You Are Mine to Behold

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You Are Mine to Behold

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled You Are Mine to Behold written by Author Martha Brooks. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this You Are Mine to Behold E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

Chapter One

Tammy was trying to walk with her crutches along the road near where she lived. She had determination and fierce thinking about Christianity. Yeah she thought, if I hear one more word of this I will crock someone over the head with my crutches. Then she had to stop. Well she thought, I am looking at the void that has just passed me. All very well she thought, but the real help she needed was not heard.

Five months ago Tammy had an operation that got big complications. She was made lame. Her right leg was without movement. She had to stay in hospital for just over a month. When she came home, she had a rehabilitation team. Three women that did far more harm than good. Her surgeon said the physio-therapist is to stop coming to her. The occupational therapist messed up her bathroom and gave her a very dangerous way to shower. The main women would turn up without an appointed time, and just walk into her home.

Tammy was a Christian, was the word. Her whole life was turned upside down. She could not cook at all, as her body had to hold onto a frame for two months. The nerve pain was agony day, and night. No respite at all. She began to sleep in the day and found her appetite was going to nil.

Her home was high rise, and had fourteen steps to her front door, and a long slope at the bottom of the steps. She could not order shopping to come due to nobody was there to help her at all. So her money eventually could not be taken out of the bank. She ran out of money and her life was at a stand still.

Day comes, and Tammy is just able to shower, but found the way it was supposed to be for safety, was wrong. Her whole bathroom got wet. They put in a hose with a spray end, but nothing to control it. So when she turned on the water, the hose would spin and fly, soaking her bathroom.

She looked at her life with anger coming into her. Anger was not in Tammy's nature. She was soft hearted, and very passionate about helping others. This Tammy was not the real Tammy. She had no ability to cope. A sudden lame leg is not what one knows about, until it happens.

For fourteen weeks her life was dead. No family to help her. No true friends gave her help. She could barely get out onto the balcony, just to get outside. Nothing was possible for her. No matter how hard she tried, nothing worked.

Tammy thought, so all the prayers ----- Oh yeah sure they helped eh? Not. So why does the Holy Spirit say he will not forsake me? Her turning away from Jesus Christ was not happening. Because she turned, Jesus Christ held onto her more, and more. She became frustrated, and threw Christian things into a bin bag, and waited for the council to come to get her rubbish.

Tammy thought of all her hard work, and how was it she was harmed in surgery? There is no God she thought, it's all brain washing. But inside her lived Jesus Christ. He was not going to be moved out. So Tammy made sure she would not pray, or have faith anymore. She could not get rid of the Bible, but put it out of her sight to see.

Tammy never sent her anger to Jesus Christ, as he would never take anger. Love, and anger, do not unite together. She thought about her faith that was so strong.

But now Tammy was not with faith. Her anger was fierce, and very showing on her face. Her body was tight as a drum. Her eyes saw nothing. Any how she thought, two thousand years ago, this man came and yet how can people believe that this is all true? It's all stories.

One day, after Tammy had a big surprise, she stopped to think. The home she was in was not a home she liked at all. It had dark hall ways, dark rooms, and only one room was bright. That room Tammy spent her days in. Behind the home was a masonic hall. Tammy did not know that spiritualists had meetings there.

This all passed Tammy's mind as she was trying to walk on the pavement. A longer space was in from that time to now. But her mind was set on not listening to people who wanted to talk religion. That's the end of all that she thought. This Tammy would never have been recognized as the Tammy before the operation. She had a neighbour that did not like Christians. The same women gossips, which Tammy could not stand. Tammy was against tale bearing, because it hurts people, and is all lies.

As Tammy stood waiting for any traffic that may let her cross the street so slowly, she thought, that neighbour got found out, I am so glad that I found her out, because the same day I asked her not to speak on my life, she went and did that. That same day I was assisted to go to the very place she gossiped about me. I was told by so many different people that she talked about me, and gave away something I wanted private. The people said they had not seen me for so many months, and that they all cared for me. Tammy knew what her next move was to be.

The neighbour comes out, and Tammy told her off, and said, "You violated my privacy, it's none of your business to talk to others, especially that what you said is rubbish." Tammy no longer spoke to the women again.

A car was stopped, for Tammy to go over the road. Tammy was so deep in thought, that she did not see the driver giving her way. Tammy waved a thanks and then hobbled across.

When Tammy crossed over, she thought, I am a lost Christian, so lost that I do not know what this is all about. How did I get so left for over three months when I could not do what I am doing today?

Tammy lost fifteen kilo's of weight. Her body reduced through nobody helping her. In her home she still felt something unseen was going on. She felt suffocated. Nothing was working at all. Oh Tammy thought, I better sit down, I am thinking so hard that I must be careful.

On a bench she sat alone. Her crutches were beside her. She knew that today was not like that time. She had moved her home! A pastor felt that the masonic hall was of witches. He laughed when Tammy said a ten foot fence went up in her back garden. He also felt Tammy was to move away from the home. But Tammy had a void that she could not get out of in that home.

The void was dark. All life's needs as in food, was fading. She was unable to move about, and lay at claim of darkness that still haunted that home. She expected to actually die.

Tammy thought, one day I was on the balcony and I said to myself, why can't I have number three, as it's ground level, but who would want to live up here, when on ground level? Twenty minutes later the agent came to speak to Tammy. She said, "We can move you out of here." Tammy said, "Where to?" the agent said, "To number three, in about a months time." Tammy was shocked, as she had the thought, and it was now a fact to happen, all in twenty minutes. How did she get that thought?

As she sat there, she thought, it took my savings to move out, and cost me so much money. I am now without my savings. But once I was moved I felt an energy change. The old suffocating energy was cut off. I remember saying out loud as I went down the long steps, goodbye prison, may all that is in that home leave me now.

Tammy found that within two days, she was able to stand alone without the crutches. A surgeon said that no way would Tammy get any movement until two years, and that may be a low percentage. In a week she could walk alone for five steps. In a couple of weeks she was moving furniture, yes with her crutches at hand, but she used her top half of her body to do this.

A month later, she hung out washing for the first time since the beginning of the year. It was November. Then she ironed. House work was done by her, and not by the council. Tammy thought that something is going on now, because nothing was at all possible in the other home.

Tammy thought, oh no I forgot about this. Those witches came into my home, the one I moved out of. Because I was set against them, when I found the truth, they would have casted ill wills to me. I forgot that they can send hexes and spells to stop me speaking of the true Jesus Christ. The one they said was true, I could see was not so. I did not like looking at the photo of him, because I knew something was very wrong there. I did wonder when the pastor prayed twice about them to leave me alone, why he did this? Then the pastor stopped emailing me, and came suddenly back just before I moved the home. He said that moving further away from the masonic hall would be far better. I have wondered how I got strength to do what I am doing? As no way is it possible for anyone to move in near to five months the lamed leg. My sciatic nerve was cut through. The nerve conduction showed hardly anything working for movement.

Tammy gt up, took her crutches and smiled a little, then thought, funny but when I went to bed at night in the new home, I would thank Jesus for the energy to do things. Then as each day came, the energy was increased.

I heard the Holy Spirit tell me, "Be still and know I am there." Well ----- If that is being there, why let the surgeons mess up? Tammy still was about ready to crock anyone who thought she needed spiritual advise. I heard that Jesus was holding me tighter and tighter, while I wanted to go away from him. The harder I tried to pull away, the tighter he held me. But he knew the old home was of the darkness. Wow! How come I did not think of that all?

Tammy just went to her salvation army store, and lo and behold, a gift was there. A brace that is the right one for such a limb that Tammy had, was given in for her, along with compression socks. This would be three hundred dollars to buy. But the women who donated it to Tammy, knew that Tammy had a legal case, and was sent away with a minor splint, that would not support her well.

Tammy sat there in silence, as the brace was put on. This brace was supposed to be supplied by the hospital. They gave nothing. Tammy was so grateful that she was able to call the women that gave it to her, and thank her.

To Tammy's surprise, two nights ago, her foot did a jerk. It curled very weakly, and very tiny, but it curled. She could see her ankle was trying to move. As small as it was, it was improvement. This is just not possible in such a short time frame. So Tammy thought that she was getting help from above.

Tammy thought, here I am about to crock someone if they talk Christianity to me, and it is that that is helping me. As she managed to try to walk again, she knew that the world of people was cold to sick people. So her inner thinking was that the path that was waiting for her, had to go this way. Suffering is part of the greatest lessons in life. We either turn away, or we learn.

She knew now that the Holy Spirit was working for her. That the attack in the other home had to cease, by her moving out of it. She was prepared to wait and see what the Holy Spirit will do, and how it will come about?

The evening before, she got an email of her youngest brother. She had not seen him for forty one years. Here now she not only saw him on video, but heard him. Her little brother ten years younger than her, was now a big man, of fifty seven.

A very new path was opening. Plus to she was not going to be alone much longer. From this suffering she would be turning it around for saving what is only possible by our heavenly father.

Tammy looked at her crutches, and thought, if I was to crock someone over the head with it, I think it may hurt a great deal. She turned to come back to her new home, and heard, " You are mine to behold." How could he forgive her so much when she was not serving him anymore? The gifts to come she knew would be things that no man can do. The only way is to be with him, nothing else will work. Yet he did not allow her to leave him. This she thought is the biggest gift of all. She knew what will follow, would be heaven sent.

Chapter Two

Tammy was coming back from her try to get something from a shop. A driver let her cross, but another driver came out of a side lane, and refused to stop. The driver that stopped for Tammy, tooted loudly at him doing this, as Tammy could have been knocked over. Tammy thought, I should crock him one, but he is gone as he was speeding. Then she laughed, and thought, I better send him a blessing instead.

As it was getting late in the day, Tammy was in no mood to make dinner. She got close to her front door when she was sure she saw something. She thought, ugh! I have seen visions before, but in the last months nothing. Besides I do not want anymore I have had it.

One of her crutches fell down, so she tried to get it when the other fell down. She said out loud, "For God's sake how much longer is this tough time going to be?" In silence she heard, "I have walked with you through this void time. I took the footprints before you, that is why you see only one set of footprints. I carried you, and I called you, but you did not want to listen. You tried to go away from me, I do not allow my true children to leave me."

Tammy was wobbly in standing, and looked into the tree's to see who was talking? She said, "Whoever you are, you are not the Holy Spirit." When she said that a wind came and wrapped around her. Her balance was lost. She fell down, and not one bit hurt by the fall. The same voice said, "You know me, as I know you. If you wish to come where you belong, I will raise you up onto your feet."

Tammy was spitting chips now, she said, "Oh yeah right, feet indeed, how dare you? I have one foot, the other is lame." She tried to grab her crutches, but each time she did, the same wind pushed them a couple inches away, so that she could not reach them.

Tammy said forgetting that she could be heard by others, "Get out of the trees and show yourself, you just a tramp that is bored with life, and being smart to upset a crippled women. You are not the -----" Tammy was silenced. Above her head came a bright light, it descended over her, she was in a cocoon. She could not speak at all. As it came over her, she felt love around her. Then the same voice said, "As long as you fight, you will be fighting. When you lay with me, you will find my loving arms, for you are mine to behold."

Tammy struggled, and said, "Oh no you don't, do not start that again, I will get my crutches, and knock you out of the tree's so that I can see you. How dare you even suggest I lay with you? That you are to hold me."

The same voice said, "You are seeing me, by the bright light. If you look to the centre of the light -----" Tammy butted in and said, "I am not, and I mean it not going there again. I do not know who you are, and when I did know you, look what you allowed to happen."

The bright light began to break up, and the same voice said, "When you did know me? I have not changed, it is you who have changed. You knew about the darkness and worked my words within your way of giving to others. I test my chosen because I love them." Tammy struggled up, and managed to get her crutches, she began beating the tree's to get this tramp out, so that ----- Yes ----- She can crock him one.

Tammy could not get anything out of the tree's, so she said, "Stupid idiot, he must be hiding. What does he mean I knew him, and he knew me. Talking about feet as if this is all funny. Plus that if I fight, I will be fighting. Ugh! Lay with him, what is the world coming to?"

Tammy went inside, but some neighbours had come out, as they heard her angry talking. She ignored them. Inside she thought, but the light, I know that light. A tramp could not make light out of nothing. I think I ----- No if I go there again, I may get more harm done. I was so certain that Jesus was with me, until this happened. Her thinking was very out of order.

The phone rang, and she heard a lady say, "I hope you do not mind Tammy, but I am Ruth, I heard about your operation, and what happened to you, by may I say malpractice? I am a lawyer, but I also am a Christian." Tammy slammed the phone down. Now her anger was rising to the top. The phone rang again, and Tammy thought it may be someone else. It was Ruth again, she said, "Please Tammy, give me a chance to speak to you."

Tammy said, "No! I have a tramp telling me he wants me to lay with him in the trees, then I am given ----- Given a light, then I am hearing about footprints before me, and if I get one more Christian try to convince me that there is a purpose for this, they better watch out, do you hear me?" Ruth said softly, "Yes Tammy I hear you, I also know that your anger is fairly normal. That everything that has come upon you, seems as if it is from Jesus Christ not wanting to help you. There must have been some residue in your life, from past darkness that may have tried to claim you. In truth, all things that need clearing, have to be worked at. Suffering is part of that. I heard about you, and wish to come and see you."

Tammy said, "Right, have you a card that shows you're a lawyer?" Ruth said, "Yes Tammy I do, I will put it in your mail box, if you do not mind. The pastor told me where you live now. A new home to the one you were in." Tammy said, "You can keep the Christian part out of it, I will think about it, but right now, I am way to upset. A tramp must have been in the tree's. But I knew the light."

Ruth said, "Well Tammy I will let you go, and I doubt a tramp was talking to you. Think again what he said to you in the cocoon of light. Do not cut off all your resources. When you're ready, you will see my phone number on the card. Do you have a computer Tammy?" Tammy said, "Yes I do so what?" Ruth said, email me. If you like email me about your feelings, and I will not cross the bridge of pushing you into Christianity, because Tammy I do not have to. I know you are a Christian. Talk to me when you're ready, goodbye for now."

Tammy went outside to look in the tree's again, but nothing was there at all. She was still very angry, but very tired too. She fell into her couch, and thought, I know that light. Where have I been for the last five months? The place was dark, and the needs for a sick person were escaped. I was feeling like I was alive, but dead as well. Well my knee to foot being lame is I suppose grief, and grief can have different emotions. My hip had no chance to have support from my muscles because it caused the whole leg to be limp. Tammy looked out onto her front garden, and thought, maybe is was not a tramp, even my crutches were moving away from me. I know the light, and ----- No I am not going there again. But Tammy thought over, and over of the words said to her. In her new home, she had no darkness.

She then got up, and tried to walk with her crutches again, but this time one crutch fell down, and then raised again. Tammy grabbed it and thought, oh! How could that happen?

She went to her bedroom, and then said, "I am still angry, I think I need to get this talked about. I am not getting away from our lord, and I suppose if I am fighting, I will keep fighting, unless as the voice said, who I felt sure was a tramp, lay with me. Well if that is the holy spirit, it would mean I lay and trust again as his child.
I am feeling the difference in me, but anger still seems to raise. I am confused."

She went to the other bedroom, and saw the Bible in a box, she went to the front door to throw it when ----- She heard in whispers, "Let us in Tammy lets play again. We can't come in here, there is a barrier. But if you say we can come in the barrier will fall down." Tammy could not see them at all. But her feelings told her they were not her friends. She looked up to where she lived before the move here, and there on the balcony she saw drifting smoke. In the drifting smoke she could hear them. She heard, "We will be going to the abyss, so let us in your new home. Do not open the door to Christians. They lie to you. We are the truth."

Tammy watched the smoke as it was only seen by her. She gave no welcome at all, but knew that if she stood there not inviting them they would have to leave. Then Tammy thought how is it they are not in the home with the new people? But they are youths, so their life would be busy. The cry to Tammy was getting thinner. She did not invite them. As the thinner smoke was evaporating into nothing, she saw portions of smoke shaped like dark ugly shapes. They were falling and falling. Then at the end of the smoke, the bottom of the steps had fires. Nobody could see these fires, only Tammy did. They were silenced. Tammy shuddered, as she felt the darkness looming without being seen, when she was in her other home. Being in the same block, she could just see the balcony, and steps. She did not feel it in the new home. Then the fires closed in, and it was like ball of fire, going into endless fire. It almost looked like a ball of fire was going into space. Then she heard a wretched groan, "We are in the abyss we will never be able to come out." Then it was all gone. She saw a light coming down over the balcony, along each step down, and an energy that told her to look what she had in her hand.

Tammy looked, and thought, oh the Bible. With that in her hands, she was protected. These dark beings could not harm another person now. Tammy thought, but there are more of them around. I see them in people. People who have no compassion, and very selfish. The actions of people who belong to God, are taking that self is all there is. So all quality of life is gone. For the materials can never be taken with us when we die. It is a spiritual battle. She hung her head, and got her crutches to come back in. The light had looked as if it was washing the darkness away. Tammy realized that the washing away was for her too.

The Bible did not fall from her, as most things do when she tries to carry something. She went to take a seat, and then put the Bible down into her table drawer. She thought, good God, if that was not a tramp, then I was being called to listen. To think that I was actually being slowly killed in the body, I did not get to the point of no return. Is that what was meant by the footsteps? I wonder who this Ruth is?

Tammy had to get to bed, but before getting in, which was hard with her leg. She saw a large box that had papers in it. As she turned the papers over, she came across the story of footprints. There it said that the footprints were Jesus Christ who was carrying her. So that's why only one set of footprints.

Tammy thought, right tomorrow I better start to get with people. It is true I have noticed recovery that is not supposed to be happening so early, actually slowly coming. I have birds that used to come to my other home. But now they have found me, food being the reason she smiled. But there are tiny little birds she never saw before. The all seem to line up at the very times Tammy would throw out food. To Tammy she was not wasting food by giving it to the birds. She was still unable to eat a great amount of food.

She turned off the light, and said her prayer of thanks for anything that was good in the day. Suddenly she sat up! Her thoughts were saying, so that is what it was about. It was a clearing, a final clearing. Not only items of darkness was cleared by me, but the home had to go too! Oh dear, I now know that those dark beings were in that home with the new people. But there was nothing there to grab onto. They were brought in by the witches. Once I had left the home, they had nothing to work on. Their energy was to try to kill me, that I know. I said to the witches that they are playing a dangerous game. Oh, well this has shown me something.

Tammy laid down again, but kept on thinking. I know that now because I spoke of the true Jesus Christ, and the whole room went silent. Their eyes were odd. One looked sly. Another looked envied. Some looked as if they wanted to shut me up but could not. After that they all seemed to be against me. So there it is what they were doing. Placing darkness on me. My God I even had a photo taken with them. Funny though, I could not keep the photo in my home. Now I think I see what the pastor was sure about. I was being casted upon, for failure in all things. How can they talk of love, there is no love in harming another. Tammy was now very tired. She gave her life another thought of focus. With that she knew that the reason for this, was to give her suffering the chance to work for the good, and not the bad. It was clear to her that Jesus Christ had control and was not going to loose her. The harder she tried to leave him, the stronger he held on. Tammy turned, and thought, I better wait to see how I will be led. At least I have someone who loves me. With that she fell asleep.

Chapter Three

The morning seemed quite fresh for the time of year. Tammy was outside her home, and heard voices of young people. One said, "I felt something real bad on the bottom of the steps, did you? The other youth said, "I was going to mention it, but thought you would think I was dumb." The two youths were talking in voices of fear. One said, "You know what? I felt something in the home, but said nothing to you. The other youth said, "Yes, I did too! But thought it was because we were in a new place. But I felt some sort of energy that was uncomfortable, seemed as if something was wanting our attention." The other youth thought for a moment, and then said, "Hey! Last night that woman was banging at the trees in her front, and telling a tramp to come out of there. She did not even notice that some were out looking at her." The other youth said, "Yeah weird eh?" They talked on and then Tammy heard, "There was a smell of smoke but I did not say anything. I looked out the window, and was sure I saw smoke, but no fire. Oh well let's get to work."

Tammy thought they would not realize what it was. They were not wanted due to their life being of no use to them. Tammy went inside, and thought, I must have disturbed a few if they knew I was getting that tramp ----- But there was no tramp. Tammy saw the birds line up on her back fence. Mr. Tucker found out where she had moved to. Mr. Tucker is a crow. This time he brought his lady who was a little smaller than he. So now she had Mr. And Mrs. Tucker. Then the magpies came, along with the tiny birds.

A choir was being arranged by the birds. They sang out in their different tones of voice. It was quite beautiful. Then there was a change to the song, far more demanding, as if they are saying, "We are here waiting for our feed." Tammy laughed, and thought they will have to wait until I can get dressed. She knew they would all be back in the later afternoon too. They come for two feeds a day!

Tammy was looking at her life, and thought, that void I was in took me away from Christian thinking. I was so angry at being lamed. The pain was agony. How to move, what to do. No family support, and no friends. The pastor came through which I did not expect, and had been praying for me. I just thought, yeah right, worked well eh? Now Tammy began to look a little differently.

She went about her home thinking how she is moving so much better. She went to the window and saw a light, it was descending to her, and then came inside the home. Tammy was rather surprised how the light could come through bricks? The voice she heard the day before spoke again. " You can see me, I live in your heart. It is also true that spiritual gifts are given, and you have that gift. Bring to me the suffering, for I suffered that with you, on the cross. You see and feel angels, and know that once eyes are opened more sight is given. You are given things that are said in spiritual voice, which is silent, you know that love is the only power of truth. I told you you would move home and what number, and it came forth. Now fight no longer, for the fighting is simple in the warfare. As long as you stay with truth, fighting is not of the body. It is of the spirit. You fought your body, and allowed your mental out look become cloudy. I was with you, you saw me not, I felt the pain you had in agony, the lameness of lost mobility. I cried with you. I knew you were alone and nobody was helping you. I asked you to take off your pets photo that you lost which had broken your heart to have to give her away. It is time for healing. Healing cannot come with heavy heart. Fighting was from the darkness, who in their last moments of the age, before I come the second time, are in a frenzy. They claim the sick people, for the sick people are easier to manipulate. You are mine to behold, that is why they wanted to kill your soul and spirit. They worked on your mental thinking. That is why the body began to deteriorate. You were in prison of the energies they threw day and night. Had you looked to me, you might have just seen me. But you were unable to because of the suffering. My child, I am your parent who loves you. That is why you're forgiven, for I do chastise my children. So that they become wiser. You now have the eyes to see the work of satan. By you going through that, you learned a great deal. You knew of his work, but you never had the cover removed from your eyes until you learned love is all there is. You had to learn to forgive. My children do not always learn this one real lesson. I saw you work for me, and put in so many hours at a time. Then the work of darkness took your body to claim you. You my child have given my word. You talked in your only way to be heard. To write. The darkness saw what you did write about. It was a weapon against them. That is why things went how they did. You asked why I did not stop it? I have to have my child in full knowledge to do good. Suffering is often the way to learn. Listen not to mankind, for so many are gathered into the web of destruction. You come and do the work, and people read it. Many people read your work for me. These people look inside their own life, and make the choice for me, or for satan. Do you really think I would leave you in such a state? I too had a moment of the greatest suffering of all. I thought my father had left me while on the cross. My father is one with me. You are one with me, all my children are one with me. Take the lesson and turn it around, so that others who suffer will see that I can do miracles. I do not do them by order of prayer. I choose to do them when I see a whole heart. When material gains are of no value to my children. When I see a child give, who is not rich at all, that is my greatest lesson. To show that I can give all you need. Once you come to this point in life, you have opened the door for values that are real riches. I am with you."

Tammy just sat down, in complete surprise. Now she had another look to work upon. She thought, he spoke like I do, it was not in the old age way. She now knew there was no tramp. That thinking of crocking others over the head with her crutches was not very nice. Mind you she thought, it is funny in a way. As the light ascended, she saw the face of Jesus Christ in a flash. She heard, "With me you are never alone. I know you see many things, and have questioned them. Your visions are true ones. Your awareness of spiritual beings are real too. Bring to the people the certainty that you suffered greatly, and I as your parent will comfort you. The age is nearing time. I see many who are sick taken by the darkness, and get into a void. It spins so fast that you see nothing but suffering. Lo I am with you always."

Tammy was now emotional. How could he forgive her? But she knew in her heart, that every night she thanked Jesus Christ. That thin film of faith had saved her from the clutches of the high, and fast war that is now in action. She knew that people must be aware of the fast spinning of lies given. The lies are so real, that people want gains, and look only for money, and wealth that will bring them down. The wealth of people is now based on what they own. When in fact they own nothing. It is the faces of governments. The speed of people is high. Nobody has time. The world is in a race, and people have lost the ability to be family.

Tammy knew now the path that was being prepared for her. She also knew that others would be coming into her life. Her privacy was her wish, as she does not like gossip. She does not stay with those who talk about others.

Now the path is ready to take the footprints already there. Her footprints will follow him. Her mind was set to change her ways a great deal. Well she thought, now I wonder how the healing will go? I have had changes that are speeded in time, rather than in two years time. Yes I too thought I was forsaken. Now I know his love was never failing me. For he has proved that.

She went into the bedroom, and took her time to decide to go to the shops. There while in the shops, she was told how well she looks. A child came to help her carry something as he saw her struggling with the bag on one crutch. The young boy said he was abused at school. Tammy said, when you do good, it will multiply. If those who do bad think they have power, their foolish thinking will come back at them, and far more will go wrong for them. Id they continue to do harm, then harm comes upon them. The boy looked at Tammy and said, "That is in the Bible." Tammy smiled, and said, "You're on the right path."

Chapter Four

Tammy had slept after the Holy Spirit came to speak to her. When she got up it was mid-morning. A loud knocking on the door alarmed her, as she never had callers. There before her were the two youths that had moved into to home she had left. One said, "Um ----- Sorry but we want to speak to you please, may we come in?" Tammy knew the reason they wanted to speak to her. So Tammy said, "Yes, but excuse my dressing gown. I slept late today. Come into the kitchen, and I will make some coffee."

The youths sat down, and one said, "My name is Anita, and this is Corinth." Tammy said, "Corinth? Sounds like it came from Corinthians. Which is in the Bible." Corinth said, "My father was into churchy things, unlike me." Tammy placed the coffee down on the table and told the girls to help themselves.

"Well come on and tell me why you called in?" said Tammy. Anita said, "Well ----- There is something in the place that we cannot see, but know is there, thought you may shed some light on it." Tammy shuddered, as she thought the dark beings were all gone. Then said, "I know that there was a darkness in that place, I also know that many of them left two nights ago." Corinth said, "Ah the day you were bashing at the tree's to get rid of a tramp?" Tammy looked down, and said quietly," yes. You see the back fence is about ten feet high there?" Anita said, "Yes, but it's high so we cannot see what is on the other side." Tammy said, "A Masonic hall is there behind the fence. A place that holds spiritualist meetings. A very dangerous thing to be in. I once went to that, thinking that it was the truth. I also know, that I was in that, but not part of it. I heard such dumb things said, that it concerned me. So I went to one of their healing nights. None were healed, it was almost like the people who were in it, were not quite all there. When I questioned it, there were daggers in many of the members eyes at me. Then they started to disrespect me. So I left. I could not see the true Jesus Christ in it at all. It was about self all the time, and ego."

Corinth said, "So why did the place get dark beings in it?" Tammy said, "I did not know that I had things that opened the door for the darkness. So one day I got rid of it all. I was told they are all witches, and that they would cast upon me, because I was showing the truth, and the lies were preferred."

Anita said, "I saw smoke two nights ago, and sort of strange shapes in the smoke, but there was no fire." Tammy said, "Yes I saw that too. I saw the fire as well, and they way they were taken to the abyss." Corinth looked at Anita, and both said together, "Abyss?" Tammy said, "Yes, another word for hell. I thought they were all gone. But it seems something is still hanging around."

The girls both looked quite scared now. Anita said, "So what do we do to get this out of there?" Tammy said, "It is not in the home, but on the outside of it, so do not invite it inside. If you read horoscopes, or go in any way to that sort of thing, they are in."

Corinth said, "I read mine, Anita read hers. So has that caused an invite?" Tammy said, "Yes, when did you do that?" Anita said, "Last night. We were feeling as if ----- When it's time for the lights to go out for the night, something was in the hall way." Tammy knew about that feeling, as she had the same about the hall way. She said, "I think it would be wise to call in a pastor, and have the place cleansed. Never read your stars, or go into anything spiritual, other than the truth, which s Jesus Christ."

Corinth said, "I am not going to no church." Anita said, "I will not either." Tammy said, "The Masonic hall is filled with what is known as demons. So as it found an invite some years back, plus at one time gay women lived in that home. So you see how it's wanting the place to try to gain your interest. I know that many left it, but I do not know what is left there. You see, there is an age that is coming, that will bring with it the truth." Anita said, "Age ----- What on earth does that mean?" Tammy said, "You will have heard of the devil right?" both girls nodded in yes. Tammy continues," this is satan, who is real. He has his fallen angels, that fell with him for power, and to be on the throne of God. Put God off the throne. The fallen angels are the familiar spirits, who say enough to get people in, but is talking in lies all the time."

Corinth said, "I can agree with that, look at how we look at our stars, and nothing is of sense, in fact nothing ever comes true." Anita said, "Yes, but we may have to get a pastor to come."

Tammy looked them in the eyes and said, "Do that, have the place covered with the truth. You see ----- Once Jesus Christ is in the home, they will flee." Corinth said, "How can you be sure of that? You had Jesus Christ yet still they hounded you." Tammy said, "It's a generational claim, my previous generations were claimed into the lies. So for me the battle was harder. Please allow yourselves to talk with a pastor, and he or she, will explain it all, and do a cleansing. But the cleansing will not work if you do not stop looking into the future. It is now that is important. Do you like living in there?"

Anita said, "Yes, just that we got scared of an energy that looms around. We noticed it last night." Tammy said, "Yes you said that. Ok ----- Take this Bible with you, and leave it in the hall way. Call this pastor, here is his number, and I know that what is left there will have to go."

Corinth said, "I am not afraid to live in there, but it was a dark feeling last night, so we had to find out what it was about?" Tammy thought, it's got to be from that masonic hall. So she said, "Look ----- There is only one way to get this sorted, and I also thought they had all gone. But ----- It seems there is ----- Oh I know you may not understand, but satan has little time left, so he is employing all his lies into people. He will go to the abyss, he knows that, and now is the time to get all he can. He cares nothing for people, they are God's creation. He wants power, and although he knows his end, he also believes his own lies."

The girls got up to leave, and Tammy offered them to use her phone to call the pastor she mentioned. They took the offer. And Tammy went into another room and said quietly, "Phew, now I know they will do something about this. That is why I wanted them to call him from here."

Tammy was now on her own. She thought about a person who did not like her Christmas present, that she had got her last year. She felt like getting nothing this year since the person gets her own way all the time. Instead, Tammy went and got her crutches, and hobbled over the road to near by shops. Her heart was not in it, but she got something for this person. Feeling quite annoyed. Because last year Tammy had no money, and gave this women a present from her own things. To Tammy it was not the present itself that counted, it was the thought.

As she tried to walk back with bags hanging from her crutches, she saw something in a street just off her own. Now for Tammy to carry bags on crutches, and try to walk as well, is rather hard. But she did it. She went to the other street. It had houses in it that are very posh. There were high and beautiful tree's in it. But what caught her eye was the light above one house. It was not what Tammy thought is it was. Christmas lights had turned on early on the roof of this house. So Tammy began to laugh.

On her return, the girls were waiting for Tammy. They met her at the mail boxes. Anita said, "That pastor came straight away, and he knew about the masonic hall. He also knew that sometimes when the evil is traded so deeply intending to harm a person, it uses other dark beings to continue what the other dark beings were thrown out of."

The girls had taken a vow of not going anywhere near that kind of thing again. The pastor came with other member of the church, and they got rid of the dark beings. The home was free now of it all.

Tammy just felt so much better about that. Her faith was returning, and she needed to rest for the rest of the day. Tammy had been through a great deal. It was not just the malpractice of a major operation, it was the pain, and the spiritual harm intended to end her talking about truth.

As Tammy was about to go to her home, the pastor drives in. He wanted to see her. He had a talk with Tammy about bringing the ways that are used in sick people, to be manipulated into more harm. That it is another sorry state that people fall for, when their health is poor.

They agreed that Tammy would hold once a week her experiences with that. She also had the proof of recovery coming quicker than expected in the medical field. Tammy had stomach problems, and could not see why? But she found that any fried food, or rich fats or creams, were no longer tolerated in her stomach. Seemed to Tammy a whole new way was different to the old ways.

Her new path was opening slowly. For the lord knew that Tammy was to gain strength.

Chapter Five

Tammy thought about Christmas. There is no signs of the real reason of it today. There a nativity pictures on cards, and ornaments of the same. But in every shopping mall, people are spending way over the needs for presents, and food that is not possible to eat in one day.

suddenly Tammy heard a voice outside her home. It said, "You're not going to get rid of me, I am far to powerful for any pastor to conduct a passage forme to go to the abyss, for I will be winning. The others that went to theabyss will never come out of it. But I ----- Yes I ----- am going to sit above the throne, for all is mine."

Tammy thought how can this be? Was it possible for stronger demons to be put out of a place, and still come and hound her? She went to the phone and called the pastor who had been to the other home she was once in.

He said, "Tammy, sometimes there is a chain of dark powers that are harder to break. The being was outside the home you were once in, and sent dark energies in the hall way. The hall way is where everyone would be walking, to get into other rooms. So nobody can avoid that hall way. I was going to call you tomorrow, as I knew that the being was not gone from the block of homes where you are. I did not tell the young ladies about that. The being was given to flee that home. But it was looking for you."

Tammy said, "What does it want to do to me now?" The pastor said, "The seal of your faith had been violated, and your privacy went into gossip."

Tammy said, "So are there people living in this block that entertain the so called new age?" The pastor said, "Yes Tammy. Darkness can only live in darkness, any light would break it up. I will tell you something that is not usual for me to say. The first home has a young man in it, who was in drugs, and is thinking suicidal thoughts. He called me one day, but it was of no use, he could not take in what I was saying. The second home has an older man in it that is a hermit. You are in the third. The forth home has a woman that is disabled but very demanding, and wants her own way, and likes to gossip. Up in the high rise homes, number seven has a very negative man in it, and his wife. He harmed you two years ago. His first child was sick from birth. Number eight has an old woman that is a total gossip, and it has hurt many people, including you."

Tammy said, "Hang on here, you're not supposed to be breaking confidential sharing, whether a church member or an outsider, sorry but what is your name?" the pastor said, "Neil blaze." Tammy said, "But the pastor I know there is Mark Bannington. Are you an elder? You do sound like Mark."

Then there was laughter sounding from the phone and it hung up. Tammy thought I must look at the number I called on my phone, I may have called a wrong number, but how could this what was his name? Oh yes Neil blaze, know all about the people in this block? She took to her menu, and looked at the number. She saw the pastor's number, but in brackets there was 666. Now Tammy was quite scared. How could that come onto my phone? She put the phone down, and sat in her chair for a while. Then she got up to look at the phone number again. There was no 666 in brackets.

Tammy called the pastor, who is known as Mark. Mark took the phone, and said, "Hello." Tammy was shaking now, and she rushed her words to him of the chain of events that had somehow come. Mark said, "Tammy, I did the clearing of the home, but when I left the actual inside of the home, the hall way seemed to be dark energy. There are times when clearing has to be done several times. Especially with the Masonic hall behind that home. I knew that a dark being was outside the home, but the girls would never understand this. What I have to do is get to the masonic hall at the rear end of it." Tammy said, "There is a parking area there yes." Mark said, "I will get my elders to come with me, and we will ask for the clearing of that rear end, that hits against the ten foot fence. I apologize for not seeing this before. I am glad that you have picked up on this."

Tammy said, "Are you kidding me? Picked up on it indeed, as if I need it. Then she repeated what the voice said over the phone and the name Neil Blaze. Pastor Mark gasped when he heard that. And said, "Are you sure it was Neil, and not feel?" Tammy said, "I thought I was talking to you, it sounded like you until he went into confidential sharing that is not allowed in ministry. He may have said feel."

Pastor Mark said, "It will be a combination of dark beings in what sounded like one dark being. Right Tammy this is what I ask you to do. Get out of the new home for a week, and take time to go where it's peaceful. I need you to be away when I do the clearing of the masonic hall rear. I am not able to stop what goes on inside the hall with the witches. But I can ask our heavenly father to bring a covering to the rear end of the home you were in, and believe it or not, some of the demons are harder to get away." Tammy said, "I'm going now today. I will go to my sister's home for the week. She did tell me someone I knew was in town, but refused to tell me who."

Pastor Mark said, "Yes Tammy go, and enjoy the break, the beings will not be able to follow you there." Tammy said, "No my sister is a devout Christian. Actually more so than me."

Pastor Mark did some calling of elders to arrange a meeting at the rear of the masonic hall. They were surprised at the thought of doing a clearing. People will wonder what they are doing there? Pastor Mark said that he knows that the clearing will bring a covering, and in their way of prayers, and silently, that God hears all. They made the day for tomorrow, and Mark thought they go when it's getting darker in the evening, less chance of people around then.

Tomorrow came, and the elders and Mark were praying in the church, and asked for the power of heavenly law to be showered into the rear of the home that Tammy had left. Also shower the drive way so that Tammy is not going to be met again outside her home.

Tammy and her sister Kim, were so happy to have time together. But Kim was so sad to see Tammy struggling to be mobile. She said, "Tammy, I have someone coming here today that you used to know. So do not ask me who, just wait." Tammy said, "You know that I had no family support, and you could not do anything living so far away. So if I am to get a surprise it will be good I am sure of it."

Pastor Mark got out of his car, and the elders were there already. The evening was getting dark. There was no sign of any people at all. The elders walked around the rea to feel the energies. Mark could feel them. Then they all saw a really ugly being that had horns as a crown. From the horns came other beings. Pastor Mark began, "You are not able to hide from the face of Jesus Christ. You are seen by us all." They swirled into smokey snakes. Then altered to ugly beings again. The clearing began, and the beings were afraid. As pastor Mark, and the elders gave a very long time to clear them, they broke up into pieces. Became tiny beings, and then came together, and looked like one being. The Holy Spirit came and the words were said through pastor Mark. In that moment, they all begged to be sent elsewhere than the abyss. The Holy Spirit took charge, and they were sent to the abyss.

Pastor Mark had to cover his ears, as did the elders, they were screaming to be set free. But they want Tammy. That in itself sent them to the abyss. For Tammy was a servant to be using her experiences, to help others. All the men saw them fly into the air, and then to their horror, they are were set on fire. Pastor Mark had never had this experience of them at all in clearings. The fire consumed them, and they were gone. Pastor Mark was so emotional that he fell to his knee's in thanks giving for the freedom of the home behind the masonic hall. No matter how much the witches do their services there, no demons can enter the garden of the home, to send the dark energies. The clearing was successful.

Tammy went into her sister's garden, and was about to mention how her flowers were so nice, and she suddenly said, "Joe what are you doing here?" Joe said, "Tammy years and years I have loved you, and wanted to find you again one day. I know about your medical troubles, but as I love you, it makes no difference to me. I think if you love, then you love in sickness as well." Tammy began to cry. Her heart had held Joe for the years too. But all that time back he was in the army. Then sent to another country. He never married.

Joe took Tammy into his arms, and Kim was smiling. Tammy needed Joe right now. She had hopes for them to be together again. She knew that Tammy had never got over Joe. Joe was a Christian, and he had one love other than Jesus Christ. Over dinner, as Joe was asked to stay the week in Kim's home, he told Tammy about how he slid away from Christianity, and felt it was all stories. He was heart broken to leave Tammy. Looking at her now, she too had suffered a great deal. The week was going to be a very special time for them both.

Now Tammy had a focus on her life. Things were going another way than Tammy ever expected.

Chapter Six

While Tammy was so overjoyed at meeting with Joe again, she felt the love inside her for him so much. Kim asked Tammy to call pastor Mark to see how things went on the clearing that was done?

Tammy nervously picked up Kim's phone, and heard pastor Mark speak. She said, "I am calling to see how the clearing went?" pastor Mark said, "All is done there Tammy, you will never be got at again." Tammy said, "I would never have thought it so hard to rid them." pastor Mark said, "It does happen at times. She was assured that her life is now free of any darkness that had shadowed her.

Tammy said to Kim, "All is well, and pastor Mark said that the masonic hall has the services for the witches. So energies from that hall was close to the home I was in." Kim was very pleased about the clearing."

Joe came into the lounge room, and said, "Tammy do you want to see the old black and white photo's of us so many years ago?" Tammy said, "Oh yes, I would love to see them." as Tammy looked at herself in youth, she could see her body was well, and she was very healthy. Joe said, "Tammy, today you are just as beautiful to me." He could read her thoughts by the way she was looking at herself.

The week went by so quickly, and Tammy was to come back to her home. Joe had to go to the business he had. They talked about Tammy going to see Joe's house in a few weeks time.

Joe gave Tammy a hug, and said, "If you think about what you want in life, let me know if I am included." Tammy thought he certainly was, but she had nothing to offer him. So she said she would think about it all.

When in her home, she felt it was so calm now. She did not see the young girls again, so thought it all done with. What got to Tammy was the way people could see she was not very mobile, and help was not offered in any way, unless ----- She was the person to be gossiped about. The neighbour she had is cold, and does things very sly. Dislikes Christians, and believes in nothing. This neighbour gossips at all times about others.

Tammy had not seen her for eight weeks now. Gladly she was for that. Getting past her thoughts of the past. Tammy had tried to get some odd things, but each time she did that, the hill part was just too much. She thought about her ten Christmas's she had alone. Joe was on her mind. A loud knocking came on her door. Tammy called to say that she would be there give her time to get there.

When she opened the door four men were there, and said they were from a church, had she read the Bible? Tammy thought that if they are Christians, then she can ask them in. Her keys were on a chain on a front hall table near the door. One man had a way of taking a print of her key by pressing it into his hand that had the plaster to take the key print. The other men kept her interest by talking about the Bible.

When they left she heard a voice say, "Change your front door key lock to a new one." Tammy thought I wonder why? Then she looked at her key and saw nothing to concern. Again she was told, "Call a locksmith and ask if they can come today to change your front door lock." Tammy was now more concerned. So she called a locksmith that was just over the road she lived in. He said he had a free time right then, and can come to change the lock, and give her new key for it.

The lock smith looked at the old key and noticed a tiny piece of key print plaster. He said, "Have you had any visitors here recently?" Tammy said." yes some Christians came today about an hour ago." The locksmith said, "Look, can you see the tiny plaster left on the key?" Tammy said, "Oh yes, what is it?" The locksmith said, "It is a con when men come and state they are who ever they say they are. Here is evidence of one of them printing your front door key."

Tammy said, "Well I be blowed, how could one of them do this?" The locksmith said, "Christmas time, and robbers my dear." he thought for a moment then said, "Did they wear gloves at all?" Tammy said, "No, none did." The locksmith then smiled, and he thought again then said, "Good, we will call the law in, and they can look for prints of the man who did this. If he is on record, then it will match. He will be charged, and taken for punishment."

Tammy had the new lock on the door, and called the real estate to tell them. The law came and took the key and had it looked at for prints. It certainly was on record. Tammy could not tell them she was told by a voice, that she was to change the lock. She just was so grateful that she was warned.

There were many homes that had been robbed in the area. The only way to find out who these men were was by Tammy's key. She could not believe the way this worked out so quickly. The real estate said that other homes were robbed. Nothing was out of the ordinary as in, breaking in. The key of all others were also printed to get made.

Tammy was called to come to the police station, that they will pick her up. She would remember the faces more clearly being the last one that they were going to rob.

The senior sergeant said, "In other states of Australia these same men had done the same kind of robbery. In new south wales one of the men was caught. He had gone back into the house when the owner came home. The owner had blocked this man from getting away. He saw a car, and saw another car leaving his property. The car in his property was the man who went back in to rob the bar. This man did not hear the owner, and the owner did not go into the house, he called the police from his mobile, staying in his car. The owner could not get into his garage because of the robbers car being in front of the garage door. Besides that it gave the owner time to call the police, as he certainly did not know the car there, or why his front door was open.

The robber of great greed did not use his senses by going back in. The other three had watched the home, and knew roughly when the owner was going out, and when he was back. The police came, and the robber was still bagging bottles of alcohol. The front door being open allowed the police to enter very quietly. He was charged, and given a prison sentence of two years. The other three men were never caught. Most certainly the man that was caught knew better than to grass on the other three. The sort of plaster he used was like a wax, to take a print of a key.

After he had his jail term done, the other three were waiting for him to come to them. For several months, they talked over living in another state. They had two states that they had no trouble with. Things just got out of hand in each state that they robbed, so they moved on. Gloves were mentioned, but the man who could take the print of a key really well, said that gloves could bodge up the print of the key.

It was reported about robberies in each state. The finding of the men was a long one. Now in new south wales, the man had his prints taken. He stood in shock when the police came in, and had nothing to say.

Tammy thought that if a man had been caught, and jailed, why would he do it over again? Then she thought, the answer is simple, greed, and thinking that they mastered it. Now the chase was on for the same man.

When she went in to try to relax, a call came through, and it was Joe. Joe said, "Hi Tammy, been three days since I heard your voice. Why not come up to my house this weekend?" Tammy thought, it would be a good time to go. She did not mention what happened about her key, and left it to tell Joe the weekend.

The rest of the week was quiet. Tammy had to go to look at a line up, but no men matched the ones she saw in her home. Saturday morning came, and at ten o'clock a.m. Joe was coming in his Bentley to pick her up. She had a small case ready, and happy to be going away for the weekend.

When she looked at Joe's car she stopped and said, "Posh car Joe, you did not have this at Kim's place." Joe said, "No, I have three cars for different purposes." Tammy thought, how can he afford the three cars? Then realized that it was not her business to think about. When they reached Joe's home, it was a few kilometers from Kim's home. The white fence greeted her, with the flowers growing gently around the base of the fence. Then she saw the size of the home. It was very big. Joe helped Tammy into his front door. She stood there gasping! She said, "Joe, this is a mansion. It is so very expensive and has expensive furniture, did you become a major in the army?"

Joe laughed, and then said, "I did not become a major Tammy. I inherited what I own today. In a way Tammy it all looks so good. But under it all something was missing." Tammy said, "Missing! How can you miss anything in here?" Joe said, "There is not value in having things without true love. In the years that I inherited this all, I did the ways that all do when money is free to spend. But each night I would come home, and be alone. I found it wasteful to spend to fill in time. I certainly was not going to marry. I loved you for years, and I would be looking for you in another women, had I done that."

Tammy said, "Marry?" Joe said, "Yes Tammy, as you can see, there is so much room here. I can get things done to make it easier for you to cope while recovery is taking place. So I am asking you right now, will you marry me?" then Joe brought out a small box, and opened it. There inside was a diamond ring. Joe took it out, and waited for Tammy to answer.

Tammy said, "J ----- Jo ----- Joe! What will I do with the home I have got?" Joe said, do you want to marry me or not? Because this will be your home." Tammy looked into Joe's eyes, and tears fell from hers. Her life had so much turmoil in it that to be given this had to be for the right reason. She said, "Joe I do want to marry you, but not because of all this home, and posh house, and three cars. I want to marry you for you." Joe now had tears behind his eyes, and said, "That my darling you will get, as late as it is in life, it is never too late."

Tammy said later in the day, "How on earth am I going to look in a white dress with this leg?" Joe said, "I can arrange you be seated if you like." the plans were going to take a little time. So Tammy stayed for more than the weekend.

Chapter Seven

Tammy enjoyed staying with Joe. The ring was on her finger, and wedding arrangements being made. Tammy thought about her home, and in a way this must be meant to be. Tammy had heard from her brothers in forty years apart. Things were happening that Tammy would never expect to happen.

Joe had called his brothers, and two sisters, to come and meet Tammy. The day came that Joe's family were to be met. Being close to Christmas, they had brought presents, and for Tammy too! The lounge room was buzzing with conversation. Brad said, "I never thought my brother would ever marry." Beth said, "No! We thought he would be single all his life." Harry and Charles nodded to that. While may said, "He never spoke to us about you a great deal. We often felt that he would be pining for life."

Tammy held Joe's hand and said, "Some things in life have to come later in life. I would have liked it that Joe had me mobile." Harry said, "One day you will be mobile, I sense that you have some sadness still in you?" Tammy said, "For some it may not be a big deal, but where I lived, and then where I moved to, two people are talking about me. You know ----- Gossip. So I moved away from one of them only to get another of them right next door. Although I think this lady is disabled in understanding normal life. So she loves to find out private things. I get told when I pull my blinds etc., It's very annoying to be watched like that."

Joe said, "This lady next door has not got a normal life. She has some disorder in her life, and so she fills it upon others business. That is what I made out of it." Charles said, "It's none of their business. Imagine if they knocked on all doors to find out private things, they would be in trouble. Besides gossip is often slander, lies in other words. I would say to you, let it go, and keep away from them. If you say nothing at all, and show nothing at all, they will loose interest."

Tammy said, "Not the one I used to live next to, she is very sly. Actually it could be that she envies me. I have things in life, that she does not. I have told her that only what comes through my front door am I interested in. What other people do is not my way of life. I found out that people who serve her in shops dislike her, as she is going on, and on, about either me, or someone else."

Harry laughed and said, "She is digging her own hole Tammy, for I bet these people in the shops really like you." Tammy smiled, and the she said, "Yes, I was told that they all love me." Joe said, "Tammy, why do you allow this to take command of your day, and every day when it passes through your mind?" Tammy said, "All my life I have never really answered back. I often felt that people are just ready to hurt each other. But now I ----- Yes ----- I now am closing that sort of person out of my life."

Harry said, "Jesus Christ said, that tale bearers are an abomination to the truth. Better to keep away from them." Tammy said, "Well if one is not normal in life, and falls for gossip, how would why would I have to put up with that?" Joe said, "Easy, keep away. Tammy, from what you were telling me, she loves to get any new person who comes into the block, and find out their private life. So she is aware that she is nosey. You gave her a go, and look how she continued to tell you what you are doing. Houses, homes, caravans, and even tents, have their privacy. Not one person has the right to enquire personal things. So just keep away. Do not let her in."

Tammy sat there for a while, and then said, "But I have to go back there, and when ever she comes she is always asking questions." Joe said, "You will only go back there to get packed up, I will deal with that part of it. Look ----- When people gossip, they are failing in their own life, so they think they get important by talking about others, as if they are the one that all have to answer too. In reality, they are not able to see you in your home, or what you're doing, they go by what gossip has already been spread. What do they have out of it in the end? Nothing, for people with manners will not take that sort into their lives. They do dig their own hole. Think about this Tammy, the women you did live next door to, is not able to see what you're doing now, so she asks the women who is disabled, for she knows that the disabled women loves to pry. So birds of a feather stick together."

Harry said, "That sums it up alright." Tammy said, "So in a way I am giving in to them by feeling so hurt by the rubbish they talk?" Beth said, "In a way yes, but if you have to go back for a short time until the wedding, keep away from the two of them."

Tammy said, "We are to forgive all people, but at times that is so hard to do. I did nothing to them at all. But envy is a curse for sure." Charles said, "So they bring about the curse upon themselves. You my forgive without speaking to them, but for your sake, do not speak to them at all. If a time comes that you have to answer, keep it short. Being polite is not a bad thing."

Joe said, "Right ----- Now I will get your things packed up, you will only be there for a week, as I have to run the business as well." They changed the talking of such people, and began to enjoy a banquet of food that Joe had ordered in.

Chapter Eight

The day came that Tammy had to leave to go back for the week. Joe said he would not stop thinking of her. When Tammy came back to her home, she had a visitor that she likes. She gave this lady a present to give to the disabled women next door for Christmas. The women next door did not know what to say. The next thing Tammy had Joe call her. The disabled women began to barge into Tammy's home, and Tammy said, "No, not right now." But the woman barged in anyway. The visitor went to the disabled women and said, "No, she is on the phone. She said no." but the women barged over to Tammy anyway. Left three biscuits on a throw away plate, and a card. Tammy knew that the women had forgotten her, and by Tammy giving her for Christmas she gave in feeling she had to. Tammy was not prepared to accept this.

When all were gone, Tammy felt like crying. She had so much to cope with in her health, but to be given extra to cope with is very unfair. Where she thought is their thinking? I get it from all ways.

Tammy did tell Joe quickly that she was getting burst into at an inappropriate time. Suddenly there was a knocking on the door. Charles was sent to get Tammy. He said, "Joe told us what was happening, you get the things you think you need most, and tomorrow the home will be packed up, and stored. Joe does not want you to suffer at the hands of people who have nothing else to do, than to give you more to cope with."

Tammy was relieved, and said, "Had I not met Joe again, I would have been like the man next door, a hermit. He will not speak to anyone in the block. He is wise." Then Tammy said, "But Charles where will you sleep tonight? I have one bed, and the other room is full of packed boxes." Charles said, "I came prepared with a sleeping bag. Joe did not want you left here alone. So the lounge floor will do." Tammy said, "Oh that will be so uncomfortable Charles." Charles said, "No I am fine with it."

The next day the removal packaging came. Tammy had got Charles to pack up three suitcases. She was ready to leave. The door got barged in again, and there stood the women from next door saying, "What are you doing?" Charles got up and said, "It is very ill mannered to pry into others lives. I suggest you leave ----- And leave now." The women stayed, and began to touch Tammy's boxes. Now Charles was at the edge of his patience. He said, "Leave, and leave now." the women ran out the door leaving them.

Tammy said, "For most people Christmas is a time of good cheer. So I bought her a couple of gifts, but something inside me was telling me not to." Charles said, "Life is not about gifts, life is about feeling the gift of another. Is some look to others only to gain for themselves, they do not respect themselves, or others. You will be having Christmas with us all at Joe's. After that, on the second of January you're about to be my sister-in-law. May I say I am proud to have you in the family."

The packaging was done, and the place empty. Charles put the cases in his four wheel drive, and then came back for Tammy. He wanted to get into the lounge where Tammy was sitting on a walker. But he could not get in the lounge. An energy had stopped him. He could only see into the room. There before him was brilliant light, and Tammy within the light. He heard the Holy Spirit say." you are mine to behold, for I have given you many tests. Every test you had you worked hard to get through. Hear me when I tell you that you were chosen to suffer tests. Your reward is far greater than you could ever imagine. I felt all you felt. But I want you to have some life with peace. I will bestow upon you love so pure, that the rest of your time here will be full. When I choose to say you are mine to behold, I say to you take up your pain, and walk away from it."

Charles was so shocked by this, and he saw Tammy hold her life before the heavenly father, who read her testings. The brilliance became so much that Charles fell upon his knees. Then the swirling brilliance of light went around Tammy, and Tammy stood up. The walker was not holding Tammy anymore. Charles thought of the man who Jesus Christ said, "Take up thy bed and walk." Was this not the same sort of thing? Tammy walked to Charles as the brilliance ascended. She had nothing in her hands to help her walk. She was given healing because of her going through her trials, and keeping her faith.

Charles said, "Tammy, had I not seen this, I would never believe it." Tammy said, "It has been a very special thing for you to see." They went into the four wheel drive, and were laughing all the long journey on.

Christmas was nearing its day. Joe had to final some business things so that he could be off for the month ahead. When they got to Joe's big house, Harry, Beth, brad, Joe, and Donna were all waiting for them.

Joe said, "Tammy is getting out of the vehicle on her own!" Silence fell upon them all, because Tammy was upright, taking steps without any aids. Charles said, "I saw a miracle today. It was so powerful that I could not get into Tammy's lounge room. You know ----- None of us realize the biggest power of all. We think we know it, but er ----- There is a great deal more to our heavenly father, than what is taught. Had you all seen what I saw, I am sure you to would be wordless for a while. The power of the pure love is to be earned. A pulsing and energy was so strong, that I was to remain with being allowed to see it, but not be in it. I now have seen the power in action."

Tammy said, "Well I did not know it was going to happen, I was sitting there, and suddenly I was caped with brilliance. I am told that I am his to behold. Then I was given the healing, and stood up!"

The rest of the day was peaceful, and much prayer was held in thanks giving.

Christmas day was spent in total awareness of our lord's birthday. But when the presents were given out, Tammy thought that they will never end. She was given so much, along with a cheque for new clothes. They all had a beautiful day. The rest of Christmas was calmer.

The wedding was arranged for Joe to be married to his life long love. The cars were grand. Tammy had a very nice gown on. Little children were to be behind Tammy as she walked down the aisle. Tammy's gown was made of silk and satin. It was white with some silver threads in it. The music of the church was singing praises to our heavenly father. There Joe stood looking at his bride. Charles was giving her away. He gasped at her beauty. Every line of sadness was gone in her face. Her gown seemed to be feather light. Almost like she floated to stand beside Joe. Charles gave her to Joe, and the service began. When all the vows were made, and the rings put on, at the part the minister said, "You are now man and wife." There came the brilliance for all to see. As it descended, it became brighter. There was music that was not of the earth. Then it ascended, and the music stopped.

The minister was so taken by this, and said, "We were all blessed today. We could only see the smallest particle of our heavenly father in the brilliance of the presence of pure love."

Joe and Tammy had the photo's going on. After that, they went to change, as they were flying to France. All waved them off, and then gave thanks for such a wonderful day.

Joe had arranged a reception for all the guests, but told them that the bride and groom will not be there. Some thought it odd, but when the brilliance came it spoke for itself.

Tammy was now a wife, and Joe a husband. Joe said, "I never ever thought I would find you. Here we are now married." Tammy said, "It proves one thing to me, and that is, the stronger you battle, and try to get over things, the more the blessings come."

Her home was far more than she ever expected. But the real home that Joe, and Tammy lived in was love. For without it one is not able to survive. Love was the only thing that could ever break chains off Tammy. For Joe it was his constant loving for her, that he found her. Now they are truly one.

The End

Martha Brooks

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