Down the Road

Chapter Eleven

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Eleven

Kaye Leigh woke up with a headache, she was sure that she just had a nightmare last night. She went into the bathroom to get some aspirin. She looked in the mirror and yelled. Becki came running in

"What's wrong?" she said.

"What happened to my eye?" Kaye Leigh said looking in the mirror still.

"You don't remember?" Becki asked trying not to laugh.

"The last thing I remember was leaving the hotel with you after I found out that Jeff was having an affair." She said quietly. "I woke up with a headache and thought that maybe I just had a bad nightmare." Tears were filling her eyes as she remembered the pictures. Becki gave her a hug.

"Let's see, you decided the best way to handle the situation was to go to a bar and get drunk, which you did." Becki said.

"That was stupid of me why didn't you stop me?" she asked.

"I did try and I agree it was stupid of you." Becki said.

"No wonder my mouth feels like cotton, and my head hurts. Never let me do that again, tie me down if you have to." She told her.

"I will, then after quite a few drinks, I stopped trying to count, you went to the bathroom and had a fight with the door as you were coming out, the door won." Becki said laughing now.

"Really?" she said.

"Then you proceeded to drink some more until I said I was leaving at which point you told me I didn't care about you." Becki said.

"I did? I'm so sorry Becki." Kaye Leigh said hanging her head.

"I already told you I would forgive you. Then Jeff met us outside here to get you up to the room, which thank goodness he did since you laid down in the hallway and promptly fell asleep. This of course was after you trying to get through the revolving doors, and a stunning rendition of elevator music." Becki said smiling.

"You're kidding right?" she said putting her hands in her head.

"Nope not at all." Becki assured her.

"How did I get changed?" Kaye Leigh asked.

"Your husband did it." Becki told her.

"He isn't my husband Becki, he stopped being that when he climbed into bed with Morgan, and please don't mention him to me." She said quietly.

"Morgan, isn't that Sam's wife?" Becki asked stunned.

"Yes." Kaye Leigh said nodding but stopping quickly because it made her head hurt.

"Jeff doesn't know who she is Kaye Leigh." Becki said.

"You actually believe him Becki?" Kaye Leigh asked shocked.

"Yes Kaye Leigh I do." Becki replied. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"No wonder we get along so well, you're as much of a fool as I am." She said.

"I believe him, you didn't see his face when he looked at the pictures or when he told me he had no idea who she was." Becki tried to explain. Kaye Leigh laughed some more.

"Becki cheaters are experts at lying, trust me I've had a lot of experience in this area." She said.

Becki started to say something but Kaye Leigh interrupted her. "I don't want to talk about it right now Becki please. I'm going to go take a shower and get ready for today and then get some breakfast." Becki nodded and said that she would meet her in the lobby in an hour.

Sam was lying in bed thinking about Kaye Leigh. Morgan was home when he got there and had asked him how everything went. He asked her why she set it up, but she left without answering. Maybe she went to meet with Jeff again; wherever she was, he did not care. He wondered why he was not more upset that his wife was unfaithful, maybe it was because he was not faithful to her.

He was going to use this situation to his advantage, Kaye Leigh would be his again even if he had to kidnap her for a while and take her to the mountains until she was ready to admit it. He had a friend who rented cabins up in the mountains and with a little time alone, he knew that she would realize she truly did love him.

"What are you doing here?" Morgan asked when he opened his door.

"I had to see you again." He said pulling her into his room.

"We could get caught you know." She said in between kisses.

"It's worth the risk." He said.

"You're worth anything." She replied. She had fallen in love with him just as she knew she would.

He smiled at her and started unbuttoning his shirt.

"Tell me what I want to hear." He said.

"What?" she asked not understanding.

"Tell me what I can see in your eyes." He said.

Morgan smiled and said, "I love you, I love you so much." He laughed.

"I know you do." He replied.

Kaye Leigh and Becki had met in the lobby before heading to breakfast, as they were going into the restaurant Jeff came into the hotel.

"Hi guys, how are you feeling Kaye Leigh?" he asked.

"I'm just great." She replied.

"We're going to breakfast, want to join us?" Becki asked.

"Is it ok with you Kaye Leigh?" he asked.

"Of course it is." Becki answered before Kaye Leigh could.

"Let me run up and take a quick shower then I will meet you in there." Jeff said.

"Thanks Becki I am so glad that you understand my need to be away from him." Kaye Leigh said as Jeff left.

"You're welcome." Becki said without remorse. They had gotten a table but waited for Jeff to come back before they ordered.

"Are you sure you're up to talking today?" Becki asked.

"I did this to myself, and I will be fine just like I always am." She said figuring that if she kept saying it then it would be true.

"We waited for you." Becki said as Jeff sat down.

"Thanks." He said.

"Where did you go so early this morning?" Becki asked.

"Out for a walk and to try to think." He replied looking over at Kaye Leigh. "Not to meet a secret lover." He added looking right at her. Kaye Leigh shrugged.

"Doesn't matter if you are." She said smiling at him.

"Ok guys we're not going to fight right now, Kaye Leigh needs to be relaxed for today's session." Becki said.

"You're still going to do it?" Jeff asked shocked.

"Of course why wouldn't I, just because you have no concept of keeping a commitment doesn't mean I don't." Kaye Leigh snapped. Becki sighed.

"So much for staying relaxed." Becki said exasperatedly.

"I am relaxed Becki, my life will not stop because I have an unfaithful husband no matter if you believe his lies." Kaye Leigh said.

"Don't keep taking this out on her Kaye Leigh, if you need to yell, then yell at me." Jeff said.

"I have no need to yell or anything else." She said setting down her napkin. "I don't need anyone or anything; I am the only one that can take care of me. What I do need is to be away from you because you make me sick." She said and got up and left.

"That went well." Jeff said sarcastically.

"Just remember this is Kaye Leigh and she doesn't react the same as everyone else does." Becki said. "Oh I almost forgot the woman it Morgan." Jeff looked up at her.

"Sam's wife Morgan?" he asked.

"Yep that's her." She replied.

"I've never seen her in my life; I wasn't there when she met with Kaye Leigh." He said shocked.

"I believe you Jeff; you don't have to convince me." Becki assured him.

Kaye Leigh went to the auditorium early, Lacey was already there.

"Oh what happened to your eye?" Lacey asked.

"You wouldn't believe it but I had a run in with the bathroom door." Kaye Leigh said. Lacey laughed.

"Stranger things have happened." She said.

"Can I ask a favor?" Kaye Leigh asked.

"Yes of course." Lacey said.

"Would you pray after your introduction today and tomorrow?" Kaye Leigh said.

"Is anything wrong?" Lacey asked.

"I'm just having a little personal issue right now and I would really appreciate it." She said.

"Of course it there anything else I can do for you?" Lacey said.

"Nope, that's it thank you." She replied.

Kaye Leigh went into the same room that she was in yesterday before she went on stage. She sat down and tried to pray, but it would not come. Tears started to fall and she wiped them away fiercely angry that she would give into her emotions. Kaye Leigh refused to let anyone see the hurt that Jeff had caused her. The hour and a half passed quickly and the next thing she knew she was being introduced and the prayer was being said.

Kaye Leigh walked out on stage with her head held high.

"Good afternoon everyone." She said. She went right into her story, today she talked about her marriage to Sam. When she started talking she had seen Sam sitting out in the audience and shook her head. "You know life throws you some strange curves at times. I see my ex-husband is in the audience today." She said laughing. Jeff and Becki looked around. "Stand up Sam so everyone can see you." She said.

"Come on Sam don't be shy, its ok I've forgiven you for everything you did to me." She continued. "Apparently he's too shy or too embarrassed to stand and be acknowledged." Sam was watching her, he knew that she was hurt and angry, he could tell by the look on her face and the fact that she was trying so hard to be happy and energetic.

"I'm not embarrassed Kaye Leigh." Sam said finally standing up. Everyone looked at him. "Thank you for forgiving me."

Kaye Leigh looked at him then said, "Come down here Sam." She waved to him.

"Kaye Leigh." Jeff said. Kaye Leigh turned in his direction.

"My current husband Jeffery Rutherford." She said. Everyone clapped. "Come on up too Jeff." She said.

"Jeff don't do anything stupid. I will go get her." Jeff sat back down. Kaye Leigh was not paying attention to Jeff. Becki went to the side of the stage, went up the steps, and walked out as Sam came up. Kaye Leigh turned and saw Becki.

"Everyone this is my publicist and best friend, Rebecca Stevenson." She said. Becki waved as people clapped. "And of course my ex-husband Sam Thomas."

Becki pulled Kaye Leigh away from Sam off to the side and hissed, "What do you think you're doing?"

"I am doing the speaking engagement." Kaye Leigh said.

"You're going to bring up last night." Becki said.

"My life doesn't revolve around Jeff Becki and I would have never mentioned him had he not drawn attention to himself." She said harshly. "Now go sit down and stick to your job." Kaye Leigh walked away from her.

"Sam, sorry about that I'm surprised that you aren't standing here telling everyone that I am a liar." Kaye Leigh said when she got to him. He smiled at her.

"Why would I say that? Everything you've told them is true." He said shocking her.

"Last time we talked you thought I was crazy." She reminded him. Sam laughed.

"Let's say Kaye Leigh that I've seen the light, and besides I think I proved to you last night that all men are alike. I know that I am not perfect and like some others in this room I don't pretend to be." He said.

Becki put her hand on Jeff's arm and whispered "Leave it."

"Let me ask you something now Kaye Leigh, why don't you let these people see the real you?" he asked.

"This is the real me, it's as real as it gets." Kaye Leigh replied.

"That's not true; you're hurting right now I can see it." Sam said.

"Repeating the past can be painful even if you've dealt with it, I'm glad Sam that you can acknowledge the fact that you aren't perfect, I'm glad you came today and I hope that maybe you can take something away from her here today." Kaye Leigh said.

"You." Sam said.

Kaye Leigh turned her back on him. "Thanks for coming today, I am looking forward to our last session and getting to meet you. Thank you again." She said. She took the microphone off.

"You are so fake Sam; there is only one reason you are here today, that's to rub the fact in that your wife slept with my husband. Apparently it doesn't bother you that you weren't man enough to hold onto two wives now." She hissed at him.

"You've lost two husbands." He said.

"I admit I don't know how to pick men, but I've left both of them, no one has left me." She replied.

"I'll see you around someday Sam." Kaye Leigh left the stage.

"What are you doing?" Jeff said when they got back stage.

"Just leave me alone Jeff." She told him.

"You are my wife." He said.

"I was your wife until you slept with my ex-husbands wife." She said.

"Kaye Leigh." Lacey called to her as she came over.

"Yes Lacey?" Kaye Leigh said smiling again.

"That was a great thing you did out there telling you're ex-husband that you forgave him. The audience was stunned." Lacey said.

"I had forgiven him a long time ago." She said. "Thanks very much for everything, I will see you tomorrow."

Kaye Leigh did not wait for Becki or Jeff she just left. She had just flagged down a taxi when they caught up with her.

"Thanks for waiting." Jeff said.

"Shut up Jeff." She said. When the taxi stopped, she opened the door and climbed in but before she could shut the door, Jeff had grabbed it.

"Get in Becki." He said. Kaye Leigh slid over and they got into the cab with her.

"You did very well today Kaye Leigh." Becki said.

"Really then why did you feel the need to come onto the stage?" she asked without looking at her.

"I wanted to make sure that you weren't about to have a breakdown or something." Becki said. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"Despite what you think Becki, I am not some frail thing that is going to wither away because my marriage failed. I am a lot stronger than that." She said.

"Our marriage didn't fail Kaye Leigh." Jeff said.

"Keep living in your fantasy world." She said.

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