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Biblical Inheritance

Christianity Oasis provides the Inheritance Bible study on Biblical Inheritance in the Bible. We'll be looking into that and all aspects of the Bible seeking truth, understanding and peace.

Daily Bread Devotional Bible Study
The Book of Joshua
Chapter 13 - 21

The Inheritance in the Bible Lesson

Biblical Inheritance Explanation

Welcome to our Christianity Oasis Daily Bread study program. This is the Inheritance Bible study looking at the Biblical Inheritance in the Bible events and how the very interesting Biblical inheritance message within affects your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

The Inheritance in the Bible Truth
Biblical Inheritance Meaning

Glad to have you back here at Daily Bread as we study the book of Joshua. These eight chapters mostly describe the locations of the inheritances of the tribes of Israel and how the land was divided among them.

There are a few other interesting things which I will point out, but the majority of these chapters tell of the borders of each inheritance in detail. If you read these chapters, you'll notice that there were several places where the heathen were not driven out.

This is an important thing to note, because God warned the children of Israel what would happen if they did not completely drive them out of the Promised Land (Numbers 33:55-56).

The Inheritance in the Bible Study
Biblical Inheritance Instructions

Below is a short synopsis of some of the things you may want to take note on from these chapters:

  • Joshua 13:1-7 Joshua is getting old, and the Lord instructs him to finish conquering the land.
  • Joshua 13:13 The Geshurites and the Maachathites were never driven out.
  • Joshua 14:13-14 Hebron is given to Caleb, because he wholly followed the Lord in the wilderness.
  • Chapter 15 is about the inheritance and borders of the tribe of Judah. They couldn't drive out the Jebusites from Jerusalem.
  • Chapter 16 is about the inheritance and borders of the tribe of Joseph ... namely Ephraim. They didn't drive out the Canaanites in Gezer.
  • Chapter 17 is about the inheritance and borders of the other half tribe of Manasseh. They couldn't drive out the Canaanites in three countries. The daughters of Zelophehad are also given inheritance. The house of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) were given the forest in addition to their lot, because they were so many in number.
  • In Chapter 18 the Tabernacle of the Congregation is set up at Shiloh. Seven tribes have yet to receive their inheritance, so Joshua sent men out of every tribe to go out and diagram the land and bring back the information so he could cast lots before the Lord to divide it among the seven remaining tribes. The remainder of the chapter is about the inheritances and borders of the tribe of Benjamin (1st lot).
  • Chapter 19 is about the is about the inheritance and borders of the tribes of Simeon (2nd lot), Zebulon (3rd lot), and Issachar (4th lot), Asher (5th lot), Naphtali (6th lot), and Dan (7th lot).
  • Chapter 20 discusses the cities of refuge.
  • Chapter 21 is about the cities that each tribe gave to the Levites to live in.

The Inheritance in the Bible Summary
Biblical Inheritance Conclusion

We'll continue with the stories from the book of Joshua next time at Daily Bread, so hurry back!

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