Down the Road

Chapter Five

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Five

Jeff was getting ready to take the kids out for they day. They were going to Six Flags over Texas. Kaye Leigh was a little nervous about meeting Morgan, but she was not going to mention it to Jeff.

"You guys have a good day and make sure your dad and Curtis stay out of trouble." She said hugging the kids and giving Jeff a kiss.

"You be careful and call me if you need me. Remember do not make any plans without me." Jeff said kissing her back.

"I love you." Kaye Leigh smiled at him. "I love you too Jeff." She told him.

After everyone, left Kaye Leigh sat down in the living room and prayed for guidance and for understanding for Jeff. She took the cross that Jeff had given her in her hand and prayed for all of them. A little after noon there was a knock on the front door. Kaye Leigh went to answer the door, opening it she came face to face with Morgan.

Morgan was not what Kaye Leigh had pictured; she knew that she was older than Sam was. Kaye Leigh would have guessed she was between fifty and fifty-five. Morgan was about five foot six or seven, medium frame, bottle blonde hair with dark roots showing, and a lot of make up. She was wearing a tank top and short shorts.

"Morgan?" Kaye Leigh asked.

Morgan could not help but be shocked; the black and white picture in the paper was nothing in comparison to the real thing. Kaye Leigh was very petite, five feet two, maybe a size five if she was lucky. Long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. Kaye Leigh wore little make up and was extremely tan. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

"Kaye Leigh it's so nice to meet you." Morgan said holding out her hand. Kaye Leigh shook it.

"Come on in, did you have any trouble finding the place?" she asked moving aside so Morgan could come in.

"Not at all it was a nice drive." Morgan said as she walked through the door.

"Would you like something to drink? Iced tea? Soda?" Kaye Leigh asked.

"Tea would be great thanks." She replied.

Kaye Leigh went into the kitchen, poured two glasses of tea, and took them into the living room.

"Please have a seat." She told Morgan and handed her a glass.

"Thank you; you have a very beautiful home." Morgan said looking around. There was a picture of what she assumed was Kaye Leigh's family on the wall. "Is that your family?" Morgan asked nodding at the picture.

Kaye Leigh looked at it and replied

"Yes, that's Jeff, Dan, Faith, Grace, and Josh." She pointed each of them out.

"Josh looks just like his dad and Faith looks just like you." Morgan said. "Sam would love to see the kids I'm sure. You have a beautiful family."

"Thank you." Kaye Leigh replied choosing to ignore the comment about Sam seeing the kids.

"I have to admit I am a little intimidated by you Kaye Leigh." Morgan said.

"Intimidated by me? Why on earth would you be?" Kaye Leigh said with a little laugh.

"You're a famous author, beautiful and wealthy." Morgan said trying to keep the contempt; she was feeling out of her voice.

"I'm not that famous, beautiful, or wealthy." Kaye Leigh said. "I'm just the same old country girl I've always been. I was a little nervous to meet you too though, I didn't know what all Sam had said about me, and I wasn't sure if you thought I was some horrible person."

"When we saw the article about you in the newspaper about your speaking engagement we were shocked. Sam had told me what you looked like when you were married, you've changed a lot." Morgan said smiling.

"This took a lot of work and dieting; I had to learn how to eat nutritionally and learned to love exercise." Kaye Leigh said.

"Well you look great." Morgan told her smiling.

"Well Kaye Leigh what I want to talk to you about is, I am wondering if you would be willing to meet with Sam alone while you are in Denver? I mean alone for dinner or something like that." Morgan said.

"Sam thinks especially since he saw your picture that you two will get back together. I love Sam very much Kaye Leigh and I don't want to lose him over a few moments of longing for the past." Tears were in her eyes.

Kaye Leigh felt bad for her. "Do you think it would make a difference?" she asked.

"I think if he hears from you directly and sees how happy you are I think he would understand that whatever you two had was in the past." Morgan said.

"I need to talk to Jeff about it, but if he doesn't have a problem I would be willing to do that to help you." Kaye Leigh said.

"Thank you very much Kaye Leigh." Morgan said wiping her eyes.

They talked more about Sam and Kaye Leigh's family, and then Kaye Leigh asked if she could pray with her for her marriage.

When she finished Morgan asked, "What does your husband do?" She found Jeff extremely handsome and was considering the possibility that she could be comforting him once their world crumbled.

"He's a doctor." Kaye Leigh said.

"Wow, I am surprised that you don't mention that in your books where you tell about yourself." Morgan said looking at her.

"He could be whatever; it wouldn't make me love him less. I'm certainly not out to impress people with what he does, not that I'm not proud of him, but being a doctor isn't what makes him a great man." She said.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean anything by it." Morgan said quickly.

"It's fine really I've been asked that before. It's just I want people to know that I love Jeff because of who he is not what he is." She said.

"I understand perfectly. Well I need to be getting back to the airport. It was really nice to meet you and hopefully I will see you in Denver." Morgan said as Kaye Leigh walked her out to her car.

Tim was coming up to the house to talk to Kaye Leigh when he seen them in the driveway.

"Boss?" he said. Kaye Leigh turned to him and smiled.

"Hi Tim, what is it?" she asked. Morgan looked over Kaye Leigh's shoulder at him and gave him a little smile.

"I'm looking for Curtis have you seen him?" he asked.

"He went with Jeff and the kids for the day. By the way this is Morgan Thomas, this is Tim Grant he works here at the ranch." Kaye Leigh said making the introductions.

"It's nice to meet you Mrs. Thomas." Tim said.

"Nice to meet you too." Morgan said.

"Thanks. Boss. Ma'am." He said tipping his hat to each of them.

"It was very nice to meet you Kaye Leigh." Morgan said getting into her car.

"It was nice to meet you too; I will call after I talk things over with Jeff." She replied.

"That will be great." Morgan said. She shut her door and started to back out of the driveway. Kaye Leigh watched until she could not see her anymore.

Kaye Leigh thought that the meeting was not as bad as she thought it was going to be. She really did not have a problem talking with Sam, although she did not understand why seeing a picture of her mad him think they could get back together. Kaye Leigh had decided that she would help Morgan if possible and she would have to hope Jeff would not be too angry with her.

Kaye Leigh went out to the stable to see if she could help Tim with whatever it was, he needed Curtis for.

"Is Tim around?" she asked when she got to the stable.

"Over here boss." He said from inside one of the stalls.

"I was wondering if I could help with whatever you needed Curtis for." She said walking over to him.

"I need to move some branches and stuff away from the gate; if you want to help I would appreciate it." He said.

"Let me grab my gloves and we'll get working." She said.

It was hard moving all the branches and by the time they were done, Kaye Leigh had scratches all on her arms and a couple on her cheek where she was not paying attention to what she was doing. When they finished Kaye Leigh went to the house and took a shower.

When Jeff, Curtis and the kids finally got home, it was after ten. They looked like they had a blast, but looked very tired.

"How was it?" Kaye Leigh asked. "Great." The kids said.

"You guys look exhausted." She said. "Get ready and we will do devotions so you can get to bed." Jeff came over and hugged her.

"I am so tired." He said. "What happened to your face?" He turned her head so he could see it better.

"I was helping move some branches from around the gate that apparently someone dumped there." She explained showing him her arms too.

"Why didn't the guys do it?" Curtis asked.

"They did, it took a lot of us." She said.

"I am so ready for bed." Jeff said. Kaye Leigh laughed.

"Getting too old aren't you? I wouldn't be that tired." She said smiling at him.

"Oh is that what you think?" he asked.

"No that's what I know." She said laughing.

"Wait until the kids are in bed and then I'll show you how old I am." He said. Kaye Leigh laughed again.

After they did devotions, the kids said, "We're off to bed mom and dad. We've got to be up for church tomorrow."

"Night kids, we love you." Jeff and Kaye Leigh said together. Once the kids were, upstairs Jeff said, "Now for you young lady, let me grab my cane so I can chase you upstairs."

"You're funny." She said kissing him. "You're only old for the fun stuff with the kids nothing else."

"Yeah right, I'm not too old for anything." He replied.

When they got upstairs and were getting ready for bed Jeff asked, "How did things go with Morgan?"

"They were good." She said and she told him all about the visit.

"Morgan wants you and Sam to have dinner in Denver? You told her no didn't you?" He asked fiercely.

"No, I said I would talk to you and let her know." She said simply.

"Why do you want to meet with Sam?" he asked angrily.

"Not in the way you're implying." She said trying to remain calm. Jeff started laughing.

"You've made up your mind already, so why bother even discussing it with me?" he said.

"Where are you going?" she asked as he took a pillow and blanket.

"To the couch." He said.

"Jeff let's talk about this." Kaye Leigh pleaded with him.

"There's nothing for us to talk about, we don't ever need to discus anything again, and you're perfectly capable of making up your own mind." He said looking at her.

"You're right Jeff I am, and I want to help Morgan. I do not see anything wrong with helping another person no matter who they are. But I want your support and understanding also." She told him. He did not say another word just walked out of the room. Kaye Leigh just stood there looking at the door.

She was still awake an hour later when their bedroom door opened. She felt Jeff get into bed; she tried to lie still because she did not want him to know that she had been crying.

"Kaye Leigh come here please. " He said. She rolled over so she was facing him and moved into his arms.

"I'm sorry Kaye Leigh." He said as he wiped tears away from her face. "I love you Kaye Leigh and I really don't understand why you feel that you need to help Morgan, but I am going to try to support you because I can see that it's important to you." He kissed her.

"I love you too Jeff, I love you so much you have to know I wouldn't do anything to risk our marriage. You know I don't have feelings or anything for Sam, but I would like to help Morgan if I can." She said. Jeff put his fingers over her lips.

"Shh let's not talk about them anymore." He said kissing her again.

Sunday they got up early, had a family breakfast, and went to church. When they got there, they found pews, the kids always sat in front of them so that friends could sit with them. When they were settled people would stop and say hello to them, one little girl always had to have a hug from Jeff every Sunday. Once she got her hug, she would go and sit back down with her mom and dad.

"I'm afraid you have competition." Jeff whispered to Kaye Leigh after the little girl left.

"After last night I find that hard to believe." Kaye Leigh replied smiling at him.

"What do you mean after last night? It should be hard to believe any time." He said seriously.

"Oh stop, I trust you a hundred percent." She said taking his hand. He laughed.

"I was kidding." He said.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're mean?" she asked laughing.

Curtis, Jon, Miranda and the kids came in. The other kids joined Josh, Dan, Faith, and Grace in front of them. Curtis, Jon, and Miranda sat with Jeff and Kaye Leigh.

"Hi guys." Jon said giving Kaye Leigh a hug.

"Hi." She replied as she hugged him back.

"Hi Miranda, how are you doing?" Jeff asked hugging her.

"Good, but tired." Miranda said smiling.

"Please don't say a word to Jon about me meeting with Sam." Kaye Leigh whispered to Jeff.

"I should tell him, but I promise I won't." he replied.

"Thank you." She said.

They listened to the sermon, sang, and prayed. Kaye Leigh loved it when they were all in church together. She wondered about Jon and Miranda's commitment to God, they did not go to church on a regular basis. Some time she would have to sit down and talk with them about it. They all went to lunch after church and had a good time visiting.

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