by Meredith Burton

Book Description


Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. We proudly present you this ebook titled Emilia written by Author Meredith Burton. Christianity Oasis proudly offers this Emilia ebook free of charge for your enjoyment.

Book Description


Author: Meredith Burton

Book #5066

This is the prequel to the novella, "The Battle for Crimlia" (see link below). This author also has another book which is the prequel to "Emilia" titled "Joakim". It is the first book of the "trilogy." (see link below).

5070 - Joakim

5032 - The Battle for Crimlia

Also enjoy this book by Meredith Burton:

5102 - Talura

All of these eBooks are must reads for those who absolutely adore Spiritual journeys which stimulate the imagination, while planting seeds of Christian values and truth.

Congrats to this author for having the book titled "The Battle for Crimlia" published into print by Tate Publishing.

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