Christian Homecoming

The Home Coming

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book titled The Home Coming written by Author Martha Brooks. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Christian Homecoming

The Home Coming

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled The Home Coming written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Christian Homecoming - The Home Coming E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.


Anita sat thinking about her recent visits to the hospital.

Her thoughts of the clearing of all tests, helped a great deal. Her hip was increased in agony, and she was beginning to have falls, if she did not have aids.

She thought of the people that say they are Christians, and absolutely show one thing to Anita.

This was, they talk, they sing, they pray, they say that Jesus Christ loves, and to come to him. That's great to Anita. But one main thing, and one very big thing was missing.

In one meeting, Anita heard a man say how much "Jesus loves you," he said this over, and over. That prayer for the sick is said, that the sick need Jesus Christ.

Anita thought, "I keep hearing this, I keep getting words of prayer, but no physical help. Jesus meant more than words said, for words said without action, may just as well be unsaid, in the first place. Either speak, and do the truth, or say nothing."

Anita thought, "In the ministry of Jesus Christ, I saw him being in full contacts with those that believed in him. And those that did not. He walked amongst the people. How was it that people have become armchair theatrics, in today's age?

"Jesus went up to the sick, and the sick who were in faith to him, were healed. He did more than just pray, he put his hand on them. He also helped them, as he was the shepherd, and people the lambs. All his ministry was about the truth. He had no comforts. He threw the materials out of the temple, for that wealth was not of his Father."

Anita looked out of her window. The weather was so gloomy, rains, winds, and dark clouds, was great.

She went on thinking, I am sure that in today's age, there is false ways to believing. To me it's simple, and far easier, to be wealthy in the heart, and soul.

She had a moment of feeling annoyed, and thought how the very needs she needed, were not given her. Only words. Many times lacking understanding of others. People walk away from the ones who need them.

Until, yes until it is them who get it, then they realize. But if self centered, life is only about them.

Anita carried on thinking, as she went onto her computer. All very well this is, look at my life, how can I be the only one in the whole family, that was shoved out from birth? How can I have four daughters, and none in my life? How can I have eleven grandchildren, and none in my life.

So she said, "Why dear Lord Jesus, have I come up with nothing? I did all the holy spirit led me to do. Even when I was fatigued from pain, I did the work still. What's it all about? What is it all about?"

The Holy Spirit descended upon Anita, and said, "Seek, and ye will find, ask and it shall be given to thee."

Anita got up from her computer chair and thought, "Yeah right! What can come of this, why did the Lord want me to work so long, and get nowhere? Not even my operation quickly."

The Holy Spirit said, "My child, thy work was to be full. For my words were many, in a language ye learned to understand. I speak not in worldly language. Yea, it is I who spake through thee, to plant the seeds in good soil. For all that appreciate your ability to be my interpreter of my language, they shall reap. I needed messengers, and will continue to need messengers, until thy work was fulfilled.

My rewards were great, unto thyself to come. For I make miracles from my being, not in the worldly way. Yea, thy path is altering because of thy growth, have ye seen me forsake thee? Nay, I love thee.

As ye give, I give one hundred fold. Yea, I give thee another way to bring forth my messages. That my child is to come, when the evil from thy body is cleaned away. Thy walk will be strong in my strength.

Seek, and ye will find. Ask and it will be given thee."

Anita thought, oh well all my times are on my own anyway. Lets see what is to come?

Not much longer after this holy intervention, came the biggest surprise for Anita. The Holy Spirit said to all readers, " Yea, ye all are my children, I give ye all according to thy works for my glory. Fail me not, by using words only. Do ye the work, as the good Samaritan is example of my work. Yea, he took the half dead man, and used action, to save this man, and his life. This is my glory, see ye do it, for thou shalt receive too."

Chapter One

Anita went back to her computer, and thought, okay, so where will my fingers be led, and what site will they go on?

There before her were files on her two half brothers. Anita got up in surprise, and nearly fell, as she did not take her aids, as suppose to. She did not fall. She was saved from falling, as she was planted right back into her computer chair.

Anita said out loud, "My God, is this real? There is my brother, and there is my other brother. How did this come? You said seek, and I will find, ask and it shalt be given to me. I never expected this."

There Anita stayed for some time. Nothing is going to stay the same. She felt her broken apart family were coming home. Not as in a home coming in one home. But a united home coming, and orchestrated by the love of Jesus Christ.

She knew nothing of what a computer could do, apart from basics, and a few other things.

She knew now what the Holy Spirit meant by (Seek and ye will find. Ask and thou shalt be given).

The hospital rang Anita. She got her operation date. Finally her long wait to get rid of the evil intent upon her was going to be cut off.

The only part she rejoiced about was, her bone marrow would be giving another, survival of life.

She also was joyful of her being able to be out of agony. Learn to walk, and keep her life clean from all poisons.

Anita looked at her aids, and thought about the six week needs for aids, while her new hip was taking to her flesh. It takes six months to heal, and the flesh to grow onto the steel hip.

Now she has a uniting, that was never in her mind. She just did not know this was going to happen.

Anita sat down. Then decided to play pool online.

She met a man of fifty six, and in chat while playing he said, "You are a different sort of lady, I can see you're very sharp, and very alert. You have morals too, it's very much seen. I like that. I find you very much a feeling lady."

Anita said, "I have a way that makes me different to the usual."

The man spoke about his wife, and how well he is with her. He wanted to keep friends online, because he found Anita so easy to speak to, and said she was so interesting. That he felt her hip would be healed well, and she will be healing very well too. Anita told him she is a fighter. He said he could see that, and he liked that very much.

From that Anita was waiting for a call, but it did not come. No doubt, once again things got in the way.

Anita went back to her email, and found yet another family member confirming that she wanted to know Anita. The family contacts were growing more.

It was getting late, and Anita had a day of a great deal to think about.

A Christian family is taking Anita to the hospital, as they are free to, where her partner has a job that causes times never stable for things.

Anita thought, huh! Most women would be upset about that, but it does not help matters.

She knew that this situation had some ties that stop what both her, and her partner wanted right now.

Anita went to her bedroom, and she felt really tired. Anita was very different. Her energy was a high one. She knew that most people with such deterioration, would not move hardly.

Anita was one that would use any other part of her body, and do her housework. Her home was spotless.

She believed in clean. For Anita, order has to be in the home. Leaving jobs, means they become harder to do.

Anita learned to do for herself, and made every effort to keep her independence. Not because of pride, it was because she was in an orderly way. Dirt, and Anita did not mix.

She knew she took chances on cleaning, but found ways to do it. As much as it hurt her, she had to have action. Yes it was limited, but her jobs were all done, and every day.

There in her bed, she finally felt warm, because the weather had been damp, and cold, and she was working on computer. The fire was on, but in another room. Her work was important.

While laying in bed, the tongues came to her. As always, it was a couple o sentences, that came often now. With it she was able to understand the language that is not of this world.

She thought, I wonder how many people know that? Some she heard would jest about talking in tongues, and then babble off meaningless words. Nothing made sense, and the person doing it, could not explain the language. It sounded as if it was a matter of mumbling to Anita.

In her tongues, she had a few times, when she was unable to speak it out, coming in her mind, as she could hear it.

Was it her mind? No it must have been her soul, or spirit, that understood the silence of the unworldly language.

Times did come when it seemed Hebrew, not many times. But as she did not know Hebrew, it was not her way to speak a language she never knew about.

Many of he times, it was sounding like a spirit realm of the highest mercy.

She got one that told her that the surgeon was going to be with Jesus Christ in the theatre. He surgeon may not know that, but Anita did.

More was that angels would be present. Unseen, but very present.

The hospital means of machines of all organs checked during operation. Looked like they were guided to balance.

The odd thing came into her vision, she was in the theatre, and she had left her body, while her body was alive, and staying that way.

This was so that Anita would be given space from the natural human stress, of all things that people feel, ongoing major surgery.

She was going to be given something in her spirit, that was going to map out her next path, a path of great work that she will learn in the operation time.

As much as she tried to explain it, she felt her top part of her body, was not with her bottom half, they were separated, but yet together. For one part can's live without the other.

It was a revealing time for her in theatre.

She was excited, because the actual gift she was going to be given, was from the Lord. So as she lived in the spirit, it was hardly surprising, that she knew the Holy Spirit was going to give her a great gift. To Jesus Christ, one walks with him in spirit. There is no division in a true soldier of Christ.

Once that is earned, as it has to be, she was his disciple of today's age.

Such an honor was overwhelming. A high honor of that is beyond words. It comes in her new way to be of service.

The Holy Spirit said, "I have not forsaken thee, and will give thee a gift unseen. It will be inside you. It will activate in your times of people being led to you, for it is then I will reveal myself in you, my face will be in your face, for I am in your heart, and soul. Thy spirit is our heavenly Fathers. For in him ye are. You will not be disappointed. Walk ye on, for as ye speak, they will hear me."

Anita thought, wow! For if others are given his words through me, none shall fail salvation.

Anita took her sleep time. She now accepted her cat going, for the reasons were given to her. The cat would have hurdled the pathway. So Jesus gave her to another Christian, so that the cat will be safe, and happy.

The turning point in her life was about to birth.

Chapter Two

Anita got up in the morning with great lessons added to her.

She put on the DVD of the Harlem Gospel Singers, along with her favorite hymn ♱I Will Follow Him♱.

She had far more danger in her abilities, because she had disabilities.

The Holy Spirit descended in a cape of gentleness. Anita could never find words of this holy grace, our comforter. He is holy, almighty, majestic, his presence is the holy trinity. To receive this wonderful Holy Spirit, could only be when the heart hears God.

Anita sat down, as now her joint was in urgency of being taken out. She would fall now very easily.

The Holy Spirit washed over her whole being, he washed her with his pure love. Anita had to have the meal that was the most important one of the day. (The Holy Spirit) this time he gave her a higher energy around her. As she closed her eyes, Jesus was standing in front of her. He appeared as he was, in human form. He had on clothes of the age in his time on earth. The purer white brightness was with the Holy Spirit.

Anita looked at Jesus, and thought, I wonder why he shows his vision, as when he was on earth?

The Holy Spirit radiated threads to the vision of Jesus Christ, there were threads of light linked with the vision. But Anita could not actually see them, with her human eyes. She saw them with her spirit eyes. She could not use any other term for this. Because this way of seeing, is holy.

As the Holy Spirit remained in the cape of security, Anita saw behind Jesus, the cross, then the whole reason for this came.

Anita saw Jesus fold into time, until he was no longer in vision.

To her shock, the path that Jesus took, for his blood to save all mankind, became a vision.

Anita sat up straight, but her pain pulled her back. She stared into the old age of time two thousand years ago. There was a palace shown her, but nothing like today. A man came with a scroll, and threw it, and it went to the feet of Jesus Christ.

Jesus was being mocked. He was beaten. The crowds were condemning him to death on the cross. To hear this, without human ears, was again holy. She heard the women screaming, making strange noises, that Anita was not custom to.

Simon Peter was in denial of knowing Jesus. She looked at Simon Peter, he was dressed in simple clothes. His eyes were in great sorrow, as he denied knowing Jesus Christ. He knew that Jesus told him he will lie three times, and the cock will crow on the third time.

The cock crowed, and Peter ran out, and threw his body to the ground, against a rock. He cried for mercy to the heavenly Father.

Jesus was jested against.

His meeting with another king, who laughed at him, and robed him with a gown, a gown that was unholy.

Jesus was sent back to where he came from, Anita saw him looking at the evil in the men who were going to kill him.

His body had open cuts from the lashings of the whips. The blood was slowly dripping from the wounds. Water was dripping too.

The throwing of sin was massive, Anita saw darkness around this vision. She wanted to pull away, but she could not. She had to see this, hear this, and understand its reason.

Jesus tried to hold the cross, but fell. At that very part, the vision zoomed into the face of Jesus Christ, his eyes were talking to Anita. She saw in his eyes, the pleading of all sin to be gone, and all darkness to end.

Anita began to cry, as she saw the sinless man, God's son, the anointed one, in his grace, being torn apart.

All this was coming to her, while he fell with the cross. For in the time he was on the ground, he gave Anita this emotional feeling of spirit.

Anita looked to a man who helped to carry the cross. Jesus was pushed, pulled spat at, his walk to death was in great suffering. In his face, Anita saw a never ending light. But it was not explainable. Jesus reached the Calvary. There in the midst were his followers. Mary Magdalene, his disciples, the people who believed in him.

They mourned in tears, silently they watched what they could not stop.

Mary was so deeply hurt to see this. All that loved Jesus Christ were in great pain to see this.

Anita saw him being disrobed. There the whole world of people, that were in that age, and from then to this age. Had proof of the truth.

Suddenly the vision took a turn back, while Jesus was ministering his words. There she saw the synagogue with coins marketing for wealth.

Jesus came in and saw the hypocrites, theft, and blasphemy of his Fathers home of prayer. It was not a den of thieves. He threw the tables over, opened the pens of lambs and sheep. So they could escape. Such sacrifice of evil were not to be in his Father's house.

Anita saw the zooming in on Jesus face again at this point. Although he said nothing, he spoke to her, saying all things in life are free, it was sinful to buy, and sell. The trust in his Father was gone. Because his Father can, and does, create all food, and needs. They are not the same as the evil way. They are worlds apart. The holy language of tongues were given to Anita, without a sound heard.

Then the scene went to the man who was beaten, and robbed. How two came, and left him to die.

Jesus showed his face in this, saying in the holy language, that the majority of people today, just at the millennium time, has committed the sin of no compassion for the sick. For the sick bodies are the ones, who bring growth to another, who is not sick. But is sick in soul.

Being sick in the soul is one way street. Death.

So when they help a sick body, they open their hearts. A closed heart is not open and shut at will. If it's done by will, that heart has sickness in it. The open heart, remains open. It carries through the work to the full action.

Anita looked away for a moment, and thought, sickness is sin, it comes from sin. Now I have something else coming to me, I know it, and feel it. She looked back to the vision, there it is said, that words for the sick, are empty when no action to help is done. For the load may be too heavy for the sick body. People do not stop to see, that things are often put in their direction, to teach them. Or do they dare to judge the son of man, who died for them?

How can another speak nonsense on things they know nothing about?

Where is the wealth in materials, that are never taken when passing from this world?

In this time Jesus was saying, that in gaining such materials, there is a loss of a greater grace of knowledge. For eternity is forever. Life on earth a blink of the eye.

Spend so much time gaining money, and goods, what is left for spiritual wealth? Anita thought, yes, that is true, because even I have spent time on things. All of them sort of wears the body down. Energy of that nature is draining.

She looked back to the vision, and saw the greatest needs for people of today's age, was to talk to each other in face, to face communications. Not over machines.

The good Samaritan showed his open heart for the beaten man. The grace of his care, gave the man continued life. Had he been left the third time. He would have died.

So what was more important? The two, as examples of the uncaring multitudes, or the chosen few, that followed Jesus Christ's teachings? The answer is in the question.

Anita was taken back to the crucifixion.

She saw Jesus being thrown down on the wood of the cross. He had the people cheering as they saw him about to be nailed to the cross.

Anita looked away, but was to continue seeing this. She heard the people raising their voices, and insults coming in all directions, to hit Jesus Christ.

As he was nailed with large stake type nails. Anita felt like the nail had gone into her bad joint. The pain hit hard. His voice rose in pain, and suffering.

The face of Jesus was zoomed into again, shutting out the people. In his holy language, he said, "O my child how very precious thou art to me. Thou art not a child of a stranger, ye are the fruit of my own loins.

I have thee, ye are mine. Be not dismayed, for as I suffered, so shall ye suffer in the world. I give thee strength in the world in all that thou endure.

With all that ye have gone through, I am there by thy side. Thine hair is even numbered, thy name is in mine, with strong cords have I bound thee.

God helps ( not ) those who help themselves. God is the highest of all, and brings in for those, who cannot help themselves. Those who are wise, and do not try by leaving a situation in my keeping. Therefore it will fruit. I ask not cooperation, but submission.

Let no man make my words into the wrong surrender. For the path is narrow. Allow no doubling paths. For one is evil, the other pure.

Look not back, but look ahead, for I have glory prepared for thee.

Yea, when thou look in my face, thou wilt say that present sufferings are in no way comparable to the reward I have in store for thee."

The cross came up from the ground, all cheered. The mocking came in Jesus being the king of the Jews. For such evil, Jesus would still die to save the ones that were killing him.

The sounds of the wordless grief went over the whole world.

The blood poured from every vein, over all ages, until the age of the second coming.

The universal holocaust was in action since the millennium, there is obvious signs.

Anita was given her new work, for as she was not to look back, as in her spiritual, she was to move on.

Jesus showed her his gift to the worlds people. That looking back is important to those who do not know, the evil war that is increasing by the day, then half a day, then hours, and then one hour, then seconds.

Jesus looked to his Father, and thought he had forsaken him. That was the worst part of his suffering.

The Father joined the son, for the son was one with the Father.

Anita saw Jesus commit his spirit. There he hung with no life in him. During the hours he hung, every drop of blood was given for salvation. It was like watching a glass, with liquid in, and a small hole at the bottom of the glass.

As the glass stood with the small hole open to drip, the slow death for Jesus was shown. Anita thought, if people were to use a symbol like that, and watch it, thinking it was their life that was draining away.

Their last breathing moments would be the target time. Take the truth, or be cheated by lies.

As the glass dripped, one could measure the glass for the amount dripping out. Then put it into years. Physics. Now choices come.

So young people of today, could stop and realize the greater risk they are taking.

The youths of today, have been given permission to divorce their parents. They can take drugs, do crimes, and most often, be let off punishment, for mental assessment being poor.

That youth once hung on to its mother, for life.

Learned from his father, and enjoyed both parents.

Did that youth get taught, that the greater parent is our heavenly Father through Jesus Christ?

The glass is dripping still. That same youth now sees his parents as enemies, and forgets that they were his security. So this youth has given away the true parent of his, because without God, nothing can be created.

The glass is dripping. A wealthy man sees a chance to double his money. He runs over all men, to do this. He kicks a poor man. Eats his abundance, while others are starving. Does he give? Yes, some do, but for what reason?

Yes, tax avoidance. Ego building. The glass is dripping. The wealth is making him fat. So fat his ego, that he is not able to see through the veil of lies.

He goes to the car, and has missed one money making appointment. Rushes through traffic for the main money making appointment.

He stops at the lights, and a beggar comes for money, the rich man insults the beggar, and drives on fast. A tramp comes off the pavement, and the rich man ran into the other lane, hitting four cars in rebound. He died. His glass had run out. He had no eternal life.

His wealth was in a heap of mangled cars. His money, not his to enjoy. The accident killed only the rich man. All others were able to heal.

What will the heir do? The glass drips on.

Anita thought, how she too had taken chances. For all mankind has sinned.

The body of Jesus was taken from the cross. The three days had passed, in the vision as three white doves.

Mary came to the apostles saying Jesus was not in his tomb. Peter ran to see this.

Coming back together, they talked, and there came Jesus, who came back to life, as promised. He could be touched, for in spirit, touching is not possible. This was the son of man, he was the king of all kings.

They went out, and Jesus had chosen a place to stand for his ascension. There stood the truth. The Holy Spirit was not going to leave the followers.

Jesus took his rising gently, saying he will be back in the age. All bowed down to him, for this is the power, glory, and forever.

The greatness of Jesus was given.

What words can be said, if they are not active? The glass is dripping.

The aged man who drank all his life, and made life unbearable by being drunk and bragging about it. He is getting his lifestyle fight him, he has had health problems, he grabs at sympathy, he blames the world, he knows not why he is here? He is draining away. All the liquid he drank, is now draining him. He has no ability to live eternal life. The last portion of the glass left.

One day for the last chance given him, he gets a man tell him about Jesus Christ. The aged man blames, and does not see the true Jesus. He will allow the evil one to perform the last trick on him. He drinks his last hours to his death. That glass is empty.

Anita has so many things coming into her, that she chose to watch the end of the holy vision given her. For this was all in the Holy Spirits reason for taking her into his presence.

Anita felt the Holy Spirit within her at all times. But when she was given a cocoon feeling, the power of the Holy Spirit was well over her. In these times, something was being given to her.

The giving was for all who met Anita. She was excited about the actual activity that she would be doing after her operation.

Anita looked at her watch, and said aloud, "It's three o'clock in the afternoon. I sat down at seven thirty this morning. I have not eaten, and do not feel hungry."

She thought about her very wonderful gift given her.

The glass was going to be used as a symbol of many issues that people face.

Anita thought about her sudden family coming home in uniting together.

There on her computer was a message. A good luck for her operation, from her younger brothers daughter. Anita felt her heart full of love to family she had not met in person.

Anita did not believe in luck. She believed in her trust in Jesus.

She thought, how can I give the beauty of him, as I see him wherever I am.

He is showing his face to me. Giving power to his work.

How can anything like I am getting, ever be created, without the permission of our Father, for His will is being done.

The power, possibilities, the view of Anita's latter life, was going to bloom.

She knew the reason the vision gave her, the crucifixion, the unity with Jesus Christ, that gives full unity with God. How else can Anita be given her family?

How else can she be given the grace of being able to give, from a life of loss?

Things were moving for the first time. The Lord speaks, listen ye all to what he is sending.

Chapter Three

Beneath the books that Anita did, there was strong, and determined messages. The Holy Spirit came to Anita the next day saying, "O my child, ye now know the meaning of many will come, few are taken.

Yea, I heard thee say, nobody knows thee. This my child is true. My true followers are not known. Yea, I see thee sin in times of past.

Thy sin was through frustration, anger, hurt, pain, ye were rejected, for that is why ye sinned. Rejection in a world of material claims, even my closest followers. For I was rejected. I sinned not, for I am the Holy Child sent from my Father. For in my Father I was hidden. Ye too are now hidden in me.

Those that do not hear thee, do not hear me."

Anita stopped the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit and said, "Please explain that to me Lord, as to me, I put the words that you say, but the way I hear you, is in another language that is not of this world. Even I do not know how I interpreted

Such words never spoken in this world, but by your grace to me. It really got to me the first time. You always end with the name of Jesus. I know that others too speak tongues. But Lord please help me here, for I have heard the babbling, mumblings, and by those that say they are yours, but have-----To me-----A false boldness. Almost self glamorizing, as if they are the only ones who are closer to you, than anyone else is. Forgive me Lord, but this I told a lady one day, that I had the tongues once, and short, and she said I could not have. If I do not speak them at any time, and all the time. Then she mumbled on in public shopping area, cooking on a bbq, not one word was explained, and neither did I feel she was doing this. It came over to me as self pride, in her.

You know all, and you told me that many come, few are taken."

The Holy Spirit said, "Yea, for many followers have to have the wealth of the flesh. I ask a gift from thee, as I do all mankind. For the parting of the flesh, to live in my spirit, is not only hard, but impossible.

I asked thee to live in the spirit, the flesh will be opposite to the spirit. So the war within all mankind, is not just the spiritual war. The holy flesh made in the Garden of Eden, was made in glory.

Lucifer the sun and beautiful sinned.

My Father had everything for Adam, and Eve, for eternity. For the Garden was the world. Yea, thee will ask me why my Father allowed the sin to come into the flesh?

For such, is the answers, when I come the second time.

Within thine earth life ye have endured mere glimpses of what others have, and take for


Ye have reached out in agony, and in lonely years of all thy earth life. I have seen thee fall, and others walked past you. I have seen thee try to speak of thy sickness. I saw them laugh.

I heard them talk about thee, for in what they sow, they surely will reap. My child, how can eyes see if blind, how can ears hear if deaf, how can feelings come if ego is the self?

My children are lost.

They play in a school of evil intents, that is why thee have had so much thrown at thee.

In war, the army with the greater amount of soldiers, have more chance of winning. I say to thee now, the army with the least soldiers, are the winners.

For the wealth is to win the world, this world is not what any of my true followers want."

Anita said, "Yes Lord, I understand that, as you said, any man who gives his life to gain the world, is dead. For the ones that follow you, there is the eternal life of glory.

But I want to know why it has been hard to know who I am to even me? Because if I was to speak this, not one soul would understand it. So I said it once, and got a look from a Christian, who had no idea what I meant.

You see, none can see God, Jesus was seen, in his lifetime here. Only others that have a reason for service, have had your vision of Jesus Christ. So is it time for me to know?"

The Holy Spirit said, "Yea, my family is thee, and all who are in my narrow path. All mankind is my family. They have choice, and this choice is for the flesh, or the spirit?

I told thee, that it is impossible for the flesh to disconnect, to be in full spirit. For while the world is in sin, the darts of flesh concerns remain.

The choices made by my children to follow me, show light, where darkness is wanted. For in the dark, things are hidden.

Yea, when thee walked into a dark place, yea, thee brought my light. Thy walking into dark places, have been most of your earth time. Rejection came because light is not wanted in a war passion, to kill others.

I was rejected, so to die upon the cross. I am the light.

Ye asked why ye have gifts? I say to thee, the gifts of my eternal world, will give you true knowing of life ever lasting.

Many of the world's people are engaged in gaining. As the days go by in gaining, they see none of my Father's love. They create love, a love that is not pure.

For in a pure love is, the two are as one. They do not have to be together, to know they are one. They feel it, for one without the other is not whole.

Life without love is not whole."

Anita said, "I understand that, at times it's hard to be away from the loved one, due to worldly concerns, that are not with the law of thy grace. Our governments have rule over us. Even in out shopping, there are bright lights, but dark dealings. The lies in prices are seen by me. For they reduce an item, and I know by looking, that other items are put up by two cents each, so the reduced item is a con. For the items that have gone up to cheat, people are thinking they are getting an item cheap. Who are actually going to find their register bill more over, than under what they thought. I have seen a label with a reduced price on it. Under the label is the registered usual price, it always shows it's the same as the so called reduced. So people should see under the cheating labels.

I know Lord that this is not about spirit, but it's a cheating system in this world."

The Holy Spirit said, "Yea, for service are thee to me. This is showing others to look into all lies. The many soldiers of lies, over power the earth with unseen ropes. Ropes that tie people into the dark. Bright lights of such places, are dark lights. The illusions must be broken down. For only I am the true light.

Ye are not of the world, that ye have known, and that ye have written. For those who do not understand it, they are not upon my path. For my path is for my children, who are hidden in me. Once all are hidden in me, nothing can take their soul, and spirit. I am in their hearts. My narrow path is very hard to climb. Finding it, is salvation. Staying on it is, following me.

Suffering is portioned in this climb. For my servants of ages, have all suffered.

Yea, now comes the time I, and only I, can give a miracle. For that comes from my whole being. My being is beyond thy comprehension. Thou art my being."

Anita said, "Sorry, but that I am lost with, how can I be your being?"

The Holy Spirit said, "In likeness thee are made. The Father is love, and loves his children. Ye are not earth bound, and never were earth bound. I have seen thy devotion to me, in the times most mankind would give up. Yea, thine heart was torn from all, yea, thee remained in devotion to me. In thy pain, in difficult pain, thy heart spoke with me, as I with thee. Thee are not of the world, and not known, for I have you in the palm of my hand.

In the palm is a resting place for thee. There you can rest anytime you need to. The service thee have given to me, is thy work in spirit. So in the impossible, by living in the flesh, you gave little to. Ye did try to live in the flesh, but found no answers. Heartaches were found.

When ye grew into maturity of my ministry, thine heart realized, that living in the flesh, never was happy with thee. Ye found it uncomfortable.

By living in my Holy Spirit, thy heart was beating with my love.

How can ye love anyone, if ye never loved me?

See ye now what I mean about pure love?

The love you now experience, is the love of my Father. Know ye this, it will be expanded in abundance, when I come the second time.

I say unto thee, that two are not able to love, unless they love me first.

Marriage is marriage, if I am in it.

Failures of marriages mean, I am not in their houses, or hearts. It is not marriage of flesh that makes marriage. It is loving me, making the marriage through me, keeping me in the house, then it shalt never fall.

I gave thee very hard lessons.

Lessons in great suffering times. All with thee being alone. For with thee, I was inside thee. For ye did not realize, thy heart beat, was me beating in thy heart. For I knew why I sent thee such to grow from.

In the heavenly Father's kingdom, the great nuggets of truth will continue to work into his will, and love, and glory. Know ye that thee have a great eternal joy to know happiness, that never fails. Love never fails.

The release of thy joints, will gain thee the true walk. For the walking in dark places, the light brought sin in view.

The collection of sin grew. Where ye walked, ye showed me. Where ye showed me, the darkness will cloak thee with many lies.

The people who choose the dark, will perform all dark to go on thee. I my child did not allow it to take thy spirit.

From this, ye have learned.

Been told when in wrong ways. The many things I allowed thee to go through, were for my glory."

Anita said, "What is it I am to do for you now?"

The Holy Spirit said, "Yea, I again tell thee, family is not family without me. Ye brought me into a dead family for thee.

Ye dared to challenge the dead, with the living. For thy devotion, for thy understanding my languages, for thy child like way of writing my majestic reasons. The branch was heavy.

I was not going to have thee fall. Yea, I saw thee humble, and have no pride, or needs for writing my works.

Ye wanted only one thing. That was to save all from the slavery they are in.

For they do not know they are slaves.

For to the ones who are not able to see, the gold, silver, and wealth they see, is not of my world, they love what is felt, and seen, but is not true, they are never satisfied. So they slave their lives for the fruits of sin.

For there is true gold, and true silver, that is not of this world.

I have no measure for thy lacking in life. Lackings are caused by sinful greed.

The time has come for the blessings that ye have earned. For the evil is cut from thy loins, hear ye what I just said child, the evil is cut from thy loins. Thee carried the evils from generations past.

That is why ye had this agony of pain that never ends. That is why nobody helped thee, but me.

For ye have endured suffering that showed you the salvation of my blood, was greater, and just as precious as thee are to me. For each soul that comes to me, there is another drop of my holy blood counting my children. My body is my church, it is the body of truth.

How can a page read, and have no bearings on growth?

Suffering is the growth of the soul.

Understanding that to have love in life, first love me. Always love me. The rest will follow naturally, for I have no limits on my bounties.

Now my provision astounds thee, ye ask how ye were worth it all so suddenly?

Nothing will work for any mankind, without me.

Yes satan will tempt well, and he is clever at his wiles.

He is not able to shut out my light. So he is not able to shut out thy light. Fear not, for thy new path I am standing on.

I will give thee a new home, with people who think in thy way, and not against thee.

The harm of thy body will not come again. For the bounty I give thee, is thy family that live within this world. Joy is in heaven when my children give all, and do not realize they gain all by that one simple step.

Cast ye not the fear for the cutting away of thy painful loin.

I am the greatest surgeon. For I will be, not only inside thee, to save any blood loss, but outside thee to guide the hands upon thee, for I will be in the hands of thy surgeons. Thy organs will keep balance, for I shalt be there too. I am omnipresent."

Anita said, "I just get scared, I suppose it's the enemy?"

The Holy Spirit said, "O yea, for he knows he has failed. He looses the rest of thy family he had gained to death, thus far. Ye have come to me, and the light came upon the rest of the family that is going to be set free. See ye not the work that ye have done? For had ye stayed in the chains of thy abuse from a mere baby child. The work would have remained undone.

Death would have come upon thee. Satan would have the chains for the rest of the family too, they also would be dead.

You my child knew where the key was, only I have the key.

Ye seek me for thy animal, I felt thy pain, I heard thine tears, and constant asking about her every day.

I led one to another, and just in the time ye felt she was going to die, I came. I folded my arms around thee. Yea, thee felt the big cloak of love around thee, and the pulsing of my Holy Spirit.

I knew she was going to be saved. In the close time left, one of my children I chose for her new parent. Thus is my love for thee. She is happy, and safe. I have other things to lead thee, and another that ye love, too.

Thus is my love for all.

All it is, is one step. For without me, nothing is ever going to be safe. With me, is all safety."

Anita said, "I understand. The way you bring your Holy Spirit over me, is something so majestic, and safe, the pulsing of your spirit, is-----Oh Lord-----Only can others get this, by the way of your love. I knew you were with me, but you never let me feel your spirit-----well no that's not right, I did feel your spirit-----but you only gave me the portion I had worked for. I got the vibrations. But I never felt the pulsing.

That was never from man, never from the enemy.

You held my body with allowing my whole life's tears, to wash your feet, and, you cried with me. For you had suffered all I had suffered, and much more.

The heavenly pulsing it-----It-----Came down over me, as I was writing your words at the time.

I could not see it, but you stayed with me, that pulsing way for many hours. I felt as if I was in a great big comforting hand. I was enclosed from the outer world, even though I was typing, but you have covered that too.

When I saw my brother six years ago, I saw another man in him. That stopped me, as you know why Lord. For his father is not my father.

It came to a dead end. But today, I see only my brother, and he looks different to me.

You have healed Lord."

The next part of this binding of the love of our heavenly Father, will show he is the only way, now and forever.

Chapter Four

The divine design of the Creator is imbued with the created. Anita thought, ask anyone if they knew who they were, and see what answers they come with? How can people justify the home?

Many homes, are nothing like a home. Keeping company with those that can be upsetting, is ones own responsibility. There is a reason for such matters to happen.

People looking within, what do people find?

It can be ego, pride, jealousy, envy, greed, crime, drugs. What does it say in one word?

Anita thought, yes, it says how much is missing from their lives. For they choose to experience the broken laws.

Broken laws often cause more broken laws. The vicious circle that has no end.

There is an end in a circle.

Where is it? Right inside the heart, and soul.

The spiritual health depends on the freedom of self understanding, that life is not in balance.

The knowing of Jesus Christ is, and always has been, alive. The alpha, and omega, is the beginning and the end. So comes the circle.

To many, it is puzzling, as third party has to be employed.

This third party may be a church, or it may be a mosque. It may even be a collection of people who think they can find answers?

There are many avenues, far too many Anita thought.

Home coming is not about a home as in the building.

Her own life had been one of lacking any family. Her daughters were given life through Anita, and their father. But Anita was not classed as family.

Her daughters were born, and all looked different, with similarities. But to the overbearing father of Anita's husband, not one of the daughters were like Anita.

The family of their father said they were all like their son! Not one was like Anita. That is not possible. For Anita was their mother. She had to be somewhere in looks to them?

So here there is four daughters, who are the replica of only one parent, the father? Not at all, it's absolute ego that talks in self pride, of grandparents who are selfish.

They gave Anita the feeling that she was an incubator, and only their son made the four daughters.

Here is the harm done, that infected children that were not old enough to have sense of mature thinking. They were brainwashed.

Anita had gone to see them. But the lies, and harm, was burned into the girls. Anita had gone half way round the world to see them. What was the reason that they parted from Anita?

The forty years back in time, had no way to help a single mother. Divorce back then was all a women's fault. Never the father. The father that was never home, and did far more than his own daughters knew about. The laws were nothing like today. Anita lost from birth, to her own daughters.

Anita thought, how the truth was shown, not only to her, but there face to face, Anita went to just bring peace to them all. The grandfather died. The daughters still think their mother did abandon them. The half world journey was wasted, as they had one big chance, and they burned it.

Anita had the fourth daughter, that did stay with her from another marriage. This daughter got in with the daughters over seas, after Anita came back to the country.

Now she thinks the same thing. The signs of this lie had now hit a daughter that had nothing to do with it at all. Knew nothing, until the daughters from over seas put into her, the lies told them. How could Gillian even believe them? Gillian had everything her mother could give her.

Anita thought, growth is nothing to do with age.

The time came for things to alter in such a great way, that Anita was very overwhelmed by the sudden chance of her family.

There she had messages from her brothers, and their children, that are adult now.

Anita then saw her own daughters, and the fourth one too. She saw one of her grandchildren, the one that she had looked after for three years.

One would never believe that Anita had done all things for Gillian, and did her housework too, and ironing, as well as her own home. Then she went to work evening shifts.

No, one would never believe the hostility of a daughter who had her mother, all her life.

Go along with three that she has never ever seen. The situation was against Anita. But hey Anita thought, they all blamed me. To me that is total lack of responsibility of their own selves. They are in their forties now. Not children.

Anita thought about her one and only person, who is working on his own healing. For all healing must be allowed to take the path that is about healing.

This brings Anita back to love. There in the truth of all things, is love.

Love has been portrayed in so many pieces that love was an illusion, due to the many faces it is given.

Love is the only emotion that we are about. Many would disagree to that. Anita has heard that no fighting is natural, we have to fight!

Anita again did not agree.

Here comes the part that Anita had worked to.

She had to meet her one person that was like a twin to her. He had the same way of thinking. In the ten years, they never ever argued of had a disagreement.

What was the teaching of this?

Jesus Christ is love. Our heavenly Father is love. How can we be his own creation without love?

How long does it take even the most learned person to understand one important thing?

Anita thought, the one important thing is, salvation is not a way to use as being without responsibility for wrongs.

Wrongs come, they can repeat to teach us, just what we are not learning.

We walk the sown seeds, and if we get caught in nettles, and they sting us, we see it as a separate seed.

This seed was sown too, by the sower of the other seeds.

The winding paths twist into turns that we can all loose our way. Even Christians can loose their way.

On the path Anita went from birth, she had a bag of seeds.

As a child she planted seeds to please the abusers. As a child, Anita thought that giving would mean they might stop beating her, and love her?

They beat her, and abused her anyway.

When Anita went through so many homes, and different names, a great part of her bag of seeds were hidden. She had lost who she was.

She knew Jesus Christ, who was watching over her all the time.

Time went on until Anita had so much rejection, she could not find her bag of seeds.

In her aging years, she realized how many people had mistreated her. She had not stopped them.

Before this home coming could be, she had to speak.

Anita thought, the Christmases alone, her walking though malls, where families were together shopping, and she was alone.

An alcoholic husband, that she was unhappy with. The daughter from this husband, she did not want to loose. So as the laws were not for women, Anita stayed. Could it be that her daughter Gillian, felt that her mother could have left him? Was it that, that made her hostile to Anita?

No refuges were in the old days. What was one to do?

The day came when Anita found her bag of seeds. She heard the holy spirit say, "Plant ye in good soil."

Her bag of seeds were inside her all the time. For that was where Jesus was.

She had several darts coming at her. Some of them were frightening.

The way the orthopedic treatment went, by loosing her file, loosing a test specimen, and given a category that was not as the surgeon said. He said she would be operated on inside a month. It was four months later.

The seeds were jumping in the bag to be sown for a long time.

Anita did not know that some of the seeds, did sow along the way.

The precious seeds sowed when she was wanting the truth. Through the forest of her literature, the many twisted paths began to straighten.

Losses came, growth came.

Many ways came open that so many never see. They take life as it comes. Not make life as it could be.

Anita had been through the wringer, and had many cruel things done. The one commandment that Anita did not understand was-----if someone slaps the cheek, give them the other cheek to slap.

How many cheeks would she have owned, it she was slapped five hundred times, as example of times done?

There had to be a time this all stopped.

Anita learned that the more you ask for help, the less you will get it.

When she did not ask for help, nobody helped either.

The problem was the enemy that people believe less, and less in today's society. Those are the seeds that cover the world. The age of darkness is far greater than the greedy, and self centered see. For they do not want to see. They want to see their own materials building up, and learning nothing for their account of spiritual health.

For Anita, Christian homecoming was about her being one with her whole soul.

Maturity meant she was ready to take the hardest roads, to be free.

The seeds she planted did produce a harvest.

Family really was not what Anita thought God would give her any sign of.

James came to the front door, and as it was open, he lightly knocked. Anita was taken out of her rather long few days of thoughts, and prayers. The Holy Spirit had given her the truth.

James said, "I have tried to call you, but you never picked up the phone."

Anita said, "I may not have heard it James, as I was with the holy spirit, making Christian homecoming."

James said, "Home coming?"

Anita explained the whole thing to James.

James said, "I understand, and I can't make a promise, but I should be with you in the next two weeks."

Anita said, "Yes, I understand that, you must do the things that are important to you, because you are healing too. I know that you have some things to clear, and then you're able to be with me."

James took Anita's face in his two big hands, and just looked at her. The love between them did not need words.

Anita said, "I have been going over past ground James. To see the things I have learned from. We are as one, that is why things will come well for us.

Also James-----Love really is in me."

James said, "Anita, looking at the way you told me about your life, love was never given you.

I know that people in families, have the talk of love, but it's a war zone, when the doors are shut.

You have love coming through you. I felt it the first time I met you-----Um-----Even if it did take a year to get near you-----You certainly were not without morals."

Anita said, "Love was inside me, because it was what I needed so much. Cruelty did not make me cruel. It made me feel worthless, but that did not engrave inside me, to stop me knowing love.

I knew love because Jesus Christ did love me, he kept love in me, because he saw everything.

James, people do not see that a relationship with our Lord, is a personal thing, as well as a community sharing. Yes, he taught me love, because he is love. I also feel that the way our heavenly Father has been put over, is against love. I mean this in some of the idea's men have put in writing.

God has never been seen. If you look beyond the actual earth, God has created the universes. The almighty is seen by one way, and one way only."

James said, "Tell me, I think I know what you may say."

Anita said, "We have the technology, to look out into planets. I feel in my way the Holy Spirit has taken a good part of time with me, that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. Although-----We can see what God has created, so we see God in his creations.

The second coming is not how people imagine, like Jesus will come down on the clouds.

There is a settling to be done. Before the earth can be the heaven it was meant to be, the evil is to be sucked out of the earth. That again is done in a very holy way, for Christians.

Look James, we can see in dreams right?"

James said, "Yes, and yet we are asleep!"

Anita said, "Many times visions are given, but the markings of darkness, interpreters give off a complete chart, that folds in more darkness.

The world is in darkness, spiritually.

Families are in dysfunction through the darkness. Looking at times past, there is no honor for parents, and elders. No medical system works for the sick, it's about money now.

There is not a family doctor anymore. People do not see a world war is right now! The young against the aged. The poor made poorer. James even false Christians talk in pious ways, and I think that the earth will rebirth. It has to, because in this world, there is dark rooms."

James said, "Yes I know that, but look at us, we can go somewhere, and find great wealth in a waterfall, or a country place.

We can find peace in each other, and we do not have to look far, because Jesus is with us. I know that you follow him, and the gifts you have had in your life, were for helping people the people that harmed your kindness."

Anita said, "Jesus had given, and he was rejected. So I may have to understand what he felt. But I am not sinless, Jesus Christ was, and is, and will always be.

The law of God was ++thou shalt have no other God but me++ the very first commandment.

That has been abused in all ages. For me it was difficult due to family being into dark thinking.

How can the family of our heavenly Father be without his created children obeying him?

If we come to him, through Jesus Christ, and then be in his family, our family comes together."

James said, "I have never thought of it that way. I mean looking at it that way, it seems to me, that even Christians-----Well would you say that they can go about it the difficult way too?"

Anita said, "I am not able to speak for another, but I have seen many go about things the hard way. The-----You should have-----You should not have-----Or-----It's through you that I did-----The many ways people cop out of doing their part. They want it done for them.

I James, worked very hard in all my life. I used to steal you know."

James said, "No come on, if you did why?"

Anita said, "I felt stolen from, so when young, I thought, I have nothing ever, so what the heck if I do steal."

James laughed at this, and then said, "So petty huh?"

Anita said, "Yes, but it became like kleptomania, then I got caught. I had an anger inside me that I never got counseling about. It took me some time to learn that things are not replacing my mother who I needed. There was the lock and key hidden, with my mother. So I was locked up in silence.

Drawing on that all, I knew Jesus Christ, he knew me, but James-----I have gifts I never spoke about as a child. I could see things, that others did not see. I could see brilliant things, I also saw right into another, if I wanted to. But to see into my mother, I could not at all.

I did not like doing things wrong, but it was reaction to having to be made silent. Like I was a mute.

So we have a great big blessing right now.

My whole family are coming to this country, this Christmas.

We James will have to be at the airport, looking at it, that three different countries whose jets are coming into our country. There will be, all my children, and grandchildren, and their husbands, my younger brother and all his family will be coming.

The other brother is coming with all his family. So there is 43 in all.

James, I have seen that Jesus Christ had a key that would undo all things. I found out that the hand cuffing, and glue to stop my lips talking, was not to be forever.

He took off the chains, and as he took the dark away, more, and more light came in. Until I was light myself.

He took the family right back to the beginning. He loosed the hold of my mother, and once the Holy Spirit was giving blessings for honesty, and devotion, the family left have appeared."

James said, "Yes you would have had to look back, but not live back, there is a difference. You see the root of the chains set upon you, and from a tiny child. So the next few months will be in getting things ready for the greatest Christmas you have ever known, for darling, you did not know one at all."

The months went by, and Christmas was here.

James and Anita were ready for the biggest home coming.

This was a holy time, and all in the family felt this.

Anita was to have her first happy life to come. Yes it's aged time, but she has every intention to live a good 25 to 30 years more. Great grandchildren for her inheritance. The last part is never about wealth of the material world.

The few days to the time Anita's family was coming in full amount was just a few days off.

Chapter Five

James was so happy about this family, that was coming in by so many people, that Anita never knew were her family.

He looked at her face, and could see a new life moving into her.

Over in Canada the family were getting ready for the flight to Australia. The same in England, and the same in Australia.

Anita said to James, that those in Canada would be getting a Christmas in the summer.

For Anita, she had done so much work upon her spiritual life.

Now it was time for her, to have a life. Her life could not be without James. For he was one with her.

Anita said, "We are supposed to be at the airport on the twenty first."

James just smiled at Anita, and said nothing.

They took a drive out to the ranges, and looked at the peaceful and gracious creations.

James said, "We really have to be home by five Anita."

Anita said, "Why? We have all the time in the day."

James said, "Not really, as I have to arrange something before five."

Anita said, "What are you up to James, you have that look on your face, that reads to me, you know something I do not."

James said, "We have the afternoon to watch the folding of time, as it moves along, we need to be back home by five the latest."

They fed the birds, and walked through the trees.

James said, "You know Anita that we are married, before actually being married."

Anita said, "I do yes, we have something very precious, and that is love."

James said, "I believe the man of the house is the head of the house right?"

Anita said, "Ah-----So we have some pushing James eh?"

They took the drive back to the house, and Anita noticed some banners around the home.

She said, "What is going on here? Oh-----Look-----The banners have the home coming on them-----James what have you been up to?"

Anita got out of the vehicle, and went straight to the front door. Only to find it open.

She looked back at James, who had a smile on his face, and pleasure in his eyes. James knew that Anita had nothing, and no family for sixty seven years.

James felt that any woman that can be as loving as Anita is, after all the damage done to her in the years. She was someone very different.

Anita knew she was never known. Her heart was love. As she went through the house, looking for a reason the house was all made up like a party zone. She turned to James and said, "Oh I get it, it's the twentieth of December, so you got me out of this place, to get other guys to do it all up, because of my recent surgery."

James said, "Well no, actually you might like to go to the garden, and bring in the treasures I have hidden."

Anita said, "Good God James, I am not a child you know." James said, "I think you are a child, a child of wisdom. Seek to find, and find to be given."

Anita stared at James, remembering the Holy Spirit saying, the same words, before she was led to her own family. All forty three of them.

When she went out to the garden, there was a blind right across the back entrance. A small basket was by her feet, and in it was a book.

She took the book and looked at it, and it said on the cover==Anita you know who you are come forth==

James came and said, "You wait here lady."

James came back with a man who Anita never knew, and he took the book off her.

The man said, "The little girl with wide brown eyes==

The little girl that quietly cries==

The one that none would want near==

The girl that was silent in all her years==

The child that I could do nothing for== until I was older and will do more==

How I remember the times you got harm==nothing was given you of peace and calm==

You were never known for now we know==

That Jesus Christ taught you to grow==

Fifty years have gone and passed==

Now we find each other at last==

Hold my hand come through the blind==

For there you will see why the past is left behind==

Come now take hold and come with me==

For now you will have your own family==

The blind fell down showing forty three people of all ages."

Anita looked at the man, and said, "Who are you. You look like my brother, but aged.

It can't be-----Oh-----Wow-----James come here, who are all these people?"

James said, "Spiritual you are, and in spirit you live, as you know I do the same, that is why we are one. For without true love, nothing can live."

Anita said, "Yes I know that, the love of our heavenly Father is, given to us through Jesus Christ.

But James, the love that we talk about, others do not talk about, because they never earned it."

James smiled and then said, "All can earn it, if they put away the material needs, and allow the fruit of truth to grow from seed, to harvest.

Yes Anita, very few have faith enough to walk on water, and not drown." Anita laughed and said, "I can't walk on water, stop joking."

James said, "It is a way of saying this.

When you walk, you fall, but you get up every time. So it is with the problems we are given from the enemy. Darkness will cause falling. But you my dear one, walked on the darkness. From all I know of your life, you stood on the enemy. He kept giving you harder things to walk over. You told me that Jesus Christ said he did not take away the testings, because he wanted you to grow. You also told me that, the times of being swallowed up, you forced the darkness away, by spiritual strength, so it had to lift.

Your weapon was praising, and your way of praising was to love. Your faith was strong. For I say to all of you here, this lady is yours in blood, although many turns, and lies have been.

I am telling you all this, because I know she will not tell you. All she had as a child to speak with, were drawing, and writing. Her voice was not to laugh, not to cry, so she silenced.

Please forgive me as I have told you truths, for none of you knew how badly she silenced.

My other reason for saying all this is, take no time to kill precious life, with any dark thought, act, or deed. The child must be shown, and chastised if doing wrong, for by seven, the child shows the adult to come. In our spiritual health, we are never more than children.

I look upon you all here, as my family too. All people are family. I just ask that the newer generations, bring up the children with love. Make the home a home furnished with love, in every room. Then the enemy can do no more harm. Love he knows not. Praising he detests. So if praising is in loving ways, that is a strong power through Jesus Christ."

Richard said, "I agree with that James. To love for some, means words, and acts. To love from the spirit can only come when we in our individual selves are ready to learn. When we have had enough darkness. We can only live in the light. That light is a holy powerful love. Yes James I certainly agree."

The garden had a long table of celebrations of foods.

First the two brothers embraced Anita, and cut the years apart out, never to be spoken of again. To renew the truth that was there from so long ago.

The brothers children came forwards, and so many of them had children. The wife of one brother, and partner of another came. Hugs were going on with laughter.

After they had all embraced Anita, there were ex wives of the brothers. They came with their partners. They came because they were in the family, and nothing was held at ransom by them.

Anita did not expect the next thing that came.

James knew they were coming.

They arrived through the front of the house, but the children were making so much noise, that Anita went to see what was going on?

There in the front garden stood nineteen.

Anita knew straight away who they were.

The four daughters stood together, with their husbands. The eleven children were of different ages.

Anita stood with her eyes filled. In her quick thinking, she thought, two eyes are separate, yet blink together. When they cry, both shed tears. They both have vision, although one eye can go blind, and the other will see. Two are one, and one can be two.

Yes she thought, Jesus has shown that so many times. No half way will do anyone any good. There is no sight with blind eyes.

There is no love with a cold heart. There is no home without love in every room.

Names were given, and Anita said, "I will have to write them wall down, to learn them, and who they belong to."

Her eldest daughter came to her and said, "Mum, I remember you when I was almost five, you cried so hard at having to leave me. Not long after that, I got presents, and things said about you. So being I was so young, I believed it all."

The twins came and said together, "We had the same thing." the youngest daughter who was from another marriage said, "I was very selfish mum, I knew you would do anything for me, so I took you for granted. I did not give you time when I wanted you to do for me. I knew your hip was going, the first one that is, and I failed being understanding. No wonder you cut off from me. I took my child away from you, that you looked after for me, for three years, all because of pride.

I had taken from my own child in doing that, as she was begging me to leave her with you for the weekend. I got hostile because you took her to a neighbors, and I never knew where you were, for that evening. Being you had her for three years in care for me, I should have been fair, and not-----Mum-----I am sorry, I know you would put Jesus Christ to me at time, but you never forced it.

You were always so spiritual, that I thought you were weak, as my dad was controlling, and drunk most of the time. I blamed you for that, and you never drank at all.

I just do not know what to say, because now I work with Ortho Pathology. So I know what is going on with joints gone. It is so agonizing."

Anita said, "Let's all look to now eh? We are not able to change the past, but we can learn from it, and put it where it belongs, in the archives of past history."

The family had made this date without Anita knowing, but James knew. The whole evening was full of high conversations, hugs, and kisses, and tears, and happiness.

Anita said, "Where are you all going to stay? I have the house, and the Back bungalow that has not been used. But to fit in forty three-----"

Richard said, "Josef, and Adam, have hired camper vans. So that is all fixed. So Christmas day is not long. It is on that day Anita, you get your biggest present."

Christmas day came, Anita was cooking her Christmas fare, and James was putting more decorations around the house. He had placed fairy lights over the whole outside of the house. The park for the camper vans was not far off from the house. Some had hired caravans in the lodge for vans.

Anita had room, but not for so many.

The turkey was roasting. The goose, pork, and duck, were roasting too.

The bacon was filling the house with appetizing aroma's.

The deserts were plentiful. Anita had worked half way through the night, in preparing this one very special Christmas. Anita's first real Christmas.

They all arrived, and they managed to make enough seating's for them all.

The joy of presents opening for the children. The fun of hats, and fun things.

Then Richard got up and said, "Your present sister is this, and it is from all of us.

We all are emigrating to this country. It will take us a few months to do, but no way will we be split up again.

So with the blessed love of whom we are gracing with honor the most important birthday of all, Jesus Christ.

We are here together through him. So my dear long lost sister, no longer will you be alone, and sad, and have no birthday forgotten, of be left as if you never existed. You are as valuable as we are."

Anita, was struck by the Holy Spirit, giving the blessings for this.

The greatest Christmas was this very day. The only one Anita knew of as Christmas.

The sounding of the trumpet, was heard. For not all things will die, the truth of the real power of Jesus, who's light will never go out, was given in this family.

Let the tears flow if you're hurting, but direct them to the light, and not do blaming, as the dark wants that. The light is love. Yes if harm give so much pain, it has to be brought out. Jesus did not lie when he said, nail it to my cross, for he had suffered that very pain you're feeling, and have felt.

The road to the truth is so much easier to find. It is that simple, that the cross roads we all meet, confuse the path way.

(Come to me all ye who are burdened.) Why do we all fight against the easy way? From this story, it goes to show that miracles come from the being of Jesus Christ, sitting on the right hand of God.

There is truth in truth. Lies are a constant battle, for every lie, has to remember the last lie, to continue.

Imagine lies going for every day. There is only one way with that. It will rebound, and strangle the only path of righteousness.

May God bless you all. His love reaches all ages. But to feel him is only one way. Truth, faith, love, and then his power, that power will save many.

Anita had her strength, and kept her vigil, and devotion, she also knew that the spiritual gifts, were many. In many different ways.


The End

Martha Brooks

The Epilogue

Steps are given so many times. I was shown ways, that the enemy gave volcanic tremors to, that only I felt. For he was targeting me. His reason is clear. I wanted him exposed, as many would know by now.

We live in the spirit, with the impossible challenge of the fleshes desires.

Jesus knows about this. So please, do not be too hard on yourselves. For the war is above us, and below us, we are in the middle. Many sins are forgiven, that we think are never forgiven.

As the warfare is spiritual, naturally there is mitigating darts at us.

Look towards the heavens in the dark times.

So many times people can fail to understand, that the toughest of tests, are the ones that make us strong. God loves us enough to give us his son

Never allow the cults that alter Jesus, to bring you grief. They are not true.

Jesus was simple, and easy in his ministry. He did not harm any of us then, and will not today. We harm ourselves so many times, when we are caught in the fire of the war. Because we fear.

Fear not is the word.

The Holy Spirit comes into the hearts of the sinner, as well as the repented. The sinner will not hear him, so please allow the grace of his free gift of eternal life.

You have nothing to loose, and all to gain.

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