Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 18

by Catherine C. Straub

Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 18

Why do you keep on rebelling? Do you want punished even more?
— Isaiah 1:5

Gilda was a cunning woman married to a crafty police man. Recently she'd connived to get the baby away from Emmy. She did scheme (privately) relaying to Emmy – how dreadful a husband, she wed. "She also sees a Social Worker departing the house."

"Gilda said it was 'his doing.' She saw 'a Social Worker' leaving the house while returning to the house today. I did not say anything about anyone here or anything. She could be making it up to blame Mitchell?"

"Did you completes your homework?" Flo asked.

"Yes. My night tutor took my day homework with him, and left me, my new work. I'd like to leave here soon. I have to get back to school?"

"I'll work it out for you, okay?" Chad told her wanting to help with these kids? He had to get Flo to wed him. The church agreed to directly marry them.

So that weekend – the last business day of the week, he talked Flo into a private ceremony. He took off for the whole day – flying to New York City to walk the streets of the city together. Before they did any of that, they brought Emmy and the baby home. She's assured, "they'll be back tomorrow."

The silent house – welcomed Emmy holding the baby – strolling through the door the others following, and she laid little John in the bassinette. He was due to eat at two. She looked around her room, the dog running to her. She slept in this bed from when she was young, and realized Aunt Flo was more a mother to her for longer than her biological parents?

"You'll 'be okay love' until we return? They both embraced her. You will have company with the other kids right now – and privacy with your dinner tonight that's in the oven. You inform Janice and Grace to work on breakfast? Wait a minute; 'I'll write a note' to them. I see they hated cleaning the city." She tacked it on the refrigerator. There are more important matters on her mind; she was wedding her love of life.

Promptly they left, and Emmy waved out the window until they're out of sight. She fed the baby before they rushed (like cattle) to see the baby.

"Depending when you want to eat; Aunt Flo left dinner in the oven for us?

They are now in New York City. They had a fast private wedding in the rectory, so he will move in with Mom. He seems super!"

The kids noticed; she called their mother, "Mom." Everyone went and did what they intended, after they viewed the baby? Emmy was left alone, and could use some company. And none like Eugene asking about his boy. She'd have to take him to the jail, and in a month start on a new babe.

Flo was happily married and it seemed they had a purpose together. The whole day they stopped in various stores or cafes to eat. Chad was delighted he got her to the altar with the slip up before, "For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in heath, until death do we part." Those were pretty harsh words for couples deeply in love.

She was anxious to be back, but Marcy's still inactive in a coma. Chad hurried to the hospital. He always said; he could consume one meal with her plus breakfast. Flo decided to take advantage today at lunch, and dinner, since it was the weekend?

Thomas had come over, and holding the baby on his shoulder. "It is over now Emmy, what are you intending for school?"

"Four classes my agenda next year to graduate from school?" He wished his mother would come out of it; he missed her?

Flo went to the hospital the next morning, before she planned to make church.

She held Marcy's hand softly praying, and she moved her fingers a little. Flo intended coming back after work. Chad came in and put his hand on her shoulder.

"I can get away an hour to attend church with you. Are you coming back, darling?" She turned and nodded silently... Flo and Chad entered the Hospital Chapel sitting up front.

"It is such a good idea to keep 'Christ in Marriage.' Don't you agree Flo?"

"Yes, she sighed, I'm happy to be with you, my love." Why not agree that was the first and most important matter. Jesus never married even if people tried to pair him with Mary Magdalene. Therefore, with that deduction it seemed you taught your children religion as a family.

Kieran had nearly begged Trudy to marry him. Therefore, Monday evening, Kieran picked Trudy up when her parents were out. "You look absolutely lovely," he pined the corsage on her dress. She fit his boutonnière on the lapel of his black suit. This was it, with her intended; she prayed it would work with children.

In due time, Flo found out, "we were married in a private ceremony?" Flo sat down with her mouth agape – lifting her coffee cup to her mouth, and putting it down. "You what," Kieran kissed her!

Trudy sat near her... and took her hand. "We decided to, since we have been going together? But we have been friends, and now husband and wife."

Flo stood... "Have you eaten if not, you have to sit down. You will be living here too Trudy?" Trudy appeared delighted with the whole deal. Now, she held their hands, pleading a prayer for their future together.

"You have to eat a Special breakfast with the other children?" Emmy came out hearing the noise and saw Trudy? She stopped in her tracks – what's unusual?

Flo got her attention... "Emmy they were married, last night – now they are Mr. and Mrs. Stuart?" Emmy moved forward still in nightgowns, Joyce following.

"Brother dear? What are you doing with your school floosies now?" Flo gawked? Emmy thought there was going to be a blast.

Trudy's mouth opened surprised. "So, these women are after my man, they'll hear from me."

"Your mouth was always too big for your fat body squirt! Get out of here right now!" Kieran stood (his face beet red). He felt like choking Joyce.

"You did not have to do that Kieran?" Trudy leaned his way, Flo stunned.

"She knew we were just married." Trudy was such a nice person.

"Mom, please feed her – when we leave?" Janice and Grace came out while they were still there, and shook their hands. Emmy hurried and dressed?

Trudy had her car to leave for work. "Is there anything you want me to pick up for dinner tonight?" She peered at Flo?

"Say – you want a dessert?"

Flo was glad when they all left – she should start a shelter – she thought, as she rang Chad. She asked for him and waited.... "Did I hear you right?"

"Yes dear. They got hitched – the law way."

"As close as they're in ways, but it's tough loving and no worship returned."

With Nurse Macy aiding her, Flo was glad to leave the house of sorrows and happiness. With all her heart, she prayed Kieran did not hurt Trudy. Nobody knew Kieran well; prior to when he brought up marriage?


Two months passed – sadly Trudy's pregnancy requisite wasn't answered. The other day, she had run in to her old date, Seth at the bank. He was always crazy over her, but suddenly he'd gone away with no goodbye? He explained his dad hustled him out of town to his sister's house, irate over his lack of work. He never had a chance to say goodbye.

In a month, school was out for the summer. Kieran secretly divorced. He kept it hush hush from Trudy for the right moment to approach her? He knew she met her date from the past. Just a bit longer, he thought with his loose females, he'd found Seth. He had another man encourage him to return to Trudy.

Seth had been pressing his case with Trudy. One day she told Kieran after seeing him, how her brother was doing? "You can go with him Trudy. We can always remain friends, not married by the church?"

She had embraced him, "maybe I'll birth a child. You are such a great man Kieran. What about our break up?"

"No worry, I will take care of it. In a month, you're free? Give me a ring in a month, okay. You should get your clothes while Mom is out?"


"Where's Trudy this morning?" Flo was curious about these kids.

Kieran put on a sad face. "She 'found another guy' that loves her. She thinks he may impregnate her." Flo hugged him that family, she thought.

"What are you kids doing today, where are the rest, did they go to sleep later?"

"It sure is nice outside, if we only could have a party?" Kieran reminded her about the summer time, but his dear mother loved the weather for itself? Flo loved sparking the barbeque in the garage, and work out the meal that way; the summer was short.

"This is not the 4th yet, Kieran," his mother said, smiling to herself. We could Barbeque outside tonight though? She sure wished, Marcy would awake and by that time, she could fill her in on her marriage and life.

"I'll help Aunt Flo it sounds interesting," Emmy said.

"I suppose I must help too, Kieran offered, we won't be able to count on the others?" He stood helping his woman up; Flo saw the gesture, and thought he was so solicitous.

"Are we going to barbeque the potatoes, Mom? Emmy is making a dessert with Jell O, in layers with cream and strawberries. Where are the big sisters and grand Joyce ... does? They really live here or is this place just a pad for them?"

"They should be home soon, they 'went for raw vegetables' or something interesting." For a second time, after they bought the vegetables, Joyce was forced in a bar, and she called home. Once again, the police picked the two up.

"Why can't they buckle down – for high school girls?" Emmy said.

"Yes. What's their problem?"

"Don't distress yourself, Kieran and Emmy, they'll never learn and their low grades tell the story? Chad should be here soon. Joyce will come out to dine or she can eat in there?"

"Emmy, "I need you to watch this pork butt, while I run to the bathroom?"


Lazily Kieran strolled to the kitchen! "Mom, did you ever consider that Emmy was not a relative?"

The Lord helps me, she near cried, the way he treated her in the past. Later she told this tale to Marcy.

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