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Christianity Oasis provides the Power of Prayer Bible study on how to possess more powerful prayer. We will be looking into that and all aspects of the prophecy, birth, life, death, resurrection and return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Matthew 12:46-50

Mark 3:31-35

Luke 8:19-21

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The Power of Prayer Bible Study

Welcome to our Faith building Christianity Oasis Tell Me the Story of Jesus program. This is the absolutely awesome and life changing ... The Power of Prayer Bible study taking an in depth look into Biblical ways to obtain and maintain a more effective and powerful prayer life. Your soul will be changed from within. The stunning and faith building message shared within the Power of Prayer Bible study with SON-sational Powerful prayer secrets will bring forth understanding and peace. Let's look into this together.

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We've been witnessing a lot of Jesus' encounters with the scribes and Pharisees lately, but now the Gospel talks a little bit about a powerful prayer life.

While Jesus was talking to the people, His mother and His brothers stood outside, wanting to talk to Him, but they couldn't get near Him because there were so many people. Somebody told Him, Your mother and your brothers are looking for you. Jesus stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, Here are my mother and my brothers! Whoever does the will of my Father in Heaven is my brother and sister and mother.

This is a good time in the Power of Prayer Bible study to talk about something very important ... I will not mention any names or specific teachings. I will let you be the judge. Mary (the mother of Jesus) was a special woman who God chose as a vessel to bear Jesus. She was pure and humble and God blessed her.

Powerful Prayer Tidbit of Truth ... Now, I am very aware that this topic is a sensitive issue to many and most would prefer to just close their eyes and ears and repeat "la la la la la la la" as loud as they can ... I seek not to divide the body of Christ nor do I seek to judge anyone for all that know me know that I believe in Grace. However, I am not very good at tickling ears (Telling people what they want to hear) as I believe that Truth must prevail. This topic was brought before me and I ask not that you believe my words ... But, rather His Word.

Here is the Power of Prayer Bible study warning ... There are a lot of people that pray to Mary and through some past Saints. The problem is that not only does the Bible not say anything about praying to her or through any saint but says just the opposite. There are a lot of people who were raised, believing that it's proper to ask a dead Saint for intercession for them.

Some people think if you ask St. Christopher to talk to God, you'll be protected when you travel. Some people think if you bury a statue of St. Joseph in your front yard when your house is for sale, St. Joseph will ask God to make the house sell faster. Some people believe that if you lose something and you ask St. Jude to have a word with God, you'll find what you lost.

For a more powerful prayer life, here is something to consider. Some people think that if you say 371 Hail Mary's, you will be forgiven and then you have to tell 9 friends about it or all deals are off! Maybe you were taught this way of praying and never questioned it, but we are taught to prove all things (1 Thessalonians 5:21). So let's do a little Power of Prayer probing for proof, shall we?

The Bible teaches us to pray in the name of Jesus (John 14:13-14) ... The Bible is very clear that Jesus is the mediator between us and God and that nobody gets through to the Father without going through Jesus. (John 14:13, John 16:23-26)... You must enter in the Jesus door to get to God. (John 10:9) ... And that the Holy Ghost communes with our spirit and shares with God what we pray for (Romans 8:26-27).

Ponder on the Power of Prayer Bible study on ways acquire a more powerful prayer life Truth ... Why would anyone have you pray through them instead of Jesus, as it is written to do? Would this not hinder the prayer? Has Mary or any Prophet, Apostle or Christian ya ever heard of or read about ever suggested ya pray to or through them to God? Even Angels that brought messages from God got upset if humans bowed to them. The entire Christian way is based on humility.

Only God is good. If you still have your nose turned up because of all this, there's always one thing you can do ... Ponder upon and Pray about it. Just make sure you do it in the name of Jesus. Now, that I have many eyebrows lifted, let us share more Truth ... Jesus says clearly in Matthew 23:9, "Call no man your Father upon the earth, for One is your Father which is in Heaven" ... So, any Religious figure demanding you call them "Father" is wrong.

Power of Prayer Bible Study Point of Interest ... Ponder on these things and you decide what the Truth is. Let no past teachings, family traditions, or religious figures prevent you from hearing His Word. Now know this Truth ... If you want to be fond of a specific Saint's words and deeds that's fine just let nothing come between you and Jesus. Always remember that God judges the heart.

The Power of Prayer Bible study field trip providing more tips on getting a more powerful prayer life ... I'm reminded of an incident that happened with king Saul. He asked the witch of Endor to bring up the spirit of Samuel to help him. Samuel was quite annoyed at being disturbed and the imposition (1 Samuel 28:15-16) ... It has to make you wonder if these poor Saints who have finally gained peace are happy with being deemed as some sorta errand runners for all the people who are praying through them instead of through Jesus as they are supposed to.

Just a little Powerful Prayer food for thought. Oh, and how about another little trivia to add to the Power of Prayer Bible study for a powerful prayer life ... What if your own personal mail was being sent to someone else instead of being given directly to you? Maybe God feels like prayers that are not made directly to Him are not as genuine as direct heartfelt thoughts. Ponder on these things and decide what the Truth is for yourself. Let no past teachings prevent you from hearing Him.

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There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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