. The creation of our heavenly Father is fathomless. We are so small next to his throne. If you look at the way men have wanted to gain power over the planets, none have really gained the stand. We are on earth, so where do you think God wants us?" Keith said, "Ok, yes, that makes sense, go on." Jodie said, "The black holes do take the stars that die, certain universal, lets say planets, for the brief way. There is so much there beyond our way of contacting it all. The sun is getting hotter. Our seasons are changing. The second coming is about the change to come. The world will end. But in a universal way."

Mary said, "Jodie, you have never talked this with me, how interesting." Jodie said, "The sun will melt the earth, it is our star. It will cause the heat to burn all things beyond any life. Then it will melt the earths crust. After that the world will be a molting energy of lava, if I say hell, it's very close. Then the sun will cool down. The earth will go away, and have no life on it. When our heavenly Father places his creation how he meant it to be, the earth will return. That is when all sin is gone."

Keith said, "Scary, I hope I am not around for that." Jodie said, "Christians will not suffer that time. But the heathens will do. You see, Jesus Christ is far more than how people think. They think it's a historic story. When in fact. He wanted all to be saved. He knew the scorching heat to be. Mankind has used technology for life today. We are run by robots. Robots are from satan. So is technology. The purpose of technology, is to separate people. So that even in families, they are strangers in one house. All people are going to communicate through machines. They are doing so now. Children are brought into this, and get lost to normal life. Play is a machine. So the brains are getting utilized for the works of lies. If technology was stopped, what would happen?"

Mary said,' the world would stop. No money, no shopping, nothing, we all have cards, and all transactions are done by-----Oh Jodie, this is very frightening. I know so many are in casino's, all thinking they will hit the rich switch. Cars are technical, gosh, it would stop the world for sure. Our energy, as in electric, gas, and other utilities, would stop."

Jodie said, "Right, if the technical situation was not put right, we would be without. To think that Jesus Christ is coming on a cloud, as many do, is not quite right. He will come for his children, that is certain. The sky will fold back, as he descends. All will see him. Christians will rejoice. Heathens will flee. They will try to hide, and find no place to shelter them. They will starve, and war will break out. Man will kill man to eat. The time for the bidding is now, for our heavenly Father wants all his children. He did not create us for sin. He created us for love, and beauty, in his holy world. So there it is, our universe will become another universe. The throne is the supreme judge. No man can see God, or has done. But-----In a way man has seen God-----God gave of himself, his only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Let me tell you something, I have spoken in tongues, and I did not know where it came from. It increased, not just verbal words, but in my silent self. It always ends with the old Jewish way of saying Jesus. It's never in English terms, it's Jewish. When I got an energy of peace, just as I thought my little animal child would die, as it looked that way. I had a pulsing peace, it had surrounded me. At the time I thought it was odd, as how can I have peace sent to me, when my cat was going to die? The next day, my cat was saved, and given a Christian home. I also get-----Um, hard to describe but it's like my body is given an energy, and it feels like goose bumps, and goes all over my body. I am not this body, I am me, the invisible me is only known by me, and Jesus Christ. So often I have said, nobody knows who I am. Some have said they did, as I was the Lords. True, but there is more to it. Jesus give his children who are able to learn. Now this is how it is done."

Keith said, "Wait-----You mean there is another way?" Jodie said, "Yes, it is through pain." Mary said, "Oh you have said this before, but I have failed to understand it."

Jodie said, "From my head to my ankles, I have been harmed. I have had pain since birth. I had a battle to challenge the enemy. To do that is a big task. It's sin that is never seen. Satan knows the ones he wants stopped. That is why I have been very acutely hurt. He did not win. He nearly did, but I saw Jesus, and he said nothing, just opened his arms to me. Pain is the way to the truth. To break the chains, does not mean just being saved, it means war. But a war that ends in treasures."

Keith said, "Who would want pain? I would go the other way, than be in pain, look at you, pain in face, body-----I am thinking that-----Wait-----Um-----We do not really get away from pain, because in pain we look to find a way out."

Jodie said, "I could rest my case there. Do you know that Jesus gives us his gifts according to our faith, and endurance of pain. For in pain, we grow. As we grow from the saved child, he wants us to mature. We are not able to fight the war without knowing what to do. We will never know what to do, without Jesus Christ. He is our teacher. So he had pain right?"

Mary said, "Yes, and he sinned not, so Jesus is God. So God gave a great part of his own-----Wow! This is bigger, than the small way I was taught." Jodie said, "We are taught from mankind. That is good in some ways. It gives any little child the knowledge of Jesus. But Jesus said that we never listen to man, we listen to him."

Keith said, "I do not know how to listen to him really, I would like to." Jodie said, he is in you Keith, but he is not able to enter your heart, until you give in full, your life. For this life is not the life he has planned for you Keith. He gives that to you when you do his work. If he gives you a gift, and you do not use it, it will end up going away, and you're more lost than ever. Satan wants people to think he has power. So he gives people the lies of reincarnation. Tells people, their dead relatives are alive. They can talk to them. He gives enough to con them, and then they go into occult. The occult is the worst war of all. Sad to say it, but people who go there, if they remain there, they become parts of satan himself. As his demons work, so mankind follows them. Then you have satan in people. That is why to follow Jesus is to take up your own cross, and follow. Pain is what Jesus had through the sin of satan, and that is why some are given great pain. No it's not easy to take pain, but it does go away when the work Jesus has given each child, is maturing. It will reach a summit, when the pain is absolutely tearing the body apart. Hearts are torn apart every day. So when the pain has reached the path the Jesus wants us all on, then on reaching-----Well a bit like climbing a mountain, the peak is in sight, but the hardest climb is the last part. Get through that, with Jesus as your one, and only, before another, and on reaching the summit, pain goes away. You have proved your faith."

Keith said, "Yes, I knew something was different about you, you have opened up a great deal for me Jodie. Tell me, do all go through pain as you have?" Jodie said, "How can I answer that? I know that he chooses his ones, for the hardest climb. Meaning he chooses all mankind. It is mankind who will not climb, through fear. Fear is a wrestle with the enemy, so it's sin."

Mary said, "Jodie, I really never thought about life that way, so that is why you're not known to who you are. You have taken being so lonely, and had the mental anguishes too, like pain making you depressed, and depression magnifies the pain. It's certainly satan's weapon."

Jodie said, "All pain is sin. We are all sinners, so pain continues. To fight the enemy, means to gain higher pain, for the fight is a two edged sword. Between the swords, we are, all mankind is, in the middle of it. One sword is to keep the enemy away from God's children, the other is satan's sword. His sword is blazing heat. Put it this way, God is the sovereign and holy. Where it's holy, beauty is, so any unholy sin is not to enter his kingdom. Satan has ruled the world, the prince of the air, the liar, the cheat, the intelligence of all sin is pacing the world. He is not able to be in two places at once, so comes the demons for his work. That is his army, with the people who follow him. So the enemies army is built on lies. God is omnipresent, and has the full truth in every way. He loves us, is wrath is due to losing his children, for again-----Unholy is not welcomed in his kingdom, his throne is not seen by heathens. His throne is revealed to Christians, on the day he is at the age of claiming his creation. The Holy Spirit is our comforter. That is a grace beyond words. Once with the Holy Spirit, then the Holy Spirit never leaves his children. A good parent will teach their children truth. The Holy Spirit is between the two swords, sending to us his words of truth. So yes, the universe is a great part of creation. Greater than our world is. So how can any universal energies be at peace, with the world that is riddled with sin, it causes no harmony. Mankind is poisoning gods world, through following satan. Like anything, is a part is missing, as in the world being in sin, it is not whole. The disturbance of the planet earth, is causing the holocaust to come about. For it is not at rest. So like us, if we have no harmony, nothing will work. Balance is to be, not half balance.

Keith said, "Jodie, I am very much liking you, I know you're sick at the moment, but would you allow me to get to know you? For I think this was meant to be." Jodie said, "Keith, I like you too, but thought my crippling would be enough to never give me a man who understands me. I am known, when I meet my one, who is one with me."

Mary laughed, and said, "Looks like we have a relationship budding here. I am all for it. As I have a feeling my husband is appearing again some day. I am ready for another go with him. I just feel it's coming."

Jodie said, "Just in the last two days, I have been given gifts, a tumble dryer, to aid my washing to be dry, from a Christian family. I then was pushed back to my home in the wheel chair, by a stranger. Never has that come, until now. So my operation is me reaching the summit. I will come down from the climb, to live in this world, for whatever years I have left, to have peace-----Harmony-----No pain-----I have built the weapons of love, love heals all things. The operation is the defeat of satan. It is a battle worth fighting him. The full glory is to our heavenly Father. So that all my pain, is a treasure in the end of the broken body I have had. I will have a fat soul, and healed body."

They sat there in wonder of this evenings talking. Being that Jodie was to be the talker. Mary, and Keith the students to be. A gift was given this evening to them. The next glory is given, for the Lord wanted us to fight the enemy. Defeat his powerless wiles of destruction. My cat was to leave me, for responsible action was to be, so that Jesus has me without blocks. She will be living a full life, with her new owner. I have to accept that, for the Lord knew it was a sacrifice, so she became safe."

They ended the evening, with Keith wanting to see josie the next day, and take her to a park of beauty. Jodie's life ahead, was going to win all things. She will never want. She will be provided for. Jodie had accepted her cat leaving her. Healing had come on that. She will never forget her cat. But is able to take it now, as the Lords plan. For in rehab, no way could she have done or her cat, an no way can the cat, be unhappy now.

Chapter Six

Keith had an enjoyable time with Jodie. Although she was not able to walk, she had another strength, very noticed. The park gave them both, time out.

Mary had the final agreement signed, and the shelter was about to take shape. Jodie still had to wait for her time to be free of pain. Keith offered Jodie his time for a coming preliminary of the operation.

Now this was a day that Keith would be very taken with. He saw Jodie be taken in for tests. Everything just worked out, and she got done with the preliminaries for operation.

When she came out, she said, "I felt as if I was carried by the holy spirit. The things that have happened recently, were miracles."

They went back, and Keith heard his mobile. He pulled over to the side and stopped the vehicle. Jodie heard Keith say," what happened? Oh ok I will be there, but take me an hour to get here."

Jodie said, "Where have you got to go?" Keith said, "Mary has the organizing going on, and as the shelter is not open, already someone has brought in four kittens. They were found in a bag."

Jodie shuddered, and said, "How can they do that, animals are defenseless to humans." Keith said, "Are you up to going to the city?" Jodie nodded yes. Keith went to get his bag for checking these kittens, taking along any medications that may be needed. They went along the freeway. Keith was looking over the intersection, saying," Jodie, is that women alright? I mean she looks like you do in disability."

Jodie said, "Keith stop the vehicle in the side lane, just past the lights here. She is struggling, and going that way." then Keith said, "I will call Mary, tell her we will be a bit later."

When Keith called Mary, she said, "Oh Keith, I was about to call you, the people who had the four kittens, came to claim them. Apparently someone took them out of their home, it had been robbed. They did not know where the kittens were. So I said someone found them, and saw the board outside saying, animal shelter opening soon. I told the owners we were not open as yet. But finding them in this state, I had to take them. So you do not have to come. Talk to you later, bye."

Keith began his vehicle, and the poor lady was hardly over the side lane. Jodie said, "I think you better find out what's wrong, she looks distressed." Keith got out, and the lady just sank with exhaustion. He went to her wheel chair, and she began to cry. Keith said, "Where do you live I will take you there." the women said, "Since when did anyone care? I try to get out of the block of units, when I can. I have been harassed."

Keith said, "Harassed that's dumb, how? The lady said, "I am alone, and I live in a block of units. I try to get out, because there has been, in the last five years, youths in two units. One lot for three years. They kept blocking my access to drive my car in, or out. They moved out. Then a woman lived in another unit. I helped this woman, but felt her odd, when she said she sleeps with a dead man's ashes. Grief I know does things to people. Later her son moved in."

Keith said, "Sounds like you have been harassed. They would have no right to go into you backing space at all. But to place a large vehicle length ways, that crosses over lines of other tenants, is down right rude, and-----Ugh! What happened when the son moved in?"

The lady said, "He parked a large vehicle length ways. Well over my neighbors line. Half way. So as I am the last unit, I had to turn my car in limited space. I did not get out, it took the real estate six months to have him do as is in the rules. To park in the lots sideways.

I ended up one day bumping my car at the end of the wall, due to this man. An emergency came, so getting my car damaged too."

Keith said, "Did you tell the real estate?" she said, "Yes, but they said I have to take it up with him! I had emailed several times, my rights to get out, was my rights. Then one day, after the six months, I got a letter saying the road company were made aware my health was effecting my driving."

Keith said, "What a mongrel, takes no intelligence who did that, and what for?" oh I could drive for three months, odd that, as if I am effected, they would take my license. Instead, I had to get doctors report, which passed. Optician report, which passed. Then wait three months, in absolute stress every day, to sit another test. I had told them who was harassing me, drew how I was blocked, had film in my camera, unprocessed. Saying I can process them. Told them the name, and unit number, gave doctor, and optician, and real estate, so all numbers were there to call. No, I had to sit a dumb test for a license I already had sat for a test for. I owned a full license. I passed it, and kept my full license. He came and told me it was him, couple months later. But-----"

Keith said, "Wait a minute here, so you had to pay money to keep a license you already had, and all the harassing going on, the man did not know you, but reported you for his own misdeeds? He was in the wrong, I bet he was fined by the road company, but you suffered or nothing. So since, have you lost your confidence?" the lady said, "Yes, and did not drive far at all. So I ended feeling very nervous."

Keith said, "Right, where do you live?" the lady said, "Just near Cranbourne." Keith said, "We live very near that, would you like to come back with us, for the rest of the day, and lets get you some sort of help?"

The lady said, "My name is Brenda, I would love some company, I never get it, as my family are cold, not in my life, and I do not know why?"

Keith took her wheel chair, having a four wheel drive, he could put it in easily. Jodie heard what was said, by the window being opened by her.

They drove back, and Keith said, "I do not live with Jodie, not yet anyway." Jodie gave Keith such a look, and said, "No not yet." Brenda was taken into Jodie's home. Keith said, "What is going on in our world?" Jodie said, "Signs of the times Keith. Manners are gone. Vanity is fashion, ego is mind being taken over by lies. All the darkness is clouding our heavenly Fathers creation, he will stop it when it is time."

Brenda said, "I never heard of that before, I mean I was going to church, but sorry, found more distance, than closeness, so I left."

Keith said, "I have had the same, but I think it is because there is too many churches, of different doctrines. So another sort of war is created. I am sure there is only one church. The church of the Lord. Not buildings, but church is people. People either make a church, or break a church."

Jodie said, "I agree with that. For without the whole spirit in life, no church can be. The Holy Spirit that is." Brenda said, "Living in the spirit is what Jesus was talking about, but I just am not able to fathom why a good person keeps getting harmed. Not just in the body, but mind, and heart, and soul?"

Jodie said, "I have to have my second hip replacement, it's been left so long, that my bones are torture, and I found others forcing their needs upon me, and while I am crippled!"

Brenda said, "I am having a hip replacement too, and yes, I have found that. In fact today, a women laughed at me in a wheel chair. Mind you this woman is acting like she works in a boutique. She is a volunteer, in an old clothes shop, second hand, and not that great collections in there. Clothes are not steamed, like in other second hand shops. Some are dirty, torn etc. But she acts like she is in a major store."

Jodie said, "Ah yes, I have met that kind too. Some of the secondhand places, are crooked. But I find the red cross, very good. Would you like to leave where you're living?"

Brenda said, "Yes, after three months in there, I found it had an energy that did not sit with me. The neighbor is nosey, gossips, and so loud, that all the whole unit block can hear her, when she is on the phone, or at the mail box. Now the mail box is at the street, and I can hear her. She says a woman gossips, but fails to see she herself is gossip, and I have never known her to be bright. She never had children, is without any learning of technology, or how the age of today is. She asked me to fix her gas fire for her, while I am like this. I am waiting to go into hospital for the surgery, a broken arm is put in a sling to aid it. But a hip is left to suffer the weight of the whole body. So for the first time in six years, and two months, I shouted at her. She was going on, and on, about my daughters house estate. I told her countless times, to leave it alone, she keeps opening up a wound I am closing. So I just lost it."

Keith said, "I understand that, if anyone could be helping it could have been her, helping you, does she knock to see how you are each day, being that close." Brenda said, two meters between doors, no she does not. If she see's me, she will gossip.-----I-----Er-----Oh, I had to let my cat go-----" Brenda sniffed back tears.

Jodie said, "You too? I did as well. The hardest thing to part with Brenda, I know." Brenda said, "That neighbor could have fed her, and let her in, and out, each day, but I could see she did not want to. Besides, I sort of felt I could not trust her to keep the door closed. As the last hip I had done, she said she will watch, I left my other key in a place, that only she, and I knew. One day I had to come back before the operation. No key was where I left it, so I could not get in. Where was she? In the shops. She took it out of the place I had it, for my own access at the time. Put it inside her home, and yet she had another key of mine, so why put the two in there? I was staying somewhere before the operation that time."

Jodie said, "Do you think this lady is mentally alright?" Brenda said." she is selfish, that I know, begrudges paying for a taxi to get her to a place when important." Keith said, "Yes, I know the sort, I suppose she goes about getting someone to take her, and I bet she has the money to pay for it."

Brenda said, "I found her out, as she slipped up. She is with money, but if you saw her unit, you would think she is poor, is got no warmth in it, nothing is bright. Furniture is that old, that it's hardly worth having. As I would look after her plants, when she went to her sisters. She even asked me to do that, when I was crippled in pain. I said I was not able to this time. So she plonked her keys upon my walker tray, and said I may look in. I was so angry about that. Because here we have the case of how people have too much, act as if they have little, and then put onto a very sick person. She would not even get my mail for me, there are fourteen steps to the front door. One morning she bangs on the window, telling me to give her my mailbox key. I thought conscience got her. Then she tells me what my mail is, and that another unit's mailbox has letters in it for a tenant who left a year ago! I knew then that she looks inside another mail box. No right to."

Keith said, "Mm-----Yep-----I think I would be angry with her too. Good that you shouted at her, when she wanted you to fix her gas fire, I mean, how can you go, up, and down?" Brenda said, "I fixed her electrics too, many times, but as I was getting bad, I said I could not go down. But she said she would get a chair to get myself up with. The next weekend, she had undone all the wires, messed up an hours work I did, and I had to do it again. I was very cross, but I did it. To my own peril. You know, after I shouted at her, I went and knocked on her door, to ask her to forgive me, for shouting, but I wanted no rubbish, that she wanted to plonk onto me, as she never uses her bin, she takes her rubbish to the shops, and puts it in a public bin. To stop talking about my daughter, and to understand I am crippled and in high pain."

Jodie said, "Yes, people could be made aware of what they do to sick people, when they are so selfish. But Brenda, one thing, Jesus hears all, see's all, knows all. He would I am sure forgive your lack of patience, goodness, look at the people who have done you harm in that unit block. People forget one very big lesson here."

Brenda said, "What is that Jodie?" Jodie said, "What ever bad is done, comes back at them. We may not see it, but the Lord does know, that is all that counts. One day, they may get health problems, and want help. But they will get no help, because of their own sin done to another. It is so. The man who reported you, a young man, I bet you he has had trouble finding work?"

Brenda said, "Funny that, because gossip women told me he has been out of work many times. Goes out at five a.m. So must be cleaning. Not a good job for a young man. He comes from India. One time I saw petrol all out of their car on the ground, a great pool of it. I thought that somehow they were getting paid back. I did not know why petrol was coming out. And just went on my way. I did tell the young man he would pay in another way, for his misdeeds to me. How I did not know."

Keith said, "Ok. So it's looking like-----" Brenda said, "My cat could have been home with me, but in end the cat was getting restless. So I did all I could for the cat, but it became wanting to be out till gone midnight. Kept going from window to window, and talking non stop. When in, my cat had changed some, and bit me while I am stroking the cat."

Jodie said, "Mine did the same, but I had not thought that I had changed, and that my cat felt it. That my cat knew it may be leaving, and was getting very territorial. So yes-----My heart broke, and it still hurts from loosing her."

Brenda said, yes, me too!" Keith said, "Brenda, we have to find you another unit. But your operation is to be first. Like with Jodie. What hospital are you going in to? Brenda said st. Vincent's." Jodie said, "Hey, me too, wonder if we get in at the same time?"

Brenda smiled, and nodded as if that would be great. Keith said, "Brenda, I am a vet, a half retired one at the moment. Mary, Jodie's best friend, is opening an animal shelter, which I will be working in, when opened. When Jodie is over rehab, she will be there too. But I was thinking-----How would you feel if I asked my sister to look for a unit, within a price range you could meet?"

Brenda said, "That would be so lovely, but I have so much stuff. To move I am not be able to meet the removal fee's. Then there is the real estate. Who do not give one thing as wear wit age."

Keith said, "I know Jodie will not agree with this, but-----Why bother telling them? Just move out, and send them the keys." Jodie looked at Keith, and then said, "A twenty eight day is asked for by the agents. But then there is steam cleaning to be paid for, as Brenda you would have to pay for the carpets to be steam cleaned. Then they inspect it after you're out, and take your bond money, if things need repairing. No I think-----Actually this goes against my usual thoughts, but the real estate have let you down. Three years without free access, then another doing the same, you end up having to sit another test, I am leaning with Keith here. For the bond would cover all anyway. If they passed it, you get your bond back. But no, I think I can see the added hassles. Yes, we will help you move, I know that there are some good guys in this part, that would move you, may not charge you much or may not charge you at all."

Brenda said, "Phew! It would be nice to be doing it without all the hassles. Anyway, they would have plenty of money in the bond paid, to cover it all. I am so tired of living there. Behind the unit block is a masonic hall, spiritualists go there. Funny, a fence was taken down, and the highest fence was put up, I am not able to see it now. As you see, I had trouble from that too."

Jodie said, "Right, here we have a situation where the darkness is in action, right where you're living. The energy you felt is the darkness, that is why you are not able to settle, and never could, once in the unit. Did you meet any of these women that go there?"

Brenda said, "Yes, but the lost idiotic things I saw. One women said she wore black for energy. Another said a cat was a healing cat, because it purrs."

Keith burst out laughing. The he said, "Are they online?" Brenda said, "Yes, you can see it if you wanted too."

Jodie said, "Keith, before you do that, pray, ask for the Lord's armour, to be even more protective of you. I know why you want to see the women, but invite no entry to you Keith."

Keith had his lap top, and asked the address. Then went out to his vehicle to go online. That way it's not in Jodie's home. When he opened it, he saw them, he gasped at the strange looks in the women's faces, one was twisted, another was looking as if stiff, not alive. He saw the messages done, then looked at the committee. Where some died, and they go to heaven. Keith closed it off, and trashed it forever. He could feel the energy that Brenda was getting. This darkness had clouded that part of town. So anything near it, was tainted. He prayed for all light to be with him. For the whole experience he saw, in that half hour, would be rebuked from him, in the Lord Jesus Christ's name.

Keith came in to hear the women laughing, about how they try to do things with no ability to actually walk. Keith said, "I saw it, rebuked it, and did you do anything to protect your home in any way?" Brenda said, "I anointed the whole home, brushed the walls with my open Bible, like waving it on every wall in one stroke. Olive oil on the walls, I went inside cupboards, and outside, and did everything, even my car. I went to the back door, near that hall, and told all demons to leave, never to return. I then went to make peace with the young man, and asked why he did it, as I had done nothing to him. He chose not to talk about it, and walked away, but I did tell him I had to have major surgery on my hip. He did not know forgiveness, he is not able to five it, or take it. So I angered again."

Jodie said, "You were out near the man, stay away from him, move your car as far as you can to be farther apart from his. Speak to him no more, and make no more eye contacts, if you see him, look away. Your neighbor?"

Brenda said, she does not believe in God, has no time for Christians, has no faith." Jodie said, "Ok, well here you will have to cut off. If she tries to talk to you, with her usual gossip, which sounds so depressing. Be polite, but say nothing at all. If she get nothing out of you, she will not speak anymore in time. But then to be polite, you can say you're in a rush and just leave her talking on. Go, stay not to hear her. Block off her talking, just be polite, as being that close it's unlikely you can avoid her."

Brenda said, "She came out as a person was calling her. I told her what happened at the hospital, but she went on to tell about her weekend away to the other person. It was like I was not important at all."

Jodie said, "People do not realize energies of darkness, are to be avoided. Or there is a strong cord of it, it will enter where people who are cold in heart live. Had she ever said to you anything that you thought was odd?"

Brenda said, "Well she says her plants die, I do not water mine, this was four years ago, as now I have no plants in the front. They live in th ground at the back. But she wanted to know why my plants look so alive, and yet get no much attention?"

Jodie said, "The attention you gave was love. You watered them in your times. Her wilted due to her energy of coldness. How can a neighbor see you like this, and expect you to do work for them?" Brenda said, "She told me she wants to scream being alone all the time. At times she was kind, but she is very nosey. Even once asked about something private in my life. Of which I stopped her. She had been talking about me to her sister, who can't stand her around in the evenings when she goes there, because she never stops talking so loud. On Saturday mornings at seven thirty, her phone goes, and she shouts for a good hour, and half, to what she calls her mad aunt. So I am awake from her loudness. She really screams her words out. Says she is not deaf. Her voice is-----Sorry, her voice is awful. It's like a fog horn, gone wrong."

Keith laughed, and said, "Yes, we are so glad to have met you Brenda. I am looking at this as a lesson. I am so into animals energies, that I can do with understanding human's energies."

Jodie said, "As we walk along the path, satan is at work, if we suspect anything, or any person, we must stay away from them. For the thief is stealing people. To protect ourselves, the Lord's armour is to be. Once we are saved, we are to work on, and grow, unfortunately some are to grow from pain. To come out of the dark means, pain for the birth for our saviour. So we have pain due to, ancestors who were in the dark, and died in the dark, so never born. Some of us have heavy pain, do wake up our burdened soul. Now to free the soul means we have the pain of the sins. As long as we keep on the path, and keep faith, our pain will end, and we become full of light. We earn it. We are hen given our other gifts according to our faith. So it's then we see the reason for such pain. We do the Lords work on this new path, for as long as we are here on this earth."

Brenda said, "People do not realize that if one helps another, they are blessed. So if one is bad to a sick person, they get no blessings, see nothing, walk in the dark. I felt the energies, but did not know what it was. I have felt it in other places, even in some shops. Or when I was driving, as right now I am not doing so, due to hip, but can after it's done, I have found on some roads, there is an energy I do not like. So I often avoid it after that."

Jodie said, "You're very alert Brenda, how long were you so alert?" Brenda said, "All my life really. Today I realized another second hand shop was to be avoided, for energies of the shop farther down town, is full of dark energy. I saw some come in this shop today. The very ones I want to avoid. So I thought that I will not go there again."

Keith said, "Do you want to stay for dinner?" Jodie said, "Ah! Nothing like it, just invite yourself Keith. Brenda you can stay, but Keith here-----" Keith said, "So who will be doing the cooking?"

Jodie said." um-----True."

Keith said, "Mary will be coming over, so if I get a take a way, as I am not too good at cooking well." Keith called Mary on his mobile, and she said she was glad to come, this way she can tell him about the way his finance to the veterinary part is going. As she had the place spaced for his own veterinary clinic moving into action. By going to Jodie's, she can tell her too.

Brenda was so comfortable with them all. Then she said, "I was thinking, once I have this out of the way, could I be of use there in the shelter?" Mary said, "Sure can, from hearing you lost your cat though health, and nobody helping to stop that, due to cold hearts, it will give you peace of mind, being near animals."

Keith had gone out to get the Chinese meal. He came back with a great big lot. He paid for it too, so that was a generous gesture. Jodie thought, I am feeling like I am getting real keen on Keith. He seems to want to take his wavering faith, into greater one. Brenda is a Christian, Mary will like another mature lady with them.

Mary said, "From the looks of it, we will be able to house pens for the dogs." Keith said, "About how many do you think?" Mary said, "Fifty, but in the veterinary clinic, I asked the man who is designing the structures, to make space for the sick ones. He said he can make a range of animals in the clinic. Dogs he said twenty cages. Cats, thirty cages. Quarantine cages will house fifty cats. Fifty dogs. So it's looking very big."

Keith said, "It's not too often that all are used at once. But the clinic must be completed with great care. If I do an animal, and have fifty to do, each animal to me, is special. So I give my time to each animal the same way. As long as they are in my care, I am their owner."

Mary said, "Having the other vet too, will be better. Jodie, how were you feeling today?" Jodie said, "So tired, but a sense of energy, like it's in my upper body, while my lower part is sick. So it feels like it's building."

Brenda said, "Since I met you all, I feel so much more at peace." Keith said, "I will take you back to your unit around ten?" Brenda said, "Thanks Keith, come in it, and tell me what you feel?" Keith said, "I am glad you offered that, as I did want to feel the energies."

The rest of the evening was light, and laughter, while Jodie, and Brenda, had their shooting pains as well. They played monopoly. Brenda had won that game."

Keith took Brenda back to the unit. When he drove up the drive way, he said, "Ugh! Funny, I felt like as soon as I turned off the main street, the energy changed. The drive way has a prison feel about it. It's got a blocking sensation about it. As we got nearer to the end, were you live, the above units, with the steps, have a great unfriendly feeling about them. So the people in them are not friendly. Now here to yours, you have the most steps. How you manage that is beyond me."

Brenda said, "Come up, and tell me inside what you felt?" Keith got near the neighbors, as that is where the steps ended, and he looked tense. Coming into Brenda's unit, he felt peace, but some disturbance, near her windows, that face the neighbors, and the front door. He told Brenda that keeping her blinds closed on that side of the unit, may help. That way she is not seen, and does not see them. Keith said, "I saw a do not disturb on the front door. I take it you put it there. That really told me that you're wishing nobody in at all."

Brenda said, "Her next door, just bangs on my windows." Keith said, "Let me pull the rails you made to stop her from coming to look in your windows near your dining area, good God, how care she do that? So to stop her altogether, I arrange a way to rail her off the kitchen window, where she bangs on it. I think Jodie is right, have as little to do with her as possible."

Brenda said, "I can go the back door way, but I have to watch it, as there are many leaves. But if I go that way, she is not able to see, or hear me go out. Only if she looks when I reach the bottom of the two steps."

Keith said, "Do that Brenda, go the other door, leave doing the steps, and I am sure, you will hardly see her. If she tries to stop you, on the last two steps, keep going. Say nothing. Eventually she will not talk, because you're not answering her. For you to hear others avoid her like the plague, speaks volumes."

Brenda said, "When she had got me and gossips, I go in, and even while I am going in, she carries on talking, even when she has shut her won door, she is talking."

Keith said." weird way to me. Brenda said, "Jodie is so nice, and I like her very much." Keith said, "I am wanting a serious relationship with her, but now is not the right time. She has to prepare for the operation. After it, want to know more about Jesus Christ. For I thought, he will help me save animals. So think about this Brenda, we will get you out of here, the more you stay away from the neighbors, the less tense you will be. We are here for you. We also want you to be in our family, as in the Lords. Family of his children. I am going to make a commitment to him. I will call you tomorrow, and keep contact. You're not alone any more. Look to the shelter, as a holy grace, for all life belongs to God."

Brenda went to her bedroom, and felt a new path was opening. Now the movement of success was beginning, for she felt it. She was excited, because she heard the Holy Spirit giving her direction.

Chapter Seven

Keith found meeting Brenda, was teaching him more about Christians, being in the middle of the warfare. The Holy Spirit the comforter. He thought, huh! Where have I been? I thought by going to church, and getting disappointed, that was not for me. But the church is not the building. It's how people choose to be on the path way. It is to do with them. Preachers can make the faith into their benefit. What good was I looking for in a church? Keith thought. I was looking in a church to find Jesus, he was closer than anything, just outside my heart. Keith was driving to the shelter, and his thoughts were all to do with his own spiritual growth. He realized that looking outside was not the place. Looking to people, was not the place, looking to preachers. Again was not the place.

Keith was stuck on the freeway for some time, as it had high traffic building. As he pondered on his own heart, he thought, preachers give spiritual help in growth. But what good is it, when the person is still closed? As he went to drive on, a slight accident happened. He got out, and saw the two cars badly dented. The woman came out of her car, screaming insults to the other driver. The other driver was in shock, and remained in is car. Keith called the police, and the ambulance, as he saw the man was injured. He went to open the mans car, and found he had his arm in trouble. Keith advised him to keep still.

The man said, "It's my fault, I was praying, and got lost in prayer." Keith said, "I think it was more than you praying. I was two cars behind you, and I saw the woman cross lanes, with no indicator on, she had no space, but expected you to slow down, but you were in the right. She did not stop to think her car was going into a space too small. Just took it that you will give her way. Had you, the car behind you would have bumped you. I can see the young mans car behind you is only about a foot away. She drove into you."

The man said, "Thanks for being alert, look at her yelling at me, that does not help matters at all." Keith said, "She came from the third lane to the second, then to the first, not once indicating from third lane. Just wait an ambulance will be here soon, the police too. I, as well as others witnessed this. They will tow the cars away. She has hit your driving side really bad, and caught your right arm. I am glad that it's not more than that." the man said, "Is she hurt?"

Keith said, "Does not look like it, just throwing insults. She will be charged, so you rest, I am a vet, and can see your arm is broken."

The whole scene caused a good two hours delay to everyone, that was close to this accident. Keith heard the police man tell the woman she is drunk. So she kicked him. The other two came out of the police cars, and she was hand cuffed. The mans car was turned to the side of the inside lane, but the woman's car spun across the second, and third lane. Stopping traffic.

After this was over, Keith thought, imagine, supposing one died, and had no knowledge of Jesus, or was into the wrong gods? Then he saw the policeman holding a puppy. It was in the mans car, but Keith did not notice it. He went over saying," I am a vet, let me look at the puppy." Keith said, "This little puppy has broken his leg."

The police man said, "Can you take the puppy, and tell me where you take him, give him treatment?" Keith wrote down his home address, and mobile number, as the shelter was still being prepared.

The ambulance came, taking the man, who was suffering shock. The police man told the man, that his puppy is with a vet." the man said, "Yes the vet saw what happened, as I have spoken to him, or rather he spoke to me. I take it you have his details?" the police man said, "Yes, and the vet will give your puppy his expertise, and no doubt have him under his care. If your arm is broken, you will not be able to look after this little puppy for a while."

Keith looked at the puppy, and wrapped him into his jacket. He was close to Richmond, and knew he had his bag with him.

When Keith arrived, Mary came out full of news, talking non stop. Keith said, "I have a little victim of road rage here. Is any table set in the clinic part yet?" Mary said, "Yes, one room is done, and closets for all equipment finished too." Keith walked in, and laid the puppy on the table. He looked at the leg, and thought, fortunate he is so young, I may be able to put it in plaster of Paris, and it will mend in its own time. Keith looked around, and thought, I can't leave him here, it's not open yet.

He went to find Mary, and said, "I think I will have to take him home, do you mind if he is in the flat?" Mary said, "No Keith, he must be watched, so that is fine. Oh look at him, spaniel breed. He reminds me of laddie, but unattached I must be." Keith said, "The women was drunk, caused the accident, and two are hurt, the owner of this puppy, and the puppy. But the women is not hurt."

Mary shook her head, and said, "We are constantly reminded to care for all life. Keith mentioned that the owner of the puppy, said he was praying, and thought he caused the accident? Mary said, "You know Keith, we have had two good signs about our shelter. The four kittens, that got back to their owners, and now this puppy." we are to do this, that is certain.

How was Jodie?" Keith said, "Well she seems so much brighter, it was an immediate, I was so surprised when I called in this morning. Having an evening with her, and Brenda."

Mary said, "Brenda?" Keith explained the whole meeting of Brenda, and how it all went. Mary was eager to meet this Brenda. Then she said, "Jodie, you know, she had a soul full of tears, tears that Jesus saw, and felt. It speaks of those souls of tears. The very mention of that to others, who do not understand it, turns them away. That causes more tears for the carrier of the tears. Jodie is given new life, while being still on earth. Naturally, after the operation. I was brought into this. Then you come along. Now this Brenda. Chubby, and Nicole are involved to."

Keith said, "Tell me about a carrier of tears?" Mary said, "The puppy is asleep, so lets have a cup of coffee." Keith agreed to that. He had several hours without a drink.

Mary said, "Ok Keith, from my understanding, Jesus Christ knows the sinner who he is going to use for his glory." Keith was indignant and said, "Jodie is no sinner, I will not have that!" Mary said, "We all are sinners, we all are born into a world that is full of sin. No offence Keith, but you, I, and all others are sinners. When we repent, we are saved. To keep saved for some is a battle. For who do you think satan wars with?"

Keith said, "He is at war with God the Father." Mary said, "Yes, but he is at war with God the fathers children. He wants to hurt gods creation. We are his children. Satan could not create us. Satan was jealous, you know the story from the garden of Eden. So he created jealousy, envy, anger, hate, all the emotions against our heavenly Fathers grace, and glory. Our Father is holy, and where holy is, beauty is. Nothing can taint, or enter into heaven that is not holy."

Keith said, "Well I am not holy, that is a big thing to do, when in the world we are at one another's throats all the time." Mary said, "Keith, God is the most high mercy, the most high sovereign throne can never be taken. He gave his own self for his children to come back to him."

Keith looked questioning this. Mary said, "Ok, so you're wanting Jodie to be closer to you right?"

Keith nodded. Mary said, "Her life began with being rejected, her body hurt, and bashed. Wherever Jodie went, she was beaten, insulted, and mocked for her faith, right from a tiny child. Satan has intelligence, but will never have the intelligence of the most high. So satan knew that Jodie would be a messenger, he did not know when. For satan can only be in once place at a time. God is omnipresent. The Lord knew that Jodie was his, but Jodie did not know who, or what she belonged to. Imagine being a child, and being given beatings, or insults, or told never to cry, or laugh."

Keith said, "Were these sane?" Mary said, "Satan had entered into them, and reared his ugly work to kill Jodie. The demonic force was hitting her in every way. If you think of looking into the eyes of a child, who has no defense against them. You see the sorrow in the child's eyes, what would you feel?"

Keith said, "I would want to take her away, and keep her safe, go on, I must know this." right, Jodie had Christmases with nobody, and nothing given her. She was deprived of food and good clothes. She was made a slave, as a child. She had so many homes, that she knew nothing else but to be moving. She lost her childhood, in an adult who wanted to sexually abuse her, and did that. But Jodie would not allow it at the age of eight, it began when she was four. Actually Jodie refused as a four year old the exposures given her. At eight she refused to take part in-----"

Keith said, "Hang on here-----Are you telling me that some man did this to her?" Mary said, "Yes Keith, and she had sense as a child to take no part in allowing him. So the Lord's armour was around her then. How can a child know about that, at the age she was? On from all that, she had loss, and more loss, and greater loss. Her heart was in shatters, her soul clouded from familiar spirits, working within her so called family. No matter who she befriended, they stabbed her in the back. She lost her children, her grand children, and her animals. She built up every time from loss, and it fell down. Then came the time she thought that wrong was right, and right was wrong. Now here Keith, Jodie was given temptations. So she walked along the evil path for a time. It was there that she saw satan's work. It's almost as if she was made to walk this path. For here she saw the actual demons in people. She was again attacked. She lost so much."

Keith said, "Sounds like the book of job." Mary said, "Many have that book within their lives. They just do not detect it as evil, fighting truth. In Jodie's eyes, when I met her, was a pool of flooding tears, not yet cried out of her. She held it in for so long."

Keith said, "You said grand children? She is a young grand mother." Mary said, "Same age near to, as you. But for anyone to think they know what to say to a suffering person, in insulting ways, she had a portion of the suffering Jesus had. As he was insulted. You see Keith, this is a moment when all who know this, must stop-----For Jesus Christ is talking here, telling all that know this about one lady, to stop. For she is his chosen messenger. She gave her life, all that she owned. Oh I know others would say they gave too, that is true, but what have they learned if not stopping to see the message right here, right now? For here is proof of the Lord's armour, she never died, when expected to. She was taken from in her sight, but she still see's. The final blow for her was satan putting his evil wiles on her legs. He had hit other major part, and she lived. When she began the work of the Holy Spirit, satan was angered, she was a threat. So he got her left leg first for ten years she suffered heavy pain. After that, satan took her right leg, and that is the last he can do. He has lost, because Jodie did the Holy Spirit's work, in listening to him, all the way through the highest pain a body can take." she will survive this operation, because according to her faith, she proved evil is profoundly wild in the world today. She stands high in her crippled body. She will not be pushed, or pulled, and rejects all occult moves. For so many she told me, people do not know is occult. It's not just the obvious ones, it is the unseen ones. This she is bring to the people. If it has to be over, and over, she intends people to stop, look at who they are attacking. For while attacking a person, even by mild means, they are attacking Jesus Christ. So by doing that, they attack God. So they have no sails on their boat. They will go into whirls, spinning in this evil, growing in a power of high ego, and low benefits. Oh Keith, Jodie told me she has said some things not very lady like, in her pain, and had stopped contact with people who are rude, or gossip, or do harm by tongue. Some are on spiritual journeys, feeling they are now in control. Sad, for no, they are given the power satan puts in, that gives them a high. But they will fall. When they fall, they go onto another boat with no sails, the weather brings them again a high. There they find more of the evils that lurk beneath the waters. Then when caught in it, the winds blow hard, they are suddenly in storms. The boat sinks, they clutch onto any breath to save them. But they drown in evil. Too late."

Keith said, "My word, this sounds like a horror movie." Mary said, "The movies are far more real than people realize. Teaching children I saw a group of youths singing for the toddlers. They had the toddlers dressed as martians, and were dressed like outer space clothing. Teaching these young innocent ones, the planets are, just what they are not. Teaching them songs of other gods, right there on television, and the stage they do the show on. Where children are in actual concert with them. So what Jodie is doing, is breaking the paths of evil. For one path is for the saints, and all other paths by the many, are for satan."

Keith said, "So when she said about the planets, no she said universe, the holocaust is real?"

Mary said, "She is saying that God will remove the universe to his holy throne. The old will die, the new will begin. It does not matter how she produces it, it matters more if people will look, listen, and act."

Keith said, "Will she mind you telling me all this about her?" Mary said, "She has told everyone in another way. So no, she will not mind. Because if you come through, she will rejoice with you. Feel her work is doing good. Well she says it's not her work, it is the Holy Spirit who works, but allows her to put it into her child like way, as she is a child of God. Ha! You know, sometimes Jodie is far from holy, she gets her moments too, but she recognizes it, and returns to her growth. Every time she does this, she earns more from the Holy Spirit using her for his bidding. I have seen her at times get real um-----Yes-----Throwing a wobbly. She just shuts off from those she has no way of getting through to. All she can do is tell them. If they fight it off, they are in the boat with no sails." so she stops any contact with those in false gods."

Keith said, "Seems to me that Christians are few. What I mean is, Christians who know they are in the flesh, but live in the spirit, as Jodie does. So now and then, she has the flesh coming at her and pain, hurt, and other nasty things, take over a bit at times?" Mary said,? You hit the nail on the head. That is why we all must repent each day, for no day goes by without some flesh desires, like pride, or pain so bad, that words said not very holy. Jodie told me, that when she does a wrong, in her own eyes, she turns to the Lord, asking for forgiveness."

Keith said, "Oh, and what could Jodie do wrong with, come on!" Mary said, "She may swear, when in pain, she may anger when in pain, all natural elements of the flesh. She says the more she overcomes this, the less she will do it. Takes time, and much study into her own heart. We all must purge it. Hey Keith, she is human, so the flesh will have its challenge on her, as on us. I just think it's high time that she was given grace of all the life long pain in her life. That time is coming. After that, she will have nothing to swear about, for no pain will be there. Satan's army has lost her. Along the way, if anyone looks at her working with the Holy Spirit, they may recognize a pattern in their own life. She has two sayings, when in pain, she says she will not be beaten. Her other saying is the best one.==== Love is the only emotion to have, all the rest are worthless, they bring pain. Love never fails.====

Keith got up, and wiped his brow, then said, "I take it she has said this in her work in different ways?" Mary said, "Yes, and if it means going into depth of many ways, and heights in many ways, she uses it. Now tell me, we go back tot he date now, you said she is brighter?"

Keith said, "She has the high pain, but somehow is coping, she says she gets goosebumps when hymns are on. She thought to take notice of the goosebumps, to see where they go mainly. She gets them all over her, and inside her. But stronger at her hip, legs, and heart. She said that when she praises, even when not feeling like it, she gets this. The higher she praises, the stronger the sensation. She did say she has not noticed them in her feet. She then told me, that the medicals, tested her feet, and there is nothing wrong at all in her feet. That they were very clean, very well shaped, and no knobbly parts. Her feet are really nice. Her hands are really nice. Come to that, her skin is good. I mean, some ladies are all wrinkled up at the neck, and chest, and so on, so are men at the age near fifty, and just over. Some even younger are wrinkled. But there is something about Jodie, and I am biased. I am really getting to love her Mary, but do not tell her that."

Mary said, "How did you see her feet?" Keith said, she had no socks on, she is not able to put them on. So I offered to. I then noticed her hands. Slim fingered, and neat fingernails. None of the false ones. To be honest, I felt sad inside to think no physical help is given to her. How she has called for help, and given words, beats me. She told me Mary, you were the first to help her physically. But I think she needs help all the time."

Mary laughed and said, "Huh! Jodie is that independent, that she will use her mind over matter. It was just so sad for her to loose her little companion. It made her slide back some for a while. I know she still senses her little animal around her."

Keith said, "Talking of animals, the puppy may be awake now." as Keith went to go, his mobile rang. Keith said, "Oh yes, you were in the car today with a broken arm. Your puppy is ok, and I have allowed nature to take its course, because he is so young, his bones will be soft, and will mend.-----What's that you said?-----Really?-----Well I can bring him to your brother if you give me his address, but the puppy will need my attention still for some weeks.-----Oh-----Well I never do that as a rule, but I do make some charity cases-----Your-----Huh?-----Oh-----Alright-----Look-----Mm-----I will take care of his vets needs, and you can have it as an answer to your prayer. Seems you're needing him-----You what?-----Oh you live with your brother-----Awe-----No it's fine-----His name is?-----Dumper?-----Did you say dumper?-----Ha-----Ha-----Ha-----Ha-----Ok, I will do his card as dumper. So he is called that because?-----Ha-----Really?-----Well it's natural for puppies to dump their naturals-----I have your name given me by the police man. So dumper is-----Oh sorry, but I do hear some real funny names at times, dumper-----Yep-----That tickled me. You what?-----Oh-----So you're to come home this evening-----Seems to me you will he be healing with your pet-----Yes I can do that, what time suits you?-----No problem huh?-----Sure I can. What about I-----Er-----Yes -----Yes----- so ok, look, how about I take him home with me tonight, and you get the rest for the night, and I bring him in the afternoon tomorrow, that way I can check him again, I will throw in his immunizations for the year-----Ah-----No-----It's fine-----Listening to the reason you were praying on the road, and now you lost your chance of employment, by the accident, not making it for the interview, I will give some prayer answers. Tell me? Do you, and your brother both need work?-----Ah-----Yes-----Yes-----So he was working with animals-----Oh-----Right where?-----It closed, was it a shelter?-----Not quite-----Ok-----Well take this thought over night. You will not be able to work for a good two months. Your brother can do, so when you're healed I can-----Eh?-----Right ok-----I have a share in a coming shelter, for animals, mainly dogs, and cats, it is opening real soon, and we do need volunteers, but we need a couple of men to employ, for five days a week, to move heavier things, and do some cleaning too, how does that sound?-----Wages?-----Will not be a high wage-----Oh that is ok with you-----Well it would raise, when the adoptions come full, and more animals being sold-----Great-----You're employed tell you brother I will meet him tomorrow, and we will talk about the opening date ok?-----Yes-----I am glad they fixed you up, but I do feel you need to rest tonight, you can-----Oh that's is alright, no need for thanks, so have a good rest, and know that-----Ha-----Ha-----Ha-----Ha-----Dumper is ok. Bye."

Mary said, "Dumper? Are you kidding?" Keith said, "Wait till you hear other names, I once treated a cat called scrubber!" Mary said, "Scrubber! What on earth was the reason for the cat to be called that?" Keith said, "You tell me, and we will both know."

Jodie had raised in her spirit. She was looking to the days as each day a past, a day nearer to the end of her life long battle. Greater still, satan is loosing. She decided to get a taxi to buy some things for herself. Some paints, a couple canvases. Couple tea towels, take her days of waiting, in a better frame of mind. How can she loose with Jesus Christ being right with her? When she looked back at how she was feeling, she found her thoughts clouded. So now she was thinking of Keith. Then she took time to think about the shelter, as Mary and Keith, with her were partners. She thought about the names they did think to call it, but she was getting another name, and thought to put it to Mary, and Keith. She wanted it called====the haven====

Jodie was certainly feeling the changes in her inner self. Her heart felt brighter, her soul felt at peace, and her anger at the pain, and how she was treated by others, fading. A new pattern of thought was birthing. Now she wanted to hurry, and get well, and begin this new way of life. She bowed her head in thanks giving, as she knew that her latter life was going to be joy.

Jodie sat there, looking in her garden, the dove came. This time the dove came so close to her, and then when she moved, it went again. But this one dove was coming every day. Had no other dove with it, which is unusual. It would be sitting on the fence, or down by the door. Or be near to wherever she went, at least once in a day. But today she just felt as if the last cord of stopping her, was cut off. Now she knew she could do so much more in life.

As she thought about it all, she heard her message of love given to her form the Holy Spirit. Now there was sight of life. She thought, had it taken the whole year to free her? It's seemed that way.

Her heart was of love now, she was capable of telling those that were kind, in the smallest of ways, that she loved them. Her main rule now was, to stay away from any person who may come, to stumble her walk, for she was to walk amongst the people. Jodie smiled thinking, walk? Yes walk! I will be walking, thirteen years have been in this pain, all in total of her hips. Ten years for one to be done, and three for the other. Money Jodie thought, money is bound for the ones who get it done straight away. I get public, due to money not being there, as I was surprised at the bank loan for the shelter, that Mary got, of which I pay half back over time. Had I money, I would not have had this for so long. But, I have other treasures that I will not be robbed of, things I do not know that are coming to me.

I think I liked Brenda a great deal. I know Keith came to see me quickly this morning, and then to the shelter. Funny though, he was going to call, but did not, I suppose he is busy. Well here's to the new life. The Holy Spirit is showing me the things that are coming. But I do not know how, or when, until it happens. Be interesting, as it's like having a parcel that has to be unwrapped, slowly. Each sheet of wrapping, has a small gift for me. As I undo the rest over the time I am given, I come to the largest gift. To see the face of Jesus Christ.

Chapter Eight

Alan was getting well quicker than he thought. His arm was mending, and gain strength. He had some physio therapy, after the plaster was off his arm. Dumper was running around, doing his usual, dumping! Bob said, "Al, dumper is not only dumping his body needs, but I found this in the corner of the garden."

Alan said, "Oh yeah, so what is it? Bob said, "I dunno, some sort of book." Alan took it, and the pages were really chewed. Alan turned to see what he may be able to detect the book being?

Alan said, "Hey Bob, it's about nature. The back cover dumper did not chew, probably too hard for him. I just saw a cut in the back cover, and I have no idea how this did not get bent or damaged."

Bob said, "Yeah so?" Alan said, "It's a DVD about penguins." Bob said, "So who cares?" Alan said, "I do, if it's about life on earth for these creatures, I would not mind looking at it."

Bob took it, and slid it into the player, and said, "You can watch it, I am going over to Keith's, he is going to play a round of golf with me." Alan said nothing, he was used to Bob being somewhat off with nature.

As the film went along, the life of the penguins gave Alan great interest. Watching the females laying the egg. The months without food. The female weakening. The birth of the tiny penguin. How the male takes over keeping the little one warm, and giving the little one the last of his store he regurgitated for it.

Time was getting on, as the females had gone into the ocean for the cold winter. The males were half their body weight before the females showed up. Alan saw one father looking sad, the baby had died, and he was turning it with his beak. Then saw it lifeless, and he still put it back in his nest above the father's feet, where it's warm.

Alan thought, look at that, nature gives us lot many lessons. Then Alan saw the females coming back from the ocean, very fat, and calling to their mates, to find their babies. Some fathers needed coaxing to give the mother the baby. But then the father released it. The baby got its first real food from the mothers store.

Alan saw the whole movie, and thought how animals, have a natural way. He got up to make a cup of tea, and thought, better than humans do these days. Kids run wild, and manners never taught them. No law seems to get into the youths of today. Then Alan thought, come to think of it, I know we have a few other nature ones. We never played them. Well Bob, he just grunts, when I mention to put them on.

Alan spent the day watching nature. How for survival, they kill for their food. That is God's law, for he created them. They fight only for survival. The bears give signs of wanting independence. But a part came on where people had caught bears, and made them prisoners. To have food, they had to act. So the acting gave these people money. The bear was tortured, and chained.

Looking to the domestic animals, Alan saw those that had domestication, yet still had their nature traits of hunting. One part of the disc showed cruelty to animals.

Starved horses, thin to the bone dogs. Cats being left in a house, and left to survive on hardly any food. This part showed the rescue squad for animals, getting reports, and they go to investigate, and take these poor animals away.

Alan was moved by this, and he thought, nature is the most natural element in the earth. It births in spring, youths in summer, ages in autumn slowly, ages far more in winter months, then dies. So in whatever part of the world any life is in, the same process comes. Some places differently , due to Mediterranean places. But still the same happens.

He thought about life on earth, and how people are? Gracious me, they fight each other all through life. Argues, fight, and some kill! Children have been left to be uncared for. Aged people left to cope on their own, when the law of God is, and it means this, honour life. So honour each other. Do not give to another, what you do not want yourself.

As he thought on, he realized that people are lacking nature. They take materials, rather than nature, and natural. For if all were natural to each other, love would be the only emotion.

All this had Alan really wanting to do this work in the shelter.====The haven==== he thought, no shelters would be needed, if people cared for an animal, if their owner was sick for a while. But if the do not care for the parent, or grand parent, they have no time for aiding such times. Who Alan thought, needs education here? Yes, we all do.

Bob came back thrilled at beating Keith. He asked Alan how his day was? Alan said, "Bob, I think you need to watch these movie discs, you are going to work in the shelter, and I will be a couple weeks later, but if you look at the way nature is, there is God speaking loud, and clear."

Bob said, "God huh? How can he speak, nobody has seen him!" Alan said, "The supreme Father is not seen, as in the throne, yet! But he is showing his own self in all life. He speaks through all life, for he is love, and life." Bob said, "Oh Al, look at life, nobody cares at all for another, it's all selfishness. Nah, no God would allow that."

Alan said, "God did not do it, mankind does it, choices are made, so as much as God is speaking through all his creation on earth. To the universal extensions, that we are not able to pursue. Man has touched the moon, gone to outer space, the whole creation is not honoured. For really, we only use a 7th or 8th of our whole brain. I feel the if God wanted man to go to outer space, he would have designed us that way. He has not designed us that way, not yet anyway. It falls short."

Bob scratched his head, and said, "Mm-----Yeah that is something I have not thought about. So if that's the case, we fall short?" Alan said, "We do, because God has his own creation working at all ways of his creations, to how he has designed them. Ok Bob, think of it this way, if you choose to. Jesus Christ came to earth, he came to stop mankind harming the creation of love, that his Father had created. Satan came along, and caused the disruptions of the earth. So choice was there. Either to be loving, or to fight! More than that, God does not need to war with satan, he knows he has the loving power, and holiness. He gave his son, to show all ages this. So to ignore that, is to ignore the only means of all healing."

Bob said, "Yep so?" Alan said, "Love heals all things. People are looking for power, in all ages. They built false gods, they worshiped the energies of this, and got a false power. This power began to breed, it had babies, that also grew into false ways. The earth has lost its balance through who?"

Bob said, "Al, you losing me a bit here." Alan said, "All wars were done by mankind. Intellectual religions became into action. Why so many churches?" Bob said, "Al, you got me there, I dunno."

Alan said, "The mixture of all the religions caused strife. In other words, they took Jesus Christ out of his own church! Many of the beliefs, are not really sane. One will argue with another, then both proclaim they are Christians, and to cap it off, Christians fight Christians. So tell me Bob, where is Jesus Christ in that?"

Bob said, "Yeah, he is not in that, he is not at all in that. See what you mean. Actually Al, Jesus led a very simple, and sinless life, asking not for himself, but for what his Father wanted. So he was prepared to suffer, be mocked, get insults, and then die, a really cruel death. Through his life, he got very insulted with marketing in the temple. The house of prayer, and prayer only."

Alan said, "Looking at nature today, showed me the lack of respect for animals. The lack of respect for the earth as well. Wars have collected debris of unhealthy thinking. People were starving people, to gain power in war. Who wins in war? Not one person. For after it all Hitler committed suicide. A man who was very intelligent, and it turned on him. He was in the darkness, and darkness made him really mentally sick. So the followers, were sick too! I just feel that the breath of life, is given by our Father. So what man has a right to take that breath away, before our Father wants it taken? Even suicide is committing a penalty to the soul, for there, one takes the breath away themselves. So nothing is won by that."

Bob said, "Yeah, can see what ya saying. So satan is real, but so is the reality of choices. Light is what we all want, dark is when we sleep."

Alan said, "Why do you think God made us, to sleep in the dark?" Bob said, "Al, you're getting me deeper in this, gees! Well because we can only live by the light!" Alan said, "Correct, we would die, if we had a lifetime of dark. We could not survive. So here is another reason Jesus came. All our heavenly Father is, is love, so there is light everywhere with that. There is no darkness with our Father's throne. So if we as his children, go to other means of the spirit realm, as in the er-----I do not know what to call them?"

Bob said, "Ah Al, you mean the types that read cards, and tea leaves, and such nonsense?" Alan said, "Yes, who would do such things, if they were in the power of God?"

Bob said, "None would, because they would be gifted according to their faith. The Holy Spirit is the gift of comfort. But I have seen some people really gifted. Like they know things to help another. If I ask how they know, they say they do not know how it comes to them, I do know these are not in the dark. It's puzzled me at times."

Alan said, "Yes, but it should not be ignored, because that very person with the gifts of such, that use no means of the other rubbish. Do get-----I suppose visions. I once had a lady come to me, saying something I was actually not sure to do. I was very surprised how she could ever know what I was contemplating? We had never met, or talked. But she knew. She was a very light hearted lady. Noting dark about her."

Bob said, "The Holy Spirit may have sent her to you, to give you directions, as you were not sure which way to go?" Alan said, "Yes, and look what happened! She told me to go for this job. As you know I was driving with prayers, all the way, because we need work. I ended up getting in the accident, and break my right arm!"

Bob said, "Yeah, although that got you very hurt, and dumper hurt, look how it turned around?"

Alan said, "Yes, I met Keith, dumper was treated by him for free. We had no work, and I thought I was failing by prayers. I have the car fixed up, as the drunk women driver was at fault. Then Keith has work for us both! We got a friend out of it too, in Keith. We will meet this Jodie, and Mary, and then this Brenda. Woohoo! One of us might be walking the romantic path."

Bob said, "Yep Al, in your dreams. Keith lost golf, but he was a good sport about it. So tell me, nature is a way of looking at the life we are all meant to be in?"

Alan said, "Ok Bob, you know as well as I do, that peace is needed amongst us all. We have so many chemicals in our way of life, that we are effected by them. Even our medical teams, are clinical doctors. Patients are numbers. They too, can, and do, misdiagnose. Instead of going to the root of the sickness, they go into giving other medicals work, that we have to pay for. Is the root found? No, because they are typing our scripts for drugs, before the patient is even regarded as person. If they past any patient in the street, they would not recognize them, unless-----The patient is a private one. Money talks all languages. This is why so many are unwell. Now professional doctors, take the time for each patient, and listens to them, they do not write out any drug, if another cause, is causing the illness. Each patient is treated with respect by this kind of doctor. Not spoken of as if they are nothing. Our world troubles are in the hands of a governmental load of hog wash. There is enough taxes taken for this to be corrected. But no."

Bob said, "So all this type of thing is about the dark?" Alan said, "It is, because if it was about light, the whole stage alters to the right way of medical care. Hospitals are lacking money, why? The government. So satan is at work there. Those that choose the dark, and find power, have no power, as it will fail them, when the dark work is capturing their minds, and sickens their thoughts, to final death of living. So dead people are looking alive, but have no values. Money will never buy love, peace, harmony, compassion, understanding, unity, and the fullness of passion. With those qualities, the family of Christ is. Without them, the lies of darkness. So families are breaking apart. Now some may get together again years later, but before that, pride is the barrier, they are right, the other family member is wrong, so it does not unite them. A waste of years will never come back to them. So why not get it over with, and bind the family with forgiveness, so that love runs through the veins of the family. All families can get this. Many do not look at it that way. So war is in families too."

Bob said, "Nature eh? Seems I forgot that today, I played golf in nature, as in the golf course. I did look at the parrots, and the gala's and the other birds. So I was at times watching nature. I also found that as soon as I was near the quiet scene of nature, a peace was felt. I have found that when fishing too. Yeah Al, ok you got me. Bung on the discs tomorrow evening. So all things bright and beautiful, is a real way of saying, God is in our animals too? Gees-----To think that when I heard someone's pet had gone, I never took it that they needed comfort, and the right to grieve, along with the time it takes to grieve for the pet."

Alan said, "It's as important to them, as loosing a human. For some it's as great as that. People have little regard to the person who is sad over the loss. They miss one very strong fact here, Jesus Christ did not leave life for animals out. He said, "Love all " so any true Christian would understand the loss. In a way it's worse if the person is sick, and wants to keep the pet, but knows responsibly, the pet may be distressed knowing their owner is not the same, as they were. Animals do know this. The animal will never forget the owner, but if cared for in a place, it can get a new owner. So in a way the sick owner was giving the animal a better chance. I mean Bob, I knew a time-----Um-----Yep-----About twenty years ago, on the farm."

Bob said, "Gees Al, you do not mean the aged woman who cried over her pet having it leave her, man, she was not able to do for it. So why the big deal?"

Alan said, "The big deal was, it was her only companion. Someone could have helped her, but none did. We were younger, and doing things, but one day she told me this, quote, " my pet was used to me shouting, because it just knew that I was unwell. This did not mean my pet loved me less. It meant my pet was not getting the attention, because I was not able to keep up with it. So whether anyone knew it or not, yes, I had to let my pet go, for what good would it have had, by being put into a place, that I would not be able to afford, and then be shoved around? Does anyone think I wanted this illness, to get rid of my pet? Of cause not. I would have preferred it the other way round. Jesus knows about this, and he will deal with it." that Bob, was what she said. Her pet got a chance, and is well cared for. It stuck in my mind, because, none had given this lady time, so her pet was her great wealth. Her family, so now I have seen much more about nature, I am aware of my own lacks in knowing, that Jesus Christ knew she would loose her pet, and dealt with it, and why? Because she loved this pet forever. So Bob, I am saying, if we measure the love of Christ by our own methods, we fail to see that love is in all life. We have failed this lady, by not allowing her to feel sad."

Bob said, "Yep Al. But how could we have helped her, I mean it was gone, so once gone, can't come back, so what's next?" Alan said, "Here is a situation where you Bob, and I, were shown that love is in pets too. We could have gone and seen her, and let her talk it out. That would have helped her heal quicker. Accept the Lords bidding on this, and know he has another path he wanted her on, while on this earth. We were too busy with our won thoughts on life. So now we are going to be active with animals, we are learning this. Actually, she was a lovely lady, with odds against her. I do know this though Bob, she is tough!"

Bob said, "How do you know that now?" Alan said, "I went to see her on passing the farm one day. She is a real fighter, and will not be beaten down. She picked, up she told me, when she saw people being blind to her. She knew she had a strong will, tell you Bob, it is like hard steel, or iron, a very strong woman."

Bob thought, I can just remember her, she was one that would pick up. Then Bob said, "Al, she may have had a bit of darkness around her, for the strength to come out of it. By that I mean, suffering done in the doom of things, can turn out to be a blessing. She did what she could, and so she was rewarded her life, to go on, and do better things than before she was taken sick. But you know, to my memory, she was not sick, she did not have sickness, she had pain. That pain was to do with a part of her body, that could be operated on. So she got rid of it. Its just thought she was sort of depressed, so I avoided her."

Alan said, "Your choice, but there was a lesson in that. Had you gone to see her, like I did once sadly, should have been more. But had you seen her, you would have your eyes cleared to see, she was in severe pain, and no quality of life, because she could not do things. When she did it was tiring her. Pain was so high, that it was causing her depression, depression then made the pain more acute."

Bob said, "Well then Al, she should have picked her depression up, and stop thinking negatives."

Alan said, "Ah Bob, how blind. You see, her pain was put into a circle, it went round, and round. If you had a headache, all day, and all night, for three years, would you be on a high?"

Bob said, "Talk sense Al, I would be in the miseries, as that would make me dull. Who would be happy with pain?" Alan said, "Did you hear yourself, can you see what I mean by giving her support? Look I broke my arm, you did for me, if you had not, I would be stuck for a life of some support. I would be getting less, when I needed more. Did it hurt you to do my washing, as well as yours? You could see a bone broken, so how can the body cope with that, in normal ways? This lady had bigger bones broken, with far more lack of mobility. Still nobody did anything physically for her. She made herself do her best. So her pet was her loss, and sadly so."

Bob said, "Gees, yes I forgot about that, now I see what you mean about her being strong. Her faith must be very much in the Lords hands, and her spiritual health very high. Yep, she would be depressed with constant pain. Tell me Al, did she allow the depression stop her doing mental action, as in craft work, or something?"

Alan said, "She told me when I popped in that one time, that she was doing work. Silent work."

Bob said, "Silent work, come on how can work be silent?" Alan said, "She told me she put her strength to telling people, in various ways, the breaking of chains, from dark to light." Bob said, "How did she do that?" Alan said, "She did not tell me that part, but did say she was gifted with the Holy Spirit never leaving her for one second. That all that she heard in silence, was very much guidance of direction. She was to put her working hours, into helping others. Break from the dark, and how to, and then the reward of living in the light, for all times. She told me that living in the light, does mean darkness will force its way in. But she turned it to making her stronger. I am blown how she did that. Something I am ready to learn about."

Bob said, "Mm-----Some people I have met who profess Christianity, have had me confused. Some are down right judgmental. Others pious. Some have a high on it, rather than a humble way. So it confused me."

Alan said, "It's late now, we have covered much. I will say this though. When some start about going to their church, while the person is limited, it is a sort of mental force put on them. They feel uncomfortable, and go to the church, without wanting too. This adds to their pain, because they are not able to do this at the time. I know of a case once."

Bob said, "Yes, I think I have learned something here. So when we meet this Brenda, and Jodie, we will have to be supporting. I am getting quite excited at being a giver, rather than a taker. Keith wants me to do some clearing in a couple of days. I think this about nature has given me a new insight to all life being precious. We both have a great new chance. I am looking forward to being an active Christian, rather than a procrastination of being a Christian. You know, go to church, and then forget to live the rest of the week in honour of our Lord."

Alan said, "For all that wish to learn, the teacher will appear. How can the Lord enter into a half hearted heart?"

Bob said, "Brother, I am tired, but I sure have had a jolt today. I feel as if the power of the Lord, is going to come into this shelter. Somehow he wants this known about. So I think we are all in for a big growth. I am going to bed now. Goodnight Al."

Chapter Nine

The morning was bright, the sun was shining, and Alan was able to rise with far easier strength. He found his arm getting stronger. Bob wanted to cook breakfast. Alan said, "Bob, I think I can do it now, so you go and do our beds, and breakfast will be soon."

Bob said, "By jove Al, you're getting back into shape, yeah, telling me what to do as usual. Ok, I go and make our beds, but-----I want a fried slice you know." Alan said, "Fried slice of bread, I don't know, well ok I will do that too."

They ate breakfast in the kitchen. Alan said, "I think Keith is going to see this Brenda today. I wonder what she looks like?" Bob said, "Probably a bit weak, as she is waiting for her joint to be replaced." Alan said, "Without these orthopedics, imagine the amount of crippled people there would be?"

Bob looked at Alan, and said, "It's great you know, that they can do this. Keith was telling me yesterday, when playing golf, that Jodie has donated her sick bones." Alan said,' how can sick bones be donated, and why?" Bob said, "The bone marrow, it is taken for people with leukemia, as far as I could understand from Keith."

Alan said, "Amazing, to think a person suffers such pain, and the actual procedure gives to others the marrow to help them!" Bob said, "I want to spend the morning watching the discs you spoke of last evening. You really go me thinking."

Alan said, "Life is everywhere, even in our plants, and flowers, and our home grown vegetables, fruit tree's. If we stopped when shopping, to look at the foods, there is life in them." Bob said, "Yep! But so many of food chain things have been contaminated, by the system. Chemicals still have not been to me, put under the screen of diseases. Some things have been detected, but really have we ever seen a full investigation on it?"

Alan said, "No, but there are chemicals added to other substances too. In a way it's a bit frightening. I have wondered if the darkness has anything to do with it?" Bob said, "If it's not natural, it's a lie! Even animals are given chemicals in their food, to make say-----Um-----Chickens fatter. How can we really know what they call free range eggs, in a supermarket, are free range? We look at the words, but never really know if it's true. I think having chickens, and eggs directly in a pen, are free range."

Alan said, "Keith has strict rules in food. He will not eat processed meats. That sausages are not what we think, they are added to. The cold meats are processed. Bread now has added things. In fact I think we better change the subject. War in foods eh?" Bob said, "Not far short of that no."

Jodie was getting ready for her day. She knew Brenda was coming later, and that Keith was going to invite Bob, and Alan, to her cottage. Mary was coming, after she had seen the shelter coming to its final stages. The haven was going to be running soon.

Mary had a call from the bank, saying that they would give her extra credit, if she applies for it. A credit card. Mary declined the offer. To her she could easily loose track on it. Having heard of others, that have ended up in bigger debts through the credit cards.

Bob watched the discs, and saw clearer what Alan was saying. Alan was getting dressed, and then appeared in the lounge room. Bob said, "Al, you're all dressed up, surely I don't have to dress up, not my scene, casual that's me."

Alan said, "Bob, we ain't too old for a chance of a lady!" Bob said, "Al, you're out to look at this Brenda, yeah?" Alan said, "Well I know she is single, and just because she is waiting for her operation, does not mean she is going to be without any attraction. So yes, I am interested."

Keith got Brenda to Jodie's, and they waited for Mary, and Alan, and Bob. Mary came with a large tray of varied sandwiches. Her home made chocolate cake, and some fruit.

Keith came with Brenda not long after. Brenda had brought home made sausage rolls, and tea cakes. Shortly after they arrived, Alan, and Bob, arrived. Keith introduced the two men to Brenda, and Brenda nearly had a fainting spell. She said, "Alan, after all these years, here we meet again! Goodness, we met when we were young teenagers. Alan took her hand, and gave it a kiss.

Bob said, "Well looks like Al is getting his wish." Brenda said, "What wish?" Alan said, "Shut up Bob, Brenda, and I, have a great deal of catching up to do. So

Keith looked at Jodie, and gave a hinted smile. Jodie looked at Brenda questionably. Brenda said, "Ah well a good many years ago, Alan and I, were going to the same church. We were just young teenagers."

Alan said, "I think we were more than that Brandy!" Brenda said, "So you're still calling me Brandy? Old habits die hard. But you met up with some youths back then, and you went away from church going."

Alan said, "Yes, but they were doing things that were in the dark. I went along, trying to be one of the big boys, but when it came to crowning around with criminal activities, I could not do it. So they forced my manhood."

Keith said, "What do you mean Alan?" Alan said, "I had to break into a house. I did that, but some people came back into the house, and caught me, one held me, another called the law. So I was charged. I got probation, but I could not face anyone after that."

Brenda said, "So that is why I never saw you again. Did you marry Alan?" Alan said, "Yes, I-----Er-----To be blunt, I married a women that had no faith in the Bible. She thought it a fairy tale. Her family said it was just history. It was not until later, I saw I was married into a family of fortune tellers. I had dreams that were really horrid. After a couple of years, I began to get really sick."

Jodie said, "Oh dear Alan, yes, you would have done. I take it they used methods that today is called the new age?" Alan said, "It was bad, one evening my ex wife had her family come round. They began saying they could see ghosts, we know today its spirits. It turned my stomach, to hear them talk to things they saw, and I never saw. But an evil sense of darkness was in my own home. After that, I saw my ex wife go mental. She was not at all well. By the time she was diagnosed with clinical depression, she was acting like different people, in her."

Jodie said, "Oh yes, they call that multiple personalities. I understand that psychiatrist's label their patients, and then drug them." Alan said, "True, but she went withdrawn, and only came out, when she was one, or other personality. To me she was regressing, and into the dark. So nothing was normal about her."

Brenda said, "Alan, I am sorry to hear that, so did you divorce her?" Alan said, "No, she committed suicide in the mental hospital. She hung herself." Brenda said, "No doubt that had a bad taste to marriage for you?" Alan said, "Brandy, I never married again, of had another women since then."

Bob nodded, and then said, "Yeah, Al had a hell of a time back then. I used to refuse to go and see him in his house. I went once, but the energy in there was so cold, and an evil feeling was there too."

Mary said, "I think we all get something from the dark at us. I remember a few things, I would rather forget."

Keith said, "We are here to talk about the haven. Now Brenda, or do we call you Brandy?" Brenda said, "I do not mind Brandy, so it's ok." Alan winked at Brandy. Keith continued," yes, the shelter is going to open. I am the lead vet, but I will have another vet with me. Mary, Jodie, and myself, have put in shares, so the three of us will own it. So bren-----I mean Brandy, we thought to ask you to come as a volunteer, but I decided that a small earnings could be funded to you. Naturally after you surgery. Bob, and Alan, will both be paid, again not a high wage, as they will be doing some of the clearings, and driving to different places to get animals that are being surrendered. Part of the shelter will be for the animals of great care. I am a vet who will not put an animal down, unless life for it is hard, had they terminal diseases. This shelter is for the love of animals, not just a place to house them, and then put them down."

Jodie said, "We want people who will donate old blankets, and other things that will aid our shelter. But I will say this. Brandy, you will be a part owner in time. Because we will need you, so do you know of any people who would donate to us?"

Brandy said, "I know that many aged ladies, would not mind making crochet blankets for them, yes." Bob said, "Vehicles Keith, how do we arrange that?" Keith said, "Oh that's the easy part. I have got two vans ready. One for each of you. They are old ones, but all done up, with the haven printed on them."

Alan said, "Bob is the stronger one out of us two." Bob said, "Yep! I can do heavy lifting still. Al-----Yep well-----Al has more weight than I do." Brandy said, "I want to move out of my present address, so any help there would be very good." Alan said, "Brandy, I can help you there. Why move out from your address though?" Brandy said, "Keith will explain it better."

Keith said, "Alan you spoke of your time in the dark, Brandy has her place right near a hall, that runs-----Well it's a masonic hall, and spiritualists use it." Alan said, "Enough said, I know the way the energies can travel. So do you know when your operation is yet?" Brandy said, "No, Jodie is waiting too. We both have to have orthopedic surgery."

Bob said, "So had any calls for surrendering animals yet?" Mary said, "That is coming fast. We have already before opening, had a couple of cases."

Mary went to arrange the dining table, and place the food on it, then changed her mind. She said, "Jodie, how about we put the nest of tables around, and stay in the warm lounge?"

Jodie said, "Sure, why not?" they were eating, and talking. It was all about animals, and the gift of them to us, from God. Mary said, "Keith and I, can run things, we have some volunteers already, but there may be one, or two, that are not suited for that work, so we need to keep our options open."

Jodie looked out of her window, the dove was back. She said, "Mary, looked out of the window." Mary saw the dove, and she knew the Holy Spirit was with them all.

They all became silent. The peace descended, and the love that filled the room, was love unknown to unbelievers. Each had a personal message given them. Each had a gift given them. The Holy Spirit gave each one the fullness of love for animals. Their hearts seemed to enlarge within them. None spoke. This peace was with them for some time. Then it ascended, leaving them filled.

Jodie began to speak in tongues. Bob, Alan, and Brandy, had never heard this before. As Jodie spoke the holy words, no words were understood, only Mary was filled with the interpretation. As Jodie ended with the one word all understood====Jesus====

Mary said, "For each of us, we are given gifts, Alan, you will know your gift, as you will Bob, and Brandy. I know mine now, and Jodie will know hers. We all have different gifts, but it makes the one gift. What I am saying is, we were given one gift, but each of us, have a different part to work upon, to fulfill this gift. Jodie had spoken in tongues. The meaning is, that we were all meant to meet, in circumstances that seemed far from working in a shelter. The Holy Spirit said, that we all had to come together, for we were chosen. Jodie, and I, had the ware house shown to us. The rest you all know. For look how oddly we all met?"

Jodie said, "I know this is true. I have been on my own, and I get stabbed with high intolerable pain, it comes at any time, sitting, laying, or standing. Walking does not happen. A crippled wobble is what is seen from my body. I have had, when I try to get up from a chair, or sit down on one, or try to move in bed, excruciating pain. Just recently, I went to get off a high chair, and the pain-----No words explain it. I suddenly get tongues, for a matter of a few words, it stops, as I am blowing, as that is how I seem to push the pain out, through my mouth. Then I get the name of Jesus after the blowing out, but said in the Jewish way. It is never said as just Jesus, as all other countries of language would know. It is always said the Jewish way. I am dutch, so I would never know Hebrew if it was that. But I still feel it's not. The tongues are the words of our heavenly Father. Angels can do this too. So as I am learning all this, I am still a novice. I get goosebumps, as I have said before, especially when hymns are sung. One in particular====I will follow him====One evening, pain is high, now what I am going to say is not for show, or for credit to me. I had a DVD, on, and a====Andre Rieu concert====Was on the disc. It is the====New York Radio City concert==== Which we know is in America. There is the gospel singers on it. Oh how they sing. They are not white people, and the soul in their harmony, the love in their souls came out. The love of Jesus Christ is, not only heard in their singing, but I felt it. Even now while I am telling you this, this is what happens to my body when I hear them. It is happening now. It could be called shivers. This is great, because by me getting it now, I am able to describe it as best I can. The shivers, or goosebumps, not quite easy to put in words, it starts about where my heart is. It is inside me, but on the outside, looks like goosebumps. It travels over my arms, and down my back, and front. It goes right down both legs, and then seems to be very strong around my bad hip joint. I have never felt it in my feet. I do know my feet are healthy, as they were looked at by orthopedic, and a sister, of the nursing team. Both said, my feet are very clean, and have no disability. It's like a flow, that goes on for however long it's meant to, and the joint that is gone, gets it in the groin, the outer thigh, the inner groin, and thigh, and waves of it go around that area. While the rest is going through me, not as high as the crippled part. That part it is stronger. My solar plexus has it very high too. So that is where it begins, right where my heart is. It senses on the outside of my arms. To make it shorter, it is inside me, and outside me, but only on me. Then it leaves. I could never put that on, it is nothing I can do, I can shiver in the cold. But this is different shivering. To say it's pleasant sounds funny, but it is, and very peaceful. The other sort of shivering, is through being cold. Not liked at all, as getting cold, is unpleasant."

Brandy said, "I have had that sensation, but never knew the reason, but not like you have. Bob said, "No, I have not had that, have you Bob?" Alan said, "No, only one time I got something similar, when my ex wife had died. It came when I returned to read my Bible."

Keith said, "I have had similar too! Usually with an animal, that I am trying to save. As it looks like it's going to die, I pray, and once-----I never thought I would talk about this. Once, I had a cat, and it was so healthy, and it went down in health. So I gave it full treatments. I fought to keep this cat going. The cat was showing signs of distress. The owner had to leave it, I knew the reasons, so she asked me if I could find it a home? In the short time it was in my clinic, it bit me when I checked it. I thought if this cat does this, nobody would want to house her. Now this may sound a bit odd, but this cat had something about her. She was in someway very special. So I continued to treat her. Just when I thought she may have to be put down, I got a strong sense, it was not going to be put down. The next day, she was well, just like that. Then a woman came in, and had her a cat with her, for immunization. She saw the notice on the clinic's board, for this cat to be given to a good home. One look at the cat I had struggled with, and she took it home."

Brandy said, "I have had shivers, but never knew it could be the holy spirit." Bob said, "Animal's, I wonder how many would see them as precious ones, God had created. That he gave us them to love," Alan said, "Yes, love is the only emotion we all could be using to empower the love of Christ. Be it through each other, and to animals. I know we had a very grand time here today. So we all should thank Jodie for her home to be ours, while in it."

Bob said, "Well Al, you going to take Brandy on again?" Alan said, "Bob really! I think that is for me and Brandy to talk about." then he took Brandy's hand, and stroked it. Brandy did not pull away. She put her hand on his to.

The shelter was now in action. The animals were there to teach them, as well as show them, that all life belongs to God.

Within a few days, the shelter was full of many cats, and dogs. One day a woman came in with a plea for a dog. She wanted a Labrador male dog. Keith said he had only one. But it was female. Over a great deal of talking, the woman decided to take the female dog.

Much of the time was so busy. They needed more volunteers. So it was put into the local paper of the city. In the centre of the shelter, Mary had a water fountain put in. It gave a feature of calmness. Mary had the front of the shelter with beautiful plants growing into their new ground.

As people came to the haven, it looked, was like a hotel shelter. The front of it having the natural softness of the plantation. With the brightness of health in them.

It was time for the haven to have its ups, and down's. More positives were in the shelter, than the gloom of putting the very sick, down.

Keith had a room for that. It was brightly painted, and had music in it, for the time to inject the anesthetic so that the animal slept peacefully. All animals were put on soft bedding for this.

Keith said, "In all my years, I am still cut about doing this. The kindest thing for some animals so sick, was to be free from it. Keith did not like to see pain in them.

Time was moving on, and time was closer for Jodie's operation. He knew she would come through this. Keith was in love with Jodie. So the future had a great goal to achieve. There would be a great deal coming for them all.

Chapter Ten

The haven was going so well. Bob had his jobs to do, and his usual casual self, was liked by everyone. Alan had lighter work to do. He was very good at keeping the clinic for the vets in order. Many animals were lost, or unwanted. Some sadly were hurt by humans. Mary was learning to detach, and Keith had never been able to completely detach. Volunteers were offering their time. So management was also in good order.

The many dogs that came, and went, was a good sign. The cats, and kittens, were also getting adopted. So very few were taking longer to be adopted. Keith was pleased with his clinic, and he found it rare to put an animal down. He would give it all the chances. But if health was draining the animal. Then to put suffering away, he sent them back to God. He used a quiet time, and prayed in his way to be doing the right thing.

Animals are such beautiful creatures. For many people, they are closer than people are to people. What hit Mary most, was to see an owner having to part with their pet. As the pet was disorientated, and the owner very sad.

Dumper was coming with Bob, and Alan, to the shelter. He was allowed the safe area. But never near the quarantine pens.

Brandy was seeing Alan quite a bit. Alan said, "Brandy, do you think when you are done with your operation, we can make plans?" Brandy said, "I think so, as why would we meet all these years later, if it was not meant to be?" Bob was all for it. He had not seen Alan so happy in years.

Alan said, "I have dumper the dog though, would he be ok with you, as I come with a full bag. Well the way I am thinking, is, you will come to my home one day, and stay."

Brandy said, "What about Bob?" Alan laughed, and said, "He has his eye on a volunteer. Yes, he is making many dates with her. He told me, she wants him to move in with her. She is kinda keen Brandy."

Keith meanwhile was getting closer, and closer to Jodie. Jodie was wanting Keith with her most of the time he was off. Mary had other things she wanted in life. So it was all working out well.

Keith went out for a walk, and on the side of the river he saw a dog. As he went nearer, it was dumper. He was unable to breath well. Keith picked dumper up, and took him to his flat. There it appeared that dumper had been hit by a bullet. So Keith had an operation to do. He sterilized his kitchen table, and removed the bullet. Dumper was making progress. But Keith was very annoyed at a bullet hitting a dog.

Alan was told, and he cried, and said, "Who would shoot a dog? If I get my hands on the mongrel I will-----" Keith said, "Alan, that will do no good. What we need to do, is watch the area."

Over the weekend, Keith went and looked out in the area that dumper was hit. There in the side of the tree's were young teenagers. He heard them say about killing birds. Keith did not want Alan with him, because Alan would show his anger. What Keith had to do, was watch them, and follow them. He knew it would mean a police call, once he knew where they hung out. On the ground was a bird that was dead. Keith took it, and matched up the bullet, with the one dumper had. So the next weekend, Keith had a policeman with him. The youths were shooting at anything. So they waited, and then one youth got in the way of a shooting gun. He fell to the ground. Now this was a serious case.

The policeman called an ambulance, and back up. When the ambulance arrived, the youths ran off. The back up followed them, and managed to capture two of them. In questioning, both youths spoke of the others, and where they lived. So they were charged. The guns were taken, and the bullets matched the one in dumper, the bird, and the young injured man.

Keith said to Jodie," what in the world is it coming to, young people, how did they get guns, and why harm innocent nature?" Jodie said, "It is the sign of the times. There is no respect given to life. I think you were meant to find dumper. He would have died, if you had not gone there on time. This is the Lords work, and he sent you there,"

Keith said, "Yes I believe he did. Because I was going to walk along the other side, but something made me go the other way."

Jodie said, "I imagine Alan was very angry." Keith said, "He was, but then he calmed down. I had to keep dumper for a while, until he was breathing normally again. That dog is strong."

Keith said,' heard from he hospital yet?" Jodie said, "No, in fact I got quite stressed about it, and I had a women that was going on about things." Keith said, "What women, I have never seen you with anyone but Mary, and Brandy."

Jodie said, "Oh this goes back in time. She is difficult to get on with. She kept asking me to call her. So I did, after some weeks, in politeness. She then tells me that an email a man sent for me, sounded like me. Not a man." Keith said, "How on earth can she come up with that conclusion?"

Jodie said, "I do not know, but because things look one way, I think she surmised things were the same for me. Little does she know, that this man, did send it to her, telling her I was too sick to go and see her. So he got on my computer, and in manners told her how I was."

Keith said, "None of my business who the man is, but I feel that is rude, because she is not able to know that, unless she can see." Jodie said, "I have had trouble before, what ever I talk about, is never right. I have my own life, and what goes on in my life is private. One time I went, and sat there, in my state of pain, trying to help out, and she goes at me for something four years ago!"

Keith said, "She is a Christian?" Jodie said, "So she says. But sorry, I was not impressed with her, no gifts are what I needed at the time. I needed comforting, and respectful manners. All she put on me, I was almost in tears with, because none of it was true. Talking about someone who was very rude to me, in her family. Someone I never knew. She was not even there at the time. Plus she also told the person off for being rude to me, when she did come, and actually heard it. But she altered her opinion, four years later. I was close to crying, as I had no strength to counter back at her. I did not want to waste time on that. I just told her it's all in the past. She said I was talking of aura's." Keith laughed, and said, "Right, so if this person was plain rude to you, it runs in the family. Aura's indeed, as if you had the time to answer this rude person. Was anyone else there that heard all this?"

Jodie said, "Yes, another person was taken by surprise at this rudeness to me. I had said nothing, just that I have come to give my time for free, to help out. So I was told by another person, who said, her husband just does not care about her company, she is over the top. That many others have left her for the same reason. Who would want to be working for all the hours, getting that rubbish talk? I know that the only two that keep with her, are of tarred with the same brush, in it for them selves. Getting what they wanted, and at the time I was given nothing. I thought she was very strange at times. So I blocked her off my computer. Still I got emails, but now I think I have managed to get rid of that address coming into my inbox. She is talking all the time about goods, and buying, and buying, and bragging about her so called wealth. I thought she was poor, because wealth is not about material gains, it's about spiritual health. In me she had a good clean person, but I seemed to be not right. I just did not want goods, I asked for moral support. That I am afraid is not her quality. So one day, I went to her, as she had to give something. I went only because I did not want her to bring this, and I am not there. I had a real bad energy from her, and ended up going back onto something I was giving up."

Keith said,' my God, she must have sent your nerves bad, and to know you're like this? No, there is nothing wise about that. Ok Jodie, do you want me to send her an email, telling her the truth, that you're not at all well, and that you do not want to see her again?"

Jodie said, "Let it go, or she will say that your email was not from a man either." Keith said, "It's really dumb, how can an email sound like you, when it's from another man, and I offer it too. So will she say that is not from a man, when I know I sent it, if you let me?"

Jodie said, "Look Keith, she is absolutely wrong about it. An email was sent, and it was to stop her expecting me to go."

Keith said, "Who in right mind would want you, as very crippled in your walk of life, to come to them, seeing you in an aid. Is she all there?"

Jodie said, "Oh look Keith, I once said I needed some support, and get told I know where they live." Keith said, "How non-supporting that is, to allow a person so unable to walk, and be in pain all the time, and then tell them to come to them!"

Jodie said, "Prying, to find out what is going on, but will never know. I destroyed her phone number. Never again will I go there. I do not want to see her."

Keith said, "So what does she do, sit all the time, while others are breaking their backs, and they are the best? They are being used. Jodie said, "Yes I have seen that. So I am not taking anymore of it. I want nothing from her."

Keith said, "Seems to me, that kind think is very disrespectful. Not the type you need now at all, or after your operation. Good girl, I am pleased you stopped her."

Jodie said, "Yes, I am finished with her. I told the man what she said, and he thought her not quite right. How does a man sound like a man in an email?" Keith said, "He was wanting you to be left alone."

Jodie said, "Lets leave it now, and move on. So how is the case going with the youths, and their harm done?" Keith said, "Oh it's out of my hands, I did all I could. So how about I give you a nice change? I will support you, as Jodie, I am in love with you."

Jodie said, "I feel the same about you. But how much does it take for people to take care with a sick person? I do not mean, by giving things, or words, I mean by just understanding."

Keith left Jodie's cottage, and was ready to give her a life. She love him, oh he thought, love is the only means of good. All other emotions, cause harm, love never fails.

Bob, and Alan, and Brandy, with Mary, were meeting again. This time for prayers. A turn of events was birthing, for all of them. Jodie was gaining strength in her soul, and her pain was not so taxing, once understood, and cared about.

The Lord had another plan working for them. The shelter was his sign for people to give animal's rights. The next months were going to place some very good truth, light, and growth. For in the mysterious laws, all truth wins. It will be showing the face of Jesus Christ in all of them. So be the seed sown, and the reaping done. Jodie said, her kind of spiritual health is a bit bragging. It states that Jesus said that mumbling words, meaning nothing, as it's not understood, is not the true tongues. There is no use in mumbling words, that go on, and on, for the truth is tongues is not wide words. It is short, and meaningful. So sadly, I just think she is missing something. If ever a time was to show people through these five people, it was now.

A sign of world wide warnings was coming. It is by the righteous, who have many afflictions, and stay in faith, that the Lord uses for his messages. Be prepared for the coming of more truth.

Chapter Eleven

Jodie was wishing the call would come for her surgery. In this time of pain, she learned a great deal. Mainly about people. It made her sad to think that the greater part of people's minds, were not at all compassionate. A fine few, were compassionate, but still with them, they had told her of their problems, and half heard her saying she is in pain all the time. She knew nobody could do anything, but one kind gesture makes all the difference.

What really amazed Jodie was, she had strength in this time. Her heart was opened wider. She saw pain in so many people, and sadness that they did not know how to cope with it. Not one really said the Lord's armour was helping them. Did they know how to get the armour, or were they going to their churches, without gaining growth? How was it they relied on doctor's forgetting the greatest doctor of all?

Her thoughts went to a lady she was telling Keith about. The one she blocked from her email account. She knew that no matter what she said, this women had all the answers. Jodie knew that all the answers are not known by mankind. For the supernatural trinity was in charge of the warfare.

Mankind were pupils of our heavenly Father. Jodie thought, growth can't be given any pupil, if they have half closed hearts. Suddenly she was grabbed by severe pain again, she said, "You belong to the dark, and I belong to the light, so you will never win over me, for the Lord's armour is not penetrated by you. You are attacking the flesh, you can never attack my soul, or spirit. Get behind me, and go on your way."

She thought again about the lady she blocked. How was it that she said, the enemy must never be talked about. Then in a later part, she spoke of a dream, and saw the enemy in the dream?

Jodie thought, if the enemy is not exposed, which would take a very long time to do, how will people avoid the snares? For many are the avenues of darkness. Only one path is of light. That path is brighter than snow. Being on the path, gives all mankind a chance to repent the old ways, for the new.

Jodie was pleased to see the woman had finally been blocked. No mail came from her for several days. Something about this women had Jodie cautious. She knew to judge was not correct, but her observation of the woman said it all.

A lady with so much talking, and no actions. Makes all other people do her own housework, and her way is to tell another what is wanted, and get them to use their body, to get it for her. A very ordering woman.

Jodie thought about the time she was talking of Christ, and the enemy. How this woman placed all that Jodie said, into her way of thinking. Jodie felt her relationship with the Lord was a personal one, and she used the very gift he gave her. To write all avenues given her of the enemy. Turning it to the glory of God. Away from satan, who is angered at loosing. How would others know, if the enemy was never brought out into his lies?

To Jodie, it was one thing to praise the Lord, and another to see why it was important to praise him? Jodie saw a certain amount of control in this woman. Jodie always felt there is only one person to control, and that is, ones own self. If someone controls, they are lacking something in themselves.

Jodie felt sorry for a woman who does all this other woman says, like a slave. She heard the women who does all as a slave, say one day, that she is tired. But still she was to get this, and get that, for the woman. Jodie had left that scenario, as she had really bad feelings being near the woman.

As Jodie went along in her day, realizing that she had given herself the grace to do the best she can. With all this happening to her, she had a very optimistic view. Occasionally she got a bit negative, but that she felt was her nerves, due to the knife coming at her again, for another surgery.

A call came, as she answered it, the hospital was on the line. One more test to be done. The last thing Jodie wanted. The bladder had to be tested, the two done, gave no reading. The nurse told Jodie her heart is good, and her chest is good, lungs are good. All other tests have passed. Scans were clear too. If any infection was in the bladder, it would be treated with antibiotics. But the nurse heard Jodie say that she used soap, and sprays. Now this could be what they have picked up. Jodie did not know that soap, or powder, could irritate the bladder. So water is the only thing anyone should use for those area's. The nurse asked if burning was, or anything like that? Jodie said, she had no burning at all, and has no diabetes, as there is no constant need to go, as the nurse asked? So that seemed in her favor. After this was seen to, and cleared, the operation would be done shortly after it. The month July was the last time she had her left hip done. Looks like July again this time.

Jodie then thought, I ask for prayers, as the last time I had my left hip done, I lived with a witch, not knowing she was a witch. In a home never ever cleaned. So here was a time that Jodie had witnessed the satanic force in a person. A person Jodie had tried to get away from. A person Jodie had trouble with. Jodie kept a very clean home. So for her to live in a filthy house, was hard. But her papers were given that address. So it was a bit late for Jodie to return to her own home.

Moving on from that thought, Jodie knew she was in the Lord's hands. That he asked of her nothing, but to give him her life. So that she was born into a new life. The only life there is.

Over the day, Jodie thought about the new way her life would be here on earth, after the operation. Jodie knew it was going to be a beautiful change in her life. She thought about the way the mysterious work is sometimes sent.

Do other people realize the impact that was coming from the work she was doing? Can they realize the Holy Spirit is using Jodie for his glory? Did it matter if she used her own way, as in sadness of her cat, sadness of pain never leaving her. Her constant disability, and lack of quality of normal living?

No, because without any experiences, Jodie could not deliver the Lord's words. Again she was reminded of his power, that in her he was taking this bad time, to show others that he does carry them, if they do one thing. Believe.

Keith called, he said" Jodie, how would you feel if I took a few days off? I want to spend a few days with you." Jodie said, "Are you able to leave the shelter, considering there is only one other vet?" Keith said, "Oh that is all arranged. The other vet has someone who will stand in for me. I only mean four days off."

Jodie said, "I would like that. So what is it you want us to do?" Keith said, "I would like you, if you do not mind? To open a few things in Christ for me. You see, I do believe in him, but I fail when it comes to churches."

Jodie said, "The main church is your heart. You can only take outside church, when you're able to find one you're led to. Is it Bible understanding you wish for?"

Keith said, "Not really, I read it, and understand it, but in today's life, it's hard to find peace in this world." Jodie said, "Peace comes from within, when you're at peace with Jesus Christ, the rest follows.

Keith said, "True, I just find it hard when I see people doing things so bad to each other. You see Jodie, I see what people do, by animals. When I get a cruelty case, I get very upset. I see the way people just take life, as if it's all about them, and them only."

Jodie said, "I am not surprised by that, for it is the times of changes. Volcanic ash has come from New Zealand. There is the whole earth talking to people. They listen not. But do begin to repent, when it effects them."

Keith said, "Your outlook of the world, and the universe, seems to me to be a direct language you have. It's like you given, yet I have never seen you read the Bible."

Jodie said, "I Keith, get told directly from the Holy Spirit. Do not think I do things all so well. I do things wrong too. I slip up at times." Keith said, "You better not slip." he was joking, due to Jodie's present condition.

Keith said, "What I want to know is, how is it, at this time of such pain, you are able to go on following the Holy Spirit?" Jodie said, "I am open to him, he knows that. Why should he choose a vessel that is built?"

Keith said, "You have lost me now, how can a vessel sail un built?" Jodie said, "Jesus Christ builds his children. We come as babes to him when we confess. So that is the first part of building his vessel. All builders take time right?"

Keith said, "Yes, I guess so. I suppose the shelter had to be built to work, is it like that?" Jodie said, "The building of his vessel is far more intricate. This is holy work. We become new born babes, and so have to learn to breath the breath of the spirit, not the flesh. A new breath is given, for we have to learn to walk. As all toddlers, we will fall, only to learn how to stay up, and walk. It does not end at any time Keith."

Keith said, "Sorry I am on the phone so long, but ok, if we have to earn this new breath, we have to leave old ways, is that what you mean?" Jodie said, "Old habits die hard, but yes. We learn to remove the habits that are harming us. I have this with the hips, it is a result of resentment."

Keith said, "Well to me, you had every right to be resentful, as I know about your childhood, through Mary." Jodie said, "Good, glad she told you. That in itself is showing you something."

Keith said, "Showing me what?" Jodie said, "Resentfulness is a blocking of health. All things that have harmed any person, and all have had harm, shows something has to change."

Keith said, "So if animals are harmed what does that say?" Jodie said, "It speaks volumes. For no living life, was meant to suffer. It all comes to one path. So you become the Lord's own. From learning, and in pain too, as I am, growth is there. If you had no heart Keith, you would not be a vet. Recognizing the darkness doing harm is one major step. It begins with you. It begins with all looking inside their own hearts. For without that, Jesus is not able to come into the hearts of non believers. Look Keith, I caught myself yesterday, I did some thinking in the old way, for I am not perfect. I realized when I do that, I am not cleaning to a higher way of thinking."

Keith said, "Jodie, your pain is enough to cause thoughts not clear. How you ever get to laugh at times, I have wondered about." Jodie said, "I am human, God is supernatural. I will at times, allow the flesh to have its way. But straight after it, I learn. I learn that I am still clearing out."

Keith said, "Oh, so just becoming the child, would not allow me freedom?" Jodie said, "Jesus did not go his own way, he went the way of his Father. So how is it we, as his children, forget ( Abba Father? You see, Jesus knew the outcome of his life here on earth. We have had his precious blood to save us. Can we give our blood for the same reason? No, because it was the order of the sovereign throne, to give us his son. Jesus was in human form, but his spirit was his fathers. Jesus lived on earth in the spirit, not the flesh. So he had to endure the greatest pain of all. Yes he did feel it all, yes he did weep. Yes he did want money to be got rid of. For his wealth was in prayer, and honour of our heavenly Father."

Keith said, "I am going to be off from tomorrow, so can I come and stay with you for the four days?" Jodie said, "No Keith, you can come in the days, and stay the evenings, but not over night. I have to get up at times, and not altogether covered. So I prefer it that way."

Keith said it was fine with him. Then he said, "So really what you are saying, is our real parent is our creator? So to honour our mother, and father, is more than just honoring our human parents?"

Jodie said, "Yes, for we were created by our parent. We were known about all the time, before birth, and after it. What is the school of thought here?"

Keith said, "Seems ot me, we need the breath first. So although many are breathing, they are not breathing, is that what you mean?"

Jodie said,' ok, put it this way, a vessel sails, so does a plank of wood. Which of these two are profitable?" Keith said, "The plank would be shoved to, and fro, so it has no direction. It not likely to port anywhere. A vessel that is built will sail to its destination, and have all the saving ways, if troubles arise."

Jodie said, "So that is how we are. How much can we put on a plank of wood? What we put on the plank, would fall off, and the struggle would be great to survive. Whereas the vessel has a base, it is built to take all storms. From the base, comes the formation of the craft that the Lord wants. He builds us, according to our growth. As we mature, he adds on more structures to keep his vessel sailing in his direction. If we get built, and then go another way, we loose the directions. So we come into storms, and gale winds. Even a captain will go down with his ship. We are meant to sail in all weathers. This meaning, we are to be given only by the power of God.
So we build up, and up. The more we build, the stronger we get. The Lord's armour is there with us. It is never to break from us."

Keith said, "My goodness, so going along following Jesus is the only direction?" Jodie said, "You got it, yes." Keith said, "So what happens if another vessel comes in our way, and sets the direction to go another way, to stay alive?"

Jodie said,' that is the time to praise, the harder the road, the more the praising. Or in this case we use the sea to describe it. You see Keith, power of praising satan hates. He is not able to harm the vessel. He will try countless times, he may even cause the vessel to have trouble. But the vessel will not follow satan. So he is not able to break the Lord's armour. The simple terms are simple. If you love someone, you take the greatest of care for them. You give, without wanting to receive. You never use another for the lacking of self. If the vessel was to use another vessel for help, which would survive?"

Keith said, "None would, because that fire of survival, would create a battle, for each to live on. They will fight, as one vessel can only take so much load to carry. If too much load is on, the vessel will sink. So if people are wanting another vessel to keep them sailing, one vessel looses out, it has to."

Jodie said, "We are making progress Keith. You see, life is about physics too. So where do you think the energy of good physics come from?"

Keith said, "By mankind doing the right thing." Jodie said, "Yes, but more than that, if our heavenly Father wants t open a sea, he will do it. So physics then become science all gone wrong. There is no power higher than our heavenly Father's, none at all. You see Keith, as I work on, I find new paths opening for me to do the work. If I give in to my pain, as I did once, for several weeks, I became worse, and do you know why Keith?"

Keith said, "Explain it please? Because pain to me, means suffering, and suffering is hard." Jodie said, "I gave my pain authority over me when my cat went away. I became worn out, and very sad. I did not move at all in the spirit of the vessel, I was stuck. So I was washed in storms of grief. Grief became more, as the longer I did not see why I had to loose my cat. I was angry, people could have helped me, but no. These people are sailing on planks. That is why they see nothing, but their own self. They actually go nowhere. For what they sow, they reap. Physical help was denied me. So machines did the help instead. In that way, the Lord gave me the chance of the machines, to aid my informatory. The righteous do get much to suffer with, but the Holy Spirit comforts all those times. The Holy Spirit is not going to help me if I am without trust. Now in that it is showing, people see a person crippled, but do not offer help. I have helped someone when I needed help. But I do not have to worry, as I am showing the power of God, in a crippled body. Jesus said, "Take up thy bed and walk." to a lame man. The lame man got his healing through believing, trust, and faith. In other words, he confessed his sins. You see, if I saw a person unable to hang washing on a line, and knew about it, I would go and help them, do it for them. Giving is a pleasure for me. Instead, I get gossip, from a gossip. The weather is not right. The people are hated, nothing is right. Even the utilities, in bills, are a doom and gloom to this person. The person does not see, that she has utilities. There are people living out in the cold weather, have no comforts, but they will be glad, and thankful for a hot meal. Keith sometimes the poorer a person is, the higher compassion they have."

Keith said, "I have to go soon Jodie, got to go and get Bob, he is going to fix something for me. I now understand you better. You really are spiritual, and very easy to be with. Now I see what you mean about pain being your teacher. I do not know if I could do that, as one slight pain, and I am sulking."

Jodie said,' Keith, a thought for you, if you want to keep well, even in pain, as I do, we all have to work at it. We have to build, we have to see, and hear. For the Lord's armour is ours to have. The vessel we are, is the only vessel that will sail the winds of time. We are one with Christ, when we plant our seeds correctly. You see Keith, Jesus knows it is pretty much impossible for us, living in the flesh, to pull away into the holiness of the spirit. So next time you want to sulk, think. Think about altering sulking to learning. True, be hard at first, but the answers come."

Keith rang off, and was deeply moved by the long chat to Jodie. He felt Jodie had a gift given for use. She was using it, and doing her best. She admits she gets times of challenge. She grows with each challenge.

As he went to get Bob, he thought, how can I say I am a sulkier for my own slight headache, when I see pain every day in animals? I understand that, and have compassion for them. About time I did the same for myself. Yes the four days off, will be engaging him towards his spiritual health.

Keith thought, Jodie is better about her cat now, she seems to be understanding she had to do this. Being responsible enough to let her cat be welled cared for, by whom the Lord chose. As Jodie was not able to manage, and had to think of her health, and her cat's health. Well Jodie will be operated on, and then her health is restored.

Keith thought, such faith this Jodie has.

Chapter Twelve

The following day, Keith had his four days off. He wanted to be at Jodie's early. Rather keen to know more about the closeness of Jesus Christ. Jodie had expected Keith, so was up early too. As Keith came along the road, he saw a young man, looking very upset. Keith thought, it's nothing to do with me, but he looks very thin, and lost to me.

Keith stopped his vehicle, and came to the young man, he was crouching on the pavement. Keith said, "I do not mean to pry, but are you alright?" the young mans said, "As if you would care, nobody does. Keith said, "If I did not care, I would have driven on, but instead I stopped. Tell me, what is wrong? You look as if you have been-----Sorry-----But you seem to me to be lost?

The young man said, "I have been living on the streets for a few years. I walk from one town, to another. Or go into the bush, and try to kill a rabbit, as I have to eat!" Keith said, "So you killed rabbits, how do you cook them without any way to?"

The young man said, "I know how to make a light from wood. You know sir, rubbing two together." Keith said, "Where are you heading now?" the yong man said, "I am not able to walk on much further. I have not eaten for almost a week. I only try to get food out of bins, if there is any."

Keith looked at him, and said, "What is your name?" the young man said, "My name is Brendon sir, I am trying to get a warm place to hang out in, but I am so tired, and I am sick of living this way."

Keith said, "Why did you choose to live this way?" Brendon said, "I took our dog to the vets, and the vet said, that champion had to be put to sleep. I said ok, but I did not tell my parents first. An all out row came, and my father said I was wrong to allow champion to die, without telling them first. Then they went on about my mates. Saying they were all mongrels. That I never did well at school, as if that mattered, as I had left school for three years. That I was just like my grandad, I should go and live with him, and get out!"

Keith said, "Seriously that is rough. Anymore to this?" Brendon said, "Yes, I smoked grass, and they found out. I had smoked grass, when I-----Hurt champion. I had let him out, and they were out at the time. Champion got run over-----Oh-----I had no way of knowing what to do. I knew if my parents knew I had let him out, because he kept barking, and that he got run over, I was in trouble."

Keith said, "I am a vet, so what damage was done?" Brendon said, "He was un conscience, the vet lived just on the corner of our street. So I took him there. The vet said, "Champion would die anyway, and it's better to let him go, as the bill would be a great deal, and it would be for nothing. All it would do is, keep him alive, and suffering. His injuries were never going to heal."

Keith said, "So what did you tell your parents?" Brendon said, "I told them champion was sick, and he kept vomiting, so I took him to the vets clinic, and the vet said, champion was too sick to be kept alive. So they rang up the vet, and the truth came out. So I was so scared, as my father used to beat me as a kid. So I left home, and tried to live on the streets."

Keith said, "I am going to a friends house, she is partly lame, and I am sure she will feed you, come on, jump in the vehicle, and we will talk of how to help you, ok?"

Jodie was surprised to see Keith with company. Keith told Jodie all about Brendon, and then asked if she would mind if Keith made him some food? Jodie said, "Yes, do that, I will talk to Brendon, and-----No he is not going to be sleeping on the streets if I can help it." Keith said, "But you are not able to have him here, I mean, it could be dangerous for you. We do not know him."

Jodie said, "Keith, I have three bedrooms. I was not going to let you stay with me over night, morals Keith. But Brendon is not looking well, and if you like, you can stay overnight, and have your four days off with me, overnight too. That way Brendon is hardly likely to harm me."

Brendon said, "Mam, I am so grateful to you, four days is a bed would be like being in heaven."

Jodie said, "Call me Jodie Brendon, over the four days, we may be able to get some welfare for you. Plus Brendon, if you want to know freedom, and the true heaven, I can if you allow me, talk to you about that."

Keith went back to is flat at Mary's, and got enough clothes for the four days. He took Brendon with him. In his flat, Keith looked for clean clothes for Brendon. Brendon waited, saying nothing."

When back at Jodie's, Brendon had a shower. He felt a few days of care must be by very caring people. Brendon noticed the Bible, and thought, yeah so what can that book do? So he kept looking at it, while eating his first food in nearly a week.

Jodie said, "Keith here, he is having a few days off, we are going to talk about Jesus Christ."

Brendon said, "Yeah heard of him, but it's a fairy story, to me everyone who goes there, are living in the past. Two thousand years ago, and nothing has happened yet, so sorry, I am not that sure about all that."

Jodie said, "Two thousand years ago, to the ages before Christ, were to show people why God wants his children." Brendon said, "Oh everyone has the devil in them, come on." Jodie said, "There is truth, and there is untruth. Untruth will always get trouble. Truth sets you free."

Brendon said,' so as a matured woman, what would you know of youths today? We are all into self mastery. When I smoked grass, I saw things, I saw spirits. I had my guide painted for me. An Indian, with much power to give me." Jodie said, "So what power did you get? Look at how your life went."

Brendon said, "Yeah that is true, I talked to my guide, and he told me to walk in the bush, where freedom is." Keith said, "So did you find any freedom?" Brendon said, "At first yes, I was free of my father, being out of the home. But after time, I was getting walls everywhere I went."

Jodie said, "It's up to you Brendon, you can know the only path there is, or go the many paths you have already been walking on." Keith said, "I have believed in Jesus Christ, but I have not been happy with churches." Brendon said, "Why? What can a church do to you?" Keith said, "I think time is young to go into that. But if you like to join us in our spiritual talking, as that is why I am here-----Well-----I am here because I love Jodie to."

Jodie said, "I kind of knew that, so tell me Brendon, loneliness, tell me about it for you?" Brendon said, "It's weird, the world is full of people, and so many are lonely. I was lonely as a kid too. My parents had rules. Yeah the Christian rules. But their love was from their religion, never from their heart. I took it when I got older, they were mad."

Jodie said, "What religion did they follow?" Brendon said, "Jehovah witness, but nothing they gave me from it made sense. I had to do as they said, or be punished. So they punished me, telling me God is doing it. That is why they have to do it."

Jodie looked at Brendon with concern. She felt he had a direction given that had caused him more loss of his identity, than he ever realized." Keith said, "What did you think about no blood given, or birthdays remembered. Christmas never honored?"

Brendon said, "One of them my parents knew, allowed their child to die, and forbidden her life to be saved by transfusion of blood." Keith said, "I must say here, that I do not understand that, as I save animals, and would not allow one to die, unless it no other option was available. So if we begin to talk of the true Jesus Christ, you may learn something. Look Brendon, I am a mature man, I have been on the side walk, rather than on the actual walk, which is the narrow path."

Brendon said, "Narrow path, so what happens when we all die?" Jodie said, "I think it's better to begin with living, and how to actually live in Christ." Brendon said,' ok go on, you two talk, and I will listen."

Keith said, "Jodie, we were talking of vessels yesterday over the phone for ages. Meaning we are the vessels. So the sea is like our world, if you put it that way?" Jodie said, "I find that using the vessels, and the sea, shows the torments of battle. Life is for many, a battle. You see Brendon, I have found people the very last to be compassionate to a sick person. There are a fine few who care. But the one thing I am against, is being expected to follow their other reason, for their reasons."

Brendon said, "Oh like emotional attack on the mind?" Jodie said,' yes in a way it is that. Each person had a personal relationship with the Lord, and it is how it's to be. For the Lord knows everything. He did not make us all alike. He made us to is own creation, and to how he designed each of us to have the ability to earn his gifts." Brendon said,' why earn God's gift? I mean if he is God, he would give them to us just like that eh?"

Keith said, "No, we have to earn them, none can get them if not saved. Do you agree Jodie, because I have heard you say about being expected to change your church." Jodie said, "Yes, because I think every one's spiritual relationship, is personal. If one feels comfortable to work another way, I see no right to allow another to alter their church. You either help someone, and expect nothing back, or leave it alone. Giving to another is a gift, it means that when you help another, free of expecting them to follow their way, you are doing it for the Lord Jesus. So in the grandest of ways, helping someone, means you are doing it, for Jesus who walks ahead of this. He walks before his children. He sends those that have no faith, to the faithful. I help another, and I find pleasure in it, as Jesus sent me that person."

Brendon said, "So you Keith were meant to meet me?" Keith said, "Yes, and too, I think Jesus has a reason for you, a work he wants you to do as his servant, when you're healed."

Brendon said, "So I have a chance, and I could be ministering. Keith said, "Yes Brendon. But if I begin to help you, and in your sorry state, start to expect you to do my way, or go where I go, then I am manipulating you. It adds to your distress of life. For how can you heal correctly, if I start to tell you to add my thoughts, and what you should be doing, or tell you what church to go to?"

Brendon said,: yeah that makes sense to me. Because if you helped me, as you have done, I have not had the time, or the strength to add more onto me. You guys are the difference of real help, or conditioned help?"

Jodie said, "Jesus is he one who is helping you here today. So we have no right to condition, or tell you where to worship. That is your own choice. For you would be led to the right way."

Brendon said, "Jesus Christ is real then?" Jodie said, "He is inside you. He is waiting for you to open our heart. Once you do that, he enters your heart. You begin to learn. Jesus is the one who will show you where he would like you to be. The very fact you were led to us, was Jesus, who put Keith in your sorry state of life. This means he has a purpose for you. A big change to your present state of life."

Keith said, "Jodie, I think today, as it is Brendon's first day of natural life for some time. How about I take him fishing in the river, for trout. You can come, and relax there as well?"

Jodie said, "Sure thing, we all will enjoy the sunny day, and Brendon, no doubt Keith has more than one rod to fish with?" Keith said, "I brought two rod's and tackle, some frozen bait, which I meant to ask you Jodie, can I put in your freezer?" Jodie said, "You may as well, so then you can use what you think today, and the rest another day, while you're off."

Brendon looked real keen, and he had a far better color to his face, after eating well.

The river was quietly moving in ripples, where the trout were. The shadows of the tree's stopped the sun coming upon them all directly. Keith had stopped at the bakeries, for some rolls, as Jodie had ham, and cheese, to go in them. He bought some doughnuts too.

Brendon had not fished before, so he was being taught by Keith. Brendon caught his first trout, and in excitement he dropped the rod. So Keith said, "No Brendon, you keep the rod in your hands, and bring in the fishing line, by turning the small wheel here, see? Then when it's close, you lift the rod to bring in your catch. After that, you take the fish off the hook, and I prefer to kill it straight away, not let them suffocate slowly."

Brendon said, "Yep! You're a vet alright. So do we eat them?" Jodie said, "We sure do, you will like them. So catch plenty, ok?" Keith enjoyed his catch, and company with Jodie, and Brendon.

Keith noticed that Brendon had qualities of learning well. Then Keith said, "If we can get you into some welfare help, would you like o work in an animal shelter?"

Brendon said, "What would I earn there?" Jodie said, "Well-----Thinking about it, if all works well over the next four days, I may let you rent the bedroom you will be in tonight. So if you do work in the shelter, your earnings will be, free food, and-----Keith did you think about giving him some money?"

Keith said, "We are doing very well in the shelter, so if I give you Brendon, a low wage, it will help you pay for your use of utilities, and teach you to pick yourself up responsibly, and give you money for other things needed. I know Jodie will keep to free food, but that would not teach you how to manage properly."

Jodie said, "I meant free food for a while, not for always." Brendon said, "I would be happy with that. You people are something else. So animals in the haven you called it, are-----?

Keith said, "Most are unwanted, some are surrendered for reasons of owners. There are many reasons for the animals to be cared for." Brendon said, "Keith, do you think I can learn to be a vet?" Keith smiled, now he knew Brendon was prepared to pick his life up. He said, "I can make you my apprentice, and you go through a given time to become a vet. It is not a job, it is a dedication."

Brendon said,' that way, I can make up for champion getting run over, by my smoking grass, and being dumb." Jodie was ready to give Brendon a few months with her now, as she heard the sound of truth in his voice. Jodie said, "Brendon, I have to go into hospital for a major operation, so that will be a time I will be trusting you, in my home." Keith said, "Yes, but after that Jodie, once rehab is done, we can get our life together. I think Mary would let Brendon take the flat I am in now."

Jodie said, "Sounds like a plan again Keith, because yes, we would be living in the same home once we are-----Well you know----- the right thing to be done first."

Brendon laughed, and said, "Married! So while we are here, this Jesus Christ is in me right?"

Jodie said, "Yes, and he will enter your heart as soon as you let him in. Then your life will take turns of changes. Because you will be changed. It is not a change overnight, some do get that, but most have to work at it. The enemy is the one who will try to get you back on the wide path. So as we are in this together, anytime you feel tempted to-----Say-----Smoke grass-----Or go off the narrow path, we can pray together."

Brendon said, "So prayer is heard then?" Keith said, "Ever time, and sometimes answers do not come for a good while, that is because our heavenly Father has his time for answers. So patience is a gift to be taking on."

Jodie laughed, and said, "Keith, you're well on your way to becoming fully in the light." Brendon said, "So you Keith are like me then?" Keith said, "I am yes, but I have more knowledge due to believing in Jesus for several years. I just did not know about how to be like Christ."

Brendon said,' how can we be like Christ? Jesus is holy, we are humans." Jodie said,' true, but Brendon, we try to be like Christ, and walking in fellowship, and following him, is how we do it. We then pick up the gifts according to our study of his word, as in the Bible. That must be done, to understand the whole spirit of the throne."

Brendon said, "So those spirits I saw, were false?" Jodie said, "Sadly Brendon, they are real, but they belong to satan, known as demons.&Nbsp; they give you enough to think you on a powerful and in control. So you do things well away from uniting with the truth. It takes you down. The maladies of the body are sin, as in even I have now. Resentment causes arthritis, more than any food does. Asthma is due to inner fury, and so it goes along. Jesus had no sin, he had no ill health. He had tired, and had long prayers, with his Father. He has felt all I have felt, on the cross. He has felt your loss of a home to live in, as you sowed that seed, so it reaped. I sowed resentment, to abuse, and a great deal coming at me from my family. So I began to resent people. I had gone into other relationships, of similar things. I had learned to think people were to harm me, to control me. It repeated, over, and over, until I learned, that I, as a child of the Lord, was not put on earth to be given abuse. I was put here to be loved. You see Brendon, those before me, had the same spirits you saw. That is why I was harmed."

Brendon said, "So if that is the case, why did you allow it?" Jodie said, "As I said, it's not overnight for many to learn the truth. For some it's a lifetime. But if they see that lie, before they pass away, they meet Jesus, who watched it all. He was there at all times. The holy spirit is the only true spirit, and comforter. I have had to clear not only what was in my home, but what was in my heart. I looked for comfort, and found it nowhere. I would get a bit of a good time, and then it failed. People would talk to me as if I was dirt, even ones who did not know me. I have seen a look of dislike towards me by strangers, who then begin to speak to me as if I was not in any right to be human." Brendon said, "That is tough on you, why do you think people did this?"

Jodie said, "The weapons of the enemy were near me, I may not have realized that the enemy made a dislike about me to others. You see, he had my previous family, but a challenge on getting me. Now his challenge is greater. So he angers. That anger could be seen in me. So it puts people off me."

Keith said, "Jodie, anger, how can the enemy put it to you like that?" Jodie said, "His wiles are many. He angers to see a human go to the Lord Jesus. So as much as the armour is there for me, there may be some anger at a distance, that is recognized by others, and strangers too. So they react in the enemies ways, to insult me. I have seen others with the enemies weapons in them. But I am not able to do anything, if they wish to insult me. So the enemy directs from a distance, and I, being human, do not always know that is what is happening. I go away asking why am I always treated without respect? Then I go feeling low, and asking why it's always coming? I am learning that now, you see, satan wants me to feel low, and insulted, as that is when he can, in his deceitful ways, get me down. When down, we all reach for aids to get out of it. So we again poison our health. I am learning from the Holy Spirit, the truth of satan. You see truth is truth, and truth about satan is to be known about. We get attacked in our emotions. He has no way of getting me, but will make things happen to stop me being respected."

Brendon said, "This Jesus Christ, why does he let it happen then, I mean you're very with him, by the sounds of it, so why?"

Jodie said, "It is another testing, to rid all the evils, means understanding them. I have resentment to rid, as well as knowing the Lord's armour is holding me. The front is protected, the back is not. So I am building the steps, as I come to them. I resent less now, but do know that my operation is the end of satan's hold on me. A hold that is not his to hold. He is never going to beat the throne. He has attacked the lower part of my body, in aging years. Jesus never once caused my maladies of the body, sin did that. Sin was in my family, sin that had many of the previous family members."

Keith said, "Jodie, can you open that a bit more, we still have a couple of hours to fish, talk, and eat in."

Jodie said, "Ok, who wins in an argument? Nobody does. It is the one who can control the other, that feels they win. So another argument rises, and the more they come, the harder the way of uniting with another. In the end its war. War is not only in world war, it is in families wider than we can see. Accidents on roads, come from no rules obeyed. Road rage is absolutely insane. Vehicles are lethal machines, in the wrong hands. Shops do prices at will of cheating people. It is plain to see, as in one shop, the same item can be a dollar cheaper. One item chased down, can be four different prices. So cheating is going on. Sickness is looked upon as nothing to many. Where the good Samaritan, did what is holy for a sick man. The sick man healed, through the love of Jesus Christ. The Samaritan, would be blessed. Young people no longer respect elders, and so they insult them. When in truth, elders have been in the world longer, and know far more than them. So dedication to age is gone. Parents are no longer in charge of their children's upbringing. This means the evil is spreading to the younger people. Someone can see a person is in pain, so they make the pain worse, they do this, because they have no compassion. Another value is lost. Cults are everywhere, even in some places one would never think they are. So again, false God is worshiped. One person could save another from loosing an animal. But instead, refuses to help. So the person is left to hurt more, by loosing their pet. They can get the mail, but complain instead, and gossip, they do not help to get the mail.

In all Brendon, people choose the ways that make life harder to live. Easier life is, to value another, if in need. To give without taking back. To give moral support, when the chips are down. In all, I have wondered, how we all forget that our emotions do speak of the dark, and the light. It is not possible for the dark, and the light, to be going at the same time. So looking at depression, that is total loss of emotions, in any order of truth. Brain chemicals are changed, that causes depression. But the real cause is never identified. It is treated with drugs. Drugs are not a real way of living. So the problem is building, until dependency on drugs is either for years, or for life. Then there is the spiritual war. The many doctrines have caused war in itself. Like in England, non Catholic, fighting Catholics, and causing death to many people. That was strong in the times back in England, and Ireland. A power field is planted. The reaping is destruction, and nobody wins.

Even I have come a long way to find this out. Jesus said, to find solitude, be solitary, as in that silence, more is heard, than the whole world of mankind talking. We all look for another to fill our void, loneliness, is quite lonely. There is nobody else to talk to, or to lift us. We put to much dependence on others. Jesus was alone many times, in his walk upon earth. He could not pray to his Father, and talk to his disciples, at the same time. Now this is sounding as if it's a double edge sword, but it is not. The flesh, is making one claim, the spirit is another claim. They fight against each other. Jesus knows this. We can, if we try to, make our flesh be second to the spirit. In my coming forth to the full rebirth of Christ in me, I had many testings to endeavor. I am given a gift, a gift to a write his messages. Our heavenly Father knows the pain I am in. This is a testing of my faith. It is my growth too. I was given the torments of evil to battle with. As I walked along the path, my first step was Jesus Christ in my heart. I had shut the door on him, a few times in life. I understood that people who blame another, avoids looking within their own heart.

I then tried to find the causes for my health being got at so many times? I was angry as an innocent child, due to being abused. That anger was a seed, a seed given me by another. It did not grow until I was older. I learned to do things, against the law of God. I did not know I had done this. For God was never spoken about. I began to loose, from a very early age, four to my memory. I had insults in every avenue I went to. Instead of me looking to Jesus, I became inwardly angry. It was suppressed anger. My outer show, was of placid nature. I resented, was told I resented at fourteen years of age. I did not know what the word resentment meant. I did not like to be told anything. I was full of resentment. This came through feeling so hurt. It never dawned on me, until this later age, that the curse was going on. So the ones who did me harm, were cursed. My family were in the curse. I also did not separate the truth, as they did the harm on an innocent child. I had no idea that I was not to blame for their treatment on me. So from that, I got withdrawn.

Another way of looking at it is, one person yawns, and all others around that person yawns. A seed is there. So right now, I am learning that resentment is to leave me. My trust in Jesus Christ has to be more clear, and strong. You see, Jesus does not do this for us, he taught us that. We either do it, or not. The results come from our own choices. I learned recently, that the Lord is with me, only in him can I trust. Only in him can I walk the testings given me. So anger belongs to satan. Resentment belongs to satan. Feeling sorry for self is also from satan. Something I have always been though is, I never wanted pity, or sympathy. I wanted understanding. I have not felt sorry for myself, as I fight, and will not be beaten. I know I have strength. It is how I use that strength, that will make it stronger. Like voltage, higher, or lower. The same strength is not in the two. So I have said to people, that we are all family. No matter what color, or creed, or country. We could all chose to treat each other as family, not strangers. That love is the only emotion worth having. The rest is all destroying us.

So to come to the final part. I had fear, fear of not making it, or getting left in pain. So that was again a form of resentment to the truth. Can I blame satan for my maladies? To a degree yes, but I chose to think his way, in anger, and resentment. I never argue, and never talk back to someone. The only way for me to get over this last testing, of the evil one, is to rid. I took out all things pertaining to satan, from my home. I thought that was all I had to do. No, there was more. I had to do inner cleaning too! I had to learn not to try to please people. For that made me a slave. I had to look inside me. There in my heart was the reasons for pain. I had allowed the evil to take hold of my emotions. That I never knew was going on. The Holy Spirit will help in all ways, if I am honest about it.

So he opened windows. There stood my mother. Another window stood my ex husband, who never knew why he was on earth, and was alcoholic. I detested alcohol. Being the punching bag in his insecurity. At one time, before I went to sleep, I saw the face of my mother, and my ex husband. I could not work out why? There it was. Satan was using the sight with closed eyes, to show me them. What I did not know was, that Jesus was also there. I had to see these, to understand the root of the evils. The beginning, and the end. My mother the beginning in this earth life, and my ex husband, in the end of the calamity of loosing who I was? The people in between, were of similar natures. So I had to see the start, and end. Since then, I felt alone, and so very vulnerable. I had to close off my old life. I did not know how to do that. I was left with my own thoughts. So to rid this all, meant testings. Which are growth if it is of truth. I still saw the birthday cards being burnt, by my mother, when I was thirteen, saying that was what she thought of my birthday. The two cards were from others, not family. No presents at all.

That scene I had to stop coming into me. It was done with, but it left me feeling worthless. I would say I am not married, because that marriage was no marriage. The work to clear, and anoint my home, was not all the work to do. So, now I am given the way to clear all evils from my life. I have one true friend, one true husband, one true love, so that I can give true love now. I have one true strong parent, and the whole of the trinity lives only in me, when I am clear of it all.

All of the ones I have just said, is one and only true. For the trinity is there for the oneness of the spirit of our heavenly Father. He is my parent. Imagine, if you had a child, would you want him to be mocked, and tortured, and then put on a cross, and feel the whole of the ages, in the world of pain? No, because it would hurt you, as it would me. So our heavenly Father gave all he had, in his son. To show us all, that evil is not of God. That the supreme majesty of the supernatural, is his, not ours. We have to earn that. No fairy story of heaven is true. Heaven is way above us all. The kingdom of the heavenly Father, will not take evil in it. How can love, and hate be given as it is. None survive without love. Hate kills.

So I have just learned my own folly, to clean up my own act. So it shall be. Because if not, the Holy Spirit would never have brought it to me, and many times at that. So Keith, and Brendon, I am no more than you both are, or less than you both are. I am in the hands of our heavenly Father. I was not able to get here, without Jesus Christ. Had I tried that, I would be mocking God. For his son is him. I too have to go through testings, but they will benefit me, and the testings will cease the pressures, once I rid the inner turmoil of emotions. So all anger s to go, all resentment is to go, all expectations is to go. The will of God, is the only will that lives. We live only when with him. Part living with him, will not do. It is all, or nothing. From that comes the fresh relationships, and new ways of clean, and pure love. Sp our earthly life does have benefits in the coming years left on earth. So Brendon, I so understand you. You are welcomed by Jesus to be in my home for now. He sent you to me, and he sent Keith to you.

The last part of this is, Brendon, keep away from all who practice the occult. Do not have company with them. If you see any coming near you, move away. Do not talk to them. I had a situation recently, a daughter of a witch was coming to the bakery, and I never saw her coming. When I did, I took my wheel chair right out of the area she was in. She came close, but not on top of me. Her witch mother is dead now. But I feel it right to get away. I would not talk to her. She used to bring books on the occult to her mother. I heard the demons speaking through her mother, and it was horrid. Just choose Brendon, I say do not, but I am not your keeper in that, you are. That way the Lord is too."

Brendon had put the rod down for a long time, listening to Jodie, he was amazed at the truth he heard. He had resented his father, and then suffered the streets. He knew cold nights, no food, and no way to wash. Yes Brendon thought, this all makes sense.

Keith said, "I knew you lived in the spirit Jodie, and now hearing your battles to clean up, I hear you. It is time for me to do the same thing. How can I thank you for showing me that?" Jodie said, "No credit to me, for I also had to learn, and learn more I will. It is the glory to God, that is the thanks to, not me."

Brendon sunk down, he was shaking a great deal. Keith said, "Brendon, what is wrong mate?"

Brendon said, "I hate my father, I have no respect for my mother. I took the turn of evil, I did not know I was doing that. I am wanting to confess, but do not know how to?"

Jodie said, "You can confess with a pastor, who will never break your confidence in him. You can confess in your own heart too. Once you repent the old way. Birth begins, then the steps follow. That is the time you will learn as much as I have done, and many others too."

Brendon said, "I have heard of Christians speaking in tongues, what is that?" Jodie said, "My first time, I was not sure where it came from. But it always ends with Jesus spoken in the Jewish way. I have it many times now, but it's never long. It's short. It comes mostly when I am on my own. So over time, I have to understand, which is not easy. It is a language of the heavenly Father, which is spoken to angels. I get the messages from it, by reading. It is always explained to me. As the book I read, I do not choose to have a certain page. There before my eyes, is the very words explained to me. Like Keith. We talked of vessels, well, that night I picked up the book, and got a reading on vessels, and a ship, and the sea. Even storms came into it, storms that do not take the children of God off course. He is our compass, and ruler of waves."

Brendon said, "I am shaking because I feel a different energy in me. I feel as if I have come home, silly as it sounds, and I feel like crying. I want to know Jesus Christ."

Keith said, "So do I, I know him, but have never done the inside work. It sounds as if solitary work is required here to me." Jodie smiled, as she felt her words were given to her from the Holy Spirit. To say things this very afternoon. This very day. She had grown from resenting, to accepting her new while life ahead of her.

Keith said, "We have twelve trout here, I caught eight, but you put the rod down Brendon, so I thought I will catch what you would have caught. We are even mate." they went back to Jodie's home, and Keith cooked the trout needed for the evening meal. The rest were cleaned, and frozen for another time.

Brendon said, "So animals are very precious in life. Being that they were created from God, as you said Jodie, all life belongs to God. I see it all now, and see how awful my life would have gone, had I not been given a gift of meeting you both. I am ready to do the work for an honest life."

They ate well, and laughed a great deal. There was a big change in life for all three.
Jodie thought how pleased Mary would be, when she told her of the day's events.

Chapter Thirteen

Mary came over to Jodie's cottage before going to the shelter. Jodie told Mary all about the yesterday. Mary was so happy to think, that another young man is coming to the light. Keith came not long after Mary. So they had a bit of time to talk.

Keith said, "How is the clinic going?" Mary said, "Mainly check ups, nothing serious has been in the clinic." Keith was pleased about that. The he said, "Brendon here, is wishing to be trained as a vet." Mary said, "Really? So you will be another added person to the shelter." Brendon said, "It's called the haven, what gave that idea?" Jodie said, "Animals are as important as us. So as you know, aged people no longer have their families willing to honour them in aged time. So they have to go to an aged home. Animals are left to fend for them selves, due to humans, although not every time. So the haven was to give a good name with blessings to it."

Brendon said, "I know from other youths, that none care for the aged. So I figure that animals are not cared for either?" Jodie said, "We love animals, and when we loose one, due to other reasons, we feel the impact of loss. So Mary, all is done for the shelter now?" Mary said, "It's running so well, and what pleases me is, that all the animals get adopted. There has been some not making it, but it's rare."

Keith said, "How is Alan, and Bob doing?" Mary said, "Bob is filling in the time when Alan goes to Brandy. So Bob is rather busy. Mind you, I have watched him looking at a volunteer. You know, that interested look. She has done the same back to Bob."

Keith said, "Romance is in the air." Brendon said, "Awe not me though. I do not believe in love at all." Jodie said, "Love is all Jesus Christ is." Brendon said, "Oh, I forgot about that. But I mean in life, where is the real love?" Mary said, "Love to me begins within us. If we do not have it inside us, we are not able to put it out. I have to go soon, but I will say this. We have the seed of love inside us, it is how we sow it, that brings back the harvest. If we sow for non belief of love, it will scatter."

Brendon said, "Just before you go, how can we scatter a seed we can't see if it's inside us?" Mary said, "You know when you feel love, it changes you. So for many people, they go from one to another, all their life, looking. They see it not, because it's inside. So they scatter their seed. Why do you think so many babies are born to one mother Brendon, and all different fathers?"

Brendon flushed, as he had no experience of this side of life. Then he said, "I see your point here." Mary said, "Bob is in today, doing Alan's shift too, as Alan is going to take Brandy to her specialist." Keith said, "I really think Bob wants the extra work, because that lady, you know the one, about fifty five, they look like getting together to me." Mary said, "I thought that too. Still Alan is no doubt going to be with Brandy one day. The volunteers name is Evelyn, she is really nice, and so good with the animals. Well got to go now, see you all later."

Keith sat down, and said, "Sadly I learned that when things are going rough for someone, others increase the feelings, with remarks of no compassion." Jodie said, "I too have learned that. I have been given some really silly advise. Mind you none of them are medicals, and know the answers." Brendon said, "Like what Jodie, what do they say to you, surely they can see how you are?" Jodie said, "First lesson Brendon, none will see, with blind eyes. Many talk with dumb words. We can look on this like weeds, in a garden, that is to be cared for. If I asked you to care for my garden, and you let the weeds breed, they will be so high one day, that nobody will see you at all. So it would show that you did not care for my garden, or me. By the time you did think to care, you could not see anything. The garden of care, was turned into a garden of weeds. Some of the weeds are dangerous too!"

Brendon said, "I think I know what your meanings are here. So Mary you're going now, it was nice to meet you." Mary said her goodbyes, and went off in her car. Brendon said, "Ok, so if we do not care for our own selves we are not able to care for another?" Jodie said, "There is more truth in that, then realized, but yes. Some of us have not had a good beginning in life. So we were never taught the true seeds. So we scramble along, finding walls up, on everything we try. Eventually, we look to our spiritual side in life. Now if we are wise, we go directly to the truth.
Then again, the truth is often masked."

Brendon said, "Masked, how can the truth be masked? If we have lie, and truth, neither of them are the same, so we would see."

Keith said, "Not quite mate. You know there are many things shown you, when smoking grass. All you saw was lies. Dangerous weeds, that strangle your spiritual life. Many go through the gardens of serpents. So here I take it Jodie, is the way to find the true garden?"

Jodie said, "Yes, even I was taken with false lies at one time. But I was very skeptical about it, the lies I mean. Plus to, there are many religious cults. Where the people do more judging, than worshipping. So to find a home for a church, is difficult. The first way to recognize the cult movements, are the way you are told to be. That you must go to this church, and not that one. Sadly Brendon, I have had the experience of judging Christians. Who look to things in their own way. This is why so many churches are in our world. We have one church, and the complimentary church is the one where all fellowship together, making no changes to people, but allowing all to find their path of truth. Sometimes it's better to say little, than too much. The one church is the body of Christ, the other home church is where you're led to, being that it is for communion in all."

Brendon said,' so weeds are in churches too?" Keith said, "Not all churches, but many other types who have altered the Bible for their own means. Then go out into the people, and advertise it."

Brendon said, "Sounds a bit like the J.W. One to me. But my father thought it right to put it in peoples faces. Even go to peoples homes, and knock on doors. He got a good few people angry at that." I have noticed in my short life so far, that nobody is communicating. It's like we are either in, or out, mostly out!"

Keith said, "When I had a couple times in a church, I was in great need, but what did I get? Sermons about money. It put me off. I know tithing is there, but when a new person comes, they are like babies, who do not understand the way the church is run. Yes prayers are good, but if the person is in great need, like say someone, who needs company, other than the church, or a helping hand, should they be unable to manage. Like Jodie, obvious she is almost lame.

I have a strong feeling, that actions are louder than words. Words are heard, but actions show the growth of a church."

Jodie said, "Jesus did the actions, and while he did the actions, he spoke his ministry. We all know there is something bigger than us in the world. All will say the word God, but many do not abide by him."

Keith said, "In my work, I do much praying for each animal. While I am working on the animal. So the two do mean it is the law."

Jodie said, "Well lets leave Brendon to ponder over this, he will need his own time to think. Brendon do you want to be left today to think about it, as Keith and I, have some personal things we want to do on our own too?"

Brendon said, "Tell you what I will do Jodie, I will mow your grass." Keith said, "Go for it Brendon, gives me a chance to have time with Jodie."

Alan was driving Brandy to the specialist. He was asking Brandy if she would consider them getting together for good? Brandy said, "Alan, I think that would be a good idea. Bob is thinking of asking this Evelyn to go out with him. So the house we are in, is mine. So lets see how it goes with him, and if he get with her, your housing problem is over." Brandy said, "You mean I live with you?" Alan said, "Yes, but I do not mean straight away, I will not put Bob out of the house, but it was a passing thought, that he will get with the Evelyn, he keeps talking about her."

Brandy said, "Well, it if goes well, and we are from a long way back, yes I will come to your house, and thanks for that."

In the shelter a lady was a good worker, but very quiet. Mary thought to ask her about herself? Betty said, "I do not trust people, and that is why I am with animals." Mary said, "Why is your trust gone?" Betty said,' usual things. People start to be friendly, then they interfere with life."

Mary said, "So what do you do with your life, other than be here?" Betty said, "I never talk about my life much."

Mary said, "Come to the canteen, and have a good chat with me." Betty said, "Alright." they sat down, and Betty was visibly nervous. Mary decided to let her talk, and if not, then talk about another subject. She did not want to impose on Betty. While Betty was talking about the animals. Mary thought, Betty is a closed book.

A call came in, and some cats were coming to the shelter. When the two women arrived, they looked very weird. One was pierced with so many earrings, and in the nose, and on the lips. The other was dark in her appearance.

Mary said, "How many cats did you bring in?" they said nothing for a while. Then the one who was dark looking, her eyes were sharp, and her tongue was just as sharp. She said, "We don't want them. So here is two boxes of them, we are off, goodbye."

Mary looked inside the boxes, and gasped. Four cats were looking like they were given something to kill them. Mary had to call Keith now, as the other vet was busy doing an operation at this time.

Keith picked up his mobile, and said, hello, who is it?" Mary said, "Sorry Keith, but I just got four cats, that look unconscious, they appear to be drugged or something?"

Keith said, ask Colin to see to them." Mary said, "Colin is operating on a dog. He will be unable to do anything for a good two hours. They might die before that."

Keith said, "Ugh, ok I will come, but----- oh it's alright, I am sure Jodie will understand." Jodie heard this, and said, "You better go, what is wrong there?" Keith said, "Four cats have been harmed by the sounds of it."

Keith was about to go, when he thought of taking Brendon. Brendon was eager to go with Keith, and jumped in the vehicle.

As Keith went to look a the cats, he wanted to do tests. He said to Brendon," now you can watch this, but it could be ugly." Keith found the cats had been given poison. He wanted to drain their stomachs quickly. Then he put in the intravenous drip, in each one.

Brendon said, "Yes Keith, this is ugly. How can people do that?" Keith asked Mary about the women that brought them in?" Mary said, "Oh good God, they were weird Keith. They looked like witches."

Keith said, "Enough said, no doubt the cats were used for some kind of sacrifice. I wonder why the two women brought them in, if that is the case."

Mary said, "They may have got scared, but they left no forwarding address, or who they were." Keith said, "Oh no, one is gone. Brendon, now you see the other side of your coming training as a vet."

Brendon said, "Yeah-----I-----Er-----Well I will have to handle this. It's is times like this, I feel like smoking the grass. Because I am not that good in sad things."

Keith said,' do you have any grass?" Brendon said, "No, but I know where to get some." Keith said, "Up to you mate, but I will not judge you, just warn you, that one smoke, it will capture you, and fail your strength. Every chance of the lies to be seen again. Also Brendon, if you want to be a vet, not one I know, including me, would take you as an apprentice. Because no vet can function with substances, especially grass."

Brendon said, "Well a passing thought I guess, so yes I want to be a vet, and yes, I want a clear mind, and body." Keith said,' you will have to take this dead cat to the small room. Just leave it in there. I will do the disposing of it."

Brendon did that, and came back, he said, "The others going to be saved?" Keith said, "Looks like it, they are more fortunate. I have found snail pellets in the stomach. Very painful for them, then they go unconscious, if not dealt with quickly, they die."

Brendon said, "No, I do not need the grass, I would end up where I came from, the streets, and no home." Keith said, "Good choice mate, proud of you." Brendon said, "Will you tell Jodie of my weakened moment?" Keith said, "Not my place to, I would only say something, if you did it, and continued to, because Jodie does not need that in her home."

Brendon said, "Now I feel ashamed, a good kick in the back side done Keith, I am grateful for it, and the way you still trusted me."

Keith said, "You trusted me, so the very fact you turned away from the grass thought, showed me you're serious about your life now. Colin came through, and said, "What have we here Keith, I thought you were off for four days?" Keith told him about the cats, and what was to be done, once the were given intensive care."

Colin said, "Ok, I can take over here now. So you can go back for your time off." Brendon said, "Will they make it Colin?" Colin said, "It appears they will. Honestly Keith, how is it that people do this sort of thing?" Keith just nodded, as no answers came. Then he said, "It is because these people fail to see the honour that animals have a right to." Colin said, "Yes, I agree, but I can never accept this sort of treatment."

Keith, and Brendon left the shelter, and said, "Do not say too much to Jodie Brendon, about the cat that died. In fact say nothing about that one. Jodie has to get her mind to her coming operation, and must be free of any nasty things. We can say that the four cats are fine, they needed some treatment very quickly, as Colin was busy. Lets not make a meal out of it."

Brendon said, "I think I was meant to meet you, or the other way round, I was in a state to even look at anyone. So you were sent to me, and now I want to be a Christian. But-----I do not want church thrown at me. First I want the personal relationship with Christ."

Keith said, "It is open for you, and you have every right to have your personal time with Jesus Christ. Welcome to the home body of Christ Brendon."

Brendon said, "The shelter has so many people working in it, and they are all giving their own time, earning nothing." Keith said, two earn a small wage. You will as well. But the others are in my view, tithing their time, for God's animals. So I see tithing in other ways than money. Sure money is needed to run the organizations, but I see tithing can be given by those who have very little. They give that way."

Keith knew the shelter was going to remain very good. He now was waiting for Jodie to have health put right. He was itching to get back to her cottage. Brendon said, "How about you stop the vehicle, and call Jodie?" Keith said, "Why Brendon?" Brendon said, "I have no money, but sort of thought-----You could get a meal out, and bring it home, so that Jodie does not try to make a meal."

Keith said, "Good thinking Brendon. Oh by the way, Colin earns his wages in the shelter too. They stopped at the hamburger joint, and placed a take away order for three.

When back in the cottage, it was welcoming to be in a nice home for them. Jodie said, "So what do we eat tonight?" Brendon said, "The hamburger joint, and there is double portions for all."

Jodie smiled, and thought, Brendon is looking like taking life for the first time, on the straight and narrow path.

Chapter Fourteen

Brandy had her operation date. It was in two weeks time. Alan was so pleased. He took Brandy back to his house, and found dumper not with Bob in the shelter, as usual. Alan said, "Yep, I think Bob has made progress, if he left dumper here, he is going to ask the what's her name? Er-----" Brandy said, "Evelyn Alan." Alan said, "Yep that's it. Bet he is going to take her out, or something. We will know if he is not home until later, he should be home in about two hours. So Brandy, how are you feeling about your operation now?" Brandy said, "Everyone feels nervous before an operation. But in a way, I am not so tense about it as I was."

Alan said,"Awe Brandy, you're a battler, you will be fine. Look at Jodie, she has adopted a new way of thinking about hers." Brandy said, "Like how?" Alan said, "Oh Keith said she got her mind to think another way. Well from what I heard, she took her cares to the Lord. Told him she no longer wanted certain emotions. Keith said that Jodie gave her fear of the operation to Jesus Christ. The next day she was feeling very different. Apparently she had one more thing to go, and asked him to take it, but found it took three days before it was to be taken."

Brandy said,' I wonder what that was?" Alan said, non of our business really, I just think her essence of thinking about clearing her emotions, was a good one. "Brandy said, "I often get down about the way life is at times." Alan said, "Me too, but not now, I am very keen on you and I, making up for lost time." Brandy said, "Yes, once you came back in my life, many doors opened."

Alan looked in the pantry, and thought ugh! Needs filling somewhat. Then he said, "How does pancakes sound to you?" Brandy said, "How about I make the pancake mixture, and you fry them?"

Alan said, "We are in business, sure, go for it."

Alan went out into the garden, and felt a presence in the garden. Must be dumper he thought. Then looked, and saw dumper in his kennel asleep. Funny Alan thought, I could swear I feel as if someone is looking at me. It made Alan very aware. But in the actual sight of his eyes, he saw nothing. Alan thought Brandy would be a while making the mixture for pancakes, so he sat down on the seat, near the quiet rockery, and pond, he had made some years back.

Alan was never one to believe in visions, he had doubts about that. Bob did not. Bob had said he had seen on the very seat Alan was sitting on now.

Brandy had fallen asleep, as she was tired. She thought to just have a five minute rest, and then make the pancake mixture. Instead she fell fast asleep.

Alan decided to pray. As he went through his prayers, with his eyes shut, he saw a beautiful scene. To Alan's amazement, he saw scene of nature, but unlike earth nature. It seemed to Alan, the whole scene was made of light. But it had the full resemblance of a waterfall, which had different colored shades to it. As it fell, the shades would change color.

Beneath the water fall, was a large river, taking the water, from the water fall. This river looked like crystal. Yet it moved as soft as silk.

Alan opened his eyes, and saw the garden, nothing changed there. So he closed his eyes again, and the scene returned. Flowers of colors unseen on earth were in full bloom. Alan looked to the sky, with his eyes shut, and there he saw brilliance, and birds flying. As the birds came lower, he noticed them looking like they were made of light. But how can that be? Alan thought? These birds look so refined. They were with gold, and silver, many other colors entwined, almost like puzzle pieces, to make the whole bird. They were not big birds.

As he looked towards the waterfall again, he saw the rivers bed. Now Alan thought, how can I see the rivers bed from where I am? Then out of the river jumped fish, and then down again in the water. The fish were again of light.&Nbsp; Alan realized he had his spirit watching all this. It had to be, how can I see things with eyes closed? Alan thought.

Raising like a gentle mound, came a lawn of green. But this green was light too. It was still, but pulsing too. Then many colors came onto the lawn, again in light. The movement of the creating flowers on the lawn, made Alan watch them. They changed from one type of flower to another, in a swaying motion.

Alan was trying to make out what was unearthly about it? As he looked up again, a rainbow came across the very brilliant blue sky, this rainbow had twinkling colors in, it was not still, it moved like waves. It began to part in the center. As it parted, a brighter than snow light appeared. As it descended, it began to open.

The softest and most pleasured peace was coming from it. Then-----Before Alan, was a figure, Alan was now in awe. He never expected to see Jesus Christ coming forth from the light. Jesus Christ was light too. Alan saw the face of Jesus Christ, the real face. Jesus did not speak for a while, he floated with pulsing light everywhere now. As Jesus came closer, Alan opened his eyes, I fear, as he thought he might be dreaming?

The garden was the same as always. Alan gingerly closed his eyes again. The scene had remained, Jesus had stayed, he floated in light. His garment was so white, that no white on earth can describe it. Alan fell to his knees, he could no longer sit. His eyes were closed, yet there he saw. Alan felt as if he was being lifted, feeling light as a feather.

Jesus spoke to him saying," fear not, for I have come to give ye thy blessing. For all who believe in me, shall live. Ye see the small portion of my truth in life forever. As my disciples looked out across the raging waters, was it not I, Jesus? Yea, for this to happen only once, for them to see me. My brilliance obliterated the sight of the storms, yea, as I shone to the three Hebrew lads, as they looked in the midst of the fiery furnace, yea, was it not I, Jesus, coming to keep company with them! Yea I shone so bright to them that my brilliance obliterated the flames.

Nay. Ye need have no fear. Ye need not fear the fickleness of providence, for behind what looks to thee like utter chaos, I have a plan which is working for good in they behalf.

Yea, do ye see the weakness within thine own self? Lo, I have put it there to drive thee to myself. I may never answer thy prayers to be made strong, but I will give thee the same promise I gave Paul, that in your weakness I will be your strength. For it is still true that my grace operates most effectively when ye have a conscious sense of need, yea, even a desperate awareness of your own complete helplessness.

Miracles come from my own being. As ye draw upon my spirit for physical strength, so draw upon my mind for wisdom and under-standing and peace of mind. Make this a habit in thy life, and thou shalt be astounded at the results, the accomplishments, it will bring. Yea, be not motivated by impulse, ye shall be directed by divine intelligence.

For the life truly directed by my mind shall enjoy in abundance many other blessings. Ye shall know who needs healing. Ye shall not only discern the craftiness of the enemy, but know how to rebuke him in my name. What portion I have shown thee in this day, is a reservoir very nearly untapped. This is why I commended Solomon, because he asked the highest gift. In adding the benefits, I gave him only those things, that shall surely always follow after this first. I am the Lord thy God I know no limitations.

Rejoice, therefore, and face each day with joy, for I have planned ahead for thee, and made all necessary arrangements and reservations. I am thy guide and benefactor. Put your hand in mine.

Ye will know of who I give gifts to. For one will write, another will speak, another will praise, another will sing, I rejoice to see a child come home to me. For ye all are my instrument. Yea, ye all together, give one truth.

I say to thee, as ye mature to my divine guidance, I add another gift to. Tongues will be given. For even the angels have not seen what I am going to show thee.

Take this blessing, for I love thee beyond love known to thee. I come to thee to give you many portions, that I ask for thee to give to the sick close to thee. The lost one coming to me now. The creation that is blessing little animals. For what I build, I let no man destroy.

Yea, when ye come forth from this, ye will be filled with the holy spirit." as that was said, Alan got up off his knees, but kept his eyes closed. He saw the brilliance ascending slowly, colors were more brilliant than before Jesus came. Alan held his hands to Jesus Christ, and he heard," I am the Lord thy God, I will return in the coming of age, I will never leave thee, or forsake thee. Take ye this, bring it to where I guide thee. Amen."

Alan saw the brilliance of Jesus go so high, that he went out of sight. He then saw the lawn fold into the river holding the water of the waterfall. The brilliant sky opened up showing a bright Christ white glowing light, so bright could any human eye look at this? Then the river folded into the waterfall, and the water fall folded up into the rainbow, and the birds were folded into the waterfall, and rainbow. It went into a bright spinning pulsing round shape, what Alan would place as energies beyond his capability to know. The bright Christ white pure light of brilliance, took in the whole scene, and the sky closed over the brilliance. Then the sky folded up and went higher than man could see, even from a jet flight.

Alan was opening his eyes. At the time, Brandy was opening her eyes. Alan was filled with the Holy Spirit, and he felt peace, and all things would be well. Brandy was putting her body straight, as she fell asleep for the same amount of time, Alan was out in the garden.

Brandy thought, I have never ever seen such beauty in my life, I saw Jesus Christ! Me of all people. But then it may be my imagination, and only a dream? I had better not tell Alan about it.

Alan came inside, and said, "The pancake mix Brandy?" Brandy said, "I-----Um-----Gees-----I fell asleep, and had a dream, sorry Alan, but I was so tired after the checks they did today."

Alan said, "You must have gone to sleep when I went out in the-----Oh heck-----You said you had a dream?" Brandy said, "Alan, a dream is a dream, nothing much to say really." Alan said, "Depends on what kind of dream it was?" Brandy said, "Meaning?" Alan said, "If the Lord Jesus was in your dream, then it's important to talk about." Brandy nodded. Alan said, "I um-----Well not so much a sleep-----I went to pray for you in the garden, and-----With my eyes closed I saw-----This will sound um-----Well a bit-----"

Brandy took over and said, "You saw a scene, and waterfall, and a river taking the water from the waterfall. You saw the bed of the river, birds of lightness, but so many colors, a rainbow that moved in waves of energy. A brilliant blue sky, a lawn of creation, one type of flowers creating, and going away to create more harvest of such beauty, to many others, none of them like on earth right?"

Alan was in shock! He said, "You dreamt it, and I saw it with my eyes closed. When I opened them I did not see it, only the garden as normal. We saw it at the same time, you in here on the couch, and I was on the seat outside. Did you see-----" Brandy said, "Jesus Christ? Yes I did, he spoke to me. Alan never in my highest dreams would I ever have been given the blessing he gave for me to see him. He was so white, that it's light of another place. Jesus was brilliant in a white, that is not like white here. It's whiter than white. Everything I saw was built in light, not light like we know it though."

Alan sat down, and said, stuff the pancakes Brandy, I think we need a Brandy instead." Brandy said, "We must not spoil the blessing of the Holy Spirit within us Alan. Here I give you some money, go and get us both some fish and chips, we have to talk."

Alan went down the lane to the fry shop. He ordered the meal, and returned quite quickly.

Bob did not return, so Alan suddenly realized he had not fed dumper. He ran out and got dumper his meat, and some dry food, giving him more than usual. Dumper did not complain.

Alan, and Brandy ate their fish and chips, right out of the paper. After the meal, they both talked over what Jesus had said to them. He said the same to Brandy as to Alan.

Brandy said, "You know, Jodie told me she saw Jesus Christ when she was nineteen, I kind of believed her, but had a bit of doubt. She told me he came down in her bedroom, in the night time, and he came out of the darkness, and showed himself. She said he was made of light, but looked in human form. She said she saw garments, his robe was white, on his shoulder he had a red material, and a blue material, but she said it was all light. The whole energy she saw, not knowing it as energy in that time, was all of brilliance. That his face was soft, and looking at her, saying not one word, but put his arms out towards her, he put them as if he was telling her he loved her. He was there for her. Then she saw his hair, being to his shoulder, and his skin was ,as in where he was, on earth. Not white, or black skin, in between color skin. Then she said he went back, and ascended going higher, and higher, until she could no longer see him. It was like the ceiling had opened up along with the roof of the house, that was semi detached. She said she wanted to go with him. Her every nights prayer was that he came again. She never saw him again, until lately."

Alan said, "I believe her, because now we have seen him. I wonder how many people would love that blessing? For I do not think many get that chance."

Brandy said, "Jodie told me she cleaned her heart emotions out, not realizing that any emotion that is of the enemy, is sin, to sick the body. Especially if the enemy knows that the soul is no longer his. She said over night there was a difference, but a few other things, I think she said two, had to go at a slower pace. She had to wait around three days to get rid of the other two. She found out psychologically, she had some chains."

Alan said, "When did Jodie tell you all this?" Brandy said, "She calls me every now and then, to see how I am, and tell me how she is. I never knew either, that cleaning out, is more than the materials in the home. Jodie noticed her resentment to others who still walk in the dark. She had not understood that the words they speak without authority, of any medical knowledge, were from the enemy. That the enemy will use others who has his darkness, to speak words to hurt Jodie. It succeeded, until Jodie had enough! She had to find out what it was, that made her get very defensive, and resentful? Little did she know, that her heart's emotions were to be cleansed. She even told me Alan, that great cautiousness of whom is let into our homes, must be drilled into us. For many who seem friends, are not! That presents given, are to be addressed as well. For true gifts are of spiritual currency. If a gift is given, for the need of another, in the light of Christ, it then is his gift given to the needy. So the giver, and the given are blessed."

Alan said, "My goodness, I never thought about things this fine tuned, it's quite unique, and most definitely holy. It comes to me like a gift is looked upon, but the whole gift has more than the use of it. Rather like being able to see through the gift, so that nothing of darkness is there. Sounds like Paul here again."

Brandy said, "Jodie had emails, about three I think, from a Billy Graham's organization, where his son is. I think it might have been mentioned. She had no idea how it came to her, for she never knew his email address. Or how hers was given. She said it seemed as if it was sent in a holy state beyond our knowledge. That they were praying for her. She tried to see how this came, and then thought, how can this be? Then she told me she got, it was through her working for the Lord, that the work had traveled to the very places the Lord intended. Jodie was not up in herself over it, she was so humble, and so obedient to our king. Then she said Alan, that so many do not realize her."

Alan said,' what do you mean realize her?" Brandy said, "Jodie had taken the suffering that was left over, where she took her cross, and followed Jesus. That he chose her for this very experience, so that the wide world's people, will see, that only one truth is life. The rest is dead. That giving prayers, is far more valuable than, a diamond ring. The simple way is shown, but mankind goes the hard way, wearing their energy to very little left for their spiritual health. So she cleaned her heart from experiences, that some never know is a valuable thing to do."

Alan said, "You know Brandy, it's true, there is so much negative energy in our world. It's like a tapestry of different stitches to build the picture. Actually the wrong tapestry is shown. For still the majority go on chasing the wind. The wind can not be caught up with. So exhaustion comes. Then tension comes, then unbridled anger erupts, ten minutes of unbridled anger, uses up a whole days energy. No wonder people are so tired. That is why they get annoyed quickly. Have you noticed how all are in a rush?"

Brandy said,' oh yes Alan, and-----I just look at them, then I see their faces. All look so pinched, or tight, that all hell breaks loose. I now very much believe Jodie, because we have had the very blessing today of seeing our Jesus Christ. I-----Feel-----Oh-----Words fail to speak of that beauty we got Alan. I wonder why we had to have the same, but you in the garden, and me in your house?"

Alan said,' I think-----Um-----In retrospect-----Jesus was showing both of us his omnipotence. He see's inside all living things, at once. So it's not that unusual. I heard Keith say, that Jodie often says, she is in the world, but not of it. He did not quite understand that, come to that neither do I."

Brandy said, "Jodie is hidden in Christ, he is not of the world, so all his saved children are not of the world. True Christian's are not earth bound. For how can we be in his likeness, and be worldly? The two do not meet."

Alan said, "The body is an intricate creation. So much of it is studied, and scientists dissect many paths. The medical knowledge learns every day, new things. Our brain is not in full use, and in percentage. We are given synthetic chemicals, in foods, and drugs. Looking at the word synthetic, how does the start of the word sound?"

Brandy said." yes crooked, because the first sound of the word, spelt different, is syn. So sin in other words." Alan said, "By gees, yes indeed. We were told that Jesus is coming back, when the age is come for his return. I wonder how many look at chemicals, as the work of darkness?"

Brandy said, "Certainly is darkness. They want to build humans, and clone, take power over God's own creation, us. I wonder how many have looked farther than their nose?"

Alan said, "No doubt the words-----Many come few are taken-----Man I tell you, it's very scary to be caught in the dark. For all men want a lamp to see with. Some have the lamp, but light it with less fuel, so it gives a dim light. Then they go out in the dark, afraid, looking for the enemy, who is walking the world in every place, but not omnipotent. Satan can only be in one place at a time. That is why he needs his army. So there are the familiar spirits, creating the dark power. Have you ever noticed that bullies need a crowd, to steal from the one who is not at darkness, but has to give the bullie, for fear of his, or her life?"

Brandy said, "How true, if I go out into the back yard at night, I am cautious of the pathway, where someone could get into my yard. So what do I do? I switch on the light. If the world went dark, none of us would survive. That speaks volumes really."

Alan said, "Jodie and this Billy Graham email address to her, now that is really strange, as how can it come, unless she has been recognized for her work?"

Brandy said,' her author name is not her own." Alan said, "What, are you kidding me here?" Brandy said, "No, her email address is with her own name, and second name partially."

Alan said, "Do you think her work would have her email on it?" Brandy said, "I do not think so, but she would not concern on that. All I know is that she got these three emails from there."

Bob came in, he had a huge smile on his face. Alan said, "So you scored then Bob?" Bob said, "Scored Al, no. But Evelyn, and I, had a meal together, sorry I left dumper here today. We are talking about getting a place of our own. So Al, I-----Um-----Am gonna live out of here in a couple months time. Do ya mind?"

Alan looked at Brandy, and said, "Sounds great, see Brandy and I are talking of living here. But we were not going to put you out. So we would have waited until you had a plan for life."

Bob said, "Awe, Evelyn is the most beautiful lady I could have met. So the shelter will still be getting us both, even when we are together. Later in time, I may ask her to marry me."

Alan said,' you Bob marry! That is a first. Bob said, "I have other views on marriage to you Al. As you know, I think a spiritual marriage is a sound one. Where it's the only place two become one. No offence here, but flesh marriages often fail. So spiritual marriage is the sound essence of knowing one another well, the inside first, the outside later."

So Bob what about the flesh temptations?" Bob said, "The flesh temptations, make intimate relations in the shallow part of life. The spiritual has no temptations, it is a natural flow of love. When it comes to legal papers it's of the world. But also a need for legality to be done, which is wise too. For me Al. The knowing of Evelyn is her inner self. As she gets to know my inner self. It's not about the flesh. So sure, we cuddled, and all that, but our main purpose is not about who has what, but what we really are. In a spiritual marriage, it is the fore ground of the human marriage. So courting is different. I so enjoyed today. But there is a Betty there, who is really good with animals, but none can get a word out of her. I think she is troubled."

Alan said, "Well Bob, you know as well as I do, that nobody can fill a cup if a hand is over the top. So as long as she wants to be empty, our actions can encourage her, often more than words."

Bob said,' you two look like you have won the million dollar key?" Brandy said, "We have yes. But it is a direct holy experience. It's founded on the truth. Here today, we have tools given us, to help the close people to us. Then they get healed, and help onwards to others, it begins a flow of truth, reaching a guided walk. This is given by our heavenly Father. There is no beauty in the world, as the true kingdom. To see just a minute part, is enough to fill every need. For without giving our full self, we still have fleshly needs. To reach the actual spirit of our heavenly Father, is-----Earned. So Bob, much of what you said about spiritual marriage is true."

Alan said, "Jodie is a fine example of this. Brandy here is going to be operated on in two weeks time. So her dark pain, and harm from satan, is being taken away. The same will happen for Jodie."

Brandy said, "Yes, but for Jodie, it's taken so much longer. She had a problem, but no actual bacteria was found. So they will test her Monday coming. She had done so much home remedies, she made me laugh!"

Alan said, "Um-----It's about women's things eh?" Brandy said ," not really, a man can be effected by the bladder too."

Bob said, "Really. So what did Jodie do, to make sure she is well flushed out?" Brandy said, "Oh she used cranberry juice, got cranberry tablets, took two a day. Drank two litres of water a day. Limited her coffee, as Jodie was a good five to seven cups a day of coffee before. Bout yogurt for the acidophilus. She said she could use the tablets for that, but as it meant a trip to a chemist, she got the yogurt instead. Vitamin c tablets at night, as this makes acid to clean out even better. But only to take at night. She looked at chocolate being out, as suggested, but she did not do that completely. We all love chocolate eh? Tomatoes were out, many other things were out. Sugar is best out, but Jodie had reduced it. She never used sugar, until this year. So she may be going back to stopping it slowly. But-----The good news, she was going in spasms, she thought it was her hip doing that. Since she did the flushing, she goes normally, and it's all clear as water. So I think many men, and women, could know this. Plus she said no soap, or foreign agents near the personal area. Now she has been flushing out so much, that her bladder must be sterile."

Bob scratched his head, and said, "Yeah, I had some trouble a couple years ago, but got anti-biotic. It cleared up. Bob laughs-----Then continues, cranberries eh? Natural remedies would be better than-----Gees how can anyone drink two litres of water a day? Now beer-----Nah, I would be drunk. If she drank that much water, then cranberry juice three times, a couple cups of coffee, the black tea, then she would have drank three and a half litres a day!"

Brandy said, on top of that, she began to eat silver beet, cAbbage, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, and sliced two hundred, and fifty grams of mushrooms, made then cooked them in a garlic gravy."

Alan said, "Yeah vitamin twelve is in mushrooms. So sounds as if she is preparing for her time in hospital. It makes me think of how we never do anything, until we get warnings. Then some will still take the chance. But it's not certain that Jodie had anything in her bladder is it?"

Brandy said, "I think not, but they have to be sure. Any major surgery is sterile, even one abscess would stop them operating. So all is well checked."

Alan took Brandy back to her unit, and he wished he could have her in his house now! But her operation first. Then after things will fall into place.

Keith was playing chess with Brendon. He was rather surprised at the moves Brendon made. A good thinker. Keith said, "Where did you learn to play this?" Brendon said, "Oh, my uncle showed me. He also showed me smart moves, so check mate Keith."

Keith fell back in his chair, and Jodie laughed saying," you were beaten Keith, so this tells me that Brendon is well in his thinking."

Keith said, "Well tomorrow, here is hoping, that no more calls to the shelter. My third day is going to be with you Jodie." Brendon said, "Suits me, as I want to go over to the church."

Jodie said, "Church, which one Brendon?" Brendon said, "The uniting church. I want to get some studies on the Bible. I see you have two of them Jodie."

Jodie smiled, and then said, "Yes I do, but in all I have learned, it has come directly, the Holy Spirit is not only my comforter, but my teacher, and my studies are given in my work, that the Holy Spirit tells me about."

Brendon said, "How does the Holy Spirit sound?" Jodie said, "There is no sound. It is silently put in my soul, as well as my heart. It feels as if a greater power is over me, than I know. As I work I listen, and again it feels as if I am covered by the Holy Spirit, which is like a garment over my whole being. For me to speak of how he speaks to me, can only come through my working his gift bestowed upon me. If I go to the right, or the left. I will loose that gift."

Brendon said,"Ok,ok, so does the Holy Spirit work the same way with all mankind?" Jodie said, "I believe he gives according to the blessing given to each one. So no, I think there are many other ways he speaks. I have is voice in my body, when the fire comes into my body, that is not hot, but shivers, or goosebumps feeling. No there is a better word he just told me."

Brendon said, "How can he just speak to you now, when you're talking to me, I mean how can you listen to him in voices around you?" Jodie said, "We are talking of our heavenly Father here, who is almighty, and is able to do anything. But no person can receive his silent words, if they are not in tune with him. He told me to say the fire of the Holy Spirit makes vibrations in the body. So it feels like goosebumps, but is far more than that." oh-----Ouch-----Oh this pain, please go away-----You will not beat me."

Brendon got up, and tried to help Jodie, Keith too. Jodie continues, " this pain is not at all easy to live with, or the limitations of life either. The Holy Spirit took this time of high intense pain, to give me his words, for in silence, and solitude, he works so that I hear him. So in a way, this time of such intense pain, loosing my cat, and so many other things happening, right to my car being fixed, even though I am not driving it. It was being turned over, for the battery. But the starter motor died. So was a big, and expensive job. He has his reasons for using me at this time, with all other weapons trying to dart me."

Brendon said, "How is it then you do not loose faith? I would be mad if I had all that happening, and be disabled too."

Jodie said, "Yes, anger can rise, but it fixes nothing. To human eyes, it is troubles, but to the Lord, it is testing, so two different meanings. The more I endure the testings, the more the Holy Spirit is talking to me, in other ways as well as in silence. You see Brendon, I write, and do it as a child writes. So there is no fancy words. As I get darts, they are taken away. For the planning that Jesus has for me, is greater than what I have done up to now. You see my present book was hard to begin."

Brendon said, "Why, if done many so far, why would it be harder? I would have thought it would be easier, as you have had so much practice of it."

Jodie said, "The simple truth is, that as I endure such hard times, the Holy Spirit increases his gift towards me. Nothing I have done, or written about, is my own work."

Brendon said, "Awe, I do not believe that. Think how hard it is to work in pain, get troubles from all other angles, and then you say your faith gets stronger?"

Jodie said, "That is right. He is using my experiences for the blessing of others. He wants all his children home. Abba Father is our Father.

In this our heavenly Father is glorified, using me as his vessel, or instrument. I am a tiny speck, but he says, the mustard seed lesson. That we will go into one day Brendon, if you do not have it given you, in the studies you're after to do. Even the camel can go through the eye of a needle."

Brendon got up, and looked at Jodie, and then at Keith, he said, "You're not serious, how can something so big, go through something so small? Ugh, I am not sure I understand that."

Keith said, "Mate, you will understand. Stick with us, and Alan, and Bob, and Brandy. You will see, eyes of another sort have the true vision."

Jodie said, "Riches of wealth in the flesh, are riches that take away the soul. The heart becomes hardened. The wealthy dictate to others, feeling they are higher due to money, wealth, or anything of flesh needs. That they are to be glorified. Poor must bow to them. But Brendon, often, the very poor person, has higher values, than the rich have. There is a story of about a rich man, who fell into hell. The other poor man, who was allowed to collect the crumbs off the rich man's table, was in the heavenly kingdom. Now the rich man, was poorer than poor. His soul was taken by satan. So he saw the poor man in the heavenly kingdom, asking for a drop of water, to quench his thirst. The fires were dehydrating him for eternity. He knew he could never quench his thirst. For no man can come out of hell, once in it."

Brendon said, "Ok. So hell, it is real?" Jodie said, "Yes Brendon, it is real. It is showing the fires in the earth in this age now, and in older ages too. But the fires of hell increase with time. It increases through mankind going to satan, and worshiping the lies given. Satan give glory to one being. Himself. So he will produce things, that make people feel so powerful. Give them false paths of spiritual journeys. Tell people to do things, that are far away from God. Show ways to cheat the people, that the people who live in the flesh will follow. Living in the spirit is not only true, it is safe, it is the only way to bring glory to our Father. So you see, I have been given a tough path. This path has many lessons, and gave many hard things. Jesus himself, went to hell, in the three day space of his resurrection. You will find that Jesus spake of hell, in many terms in the Bible. There are many ways to speak of it, like the abyss. Satan threw away his own beauty, he is ugly now. He is dead in the world, but the life he has, is a death life. He has no breath of the heavenly Father in him. He knows his end. He knows his chains, where he is not allowed to perform more lies."

Brendon was now very nervous, as Jodie had given him the truth about hell. So Keith said, "Mate, fear nothing, because you're on your way to Jesus Christ, he is with you, the rest of the work is yours to do."

Then Keith looked at Jodie, and continues," so you present book was hard Jodie, was that because of grief, and pain, and the whole way you were targeted for coming away from Jesus Christ?"

Jodie said, "My way of grief was my own right to feel. But from it I am doing a growth. So yes, there were times I had the doubting Thomas syndrome, but very short ones. For the Holy Spirit was not going to forsake me. The power of our heavenly Father is never without truth. So truth wins, and love never fails. Actually I thought at times, that the publishers would not want to edit, as the low ebb was coming into action. What is was, was, the ebb was to be shown to all others, that no way will Jesus Christ leave his own. Jesus has proved that in my life many times. As I was a novice, he created paths to bring me to his only path. He has-----Oh the feeling of his closeness is inside me. I thought that some readers would think that I had no real intrigue in a couple of books. But, and I say this clearly, the Holy Spirit wanted it that way. To show how he takes his faithful ones in his arms, and guides every step."

Brendon said,' I am not able to see the Holy Spirit, can you see him?" Jodie said, "You know when you're filled with the Holy Spirit. It is then you look to nature, and see the creations of much, where in lives the Holy Spirit too. For all life belongs to God. So if you stop to look at a bird, you will wonder how the creation of the bird could be so wonderful? When I used to look at my cat-----"Jodie stops and holds her heart, then said, "She was beautiful. I would see her eyes, her body and the shape she was, the manners of her rather energetic nature. Her aloofness of her nature, when she wanted her way. Her unconditional love. Her nose, and the little freckle on it. The way the end of her tongue would just show through her lips. The way she would come for her tail stroke. So I saw the creation of her, as important as my own creation was made by God. You see Brendon, when you are in truth, you never see things the same way. So animals are to be cherished. They have all the same organs we have. The outer shape is different. True some are to eat. But the killing of them for food, should never be cruel. Thanks giving for the animal giving us life, through their bodies, is a heavenly gift too."

Brendon said, "Yes, I see what you're saying. Yep! A vet I will train as, and a good vet I will be eh Keith?"

Jodie said,' Brendon, there is no time limit on your stay here." Keith said, "Well-----Yes and no-----See when I get to be with Jodie, then you can have the flat I am in, as I said."

The powerful Holy Spirit was working in mysterious ways, with great signs of honoring our king. There was more to come, as always it comes in the time that is right for our heavenly Father.

Chapter Fifteen

Jodie had taken her cleansing very seriously. She was in fighting mode now. Her heart set on the plans that are being prepared for her. Keith had taken Brendon, each day to the shelter.

Keith said, "You know Brendon, animals are allowed to be euthanized, and be put out of suffering. I am against it to some degree."

Brendon looked at Keith, and said, "I figure it's down to you when this comes, for the final-----Well I know that by champion." Keith said, "I told you I pray when I am operating, and working with the creatures of God. I ask for is plan, should one have to be put down. I fight all the odds before coming to that end thought. I feel I am guided to it, if it is for the animals peace, and freedom from suffering."

Brendon said, "So right, understand that, but how come humans are not given that right." Keith looked thoughtful, and then said, "Our heavenly Father is the highest mercy. If he tells me the animal is to leave earth, then I know that all my battling to help the animal, is not to be. Hard to do, never any different at all. I just do not like doing it."

Brendon said, "Jodie told me she had a canary die in her hand. It was so hurtful. She was going to give him something he was on, and he stressed and dies in no time at all. Then she put some toy stuffing in the Avery at that time, and the finches were putting it into the nest. One day one a long strand that Jodie would never have thought would be in it, had a finch by her throat, and Jodie saw it battling, but could not get into the Avery quick enough. It was the mother of many finches born. This made Jodie so sad. You know Keith, Jodie seems to have more time for animals, than human company."

Keith said, "Not any wonder, she had animals doing for her far more than humans were. So Jodie and I, have things in common. There are many people who have had things happen to the creatures they love. I think, most often, the ones who loose their animals for other reasons than not wanting them, always love them, and leave them in their heart."

Brendon said, "I saw a picture of this cat, who looks like she was a very independent cat." Keith said,' like her owner, who is independent. But the bond between them will never be broken. You know Brendon, the cat is adapting and settling in her new home, but it does not mean the bond that Jodie had with her is ended. Animals are a gift."

Brendon said, "So what about the nasty ones?" Keith said, "If they are dangerous, then yes, it is the end. But some actually only need to be with kind people. For so many animals become nasty is they get treated bad."

Jodie had to go to the hospital for a test. She was told that her operation would be soon after they are finding her bladder clear. Jodie had done so much water drinking, that now she was used to it. She smiled at the amount of cranberry she used. But no matter, it is a good way to stop bacteria sticking to the walls of the bladder. She took all home remedies to make sure she passed this test. As Keith had to go to the shelter, Jodie had the red cross come to pick her up, and return her home.

On the way there, a man was talking with Jodie about the English comedy, and detective stories. On the way back, Jodie heard alarming news from this same man. He wants to die, he said. He had seven heart attacks, three coma's cancer in his bladder, and bowels. Asthma, pacemaker. He said he saw another person collapse, and die, where he was being treated. He wished it was him. He said that God did this all to him.

Jodie shuddered at that, and said, "Our heavenly Father did not do this to you, the enemy did." he said that he does not think life is worth living.

Then he opened up and said, he had been a heavy drinker, did illicit drugs, heavy smoker, lived the party life. Jodie thought, man now you're telling me that you used the tools of satan. How is it you are not able to see the consequences?

Jodie said, "You are here still, with all that has happened, so you have some strength. You do not have to loose." then he said he gambles. A brick wall was up with this man. So Jodie asked why he was putting himself down? The driver said, that the man was making a joke! Jodie knew he was not. There was nothing to joke about.

When the man left the car, Jodie said, "May I ask for your healing later?" the man said, "Yes, and will I see you again?" the driver said, "No, she is not likely to be having to go again for tests. Her next one will be the operation."

Jodie thought, yes please Lord, let that come as soon as you want it to be done.

As they were going along the roads, the driver said that many are atheists, and any theology can be an offence to them. Jodie thought, how can offence be felt, when nothing was said a great deal? But to let this poor man, who was poor in his spirit, through his soul, as he admitted himself, that he is paying for his sins! He actually said that right out. Jodie knew she had the light of Christ within her, she wanted to send that light to the man, by being very careful a she spoke. She said, "You say nobody cares for you, your daughter does not want to know. That generation has taken no wealth in their parents. So the ones in this generation, are even more without care. It breeds."

Jodie did not agree with the driver, but knew he was a Catholic. All she said was," I believe in God."

As she came home, whilst on her own, she saw darkness in the very sick man, who wants to continue the black thoughts. Jodie thought, how true is it what was said, and written? ( Many come but few are chosen ) ugh! No-----She did not want this to be in her thoughts anymore, but is doing enough to bring this man to the light, in another way. He may never know it, but the Lord does.

There in her home, she was sitting, praying for her test to be good. Through this retest, she learned many things. She had for ten days, looked up the bladder, she was a coffee drinker. So coffee can make the bladder get irritated. Wow! She never knew that. Tea as well. Water she never liked drinking. Now she is wanting to drink it.

Did the Lord show her how to not only heal her soul, but cleanse her thoughts, and cleanse her body? Yes, he showed her, that in her suffering, he was talking to her. As long as she listened to mankind, she would not hear the Holy Spirit.

Jodie felt Jesus Christ in her body, soul, and spirit. A complete different spiritual health was going on. She was to use this, for the many others in pain. Suffering is due to sin.

She thought again about how she saw him come, all the years back. Yes he was real, and her health at the time was good. She was overdue with her first daughters birth. Her longing to go with Jesus remained for many years.

Her experiences of the black side, had made claim on her body. Yet she was always healed. Jodie thought, my God, every human has different beliefs. Like the big bang, and creation of the universe. No, this did not sit with Jodie. As creation of life, in any matter of action, was the creation of God. How can mankind be supernatural? All want to be supernatural, but in the wrong way. For to Jodie, it is a reward in eternal life, that will speak in clear joys of the children that our heavenly Father has been able to bid to come home.

Jodie felt, as she was working on, the expansion of her soul being cleaned. It was far wider than she ever imagined. So this gave her another point of thinking. She had gifts, but the gifts were taken to use in the dark, which Jodie did not know. Jodie had been spiritual all her life. But as it is said, even the Bible has been tampered with. Cults have come, and gone. As well as those that commit full suicide in masses of people in cults.

So now she knew her gifts were to be used for the Lord. They were not to be disregarded. But learned from. There in her full saving time, just over a year ago, she was saved.

Was it by a preacher? No. Was it by a person? No. Was he coerced into this? No. What did this? She felt an evil around her, in her home, and in her every venture to get along in life, she was hampered. People were off handed with her. None respected her in any way. She was taken from, by doing a good turn, to be insulted. Then she gave again. But after three times, she had to stop the person coming to her home. That person was a witch, and looked like a witch.

It is very wise for all to understand the evil, and the way it makes so many go to the dark, and stay in the dark. If everyone knew the dark ways of networking, throughout the world, and the truth of living in death, all with sense would come out of it.

Jesus Christ knew that Jodie was his messenger. Jodie did not know this. Jesus Christ knew that she would turn to him. Jodie thought she was with him. No she was not, for Jesus will not live in evil. So Jodie went through all the dark places, and finally find the most beautiful eternal Lord.

Where was he? Just outside her heart.

Who was he? Jesus Christ.

What was he? Life, true life.

Who had the breath of life to give in all salvation's? Jesus Christ.

Why did God want this the only way?

Our heavenly Father was jealous of his children going, and growing in evil. It dates back to the envy of satan. All Christians know this.

So God wanted to give of himself, through his son Jesus Christ, to save his creation of mankind.

Why is it so hard to find this peace? There is warfare, it is going on by the multitudes, and millions follow this. A false sense of power is walking the globe. Any of today's generation, if they knew that being so hostile in life, will create for them, as it has done for others, great harm.

Is saying one is a Christian enough? No.

It is futile to speak so, for the world of darkness is evil, beyond comprehension of many ages.

So if one says they are a Christian, and walks that light, what speaks louder?

The silent Christian, that will say they are that, if asked. But do more by giving the messages sent by the Holy Spirit.

Can a Christian be whole if they have some hitches in life? No.

For an instrument will not play a good tune, with a partly broken instrument. It has to be in full tune to give the true music.

Is going to church enough to be a Christian? No.


The church is a fellowship place, and goes hand in hand, with the body of Christ. Which is the true church.

For once the inner presence of Jesus Christ is in the heart, and soul, the outer church is given full benefit to fullness.

A half empty cup will not produce the full cup.

Can one be a Christian, and then fall away. Then later come back? Yes.

How many times can a Christian fall away? Not too often. The answer here is?

No growth can be made in part presence of faith, a house will fall if it has bad foundations.

Do Christians get attacked? Yes.


They are the ones who know Jesus Christ. Satan is not able to gain his false glory, he detests the light.

Can emotions play a big part in this all? Yes.

Jodie stopped here, and thought, yes, I had lost some faith in getting more pain in life. But the pain came from not being alive. That is why it was put there.

What is the true emotion? Love and only love. So the other emotions are?

Satan is happy with destruction. He is fighting the almighty God. Through his reign of the darkness, he was, and is, out to take from God. The sad families, even to Jodie's family, are the work of satan, and the foes of evil breed closer to the heart, than a heartbeat. The arguments are of satan. The crime is of satan. The envy is of satan. Resentment, anger, rage, jealousy, detesting ones own kind is of satan.

Where is it written that no man can be saved? It is written that all man can be saved. It is written many times about hell.

Does this mean that we are to know satan? No. No. No.

What it means is, know only of is evil, so that you can protect, not only this life, but the eternal life.

Why is it so hard to bring to people? Death is to perish. Jodie thought about her own family.

How can it be explained in a world of so much evil done by the warfare, and mankind following it?

The simple truth is-----Love-----Is the only emotion God wanted for his children. He made us all with love. If a man, and a woman fall in love, they are in a heaven on earth, for as long as it lasts. Why is this? Simple, the taste of love, in the purest of ways, is about the holy spirit telling all to love.

It gives people the energy of creating what God meant about his world. Build it with love. If love falls away, love was never there in the first place.

True love means to allow each to be themselves. To love them for that. For God had his reasons for each child to be different in certain things.

Jodie smiled to herself, and thought, this is coming from the holy spirit. How can black skin be different to white skin, in value? How can one country war, to gain more countries? Why harm the world that God created? It will harm gods children doing so.

Learning to be with the purest love, is showing what Jesus died for. Sin will bring darkness. Love will break darkness down. Is love about giving each other things? No.

It's about giving each other love, and looking at what it will build to, by no destructive emotions. It is about learning how each other is, in freedom of any threats of breaking.

Is this impossible in the flesh? Yes.

For in living with the spirit of our heavenly Father, through Jesus Christ, we can all choose to see what the person can become, rather than what they are not.

Jodie knew she had learned a great deal. Yet still she had not studied the Bible. It has been a very divine gift. Had Jodie used it for self gain, it would have done more harm , than good. For people Jodie felt, must know that the truth is free. In freedom, much is given.

Then comes the question, how can we see what is not shown us? The answer is, it is shown in every second of time. If a container has a tight lid, that is meant to stay there, it will not be filled.

If we did not feed our flesh bodies, we would be unfilled. The end result is? Death. So we can fill our spiritual health, for the eternal body of beauty.

Can we split the two? That is the most difficult part. For the flesh will hunger for old traits of harm. The spirit is gods own likeness. If we have two loaves of bread, and one will fill the body, and give it satisfaction. Do we use the other loaf for our spiritual life? Yes certainly.

Which comes first, the spiritual life? Yes. For after that good nourishment, our flesh desires are not tempted for undesirable acts, emotions, and harm. So the flesh bread will sustain the body.

Jodie thought, wow! What a great amount given today. She had read her Bible. Yet all her work was given her by the Holy Spirit.

As the day wore on, Jodie wanted one thing, to be free from her pain. Jodie thought, I want to live and breath in truth. More, and more, the plan of the Lord was coming into view.

The way it was showing, was through the shelter. Yet Jodie was told that the shelter would be run by Mary. So what was it she would be doing?

The Holy Spirit gave Jodie that the surgeons would have the brightness of Jesus Christ in the theatre. That her operation would be swiftly done, no complications. She was to continue her work after the resting time of the surgery. Just as she was about to call Keith, the holy spirit called her in silence. She heard that she would be in the fit state of health, as he wanted her to be healed in all things. She felt the power of love surround her. The peace of holiness does pulse, when living in the spirit.

Jodie thought, I will take some time now to rest. I enjoyed the four days Keith had off. Brendon is showing up trumps. I wonder why Mary will be running the shelter.? Mind you, she has so many volunteers. So she can do that. Keith, so what will be coming with that, if I am not at the shelter?

In the silence of her honour to the Lord, she heard that Keith is part of the plan that is unfolding. The shelter will still be part of her life. But while working on the new path, Mary will be running it.

Ok Jodie thought, so Keith is something to do with me on this path. I like that. But then again, how can he be doing his clinic, and be with me elsewhere too?

Perhaps another vet is taken in that time? Brendon would be training to be a vet, so he would be there. As much as Jodie wanted to know the reason for Keith, and herself, to be together, and where they will be going, was left unfolded.

Jodie heard the Holy Spirit say, that all things that are cleared away, will bring in new, and fresh brightness. This is not the end, it is the beginning of her real life on earth. She came through the birth channel of truth. Both Keith, and Jodie, were the Lords. As the unfolding comes, all will be clear to see.

Now Jodie was excited, that she forgot her hip for a moment, and said, "I have the best surgeon of all, Jesus Christ. He has something very rewarding, that I am allowed to experience, while still on earth. All after the operation, and rehab. I am feeling the strength of grace for the coming messages. This is so exciting."

Keith had come, and as her door was open, he heard this. He said, softly not to alarm Jodie," darling, may I know what you mean?"

Jodie said, "Oh Keith, we have an unfolding of good things coming for us." Keith said, "I understood that, sorry but I overheard you. I came to see how you got on today? I was going to call you, but came instead, after a busy day in the shelter. Brendon is still in the vehicle, because he said that your hospital stuff is private, and not quite his scene to hear."

Jodie said, "Only one thing got on my nerves today." Keith said, "Oh, what was that?" Jodie said, "Well, I have taken out emotions of no growth, as you know. But the driver of the car was telling me that there are atheists, and get offended if theology is spoken about."

Keith said, "Did you talk theology?" Jodie said, "No, I only said to a man, who is-----Looking like wanting to die, saying that too, I said he was a special person, and could work on his thoughts to think about living, rather than the dark thoughts. Had you heard him Keith, he was crying for help, in the darkness of his life. He has been hit in every cell of is body. He has emphysema too. He blamed God for is condition, and I told him God does not do that to anyone, the enemy does. I said no more than that. I said I understood pain, and from the heart I know about pain. He wanted to know if he would see me again? He said that I could ask for his healing, I never told him how I would ask, so I never mentioned prayer. So I do not see how theology was really spoken about." Keith said, "If the man wanted to see you again, as he asked that, you gave him some hope, but the driver may have got crossed wires. In fact it was not his place to say that, because you're in your sixties, how old would the man be-----Do you think Jodie?"

Jodie said, "Could be early seventies. Hard to say." Keith said, "The conversation was between you, and this man," Jodie said, "Yes that is right, but he has nobody at all in life, and spends all day on a computer in chat rooms. That is loneliness."

Keith said, "Jodie, the driver was saying theology, that is a wide subject, not a few words of hope you gave him. If he has nobody, your concern for him would have been welcomed, even if he was doomed in thought. I do not agree with the driver, because suppose this Jodie-----Would it be right if an atheist said you must believe there is no God. Which to you is more harming?" Jodie said, "I would just say I believe in God, but no more than that."

Keith said, this was between you and the man, the ages you both were, means maturity, so I fail to see what the driver meant. As the man never said he was an atheist-----Hey Jodie hang on-----It could be that the driver was an atheist?"

Jodie said, "I doubt that, he is Catholic. Besides he does the work as a volunteer." Keith said, "Ok, but he did not have to pass his thoughts. What sparked him to say anything?"

Jodie said, "I just said to the driver, seeing man like him, really makes one count their blessings. That is all." Keith said, "I still think it was a good thing you told this man he is special still, and could have good thought of living."

Jodie said, "The man is in suicidal thinking, that is a cry for help too, and his large amount of pain, is enough to make him want it to quit, I felt so sorry to hear him, and see him, give up."

Keith said, "Did anyone else offer him hope?" Jodie said ," no, I could see his great need for company. His arms and body were sunk, as he walked with his walker to his front door. He looked like he was thinking, yes back again, but nobody here for me."

Keith said, "Jodie, if you said what you did because all can find God, it is not theology. It was your faith speaking, and-----"

Jodie said, "Sorry for butting in, but I have Jesus Christ, and the light of him inside me, I wanted that light to reach this man, without too much said. I never mentioned Jesus Christ as in name."

Keith said, "Darling, you did far more good in giving a tiny bit of hope, in a man who is going downhill. If he thought about it, you gave a positive way."

Jodie said, "Maybe, but I did understand his misery of it all. Plus why he wanted to go, to be out of pain. But life belongs to God, and to me it is a sin to undermine God in relation to time left on earth. This man had done all the things in life I have never done, so he had contributed to it."

Keith said, tell me," Jodie said, "Quickly, then let it rest in the hands of prayers already said for this man by me. He drank heavy and still wants to do that. He smokes heavy, and I do not know if he still does. He used illicit drugs, and gambles. He used the party road, and so this is his result for it, as you know Keith, the tools of satan are in what has happened to him."

Keith said, "Yes Jodie, this man is well in need of prayer, let us both do it here now, as I want to add to the prayers for this man. Although I have never met him. Then Brendon can come in, but all ok in the testings?"

Jodie said, "Do not know until tomorrow Keith, or the next day if they are too busy."

Keith said, "It will be fine, and will come back as clear, I just feel that Jodie."

Jodie held up her arms to Keith, and he quickly embraced her, and said, "Now this what is unfolding is a good way to see how it will." they prayed for the man shortly, and closed with glory to the Lord.

For Jodie to get some real blessings in life, took her sixty seven years to get. It was not an easy path. But Jodie knew that the Lord Jesus Christ, had no easy path, and was without sin.

The unfolding was going to unfold with great knowledge given, and a good life on the earth for Jodie, for the first time. She wanted to know the truth. Those words, over, and over, opened the door of divine, and protected messages. More was to come.

Chapter Sixteen

the morning had the sun shining on the tree tops. The smell of the dew, and the rabbits still running over the banks of the river. Jodie was up early, and looked out of her window. Keith had picked Brendon up, and as they drove off, she got up.

Jodie thought about how Jesus is not in peoples lives today. It came upon her that the majesty of the king, is farther from today's generation. Some say it's stories of history.

Jodie thought, it is all written, but so many alter the way it is meant to be. There are so many ways that Jesus is put. To Jodie, it made the one being of the son of man, multi functional. Looking like Jesus was many pieces to suit the intellectual sites of religions made of different beliefs. Not any wonder there is dispute, then wars.

Jesus was the greatest gift, of the heavenly Fathers reason to give his son. People argue about the immaculate conception. God would not need two people to make his son. For his son was within him at all times.

How can they look towards planets with wonder, and not see the wonder of God's son? Where was it different to any creation the Lord made? What man is above all other man? To create a palace of riches, and gowns of the richness.

Many a palace is within the worldly power of sin. How many do the work, with other motives? Leaves it very open, but rarely an answer.

The answer lies within a Christian who really lives in the spirit. For Jodie, living in the spirit, distanced her from others. Not because she was unable to communicate. She was able to see the others in darkness, that they had created to go to, by living in the greed of fleshly desires.

Examples are, must have that car, at any cost. So within that desire, days are lost. The cost? Loosing the beauty of the grace of God in his natural love, spoken out loudly, in silence, in nature, in animals.

Some work their butt off for years to own a home, far from their actual financial ability. For one reason only, prestige.

Far be it sense to Jodie, to build such blocks of life, and miss the real beauty of this life. Again it means people are choosing the stress of life, to gain what they can never take with them.

Jodie thought, imagine if every human was given the same amount, for all deserve homes, food, and harmony.

Jodie thought about the word love. How can any person be in any way loving, if they are in constant rush to claiming what is not wealth?

Jodie found pleasure watching the birds come down for their feed. Even more when she had given them food. She would call them, and then as they ate, her heart felt full.

Jodie would look inside a flower, the majesty of the twining colors. The changes of the many fauna, and flora. The planetary sights from earth.

There is many saying, the Bible is the word. Yes it is, but each word is expanded, when the sight Paul had gave him all to see, not only the surrounding shell, but the inside of the shell too.

Jodie thought the word shell, can be given as the outer planets seen. Or anything that shows an outer visible shell.

Even a body is only seen from the outer physical shell. Harmful actions by mankind, show what is going on inside. But even more than that, those actions are creating their ails in health.

How can one, who has reformed from an addiction, begin to judge another, who is having trouble doing it, when they go to another addiction, to replace the one they have given up? Nothing is won there.

Jodie knew her own addiction, was her own admission of not enough trust in Jesus Christ. That addiction she did not do all life long. It was spasmodic. She had far more trouble giving it up, the last time she did.

Two relapses, and her own annoyance at herself for relapsing, made her more determined to beat it, and leave it for the benefit of her health. Never once did she speak to another, that they must do what she has done.

Jodie believed in examples, of action, with words of her own reasons to quit. She has succeeded.

Over in the distance Jodie saw the tree's along with the houses in distanced places.

To Jodie's memory, she remembered the book she read once, ugh! But just the same, she wants to bring this forward. It was by a medium, well known over the world, by literature. In this book, the author spoke of being able to break clouds, and make them disappear.

Jodie went out to her high rise part of the building. She looked at the clouds. Then thought I will try it. She chose a small cloud, and concentrated on it, as was read by Jodie. To Jodie's greatest surprise, the cloud began to fade. It faded from cloud into the blue sky, it disappeared.

Jodie thought, I never expected that to work. So over times, she did this , and each time the cloud would disperse, not showing how it went away to leave just the blue sky. There was not one time clouds did not disperse, Jodie found three, four five, and so on, that went away in following her mind.

At first Jodie thought it was coincidence. When it happened every time she tried it. There was no doubt about this strange energy to do that.

She stopped that, after understanding the satanic power of lies. Such things can, and do, happen. The electrical energies, are unseen, but they are there.

Jodie thought, I have my one way of believing. That Jesus lives in every human who opens their heart to him. He is as close as that, she thought he is in all mankind. Bidding them to come to the truth.

Jodie laughed, she said out loud," I wanted to know the truth, how little I knew then, the width of heart our heavenly Father has; all people know of God, but deny him, in the world of fast working damage to mankind. Oh I am glad I know the truth."

The memory of her cat remained in her heart, she still had the times of getting her up on screen to look at her, and tell her baby girl, she still loves her.

Over by the bridge stood a man, he was dressed in very posh clothes. He was looking at Jodie's cottage. Jodie watched him as he seemed to be preoccupied with looking at Jodie's home.

He began to walk to the pathway near her home. He stopped at the gate, made a gesture movement of determination, and came through the gate.

The knocking on the door came. Jodie was uncertain to answer, as this was a stranger, to her. The Holy Spirit gave Jodie the feeling it was alright to open her door.

" good day miss Jodie. I am Mr. Johnathon Richards. I take it you are miss Jodie?" Jodie said, "Yes I am, but I certainly do not know you Mr. Er-----" Johnathon said, "No you will not, here is my card, and my reason for finding you, was through your books."

Jodie said, "Ah them, they are given to me." Mr. Richards said, "That is what is the greatest pull to people. They way you get the words, and no words are your own. How many do you think, have the Holy Spirit working so diligently with them?"

Jodie said, "Whoever is ready for this work, it is not just me, there are many that the Holy Spirit works with, so?"

Mr. Richardson said, "I am a director of a filming company. I found your books with a company that has interested me, by the books given into that publication. Many great talented people have done great books."

Jodie said, "So?"

Mr. Richardson said, "May I come in please?"  Jodie realized her lack of manners, and said, "Yes, please do, I apologies for being off handed, wait till I move my-----" Mr. Richardson came in saying," yes I knew of your disability."

Jodie wheeled herself into the lounge room, and said, "So I want to know the real reason you were finding me?"

Mr. Richardson said, "Would you listen to me first?" Jodie said, "Yes."

Mr. Richardson said, "I was looking through sites one day, and came upon your book,==I want to know the truth==I was so taken with the honesty of it, and realized how many in similar situations, would find they were not alone as children, in places much the same. I went through to look at the author name. I then found following books. Not one sign of who you were."

Jodie said, "I have to ask you how you found out it was me?" Mr. Richardson said, "The way the books were done, came over to me, as a child was writing them. In them I saw wide knowledge of the destructive force. The Holy Spirit I felt, was the author of your work done. Look, I deal with directing some rough movies. I wanted something that would capture an audience. In a way of truth. Your title of the first book, took me."

Jodie said, "I am not the author, I am given directly from the holy spirit, and so as I am a child of God, I write like a child of God. I am not one of great ability to use words in grand ways. Besides my English is not that fancy."

Mr. Richardson said, "That is why I am here Jodie. It took me a long time to find who you were?"

Jodie said, "I know the publishers would not tell you."

Mr. Richardson said, "No, they did not. It came to me in another way. I had to find out who you were. I noticed it was said, in many books, nobody knew who you were. That my dear strikes interest."

Jodie was taken by this, but how on earth could he have found her?" he continues saying," I took the books, and scripted them for myself. I was looking at how a movie could be made? So to be able to do that, I have to have permission, from you, and the publishers. You see Jodie, I feel we need to bring in movies that would come against the current charge of thrills everyone demands."

Jodie said, "Tell me how you found out who I was, and how to find me?

Mr. Richardson said, "In Britain a brother of yours, a half brother. I know him, as he is with our company. He has a company too. Now he told me one day, he had a half sister, who he had contact with, from the year 2005. The contact stopped. As we talked, he said he had an email address, but nothing is coming from it to him, or from him to the address. Over taking film this one day passed, where he said, "Something is suggesting to me, that an author of a book I have read, appertains to things in my life. Rather too closely. I asked him if it was the author I had read books from?"

He looked at me, and said it was, yes. He also said, things given in the books could be made into a movie that could update the scripture. Not to change it, but to reach the world of today. So I gave it great thought. Now the email of old, we could not break to find you. I found one contact that could give me some idea. Your half brother. He said Australia was where his half sister was. The only way to do this, was for him to tell me your name, and roughly what state you were in, in 2005?"

Jodie said, "That would not give you my author name, and mine together."

Mr. Richardson said, "True, but here I am, and I had to find you. It came to me going from one country to another. The only way I could finally find you was to get a way to open that old email."

Jodie said, "That does not link in with my books, there is something missing here in what you are saying?" Mr. Richardson said, "True, so finding you was very difficult. Look without going into great detail, would you be interested in giving permission to making a movie from different parts taken, from your books?"

Jodie said, "I would consider it, but no way am I to be given out, good God! How on earth did this happen?" Mr. Richardson said softly," perhaps the Holy Spirit wants use of materials given, and put into a way people of today's age would understand. I know you would not take money, even if the film was a sell out. So what do I do with your part of the money?"

Jodie said, "You're jumping guns here, it may not be a sell out." look I am Johnathon, let's be on single names. I know it will be a sell out. You see with technology of today, we can create the spiritual scenes exactly as they were given to you. I want to-----" Keith had come to the home, and said, "Jodie, I came early from the shelter-----Oh sorry, I did not know you had company. Brendon is still there, and Mary said she will bring him back here tonight."

Johnathon looked at Keith in disbelief, and said, "Keith, I am sure you are Keith," Keith said, "Yes, that's me. Hang on-----When did you arrive in this country?" Johnathon said, "Four days ago. I was looking for a fine lady named Jodie, who is an author."

Jodie said, "Wait-----What is going on here, how can you both know each other?" Keith said, "We are brothers. " Jodie said, "Brothers? Explain it to me please."

Keith said, "We were both born in Britain, and our parents divorced. We got separated, we had no way of being together. Usual family disputes. So I came to Australia, and today I am a vet."

Johnathon said, "I am a film director." Jodie was in total awe over this. It was this that made her less defensive about her books.

Keith said, "Well done Johnathon, so why here?" Johnathon said, "Jodie has done books, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. As I read them, I saw the child in them, meaning Jodie. I saw a brighter picture to be made from them. I want, if Jodie will allow me to, make a movie for Christianity to be known, in another theme of bringing to the people. You see, we have the aged ones, acted many times for all. But this time I felt that the visions seen, that come from above, could be emulated, to as clear as we could make."

Jodie said, "Nothing can be as the real thing." Keith said, "That is right, but the meanings going to people in this way, may just reach more hearts Jodie." Jodie said, "I want time to think about it, I think you two have a great deal of time to talk over.

The two bothers went over their lives, and how they wanted to find each other, but never knew where to?

Brendon came back with Mary, and the cottage had five people in it, eager to have a film done about Jodie's material from the Holy Spirit."

Brendon said, "I-----Um-----I think these two brothers need one place to stay in for a while, to turn over their lives, in the years missed between them."

Mary said, "Keith if Jodie is ok about it, Brendon can come back into your flat for a few days, and that would make space for you, and Johnathon to-----"

Jodie burst out," hey you lot, oh-----Oh-----Ok I suppose it would be fine, talk about making my mind up Mary?"

They all laughed, and Keith said, "Come on Brendon, get your bits together. Mary you can go back home, and I will bring Brendon with me, as I too have to get my things for a few days." Johnathon said, "This will save me living in motels. I have done a bit much of that sort of living."

Jodie knew her three bedrooms were cozy in her home, and as he was Keith's brother, her heart gave way to him.

Jodie went to her kitchen, and said to the Lord," you did this, I know you did. I will allow a film to be made. If its done from different parts of the books, giving out your word, and showing the lies in full view, then so be it. Please allow your only truth to be taken, and allow no evil intent on the movie to come."

Jodie came back, and the two brothers were in joking moods. Jodie said, "How do I address you Mr. Richardson, how come you both have different surnames?" Johnathon said, "Call me john, that will do. Jodie, a very surprising day for us all. But the movie. I wanted to use the first book, as that on its own, would not make a full film, so using the other books, in the places where, the truth comes out loud and clear, I could see the different things written, coming into a good script. I have the actors I would use for the film too."

Jodie said, "A great deal to think about on one day here." john said, "I wanted to use the ones with some criminal themes in. Also the one with a child who was gifted. One with a child that was disturbed in life. Plus the evil tools of satan brought out in the movie too, closing the movie with the truth."

Keith said, "Sounds like a good years work to me." Johnathon said, "It may be longer than that. Depends on how well it comes together. Now Jodie, would I have to get the publishers agreement?"

Jodie said, "I think it's fair to ask them, and as it's for bringing in people to the truth, I do not think they will mind."

Keith went over to Jodie, and gave her a hug. Johnathon looked on and said, "Seems to me you're both an item?" Keith said, "Yes, we are waiting for her to be operated on, a long and arduous wait."

The evening was in total pleasure of such a blessing to come to them all.

Jodie said, "Keith, if this means you're needed, who will take your place while away, doing this film, as I feel john wants you there with me."

Keith said, "I have a good friend, recently retired. He is a great vet, and he retired early, but he did tell me, that should I need him on any occasion, he will come and help me out."

They went to bed, all rather tired.

The next morning Jodie had a call, her operation was in three weeks time.

Johnathon said, "Jodie, I can bring my team here to Australia, as I feel it may be better for us all round."

Keith said, "Sounds great, so what will I be doing in this all?" Johnathon said, "You will be helping Jodie. She will be needing you. I want her to bring her thoughts to the plans of creating this movie. The books will remain as they are, but I want to take the different parts, after the first book is put into action. The first book is what will draw people. Because sadly, so may little children, have been harmed this way. Causing so many grow up feeling unworthy. It's a well known fact, that so may people from abusive childhoods, have mental, and emotional pain."

Jodie said, "That is so true. When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, and in a way that all who wishes to read it, Jesus Christ had the power to use that material. I found it hard to do, but I knew it was for a good reason."

Johnathon said, "It must have been. You were given nothing for the traumatic life you had. Sounds like you had children Jodie?"

Jodie said, "Yes, and none in my life at all. I have tried to hide that."

Keith said, "Jodie, it is fine with me. As I too have children, but they went away from me, through emotional blackmail done to them."

Johnathon said, "Cut my name again as I said, to john, as I too have children, and the same happened to me. I took life as a single man, and became what I am today. Now lets see-----Um-----I can call England, and ask the company to send the team here."

Jodie said, "What about the cost of it all?" john said, "That is all in the making of the film Jodie. So when it's done, I ask again, what do I do with the money that should be to you Jodie?"

Jodie said, "If it comes a good sell out, my money is to become holy currency. You see, I want it to go to the welfare of children that need our Lord in their lives."

John said, "It's hardly going to be a movie for children." Jodie said, "I know that, but money can help children left out of their families. They do not need to know I have given it at all."

Keith said, "So the team john, how many would come here?" john laughed, and said, "I want to use my camera team, so they will be together in a department we can find. I will find a department big enough to do this. Their living expenses are covered in the work. So we need to find a large-----Is there any large places that can be rented Jodie?"

Jodie said, "I do not know much about that sort of thing." Keith said, "Why not rent one of the large houses, or perhaps two of them?"

John said, "There are twenty people in the team. The actors are coming too, as I want them from England. So we may be looking at a large crew. Still I think it will work out well."

Keith was silent for a while, and then said, "Seems to me brother, that it may be better to have it done in England, and not shove the team half way round the world. Jodie will be well enough six weeks after the operation. So we have nine weeks from now to then."

John said, "Mm-----I was thinking of Jodie, that is why I suggested the team coming here." Jodie said, "In a way I would prefer it in England, that way I will feel more secure. I do not want my name out at all. If that happens, I am sorry, I would have to decline this."

John said, "Ok, ok, so I will wait here, and we all can go to England in august. What I can do in the time, is go through things with you Jodie. Show you the actors I have in mind. As I-----Well to be direct-----I have spoken to them, and they are free to do this movie. To be honest Jodie, some of the actors are Christians. So all will be safe in the Lord's armour. Have no fear."

The time came for Jodie to be operated on, and she came through it very well. Keith stayed at the hospital, while she was operated on. He had asked a pastor to come to see Jodie, before the operation, and after it. It was in this time, that Keith had given his all to the Lord.

John had given his all to the Lord in the same time. A very close family of our heavenly Father had knitted together, as one.

During the rehab, Jodie was having to be very careful, and she was building herself up very well. Her ability to walk, was getting stronger. No pain, she was free of pain.

Jodie said, "I remember a time that I asked a man to help me in a service station for petrol. This was some time ago. He said he would, and just needed to move his car. He moved his car alright, away, and never showed up to help."

Keith said, "In all things, Jesus Christ see's it, and for anything not done, as in the living of spirit for one of his children, will not go without punishment. Jesus is not punishing him, but he is allowing the darkness to punish him, because he ignored a genuine need. So one day, he will need help, and it will not come to him. This way, he may too, think about Jesus Christ."

John said, "Many are the routes of the work of our heavenly Father. Now Jodie, looking the first book, we wondered if it would be alright to use==I want to know the truth==?"

Jodie said, "Do not use the same title. Why not call it==from untruth to truth==." john said, "Mm-----I quite like that Jodie. Yes, actually, we do have t use one child actor, for showing the ways of abuse that harm children."

Jodie said, "Oh, but how can a child do that, it may effect the child." john said, "No, as the child I have in mind, is a great actor, and for him, it will only be a movie, not a fact of his life."

Jodie said, "Ah, so you're going to have a male child, rather than a female, as I was in that time of abuse?" john said, "Yes, it safe guards the material from you Jodie. The same sort of abuse can be acted, without the very sordid details. I have it in mind to show just how much satan took adults into his darkness, and innocent as a child is, the child was harmed for life from it."

Jodie said, "There is more truth in that, than known. Medical files have this sort of disturbance in mental patients. So much is done in the drug treatment, and nothing is done in the ending of this great harm done. You see-----For me, still even now, I loose in all sorts of ways. What I love is taken from me. So no matter what others think, my little cat was mine, I love her, but my health was not up to her energies, as they increased when I got a lacking in ability to do for her the patience I usually have, was fading. She was very naughty in the last weeks with me. I even thought she might be influenced by some dark force. She would not come in, it could be midnight, or even later. I could not leave her out in the night, so stayed up until she came in."

John said, "A cat Jodie, awe that would have been hard to let her go, yes I can see what you're saying, you saw her making her demands on you, while your getting more in pain. Did you get very impatient with her?"

Jodie said, "Not really, but I gave her, her way, and she loved to be territorial of her home, and outside her home. So she began to ask to come in, and I let her in, then she would talk non stop, to go out again. As time went by, I left the back door open, and closed the inner door, so that she could come in, and eat, and drink. I put a good warm bed in the laundry cupboard, as I could not have her jump on my bad hip. She did not know that was why I did that. But one walk over my body, and any pressure on my leg was just so painful. The same pattern came. Now and then I would let her in bed with me, and hold her, as I did, her paw in my hand. Her little ears, the tips would be cold, and I would warm them. But she did not stay, like she used to. She would get out, and lay in her place, by my feet, on top of the covers. So yes, one move on my keg, and ouch! So the pattern came again, I was to let her go. I asked for help, and oh yes, one said they would be doing that, but things stopped that coming. So I asked a neighbor, and that was obvious, she did not want to. So help was a word nobody heard. So I-----I am sorry john, and Keith, but it hurts still. So you see, innocent children get to feel, that they have to give up what they love. When in truth, it was I who needed love. So the harm done all those years ago, repeats its ugly head. It is almost as if, the way I was left out, harmed, and abused, made me feel that life is that way."

John said, "Ah yes, I see it, the way you were treated, gave you a mental block on keeping what you love. Tell me Jodie, did you have many moves in life, as in places to live?"

Jodie said, "Oh yes, I could never settle in one place for long. I had so many homes as a child, so again the same pattern. I kept moving."

Keith said, "Things will change now Jodie, late as it seems, as we are now, in our later years. But I know it will change Jodie, for all the hard work you have done, there will be a harvest. Your greatest need to me is, the same need I have, and no doubt, the same need john has. That is, to be genuinely loved."

Jodie said, "Nobody can love me if I do not allow myself to feel worthy of love. I have to love myself, to give love, for if it's not in me, I am not able to give it out. I do not mean love of self, as in ego, and material things. I mean I am worthy in the eyes of Jesus Christ. So I have to learn my whole new life, being born again into the arms of Jesus, who never forsakes me, who had me in his care, when I never knew he did, as a child. So this is the time, loosing the hips, having two false ones. It means, I carried the pain of abuse in my heart, soul, and body. The body ended up being harmed from carrying such a heavy load. For I never knew I resented my childhood so much, that I had carried the sin of others doing that to me, so that that control was overbearing. It took its toll. It led me into caverns of darkness, yet-----In the dark was a bright light. I was not going to be in the fold of satan claiming my family, I was to be saved. So to love another means, I have to learn my own value to my Lord, my king, and my saviour. This way, I learned the way to love. A hard way to learn this lesson. Then to think of Jesus giving his blood for me, and for all mankind, means, he never once wanted satan to claim his fathers children. So now I know how to love, without any means of self gratification. No gifts can teach me love, nothing of the worldly goods, can teach me this love, for this love is a pure love. It is even higher than we know, while being in the world, how very great the love really is. It is far wider than words. Love is all we are meant to be. There is no wealth, that can buy wealth of the seeds sown in good ground, and the oil of purity is our blessing. Seeds I sowed, came up as blooms, but the snares of evil, brought weeds amongst the blooms. So I had to do some weeding."

John said, "Ok, so we have a great measure of materials to work with. How do you think humor is Jodie?"

Jodie said, "Humor, well I have used that in all ways possible. Nobody has as yet seen, or heard my humor, and do you know why?"

Keith said, "Why?" Jodie said, "While others are simmering in their own lacks of knowing that Jesus is talking in silence, to come to him, they are not able to see, or hear humor. There are many blind people in the world. Many deaf too, and many without care. None of that will benefit the unworldly to produce the seeds of the holy land."

John said, "So you're saying that with living in the material wealth, there is no room for the spiritual health?"

Jodie said, "I rest my case, yes, love without wanting something for it. Give without wanting it back. Ask and it shall be given. But it can never be given, if love is about control of another. Leave God to be God, and us to be human. The filling in of that spiritual lesson is, the Holy Spirit. For once living in the Holy Spirit, nothing outside of that matters."

John said, "Right, we are nearing out journey to make a very impressive scripture come into focus of viewing the truth. Acting can be a good way for those who do not read the words. Keith, you have some sort of special life ahead with Jodie. I would like to meet the similar kind of lady one day."

Jodie said, "Now I know why Mary is going to run the shelter, and others are coming in to fill the shelter while we are away. Now I know why I was told by the Holy Spirit, that Keith, and I, would be partly in the shelter, and why we are leaving it for a time, to return, and take our stand with it, it is for a later time. We are not able to grow, without understanding our sorrows, to turn it to the glory of God."

The time was near to making the arrangements for the exclusive means of bringing in the power, for we will all be filled with the Holy Spirits fulfillment.

John said, "Wow! That is very moving. Yes, I can learn here too." Jodie said, "We are family, so we all need to commit out lives to love."

The next passage of holy intervention of evil to be taken out of the message to come in the movie, was going to have some direct, and divine miracles. The way it unfolds is of one way and one way only. Through Jesus Christ, the way, the truth, and the life, is bringing in a powerful old age, and all ages, message of truth, into this assignment of brightness, be prepared for the breaking of chains. The passage is already in the making. Be prepared for meeting the truth. For in this new way of making this happen, means it will happen.

Chapter Seventeen

Jodie came through her operation, very well. Her outlook was upon new grounds in life. Her pain was gone. Not just pain of the hip itself, but her long pain of years. She thought about how many people would be bearing pain from so long ago. That the effects of it all, had ruined many areas in life.

Jodie was looking out of the window, in the hospital. She thought, I wish I could tell people that when given abuse as a child, know that the focus on life, is far beyond the cruelty given. That no child is the offending person. The offence is upon the adults that do it.

She knew that in her life, her own defenses were down, they had been crushed, through beatings, and lack of food, and given old clothes, that did not fit, so she was laughed at. Her spiritual life was the only seed, that was left to her.

Her anger towards this all, was a normal part of healing. People did more harm to her, than good. So many are users. Who have the same money as Jodie had, but wanted her to give to them. Because they did not manage money correctly.

Going from that, Jodie went over in her mind to the witches again. She thought, my God, had I the mind I have now, I would have thought them weird. I never knew they were witches.

Jodie looked at he last pages of her life before the operation. There she remembered the funny movements these women made. Not once did Jodie see, a person get healed. Not once. There on a put up massage table, is a person laying on it. One women begins to shake her hand, and says it is her guide. Jodie looked round the room thinking, what guide, I see no guide at all?

Then another woman, who lives fully in ego, is making he oddest moves in the air, twisting, and turning, and her lips were tight. Her eyes shut, and face with no happy look at all. It was quite ugly to watch.

A man who is aged, wearing long hair, in a pony tail, who had hands over the head of the person to be healed. Another women who looked real miserable, most of the time, doing something Jodie had never heard of. One aged woman, who was so filthy in her home, holding her hands over the person. Another younger woman, who cried all the time.

A man came who looked very odd. His books were against the Bible, but he was led to think he had that very part in the Bible. He had written books on aliens. He also gave a book, that Jodie did manage to get, where Jesus Christ is supposed to have married, and a child as well. This is not so.

Jodie learned something from all this, she had to be there, for in that group, she learned the sins of the past family. That was a time she was again in great pain, looking for company. Instead she got with people of insanity.

She had listened to the way they spoke, and the many crystals put out for energy. Jodie thought, this is not right somewhere. I have to find out where? One evening, a service was held, and two people got up to speak. Jodie sat there in pain, and listened to this woman.

She had dark hair, thin build, cold face, and as if her outer body was not her real body. Jodie could not explain that, at the time to herself. For she did not know the evil can cloak a person.

The woman began talking of aliens. Indianians she called them. Jodie thought, how can this be, when a space ship would have to come down for this to be created? The woman was going on about the intelligence given her by them.

Jodie thought, intelligence, you're kidding this is not making sense? As she went on, the material of spiritual rubbish was thickening to a quick sand, in Jodie's mind. She thought if anyone goes there, they will sink. There was more truth in that, than known. They were sinking, as long as they believed this rubbish.

Later the man got up, to do readings. Jodie was told once by this man, that her mother had three sisters, that Jodie never knew about. That was total rubbish, for the ages would not have fitted the so called reading given. Her grand mother would have had to be ancient for that. Her grand father died before Jodie was born.

Now much of this was going on, and the crazy ways they spoke, really made Jodie pick up her ears. How can a cat be a healing cat? How can a guide make a hand shake? How can there be an angel in the corner of this women's home, who did the dark force work?

How could anyone believe an Indian was their husband two years ago. Who they never knew about, until it was drawn by another person, that told them that. If reincarnation exists, then how is it nobody knows about the past lives? The stories given on that, is one hundred percent false. Jodie knew that in mental institutions, there were patients who would say they were Jesus Christ. She had an experience of that once, on visiting such a place, to see a patient. The man came up and said that. Jodie was alarmed.

As Jodie made her experiences, her gifts of glory, by turning them around, she quietly thanked the Holy Spirit for giving her this opportunity.

The woman that held the healing practice, had books, all of them occult. None of them Christian. Yet they said they were a Christian spiritualists. They never read the Bible, for in there is it an abomination to be with spiritualists.

Over time, Jodie felt evil around her, evil she could not describe, but it was as if it was looking at her. She felt it. The more she read about the practices of spiritualists, the more the evil was felt.

The whole group had a wall up against Jodie. At the time Jodie did not know why? Jodie was very capable of saying things, that were accurate. None of the women had this. So envy was spoken about. One women was abrupt, which to Jodie is rudeness. Envy in this woman was so strong, that she wanted to take from Jodie, things she loved, and tell her that all the people Jodie knew were using her. This women never knew anyone Jodie knew. So it was really insane talk. Jodie kept patience. Then one day threw a wobbly at the women. It was enough, Jodie had taken months of this cutting tongue. So it was time to stop it.

The women then became hostile. To Jodie, she had taken quite enough of this occult nonsense.

Jodie knew that she was given the wall. These women did not know why they were against Jodie. For Jodie had mentioned the truth of Jesus Christ. Once that was done, the stabbing eyes were in fear, but in war as well.

Now Jodie knew, after all this time, that she was to experience this, so to get free. Jesus had come to her, he came for a reason, the reason was not opened to her, for forty seven years. The women were finding Jodie saying things, that do not appertain to the glory of the truth, that they were claiming.

Ego was a must in the group, one women wanted power over all others. She was very mentally unstable. Another women was waving her arms as a spirit angel, and the talk that came, was idiotic. But all of the women let it happen. Jodie kept a pillow between her, and this, so as to stop anything of evil coming to her. Jodie held the pillow, strongly. But it was the evil that penetrated into Jodie's life. There was only one weapon left to kill evil.

Jodie had left the women, thinking how very unwell they were. She had said that a psychiatrist would be giving all in the room, anti-depressants. From that Jodie was giving them a warning of the evil they are cloaked with. The insanity if it all. The sense left was to come out of it, and burn all occult items. Now Jodie knew, they were gone. That the women of the healing practice, had demons running wild, and free, to harm in cunning ways.

Jodie looked to it all , as pages of her freedom. For had she not had the sense to look through it, she too would be caught in the hell direction network.

Yes, it was a good idea to make a film about. Jodie thought, I have given this many times. The reason is that if one way is not read about, than another might be, as all work the Holy Spirit gives Jodie, is to reach all mankind. So as tastes of things are choices, one way may not take the interest of the reader. So many other ways are given.

Jodie had thought of the tapes, and CDs she heard, being contradiction. One was in trance, and speaking of a guide, when in fact it was a demon, or many demons talking. Had any of the listeners stopped to replay it, there is the twisting in words. First it's one way, then it's another way, so one is going down a one way street, with two streets non existent in the one way. How can any sane mind believe all that?

Jodie then cleared this out of her mind, as the more she had carried, and innocently at times, evil was taking her body, but never her soul. That is why she suffered so much loss. Now she knows how to stop that.

Jodie looked at her new leg, and thought, the evil is now ceased in my body. I am now free of all past curses.

She had her mind going to her journey to England. Keith had intention to marry Jodie in England, he felt it a time they would be left alone together for a while. No shelter emergency, or any other type of delays were left.

Jodie had the pastor come at her request. She passed all this by to him. He said, "I am interested in such details of the dark force. As the more I learn, I too can be of greater service. To be part of bringing the dark to the light, where all is exposed, thrills my soul."

Jodie said, "I would like a word of prayer, as this is the last time I will expose the evil, that are curses, that take people to the lake of fire. I want to take my rehab well, for I am going to England, in august. There a film is being conducted."

The pastor said, "A film. What may I ask is it about?" Jodie said, "The proof of the truth. The avenues to be avoided at all costs, and the beauty of the heavenly Fathers creations. For pastor, the Holy Spirit has worked with me for a year. In all I do, it is his words that come. I get tongues, quite often now. Short, but I also get the meanings as well, and always on my own. The first time it came, I was not sure where it came from, or why? So this movie will be a holy movie. One that will engage, I pray, the ages of all times. For the youth of today, are in danger greater them in my youth. For as time is short, satan is angry. He knows his end, he knows Christians are his foes. He wants to harm Christians more than those who are not Christians. He feels he has them going with him, to the abyss. As repetitive as the Holy Spirit has spoken to me, I deliver his words, in a way I can, for is way is superior. He knows, if I do it in a child like way, people will understand it."

The pastor said, "I am very impressed with this. It's not often I meet a patient who is so bright in the light of truth."

Jodie said, "Ha! This last book is hard to do, it has gone all directions, for a purpose. It's folded in the shades of dark. The main reason is, to show that the last part of this book, is the to show the brightest light of all. So in the last two chapters to come, the survival of the holy path was never to darken. Or takes a half hearted soul. There is no high class service needed. For in the walk of Christ, he was simple, and unselfish. It is the time to bring that back to the beginning. For the beginning, and the end is his. So I know that this movie, will be given a great blessing. For it is the Holy Spirit that asks for it to be done. People are sent together, who are willing to work his direction. He shows us, all the time. He has also sent me the very people he wanted the work to go to."

The pastor said, "So the work this time was all directions. Who are we to question his reason for that?"

Jodie said, "Precisely, and the name of the film will be====The Proof of the Truth====It will be binding the people who see it, into questioning the material life, against the spiritual life. They will see real life events, and the way it comes from curses, to blessings. Apparently, john the director, said, the way the last part of the movie will be, very intense, and strong. That he has the expertise to produce a film, that is going to look like life to the watching people. Well pastor, I need to rest now, thank you for coming, and you will know the movie, by the title given. Know that the title is given from the Holy Spirit. I am excited to see how this unfolds. It will have all life given in it, along with all paths to life. There will be animal life too. Even I did not know that a turn was coming. As I have shares in an animal shelter, that I thought I would be going to after this operation. The Lord had other plans. John said his company will be making the end of the movie, spectacular signs before the second coming. Lo, for even now the grumbling world, is the voice of the evil in it. How can people ignore the obvious signs? I am happy to think the ending of the film, will be so resounding, that it will live in the memories of those that saw it. Its description, I am not able to tell you pastor. As the lighting, and technology involved, is not mine to know about, it will unfold, as it's meant to."

Pastor got up, and said, "I am going to look for this, you did mention that is may take a year to do. Will it come over here from England?"

Jodie said, "It will reach all the world, if that is what the holy spirit intends. I thank you again for coming to see me."

The pastor left, and Jodie knew in her heart, the Holy Spirit wished the team to be producing a very wide bidding, and message.

Chapter Eighteen

Keith had arranged with his brother Johnathon, the flight times. Jodie was looking so bright. Her body was without pain, so she had no strain on her face. Keith was so happy that Jodie was healing so well. Her eyes were bright, her posture very straight, and her nature even more alive.

Jodie called Keith, and said, "Keith, I get at times very uncertain about people." Keith said, "Oh, and what brought that on Jodie?" Jodie said, "Looking back over the time I needed company, and help in moral support, I got judged, and had my bad pain interfered with."

Keith said, "Yes Jodie, I know you had that, I also know, being a vet, that people without medical knowledge, have a one eyed view, and state things far from understanding that a person needs to be heard. Even in my practice, I have had people tell me how their animal should be cared for. You see Jodie, many of these people, have little in life, and take on a trespassing judgment. This causes the sufferer to feel alone."

Jodie said, "Darling Keith, before you came in my life, I had the works thrown at me. I could have company if I went to church. It is not possible to sit in church with such a high degree of pain. So I felt that as I did not go, I was classed as how they thought I was. My own thoughts, and feelings were not counted. For me to hear a preacher ask me what I need, after my telling him I need, just threw me, as I felt as if he did not understand. Jesus did not ask the lame man to walk. He took the lame man's heart, and saw the truth in the lame man, that is why his sins were forgiven."

Keith said, "Jodie, we are leaving tomorrow for England. Johnathon got his company to find us accommodation. Look how well you have rehabilitated, and standing strong. In what I have read, Jesus said that it is wise not to tell others what is in your heart. Because no matter what is said, the people have their way, and want, or force, of even emotionally practice a way, that is their way. Their church, not your church. That sort of thing."

Jodie said, "My, you have been studying, yes, I was going over things, as a way to empty out. I too have read where Jesus said, that what is in your heart is not any others concern, better to just tell him. I saw, felt, and witnessed those who say things, but have no care. So I began to distance myself from people. Then I meet you, and you were without any motives. You took me as I am."

Keith said, "Jesus takes us just how we all are, then alters the road. You know that Jodie, you my dear, have given far more than you yourself realize. Brendon is doing well, and the vet I have in my place, until we come back, is going to give him all the studies, to become a vet. Actually, Brendon will have a strict vet training him."

Jodie laughed, and said, "The left over things from past hurts, take time to shove out the way. I learned that holding on to what is not possible to change, is better to leave." Keith said,' huh, yes, easier said than done. Even I have to learn how to separate the ground of no fruits, to the ground of harvesting fruits.

Johnathon came running out of the house saying," Keith, have you tied up all the shelter's veterinary things?" Keith said, "Yep, I sure have. Brendon is going to stay in my flat, at Mary's. So there is nothing to worry about. Mary is going to check in Jodie's cottage. So all is well."

Johnathon said, "Well a change in flight has come, I took the evening flight tonight, as the other option would have been next week!" Keith said, "Why was our flight time changed?" Johnathon said, "Something to do with the jet. I did not go into details, but took the flight that was closer to our arrangements in England."

Jodie said, "Tonight? Oh well it's not that much earlier."

They had the day talking over the scripts, and the actors prepared for the coming film.

In the shelter, Mary had an abundance of helpers. So many came forward to help run this. The haven had a good name, and so many people were very happy with the way it was run.

Johnathon said, "Our cab is here, Jodie, no lifting for you lass, so I will take your cases. As for you Keith-----" Keith said, "Yes I know, I can do my own, typical eh?"

The airport was crowded with people going different destinations. They boarded the jet, and settled in their seats. As the jet took the run way, Jodie looked out of the window, and said, "My first flight Keith, I feel a bit nervous."

Keith said, "All will be well Jodie, just think of the honour we are given to do this movie. The jet stopped at Singapore, Dubai. Nearing London, the night lights were showing below them. The jet came in to land, and the long flight was done.

There is the social lounge were Johnathon's lead managers. They went to a hotel, and it was so comfortable. Jodie looked out the window, looking into the streets of London. They had a dinner in the dining lounge, and all retired for the night.

The next morning, Jodie was up early, her night was restless, which she put to jet lag. The times had changed, from country to country.

Max came to the hotel to get them to the filming studio's. When there, Max said, "Well miss Jodie, I have read your books on e-page. I for one, and many others, want to make this film exactly how you are led to have it done."

Jodie said, "Me? I am in no way at all conversant in such things." Max said, "You are, because you gave the stories given you. So all our company are going to go along with how you receive it."

Joy came, and introduced Jodie to the cast. Jodie was overwhelmed with so many actors. Max said that he has the scripts taken from the books, on different levels of growth. Her first book as Jodie knew, was the light in the darkness of children, who still need to be honored as children. Now Jodie saw the reasons, plain, and clear, for this outpouring of Jesus Christ.

The young boy playing a part of an unhappy child, was very good at his lines, and acted so well. The adults, gave a good performance in the abuse given. Jodie was so glad it was not real in the acting.

As the stages of growth for the boy came, he left the scene. An older boy came in, as a teenager. This teenager gave his heart to all he could. He was rejected, and left. Jodie remembered how she had this. So it was very moving.

The many homes the boy had, the many slaps in the face given to him. The sadness of abuse left him without a root to grow from. So everything the boy had tried, failed him. So his teenage years were getting resentful.

There in the midst of all this, the Holy Spirit took the stage with love.

In the middle of the whole script, the Holy Spirit gave Jodie another path in the film to be done, it was not scripted.

Jodie said, "Max, look right here, where the teenager is so sad, as all fails him, the blind child is to come in."

Max said, "How can I bring in the blind child now?" Jodie said, it is to be Abba Father. For the story of the boy, having no chances, is to break off the chains, right now." Max said, "But his life story will be left, and there is more to it."

Jodie said, "Bring in the blind child, and let her do her script, it will go from there.

As the teenager boy, sat on his bed, in the making of this, the blind child came to his room. Here came the lights of angelic nature, for the blind child was holy. She said to the teenage boy," I come with sight, it is from my other eyes. I have a blessing to give you. You have the choice of taking it, or not."

The boy named Philip, said, "Anything is better than this. I have nothing in life to take roots. How can I go from one person, to another, and learn family life?" Max looked at the script, and thought, this is not in here, but let it go.

The blind child took Philip to the door, and said, "There in the map of life, lays a truth, a truth that is unseen today." Philip said, "How can you see without sight?" the blind child said, "I am here for this one moment, take the road outside the past. Let the past rest. As soon as you do that, you will see what is before you, and take roots of your own making. For you are strong."

The blind child disappeared into a light swirling around her. The happy people from the town of gladness, came on the road he took. They welcomed him into the family of Christ. There the teenager left the scene. He was now a man.

The visions of past hurts broke off his soul. Max had the camera's filming through a bright light. The young man became his own self. There in the distance was a man robed in white, who welcomed him.

The robed man said, "Yea, I am with thee, come ye to my path. Take the seeds I give thee, and plant them in good soil."

The filming was going faster than expected. A church was brought into the scenes, an ancient London church was hired for the one day, to bring Philip to the path.

As the months went by, Philip had planted the seeds. But his question, as again not in the script. He said, "How can we understand the many churches, and know there is one church?"

The white robed man said, "Thy heart is making new threads. Yea, there will be a great vision coming to thee. I need thee to give my messages. For none write what is already written. One writes, when learning. Take thee the vision, as I leave thee to bring this to my glory."

Philip sat in the park near the church. The camera's were going, as he waited for the seed to harvest.

There in the midst of this, stood the other characters in the many books. A congregation was built from them. For they were real.

Philip stood up, and Max was told by Jodie, and Johnathon, to make an imitation cloud descending. Bringing in many bright colors.

The whole cast stood there, looking at the clouds descending. Max was amazed, as he had not brought this into action yet. Philip saw the robed man. He knew it was Jesus Christ. Was this the second coming? There he fell down to his knees, as did the rest of the cast. Onlookers from the streets, came to see this too. Only one camera was filming this.

The clouds turned to bright white. A voice was heard, it said, "Bring no child into the hands of evil. For evil will follow the child, and hamper the path I want to give, to save the child. For ye all are my children. The time is nigh, and the time is to birth the whole world. Evil will leave it, and love will nourish it. There in the kingdom, are the books. See that thy names are in it. Look ye no further, than in your heart. For your heart is my world, for all hearts will be the world. Deliver my messages to all you meet. Allow the claiming of love, to end evil. Evil has no life, when love is there. As ye all go from this, take ye the heavenly love, within the souls of all mankind. The wicked have their path, where love is not, there I am not. I am love, pure love is from my Father, of whom I am one with."

The camera that still filmed, took the whole vision. The beautiful clear lights were threading around each individual. Each had colors of knowledge. The voice said, "Remember, evil has no life, where love is. It is thine own destructions of thoughts, that have created through the ages. Love was not known. Hear ye the words of truth. For I am mighty, and strong. Love ye all, do all with love, the more love is pure, the evil breaks up. The evil one died, when he took the garden of creation. As the fruit was tempting, it had maggots in. These multiplied into gross sinful natures. For all ye see, is not the truth. Love the poor, love the sick, love the animals, love the creation as it was meant to be. I know thy suffering, but none of thee will suffer as I have done. I come because I love thee, I love thee. Amen."

The clouds went into a collection of bright light, and ascending was the truth, given to the world, yet once again.

The filming cast were now left with a new path to act upon. They turned the whole stories into bringing love to all. There was rejoicing, and singing, and laughter. The actors that acted as sick people, were healed. There were many scenes of beauty given them. Jodie was in tongues quite often. The movie was now a holy movie. It was to be shown in the center of London. Many crowds came to see it. All left with love in their hearts.

Keith said to Jodie," well, now we are going to get married." Jodie said, "Um-----Like now?" Keith said, "Yes-----Like now."

Johnathon was so pleased to have this with his brother. He knew that Keith would be back to Australia, and he in England.

The church that was put into the film, was the very place Keith married Jodie. There was no big deal about it. They wanted it private, with Johnathon. The pastor was in joy over his church being part of the very big hit, in London films.

The time was coming for Keith and Jodie, to go back home. They were both pleased with the movie, and how it illustrated, a great part of the work the Holy Spirit had authored in his name.

The money that came from it, was not given to any cast member. They all gave it to the welfare of children. A blessing as large as this is possible with God, for he can do all things. All Jodie asked for, was that half the money came to Australia, for the children there too.

Keith was now coming to the cottage as home. Brendon had strict teachings from the other vet. Brendon did very well, and passed the first year with honors.

The haven was the path for this all to happen. For in all life, it belongs to God. How can any of us disregard the heavenly Father? How can anyone change him into what suits them?

Alan was with Brandy, and Bob was with Evelyn. So there was love around the place.

Mary was very involved with the shelter, and her life was happy with that. For there her love shone.

After the time of rest for Keith, and Jodie, they went to the shelter, and carried on the path given them.

Jodie said, "What a mysterious way the Lord works. I for one, never knew the difficulty of coming from curse, to blessings. It was not just being saved, it was work too, and learning. Had my heart closed, I would have learned nothing. I want the people who read my books Keith, to see that the final books were harder to do. Simply because the chains were getting cut off, bit, by bit. The emotion of giving my life, was not easy. For I never knew that doing this, would create such a great relationship for me, with the Holy Spirit. My baby girl was blessed, as she got a home, and yes it hurt me. But trusting in the Lord, means he had a reason for it. Keith, that pulsing is real, I wonder how many others have felt that?"

Keith said, "I have not, but I do believe you. Because you got a peace sent to you, when you thought the little cat will be put down. You told me how big it was around you, as if you were in a cocoon, and although you could not see it, you felt it, and the pulsing too. Looking at how the next day, baby girl was taken to live her life, with a Christian lady. It says it all."

Jodie said, "Yes it does, and I thought that if I told anyone about the peace that descended over me, while I was in tears and the pulsing of it, people would think I was off the beam! But it did happen. You know Keith, being saved does not mean that is it. It means it is the birth, and the birth is a channel, like the one from a human mother, only this was taking a year to do, not so many hours. The curses of my family, were thick, and I had to break away from the curses. So in that time, I was a prime target for shifting, repeating, and ongoing hard work. It was not easy to do all this, in the pain I had. The Holy Spirit has taken my life, and so the life I gave became his. That is why now, things will be working in a way, that I meet like minded people to myself."

Keith said, "Me for one eh?" Jodie said, "Yes, and how glad I am to be your one, and only lady. Marriage is more the paper, it is a spiritual marriage too. The last part of the work to me at times were, winding around. But as I did it, I did how it was sent to me to do. For who can say the Holy Spirit is not real? Keith said, "Only those that have no heart. As was shown us in London, from direct visions of above, love is the only way to stop evil. It's true, how can evil live, if love is in the hearts of all mankind?" Jodie said, "Satan has no love, he understands no love, his beauty was taken from him, and he only knew the emotions of cult thinking. All being evil, and lies." Jodie turned this around in her mind, and thought, if anyone does not believe in the higher power, they would never have a loving relationship. She ended the thoughts with, I am glad the twists and turns are over with. My goodness, how hard it was to final this work, but the love of our heavenly Father, was in charge. He kept Jodie in all the temptations, of giving up. The Lord's armour was upon Jodie through the whole working times. Take the Lord's armour everyone. For it is in all life. Without the armour, there is more struggles. A part time faith is not true. The Lord's armour is yours, the babies, the toddlers, the young infants, the juniors, teenagers, early adult life, middle adult life, and mature adult life. Our animals too are created to love. Life will be eternal, by the armour of truth. The truth sets all free.

Jodie was so pleased her material made a movie, that would be shown around the world. Plus all holy currency from it, will be going to holy needs, and children can live a life of full understanding of family. The family of our heavenly Father. The movie is shown, and for charity purposes. May the blessing come to all who have been cursed. May curses be no more. May no man curse another man. For if they do, the curse comes back on them.

The heavenly Father has given this blessing, take it, and produce a world of peace. Amen

The End

Martha Brooks

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