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Forsaken and Betaken

Chapter 23

by Catherine C. Straub

Christianity Oasis Ministry

There is a force out there that is attempting to overtake us all; it is Satan. There is another force that is protecting us from him; it is the Holy Spirit. It is a battle for souls. This battle is called Spiritual Warfare, and like it or not, you are right in the middle of it.

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Forsaken and Betaken
Chapter 23

Better to live on the roof than share the house with a nagging wife.
— Proverbs 21:9

Why are stress break up couples not aware of how to control their feelings?

Daily the good or bad weather, turmoil and fighting, were prominent in Aunt Flo's house. Flo hung up the phone disappointed. Men did not like the idea crime was prevalent in their lives; the end was not imminent.

Today was Christmas Day. Flo and Marcy were going to be new mothers in late February? Chad arrived home after stopping for alcohol, to boast his spirit. He gave her a big kiss under the mistletoe."

"Happy Holiday!" they murmured. Come have some dinner." He sat down near her. Thomas and the rest of the other family folded their hands in prayer. This time Beth said the prayer.

The prior day Marcy and Flo conversed about the matter of Chad. "A boat can set idle. He did contribute in the act of Emmy's killing. It never sat well with him?" Afterward, in his mind, it ignited a flame."

Flo noticed the change in Chad moving into his apartment. She missed him, but she was not calling. He was usually the first one fed and they ate together in the morning.

Chad went about his doctor's duties... missing Flo – the wonderful time before the disastrous Halloween party with the guest list and murder. Nothing went right when the son of Mitchell started coming to the house selling Insurance after he partnered his wife at the party? He wasn't going, he recalled... She'd talked him into it. Who would ever envisage (in their wildest dreams) his wife prior would be set up (with the game) to go with this Ness guy. He should sue the party giver with what happened. Some one had murmured Emmy's father name when the lights were turned out, or his illegitimate son went along with his father's plot.

Flo kept rehashing what happened from the time of the Halloween Party at Erma's. Constantly for two months the matter of crime went on, and she could take it, but he wanted it done. Moreover, how could it be finished when it wasn't?

The prior day before New Years arrived; Thomas went to bring his little Emmy home with his wife – kept longer with abnormal bleeding? She's ready to be wheeled down to the door, to the awaiting car...

"Come in, 'my darlings' – make your self at home." She held the baby until Emmy laid him in the bassinet. Little John poked her leg standing near by. He had his own room next to his mother where Joyce slept? Flo watched the baby sleep... and prayed for the little darling. Emmy was finally home with another one of the family? She was the second one born from her niece, and she would house six if she wanted. They'd die Emmy mused, if they knew whose kids they were.

"Flo, you always had a special way about you, but the wrong ones came to your door?" Thomas lifted John, and sat him down on his lap for a short spell?

Emmy and he were the only ones left attending school from there. He'd be happy to graduate and begin working in his field of study. The significant factor: seeing a house built by stages. Then the important feature of the electrical wiring, and pluming

"She is the cutest little bundle of joy," he heard Marcy says... He shut the door and came inside with his nicotine fits, and his mom's visits? Peter was a neat guy it seemed – no complaints except avoiding crime matters.

"I just love my baby and she are mine... I'll birth more infants with these kids of mine?"

"Thomas are you two 'going to birth one or more' in the next month?" His mother was forever pestering... to have kids?

"What is up Marcy?"

"If I go with you, or 'all of us' find a place? It is early for the baby, but I could call my nurse, if Emmy wants to go out?" Emmy smiled at her aunt that always went out of her way for her betterment! She had to see her lover Eugene for another one not anyone around here.

"That sounds good 'get us in' for dinner? Call right now doesn't wait around and get back to me?" They needed relaxation in their life, but disaster happened? Tonight, it would be different; she put her hands together in prayer. Tomorrow was a holy day, too. The church changed the Circumcision to The Feast of the Most Sacred Heart, she thought, after so many years? We will never get there until the last service at least; she missed a loving husband? Those matters were for the young; she was nearing forty like Marcy.

Thomas lay on the bed, listening to music. "We have to leave in the next hour you better prepare the nurse with a bottle. We will be back after midnight?"

"Just so," she smiled at him broadly. "I have that one pretty dress, I wore after the other babe. You Thomas have dress pants, a variegated sweater, or short sleeve shirt for dancing."

"You jest Emmy, you only 'had the baby' seven days ago. You do have to be careful, if you know, what I mean. What do you think of Joyce with her careless words to a wild kid, they brought in the Aunt Gen's place and what happened to her?" She looked at him with a question in her eyes? I forgot to tell you, how she got beat up on her face?

She caught Thomas off guard, "John is in bed for the night, and proud of the steps he's taking. Did Mitchell make excuses to Gilda to see his other families? It makes me idle if he had anymore kids, the bias interest he gave Ness."

"I don't care what affected that crook. I could have killed him. He acted worse than Mitchell to us. He is the cunning monster that played on his illegitimate case...to mock him into being the fiend, he wanted for a son."

"Thomas, 'you're' a genius." He fit his sweater over his head.

"Emmy and Thomas, Flo yelled in the door, 'we are ready to go.' Hurry up; you had all kind of time to get ready, slow pokes?" They departed the room.

"You better believes it...'how freezing' it is. Marcy stamped her feet. Let's get in the car with Peter?"

"Peter 'can't stay' out there alone. How cold is it?"

"Let's go everyone; we have to brace the ice to go out? She led them out the door into the car outside of the garage – eyeing their breathing in the freezing air.

"They say it's going down to 'fifteen below zero,' tonight?"

Flo rubbed her hands – watching the two teens walk toward them. Emmy appeared like "a million bucks" with no trouble at all. Thomas his usual handsome self complimented her. Flo clapped "the beauty contest winners." Emmy smiled wide and Thomas beamed taking her arm. She was more gorgeous than her real mother?

Marcy watched...the distracted Peter as he drove. She wondered what her staid Peter could have on his mind. He was so upset when she was in a coma, and then he discovered; he loved her.

"Aunt Flo, you should walk with us. Thomas takes her arm and mine and aids us inside the lounge?"

"That is 'sweet of you;' I'll wait for you to come around for me then," Flo said. Thomas slipped out of the car holding on to Emmy, and went to the other door. Peter took his wife's hand to help her along? What a night for fools, he mused, and the biggest trickster was he, just because Flo wanted to go out.

"It is so grand to get out with other people that like to celebrate the New Year coming in tomorrow, and the old one out." Emmy grandly said to the group thinking and peering at the grand stand set up for the band and dining. Thomas hefted her up and helped her stand. Emmy gawked at the beautiful room and never regretted coming out to have fun. The waiter stood next to the table.

"Let's have some Chablis wine here, said Peter, and any (he motioned with his hand) other drinks our hearts desire," he offered – broadly smiling at everyone."

"This food and music is lovely. I just love the atmosphere and my personal friends," Flo gushed....

"I consider this place has good eating." Thomas peered at the others....

"Let's have a toast to friendship, he clicked glass, and the others followed suit. Thomas had a great time dancing with the older women, and slow ones with his struggling wife missing dance steps, soused, from wine drinking. They donned their hats with the elastic string, as the hours ticked on to midnight....

Happy New Year, the crowd cheered – kissing and blowing whistles.

"At home with Marcy, Peter planned to act like a rapist.

"Peter would you be a dear, and warm the car up for us?"

"All for you wonderful people." he waved.

"He sure is cheerful, Marcy said and quite a dancer." He tended to her everyday in a coma, and finally they married.

These characters two women got involved with were losers that never had a friend in life. It sounded like bad news for his mother. Thomas thought with the different acting Peter.

"I must help the new mother in the door, it is the least I can do. Thomas watched more irate! Blast that creep! He married Mom. What was his situation tonight? He acted like he was a single man out for a good time. Flo followed Thomas inside burning mad. "Thomas? She prompted, 'cool down and sit down,' so we can talk a minute...?"

"Did you feel something was odd with Peter tonight?"

"I'll have to tell Marcy."

Thomas stood and kissed her on the cheek. "You're very smart, and don't 'sell yourself' short."

Marcy awoke aching inside, and poured a coffee. Its then, she noticed Peter's cold coffee cup sitting on the table. She had to talk to Flo.

"Marcy dear, what is wrong?" Flo had stood, taking Marcy's arm aiding her to a seat?

"Last night he abused me! Who is he?" She looked to Flo for an answer?

"We do have the lousiest luck!" She stood to pour coffee and arrange some cookies on a plate. She set them on the table. She took her hand to pray longer....

"That's two teachers – weeded from the high school. The other one was arraigned with the complaints, found from other students. He's sentenced to ten years with out parole. What grabs me they start doing good works in prison?

Then they are paroled, and go back to their old ways?"

"Have a chocolate kiss cookie to perk you up?" Flo sipped coffee and held the plate out? She was past shock, but had that protective shield for Emmy.

Emmy must workout her education. She was an intelligent one with motherly instincts and gentle to the people she loved. She had reminded Thomas the school system needed a replacement for Peter. "I'll look up the principal's home phone, so you take more classes?"

"You need two bottles for Mary tomorrow ... when you are gone?"

"Maybe our boy John will help me feed her in the future?" Aunt Flo left breakfast in the oven. She must be lying down with the poor woman, your mother."

"They always pick... the wrong ones. Not like us, he leaned and kissed her.

"Thomas – I hope 'she's okay.' Nobody was there with her, or you could have interfered last night."

"Don't 'make me' feel worse? I had no idea she had that coming, the sneak. Why all his crimes? Mom can give evidence to help get him committed. I hope he doesn't say he is insane – wants professional help, so he can get out in a year. He transgressed his contempt on her?" How many creeps could he hit with a pinball?

"Let's go see 'what they are up to' upstairs? I hear John talking to the animal wallpaper? Go get him Thomas; and put him on the pot?" He always listened to her orders? She skipped up the steps while Thomas was busy. She heard Flo and Marcy having a gab session too edgy to sleep? She tapped lightly at the door. These two important people somehow had it jagged like her. Marcy had a softer make up than her Aunt Flo, but still two lovable blonds.

"Could you 'give me a few ideas' of a profession after you mulls it over? I can come back or see you... when you come downstairs in an hour?"

"Fine... we will talk it over what you do well at. Do not worry you is a genius that could do many things... We will be down later, never fret my dear."

In an hour, they came down the steps. Thomas was left open for the option of a coffee and wanting to be waited on...

"Don't be impertinent with me" – glaring at Thomas – hating to be disturbed, reading an article.

"We are trying our best to think of professions. My choices are: a chef in a restaurant, a nurse, or manage children day care? With your kids, growing up, you could manage a day care?" She deferred to Marcy? Emmy looked on...

"How many 'outclassing talents' do you consider we possess, Marcy complained? Number 1: a schoolteacher or professor with your learning aptitudes. Number 2: a college teacher, or manager of a company."

"Wow! Do you 'really think' I possess those talents? I wonder how long I'd study for running a day care."

"We are not yet 'in our own' house?" It was his dream – learning the business.

He idled how long it would take to save for a down payment. How could they do it with her studies? Then he recalled the money she acquired: with the return of her dress and ring.

"I would 'not study' until you are out of school – might we look for a house to live in when you start to work?" Flo did not want to loose them yet?

"These are – guidelines don't go buying a house yet, just to watch other kids. You'd be better with a short Chef course? Let us pray for your choice."

"This New Year week... 'we'll attend' the teens trial." Flo was anxious to hear about the new report on the court cases.

"That is our first stop 'you were sleeping' when he was arrested? Let us wear warm clothes; we're pregnant and starting to feel the months of people's sympathy for us?" Flo slid behind the wheel. She turned the ignition on, and backed out of the driveway intent on their purpose.

"Is there anything we need to tell the Chief of Police? Eugene is in a bible group in prison. I hear Trudy finally got her 'expectant baby wish.' Kieran called and said, his new girl; Abby's pregnant. They're going through a quick ceremony. It looks like I'll be a grandmother two more times with Joyce's."

"Will the nurse do okay, we only go out in the morning? She should not worry that Gilda's ghost – come back to haunt or take the kids. Lately she felt uneasy...

Flo was aware Chad saw a certain mind doctor. She slid behind the wheel. Marcy unsettled viewing the man, she dated and loved, being brought in for trial. She never imagined; he was one of them. She should have stayed with him what was the difference; she looked at him aghast....

"Emmy again thinks she is pregnant... Why she lets herself become in this shape with the beautiful image, she portrays is beyond me?"

"If she keeps going like she is; she will be done with children before she is twenty. Thomas thinks John is his, because he can't see young Mitchell there?"

"I can't either that means you are a grandmother." Flo shook her hand. Marcy swatted her hand away – surprised.

"I hope it isn't Mitchell's with the sicko's and crooks involved. He could get his blood checked? What can you see Aunt Flo." Marcy had gone home.

"Should we get Marcy to bring picture albums of Thomas over? Go call her Thomas, why did she sneak away – too shocked, she might be a grandmother?"

"Mom is going to bring the family album over in a few minutes. Thomas was so delighted; he could be his. He never could see Gilda's kids there: the shape of face, forehead, eyes, nose, and mouth. Thomas was tall like Mitchell?

"Pass the peas, please; Mom likes the quiet once and awhile?"

"Dada pea," John pointed to the pea, he held.

"He is talking more all the time?" Emmy exclaimed, happily. She handed John a few French fries.

"Photo's people, said Marcy, now we peer at Thomas when he was little?"

Emmy pretended to Thomas closely when he's little. "I see John there some?"

Marcy peered. "You would think, I would notice before this, if he was yours. Why don't you just get a blood test?" She could not see Gilda's family in their makeup. It's good to just get the test. Maybe he looks like Gilda's first husband the judge or his family.

"Anyway, I'm his father and near Mitchell's height? I just thought we could tell resemblance." Thomas not much of a technical person – and hated to hear, he resembled the judge's side of the family, she wasn't related to Emmy.

"I agree Flo. His looks are not those of a certain person?"

"Problems with kids 'were smaller then,' compared to now?" Marcy recalled how well a child, Thomas was compared to, Carl. John's temperament seemed somewhat like Thomas's; he was not a fussy baby insisting what he wanted like Carl compared to his biological dad Earl? Mitchell Junior was the angel in that whole family. It could come from him, in addition. She peered at the pictures staring at John's eyebrows and eyes? "His eyebrows and shape of eyes appear like Thomas's?" Emmy and Thomas heard Marcy.

"Look at Carl when he was six with a sneer on his little face? He always had the wrong ideas about what was right."

"I don't mind with Mary and John, so far neither is much of a problem as a child, and does the child make the man or woman?" She hoped it did, she had two good kids of Eugene's she privately felt sure. Emmy went to find another photo album. Opening her door, aghast, one cad – yanked her inside, and the other covered her mouth.

In the dining room they peered over the pictures they had two albums of Marcy's. "Where is she...?"

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