Down the Road

Chapter Twenty-Eight

by Melinda Kay Jenkinson

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Down the Road
Chapter Twenty-Eight

"Did you get any sleep last night?" Brent asked when Jeff came downstairs.

"Not much how about you and Amanda?" he replied. Brent handed him a cup of coffee.

"Here let's go out on the porch." Brent said. "Amanda didn't sleep at all, neither did I. The thought of my little girl out there with that jerk just tears at me." They sat down on the swing.

"I'm sorry Brent." Jeff said.

"You have nothing to be sorry about Jeff; Sam would have done something no matter what if he was as determined as you say. It was probably a good thing you weren't here, my guess is he would have shot you just because." Brent said.

"I should have protected her better." He said.

"You did your best Jeff; no one blames you at all." Brent said. The door opened and others came out. "No one's sleeping much I see." Brent said. Everyone gave Jeff hugs so his eyes became teary again.

A car pulled into the driveway. It was Rich and Brooke, Kaye Leigh's older brother and niece.

"How are you doing Jeff?" Rich asked shaking his hand.

"I'm ok." He said.

"Anything new?" Rich asked.

"No, nothing." He said.

"Pleasant Ridge 911" an operator said.

"I have some information to report about Kaye Leigh Rutherford." Tim said.

"Let me put you through to the police department." The operator said.

"Pleasant Ridge Police Department. How may I help you?" a man said.

"I know where Kaye Leigh Rutherford is." Tim said quietly.

"You have information to her whereabouts?" the man said.

"Yes I do." He said.

"Let me give you to Sergeant Jackson." The man replied. A moment of silence then

"You know where Mrs. Rutherford is?" Sergeant Jackson said.

"Yes, she is in a hotel in just out side of Deming, New Mexico. I am one of the people who kidnapped her. We are going to be going to a small diner called Paso in an hour." Tim said.

"You kidnapped her?" Sergeant Jackson asked.

"Yes, and she will be in trouble from the other two people if we don't get her out of there. The woman, Morgan Thomas, is crazy." He said. "You really need to help her." He hung up.

He got back into the room before anyone realized he was gone, except Kaye Leigh who he thought from the looks of her did not sleep at all.

"Morning Kaye Leigh." He said. She just looked at him. "We're going to be going to a restaurant if you want to take a shower and stuff." He said and handed her a bag with a change of clothes.

"Do I have to keep the door open?" she hissed.

"Yes." He said, she laughed.

Tim untied her; she rubbed her wrists and then went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower, and kept talking to him. She got into the shower where she removed her clothes. She quickly showered and washed her hair. When she turned off the shower, she reached out grabbed the towel, dried off, grabbed her clothes and dressed in the shower again.

Kaye Leigh looked in the mirror when she got out of the shower, she looked like a mess, one eye was swollen shut, and purple, her lip was cut and fat. She laughed.

"Boy I've never looked so good." She said to Tim sarcastically. "Could you get me a brush or a comb?"

Within seconds, he was at the door handing her a brush. She took it and started brushing out her hair, then put it back into a ponytail. Then she went out, sat in the chair, and put her boots on.

"Do you need to tie me to the chair again?" she snapped.

"No, but if you try anything I will." He replied. "I'm really sorry about this Kaye Leigh." She laughed.

"No you're not, if you were you would have never done it in the first place." She hissed.

There was a knock on the door.

"Are you guys up?" Sam called. Tim opened the door.

"We can't tie you up again." Morgan told her. "But I can and will shoot you if you give me a reason, do you understand that?" Kaye Leigh nodded.

"Tim are you ok?" she asked.

"Yes, I'm fine." He replied.

"Did she keep you up all night Tim?" Morgan asked laughing.

"Let's go." Sam said sharply.

They walked over to the diner. It was a small town from what Kaye Leigh could see. The sun made her head hurt.

"Not looking so beautiful today huh Kaye Leigh?" Morgan said laughing.

"You know Morgan; even looking like this I still look better than you ever will." Kaye Leigh replied.

"Do not touch her in public." Sam hissed a Morgan.

"That's right Sam keep your lap dog under control." She said.

"Stop it Kaye Leigh." Tim said as he opened the door, Sam led them to a table in the back.

"Morning, what can I get for you?" a young girl said. She gasped when she looked up and saw Kaye Leigh's face.

"Wow, what happened to you?" she asked.

"Ran into a Mac truck." Kaye Leigh said laughing.

"She had too much to drink last night." Sam said. "She got too mouthy with someone."

"You don't look so great. Do you want some ice?" she asked.

"I'm fine really thanks though." Kaye Leigh said.

"Well you must really be different when you're drunk, because you're very pleasant." She said smiling. "Ok, now what can I get for you guys?"

"Orange juice, eggs over easy, bacon, toast and hash browns for me." Morgan said.

"I'll have a ham and cheese omelet and a coffee." Sam said.

"Scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, hash browns, and coffee for me." Tim said.

"And you ma'am?" she said.

"Some iced tea without sugar, and dry toast please. Thanks." Kaye Leigh said.

"That's all you want Kaye Leigh?" Sam said.

"I'll probably throw that up, but if you really want me to I can shovel more food down so I can throw up all over the car." She said sarcastically.

"Are you too frightened to eat?" Morgan said laughing.

"Are you too stupid to realize its morning sickness?" she replied coldly.

"I've had enough of your mouth." Morgan said.

Kaye Leigh looked at her defiantly and said, "You need to get used to it."

"Getting some of your spunk back I see Kaye Leigh." Sam said laughing.

Jon was on the phone with the police department, when he hung he told everyone that there was still no news. The department had told him about the call but he did not want to get anyone's hopes up until it was proven.

"Let's pray some more." Anna said. They all took hands and bowed their heads each taking turns to pray for Kaye Leigh's safe return.

"Thanks mom." Jeff said hugging her when they were finished.

"We love you guys." She replied.

Their food was just being served when the front door busted open. It was the police; they had come in the front and in through the kitchen so no one could leave.

"Everyone down!" someone yelled. Kaye Leigh looked at Morgan.

Morgan yelled and grabbed her gun out of her purse, she went to fire at Kaye Leigh, but Tim pushed her out of the way. She saw that Tim was hit as she fell to the floor, then she hit her head. The police were wrestling the gun away from Morgan. Kaye Leigh was dazed. She turned over and found Tim lying on the floor, she crawled over to him.

"I really am so sorry Kaye Leigh; I should have never done any of this. I called the police this morning, you belong with your family, and you belong with Jeff." He said. He was bleeding from the shoulder. Kaye Leigh was applying pressure to his wound.

"Thank you Tim, you'll be ok, just don't talk save your energy." She said tears falling down her face.

"Ma'am are you Kaye Leigh Rutherford?" an officer was asking her.

"No I'm Kaye Leigh." Morgan yelled as the police were trying to get handcuffs on her. Kaye Leigh shook her head.

"I'm her." She replied.

"This is Kaye Leigh." Tim said.

"How could you do this to me?" Morgan yelled.

"Kaye Leigh you know I love you." Sam yelled.

"Get them out of here!" someone yelled.

"We're going to let your family know you're safe but first we need to get the two of you headed to the hospital." The officer said. Kaye Leigh nodded. "Stay still until the ambulances get her, you'll be going to El Paso." He said. When the paramedics came in they loaded Tim into one of the ambulances.

"I'll see you there." Kaye Leigh said.

"Ma'am are you having any pain at all?" the paramedic said.

"My left side is really sore, and I think I might be pregnant." Kaye Leigh told him.

"Ok." He replied, he relayed the information along with her vitals to the hospital. "You let me know immediately if you have any pain in your abdomen." He told her. She nodded. Kaye Leigh shut her eyes, the noise of the sirens were making her head hurt worse.

"Are you ok ma'am?" he asked.

"Yes, just have a headache." She replied.

"It's no wonder." He said.

Everyone was out on the porch when the phone rang.

"I'll grab it Uncle Jeff." Brooke said.


"Can I speak with Mr. Rutherford please?" the voice said.

"Sure just a moment please." She said. "Uncle Jeff it's for you." Jeff hurried into the house.

"Hello?" he said.

"Jeff, this is the Pleasant Ridge Police Department. We just received a call from the New Mexico state police, they were able to get Kaye Leigh and arrest the suspects. Kaye Leigh was taken to a local hospital to be stabilized then transferred to El Paso. We have no information on her condition; we do know one person was shot." The officer told him. "We are going to send a car for Jon to drive so you get there faster, it will be there in about an hour."

"Thank you." Jeff said as he hung up.

He went outside and relayed the news to everyone. They all prayed that Kaye Leigh was not the one who was shot, and that she would be ok, they thanked God for allowing the police to find her.

"It was Tim who turned them in, he had called the department this morning, but they wanted to confirm the information before I said anything." Jon said. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I didn't want anyone to get their hopes up and have it turn out to be nothing."

"It's ok." Jeff said.

Kaye Leigh was in the emergency room in El Paso, she was waiting to go to a regular room. Tim was taken into surgery shortly after they got there. They were going to take them to the local hospital but they decided to just go straight to El Paso. They were going to keep her for a couple of days, she had two broken ribs from Morgan kicking her, she had a concussion from hitting her head on the floor, she was dehydrated, and she was definitely pregnant.

She was sitting there crying, how she was going to face Jeff and everyone else. She hated herself, she knew that things were over with Jeff for sure now, she was going through with the divorce, because he deserved a whole lot more than her, she also decided that she had to leave Texas.

When she was transferred to her room, a nurse had come in to check her vitals.

"Do you have any information on Tim Grant?" she asked.

"He made it through surgery just fine, he's in recovery now." The nurse said.

"Would I be able to see him later?" she asked.

"I could arrange that." The nurse said. "You need to drink lots of fluid and eat if you can ok?"

"Thanks." Kaye Leigh said.

The four-hour ride to El Paso was the longest ride of Jeff's life. He had the door opened before the car had come to a complete stop.

"Slow down Jeff." Jon said as he ran to catch up with him. When they found a nurses station, Jeff asked for Kaye Leigh's room.

"I'm on my way down there, I'll take you." A nurse said smiling.

They followed her down the hall and into her room.

"Kaye Leigh!" Jeff said going to her. She looked up at him and Jon and burst into tears. "Shh, it's ok, you're safe now." Jeff said holding her.

"You're ok now sis." Jon said. She pushed back from Jeff.

"I'm so sorry Jeff; I should have believed you and trusted you." She said tears falling down her face.

"It's ok Kaye Leigh." Jeff said as he tried to hold her again.

"No it's not." She said pushing away from him.

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