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Christianity Oasis has provided this E-Book titled Gateway to Light written by Author Kitbok Nongkhlaw. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Living Water at the Oasis

Gateway to Light

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book is titled Gateway to Light written by Author Kitbok Nongkhlaw. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Gateway to Light E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.


I used to spend some time in the morning for prayer, devotion and reading the Bible. While studying and pondering the Word of God, I used to write down my thoughts. Then one morning, while lying down, I heard a voice telling me to write down these thoughts in English, in the form of poems, and share these with the whole world to spread the Word of God.

I have used several versions of the Bible to get a clearer picture and clarification.

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1. In the Beginning

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth ..." Gen. 1:1 (NKJV)

Take the first sentence,
It tells the whole story;
From here all things commence,
Time, matter and energy.

This first sentence,
Moses has written;
Dictated by God,
To put into words.
'In the beginning ...'
Oh! How great the meaning,
Glory be to God,
For these wonderful words.

I have a life because of this,
'God created the heavens and the earth ...'
For nothing will ever exist,
But for these beautiful words.

I sat down and ponder,
The height, depth and power,
The mysteries and vastness,
No words can ever express.
As this life unfold,
This great mystery,
I am here in this world,
'Cause God created me.

Others may teach you otherwise,
And human knowledge may fail,
But what's written in the Bible,
Shall always and ever prevails.

2. Let Us Make Man

"Then God said, "Let us make man in our image ..." Gen. 1:26 (NKJV)

Just think that God,
Never said these words,
'Let us make human beings ...'
The world may exist,
But never like this,
In so many things.

But God said,
"Let us make man
In our image,
To resemble us ...'
So God went ahead,
He created us instead,
We are alive and living,
'Cause of this greatest blessing.

Just think that God,
Never uttered these words,
'Let us make human beings ...'
Living things may exist,
May be not like this,
And we'll never know life's meaning.

Just think that God,
Never fulfilled these words,
'Let us make human beings ...'
There will be no children,
No men, women or friends,
And no one will know the difference.

But how great is our God,
Who has spoken these words,
'Let us make human beings ...'
He created me in His image,
His plans for me He envisaged,
And to know Him is truly a blessing.

3. God Blessed Them

"God blessed them and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it ..." Gen. 1:28 (NKJV)

God created humans in His image,
It's too broad to comprehend,
And another matchless message,
"God blessed them."

Think a little deep,
Find the real meaning,
The richness of these words,
To have a life with God's blessing.

Be fruitful in love not in hate,
Be fruitful in joy not in sorrow,
Be fruitful in peace not in enmity,
Be fruitful in generosity,
Be fruitful in patience and in kindness,
Be fruitful in faithfulness,
Be fruitful in gentleness,
And also in self control.

Multiply your talent,
Multiply your faith,
Multiply your wisdom.
Multiply the blessings of God,
Multiply the true disciples,
And the true followers of Christ.

Fill the world with goodness of the Lord,
Fill your heart with the love of God,
Fill your day with great and beautiful things,
Fill your life with meaningful living.

Subdue the world of darkness,
Subdue the power of temptation,
Subdue the power of lust,
Live your life to overcome.

4. God Finished the Work

"....God finished the work that he had done ..." Gen. 2:2
"... Jesus ... he said, It is finished ..." John 19:30 (NRSV)

God created heaven and earth,
And all its vast array,
When He finished what He had done,
He rested on the seventh day.

Thus God finished the work,
To create matter and living things,
The sun, the stars and universe,
And most of all human beings.

How wonderful this human life,
God's greatest creation indeed,
He gave humans the best of all,
He provides them with all they need.

But what if God had not finished,
All the work that He had done,
It's possible we don't exist,
Me, you and also everyone.

But not only God finished the work,
And all that He had done,
For he loved the world so much,
He sent His only begotten Son.

Then at the cross in Calvary,
For our sins he was punished,
Before he died for you and me,
He said these words, 'It is finished.'

Glory be to God in the highest,
For he finished what he had done,
And Jesus Christ at Calvary,
Finished his work for our salvation.

5. Who Told the Serpent

"... And he said to the woman, "Really did God say ...?" Gen. 3:1 (TKJV)

God commanded the first man,
'From every tree, you eat freely,
But from the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
Do not eat or you'll be killed.'

But who told the serpent,
About this commandment?
Surely not by God,
They were never friends,
You can't blame the man, Adam,
There's no such evidence,
While no one told, the serpent knew,
About this commandment.

The shrewd serpent has plans to know,
Everything about God's commandments,
He tried so hard our greatest foe,
Our relationship with God to end.

The crafty serpent really knows,
All about God's commandments,
To cut off the fellowship,
Communion of man with God broken.

What goes on deep in my heart,
To follow God's commandments,
The subtle Satan knew it well,
Even my innermost intent.

Dear friends, please see that Satan knows,
What goes on in the heart of men,
Please constantly take heed to follow,
And obey God's commandments.

6. And You Will be Like God

"... your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God ..." Gen. 3:5 (NIV)

The Lord God put them in Eden,
The best place to live indeed;
Oh! they should be content,
They got everything they need.

But Satan was not happy,
This privilege given to human;
To spoil their relationship with God,
He carefully devised a plan.

To get them out from the garden of Eden,
With subtleness he used these words;
"And your eyes will be opened,
And you will be like God".

Who doesn't want to be like that?
Who doesn't want to be like God?
The weakness of the human heart,
Succumbed to these deceitful words.

So Satan knew the hearts of men,
They wanted more than what they need;
Especially things forbidden,
To satisfy their human greed.

The truth is that all human hearts,
Sometimes they want to be like God;
They'll do anything, they'll work so hard,
Forbidden ways willing to trod.

But what happened to Adam and Eve?
After the forbidden fruit they have tasted?
Alas ! When they opened their eyes,
They knew they were naked.

7. Thorns and Thistles

"... It will also bring forth thorns and thistles for you, and you will eat the plants of the field ..." Gen. 3:18 (TKJV)

Man had eaten from the forbidden tree,
Which God had commanded not to eat;
The ground is cursed and so the soil,
To get our bread, we have to toil.

Outside in the world, inside our hearts,
Everywhere thorns and thistles grow;
To flourish in life, we have to work hard,
To get ahead, we strive with sorrow.

Thorns and thistles in the field we work,
Confront with obstacles and tests;
Thorns and thistles in our path we walk,
To hinder and slow down our progress.

Thorns and thistles inside our minds,
Perplexed, confused to think and do;
Thorns and thistles to all mankind,
Problems of life everywhere we go.

Thorns and thistles in our health,
Ailments, infections and maladies;
Thorns and thistles in relationship,
Our friends become our enemies.

Thorns and thistles in the family,
Anguish, torment and disturbing;
Thorns and thistles in the community,
Racial problems and many things.

Thorns and thistles all over the world,
Illnesses, disasters and calamities;
Terrorism, conflicts and manmade wars,
Destroying homes and properties.

Thorns and thistles even to worship,
Worldly amusements and distractions;
Thorns and thistles to serve the Lord,
It's weary and a struggle for every one.

Thorns and thistles prick my body and soul,
At times it appears there is no end;
It's tough to endure but I am sure
It teaches me to look up to heaven.

Even when thorns and thistles grow,
There are plenty of good herbs and plants;
Wheat, rice and other crops we sow,
Nourishment and grace still abundant.

Even Christ to the cross he was condemned,
The crown of thorns squeezed on His head;
Imagine the pain but He didn't complain,
To save us he died the worst of death.

8. Sin is Crouching at the Door

'... But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door Gen. 4:7 (NIV)

As an offering to God,
Cain brought some of his harvests;
But Abel, the first born of his flock,
He gave to God his best.
So God looked with favor,
To what Abel offered;
But what Cain had given,
The Lord had no regard.

Then Cain became angry,
His countenance downcast;
He scowled furiously,
Inside he was aghast.
He brought to God something,
They may not be the best;
Why God rejected his offerings,
His heart couldn't digest.

Then God said to Cain,
'Why are you fuming?
This is what you deserved,
It's all your own doing.
Are you doing well in giving?
Some fruits as offerings;
Why it was not accepted,
You did it half-hearted.'

'If you do not do it right,
Sin is crouching at the door,'
It will get into your heart,
It will reign into your soul.
God does not look at the facade,
For this He has no regard;
God knows what is inside,
Deep down in your heart.

Sin is crouching at the door,
At the door of our hearts;
A little opening, it will get in,
If you are not on guard.
Sin will not leave on its own,
It keeps lurking at the entrance;
To enter and rule your soul,
Whenever it gets the chance.

If sin is crouching,
But Jesus is standing;
And He's gently knocking,
At the door of your heart.
Please open and invite,
For Jesus to come inside;
Oh! What peace and joy you'll have,
If you and Him abide.

9. Cain and Abel

'Cain said to his brother Abel, "Let us go out to the field." And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel, and killed him.' Gen. 4:8 (NRSV)

Sin had entered into Cain's heart,
He lost control of his will and power;
Inside he was thoughtlessly mad,
He killed his own brother.

Abel had done the best he could,
He was upright and innocent;
Why this atrocious untimely death,
When he obeyed God's commandments.

Abel brought to God his best offering,
Why from death he was not saved?
Being find favor and regard by God,
Why there's no miraculous escape?

After sin had entered the world,
Fairness is a rare commodity;
We misuse free will given by God,
We abuse our freedom and liberty.

When free will and sin joins together,
We get the most potent poison;
Man dare to kill his own brother,
No qualm to ruin his own love ones.

Oh! How we treat our near and dear,
With our words and deeds really;
We wreck those whom we love the most,
Slowly, gradually and painfully.

Look at how we spoil the children,
We finish off their innocence;
We destroy their hope and future,
We take out their love and passion.

We cut to pieces our friends and colleagues,
We stab them behind their back;
How to smash them we seek,
With all deviousness we attack.

But what happened to Cain,
After he killed his own brother Abel;
He went away from the presence of God,
His life was hard and almost hell.

Yes, we can say the world is unfair,
And to Jesus Christ they unfairly tried;
Innocent but the crown of thorns he bear,
For our sins, at the cross He died.

10. Enoch Walked With God

'and Enoch walked with God, ...' Gen. 5:24

Enoch walked with God,
In His presence he dwelt,
He knew the Lord so well;
For without knowing better,
God would be a stranger,
And they would not walk together.

Enoch walked with God,
Daily he was engaged,
With a deep wonderful faith;
For without faith and belief,
Walking together would be naïve,
Or the walk would be brief.

Enoch walked with God,
Delighted in His presence,
In hope and confidence;
If he had feeling of doubt,
He would not discern the route,
Or perhaps he would walked out.

Enoch walked with God,
In the way of righteousness,
Integrity and uprightness;
He must be a forgiven sinner,
For they would not walk together,
And got along closely so far.

Enoch walked with God,
Humility and reverence,
Happy with perfect confidence;
Straight, ideal and proper,
Content and glad in all matters,
For the Lord God being his Father.

Sometimes I walk with God,
Most of the times with the world,
I am yearning in my soul;
To reach my heavenly destiny,
Please, Lord guide and teach me,
To walk with You daily.

11. The Lord Regretted

'The Lord regretted that he had made human beings on the earth, and his heart was deeply troubled.' Gen. 6:6 (NIV)

The world was full of wickedness,
God could no longer ignore,
Hearts were filled with sinfulness,
They were rotten to the core;
The earth was replete with faithlessness,
It was brimming of perversity,
Human race was full of godlessness,
It was laden with iniquity.

So the Lord God regretted,
Creating humans in his image,
For their minds were corrupted,
All God's plans they sabotaged;
God was deeply troubled,
Seeing what the world had done,
Immorality by all the people.
Damaging His lovely creation.

Every thought and inclination,
Was extremely evil at the time,
Things were full of abomination,
All sorts of murder and crime;
The situation was so wretched,
Abounded with promiscuity,
Their hearts were perverted,
Saturated with debauchery.

God could no longer tolerate,
So much sin and decadence,
The Lord decided to obliterate,
And put all horrid things to end;
To destroy all living things,
Because the Lord God is holy,
And wiped out human beings,
Except Noah and his family.

12. Workers and Laborers to Build the Ark

'Make yourself an ark of gopher wood, ...' Gen. 6:14 (TKJV

God told Noah to build an ark,
To save him and his family;
The future of the world was stark,
That no one could ever foresee.
The ark was massive and huge,
To accommodate so many things;
And also to store all the food,
To feed animals and human beings.

Such a large immense structure,
To lodge a pair of each species;
It has never been built before,
It has never been done like this.
Noah could not build all this by himself,
He must have volunteers and workers;
To help him in building the ark,
He must have employed laborers.

The workers and laborers worked so hard,
To build this ark so gigantic;
They did everything to finish the work,
It was so marvelous and majestic.
They have done the best they could,
They felt great when the ark was finished;
But when the flood finally came,
No worker was saved but all perished.

All of us are helpers and workers,
We are hardworking laborers;
We built God's kingdom on earth,
And things that people admired.
But when we face the final judgment,
The Lord will announce the sentence;
Will we perish or hear these words?
'Come into the ark, my dear faithful friend.'

13. Come Into the Ark

'... You, and all your household, come into the ark ...' Gen. 7:1 (TKJV)

'Come into the ark,'
Noah heard the call,
This amazing invitation,
Before the rains fall;

'Come into the ark,'
He must go by himself;
No one will carry him inside,
Not by any angel.

'Come into the ark,'
It's time to rejoice,
God dwelt inside the ark,
Noah heard His voice,

'Come into the ark,'
You have to leave the world,
It's made for your redemption,
For you and your household,

'Come into the ark,'
Provisions are fully loaded,
Your mind, body and soul,
All your needs will be met,

'Come into the ark,'
The Lord is calling me,
To give up follies of this world,
To save me and my family.

14. The Door of the Ark

'... and put a door in the side.' Gen. 6:16
'... Then the Lord shut the door behind Noah.' Gen. 7:16 (TEV)

Noah built a great structure,
Inboard it's fully secure,
To get inside it has a door.

Noah put a door in the side,
For entering it's open wide,
Come into the ark to reside.

The door is still wide open,
This blessing won't come again,
Once close it will not reopen.

You can't enter with any doubt,
But it will be safe throughout,
Once inside none was cast out,

Just before that worst downpour,
In that chosen final hour,
The Lord then shut the door.

All those outside perished,
Only those inside were saved,
God's divine plan accomplished.

Jesus said, 'I am the door,'
Come over all rich and poor,
Eternal life forevermore.

15. Noah's Household

'On that very day Noah and his sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, together with his wife and the wives of his three sons, entered the ark.' Gen. 7:13 (NIV)

Differences are part of the family,
Sometimes a little sometimes many;
But how distinct in Noah's family,
When all eight members fully agree.

In families there's always dissent,
It may from children or parents;
May be from husband or wife,
There is often conflict and strife.

It is profoundly amazing wonder,
When all eight united together;
Noah is a man of superb character,
So, they'll follow him whatsoever.

That day is truly a wonderful day,
When all eight entered inside;
Not even one had gone astray,
But going together side by side.

They entered the ark a minority,
Inside only eight but outside many;
But at the end of that fateful journey,
All perished- so they are a majority.

Lord please strengthen my character,
To keep my family to be together;
The conditions outside may be dark,
But we'll be with God inside the ark.

16. Lessons From Noah's Ark

'And Noah did everything just as God commanded him.' Gen. 7:5 (NIV)

We have missed many things in life,
Drifting around to stay afloat;
But to get to heavenly paradise,
We should never miss the boat.

When Noah started to build the ark,
No sign of rain nor thunder roared;
To get to where you have marked,
Make a right plan for your future.

Noah was six hundred years old,
When God told him to do this job;
Remember you are never too old,
To do and finish the things you love,

Definitely people criticized Noah,
But he would not take heed then;
Do not listen to hearsay of others,
Follow your heart to get to heaven.

The ark was built by God's instruction,
It got through to its destination;
The Titanic was built by man's wisdom,
It sank in the middle of the ocean.

Build yourself an unsinkable ark,
You can sail through the worst flood;
You can face tempests and storms,
Lead and empowered by Jesus' blood.

So let us learn this profound lesson,
To get through to the Promised Land;
Build your ark under God's direction,
And be guided by His right hand.

17. The Dove Returned

'But the dove found no rest for the sole of her foot, and so she returned to him in the ark, for the waters still covered the surfaced of the whole earth. Then he put out his hand, and took her, and brought her to him in the ark.' Gen. 8:9 (TKJV)

After the raven, Noah sent out the dove,
To know the condition of the earth thereof;
Flipping her wings, flying up in the air,
No more restriction, she can fly anywhere.

The wind was blowing and water receded,
The whole earth was full of decay and death;
The dove found no place for her foot to rest,
She had to come back to the ark to her nest.

Noah was looking out from the window,
He was waiting for he expected her so;
Yes the dove was wearied, filthy and tired,
So he took her in his hands back to the ark.

Ah dear friends, I am just like the dove,
I have been roaming searching for love;
I do not want inside the ark immure,
I want to fully enjoy with worldly pleasures,

Inside the ark I should be truly happy,
But I enjoy my journey of discovery;
To do the things I have not done before,
There's the whole world for me to explore.

My soul wants to fly high to find reasons,
To ask questions and to draw conclusions;
Amusement, transgressions and iniquity,
Oh I love flapping my wings happily.

But I find no peace in things of this world,
They could not satisfy my deep inner soul;
I found no rest for my body and heart,
So I decided to go back to the ark.

The Lord stood at the door of the sanctuary,
Looking out for the wayward person like me;
With open arms forgiving what I have done,
He said lovingly, 'Welcome home, my son.'

18. The Pleasing Aroma

'Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and ... The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart; "Never again will I cursed the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of human heart is evil from childhood ...' Gen. 8:20-21 (NIV)

Before the flood, humans were wicked.
Except Noah and his household;
When all the flesh had corrupted,
So God then destroyed the world.

After the flood, there'd be a change,
The human heart should be good;
But alas those old things remained,
It was evil even from childhood.

To be human this is the fact,
There is no righteous, not even one;
Forbidden things and pleasures attract,
Evil thought in the minds of everyone.

But Noah built an altar to the Lord,
He offered the clean burnt offerings;
This made God to change his heart,
Even when evil is still in man's thinking.

When He smelled the sweet aroma,
It pleased the heart of the Lord;
This wondrous action done by Noah,
Has change the fate of the world.

Let's our life be an offering to the Lord,
Despite our sinful and evil thinking;
Let's our heart be pleasing aroma to God,
He'll forgive our sins by His blessings.

19. While the Earth Remains

'While the earth remains, seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.' Gen. 8:22 (TKJV)

God said, 'While the earth remains,'
Shall the earth then cease, I'm asking?
Yes, this world will not remain forever,
There will be an end for everything.

There will be an end to this world,
When that will happen, no one could tell,
But the end of all worldly things is sure,
And yes, an end to this life as well,

But while this earth and life remains,
God plans for everything will sustain.
There's seed time and harvest,
There's time to work and time to rest,

Sometimes cold and sometimes heat,
Sometimes life's bitter sometimes sweet,
There comes winter and then summer,
Sometimes you take, sometimes you share,

There comes a day and also night
Sometimes life's dark sometimes bright.
In this world the constant is change,
Live your life while this earth remains.

There is seed time and then harvest,
Sometimes life's down, sometimes' best,
Sometimes cold and sometimes heat,
Sometimes truth sometimes we cheat.

Winter comes and also summer,
Sometimes you ignore sometimes you care.
There comes day and also night,
Sometimes you love, sometimes you fight.

God give me this one beautiful life,
Yet ups and downs in life are certain,
But I got only one precious life to live,
I'll worship God while this life remains.

20. Everlasting Covenant

'Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth.' Gen. 9:16 (NIV)

Noah now came out from the ark,
Joyfully with his family members;
Looking across while he disembark,
He saw God's destructive power.

Noah saw the judgment of God,
Most devastating ever inflicted;
Traumatic experience after the flood,
All human beings gone and dead.

All humans had been annihilate,
A feeling of horror and anxiety;
The only survivors on the planet,
Their hearts shocked terribly.

God destroyed what he created,
What if He destroys them also?
Suppose they do something wicked,
What will happen, they don't know.

Knowing their uncertainty and doubt,
God gave His blessed assurance;
A stunning rainbow in the clouds,
An oath of everlasting covenant.

This covenant is an amazing grace,
For Noah did not deserve like this;
He now found joy and inner peace,
In this covenant of blessed promise.

God had fulfilled his covenant,
For it was an everlasting promise;
To save us from sin's punishment,
He sent His son, Jesus Christ.

21. The Rainbow

'I set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.' Gen. 9:13 (NIV)

God sets the rainbow in the cloud,
Oh how beautiful the colors;
To clear Noah's mind from any doubt,
To trust in God's love and power.

Man did not ask from God a rainbow,
It was God idea and conception;
All good things comes from above,
It can be received by everyone.

Rainbow would not be created by man,
It's a natural wonder created by God;
The world should know and understand,
And the feeling of awe it brought.

Once the rainbow shows up in the sky,
All class and type of people can see;
With their inner heart or naked eye,
All the wonders of God are given free.

Part of rainbow is up above the sky,
Part of it touches the ground;
We may wonder and question why,
But His love and blessing abounds.

None has seen the complete rainbow,
It's never totally round or full circle;
The hidden face of God to know,
It's completely shrouded in miracle.

Whenever God looks at the rainbow,
He remembers His everlasting covenant;
His everlasting promise and vow,
To save the broken and sinful man.

22. Noah Became Drunk

'He drank some of the wine and became drunk, and he lay uncovered in his tent.' Gen. 9:21 (NRSV)

After Noah came out from the ark,
He was the first to plant a vineyard;
He drank some of the wine he made,
And lay down in his tent uncovered.

Six hundred years he walked with God,
He lived a life of righteousness;
But after he was saved from the flood,
He succumbed to drunkenness.

When the earth was full of wickedness,
He resisted sin despite the pressure;
But in just a moment he was off guard,
He fell down to sin and its pleasure.

A blameless man chosen by God,
A man of faith and righteousness;
Shocking, unbelievable and sad,
To have fallen to such weakness.

Noah built an altar to worship God,
And God established a covenant;
But that communion was now cut short,
He yielded to taking intoxicant.

This' the trouble with all believers,
Past righteousness is no guarantee;
To overcome sin and its pleasures,
You have to struggle and fight daily.

Only Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Can lead us away from temptations;
For at the Cross through his blood,
He washed our sins and transgressions.

23. Sin Triggers Sin

And Noah awoke from his wine, and came to know what his younger son had done to him. And he said, "Cursed be Canaan. He will be a servant of servants to his brothers." Gen. 9:24-25 (TKJV)

Noah began to till the soil,
And he planted a vineyard;
He drank wine and was drunk,
Lying in his tent uncovered.

Ham the father of Canaan,
Saw the nakedness of his father;
He did nothing by his hands,
Instead he apprised his brothers.

Shem and Japheth took a garment,
Laid it on their shoulders;
Went backward to cover the shame,
And the nakedness of their father.

After Noah became sober,
He knew of what Ham had done;
He was mad at what he did,
He cursed Canaan, his grandson.

If Noah had not became drunk,
This sad thing would not happened;
But a sin committed by the father,
Triggered another sin in the end.

Sin didn't vanished with the flood,
Are we aware of this fact ?
With a small sin of drunkenness,
It has now made a comeback.

Sin committed by one person,
No matter how big or small;
It will trigger sinful condition,
And sin will beget sin no matter.

24. The Tower of Babel

Then they said, "Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves ..." Gen. 11:4 (NIV)

Come, let us build ourselves,
Splendid things with our abilities;
A great city, a tower of Babel,
There are unlimited possibilities.

This is the spirit of the world,
To build things to reach the stars;
Projects so dramatic and bold,
With our own money and power.

Man plans to make a better world,
To have lasting peace and security;
And how to control their future,
To preserve their names for posterity.

All wanted to have a good life,
On their own terms and conditions;
So much pleasures and enjoyment,
There's good time for everyone.

Man says he can do anything,
He can overcome any challenges;
Use his brain for creative thinking,
No need for God or Jesus Christ.

But please know that God always win.
In any or whatever the situations;
The Lord came down from heaven,
The tower of Babel was abandoned.

Turn to God when you construct,
Each and everything in your life,
Build your entire life on the Rock,
In the foundation of Jesus Christ.

25. Abraham's Call

Now the Lord had said to Abram, "Go out of your country and from your relatives and your father's house to the land that I will show you." Gen. 12:1 (TKJV)

Abram was then a nobody,
In that old land of the Chaldea;
He was unknown and in obscurity,
A faceless in the crowd of humanity,

But then Abram heard the call,
Go away from your own country;
From your father's household and all,
From your old life and follow Me.

God called him to obey in faith,
To follow the Lord to a new future;
He should not stay back and wait,
Or find excuses for his departure.

Go to the land that I will show you,
To the land of milk and honey,
To the fresh life and new values,
To a new home in a new country.

There you'll have countless off-springs,
There you'll get manifold blessings,
I will protect you against the enemies,
You will be the blessings for many.

His obedience changed the world,
It changes the course of history,
The faith of this one man so bold,
Transformed the faith of humanity.

When you follow God's instructions,
You'll never know what will happen,
Fullness of life, wonderful salvation,
And ultimately the taste of heaven.

26. Went Down - Went Up

'Now there was a famine in the land, and Abram went down to Egypt to dwell there ... Then Abram went up from Egypt, he and his wife and all that he had ...' Gen. 12:10, 13:1 (NKJV)

There was a famine in Canaan,
So Abram went down to Egypt;
To that place governed by man,
To that country of idol worship.

Down there he thought he would die,
So, he planned how to save his life;
He stooped down by telling a lie,
Sarai became his sister not his wife.

Going down is a disastrous path,
He trusted himself than on the Lord;
Down there he was self-centered,
He tried to be saved by his own effort.

But how great is the grace of God,
Saved Abram from shame and death;
Through the miracles of the plagues,
Back to Canaan from Egypt He led.

He went down so that he went up,
From where he reached rock bottom;
The Lord won't let any further drop,
For he's meant for God's Kingdom.

Abram went up back to Canaan,
To that land God had chosen;
To fulfill God's own eternal plan,
The most blessed amongst men.

To satisfy the famine in my soul,
Many times I went down to Egypt;
But Jesus calls me to climb back up,
To a new identity and citizenship.

© 2020 Kitbok Nongkhlaw

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