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Return to Jerusalem

Christianity Oasis provides this Return to Jerusalem study on Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem in the Bible. We'll look into all aspects of the Bible seeking truth and understanding.

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Daily Bread Bible Study
The Second Book of Samuel
Chapter 19

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible

Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is our Return to Jerusalem study on Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem in the Bible and how the very interesting Return to Jerusalem message affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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The Second Book of Samuel
Chapter 19

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Commentary
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Story

Glad you're back with us at Daily Bread! To recap what happened last in our story, David was just told that his son, Absalom was killed. When we left he was in an upstairs room mourning over the loss of his son.

Joab was told, "The king is mourning over Absalom. The day of victory was turned into a day of mourning for everyone because they heard how the king was grieved. The people returned quickly back into the city, ashamed to rejoice like those who return who have been triumphant in battle. The king covered his face continuing to say, 'My son Absalom! O my son Absalom!'"

Joab went into the king's house and told him, "You make all the people who fought for you today, including your entire family, ashamed because you act like you love your enemies and hate your friends! You've proven that you don't care for any of us, and I think you would've been happier if we had all died and Absalom had lived. Now, go out and reassure your people that you care for them or I promise none of them will remain loyal to you through this very night. Then you'll be worse off than you've ever been in your life."

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Saga
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Event

What a tangled up story this is, huh? We know that all of what's happening has been prophesied, that David's family would be in conflict because of the mistake he made with Bathsheba. David's son Absalom, who had the best intentions defending the honor of his sister, kills Amnon, his brother who raped her, and ends up an outcast.

He finally gets to return home after three years in banishment. Once home, however, David doesn't speak to Absalom for another two years. Finally, they reconcile, to David's glee because he really does have a very tender affection for Absalom. For the following years, Absalom gradually wins the hearts of Israel while slowly luring their loyalty away from David, convincing Israel ever so cleverly that he's the cat's pajamas.

Absalom then hatches a plan to take over the kingdom from his dad. My, oh my, oh my! One has to imagine that David isn't exactly a sprightly young man by this time and he is forced to flee from his home with much of Judah following him, yet the last thing he wants is for any harm to befall his beloved son. Absalom ends up dead in the end, hanging by the hair of his head from an oak tree.

Would you ever have imagined it would all end up this way when you were reading about how Absalom took his little sister in so that she wouldn't feel like her dignity was destroyed after her other brother raped her?

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Truth
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Purpose

How many of our lives have drama like this in them? Truthfully and sadly ... Most of them. And how much of it could be conquered, or avoided if we did things just a little differently? Bible stories have important lessons hidden in each of them that we can relate to our own lives, if we will just open up our hearts to God's Word and apply it whenever and wherever we can. Now, back to our story.

So the king got up and went to the gate. Keep in mind, David is still in Mahanaim. News spread that he was sitting at the gate so all the people went to see him.

Must have been a really weird time, don't you agree? The people who remained loyal to David were feeling strange because he was acting like they were the bad guys for killing his son the bad guy, and the people who were deceived by Absalom and were fighting against those who remained loyal to David, were feeling like traitors.

But one thing is a fact ... David is still the king. Absalom's followers may have "declared" Absalom king, but Absalom is dead now, and David is still alive. David IS the king. Yet all the people, no matter who they chose to support, are feeling a litttttle weird about things right now ... No doubt.

Why Did David Return to Jerusalem in the Bible
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Concerns

Now, Absalom's army had all fled to their own homes in their own cities in Israel, but the people reminded one another saying, "King David saved us from our enemies and delivered us out of the hand of the Philistines. Then he fled out of the land because of Absalom. Now Absalom, who we declared king, is dead. They asked one another, "Why don't we ask the king to forgive us and take the kingdom again?"

King David got wind of the talk that was going around Israel and he sent message to Zadok and Abiathar (who were back in Jerusalem still) saying, "It would be a shame if all the other tribes of Israel ask me to be their king again, while Judah is the last to welcome me, since you're my brethren.

My own flesh and blood. Ask the people of Judah, 'Why are you the last tribe to want to welcome me back?' Ask Amasa, "You're my own nephew, are you not? May God deal severely with me if I don't make you commander of my army permanently in place of Joab."

And Amasa united the hearts of all the men of Judah and they eagerly sent word to the king asking him and his servants to return. So the king left Mahanaim and came to Jordan, and the men of Judah went to Gilgal to meet the king and bring him across the river.

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Discussion
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Celebration

Shimei quickly came with the men of Judah as well to meet the king. Remember Shimei? He was the one who went alongside the mountain cursing David as he was leaving Jerusalem. He also brought with him a thousand Benjamites, Ziba, and Ziba's fifteen sons and twenty servants. They crossed over the river in a ferry to meet the king and bring him back.

As soon as Shimei crossed the river, he fell on the ground in front of David saying, "Please forgive me for what I did and said to you the day you left Jerusalem. I know I have sinned so I made sure to be the first person of all the house of Joseph to greet you today, my lord and king.

We can probably all learn something from Shimei. He knew he did wrong. Instead of hoping the king would just forgive and forget and move on, he went the extra mile. He made sure he was the first one to greet the king, he admitted he messed up, and asked forgiveness. Shimei wanted to start fresh with the king. Maybe today can be a new start with someone you need to reconcile with.

But Abishai said, "Shouldn't Shimei die because he has cursed the Lord's anointed?" (I tell ya, that Zeruiah must have had her hands full raising those boys.)

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Message
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Blessing

David answered, "What have I done to you sons of Zeruiah, that you want to stir up trouble on such a day? Should any one be put death in Israel today? Do I have to prove today that I am king over Israel, or don't I know?" David said to Shimei, "You will not die. I promise."

Forgiveness, sweet forgiveness. A simple, sincere apology can change so much.

And Mephibosheth, Jonathan's son also came to meet the king. (You're gonna love this.) Remember, Ziba told David that Mephibosheth stayed in Jerusalem and was thinking that Israel was going to restore the kingdom of Saul to him, so David gave Ziba all of Saul's possessions that he had previously given to Mephibosheth.

Well, it turns out that Ziba lied, and left Mephibosheth who was handicapped, neglected and he couldn't follow David when he left Jerusalem. Since the day the king left, he had not worn shoes, trimmed his beard or washed his clothes.

When he came into Jerusalem to meet the king, the king asked him, "Why didn't you go with me?" He answered, "My lord ... Ziba deceived me. I wanted to go with you. I told him that I would go with you on a mule because I am lame, but he wouldn't help me.

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Prophecy
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Finally

He lied to you about me. But my king is an Angel of God. Do what you think is best. All of my father's family is dead, and you took me in. So what do I have to complain about?"

Couldn't we all benefit from that kind of perspective? Stop complaining, no excuses, and start fresh in the moment.

David, the gracious soul that he was, and especially on that day, ordered for Ziba to divide all the possessions. To that, Mephibosheth responded, "Let him take it all, I'm just happy enough that my lord has come back home."

Barzillai was an old wealthy man who had provided food for the king while he was in Mahanaim. David asked him to return to Jerusalem with him but because of his age, Barzillai didn't really enjoy the eating and drinking and music and singing and such that entertains people who live among royalty, so he asked David to pardon him if he wanted to stay in his own city and be buried there rather than be a burden to the king.

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Questions
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Answers

David agreed, and instead took Barzillai's servant Chimham with him. Barzillai accompanied David over the Jordan and then as the two friends parted, the king gave Barzillai a kiss and blessed him, and Barzillai returned to his own home.

David went on to Gilgal and all the people of Judah accompanied the king as well as half the people of Israel. Then the rest of Israel came to the David and complained that the men of Judah secretly stole the king over the river and didn't invite the rest of Israel to join in bringing the king home.

The men of Judah argued that they had a right to do what they did because the king was a close relative of theirs and asked why the men of Israel were so angry since that hadn't gained any kind of gifts or favors for what they had done.

The men of Israel argued back that they had more claim to David than Judah since they were ten parts of Israel, where Judah was only one part. They asked why they were disrespected and not asked to be included in bringing home the king, and it seemed like the argument of the men of Judah was stronger than what the men of Israel were saying ... However ...

Return to Jerusalem in the Bible Continues
Biblical King David Return to Jerusalem Summary

It's such a shame that the celebration was mingled with controversy among the people. How much do you wanna bet the rest of the trip back home isn't gonna be without more adventures? You'll have to hurry back and we'll find out together just exactly what the "however" was, right here at Daily Bread!

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