Down the Road

Chapter Fourteen

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Fourteen

Kaye Leigh was wearing her sunglasses inside. Her eyes were swollen and her head hurt from crying all night.

"I'm telling Jeff on the way home that he will need to leave when we get home." Kaye Leigh said.

"Kaye Leigh you shouldn't rush into anything." Becki said.

"I'm not rushing Becki, I am being realistic." She said.

"Kaye Leigh you haven't had time to sit down and think about the situation rationally and to deal with things." Becki said anxiously.

"Becki please." She replied.

When their plane was called to board, Jeff sat in the middle of them so Kaye Leigh and Becki could not discuss things anymore.

"Jeff we need to talk." Kaye Leigh said as they were waiting for the plane to take off. She heard Becki sigh.

"What about Kaye Leigh?" Jeff asked cautiously afraid he was not going to like the answer.

"What's going to happen when we get home." She said, she still had her sunglasses on and refused to look in his direction because if she did she would lose the fight not to cry.

"We can't pretend anymore, at least I can't." she said.

"We're going home, find out what is going on, and go on with our life." He told her.

"No Jeff we're not, when we get home you will take Faith and Dan and leave the ranch. I will file for divorce Monday." Kaye Leigh said as a tear escaped from beneath her sunglasses.

The plane was taking off; this was going to be a long flight Becki thought. Jeff was looking at Kaye Leigh, he saw the tear fall from beneath her glasses and his heart ached for her. He closed his eyes and silently prayed. "Help me to understand God, help me not to be angry and please help us before I lose her." Jeremiah 29:11 for I know the plans I have for you." says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster, to you a future and a hope was brought to his mind.

"Kaye Leigh don't do this, let's figure it out together." Jeff tried pleading with her.

"Jeff I love you but I believe you had an affair and I can't live with it. I tried to pretend for a moment but the reality is it's over between us." Kaye Leigh said her voice shaky as she fought to keep her emotions under control.

"Kaye Leigh, how could I be with you like we were the other day if I was having an affair? You are and have been the only woman I love." He said frustrated. "Look at me please, take the glasses off."

"People who have affairs are very good at pretending with whomever they are with at the moment." She said still not looking at him or removing her glasses.

"You think I'm pretending with you?" he yelled so loud that people turned to look at them.

"Guys this wont be solved here, let's wait until we get home." Becki said. Jeff ignored her.

"Kaye Leigh look at me!" he said angrily. Kaye Leigh turned her head toward him.

"Take off the glasses." He said. When she took off the glasses her eyes were full of unshed tears, one look into his eyes let the floodgate of emotions open.

Kaye Leigh could not stop it, the anger and hurt from the last few days still consumed her. Becki was looking at her, Jeff tired to comfort her.

"Don't touch me, just leave me alone please." She choked out as she put her sunglasses back on and tried to get her emotions back under control.

Becki hurt for both of her friends, she wanted to go back and make Morgan, and Sam hurt just as Kaye Leigh was. Jeff watched his wife, he wanted to hold her and comfort her, but she would not let him, she was already cutting him out of her life. Kaye Leigh would shake every now and then as she tried to control her emotions.

When they landed in El Paso, Kaye Leigh and Becki grabbed their luggage and waited while Jeff went to get the truck. They loaded their luggage in the back and headed home. Becki had made Kaye Leigh sit next to Jeff and she sat next to the window. Kaye Leigh was so tired all she wanted to do was sleep, she kept trying to keep her head from falling onto Jeff's shoulder, but she was asleep before they got on the highway. Jeff took her hand in his.

"What am I going to do Becki?" he asked.

"Refuse to leave; it's your house too." She replied.

"It's Kaye Leigh's ranch, she built it." He said.

"I know that Jeff, but I've been thinking don't make this easy on her. You did not have an affair, you love her, and you want to fight for your marriage so use it. It's your house until a divorced is settled and you have a right to that house as much as she does." She said.

"What about the kids and all the tension and fighting?" he asked.

"I'll be there, Curtis will be there, and Jon will help. He can always control Kaye Leigh." She said. Jeff laughed.

"Don't worry Jeff with all of us together and with God's help we can handle Kaye Leigh." She assured him.

"Did you ever think that someone so little would need so many people to handle her?" he said and they both laughed.

They woke Kaye Leigh up when they were a few minutes from home.

"We're home Kaye Leigh." Jeff said. Kaye Leigh opened her eyes and lifted her head. Her eyes were still swollen and they hurt.

"That was fast." She said. Becki laughed.

"You were asleep before we go to the highway." Becki said.

"Oh." She said.

When they pulled into the driveway, Jon and the kids had come out the door and down the steps.

"Mom, dad, Becki!" they called.

"Hi guys." Kaye Leigh said hugging each of the kids.

"What happened to your eye mom?" Faith asked.

"I ran into a bathroom door when I wasn't paying attention." She replied laughing.

"Are you serious?" Jon asked hugging his sister.

"Yes the night I called you she went out." Jeff said.

"Shut up!" she said coldly.

"We'll take your bags inside and put them in your rooms." The kids said.

"Thanks guys." Kaye Leigh said smiling at them.

"Are you going to tell me about it?" Jon said when they sat down on the porch.

"I'll go get some tea." Alexis said.

"Thanks." Jeff said.

"When my kids are busy, and Jeff and his kids are gone I will tell you the whole story." She said closing her eyes and leaning her head back.

"Um, sis where is Jeff going?" Jon asked.

"No where." Jeff said firmly. Kaye Leigh looked at him.

"We talked about this on the plane." She said quietly.

"No you talked Kaye Leigh, now I will have my say, and you will listen. I'm staying in our house, if you are going to divorce me..." Jeff was saying.

"What?" Jon cut it.

"Then you will have to make sure everything is settled before I leave." He finished.

"Why are you trying to make this so hard on everyone? Haven't you done enough already?" Kaye Leigh said with tears in her eyes again.

"I'm fighting for our marriage, I'm fighting for you, and I am sorry if this is hard on you." He said.

"Haven't you put me through enough yet?" she asked standing up.

"I'm sorry Kaye Leigh, but I'm not giving you up that easily." He said.

"Ok Jeff, you'll be sorry you stayed." She told him walking away.

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" he said to Jon and Becki. They laughed.

"I'll go talk to her." Becki said.

Becki headed in the direction of the stable, the same direction Kaye Leigh went.

She passed Curtis on the way, "Becki, what's up with Kaye Leigh?" he asked while he gave her a hug.

"I'll let Jeff explain everything, their on the porch." She said. "I'll talk to you later." He nodded and headed towards the house.

"Hi guys." Curtis said as he came up onto the porch. Alexis was handing everyone a glass of tea.

"Thanks kid." Curtis said taking a glass.

"Where did Aunt Kaye Leigh go?" Alexis said.

"Out to the stable, but I think she needs some time alone ok?" Jon said.

"Oh ok, I'll go watch a movie with the others." Alexis said.

"What's going on?" Jon said once Alexis was inside. Jeff reminded him of what he told him when he called then told him the rest of the story.

"Becki decked Morgan?" Jon said. Curtis was laughing.

"Yes by the time we got over there she was sprawled on the floor with what was left of the table." Jeff said. Jon shook his head and laughed.

"Becki's right don't leave, but be prepared for trouble, it comes in little packages." Jon said.

"I've noticed that these past few days." He said.

"So the boss lady is pretty entertaining when she's been drinking huh?" Curtis said. Jeff laughed.

"Yes, but she did realize that drinking wasn't the answer to anything." He said.

"That's good although I am going to have to a talk with her about that among other things." Jon said.

Tim was in the stable when Kaye Leigh went in.

"Hey there boss." Tim said.

"Hi Tim." Kaye Leigh said sounding as if she had a cold.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm fine, or at least I will be. How are things here?" she asked.

"Good." He said looking at her with concern.

"I need to go for a ride." She said.

"Want some company?" Becki and Tim said at the same time. Becki smiled at him.

"Not this time, I just need to be alone." She said. Tim had gotten Skye ready for her. "I'll be back sometime, not sure when Becki. Thanks Tim." She said as he helped her onto the horse. Kaye Leigh took off out of the stable at a full run.

Becki headed back to the house to be with the others.

"Where's Kaye Leigh?" Jon asked.

"One guess." She said.

"Riding." The others said together.

"I'm glad you're not leaving Jeff, but I wonder what she is going to do." Jon said.

"Drive him crazy." Becki said.

"No doubt, you women tend to do that to a man." Curtis said. Becki pushed him.

"She'll drive you crazy too Becki, remember you're not supposed to have anything to do with me." Jeff said smiling.

"Why's that?" Jon asked.

"We think that Kaye Leigh thinks there's something going on between us." Becki said.

"Between the two of you, is she crazy?" Curtis said shocked.

"I think so." Jon answered. The others laughed.

"I asked if she wanted some company but she said no and that she didn't know when she would be back." Becki said.

"Becki, I heard you started a fight." Jon said chuckling.

"That's not true, I told Morgan to stay away from Kaye Leigh but she chose to ignore my advice and then she ran into my fist." She said, the guys laughed.

"What can we do Jon?" Jeff asked seriously.

"I have some friends at work that I'll take the pictures to, and I will set up an investigation for the credit card issue. I would do it but they would say it was a conflict of interest." Jon said. "We'll figure it out don't worry, just don't strangle her before we do."

"Not even a little bit?" Jeff asked. Jon smiled.

"Sorry but you can't." Jon said.

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