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by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 24


by Catherine C. Straub

Chapter 24

Wicked men are everywhere, and everyone praises what is evil.
— Psalms 12:7 8

Prior to the cessation of Christmas vacation — Emmy and the kids visited the prison. When he inquired (scanning her sad face) how she was; she sobbed on his shoulder, about the rape, and he fumed. He might be in Bible class, but they deserved an “eye for an eye,” including Stanley and the whole lot? He had to protect the mother of Thomas, his son and Mary, his daughter and a new one on the way. He smirked, idling, embracing her, what the house thought of the secretive 1st child and 2nd child, not spoken about, he assumed, or did they lately wonder who fathered John.

The next day going from class to class, she espied her two rapists, as she changed classes. They kept their eyes — on which they talked to. How did they hear about her? Then she saw… Landry ambled up to them familiar like? Emmy did not realize Stanley bragged to them, when Landry brought them to his apartment. Emmy could not get over how Landry knew them. He never had any secret trysts with her? Wait at his house…Stanley pulled a fast one. Landry acted like he never knew about Stanley’s lewd acts. Oh no, she’s raped by a jerk that savored matters in secret. He never was bashful to her? Somehow, she never connected it until those boys entered her room — illegally raping her.

She burned with anger that Stanley would get his dues molesting her — making her out a woman — for all men… In her mind, she damned the guy, but knew it was wrong to kill him. She was lying on the bed with her little one when she heard relieving news…

The Associated Press reported. “Tonight a certain Landry Barns returned home from tennis, and found his older brother, Stanley, dead, shot three times in the back and head sitting in a chair his head lying on the paper he read.” She turned it off nearly yelling he’s dead, instead Thomas came inside….

“My doggie, how are you!”

“Woof woof,” he licked hands, and she giggled!

“Who were you ‘matching,’ tonight?”

“Blackstone and Landry, he said ‘his brother’ was staying for awhile.”

“I met him when I went there a few times, and he reminded me he had many enemies, he looked so sly?” Just then, the phone rang and Flo answered it.

“It’s for you Thomas?”

In minutes, he came back in the room. “It looks like his brother will not be staying, he was found dead, shot three times. This Jordan Banks and Marshall Shout were arrested seen yelling at him outside of school?”

“Who called you?”

“One of the other men, I play with named, Black Jack, she laughed. He eyed her awed — holding Mary? He had no clue the child was Eugene’s — his appearance a mystery to his mother that deserted him.

The next day, Flo heard the radio story, as she fixed breakfast. She only knew Landry’s older brother, and who were his enemies? Emmy sat down.

“Did you hear the news, did you know him?”

“He always had a devious look on his face, and you wondered what?”

“I hope we have no cops coming here… You went to his house, when you dated him?” Emmy agreed with her, and she hated the idea of putting her aunt through anything with that sneaky Stanley. She was surprised, she figured out what he pulled by seeing the teens meet Landry.

“Crap can’t you escape crime?” Emmy felt she had to put on an act possibly questioned….

Flo stared at her. “That’s ‘not the way of life’? You’d have to say — you never knew him. You were there with Landry.”

Thomas came out. “I wonder if Landry will come to school today. He sure is a polite kid.” He peered at Emmy and Aunt Flo while he sipped coffee. He’d elapsed his jealousy when Emmy hung by Landry. Emmy gave him a skeptical peer?

“I am astounded you’re meddling with her old boyfriend, said Flo. Maybe he killed his kin?” He peered at her — considering, what or who was the killer.

“I believe it was someone, he screwed.” Emmy nodded to him.

“Eat up, time for school.” Emmy ready to take her mind off her plight, the second time around. They left for the short walk to school.

“I will races you to the door?” She gave him a thumb up. She was off; this time, he beat her by an inch….

Landry watched them approach… “Landry,” She hugged him. What in the world happened?” Tears came into his eyes. “I found him that way. I’ll never forget it? Those two — arrested didn’t kill him. It was someone; he took for a ride.”

“Let’s go inside, can you concentrate?”

“I’ll help him, Thomas. You can go?” Thomas waved with a hand behind his back leaving for class.

“You’re ‘a peach’ Emmy. Did he ever gives you a hard time?”

Emmy was on guard? “Of course not, I was with you.” What did he mean inquiring of her (like she hated him), which she did?

“The bell is going to ring any minute. Are you ready for class?”

“Of course with your help,” what a pain he was — something did not ring true — about Landry. Was he aware what went on at his house? He acted like she brought it on? That liar Stanley — does just that, push the fault of the matter on her. She escaped Landry for her classes. He’s like a clinging vine.

Emmy made it to class after class without meeting up with Landry. She noticed the other two abusing teens were released. She was leery being around them. Did Stanley tell them what he did to her, if so, is that why they approached her to rape? Did Landry know any thing, or his brother — seeing as he took her to the Lion’s Den? What could she expect around, so many plotters doing women in?

At home, John came running to her. She loved him and Mary so much.

Flo feeling her pregnancy — donned maternity tops like Marcy. In a few more months around when the girls were due, they would all give birth. It would be over then. They would be given a new child to breed. She’d love to hear Joyce and Beth turned to Jesus with their hectic life. Was she wishing on a star?

“Aunt Gen’s calm, and not made any more bad reports (from the time) when Joyce was beat up on the face; the law sent this monster to an island of reform. They’re evidently behaving like more gentle women?” They folded their arms in prayer and thanksgiving.

“It’s time to ‘get ready’ to go?”


“You’re in fit shape Mrs. Badly, for near 20 weeks and your friend is fine too. We can deliver you over at a North Side hospital in two months. The weather should be better than now?” He professionally smiled at her.

“Let’s go look for some fancier maternity clothes? Are you game, Marcy?”


…Emmy always kept her eyes open for the rapists, Jordan and Marshall. Emmy’s two friends, Marion and Hester helped her with, who they’re seen with…

“Are you fond of them,” they asked peering at Emmy.

“I’m keeping track for Thomas — given that he plays sports with them.”

When they entered the school the next day, she found her prayers were answered in a different way. Landry, the two rapists, and other drug dealers were shot down at their meeting place. “I’m shocked Landry dealt drugs?” Thomas nodded. Emmy agreed, even if Landry and the two teenagers use her.

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